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THIS Is Why We #FightLikeHell: LwC Mission Statement


Steven is finally out of YouTube jail, and he has a special mission statement for Louder with Crowder fans everywhere: This is why we #FightLikeHell. #FightLikeHell #MissionStatement and #LouderwithCrowder

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Before I start this, I'm going to ask you to hit the like button comment below and if you feel so inclined share this with your friends is what I'm about to do so is probably more important than anything else. I've really ever covered in relation to this channel this show and this movement now. I know that many of you were expecting to show to come back here to Youtube today and yes, the suspension from the channel has been removed, so we can strike again, but the strike is still on for another month, so in constantly being attacked by you to four, not actual guideline violations was taken, in creation, rather of new. Guidelines and rules. I've actually asked you to declare Further attorneys recent comments and Give them one more week to respond in the interim. You can still watch the show life every down rumble or the extended show on multiple like another forty five minutes to our everyday, but today have decided to do something different here that I've never done before
and that's to issue a mission statement. I guess little Jerry Maguire. Ask anyone, explain to you really I the show is what it is. Why it matters so much to me to create this show for you. why we provide the references, the sourcing, that we do why we walk the kind of tightrope tat? We do why there are so few sponsors on this show and important. For me, why louder with crowd, is the only daily show that will ever create in my life and in just to be clear. This video going to be just as much about you as it is me in my how grateful? I am for you and how many there are out there, just like you, and how we can fight like hell. For you and, more importantly hopefully before this is over, how I can help you do it for yourself
So this is one video to make clear without any confusion as to what I we and you are supporters are all about here at Lahti, was tried or so to address you took on the outset. Ok, my goal is not to get there from Youtube. It's never to be. It's never been rather to be banned from Youtube its merely to understand the rules of Youtube here, so that, we know how to abide by them and we can plan the content accordingly, content that maybe we no would be in violation of Youtube's ever changing guidelines policies, advertiser friendly borderline, insert your guest as good as mine here, so that we can put that content exclusively on mug club in order for you to viewer to to get the best of both worlds suppose we will table. I dont want to see what wire conservatives do on you too. Why don't you create your own and then possible you need to reach the on reach and that's true the way for us to do both
is to understand the rules of the sandbox on you too, which are never clear and to create a space where all of us can be together, artless of those now. What do I mean by that the best of both worlds? That brings me to content. What is it we strive to do here with our content? I can tell you right off the bat, Would you be the how and then I'll circle back to the? Why why is to be the most transparent, show that there is so to provide. references all sources to consistently be accurate and two can instantly, be correct, so that we can focus on comedy and entertainment. This is the combination, we aim to be an anti Bali to punch up against left media establishment and to give everyone else, like you a fighting chance, if there is an all power, full group out there that you're not allowed to discuss, we will insulted if there's something has been swept under the rug will lift it. If I let us cloaked in darkness. We shine a light on it. If there's a sacred cow, we burn it.
and we aim do that, of course, while being sensitive to everyone's differences, proclivities and disabilities, you'll notice, I've even hired an interpreter for the hearing impaired another, is to always end the show providing you with some, a solution. This is something that is for trading, and it is not a part of the design of a lot of content there. It's really easy to be a John Oliver or Seth Myers, and just bitch bitch bitch Bitch Bitch, without putting skin in the game as to how to fix it and I'm not sure shocking policy or politics are sometimes in the case of heavy legislator. Senator congressmen on the show that'll be it component of it more so offering solutions, every single show is a component of what we do as to how and what you can do in your private life now to be clear that this is heresy in the media, little by little. As you know, the reason that the show exists is because
Every single major cable news player told me whenever work that that you you, the viewer, the supporter, you don't exist, They told me that making a right, leaning show that would have come we're gonna have to cut out all the comedy boil down to read me catch phrases. Bumper sticker slogans. to target specifically a sixty five and older demographic. Did you know that reason to change my mind exists- is because that segment was turned down by every major producer. I'd ever approached any even more in book form was declined by every major conservative publisher that I'd spoken with again, I was told that you the market for it. As they know, the viewer didn't exist, you don't exist and I had to step out and faith in and believe that those in power- and this is just as much on on the right of the media as the left eye to step out and face believe that those in power were wrong. Believe
leave that the millions of you who now tune in actually did exist. I just I just about faith and find you And I can't I'm so glad that I did it had never been done and they said it couldn't be done that you didn't exist. I will say it's been one of my life's greatest joys to have proven that they were wrong, but there are more of us out there that there are more of you out there and that were stronger together, especially when we fight like hell. and here it loud with crowd. As far as the content something on a sort of, You know, give you a little bit of inside baseball. I've always had three criteria. Historiae segment or show has to meet such as always the case behind the scenes, but you may not know it as the audio. I want you to understand it. The three criteria is that any on. Ten on. This show must be informative, be entertaining or see enlightening, at least two of those three ideally
Three. What I mean by that ok, informative. This means the content. Our content must be in warming, you must be providing you with new, you're an information that you don't already so examples would be when we break news when we do hidden camera segments. Are things like changed my mind, things that nobody else has. So we are bringing new information to the table. That's informing you entertaining seems pretty self explained where this is an entertainment show, look, I'm a comedian, Davis, a comedian, the content must all it's got to always be entertaining or not doing our job period. Ok then enlightening when the little I hate you that we're nuance butter. What this means is, if Working a cover information that you already know, in other words, something that on original but is still important to you breaking news for them than we better shine a new light on it. We ve got bring some new information or insight to the table. An example of this would be election night look. Ok, everyone! The dog was covering election,
I we were not creating any new information, but more of you turned into this programme on election night, then any other single show in all of cable news or standard news, because we provided, hopefully enlightening information, for example, when anyone else Old Arizona. We were there's some info being out of their that we're not telling you that were concerned about when local Detroit its recalling weighing county for Trump. We were talking bout that live broadcasting nationally, which is also why it was so surprising when it was like. Declare nationally for binding. That was a night where every show started with the same raw material and our goal was to provide you with something different, something enlightening, and I I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you fortune
using to vote for us with your view, worship which brings me to an important point, but we don't want this to be your only show. That's never a good thing. You should very year your sources of information, but we do. Want to be your most familiar. I want to be the one you feel most comfortable with and watch consistently regard so the new cycle and today's new cycle, that's a whole other problem. It's a game. We don't play a huge part of this mission statement that what do I mean by that? Ok, I've worked and cable news in the past four years over have it and before this generation, to give you context out there, every single one of your parents, grandparents, great grant, but whatever, They only had about a half hour of news a day, two times a day, maybe three times a day, there was not a twenty four hour new cycle. So now our list of whether there is news to cover if there isn't enough to fill a twenty four hour cycle, cable outlets there's a kick in the outrage machine on both sides. They need
create something to cover now. This show, in contrast being once a day and an entertainment show. We don't have to do that and we never will on us news days. Those are the days that sometimes we take our biggest creative swings in big. creative, a MRS, because we don't have to fill the share with you crap and I'd. Rather, you leave informed, happy and entertained rather then fooled and depressed, and on the flip side, look when the world is going to Heaven hand basket and there's too much news to even cover, and that does happen. We want to cover what matters most more accurately than any one else, as the only show that hopefully doesn't want to make you blow your head off. So here's an analogy for ok, if you exercise properly anyone out there exercises are trains for sport. More specifically train
but what use the term interchangeably? If you train properly, you should leave the gym, refreshed, not exhausted shirt there, of course accept and there will be heavy days there'll be days. We have to push it but especially for those on mug club who get the extended show where we spend more time chatting with you and interacting with you, I want you to leave, feeling better happier more purpose filled for having tuned in not depleted. and hopeless, and- and that brings me to something else that I really haven't discussed here and I usually like discussing but is important in that sponsors so, You may have noticed that I run very few sponsorship spots on the show comport compared others on average, from the numbers, we run about one tenth sponsorship placement. people in industry are often stunned and it is true, I'd be a far richer man. If I did what all other shows do because this is not a, this is no
condemnation of any other programme, all other shows do this. One way we choose to What differently doesn't mean? One of us is right. It means that we have different goals. I promise you that we will never run more than one sponsorship one advertisement per show and that that spot will always We as entertaining as we can make it as as opposed to say sixteen minutes of every hour when that, when this was back on, I M radio in three hours once a week. Why is that? Because, in my opinion, if half or a quarter or us heard of any given shows advertising. That means what that means. You are the commodity. the advertisers not being sold to you, you are being sold to them and has the mission of this show is not to serve advertisers? It is Ways to serve you I'll, also only of Iraq with advertisers. Why
you truly do that, and if they don't, I will drop them like a bad habit. You have my word I haven't. I will, and ironically this brings me to another point of this show, and that is when talking about sponsorships to Hell. Genuinely good business is out there who deserve it. because in this era of boycotting and by cutting, I get it. I get that it's important to know where Your dollar is going, and I agree. I only want to partner, companies who are either a serving you something valuable. something that I think you guys might like need or use or be are aligned with or at the very least in opposition to our values, to your values, and I do I promise that's what will always do. I want this place to be a microcosm not to effect change in some nebulous sort of this arbitrary Way, but in a real, tangible fashion, including financial way and myself, September, getting guy, it's how I was raised, its part of who I am
and so this, the only time you hear me, do it on the shot, never come out and champion. The numbers are the popularity of the show in part, because I'm grateful you said that you can change your mind tomorrow and in part, because I just want the content speak for itself, but, it is relevant here when discussing supporting businesses, and how many of you are out there, so you don't feel and I'll do it once a lot of shows their claim to be the most popular acts- or biggest conservative, why What, whatever you know, what I'm doing it's like rollercoaster. Everyone claims that there is the biggest the fastest the best, and then you find out what s really only from wooden rollercoaster nets. For inverted that's! Ok, as far as that, ties and goes the Democrats that really matters is eighteen, forty, nine year old, eighteen, fifty something else depending on how you ask, and that is you.
the view of the ship in this industry. I want you to know. This is the reason that I discuss these numbers here today you listening watching at home. Maybe your tv, maybe your truck better beyond audio. You hold the cart. This show number one, not only in the right leaning as far as a demographic of you, but even in comparison to every single network comedy show in the demographic you period, it's not even close there are more of you, viewers and listeners in this demo, who tune into this, then other show of this kind that exists there isn't even a distant second period. Now I we have been blessed with fat plus with what I consider increase, influence and opportunity by the good graces of you and as much as
we do some really silly stuff granted. I don't take that. I don't take part light and finally- and this is- I would say personally- Finally, the most important, because of how much you mean to me. Person watching listening to the show this will be. The only daily show that I do for the rest of my life. You have my word on that now. What I mean is that ok have half of the other hosts out there very, very talented, unbelievable. Many of them are my good friends that they'll host on average two and a half shows it maybe two or three hours on radio than forty four minutes on television Times a separate podcast there even host like three simultaneous podcast, I'm giving you you're in a week and to me it ends up being the same show it just ends up being a delay The version of the same show- and I know how
business works. I've been offered other shows. full disclosure. I also know that I can not poor everything that I have everything about me that matters into two or three different chose, but I can make one show the best show it can possibly be for you, maybe other people and granted this. This is probably the case we do not like this. Maybe it's my adhd bring whatever it is. But again my goals serve you and have always felt that I owe it to you to create the best show humanly possible, firstly, because so many of you have voted with your dollar to join my club and and and really keep the shoah afloat, not funded by a foreign caliph. not my Demonian Youtube, as it is entirely because of you like it says viewers like you, and then they get federal grants. No, this is entirely kept afloat
Even those who watched the free show the free show is entirely kept alive by the people who join mucklucks. That's it a few sponsors here and there. So it's also because that's why mug club is not just an extended segment, but it's almost an entire. It actually is it's an entire extra show with game. Multi media we do some chats, but really some of the most valuable content that could never be broadcast on Youtube. It's not thanks for the patron thing. Why? Because I promised you the best show that I can create, and I know I wouldn't have to look myself in a mere and say that I've done that if I spread myself across three different networks, three different shows I can't do this show will always be my show with one hundred per and of my focus on you. I will throw myself with all the. Lastly, I can generate into this singular programme every day until I'm so spent that I returned
and passed the torch, hopefully to someone else and anything anything that interferes with or compromises that will be excluded because you need to be a priority. You I want to see you alongside me. Fighting like hell, I want to see you coming solutions I want to see you helping other p when pass your torch. This is my promise, that's our mission statement, and that is how I we with you all fight like hell.
I will just shut the other spartan plate with this. This Walter Patriot is actually to limit addition farm innocent. I was sort of think. Ok when it something that's. That's nicer, that's a little little more Shelly, which is a typical for me. You think ok, it'll, shoot good enough, surprisingly pleasant to shoot and in really ergonomic because I'm used to the Walter people, you five, the power. I have one of those is all so so the dynamics little little bit. It's really nice. Let's take a few more shots just for Youtube. Swat me out for, like a woman into bikini
that does well to get a feel for again. Everything is always simple. Little knew could be worse. We better could be words into action and not come on. It's really close, but it's not bad.
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