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Tribute to Norm Macdonald, Last TRUE Hero in the War on Comedy & Free Speech


Today, we remember Norm Macdonald, the last hero in the war on comedy and a guardian of free speech. Crowder reflects on Macdonald's best SNL moments and jokes from over the years.

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Hey audio listener. You will notice that today show is a little bit longer than usual and that's because we're doing some indifferent or do a long tributes nor mcdonald- and I think it was I think a lot about that. You may not know so it's longer then the average shell, but if your listing and enjoy the show, please look at all join up my club? We would ask that you do, but just a just subscribe I've done apple or rate it to review it on spy. Don't worry, you can read it, but I'm shelterless nets is asking too much of you to leave STAR and spat a fire and apple, because you ve got things to do this. Like masturbate furiously louder with crowd is brought to you.
you don't have to be a real odor, your whole life. The good news is that you could subordinates, show the fight by really cool clue, DOT, TK I sit good it's a little bit of a melancholy sip today,
Look we're going to do touch on some news, because, obviously the Milly blinkin Situation- unbelievable, pretty rang from yesterday- touch on that, but in a situation where people do for clicks. We wanted to really do a tribute here to nor Mcdonald and explain to you why he's been the single biggest influences on me, professionally, on this show. I've talked about it at length is show some clips of how many times have talked about What my top to guess they ever wanted to get where were nor Mcdonald and Alice Cooper, and so that's the tragedy in all. This is I'll, never get to him on the show. True, it's true yes there are other ways not to come on the show norm. You know that's the thing, you don't know her lover. you better watch out. He won't because its publicist doesn't like me. So we're going, and not only that, but I think a lot of people now jump on this bandwagon will keep in mind that nor Mcdonald was
reviled, not very long ago by the me to people by the how what happened we're talking about, but people act as though they appreciated the brilliance that was norm, people don't realize. Also. I would a devout man of faith that he was if he tried to avoid politics, but was pretty easy to pick up on where he and up so we're gonna be time without today, quite a bit, and I want to paint a more full picture of who domain was an inhaler. There's some people out there, who maybe don't don't know about him too much to Heaven, appreciated and. As much as you shouldn't in really should go along. Certainly with the great I've put him in funniest man that ever lived. I've said that many times I donald this man has ever lived, and I have said the Nick Nepal as well the funniest man's right now doing stand of comedy. Usually say everytime, I bring on Nicht APOLLO and he considers that comparison. Even in honor someone here from your comment. Just madam your favorite norm. Joke pause this
but your favorite number is actually an important experiment. Ok, I want all of you to pop this, because we are going to show you the best of nor somebody's. Some of these cuts are longer because norm takes his time. Much less Lilburn is a slow burn, but I want you to pause, leave a comment your favorite norm, joke before you watch the rest of this show, but lead this off I just want to show you this is this must be from somewhere in the nineties, nor Mcdonald and Dennis keep in mind before Dennis Miller. Even realize you before AM radio Dennis Miller before Dennis Miller, even knew that he was more leaning in nor Mcdonald had not been open about anything politically but again, this is why Carmody is is, is so inch it's such a window into people. Sometimes that does not mean that all was real, sometimes just jokes, just like Alice Cooper, lyricism, that's actually who he is. These are just jokes, but sometimes you can see. Little shimmer of oh, that's what he thinks.
not to mention this is: a joke that may immediately get us banned from you to which again Prince my point, but here is on Dennis Miller. Saying something you could never say today on air, even on HBO, talking about gay pride, have you ever done anything in your long story career that you consider specifically to be in bad taste. Is you look back on a maybe at the time you thought it was a good play. We look back on. You think that was in bed is well sometimes like and stand about. Do jokes that that I, like one towers, do this thing in San Francisco and they were all gay people in the audience they told me so I figured out in San Francisco, so I figured I'd do stuff about gay people so that they can relate tat war by love, because I wanted is gay pride re shy in it. There were these all men and old Ladys like with these signs. It said we are proud of our gay son. You know As I said, that's an odd thing to be proud of. You know, because it's not
achievement like something here. Work, all your life to be gay. I just wonder I just heard time believing that is fifty. sixty zero men are actually braggin. I work like their value oh, my God were proud of Johnny here graduated from higher Virginia a first
class in I'm now is article in over the lover man or yet he loves his mouth is a picture of the boy here so in another minute match racial viewers and artists to realise its a united minutes to get around the second, it's beautiful to see you, but of all in your own skin legend. That's what went to Central Dennis MILAN! Surprise you throw in some more references, but that's
It's really nice to you, come into your own skin, almost like I max directors back when they were doing hidden earth. Part. Four, where they had to replace it with little, do want them over there from Czechoslovakia. You know what I'm talking about is a cool can elect the kosovars. Let's have shorter, but we need to bring up those clips, and here you can bring us dear little because for enormous is the highlight here. I'll show you my favorite norm, joke and little bit. What's beautiful about normally. Is my favorite norm joke ever? It's very very short: ok, so he would have short, rapid fire punchline and then some long Sarajevo as before you anything Geraldine. How are you, sir? I am better than you feeling great you some better, not say that I'll tell you that in the second I don't. I don't have the covered by the way in which six others to everyone. I'll pass this around my wife the positive Stephen, that's a prey Let's take a look around you look like you're pregnant, I was wondering when in Syria laying turns out, I'm a man
if your choice now Alex. What am I going? Are you I'm doing it I mean, except for doing well, never allow it, because the horns yeah losing Norman, it's it was off yesterday, saw that it was the first time I've ever actually created a celebrity celebrity pretty close around a girl in the eighth grade, who cried when Jeff Gordon died and genuine Wash NASCAR, if not just Gordon who, as they get ass our charge of oil or heart, that's it no. I was some driver who died, it wasn't ever sent Dale Earnhardt dealer and why we ever it is united around nor and hard data data. Yet let me I got a lotta plates at home, I'll bring it up, so you and I mean no added up, but whoever diamond I was walking. I always think it's weird, but again because normally something that means so much not only to me personally, but also the people out there. He was that he was worth Ass Vanguard of Comedy, and it was one Vanguard of Comedy who respect from his keys, comedic peers, and so it some weight and then, of course they try to character.
fascinate. Nor me, as you can't have someone like that, so dont, let people too, jump on the bandwagon. when they were trying to destroy everything that norm helped build up the moon, but also a painter portrait here that I think has been over. And Dave, and I was here her you ahoy, I'm good and norms the stone that normal norms, it's as we can see norm dying, that's how he would want it, and so we had to laugh a little bit because that's what he was all about expose, let darkness the lady I died Alex, whereas what so amazing about him is Anybody yesterday on Twitter was fighting as usual register arm, chair whatever and then norm died and it just took over Europe is one of those things were. Even if people may have gone against him. Whatever was it was just nice to see a minute of unity yeah off of a guy, and it s true and they themselves. Are you Jason Legend? Yes, then it was after training list within five hours in yours. Like, oh really, wouldn't I don't know when Lee
is trending in people Morn heard how many years after her death, whereas a lady because I want a euro without her Samsonite luggage. Look it up look it up the pilot, LISA Lopez. Wasn't it
won't let alone is no availability. Elsie LEO was trending again because she died. She died long time a little or no, we didn't get Goin over them. Do where I felt LISA Hearted left, I die journey ahead of other than cash was replaying. Her name is less Y yeah hierarchy, Elsie concrete issues missing an hour after second, you don't remember that eyepatch one from the tac video can the overly now come on the most. Do I thought it was a fashion already three like Nellie with thereby India which I'm pretty sure Nellie had the band aid because he had a bad. It needed a covered up temporarily, but that was not my thing. I'm aware Bandy delay, he sure that's gay and he was now made its fashion thing when they lifted up, and I see little white who'd like home,
left, I was either married to or dating a football player and she burned his house down to work another one, Austria's wrong. It was a jeep acts. It that's what I thought it was all right. Let's not talk about other people, you, Dr Argon people, who don't matter I tested negative here for covered. I want to be very clear pressure emphasise infection in a room with four people yesterday who all had covered and a fan blowing particles in my face, my wife tested positive for covered two days. For I was feeling the symptoms, so I got the symptoms of a science infection, she readable and having them she just tested just because she was where that she'd been near me and I will tell you Pregnancy, so we can do all the stuff, but we were doing some stuff manage matters undefiled. So I don't know how I didn't say anything This can all see. This is my third negative test: what your blood type What do you think that has anything to do with no idea, but I did hear unseen and this morning they were talking about how your t sell count. Maybe what confers
people, natural immunity, and there is some concern with the vaccine and how it may interact with tee cells. We talked about this on CNN. I can confirm anything so here's what I will say I woke up this morning, feeling away worse when I woke up this morning in my throat was on fire And I thought oh no! This is what it is, but don't worry. It's ok turns out happened? Was I had ordered indian food? I ordered the lamp Andalusia up to a spice level. Ten and I had been burping in my sleep and so it burned my throat. And only when I started and it burned my buttonhole Did I realised what was going on? and I was completely saved by via our true work
I forgot about which currently apply what terrible night fear y know. Don't let's leave on their because right am I going to say over whether of eventually I was sent away. Its defiled said that is over. I was sent away, but then she positive, and I'm on my way for one right. It is legitimate that everyone is positive up. We're gonna go back to norm here and in a little bit, but first we're here to talk about the revenue, something really quickly merely blanket situation. I have some strong thoughts on it and then yet to honouring pharmacies. Adriano lobbying A marriage bed isn't defiled better. You know I've done my best. And now the gay marriage. If you see what they do and hotels,
It seems a themes, Ichor Jesus really up. There is, in my view, to file an exit out of here. You guys. Ok, it appears that front of Show Larry Elder is going to replace no governess Amiddlemost govern our icy got ivory. Surprise you get. Forty was forty. Seven percent of the vote pray I actually when Caitlin Journal got one, that makes sense wow. that's right. He'll Ingenio, hidden, run former male jack athlete now menstruating Female Caitlin, Jenna shocked, is by only receiving one. I think she won right menopause ray and that's what those hot flashes are commendable. I forget she was even running yeah me too,
She was rather yoke for a while. Now this going on the ballot on matters will stay there. Good, try running from biology, downcast They ran over here she's getting from it. So here is it Larry Elder Europe for some people trying to say the Larry elder is gonna. Here's a clip area. We have lost a battle, but we are actually going to win the war, all the violence, oh. I heard it being kids, as is the wrong clip, adheres Gavin spinning. You know everything that is ruining the United States, I should say, maybe not running everything in the United States of America, but certainly California, what once wonderful eight, why, as a victory,
I want to focus on what we said. Yes to as yes, the science such good likely, I guess the vaccines. He said yes to this annual. We say yes to people's right to vote without fear of think fraud, voters and Russian, saying yes to women's fundamental constitutional right side. Self, but she does not have the right to set, and we say yes to vaccines document mandates, yes to diversity, said yes to inclusion. Joy be cleared up That means we say yes to vaccines. What's that mean we said yes to forcing people to be vaccinated. We said yes to women's constitutional rights. What does that mean said yes to the right to women, to end the life of another human being with separate dna with separate heartbeat with separate and toes fingers sexual reproductive organs. We said yes to all those things and by the way, I'm pandering about. All of that we said
ass to diversity, which means we said yes, a record number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, committing crimes not being part of the vaccine mandated by the way, though they are required to actually take doses of ivory acting dimension, a parasitic worms. We said yes to driving down american wages. We said yes to effectively creating a new slave labour class here in California, and we said yes to sending business after business too taxes, including the one that innovated electric in actually friendly cars and testing. We do know how that one got away from us and what I want, and we said no to a black white supremacy. Yes, Stop its kind, really he's ease The black face of white supremacy he's a reverse Mickey mouse. They also said yes to more fires: less land how're, that's really not able to be kept on most of the time and yes to stupidity. Yeah. you hate your cities that you live in and yet you voted for a democratic and you get what you deserve. California, I'm sorry up against
the term sell itself cattle farm where he can. You take all my utter honour on yet this about. So it looks like night all your votes ring this. The gap is thirty. Forty sixty four still more be counted. The other ones. Are We have to close for lay elder to finish their last night. I was like forty six. I think there are two things actually I think you're right on the forty six one was: do you want to recall him or not? Yet she had a vote for that on this ballot have now is out with a right and then, if you Who do you want to replace Amman? It would be well see. This is what this is. What that tells you? It tells you that, just like it, who was a two? Who talked about this? it might have been Larry emotional area to himself when job came in when it was with working, and none of them said that cap that Newsome did a good job, but none of them said that his policies have been effective this year. We trust the science. So when people are pulled on sugar, we call Gavin Newsome in California, mind you for six percent say yes so,
tells you that he's done a bad job at the policies. Are there then, when, therefore, to decide between Gavin, Newsome and Larry in the media attack machine can do job of actually convincing Californians, that Larry There is a white supremacist, the he gets less of the votes. In other words, there is no policy. There is, Framework for the left to stand and gave a new some new it, and so what they have to do have to be racism, sexism, homophobia, Transphobia, that's what they did in that works, California. I think it's going. work less and less across the countries with a silver lining, their forty six percent Gavin Newsome you suck and then significant portion said you say that the black eyes, a white supremacist, nervous, California, I buy it. Yeah we mostly roofers America being divided and have utterly, is more, America being. I think it's more profit, the left exclusively exclusively
This is not a right loathing for white, guys pretending to be virtually s. That, too, is that's. What I've been lighted but takes campaign on identity, politics, racism because that's all they have what buying going to get. Let's say, elections were held right now. What is binding campaign, a successful economy, Americans being safer right better foreign policy, putting in a catheter right. it has gone up right now know about now. Not let us know if it's not gone towards going to force you to get mandates. Unity. Do you think that's a! in other words, even that sort out into animals that he's going to unify the country. What could Biden campaign on so I guarantee you what you will campaign on twenty twenty, four, whoever it is. Doesn't if its territories of its run, the centres with Donald Trump will be racist, sexist homophobic for crime Are they try to say that Larry Elder was worse, then Gavin Newsome his wife. When rose Mc Gowan. I was just listening that when the media- yes, those Mc Gowan, said you Know- gave a nuisance. Wife nor law from tried to offer me hush money, and I dont know if it's,
we're not. But what I have been asked, I believe a woman is cover it. They don't even grass Mcgowan's like the one right you didn't even covered, but here's what's important about that try to say well, really, if you think the Gamin Newsome is better for women and compared to hurt them on the radio play. Flip of Larry Elder sing, but at least our troubles and more for four prefer fat, overweight, women getting them off the couch. With these marches than any of this initiative, each woman, so you're, comparing joke about fat people to rape. While this is where we are, they can went on policy? they try and tell you look where more popular in policy, because most Americans consider themselves pro choice, but then, when you get down Poland, a second heartbeat, oh yeah, that make sense, will our second, where should abortion be allowed its nowhere near aligned with the Dnc platform, hey, are you pro immigration sure that we got knuckles are ok?
Are you pro sanctuary city, although of course, actually built to deport people here? Who are your illegally are committing crimes will, of course, we should be able to should people at the border be forced to pay forces and the guests, but be forced to pay. Taxes are, of course they should so they use buzzwords postage? I am fully operational voting for them. We're pro choice, we're a pro diversity and then a change language to try and You hate the people who run against their racist, sexist transphobia homophobic I don't know, I think the guy who's more racist is the per is, is the person who first off accused the black eye of being a white supremacist and accused him of not being black enough and who have supporters who dressed up as guerrillas and egg the black candidate. I think at the very least you can make more of an argument that reason I think that, reason opposition by the way they always say that we are anti immigrant who has acknowledged just anti illegally leaning, rejoice, regular annual maris with this stuff guys you have nothing to run vote forgiven. a vote for diversity. I say my house has never been cleaner,
You're really good. I don't even know the right so by higher illegals, the clean my house Gerald they will you say that a measure that we are certainly not a mere show you will be audited your democratic fine, but I'm already be having experienced. We feel that the second I got this show I got out and if you can get a double hatted secret on my own rang in going through my records, I'm a cop by carrying for, like a cop worth by the way, if you want to support this, that the showcase we're not mingling, then you to crush, opt out and over the shots. Support by buys cool ran for Gmos. That I didn't know, we had a little thing. I just really. This is my favorite shirt. Ten yea adds a fun. One can only get there cried her shop. It hit the notification bill if you're watching perceptions really work and we're life
If you Thursday, ten you, MR that's the best way to support the just watch, it just watch life. You know, you'll, never miss a comment taking a chat later on my club. We are going to do an entire segment which we couldn't do and you too, because it sexist about. all of our childhood crushes when we realised that we were filthy straight men. Also also enjoys over here, whose helping to run the that that the sound she's going to include her male crush, where she rush was a filthy system woman Oh Cameron, now, it's in the left behind thinks his rider strong and thinks she's a little larger little Cody, she's factory so vaccine, more vaccine fascism is what's going on. I mean fashion. We will throw em, they don't fashioned like what about forcing someone to get vaccine, and this is this- something when I was there talk what people yesterday covetous all the stuff
and no one disagreed and yet products it yet products in committee- and I will say anecdotally: most people have been vaccinated. positive, certainly percentage of them. We know that cross country. This is no longer conspiracy with acknowledged it. No one disagreed with the fact that it is about lately insane and like you are talking about divisive to label and Americans who say covered real virus and it affects certain people really negatively, for example, far more lethal for all people, Gender fluke we'll get into numbers with young people in infants but to real virus, and it affects certain demographic. very negatively, and that needs to be taken seriously precautions and to be taken to protect those people who are most at risk. Also, not a reason to shut down the economy destroyed for generations to come, and certainly not a reason to a fact of Lee forcefully evaporate people's individual freedoms to take a vaccine or not, and
Anyone who says Hey vaccine Probably safe but we don't have any long term studies and if you say that you're lying cause you couldn't possibly doesn't make them and Anti Baxter. This divisive. To consider someone who maintains all those points of view as an anti boxer and every single person then, who I was there with yesterday, getting my testimony clinic all agreed yeah yeah is really that I can't believe it. Yet. Typically, we This is the medical. This is the science position is to wait for long term. Data we don't have been assigned arrest. Asia has all fours. Well, my wife, Why wouldn't got the monocle animal anybody's end. It says on their if you're, pregnant or breastfeeding that the risks may out May the rewards- and so you probably should targeted doctor, but in the absence of being with your doctor, not do it and got doesn't say, though, that I no no you're standard of feeding. Can you read the sign? That's nice,
That's not how I get it. Let's not just pull me off what the punchline UK weaknesses. This is an important right now we're talking about the vaccines at my wife was there, my wife is breastfeeding shit just so this matters, my wife has to know which one you to stop breastfeeding, life is doing it. Can I take what happened, vitality, anybody's right, what happens but take any treatment same thing with the vaccine. These are questions that need to be equally fucking asked we have always been asked if someone is pregnant or breast feeding the standard of proof is, you need to prove beyond any doubt not even reasonable that beyond any doubt whatsoever that this will not cause harm to a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, and they still apply that tomorrow, will any bodies which, by the way, if you go into a highly recommended, if you do test positive, the shortest list of side effects. I have ever seen from any medication, my life- and that includes my dailies- are tech and one of them was a smile with sight of it all. With a vat gladiators out the window, yeah
now. This is me applicant. My wife doesn't even get an exemption with work for being somebody who is breastfeeding at the time that we fight but she's pregnant, no works like a sorry. The work lit really responded. A magazine literally responded. Prove too that it will hurt you. That's. That What show us the study, the tells us that this is a problem for pregnant or pursue Emily. Are you insane where they dont have? The studies are even aware of what are the nurses, carrots and oh, oh you're pregnant, and you have a cupboard. You should get the vaccine. right now. You know a little protect you and then a doctor said well. Wait! Wait that nurse said that the vaccine was treatment, you have to worry about my my wife being healthy because of a nurse was an opinion anyway. Are so this thing thought you know so that there may be vaccines for so I use the term fascism. Actually, when you're too about ultimately, checkpoints for people in the United States, not even travelling internationally on
roads, mandates for interstate travel, hears Japan himself this is very common practice? Now in Europe, I've just been traveling all over Europe? You can't get on a plane without having some kind of proof that you'll negative. It seems to me crazy that a year and a half into this you can still still gotta plain to Boston. All California nobody's gonna check me. Do you think that to change mobile considerations Lee I mean I have been asked, tat question and it actually got some play in the press. When I made the answer, I threw it. In fact, it is sleep considered is on the table. We are not there yet, in fact, if you look at six point programme that the president came out with a couple of days. What we would Looking about with travel was doubling the fines of people who in fact are travelling and don't get tested, and I believe that the idea about Choir ring vaccination for travel is
the thing that is on the table for discussion. It has not been decided to answer a question once in your life. Every single answer he's ever given. Is that words like I don't know I actually did answer, but I was impressed he didn't discussion not long ago. It's a good point overlay see that there would not be settled now lean in it. We can answer this again will begin to the norm tribute, but it'll be ok. So now you don't doktor Anthony validate the young scientists. Let it says I have interstate travel, and so advised to people that their particularly people added for these vaccines and mandate is. We need to do is go south and a and take it out, as you go eastern though I went, and then to take exit at north to Boulevard upsettin role at b should always role establishment. Of course, you know when you, minister,
If you don't wanna, go then continue down toward Manhattan Beach and go fuck yourself. Eddie, wondering where this is going to design an army that give you say that that believable that we're taking advice from somebody who's as Europe has it right by the way- and I can't just travel from place to place- I have to show proof of vaccination- is like that sounds about right now. This is a completely different colored man, you're lockdown. In doing so, they have a different understanding of how the only did- and you owe me place like Sweden's so it's only a guy you things, AIDS was airborne, is off about something crying high. I hope they do it. Listen. I hoped we don't have all this is true. We ve talked about fourteen age. You can, you will include in the description and all the sources we have our available. Also the norm. Clips veil line of credit- I come can the description, but let's include a link to four people have in senior segment unforeseen aids. This is
opera, got that one in five heterosexual couples where aids and then it was airborne that a kid could get aids in the household. If the Father with AIDS, this is the found you haven't seen a patient in ass, a millennium just to be clear. with this science, we don't know yet, but with aids in depth work, We don't have long term studies, but the penal code as an AIDS. Nebula lies, you can get x, you and get it from sharing NATO's you can get it from a child could be from child, for example, he reaches industry mementoes crunch with his hand. Yet this is why you poor. This is why you have both Jimmy. If you
which is in the sediment, those crunch and then the mother reaches cinnamon toes crunch, then, if she's pregnant the boil have flippers and then the Box of life is empty, just like their backs and six will be kicks the bucket you're, all gonna die overview, penis nebula, to turn and tricks. Let's do a serial bit. We don't even to get an annex. I only want to time I'm gonna, Maxie mandates. Look here here, lady or if you will understand That means something to sail tax rich, more demonstrated at gunpoint. What this means is checkpoints. You want checkpoints here in Amerika to travel from closer to Texas. That's the only way to enforce this member they sent a lax in passports will not happen. How do you in force fancy mandate? Of course you have to have passports, vaccine passports to go into anywhere. How do you, how do you in force interest
travel. You have to have checkpoints, there's no other way to wonder reminded we did have checkpoints. That's a scary part is like last year, when I was living in New York, they would have soldier standing outside waiting and they couldn't, but more board annoyed with it, but to you felt some in and said you would wait two weeks blah blah blah like that would always happened. That was already bad and while in New York in New York and the ps- and we need to avoid a happening anywhere- that's not me York. It's all that out to a neighborhood near you. I am how glad that New York is becoming escaped from New York. Yes, I Ella is deterring escapement it deserves it. Does it say what I mean, Danglars Yos, though possibly the worst mare, in my opinion, ever at work. Every word unthinking, something worse than Kirkpatrick worse than common young. What's wow,
well come on young, never danced and empty times square with his wife bets, freebies, horror, movie thing. I've ever seen almost like the Joker dancing into the art gallery again just playing prints on a boom by who compare that would have been better Jack deals that are gaed ledgers, like other guy you dances were the Roma in France or the really good actor. No word will figure that even on parable you're, forgetting the circuit. Thirty. Second demise, singer, that's true! A few really wants to come back and play again. I know well, you know- and hopefully there's justice in this world, so the meat- let's go to the what's going on here with. Can we please do we have the cliff first from Romney questioning, Lincoln, that's clip half. Do you have it hey look before we get to merely there's a blink and questioning here yesterday
One is talking about million. I want to talk about not in a second, and I want to hear where you guys went up and then it's the rest of the show is going to be attributed Norman. I do please not please look. You should Absolutely no. It you dont know norm most people? Don't he wasn't just funny? He was the funniest, but there's a lot more to him and most people haven't read his book. I know that, no the sales of his book. You should read his book, after the show, nothing would make me happier than you watching norm clips. all day and everyone else who showed a clip of them off joke of from north. The great joke that he told on code, and it was actually, I think, about nine steam. Joker Bob Your normal, very good friends would look jokes to each other, all the time to be really clear and one's going to show you the Joe up that the show with that. What's her name from ninety thousand two hundred and ten about carrot, top they're going to show the Espy awards neither great great bits, but there's all the bits that you to hide from you, for example, I want to talk about the view he could not be found.
On you too true for six years, what yeah so the stuff- that you are not allowed to find when you search for norm is what we ve tried to pull off our cats weekenders else. I just want to say real, quick and listen to his book on audible is what I recommend because graze hilarious. He I need eliciting way to innocent we're, always talks. We allow turkey which he doesn't drink ass. A hundred times invoke its great is the funding yeah. It's completely made up. That's brilliant and have said some of it isn't he's exorbitant, but I knew that I could only avoid legal liability fight. You said it was SL before we get to the Milly thing. I think that would set the stage years and I know Mitt Romney. You know what you know, what to do. Hidden hidden do have the the audio gonna write Mitt Romney. What about why we feel that meant rely but thought grill blinking with them
questioning yesterday, and I think this is important because it will bring us into the Milly situation. Let's roll, that clip of roaming how many of them approximately, so we don't know the exact number, but but how many legal permanent residents are. We We convince are still in Afghanistan. We don't. We don't have an exact number, but around number thousands spartan, thousands and thousands of thousands. So this is important. This is important because and someone said ginger stop saying this is important and that's true, but that's because there's a lot of foolishness that goes on in Russia and then I feel the need to deliver its great penis nebula iser from bright yeah. There we go here, it's business delineation remember Joe Biden said notably left behind not re. None will be left behind in its America. Then I told on this ship. Go back. I believe it was last week might have been a lot, What right had look now that we ve left afghanistan- and there are at this point, we thought goods, but we know thousands sort of Americans
course, serious allies, not not metallic, everyone of genocide is right out there telling every ally who actually helped us, but specifically, Americans, because Americans first, message will be from Joe Biden. Anyone who wanted to come home yeah could, come home now emitting blink on the stand again when, when you can be when there are penalties for lying. That's not true. There are and he went on to say when you include our allies. Brontes attended thousands who said I don't know, but it would be a substantial number. So there are thousands, thousands of Americans and thousands of people who helped us fight off the Taliban, not to mention how many dogs who did want to come home, who attempted to come home for months and we're block at the airport who are stranded in Afghanistan, and that should give you a pit in your stomach and it should also scare you. Let me this guy called it exactly I told you they were going to say only American who wants to come home. It's not true, and now they such that's insane
I had not heard that I heard the hundreds right after they kind of stopped. You know doing the airlines to give the based back over. I said earlier there, maybe maybe hundreds there we don't haven't they never have. An exact number now understand that's hard to get set at least thousands, but ITALY, so he was specifically talking about american citizens, said enough gonna think, as he said, legal permanent residents yeah. I assume you, men of United States right now we're just enough Galva to bring in a letter that others have yet I did we ever it I'll, just be every Taliban member in a sailor suit trying to get on the plane. While he's only lot. I locked trade over Irish saying what a dish over I'd like to get up playing there s reference by the way, I don't ruin it. John D on banking habits: descent, Abe Lincoln, nothing
I love you said sailors who, with its a landmark country that doesn't have a new about the given. That's how you know if it's actually a child, bigger bearded terrorist disguise child by the handkerchief. They have Holloway in Afghanistan. We are totally in. The good thing is: if you're, a woman Deniston it's Halloween everyday true, but you can only dress, is one thing. I wondered whether or if you tell just do it is multi views as that. Carnation met Geller. That's true! That's like this idea of job so low that just put to Christmas hams down your back and oh, I didn't go at the met bit gala. She might sucks liquor is the laziest So that's what happened with blinking yesterday this date. For now merely this is trending, and I want to show you from scene. I want to talk about my own with Milly and then I'm,
two presented, and I want you to hold me to wonder about the sacred I just like I wanted you to hold me to the fact that Biden was saying anything dickens who want to come home got her. and I said it was a lie: look comeback mark me if I'm wrong about this today, mercilessly Mccall it so really! That's it cause. I've always comes back afterwards and says I called it today. I'll call it. I will hell you exactly when and what I'm going to call at once to come back and If I am wrong- and I will make a call that can be verified on which I can verifiable, be proven wrong, hold me to it so seen in report on coming book, written by washing post reporter Bert Costa and there's someone else who helped with the book alleged. Is that general instructed the military and one we actually get this right, not to obey orders Terry strikes without his approval. Following January sixth, the book
also alleges that Milly actually called spoke with. Top representative in China feel exactly what was. It must be the Chinese I don't know actually who it was, but it was higher ups cassettes, but that's been misreported little but yeah, but certainly people in the highest levels of government. If not the top saying hey we're friends if Donald Trump is going rogue and is going to try and if you re trying to tell you, I'm gonna give you a heads up here. Trees and yes, actually here there Let us show them talk about an unseen, because apparently there may be. The reason is in a book and it's a big big deal is when seen the hard evidence. Donald Trump well said that he didn't think it was true when he was asked in an interview, but if so, it's treason CNN seems to think it's trip, so I'm gonna call it if they seem to think
have access to some tapes, they have access to some evidence, but they know it's damning, so they don't want you to have it, and only if someone does our due diligence and investigate what's goin on scene in these media companies, where we ever know the truth, they have something we don't call calling it right now. Here's them talking about it. He believes term, to your point, is unstable and Dick Turbot and Woodward and costs to write milk. Believes that Trump is in serious mental decline. He also he's been talking back channel to the Chinese? He is aware from intelligence that the Chinese are on edge because of January six. That's how I like him. I hear he's trying very irregular clutched. His aunts, hello, is, has the same concerns that really does the phone call is dramatic. It is blunt policy wants Milly to reassure her that the nuclear weapon These are safe, and this is the exchange policy who,
what he might do he's crazy. You know he's crazy. He's been cut for a long time so I'd say you don't know what his state of mind is he's crazy. And what he did yesterday, meaning actually two days ago January. Six is further evidence of his craziness General Milly says, Madam Speaker, I agree with you on every. By the way we notice that every single picture and video general Milly looks like the ghost of General Milly S looks like, as oil bodies are all wall on frankness that really does recycling at their white and black bag. Beg also there's no picture of Nancy Pelosi where she doesn't just look like an old haggard doggie will, because they're trying to below two calling from crazy and policy will create if you show any picture of policy that says four times it's crazy, crazy, he's crazy. I can't hear you, Madam speaker, that's just my blowdryer
the salon Ladys turned up hold on. In a strange gotta keep up alternation San Francisco, my driveway is covered in bomb feces and that's the way I lie can climb Klein crying. What the travelling here are. Your singing show tunes he's critic not make but I think I have ice cream If you look at all of it is not enough. If you like began he's, do one thousand dollar ice cream, but I put on my ninety thousand dollar Fraser now bears that I shall pensioners looks like every scarf was covering a trick whole about it, I'll be on their commercial issues like mouldering, where I have to do now right, but she's gonna have a valid Kilmer. Equivalent documentary come, oh, the color was set, so let me go through treason really quickly before I present to you how they're going to argue this again hold me to it
under? U S coat eighteen section, two three eight seven, this is, it defined a member of the armed forces who, with intent to interfere with impair or influence the loyalty, morale or discipline of the military or naval for the United States or advises cow souls urges or in any manner causes or attempts to cause insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny or refusal of do by any member of the military are naval forces of the United States. So let me give you a few quick points here. K is important and it goes commander in chief, doesn't actually apply to all Americans commander in chief applies to people who are serving the United States military, because their boss is the president whether you like that or not If he issued orders, you have to carry out orders. to usurp. Those orders is treasonous, we're talking specifically about trees, and if you are an active member, of the military. Let me also point to a picture.
sort of pragmatically, let's say you're, going to buy a used car and the dealer. Is he wants Twentyth out one? Twenty thousand for the car and you go in with your top guy. You go in your second in command, you say, look, I'm probably the pay. Seventeen five, but I'm gonna start at fifteen. He goes Kay good, so you're on the same page, you understand the negotiation he you're free this whole I go to the bathroom. It goes the car dealers who, by the way, he'll take seventy five. He's just ruined all of your is taken away. All of your leverage. Now, let's use that apply bombs, apply nuclear weapons, apply life, altering trade deals. That's why You can't have trees, and now I do think this is treason and we have, I can't see it on two, but there's a punishment for treason and the military. Look it up Wild gets here. The issue here. This is what I want. You told me to guarantee. This is how the media is going to frankness
from rock. They are going to say well at this point in a general Melias actually hero because he was trying to. He was so concerned about crazy, crazy, creating nine times from Anti Pelosi. He was so concerned about a crazy, unstable trump that he was actually trying to protect Europe, constitutional rights by going around, he was torn between obeying a president no disregard for the constitution or you're right was willing to completely completely bypass. Constitutional law. So he had to take action for Good of the american people does that how they're going to argue it. Just They were arguing every American who wanted to leave could leave. I told you that wasn't the case going to argue that merely as a hero who is trying to protect your constitutional rights against a tyrant, Donald Trump, that will be the argument. We ask you if this passes the this test, General Milly was trying to protect our institutional rights from the tyrant. Is Donald Trump by fear
Information to China. A nation that affords no rights. a constitution You believe that here all the constitution to accept the premise that the media will be feeding you that General Milly acted on conscience against and the constitutional president. By going around the back of the president of the a country that has a constitution like we have by the way, which includes freedom of speech and freedom, to protect that freedom of speech to inform the Communist Chinese Party, doesnt, passes sniff test and don't to pass a sniff test when the media is running with that for weeks until potentially nother shoe drops absolutely. I was watching seen in this morning trying not to lose my mind because their laying the groundwork for that in saying that this happens all the time this, happened in IRAN, as happened in North Korea, and like do you stand what you just heard on that call you the speaker of the house going and big base
equally becoming the executive branch, saying don't worry about the present he's crazy. You got to make sure that these weapons are secured, that Nancy Policy has the rose say and if we go to war, she has Europe say if we launch nuclear weapons, guess who also has your say, Jura Milly? He does not get to approve it if he does not follow in order from Donald Trump. By the way, the president who didn't attack anyone and start Annie WAR and only present residency right and so you're now concern in thirty days, Nancy, sorry January twelve days, but he's gonna do that? No, that is how you run a country there's a reason that you don't do that because its about how you feel general, it's not about how you feel Nancy about Donald Trump. It is about the law does that we have set in place and the processes and procedures to make sure tyranny does not come back. You are not the president now, no matter how bad you want to be your, not that guy, making the decision in this. This is an amazing thing, for people to say is normal and it's good.
did that no, it's never good to go around the system like this or even, if you believe anywhere on the system. He went on the system to China. Let unclear show, there's, no going around the system to a system that will afford anybody more rights while in what the best and game of us being destroyed I mean China's aid massive country- let's be honest, they could overpower us and they have our debt write So why would you do that? Poland, they hate, really relying Donald Trump mean yeah yeah they well. There were relying on a height advantage when it comes to the over I know I'm told there they're going to take it off the planet, like I'm, your king Lear, hires, guiding role all their bodies at our borders world worthy. You know they all have the same haircut. It's very soon. Are very there's. Writing, like you know who is really pissed off about this, though Taiwan, You know one of the reasons that China doesn't just take them back because they get amateur. Yet I cannot live in themselves. Chauncey that these very very, very sorry he's going to come in, and net Eliza steroids outlook ass. There were the threat, we need
that away in literally in the book. I think they they were quoting it saying they were like hey, don't listen to the tweets to listen to the rhetoric areas. Fine. Come on Syria, that's. The people in Taiwan right now are shaking because they just saw us bail on Afghanistan and leave not only them but our so that the United States Navy Taiwan would cease to exist. It would even if the current of the United States and China keep your ass in line. We see. With these guys. Taiwan, not with you Donald Trump whistle, I wish you would have been further on that, but certainly was more firm than Milly what is more from and Joe Biden. Ok, let's move here too, the nor Mcdonald Tribute- and this I think, is that you're gonna be a lot of fun before we go into some other information. Of course deadlines the norm passed away. Nine was at nine I'm here secret battle, NEO cancer, as he was fighting even tell his Van his family which makes a lot of sense that he would start to Pakistan and stop it remain very major business. Yet
he's gonna. He was gonna go into another season. I know of a show, I heard right they pulled a lot of that offer via Youtube. Unfortunately, because its, I believe it's now by Netflix no they're, probably do a special or something the adjusted yet well. For any that. Much of this is my second favorite joke about going beyond that, we showed earlier in this. One is very short which shows the brilliance of I can be a long, slow burn pump catch. You off guard that pattern disruption. Here. You go well big sell this holiday season is Michael Gordon's, Christmas album. This is the time further Jesus. I hope you like crap, save it for what I love about him. Unweakened update is he said when he wrote in that you know if he rode with few other people that were great was he just said just go for the joke. I don't wanna dance around it. I don't wanna pretty
I just want to be as blunt as possible. I put it out that yeah, it's always area and by what shut other Jeremy boring at the Delaware. That's one of his favorite joke to Emma Bonino having lunch years ago tongue, but our favorite norm, bits and tongue his time on the view, but speaking of his battle with with cancer, it sort of two new light or sheds. I should say new light on this joke that each I believe it was in his great in his last may, we had to specialise in the last five year, yet Hitler's dog and me doing stand up right. Hitler's die was, I think, more recent and yet me doing thereby fantastic, and I believe that there is the issue of the funniest specials effort, which is which is really hard to do when you ve been doing stand out for so long. I think it was Henry you said with music, you, anyone can write their their freshmen album. If your whole life to write it, they have six months, to write your sophomore year and withstand up that's true. A lot of people have an amazing special and then they dont have another one again. That's when you people it bill, burglaries, UK who are truly the great and nor Mcdonald, certainly work. Look there.
men are better there's something worse, but they are all fantastic, but this I don't know the exact year, but certainly took place in the last nine years and shows you how indignant normal was with the media and how he joked about to face of death that he was actively facing
the time he told him. I don't like it is causing the holidays. I tell man died now they go. He he lost his battle. That's no way to end your life. You know who the loser. That guy was was waging a great battle, but I guess you gotta cowardly was we'll: have cancer bravely gotta give it did about gas free sure, I'm gonna die to bribery sure if the cancer dies, I mean, if you D, the cancer also dies at exactly the same time. So that to me is not, alas, that's a draw.
So great about that bit. As you know, it offended people and he had the card to go. Why have cancer, but he never related at each just because he believed you could make fun of any exact any stood by, and I think that's what really bothers me right now about got him dying. Is here, for example, whenever one we used to show to put the Johnny Cash postulated him doing this, regular oil. Johnny cash you made up, you know, you know Johnny Cash, that you're going to help. Johnny Cash or may have been any war. Johnny cash Johnny Cash was a rebel, absolutely Johnny Cash, so that, if you rejected Jesus, crazy Lauren purchase EVA, you are going to help period. Do you know that you, like our parliamentary? Why, like that part? In other words, Johnny Cash was rebelling against a culture and sure he rebelled against some things that maybe you agreed with when you look at things like Nixon in you understand some others views on war which are not by the way untenable as a Christian, but what would be untenable depression and say that there is no help all good not enough. He was very clear that yourself,
eternal damnation and people just go, I like Johnny Cash gotta, give middle finger. You appreciate what he was nor Mcdonald was on a path, a genetically pro free speech, definitive Return and also he unopposed genetically attacked laziness in comedy particularly had a sore spot. When you do the research for the sort of edgy atheist wave of comedy really did, which was especially at that time on NBC, to take that sort of a stance to which I know will pagan the later. With that clip you have that coming up rigour, he really did, though he really stood against it, which was not easy to do and how people began to ill. You said The people did begin to turn item in the last few years, and yet that's what I'd I'd just fine. to be disgraceful because was always above being funny. Yacht was always about being funding. I wanna hear your favorite norm jokes and how much you really knew about nor and one of my favorite court Actually, I said about not Ricky your base when he's being interviewed about his book. such a thing as their only really a few people who like to stand up
comedians. Ever they real identify withstand up. You know like people, a people like Lucy K and people to people George while ass. You know it I'm not nearly as highly regarded as those people. He absolutely was yes but tat. He said, but you know that refugee razor people say I am specials. Have you seen wreckage vase and his cabinet is only done it three times and again the air atheists thing there s no is up and running it, but of course, regular basis very funny. The offices and live of peaceful advent attic better, is that stand up this summer. I take on all the time. But let's go back as local. To remember this, you may know that he got kicked off. We can update for making Oj Michael Jackson, jokes the reason These jokes were the last straw. Is yes, because the head of embassy at that time was free. yeah. Yet again, the elites with OJ, but also
They were concerned about the fact that he was going after Michael Jackson, so aggressively o J and it being seen as potentially race slogan. That's the contacts we need to understand back then that people now don't remember. now you're looking at it gone. But why would you get in trouble? Go o J and Michael, like we all know nano back, then there is still a huge contingency of Americans who said going after them. Was a by product of white nationalism, So actually I, though, your during the trial to night, not just here when he being when we as unweakened day making those jobs right. Like don't talk about OJ, he's my friend and waited he leaned intuitively lost his job when it was- and I was right after Rodney King not from an Edward do they are trying to turn this all interracial issue and NBC. to avoid it, and so here no the context is a montage during this time of racial powder, kegs impotent had a lot nor Mcdonald leaning into it.
and the poor came out with a book this week, which contains a series of ESA is examining faith and morality in today's regular world changing role of the catholic church as it approaches the twenty first century, because entitled God himself told me that OJ is Burke. Simpson says that he would have taken a bullet or stood in front of a train for new call. in its area. That is in bad luck. When the one guy who died for you kills, you judge either by a local tv station. In LOS Angeles, by the interviewer if it was appropriate for a supposedly impartial judge to be tv with his case still pending ito said maybe not, but
our appropriate as if they kill your ex wife. He darted a joint resolution by over and regaled known that ordinary citizens or to leave then call round Simpson used to beat him up the blame that she and Wrong Goldman kill them orgies lawyers of desire to scare hearings on dna evidence and go right to trial asked why they did ass. They lawyers replied. We want to get OJ acquitted as speedily as possible, so we can get back to doing what he does best killing, No, it's coming it still J J citizens. Lawyers say they don't want the families of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in the courtroom during the trial they're afraid the presence of the family members will just remind OJ of how
more killing. He's got what I love about, nor mine up day was dead, he's not even doing that. Well with the audience, and at a time when I was young, I was laughing so hard. I knew I noticed until I was economic and the other joke. I love that he did was he said are least Marie Presley, Michael Jackson, are getting a divorce. She wishes. He was more of a home body and he wishes she was a seven year old iron silently he said the closest thing. You read you a perfect joke any used twice. He use it with Christie Brink and Billy job right. He said This perversion was that Julia Roberts, what she made a la la la that I love it and he said the most probably the most perfect joke. He knows enshrined search from any really was serious. Try to search for the perfect joke is her life, because I've come is where the person It was the same as the set up right said. Julia
birds and lie eleven have filed for divorce today, setting the reason that they realize she was Julia Roberts in he was lying, loving, and that was what he said was probably the best joke he'd ever written. There was at least a few years ago. I just love, Is the bravery right so his earlier was on the line he's being told not to do these things, you probably be labelled a racist, like you said that that was the trend that they were heading into and he just came out of his is like an apple. We are going to double their, for. He was heavily hurt him because he didn't do as many movies ass. His other coastguards did. From now now- and it's a trap- because I loved him as the lead
dirty work. He was greatly started. Work is under way it I love it. I loathe dirty work. A dirty works original script, though the array of Virginia I get on line is like the funniest thing. I've ever read, so just imagine a funny dodgy man is yet but norming able to do anything he wants like him in prison after they. You know. Oh yeah, bogus the out of his views. You know it hurts the most is the lack of respect. Luckily, the anal sex, her right after that most of us out of this party about those two or three of them seemed very cause. We can't show it didn't. You we're gonna sit knows? Paupers pants has been written in Austria as a lack of respect, where several and I was going to second. The mouse is a lack of respect. You boys have allowed a grown up to do right now. Ridiculous re walking on us.
ridiculous. Risk movement risen. Do when my fair lines in any movie, just I have ago, lift wait. What what I love one of my favorite things, a dirty work too, as is the prank that he pulled in dirty Marceau there, these frat boys, who I love them up. in work, as are the scene where what they do is they go? into the frat house, dressed as cops the butter they basically tippler handed them. real cops like high. Yes, we ve been we're getting noise complaint to know exactly what it was and the guys go ok, we see what's going on here. You know these are fake cops. I kick them out and then warm calls them on a pay phone. He gets hey, you see this is buddy at Chad, a cheer war. You not the party goes understanding of their people going around drift is fake, cops but you're, not real
It actually and they're gonna come agencies and noise complain that gonna, try and rip off your stuff is met. For letting us know. Ok, you guys go back again, something completely. How erratic hello, real cops. He calls the costs to the house that these guys beat their ass and they all got a prison revenge. But just you know exactly next: ten minutes of the movie- the scenes hello, real cops. I love any FED Fed how you gonna come Chevy. A lot of the lines that he actually fell like his gambling addiction went through him because he was the doktor, the constant better here. Did you bedding member eggs? I you know one of books: shoots off your toe, you still have to pay him. Does that make sense that makes up every success, you're going to live in such a chubby chases a funny I dream. Yes, my dad's gonna live no. No! No.
very focused on not but here's bill of course, him in Farley Somebody put of a picture of him and Farley Austrian. I forgot like that's such a great image of two people that are gone. Wait, oh yeah! I loves Saigon hoard there s no even remembered I were on it. I had a rough days at a bar in Gaza. but at least my nose wasn't in enough not base gesture. Chris Biodiversity turns out the worst in after you. January next regularly. AIDS Street fighting man, you had g, seven alike are rated foam and a hundred reside on or off and interrelated is going to miss you.
to leave in the garden Mary decide on our he's like a whole, sometimes the hens gotta know who the rooster this gun whore bit. My new knows that this is probably not good for my throat covered science and values there. That movie is it's just really for com, it's a guardian of the room funny, but yet the worker, arguably the funniest movie ever and it's like there are cringe moments where you can try so much that not everything lands young already, Lange and nor Mcdonald, Jack Warden forget the name shooter Mcgovern from Happy or Chevy Chace Oh a norm, large offered our Ebro him on women, the agency discovered, but got him to the next level than mad Tita than he brought a monster yeah because he had a lot
great story, so nor was it can responsible parties career, ok, so swift, there's so much they get economic not known for hours knows, but so your time. How dangerous that wasn't the weekend update stuff. He was banned from the view. Because he was banned from the view, and I talk about this back migrant rapid studio. These clips were not available, for very long. There are hard to find a heart of her time. We tried to police clips, they were gone, so will show you a sort of an ascending order, him kind of trolling of you a little bit just didn't, basically an racially changed things with STAR Jones to outright basic. When people talk about this now the Clinton body Count bridge. the Clinton murder of to the view live on air. That's why he Was banned so it's a longer clip need to see this progression. He was not allowed on the view for decades. Our call, what do you think well I'd, say: I've loved the pod raise fest.
best voices raised in the middle of it, I'm a big star wars ban because, yes with my man, Harry's evolves so low that it would be like George Bush man he's a good man decent. You know he's alive murder in some way to get the ivy. We should get the hum
sighed out of the White House fresh dark as we not anymore murderers question. Let me murder to regions without us. I wouldn't like you're, not mine, either very nice. He a good boy, and I don't want to hear it, and this is not the place to make those accusations and you're supposed to be funny, but you have been probably just as by bar next letter work with China over money. Don't shit right, man, manslaughter the brilliant
Here's the brilliance of at the last line, manslaughter Kay was no conspiracy accusation of an accidental now write. Another was when he all right manslaughter as though is here. being conciliatory area, no he's drawing attention to the fact that this obviously could only have been premeditated murder, and this is our George Bush's Georgia. We should just one so this would happen, you know. Two thousand, maybe two thousand one year earlier- and I know, was talking about Nigel watching it must happen homesick that their washed life, and I never gone I at this point- there is no european, oh my god. Where am I going to see this again? It was this is so funny because they kept they they keep going like he lets them. It far enough down the road where they think they're, safe and onto the next topic of like that this matter as a matter of regret, and you can see, although that their frustrated with arm and he's never frustrated with them now to different geologists, knows that he here,
and dislike them trying to be funny and Henry and say no honest well and to be fair he's, not always a bad like there's. Also when you guessed you don't wanna be court, but its they weren't mad that he was being a bad guess. They were mad that he was bring up a topic that that was worry at any one right to it and one they had to take the euro. The other stages had to say, don't talk about anything about. He had met the Clinton's end, the connection with S and Alan NBC, Essen, Elena, the Clinton's you oh, of course, absolutely we ve done all segment and it's pretty much every network, these every single major network in their heads either few go to ABC Nbc, CBS Cnn you go from see YO or network president down through vice presidents. You will find someone directly who worked in the Clinton campaigner Barack Obama, either speechwriter advisory than a whole segment on it. You gotta run at age, Kate, Mckinnon, playing the piano, playing Hallelujah as every Clinton when she lost white
I mean that's just showing your hand. I know that was really so she's brave them. So this is a better way just so I want you to know you don't know I had a really had a big impact on on me, and then we'll get us a big impact on and on Dave, but so I was fortunate that my mother, who works for the bus company now, was, I think, winning a wardrobe sounds costume designer up in Montreal for much our company festival, the just relax and people who No that's shirt, I don't know now they're the ones, but certainly for a time it was the biggest comedy event of the year. I still think it elephants, then. If you made it, there is considered like you'd made it. It wasn't like that tonight show, but it was the closest thing that wasn't necessarily televue idea. Was there used to be those who broke you, and now nothing really matters right, nothing really matters! It's. What can you do by yourself? already my own audience.
just venuses Meriden. Sport does not necessarily how good you are like certainly combat sports, Paul, is demanding more money than you see, middleweight champion, so it change, but back then used go through the just relax, and so my mom would do the wardrobe and costumes, and so one year should be. I've talked, but this could be Jerry. Seinfeld could be Jonah John Candy, whoever they had a real panic, as John Kennedy was doing a sketch where he is the Barney Song Discipline Barney was pretty new, they blew up, but they got a letter from the Barney people report. Yes, so they had to change it enough. So it wasn't like that purple Barney, it was more of a move. my mom having to go out and basically Ree re fabric. This Barney outfit, such not only things that kid being backstage and I was allowed to be either backstage or as a seat filler and what happens as these objectives will get real expensive seats. They often don't show up and serve to show starts in the seats are emptiness televising Canada, so they'll send in peace.
to fill in two empty seats. There three empty seats there. There are very few empty seats, but it's just you don't want any empty seats in those first few rose, so I got to watch the set that got rid of his show that got cabin James. It show seeing Jeff Dunham. I know I know who he was a little kid, and this, I believe, happened this- that the clause What was ninety ninety one online, but I think either retorted or they're wrong. It was ninety two or ninety three, because I know I was there both of those years and watching from, remember hearing nor Mcdonald, tell this is not political at all, but a member as a kid having really only been allowed to listen to build Cosby, unlike Jerry Seinfeld, not that much of this parliament I was five a month Pants may not have been super familiar with norm, stand because back than the norm is weakened, uptake guy, but maybe no whole bunch, but instead up so I watched his set life and he had a joke. a man killings family because the devil told them too, and it was the first Joe I had heard with a structure that was totally different.
and immediately he became one of if not my favorite comedian, so I was watching this live little Stephen crowded in ninety two or ninety three nor Mcdonald. Tell this joke clip Kay man is crazy. Guys era is really what this guy in a very real, yet this most guys really what he killed his whole family, because the devil's all them to lead a darker as a headline favours at what a dark you kill your old family just as a devil thousand, then after its executive ever go yes devil. I did you instructed. I killed my family slaughter, demoiselle slaving and I a charge of it apple value added of egg I'll, be very These shallow graver this out of the railroad track, as commanded Lord host of the hoary another world
devil goes up and ass. It may you It bears redder worry. I am I value. vague over here as well, our baby was. One of my favorites is what he's talking about shallow greater serial killers yugoslav like each other times, not he somebody plodding their murder, eventually find them killing them cut them up. Then you get to the burial. Pardon you look at his throat twigs leaves we move out it's funny when you wanted norms specials, you can see, though, a personal fascination with things like shallow graves. It's working, I fear that, probably something that scare them we're gathers
There's a darkness to us. We've talked about on the show where you make a dark joke, and people like why I don't know if I like that, it's like that's why it's, because it is something that's dark that trying to shed some light on or even work out in your own yeah. Well, he is a joke, special about. If you were a rape, a serial killer, how he would capture the woman yes and its hysterical There is good cause for me, a vibrant China, kidnap and kill them, and if you really kind of IDA For example, I would study her habits and I don't wanna bushes to study had its nerve. so maybe even notice they dare. Every day she goes to say. Sandwich Shap gets his cheese sandwiches. then, after a while of learning habits- and it's got to see, I go to a gross tuna pop and may there and what would have happened but she said I would wait for it to work out a girl. She stereo and she'd work out and I would say
What were you got there? What are you gonna grossly? She would say yet what certain your hand ass, how this nothing She says it looks like a cheese sandwich over their pay. Really cool now has no cheese sandwich area there. I don't like you holding a cheese sandwich It's a lady, I probably know it's in my own and I would nerve, is a cheese, sandwiches and evidence of this as a cheese sandwich buddy
I can only add Van full of cheese sandwiches killing how he would do it uses a great about how shame the shame of sex, whereas I people put on leather these like they want to make it more shameful in an hour link, is accurately closing the blinds that, because you doing something good that he's a good, then you finish new, like I'm just gonna, take off these leather trouts about my day I forgot to rob lip clipped J where he confused Larry King S, not that hard to convey Larry Bowels beyond strata. He was rather than now. He we I mean Larry King Exit, a pretty funny dynamic, blacking at zero sense of humour. That's why It was funny. Mercury is confusing, Larry King, but a sexual orientation. Don't people don't know about you deeply closeted gay guy?
now wait a minute What are you revealing here here today, not revealing saying I'm deeply closeted, You gay Why? Why would the service I when I say that I am rather, that means you are very, very gay, but you don't wanna, come out your soul closeted. Then I refuse and gay right What does that mean? You're gay, easy body? He was the best with no sense of humour. That's when he shines so for cars. Thanks for explaining it Larry suckled Woods, euthanasia wasn't. It means secretly gay. My favorite Larry king mass moment was its Jerry sign,
although show and he's entering us so Jerry, so Jerry signs, Seinfeld number one show of all time to be clear. Wasn't cancelled. Jason was cancelled. But number one show of all time very can consume Larry resonate is living in June from Brooklyn next question is does not deal with, and this is where we get into part the portrait that the media will never pick. I would say that These men is ever lived. Certainly you could argue it. I would address yeah. You, like, I said, there's, there's objectively funny you could put at the top. You know people like the Richard priors about Russia, about Rushmore the George Carling down. No one would argue with you for assessing, I think nor Mcdonald should be up there. People made I agree, but they won't be like that's just so outline yeah. It's true stand up the right. It's all comedy! It's all come
but he personally was really pretty conservative in later life. A devout Christian is faith meant a lot to minister someone who struggled he struggled with, I think its well known game he struggled. He talked about struggling with issues, addiction issues and not necessarily in substance. It it dictionaries and he spoke about his fortune twice yeah. yeah and spoken about any, would he would actually take on pop Their stance is to speak, Yes, you, those of those throat, but now I have as our third are of all damn you lame indolence did you get a lamp in lieu relations, so it's his fall for saying maximum spice ring. The heat lay deserved my when I'm when I'm sick, I love spicy food. It has helped cleared up yet let's go out and is still there are english check it out. There make sure you still get when you get it,
He was a very devout of conflicting Christian and actually I'll talk about how you'll see lay one of these guys. We criticise unless come extending I had on the show seven or eight years ago, green bomb, a gay comedian who norm didn't really like unless come extending, but here is taking opportunities to express his faith and passed a lot of people off, not to mention if you actually his writings, yet a lot of attention on twitter sphere for being open about your religious views. What are they? I'm a Christian, that's not of its childish to say devout You believe in the Lord S it do you think you're going somewhere when it thought when events I well. I believe that, but I know what you will not understand. My faith is that you have to choose.
You're not only, and I think that you believe, but you have to choose Yorker yeah. You are actually going to do to argument on the subway and the guy quoted the Bible. Add me that is not fair. Maybe get a quote from your favorite book eyes build a quote from my favorite book rye. You'd, like men do not live on bread alone. Matthews for foreigners, like everybody's loaded, MAGIC, Harry Potter, chapter, seven brave. I mean this dump your time about Bible jobs that some brain thank her neck disagree on the Bible. Job is grave at all. I beg of you, no religion. Maybe lawyers were jig around christian Jake around famously said that if you're familiar with the scriptures, you could easily guess the ending of a book
I am old and yes hasn't stream, where you gonna go to to die to go with the Lord I do you do I relied yes, I believe. Ninety two that's as far as I am too I need your body bill, Martin Man and the like They gave you that guy idea, the old guy sure why Howard winners later, I look in your eyes but I was as I've never had a talk show host that's when I look at your eyes. I see I've done hundreds of talks, I see eternal, being
get the answer. One question, which is why why Connecticut children why While bomber in Boston, because you ve got it there is a god he's omnipotent disease? the ability to prevent it flattening ferment. Where are you going to have a bit more about you, gotta God, Shea Poland, your heart with I want you to imagine, show someone who doesn't know what he's talking about their MRS Gacek. Telephoned me use that term before now. Ubiquitous in the late king, but I can't really what Seinfeld insolvent one it's I mean honestly, it's it's a good question, the yes, but it's not that deep of a question either values we have so many norm clips. Do we just keep this? Should we just do this right now keep going on Youtube or should we cause? I don't I don't
we'll, be disrespectful to go to my club? I think so. I think we are in for a minute. Ok, yeah it'll just be a little bit of a longer shut. Maybe we don't have time for the the crush game. Ok was it tomorrow, not every day nor Mcdonald dies. Russia was yes, that's right, you know, I don't know. Do me a favor and other bussing induce is, is comment for the agri them pause. It it and will review these coming to see. If you think it was the right call for us to contain because I know it's like I just I just the threatening Yod about nor Mcdonald that you ve missed, and I want to give- and I respect that he deserves also smash- that like button Jeanne Cosette also helps you know, smash it for north we'll get yourself. One of these nice mugs here uses it s to sell mugs. We'll get like I'm not saying that. I'm just saying that normally we would go to something that behind the scenes now yet Lester do we have the mountains to the deck was I I really wanted to hit? Does not montage the bit that Dave's there was big influence where yet he talks about two alcoholics anonymous. It's one of my favor
it might be my favorite norm. Bed ever an end, bloody well known to that's, because you ve never been. I can't say what I mean, but I think we know Gerda Mouldy, step program, I'm in recovery and one of my favorite things that he ever set about gambling was yes a disease, but it's the only disease where you win money. If I would have you wash louder, milk and innocent, I have its great it's great yeah. It's really good. Will Sesar, especially I know you're fantastic, and I think I think run Livingston is only always good, but I will says so. They I just think has their character. The brings it to the next level. It is it's a bit for people to show its and by the way and hearing as EU it has a Regensburg. Jimmy has a concern right on their conservative create their this ain't. Its balanced makes one from a couple times, but it also makes fidelity beating you IP, gender pronouns political correctness it's one of those shows that is as balanced and an equal opportunity fender than I can possibly think of, and so it seems appropriate autonomy
norm dimension that show louder milk on Amazon because Hopefully will have a forces, and I would say one of the best, the Basque Many that I can think of the last few years we have that clip there are. This is a clip, and now you can tell us what to stop it. Dick we bring us into the tracking s alone, clip, but I ve just see the first man energy kind of get where, where eleven hearings brilliant, although my body, I did want to say one thing about my buddy Richie was a disease and it's an interesting diseases has a disease of alcoholism, alcoholism and you can't Vienna and he told me- and I like to look I'm accounting. I like to look at the bright so things you know so I told myself Richie it's true, that you have a disease and everything, but I think you got the best
one disease where you get a drink, booze Alla time looked at every medical journal, but I believe it's evenly disease where you can constantly drink boom, thereby that is the disease they richie with vigour. He added Zella governing rich. You would go to my uncle Berger. I understand you got Bell a cancer I fear I regularly booze as disease tat. Those diseases are over what's your sentence, Zaga Burke! Well, my bow. I got blood borne out of la belle, blood, porn
gosh out of my bow does not stop, and I guess the payments ripping tearing you know. My screeching thou o bans that their combined with aching, dull soul, deadening are basically my symptoms about you. I got a happy and I love the bid just because he is speaking from a point of an added right. I just saying how preposterous a kind of Israel at the same time out you know, he's right, you'll series of yet in a lovely talks about going to a worries like so you because you,
new church basement any give everybody your name which doesn't sound that amount of light, and you only go in the last letter because you don't want to know who the many just it's brilliant and on a board shrubberies like that. it's hell, everybody. You blew a dog, fine and gin his cousin who better to trust than a roomful of drugs. It's funny is you can just as this is whip when I talk about this normally a litmus test because you could be an alcoholic or someone has now column advocate. Alcoholism, advocate and be offended by the measures? Some are. There are plenty of people who have been, or, if you like you and say, that's a brilliant way to turn it into a put take something painful. And turn it into something. Funny norm really tried to push people's buns. He wasn't it with these one anti jokes people sort misrepresented. They were jokes, they just and to be jokes at push your button sort of like an Alice Cooper and that's why I think a very similar Alice?
I learned how to push your buttons and soda deal. You know go back than talking about imagery, recycle hot. Why do you think that's a tent how'd. You know what Satan looks like with that image, and how do you know that that that priest is the good guy you're, the one who's conferred the sort of this meaningless imagery and nor Mcdonald allowed people to copy paste what they thought and so people would be offended or be brought. mendous joy by the exact same bit. Well then something I took That, too, is this. It was almost like cautionary. I was like out. Will you I guess at the beginning of the daily? If I choose to start drinking like, I know you can ever proclivity for it or a tendency to get addicted to things like that. But for her, choose the get cancer riots that there's a slight difference here right here anyway, even if we pleaded for another. Second, I forgot about the line wages. those, then I find it easier to talk to people. Don't you know, Dennis Miller, who was good friends with norm, I loved and in its funding of Dennis Miller, Adam Sandler Norm spade all friends they none of them work.
When they were younger, they all became concerned It is they gonna learn about Spain. Maybe he's neutral, shortening liberal ceasefire thing. I think, he's a conservative one. He donates millions of dollars an hour fifteenth the LAPD come come, but no, of demonstrate had a similar bit about relapsing is now calling this that's gotta, be that doesn't necessarily the worst day your life friends. Don't hey! What's wrong with you, I got the disease with higher. That's why they all you know they all experience. Such a level of addiction and early was their good friend. Who was the prime example of when you taken everything you're right, you now in I think I think, do
Spain is more swimming in his sex addiction, I'm just guessing but spade as one of my favorite comics too, and they already have you'd do he's a brilliant San of Unpeopled Omri alone in his last hour specials, when the funniest ones, I've seen you know, is also, as really has really great Stana, but doesn't right a ton of new material, but his neck, an especial by who really popular. I dont, know bodily stuff. I've heard that you ain't even on a special. Why guess? What I've seen are like I would like twenty men at one, yet nothing! No! I haven't. I want to do a special, but I need her special I'll. Do it if you want in what you wanna? Otherwise you wanna go to come and central. Good luck! I know I did this is not happening seventeen years ago, and this is not happening, is any time I've asked for its special or not. We could look hey guys comment. I wanted we could do it, we could, I don't know how we would
we can really small market. Look when we shop, we Chopin S immune from drivers, what twenty four people people turned away: a guarantee that we can take a special and find a way to distribute it. There's no reason to wait for anyone else to be in Dallas the majestic and will not, and we need a plan it will be applied in the past. it, gives an emission feast and just how you get it should read out your own theater and do it yet again omitted could people a job but yeah, but I just want to figure out what's best for you what you would be happy with it we can distribute it. Would you guys love to see Dave Special after David David David is obviously David great at what he does he's very good, very good stated: and I would readily I would say. Of course I did. I did stand upright. It's a diet, sort of acting before stand up, and so my stand up was very performative and really after the show my stand, if improved in that when I was in Grand Rapids premature, just stopped because I d, want me to do bring or shows after eight or even the just four hours.
He's other shows like out worse, but because you move to a new town so anyway status. I always got really struck Davis, a great stand up in Davis. Dave shows are all little different because Davis Great stand up, but he is the best person thing. As far as you can see in the show of anyone, I've ever seen anyone ever seen That's an insult to you when I say nor Mcdonald's, bunnies men who ever lived no Nicht APOLLO to me parliamentary funny stand up stand up. I think he is and then but quickest. Feet is you will thank you, and I haven't seen all understand, though, because every time, if I want to go to one of your life shows, then I get mobbed. I've noticed that yeah, I don't like to liking architecture, then why do they like to touch on Gimme like to give me a food and cigars that I could never ever trust no offense
no offense, but there are others that the best idea, if certificate a signature, is so easy, go the wrapper so thin. Just with a needle. I know I smoked one of the cigars ago told me to give you and I should my pants and into Yolanda something. Ok. So I went- and this is one thing to what I have a long history and talking about Mcdonald, I think we have a clip here, just a kind of how important what we actually got. I stand with non trending because they try. Cancel nor mcdonnel. I think I was two years ago, maybe three years ago, This is is what I turned on him. He had always been my number one guest of honor to getting the show my White whale he's kind of a timeline. Just oh you mean you can see how much much he's he's meant to the show- and his presence has been known this, even though I ve never been here. Let me say this Vatican. Nor Mcdonnel is the most important voice in all coming today period partner, The reason that hashtag I'm with normal, just what I'm calling you so important he's just committee. He he's a veritable authoritarianism. Whether stick here,
the commission, with the single most stellar track record for speaking Companies in comedy to China on and on. The real taboos of our time here is to simplify it nor Mcdonald is pushing back again something that hell you that it's wrong whatever it may be. This is for me the line in the sand, because this is somebody who has consistently risk at all. He has consistently been right. He was consistently praise for until all of a sudden he's done it with the wrong. This is why hashtag I'm with norm. This is shocking. Cause. No one says what norm sets the It's really easy to go up and jokes about Christians in New York. It's really easy to go up and make mental American seem stupid, so cause. No one says what norm says it shocking, because all of a sudden being a Christian more right when using an excellent, we talked about God and was edgy comedy ever thing you just did was characteristic nation on myself in norm, people Buddha, he didn't get the joke. I didn't see any of those things to you being a political pawn cause number one point
sales coming second network becoming third in May, and then it could be argued may be on a good day comedy coming in full first, on the list and The contrast that, with comedy of your and comedians of your like nor Mcdonald, what I think norm himself set at best you, you really want funny, then that's that's what you want do you wanna may well make. Myers so While I have enough only right that we could not get away from sounding ignore Mcgowan, our heads were going to do this as a nor Mcdonald Joke I heard today is a birthday of Michael Jackson and Ingrid Birdmen. One can should the hearts of millions and petroleum of is a London. The classic from Casablanca from some have called the apex of cinema. There was a homosexual petrified dictators,
Kids engineering for nor yes, please go that way about common when, when he's had comics or even no I'm one type, he kept enterprise. I want this bid and he doesn't know that no one sets these things up and then reels you in Catalonia. Beverly Hills now too- and I like you- have to do if care tat, it should be called box office poise and what's going to put the whole company interrupted and I'm sick. Nor can we got up it's obviously a bit. It was came up so you got cancelled then- and I mean actually banned from the view because he said George Bush adjusting President indebtedness he's gonna get to you again and again matters at a white ass snow.
At what Margaret just about any? No, he kill the guy had they been in for life, but in that same show you talked about Gordon writers, clothes, my favorite, you got about going to the Friday Club, and this is on I'm watching with my dad. I just I love a different, and I watched my dad and I remember sitting there crying. He says you know I gotta do it was a friars cluttered with something like that. I get invited, as you know, club you now and there They tell me you're gonna go to hang on his car. You know you know the pirate a roast and, but then I realized I get. There's always oak trees, but other good communality, bad, open, a burly liquor like us, traveling in that area is assuming this guy over. It also asked me everyone, whisky or something you got, you can't have any. Every joke is about data, homosexual men, I'm not a homosexual men, as you well know, has the merit of the regulation sets out in those areas that need it. So I
turned over there forever. I think goes bankrupt, because the general progress it he likes having sex with guys and I know he looking like this. You have you been here he can't drink whisky, praise now to federal eight jokes and playing a homosexual. Rising again in twenty eighteen, they the council normal. What was it for you? Remember that, actually we have it. We will. We have that we're talking about that here and a little bit, I'm not yet. We just go out to dinner. Now that we're gonna Louis UK find himself in hot water and here's the thing was lost. Decay and look, I think that lose
Louis UK is a well known kind of liberal and some ass and backs, and he didn't really stand up for people who needed to be who needed defending at some points, however, I think we need to draw the line between, for example, as these uncertainties and salaries woke Social Justice warrior who call for the scalps of other people, I dont think as he's sorry sexually assaulted. Anybody I run out adoring. We need to separate from the bill copies of the world and the bad dates Louis, Kay, you could argue and abuse of power and I've joked this on the show you have to go away in the archives past, even Harrison Green Bhamo about him during mass being the green room It was well known the comedy community, his The accusations against him were that he would services. Often the green room and ask women to watch, but there were there. and people who are saying that he like blocks the door. But that they were added, though that was later those added later Maria vows added later The idea was, they felt uncomfortable and was an abuse of power, and it is in its weird, however, everyone,
sexually it into stuff that maybe someone else might considered week to consider the point. If you don't know, one hundred and twelve sexual details revealed to the world like us, it's entirely monogamous with one woman, and so whatever it is cabinet. embarrassing in this case it was with Many people who would watch a fat What comedians started calling for Scalp, yes Louis see Kay, and norm was one of the few people who stood up and defended him and that's when people came after nor so I think we have that tackling comedians of gun up against Lou. I mean I was talking to some careers of said he'd. This guy should not be able ever perform again but it doesn't mean you get you can't forgive us impossible to forgive I So don't feel
Everyone knows me an apology and in public. I think personally, that you owe an apology to anybody that you did to you, apology to people tat Urim, actions, hurt financial, where an emotional way. but nobody knows man, apology that used to be called Now, when he talks about forgiveness, tools like it seems like that's a concept that we ve forgotten in society, and we ever used even be a redemption yeah that we regard of society, and now we don't want that. We just want to destroy right. It's a sacrifice, after second
with real apologies, and you know contrition too, I guess is the start of them. We don't see a lot of that. We do see like our well one, it's Hooters Louis UK own apology. To I mean if anybody ok, you said. Yes, you let him do what he did is what it is. Maybe it's regrettable now and may be sure just for that, but it s same time. You know to actually be. fuller, powerless when Sir Silverman Janine Graph low in all these other got comedians that come forward for Louis. You know you have people in Freely liberal, I guess a certain kind of backtrack, so yeah well yeah, I guess again but I mean she still took a noble stance than some open, microbes right. China, IRAN was always open. Micro should go after them who just want a sort of and this is also what you sing right now with Norman. I think everyone should obviously. honor, Norman him passing? But now you people who were on the other side of these issues,. In opposition to norm nobbing, oh yeah. I thought it was great right and he has been one of the biggest influences on this show period.
Tell me why we, when people used to say if you look at the joke set we ve written or that we ve told them the show. clearly see the hours David Letterman in John, stop, that's how he used to describe it to people. David, let eminent meets kind of John startle and then, little bit of early Howard Stern and they mean a sense of humor. Nor Mcdonald is always, you think, he's a funny person ever that would be sort of the fund. or person mix of what probably influence the show the most now these targets, that several times makers. I grew up watching a lot of comedy. I watched a little bit of Sml and then I just kind of broke ass. I saw some of those, things that OJ. They said pretty much around the time, but the always talked about like these are the guys that really have. punch you in the show and another that so many people out there. I just didn't have that perspective on how much he had done until honestly, what an email at would bring me my last point: there is a common thread if you look
not only what what we do here, but my biggest influence look at us take that Norm David Letterman, John startle. What one thing have all of them that early Letterman now the common thread that they are, is they all poked their finger in the chest of authority from David Letterman daring. We see the fire Marshal CBS Defiance right short, but the G studios there with fruit baskets and then kicking out of his own office nor Mcdonald, king, his finger in the chest of NBC. You can't tell Michael Jackson, jokes UK Tell OJ jokes: I guess you should watch and then he did. It John ah so just ass. It was revealed that ABC John Stasi went against the grain and went from consumer reporting to reporting on government corruption and whether you We do not look. Youtube. Google is most powerful company. That's ever existed.
Number two through five would be Amazon Apple, Facebook, Twitter right. So that's the thought You think that the media's fans of us we have content there's always been an infant from ever stories, found it funny. When someone the gesture, poked fun at the king, that, whether I realize it or not, the formative years is also what turn me into problem child, but not in the sense of it. I wasn't doing drugs and stuff like that and in, and it wasn't like harming people behind us. sense of justice, Have no respect for authority. If I thought it was ill gotten, which is wrong of me, let me run but like I would just like you have in my report card pleasure, teach pledging to teachers were teachers were respected, and disruptive and or abusive in class- and he has a comment well yeah, that teachers and actual communists are not just misusing, as she says, she's a communist network perform theory, and so every time I go into drama class, I take a big gold. Stephen should honour Madame like you shouldn't- do that, but
the classic about some clothes or two from norm defending free speech in criticising sort of the modern. Like your time. A modern community says If you can tell me one funny socially relevant joke Give you a million dollars comedians when they get really get a nowadays, didn't even have to get good and reach a point where they feel they should be philosophers. I've heard it even that the modern day philosophers comedians? I modern day for that's effects. I'm sure they're insulted when their compared to people who work in smoking, night clubs and hit on wages limit. If you're watching at community and on television is making a political point, I would say he's gotten to serious, which is ironic as he would do it, but he would do it through comedy yes, I reject the written. He would do it in a way that was funny as opposed to someone like a tremor now our Stephen Colbert police, just making the point. Yeah,
John in England, while where they decided that is their most important in a motor sufferance way. Forever point. The model used to be admitted, I'm doing show complete contrition, and then we can give you a second chance. Talking about you in the now. Admit, wrong, doing, endanger finished and so the only way to survive, is to denied denied and I and that's not healthy, it's not see because there's no forgiveness and that ties up, I think everything that makes Norm norm right there in that comment. What he have you have a point You someone who obviously thinks it comedy should be funny and he thinks it or at least to use it to poke funded authority, and he thinks that you didn't use the term cancel culture is more take your nurse and can't about anything. It's wrong too. People this way and the reason it's wrong is because
We have a society where we're looking for scouts, there's no forgiveness and where does that sound from where does all that stem from that stems from a war. You have nor Mcdonald that he has a job to do and his job is not to go out and tell you: don't have a petty party over his cancer. Which I think a lot of us would have liked to know how much time left but this is how norm lived his life. What do you like it or not? Job was to be a comedian yawning, I to know what he wanted you to know about him, and he wanted you to know that he sought. We were heading down the wrong path, entertainment industry in comedy and a big reason because of that is because we ve lost the forgiveness of someone. Someone and influence was very important life. I've got that's where that worldview comes Without God, the glory shaped hole in your heart, Larry King. There can be no forgiveness. and I just think that nor Mcdonald people come on just show one or two jokes.
really mess and under appreciate who he was what he did and the mark that he not only on this show not only, This little world, but the world, as you know, it bigger way, then maybe you realize so Let's leave and then go to Youtube norm. I think I I think we I speak for all of us here. I say we miss you and it was the world loss to get one.
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