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Trudeau ENDS 'Back the Blue!' Canadian Gestapo TURN on Own Citizens

2022-02-22 | 🔗

Canada's mounted police put an end to blindly backing the blue. We'll explain how, but it involves an old lady being trampled by horses. We also dive into the latest between Russia and Ukraine. And John Oliver said some dumb CRT things that need debunking.

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Two or audio listeners in their crooks out there. I like a good protest. It washes government clean today showing especially long. You can sit back and joint extended audio version or join mug club for another two and a half minutes now are the advantages of the light privilege. All right there now tell me, I know you're a teenager, I want. If I've told you want, I've told you a thousand times you can't park your vehicle faced into ongoing draft, come on. Let's move, she officer, I'm sure sorry can. I just go back to my car. I want you to follow my instructions either get down on the ground or follow me away from America officer. Can I just get my pc p now? Well, you know usually I'd say no, but
grim, Hagen, Quick, come on get out of your white rascal. Why a free base, what people were there by themselves in that stay tuned for next week's installment of adventures of the white privilege? I've gotta
Sars is clearing it out. I e those that similarly elegant sinus infection thing they turned to a science infection in age. I apologise for that. Scottsdale gets smiling at me, really growth and also I've been another spreading zone willing to out to help with it, and so I haven't slept so I warn you if I showed willing Michael Keaton We have a lot to get you today. Look obviously russian. Whether Ukraine don't know him I care about that. But we will talk about it and we rebuttal, as we promised yesterday to John Oliver, the critical race theory segment that he did. Let me ask: you something really quickly before even gets the question today. How many slaves do you think there are on planet earth today? How many of you think compares to early America
Look! I'm not saying that we shouldn't teach people about slavery. I'm not saying that we shouldn t we will then its evil we're going to get in that when talk but could arise here. I think, when its appropriate problem, not in long division class, that's a class, but need to teach it alongside the fact that there are still slaves today. We just give it different near its human traffic. we saw in it up a little bits not and we entered servitude. It's it's indentured styling, so amp. Yes, talk about that, and also my real question of today's. Do you trust the police, we're going to talk about the differences in Canada? What's happening, people on the left, the violence versus the police? Ursus people on the right? I think there's a healthy mistrust of police and there's a healthy mistrust of a thing. A comment below where you line up with the police, because our right now record high. As far as I guess, I should say, a record low as far as confidence in the police and look there's, something which we should people to find common ground on right. We ve talked about police reform. Ok, but where do we find that common ground in this is a real problem as far as what's going on and can
also Gerald, is going twelve Gerald out, doesn't know what is going to do later, relic soap before you don't look, I'm going to try and get me of banned from Tik Tok again today it was unsuccessful last time, drastic dockers. So if it stop just ironically getting the ban from Youtube, not tiktok, you can always Watch the show Monday through there a ten, a m eastern here, unknowns and thirty today, ten, eastern on my club around bulk, and today we have another full hour of show, unlike the best placed to watch. It is my view that the blaze just lot of credit accomplish Muslim states cheap, it's cheaper than your Netflix account. You don't have to watch six year olds, torque. So much like that and keep it I mean well know, don't know well on a second
it and keep your browser cookies. On feds owner, Weighty S, right or too busy, imprisoning conservatives, their anxieties, erection is they're the ones watching me. I dont mistrust institutions that are not at all smells like button as well before we move Geraldine hurry. I am slightly better than you. I slept for, I guess a few more minutes and you don't need sleep power. Howard, retinas, our you, your yeah you're that guy there's gonna be sitting here, aware of America flippin a razor blade? Ok, here we got to someone else. No wonder Trump felt great with the cove independent item on that regenerative cars. I fear the best I ever felt.
You know, I'm, u love em, he's actions that will be on toward together. In a lot of credit, I come slash tour to see our joint dates but March Eighteenth and nineteenth he's going to be there at the Funnybone Hartford Connecticut. I won't be there, but he will be there and worth that data. Are you a high I'm good about user as such with the hours woke up to hail, ruining my car's good old Texas. Yes, you ever know what you're gonna get there. We got weightings fix it easily, just put blankets over Europe. Moving blankets over your car, great yeah I'll. Do that with my time machine? Thank you. ass in the rain as hailstones our denting metal, the apple exact ad, in the way they are put a moving blanket. That's like you're gonna. Out die for double at least my car's, my moving blanket ripped when my here are more that turns into a better a very convenient was being moved into my house. I would rather, my car get destroyed than me.
in putting blankets. I hope I'm not like the Clydesdale yeah Central Park. Ride Dave's already had issues with ice and head so far this week, so nearly stay away from trade of hearing where it go irish horse. It was they're going to counter title. I give you a potatoes, but territories in what was a terrible movie was in Irish hoarse whisper with Nicole Kidman. Oh, what does not with a Tom courtesy, and it was some good. I know he was any- has an irish something, but then there was a horse blissful. It wasn't that you want to have sex musical, not right. Now we're today questions this virus. I don't remember: I dont want to have sex with you, but not because you're, a woman because it nobody knew in an irish voice now. Well, don't editors, So what'd you see adultery. I Tom Cruise doesn't do act. I do known stunts, but listen automation.
so the last samurai, not mountain, which does not seem to my voice. Your clip is one voice, an extra one voice, no matter what their with the s ETA. Listen. I miss my juice, if you had me, you had me at Auschwitz reading, of which Europe's idiocy Valkyrie was now I've been doing accent. Speaking of minorities is black history month we celebrated here. Let us gotTa David is what the first fact Alice Guy the world's first filmmaker directed email film. I said that director over one thousand a short film throughout her lifetime, including one of the earliest films with an all black cast wow. Well, that's that's very fast and suddenly smelled are casting, so I'm not the only one making not long after I love it
In sixteen just to let you have a good american actor, noble Johnson and his brother George founded the Lincoln Motion Picture Company, a studio owned and operated entirely by black filmmaker that's what George clearly was talking about have also ETA. Nineteen. Sixty screening of Psycho Calvin Watson of Peoria Illinois was the first man to yell you got a knife in nuclear: that's been black history monthly your first helpful information. It's out there is a river refer. You can look it up, not upsets cultural, helpful the cultural thing. It's warnings about amount, but how shoot? What did you You take us another pen, guys whenever you bring in the pan not at all my god. I think my ascendancy movie last weekend, I enjoyed the gentlemen two seats overseeing the F word. The entire film lay not polish, yet polish guy
so. Are you never asked to be quite right now, though, aggress allow exact observatories continue to say whatever you like shirt, could you please keep doing you keep it reduce your rights? He shouldn't effing go in there, I'm next to a six year old, the US! No further. I appreciate your usinor the trend to address secretary. Perhaps you can be a tutor it is our right and we have a lot to get to today. It is look. I will talk about Russia, but I dont really we'll talk about it, I'm mug club, because it is one I had to use the word new ones, but you and Lane have disagreements that. Actually really well last on people liked watching you argue and argue about it today, considering the invasion is taking place, but before that went to get some that really matters, this pastor in Tennessee, Gregg Lock. You know it's good, yet wrote he went. absolute usually went for you. Don't you you're not supposed to go full Salem, He did on his congregation, claiming he claimed. There's a pastor
the horse. I can't let me just say this: as someone who is a quick Gerald, your christian ashen Dave, you know he's no he's kind of knocking at the door, but not now knocking but they're like yet I have a god. Yes, I am no boy boy here with thanks Prometheus you, so I want to say and journalists, this man does not represent Christians in any capacity. Not have these calling people things that will we'll see that will see. The point is I don't like him? doesn't like em and we call balls and strikes and psychopaths when we see them here you go, we got first and last names or six witches, yeah and you know, what's range review- in this room right now, Jackson, you deaf! That's your jammed
the room right now set up in the stool? Looking my balls, we'd afraid of you stinking awaited how'd. You spoke them by the points he has. A congregation meets these sea lab in the name of Jesus. I'm scared, you mother, which we break your tears. We debts on Thursday. We got your last name. We tat dress, Rwanda, the docks them, which is. Why is wrong and Alex spokesman for nobody on this t, use thinking which We must send to the powers Larry ass. If you were sent to this charge to see- and you are simply serves to cast spell this summer- you been sick, super friend it at a witch. Really that's own where I live and Ladys Bible study and you know who you are and we go ask you to get out. suppose you know about it. We got all six other names who all. I love how he or like he's holding it back like
now you if you carve wrong now willing to put twenty dollars in the place. so let me Jack were not flag, double this didn't play. No Cessna up and I've got rotation want politeness, of two million dollars in the next twenty five minutes you, which is will live. Yes, I found in the internal. However, I see that new in your black I'm gonna. Do a one legged hop microphone, hacking,
my seventh by the way I just did you look at the video. I was performing the railway lines that are absolutely attend, his mass. So now you I would haeckel him from the audience. I didn't say what you have you am. I just said I would attempt to right yeah. I really am excuse me. If you ve turns it, you know any part of the Bible. It describes. You hear right. What I would just say was back is rejection system and put it Hocus, Pocus Luke. There is no man that can skip like that. That is natural. Give ten. This is a good example to will get to churn out or what he does trying to say, republic. The conservatives who oppose critical rice there. They just find someone who's crazy, like shortened, clapper, didn't extradite and they trying that is emblematic of Christianity. Look don't look to that! Guy! Look to Christ! That's! Why have a problem with it. At the moment, and I go sex slavery. So the point is we have differences? Looked to the founder of the feast and this guy, it's bakery this, the christian faith. It is bakery just to prove to you. It's
act, its performative, which is like you said this is not what preaching should be it and it is not performance art SAM Kennison did an impression of this man before this man was born was riding. Let's forget, he was past. Three was a preacher, southern bridges. Any kind of exposed and he was never anti christian since he was very rough and vulgar, but he actually does what he was DIS. Disenchanted with agree of a lot of the air of southern churches, and you see it it. Just bakeries formats are looking Hammy, Faye Baker and and yeah husband, and to let a bit on the issue of you. Look at him and passwords you're going through this morning is allowed a bit
without these guys, Jesus a dinner with a guy that was actually being used by save me, was like a walk around the table and I want to put my hand on the way it works. the last supper, and what are you gonna get nope still. I would write, I'm not a black here, a that while let it happen Gimme, your wife policies like Jesus get so worked. so worked has taken offering quick, bow wow didn't turn into his blood. It just one one the war.
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Just do what I say recognise their independence, and I mean, as he be right he wants to, yeah, so this this or that the little bit miss worded pretext for and wants to take them over. No, he wants to welcome them with open arms, yet recognizes that their independent countries. Now it's kind of like Canada, saying no one. We recognise man in New York or independent countries. Yes, we would like to welcome them to hell and usually when you welcome someone you go into the air, well, he is going and right now with you, what you would think would be like you know: flowers and parade tanks. It's an invasive. Welcome at Hank said it is a welcoming. Nonetheless, listen. A potent tell himself situation in dumbass is becoming critical. Did he say dumb ass and today I am addressing you directly. Not only to talk about what's happening, but ass. His right arm lie about the decisions were making about possible status.
In this regard, all once again, I would like to underscore the rain is not just a neighbor neighbouring country to us. It is an inherent part of our own history, culture, spiritual space. They are our comrades relatives, not only colleagues, France, but also. Our family people. We have blood and family ties with usually show to poker night at my friends with tanks. I bet every one of those phones hurt someone when their pictish either never say anything there. Just the scariest, looking landlines, you would only see in Russia is just throwing them like Russell Crow. Yes, it's none of these peace said the little man over there. The game click Ukraine is ours that I mean we're friends, yes bring my poisoned, tyburn brown raining bringing poisoned deeper, if not gum justice is fine with every gets what they were
but the gas nobody's going to throw me you're, not what happened to policy riot is bring me Clydesdale to start my way to car yes exists, clear as day Canada, turtle, I'm taking notes. So we'll talk about my club because a lot to get into as far as numbers. What's going on the geopolitics of ideal, it is a big deal and not a potent fan just to be clear, just to be clear, left us watch and they go. These important now never lies a bit more afraid. A trump though the war is over. I saw people tweeting S. Recent, like others, were Donald Trump. He would congratulate prudent and you know what my ok, let's say we can. What, if all we want, but that never happened It happened under Obama. Similar similar situation happening. Obama is now happening again in the form of present Joe Biden, nothing under Donald from nothing with North Korea of significance, nothing Russia actions shouldn't matter more than words or mean tweets, starting to get the picture now flew over and out crazy him. I know it
We strongly would be doing its sorry. That was I really. I don't care what side Gironde now you might arrive at all with your own eyes, for you know, I'd say three years before you wreck the resolution before you less than Internet NASA, the pandemic Dave, I'm sorry, the pandemic hen gimmick Dave, yes, means around, don't bring them with the queen's taken its international! Ok, let's move on here so last night, the House in Canada voted to extend shadows, emergency, unbelievable, the emergencies act, which is absolutely terrifying. People who don't know that was pushed me seven days. This means you can we talk of the freeze bank accounts, effective is no due process and we just saw the police chiefs in that they are going to pursue people who have taken part in these protests indefinitely. So by the way, so to truckers in Canada. Just so you know it's not there's! No there. a website to leaving now stay back, run. Truckers run so close
the spring. Actually, I'm just state really just stick around more of an upside is to see what happens just Pacific states that yet shall leave rights? Squatters right now? Here's something else, a story, though, to give you an idea. I want to talk about the difference between the approach to police, because I We ve talked about this, and sometimes we catch flak as people who are more conservative. Look at special in black lives matter was happening and they were simply targeting police officers. I think that's obviously wrong. I think that a lot of good cops, but I do think, there's a difference between that and a healthy trust of authority, and when you see the left, what to do, as I say- and I do mean Why you left and right, because as a fundamental difference, okay, let me in substitute left with the entire Dnc happy now where they say hey. Let support these writers need space to protest in the summer of love. They should stop and they should continue? President Harris said that, and these are acts of violence committed against police officers which they ve supported and then, when people on the right say, hey look. This is an abuse of power
it's all. I you showing mistrust institutions, they want to jail you. So let me show you exactly how this? How do we on down the trail to tyranny, Canada's just a little bit further than the United States, Kyle Cardinal he's in Ottawa, he live reported up. Lease intimidating, so this is Rapporteur HU, I hope Kyle. If you want I have your name right. We have all references available to the lot of kind of accommodating the pin comment on Youtube: the police, creating an owner and I'll give you more info context of a cafe here. You can actually see what's about to happen here. So now there surrounding the building taking pictures of lawful people, but it is here for an inspection. is just a cafe that serve metropolis, How else do
so they were going to break the window in the same region is safe for which com it is. These cops around the world reins to protected and others cheerily back into the sea, these numbers, we don't want to whatever. It is
in this regard. We got a guy seems totally reasonable hour. Somebody like you sing in the name of Jesus. So when you understand the full context, we actually reached out to the police officer in question and he did offered official reply fell. Now to hear now makes sense. I see what he's like an old stick he's like an older steeply. Me. Ok, look like so let me just didn't care for the soup Let me see what happened. Don't you know more of this soup elbow this Cathay owner. Let me give you a recap: what you just watch and why should we orphaned or white, is to me- and I want to tell you what it should be for you, but this isn't too far off from what can happen in the United States of America if all it takes is one executive order. Unfortunately, that's what's happening here in this country we used to have a process, new number schoolhouse, rock prevention of government.
A lot just get ran through executives and, yes, republican, undemocratic, both done it. We see that, with the emergency acting in Canada, unfortunately pass the house now pass their up. I believe parliament on Libya I dont. This is why there are no conservatives in Canada whose across party lines really, if, if no one in for in Canada is willing to stand up to a prime minister, who is black face more times, and we can count freezing people's bank accounts and arresting people and finding them a hundred thousand dollars simply for a peaceful protest in a truck? You know what sediment ten good man. I just hope you know what Look back at Kennedy will turn into a pillar of self, because I dont know if that country is redeemable. At this point I would love to see Canadians company. I do think we could use people like these truckers Unita, and we could use a movement like to freedom,
on what unites us set it ad nauseam. I want to see it here. This cafe owner supported the truckers death. He fed the truck or see fit everybody to be clear, including police. lobsters before this, and then the police suddenly showed up for an inspection, here's a rough. They showed up for an inspection on Saturday. Those inspections are not conducted over the weekend right. This is what happens when it's not do you have laws? Are laws applied equally think about the power give what the police or the health inspectors now was work day and masks. Did they had their clipboard out to you to make sure that the oil as at the right temperature area, the floors, are clean. The bathrooms clean, like everybody's goody area, right now they surrounded the place with police officers and threaten to break down the window right. I think we re getting a little window would cause a health problem yeah. Well, you know it could lead in mice could lead mice structure. The guy that's walking through that broken when it with a flute universe. Follow in Canada should go back to the good place that it was. You know,
full nude strip clothes were teenagers, can drink and gamble. Yes, well, I'd taken over this with awoke and It was found to be one of the trucks as you go, but in the back that macro ours is a strip Stricklin gambling to end it still good, yeah. I also want to tell you to think about this. Those police are the only people with guns there, that's terrifying, there are the only people with guns. What do you think happens if they break down the window and by the way the police? Allegedly? I couldn't hear it, but it did so threatened. to spend this man's business licence forever, so the please can come in and say you have the wrong opinion. You support the wrong people and by the way, this is not an inference that needs he's not a stretch, because we just heard the police chief say there will be no quarter. We will Well, basically, hunt you down. We showed that yesterday the police chief said there will be lost term consequences to anyone who took part in these protests. Here's what you need to read between those light. That's not a person who wants you to leave and dispersed
now that's a person who wants you to get on rule? in violent, because they're not giving you in out there, It doesn't matter what happens you peaceful protests and if you peaceful protest pack up and leave we're still gonna harm you and right now you see the police, their jackpot thugs going on saying you know what we might shut down your business forever. You know what she said. Did you hear her he said that she is fine, take away our licence, we don't have anything left anyway and her and then he's like. No, no, no, no just take the windows, the nobody. Her point is incredibly validly at their backed into a corner. They have nothing left, their business depends on customers coming in. They have made that in possible and now they ve essentially blacklisted them and said, look we're gonna come back and harass you and make sure that you guys have to pay the penalty know either. Do the cops, though that's the thing in America, wonder like I can give the please what kind of stand up at this point When you look at you, but I think they're all back into a corner, that's the problem. Everybody is so desperate that these police are trying to do this to save their own asses while these.
we're trying to say their cafe and all their trying to do is feed people that are hungry right. How, then, is how does this Arab right in such a short amount of time? It happened. This is how It's all its discuss on March toward tyranny and have so that by step, just like you, let's try a little bit later about a friend of mine. His grandmother was from Poland under Nazi occupation and her experience she had to deal with an SS officer who himself was anti not, but he never choice it. A I'm not saying that Trudeau as a Nazi, I'm just saying he's a black face, tyrant, who'd, like some of the strategy of blood seat the melee books leave a nazi stylist. Yes, I, like Belgium, Nazi Steinway gets everything. This is import. two, because we need a mechanism is from the left and the right in their approach to police officers. Now I am not saying that you should go out and treat police officers as when you look at the mass protests from the left that we saw this mostly peaceful
irey two three four billion dollars and damages meal surrounding air at that point, Psych MIKE Tyson out with king. He stopped, I don't know two hundred million dollars. I dont know how that I owe fifty three million to the Irish. I don't I've started doing the marathon. I bought a few tiger than like three managing to participate to hunting million. U veggie doing that to a man who can kill you with one punch s, and I can, when you thugs who enforces thing as raw materials. Can there be done as noted in the Prime Minister of Canada, so let's look at how these protesters from the left have treated police officers amidst their protests in officer snatched on it with a fire extinguisher. Another willingly run over images clearly difficult to watch as peaceful protest after a while.
declared it was open to you I'd muslin from families when MIT attacked officers and their bugle they're. Looking for the mind me saying we're throwing rocks bottles and you see a call on their own and other items in the vehicle, striking those officers, Suv drove through the clearing of Paganini lawlessness in Buffalo. We want to warn you. This is hard to watch and the officers are going to be okay. The driver hit two officers before speeding around and armoured vehicle and working are also let alone factor. Police precinct was burned down of gigantic but if that was many apple S or if that was somewhere out without any at all and there's something I could have been a few I mean they were. Everyone is right over the last couple decades sort of bleed together at a certain point to be clear, I condemn all of that. We
always have, but that is not at all inconsistent with here's. What is inconsistent, saying, justifiable or saying. Well, it's the language of the unheard and then sing, Police officers comes down. This cafe, hey police officers come take their guns away That's in Kansas, it's not inconsistent for all of us to say we condemn that and people on the right. Here's what you do just like that! Cafe owner you know your rights. You stand up for your rights and you make sure that officers know and understand the oath. They swore see if you can spot the difference with right wing extremists protesters designing because while I am on my face very now with my: U is allowed in the red lines and I want to go down there and I going around in this moving on I value,
get out of here. Did you ever consider burning down? Is placing offices do the right thing? You know no one here meet anyone any harm european law to Europe and broad because rather been around us. You have been brainwashed there with the people who don't could not these orders? Children will look back and say what did you do for freedom? Tiled? You are trying to make a point. She has done. Nothing. Illegal, stop actually have Lenny may not get so like me. Are you crazy slowly? You have now we, the animated happened, may take your hands while from her mother could keep away from me
and you know what's really unfortunate the reason you see that is because cops know they're, not at risk with rightwing protesters there, not a risk of a molotov cocktails hitting them. Had there not a risk of some guy coming out in throwing a brick at him, taking it from the palate, those suspiciously dropped off. They know that you're, just gonna bet with words, but here's how you do here's what you you do need to do recognize your right. and don't think that police officers recognise your right. It is your job to inform police officers if they are infringing upon your right. That's at least how you start, and if enough, you do that, maybe some Officers in Canada might circling some accountability, and I know there are a lot here in the United States, but we certainly blindly support the police officers. We just support them in. the gotten: do their job and not be shot not be harmed, not be maimed? there's nothing wrong with telling them that their breaking their own and every single officer out there right now. I don't care what country you are in. I was just
my job has never been a good excuse in history, ass, a line of every villain lackey and in the second. If I were seen before the last week, I was just doing my job, so am I here which- alonzo names I mean, it's easy to say this is what rowing protesters do. But how long until it's not what I the thing I mean how many times what and how many times you gonna take. So it is business ruin their life her. Now he will take away from other children until it becomes the exact same thing. until it becomes us versus authority and its just all out war and K. I think what you will see is before we get before happens with any one in the right? They will be defending their own property we are not going to go on to the streets and hunt police officers? I address black lives matter. People have done as Antiphon have done, which of course should be condemned entirely, but I do think it certain point, for example, going anytime loan that apartment now I dont that's Lee,
sped philippine Nano wait, wait, wait, wait, initiative, currently deposit, ok, just stay in this area in the inward through kitchen counteract the world. Have you see I want it folds into bookcase. You can take that to do that go to the timely, ok Prime Minister comes in shuts down economy and can the three million jobs lost in a country that has about thirty five million people, two hundred thousand more jobs lost in January and of course you have to have a passport and have to be treated as second class citizen. If you dont opt to take this Emma, an injection into your body protestors. He's really show up to please say: stop with the mandates and start with the lock down, and then you have officers threatening to close those businesses do so they're all ready unemployed and the people who are not unemployed are actually going out and protesting for the unemployed, and then you decide that you're going to intimidate them. Do I have that about right? At what point? Do you think? That's what I'm saying I dont think the canadian policemen
when they say we're going to pursue you even after this protest is done. They want to be given a reason, yet they gather understand what you're asking the only what you when you talked about the vote that happened in parliament fortune. I think it was one hundred and forty one people who voted against it was like one hundred and seventy five or one hundred and eighty the voted for it, Roughly I'm doing the numbers in my head, one of the guys who vote for it said two things one. This is all on this information and to this isn't just truckers. wanting to in the mandate. This is foreign people coming in and doing that's the only caviar in the emergencies act because, as you can implement this, because it's what they ve shown No proof that by the way by when people come here, they can vote in exactly the same people go now. I have a problem of foreign protest or no it s about foreign people voting a lot about sanctuary cities, just at least I don't know evict cereal felons who are occupying our prisons, and we know that they're not citizens would be unreasonable legislature. We go out and tear gas and clydesdale stomp truckers right, and there also
not all truckers now now that's really what it breaks down to another cafe owners. What have you been? Listen. Every single government right now needs to understand you rule at the will of the people. That's it. You only get to in power because we give you the power to do you know, I'm not. I guys guys smash the like, but if you, what with today shows, Gonna go late, I didn't planets this much time on this topic I was raised and if you're ok with it, smells like one just like it, if you want otherwise, we will try and ended on time, but we have the whole John Oliver about which I know is going to take us half hour. I was right in Canada and hear something tat was just talking someone recently who have travelled World and have immense, respecting ask me: do you really the travellers not that much- and they said why appears why I was raised in montreal- cannot raise a mature which is far more european than it is american in a lot of ways, and it was raised to a French. My mother's side is french, Canadian and I was surrounded by a french Katy and family. We didn't speak english polities, I went to England, I went to french speaking schools
for half my life and all I wanted all I wanted. All I can remember, was wanting to come to the United States. My dad was American Osborne to try and move to Canada Three, when I was eighteen, the second I could move here by did because I saw what was happening- and now I don't really have. I don't really have much of an interest going elsewhere. You know your visit every now and then, but I visit you visit. Europe gives it a lot of Canada's an older Revisit these places to see the beautiful things that were in to America to be a part of the beautiful thing that is, and I just wanted to still be the is ten twenty years from now Canada is no longer beautiful. That is an ugly ugly place when it all started with. You can't tell these kind of jokes yet Brian We did well and you can't miss gendered. I learnt MIKE Ward. Of course they literally find input comedians through human Rights tribunal and use it well. Anyway. Oak ended up,
after a year after year of ever of feeling all right better than Canadians are shared. It Jordan Petersen is basically the devil for saying. If I can't tell the difference between man feel being armed, it I'm gonna, say it one. Where the other now like to say to you that I respect what yes say, Bagley Hand teach I can't eat something: that's actually not scientific, perfect, Guarantee of Jordan Petersen was running a cafe that would be shut down. The windows broken or the aims pricey hasn't been crucified. To be honest, yet Walton, it's in the plants that little by little say I gotta see there's regretting the latch personality test, if you're so there's a rumour going around and eyes have word like best there's a rumour. Ok rumour at the queen is being treated with a certain drug that may be inexpensive. Or the rumour Roche's. What you're right now, which is obviously a big deal for the queen, because they can afford them yeah. I mean they going overboard, anything not spent really, and if somebody was, I don't know a hundred
Fourteen years old, you assume could work on somebody who's out of thirty. the art of that? Is that say the entire world was collapse. Based on the fact that a industry based on human health, was all just to make money out of this entire thing. Should people be a little more angry than this year alone that more on the side of the truckers and a little less on the side of the authority, the AL you would think so and enrich prick in office there right the spoiled brat. What seven ten percent of the people got him and officers on something. That's the problem because they too poorly Superman. Ok, go to parliament system and see someone who could be elected with a minority of the vote is not perfect, but us like it. It's like a ten ten I must system right near combat what is close to perfect as we have it's the wrong kid who are out of parties that you gently alike, but his hands were gone vacation or like all we can stealer, for. are you not? I mean like he's, there's nothing like
What about you have enough dad Fidel's guy eurobonds with great son got ass. He summed it up. quickly in a speech that he gave. Actually he said that if you voted again, the emergencies, act being implemented for the full length of time that he asked more than you dont trust in government to have these situations that I was like what law no kidding just did that Oh boy, you'll see those with John Oliver Critical raise three segment we're about to do. I find consistently and maybe to blind spot floaters cataracts. I have no idea. when they try and characterize. Conservatives is really bad. What they say and I go take. That means that you know for us, the government will hold a second you did for The unemployment of three million people turn a thousand just this month. I'm in the United States, we record I you're yeah, you know what I don't really know only. I won't even set up a strong interest coming regiments people, it's that up,
fuckin machine rights, its people, a people of sorrow, Parma Language, people are very long monitors in you, but its people are flawed. It's going to be a flawed system. Why would you trusted? People are untrustworthy the mostly the people, the we elect heavier, seen them right. Why would you trust that ever yeah picture that picture? The broader annoys you at the D in Vienna put her in charge of your speech. Rewrite maker Nancy, CS! I thought and anti pollution are getting a driver's license. It's only its own rights scan required for I would be they said. You need two pieces of idea grain and, like your birth certificate, ok, fine, and then they say you need your social security. Number or document has yourselves skirting around about its actual turn and they Let me home because they set this true story. That's it! That's not yours the security number. That's your tax, idee number
You guys label that tax its clearly my social security available. Not only you can't, we have no way of knowing whether we don't have a computer punch, it put it and put it in the machine that you have right there that same number of number. I'm telling you it's my it's. You wrote tax idee number and you know who helped me. There is a very nice black only dimly whose there's some bullshit come back I'll get you So what am I producers run over my social security card which that you, to tell you tear up sometimes really, because you know what someone finding it and it had to bring it to the DMZ to get my license renew my point is: take them and put them in charge of healthcare and wounds and your right to speak freely and the economy, and you ve got the Dnc and the Liberal Party of can ok and it's not too far from the next topic that we're going to cover Tik Tok. I hate took too, I know trying to hate, but but I do sometimes inhabit a person you're talking about a got off. If there ever was a time today to get us
The rest is Alec Baldwin Airline, bibles armies. Why jazz lower, choose here. I know all six sites, ITALY. The day, if you like, I believe I made my dog. Certainly, he watched leap of faith with a strengthened our Salem lot and woke up and was like. I can do that again. Writing I have one of you talk that way. Does it lets you want you to think talk that way in home. I told you I don't want the sediment. Does the crunch town just like it was, but a cot AIDS governing board on this area alone, given another cabin control, whoops all witches nets in the congregation, but all you bring me now. Happy jack, thine, eyes like. No other words right count. Dracula
he's only always station just which humans are playing in the upper smoking so, as you know, he's a thing last week and it's crazy about this. For a second, we tried. No, no, no, no, it's usually its communist China. When you look at what it's not There is not enough of a contrast, but them in Australia and Canada. At this point there is not enough of a contrast, a really isn't think of what happens to protesters in these countries. Think what the police do think what happens in care. They got the quarantine camps that you see in Austria. It's not look if com. And is China if there's not enough of a stark contrast, We met in the free world. The free world is screwed up, you have screwed up royally we're at that point. We are at that point. Ok
Just last week we tried to get the trend actually started: trending the hashtag trash Tik, Tok yeah. So, we started this movement and in no uncertain terms, I did my level best to try and get yours truly and from TAT going to manually, delete Tik Tok was land like on my phone go, look at me and then I realized what is economically to do. Then. You can know what I want to say, I can just say true things: that's will give me the floor and lets you, but you get it off your chest. ass- I am going to close my tiktok. The nineth Ashleigh isn't real mouths. Leap for led to the death of forty five million chinese citizens on June Forest. Nineteen, eighty nine cecy p murdered thousands of protesters at the Tiananmen Square. Taiwan in fact a real country and not a part of communist China. Now here's the thing that I have been banned from Tik Tok four times before that
leave or that you're gonna get as much like buttoning. I we likely by the automatic talk, not data transmission. Protect none other than their male colleagues. taking one I like, I hope, my we hold so I, have been banned and Tiktok for far less without how can I was it three times? Member may talk at least two of industry, and it was three times so we were sure that that would get back. Ok, here's what happened. I failed misery The loaded, Tik Tok got four point: three million views on Tik Tok, that's all I checked The largest viewer number four tik tok at it, was removed for hate speech. Ok, x and then right and we did nothing. We did nothing. I didn't have the very who, in the background, look at it. I'm sorry about that. I love you.
Anything like what you do right within and a half asian Kraken. We may strike with Tik Tok we're like mission accomplished good band done. Then it got real, stated for some reason. Unbeknownst to us got six point: two million views Walter we don't even protest. Six point: two million viewless ten million out six point, two, only added that it also when they reinstated zero years. A thing I really I absolutely do want to have a trash tiktok. I don't want to part of that plan right again, but I'm not to remove myself right now, because I would bandit and territory, so we have to try a little bit harder this time and this is. Are we ready we're gonna? Get you to write a laser beam, tractable. Suddenly, writing wretched Tiktok Ok, Tiktok the problem to get too many eyebrow Maybe if you, if you will let me but affect Streisand, you ass, also saying
my jewel sing. Bab talk hoping every mouth gonna note what the stinkin would kick it unity nineteen. Seventy nine China tried to invade Vietnam and proceeded to get your ass kicked. China, chinese officials, you guys silenced and decent Here too, did doctor a when when she tried to blow the whistle uncovered you also China and talking I'm talking to you, not him China, you you lied about that We wait show that there is no human human transmission when there are, in fact what thought well for your two sucks, Seven years in Tibet is the greatest film of all time and Richard gears the best actor alive in the dark.
Was a pretty cool guy. Also to you former vice premier chain gaily, you sexually assaulted, ten, a star pension components, not correctly, I don't care you're the rapists. Thousands of north korean women have been abducted by you and seldom Dyslexic Avery in your wonderful country of China and changing paying plagiarized your doctoral thesis. You know that choosing thing and and well! I've also heard and I heard rumour I mean tap. Sending me pictures of your micro, penis, shooting pit what's that that works that see what had, I think, that's fair, yeah out another. Oh dear one, might have put em over misinformation, Iraq. Oh yes, MA am Three journals disagree: s don't need a brig tiddledywinks into this
the man ok for him is acquired? Why why the slightest I'm a peaceful man? I can't even get mad about the rumour right. This is just so, I hope Tik Tok. I hope you know what Tik Tok you do. What you do- and I hope I mean please just ended- forming mercy. Come on. Tell me I don't want to have to upload stuff to your plan how many more, but I'm not going to do it myself mercy. a guy with a sword just pointing it out you're, mixing up agent. I don't care- the light. Ass misinformation. That's Japanese! We believe the inferior because well races what I'm trying to get a church exactly your website, I'm gonna! Do it all right now you chinese kamikaze totally. Did it on purpose because I'm aware of all asian culture, what are you gonna, where going to bear me now: singular sherry's, very son of a bitch. I know they didn't know. I gotta go through some of the Ukraine. Gonna, send you boredom
its bed. She ought not to crap with another who all right. Several other tasted of patient supply before we knew the general recycling. Thank you, oh we're doing what happened? Did we the oatmeal. So what happened? It's come and let us by favouring one ok, so we have makin cheese, its privileged trotted out com. You get fifty dollars for weak emergency food supply. Now here's the thing you have to be a girl to be a proper preparation to be a doomed atheists.
This need to understand that stores can be completely. Baron, truckers do go on strike and governments do freeze banking. All we have a very limited ok. So one of these is the patriots apply when the rhetoric when his craft one is apt and we have to decide which we would rather have stuck in clover filled late. President man can choose the biggest makin cheese finish. Let you know I like MIKE what actually achieve now. Look I'm not just saying this, know, which one is which this one is absolutely better. This one right, you're the one with the one with a thicker noodle, it's better absolutely, but have never thought that is better. Mcgowan was much better than craft and it is actually better is which one is. This was sensible. oh yeah, that's my better to block while utter it. Actually, better. I this one was in one authority the hardest to be better just because a shit in the van doesn't mean that you can eat like
king and queen I was, I was gonna have to fake it. Gonna hung and I dont know how to financing, and we got a kind of actually heavier. Don't look so they re going to Europe with greater dot com. This has been another patriot supply, tastiest, what Why would I lie? I would they earned forty eight thousand foreign five star ratings patriots, flame? That's been tested I wanna zoning islamic and shiny day. I would eat that ended. Oatmeal is good and not end the pudding o the pudding you're, not getting the pudding Stephen. We don't. I don't think we had. I think you era the pillar, yeah you're gonna get for, though the taste is right when it was gone because- and I can't get on the internet, but it lit up. I don't. Mister Benyon take that fish and two in case you get lost at sea. Yes, I, like the package, comes and also it makes a nice humidor it does. Then the problem is
prioritize cigars, and only when you were putting any starling, kill a baby seal with it make a coat. You need yes, if you're in Europe, because we have allowances, we have anywhere viewers and I just like to say we get to trial. I would also like to say: indeed Eskimo Pie, one of them's. I don't talk about my mom. Oh geez, o S, without delay. Bridge theory. You suddenly ass. That's what it is: land bridge I've only heard of water bridge gross; ok, so here Gonna get in the journal. I know I guess at the show is going late, but we have to do a rebuttal here, too general or the critical race theory that the segment He did in John Oliver, I will say sometimes he's funny he's becoming less and less money and is becoming less and less funding, because he's really focusing more on clapped her and I watched this segment and there is very little to find funding a couple of eggs at TAT grows every kind of funny just a total misrepresentation. This is for example, of most Americans, including by they'll, get to this black Americans
A minority americans of all colors and sizes and shapes are not pick supporters of critical racing Kay as they dont want, their children being induction. They don't want to so division this country. There really is. Clear dividing line right now between Americans who want to unify. It is all a time common ground, but you can't find common ground and unify if the elites in power don't want it and won't, allow it John already this segment yesterday that always gets thrust into my Youtube timeline. When he's whence he can be banned from Tik Tok admires John Oliver, yes, so special back in between two. He tried to make every parent, whose concerned about critical race theory. He tried to make them to look like crazy conspiracy, theorists and I dont know gasoline.
is thrown around a lot. I think this is almost a master class in gas, letting let's start getting about political rights theory onto more than a year now, and people have been listening to that noise, especially judging by what has been happening at school board meat across the country that we look at bed. The western culture and values that brought forth Christianity in the founding documents are being called evil and racist comparison with the government and is not yours, where's these ideas from these are highlighted, hunch we are hearing racists and I'm about sick of it. It's a marxist ideology and we all know in discernible from to stop a hint to make our children feel disgust towards our nation, reelected Obama. Why hold all older american continent racist because of a I don't remember the two thousand election, but things got pretty racist.
grant legitimize eyeing? He was born in Kenya. People said he was a secret muslim and then, a few years later, we elected that people president so It's just agree to disagree on that. Won't, shall we ok really quickly? First off just noticed the straw man right away in that's the worst exempt those, in other words, these pulling the worst examples of radical conservatives that you can think right. We just showed you, people knocking police, unconscious and running them over in the streets, and he shall somebody in a school board using legal terms, and we do not want to cooperate with the government and then we're supposed to believe that look I get it about was not born in Kenya. I understand it, but the idea that Obama was a secret most this is based on ass. It was based on his own writings. What you can't say will hold a second, this guy cling to be converted to Christianity, but then he described the Islamic Courts, to prayer when he was in Indonesia, as quote one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sea. Set the islamic call to prayer at sunset. I don't think it's pretty when I hear it's scary,
If your home traffic, Michigan training, Pirogue ease- and you start hearing that coming from the moths- oh my gosh- it's terrifying ruins the meal. I'm like ok, something I am legend with headdresses terrified by the way, kinda thing it was just a few are allowed to run for president. It wasn't like eyes, border kitty and nobody from care. We too, like that, isn't racist against Latinos that people say tat crews born candidate. Exactly my point is trying to score political points. It's not racism. Just do not saying there was no racism aimed at Brok Obama, but it was not mainstream and by the way you think this man was elected president. Really how about the guy? You said they want to put your back and change about the guy city. Edward repeatedly to clears Thomas's face, have otherwise it of you. Well for me: you're, not black, and then that guy was voted former vice president about. clean and well spoken, word that I can't say said the first now we can say because he's an additive in your first cleaner, clean, inarticulate meagre
yeah. You know who's arching, you'll right. I really do Nobody has not. I hate to them. in eight stop calling it back then same dim everything nothing's changed and what are you you got former vice president that you didn't even deserve at ease. It shouldn't be relegated to a cabinet positions. You shouldn't be relegated to a cabinet if I hoped that, indeed, in my covered and its by an unjust, squashing, I wouldn't let him watch my kid for eight minutes. While they render the stronger and he's in charge of the country, if it by my cupboard. I'm calling toy soldierly work or not before I wonder, rather Moraine tomorrow, night originally put a towel down. There's gonna be shit, yes, also put a towel put a towel in front of the front seat, because there's gotta be a six year old. Also, Heaven sure towel. We might pass a mosque rights, stop it. We just got pulled out a youth who now we didn't.
getting. There was a joke. You know what your eyes even near there. You know, you know what referred, how there aren't enough ass is in the world for you to kiss about that. I was thinking, this guy. So here we got. Let's move onto the claims that John over makes. These are not correct. all references available lot of Canada com. If you watching on my club or on rumble, which I would love, I would love more switch from Youtube. The rumble right. The choice is yours. I would love to be able Adele you do because threw themselves. We the reverend is available on the pin comment for those of you who are you too, and so those who aren't you gotta lotta. because sometimes I get somebody emails asking where the references there always publicly available for every single show, and I don't do that to brag. I do it because we're not that confident in he's being right, so we want to make, publicly available, because more mines actually create better ideas. Hey there's a thought. Now He claimed a critical race. Theory is only a graduate level legal theory and that it is- and he says this
we're gonna use it all words and its own examples throughout this rebuttal, then it's not taught to children until we clear society is graduate level legal theory. So unless your five year old is currently pursuing low degree they're, not reading Kimberly Crenshaw. Ok, so uses, Kimberly Crenshaw as an example glad guided data founders, one of the main main thrusters of trickery, steering it began as a graduate level theory. That's true but has taken on a bigger scope and could including kindergarten through twelve and k through twelve education. When I was a kid you to everything, except among the target of climate areas, but not as high Clayton K through well, no, that's a vitamin drives. A that's gonna need needed with vitamin d. Otherwise you can travel to yourselves. Something like that. I don't know some sort Alex Jones in a box just mostly because they are mostly box. What is it
I think I wonder if this month, in its regular oil, gave Rob River obscene Alex let's take as from it taught from case through twelve, who would say that who wanted to expand the scope await your your Kimberly, Crenshaw ever so, while in reality, critical race theory traditionally is a law school class. The truth of the matter is some of the basic inspiration. Some of the things that were all trying to do is the same: we're trying to
Furthermore, a more inclusive democracy- and we know, as rounders its board of Education, said any quality in education undermines. Our democracy was some of that inequality is lack of access to the stories that make us stories that our core to understanding what America is, what American is, is partly made up of what America has been so critical race theory is simply now that the huge container for anti racist were anti racist education and what they're telling us is going to get my stature. I wonder if she goes to the same. Hairstyle assist chuckled, thou art that I used to go to so this also Kimberly, Crenshaw, just to be clear, has been espousing these same critical raised. The reviews- twenty years on average quote so the name
nickel race theory now used as interchangeably for re scholarship as clean X is used for tissue, was basically made up fuse together to mark a possibility, what kind of a possibility might that be? Let's look about critical race theory scarlet, let's look too so I could a grace three scholars. Rich. Delgado engines to family Nick. That's a tough one, paraffin pronouncing it properly, and I don't care because I don't like this person. Although security began as a movement in the law, it has rapidly spread beyond that discipline and this guy, who, by the way John Oliver just tries to dismisses silly Chris Rueful, he's done a bunch of work and compiled extensive evidence on critical race theory and its founders and the documents they write themselves. You know using this kind of witchcraft trickery like their own words. What what was A clip of by the way would turn across into the views of the first happy such it's. Well. That was,
I do not need simpler than willingly looks like for the first time he saw hurt it, but with her you wasn't cry like to put a mohawk two fundamental dear Lord, but bombers the education. I believe that was about equality, not teaching students that one race, white or more valuable than the other Guerrero earth. Another answer my bed I was tired. I thought it was to be above heap were equal near men and I was your silly day- you're a silly person, I'm gonna go flood myself in the rest of us exactly how you can use it gets. So if you do not understand that this has been like as a kid who grew up in the United States. Are that you didn't? It's? Not our fault. You moved to three should come Why didn't move? Well, you did, but I didn't have you had agency. I didn't have a right. For they you all at every audibly. Could it got me was more or less really worried. You gotta slid back over right now, but seriously. I
about board Brown versus Board of Education. I knew that slavery. I know about white people, awning slaves and being horrific thing, and I knew about all of the terrible stories about slavery before. C r thing was being so, you you're making it Even here. That's, like all you want, is to teach about the stories you we already work. Nay me well on American, namely one American born after nineteen sixty who was not taught. Slavery was bad it'll, be my dear his everybody who buff who gettysburg for family vacations and stuff which, as you know, it's great when you're six right out yeah we're going to Disneyland who donate I'm an iota yeah, I'm gonna go. You know, learn about freeing friend, I feel I own is not. I want a bunker hill, it wasn't. slavery right over them, the most people that we then are lost in a war were not lost because of slavery. Right I mean that's why I recommend any amount of slaves to exist today, which is another. New Martin Luther King, was you knew you know you knew her Frederick Douglass. You knew about Rosa Parks. You knew my
funding Rosa parts, his entire life in Detroit you're gonna? Do it a matter. Of course we cared. Why would anybody think that we didn't want? When did all of a sudden this ep and where we weren't know that unless the issue right thing it's a Trojan horse, for there are no, it's not about slavery, said it wasn't you're not guilty enough, because now we're going to make sure that that is copy pace it all terms of an equity today, not inequality in equity, right there, moved area terms to inequity, wasn't used as the term. It's now inequity it's no longer, about equality. So let me continue forties with stupid, accents rain so guilty twenty fifteen going down this trail, the Virginia Department, education, told schools to quote embrace critical race theory. That's almost word for word. The problem that we have to that and quote to re engineer, attitudes and belief, systems, destroy to school superintendent, Nickolay that he had this because a try Detroit if its Detroit schools, you know it's good. He had this to save our critical history are correct,
is a deeply using critical race theory about, especially in social studies, algae find it in whose language, arts and the other disciplines. We made we're very intention all about creating a curriculum infusing materials and embedding critical raised here with them, Now? Here's the thing I want to. I am going to continue going back to this, the english arts. He said it's about particularly injecting race. where it needn't be. No one is saying that you shouldn't teach the discrepancy in race, of course, that occurred during the slave trade right, just as we should teach the the inequity between Ray as with the Mediterranean, solar enslave, other north Africans upward upwards of Amelia, depending on whether you look at the estimates and again. This is why I say slavery wasn't really about racism, people, enslaving, other people, because you can find people from every race, enslaving people from every other race, including their own, so to see it solely through the Prism of race is to misinterpret what the slave trade what's not saying,
like what we did. The Holocaust was not about risk. No, they said we're doing this because of raising slavery. They just said we can assist while these are the ones who are being sold and it wasn't exclusive to one race of people. But this is the issue and they want to Gaslight American saying you don't want this to be taught noticing that american history should be to its whether it is appropriate. two injected into saying I don't know English studies do injected into say. I dont know math and you can comment below, especially anyone who has been in public school in a ten years normal I want to know if any of you either were not taught about slavery or not. Not that slavery is bad or if you did attend school. Where see, Archie wasn't Britain out and what you experience was because I have no idea, I don't think he's doing school. Did they started by Textbooks Seattle public school them is gonna rapid fire. Through this they pushed critical race, is a part of the racial equity in black studies programmes, universities, something else. Universities are actually preparing teachers on how to teach Social
step two children using critical theory scholarships. Now let me Let me make sure that you understand is simple: it using the universities know what I'm saying is. They have critical race theory scholarships people who learn how to teach it to children. That's we layers of systemic bullshit economic? pilgrim. Why sure? How good? at our last second, you asian now you man, I got a scholarship for teaching black Syria He also going on a seat on the Detroit Public School Board. Well, go I set the guy, the cash, the I checked from Alan Inputs shoes, yes by four thousand more examples in gotta Chris Repose Twitter, because John or try to turn feather women. He of course provide original sources, so we have the references all available. Ok, here's another point that general remarks. He tries to say that Chris Rueful, pointing
to see our team government is, and this is what John or does, of course, we know that each area picks if the site accuses you have doing so. There are often accusing you have what they're doing if it doesn't really make sense. He's accusing this Chris Ruffolo manage studies, critical race. Thirteen is critical of it of cherry picking, but in the wake of the George Floyd Protests, just as a matter, I the getting too
apple with systemic racism, Fox NEWS began feature to varying now, I'm damage as part of their efforts to swing nap, Angela Back Heart, and they want appearance. He pointed to diversity, trainings in government as evidence of society's influence and spoke directly to President Trump through the camera, about what he wanted to see happen and with that sea, Artie or crucially, Rufus definition of it was suddenly absolutely everywhere. Fox news kept push mentioning the term critical race theory, nearly five thousand times last year alone, and the network zero dead and on its supposed use in schools with roof O telling foxes audience that society is really become the default ideology of the public education CS. Actual rueful has been cut we're doing- is cherry picking the worst examples that he can find of lessons in classrooms or training materials for teachers and saying that is see. Artie, ok, show
We just showed you examples from WWW Tis examples to show you what they believe of just showed you examples of what their teaching in schools, public school board and what they want to teach. And now I think that this man is cherry. Picking particularly seems to have an issue with Chris refer. I guess misrepresenting re government affiliate or what actually happened organisms. Yet, let's go to one government government, a failure: inflation like Lockheed Martin, their white privilege statements they can read I think this is concerned only written quotes. can dismiss another's voice with low or no consequence. Why I'm told about our national heritage. I am shown people of my race made it. What it is. This is the checklist to make sure that you feel guilty about any of these statements, but I thought it was like. I could kick your ass privileged like her. I just don't care. If you don't, What I say right. This is Lockheed. Martin is governed affiliate Organization, ETA, significant under black or anything, and they on use white privilege. Look, I don't care if you left your right. Ok at this point, I think we can. Can we
I'll, find common ground and agree that if you hear someone on ironically used the term white privilege in day to day life there, an asshole friends with Bulgaria, it s, especially when their legged Karen yes and it's like you're, the embodiment of white privilege right yeah, the all don't use it, not only white privilege, the other is in my hearing you because you're, a woman right, you're Phronsie, a privilege, you just your finger in my chest? I'm gonna give you at least one can. a blank I mean just so. You know like it just, but you gotta Mohawk, and you know you got the law on your side. My point is men treat men very differently than we do. Women women benefit from privilege in many many ways: non being. How many times have you with a woman not treated early exact way? You would treat a man justifiably justifiably, of course, the eyes of the law right. If a man, if one in your friends gets in your face and shoved you right, what are you gonna? Do it's gonna be go to both How many times is that happened to anyone out there with a woman, and you don't do anything right
I also don't ask Amanda, bring me a sandwich while you shouldn't at least not if you wanna get sandwich out now, but I do it. Sometimes a little apartment dollars. John, always point there. He was saying silly tries to pick a cherry pick, the worst examples like. Ok, let's go, let's just assume right, those north. This is where it goes. That's the point, John, is that the worst examples? actually being taught right. The workings of our. Unlike your worst examples of radical conservative thing. We don't want the government co parenting with us. We should be able. To teach our children right from Rome which, by the way, I know, is considered a rat. There. that a more radical theory than the idea that the world is layered entirely through pay of race right see? through the lens of raising its more radical prepared to say I should table to raise my uncle. Oh look him up, treat them like Problems are the cafe owners, so he's a witch kid. They were both.
used in this is by going to a public school, and this is paying. Attention opted emigrate right with both sides were used, and when you look at it, it was black and white especially talked about slavery, the different people that were involved in it now they help each other to help each other out of it. The people that influence the other people to change their ways looking through different spectrum and that's the way that it is taught was not taught that there was a white Savior in any way whatsoever. Many when many ways was taught us a black Savior Harriet Tubman people like that but it very very brave their eyes. What were sought to us and where we were and what then, of course, we know that there is always gonna be room to grow. There's always gonna be things to change, but we were always taught that that there was always taught is what you'd? Let me ask you some hours, what divides us? Let me ask you something kite because yes up and I went up a school as well and candidates, so it's very silly We want an entire semester in how they burned on the White House. It's too silly ok you're one when there was even a win
love. You got an aid, was over one hundred and fifty nine at an ape lesson. Sirop Clare, I know had a tapestry. So may I ask you this: School is supposed to equip children for. three only serves the purpose. If it equips you for the world of today right to learn from history, lessons direct Dont simply learn history for history sake. Ok, so it's meant to equip you for the world of today, hopefully to create better, upstairs citizens who can improve the world and make them a better plan. Growth emasculate. Were you ever talk, but slavery going on in the world today in school. I wasn't on what yeah I never was. I was taught, but not really, but who I was told that it's still exist. in a world where the boy did not at their more slaves. Right now now today than ever and recorded history on earth, he'll get to that enclosing. Did you know that? No? No, we just we played in terms like human trafficking. We give it that slavery. Let me ask you
I had to when you talk about schools, public schools, being propaganda arms over a bastion of right wing extremism. I had And learn things that I learned in school like MIKE, there was a native american genocide. I didn't realize that we have for people who are one sixteenth, Cherokee or Apache Algonquin than ever before, because they were encouraged to intermarry. I didn't learn that I learned that we gave him smallpox blankets and took no diseases sent with you think over a century before Germans theory, I learned school of this wonderful horse culture on horseback with NATO. I do know that the hand domesticated horses everyone any of those things, I had to learn these things after didn't learn in school that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Did you I also like when you know anybody white says there, one eighteenth Cherokee, because then I know not to talk to them, especially if they co author POW Chow yeah, like that's, really interest one of her own, and I owe an cheekbones. So here's the thing,
with sex slavery. Of all things too, should be taught in school because of the danger today s everyone you, when you're tired, when you young it says you can be kidnapped this in that, whatever the area visa can't get into a certain children. I understand that right, but if you're talking about and usually what sex education, which I believe that should be taught. I certainly think that human trafficking should be a part of that you're talking about the most vulnerable age of the most vulnerable people on the planet and other than babies in everything that you talking about easily manipulated people using outdated. You ve just sort of bottom up a lot of people here: human trafficking, They create with sex slavery, there's human trafficking actually loaded I know I know I am at your most. Human trafficking is not sex slavery. So that's what they owe. Human trafficking in people think Oda pimp. It's like the deuce, not another, more slaves right now than ever, and it will then I know just for population, maybe to lower percentage, but I'll get to the numbers they might shocking. Wish. I would have learned this in school, so kid
should be learning about these sensitive issues from parents. That's what I think, certainly issues as far as the term knew what we should learn about slavery. We should learn that slavery was bad We should also not slavery still goes on. However, John Oliver believes that your children, and you can watch it. You can watch it get more drastic and I encourage you to watch a full clip should learn all of it, including the opinions taught us that from was not the pit of working very hard to find age, appropriate ways to talk about rights and racism in the classroom. And if you do it right, you don't stop at these civil rights movement. You tell the story all the way to the present day, which gives want and need they have questions what they can see with their own eyes and they deserve good answers and it is frankly far better for them to have these discussions in a supportive. Educational embody answer the potential academically. My neighbors lingered screaming batch at Thanksgiving, but the panic oversee Artie threatens to shot. Those common
I start their own advantage is likely to do what look. Let me, so he's making this. typical ardor in San Francisco Chronicle, look says so left introduction. Anti racism and gender identity in schools face a bitter backlash from parents parenthood would end the backlash, helping dismantle white supremacy and outdated gender norms. My proposal would merely make mandatory handover of babies to this day. Now this is meant to be satirical, but that's but he said, look what do you think is going to happen? He just assuming that he has the right answer, especially if anything right now who's been most negatively impacted by you said that the lockdown by the protests, the right people in those communities what should be the ads from a teacher Figo? Why did my dad's business get burned down by the way if the force enough to have a father, and that's a big guy statistically that matters hey, there's another question: why don't I have a debt
yeah. What's the answer, John Oliver? Could it be? Well, you know it because of the model cities problem because of the modern welfare state, because if you look at in jobs and when this is why we actually incurred single parent, hustled or well? You know that what your father's franchise the Walgreens was burned down because of people who are looking at excuse come to commit violence in your father committed no wrong, and you know what this is now. The answer is going to be a systemic racism, and that is taught to your kids and parents. Right now are saying we don't want that taught to work. It's not that the slave trade existing right now questions. It'll come up that damn sure they're gonna answer correctly to or why did that police officer shoot that girl with a knife? Well, because she was gonna stab somebody else, so I saved your life right that won't ever come up. Who should instead blacker right, Non Oda, racist cup? Hey? Why was Jacob Blake shot? I You would be hard pressed to find a single teacher. Let's say the eastern seaboard.
I'm being somewhat facetious, but not really, statistically less than one percent silica heterosexual, male generating aired in North America you're more right than you wanna, be here a few stragglers, but a statistically less than one percent. I bet you would In less than one percent of teachers in the eastern seaboard addressing high school students when teaching Jacob like situation saying well, actually what happened was he was owing to kidnap his own children from the woman he had sexually assaulted, who called the cops to enforce the restraining order then reach for a knife onto the floor board of his car to try and stabbed cops before they shot. I dont think you'll find a single It's your teaching that I guarantee you you'll, find at least half saying that their systemic racism from police shooting black men. So my point is it's not that it's. Left us. Do we really think that public school teachers are mostly conservative for crime it's that has not liberal enough wishes.
that overload and ring of linen, be Johnson everything else. It is systemic you just not explaining what that means that all exec, that's the problem, its exact same answer without any explanation right. It's just white people, bad and by the way, let's make sure that some kids in this class fuel shame for something that is no fault of their own. Actually, so what is systemic racism is unimportant, but go find me both the guy, a nice wheelchair. Yes, now exactly also they bought some nice k bars for the other. Catch and release felons over their New York's rank were highly proud about that river revolving door literally, you don't even have supposed bail by the way. Freeze the truck refunds place. Ok, sorry about two curriculum now the idea. critical race, theory movement. This is what John over months, it's nothing but strong instruments from instruments from instrument. I would love if you provided his references publicly, but he doesn't know shows do because they don't want a light it burns. He wants you to believe that the anti critical raise three movement is being driven exclusively by white parents. Even a manufacturer, panic is a panic, those.
parents at school board. Meetings are gonna, write, angrier and is any little league coach knows once you reach. A critical mass of angry white parents there be consequences as Asia than forty five percent to forty five percent of whites in America think that critical raise three will make race relations. Worse, ok, do you know what percentage of all other minorities think it will make race relations worse, exactly forty five percent rule exactly forty five percent weird? It's like we're the sound almost like, where the same now, to be fair, only thirty, two percent of lax, think it will make it worse. But the point is You include all the minority. As you know, I think it matters it all away is just depending on the day right. Is it he raised anti asian hate crimes until then it's it's! It's the oppression Olympics. look around its old, only the black, only his black suggested. It's still a lot, a third of black people think this and what are they? The black face of white supremacy, John Oliver? Yes, just a white parent prob,
yes, and that any empirical from Rasmussen, here's the Mcdonnel justly you can see it for yourself, Seattle John Oliver we're just anecdotal right there. I try to show the empirical, but I also it's nice to see by the way. I think I hate thanks for later control room. He exclusively pulled clips of good looking black men like we do know what he's up to have you down your audience. My yes he's pretty good at enough. These parents are definitely not just fight when taking a while back I should, in all the way to rally in into our local school board and Produce C r t that the Paris don't want it. It's a big fat lie. There is not one believe there, If you believe me, I'm looking at you and tell you your life, because that means you look at your blue when we say that their oppressed and you look at your white neighbour and say that their evolve, regardless of the experience that you had with them, we're not gonna. Do that's why I'm on many matters might make me down the retina, repulsive,
just like many white men physically, could what what look at me don't wanna, presently athletic specimen office, priests were notable cedar. It tell me this lot or preliminary theory of this this. This with my life was taking it here, because why false are you kid before we come to not generally grieving talking about this right now we can do this because we train America the first one possibilities a dream and work, That is why I love this country was always theory. ah you will be shown in the media- should have tried some shitty slam, poetry so last week
San Francisco. Voters led by Asian Americans are not the ones who are being pushed on. Someone actually cared about four weeks ago until they were no longer. Can we correct, they voted to recall three school board members who abolished merit based admissions, now. Why did they abolish merit based admissions? Look, ok just go to the reference. I think you can guess so. Here's another claim John Oliver makes that critical race theory is not actually like a revolutionary programme that would do away with our sidle foundations, and by the way this is something I do. It's pretty pretty important concerns. People on the right k were concerned with the destruction of not institutions like reliable MRS with pride stouter, not Nancy Policies House right now, what they say at all there trying to those guys. Thirty, six, I'm sorry to interrupt. I found that our yesterday what a nightmare he's thirty, six, thirty, six brain cells, or my word right eye-
of problems in the world, I think is widened sleep. So these two jungle than me with age was a tragedy. Well, I'm, I mean the country all have at last. We all have our laps stains in history I mean Jesus slavery, the railroads interment camps, these delta doesn't like you know, I think this is important to note. Consumers are actually concerned with doing away with the foundations of our country of what created this country's army, namely this is why you see- and you see this is very different rights. You see the left, they talk about things like well, ok, mistrust and institutions while hold on unilaterally trust the institutions, because you want to add seats, the Supreme Court but So we must trust in institutions, but you know what to do away with the filibuster, there's so much trust in institutions, but you actually want the government to be able to censor other platforms which speeches so really what you are complaining about. Americans sewing, MR by beat by showing mistrust what you mean is not true
sting media, not trusting their house of representatives, not trusting this current former vice president, you say that's a problem, because these institutions that currently So what make America? America? Ok now you have people on there, I'm doing it for you you're right, my left, but you have people on the right and what they The problem with is showing distrust and sewing creating cracks in the institutions. Made our country what it is: not current media, not current Supreme Court, not current person in office, but our founding documents, the constitution, creation of independence, the foundations, the principles that made this country not only what it was, but also currently led to the quickest abolished. of slavery, that is its unpressed and leave World superpower one century to become the only world superpower the next, while ending centuries, millennia long practice, at least in this portion of the world, still exist across the globe which will get to
John Oliver tells you that this concern Those are just concern that see our tee is a revolutionary programme. It might overturned constitutional principles, tough, wouldn't that be surely uses argument, but critics often argued that the ideas behind see anti all being taught in schools and often present. I hyperbolic distorted version of what those ideas are a key person here is this. My conservative activists named Christopher Rueful. He claims society is actually a pollution we programme that would overturned the principles of the declaration and destroy the remaining structure of the constitution, which just isn't it isn't that I don't really like to hear about what we should do with our constitution from a guy who comes from a country that was so shitty we left and drafted it. So true, so
aren T critical raised their amusing, abbreviation kids like the curtain at it, what it Ojo have security, here's the definition of security from hope from home, for me, from the founders of the fees is antithetical to the United States of America. The two cannot coexist just like by the way that bumper sticker One of those little symbols can coexist because the sea wants to eat all the letters. So this is the definition of security about my car from the founders. They wrote critical race theory questions the very foundations of the law, Bro order, including equality, SIRI, legal reasoning, enlightenment, rationalism and neutral principles of constitutional law. I think we even have a clip discussing rice in a classroom is easy or even ways, Donwell experts in this field, readily admit that I was sorry. You know what I was expecting a different clip, but will pull that later? We'll get up on my play that clip again thank you
MR I want I want people to listen to that clip again. Discussing rice in a classroom is easy or even ways, Donwell experts in this field will ITALY admit that's ok, so this is our tries to friend. He says right on that thing is gonna, be easier, not saying that that's not the problem, that's the problem that people, like my people in this room, have with critical race there. It's not that we think. Oh no should be easy to teach histories. No none of us are saying it should be easy to teach the history of slavery, nurses, It should be an easy conversation to teach the history the Holocaust for crying out loud what they Goldberg needs remedial, but what we're saying is not whether it will be comfortable whether its approach, It that's the problem that Americans have and by the way Americans of all colors have with critical race three. They have a problem with race being injected into math and science.
the English, as you just heard from that language. The comment that the question here isn't, whether discussing race we'll be easier, whether it be through C r T black liberation, The question that matters is when is it appropriate? Is it appropriate at all and is it accurate and by the way, while we're talking about this in the gross misrepresentation of people who oppose opposed critical race? namely by the way parents. That's also very telling when you look at the left, opposes truckers working class people to people who opposed critical a story for look about demographics. Mostly parents stir them right. We want a single white females. What the mohawk we want them to be in charge of what our government does, because it's worked so well for us recently, as we ve been just What about even slowly now we're racing down the path to serfdom? So you know what let me tell you this about this: I'm fine, I'm fine with teaching critical race theory under conditions. This
The deal that I would take tomorrow so that leading question ass you earlier date, because I will find you know what ok weak, teach critical race theory in schools if, if it has the right to be a fifty fifty percentage at least so equal time, given to the fact that there are more slaves today on earth than ever in recorded history? Where do I but well that's a forty million number right now worldwide. If you look at the fifteenth to Nineteenth century thirteen million, oh, I know, you're saying adjusted regulation doesn't that should still be a shocking number and unlike slavery in the past, it something that we can. We can change today. we can change. Did I do all minorities matter. This is: why do they all all eyes matter? That's that's racist or the second.
Forty million slaves today, if I like you, have to teach her that takes place it it doesn't. It wasn't united States almost entirely where Africa, Asia. The Middle EAST and by way that numbers- probably probably an under because there are things like indentured servitude. What what's that indentured servitude? Labour glass? Basically after work off a debt? And then you well, you know we won't be paid in the new you. You won't have to work for me more ones, a debt paid off. I just keep extending the debt. Never that's a sort of beautiful cheers in these modern Ms modern blazon saddles town like to buy Abu Dhabi, indentured servants, Qatar, we're clock, boy went sex. Slavery is going on today atrocity this is going on in this country by the way sex slavery in this country, not by the government, but it acts going on across the globe in I'm cases sanctioned governments, so why why
Our goal is to improve. I thought the goal to education was to make the world a better place, four million people right now who could use some fuckin help and you want to sit what you what's the reprehensible Are you a little story, but reparation look? I've got a friend to help you Let me tell the story this. This girl grandmothers from Poland, the bundle of autonomy reparations where you're talking about right reparations. We started a little bit of that haven't weight in the pandemic refer checks to everybody else. Check announcing its erasing, but everybody gonna check right at this point. Of course, we had moratorium, rent we catch and release? You could steal what you wanted as long as it was under nine hundred. Ninety nine dollars has happened. Workin up when you give people free stuff. Does that make a society better? Some de saint take that amplify. You got reparations, but what we're talking about Rep ray. Because you're so uptight, But you see it exclusively through the Prism of race. Ok, I've got a friend her grandmother from Poland,.
wasn't Poland during World WAR to Nazi occupied Germany, they came in and they sifted through the people and turns out that you Erin enough all lucky her. So she became one of the S. S is breeding pitches. Patch await the area right and then fled later to make this more the store. I can probably let this person tell it sometime Is there anything you can think of more terrified? Imagine when we're tat. Slavery is horrible, but this is a person who wasn't quicker cricket you're, too grandfather wasn't or correctly croquet grandmother didn't have someone come into their town? and forcibly rape them to carry area in children. this happened in her lifetime and then she fled to America. Does her daughter get to go back? say: hey Germany, you only reparations. Why are we talking about the future of reparations?
There are certainly a lot that we could put about in recent history pay not only that there are certainly a lot that we could bitch about today. But you know what instead of happy about this, instead of just bitching about things, happened that we all agree were wrong you're solutions would do anything. Haven't we focus? issues that we can do something about today. Forty million slaves today, for Million slave you're gonna. Wait for you going away for the celebrities to do your job for you to start some. Surely the job of schooling is to acquit people in this country to make the world a better place. You think you're, making the world a better place: by putting them to the public's cooling system than offering them a critical race theory scholarship. So they can go back and tell why would a piece of shit they are now? We can teach Grace Deryck S, efforts taught alongside more slaves that ever in recorded history today. Fifty fifty equal time Youtube if the piss off that.
the deal I would take tomorrow.
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