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2023-08-31 | 🔗
Yesterday, Mitch McConnell had another deer-in-the-headlight moment when questioned about running for re-election in 2026. Tucker Carlson predicts the Biden administration will start a war with Russia to secure the election. Also, the late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, and Seth Meyers dropped a trailer for their new podcast, Strike Force 5, and it’s hella cringy. Tune in. Guest: Bryan Callen. Join MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub Watch the FREE show on MugClub NOW: GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sou... NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/ Music by @Pogo
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and everything you see today is entirely funded by viewers, like four. Eighty nine dollars annually joined the fight it later with credit outcomes. Last month club today. The delicious, was with you today. Actually, for the first time we are going to be trying this run down ob discussing the show the show hit it we have the older,
the entertainment minutes today for this, but the five late night house then, to virtuous failures. Are going gonna autonomy for a show, also Tucker karlsson predicted a war with china because they, an extra russia, russia as a war with about product with both of them. Well, yes, avenged, both of them and we have exclusive audio, the first call between chasing paying and Vladimir Putin and then also something that people are talking about, and I want to be clear here and I'd like for you, comment below Mitch. Mcconnell, look it's it's sad, It's also said what they ve done with with former vice president Joe Biden now. I think, of course, These people have been bad actors in a lot of ways, but I'm not nearly as upset with them, as I am with you people pulling the strings these people, these are if they're senile a lot of these people. This is elder abuse and I don't know if you notice it's a big problem. This country, elder abuse, takes place at a much higher rate than young
people when you talk about old folks homes when you're talking about financial fraud, identity theft, it happens a lot and sending people out there and when there clearly unaware of their surroundings. I think it's a relevant topic, especially when we get into I said, especially. Let me ask you a question, especially especially when we get into how many of the representatives but dick I the actual tables they should be dead. The average age is the same as the average age of a of a leatherback turtle so well beaten about that, and I know that sometimes you may get said when you see old people, but you know what it's also funny yes so at another question of the day. Do you think that a former vice president Biden would start a war with russia just to stay in power? Do you think that's something that he would do? We have a lot to get to number two gerald: morgan g'day? How are you I'm doing? Well, you're. You call me by my real name now, no geral de. That was the slip
with g morgan junior well, because now he just mug club just got certified gold on the twitter, that's rent. So everyone here will get those gold badges, which I dunno. If it means anything badges, we don't need no stinkin badges, that's a horrible start, and when you hear this, you know who it is he's going to be the king center in melbourne florida, that's the one stateside, not the penal colony september. Twenty. Third, I didn't go see all of his tour dates by the way in your neck of the woods, Brian Callan, dot com and that's a great way for you to support. If you don't join mug club look live ticket sales page it's something you can go and do and go support these folks live ticket sales. Don't lie branch out good to be here. I'm always brimming with comments and after the hardest part of this shows for me to keep quiet before you introduce me yeah, yeah yeah. My comments are still.
essentially the most difficult struggle if you've lived a pretty full life. Thank you very good for your comments. Do you have a haven't heard one guy they're still brewing, he wrote I pad yeah big data and september day repeatedly check my notepad I'll. Do whatever I wanted. No pat! No, you won't other things. You want, there's a reason for weight classes, all right, yeah, hi, the joke is you'll, live forever. I care, but I'm a little insecure about my frailty around I'll die very young one hundred and seventy american pounds a month. Seventy three actually after I've, eaten while still alive, they still got it still supple and you they were only five minutes into the shots are buddy
apparently you know: there's a hollywood writers' strike and it's still going on and the late night hosts have a real problem because they have other people who write almost all of their material. Really, yes, like forty writers, depending on the place that hundreds and hundreds of employees who simply actually create the content and then they have to pre tape it and then still whittle it down or if you're, like chelsea handler, whittle it down even more and steal your guests jokes before they go on air and have them submit it. It's true. I dunno, if you guys know that it's funny now hold on I've done. That brings us a street and certainly a joke. In statement I never had that experience with their yeah. I'm not thinking of her. for you this week, entertainment minute so the late night hosts yes, I just said that phrase in the twenty three dropped
a trailer, I guess for their new and here's. The thing remember when trailers used to be in the nineties and have been fatal attraction, there's always a cliffhanger, and it told you about the film after the era of the Michael bay trailers, where we're just a bunch of transformers effects and then transformers sound effects made it into trailers that had nothing to do with robots. And what is this? This is the hunger games. Okay, now trailers can just mean some aid old timers in a webcam here is now the new podcast where they formed the magazine, I guess of late night hosts strike force five they're calling it, and I warn you shall I mean you have to watch through your fingers strike force. One more time Jimmy I am Jimmy found. I was technical there, That is illegal. I thought you said Jimmy. You meant me Jimmy, but you meant to meet you, I'm always menu, but when where myers, who do you mean I mean job at, makes up I move us together, for
maybe an hour a day strikes. Five subscribe to it. Now modify or wherever else you get your podcasts spotify you watching it, was so depressing. It put me in such a funk. I had to cheer myself up with the lovely bones for life after the boy that's another rule or no more chipper. Now we got here was that the I have a podcast. it helps a teaser watch. What subjects did they touch? Oh, the beauty is when you're that funny, when you're that town, you could just talk about anything, we're just going to we're going to sit down and talk for a refinery or maybe an hour, maybe get a twenty million dollars. Couldn't you do better than maybe against gay guys we have to Jimmy's, let's do a joke or idea the wrong one respond. No I'm doing this. The Jimmy usually found
But the thing is that this is no no he's kimmel unfounded. Not the worries on all because, at the end of a great looks like these I just wish I miss the ghost of johnny, carson cancer, really big pots so that is causing to see bs news? I guess there that central mainframe, here five of america's most famous late night, comedy hauser banding together to create a pot gas to discuss the ins and outs of the ongoing hollywood strikes. Hence fast, and I was going to say that even the topic, even that This is how out of tat they are by the way murderers rose is coming up. We weren't planning and playing this again here. It's coming up a monday on labour day, because we don't pick your pocket every first monday of september, but we're are going to be discussing the hollywood strike gotta rather go through a car wash without my car. It's called a shower Brian moment. And then you'll never get
what happened after that, stone walled see what's why tuning tomorrow, that we have more information, yeah we're going to be discussing exclusively the hollywood writers strike, because we think that that strikes at the heart of what its most americans, who don't watch our show for an hour a day, yeah yeah, the trailer it was dropped and jimmy felons ex page. You could not twitter anymore. It's gonna, take a minute and remember they protested when elon bought it. What it was like back in the day they used to say if, if so and so wins the election, they did it with george w Bush said with romney that it would down or move to canada and they never dare yeah. They were amish,
if this happens, Leon musk, I'm leaving x. I notice you still have your verification badge interested in your, like your view, and your palm trees in california were to make a stand. So the reactions are pretty much what you would expect. This is from assam twitter profiles. One guy wrote guys if we combine all our viewership will get at least fifteen, maybe even sixteen to watch ambitious funny. One was someone said, oh good, so I can ignore you all at once. Instead of individuals that have better every now and then you want to hire that guy hey, I bet you he's not on strike, no he's not union scale, but thanks to Jimmy, talking about his way to get two hundred sugar resist branco, it is sometimes a tiny bit
it's sort of the coach hate that we're talking about them. So here's the thing. This is something you guys need to know the eighteen, forty, nine demo, the coveted data they do not tune in they do turn into late night programmes or the numbers are abysmal, regardless of the writers' strike, and this is just I don't know. If this, I think, is the total average, not the demo average for march. You guys can correct me falling to one point for me, this is not the demos isn't grandma numbers. Yeah corbett This down to one point: four million camels down to one point: six why this is total. This is true Well, I may put in an owl crap, you mean credit, three million, I'm just going to say around up I round up to three million it that that's the I did not this is you know someone address without me. Knowing is not a prompter, I don't care, but the demo numbers there are a couple hundred thousand it to be cloud. No one aged eighteen, forty, five, some people do it ages, twenty one to fifty, something there, not tuna
into late night, and these people are desperate to claw back, and this is the silver lining you remember, these people would influence elections. A lot at one point in time. Take us from yet at the industry. A changed, Carson right, Utah at thirty million. These are now sick. Today, super bowl numbers you'll. Never have that. Again, there were three networks, and once I went out there was an indian going to be so I understand we're not going back to that, but this is significantly worse before the writer strike and so now have teamed up by, the power of yours combined. I suck- what happened in the past and shows like this have exposed hollywood, because what happened you wicked spotify people- prince Harry and megan Markel, and they had you know Springsteen and obama do in a pocket, nobody tuned in and what
happens is that they weren't. Oh, you guys. Aren't that interesting and long form discussion your great in five minutes clip. We have a moratorium on even mentioning per springsteen in the studio. I I'd there are few people going sack of talent wish. I had a bit of a springsteen fan of airplane, you, surely they let you know what I mean you tonight, by the way we used to have this. One of the first shows I ever did on reddit. Today we are going to be a little more relaxed. One of the first shows I ever did Becca back on when I was on radio syndicator. I know if you were on that show first, I think we're monica crowley in shelf and And kill harrison olympic medalist. I remember that show it was yesterday or maybe and blended. Maybe I don't remember it's like the Jews gallia early on back then we pulled up an old Bruce Springsteen. You know just two of your being good is not too many and back then he was sitting there. Talking like this, when we do act in raw like a young albert Gina, is totally fake and
figurative, let it be nice because, although they are not all the people that trigger you, Bruce Springsteen's, you go back to them offender. I media array pull up the senate, that's going to town performance by burst, but I know it very referencing is horrific me bad guys. You can comment. I dont want to get into a whole springsteen thing. We did this. It run through its enough. Also john cougar melon camp. You can. Take a long, walk off a short, pier near the edge great song, as I don't care what you're saying adding to hollywood's idiocracy we're living in real time warner brothers now announced and again, there's x. It's not twitter. H, be out its max. This should tell you how a lot of these companies these entities, art necessarily working. They cannot apply their classic cost structure to new media and and you have the burden of these union to do serve some purpose. I actually agree with them on the a issues, because this is something that could put a lot of people out of work. These are skilled jobs and
well, but also your your rights, your rights as a human being where someone can just mimic it with a look. I understand that is not ill founded, but that's not all they want. They always want more money and the union's lookout for the unions. I mean I was in the actors union because I had to be. I had to pay twenty two five hundred dollars wherever showing up on set and the first rule I've gotten in the united states, even though I was already technically a member, because I was a member in canada, they said yeah, it is, but you have to pay this fee as well. Just take it the first couple of episodes, know if the paid up front and actually true story, brother, who was one of the first. You two partners in two thousand six to me, the money that I, could fulfil a role that I had already received anyway. I'm having a lot of it also comes down the fact that you may have a writer and actor you ve gotta be very careful about how much you think you're actually worth One thing is an actor in hollywood. I always knew whether was riding writing is. I was always eminently replaceable. Yes, it just the way it is man, I'm young enough it it's just too easily, be like next implicits at the cottage industry brain broke out. Look like
I know dad ringer shuddering, yes, my nose. He also involving I do them so CNN, alive alerts just They think this is going to help them. Hbo became max right, buying discovery in history, a particular historical accuracy, unknown mermaid. Yes, so it's now, man another decided: this isn't working, let's ad, cnn alive, alert pop ups. That means bring other shows films that you were watching on max. You may get a cnn and by the way, I'm part of the beta testing in some one of these last night. Again, while cheering myself up watching the lovely bones I'm not going to. I should This is not about
sure I wasn't sure, is very topical. Don't you wonder what like in the media in the idea room in the war room where they can or will it are you guys are ratings, are wit and in so many went about pop up Yeah see movies that people pay for to not have a herschel's moses, like a commercial right, is that the promised land with pop ups. This is going to save our network. I'll tell you one time. I was at a fox news and they were looking at doing this new show and it was an ensemble and it wasn't working and one of the people there who was ancient who had worked and like the steve Alan show, he suggested a monkey boy, you just have a monkey there anyway, that you'll be there like a whole time. perched? Like I don't know if monkeys use purchase, I don't know, but I don't think yeah. He wanted a monkey for what you thought, instead of either going to layer because riot because people love monkeys just to just keep right, that's
that's a little bit of genius and by the way the monkeys are always funding. There was a knock down, drag out fight mad to be my first year of we're in the writers room. It was the first I've, never seen anything like it was an absolute brawl over what what word was funnier in the sketch monkey or midget like boy midget, yeah, well, product there are cancelled, we're all cancelled, commits a real work. That's right! We should call them dwarves, spears and offend. Why do they said media? Was I don't? I just go with willow and by the way at last, was a hundred million dollar venture shut down, after a month. One hundred million dollars couldn't make it work, but hey the failed hundred million dollar venture, let's put their pop ups into max you come on everything, hollywood ever going to get it right. Of course, I can guess. That's been this weekend attend aren't you know it
We're going to. I know, there's an update on Del. Yet let's lists, but that too later right now, because I think there's one is that we have some other stuff to get too and by the way to live. Show monday through friday. Ten m eastern here on earth well, if you're, watching if you're touching on. You two were testing the algorithm. Please do hit that like button, because we ve been shadow, throttled there. Of course, I recommend however, the rumble anyone will be continuing doing them club segment segment. other show everyday. Did it? Is it really so? Let's go to Gerald knows things here. I dunno, if we a standard for this, but it's about Tucker Crowe, don't worry, I know I just messed up your hole and find your map and tucker Carlson obviously talked about. I think it was it yesterday the dimensionless yeah. I think it was the at least I saw the interview come out yesterday, so maybe it was from before, but the clip started circulating around the internet. Okay, so he predicted war but with china and and and russia, and what book it? I'm not huge on geopolitics- and I dont like the russians or the chinese either
you wanna modest. Now, that's true. I dont like the people bring us into Europe nose thing. I ride so Tucker was talking with adam corolla and he he predicted that in this this may sound a note of it far out. But if you follow through on this logic, it actually makes a little bit of sense. It's in the realm of possibility. This is kind of like an alex jones moment. We predicted this when the work was Ukraine started? No, no! No! No! No. We didn't predict that he would start a war to stay in power, so do not buy nano, so we predicted that obviously there would be, unfortunately, this kind of force, russia into the arms of the tiny arms. Well, it's going to force them into the air to china. But really his point right now is that we are technically kind of in a cold war state because we're funding the enemy of russia is specific to russia. He sang with any year we're gonna be drawn into a hot war with russia right here in the clip said they can't lose. They will do
anything to win. So how do they do that? You're, not You covertly get anywhere on the rights of fraser to do covert and mass mandate. Then I could do that. They can't do that if they've already been exposed that won't work, there's going to be now. What are they they're gonna, to go to war with russia's. What they're gonna do There will be a hot war between the united states and russia in the next year on the of yes, of course, they wanted anyway. I don't think we'll win it, but the wrong separate analysis, but I think the a political matter. They need to declare war footing in order to assume more powers in order to win. I believe that, and I I would suggest that true. What do you think is wrong? There drilled, I think the wrong. We win
I think there's no held winning a warlike that today, though, I think is what he thinks. I think these are unwinnable. Wouldn't you didn't say that so he didn't say like nobody whence he said and we won't win. The battle in the russian military is a joke. Now it is a joke. I didn't have a lot of luke's. We have we have them. I think they have maybe them slightly more. We have slightly more, I can remember where the top two, obviously in the world than we have lots and lots and lots and lots of nukes. Yet I get that. I don't think that we go to a nuclear war, but his point is that it Biden, administration has no other options and they us into a war and declare- and he said You know kind of the war powers act and in making sure that the party in power stays in power in that situation. So there is no election if they can't get Donald trump one of these ways. This is a way for them to stay in power, and I again I think this is a little out there for me. I don't necessarily agree that that's going to happen, I dont. Let us now here too, in a war the statement that administrations understand that a perpetual state of war is often good put to stay in power. That's a different thing. I don't think I mean I don't know
in other words at the very clear and you guys, can come at my being sure to hear the discussion or read the discussion, the common section. Sometimes I haven't you ever read demeanor and one of those ay. I voices It is interesting to think. Ok, there's a path, there's a straight path with lockdown, so mandates how that affects the election. We know that happened right and I dont think that they will accomplish I hope not. I know there are plenty of people who are willing to be. You know you oh ponds and we'll get into the abuse of the elderly in a little bit as well, but I dont see that direct power and it doesn't mean that couldn't happen with a war, with russia the direct pass into affecting the election. Whereas if you're saying hey, we believe that maybe it'll increases popularity because you'll be able to sort of projected pseudo pay. it treats his arm and vilify
for foreign enemy yeah, but there's a very clear set, there's a very clear rule set with id mandates on how you win an election by abusing that with absentee ballots, and things like that right. So suckers point is, since it's already happened. It probably won't happen again because we're a little bit we're more aware of that kind of thing. But don't you think it's way easier, both are but it would seem to be way easier to ensue deal mandates or locked downs there starting a hot war with a new our power like rises at it. I think they're, how it start. I think they're both among the do. I think it's a tougher cell in large straight path to winning an election rise. My thought, but you would need you would need somehow, for I think, russia to invade and nato power like the whole, and you don't know all I need all you need is to Appear- is the russia invaded nuclear power. Arms? Are nato power like poland? That's all you need is
somebody to do something that you can make hay that they they did this and that's pretty easy. I mean those as pollock are, surely you to say hey, I think I see some russians over there was that over a year ago, now, at the top of some nukes to say we'll see I dunno but you've been hearing this by the way for a very long time, the threat of the russia, china alliance and we've talked about that as well. So this is not new, but here's a refresher. Its officials have been closely monitoring signs of increased cooperation between beijing and moscow. As you know, when china and russia former alliance against the- u s, do you think that's a realistic possibility. I think it's not yes, lady. We have witnessed wet hair and a wind. You know I've never seen right now, unfold. Last february, present, she unprecedented in met in begging, it has signed the joint declaration problem and shoulder the partnership without any limits. You conveniently left out the most important part of the deal, which is what the united states wins out of it, that
the only be conditioned on Vladimir putin exiting his military alliance with china and just because, as far as an update that matters, the chinese just incorporated russian island into their territory on a new map. But now I don't know if that's a map- oh as a power movie out air harm. That's that's hours, and sometimes you ever investigative journalism unit, but the lot of you don't realize we also have a we have exclusive that are given to across the globe on a regular basis. We ask of leaked phone call of sheep, paying Putin, which may have been what led to the current state of affairs I how you doin, and yeah I am yeah
I am I yeah I I saw. The I I that's it, that sounds very heated, I'm not intimidated what that's how you lose a violent rather than ever, a unified and cancun along about you're, never unified
don't hang up has been jailed no stuff. The it's so I've never does Gaza, yours, the Mitch Mcconnell the stroke simpler morocco which doesn't really it doesn't we're off a tunnel jennifer without on guys come on, let's be tasteful. Yes, there's nothing funny about any of this. Now I will say this. This is said of course, put is something that's loss thing in a lot of people. It's easy, just sort of make fun of mitch. Mcconnell or form of us present Joe Biden, but we do have this. Is the median demographic, the meeting age. I should say of our but uncle leadership. It's the a place where the median ages older than the fox news view? Worship, that's that's rare, and
this does matter, because there, actually I mean it's marvelous or their miracles, defying accurate tables. But a lot of these people as well there being abused? You do have to ask yourself if all of us present buying doesn't know where he is who's running the show If you see the handlers and how they handle much mcconnell and not nearly as mad with miss mc com, I would have been in his younger days out of the handlers popping their head and we're almost looks like a choreographed sketch, it's so embarrassing. So our politicians are representatives, their age out of this job, and by that I mean they already shouldn't have these jobs, and that brings us to our newest segment. These silver alert the myers and compare couldn't do that because of the growth of violation of the sis ii, to use that warnings, but we're online. But a cap that put me in can
bitch now also useful for halloween. Yes, it is yesterday. If you didn't see this mitch, Mcconnell had another during duna headlight moment and again it sad, I mad with the people around them and an income at below. If that's that's kind of Got instinct, hurried off, haven't seen it about one running, realize what a series of questions that are running. I realise that what is like a sketch out again but he's just keep trying everything should be there, we're going to need a minute you mispronounced e on. It should be noted that Mcconnell, by the way, is eighty one years old which the old for a tortoise that what did you expect? I now
would any of you genet would any of you thrust in it? the two year old or a nine year old, into the public spotlight with is meant to be a high stress job that requires executive functioning if their high. the statements I feel like he entered the question though. Have you ever been running for reelection? Yes, yes, by the way this is this. Is I think that we felt that the he fell down, or there are rumours that he fell down earlier this year and then there was another moment caught on camera? Get it said
But the point is this: is this doesn't exist in a vacuum? This is much mcconnell in July many strokes. I know a lot about tat. Medical image is usually sure. Scuba much fits terror! That said, but the people who are still forcing him to run for real, more evil one. Are they doing that believe? What is it because he's a show in? Is that what it is, because he's a shell fish, either he's an empty shootin they're, the ones. You think that former vice president Biden as one pulling the strings for crying out loud, I'm, the guy. You can say what we want about the guy that guy was never a far left woke. He was up
politician? He was an idiot, the guy would then I just mean he would lie. He would make up stories. It never happened with people, he never met in places that don't even exist. Ok, that's when he was young and now it is not sharp enough to do that. So it just comes out as embarrassing. The people who are pulling the strings are the ones who are evil, but let's go through this really quickly. This is not just some kind of an outline and when they say that all will look at the back would be the easy youngest canada will use. It is late thirties, eminent announcing that he's old, but certainly not young, when you're too about this and if you look at the average age of politicians, you're looking well into the sixties depend in certain states into the seventies making it up. the most prominent examples die Feinstein right, senator from California
Ninety all eyes, are you feeling senator? Are you glad to be back Senator I heard about your router, how they felt about you know I will happen and golan you should. I am then going working even working for solutions either. No less! Well, no, now you please either know or don't know, yeah. Yes, those are the two us enter data about them. I got a power of attorney to manage her affairs so effectively. You have britney spears.
Is who's still a full fledged voting. Senator look she's got a line, yeah you've got to step down or if, if somebody has power of attorney to manage your affairs now, I know you can get power of attorney to like in worst case scenario, if somebody has maybe that chance of a stroke or something like that happen, you can do it in advance, but this is not an advance. This is something we can see happening right in front of us. You can't be the person making big decisions for your constituents and ultimately for the american people as a whole. It just can't be done, but let's go on to another favorite eighty three year old congresswoman from california ansi pelosi, ten dates. As I said, on friday, I started their early for voting. The day that we are with better ginsburg but to be clear, you're not taking any arose out of your quiver you're, not ruling anything out good morning sunday morning,
right now. There are no errors left in my quiver. Do you like turtles morning, Eighty three years old, she her date her linked in lesser as abba drinker and stock market guru, because you still got. Some progress has been made is not producing zeal basin absolutely not base hold on. I want to play that clip it. We don't have our body language expert in, but that's what's known as the melting candle power pose when she answers plant produces zombies, yeah, that's a crazy person. Okay, we got it by the way she's fallen on tough times, though she has been named. The new face of bud light. I'm going to say it's not a bad. At now.
revenues are those others digitally and ancestors they like real, ok, I was checking we're only some thirsty for women, We have not really arrow of another she's eighty year, Angela sand and congresswoman from connecticut you ve been in this role for evil and hot topic. Does your seeking another term what is as you look ahead that you say I need to stay in this role. The voters need mean, don't take no for an answer, and now we give up by a real person? Sometimes you should take no for an answer. The hot topic employ works on commission rosa by the way, before she presented, I knew that I'd sooner before yeah, concentrating image, then we have another one and again, the all. The references are available letter of credit outcome. This is not normal. This is well past the age of retirement. Now we have another eight year old with frederick away.
wilson, wilkinson hosting of Tom Wilkinson, prayed actor, underrated frederico wilson sarcophagus congresswoman from Florida with one, Her signature halves congresswoman good morning great to see. I'm warning that morning I can barely here. Maybe that's helmet outta to hear about that. You would never read, but that's it That makes horses rear. Yes, when was the last time you saw that in the street just someone you'd, be like that's crazy. That's crazy purse! If you're on, if you're on a horse the horse, you gotta turn your horse around. It's going to spook and your dog's going to bark. If you are walking with your child, but well we're going to cross that's a crazy person and that area female birds will try to mate with you. Yes, it's not safe, it's just not a safe outfit is what I'm saying that's true by the way she she's older. Now she should be retired right. She should live off the money that she made after quitting the obscure nineties rap group that she formed
W H, ass is really sorry. smashed. The rumble gotten, if you think this is better than the late night fat sab. Five strike force rainforest five spreading we're going to write the strife, strike borders. They strike force. What we admonish very. We have to admonish you accuse and tall man. Why? There's no humble button anymore, so thumbs up at rumble at rumble. Ok, we need a bit of enlargement are here at the moment. I think it's Sunday admonish that entire. Through over there, somebody was reading twitter, less nods, they dont discouraged it's good for your soul. My point because I thought about it here was that the two like we live in a smash, the rumble button- and this brings as to the year the bell The ball former vice president Biden, who is a
eight years old and look at it, was tough to pick a clip. So take your pick. Here's a month, America's a nation that can be defined in a single word put him in the foot. yeah true or suffer depression and estimation of somewhere between seven hundred billion and trillion three hundred million billion dollars. The kids you just as bright and just as towels white kids wondering what the difference between breaking your arm and having a mental breakdown is favorite. Eight e, I g h percent the queen, now, of course, is eighty years old and he's adopt childcare. Enthusiasts. Sorry he's a child enthusiasts out. There are the easiest. What you want to see my my impression of a liberal watching that clip those cuts? He here, the daughter,
Oh, you can be separate from the stutter. If you guys think that's funny, then that's on you, here's here's an impression of a of a Joe Biden, strategist, watching that can we find a clip of Dan quayle somebody help here, quayle it was, it was a. It was a comedic which aren't the same thing with george w bush thats. How you know the media is not looking after you, of course, George w bush mispronounced nuclear nuclear, circular. It's funny, ok, but it's not that big of a deal, man is senile. This man doesn't know where he is. That's how you know What were the comic stalking about this? Its incredibly rare and by the way, an honourable mention just what we're talking about? capabilities of representatives- and this is how you know that it's not a meritocracy, people got that? We made fun of em, but we tried to make fun of them, so they wouldn't be representative. In order to avoid the exactly what is happening. John settlement everybody. It's done thou. As you can see, we had a little bump on a campaign, trail
it was on friday. I just wasn't feeling very well, so I decided I need to get checked out attack. soon dreaming or justice will try to blow up our economy. That's on them if they have to judge on that or What's better hunters instead futterman You need me help show that last one was necessarily is who was in his father, doesn't necessarily his fault. Well mixed and sometimes god doesn't like the flag behind people like that. Maybe that's the case and then George Zimmerman ran out and punched him he's a giant men, huh yeah. Well, you have to the weight class. He he gets put into the super heavyweight with the borders now he's
fifty four, but going at a stroke in may before or it before you before he was elected. Then you had multiple afterwards, he was heartened by the way he was hospitalized for depression in february of twenty twenty three here's, the thing: man, couldn't be shamed for depression and will do a segment next week in my suicide is almost entirely outside a transgender individuals. By the way you may need to have the EU too bad dump on out. Therefore us, but it's true as far as normal demographics. It's almost exclusively a white male problem and a big part. That is because a lot of them don't get help for depression. However, it can be a side effect of straw. Yes and certainly of repeated strokes, and that is a concern when you are electing an official. In that case, it is relevant and we expect industry in its current mental state for decades. Unfortunately, for decades, happens when you run doktor eyes. Yes, as your candidate reality I'm sorry we pick some real winners and, yes, the georgia, then a race and also in the method of somewhat there. Ok,
there's, not senators right, ok, you're making me he can be a fine human being and just you know, have stroke and have mental issues that he's dealing with an working through that totally fine, but it can't be the guy. they are trying to when he gave me the guy that they're trying to use as the deciding vote right. That's an inlet, thank you said a minute ago. These are empty, suits like these are people that are just basically being ushered from room to room and dont really haven't any idea what's going on, and those are a few examples you could pick a few dozen to be clear and just think of the margin of victory with certain bills that get passed down. That thing What happens right was governor ships across this country. It is not just abuse it really is its abuse of all of us to be clear, and this is something that I really want to touch on a lot of you not know this, but the elderly in this country. Yet look your countries judged by how they protect their vote. Well now. No, I dont mean afro lesbian, majors, dartmouth. What I mean is people like the elderly people, for example, babies. Their helpless lion us for their help and by the way that's been agreed upon.
on across all civilization since the beginning of time that you create a village in order to support you're elderly? Why? Because they still have the value of wisdom unless they have repeated strokes, unless it were there see now and babies. Why? Because are completely helpless and you want to continue to populate your village. This is how we have designed right our societies. That's what when I say, how we protect most vulnerable among us. I would say that the left well, summer that money makes the hollow ass pale in comparison and looking. their trading right now, there there their elderly and look at what we have in this country. A lot of people don't relies us. They are targeted very often so five ten percent of seniors. They will be victim of some kind of financial fraud, scam. To be clear, in twenty twenty one was over nine hundred and sixty six million dollars just to online scams from people who probably don't have a ton of money to give anyway yeah three billion dollars lost by american seniors to call centre scammers from india. In two thousand and twenty one, two thousand and twenty one alone. All the references are publicly available and something else I dunno. If you know, there's an std
Infections in seniors, prickly old folks' homes that up one hundred and seven percent because viagra, because of cialis and viagra old broads get around and you and now you can get to iraq slowly the help of technology figure on slowly. God bless split hairs. We also those workers are eternal old perverts. What happens is that windows when I was one of those who are, they say that for harden ring I call it harden wrinkled and it takes a while to identify the clap we need time, and so this is something in again. It's easy to laugh its and, of course, tat is kind of funny, but it's also little but said that when you understand that what is happening right now in this country with their representatives, is it what's happening to out of seniors across his country, and it is your job we wish this whole mean and by the way have ok, boomer and now Genji will apply to everyone. They applied eggs. They apply it to millennials the idea that
of your old, you don't know anything a second. I get that older people can the out of touch. But they do have something to offer. It used to be considered wisdom, but now we say they throw them, throw them away like if you saw toss them in a pile or maybe their use, was an empty suitor. As a politician ain't, you know what the young folks out. There appreciate appreciate you, parents appreciate your grandparents are not going to be around forever. I want much. Mcconnell should be spending time with his family. He should also social former vice president by not the shower with. As you know, four year old daughter, no baby steps, he can't spend that Macedonia. We currently know that's that's where they have a restraining order. Potentially guess that's, not true what we you actually look. That was a couple of politicians that are very old that we disagree with that. We didn't put in this segment like Bernie sanders very old, yet he was on the sunday shows any sounded very much still the loose said communist that he is right. So just because we disagree with him, doesn't make him out of touch her unable to. I guess, servant incapacity and government also donald trump, the guys out, they're playing golf, but he's
walking around hitting golf shots, doing everything that's normal for somebody who is doing just fine he's old right, but he's sundays we know. All there is is revenge. Yes well yeah. He can't wait. He can't wait. Eventually, he'll declined to Hawaii, where he shouldn't serve either, but all that hate is going to burn your grandpa. It keeps me warm the right way. The whole little red john for a little red John Swayze, love swayze pad I'd, love that I can do the lift yeah not anymore. I know he's passed away, but these people hold onto power too. So look at ruth bader Ginsburg. She was so I guess staying in office herbs, she had pancreatic cancer and she stairs you did, but she stayed passed the point where she could. She could have stepped down and said you know at present, obama goin put another one to me in this matter. She didn't she stayed, and that was
but the biggest gifts. I'm not saying her dying. I'm saying that if she's going to leave the supreme court, whether its health reasons passing away or resigning. She did it trump administration, and that gave us another seat on the supreme court. You know what actually to get my my my qualms, not with that ruth bader Ginsburg. I remember they tried to do rpg yeah up, remember I'm pulling up from our mission control the trade in illegally no video, her exercise, and I look out all right. If you simply those producers did not look even in another film sets of documentary sets when she's moving around with rubber band and dumbo. Ok, don't move they put the dumbo inner handling, ok, clasping we then action some music some music out of the wind fan. Yes, it's those people who have a serious problem with and against the entertainment. The entry, political, big tech, industrial complex. I also think part of it is just people like this know that if they quit,
they're gonna die like what's keeping them alive. Is that also sort of that that grind that job? Well, that's fuels which are like us, their empta when they have no purpose we get to the video like your grandkids should be or purpose, but the exact showed me Emily should not so much in a lot of cases. If they want to see gotta at the public tv here, you gotta get my problem. Isn't with our biagi. My is with the media who does Well, first off you have the entertainment industry who decided to make this. I dunno. If this is from a documentary- or this is from the documentary. I think that was on netflix, I'm not entirely his her work, it out yeah. Let me cnn how Ruth bader Ginsburg stays in jap. Then there was a documentary on netflix about her. Then there was a documentary and there was also a scripted film that came out. At the same time, they were really really pushing hard, because I really wanted her to stick around for a little while because they were afraid of what could happen with the courts and then cnn. Deciding to disseminate knowing entirely. That is false and the people who are involved on big tech platforms in promoting this kind of content to trick you
the new thinking, yeah yeah, sure he's doing great while she was dying, a slow, painful death, this is what they showed you. I think this is within the year that she died, is no audio. Here is no area following her almost entirely look at her look at her face. I gotta get my hand on my pants right. Sorry, let me get it out. Let me let me get it out of my pants. I meant let him let me get it out. You have soft hands for colored, didn't say that that was stevens violators, ruth gator, better get stories about an actual plank look at that impressive
he's, never lifted dumb, she's never lifted until the day in her life. This is propaganda right of propaganda. Just like we are not saying that with bitter ginsburg was hitler just to be clear. What I'm saying weren't you dont hitler just so much math and morphine and heroin that is paid is skin, became paper thin so that when we started putting up propaganda like mine is by has these an avenue would come out environs crying and then he would collapse, and you did I was from yoga and eating vegetables. He also kept young by here. Yes, so anyway, that's just just that it's a problem I have because I've seen it entertainment industry is this new model, American politics as the ancient in there it used to be older people because they were wiser, but now people who are career politicians who are staying in well into their eighties and nineties. That was not the norm. That was not the norm,
the problem is that these are basically lifetime position. I dont dimension. When you talk about politicians, we talk about the swamp her, so I heard that hurricane mitch, thomas day alarm, Anthony found, she was ever elected now just to be clear The swamp is a bunch of people who are who are appointed basically lifetime appointments. They don't even have to go through at least the one election when they're young and then just sort of you know rest on their laurels and think of the hundreds of thousands of people you have who serve as bureaucrats in the six, but in high six figure, paying positions in some instances for decades who are complete, competent, something also. They should tell you by the way it's not that hard of a job people does, though, its noble to go into public to go into to public service. First off, it's a misnomer, don't necessarily think its public service. But if Ruth paine organs It could be in the supreme court like that. Nancy Pelosi can like that if Mitch Mcconnell like that, where else or else could someone with those mental
faculties before me full time job right, you wouldn't want somebody like that and as a flight, a fight flight traffic control or, for example, red traffic, can air traffic to set man and then I would want when I was a stewardess I'd want to they're, all wrinkle of pity not scheme had only just yes, it's not about age. Ism is listen there. There should be term limits, I'm on a big fan of turbulence. In the lot of cases I may even across the board at all, opposition supreme court should not be a place where you go to die either. I'm sorry That's not how we intended this thing to be it shouldn't, be it the whims of a president whether you get to serve or not and continue on the court. I get that Joe Biden trying to do that stacking the course of the court votes for him, it we got our weakening of maybe a hundred supreme court. Justice is more, it's all over, You should have some kind of a lever that says this purse. there's no longer fit, and you know what it's brilliant. I think we are We do not just nobody ever polls that there should be an says that year. I think that that that I don't know You would do what the demarcation line would be, but there's
it'll be some kind of resembles someone who's retarded, it's gotta, be some yeah or or maybe this would you want that person performing surgery on you or somebody that old walked in and let's just oh, no, no! That's, because no one would want anyone preventing. So I wouldn't want anyone other than a surgeon. I think we should bar can be lowered. Where cognition you have them side by side with the film or radio. Then you ask them to repeat the lines like a speak and spell and have radio is more mentally competent than your representative. Then we throw them into gator trench data transfers, a quick way to go belated gets not set you get rolled, yet none of those only crocodiles owners are more skittish hotel. Here I have some kind of a brain eating. We went over this yesterday when we are talking about boots. You try to impress me Your came in. Why am I that's not really I now
which means it's not as supple. There's a gator farmer out there, like I know I was thinking, he's finally joining alright. We do update on this right now, because this can affect you, obviously hurricane and a daily adelia, a dahlia. I always, I believe, it's a dahlia or is it a delia? I don't know I don't care Eric la Florida is now there click that their clean after this hurricane has made landfall. landfill yesterday, but here's a clip it. We have really good retail in terms of all the count, I think other than the big ben proper the problem is seiners, just doing the kind that we all is well. You're still assessing what is all going on on the ground in the places that had the the initial impact, and so these emergency response team is I'm talkin to try to get diverse and others counties today know their third there now there's, not diverse and assess straight my. I know why,
but the sinner, but I don't think that's his draft, a kind of a sign that and of course, our thoughts and prayers for anyone affected there in florida, but some we actually have are on. on correspondent, mister, thomas finnegan for the latest updates, hogan, ok, Joe finnegan Steven, Stephen yeah, it's been awhile, thomas. What you have for us here today well spent. usually hot summer, and a one, display the effects. tat honour, environment, safe? If you can see behind me, the court has been burnt to chris by the son, but that's interesting, but you're. Nowhere near the hurricane, that's the story so What are you doing there and why are you holding a flashlight, WI fi this is about here anyway. I could do a parody of that. Seen from sight. where the alien lay goes into the car, my gosh yeah, but its day
its day and are not a comedian. you know it. Maybe we'll need strike force. Five. I think we do and had about acknowledging when I've short changed. You he's gonna get a red eventually right, why we better we signed a twitter contract. Negotiators did even bad move associated, lotta could put in september by the word discussing that we will have the heart to end of quotation during your and my club, Brian Cowen, I was going to be stirring the brian Callan sean mcallister tomorrow. That starts tomorrow to september one dude, six, my deadlines, wow. I didn't realize that I thought it was one of the hodge twins date. We have weak lungs or data no day, two
yeah so yeah brian cow? Of course, you get nick to power already monday through friday and a monday through thursday, and by the way to be clear if you're, not a member of mug club nick depaulo, show is also all of their shows are still available. Like an apple that are available, you can watch them on facebook and youtube the free portion. So that's what we do with my club, the there's about forty five minutes. I think, with nick it's about thirty five minute, yeah, but then you got the extended the stuff that we could never say on any platform as well. Rumble probably would allow it, but even then it shouldn't be seen by everybody. So
You can still go uncensored. Can you imagine yeah? I know Alex jones uncensored, oh lord, so you can. You can go and watch their free portion, but none of this happens. There is no free content wherever you're watching rumble or youtube. Without my club latest accomplishment club, we appreciate it Brian Cowen september. Twenty third is going to be in melbourne florida. That's where my friend, the unreasonable two are going to Brian Canada. Just made that up right now. It is not labeled that yet he was another he's a casual, unreasonable like well. Fine, we don't have the graphic for it. I wrote it down in your notepad. It is going to be chat thursday. You can click right there, as you just saw that graphic to join mug club were about to take a bunch of your chats, and you know what that's always a lot of fun and, of course, we'll see it tomorrow, Alex Jones tomorrow. He rumbled. Thank you very much youtube piss off.
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