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White House Teams with TikTok Stars to Spread Russia-Ukraine LIES!

2022-03-15 | 🔗

Jen Psaki has TikTok influencers spreading misinformation. We explain how it's in keeping with the time-honored tradition of leftist propaganda. Also, ASH Rachel Levine is your "woman" of the year. And there sure are a lot of sexual degenerates at CNN. #TikTok #Russia #Ukraine 

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is disappointed, enjoy the talking point one and that's a Tuesday and look who decided to show Roy Dave, Landau he's here. I figure to introduce him: hey Willie, somebody's well, you feel better. I am yes
that daylight savings flew. Yes, I will call it that must everybody yesterday. I am so tired. There's that moment of panic that you always have when you realise that the clock on you doesn't match the clock on the microwave, like haven't gone by microwave clock by my we ve clock doesn't match my oven clock that he how bad I'm on my way to minute support, also my microwave clock. I can't really read it because I opened it a lot and stand in front of it for extended periods of time it away till my head hurts that I take my parents and was terrifying thing ever really get right into what we need to discuss today, but their microwave was broken. They haven't fix this week. Do you know how you know hot broke it would only run when the door was open, so it the cancer, my the cancer microwave ovens, just stuffs planning have its. It was answer aid. A cancer pool cancer way enjoy cell cancer. So don't they
just try with the door airlines really gangs, arguing that I don't know my mom's french Canadians. Things are not that are not getting. What fits warm now go good. We don't need a new one. Every time you going to make some Orville reddened Barker you're, like Marvin home alone, is worth it the postman currently shooting. I got bullets at fire, all right we will have to get to today, but let me tell you before anything else, because we are directly going against the white, his orders on Russia, Ukraine. So if ever you this show hey where's, a show we haven't. Let you know that we're missing a day were missing a week. streaming. Live on rumble Monday, through Thursday, ten m Eastern, of course, my club lot of Canada comes. Smoke do and additional forty five minutes to an our everyday. But if it's not on Youtube doesn't mean that we're gone. Nothing would make me happier than all of you right now took over to my cabin rumble, but
Well, that's not in the cards will be talking today about a couple of things. Rachel it could be a woman of the year while fantastic, so that's important, but will also done with the left here. You know Jen sake, just to keep some marching orders to take tacos to go out and make sure that they, but they are, when I say accurate, I mean make sure that they propagate the talking points that the White House was civically on Russia, Ukraine and then condemn Russia, for you know censoring media for trying to set a narrative for silence, dissidents when that processes happening here in the United States to an alarming degree, and it's a mate this kind of, like the original bright Bart, talked about the older linsky tactic, one unwanted use the other side of doing exactly what it is that you are doing, and that's a scary thing right now, it's very hard to find accurate information on Russia and Ukraine just to be clear. No one hears a potent apologist. Think he's a dick Kay
So my question to you before I move on, and yet I was going to ask if you think that the tick talkers of informed, ass prices, but, more importantly, no, the goal of the show. What makes your rose for a true north, it's obviously supposed be entertaining, but the goal is to equip you hopefully with information. So you're able to go foreign. Have these conversations, whether its inflation, whether its gas prices, whether its abortion, whenever the topic is going. Try and do that today. Let me know if you feel that its helped you with that comment below if this programme is specifically helped. You too have conversations with people in your life, because not, then that means that we're not doing our job. That's what we also make all references available at lot of Canada com or in the pin comment, if you're on Youtube. Ok before on general day. How are you I am well? How are you, sir, better now that I know it's daylight saving staring right, so you know what time it is in your body has suggested in one day, yet no, it hasn't know what time it is termed retired, I guess so Sonny, so still a son. I can't believe it still today why
Of course you know I boy introduced in, but let's move on from this first thing is: this. Russian orthodox priest was happy bout being cut off from, austrian world- and I want you to watch- doesn't understand couple things. First, authors blatant hypocrisy which will get to but he's not entirely wrong and he's actually echoing in a peaceful way. What you hear a lot from ISIS or what but using recruiting tapes as far as how they condemn the west, so, let's go to priest runs, wants to hear what he has to say If someone you can humility, Lucia with translation and use money when you entered with a look of course useful patrol on that particular issue, you have put your Bobby minor encounters occurs little boys there would not have achieved a is about this. If it is the poor and the Hobbs look really enough people stating that you read in the abortion cookie pursuit of both peoples, cutting you cut down, and you shall be. Eighty changing society
union was a golden rule. Do you hear the other thing? I never. What does a woman with moustache and men would arrest? War is words not our one. Another point when you would probably be gotten you actually give. Luckily I think mutely knows is a man with a mustache rests come up earlier, but combined Men did these these mobs honestly mustache years of work and self neglect seas. A group of some faith redress for many many moons these were grown, not bought. You can't buy these self respect in a store tat here, its wait until he sees Buzzfeed, boldly, painting and period bloody, wouldn't have a ship for that now he would not understand. If he's not, No he's not wrong! I will tell you, you know Dr Thurman transgender ideology in rampant pornography. These are absolutely shameful exports of the west and you may
you, you may not agree with them, but you have to understand its. How a lot of the world sees it again, ISIS, these peep Taliban, they would say, look at the West what they want. You know how they are. People for ISIS. They would just sit them down for you. No thirty, five minutes in front of meat. The car dashings need, I say more You are aware that the whole we're gonna be head you and then I'm like yeah, I'm on your team. I guess we deserve at some point Here there is a lot of why don't you percent of makes money and porn anymore. I don't really know I'm and I guess it's gotta be the top. Terek is from what I understand there, just why by the cow, you notice me right, yeah, that's what I hope is free. Well, one thing: the side effects His russian men are very, very angry and aggressive. Now that, yes, I was cut off. Yes, that's what started as all this and everything went bright, red of vanilla. Like our cut me, we have no outlet. Have you seen not women, there don't shave that pits. We have as long as you.
number one export to show our number one export is sending. You are women to be wives. Your number one export to sending us pictures to. Let us know we have no more rights. We we send your It is women, yet I am married to a mall with three hairs on yes, this is very This strange for US place, where is my Brigitte Nilsen gorgeous woman for five minutes? Yes? kind of, like the other one on top gun. You know, lady, from top got as you see her, no not lay the who I hide her under long table. I throw open mouth figures about two bit: that's because I wake up and go to sleep and they have vodka morphine threats, retorted didn't throw up, but I think it's partially from Europe. Ugly women, but here's the thing that are not wrong: they're, not wrong. These are shameful, exports from the West Look, and you can also believed that people have the freedom to engage in things that are harmful while also agreeing They aren't necessarily moral, however,
It doesn't really have a leg to stand on, because their these seven worst nation in the world regard human trafficking and you know, is number one. she is number one. Is there feeder league Belarus really number one, a layman railing and before him? Now huge pressure, that is, sex trafficking, but overall human trafficking, it sort of our departs out the information, but still look I get it. I get that you don't. This is they do they. They try and tell their people that work standing moral countries and that's propaganda and the United States is not when the fact is look. These are not deeply rooted christian principles and furthermore, the car it was a distinctly based, state denomination of atheists and for a long time up until really you term of the nineteen eighty, ninety ninety so Marxism Lenin, right too, if you go go through marks, then Lenin stolen was a distinctly atheist ideology. Religion was seen as harmful and now they're trying to play catch up, and maybe people feel this way, but your country hasn't come
with that, because you know what centuries and decades of practised of dogmatic atheists and has its consequences. So dont disagree. the priest on everything, but Turkey also should maybe get an intelligent. Where I think one of the things is just remember: they tend to kill the people that are immoral in those kinds of regimes, and rarely eventually you just you know your your moral yeah exactly usually gets on Palestine with that robe my screen name is men pits forty four he's on port hub they now. That's just a vendetta. He's like I'm telling you I thought I'd put on hold up, not work so ignorant. What no one wants to watch you masturbate no that's it. That's it. I just I'm doing research all the thing all the time. Right, though, I am doing research as to why this disgusting row separate or watch into the desert is the lion these nineteen tabs are disgusting. I will
no window disgusting to confirm Realty worst ever the most virus filled. Computer on his computer has AIDS is computer, is just pop ups of more proper speed. Of immoral. It's time for us to go out to our favorite state of New York was an updates. This is a time for this week's empire state of crime, there is something missing from most news: Podcast NEWS, the kind of picking up to the minute information you expect interconnected world. The refresh from insider is difference thanks to exclusive knowledge that allows us to update the refresh stories, develop. Our team bring
You real news in real time. So it's ready for you with just a tap on your screen is crypto going crazy. Is he alone? Must flatus tweed, moving the markets, Helen you get more out of your job more out of your day, more out of the news, the refreshed distills, the reporting of insiders newsroom of more than six hundred journalists into a fine fast. Audio New show that keeps evolving throughout the day. It's business, tech, current events and even lifestyle news. That's always on listen to them. fresh from insider on apple, Podcast Spotify in wherever you follow, podcast, okay, so Remember when the whole stop asian hate with a thing like that, it kind of one down the memory all along with a covert weird where's. Today and I was daylight saving theirs. I remember set the punch forward here, so this was something
everyone was complaining about right, stop asian hate, we talked about again. Of course you shouldn't commit crime against Asian Americans because of their race or suck. You shouldn't commit crime against any American what period, certainly not because of their race. However, the media was, liberally, dishonest and misleading as to statistically the reality regarding the anti asian hate crimes, the racially motivated crimes, the increase in violence, which is, of course an across the board in New York. But specifically, targeting Asian Americans. So I warn you for people who who are seeing as we don't worry, it doesn't get to graphic, but this is an important story to cover, New York, horses, Yonkers, there's a man. conscious sixty seven year old asian american woman, a hundred and Wednesday? Five times now? Look I will never defend hitting a woman read that being said, if you're going to lean towards that side if I have to like- I still I have a limited
A hundred and twenty I'll, even allow hundred twenty one. It's what I call the gray strike, but a hundred twenty five I mean really five hundred and twenty five times to hit anybody. It's like a stabbing like you, you should be in love with them right here I mean the young have to be like losing your mind upon somebody. Also. What does he want? What are these? What are these criminals in Europe? Are they all e p o? How do you that's? How do you three hundred and twenty five strikes? I mean within it? Who is the time for crime with daylight saving for crying out loud Tita Delicious, doesn't throw a hundred and twenty five strikes. At least he has a minute between round. So this asian woman was struck hundred and twenty five times and take a guess, take a guess who the perpetrator? What I'm going to begin with an attack so brutal. We had to freeze the video, because it's too graphic to show a sixty Seven year old asian woman, followed into our building in Yonkers in and beaten relentlessly police. A man
hunched and kick your more than a hundred and thirty times that man is now under arrest in charge of their hate crime. We're gonna go ahead and show you that video that police tell us they release to demonstrate the depravity of this crime and to let the public know that hate of any kind will not be tolerated, but you can see there the sixty seven year old asian woman is pushing a three Carta, she entered her building in Yonkers. She stops to open the second door of the building vestibule one, comes in behind her and for absolutely no reason DM one hundred launching her to result in a lot of Konrad now's. The video at that point because what happens after that is hard for, law enforcement to watch that man and proceeds to pummel the sixty seven year old woman over and over and over again, as you mentioned more than a high bird and twenty five times he kicks her. He spits on her before leave her there on the ground or chart for law enforcement.
to watch, but I guess it's not too hard for your political representatives to watch in New York right. Does the policies that have led to this, or did you forget about those it forget about casually? Did you forget about no cash? But did you forget about that? So let's go through some stats really quickly. You should have to wash the second clockwork orange with his eyelids GS, ripped open, because it is his fault Yahoo. should be guerrilla glued to a kaleidoscope of just these crimes and that he realizes the kinds of, but you don't get a mulligan on defined the police gonna mulligan on being sought on crime left us. This the direct result of that. Statistically, that's that's! The anecdote, you just saw it- should upset you. You should have a your reaction, you absolutely should be can only go by anecdotal, because that's how people are misled that so people are laid down the primrose path. So New York City alone, anti asian crime has increased by three sixty one percent or did just in twenty twenty one. Now
thousand eighteen, there was there were some studies conducted in keeping my These are hard to find because the d o J stopped actually reporting the race of the perpetrator of this crime. The cameras, Addio dear the FBI, but we used to be able to have these statistics and then they just all of a sudden stock. So this is done not by this is done by third party here, one in four crimes against Asians were committed by a black perpetrator. More any other race keep in mind that is just proportional when you understand that they make up twelve percent of the population, yes and a blue artist teens! Yes, yes, gazettes, honestly what they would use in New York. Music. Eight wanted teens in your like in their forties. Yes, teens descending from Yonkers re weird, so so again we can. We can get into a. How does it happen in the Bay area I think was over. Eighty percent of all violent crimes were actually blacks against agents. This isn't to say, of course, that all black people commit crimes against airlines. However peep, if you want to defend
police police, your own. There need to be organisations there need to be protests specifically from the black community. Saying hey: let's stop this violence. Let's stop this we're gonna, try and painted his white supremacy, which is what they tried to do. This when I guess what you don't get to the root cause the problem. I have seen any news reports saying that there is a problem like what we ve just described were black men or black teens, as you put it Dave yes, are attacking age, and look I really dont man. Actually, I don't exactly where they just acting like ages even other supposed to be grown men at this time. I dont care what, races doing it, but you told us it was white supremacist, you told us, it was a white person problem in that Donald Trump in the White House has led to more asian hate than ever because of the wheel on via says he set it right that the virus that came from whew hot died. That what you told us and this what we have show me the video of this happening in mass from White Guy And I am on yours, you know what else out as you- and this gives ammo to our enemies-
began to so, for example, in Russia they talk about, they look. They want to vilify white people for everything. This is them trying to do and ethnic cleansing right. This is the kind of rhetoric you hear from them and if you go before these your national governing bodies and say black lies matter makes it really easy for people who, as despicable as they may be. it makes it really easy for them to highlight the truth and go look they're, not even acknowledging the problems and that all community look. They tell us to fix our community. They dont acknowledge that three hundred sixty percent increase in crime and they blame on white people. Do you want this coming to your country fight the west? This is the problem with not being truthful. It's the only thing that matters, when you are trying to troubleshooter problem and fix it couple. A quick steps. Bail reform coincided with a fork. percent increase in violent crime without ass, yet shock and you're gonna. Let this right out right. That's the upper yes it's a revolving door, and I mean you, don't know: what's bail outs, zero, great IRA, well
the silver lining, as he may be, held longer because he wasn't wearing a mask, think I I just hope he was vaccine, hesitant, good luck, I'm up for three hours, maybe five year almost, would be appropriate. Wouldn't it is assumed twenty but yeah, and also not forget that the New York may issue laws which basically mean that you can't carry a fireman your gift of it, signed off by effectively. sheriff it's one of those things than impossible process which should not exist or that barriers should not exist. That is your fundamental right, hey. Why is it your fundamental right to carry a firearm? Because of that you can you can Teach that woman, martial arts, all she wants, guess what she doesn't have a chance You want to save women the only chance they have as a mechanical advantage, the great equalizer- that's that's why it referred to as that that woman, is stronger than that man. Let's not act like we can listen, the left cares about women and so bad, and not allowing not allow all of its citizens to carry firearms. So what ends up happening? This video, I believe
just came out today in New York City, lines around the block from Asians Asian Americans buying pepper right again. inserting. The community is nearly nine Anderson's in others, because you know ever sprays legal, please just so. The rapid rise in crime across the board, with a significant and against Asians in New York City Cash, bail reform, when you look at double bail reform, when you look at TAT cash bail, when you look at the statistics regarding black against asian crime, I think this. all just be a ploy back to their old tricks. It's big pepper spray! Folks. This has been an portion of crime.
big pepper spray, always up to their old tricks. They only they went every time if somebody had walked up and shot him in that commissioner, the guy that would have been the appropriate outcome, You know, and I don't mean that it like an encouraging that I'm encouraging you to protect the woman who go. I would I want to reject a hundred if a woman ever so times about this. Ok, seven year old, woman younger weaker than how can at what point is considering. Am I, courage in violence, because I don't shit brain bleeding by the way she's there What does she was mostly fine, but there are some facial for yours and all legally orbital was shattered. Yeah, mostly fine, minus two hundred and thirty punches. What an Well, but here's one hundred twenty five- we don't want to exaggerate. I would only encourage violent twenty five right after look,
the first ten twenty strikes. Maybe there sixty seven year old asian lady. Had it coming. Ok knows what she said, forty fifty. I think. Maybe you have a problem sixty. seventy we're getting into what I call the potentially reds word a code orange seven, Eighty look you're walking enterprise, but by a hundred and ten strikes, I think it's ok to encourage the guy being shot is now. I think, right after the one of the reasons nobody stepped in but imagine is they saw. That's a big guy, like you wasn't some small good going, I should night is alive and probably like. Oh, I dont have a firearm. I can't fight off this big guy. What am I going to do? Just call the gas the element You know what Allianz and it's just some guy like clothes. Was door which never worked out back up. Third, didn't really That would be a terrible
that is also offers a white guy walking by he doesn't want to take the chance of getting involved in being accused of hatred. Of course, let's racist, if you save someone who's minority while they're not the most appreciate nor can we can't let him into Stanford and Harvard there too many of them yet they're, just good at being damn near there just good at being. You know people. Why do we? Why did they hate and understand their good people near? Well, I like the food and like the food. Now they can take up lunch. Apparently, look is there any other sick any sixty, seven year old, single males, it's hard to find a letter. You can take a punch these days. Cheese prospect just say and assume ones face heels, probably never, because she sixty seven there's one available yet exactly not to make light of it at all, and we bear This guy under the jail like this is can do anything to him. That's a problem with New York. That is all this. Why hated hate living there? There's violence constantly? it's a complete result of defined the police. Like you said, Anne ended,
EL thing was. The bail thing was just that was the day they were like. All we can just go to Susan take what were we want? Well now it is free, and upon it's not illegal, but I'm sure the guilty It is far worse than any punishment. We could administer sit with me in the eyes. Look me in the eyes outside eating, and it was one of the three places that survived and I was outside and their justice homeless, guy and he's just touching himself. If you will write in the street and everyone is calling for the police and the cop rode up on a horse and goes. Oh, you dont, like. This will. Maybe you shouldn't defend us, then rode away- and I was just a pariah- laugh again- is a guy can't do anything because of you enjoy ensure enjoy your dinner and a show, hopefully might have found the drinks with the tiny umbrella. But
You gonna, I couldn't agree with the more I was like this is. What are we ve been saying? An agenda like what we were talking about this is this is a silver lining, the silver lining you had years of Barack Obama, former vice President Joe Biden. Yet three four years. I don't really count less yonder down, and now you're gonna have another four years of former vice presidential by the contrast is important. You can't say: well it's just New York City, because New York City was so safe. It was almost Disneyworld, so you had violent crime New York, but you hadn't violent crime written We should ok, what's going on here, far left politicians for a long time. You had. The Giuliani years chores cleaned up. It became like Disney Wilfer. What regardless your opinions, statistically its undeniable, and now we ve gone through policies where there is obviously a stark contrast it would be, thing? If it was always a violent crap hole like to try, but they ve always had the far left medicines. Nineteen sixty one New York tried both ways and turns Giuliani, turns Batman and by the way, speaking of that, it brings us to an important story: Cow Rittenhouse.
He's been here on the programme side, I bring you be the bare bad news, but his firearm, the our fifteen was destroyed. I believe yesterday, some time this week you go for it If you recognize that weapon to be the weapon you examine in the Kyle Rittenhouse case pursuant to rule for health destroy the state run down. Do that one action in their rightful criminals and need something doing radegund, I believe it said I Their rifles children in Ukraine to good use now
of course respect. This was actually Calverton House's decision, yes, and he said it on our show. Decision have destroyed and, of course I disagree with it, but that's his choice. It's his choice to make and it has my choice to at least decide to honour the life of this rifle, which brings us to this week's time. To close we were going up and we had stopped at a store that was local Kyle had also wanted a gun to similar to the one I had. He said he would pay for it. Kind of from their time be that looks like mine by separate papers,
maybe you have no idea what Mr Ozma was everything he at any point is so your interpretation of what he was trying to do or what he was intending to do anything along those lines, leak. Guess one while said you and then he reached for the weapon time time. Go to places where it resembles the types of weapons used in first person shooter video games, this big long, ere, fifteen, very noteworthy, bra I'm just trying the famous you recognize that weapon to be the weapon you examine in the Kyle Rittenhouse case
things too. Common below your favorite memory of cholera, NASA's right, it's your friend in the wood, Chipper Fargo that thing they did they. another was possible yet another five ways like what are they doing chip a good deal for crying out loud? I mean just my first part of the first a firearm ever purchased was from a police action. I think they should use it to put with chips on playgrounds. Cosette should remind sex offender. Yes, I have.
I should have a coward now scarecrow at every local day care and they sent pieces of around the country as a warning by the way lotteries cutter, dot, com, slashed toward Dave and I are going to be in Tolstoy, Oklahoma may fourteenth and we added a show in Colorado Springs on June eighteen, so the phone sold out pretty quickly added. A second show, so people Colorado Springs, Denver area, get your ass on down and Dave is going to be in the well. I guess heart for can't get the funnybone this Friday, through centre, is treading Saturday I intend to Hartford or Manchester, I guess it's technically and out: jeez Buddy, I'm the Manchester Hartford Funnybone. That's actually good, because I know, if you know this Hartford Connecticut you're, you don't you don't want much time in the eastern Single around your Hartford Connecticut. What do you think Connecticut yea think probably nice Jai, Roar and I say, organise a rough hard for it is only rough rough sits one part of Connecticut that didn't make it sino. Yes, they don't,
like the old, like those NATO, oh what's happening yet have been much better. Now more my gloves, I can't log my mission will go my love. I heard my finishing shore. Birds do manage to poetry, hundred twenty five, what I'm really was a hundred twenty volund? Whom will they be careful? I well I drove back. He said to try to find you know where to go yet no we're not to go so now we move on to a story here and I want to go through this, though you guys understand how this affects you, the macro because look Russia of Russia, Ukraine. Regardless of where you line up on what the United States should do if they should be involved at all
I don't think so. I certainly don't want to see us go to war. I thank you. I think it's completely reasonable. I think, as a matter of fact, I think less if you, if you weren't sympathetic to the people whose lives are being lost in Ukraine. Of course, your heart breaks. That being said, it's one corrupt, crap, all fighting another, more aggressive, corrupt crap. That's that's my opinion on it, but that's a relevant to this disc. Ok, I'm trying to think of the best wait. Let's start off with this, you may know that Digest Saki met with influencers, tick, talkers, to give them talking points regarding the Russia, Ukraine narrative. This is not the first time they ve done it, nor, of course, I'm subtext there that they decided to meet with tick talkers on it. platform run by the Communist Chinese Party, so they feel safe, where's. They feel safe. The White House feel safe enough in handing out the talking points to people these influencers.
That they may offend Russia, but not those in power in China's? Let me tell you what kind of a risk their willing to take here and there in bed with now here is for those who don't believe, make no reference Seville. A lot of credit I come here here are a few clips of these tick talkers. Repeating the points give, to them, admittedly from the White House. So I just have a resume call at the White House about the situation in Ukraine, a number of other increasing social media and myself were invited to this event, which was on background, meaning that we could have recorded take pictures, but we can discuss. We learn from it. Second, russian troops are not happy with their own in view. Why it really impacting Russia's abilities to make progress in this war. Third, Russia is not going to win in praise of starving the opportunity to have the last word. Gas industry is seven dollars and here's what they said three percent, authoritative sources. We discuss frescoes
my ass seen in Russia and that really Russia is one of the top. Three producers of oil is actually their number one revenue source now good starting this horrific fight between Ukraine and Russia. Nobody swear within international trade, so these are the well at the White House chose to meet with now again. What's really imports will get to them. you and what happens with legacy media, but just shows you how low their standard is where they ve always said it's about authoritative sources. Yours truly has been suspended. Youtube for quoting the CDC by that. If so, why you can't take anything from from louder was crowded because not an authoritative source noted all the references that we provide every single day are by conservative references it's either from a neutral source. If it's a scientific paper journal or from a left, leaning source, we just use Washington Post or Huffington, post or new
times. Just so you know that we're not the only one saying it so let throw it out. The left doesn't care, and certainly this White House doesn't actually care about authoritative sources or information. Do you know how I know you want to get you wanna, ask me dear Heine: how do you, because here are some of the other videos from these tick. Talkers way, Americans may close in the skins people welcome episode, nine of hidden history. With a march seven equality. We can tell him yes, rivalry doktor, when she's made from the skin of negroes Rodger had nothing about the matter and I he fell be describes. I can delete your priorities because he deafening
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I spent no more mom genes, snuff flattering to anybody. I think I'm think think. They're ironic, you look stupid essence did the best lives with teenager. I was so funny, but now it's in style we're we're Chris Parnasse, just like looking and his wife disgusted. Yet there there funny, they're, not ironic. I dont their neck. Just stop here. That's just that's a very, very attractive girl who can't even dance. Look if you're a very attractive, and you just want to cut cut your detractors off the pass, get it's something just learn how to do one dance. What can you do that you could put away? Sesar on speed, dial like this the person we want communicating to everybody. Look I get people suggesting a mine. I didn't waller interrupt you, but I just would appreciate that she would not talk and its skill. Yes, still we had a mine in the other day. Did skill would have preferred heard of the union? I wait and I met her. We probably would have had better guesses yesterday, but you're telling me that the guy that's at this is
the next episode we just talk to the White House and then the guy. That's like four on my list. Really. These are the these are the people that were trusting for our news starve, attic workers, nitrate yeah, just like a number five and the number three battle Stark Galactica, now number, six goodness my virginity Helen still intact, but closet door opens it. You see someone fall through with a ball gags, damn after cut out now here's the thing. This is reason this is funny because these are tick talkers, right, ok and though it's it's, it's easy target practice. I understand figuratively now. This is not anything new. A lot of you may not know this, but you know I sort of under that sat under the tutelage of Andrew bright part. There was something called journal list which existed under the Obama administration and that's where a private Google group of left wing journalists basically we are in touch with the administration directly and they were, of course shaping stories, and these were journalists, so they aren't. You have tick talkers.
These were journalists, and this was actually originally leaked by slate reporter. I think it was, I think it was is it. Would it make Mickey Mouse Mickey House House Kraus? I don't know, I remember his name, the reference that really does have a different daily collar. Now sixteen I can't get out of my head Mickey Mouse. I know it wasn't Mickey mouse, I sure, but it's Like me, it was Mickey something point as it was slate slate with. I think this is a little too much slightly near the place, the put up not about a salon, oars pedophiles car at the place, where everybody knows your name another group of journalists. They were conspiring actually on how to attack John Mccain's campaign after each of us Europeans VP. So this is also not when they say it was always Donald Trump because he's an expert these extremists is anyone whose it hasn't I've been anyone in politics, more milk, toast and inoffensive than John Mccain. There were conspiring to smear and attack. John Mccain doesn't matter
who you are it doesn't matter. If your offensive, it doesn't matter if you're Donald Trump they did. It was George W Bush, did it with Ronald Reagan and they did. It was John Mccain campaign again all the frontiers are available, so there was a came painted by or two to this, a brok upon a campaign adviser who is a member. There is also as recline. He was a founder. There is mad Iglesias, Jeffrey tubing. What do I owe the affair? Peru fat row, Lieutenant Pfeffer, yes Jeffrey me tube, and that would be great he's, both should be. It should be tapir and fibre. I shall be liking on angle like, like all the old cross fire. Now only it's just you guys servicing themselves and ASEAN as though crossfire yes still cross. It uses only allowed the deck got now is Jake. Tapir comes in and opens an umbrella. It just takes a while to get to the point so a Critias was on it to precisely on this was journalist and there's a member actually sent out there just comes in without the umbrella right. It just comes in with a baby
So there is a member Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent and which has great it's ironic, any shielded about from criticism. This was actually here's. A quote from the equity Science monitor Ackerman earth. His colleagues to deflect attention from Obama's relationship with right by changing the subject pick one of us. most conservative critics, Mr Ackerman wrote Fred. Barnes Carl Rove, who cares and what call them racists This is what they said back then, just like now, they're trying to say Putin apologists any. We're disagrees with this exact narrative is a potent apologist you can take. Putin is ass, you can think Putin is a power hungry oligarchy and you could still think that United States shouldn't be sending fourteen billion dollars abroad and we still have starving veterans here, yeah rights, denier, Putin, apologists climax, deny army, we just all these things, just keep getting throated Us Randy.
this is. Let me give you some other examples, as happened utterly Barack Obama administration- and I just say that, because at this point we have it now with Zackie, but this is not new. Sis is back when former vice president was told former. Vice president. I'm a spokesman, Jody Johnny, Josh Josh. I was with Josh Ernst Josh Ernst bragging email, either about ejecting fox reports. It said here Quote actually from two to four wash, I think Zackie gave me the run down, but the bottom line is. We have demonstrated our willingness and ability to exclude Fox news from signal. Again interviews, but yesterday we they were lamenting that then in two thousand and nine I won't have you noticed Jen Saki. She must be sucking. Souls from a lot of problems because she still around. She was running two thousand nine at a director of White Ass Communications and in Leeds emails. This gene saki- these are her words, its words I'm putting some dead fish in the Fox Cubby just cause
well, then said a correspondent Brett Bear is a lunatic. Now keep in mind. Grit bear is prey, Damn moderate he's a moderate conservative and This is not the only example dead fish in the facts, Cubby the who did she have sex with their right. Well, I am probably a lot isn't that what that means to be able to do that wrong? And people is that, although they didn't bar them from coming to the press, conferences or bar them from being able to be in the in the White House to cover the per you don't have to bar them, all you have to do is never call on them right. All you have to do. Is never care. What they all have to do is not put them in a demented circus, monkeys, Q, carts, that's one hundred percent. That's true So here is actually another example. Is the more recent tumor Whitehouse Jen Saki, so we have a tiktok. We have journalist, we have examples. the Obama administration, excluding voices of dissent, which is the same thing. They accuse Donald Trump of doing. I don't love. You know this, but the only
actions that President Trump took against social media and he didn't do enough, I'm mad, because I didn't do enough yet a shot he blew it. He wanted to allow all voices. He was not look for them to eliminate voices again. Look at the pattern here. There is a concern pattern, always of eliminating voices of dissent, whether its Facebook Weathers fate Twitter, whether its instagram and the White House supporting it hears. Actually, the White House in sacking encouraging social media companies to flag posts as misinformation will last July, as you probably know, but the surgeon general also took the unprecedented step to issue adviser and the risk of misinformation and public health, which is a very significant step and admit that he talked about the role social media platforms have so our hope is that all major tech platforms and all major new sources for that matter be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the american people have access to accurate information on something as signal they should go to take us out of nineteen. That certainly includes whose about its accuracy, they stick to its apart
Do you want every pot from to continue doing more to call out missing for Emison. Disinformation will also uplifting accurate info for those are nice words do more to call out while uplifting yeah You gotta suspended from Youtube for quoting the sea. These sea rack their inaccurate according to that suspension well, and who, I would think who got more crap on social It is then tromp is there. Anybody in the existence of mankind has ever got nothing to say, president removed, while the Ayatollah Khamenei still there right. It's like how much more damaging possibly do. well they're, not even turn, I've been afraid of it. At this point. It is willing to sell. Take it that way. So I just wanted to be free to you can keeps you know, keeps you in your area, may rise to wanted out there. They want slightest things to be sent Youtube, removes interviews with Donald Trump right, think about it.
Not only do they want or move statues in this remember, there's only one or move confederate statues and people said. Okay, I kind of understand. Then Donald Rumsfeld, what's go. What's gonna be next Abraham Abraham make it because he said he was an ah ha ha ha, always being silly. Abraham, Lincoln, woollen, ok, Abraham Lincoln stage. One removal- and now you want to talk about look it's just like This is just like Germany for a period of time banning teaching of history of what happened under see Germany, I'm not saying that the left is equivalent to nazis. What I'm saying is the approach of bad in portions of history that you don't like, namely presidency that you didn't like trying to remove now any interviews with the former, but that was a president who happened free us most fair election of all time had more votes than anybody in the history of the country. Are they banning interviews with George W Bush banning interviews with Jimmy Carter, forgotten about
Do you intend interviews with Robert Bird who wasn't president, but you would have enforced in line with the right. Planes had gone down and he was in the clan. He was a top right. He was basically c o o of the clan well in this thing about this. if you dont give the person a chance, any kind of platform to get the word out and say: look I've been I've. I've been misquoted, play the tape to the end. This is not what said this is not. What I meant here is what I meant they ve taken that away from Donald Trump completely. On those points exactly the point and then they want to tell you what it should be so, in other words, righteous, not call on Fox news. Let's just not call people who are critical would love to see how many conservatives have been in on those influence. Our meeting- I don't know if you know this, this is the number one controller channel that's ever existed on. The biggest video platform has ever existed, never been called on once never been any of those meeting, so I don't know who they're having their if they're bringing in anyone from the right, but it certainly anybody here and then tell people what the truth is. So make sure the media doesn't show the part where Donald Trump I'm not talking about NEO.
These are what you premises, who should be condemned totally, but outside of that, you had thought you had fine people in both I too were disagree. They get rid of that and they tell you Donald Trump praise, white supremacist, it's the soft censorship and then the hard pushing of a narrative, at the only permissible one, and this is irony, in that they are saying this is necessary because of the crimes, and humanity that Russia commits, namely inside its voices of dissent and journalists Here's another example. This just took place yesterday. I believe the view five hot flashes at a table called for Tucker Carlsson and Tulsa gathered. I don't want to take it out of context article. I don't want to not a context It sounds a lot like their support. Building and by sounds a lot. I mean they are supporting the asked and punishment of speech from Tucker Karlsson, tossing gabert, and, of course you, if it something you don't like
Thank tee, o J in the same way that it is setting up a task force to investigate oligarchy should look into people who are russian propaganda. this, then shilling for Putin that they used a rest people for Joe and stuff like this. If they thought you were colluding with the Russians. agent. If they thought you were putting out information or taking information and handing over to Russia, they used to actually investigate stuff like this, and I guess now in all, there seems to be no more bars you mean rebar like after reinforce your bed framework there, nobody gonna, see or supporting Mccarthyism there. What make us aware of any bars? No nope there, You just leave child. There are no boss I'd rather not a restaurant. Haven't they arrest you for your wardrobe choice got about big, big clothes for man who had top and I put a haughty disappoint. Our rapporteur logo.
saves money in a time when it is actually a job for the blackout. Although with me, it's big in hoodies, many have Anna Navarro sitting there, she's just there to give them credit arrogant. Did I ever ever. Had people like this programme on, but added of Arles? That's theirs! report in Europe will be cuban an amateur public aid, for you can trust what I say. A all data public gangs is unreal. What are we supposed to say help but then a catalyst ruined by me. I had to normal sure it's like stretching out with Canada, China. You can watch my hair five years as dangerous I look at the word that she used by night. She said hailing I'll, have not on a shilling for Putin, right, you're out their share four Putin we're not gonna we're not talking about this person. Remember we just mentioned him. Donald Trump gave an interview where he was striving that Putin is a very smart evil parties.
Don't underestimate it, which is exactly what sunny host and set to the private example. You eliminate Donald Trump from the poor working, You can go watch his speech and you can go watch. I believe I dont member. If it was an interview and then he reiterated at sea back, but he said he's not he's not stupid, Andrea sexually I'm not upset you he's, not Saddam Hussein don't underestimate m. Then they told the Donald Trump Support, supported supply, she'll. He was out there. She will have their shillings authorities that that's the news that leaves you sure, potent potent guess at this point, but you are calling everybody racist right back then it was just just call them racist. We just showed you that, just call them racist and now today it's just call Don't want to go to war if they don't want to spend it'll, probably it'll, probably rack up to tens of billions of dollars over the long term. Here with this conflict, they dont want to spend ten billions of dollars, just call them. Putin apologists today eliminate Donald Trump from that pool. I say he apologia. He was put Nepal
Just you are supporting potent, then sunny, host and says the exact same thing on the view, and no one has a problem that why? Because she is a seat at the table where she can provide the context which they don't allow to political dissidents. They mention specifically Tulsa gathered and Tucker Karlsson, Russian propagate So if the russian plants, as though they are actually working for Russia, look, they may follow the exact party line of of Whoopi and republican viral. But let me show you where they ve clarified their stance, on which I don't know. I don't off their huge fans of prudent but you'll, be the judge. Here are the undeniable facts there, our twenty five to thirty. U S funded via labs in Ukraine. According the? U S, government, these by labs, are conducting research on dangerous pathogens. Ukraine is in an active wars. with widespread bombing artillery and shelling in these facilities, even in the best of circumstances, could
easily be compromised and release these deadly pathogens. Spied an official in charge of Ukraine confer What's the bad news for you knew, and the under Secretary of State casually mentioned in the Senate hearing on Tuesday that actually, yes, the by demonstration, does fund a series of Bio Labs in Ukraine and whatever is in these labs, is so dangerous that she's deeply concerned. These materials will fall into that of the russian military, doesn't seawater thrilled about either the Bio Labs, which, of course, with people with Sarah Conspiracy, getting into the hands of the russian military, which again would imply they're, not big fan of the russian military. You can also find more clips and you can wash in a lifetime of Tucker Carlson's anger he's not a fan of Putin just because he doesn't say that everything Putin does is wrong, doesn't mean that he's a supporter of em Once these I go when you're shelling buildings by labs tender problems because they too get out of my labs without shelling right and also in
Our goes as about present to have issues as well. Yes, we understand this works well. Thank God. The the nuclear plant being bombed and on fire that the Ukraine released when it turns out that that wasn't a thing, not a thing Owen, I'm just checking my notes here. Just once they there's not a wet mark. Near any of these ukrainian by elapse. Another guy they will get us find its everything's fine. No up there isn't all these. Well, how do you prices that love Only just get the produce right when it's about to spoil their protest doesn't hold up pretty well now. Here's the thing that what they are right. Now, where they're saying you need to arrest or we used to arrest, that's Mccarthyism and, by the way, Mccarthy wasn't wrong about everything that what being I would, but we wouldn't have a conversation about it. But the point is she just she's, just a blank slate supporting Mccarthyism,
very similar when you look at what the White House is doing and it's a scaled back version, but certainly of what the members of the hot flash five want us to do. When you look at Russia who arresting protest as for holding blank signs lazy, shouldn't be a surprise to anybody again, I'm not a fan of way. Russia handles handles so the media, the old russian job recipes. If what the problem is so obvious, there is no need to write that down. I love that's hilarity, so bad and people know that it is so bad. You hold up exciting, just the insert here too.
However, whatever you want you know what's going on here is how these blank sign years, but we understand what the after effects you could keep something you could put payments under with weaker gents, excel being assigned the sign sharply pulled out of Russia to, and also Creole answers like what we do and what cradle What will we do it? The military when we give them scissors, they need cradle of saint. This, isn't there always are drunk? They will stab each other good, yes after eat this, sometimes, they eat lots of based and sick that safety systems vary in its stead. That is what it is standard issue to our soldiers, like the french Army, ease with individual white flag in solidarity. I would just like to anything you want by this
gonna backfire. On you mean that said it among the crowd or on twitter, and you know what not only that, if your below you're on Youtube com and below what you would like to see maimed Harold at White Card, please all entry awoke about another solitary cited. Take that through you have no one to believe it price of freedom, I will stand in solidarity with them and hold. I think, you're gonna find out. I don't have any price as active ronicky. She didn't know roll back on this price. That is not an old a prize. Now it is not my friend, that's our whole, those of whom nobody s guy card for all seven years idea evidence the blank car snow wholesale? You are paying full retail, to give you an idea by the way for contacts about. Fourteen thousand russian protesters have been arrested since the beginning of the war
and this is an example right here of there was a broadcaster producer who bus in to the room entering a new show in Russia and again pats after these people will vote for trying to make voice heard and doing so under Standing There is a serious risk, presses to trick me, mother, seated Sakhalin still rumpled sounds like a cigar store, answering shaggy Friday to stop these data comes in dust, openness regarding eating you don't and by the way, her whereabouts. but then they found her just now breaking news. Probably, within the last hour, she has reappeared in Moscow Court, because she's gonna he's gotta go to court to defend the who has not, quite that is holding up a blank card, but that's going to be like that. dark night court with what's his name, that actor who played scarecrow the choice is go on, go on
I would be glad that's about work. Is so jealous to beat Russia? We must become Russia S becomes Russia auditioning, I feel I have to I haven't regulated age. Do ass. He dies, jar up the brass page out. You have a bright future. Really so here's something over There- and this is my fear- is that how you gonna break, might have the worst visual over there by the way it doesnt matter which side of the conflict your on this is the thing to do. This is just what United States here is pushing Take Whoopi, take what the tongue both of you take. What sack he is talking about an accelerated and you end up with Russia scale. It back. Just look: let's go and oversee Russia. Ok scale it back. Australia scale it back Canada Scheme
back mandate, lockdown right, there's a March people, oh sure, there's a march towards totalitarianism, tell there's a march towards socialism. I repeat myself, there's a slow march and you are definitely on that March, when you ban a sitting president. So over there, they ve around the bend? We're doesn't matter which side of the conflict Huron here's a clip of, and I shouldn't laugh, but I, but it's a left really hard when watch this, it's almost as What's a it's almost time like it's a sketch, so forgive me regard. Also the conflict, your on you you'll, be arrested, This was already gives him certain way.
While we were furnished us to ignore comfortable here in Europe, we Didn'T- I mean we wait for us. similar in Europe will never Monty Python sketch just keep talking about. How are these not all russian women, but how are those russian women so dumb there? Looking at all cops just staring with my colleague where all these gaps, Ignore them. Tell me what your opinion is. Are you sure, because, usually if we talk, we disappeared normal nano? That's just an old wives. They'll tell me all about it. Ok, but if I talk it's like Red Rover, the gaps are just run in writing. I just left.
Going into saying it s a singer, comfortable, your fine. Whatever we asked you, your secret is safe with me. It's fine just tell me the end night been cagey pious. These guys, don't worry about them. They are invisible to. You is just ignore neck tat, two of grim reaper holding baby. It's it's just just hair arable there, the party at the office, so You were saying so still a much easier, she's, basically support of arbitrary arrest or anyway. Well, they did no there's a risk. Woman talking We should turn that into like an impractical jokers. there is radical jokers in Russia, yeah just saint amid, is being dragged away. The women were you in here for one hidden cameras. Show. Yes, that's right. I said the wrong thing. I was told to ask her bug vendor for too much mustard. Apparently, that is Joe. Could impractical jokers people fundamental areas? It's really not even just wasting money,
I didn't eat the hot dog. They beat the shit. I think they do so the video in court. Is this you? Yes, I do too stupid. Go a guilty gilding, appoint sound effects, white judges, judges maladies. Just one of those inflatable. I feel like it levity. For I end your life. That's an awfully seriously. Dense and gay. That's not your right he's. Also. Do you like my flower, like hey, you is don't get closer to look. It's a lilac. People are the right level of We also have an update on the woman who protest. On the blood broadcast, Marina obvious. Since then, there cover you, don't write and one that I set appeared. Counselor, cynical, vile yeah, yeah intranet jokes you're already out of date the update of the updated admonish token.
At my modest tokonoma garnish like here in this room. He wasn't paying attention admonish out three very gal I took a now: did you notice that will be global was wearing a hoodie? Maybe you want to fill us and on that he says what if he says, no well laid to do it so look. This is that that is the point that are making here this administration and, of course, ministration before, where former vice President Biden was vice president for his former vice president, they have no qualms about trying to manipulate the medium qualms about trying to set a narrative and have no qualms about eliminating voices of dissent. And now they want to eliminate voices of dissent in discussing the conflict between a country of between two Trees and by the way, one of the primary sins of that country, Russia, is eliminating voices So do you see the irony this these these people put an apologist. So we
to make like a potent and kill them again scale it back? You think it's either. You think it's either. As freezing be like Donald Trump Administration, with the press yard worst thing. Is that what happened? Donald Trump, if you didn't you know she's me fake news and they would say, love he's just like most awaiting right. Just We just use your own term back against years. They turn around. Look at those guys are all fake news. People right there that you can't trust are gonna, say things about you that aren't true and turns out. They set things about. Is that our true? This is a genuine question. I want every and I know that you're watching right now we're listing that you, you may be left of centre a lot lot of people who watches or can you objectively look at this right now Look at us an area. Look at the three four years in order in this in this case include of four years of Donald Trump and look at the media coverage. Look at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, even Fox news to a large degree outside of may be too shows and look
the criticism, look at what he had to put up with it, I'm not saying that all the criticism wasn't ballot. I am certainly not saying that these media outlets shouldn't be allowed to do it for crying out loud. I want stealthy to be tenured. And compared to right now. Can you honestly say that in the Trump years the media was muzzled. The media was silenced, where's right now, when you see what's happening, yours early this show removed for not only quoting the CDC. I think the other woman suspended, because we supported the police officer who shot macabre who, by the way, was just Mr Adam guilty of all charges were dropped it onto the exact legal nomenclature here, but of course she was found we in the right shooting a girl who was stabbing another girl where he said put down live. We were suspended for praising that police officer because considered revelling in the death of someone who was about to commit murder, murder against someone else suspended for that
see Saki, saying hey, you know we were and the crackdown moron misinformation regarding covered nineteen and now the same thing here we want you to go out there and push this message on Russia, Ukraine, let's give me the talking puts. Can you honestly look it? Can you honestly look at the treatment of the Donald Trump Administration versus the treatment of this administration in by proxy the Obama administration and not see a difference, and can you see how it's dangerous? Here's why it's dangerous whites, far more dangerous. When you have a Democrat in the White House, when you have a Democrat or you have Democrat controlled, let's say Senator House the reason it's more dangerous is because you already have far left controlled everything else: Hollywood, the entire entertainment media education? All that's not really the case, in other words, when there's a Republican in their one as a conservative in their guess what they're still fighting upstream with everything else when there's a Democrat and there it is locked step across the board.
Where everyone is in agreement and now the most powerful companies that have ever existed in the history of mankind. Just take five, Amazon? You got apple. You ve got alphabet Youtube. You ve got alphabet, meaning Youtube. Google, you ve got Facebook, you ve got twitter, you can toss Microsoft in there and these are the people who, by the way, based on the White House guidelines, it's easy to look the Tec Dockers pace in the White House guidelines there willing to ban apps from their platform long videos from Youtube little on pages from Facebook, let alone shadow banning tweets. They all- act in unison. At the very least, can we all acknowledge that there is different dynamic of checks and balances when there is at least one blonde conservative voice, even if it's just in the White House, what is not nearly as powerful as a swamp? and the media slash, entertainment. Industrial, complex when you want to know what happens. Look right now,
I was talking unseen, and I want to hear what this guy is saying and let's see, let's see, if he's parroting the lines that sack he was given a tick dockers or maybe he's a voice of reason. What's it s, a single Ukrainians are standing up to authoritarianism. and as parliamentarians are shifting and you jailed pastor rights, we stand with you as friends, you can- turn, our unwavering and steadfast support, who spirited support, and now it is my great privilege endless non Blackfeet law. It must come a sweet music. Do you recommended to the ukrainian ears, like you have to say that we are waiting for a man and thought the bald which can we go to be arrested. Please send Ivorian this Europe must in planes with your end dunce. So they get.
events beyond these he addressed the british Parliament within the last week I can reach her story of Robert Williams, man of the year. He s pretty much yeah, it's crazy. I like this. Do sorry if it goes well, but I find it interesting. I find it interesting here like isn't stronger referendum and ten you hit me authorities until there is a virus getting out this tons and I must close eighteen sag as Prime Minister Dear Justin, meteors detriment. Member the parliament. distinguished guests, France, before I begin I would like you to understand my feelings. and feelings are all ukrainians. As far as that is possible our feelings over the last twenty days, a table when today's all of
scale, aggression of russian Federation after Eighty years of fighting, I'm done bass region can only imagine no Canadian, that they have not Can you you you start hearing mom explosions, severe explosion. Just and can you imagine hearing you your children here All these reminiscent blackmailing you morning of airborne of all airports, then some other cities given minor. Can you keep in mind that premise? Gertrude, trudeau- and this is actually important example of this- is that you guys? Let me know if something interesting takes place there. It's basically parenting say minds: they did compare the freedom convoy truckers to Nazis. yeah they dare them as criminals and arrest them and by the way again you dont need to just go Kay Russia. You don't need a just compare
sure to United States. Their shades in between the cake go back from Russia of Australia, Quarantine camps. You have people being arrested for simply walking outside when they're, not when they're, not within curfew. Let's go to Canada, let's, let's just bring back a little bit, the CBC just had to admit to miss, presenting and reporting inaccurate information about the freedom convoy. Those truckers in Canada keep in mind. They were protesters. Some of them are trampled by horses, the canadian government and acted emergency powers that allowed them to freeze their bank accounts is that getting close to it. hell terrorism, think about that for us and, by the way, the CBC, who misreported the information on the freedom convoy lot of them Can you may not know this? I grew up with this to see me stands for the canary. in broadcasting, associate the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. I believe it's a cranium broadcasting corporation, somewhat communications, canadian broadcasting and with less see, stands for and it receives hundreds of millions of dollars and government. When shrewder ran for office, keep in mind prime Mr Trudeau, who was to be found
search. You know what that point. He promised was either a hundred million or hydrogen fifty million more in grand the government per year to CBC, tell me that's not going to take the coverage of the election, it's like a kid running for as president promising free ice cream in the cafeteria just promises CBC. Basically, the only broadcast network there that has a monopoly on news and they misreported. They just had to admit it of independent journalism which exists online but doesn't exist on television there. They had to admit it because I got called on it and are funded by the government. So you scale it back. You have. Russia have Australia, you have Canada. Let me ask you this: do you really think for a second, the Kampala Harris Nancy Blowsy, the Chintz, accurate Joe Biden wouldn't be like the rest of Europe wouldn't be like Australia would
be like Canada. If they could. Do you really think that Whoopi Goldberg an antiviral, be talking republic game on a hot flash five view? Do you really think for a second that they would stand up for you? rights to speak out against the narrative that their setting You really think it's that hard to imagine. So this is thing that all asking is for one out there to keep Your eyes, open and by the way, also ask you to smash that like, but, if you're watching here on you too, because it helps with the algorithm in Youtube COM, and the reason you to remove the dislike, but was entirely entirely because of Donald Trump Farewell Speech and the likes verses. Binds except in speech and no likes yeah yeah, none whatsoever good. I thought you had to say something that you raise your hand. No, are you having visuals again? I am
I was staring into the light for too long, but I move my leg. Maybe that's what oh well, that's what it was. I thought you did this. I was trying to do the Charleston and my mom GI strategy that I want to unify under that way. I was now you're a big lend Miller faint. So, brings us to something else and by the way you can be banned on Youtube, for this does next door, and I'm about to present to you, that's why we just ass. They got a lot of cut. It comes much more clever. Watch on rumble. yes, we're going to continue on this story, careful careful thing, you're not having eyed her you're not allowed to make fun of someone for their immutable characteristics, which immutable means you know in a characteristic characteristics you're born with, and in this case it can be. Somebody was born a man and then put on addressing a sideshow bob wig or a twisted sister to pay and that is now off limits. So Rachel Kennison, beautiful and brave, Rachel Levine Different,
first, by the way, keep in mind it used to be sex engender were different. Member from a vice presidential binds had first female moral, white, first female admiral. So now what was tied? The two together, which I kind of warned you would happen just a grammatical term- and I was just about what to use word play against you too? Move you have your basic fundamental, actual birth rights, the right to speak freely in the rights to say. Have you brought about a man? I still think you're, a man you can be removed. You for saying this, do you still feel free, so Rachel Levine, first female admiral is among USA. Today's women of the year he's a loud, sixty later that is very familiar. I just love. I wonder if that you know Tom Jones simulators Concert and Rachel Levin was she whoa, whoa whoa, she lay in talking about that frequently
an organic laws were fine who's that lady. I guess it's. Maybe lovely maiden, lady is man. Do you think he plays what Aerosmith song wants us three terms, maybe three terms a healing after surgery transactional healing saver get us badly a woman is opening so Today's here for other countries, including Malta, Harris Inside not only made matters. Why would you Nominate Koala hairs. What did she do? She got selected
being there. You know worst presidential candidate in the primary is possible in the voting, but she got selected that and then someone Biles, I think her claim defamed this year's mobiles and amazing athlete her claim to fame, not this year within the last. I guess couple of years actually backing out of the Olympics essentially, and having heard of a breakdown that human been woman of the year when she want and when she was doing the thing, that's a hundred percent five couldn't that's all I was filled with Caitlin dinner. I can't I can't all the women of the year Gerald, I think small miles larsan, I'm just saying what what are we rewarding their father, as regards as she was rewarded with a lucrative contracts with subway. then another commercials. Now yes frigate like sometimes to be fresh, you gotta refresh. Are you admitting that you ve run your company into the ground with hysteria? How do you get there?
Is that really Donegal? Listen! You are old, sponsor guy spurs and a view. Will anyway, can you not? Can you do this without touching kids? Let's get a woman, This is something I know all the old Sponsa yeah yeah. I know he used to come to our gymnastics. Lessons or is we went right when we turned eighteen year and we just never saw him again, never saw him or the pants. He would also not let a movie about AIDS running we don't get. We should probably not our brand to gymnast, see there there's too much sang ongoing, airs and Michigan state doctors. The new subways gather, alter boys. Let's go that way by John loves, you sadly eight for ash. So this is the first female award that Levine has received. I don't know who Forget Gerald. Remember one, of course, not the first female for yeah. That was first one and in history
when the war was over. There jobs for the hungry sailors. Who were in the world. for some rules, things were not so bright and the Navy could not understand What do you do with an admirable when he stops being and admiral? What do you do with an? I got a job for a former when he stopped being a lady day, I'll get a job, but it's running one day feel his with metals Hiding was wrong, hands the crimson comment? fighting as wrong.
stay someone hollers when he see she comes into view, come the admiral, admiral delighted that he came but take care Three his staff started aligning hand after gender reassigning him. It seems this country never in one and two. Three four trends:
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