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Trevor Noah Is BASED on COVID Vaccine? But Wrong About Gas Prices

2021-12-07 | 🔗

Trevor Noah gets one right on vaccines, but is horribly wrong on gas prices. We’ll explain why. Also, Twitter is “fact” checking the American Heart Association now. And why is the Oxford shooter a terrorist, but the Waukesha killer isn’t? #TrevorNoah #Oxford #Waukesha

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Audio history of human joined Muslim, only ask one just leave a rating and a review, because that acts as a thorn in Steve, while not Steve, what's the other, what's the other one who cook then the new get the pointers liberating or review. I you know it's what its mother get TIM a another guy yeah yeah,
I sank and try to find new and says and just eat. My advice, response from responses have any faith can decipher one made was why as well, you can try to manage sands now made my half friend just now. We have to decide what made you think we'll have to cypher s side.
oh, let's do it. It's delicious nineteen dollar cup of tea. Oh, why? That's where I says and angry its inflation of everything but increase t. That's we ass a day. That's all we threw it Narberth part of everything, but
you're going by the founding fathers, and I you know they would have wanted it that way they blew people's heads off because of taxes on to apply fixed reverie think they would tolerate the government coming in and taking your kids away, because you didn't put him on estrogen silly. This isn't worth at times. Goods are coming the Trans goods coming, so we're all! Well tinted military! Yes, yes, and then every man, woman, two eggs to rebut, now We have started. Harry's can take, as I think it might have cow Rittenhouse here tomorrow- really use posted, maybe be here today, but I think I think they not shenanigans shenanigans but that we might have cavernous Norway. The big big show today, are we talking about the comparison here with the Detroit Shooter, awful terrible, lock him up there a way to keep trying to be clear But why that's being classified as terrorism? Andy?
Aka driver is not that's. A little odd to me Lost prices with oil and terminal actually got something right what he did, which is important, but we have to give credit where credit is due. Not even Pa Trevor Noah got something right we're doing all that and it had first. We wanted to do this quickly Gerald I. How are you well, sir? How are you you know? I'm I choked an omen earlier and almost died. That's true and almonds abandonment, and this is due to yogi than ever. If I see one element in this studio, I have your scalp that just common sense like a native, we're a quarter, totally weighing on I'm not eating. Omens, look as good. Totally one another woman, joys, The question then allowed here either a paying it he's gonna be format. The Fox theatre in Haze, Kansas on February Twelveth, Majestic Theatre in Dallas one of the objects, our January eighth, the Fox Theatre,
look man and his feet Dave Linda. How are you ahoy about you get, sir? I'm all right, we'll get it I'm still getting over the Omens Roma. There was a bit much it's that x. It turns out there rose. Did he tells me makes it was your roasted? Is battery out wrong for you, a raw food costs? You know all the anti dicks of the world yet you're wrong saudi causes, as we call it what you was on David Letterman, one time indeed like you know, you're you're, you're, looking better any raw food Dave like that That's not a ringing endorsement now, as you have just try to have sex with the lamp post, secure format, bodies where broccoli but he's really quickly to just say you know, Nor can have no, if Rittenhouse on this show tomorrow, if wherever not on Youtube, we're Lenny. Lasher was not this Tuesday. Next Tuesday get me the date for that token. On Africa, with the data is then we're taking a break for Christmas? up until then, and unless we tell you if you CS on Youtube Monday through Thursday.
M Eastern we're streaming. Gotta rumble you gotta make clear the twenty four twenty four and twenty hours used every twice first, four days before swell up excuse for picking a man's pocket every December. Twenty. Second, twenty. Third, twenty. Fourth: both stop with Europe. You don't active role for the fire. but it was a greater if call very useful What, though this is something you understand do people lie was raised in a socialist province Quebec. Now, if we're we're going yet this little but a lot of people the prices right now of gas in Quebec, it's gotta be close to six dollars. I know they do it by leader. It's definitely in California and we had to deal with these gas prices- are entirely and inflation or members a kid. Anyone out that you don't comical you're in Canada. If you remember from thirty four years old then sixty four games on a bright couldn't get gold and because it was like seventy nine. Ninety nine I have
no idea! How did you out of here is under a new guy just science and actually really estimates of direct thirty bucks here, Euro area, I think it might have been like sixty nine ninety nine, but it might have been eighty nine. Ninety nine, with the expansion back, however, that a member that lie what a scan online and tender your books and staff. Have your goofy price on it like where nine dollars more yeah. I don't. I don't need nine. Ninety nine for cat fancy. Have that not made of cat fancy money, not gonna happen get rich with this book. If I've spent money like this, when I just wonder people see, the practice is the first time in your life that you ve seen this kind of inflation and these prices- and you could be doing- I see what president former vice President Joe Biden is doing. I see how blaming OPEC. I see how he's announcing you know it: hey, you're, you're gonna, keep those oil prices down we're going to punish you. I see they're doing in trying to manipulate the energy sector, and I just wonder: Americans are going, there are empty shells, prices across the board. Ok, great gas went down by an average of three cents, but now it's going back up if,
Understand why? Because I lived it for years, it was a shock when a generalised, it's gonna first moved so that we can get but so too, because the first of those really expensive, because we go by the leader and you guys go by the gallant gushing, they gonna do this by the gallant. It's about a third of your price and you guys complained about gas prices because they could below I can't even opens ravens apostrophe diner income back without being hauled out and costs because of the language police. That's an actual thing, it's an actual thing. So my point is: Americans were complaining, you can Also today is it's the eightieth billion anniversary did has rights of using the word anniversary. Well, remembrance for a Pearl harbor, where I like to think of it more where you know the data started us making those gaps have to pay sure there's where his people over yonder attacked. it took an hour, no mess.
When the air, when the boys came home and like that guy kiss a gale in times square? Just to be me to seventy five, yes, perhaps unfortunate, Nazis unbelievable knew what they were vital cheek, but interrupt me now right before to any of that with that, I don't. I haven't watch this sorry Look, I'm gonna be really clearer. People say why were you what're? You pick pick on February for supper and never made people who are just overweight. I want to be clear. I have time I'm all but to tears. When I see overweight people at the German, I always tone and urgent, the Asian laughing should that with one time because the treadmill made you move in a funny wattle, it always does. this opinion tell right yeah, that's not really, and he coups to gets out of breath receive written. Yes, I do
do. I have no idea why had affected what's funny? Secondly, anyway mouth my heart makes you shouldn't. We got that fourth booster failure. I heads where I can see my kid derailed. all right all right. I've got. My issue is with the fat positivity moment where we are telling kids that aid is beautiful and healthy. It's not, and we have an obese EPA, in this country and is even more important when you're talking about socialized healthcare. That's what you're pushing for we do need to acknowledge summing up the science which, by the way Twitter is now miss their their labeling as misleading and fake news, the American Heart Association we're going to do that. So my point is one twitter says American Heart Association, you're wrong. But less so you should be offering dietary advice. You know the lizard pyramid, which is just how it can be enhanced in those those those those panties.
which are really more oblong than a pyramid. Does arms can't hold that it's the lizard oblong right, so the fat? activity movement. They now have made gargantuan strides on the tiktok Well, that's not a stereotype know is if not at all, it's like they tied down to a truck. It looks like it's holding altogether bungee courts, but how long is this is our enough? This is enough. There was more was at age, restricted, It's already forgotten, unto rockets tectonic is different and imagining they just ended push those tickets. I approve she ate her cardiovascular capabilities are honestly impressive, yeah sure I presume
It is up her body strength when she did the backward did thing and he was holding her yacu. Imagine him dipping her in time squarely out. We got a new manhole, so let's coming out from all the actress like terribly dipped, her she falls and indeed journals likely ruined my junior sweet what's going on here to do no, no, not as the pizza dude now aright there's something else too, that we are going to talk about, because white liberals have to ruin absolutely everything. Yes, they're trying to distance themselves now from latin necks, just to be clear. That this was trending yesterday because of a new pole that came out and then on the twitter was training, and yet all these prominent liberals and writers of places like salon doubtless like, while you know like words, is like we're just these fake culture wars anyone know not unknown I'll get back here. I want you to stand right next to what you try to make the thing you tried them
next thing. You now have to own it, and just so you don't have to take my word for it. Take a look. It's in a clip right now. almost entirely attributable to immigration issues, next community has added ass ends at an be clear folks or hunting actor that googly again maritime algae hunting, latin american states too great for people who want to invest in private prisons, just not fitting African Americans Latin Vex, who spat always torn apart, whore, well to get
Phoenix taxi labour there. There were worried that they'll be vaccinated deportment the way he said something drain clean. You can get the latina shift. Our anti german hunters hard drive is not a joke, get him a tax level. She did not a pluralism like all the. Let next wasn't latin access. What does it? Could you screwed up the romance languages? It doesn't make any sense. Hispanics, hey! You were her cook book, mexican food is coming out. You have actually work, and that is one one thousand sixty fourth Mexican yes exerted. While someone about the mines and the natives, I don't know, I'm a boiler will make some actually I'm not sure that she's not represented Conquistadores well people in the funny hats with the Red Beard Island. He says a quarry. Booker too, were their hunting. Latin next What I mean can you just these go away, has honeymoon Latin is still around for what he's gonna
surface eventually say something stupid and look googly. I would, at the candy I'll, be pulled out of a swamp on an episode of river monsters. Look, I call myself a book. were hung up your hunting them. No, they worked pretty hard there they're everywhere. Hunting yeah then aren't wolves and if you want to look for them, just look for them protesting in making fun of beta Orourke there. Yet at this tragic event, is abundant Biden was saying to that part of the punishment there, like they're, afraid of getting vaccinated and being deported like both of them. Are things they're, afraid hurling? You said the quiet poured out loud, yes, fulfilling one of those things is their concern over hesitant. Why wait supremacy in the train. Otherwise this could create other ones after we actually did this before now, it's catching adds its gets catching some steam. This is from a wild actually clip where we all went out to ask me
just started for me in the office, and I just don't think that next year and I think that there are things that exist in twitter that are not real world and then there's reality and I have not met anyone in real life and certainly not a spare a hispanic American who prefers like next. Let's just go: ask people and you can watch the full clipped the linking the description, but this was a while ago De Villiers, Tino latina neck Latin Access, what's Martinez good
areas of people anxious call each other. The teenagers. Are you read the term latin eggs? Ok baby referred to. I gladly solo Tina, but you you're that you ever heard of life. My next may turn it down to the inner ear, but no ex, no ex law, now about like a pc term, is opposed to fail at an axe out there on the Jimmy Kennedy experiment. Well, yes, so another point that was released? Shows that guess how many hispanic voters prefer lad. Next, Teddy S, five, you think then,
dont, ok, look don't under shoot at so make me look like an idiot. Fifty is chow outside of it. they're not even fully land out are not a two percent of hispanic voters. Just got himself is latin exile. Forty percent of respondents actually said they were at least somewhat bothered were either
here they percent even said that he would probably not support a candidate who use the term by all means his pouch out. Please don't let us interrupt you lose. It sounds like a mutant like x, men. It is never made sense to me latin exits either porn or mutant. Are you noticed now brawl? I can't move things with my mind. I get will worrying clause. You know now that most adamantine mother will be roll, actually have it in my chest right now. I do not mean that you comrade using them to cut your long such as this. It is a vision, our hearts, via my this storm cleaning up the latter's with these. In a mean, that's humor, guys, whites, because it came up with let next like a bunch.
They don't watch this stop using, and I want them to continue hard core now they're trying to distance themselves from it. So, according to one latino democratic congressional aid from the Atlantic, a lot of Colleagues will advise their bosses against using it when speaking to spanish speaking constituencies because outside it for they have perceived. Is a creation of white english speakers K a couple of things: it's not perceived from white english speakers. Ok, it's not perception its reality. Second, even here ones, being the Atlantic anonymously. Birds like when speaking to other trap about the spanish speaking constituencies. They say that panic else that we prefer hispanic you're still can't yes, We can't stop tripping over your own balls.
and most really prefer. American. Yes, if I M in America, obviously better than most violent common, most probably don't wanna be pandered to anyway. They cannot just be real with these people, don't try to come up with something you can label and, as we like see, I'm cool was issuing powwow child. The taco lady decides that it's gonna be Latin MAX. That's the person you're gonna follows its which, by the way, Canada, the CBC the Canadian broadcasting corporations just issued a guideline of terms you shouldn't use and honour or terms like you know, gypped Spirit in so down the river blackmail. Black list and power was on our law really. So the title come on. The title of Elizabeth warns book is hate, speech, weight and blackmail. Crime can't be mentioned on. They said because it implies at black, is not about black Friday. creating under the black business, because that Mean Europe has made me money, p, o c male. Yes, ah, yes, when you go black are busy
He says that it is out of the old man, it's profitable. What about that hack, beggar? A black shirt on I've only knows it is it. I'd has to do with the darkness behind what he does. That has nothing to do with it. I know s at the just like a man has nothing to do with penises, that's true or a woman or a woman might get that's true, nothing to do with penises, or, but because now, though, that Sherman Islands, they sure, could jump rope it now and then, when I read guy night, I don't know if you're right, but here's one thing to you know what I'm going to farmers can become. This is something that is bother me for a long time. First up the leaped turns everything, racist and we're going to do that terrorism and shooting in the running people over in a second- and I don't mean jokes, I mean actual racism. Look. This is some people say. What are you so evil blacker and be ok, we do have Latinos who working hispanic ethical, or can we that quite a few hispanic people for quite a few asian people, friend you're when someone says you're, anti, lit no you're anti hispanic him sit Wilma woman, a second I spend time.
Are you actually happens benefit? That's actually pretty good indicator, yet someone doesn't hate them. If someone has black for no one in the clan had black friends to be clear, no one who, Actually hates illegal immigrants are illegal. Immigrants are whenever it. No one actually has hatred for legal Americans who are brown has them as friends and this is what happens- it's all about words and not about action. What is friendship? Just listen? his friendship. functional someone hanging out with reciprocal relationship with someone you care about who cares about you? Typically friendship means should be giving selflessly that you should be there for support for your friend, that's an if you are doing that with someone who is not yours, color matters more than if you use the right term, are you tell a joke that offend some white brought? So, yes, it is a perfect We value example, two point two: if you have brown or black friends, or
You're, probably not a racist, they want to remove it just because they want you. Oh that's all I know its not off the table is not off the table. Ok, Duke Robert Bird didn't have black friends, sugar and no friends. You know, I think Larry, but every time you say that I know it's true and to be fair and that video they probably a rounded by black for Algeria, opposite sing armed by them really. and I'm not everywhere you not to be fair. They thought quarter. Black was one of their people. They inevitably there's no way that they thought he would get in there. Nothing wrong which, by the way, I'm your friend vote, colors arms yak? Maybe someone with benefits right, yeah DJ hit it I am very disappointed that you are able to hated that quickly. What that was me making. It says what a sad state of affairs when he was at the ready, Roper,
also your informal dj, my don't like a packet. What are you playing next, this my song, look. That's all we can get the right, zero risk or just plain everyone's hammer. They go into the ocean. Innovation I guess I as the original bozos last words and then cookie cover them with Philip, smiling dolly crisp one hundred dollars, which he hid in the front of issue a while to get it out. They get those chalais. Minors are right. You can listen to the part on audio Spotify Apple Android for people, Europe, where, if you d, if you're, not an rumbler, mug club and common, if you have even had people say if you yeah. I hang out with a black friends,
and they got. You say that it must be a racist, don't don't let him do it. don't do anything to get to know it actually shows it. I'm probably not a racist. You say things that they perceive as racist like lack next and I actually break bread with them. So maybe you're the problem, Elizabeth worn just say what no and see how they deal with ass. The holder. The other option I make it look like any We have come to me. I just make the roof completely. Like, oh dear, are it while? I would I to address them when you're really quickly went now. I don't. I don't typically like addressing medium matters, because you have a bunch of conservatives who their whole show turned into a back and forth right, I really just find them incredibly entertaining and the fact that we now have a mug club membership attitudes. A foreigner show they do to show they could our videos it's great appetites, ironic, that they go after spots, trained boycott sponsors, but they pay for membership yesterday and Dave just sent. You just do have to run this because
ought to read you a headline from meant to offend you and, of course, I stand by it going to reword. It says we're the overlay first or do we just? of the now ok out of luck, the headline reads on you, too, Stephen crowded, I would like to send out gangs of retarded people too Lynch Pattern and so I guess at today, for the medium. It's time for today's media matters moment thank you by mountain player. You by your words, shall I don't think I use the word gangs, but you know what a large
and even better accounts. Pretty close it's actually. I don't even remember saying it's not a bad idea in. I guess you're sitting around going. You know, what's worse and pedophilia the our words yes, that's been there and I think everyone will get behind our movements of president settle unlike packs or schools. Yes, schools, especially a murderer lynching yogurt, eventually, where you're a Jack Jack, all the. Where also why the I hated they d, humanize that I think they're the ones do humanising them rat you or me. When we were saying no and by the way people don't realize that special needs people out of them are very often sexually abused. Wonder yeah very common, because there they they are easily led astray there very trusting having worked with voluntary with four years and my wife even more so special needs people. I also don't think it would be too hard to send them in the right direction, like a wind up toy with just the rapture to the petty files, and let nature take its course. God gave them extra string;
through their like berserker, for a reason, and we mean that as a compliment in the best way, we did up. Yes the only thing is be sure not to our your your your light up shoes when you go because he needed to not good for sneaking, Now then little destroy really the end, sometimes that those slip on the roller shoes. Yes, exactly know, Healy Thy not for killing pedophiles mad they have set as overnight. Lack of another thought everybody. His head has handicapped people in implementing had people in their life from their family. And what are you saying? You have a retard friend yeah, look under saying: I'm wow infringe the letter each region the Ex Liore Hauser Gabriel, its tardy access,
damaging, has issued a more offended at words and by the way, retarded comes off. The top is a term and friendship mean slow. Lately, I will ride. This is something right retarded note that people talk about music. It's only offensive now, because people have said that its offensive. Now, that's the issue, how you treat people with Andy CAP special needs. Mental retardation is more important than where'd, you say especially for some reason. I dont know why the left- please what money whenever it knows on the show tomorrow, in every case, you're not just offending pedophiles your pact, giving them Georgia, Joe Joe their defending them. That's the partner loader stand if I want to send out gangs of people with special needs to Lynch pedophiles dont give them a heads up,
and let them make their own decisions if they're down their down town now at just a few, a future for twenty appetizers, my Greece that we try to control them. Yeah we're not come on saying now, I'm in them The right out there, all the Plato, easily neat, return. This authority GCSE deliberately going too far to make the point. Well, you know I don't worry globally on the cover this time, don't whatever that may well be over my face, yes, they'll, say Co. Host made fun of art, the literally best headline I've ever read. He texted me when I was sitting at the conference table. I have never left that hard, and I, like his read, you have in your router personally, think why
Yahoo. Why? Because their part of head of anger, they're, the ones will be lynched. What are you doin as if Europe is also, if you were to play the odds, are reader of media matters? You think it's me. Likely there in the gang or being launched. Probably in the gas. Now probably been How are you said media today about the matter very large, editor, of course, that a yes? Yes there! That's why the like? How will this my creator, although readers are sitting in this, my critic, groundswell we're gonna prototype together, we're little schedule. We have special needs friend we boom cigarettes and stuff, and I know that's wrong, but we still treated him as everyone is one of our friends, our union hygiene and cigarette backwards. Illustrator you'd, like Lucy enough Football, we wanted to smoke. What will you say to him? No earlier you send it, whereas parents ok,
yet another high school there we had of their special room. I dont know anyone who actually works a special who I was an error. You say the word retarded, not you call someone a a retard register Even then, I've done that term guilty of that. Just like people everyone's. I don't care what ever so, I'm real sorry ass. He stopped using the word for a long time is based on that, but never in my life did, I ever mean its mentally handicapped hours. Of course. Now ever now, that's the part that I don't get it's like that adjustment somebody was dumb yeah. That was all we re normal friend of mine that I just didn't like him a moment right, that's exactly right! Then you animal backward cigarette, lightning, take its coherence in nineteen sixty when they were like, I think, he's gotta move retardation. Let's electro shock therapy s like that was the problem where it wouldn't fuck we're gonna put him on a chair and that's going to be dipped backwards into electric water. We think that will get rid of the retail gene is by the way five
six doctors recommend Chesterfield a smooth bull, smooth ball for those pregnant ladys job. It don't forget to look at the sun's, love self, the science charm this baby or as we call them she to be President JFK same thing here on the right track? Who loves you baby, don't be afraid to have some show, namely that parliament, twitter, This is also very scary, because this is when people say it's a culture where you damn right, you damn right, and people trying to change words and also change the buyer, logical science.
the parameters of what a man and what a woman is and then use that culturally to train remove children from their past? Yet you know it. It starts with controlling words, and it starts with telling people actually rather than actions, words that offend our are going to be policed and will make sure that we eliminating one from the public discourse. If you say what we don't like so here's what so scary about Twitter decided that they were going to put a warning label on the tweets of the American Heart Association, which said that the MRI, Nay vaccines, increase the risk of heart disease, not wanted clear here before we get Clash C c and NBC than your times washed in post and, of course, a lot of I dont know if they are third party fact checkers for the big tech websites, but all the maid publications have regularly cited. The American Hearts Association, as in we're a team of source, so he the issue when people say well, you know, authoritative sources are what our import brain stealth are super strike. We need to thirteen of nose like you reliable sources, it's that
you lie in the know. Now you can all go down. We talk about a robot. I feel a rambling in time for something news, so is reaching into a tree. Elaborating the honey bees will ignore these book so my point here as they all site. This is authoritative, thought tat if they tell you that, don't listen to shows, I guess who list Oliver references of about lot of quota come interruption right. We just right, I'm biased but as transparent as possible. I don't want any There is incapable of not bring their own biases to the table. Walter Cronkite, yes, Prime Williams, yes den rather of course, unbiased news has never actually existed in a lie. If you believe that it has. I just ask that people are honest with you and here's the thing. There's you need authoritative sources, but they're not even consistent themselves. Follow the science well,
authoritative source that you ve been using for decades, says the science tells us that the immoral vexing increases risk of heart. What was I to their mother? What She says the wrong. Ok hold on a second thought. She American Hard Association thought she. American hardest, so small a whole heart. Yes, it's like these people would know a little bit about cardiovascular issues right they may be. well, the other one has no hard still waiting to get it from the wizard everything's donate on sharing Finally, do you remember when this happened when they said you couldn't contradict the w h, oh and write a cd seek its debate out like the next day, yet this may happen so that the label from Twitter, the American Heart Association with this, that the MRI, Nay Back scenes increase the risk of heart disease. This is kind of their specialty. Twitter label says warning
this link, maybe unsafe. Last you are trying to access, has been identified by twitter or our partners as being potentially spamming or unsafe. In accordance with twitters. U r L policy, the link could follow to any of the below categories militias links that could steal personal information or harm electronic devices? No spare me links that mislead people or disrupt the experience. No virus or misleading content that could lead to real world harm. No certain categories of content that, if posted directly on twitter are a violation of the twitter rules want a second, but what we must all those I thought, those where the rules- and I think that could be a vitally legion of these. Well, what that's it or any other rules will, but that, depending on what it would be the case as today's votes, not us it's our partners. Yes, So my me, I won't like Hunter Biden, one that we're not sure the hunter buying story on our coasts. That's gets get censored. Do you really Honestly, honestly, because I know you People here who are not who are not concerned with. Who watch a lot you right now do you really believe the left is the Party of Science right now? Is it the Party of the Party of algae,
is the american heart I get, but I'm not a scientist is Broken Heart association not allowed a place at the table. Is that right, where we are and you're going. take the moral high road. This is here. Fight will. This is why we were screaming at the top of our lungs when they started and said: look you're, silencing individual doctors, because you dont like their opinion, and then you silenced Rhonda Santas when he had a meeting with a doktor from Oxford at a doktor from Harvard, if those not doctors. I get you dont, like their opinion, you literally censored his video a sitting Governor Connally. Largest states. Population iconic lies in the United States. That was dealing with a pandemic. Just like everybody else, and you wouldn't let him talking. You know what really quickly to this is why we say give not one inch because early on peoples have all those are just dogma: the doctors who, from California Riband read this some doctors, that's anecdotal even really see thousands of patients which is clear to us all over this. Second, they see one patient, that's me
In fact you here three decades, but people so well, that's not really authoritative. Then you have the very system has been reported on right for vaccine adverse reactions and the people are well, it's not necessarily accurate. Then you have made clinic saying. Well, that's not really did you really think I was gonna stop at people who you just said. Alex Jones extremists now lay old alongside the cake it is. The american an association. It's the same label, because it's all of this umbrella of it could be violent be misleading. You decide twitter, how about you say how about you say what the violation It must be so nice to be left us and have no accountability. None of these shows providing resources, any references which, by the way, I'm not so to be a martyr? I'm saying it because the reason we provide resources here we provide the references. If you read the description is like a bibliography, that's what I would have wanted I never knew what was true to form a new more. Where did you get that? That's? Why, do they don't even think you care twitter doesn't even think you want to know. Hey wait, a second. What about the
in heart. Association scientific claim is false. Everyone feel the meat on. I think that you can't handle hearing some. like that either, like all my gosh, it has adverse reactions, I'm going to run out and do something foolish now or not do something that may my life or legislative acts aid a five year old. Well, don't get me swearing again, look we'll boy! We have the time but verify- and we got rid of the verify we just went to trust like all cable will distrust whatever they said. I know trust, but verify has always been your responsibility, always with everything. Yet why dont want the trailer the guy's trailers exploded from making meth improperly more than I do voucher? Yes is more of a scientist to me when I got out and that a reference to the watch and react clip no just in general Also, I am make methods yeah, but I would like as easy as chocolate chip cookies. I mean Natalia it surprising, lazy and surprisingly keeps you up at breaking everyone in the works of society.
Talking now and not for you now, don't have the enzyme. The processes that are operating don't get get a little mess in him and he is grumpy really just makes me feel toothless Math makes him mean, but you know what we all have our think. So now we're moving on here and we're going to go back to the. Why seems the walk, a show, verses, Oxford, shooting, this is another example of when the me It determines what's allowed. So, for example, if Twitter, let's say Facebook, what say you to be also a longer authoritative? What happens when you go went to court, happens when you're having an international summit with scientists strike. Oh well guess what the American hardest Association is not allowed to be included. That's exactly what happened with climate change. back then it was global warming with global warming. What they there are labelled sceptics and science in Irish will there. Is not allowed by the way this year club answer for all their false predictions. This is what's happening of yours please remember this. You are seeing happening right now in twenty twenty two, what happened?
any scientist who disagreed with the idea of catastrophic climate change, global warming back then that could ultimately solved by international government. Intervention in right now you are seeing a carbon and a trimming of people who are critical of one arm of the science and in this way, I think the American Hard Association is right, just my opinion, but you have to decide at this hour. They allowed a seat at the table. You're, seeing it happened in real time renown. Pretty soon people go back, and while I was crazy folks at the American hardest, though, is quacks male clinic They act like the risk. They don't see the witch doctors at Saint dudes right near us, those guys they act like the lorries, is worse for health, many people running out of doing. Let's say that somebody does go out there and say something that is incorrect. Maybe they do not unaccented it's the wrong.
is worse for silencing voices end up in places where millions of people die. Historically, just look at history when you start silencing voices, because you know better than anybody else- you're not very far from Germany. The nineteenth thirties and Russia kind of forever right? That's exactly happens? That's why we're worried about it? We stand that it's dangerous? a servant magazine and speaking of Russia. There's something about the Ukraine is By this I ve gotten out anyone looking camel it's much longer than he might table is longer than legal. You think you are currently in standing shower this. Is this guy talking Lee? in least input. Vat role, MIKE he poops I want to tell you a ripple. It will destroy the arrest of your brain there, either crash, is only border of Ukraine and Russia. Where do you bury? They demanded survivors men, whether
when do they are less guy. Who, like this country, is this? Is this marriage tales from gripped aegis? What makes us headstart shaken like a firm but weren't repeat that enlargement can be handled? It leaves the rights that we all bad sign. You like He player, who been hit men in many many many time many times, then the answers, twelve. What love. Maybe next time we can take a former vice President Biden Import. Do you mean larger doll that this also means that large and just tell em your birthday cake? Is we have doll, please allow me a stump, double votary make of under siege. Then let them do you can win they didn't. You actually think that people abroad respect this guy. Can we, then, if you don't think anyone has ever actually been under those allusions with job? I know,
No, it's talking to Frank, driven in character, his amid other than the Chauncey Gardiner, blackmailed those people over in Ukraine and well hell. He fired the guy after that he has even in a crime. Yes, just so see mail but you're going to see public jaw to blackmail me Do it right? The mail me? What do you do? you're gonna. Do when I come to take you, your women will look away. They always looking I'm? U N Y! want to have naked, shower fight- yes, we do The new eastern provinces filled with full stop? for school. Shooter has been charged with multiple counts, including terrorism. Here in Michigan, now the county prosecutor CARE Mcdonald's under the charges were warranted. What about all the children who ran screaming hiding under desks? What about all the children at home right now? Who can't eaten can't sleep and who can imagine
world with. Those are very ok. Look charge of terrorism. Reflects that two things: can be in one statement. One can be true and one is not yeah. Of course, people are sympathetic to lives lost. That's also why I believe that more people should be allowed on guns, because they are far far far far far far more exponentially, more defensive uses of firearms every year than those used in mesh. Things are even homicidal firearms clubs. So I'm going to assume that you are operating from a place of empathy and compassion came not going to do What you guys did, however, the accuracy term terrorism. I call on the question why terrorism is a violent acts with an ideological or political motive behind it, seeking an ideological or politically charged outcome. That's not what we saw Michigan. Now I understand that in Michigan lost a little bit broader on talking about how the media has also label. Does the media has labelled it terrorism? On the flip side,
We haven't happened in Walkinshaw running. Look! Here's the deal here here! Nothing at Oxford with this shooter from Michigan. Nothing at all That suggests he was motivated by politics by religion. It real seems like a mentally disturbed person. There is no. There is no motive, thus far right, I don't know how that's terrorism now, on the flip side, the walk. Circular in Wisconsin had very clear disdain for white people had committed acts of violence before and said, He would commit acts of violence that would racially motivated just to be clear. We did a whole second on this. I ll just give you a quick recap. He said learned, Andy Behaviour, so when we start back knocking this is Logically back, not gonna white people. p s? I don't want to hear it. The old white people to knock them. Pardon my language fuck out Melanie.
worldwide revolution laws legally, allowing might supremacy now This is something the reason that this is happening offers they made every single effort, the media, to trying to link the shooter the kid to parents and his mom supported Donald Trump, so there you go it's gotta be that might have I mean it's racially motivated Postchaise Ardashir how many people died. commissioner, is it? Is it seven? I think we're lookin lemme think we have a number, because I know that, unfortunately, more people died later on down the line of two years of grotesquely handling the pandemic, messing with kids heads leaving them inside of a room and eventually have him go crazy. I guess could parallel Thou terrorism if that bugged Amabel no light you miss, pronounced his mom sent a note to Trump. Ah, yes, that's what we know now humiliating political opinion. Yet she had a political up and you know what else people don't like to talk about, and I want to know this moment to highlight a hero and actual hero. Not a nurse tiktok and right. Take Meyer he's a kid who died.
You're trying to tackle is trying to save other people, guess what his mom, like Donald Trump on Facebook, just to be clear. and you know what this is not something that is uncommon, Has this map morality does matter and the problem I have with black? Let's Madden reason I think it can lead to domestic terrorism and said to Mr Terrorist Organisation, is because it's wrong, it's immoral to hate people or vilify people because of the color of their skin. I don't Think there's anything wrong. Morally, with someone thinking that Biden is a better candidate, I think they're wrong factually think that warns terrorism, I think black lives matter. Does I think aunt. If it does don't think a mom saying, hey! Thank you, Donald Trump, for thinking about us, the middle class, wasn't handwritten letter. She didn't say, while a black now we should thank you. trying to bring jobs back back to our shores qualifies as terrorism. I think black lives matter, and get rid of the nuclear family and get rid of white people in positions of power, regardless of how they attend, and I think that that's actually racist
or tat about this tape? Meyer? Who tackled? Who tried to stop the shooter? We all settled. The ideological motivation of a lot of people who stopped short I gave you that step before five hundred thousand anywhere from farmers three million in a given year. The average seems to be about two million defenses uses. Defensive uses the firearms rain, contrasting with tens of thousands of homicide DES anywhere between fifteen to twenty five thousand homes with firearms. It's not even close, who do you think, are the people most likely to be defending themselves or family in their fellow citizens with those fire so take mire we don't know his political motivation. Just like we don't have the motor motivation of the Oxford shooter. We do his mom likely was conservative, and we do know. When you look at this people who stopped shooters, they tend to be conservative or often blackness. yeah, like guys, you ve had enough black eyes, enough money. But what we have we had Stephen Villefort on your Sutherland Springs where people were killed or twenty something people were killed him. he was an hour,
They are very well. He was an energy instructor, but I think he shot with an a fifteen, if not mistaken, believe so Boucher solely with we have covered, Thus, we have deep David Doorn that officer in black man who I don't know he was conservative or not. His wife obviously is conservative serving his neighborhood. James kills or someone. You look at the pattern here and what you see is sure. Ok, there are people who go random and commit acts of violence, and if you wanna tribute that Donald Trump that's a little bit of a stretch, I think the walkers driver committed an act of violence in the night Are they racially motivated crime because he said: hey everyone such a clocks, our white people, effective like that Why I take he said that he wanted. I take him at his word. But I also think it is important to note that hey, there's a chance This in turn will never get the numbers on this who stopping the shootings invariably when you look at these heroes that matters to you gonna use it go and both ways, but instead this tat. Why do you Take Myers and championed more honor, that's an,
actual. He wrote that have why I don't know I mean I know they. They put some emphasis behind what he did, but not don't think nearly enough right. Just like we were talking about what Kyle did. It was like that was just an incredible thing for him to show the restraint that he showed and to defend himself without just shooting other people that he thought might have been. A threat like we focused, this for a reason, because we have evidence of it right now. What we have and so is you guys saying that a car drove through a parade right. You said Anne S, you ve drove their bright, and then we have evidence of you guys putting out something that says this guy feels like he's been Dehumanize he's been made into a monster. No, he is a monstrous. Yes, we, his adage reference made him a monster. Beat we don't know anything yet now. If this prosecutor knows something that we don't know which I'm assuming that they do, I still don't know how this goes to terrorism when has, other school shooting been attributed at our kind of
further areas has on others. A recent learner guy was led on bail, a camera with oh yeah, our number that cause. We explain why, member in Fort Worth and we're watching all the trucks, all the helicopters when there's a shooting member was it was worldwide, and then we sit well opposing and why Well, then, I find no wonder how do they all vanish? There would have been too. Oh then we find out it was it was who went in short, a teacher over over a scuffle that had happened before and has led out on bail and Elizabeth, worn, didn't show up as a mother, S C didn't fly down and cry next to a working life either. I know a lot of people in Michigan that are, like afraid, now the another sort of locked into their these. If you know shit about high schools and stuff just for the week in everything- and I I would really bothers me because if you look at it, ok, if you look at both these situations- and I really want to save fuel exceptionally bear all the lives lost and eight Euro getaway, who is marching with as little league team that got hit by like it. Just me
infuriated. So, let's, if you want to look at things the guy drone and pray that he felt dehumanized well, how do you know that this other kid who shouted the school? Didn't you? look at all the rhetoric going on twitter telling him that he's a monster that is easily have no idea. If he's being bullied, I'm not defending em, but I'm saying we're, locking people up in our mentally one way or another. We're right now we're at war with each other. The countries and half were fighting over vaccines where there's a constant struggle, where I can imagine having a teenager right now mentally. It's gotta, be it. I do Phillotson media's complicit in this, and I think that's why we're seeing more of this? I firmly do believe that, and I'm not I'm not excusing either behaviors, both disgusting hours. The reason why the kid is away, tepid, tape, Meyer, take Myers not being held heroes. Much is weak. It takes the racial aspect out of it, then,
It's the reality here anymore. I think, is really scary to over talking about kids. Take. Imagine pier, pressure at when you were a kid now we were tuna again, there was something canna cool about rebellion. Now, there's peer pressure. Media pressure I can t pressure government pressure and it's all in one direction for compliance. It that's escaped so you're right, we are fighting over vaccines. The problem is kids, who think independently kids, who may have you read the immense. Despite twitters best effort, read the American Heart Association report. They are being vilified by their teachers by their deeds. by their faculty members by other kids. Parents died the little league coach. This is think about that for second you're telling kids submit no rebellion. Why? Because they want to make sure that everyone follows in line with the media,
Wanna make should have one follows and what I want you to think that when Donald Trump will be present having this conversation was a fox whatever for years and a lot of incitement round with So they said, like you actually would be bad for business because you know it's always being the opposition party is better ratings. Nelson, oh you you and I don't do. The same thing was my my foot, but if you take the power of the White House or washing DC over Hollywood New York City in the media. You need a cat scan this the authority right now in this country, is it's all one and the same right now you ve got an unholy alliance of government legacy media and now all of big tech trying to prop them up the education establishment. right now we see the scientific community ex communicating,
simply getting rid of the American Heart Association is, though, their apostates, nuts and we're telling kids. This is the only point of view and if you dont fallen line, you're a bad person so, one of my soul. Why are we fighting? Why we will, because you guys are all saying, there's only one way: look, I'm nuts! none of us here saying there's only one way, we're saying there's a couple of ways and by the way the American Heart Association should be included in that way or sing, There are many ways to try and cut down a sculpture and by the way, just stripping everyday citizens, their right to carry firearms and women and disabled people. The right to protect themselves is not one of my sourcing. There are many ways, but some ways are preferable and some ways aren't the same thing when they say with abortion rate, the mecca and all or nothing game, the left it. If your teenage, I can only imagine endeavour that this is one of your privilege to go. You're anti choice: why do you want to take control of women's bodies? Normality chosen, preferred choice is just not the fifth motherhood option abstinence, veracity white
motherhood, contraception, absence adoption, just not five murder, and you say it's. nothing for crying out loud hobby lobby. Let's put this in context programme in sixteen different kinds of birth control for their employees than you, and sets a fascist, because I didn't give poor scroll yourself, even idea. What that does kid in school when people invasion of authority or saying Europe only one way, our way period. Well, don't I think, maybe there's some way that, like, I think, maybe biology play. some Roland Saturday there's only one way. There is no science as relates to biology or gender Hogan, professor, I think maybe maybe The second amendment is now the second amendment needs to be struck. We need image, weight, I think that maybe maybe the American Heart Association is now now you will comply. It's that the left today is the only party that has one way
enabling people for fighting wars going today how many ways yeah one versus napping- I'm sorry! It's just that! I'm really. There is a point we are holding in rebellion so much they. Just snap while in your being When you talked about that pressure, I have. I have a son and about three and a half, or so years he's going to be going into the education system, and this is what piss me off so much about putting their school. Are you? I didn't say: public schools are the allocation system right, so I can only imagine, with his side like school, that IRAN, air blue, I did like TAT time bomb. Sorry, buddy totally you're dead, the altar. Nobody. What I'm saying is that that's what piss me off so much is because I am just think, I'm like Well, you don't have a chance to think about living in New York and going hey, you can't go on your ear field trip to this place, because they're gonna go into this really cool thing you been looking forward to, but you can't go because you'll have a vaccine or you can't dinner! Rigoletto, restaurant! You know you can't do anything. How do you make a kid understand? Why he's being other than that? Well by the government
a kid picking on him or something that happened, not knowing it boiling. None of this has what the shooting we're just talking about railway climate, where creating Ryan pointing to inanimate objects like a gun or like an suv. What matter? is look there. Does have a worker aiding makes these repercussions. What I would say the climate of saying there no right and wrong and we're gonna blame objects and we're just gonna vilified people who disagree with us? Look! Here's one side like we just talked about accountability everyone here. If you ask us will answer on any given issue whether we believe ok, this writer. This is wrong. I will answer you on abortion. I will answer you on the idea of the federal government and taxes and what is appropriate. I will Are you on the second amendment? I will answer you on the first amendment. The issue here is: we have one group of people who don't have to answer for anything ever have to answer for anything. Wait a second. The guy quoting you when he ran over people.
was quoting your rhetoric. You know. So if we have to answer because a kids mom voted for Trump. Should black lives matter have to answer when their very pictures and quotes our shared his inspiration for killing. Yes, a call me, that's me, Miss Churchill Fashion well like miss up here, because I guess what there's here's a win win it's about a little what we can get the OPEC and energy production line, but we'll start with that, because that's tomorrow bottle the german television was wrong about that, but he actually he actually got one right. Nor do they actually funny joke now, not least ungrateful with our candidate baby steps. Ok, sorry! He the ecology and the ceo of modernity and vaccines, and I heard it in the next room and actually I mean I. I ran out of the next room into this room so quickly. There was just a Stephen shaped Cloud where I used to be because I thought I might hurt at here. It is.
On the one hand, almost all the only con cases have been mild so far, But, on the other hand, the guy who's and to gain millions of dollars from new vaccines. says we need new vaccines. If we on make a new vaccine. This disease could be with so every hour mean forever sorry, I was thinking of something else. Now look I'm not say, a VCR Madonna's like I'm guessing that little I'm just saying I don't think he's the most objective source on this topic. what it actually make sense genitals? Ninety upwards Java, Joey Louis those such as barbers. Anybody he's like I'm out, I'm getting out of doors
up to suck automatic up a splash ruling billion kronor businesses dog by poppers? Certainly does not That's very goes about. He had done. His has hampered, loving pooch. Who is pampered, my gosh, you know what that lucky to get one right, credit words do absolutely defer. Jerk. We get it done without again we had- and I also agree with your Jochen, the elusive sense of the word mission control. Who can you tainted airport the fire I gotta go we're running out of her. What's a routine, yet in rotation.
We ve shown the teaser here right now of what we're playing later. No, I can't recycling Whatsomever going don't make mother used to say the gauntlet argument. What I did I think you know we have already said here, but you know we can't go late today. So please smashed if you watch on Youtube, rumble smash the like button right now work. We also dont know with situations Collaret now sets implicit, yet I shall will be ended a little bit early. Let me of you want him to be here on the shell. Maybe somebody like now when I don't think anyone can respond, was ravaged people. Do we really want? Yes, we love you Kyle, I really am along and I don't want a more ass. You probably heard the Lisbon in emotional year, not only with that, but obviously the school shooting the suv situation. I just I don't know you reach that point where you dont know, there's any coming back from it there. I don't know I mean I, I I think that there's a rebound effect, but I is any coming back from when people say Americans mistrust institutions, I dont have you ever going to have
I dont think you ever going to. Somehow trick people into re, trusting CNN. Well now. I think that's that good thing that, yes, it really is like it's a fantastic. The hand has been laid out very clearly good thing, except for the death throes fur. places like CNN, like Twitter, They realise when they get caught enough times, they are going to get desperate as twit. stop. It can rely on you to take a dive you're going to sea with all of social media people start unplugging you're going to see you tube shoot themselves and the foot, and I mean that's right, think about it, you towards a place for independent content creators, and now they are bound at the altar of really just to be clear. Folks and an end before but before we go. This is this is something like this is kind of one of my litmus test for conspiracies and David. I've talked about this I'll buy into a kind of conspiracy theories, because you go right. Ok, given idea
the people have to be in on that mean that that's a good? Quite you don't have time to go through all conspiracy theories, because sometimes I can convince you that when the clock, I guess that guy wasn't there behind tower seven with the plunder, but a good sort of test is ok how many people have to be involved to trick the majority society at large in this ace whether it comes to the idea of biological set, whether comes to the eye. Of, More legal got ownership, increasing crime, whether it comes the idea of the American harder. stations warning about heart, complications, the Mauritania vaccine being considered authoritative when it comes to any of these issues, right now? I don't know how many people would have to be involved to eliminate the American Heart Association, ok, less than ten think about that less than ten.
people? You need one person to make a call on the government. One person to make a call from Pfizer Irma Turn you need. The person is at the head of a forget. His name, twitter, Facebook ceramic, covers all those one person at alphabet. Google. You too. Maybe one person at Amazon and one person at the apple took ghost all of it to make sure that you don't hear the our point of view that you know your point of view other than one one: the american hardest. The Asian is not saying A vaccine is my it's a microchip now they're, saying hey by the weather, my pin increase of of of heart risks. What did I just rattle of seven April eight people in the world can make sure that. You never hear that information. How many of you but or you started, watching the shoe you right now did you know that five
thousands, the low end to three million defensive uses of firearms in the United States every year. According to the FBI, at the idea of an FBI, crime Bureaux de OJ depends on a pretty tough to get that research done and people banana conserve is actually no, because the left one to selectively use these loopholes to actually trying track. Americans now declare its Mcgrath yes to Roma people date. people, let's be generous ten that requires one conference call you probably have had more people on a zoom meeting, then the p who can decide that you know what we think this by new crane and hunt. Biden story might have a negative effect on the election ones in call got shot government for everyone. One zoom call. You know what we think that the fusion JP the Russia collusion Links is We're going to allow this one's income no, they have summits, I'm not talking about
people dressed up in a Rams head worshipping an hour, I'm talking about one simple Zaka, so I won't take too much you too You are all gone. We gotta get to Mr Medina on your nose Mr Medina, on here and now find tat. We got Joe we must get rid of that American Heart Association thank great while radically level American shooter terrorist. Sure, let's say walk, shows event, click. It takes eight people, one conference call to make sure that you don't hear any other points of view. That has to be destroyed that system, not calling for violence that system. that consolidation of power has to be destroyed. For us to rebuild. If you want a bitch about division and take your ire aim it at that and people right now who are ensuring that the very we'll be shelved for the rest of your lifetime until it gets fixed and policies
start locally, all right, we're gonna, go play. They don't make em like they used to Youtube. Why thank you yet. I believe I've made my thoughts clear,
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