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What do you think of Trump’s pressers? Is doing them every day overkill? And is it hurting or helping his chances in November? Today we run a play-by-play of President Trump’s presser, talk about the public’s mistrust of the media, propose a challenge to the conflicted Chris Cuomo, and play a game of Hipster or Hobo. Information and laughs all around, even Brendan!

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Hello, audio listener, you're a unicorn! You hurt me so that before because you're here, let you listening to a television show effectively, but actually, the month of April, all month, Mug Club quarantine entered the promo code quarantining at thirty dollars off. If you haven't yet joined my club, we're giving everything away for free lot of you're used to hearing one show on Thursday. Here we do shows every day, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday will that's four day, so we're going be putting then from the Paypal for you guys to encourage you not only to join but also to to commiserate with. I guess a little bit amidst this, MRS pandemic. So morning, as well Monday, one say Friday live on Youtube. You can listen to it here in Europe, but live on Youtube. Good morning, my club, where we live, chat with you and go through stories of the morning, so really appreciate it. Please do stay with us and we hope that you enjoy this month. It's all we
do because we can create testing kits. That is not the intro is Ray I did I did. I was, as colleagues said, wait really, moreover, of a technical blend. We have, of course, courted lectured audio way and general day is here we are presenting here. My half, Israel are building is not here, so you run interference forming, which means that I have no protection is even render our user good. Good, I'm glad you where you get those masks from origin may origin. May I ask this: is the guy who claims all the trees in the polls and he had no idea- is going to be in the show until just now
come now. We're not really want to know about. My shows put up show your bananas are even Brennan. Abraham is, did you make this white silk selection? There are two options and what was lake, not one of them was not one was not yet a symbiotic. Deaf comedy jam. The way you and you audio way could both be home alone color palate, in the end, and that burgundy is, I think, exclusive to the morning robes yeah like colors, you write anything else other than a filthy old road. Legally. How have I had this right and why is it that? Why is it burgundy?
nothing else wants to occupy that part of the color we'll now the school everybody from big robe got together inside, in other words a sham, it's a hoax. Really some of them are just shades. So it is not what quarantine! That's a hast at using hashtag my club quarantine. So we can knock out that Bastard Jimmy cost. I think he's trundle codes, Quarantine get thirty dollars off, which is kind of a big. It's a big deal for us bigger deal for you, so you that from Korea three yards often get alot of Canada come slashed schedule every night at eight p m all of April, and of course, women Club Monday, Wednesday Friday? We will talking about Donald Trump, wanting to defend the World Health Organization, Chris Cuomo writer, which is Anna What do you do when I do what appeal s segment with Chris Como? It's almost like, have explored all round and grant you really like at this point to how to do under water spelunkers.
There are new Nook sat around there are. No new networks is a lot at no rest. Clonmel, Chris Cuomo ease positively convex there nothing there, thing to unpick there isn't even a breakfast none at all and what does wriggled out, but will also be talking about, oh just showing from the video from the best from pressure earlier this week, organic you're chat. Let me know if you would like I've thought about us just running the trunk press briefings just because I wanted to the job of the media. Won't when seen in cuts, from its. I knows how we do have a sinner, taming comedy channel, but maybe here or Trotter bits where you can subscribe. We might just run a feed from one of the public network. Awesome Gabby defended. So let me what you think what would happen? What monitoring data medium on ice or do you work here? look this shape. Designing, who do you think is signing the fronts of your checks been solid was not at all speak in the budget. First story, I think Stevie Sun can bring it up that Donald Trump is putting his name and the checks
yeah, what people really upset about the Treasury said that it won't want created delay, but who knows what that is? and stupid and Donald Trump shouldn't care, but neither should you you're getting a Czech. That's that you who did nothing for other than stay at home you're getting a snow day check. Can we call them too? The Czechs recovery? Please pensively I'd like to put my name on one of those who know what no one would buy it, I believe, Your throb checks? You don't even have side really quickly lifted into our. Let's see what ceiling is gonna Sancho goop. Does there as well as a canary nicely
I'll, say we're out or slash recognising without the top hat was okay, so we'll get to Donald Trump deepening and also will be plain capture hobo. I should say you can play in your judge at the blaze. I know the czech kind of stocks and they don't give your username, but just type in your name in your cat, but first always want to think or sponsors today show is sponsored brought. You buy bed, the people has threads and others very poorly, but are we We appreciate the support that people ask how we prepare for the show in and really I dont know how we would do it here for the Marine right without that right and use this product pretty often add ons. Most every day, while I use that almost every day and for many hours hours a day. So did you get this product? Go to your favorite search engine and type in beds? Use the promo code. Eight zis, that's Google ads or being doktor go beds works to eighty eight. These very
and you will get off- Brennan using energy, usually I met you, sleep upside down, my mother, my bed, thirty minutes Really, how rating to tell your employer, we thought you Fran, in zero adversaries call you and fortunately, for me, your genius, so I can't fire you but dont use of leverage, oh by the way. This is something that my friend Johnny Boy and I ve been doing it because we talk about it off here we may talk about it. On your usage, narc jailed, if you tell me I live the knockers. You always said that you would tell me, even if I committed a righteous crime, so I not harmed anybody, but we heard somebody I would have had a fire. I knew that would shut you pedophiles registered sex offenders. What one of my good friends Why swear audio wait? If you show me, I know you won't. I know you won't cause. Snitch is get stitches which the horrible message for you.
Unity. By the way. Now you gotta go with Johnny boy. I have found pedophiles and we don't want it. We want the minute we don't community crimes other than disturbing the peace. Ok, that's good! We drive out in front of our houses at night in Hong incessantly and on top of lights, but anything what the people neighbourhood. We find corner lot. Pedophiles are you, sir? I swear to God. We have found a multiple quarter, Lahti. Science really well themselves in the real estate market needs. I would look for there to be some kind of ain't. Nobody wants to be a reality, a meadow analysis of pedophiles and corner lives. Tweet nor the pitiful annoyed about it all the paramount everyone you do this fine, the pride of files in earlier when I don't need someone who paid in a public park, I don't know your I'd, let it legally haven't, even though there are now you can read up that. You are talking about actual pettifogging guess who are all harm to others, which is why, like I'm Charles Bronfman death wish. Your land in a new start taking the kid only in there, you know we're watch endorse. Explore is good.
And I feel good I know I made his life and more unpleasant. What time do you guys? Typically do this as late as we came, which, for me they got ten thirty August hundreds, those amalgamated get anywhere doubted that I wouldn't get into new and I wouldn't be serving the community in accosting pedophiles properly, Try to go any later. I wonder how this little that would have gone if, if bill had been here, your lawyer, Yet all let me say it was a good idea that it was good that we're good enabling outlets rynason yeah. What do you think about it? Pedophiles honking really feel like that. You don't think it. No, I don't. I don't think I've been Geez about a good determine all right. So, let's get to the first story. President Trump wants to defend the World Health Organisation. I dont want to say that this show influences
heads of state or lay on the China thing and World Health Organization and then see it cannot, but it was sort of parity on Fox NEWS from radio who we're not talking about that even beforehand and then Donald Trump like you do, I think we should look into the hers? No more such not even going to leave a gram. That's too smart for a man to grant reference. So let's watch us go to the cliff for people who missed it that he is going to DE fund the World Health Organisation. I love it today. I'm instructing my administration to halt. Funding of the World Health Organization. While a review is conducted to assess the world health organization. Severe rose, you object. Moral covering up rose, spread of the corona virus. Everybody knows
go on there. I think everybody wanted everybody knows is going and there they told me not to say charities most, it I'm sure, slid. We were half a second away from happening. We're going to review the world I know I really galaxy and put the milky way wouldn't take part in this sense. I think that was something that I love about this we have jointly by the way- and I didn't really clear as to why, before I get into some of the fall out, which is just delightfully really I do want to set up for the press is not the enemy of the american people. That's that's what Stalin's and people try to tributaries Quota, Donald Trump, the press. Yes, I think you said that now, since I defended and we're gonna drive cosiness at it, if you set a commune
these are the enemy of the american people. That's like Mccarthyism, I'm fine with it. By the way he was right about a lot of citizens. A good guy wasn't totally wrong. Ok, that communism is the enemy of the american people, and communist sympathisers are the enemy of the american people. That means the World Health Organization, and that means media who carries or water. If you are a member of the media- and you are score eating our president at this point, for simply saying that we should define the World Health organization you're a communist sympathiser, there's team America. And there is team communists. You don't even know it's a Taiwan exist. So when given the option of funding communist propaganda or not. Usually, I choose to vote to not yes, as what you shouldn't. Forgive us for for looking at history and saying will look. This is a fail by the ideology that leads to millions of its citizens being killed and oppressed, and typically ins very poorly in world war. So we will not go down that road. If you get.
And just like report than just having a great I'm just a couple of times and is a realm of Amerika, is reaching the time it happened. Eminent happened. It happened like you know what thirty years ago billboards it's not like what delivery and other forty rounding button. Around history. We look back at like. Oh, you look back at the Roma and the audience labeling you're talkin about up a very large gap compared to how long we it's been sins are less world war and its not that long ago, in world war, two was airborne forties. Hey, are you going out about right? So, of course you have left us politicians, they ve been completely outraged and going to back the World Health Organization, none other than Jamaica. Love. It can always count on him. Who is drifting, took it so far to say that Donald Trump unfairly blame the World Health Organization and China now the key the operative word. There is unfairly right because it would be unfair of President Trump blamed, the World Health Organization in China, and they had folks like
Can you do with it Ray I give if they were completely innocent that where the Italian flew yet right, where the Luxemburg sniffle right, you played that's a valid points, never have been what it did come from China. China lied about it and the World Health Organization's it will work, don't worry, we'll get. You will help We, like you, think I'm very much and we hope can you cannot cut killing me with this morning. Show here right. It is easy to see alive as he's alive. I dont know again through that Mask act. Can you down, but I don't know, but on the mask its Lou. They don't yet all the ice, Senator Dunham Lesbian, hits the microphone Jean Louis
the mask, but to give this guy folds recently we ve talked about this quite a bit. It existed in a vacuum. The World health organization and if it just existed as though they kind of Socrates had some crappy things. No, it doesn't context matters. Taiwan warned the world harmonization of the dangers of human to human transmission in December in December, and they ignored since the time of accession would have been helpful. It simply going to help me they dogma and not a locked and ninety nine. The claim they denied the claim saying that they said the Taiwan never did. That meant I want at all governing, I have received release the so that we have that recent release. The aim of this is that this has nothing to do with. It is that this is my library forbids go glad. You wrote that it now that our transgender unseen and right now that's the problem
hello algae, be decay ip movement, never given the benefit of the doubt before making waves legal going to wait for the voice. If there's an above average amount of make up by assume it's a virus that that gives you an me love you myself, but I am another So conventional, we now want around now with a little bit of MIKE Feedback, which Couldn't you didn't? I was, as you know, Adams Apple reverberation rights. Do you look supervisors now I done out my morning new. Ever when you're gonna want one of the things about. This is the Donald Trump. We can say what we want to say he didn't just defend the debate show he basically said we're gonna, stop all funding to review right, which he he could still end up going back in saying I will find them. I doubt that'll happen. This is the first step towards defending them, but that's a reasonable thing to do to save guerrilla there's all this evidence that these guys were bad actors in this and they should have done their job better. We're not gonna find them till we figure that out. Why is that contracts?
it's entirely accurate, because the Chinese can act very, very bad luck. I heard Jackie Jane was their best one user Patsy line and that their envy pain, now, I know you're gonna say that's racist too, so I dont Amazing Asians are really bad actor. I think when you saw Kim Jong IL die that entire nation deserved arrest. And it certainly now that I know what I said in our debate of american because little trash by the roadside women now. Finally job party- I do I don't know how much of it is they weren't doctrine aided how much of the likely bought the propaganda, but it's so you have to, because you are so bad at the art of active they'll, be killed the assets can you think of any good asian actors. Brennan gently is and what Vendible Ba
He didn't gray some great work with an end. Yes, yes, ass someday, maybe wasn't it and here is a good thing? If there's a new pull out too, because immediately that it has been torturing, obviously any of their credibility and that's important, remember right now, because I guarantee you four five six months from now, stories are going to come out about the World Health Organization, corruption, where everyone else is going to acknowledge it just like after the story, Donald Trump and want to send ventilators didn't need forty thousand ventilators no place on earth. At this point I don't know, but it has no place in the United States, I should say needed any event needed forty thousand ventilators neo city, top dollar, four thousand, ok, four thousand, so they covered it. Saying Donald Trump doesn't care about states? Doesn't care about? People dying is not sending our ventilators and now, where they do
Let us move on when it turns out that only the ventilators. This is what they'll do right now to defend the World Health organization. Why? Because they hate Donald Trump that they can't help themselves and they will also can you do know that the World Health Organisation, with their parroting communist propaganda point in there you too now so I want to now. I know side with them, because you dont Donald Trump. I can't help it there's nothing nothing I could do he said they dont. You said you didn't like them. I have to defend them, which our trunks gotten say. I don't like Hitler and just watch them prepare themselves apart, limp. So that a new role behind is just not. The decision was not just Are they going to see and I wanted to make sure millions of children and their children our children out of school and because of this pandemic, many still don't have what they need. Don't have wifi kind of computer. Do they have more, they can learn? You hate that
on a board with the mind. How did we learn before wifi? How did we learn that anyone can anyone give me a book reported how fire was started what airport shoulder school. I know this is wrong, but what would we do during the summer time when the same exact number of kids are out of school? How now I don't know, I know that there is no daycare and stuff. So that's the caviar, but I mean come on what was a bit? What was it wrong doing his eyes still using clean up your brain here? I know it's wrong but summer vacation, I'm sorry, What, if I'm trying to complete work I'll, even if there are no day care for people who are going to work that used to during the summer day cares done. You have a date, doesn't isn't what I, when you're home all day, and you can care right? I get that margarine on that still work from home, sometimes something yours cabin.
Some even bring, and I'm openness might be one of those things where you catch something we must speak up. Do you know what he thought was offensive in that statement? No, but I guess I don't see the point low because The summer is, I hope, to be only three months, not like the whole year yeah. You know my my whole point was that in summer the exact same number of kids are out and we deal with it for three months and it's not that big of a deal. Ok, I think you are talking about here. Land relate ordinary chess leverage, our guy, I'm still like an hour now, you're playing chess in a pool still follow the aisle Stephen Leon locating arrive late. So now when you're done my, how will they learned TAT? Can like to know why you're one time we got mad at me in the third grade for missing right last, because we're going in a family trip intrinsic. Do you really think that he's not going to learn more travelling across north
miracle sitting in lying, there he'll find out what happened to the big red dog like we can tell him spoiler. We can tell him once we passed her Rhonda. Ok, it's not that big a deal, so we ought to have again all this design. When you it's a ceremony law complaint, can't even look. Why do they do this? Why they do this? We get it rescue a dog in golden bedsheet CNN. We understand your target market, it is so users, I can't look. Right now someone says: that's all I'm saying is gonna talk when rights overrides occasionally look in this ninety percent of Republicans sixty sixty percent of Democrats Seventy percent of independence believe that China is responsible for the spread of the virus. Cordon most recent Harris Braces yeah yeah. Let's, seventy percent, actually seventy five percent of independent ok. So I what you sent me,
you don't know about you, don't triggers it's not me! It's not me! I'm outside our dear that's what I'm telling you it's not me! Well, it's almost like Youtube. Doesn't care was watching anymore I don't like it, so I guess yeah. Seventy. I said seventy five, seventy six. Seventy I only shot at seventy five percent, provided you know I actually had this happened. Long term are going to talk about the Detroit unemployment rate. Being twenty seven point eight. Sent an item because washing posting fact shut me like no, it's actually twenty eight point two. Stu incorrect. Thank you for anything. I avoid they corrected me the next day it went to fifty percent around Detroit. Well, let's not concerned. Ourselves with minor detail any article of private Stephen Crowd or get it right? again. I get it wrong. Very often are not going to lie, is very complex,
missing here, a whole page wrong in my selection. This morning at sir. It goes way back actual help me so I do. This is remarkable to me that that better than me have no understanding of the american public, dont trust them and don't trust of world health warnings and they feel like they're, the ones that are the arbiters of true throughout their dislike, putting it out there like going. Of course they everybody trust us we're you're, doing our job and standing up against the lives of the night and leave it to the this ministerial. You not think that no, I think they I dont, think. I think I think at this point there are people, don't trust us we're we're circling the drain, and so let's just go full tilt leftist and then ask for a bail out. I mean that's possible No, it's what they said Nora they want to be. The next story is: are you ready for this funding You didn't have a union unwanted instrument which wants and what you want to knock. I would love to milk all right. Let's go!
so now, let's get broken a mug full of milk. Maybe they don't know we had that'll help would be the brain we live. I took care for a week in a half at my house after the last me member. What murmur, when you thought you, you thought you had to amputate your leg user it doesn't work anymore, just turned out that he tied the knee brace way too tight. Will it was way more purple than what you everyone? Now we have I'm anything going with me right now You mean a more permanent when a standard skin color my camera, but one was nice, but it was. The thing is, we are trying to solve. This problem with random here need surgery from standing and he was over at my house so that we can live, and I appreciate it. He wanted to come into work that day ribbon had need surgery, it's not gonna happen now, so he came to our house and he had to sit there. We took care of him for about a week and he was gonna meet. My blood really hurts
when a figure out what's wrong with it. If we have to call the hospital what we need to do our bit his leg tell us at each ratcheted it down like a like Camper Van. Why would you put on a hitch and then finally lived up his pant legs and it looks like like, like I would matter Kathy Bates America's things don't like angels spider, veins but you know the veins of fat people, yes, critically old, that women, my aunt had that that's what you're like look like, I'm just didn't think to let us know like oh wait. Maybe you should of that I tied it down with a role here and then used hockey skate ratcheting tool. I thought tilting at tourniquet on my leg would actually helping at exactly. I thought the best thing was to entirely blood flow to the area right to ensure healing. I read a medical both from the eighteen hundreds and they said events lead myself pass on. He does not have an understanding of human growth factors
silly Brendan, but I'm glad we're ok. So this is something I want to talk about, because I realized that everyone else got this wrong. Look idea Everyone else, including everyone here or think. Did you see how funny the oppressor was on was at Tuesday night was Monday Monday night, so that this is one down Trump presented the video to the media of what a crappy as they have been doing, a gift to them. He was his gift was he's getting really really and it was remarkable, but most people saw if you were watching the main features of Europe seen em they cut the feet, of course, also arrive who hears in watching the briefings at night. I've watched habit. Ok, I just saw the video later online gather the video from the time when watching them at all, just negative and eventually to see, and it worked gotta go under. This is wonderful. Knowing and a case. I get something wrong that one of you can correct if you're, using
the clips that I've disseminated they could be incorrect entrusting. So the funny thing is with this pressure that Donald Trump gave people saw the video, so you saw the feet of the, but what you didn't see unless you watched a cheap sort of local fox affiliate string, which is what I usually do- local Fox Oglethorpe. Yes, you know that just anymore: I'd want to enjoy the last. I been away ass, the surrender of Fox five. I was there with when the Arizona or could be it, CBS six Flagstaff. They have a wonderful. They have a wonderful beat reporter, whose name escapes me have the budget for another, Michael Bay, camera sweets, and so all I have is one shot, just doesn't seed, and so they didn't show the feet of the video they should just give me a seed, and so they didn't show the feet of the video they showed the actual whole room with Donald Trump presenting
video with a timeline presenting it to the media and here's. What so amazing about this modest will place? No one! I wonder if you haven't seen it what's amazing- is that he is doing this with the people who are being highlighted and that video as morons in the room. We looked at them and points at them, so this is get you need you. This is the kind of thing that everyone needs to be seeing. You don't just want to see them Those movie maker greatly video made by a White house in turn that the entertainment factor here is watching Trump present. It's like the inception of asshole of petty Teddy S holler. But it's a wonder So let's play this clip from the lesser on Monday. With that I have a couple of interesting. We have a few clips, it we're just gonna. Up wicked turned the lights a little bit lower. I think you know what let's get a nice beyond our shores, I'll ask you some gazing a man, because you so guilty.
Most importantly, we gotta get back onto the reason we're here, which is the success we're having ok, please either put it on in writing. Ro the canopy looms over my concern right now, with the country's particular concern about the krona. Barnett. Look at security cameras about reality is comparing it too slow. For example, it's not even close to be at that stage going to enforce the this is good. I like this a little butter pride aside and do we have you are sufficient Wait, wait, wait for a fashionable such as yourself get involves. Our worries that Americans be about Corona virus court of ours is not because of major is the United States.
And now I don't know whether the editing we don't need transitions. We're gonna watch gets a moving time. It's a school work on suspending travel from the United States for the next to unleash the full. I wish I look thing as much as Donald Trump loves watching himself origins is. Both patients can now visit any embryo conference at no additional cost. First, we want someone put you look so many. I think you know these weird There's a big with its amazingly. This was actually more think you can hire, and you know the guy Peterborough China, that, where intervention. Look look. Look. He looked directly in southern Spain. He points out like remember that world. Remember that
human rotate says? No, whether the idea was to halt the spread of the disease. Keep transmissions to. So uncomfortable intensity. Looking forward like you that saluting Russia, like someone, got two fold up the flag and put on a casket, but he's got that Adam and Eve has actually going to submit your against the spread of the virus. Never. That is why the member that maybe that was your dad boys, I think we all have the trumps call them about. This has been doing everything that it knows that it is probably looking at someone who works for Cuomo right, plunged he returns, calls reaches out he's been proactive, till this head, like that's my voice. Mail, is totally down here. Two thousand medical
Are you here is this, via these days, everybody here eight days of stations in a volume in that's very, very helpful. The president has been standing out through all this. The vice president's financed standing members of the crowded, can I ask you: doesn't MC caully, Coke and, like my parents are in Florida, had I been new, even though the spanish president came back called the short a few minutes before I walked in here to see Did they would grant Jersey? So that's a big step for Well, it's amazing accrediting said that glad he said it. I view media. You know that's right, you're, the one who said that previous thing, I pointed out you to call you out for some sort of last for presidential major disaster declaration. I want
Sank the prelacy behind him. It's two italian she charged with their hands satisfies me. We make the best made for their continued. Looking people someone in the yard about his, I wanna five o clock, though, that the present, the vice president for doing really good job early shaded, your dad and now he's Daphne walked back slowly luck, so we could give you hundreds. Including democratic Democrat Democratic. I call them governance, which is actually the character. A rapid. I know someone had a talk with him, so they can. I use a Democrat, but depending on the country towards a democratic use, I know terms No, no, I don't know terms, make ready to New Burke GINO
the art of the terms. So many terms. It is this to me it is. It is petty and childish at exactly the punishment this media is our or thereby their petty and childish to absolutely. It is like you having your nose rubbing the carpet where you insult so many people are like. I can't believe that he would do something like that in the midst of this crisis, that he would go out there and start off a press briefing like had you watched what you ve said right at this present. What is supposed to do? This is an honest question. What does the president supposed to do with the media constantly lies in Miss characterizes what he says and does is disposed to just say: will may you're right. Maybe I am a bad guy right when he's not wrong. No, he can say. Look you guys said what you said. You didn't holding your dialogue because I think Brennan's buzzing in wearing Brennan really wasn't buzz. It was about buzzer yeah, thanks Brennan!
this is not a general. I really I get that its petty and its childish in the way they did it, but it was absent. I mean it in the most wonderful of where I know exactly what they deserve. They need. Somebody you just simply is is is simplistic. I don't you think. Donald Trump is is not a dumb guy. No people can say he's bombastic downtrend hasn't aged right since become present. Even if you compare the Brok Obama George W Bush, he came in ass, bombastic as not super articulate, but he is surprisingly quick on his feet sometime. He absolutely is, and this is, but it's not gonna work- think about pen So I was saying I can be present for eight years and want us to hear nothing, but look he's mean for playing for them what they said.
Yeah right embed, really at the end of the day. That's what we're saying is that the President, how dare he play them, what they said, what they either have to show their own words on their networks or I hire and look like any second spring of idiotic foreseen and right now the currency union push factors at designate, grossly workers, as first responders looks like it is the my pillow guys ghost of Christmas. I was in the freezer tuna along with that. What's your knee look like used vacuum pulled up, they dragged him out next up Walt Disney Corpse, Macrian, real, hey, hey, hey, hey, welsh wealth, Wake up. We need to put you Next Sanjay Gupta because make up artists as on fur. Allow me to make em look better by compare
union pushes to designate grocery workers as first respond, as unions would yeah, because when I think first responders step aside nine eleven fire fighters who are running directly into the rebel there's, someone at the Piggly Wiggly, whose task ice. I gotta restock the pickle I'll. Oh my god. I can't time and a half what stupid things are they saying actually becomes available. We certainly like to see harnessed, sounds this really is like a huge vacuum back. Did you just say something about eight luxuriant waiting? That's good! The second attack gives wherever they gosh. I think about this for a second, when this to be. The main story right now there are not only that we we're not. We are potentially not funding the World Health Organization, but hey here's the World Health Organisation is basically an arm of the chinese Propaganda Communist Party in the end instead they're having a guy to talk about grocery store for years, and I think the grocery store clerks great we should get in.
No problem with it, but it may be that, as it may be, that this is the cupboard right now I understand you don't want to cover the fact that you were bent over and effectively Asperity asylum area complicated like it is Joe Biden, Circa. Ninety three zero. Whereas an idea we talked about how uncomfortable that would be to be a member of the press. Have the president show your face? show your quote saying is This is not as bad as the flu and then look you any. I remember I've heard of you. Member journeys like pointing with a little corner. Jim is this year, right am I made was that you jump on doing his play. What you said Jim is that you see what you did. Played a clip of me yesterday out of context, guess what too can play that game? Only. I include the contacts that guy's context is what
U S Diabolical produces a colleague is ill and show me on this door where you screwed. I love it. I love this. This is his mentality, like that it is going to call them out every single, diverse areas share. We owe this to our security You just put it in a weird place where you made me doing. You showed you chairmen, distributors, appreciate your commitment and know what It comes to screwing themselves year tat.
By the way we assume I do have my club Chatillon we're. Ok, look like that before I go to a traffic would get good morning guys it was. What face is the name? That's a real man good morning, guys, as you are a coffee gurus, even in because of anxiety and caffeine sensitivity. Do you know of any decaf copies that don't remind me of way? our aid, I dont get it. That's not the obsession I'm not joking about them, you now, so we get what some distance but do not often heard authorization. I should have read this before I read a double jack is given is feeding meat is what you have given thanks given. I will so I don't know a lot about decaf, because I'm a man so I have a sensitive, and indeed I know you have decathlete black right. I dont think decaf and resume. If there are thirty gave, is as good as their other blends, then it's probably plenty good decaf. You tend to lose something because the process, I don't know, I'm just not a big. And so I have anxiety- and I just I just I just drink through you drink I drink through that power.
What, with more catholic an alcoholic mealy Ivan our car, but I drink throw off engender the other side yet another chance that we consider anyway yeah see good morning. If you could roast any president. Who would you choose thanks for the morning shook asked. Any barrage got another means put them on my roster. I was assumed and ensure it for something. You are too busy scanning to lie ahead. You actually reference year, obsession Harriet, I know if I could roast any president. I don't know as you know, I've thought about this because they asked me to write at one point who was to write for the gridiron dinner. Sure not the corresponding we're not gonna write for someone else nominal shop and do it said. I think they like rich little, there's something you is what what does Reagan sound like.
Tell frank travelling now, so I don't I'm- and I would like I dont know if Donald Trump has a thick enough skin, to laugh at himself this privilege. Is it better that you like somebody that your roasting or that you dislike what's, which makes it easier? Probably the best would be Ronald Reagan he's you may have the best sense of humour about himself. I guess who would have liked the rose, the most Jimmy Carter, just because typical of this kind of a rule in comedy relating nothing is off limits. What did you just say really? Is he's a door? peanut farmer, you gotta rose, I would assume Lily. Contributing motive for DJ. Ok, so there's no there's no did chess, there's no chess and he's not even playing checkers fourteen these. Backgammon on a Checkers board, but he's wildly entertaining and how he thinks that he knows what the chess is. I wanted a bogeyman bored. I went every time just say it. That's the commercial and say I just think that commercial this I wish he thinks that the rule. No, I said I win, but you woke daddy. He clearly, but I said I win so
Jimmy Carter and the reason why, in common it is a rule that nothing is off limits except the helpless okay, so Tipp. That means typically, like you know, people who have obviously disease like terminal illnesses or people who are mentally like target people, think the mentally retarded people. But all that goes out the window because Jimmy Carter was president, so it will be the one time I could not that I have a dream of laying into mentally retarded people read but I'll be able to see what works when making fun, whether mentally retarded per element of mentally retarded face Bible Jimmy Carter a few months back. There was a time when Jimmy Carter was in the hospital because he had a bunch of pressure on his brain Ray, I think we do. We caught it right. Economic goes to mean it made. It
We want a horrible go find. There goes the sponsorship from beds, then the very name such as no more than ten, above all in this house to relax Brendan, is right in this region. Are you all right, they're bringing Turkey up you shouldn't drink caffeine. Do you know the coffee machines to complicated? So I don't want to touch it. It's a lot needs you quite literally, hitting button right, that's a climate. Is you have to click? Did you hit a week we drink from it? Then I will be expected to clear what are you talking about? No one specially to clean anything. If only because we don't trust you Don't want salmon this guy, we brilliant. We do have a question that include something about coffee. So if page says, if President Trumpery opens the economy too soon, you think you could potentially costume votes in November. Also, what coffee brewing method do use in the studio,
keep up great work. I dont think that Turkey can reopen the comic parts of the economy too soon at this moment. I think at this point many parts of it. I think it is what we need to determine what is non essential. What is essential actual on the opposite. We determine what is our knowing what is not essential right when I say Only you! Yes, we got topsy turvy because watching that timelines, it would remember when you download from could do that. Remember what you said is said Joe, but you may Nan essential. Are you sure you were a rose to me? I can show Mary clips fish of your word. Whisker they're gonna, like put day two hours in April, which clearly took a nose different they were surprised. You did that we were surprised. You even put Didier even put bread. In the shop after he was
on painkillers was a question about moving bloats going to think about what is it? What is not essential, in other words, the only industry that you should be shut down. We should only be quarantining people who are vulnerable old, PETE. I've been things all long year, old people, people who are already sick people, diabetes, quarantine them, because that will also benefit them long term. If we develop some kind of a herd heard immunity, does it hurt, tell us that not enough, I heard immunity, but that can only happen if this runs its course is going to run its course to monitor what one way or the other right. The only thing that we're doing right now is slowing down. Maybe over overpopulated over running the hospitals, which really is happening right now, maybe right because of the efforts, but I dont think you can lose votes, but I think that the media will look for every single possible opportunity. It opens no matter when he opens the economy up, and I know we say that he can't technically do all of that. It's really gonna go down to the stage where it should be to say hey. This is what we're gonna. Do I'm fine of New York in California sticklers of along they have more cases than anybody else.
So that's totally fund, but I think what they'll do you like? The look for the one or make sure that you'd, undeniably nine percent sure that I know New York has they have to where they have one? Third of all cases in the United States we will ask causing experts worn four hundred thousand could die in Japan is virus is contain you want. I really wanted to watch that number go down like Fairest bureau hacking into Ed Rooney's computer. Four thousand men unbelievable. I guarantee you. It will not be born in London. I guarantee I don't even know iron of numbers and fry me I'm as well and is unwilling to state my reputation on holidays. I will roll the dice four hundred thousand in Japan. Ok, don't guarantee
But I'm pretty I'm relatively sure. As far as coffee, you know we have an automatic. We, the jurists press, the machine here, it's the most expensive non camera equipment that we have because black rifles sponsor. So that's what we use in the studio and then at home. I usually use chemicals or I just do a quick pour over things, keep it pretty simple or sometimes use the other the individual pour over. So that is the best way. If you want good coffee to just do a poor over, if he can have electric kettle, you control the temperature pretty easy or get a otherwise it to get a real, expensive coffee machine. Like Mr Coffee blackened Decker, if it's under, I would say it's under a hundred fifty dollars, it's not getting the coffee hot enough. We have we ever traffic update or are we the traffic I did. I was going to say one more thing: we we actually have a breaking news story at the top of the map register in the talks now, so China urges the? U s not to halt its funding to the World Health Organization related China has an opinion about this well listen if you care about that so much you first, how about you funds
yeah right, there's another. Why should we be subsidizing your organization or about that? China? Ok, China? How about here the rules? First, you acknowledge Taiwan, you apologize, you cut the debt and half that anybody owes you at this point. You hey reparations and You start funding the World Health Organization, and you know what happened to if you bought into data then we'll get in Brazil. We will consider taking any. This is what I would say. If you do all of those things, then we will consent, not ruining your day by messing up your entire government, about that, I'm that this is close to an act of war. What China has been at this point, as I have seen in the modern age, think about the cold war and we're afraid, obviously, nuclear weapons- that's already happens now this brain charges, these about changes, needs a body with the right people by the way like to know
can't even find a nuclear weapon in the other side of this hemisphere idea, and it is remarkable that this is more proof. They expect the United States too to front the World health care bells. Medical innovation were the ones you have to come up with a vaccine and where the ones to fund the organisation that lied to us about disease and deny the only information that was actually accurate in December because of political motivations when it comes to Taiwan, why would we ever take part in anything the World Health Organisation does? Why should we care and China even more? Please do actually this. Why should we care what you think, even if there's nineteen billion of you now Donald Trump, looks like he was a prophetic, but he could see the future like he was pulling out of some of these deals with China on purpose. In saying these guys are really really whore
We shouldn't be dealing with in this way. It is because I all my god he was looking at them objective. We yeah and not bowing down everything they want, I'm bringing up the article now as this is breaking so I apologise anaemic more later about about the number of cases in New York and domestic airline travel ts. Amiens lesson: what does this ok we're here? It is right during Wednesdays Press breathing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesmen solely down at present Donald Trump authentic. I would have thought the Brendan would chiming ever since its adoption leave- and I dont know that that taken speak Cantonese by the way or disarmament. I said, namely good chinese actor, and he said yet Leda. Do you have any idea? How shall I put a black dot that is on your country's history? China amount of liking? If they were like? running any good american actor and just some american students ago he run like a girl with a video gently good.
It has only just begun. Fat seem races, chinese hormone disrupting allows use annually on lounging. Ok, that's parallel raises now. Do it like make fun of the charter is languages because I'm not pronounce it yet you ve, no with anything I can do with italian airmen about it and we do in that area and we do but the Italian, just like the vonny doesnt respond really yeah. That, however, is not yet to a racist self styled, drunk decision, the baby downturns decision to cut you S, Tronchin contributions to the who this is comes from ABC News to the World Health or what impact all countries across the globe aspect We, the more ones you may like Taiwan, what you mean like a pandemic? yeah. We max every country in the world to China, China, China, China to China. China check. Yes, thank you are paying attention. How about you help the most vulnerable countries in the?
This area, there not saying hey the World Health Organization help the most vulnerable countries in the world. What they're saying is the word. Health organization entirely relies on the United States subsidization to fund the most vulnerable countries in the world, China. Why? Don't you take care of them? any islamic nations by the. Why pick one ever or they hoping that vulnerable countries in the world? Why does its ball? In the United States, Canada? You're? All national events go off. We wouldn't have time to make the Orville reddened Bachar but Are you guys? Please let me in another language we give you. How can we give you security when you do overpay into NATO and then now? For some reason, we have to pay a propaganda wing of the chinese government in the World Health Organization, or it's our fault that people have to dig wells in Zambia. How about you gonna screw yourself? China just do a little bit. We just want you to do a haven't. You started
people by the way why that is also why it is our job to help the most vulnerable elsewhere. But we cannot help the Chinese not much that you won't even the Chinese. By being fair in bringing in our guns to China, they dont have access to it. They have to make the goods they can export it, but you can't let them get the quality stuffy camel them gets up. They want because, of course, you for class. You're. Right you're views your own people and you want to call the United States to fix the world and, above all I get it. This is the expectation because we ve always done it, and this is why itself, no one here, saying you want. This is not saying lodgings how what you're not saying is that the United States is an evil empire here that all time right, united with an empire, Where can you imagine anyone? Anyone can you imagine the Mongolian going Hey yeah China? Could you take down the law as a task for us, Sorry, my bad that no no consumer, the roman empire, some some
whose, under that some of them using Hey. You know what you're not doing enough for the people across the globe. I don't want my my job. I know the roman empire immigration elements, but exactly what was happening outside of their employer metal. But what are you doing for Ethiopia? That's an old place, bigger, Now I know what you don't say that to an empire you say: leave, don't rape us and pillage our stuff. The United States is the only world superpower. By the way, the only world superpower who fled the world's greatest superpower, one century to become the only global superpower- the next century, and we ve left places better than we found them, and I know it is a holistic and what about the Middle EAST you're right? It's a quagmire, but that's because
governments there are run by animals well, and it's been not only the people that their governments neighbour, with stood up before we moved, and yet it was a really bad guy there. In Kandahar they saw United States Marine rolling and it's a big data goes. The neighbourhood cannot act, will probably values we. Finally, we might have a neighborhood. This place has gone. That's it looks like the grants. I want I'm confused China once they want to have all the influence that they can with debate show. This is your golden opportunity, China step up. They want to have the ensuing money, but they want this. This also tells you how much they expect the american media to be complicit of claimants influence, but they dont want to front the cash hoping that GMO Costa reads this or staff Annapolis gets hold of Well, I was prepared to show that definite bless you so you're one of the top economies in the world. You pay the three hundred and sixty million dollars the What we pay? What you are you think our economy is not a new phenomenon. Not american Misunderstand Academy is house of cards.
These ideas are centuries of human rights. Abuse is now work when you, when you when you take away to add ran chronometer. What not enough has of cod you'll has, of course I do see rape, kid economy like the guy who rate care what China just do me a favor and talk to Russia, the USSR, about this, because we did this game before and they saw their you're gonna hotel improv is little anymore. It's good for the little one at little. One act about what to do so a more weakens the who cape abilities in harm's international cooperation. Well, ok, this sounds basically political compass tests will be taken, harms international cooperation where we spoke to be cooperating with doesnt matter. It does huge in drinking milk with his mask. Is it through the mass linking trying to Claude Man, Ass Mass
I feel like you would just run down he's sure we should probably find out before the end of this. At present, the global apparent dammit situation is grim and is at a critical moment. Zau told reporters. We urge the U S to fulfil its response ability and obligations and supporting on its ability to lead the international combat against the pandemic? Guess what that you? I don't want to cooperate with you. I want nothing to do with you euro. This is amazing to me it would be like Nancy Pelosi reaching out you're the same person who was dancing in Chinatown, say: where's, we're Chinatown, strong, common Edison biscuits Raphael It's just allergies, which is its. It would be like cursing hey. Let's cooperate to Donald just cooperate in the impeachment. Why cooperate with it, but I have an idea in Europe, but I'm willing for the United States to guide and go back to the level of funding for the debate show that they were before China. You open up completely. You don't get to tell us what the numbers are in your country. You give us full access. This is like the would be the atomic stop the idea right now.
That on Japan, none night that didn't, I know the light even opened the country up for it. We would really going on. I don't mind, I don't understand why the Y know exactly what the inspirational used as we all do. The traffic update we'll do it later correctly. How late we're running all right. So then we have to get the hipster hope. That's back. It is its So now, let's get to this other issue, charming on China? Oh my god, what's happening and see an end to Roger P, hence in creative, free virtual therapy for blackmail is well that's nice. What virtual would mean virtual therapy. I dont decide where those eyebrows painted on how I hope they might be. They probably article The blackened. Isn't it odd that, what's your name poppy? What's your name, hobby Harleigh hobbyhorse has to pretend like she's, taking this whole thing seriously, Rupert, that's a real person, those eyes I first miss Red, hence in character.
It's right here, Hansen. I thought it was. Somebody came out of the creature sharply racial thing, clear, she happens to be. Your guess, is as good as mine me and my hair and the eyebrows you're ever give. If we had a protracted I'm sure we could tell where those eyebrows If you look at the are off into the horizon line here, make up artist shouldn't have to factor in trigonometry Asian Israel tonight, Kosovo, a tangent and words she's a dangerous and the word I need it. Can you do trigonometry burn it? We can't let you Brennan problems. You have to think about that by the way to think about it. It's not a trick question. He didn't say like what's five plus five and you like ten is like Dietrich right now. The imo asking the Dew trigonometry management of those graphical let us work together to eighty five expensive way to spell boobs. You did not great
The new calculator that you can read them out. We're of Graft vanguard, joke as a good, jug, pelt story. This happened today. I guess I'm up somewhere between three thirty four thirty, not that, because you tie you jack you get after Ivan. I do I make my own decisions- you're, not the boss of me. So I was up very early and I drive you. I just go for driving a drink, migrant coffee, Nemours come routine. I listen to the news and to add to be very careful because I wasn't it usually NPR rent had no, I fall asleep at the wheel, such as you have to change it with other new. Maybe sleep more! No, no! That's what it's just empty yards, We have a lot better than they are federally funded to be boring, so I was driving and then I stopped it and I hated I'm too my everlasting shame, quick trip combining Chuck Norris doing your sponsor. They show I'm the biggest advocate for quick trip. Why? Because I grew up in Montreal, we have anything like that. Everyone, you, my wife, is to mock me because it is loved.
A trip that we look at this gas tat. You can get any. Where do you get it? If you could, get gas, and that is why is it nothing because this person from an island just like found like a grocery store? Well, that's it! Montreal is an island in that's very astute, so large, River Europe very familiar with the waterways and the locks now. Ok, zero parts of the only familiarity I have with Canada is like Scott Pilgrim Link. I wouldn't
at last part, don't say that out loud cartesians cartoons, this poorly made villain- let's not a cartoon, so long, a time before the up, so I stopped, but unfortunately morning there was only racetrack nearby near to stop, because I had a problem with my muggers leaking is data, so what I was doing was wanting to carry out any trash, referring again racetrack, not even close to quit ship. If I have to stop and go into a seven eleven, I honestly condom plague blowing my head off every single time. It is vital that gas I mean it's good night, it's terrible! It's terrible MIKE says I won't do it with a Walter. I will make sure if I ever higher myself I'll do with competitors fire on, because I don't want to. I dont have this march the reputation and want to sell their goods, so maybe it'll be like like like up if I go into, if I have to go into a seven eleven ever again, I just as I hope, there's a router
by that's all I hope paid out. So I go into a race track and my wife left one of those fizzy waters there cocoanut, which basic suntan lotion. It's like I'm shrinking the subject of a Jimmy buffet song. Cocoanut, look rights, disagree, no what's his name Kenny Chestnut, except once only the latter's club. That it gave very work. What you got me into a street fight by the way. We know that story, because it s an upcoming Jessica that you don't talk about Kenny like that make with oh he's your Kenneth Yonah first named basis. I digress so cocoanut, officially water. I'm carrying a step into the trash, but accidently no have in some of its spilt on a crucial area. So, and so- and this happens- I am always like I dont want to since I often get recognized particularly gas stations. People look there's this weird connection, so they can talk like for twenty minutes.
Secondly, I don't know you and I are probably don't even like you would you buy boss, you never know. Work is often enough. People like are watching right now, see me. Television or something frontiers. Mamma dont, like hey man. I do I do insulation for premium homes. Well, I don't have a premium home and I dont use inhalation. I mean you, don't need me banks and then I go get my leg up. So I actually report as I'm getting out of the car. I noticed that it looks like a crotch old state like a piece like a yearning to myself and I walk out there's a girl whose latino I don't. I don't know. If he's mexican could be hundred, I will just say between olive skin too, and she looks at me and she looked militarily. She looks and she goes through the door. Opened up and I was I was playing and pr very loudly and because it so ass to keep me away. So I see your vote open, open the door and she looked at me like this and does
it's a right away without thinking I actually like I pay. I acted like I could I wanted her. I thought she's always universe split second, so choosing know what's happened, I think this is happening right now, so I actual like and dropped more on nice words. So I didn't look like I peed mice, Sheila, goes, looks down and would quickly economic significance. It must now now it just needs. What are you trying to cover two examples? Like children like that you bought out she bought it. She did Bonn Yak as I said that Don't start bathroom and in and she was. Over the years that easy. So she knew that needed here. Otherwise, you'd like. Why do you care? So maybe maybe you have more p that rang we're able to cut it off Then I went in and someone's I like. Those of a black lady edges are actually happening with minorities to blackmail at racetrack behind elected the custom food section go there somebody there I'm kidding not only those that you'd rapid
so that was that there was little electric is able to love that now he was I would it made his orders, but this may seem like going backwards, but Kenny Chechnya is actually short for Kenneth. Chestnuts really has ninety that short for Peter Puffer. So how do time do you actually spend in gas stations? Because most of us go? muttered. I probably can like. As this year's story, you walk the Isles and hang hours loiter out. What's going on, I look and see what new energy drinks election cause. There's there isn't like. They rotate new energy drinks, more so than the magazines in what is obeying. That's very o celsius. New, oh wow, this is a new one, and then you realize it like there. The reason that a lot of them are sort of rotating is because they are entirely illegal
I ain't got out like a joke Koala, there's nothing wrong with just the cat being ironic ginseng, but my dad you, like the first pre entered pre work out, was something called Ultimate Orange and that was what was a federal super super closure of Andorra is illegal now, but ephedrine you can get in certain like over the counter, like decongestant script error. My dad taking this because some idiot at the GM my death play hockey always worked out, he's always been in Tripoli, even drink coffee. Somebody said: hey. Take this ultimate orange it'll help you work out. Medicinal sounds like a good idea and he took it. Never my dad going ok by sea, I'm going to the Gmos CALL planet muscles early in the morning anyway. Out and less than one minute later, he walks back in and lays down remain a college actor. His heart was gonna, be out of his chest, a while to that happens with energy drinks, but didn t, I repeat, and I really telling a story was very Gary Shambling S answer
She thought I paid my pants and instead I poured the Waterloo all over my just it was called Then that's immigration when I was There was no negotiating eye towards Xaviera start. You dont know because you don't follow entertainment, nine this right is. Transport is there another one, this, so let me see here, Chris GonNa Penelope hits your hope. I had no idea. We walked through a forty feminist John Kennedy. What happened John K in Sanjay Gupta or as its known, a fuel self unhealthy book? Think if there could be a book teaching you how to develop the opposite? of charm. It would all written it'll be written by John King forwarded by Sanjay Group. I can tell it like it too.
I just hit my Michael just going. To wit, you know, I don't like your phone Santiago de facto you you don't know what this thanks to undermine that boy. Maybe you started it I don't think. There's no idea that I reject my god. It was funny get me bout self, destruct risk Cuomo, and I love this because a low risk Roma, but not for the region at most dont Chris Cuomo he this week have yet been following. He trashed his tracks is his job, but not the way that you think saying that he didn't want to be involved. Hyper parts in politics and light will play the audio clip, but the context here as he actually thinks that,
in is not left enough, so that change the wide. Let's roll, the clip of good old risk Roma. I don't want to spend my time doing things that I dont think that our value all, namely laying Chris Cromer well Nancy. Aiding I dont like what I do, but we need to do a Chris. I like doing this, show I like talking to you guys, but I don't know how you indulging the rationality, hyper partisanship. I don't think it's worth my time. I want some jackass loser fat tire biker to be able to pull over and get him.
Face, and in my space and time and place, I want to hear someone who the Hell's angel jokes on you, my tire standard, but he's gonna throw Niger. I've is very small, bitch usual, so funny. You guys all heard that right Sure I know. Sometimes we tell jokes and accommodation systems, because any real story that was Cuomo. There has not. Anyone then went out of him. I want to be very clear. Is everyone in agreement that that was Chris Cuomo and you heard him say: certifies even Brendan, speak louder Kangaroo through the Minsk yet calm down, load, buddy yelling for years means. That is so. Then I think this is yesterday. He walked back. This is an interactive. Well says I ve never said it. I never meant it oversight. Reset it ok, why would you need it specified a mean an event that I might have said it I'll? Do deny me the answer. I have you thought about it. I didn't say it showing all the bases distant
understand how recording systems work risk like they cannot see trumps a press conference. I was sick. I forget, I showed you my lungs, yet my ex right, my x, ray and totally normal diagnosis from doktor was much shows signs of being a pussy. Yeah. That was its matured. They came up with a diagnosis of. It is remarkable to me that this guy said that right there and then just I never said it. I never meant What how this just show you the lack of accountability. He think that if you doesn't say I'm seeing and it must not exist, I so that on some kind of a party answer- and I can go on my network and say that I didn't say- I think he was being honest- that I think the guy who really wants to be a hyper partisan using semen is hyper partisan enough. Because you never seen a lower Cairo because you never monitor so he already Rick Animal. You will then what-
One thing is he wants to push back against Donald Trump? He wants to be more of an open leftist, a dialogue and it's not worth is time. They dont pay enough, but I think I know why you walked back, because this talent was hack, actually make six million dealt dollars a year. What for CNN six mill six million dollars a year just for him. He should just gaelic of ownership of the World Health Organisation. I think it's a right off while, but that's entirely confirmed because they have my like black celebrity network for some stars in black celebrity network. We can bring this up. Maybe has me listed at four million. Really. Are you relax celebrity now? I don't know about. As I speak out of your ass, it was I who may not a club property in Dallas Texas. Well, that's not true Well, it's not suffer any now that big news for me of not true. For anyway, a lake, oh by the way by the way, are the random biker guy he ran back is what an actual person he minded about. A lean forward filed a police report. He caught Cuomo this. This is
What have I lit and corn dean and combat a meltdown and told them that he'd find him seriously is right? There were here's the thing: here's the thing you hate bullies come on old bicycle bicycle guy got a psycho by recent weather is thought bikers Greece had fact tire bikers motorcycle, no you're right, but he's dumber than we thought you're. Talking about a cyclist. You had one of those big fat. Now I've never done in silencing violation. This problem- I would Chris Cuomo, I always say governor, but you haven't, earn that you're, the brother of a guy who did it and has never ring. So we don't do what you do. I will say I would welcome you on the show, and I know I don't know I wouldn't respectful civil, but I don't like you would be so we can also just have a rustle mania for all. I won't be guaranteed right. I don't care, and I also you know. I have noticed that there is
trend with Chris Cuomo, where we always plays a tough guy in what they call them. Fredo's, hey man, that's an insult! The your people that today's selfie your people is an insult to my feet. Not first, I've not know it's mostly down stairs, not a racial epithet. Yea threaten to push him down the stairs and right here you told the bikers. You would find him the Good NEWS. Chris Goma, I understand what you're yearning for all of us are you're. All of us are lungs. Contact rings courting the Good NEWS for you. Cuomo is I'm incredibly easy to find and very willing very on one days notice. Now, we will hold run the show, but I would gladly allow you to find me in and sanctioned magic could be baby thoughts about a chair aiding too by the way. There's an interview here, restocking, but how does cross fit and how rains Mme, but wary trains. Enemy is more like street defence. Like it's really tough. I would love to test the theory. Let's see if it's working for gills out and then he tried to accuse people being bullied hold on. A second
You get paid six million dollars a year to go on CNN and a guy catches you violating quarantine, which, by the way you have espouse, should be against the law. All right. He blows the whistle on you and you threatened him with violence on a nationally publicized programme, which you then walk back. You are the definition of a bully. You punch down and then walked back when someone above you what your network punches, not really punches, dump its banks, you and says no notice. Don't be on the carpet going I'll. Never do it again. So you want somebody who work in the industry and then you and me Italy cower when someone ASEAN and tells you you can't do that. That's where the line I would love to hold you accountable, Chrome, Chrome, I wouldn't do with brains, delta, wouldn't be fair and as a reason for white classes. For a moment, I, exactly right in air. He, these two twenty work for debate, so more work for a bullet in Bali just bought
me crisscross brigades, so I'm I was confused honestly when I first heard the quotes and everything- and I saw some stuff come out. I thought oh well, he's he's not gonna go as far left anymore, he's tired of being a partisan hack right, but no, you won't see. What's the co further left right, I M has he walked Emmy? Really, if you ve watched any media, if you're working at sea and entering this embassy do do you not watch the other people too gonna see what's going on a little bit. There is nothing that I can think of that worse than him on CNN. Maybe Spelter is worse on CNN than he is yeah and maybe tapir at times, but maybe I'd also like a letter is still turn the fat closeted gaiters coma. You can see a lot of things about risk. A lot of categories.
The only two things you can say about other is that he's morbidly basin closeted homosexual, but you can set up, runs out there, which is why wouldn't want to fight him, wouldn't be fair. It I'll be punching down there. You want to do that would be punching I get down. I understand it, hunting in and then trying to retrieve it from the amoebic mass that is Ryan Stout there's just I bet you have. Wouldn't it be very hard to soup Lex you work. Could it be that grabbing grabbing a giant bar? So, like the blaanor, I hope he goes as far left as he wants and ends up without a job. I Europeans it without a job. I knew it shows that far left. I dont want him. I don't want him on the news I wouldn't like Chris Cuomo to just you know, take a pay cuts to like a quarter million a year and watch him soil himself, like the rest of us, nobody can live on their nativity, threatening, bikers and guys in pop up ten. So what was the biggest circassians I'll? Throw it down? The stairs
Ok, good lad! To topple, doubting giving guarantees can react like it's a lifetime movie. I should have put my life Bognor now you're, not trying to someone you never does have we ever seen Chris Cuomo have we ever see. We ve seen plenty of video. There were plenty of color from Chris Cuomo from people who could do nothing about it or have no interest in doing anything about it. Have we ever seen Chris Cuomo respond to someone challenging and or challenge someone scarier than we have ever seen it ever get really really really pushing that video by the way when somebody finally stood between them. Then he was like all year round. It is like a man. That's right, I'll, be back! That's right, better homely back up and to cross it brought a video. Those I think he's we like swing, have until now been do not pull up. Pull off. I've been on call up right, completely, remove the land from the equation, and it has a vital keeping movement lower back pretty sure, but I spotted it uncle Rapto Bitch COBRA had through they get a swimming and like the dolphin mode,
yeah yeah, exactly I dont know I dont do breastwork reset. I only do butterflies stroke. Why cause it's hard, but you know how to swim. Normally. Now I only and I've never learned our guiding. Aren't you going to die. I do Jacobs Ladder bra. What's that it's a really hard ladder come at me, Ok, if you insist by the way the notification believing it go and we'll go to hips your humble here in a minute regional, your jets hit all notifications, because descriptions dont mean a whole lot on Youtube and, of course, do consider joining up a lot of credit. I come Slash Mc Clellan, please renew, because we're not monetize on the Youtube. This is all the keeps it going and I ve been really fun to interact you guys and in an read your chats what a wonderful sponsors. Well, you know Walter try, the Walter, that's all we say, and so we need to say these are satisfied there do it I'll arms. They are cool, beautifully, designed and deadly. They don't need me to sell them. They they don't go out and like cigarettes. One point in here
this guy unseen, and hence this this is unsafe, two hundred dollars, but that was the per capita. The sunset are awnings, even design dangers that Rachel re. It mostly doesn't provide shade because scientifically comes in at an angle, so depends if it's gotten wrangle a course of black rifle coffee at world level, coffee that comes out of internet protocol crowded, you get twenty dollars off, and this is really is my favorite roast. It is unbelievable. I really like it. I told you this long time ago I hated by rival, coffee and the reason why would they came to be a sponsor year going? I said no, because I purchased a bag of their coffee at a gun store in Michigan and it was old and stale and something this is like all this, like I paid for crap and then finally, so I will just Unita order roasted what oh, what a world of difference here and the prevention about who can carry their stuff, so I just got a rival. I just you know. I pre judge you. I judged a book by Europe. A soul in the in the B room of a gun range cover.
I should have known that it was right next to the nine millimeter. I want it was like a year ago I throw in a bag of coffee might as well hopefully the commercial yeah, it's gonna look at you, I actually think we're going to go swimming more chat of Oregon hips, let's bring up a couple more chats and I'm gonna play hits your hope. I want you to play along with us. We ve known as a whole wine benefits, and that's largely because we had to remove all spot the Trans videos from you that was one of the condition is to still not being monetize anyway. So why? Yes of what
So Braden says hello from Nashville love this question, but the whole group, I've noticed conservatives, slash libertarians, seem to have a more finely tuned, BS radar than Democrats when it comes to news stories and life in general. We are more sceptical by nature. Why do you think that is? I think it's really simple and I think that world health or and appreciate your question. I think this whole World Health Organisation debacle just shows it for what it is in that the left believes in the valley, the collective over the individual and any kind of an ideology that values the power in freedom many of the individual over the collective is by its very nature, going you be individualistic, dasso industry. This is white. So, finally, when people say are not left or right, I take them on an issue by issue basis like there's some some kind of a free think, but that's what conservatism is
is actually being an individualist, an unusual standing that every single person is different. Now we tend to share the same values, of course, on free market principles, on what the legitimate role of government is, but the reason that we believe in shrinking those rules and shrinking taxes and shrinking government intrusion, any kind of public intrusion is because we understand that individuals should be left to make their own decisions, because we believe that they tend to do it better than a bureaucracy in Washington DC. Now keep in mind. Let's look at this right now, a climate change. Now the message you ve sold right between right and left is
from the left from people like risk Roma who granted he hasn't been hybrid cars. Enough apparently, apparently, can somebody please throw that men a lifeline God. Let him be more part as they say. Well, you deny science. When really the conservative saying hey hold on a second planet can be warming. Humans can be contributing. I just don't think that the Paris agreement is going to fix it, and I think that China is going to play ball so that individual look at the issues. You have plenty conservatives who actually think that maybe it will support that policy of plenty of consultants who don't think the earth is warmed, be catastrophic amount. They have plenty of conservatives who think that humans are condemned all different kinds of conservatives on that spectrum, the left. What are they say? Is you deny science resources, Do you think about the arguments presented? I'm gonna trust the scientists? Oh ok! So let's look at the World Health Organization. Let's look at this tsars number two epidemic because over Sars number one this is the sequel right,
we say we want a second, I'm not quite sure. If we're gonna get two point: five million deaths because looking to death, we ve known you can't we accomplish what mortality rate in a testing rating, we don't really know, has been infected yet and the left as its actually gonna be two point: five. What one? Second? What about the issues that I just I just brought up? I trust the scientists. They say two point, five now they're saying a hundred thousand two and forty thousand. I trust the scientists why you trusted, or they are still absolutely right. Well, I'm telling you now, I think, is actually problem, because if you look at the individual death rates- and it was motel room, six percent something now- it might be point zero. Four percent, when you take into account people that pre existing conditions in all its sixty thousand now. So what about that two point? Five, may I still trust the scientists? Why do you hate science? They look at every issue from a collective lens and they defer to authority consistently, because I believe authority hasn't right. That's why this pandemic. They believe the CDC had more money
we base its. So it's very simple. It boils down to conservatism. Libertarianism we value I'm doing see my left your rights. This is a good look at a stage of the stage stage. Last stage terms here, see rigour, upstage, better downstate and through so you're, not forgetting which wants right after my left, your right, libertarians conservatives by nature value the power and freedom of the individual. Of course it takes a village right. That's Hillary Clinton book what? Why don't think it takes a village? I think it takes good parents, and one of the things that we don't subscribe to as conservatives is. There is some kind of elite class of people who know far far far better than anybody else. What what is good for us and how to implement it right. We understand that it and, if anything we ve learned this from small businesses are around the country and in technology that there are plenty of people.
Can be experts in their feel that have great things to contribute. We don't need it to be the top person. We can talk to a lot of great people what they always think. They always think that at some ruling class is going to fix. It provides the right personnel say this, and I really do respect Joe Rogan for having taken lecture saying he would even say would vote for Trump by the way. That's amiss. Miss reporting of a european city city would probably prefer trump over by, but you know what this is. The idea that you see from the left like what needs to be the right person and he's primary great with binding, said here. The democratic party they made they made. Made us all out to be morons when they pick this guy. Why didn't birdie make you out to be more? I got that guy's gonna see he's gonna smoothed over all the wrinkles that are wrong with the current democratic party. They line is the problem. If we had what, if you burn put point,
saying and by the way, I'm not. I don't say we be fine if it was true. No one thing on actually grateful that we have a president who wants to give more power to the states who wants to give people more money in their pocket at rather than taking their tax. I want the guy who doesn't really need or want the job and Joe Biden desperately need a job because other stop. It's the old folks on. That's nice may have heard of We saw them on CNN, but he'd rather be relevant until the sound of the atomic. Ok. We have to go right now to not to a commercial worry are going to play for the first time it will even two years hips how about let's go, now what now just hipster hoboes segment stout just just throws up guy period. We tried again let that's right, Oh.
Oh my god, we Louis this worse thing, that's ever ever ever hurts, but this is worse than Sars and then it was not of our most about covered. Nineteen is that I can make Sars jokes anymore, but we should also examine true, well, but now, when you first, like China demand we fund the World Health First Brendan that you do these things. For us, but gonna It is we who are not just ass. Well, this drive and value of Europe. Ensuring that idea? I mean you are awful, but it was a good idea. I'm gonna make you shall Brendan can sing. It was noticed.
Even unease at all and with a mask on he would hear man. Singer, ok, suffer dont now. Can we put the game? Nor do we know of those words? Oh yeah, ok, ok, we politics over people who aren't familiar. This is actually- and those are the striking it was two years ago now can. Anyone else knows is striking similarity between hoboes and inhibitors point we're it's almost difficult to tell the difference. It almost impossible, and what is going to happen right now is is a quarter blackguard and audio way. They are going to show us a picture and we are going to have to guess if it's a hips, your hope and the one of the highest score gets actually nothing in return. Gets to end this programme. Our legs. I answer right, let's go another one see this. Ok is that a hipster, How about nice mug? What do you think Brendan hipster Hobo looks like hips you're trying to acquit John snow like everybody thinks I'm thinkin, hobo. Ok, I think and hope, because the the long hears get there
I'm going to go to hit skirts. Ok, you travel say here that I will say I'm going to say hipster, because I'm looking at that Miller and I'm seeing a to tone, it looks like underneath his pinky, it's a different town like it could be a clean canteen found it or the hydro flask. So I'm gonna say hipster sorted out one is the whole go? Indeed, just re mass, no g d, no but the thing is my one. I was right in my assessment. That's a hollow who does take great. He pays great attention to drink where yeah, That is a good thing. I've ever you are all on Sweden's, wrongly that how you around by Turnus these, given all the horizon with no those- our answer. You guys to nothing. Ok, let's shows another one inhibitor enabling it was
that's a transit different gathered a track. We probably shouldn't play the clip on now, and I don't know I don't know you know. I hate that I hate that I put in a position. We now have to make a judgment cover that all the information available to me, because it we could lose our jobs, but I want to call it we're gonna. Do it, I think, that is a transgender hipster register, because we cannot afford the hormones. I think I strongly giant. Let's say let us now One is a trick. Joe. You see he's neither just a tramp, he she that's. The first submission leaders. I will say this. I appreciate you look out.
Eddie allows Dr Resale right through me a lifeline, and I was like the guy. You threw me them the lifesaver, and on that basis I don't hand me. The flow is needed round, Let's go, let's go now: let's watch the tasted of her mouth and now. Ok, I feel like this one is so obvious: it's gotta be then I am sure that it should go. There are no lenses, but as a just cause you can't afford the lenses etc. There are no less than either a hipster or TED Bundy. I can't hear it also that the years also the ranch that's been tossed into these plants. That can either be a hipster who purchased worthy Parker Glasses or it could be a hobo. Who is due note donated Ruby, Parker Glass Point yeah, they're, just tons of hoboes walking around with Tom's shoes and we'll be Partridge. Why are we gotta with style statement? It's not that it's not said. If you go to skid row, you like this,
Nor is it a coffee house. Our knowledge is just wonderful companies. Some compassionate cap, or did you get these for free or for three hundred dollars? we want a hundred dollars and I think it so obvious that it's a hipster gotta be headed around. What do you think Brenda? I feel like it's trying to be a trick. Question yes, unwilling to bed it just you think it's him, sir. Straight and I'd. Like I don't know, I don't know you could be right. You see you're playing for De Jes here, you're thing: that's my idea of no! You don't have any idea what each of you play back Amman with a wall. That's what I am going to say that it is just a very attractive hobo. Ok, let's they want we accept that one is a hit. You see you should have known by his fair trade tee
Why are we all recognise that is wrong? I couldn't know that is a team was fair trade, Sir Baby got it arise, Hicks a photo and with the blue curve to give her the blacks joyously That's what's wrong here on earth all that is this! Ok, let's do one more. Let's call it a typewriter anyone's going this right. So let's see this last one richer elbow you can play along with us. Not fair! We're not seeing facial that beards. To quote the next United the neck is clean out right wing, Second, we live in a single hobo, yet why I have a little yet the very person was about the first, but our citizens, like the turbid, sponsored Homa. That's right. It was that it was the hoboes Slash, Yeti, cooler, my right, I'm going well. In that case, I think I'm going to say hipster here about rethink. We think Rangoon hipster. I left I have to kill
idea. What even read, even though this game that those aren't really is bought on, he's asleep rose. His elbows are dark horse and all of this he just can't cook spaghetti noodles Rome burns them to a caress public. What did you try to cooks you just through them in a partner vow, they ran. I really feel that its incorrect to call them spaghetti noodle, it's not corrected all yeah, mostly because it was actually a penny in wasn't spaghetti He thinks it spaghetti is a synonym for pasta. Ok, we all we all say hipster. Let us know Edwin NEWS Hipster. Indeed, you where's will skies and ninety five degree. Let me locked away. I also know I wouldn't play this before, because it is entirely is a gross violation. Hardly reimers everywhere, have copyright of trademark infringement and the entire Paul Simon and Garfunkel cattle?
guess I as well as just human decency right, so happy about. Oh all, right will listen to weave unevenly chaffing good chat to send us out. Otherwise we're just gonna go out and do their personality test. If Joe Biden gets lost in the woods who would you like to see as a democratic front runner things grow they after content, doesn t, ok, I will say this. I would if Joe Biden relating after buying gets lost in our long would like to see as the democratic Domini. Ok, I would like to see whoever drove him out in left and the word yes scattered seek. That would give us at least to democratically littler hotspot. Someone has to recognise a problem that proper his thy name is Joe Biden, so I'm going to drive him to the Ozark and let him fend for itself, which you know he can't is not out of any person who I want to do and of course we know it can't be Bernie. He can't traffickers are cataracts, so my guess is it would be. What's your name? What's his name, you doc Bait Francis,
so there you go. I want bring me Francis Bade, o o Rourke, because I did a good job dropping Joe by not in the ozarks nature. That is what I want to see. That's level political discourse. Ok, we do have to get going tonight, we'll be taking the polluter Compass quays because you asked for it I'm not happy about it. Of course, alive show tomorrow, at eight p M a lot of courage that conflict schedule. So you can follow us we'll see you tonight. Thank you. See
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