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Why Comedy is More Important Than EVER! | Steven Crowder, Nick Di Paolo, and Dave Landau


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Steven is joined for an Ash Wednesday with Nick Di Paolo and Dave Landau for cigars and drinks where they talk cancel culture in comedy, what the real litmus test is for comedians, and how the culture is shifting hard left where humor is illegal. 

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I admit that the people are asking right, yes to reconsider a racket- manageable. Yes, even before waited for me like this, can evaluate like the railways. What how can I go about it? carbon as abroad drive,
My wife fighting. Welcome to today's outcome. I guess a comedy round table Dave, Landau, India alone, why one of the funniest man alive and have taught us quite a bit- and I don't think he's upset when I said put him in the company of ignore Mcdonald cause? That's that's a compliment, but Nicht APOLLO is here in Europe. People can go listening. I guess uncensored, is it the comics, Jim, the comics, Jim dot com or Nick dipped combat the comics? Gm is the pearl. Harm that I've been chase to write, and that's you know before this before. started a recording. I said the comic shaman and use it notes. The comics Jim there's not a bit present presumptuous. I know. Is you gotta be very precise, Stephen when you given out these addresses right? I'm because I was trying to get on what was a young latino housewives sure and I kept using dot org
That's not true, I don't think it works because you're less surely business for each of you know. You noticed this. You ve met Nick of yes, you you seem like even you know you're angry about the state of the country. Your lesson! Annabelle in person. Why? First my neck before he moved to Georgia, Ok, that's right! Now! That's what happened yesterday. What happened he's right neck as other I've heard that since I moved to join by more than to peep yeah definite everybody but my wife. She things on the deck, but yes I think maybe these southern it's taken the edge off, even though we had amassed shooting, but you know that was only two miles. My Well, you know I learned when you from New York gets really it's like Saigon sleep to white, no idea right! You should have to seek out a shooting. Yes at point, but yeah. That's I've heard that a few times and got it. Reshaped is also needed. noise in New York, exactly what happened, pumpkin square partner now I mean all the parks in New York. It shows there are never going to.
I think you me Washington Square proliferate. Tonkin square park was already horribly. Three elements should is where progress I walked through that every night for twenty years ago to the comedy seller and those arches and stuff that's a forcing its able to get on stage the seller. I go. I'm in a good mood, get down here and you stuck a nineteen. Sixty eight playing your guitars at a circle. Waitin for man said and Linda Sapiently show. I guess someone finally heard your foot forty five year old eyes on skateboards book back to an open one. Put your russian and why you at the table front tablets lookin at me, why going online, unlocking their subway s, but the city still bans bird scooters for some reason: while it lives in Harlem and then Black Brown, iter? but we know it what to do You are now we're even more insight, Adrian spanish problem, one thirty fifth and Broadway, so I Zella weights?
it was with great enough for you, people we're getting stabbed in the park like ten feet from where I lay out. As I know it looks just now: it's our generation, they grew up and they fell flooded over game of Paul was holding back to know what it is. It is a lack of accountability renewing cleared from under our last, who feel that they can do whatever they want. We just talk with its enormous east. You know the midwest people would say. Oh the Midwest back one of the countries that are not true anymore. It really, It almost feels it gets a totally different countrymen, Michigan. We have the worst governor in the union and then you but you're from Massachusetts. How does it will you always right wing. Was it not because you were ornery get why you associate? One are right wing, although generally speaking have maybe get a point, and now I was Mr common sense, I guess that's considered right wing, I guess, like my parents, I really political at all my inner my dead, my girl,
the bomb watch in a cell pics, but that will not get an he never never in his life, I'm getting older that ballet these ashtrays by the rational. What are we in Rome? You know it's so nice, I'm gonna be order. Puke trot, but. last year was so so left wing. It came full circle, I mean in the seventies. You'd always see. your boy. I was a kid from selfie thrown a rock and a bus in and re in wars I'm there wasn't it, but it's always because of the yeah. Now they ruined it. It's kind of how Michigan was to Detroit
but I would almost say that that old democratic attitude is conservative. Now I wouldn't even know you. I would certainly say it s when you get out of me, there's a reason that, like, for example, you're talking what was going on Harlem over things, eighty six percent right, a black Americans either one at least as much of a police presence- has arisen it up or more force right and in Detroit theirs. I mean it's never been more clear than that. Like they, they understand the necessity, but what the guy might run against a Whittemore black police chief who was sort of mentioning Republican. If the elections were held today, he not win, and I think that the black black Democrats, they are the moderate wing of the the will. Gill hill was the first, like even known, you know, police chief in Detroit. He was in Let us build up here. He was the You know I swear as an actual the whole time ratio is Anti riot police Chief of Detroit yeah. we're like all. We were gonna get an actor, but this gets away bigger pieces. Someone, I think, like Frank result from felt it
fact of labour. The difference this great right. You know you spend a lot of time in Europe or Boston is, if you want to hide a body in Detroit, you put it in grand central state yet or if that is the place, to go and should accept a few years aggressive devastation to grand central solution, they were just clearing out homeless bodies from the elevator shaft. It was almost there above you get almost. Right above Jordan, steakhouses boy. What's that What has rabbis very urgently hears from ships, Jonah Skateboard, say its carbon- that generally, that cream broccoli homeless, guys carcass elephant man rotting unforeseen you're, not I at the door of the man drew my beloved got Disan join in eighty five dollars step after a dead bodies and others must turf its amid was gonna be shipped in now.
an upgraded to think that there are comedians out there who would want to cancel a Gub Central when attitude toward cancel but deem it we know it is time that this before- and I may show clear with you guys, you know you're the only region quota disposed of those little research and against the comics Jim dot com right. Is you the comic, about a comic strip. The great I am of comedy someone I do love her Jimmy Britain's net so John out, as you may be? Expecting you say that all public shaming is better and actually think that what is directed a lot of good can come of it. If someone's caught doing something racist, it can increase accountability. Yeah Stephen Colbert, encouraging it bill market, not walking at that CAT Williams. I don't know what people got cancel that we wish we had back, who are they? The boys go to this always surprised makers of travellers? from Canada. You ve pastors right now who are jailed in Canada for having outdoor sir I've been reading the yeah and regardless of whether your Christian, where the person of faith and on the ice,
people dont really give a lot of you. Do. I dont believe happier these passages and priests in jail for the happier in jail I feel I never kinship with John the Baptist until someone brings out a platter, they get nervous items, but people always do it's never affected me until you need that right, right, CAT Williams hasn't had then, but once once they come for him, you see with Kevin Heart right once that comes for them at all, but I it be cancelled liking. Can I add people say I don't feel my freedom of speech is infringed until you want go to church. They will never come up the cap. Will you know and the only reason Kevin Hard got. A little bit was because the Oscars were involved and he's at this level of fair, and did it really hurt his career? Did he get cancelled, same with. I always brings example up. This is my litmus test, which is a Morgan. Oh yeah, member, when his wife- pregnant. He said of the baby's right. That's a direct quote. Oh boy
grown his grab. I'd say six months, lady had a series of Tb S right Gaza that out yet I mean they they gotta get. How do you cancel cat whims? go on one of his forty million dollar specials Netflix rise, like you know, it's a whole different barometer of what he also optimal at a kid, and I love the way not really funny get Williams. He adults and other kids like he's a decent body, also eggs beaten up, I can say if they don't anathema to send out a fleet of Euro area, but like seven years ago I can't get em off, can fish border for that, but I think you should garment play staggers hurry. Thank you, Sir but he's how do you know he's left a guy in a targeted? Do let's go reddened target year? Has you mean who isn't one yeah don't be. Sharing of data thing went completely item of the tap the action and by the way for people who want to know no endorsement, sponsor grandmother immortal on us again by eighty four new poor guy. He went from Cuba to
and I went from where he go from Lebanon to Cuba. Then the cuban stuff haven't anyone from Cuban in Nicaragua for some of the largest went to the worse places. Only targeting the guy makes these yours. So CAT Williams in a target yeah well, and also, if you pull out any count, William Special, even cancelled for literally every joke right right. Yet, oh I just ache. heart is always been. Nothing is not funny, but he's he's since that line of, like I'm just middle of the road enough to where he gets tons of movies, absolutely safe. He safe, yet Williams. Never was, I guess, yeah. I guess I can see that but it still is remarkable to me that anyone in this realm of of companies is unaware of how important it is to be well to hear you kind of John how they won't cancel. Someone like Kevin Hard has a great career, but what I think a lot of people miss, and on this actually discussion with Dennis Mellaril like years ago, he's like us,
Is your funny, I said, but the problem is: if you never get to build the audience through being funny, because you get cancelled through people on the way up, when people use the term cancel culture, I hate it. There's a demonstrate withstand up, you know if you're funny or not the issue was cancelled. Culture is a few angry people if we just saw Charles Barkley, who then get those in charge of all information at social media companies at In a multi conglomerate, cable news corporations to them than you. It's not that people are offended, but a few people have a disproportionate amount of all our assembly's Booker's and clubs, and so the goal but no one might ever know if this guy is, for its current, always wondered with the best athlete they blow out. There need in college Riker. They train them too high, but I don't agree with that statement. As long as you're funny These discussions will be walk. Even talker has like Adam CORE. Oh I, like a guy like out of here. Let me also make a bad boy and Billy Berger, I loved by the way, but digging
Labour. I believe these are new bad boys, pushing against the friggin and oh I was saying it. but tough crowd in two thousand, the actual any sort of it did like you said it was about above. Bitter sweet. He eyed sort of got me known, right, but it also gonna how many Guenaud comedy EEG clubs, or what about theatres will. Now I get my hair manager said they. What do you do? What you did? They saw you sake on, you shall I say, after. I see it all that writing of summer time. I said: well, you know we need another. Kent state you know they saw that one line. I was on the books at this theatre doubt self for six months and they club that. That's why shouldn't gilbert- and I think you know you're both ABC Guys from Boston. I love Billy eddies hilarious and I think you know you would beat you would both it into their scanner, seem generation coming up straight white male, pretty rough, Enable said: Billy was softened it a little bit, and I think you put your your foot on the gas the whole way
and he was another when it came out recently in civic enough can can cancel culture. I mean why Europe like it's a couple, people just wait two days, but it stops. I think that that will happen without overcome and the rich little of yours. You don't way when I got it all doubtless, but when I got my aunt by Sean Hamleys freedom to her for rich little We avoided a good man me about it, a good Reagan to say no the saddest things ever have horrible after the original it'll go out to another rascal flats, all I paid heard ragged mafias, which, sadly I thought I'd lose out. Nelson's adjusting office football helmets lowered her work with Africa, Travel Lena, not available. Just please sorry. We get Gallagher, someone who has read the corpse of Milton Berlin, and I tell you that a mess frederick travelling joke ever is his job.
Joe. Now it's it's Richard Lois, his joke. It's ok and eightys. Maybe a favorite bit of all time you talk about when you watch boxing, and there was a couple, a real controversial fight. Would they reft jumped into quickly in any US? Sometimes they jump into quick and then the go under the guise of an economy in the rough causing a guy who's Pres travelling by its own food, for that purpose, Oh that's a let the online regard you know, nor Mcdowell. When again, the view was a sign that everyone either way it was the same up, so you ve got cancelled back then, and I mean actually and from the view because he said George Bush had just come. President indebtedness is gonna, get to you again and again matters added a white ass snow
and then what Margaret S Bill Clinton you know he killed a guy had they been in for life, but in that same show you talked about writers, clothes, my favorite, you got about going to the friar scrub, and this is on I'm watching with my dad. I just I love nor Mcdonald other kid and I wash you with my dad. look sitting there trying he says, I gotta get outta friars club. It was something like that. Ragged invited his club, you now and then, They tell me you're gonna, go to hang on his car. You know, you know the pirate a roast and but then I realized I get. There's always alchemy is another good communality, bad open, a burly liquor like us traveling in that area is assuming this guy over it. Everyone, whisky or something you got. You can't have any errors Every joke is about data homosexual men. I'm not a homosexual men, as you well know, has the merit of the regulation. But that's how you know those images are needed, so I,
turned over to their forever. I think was frank trembling, because the General Franco NASA he likes having sex with guy you know- and I know he he'll know this. It was, you could be a pretty rough he's does he has no idea where he's gone, oh gray may get it up. He just knows any new as that competence. When you call yourself the I'm gonna pull out of funny. Oh yeah, that's the beauty so Bess that free socio ended with the weekend updates that they were, as I look don't make fun of Michael Jackson, D make fun of OJ, so he doesn't that Asia least repressive, Michael Jackson, are getting divorced. Lisa me Presi wishes. He has more of our home body.
And my wish she was more of a seven year old boy. The whole places like groaning, who you are I was laughing so here I never listened to the audience. You watch it now there like pissed. because I haven't heard ISA is that I really cannot see that's our job, yeah, sorry to say what you guys king yeah, I was was actually almost to me a moment of, I think I've told the story. I I was a Fox news for forty years and I never met Roger Ales I only knew they said like a lady who runs it now, Scott I've never had anything but a good interaction with her. She said, Roger S doesn't think you're funny. oh, and then I found out he band nor Mcdonald when he would fill a girl. Egmont sells a compliment I felt like I was a come now doesn't mean, of course, that are necessarily funny, but I just took it is ok doesn't mean that I'm not funny because you don't Roger ales. I think it has something to do with the fact that I did a sketch of my on my show about him motorboat and make
telling the green room before it came out before this new to them at a study, ass crawl out of an absurd as it was so accurate, and yet it was well known ever people seem like wages, is a fuck. What cause I was I was there wasn't. This is pre me too. As happened at Fox, not pulling here's my back a little hands you it's funny, guy, that's not the father. We'll have the lesson was at the Edison Improv. It was Bruce Bruce and is open or black boy two eyes in me. We'll talk about comfortable, and that was my prize. How do we get hooked internet one? So here's what happened there is what, before Myspace Comedy existed on there, which is I got like doing just for less as a kind of at the same time electing the cook was doing it a little actual little before about opposite reeling. Nineteen get his big yeah. I was there. I was seventy seven. Seventy eight yet, and there was a show, you think, you're funny contest and Myspace we're like people, summited statement that is, and I won, and the prize was to go open at that, and I want to say
I want to say was in temper Florida for Bruce Bruce, but pay my own way, as am I can't do that so then they set out. I will name able if you happen to be in the same way of the road and my family. That point wasn't too far from ass an improved, so that was my prize a bit out like twelve fastened act open Black boy- and I Didn'T- I didn't know this like you when you Bruce Bruce yet for he comes out it's either fighter, I didn't realize the bridge spurs everybody, and that means the music starts the downbeat comes out with his entourage and his walk and our own like a two minute walk out. I just didn't know how to deal with these. Were cultural differences, Zoellick striped, and all that all number I mean I wouldn't eminent. That point is not really pinstriped everyone every which way he crushes. Oh yeah. I mean there's something that you can only do in your four hundred pounds. yeah, that just hysteria and even the suit it that's what he said
it's. How proud I mean that was Patrice and the fact that Youtube played so well feature. That's. Why watch that show honestly you and Patrice on that show made that show that always always we did stir the drank a bit. He did as we saw. What was the point of the funds is, there's always gonna tell you, I'm gonna ruin it, but it was once again nobody had diabetes is one of those two thoughts: he'll black men, that wasn't a tough crowd. All wasn't all that was. I beg the age and gave me a shell shows that what it was I like yeah, ok, yeah. When we really would confer code of conduct because you're integrated, relying you'd be other. So Patrice was my first guests cause. He shows up, but twenty five minutes later, whenever and I go. We worry Gazeta physical. My ago side, everything check out the saga mecca turn things are killed. I was one of them: hand guns
Laughed is hard. Is I've ever seen? A black economics and that's called see I know it sounds Connie. They all said music, that's the way we can all get along, but now it's comedy set back cuts through more horse. You know him when it that an end economic, it was so perfect because it he was vulnerable, which you never saw a treaty, and then you just it's. So that's all. is so good he's trying to have this moment, and I was just a media. Joe yeah is completely just to get right to the bottom and then everybody would jump enable Geraldo set some snuffed out between that was way works and I'm, not. I garage admiring jokers no fat on that boat, that that is as good as it as a joke and get it right, one of them handguns spirit, I'll, never do anything in my life better. It was funny you in and gets nothing get picked up. You know I had then another. It was part of the was part of the same now. This is another deal I had
border Sutton productions and we I had breakfast with Al Shopton up at Rufus of a famous place in Harlem Breakfas. Bladed was young prompter knuckle. We picked them up. We pick up and Van Comedy Central was absorbed into the time with your long love away? Av wasn't skinny is now right, but transition yeah, you know he's pretty. He was pretty skinny actually, but we picked him up like gonna corner on number five eleven o god it was shocked. Where would you picked up to run it I've? A guy who write about bad, cannot trap that adds another slam polio last summer. Make that mistake. He's got hair straightened yeah. So we have breakfast play com ruffians, something of the famous uppity Harlem. You know, and it was so far was great. It was just the men you weren't, you know everything is now After you know Malcolm X, pancakes area, you know and the
I know the violation of their stricken waffles are amazing and I'm trying to think of it in their debts call road, so route ribands, I think its roots, but yeah, and but the beer was so great. It was just yet a good times. Like oh yeah, I am a very charming. I felt like see why you waste your brains. I know what you did Bruno, which you know, but he is thinking the same thing where'd, you were where'd, you learn your politics. You now can I go. I grew up and boss he's at all. Other measures are liberal. I'm a guy like Lord it why they get out and watch the NBA, whatever but although I am making fun all the names you know, I can't remember somebody shiny wasn't fountains like all he wasn't. He was most these We are, of course not. You know it's day, and that is why so horrible I mean to submit such that's. The one the one thing we do all have in common in all. to take that away in like use
it's just a minority, a small group on and on, social media the wheel power and in these spineless white executives at these corporations, most y yeah I've got a corner, colleague guilt arbiter in coming out in this. Relates to what talk like what about that, that fake victim culture creates real victims now think of if you're gonna name, at least you would, you could argue right, it's always subject of the best comics about time. You certainly would put on that List Richard prior to low Eddie Murphy date, Chapelle illogical for Chris Rock. But the point is correct. Ten percent of the population there for a long time made up a disproportionate on a great raised? I finished it. That's not! That makes total sense when you consider the fact that go to a black church, its internet, it's a part of the culture interacting with people. Rather, Egypt, but now in a culture of we need x amount of female commute you gotta have. You noticed something. The ago there aren't many new priors gradually been once and Chapelle
it will enable they're gonna get fewer spot government used to do an open MIKE. Even even when I was in Vietnam younger. I started in the early two thousands you would have probably twenty five to thirty percent of the capital black and they were generally very good, because this was there, but make their work their company Jim, was there whether these be solved right. It's not a part of necessarily sort of female, interactive experience, but now is that we need fifty percent of women's lifted. fifty percent of next year, but only twenty percent of the applicants were women and I, think that now you create real their comfort. You have fewer costs whose mind We have a date when it should be based on victimhood I mean there should be some sense of vulnerability, comedy obviously but part of it is all about four years ago you good for you not having found I'm not kidding you now, every annoying shoe you is so every no, my first twenty year than they gave up on me, even though
Girls like data, like you know, you could below more vulnerable up the lovely. Now you come out of it. You would do in your way, though, where you'd have like this, the doktor doing shadow puppets in your ass out with pleasure. Our I still remember weight which would allow the prostate Ambracia example. I have the best price that no evolve comprised a bit, but your comments, as I have the best line about it. I got this guy is sky, was dig in IRAN on my ass. It is like a homeless guy trying to get a quarter of a pay for carbon, sit that nobody should do any more broad day job that is, it was perfect. There's a guy! I searched in shadow puppets in my intervention in receives there's a town, Let me like I'm a three dollar whore. You done you're old covered in low because it shows a town, five dollars out of curiosity, what you're comin materials like an end. All I get great government. Could I ever you're you're, I'm over your bit, had me on the floor howling, but the zebra virus human without was he said,
ok, so I am and I got a butcher, but then you'll remember it'll, be a q, and I know that I don't count on me remembering that not enough we need that is a Zeke of arson. Do I have this about right? A woman gets Zeke a virus. Oh here is a fifty fifty shot. The kids born will have can Eminem have Madame had Eminem had consider that I hear about the on infallible pain that is childbirth. Yes, you see I'm going this folks, don't you get us here, women, the crowd gone, I forgot all about they could be provided when it has met with MIKE with all the problem. When you fifty nine Bellows trust me, I can't well. When you are young, you did an hour then start a new our right away, but obviously you can't go on stage when you're on the road right and right wing an hour. So you you go back to your last. Album grab some bit right, but Each year, I can't even remember any
on the last day in army. It forces you to come silly right. That's me, I don't know I mean it. I had a few concussions and it makes me want to support people targeting you with the biplane baseball football. You please, please! Oh you play football. Back in the area and I plainness five eleven italian could be considered and well again underlined rightly that advocate about two seventy up at main and you can still get, broke and unfortunately I can imagine you get. It was paganel it wasn't it today, but your router still not a white guy you're, putting on a white kids playing on the field, oh yeah. What what's would so itself? Why? Because I put on main like last year, you Know- and I didn't see one white guy, I'm already had we had two and of course I was play behind this kid Lorenzo I call my kid Lorenzo Boy, yes about six one to fifty negative body fat from users
three gang leader and heart, but when it was growing up still his name's or on the all, the New England rushing records just and nice got just a nice quiet. I was behind and he be broke his leg. So I had to please get out on home coming to get you Massa, my first big, but he could. Been nicer, yet I mean, but I saw some kid given their plan hopes before before football practice. and this this kid about teams and little punk running back. Why kit from Massachusetts began He pushes Lorenzo larger, both bang kid. When I called out like a lot, I thought he broke his neck. When you hit the you know,
yes once Lord arrived just like stepped over and bring it gets a ball, and I mean just about bad. The rough doesn't even zany veins again. There was no rub it alone, but it comes about about how it listen baseball. Their honest about steroids is opposed, like college ball Football, but you must. Did you see that when you, oh god, you appear, they wouldn't be stick and each other. I like in that asked cheek George wider, so guy who's in your shoulders Gerald Morgan, hee hee, you might need a lighter. There were many this he played it. Nobody was actually so good that kid's here in high school, who never would ve looked at by scouts, got to go to, division, one schools, everyone wants them and how, I believe everyone was now everybody was why everybody was natural because he was like the only one. He was a nationalist. You got in the German, my doing it right, squat, five! Fifty- and you were those up- you know- is one of those guys by viral I've already with and Highschool. Ok, you want the Knocker damper same thing
He was just here the physique of a freak yeah. Some guys do but up it may mean he's romaine. Oh my god. I go really gonna blow kidneys, four main football. Let me at what look just we shall probably up until the illegal been one up here. A picture of you betray you to judge what this you are very good. Looking I, u judge whether earlier athlete Worthy where did the internet from where it will nope untangle. You are, but you know you use the girl. You are a good cook and he used a dress. Well, what's your problem? Let's talk about you, but Where did this come here? Do you still want to go in a comedy? Usually it's not the guy lose. You know play in high. And sports who looks like, although as a higher, but for me I'll pay. What for bunch awake I'll pay you well, I wanted to go into before a college. What we Massachusetts, kids, just wouldn't this. In the water at their my best firms, a kidney
Murphy its bodies from bulge, and he was funny and a little bit in his own way. Yet Bob escaped Bob Murphy was best friend, graduated first, a SEC in our class actual work, the think tank for what that guy could have. Let em before Letterman. Really, to make me laugh till I God cried really. He was just so quick. And so smart and we weren't stand up and he's the one who said to me. I think I was home from college a hot summer night let's go on in the Boston. Steve Sweeney was kind of big on the radio, doormat Kevin White. So he goes. Let's go into one of those club. You'd have been a comic up, so we go into stitches its Sweeney, Meaney night. Kevin me. Instead Sweeney had ashore. On Wednesday night and we went in there in my life was never the same after I walked out of there. I'm still in college. At that point, radio and oh, my god, I think I want to do this- shows the heyday of Boston call my
yeah like and what the absolute and, when I got out of college. I had my roommate this kid Dewie met up a humane, he became an eye doctrine, boss, we're living together and he we he's going to fight because he said he thought it was a fine he's gonna planet. He would Charles me to go to an open, mind, Stitches that I would never do I think I'm shooting and our common policy one. I started to get pissed about it, and then I go he's right. So he like about bomber, and this other guy Gregg Zadok who stays at my house every week announce a man. He was the Miami cop. Ok, oh he you'd four years old me what the high school my sister, but he would come to our house on Sundays and make me laugh like that, my ribs gonna break and those two guys. I put him in the credits, my for a special but everybody in Boston, even kids, that that I hung up Periphery were wise, asses and there's something how the kind of snobbish up their Pompey until you get to know him than they then you'll like em, something about that up there, but a buck bought Murphy. He would just
There could ever be those meaning comedy nights today do think those are going on. Degree anymore, like you think that a young nick would walk into account up today and see what you saw that enthralled you no that's pass or allow fix my and our mainly like when he was out- and I don't mean It is an insult, but it's like whatever That seems to be accommodated based on some sort of Yo Kevin, Maiden, Steve, swaying, and yet He was too silly funny. I loved him told Larry, but but but Yeah steam its way, Lithuania was rough yeah, he would have wrongly and sweet. I thought I thought it was a play on. Words means we Nicosia, and I know that's. Why closing? I think that would happen like like a night where you go in and not now. No no That's what I'm saying where we're regressing, because I remember that for me. what's funny, as I wasn't I did acting before I ever did stand up and I saw some material when you hurt you needed yet our epoch, but I miss a lot of schooling. I'd be later onset and then the union destroyed the entered the film industry.
nobody could fill me can make like old London. You can go like France may go to New York. Everything was going out and attacks has got to too expensive, so started doing stand up, but I grew up always like lead and was the guy watched and that's that was sort of my dream. I do said like that's something where you want human J Leno and return. My dad saying G Leno ass to. Ah, he asked to write some. Yes, I say something funny. Letterman is funny yeah. I didn't want to describe it, but even back at all of the just sort of insubordination from developing when he was always poking his finger in the chest of the authorities earlier and I forgot You haven't you just human, the ear piece of Rupert or money. When you remember when the show was on in the mornings view that big affair, you know it's funny, yeah he acts said we did an hour and a half show in the morning young and nobody knew what it was suicide and I'm thinkin. That's exactly what we do and comparable numbers to what he had. No more nor thing like
That's why I'm dial magic but yeah, no edges. You could just see what a comedy workshop, but then I remember watching in later years going. I would never tuning and what I'm watching the authority figure Trevor telling us what they can and grant aid right. I just thought it would have been a totally different upbringing, J those appearances that I still watch him when I have nothing else Don T they gotta you tube to an wanna, put Jake just put target J Lotto on David, let him in the nineteen eighties in eighteen appearances will come up. I have watched him all ten times. Those are what made me finally go to the opera MIKE Jeez appearances yeah, I couldn't believe how God funny he was when, after a second, line when when he would come on, let him in a crowd exotic stand up, yet he was that impact and he would even they ve got a word out hidden. Yet it does. We gotta gonna break it up a crying Allah
and then they have that right, but I'm during a bit and Jake I'm gonna, keep this be gone right right on a rainy days like rolling his eyes and it's fun to watch but day was a mean so generous put him on like twice a month. Yeah ITALY was everywhere plug gigs at you and I don't know, he's up my egos economic governance and then any DR runners, motorcycle of the country, and he was the guy and he was a b- was a better standard than Dave. You already high polio was a better hopes on now. Is it suited prenatal? You know private example that I advocate your own eyes. I saw him once at the coming magical Evan. I always always like children for what he was. I wasn't crazy about, unlike others, Letterman right I saw a comedy magic club. I was honestly blown oh yeah yeah. You know it alone with, but he was show to the letter. He would take a sip of his drink at the exact same time and licensing Well, I see not. I don't buy agree that I saw him at mix comedy club. My watch him do two sets ok to our sets. None of it.
it was. It was good, but I want you to actually what what's the other club in one island and it's not governors. Wasn't there another one. Uncle Viennese. Now, let's port now as an there was there was another one, like ie Side Comedy Club Mingoes Cry was maybe was guided governors. What am I gonna member seen huge outcome into? I saw that eighty two sets in a very period I'm using our having hurrying. I sit at the same time just because the laugh was so big sure thing like this is a guy who really fine tunes. It where's any of some people who are a little bit sure, with India and Letterman is just. He went himself all the hosting a good example. That is the last time Conan was on Colbert, Conan is never Emmett. Can't. I think it's an open. My like com, but but Conan Biological Conan was do was to its circles. Rankled there it was just it was even close. There was one things where, like you're, dumber, Letterman Leno, when you watch as you can see, equals and Lenin, in his element and Letterman is giving the floor here, but it was cool. And on with coal bear.
I don't remember exactly what it was. This was, I think, when he's launching a kiss a change, the format of the show was going into Letterman, see none, not no. When coated with switching to like his new format, o Gaucho, he was on Colbert, and it was just it was all it was almost you're like it would have been better for cool bear. This contrast never happen, you know, I mean almost like an opener who is getting up- they're gonna- show clearly that way about common when, when he's had come, x or even no I'm one type. He kept enterprise, How long is this bed- and he doesn't know norms sets these things up and then reels you win in Catalonia, Beverly Hills now too, and I like you, have to deal with. tat. You should be called box office poison, what's gonna happen interrupted and I'm sick. Nor can we allow it's obviously abyss the current ones. Always nice to me he's funny in his own way is not stay
having countries hilarious. I want you to know, I think he's ok, reads: a clever guy best host if the guest isn't funny and you need the hosts to save it, yeah Where do you live Letterman likes to let you should have squirming like you better ermine up, let you fail on your own worthwhile, keen where it's like. Well, I'm just gonna barrier. Yes, try to come in here, unembarrassed yeah, but Conan is if the gases in great you want that host to be caught. Unawares like if you watch Kimmel with a bad guessed it just death it just uncomfortable to watch. yet the like watch three or even die by embarrassment images of reverence changed. I mean those what everybody loved about Emily's we did like even his first, I was in college when, as virtual aired, and it was like this is awesome. Snoop dog, everybody's drunk. It was ridiculous, but it was so much fun, but over already sought cobia getting numbers yep. I thought of you
first want to take the bait. I thought Kimmel I mean I or your night hundred percent, I'm not a guy who says that a man can never cry, but when he went on television and cried over Cecil the lion and I pulled up a statutory, my show that data is used at a hundred and fifty people been attacked by lions and just that municipal That's like a view for shark attacks. Have that's the biggest here. It's like ghosts in the darkness. Ever weak and heaters. They actually begin hundreds of deaths there, a he just haven't any similar crying. I just I said it's their certain things came on sea yeah. I can watch him yeah I'd just watch, I git crying Wolf kid which he did on the one episode bride and grab him. I understand that, but everything else at such a subway, you could be need byline, Lee I wasn't gonna buy items that that's like that.
What you're, what I see my enrich little you're. So I'm a money travelling driving out the frog, They should have the freedom to like him, rascal flats and rich little, but a little boat, words from New York. A comin, though, was you were on, like he put on comics yeah great yeah. He did and I mean that obviously changed and shift workers, but I mean when it was the New York comics going on that best. Let late nice yeah. Hell do in late night sets. I watched a kind of mine and, like all my god, I can't believe the air it ok is actually that, with the tell to like you just this will make me feel good. Depending on how you answer this question. Just like I said you know how I felt when I found out that Roger Ales hated nor Mcdonald S rifle. Ok, it's him. I wish you a still have you ever been invited under marcia- oh god, now, ok, good! So there
look I always like Bill marbled want to stay as far away from you as possible. I know now we sort of acknowledging now not big enough to have you are no, no it and make it through screener now, but they try to get you Oh I reached out and she asked me: she said that it was this Booker and she said so what you know. What do you like want to talk about this? Is I remember at this point, Oscar so white, with a trend- and I said I don't know it's kind of pretty funny the Oscars, so white is trending and I just watch the real life beauty and the beast and Mary J Blige the bookcase, into a queen and seventeen. Forty slavery, France in addressing Gonna talk about Disney movies, and you ask a question. That was what she does. What about like Russia too? when Russia, I said one about God, she's pick, the wrong Diana was like I'll call you back. and then you see some people on their ongoing. That seems like a patsy for the higher ups, and I thought Nick Dipaolo should be on the show I don't see, wants to have clever people with voices of dissent on that show you sure it that bill perfectly unless he doesn't want to. Thank don't wanna, tangled saying that
That's what my bodies are said knight- and I do so. I don't even think that sinister, I got up just not a big enough name. I always the overcrowding here. Billy has absolutely but they're using. They use ie like the conservative congressmen, Gallagher Junior Senator something he keep that we just get married in a link and by bird I mean Filmore has his audience of train seals and he just goes like well, that's something that can happen in a store with Larry Craig, and then the order is already binding. I wonder lapse and he's like this is a signal. It's like this. You know there's no I saw it happens and now he's gonna put that journey back in the bottle. That's perfect evolution right now is going, but we then progress and people jump over em I'm going to Billy just eat. You called Republicans, yeah I exactly I've saved all these people are coming around now now that the machine they created coming after yes, like you,
a handedness. Yet you know you can't you showed, but also how many years an age be all right and getting good numbers. You had a huge hand in and where we are today its adopt proud of back pedal, and I hope they Utah. right and then they show doesn't matter as long as you're funny, I'm like not look nothing no one on the planet can argue, for example, that you or did Nick Nepal is not funny. period. I wish to say that there are certain. There are certain people who are just beyond even questioning like there's sit. There's their guard relative talk less a comedy there's the bulk of it is subjective, but objective. We finally mention the great like price, and maybe you don't like personally private- usually not like what you have not really started. Ten objectively on funny. Someone has been an open micro for ten years, gets nowhere and there's a lot of subjective in between you are in that objective. We I dont know a single comic who says anything other than Nicht APOLLO is Ronnie. Well, when I
me that one that alone is not enough, because for a long time you know I'm in a credibility gap punch in the face by Britain Berkeley and you as long as involving Zaka punch, with a sucker punch, your honor show with a black eye. The next day, I think, is an excellent doubly. I remember that happened. The heirs reassure you on one as an ant and show you are, she. Promoting that give an I got more trouble. There was a liberal right across its on some, I think you said, like some broaden birchen stocks and they rode up like having sexist guest Nick diplomacy sucker. And even the dad mad lilies like, but his I appreciate you saying that I always bring such as an example that, when, in all stored on his last episode of the daily show meant he's at the very end, some of his last words, because I'm lookin for to get back into the comedy clubs with calling Quinn, Nicht APOLLO. I almost fainted somebody Tommy did he ever do? That, though, did you
the common attempts by some of the seller here and there ok shakes somebody's hand, ingenuity. I was right to do what it can. His Anthony always ends as an aim, but I took that ASEAN out of a big compliment. They did, John, I use is always been nice to me. I think he represents I'd. Well, I hate his politics We would like that. You haven't you ever know. Yes, I agree, but we were discussing measures. You are shown him uncle bare and he berries Colbert because he's not on the extreme liberal side of Kosovo how are you to somebody wrote a greater article about their most tile Smith said the new posts, oh yeah, about how that that you showed how cold bears taken in our swallow, this Kool aid of this. And its damage is hard drive. As far as being funny yeah, you know, John was just go. Comics do look! You ve been around before pre internet you're like I'll just tell my myspace and now you have this successful podcast,
really glad your audience is found. I think, you're, honest people where the audience needs to find you. a certificate is like look you're gonna go until I was up marketing manage what made you gotta go to any comic live in the country, and you know you're gonna, you're, gonna, clear half of them out. If they don't know who you are and because you ve never been apologetic which have always really admire it about you, and now people have found you, and so and you know why, thanks to Tommy my manager really does he would he stopped about three as he doesn't. He goes the comedy world. Both you people at work comedy Santo reappear, nobody fallen, Should you aren't? You know any equally he backs everything up. It show me numbers from utopian and Bubba at her end no, but I saw it. I know it doesn't hurt as much as nobody, one might even have jersey front of legs. You hear donate compete. Ministers applied short as to why you sums up by truck his cabin heart is now you must all jump. him and commit suicide could showed that is
this also to our wonders in North Dakota, so she could be workers, yes, yeah it now exactly so that that ship, but he but but timing, is how to market is a business guy and right real smart and and but months later he shows up with his computer dry small, but not at my house. It was just a opens it. He's got a us Red Sheet of all the counties in in the Tri State era that voted for They alone are real. That's weird backwards. L gerrymandering about the death hats and dies got it all laid out a tool for me with the counties. Well, now the sky is shop. Is tat. I owe my manager outta here you eat, dares to look into conservative areas, which is crazy because I was ever political comic I'd ever consider geopolitical either. I wasn't were pushed into it here. I am at what I always had just because I can see. From a mile away, go and like all that Gaza can server you, even though you are all United Lincoln, you want here the perfect lie, but that colic, when I go, why am I keep
call the conservative. You know, because we do not concern your comic, who happens to lean right. He goes. Let's put it this way. If you're telling a Joker Mcdonald's people can tell how you voting record but that's the best way to put a fella Mcdonald job, people could tell her. You voted yeah Armenia that that was so smartly port and I say that all atonement amid the butte, because I'm not I don't wanna, be put, I used to looking guys again go and he used to be funny now is to solve little coach. I don't want to become that, but this is big of a man will win like a societal ships when they wasn't making? That is, for you know as much fun of tromp on South bar. He was like well conservatives in the new programme. Yeah really is because it's going against the culture. I got him in Austin, I loved my brother, want to U t and is partly Archie programme. Eleven coming give talks, does Matt Stone. Actually, okay, and I remember he was up there saying or your stomach Mohammed episode of, like imagination landed.
And he said TAT, you think, is the truth is we were never really work with questions, so they just wanted us on later that we want to be on later he's a good. We don't think it should be watching our shows. An amber asking him a question about like hey we're. How is it, but now that the people can turn it go atmosphere before cancel culture with this might have in two thousand five doesn't sector as it now you're sort of target number one from the left and he just short of started explaining it and very actually kind of going off on them and say: well, we ve been away the promised Christians, and so what happened? What we try to put Mohammedan episode and colonies interested you can't- and I we said ok, but it's gonna be one of that. Whatever forcing upset you pay for the season, and then we made it a three partner managers and everyone here pin drop as a kid. There were- and I remember thinking of this is weird. I thought knowledge there. I see mats stone, there will be on board and they were uncomfortable he's moral, our generation when you think about its area, but that was for me, Oh there's a shift going on you, ve yeah. I can see that fully early on
but with you, but you are you're. I always like that happily mean Johns, Johns, docile members Achilles to Washington, T, J, F and then he's Tommy the store, I don't know I coming downstairs. I don't know what startled item, I know how much the whisky did you have depends on you bring something: that's not what they want to buy. Ok, I mean he's had a good amount of interest. In that I got it all. I got good. I just I just remember, and I just didn't interview with Johns Docile where it broke. Might like people not broke. My heart is recent right recently he was aching. I think some of your material is mean you shouldn't be making fun it good stars he talks about your children, but I was it was T J F at I didn't know what a conservative, what and I told John Southwest in a car turn the interview a little, but because I told them when people ask me my show I say Picture Letterman meets Johns, docile Meech meets Howard Stern, that's the closest thing I would refer to because we're probably my biggest influences. I read Biographia reddest books, I know all about it.
Our problem when I grow up, I know which producers hated and eighty see and Little Gallagher and there to progress in meeting here an international waters, the elder brother. He goes He's been he's interviewing and I said I like. I said I don't know what that guy is, but I want to. I want more of that. He was interviewing again in native american reservation and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. He was interviewing him and this guy sounds like another white man doll stuff and how they for any goes right. But you live in a modern house with running water and television and electricity that's because the white men forces me to to live this way and jobs thus made up of Africa's but you're wearing jeans. I was a kid I met a camera. Gonna pulls out have made of America, others ponytail is growing old, like Lois Hungary's. What is this just? It was again it. What sort of this natural anti authority already on says force crisis
So you do the nasty show just for laughs out God many times that acid, and when I saw you, I can't get it to me after Bobby Slate, which was a huge I'm like. I think I did it two years in a row up the Bobby. I'm like this a permanent gig Rios things that I didn't get weapons, but you didn't get you did a gala to Dallas Gal is tat. I saw So I was watching you because I was a seat filler. My mom allow you to my mom was a customs, and I saw the set that Ray remind everybody must remain at the just relax and Kevin James, and I remember I have ever seen seeing you- and I says it's just- I was too nor all of you as a kid, and there were people who I right away said. Oh, I like that. And it was great the first I did that nasty show much ten times, probably the first five or six, were great and mean that the place cells out every year will be the yeah girl, with a sell out, the nasty shows oak. Having was a club soda while yeah? Well, there was took what you're the first was, the all clubs soda right and then they open is bigger vent
and ended that held even more and they were no fun people know what did said right on the thing you know nasty show people know what they were getting it boy, they would work either. We would do to shows a night like from month to Tuesday data Thursday and then on the weekends. Three Friday three, yeah, then three to Sunday, one of his paths pact, while of a young, but then after, like the fifth six when they started to move a little bit him. I noticed up there. Turning in our body ass when I did like this is. I was holding the audience have oh yeah. I can I can imagine so strange as you they buy tickets for a nasty shown. I would lay wanting to see exactly that because their definition, Dave of Nasty, as you know, it's a billion- is there that ours
there. You are regulated mayhem. Anything now are we. We always will say something. What every Christmas! Where were you? Like? All right that wasn't, for you got that's right, rising for real. You had your try to make another way why your odds face down. On the one hand, he lets Cemetery New year showed a synagogue, where the thing came off and I put on the microphone, and I am pretty sure that I did some stuff. Is that bad? that was the real God pushing this thing off my anyway in a room of the gods chosen people but he's mad at you himself, but I remember yeah they d. The thing is, you can be a dirty as you and you're not necessarily and allow already committed, but the thing is, for example, Amy Humor can talk about our closest Gaza Borneo, anyone here, but the second you get edgeler, meaning what is pre determined to be offensive right and that's what so praised me. For example, I was always whenever I did. It was clean, but I was being banned,
and colleges in two thousand five amortization. All you did a juggler Mohammed. You can't do that and then and then added APOLLO, calling me up one time, whereas his thumbnail picture was next to a picture the idea of mine, I don't don't you get to endear boredom. Aren't you going to do in Joey Cypriots? We don't get mom in Tehran, Watertown New York, I'm sleeping above the theatre, deadlines, gonna, satellite Roman. It is probably that they shut down the comedy club in Dearborn, the good, but not necessarily a swat team at the Villa, like Mr Pennsylvania, during that places, Goodenough oh, I wouldn't let me there. They have come to find out where you can kill me lay out is the website of the color of the items you can hear seats. That's what you say that, but I got coupled death threats last year and it will create because I'm going to Vegas
oh yeah. I said I'm gonna be out there, Bob Bob you now, so we I was on the form of a happy twice, while the biggest you're safe, they only shoot white country concept, anyways, the other guy said he's gonna, be I'm going to you a second job. You know we had to make a where the security at the hotel all wish that you come out when you did too. I think that was on my mind, the lights you get introduced yet in the Arctic, no oh yeah, my guy This will make a quick, not the face, I I was Adam Break Garrett's like two months ago, and I said something where Muslim guy walked out and Brad's nephew runs the place me standing there any ghosts. Guys, you say you know you can wear mask is like now. He said he doesn't like to wear masks and he goes waste. Muslims have no sense of humour and it goes well. You are leaving. Aren't you, for example? Ok, let me ask, but let me ask you this
while these little cocktail doesn't always Thomas Hobbes shows up. I didn't like prostate examples. Finger company, that's a call back. We gotta jeered at ISIS lead would be made through your clothes with your I I I I I I I actually I mean I've done life less like. Shall we Was it you have em before the pandemic, but unlike We have full security. I started getting for the first time, an actual because I actually I do not actually need ISIS kill us and Negative everyone's announces that it taught me now on the european list, but I'm not gonna frequent flyer. Let you just talk to the ape hosted they posted my home address are made
understand. Why can a little nervous right? Guess I understand now you get it, but they posted on humans rattle. My no ice is worth our asses just now tied up with my wife work address and the local police onto my house and the path that the path for my wife's worked. My house, this is by when the Michigan and the local police short, because a fan from London. This was an comment under a youtube. the local police, because a fan from London saw the address posted by the terrorist cross, references, zip code and call the local police, and then it got worse and worse from there and am I just would start getting these like horrible anxiety before six people don't know when your answer? You can't really see the audience right. You're totally exposed- and I had always been because I felt it some now just ass, a dime beg Darrell. I wasn't something's Golan for me, but it does change. You know it. Monsieur nearest worry about that cabin hard problem.
Where they might have to worry about your someone living in their basement like letter. But if I watched the listen to the left wing, narrative or whatever you'd think that's the only people who would have to worry about it. Oh yeah is aiming humor and someone can are because we live in such a white supremacy society. Of course, excess message and stick with couldn't be further from the truth, and I am so sick of in saying this me in calling for a thousand you happy. You see these left one car comics talk about re sooner, but they'll spot in white people and peace operational back. I was edge. He was talking about race, you're gonna be an edge. It being at the comedy salad, daunted, dominican, joke, affordable, tabled domestic into an that's me. even Kennison said that years ago. How can you do? As I say, you can't yep asking me go and I don't really like audio dominican. They got no colombian a godsend a day, eight of a grand difference. You say this one, for you know how to cook hitch. Casing incomes
The thing is, it really is surprising to me: I guess it that so many comedians of toss a lot and with it in a sort of pulling the ladder up behind them. That's what because I don't I Why don't? I just put my thing on. I don't watch other com. I never! Even when I was a comedy central I'd watch the tough crowded right. I wouldn't watch other guy specials right. I just wanted to do it Don't be an that's not this. Is it I'll? Wait, a gull bodies? stay a little bit and watch the young. I come up and but since they are all cookie card of most of Bosnia, there's not told about the last few years. I don't you know, I mean don't it is the wrong way, but there's no thirty year old, Nicht APOLLO, and there never be another twenty year old, Nicht APOLLO civil happen, it can't happen and there should be at least one. You don't think. I know, and it said to me what's here
nine lesbians them. I thought she was a lot like little. Never probably, if there's some some italian lesbian right now to give the report like hey what to do this Instead, what we have to do to get a laugh, bigger, goats? What am I sure, my condolences age enough? Thank you could do Margaret you're not one bad approach me that this is new and its leader to doing jobs? It's a rebel Tutsi mixed all right. All right, we're gonna, showed a mug club is a lot of fun. Right. Listen! It's over! Now! It's not over! It's the comics Jim had nothing to do it's. No, you don't want six and you by the way you can one, but you can use your baby. You had your cigar, you can have your big, it's the comics, Jim Dotcom right, the comics, Jim Dotcom, absolutely five o clock Eastern is when you just what we when we dropped the show yeah. I either I finally through third, it's very worthwhile and at Nick was one of the first guys to really
really do. I guess what I would say, one of the guests who I was nervous about approaching and appear in the show early on when we did not have anywhere near as many of you guys watch, and so I wrote to appreciate and do support is live shows. I have there are very few b well, who make me double over laughing as much as Nicht APOLLO, the comics Jim. I have that right, dotcom we're going to love you tube. Thank you, piss off, hey everybody liked declare. You just saw go ahead and smash that, like button smash, it also feel free to go ahead and share it. Why not share, and if people alike or you don't like Landau Smash, Landau Smash, crowded smash, black widow thinks it's mansion.
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