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Why The FBI Is NOT Your Friend! McKayla Maroney Testifies on Larry Nassar


What does the FBI even do?? Yesterday, McKayla Maroney SCORCHED the FBI in her compelling testimony on Larry Nassar. Plus, is Nicki Minaj based?? Crowder investigates!

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Right audio listener. You can hear look no Kova, just a scientist infection, so I don't sound like me, but either I sound like a sexier version of me or I sound a grocer version of me, you determined, but if you're listening not just leave a rating, there's something so that won't make sense at all an audio so consider going to watch it on Youtube, Mug club, actually Dave. What can people afford mug club today? What can I look forward to exclusively that would be an impression of James Franco's penis, its uncanny and won't make any louder with crowded
brought to you in part by God, over to the shop supported by buys, who read Germans, dot, tasty. That's called a panic, sip arts, because right before
when I hear people has blown when, on the other and then coffin up, I have so you know just really quickly over us. I have a scientist. I dont know how my parents got covered to both totally right, but I repeat myself there totally fine. Then I felt like I had symptoms, I thought I had the good that the Roma right and I test home test negative. My life and next day had much milder symptoms, positive just a negative going into two times in three days. I do not have it. I finally spoke. I don't know I'm going, you must have had it already whites. I said: why does it happen? Oil? You? You must have. So what does a negative for anybody? She's those tests are reliable, good. That's why which, just as reliable, Linda looking apparently my blood type, is be negative. it s? Incredibly rarely one percent now already know. I think it's three my cigarettes allies, doesn't allow its the lowest one. Now it's the second lowest knows I was above that owes
six no owes us actually not that uncover. The point is terrorism research I was like maybe there's a natural, because there is a natural protective effect and have read all the studies, and there have been a lot of studies, including one, I believe in Denmark to save hundreds of thousands of people who are, of course, I have to say that its inconclusive absolutely not an expert but Howard Stern. Can state of accidents occur, screw that guy I'll write Gerald Ays here how you, Sir, I'm better than you suffer besides infection away worse than the Rona. I care I've been coughing up flutter you have, court of logger. I'm glad I don't have what you have while we gotta watch out for that single sell, Em Dave, Linda, more user, ahoy, ahoy boy, there's a we're sure? So we are going to talk about Loi and because I want to give Dave some time here in relation to timber. We have some announcements regarding, if you, if you paid for aids live, shows it'll effects on that it holders but I hope you understand, but I want to talk today about the F B. I just you know we get to that. Why?
Fbi is not really a friend and I think it's important to delineate between the guys with guns and the guys at desks, pushing pencils threat there's a big of it, and that doesn't mean that guy's can't do great work for the country pushing pencils. But that's what we're talking about on elected officials, hey, you know This gentleman unelected and unaccountable somewhat unelected and unaccountable, who is undermining you're alive Did president that the commander in chief of the military. Can we look at the FBI? Most of the people who are having this up? They are not alone. They are not accountable to anyone. The gymnastic, Dick sexual assault case, which went on for years and is just the tip of the iceberg. When you look at all of the fake stinks, I dont mean I dont mean false false flag operations. Grant what I mean. A lot of the things that you ve heard about the majority of them carrying them out insurrections worthy FBI agent. Inside these, these groups, women, billions of dollars in damages and dozens of deaths with nothing right self, terrorist organisations, are committing acts of violence, nothing
because it's a lot easier for the FBI to go away. Look. We got when you when you, stage a plot yourself that it is too go to your superior and say we really failed. you are Some rights really got away from us, some didn't who to be in charge of domestic terrorism than the government agency that invaded the wrong country twice. Yes, I agree and got us all addicted to Heroin did they did well. I mean there's a positive right, yes and they about grand ghettos, them area. Phyllis all grow up Jim Brewers, making the rounds Jim Brewer well respected. Adrian remember a long time friend of Dave's course now is persona non grata. Remember just like norm a year and a half ago, They did the same thing with normal. What was the attack nor Mcdonald still doing comedy and it was so transparent because of course, is what we must respect the commitment. We all know this. We all
the enormous fantastic. You may disagree, you may not I consumer, but like us, others objectively, funny, objectively and funny, and then there's objective in the Middle objectively funny rich prior to George columns, your nor Mcdonald's, your Jim Brew, who normally AL respected immensely by the way you about me, up until two years ago, you wouldn't and a comedian who didn't respect emperor now here One of the pure stand up to really wasn't. It and doing personnel wasn't interested. He would tell you in doing films. He did stand up he was the stand up to stand up and funny, or he did yeah. He did ass an hour. Every did uptown comedy club wherever there was at short lived sketch, oh yeah, but yeah he's known for being a stand up. He's done, one movie right. You know that how high no he hasn't touched drugs and decades, because this is why I will be supporting and christian now yet simple he's. His wife was a born again Christian for a long time, and so is he yeah he's relatively clean, but he's one of those guys who, before you go on like when you gone before him he's like just don't be filthy.
I don't care, like he's all about common yeah. That was always me to also look just don't make it so blue that then right off go out and clean it up but I did motor city casino with them, and railroad music, theater and a couple Detroit dates and he's he's phenomenon is one of the best storytellers out there and yes up an innate starting. These are terrible, open my comics or feature acts that are like screwed, this guy always getting there just attack him. It's like. If you got a phone call right now to open for him. It would be going thirty over to get to the theater. Brings. Us too will react to attack video of a left right or not I get it right, we don't get sued because we have to be held accountable here. So here's a video actually now Jim brewers under hot water because he's cancelled, shows then use where he found out people we're going to be forced to be, vaccinated he's been making the rounds? Let us show clip from Tucker last night. My fans are really upset, they said you know, I'm not content.
Lord getting a covert shot and and now they're saying I can't come see you perform. Unless I do that, and I looked into it and that's the last thing you should be duly lives high, but he's going you wanna, because all you can see it is like feeding the seal, the fish. you wanna come see a concert or there's a new narrative and the new narrative is the and accelerated or the beast killed the bees and when, when our leader put that out, Erin pointed the finger like where the demons and and that's a really good point firing at least a quarter depending on which numbers who's your belief of the name, who dont want to be forcibly backs. They did not even yet and by the way that quarter people are not seeing the vaccine doesn't work right. What they're saying is what you told us, our stern still says it's a cure. Renee saying it prevents hospitalization. Now you're saying we may need a boost, your shot and wrote the one thing that is irrefutable as we people can say.
I still think it works right now, but I dont know the long term effects and that's a risk reward and what I the most important here to keep sight of his look. I think it was I remember who said this, but I might have been nor Mcdonalds so that a lotta comedians wanna, be rock stars a lot of similarities when you look at what they're doing Eric Clapton look. Thinking used to have rock against Bush right, no effects, which is the easiest thing in the world to Iraq, against a Republican, and you have rage against the machine wearing the shirt of a socialist dictator who was not a revolutionary check very. He hated black people hated gay people executed people without trial and was found in Bolivia holding his rifle cowering, which had never been fired thing. I was more, do you alive and dad yeah? That's the rebel without a cause us if we have the cause, it's called being a plastic has been the machine? You put him on your shirt and how, though, their fears with Eric laughed and the furious with any rock star or comedian who says you know what I don't know.
The bidding of the government in force you to get back stated. Look. This is not someone taking a stand, forcing you to do anything, and this is a comedian, and now you have rock stars, who are simply fighting for your right to choice. Remember that word is a part large waiting, Eric laughed and were always against the government debt what they were saying positively s, but now it's transparent I've. Always it's really there against one party introducing Republican Democrat, never look! They set that up. So you only have one way to vote and believe me, I am not. I do not want Republicans to take our vote for read it, but when you look at everyone, including the people whom rage against the machine who then campaign for the machine, is there anything more machine, then a politician who has been in office for fifty years, who hasn't held private office, he's been suckling at the government, teat meaning your tea for fifty years and can barely walk out to the podium without shitting his pants without swamp monsters, telling them what to say and where to go, and he admits is determined to say this, but tell me to go
and you are raising against the machine vice pouring in campaigning for him While trying to squelch into I didn't voices like Jimbo who just wants to do comedy and shout yet one. He also made a really good point that I think is getting overlooked at some people are bringing it up that he's a K. I had covert already right, so I dont I dont need necessarily this. Was him saying this rights on not medical doctor saying this he's gotta, I just don't need go, get the shot. He said that no account is no kind of credit is being given to people that have the antibodies right. So much. that should be talked about that should be studied to make sure like hey. Maybe maybe that's better. That's what to value is saying is ok, it actually looks pretty good and you will see how long it lasts and maybe that's like there's no incentive to create accurate anybody test but if you have the vaccine, why are you afraid of getting the illness if it works exactly I don't understand, is no that's. Why don't I things an oxymoron area? Look. This is right now it's not a pandemic of young vaccinated. It's a pandemic of people who don't like that they have made.
Decisions with incomplete information. People who the vaccine early on? You got it because you were told with through it in the show. You can hit all the links in the description here. A lot with Canada come, you were told that you don't to worry about the virus. Once you're vaccinate, they change the definition of what that protection. What's so Well, then, you found out, I was leaving this. It will less chance of hospitalization now they're saying maybe a boost in their conflicted about that Israel, saying maybe a booster. I think it was that we agent actually said the now and necessarily any need for it yet will see CDC the one the saying we think should do a booster and then I think the FDA saying we don't know so. No, we don't know, but when you got that vaccine, let's say four months ago you saw Fauci on tv, saying need to worry about it. That's why I don't get mad, because people got vaccines, nursing you're, sending the wrong message to tell people still wear masks, so they said it vaccinated you don't eat masks. Well, so this is really a pandemic of people. Trusting blindly and then regretting decisions. cause, you're decision, look any one, so not think it vaccinated. There's too
What's your decision, you decided to get vaccinate MRS well hope. Thirty, one vaccinated, it'll kill off the conservative voting base. Good then let them die. You can have what you want so I'm going back to comedians now Christopher Titus, who has been on the show, what am I debates, comedian self he's like Titus, but I I I don't I agree with the I dont like a man. I don't find him funny, but I appreciate that They know how things stand us funny, but yeah he's kind of an asshole. I don't really think you stand up it's funny. You know I think it used to be anyway. What about that, but it doesn't matter, look you can find him funny. My point here is going to go through a list of comedians now Emmy nominated Emmy winning people who write for ABC Nbc, CBS Wreck, the rebels attack the fellow commuting motivating, I dont think I have the right to force you to be vaccinated and when we get to Colbert writer at an open one of your committee, around precipitated says I want you to come to my shows. I want you to be vaccinated junk,
To my shows, if you aren't, if science facts and evidence doesn't sway, you you are too sorry. If you, kids watching meant to give you. This is not a trigger warning. It's that I dont want three too, you are too fucking stupid to get my jokes joy, Jim Brewer yeah, because what I think Chris, four Titus. I think highbrow exact facts evidence Gus retainers demean like when you came on the show seven years ago, and you have no idea how many defensive uses of firearms are taking place in didn't know what a semi automatic was. It's cute stay with a buzz gut. What language do our Georgia would lead to the pieces? Our two and somebody comes out and says it is like why? Why are you taken a shot at a guy for making a stand? Well, here's Colbert writers, Frank lesser! Well, I would, I would say, aptly named you nothing He says I tell Jim Brewer to stick to Carmody, but people are suffering enough already
you of a guy, I wrote that form that did not land Emmi nominated, ended, perfect Emmi nominated this man, while our committee- and, I guess, Frank, Cardiff, tweeted. Well, it's in fairness to me, Emmi nominated for a late show you don't they just their introduced force locked sort of like a wide by recent chancing, already much your participation as long as they keep keep up, keep us out fold seraglio, you can't be nominated, even though you double the numbers thing, comedian, Frank kind of freedom, that the one tat will talk about a numbers. I wonder how we get the amount of covert cases down to Jim Brewers fan numbers. We can finally put the pandemic behind us, wolden good, let them! I don't even know what this is. This poster once we get the amount of covert cases down to Jim Brewers fan numbers. That's why? too high. If you don't want the amount of people like it, Jim Bruce show you to thousands of people at every single show. You wanna get the case low down to like tens of thousands per day.
Before the juvenile, bigger Then a Letterman writer Ben Schwartz tweeted America needs laughter now more than ever Jim Brewer refusing to perform his great news and determine gotta about this. You guys, but I do want the challenge for Jim Brewer. You guys pick a venue in the same town on this let us remember, let's see who feels it up, because this is the only argument. Tat right, I see Christmas, we suggested the same joke over and over again, because this is any time somebody takes a stand. They want to just say, you're irrelevant and that's right, because they don't know what else to say there all parrots of each other right, you're, not popular. That's the argument which side ideas on Tucker Karlsson displaying theatres, but ok, but you know what it's also lets say he wasn't popular science isn't determined truth, isn't determined by consensus is determined by what's right. That being said, you want, HU. The bullies. Are, I don't think, there's anything more bullish. Then look, look, look nobody likes you they like us.
It's even sadder when it's a lie, you again only one likes us. What do they all go in just a ring around the others? I go and fight fight, Ruth determined, reside there around ok, truth is determined by hindsight, not piling on somebody. I know This is. This is just really sad to me when it sounds a little desperate to me too, like other like out he's trending, let's, let's jumping on that in all our work, I'm a rebel was it dish. This is the kind of thing that needs to scare everybody, because this is somewhat what issues I'm his crime is literally sing. Hey, I'm just switching to venues that allow you to be vaccinated or not be vaccinated. Now, that's all I just want perform it values that offer you a choice and don't force we get jabbed by the government and people who are supposed to be the defenders of freedom of speech and people are must be the last vanguard of truth are saying: no, no. You must Fort take part enforcing everyone to be vaccinate. Let's be clear about the arguments, Jim Brewer, saying all
for you to have a choice and hey that's what you got said you wanted choice right. Let the on vaccinated dieoff continue with the decision that you made when you got the job the opponents here saying: no, no, no! No! No! No! No! Every single, independent comedian must join the guild, enforce every American who wants to go out and enjoy comedy restaurant. Any kind of music show right now. It happened. My pants, I think, I'm Michael jubilation. You have to take part in forcing everyone to be vaccinated by the way the bill is outrageous, and you guys you guys comment here. This too. is that the recent comedies whether stick It's a club! I've I've not wanted to be a part of four years, because of this. It is amazing to I don't think there are people who are met, we're spineless right now in this country, then comedians, and that's because the gatekeepers, like you said, therefore shows you can get in there unless you eat Meta diversity, quota or have the right point of view. I would be stunned. If you could find two percent concerned,
the Republicans working Koning, all leaning on the air anymore right. It's all true, the playing field done the idea that, even if you want late night, what do you want to get out of it right, there's nothing there. What do you have an announcement to to make because you, this kind of force you to look into because keep in mind, Jimbo didn't know the reason this change happened? Is he didn't know that you set these rural young and that's kind of we're controlling the net force. You tried to do some digging out before you know. It's the same. Its fans have been reaching out and telling me that they couldn't attend. My shows because they want to come through with the vaccine. Was the exact same thing I don't need to know your medical history for you to come to my show. I simply make sure I ask a go. Please don't have AIDS right rule, which is by right, especially
your gymnastics coach. Well, that's how it it sets how it's the f B. I ignored a lot of ships, not just the ones and Larry Lazarus fingers ring, but here we so cancelled. Some shows I'm here, I'm cancelling! I show right now. There are a few that I'm that our in, like California, that obviously I would have no, which Georgia cancelling I'm cancelling the stifle, theater and Selina Kansas on October. Twenty second willing to look for a new venue. They were I'll, give you a full refund. Don't worry about that if you did buy tickets, I know a lot of people dead, but I had You gotta lotta emails from area of people, just saying that they were not able to attend because of the health restrictions and when my agent book did that that was not part of it. Right, all the sudden added I started getting all these emails and personally I just don't agree with it will also like look- and I hope people other than you can come, and I know somebody in the short and the stick of you bought tickets, but
the yoga money, you're gonna get your money back, but they dont get to see you, which is generally what matters than the Austrian defined in nearby Veni reckless, and hopefully we can't nobody. But the thing is here: who do you to be getting. Who look someone is not going to get to see the show the point as Dave. Now understanding the policy of these leaders. I think. We want as many people to build enjoyed as possible, not limit it. So I hope I hope people. their understand, you do have a show their coming up. Still Carnegie Music Hall in here stand on October first, that still yes and then Albany New York, Albanie New York. Not this weekend, but next ok I'll, be there in yeah. This is just something where I'd. Let me be very, very clear to anybody out. There is going to attack me, I'm pro. vaccination. I grew up in a house with a nurse for a mom. I completely anything vaccinations are a wonderful thing: believe in medicine. I don't think you should give tree sap to a kid who as meningitis, but I do think that This is not we have
I got in the proper answers on what this is unrealistic. People uncomfortable and for private Personal reason some people can take the vaccine. That is new, of my business and, if you're vaccinated. I dont think you should be worried about getting it if it works right. So my own, my opinion, is your medical history should not keep you coming to the show, unless there's not a word the chair ramp and then I would have one put in right yeah exactly because you do not use your legs like a sucker. Now I'm going to watch, you drag it up the stairs with your mouth, although that would be a good omen. That's impressive! The embassies in it didn't have liked it's a funny. Better actually doesn't go and check out to the show date, so we wanted to give it the attention it deserves, and Jim Brewer operator can get up on the sharp gems
as a great guy. That's really. What bothers me is anybody. You saying that he's jumping on a bandwagon dislike, you said, he's a born again Christian. This was in his book years ago. He is the real deal. This is a giant jumping off yet in wagon exactly he's this is he's. A genuine person does not an ax numb any genuinely cells out theatres and he is popular, It not about it, wouldn't be a valid argument. Anyway, it's an intellectual fowl, The argument tat had popular magpie, whatever it as the latin term. The point is arguing for a place of most of the people. Agree with me is just one of the intellectual fallacies as old as time now, and it's the only attack that they have and it just as ironic that people who no one likes are making that argument. But you know what they want. They got the call kids back, them up. Hey hope you, like that America hope you see the difference between the elites, the promise again unelected elites Europe a former Emmy writer for Stephen called there who have and even been funny in four years accidentally. I know
You will be so good a comedy central. I know what I did you I really do enjoy the homes zoom talk shows just those are great lottery lie. All love laugh at you really realized. Was pair debt boiled down there, the bare essentials during the covert yeah. How truly talent less one like it's like turning the lights on at night club. It's always darkness like our while this place, although you those areas all right, a lady, I answer ready now this Miss my matter, Allah limits at those whose great with the lights in the dark, Lakota filters, even that black, like that Nasser, I shouldn't you rascal view web scaly an hour I saw before him about it. I got the FBI and Nicky Menage. This is a shoe, is lifted. Driver was enrage, what you're about to watch furious at a request to and this is also why I hate that lifting rate passengers that to me
black, mirror ask look nationally rating passengers, because now passengers can even discuss it. That might like a farmer in a car with my wife- I don't talk, Politics- will make it one start That selvas chinese social credit system, so that thousands of them The drivers are probably part. The chinese social credit system enraged that they. dramatically related, but I don't know they were asked to go to speed limit, just because they went over. Our hope is that a woman? Yes, we can. Finally, you guys are internal affairs met. A woman will yet be radical. You got the dobryna addressing one only about the open, Edra mentally ill yet the correlation tables and you should not get in there
she pulled if no, if that was the first year of the demand tourist screen, mother c C and at the other, while our case on the it's ok, it's ok, I almost ok. Your parents, divorce was your streets off. I hope my dad just had a talk with the union, getting separated in just so. You know this is all you, it's all you and your Christopher Titus Hair cut your screaming. That's why we don't have sex anymore. That's why she has been so called Damone touch. But what about will never see you again. I will never forgive you for our divorce you're. Just so you know I'm an affront low, this for there is going to say it's. Not your fault! Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Look at me: it's wonderful.
brought a terrible suck monsieur anywhere in groundwater and why she was sure, as shit the crux of the grants to match that constrain. What's this about those days and led the way, god dammit. You know: she's got a pair doc, Martin Steel to toss, honour, Birchen stocks and hit Nicht APOLLO backs data. This is where we in shock and though, by the way, was that, like a blow uptown I have no idea. Provocation There was a clown like a blow climate, so you can use the carpooling must be what it is right right. That's what I think it is too no way look, there's a lot like argued and are sure the whole thing is a red flag, entire area. If, if, if I walked in and there were an air of a man named Mohammed with pressure cooker. Next to him, it wouldn't be more suspicious them that lady who was shoe list with caution tape in the quest for tighter at Titus, Erika and just to be clear. This is
a man of great on issues of why we are where we are in a country where people say were divided because of Donald Trump. Now. The reason we're divided is because we are saying the exact same thing and reacting to it differently. So right there, they both go just as online gambling, is that yes, we do. I shall not Ortiz thinking per, thank God, I've gotten, on camera, that the lady making the demand to our screams Magritte, shortsighted circuit, with caution, tape who Sheila's refuses to go. The speed limit should gather that down she's wearing a mask to keep herself safe, which he's not gonna, go the speed that make any sense to pass, probably wanted that walks around with a diaphragm for safety. Oh I'm sure I can now give me that everybody would you should not allow it to you and you shall have the lights in the night club. So just go out.
yeah, I know it's hard to tell a different set of drinks in your first. A lot like you have to be blind. Drunk gay, like a fifth black out our hand, even the people going hog hunting I mean I want. I want to be a hog with rabies. No, they go home and makes a MAC and cheese such themselves. Yes, when at last all eight whatever harms people less makin cheese, oh yeah! Well, listen that Love MAC Craft meal, telling your general part of that story, staffers when you're drunk. Where to Really big. Add for anything. That's aggressively mediocre, that's true, all of garden. No, now when you dead, when never good our endless salad and bread, six wow. So I can get as much crap what a deal that was, the oh Jesus hosted less apathy of garden. That was his last miracle. what what makes you the never ending bread sticks priced. What a deal is delayed. Couldn't
and better and never ending salad yourself ok symbolism. You stick Senor like what is that is a guide wrote about to die. let's not to us what the details here missing the point whereas hens is closed. I didn't know they went under what you wanna go to Applebee's Applebee's. No, you know oh Jesus. They do have to four twenty you're gonna betray me three times before the unfair twenty hits the table Peter. So this is a question ass. Ever you to your neck, human origin, the news and I'll show This is why this matters is not just twenty, because Nicky Menage and I'm out of here I'm not getting behind an agonising recommendations based, but Nicky man. I just came out and said anything about the vaccination and said some. that- wasn't even complimentary but neutral about Tucker Karlsson. Everyone in the media has jumped and attacked, which to me as I would save us
but true, expected some parts of it odd. When, just a couple days ago, she was a black woman who was singer that you all admired, and now this as an opinion that is imminent opinion she's, asking questions right. is now what makes it that you? U Haider, and what's so funny that the left goes? Oh all, consumers, don't like always at making a stallion warp May I wish you say you why we're is a sign of. Are you taking a health advice from a woman that sinks erects by has eating I'm sorry. I like one hundred pounds right, there's, no reason that you should have been likewise leisure. What there's money if it's, I don't know, is known and are not big, where her bare, why you gotta get outta here. Booties big well k, so she had it installed, but this is a bit keep an age of learning line wrangles. But the point is they will take advice from someone who is overweight, say big and beautiful, hey. You can't judge them. However, if someone says oh. don't know about the long term effects of the vaccine that all of a sudden discredits them at all.
people who say we shouldn't have disclosure laws for HIV for aid in California. That's the actual la you can bang a stranger and not let them know that you have a detective criminal for them to ask you about it. You could be four hundred pounds and have a bmi of blood type pudding, and I realize they're, mixing up analogy was being my blood type, but understand blood type is on the brain because of the road that I'm going through or not going through. But it's not rare. The point is they then a bridge too far when they say but I don't know about the vaccine, I'm not sure viewing, Why you didn't like this person was not a qualified medical professional when you couldn't. then in a robot. What does she? The one talking about making sure like you, don't have something on your fingers after leaving a guy's ethnic I'd like that. No, no! No, no! That's already being any Artie be other another one. So we have no car. You ain t menage Mega stallion Liz. Oh Gus lorries Union as the one that says terrible sexual things? In our view, the present bets
It is alarming, be I'm sorry but stupid world anyway. Other funding to help us in the same thing with the left goes concur with all mad about what kind of you have kids yeah No, I don't want my kids listening to wet ass pussy and then we go wait! A second! You want to cancel somebody because they believe that they should make their own choice. When it comes to vaccination again, we're what we're saying the same things were just learn. How do you solve that? How do you solve the lift fight where people are going to marry go to speed limit. You like amply demonstrated. How do you solve that divide where you're saying you think a heartbeat billiard stopping a heart? That's not the heartbeat! That's not your own legal validity! Aristotle's contriving happens just how do you solve the problem of divided? But I don't. I don't think four hundred pounds is healthy and I think what s pussy is good for children, hoping tat the woman who's talking about cleaning it s, what the free and also be entering the present. Every that same persons are that we don't have long term effects and that's a nation's how to use all the device. It's not because of Trump. It really is it when I don't care glad there's a line in the sand now, because you do
have to agree with everything somebody does right and just because you ve pigeonholed somebody into a category and you if they know everything they think doesn't mean you write about it right or not, which is. Why does not even our stories? Thirty painful put nobody wanted, so you think you're not gonna twitter rampage. She most not. She took out a clip of Tucker Karlsson, defending her and, of course, leftist streamers. I guess I'm twitters now who and what qualifies what right now. This is waste hardware, someone ass, my wife, what I do my wife's like. I guess he hosts apart Actually, my husband do ok. All the same start? Calling you streamer Diaz. Call me a dreamer. I guess they'll get me some day. I only use. Don't call me late night host identities, florentines line from getting a haircut, which is what you do
I cut lawns and then olives and they have no more questions after they came after saying that she wanted a white, supremacist white nationalist show and all she said was right. I can't speak to Nicky Manaos Dogma protocols and agree with even look at someone for a particular political party. People aren't human anymore. This is being sarcastic and miss If you're black and a Democrat tells you to shove marbles up your ass, you simply have to another party. Tells you to look out for that bus stand there and get hit. You know how many? U dot? S? Presidents were white supremacist old, please just stay on topic. Y'all can't do that. The topic is asking. Questions is okay, but let's make the topic He wants to talk to white racist so that all you can sleep better tonight, dummies. What do you know? No one else do the marbles with wondering eyes you got well, it's really hard to know now. What's a prescription verses advice ray, I know I don't even know anymore, but I do know they are horse. Marble sit down.
You shouldn't use the marble. Yours post it. You know the other models data. Those were body balls, oh well, so you don't have to reach broad Adrian are collection. I've noticed all the slammer are missing it. That's that's what they call it slowly and this this is the media, and just so you know this isn't This is where you see. This is not just trending on Twitter, the media and everyone, including late nine and actual lose, have responded to attack and the woman they were present to attack, making it just. I think that these two look, I dont limit of making an ash manner. I think I can say something crazy, not very long from now, but taking this on is very reasonable. She doesn't look. I can't I agree with someone individually and you're, just gonna, cues, everyone being a white supremacist and you'll. Do anything Democrats tell you to do she's, not even saying that she's a Republican, I think it's very reasonable, and so I think that we talk about how you determine that's true. What's not one we're all saying the same thing, I think a big part of what you have to do. A part of sort of your litmus test has to be
How vitriolic is the reaction is proportional to the area. No statement because look at how the responding to what Nicky Manassa, so I was gonna outside owes a clip and people Mickey manners. I have to say this- you, a platform system. That is twenty two million followers. Ok, have two million dollar you have to two of you it for you to use your platform, will encourage our community to not protect cells and saved their lives by God. Since the EU could do better than that. You got that plan you, it's blue, it's a blessing. How authorities even attempt to combat this kind of misinformation coming from somebody who is a huge and beloved international star, like no one asked that huge right is very difficult. There is a lot of misinformation, mostly on social media. And the only way we know to counter miss and this information is to provide,
a lot of correct information should be thinking twice about where you talk propagating information. That really has no basis as accept, a one off an go, taking our cause controversy? What actually made in my role as a majority dad I'll get the vaccine cause his friend got. It became impotent his testicles came swollen, of course, your cousins friend, is a must more trusted source than all of the world's doctors- and I don't want any community doing her own research, because I want to wait ten years for the next album watch finishes medical school. Now, here's the problem. The problem is for a lot of Nikita. Not just follow is millions of followers that tweets about swollen ball. that will be their research war crimes still a crime? This is interesting. Look at the theme The problem is social media there, the problem the problem is that people can express India, and in thoughts, no matter how moderate they may be. So if that's the problem that
you. What their solution is an that's! What's going to bring us, the FBI conversational little later on, found she Colbert Nursing, Duprat, joy, red. I would like to William followers to too many Surprise! You had that many honestly like while really you do, I mean it's kind of a local, also have money and lasting acid advice to one two. Millions company threes Reich itself. I just I just you know this is the real that what they want to do is make sure someone out there big technical, listening, I listing and buy them case you're wondering you two right now. You watch this show guess what you're going to South Myers Clip auto playing. Despite having chosen one of his quit now ever say it's not ever! That's! What's going on when they want to go make him and I turn turn up. The walk turned down, hey. Maybe we should question authority turn up the doktor
Gee sexiest man in the world turned down the hey. You know what maybe it's not my role as a comedian to force you to get vaccinated. This is This is where we are. We used to think that social media actually allowed us to to bypass gatekeepers- now they have become the most powerful gatekeepers with ever existed. Because they're worried about losing the stranglehold information you ve decision before largest we have seventy four percent issue of the black community, that's not vaccinated, which means that they have questions in writing. Have all these suppose they left wing talk, shows that have spent as to your saying that their completely for the black people, but the second that they have an opinion or even a question. They goes again with their narrative might be all of a sudden. Everybody turns on the right and that's what I just fine be disgraceful with Colbert bear its adieu when Nicky Menage, asking question is somehow more egregious than I don't know a dancing hard to needle saying: let's go to the doctors. Let us out got like that, which literally
he did you take your pushing something that you don't understand either she doesn't understand and wants answers, so you had to fetch which, by the way this is, perfectly settled, have to rich white old deeds, trashing other lagging woman, totally findings in the situation, but again found she. No Answer for a question just I think it's dangerous that she has people who might listen to her opinion. What do you think that a doctor, if it's dangerous, would be releasing the mine yeah I mean. Have you heard the things I said? Don't wear a mask where a mask Duncan? outside go outside its aerosol. That's not ever solve. The vaccine means that it's secure actually just protection that I change protection. full of shit all the time and you keep asking me, haven't even done your basic research and what I said about AIDS. It's a miracle that if you want a just, have a monkey with a dot board he'd be more correct about AIDS.
They all Saxon Dirty naval. Like oh, how miss me, you have to think about it than you would jailed exactly so no I'm a puppet, and I look like a puppet. I didn't they make me. I said specifically made me, look like a lap top. They must back then that port What Trevor? No, I just did he set up this dynamic. That, I think, is it's really frightening, because you don't know where it's going to stop. He basically said her. Followers are too stupid to do any additional research, based on the claim that she made of something that happened to somebody's? She knew she didn't say that this is like all of it. Shouldn't say this is the only reason she basically a comedy said: Oliver followers are just gonna go through that so Trevor, What's the solution, his solution to that is all you have to distrust us. You have it. Rest all of the gatekeepers, because you too dumb to do the research you're too stupid black people to go out and get a license. You you can't possibly be made to do that you're too soon.
But when you have an opinion against Republicans, you have to just be called an uncle Tom where you have to be called a black white supremacist, weird right or you're, Nicky Menage and your fans are too stupid to know the difference between something. That's your opinion and something that political yeah. Two important points that I want to make your our criticism. If, for example, we been accusing racist against black lives matter, the organization, the against boy, organizations who take advantage of their black voting this this right now, people's attacking the community's saying? How dare you do this? You are not black enough also. She said, I knew something I think it's kind of stupid. I knew a friend from Trinidad and Tobago who got big ass ball back. I thought. Well, that's not that smart right, maybe the guys from Barbadoes. We don't know. The point is is that any more dangerous than found? She sang breakthrough case are very well TAT was: he couldn't have evidence of what we know. That's not true anymore. What you know natural, not saying that they happen at what. Yeah. You know what I am saying: it not gonna come all references,
the Madonna shot either the maternity Pfizer against the delta variant. Fifty thousand people in a sample stay divided by rage by raising irate, already rise up by race, age, gender. Pretty well controlled mayo. Forty two percent effective k, so fuck you saying there there are breakthrough cases to their rare is not a more dangerous anecdote. Why aren't we saying hey fancies being irresponsible, because that will stop people from doing research as a poet, Mickey Menage, Barack Obama. Would she she's not been Carson she's, not leary, elder in there? What this is is there actually upset because they thought they had somebody in their pocket need rat. like ninety. It's just an angry. It just an angle and play the tape to the end. Guys like put aside your political leanings, play the tape. You then do you want to be like Communist China. Do you wanna be little Nazi Germany in the nineteen? Thirty yards? Yes, sir? You everything now that they were to end up that. That's exactly where you end up. I wouldn't support a Republican who, right now what I said Jude
under any circumstances get back. So I would not support that because there are, people should do to get vaccination just after two. They want to becoming a China, because, judging by phone sex colleagues between Milly and China. That's true! It's way The transcript starts out with what are you wearing their Nicknames Amy, I yeah. do you have on your metals one eight hundred shine, a thirty six? I am a wearing a wearing a first place, Ruben this. Why well as well, about the waste being of all this. You can follow us on those hellhole. Follow me ladder Instagram on Tik Tok, trying to fight the communist screening of where they live and hit the notification bill. If you're watching your new to the best thing you can do, though, is just tuning life to live Monday through Thursday, ten m Eastern. This week we have had some scurry, so we ve had to startle area apologize. I will not asking your chat my club later now, I'm not talking about our first crushes, which has an inch before under the F B. I just had a hit. This Disney
is celebrating hashtag gotta, look down and read this historic It will be so much easier if properly hispanic latin ex heritage month and they tweeted out happy hashtag Hispanic latin Ex heritage month. Never that the value of family time and remembering where you come from PIG Disney, do you know how I know your twitter managers white exhibit Mother get we went out now they find it offensive. Their politics avoids any people who are actually latin latin American Vita Offensive use this? It's only white feminist bitches, the fact that the mix in character looks like it's from mad magazine. Yes, in a strange move, actually, though, to Disney actually followed up with this one which was ill received, maybe as peaceful for listening on audio. You might want to go into my clever you, so there we go you thank you guys got at. The recent Gallup poll found only four percent of
the term of California exactly early, I guarantee you they're just part at what point say it. A social engineering, when only four percent the people, your claiming to not try and offend. You actually agree with you're trying to force their hand you're trying to force there into agreeing with you ve managed to divide Mexicans from Mexico Chess. Only four percent of what does that it are you got here. Let's get out of control. What was that Gun Santa suit, but how'd you get we are concerned. We don't have a chimney Stephen. gone Sandridge doesn't need a chimney.
now. Stephen. I heard you were a very good boy this year, while the new Walter PDP what's wrong, Stephen Strain and all consent. I just wish that all my friends could have perfect, triggered in ergonomic class leading firearms to open Stephen. They already do Walter P P S best Walter pity he does exist. I gotta pee pee have to assess safe. Now I get a lot of people, s voice, bags, gun Santa I'd, never held the gun. What's your name little one little grass
Sputtered Walter thing, your gun, Santa burden, problem Carlos, where you're from money is made of K. Maybe next year, sir, Oh raises Stephen, you have a show to do the gun, since this is a standard brown today and now it has a red value power of Christmas magic just say: no you dont loaded, Santa really happy to have a sponsor Walter response for a long time and Jack Witherspoon. They weren't they couldn't you, but with inventory or that that that, doesn't matter so many PETE, you guys were supporting them and they sold out of firearms, but there
now this is their new farm. Since their back this Walter PDP Hats non believable, look I've, always This is like Bmw, Mercedes at a certain point like that: I'm not gonna, crap and other goods onto their plenty of good guns. I just argument you try the Walter. It is. Google just run a search, Bing. Sorry fund that little April clip under your bonds. I buddy purple guerrilla, just search Walter PDP Review. You will not find a negative review. The trigger is amazingly ergonomics, incredible matthies surveillance, even if your hands are only like mine, the show their machine into the slide beautiful. So it is an incredible firearm and we are really happened, have an ear you can go to Walter Armstrong. Walter, I'm sarcoma escort you got here, Gunnar real farmers. Taylor interests just try to Walter. If you don't like it, go back just right, that's another! Let's move out of the F B! I hear so it's in there for years in the news haven't roughly It's only a rough girly, F B. I can do
probably not without reason, for a lot of parents, divorces, let start with. One of the reasons there in the news I can then go through the difference between FBI and what they were. The stories that you ve heard as served up, another time on CNN. Well, that's nice! But don't talk about the other stuff, with the F b I solemnly much, but their showing you and then the subject. You're missing at this hour were found sue developing store knowledge changing over. That's actually persons whereby evincing surrounds? U S, capital ahead of far right rally and here's the thing I've been accuse alone Ben Shapiro, being the gateway to white supremacy. I dont know anybody who going to this far yeah. I know anyone who talked about it at all. You guys can't I want to hear from you come Juno. Anyone is going to any of you plan on attending. This is data right. Just like men, men straining it's cool, it's it's period, Kabuki this is the best
violence, kabuki feeder and which is so. We got out. We gotta Yeti Cooler, we're gonna, take a road trip. Furtive I have attended six like we were all from Congo, where you throw it up. It goes day, there's fifteen of US I know that's been sleeping bag sets high alone, so this is what they Look FBI. We know. What's going on the F B, I failed with the? U S, native trust. Fbi and say those challenges: far right violence right. Well, here's the thing, those members or seventy five percent of the people it and maybe in the Fbi- and I will explain to you why numbers fact, statistics that we have all verbal out of candidate countries are looking to start. I expect them to get this right when the money was reallocated to the fake id napping fund, this which really surprising that they labelled at that point it at last.
So members of the USA Gymnastic they testify. This is what you ve seen Senate. been innocent. It Larry Nasser Abuse, Mikhail Maroni I believe this was yesterday had this to say that still kind of on going after telling my entire story of abuse to the FBI and the summer of two thousand fifteen, not only the FBI not report my abuse, but when they eventually documented my report, so Eighteen months later, they made entirely false claims about what I said. Why public servants whose job is to protect getting away with this. This is not justice. Enough is enough, today, I ask you all to hear my voice. I ask you please do all that is in your power to ensure that these individuals are held responsible and accountable. for ignoring my initial report for lying, bout, my initial report and for covering up first my staff- and this is that this is the problem with the FBI, this is the problem of the city see this is the problem with Milly you know what's require.
For there to be accountability. Is that girl to stay against the system. Is this show to stand up against the system? You know what's required, to keep your elected officials accountable, the ballot box just not moving retrained. What was this ballot box adroit? I can't all republic and ticket out our some guy standing behind. You has eighty million right and before you has Verena Billy Club, that's really is to block Nicky men, free vote or tramp in the latest biota trash. Can you like him? She is this where this goes: yeah yeah, that's where they were put under its new, it's the model for point to it, It's like the Recycle Bin. I told him that atomic change that shit. But what should I do Larry Nasser, wasn't USA, gymnastics doktor, accused of abuse by a hundred and fifty six women that, bill cause be times Bill Cosby as to book as me, she's.
that's more goods, village, godly zone and aims to almost square escort its bill cause be squared it. Because it's like, if bill cause, be died, Satan really wanted to play a cruel trick on him. He Show him like a matrix of Heaven and Bilbil, Tat is bad that a lot of them live near by many major job law. No guys any, we need to be clear. I discuss the other day bill, Cosby innocent man. Yes, this is absolutely vital points hunter. Fifty six women. Let me rapid further, so you guys get a full picture here: twenty eighteen nest put guilty to ten counts of sexual abuse, and we can look back up their Angeles. People can see it when he began working at Michigan State University, only seven, the FBI. failed to report Maroni. Testimony first seventeen months. While least forty women and girls
and given that this is a decision that seventy seven bilateral, that's the left's abortion planned? Yes, that's what they do in Virginia in it. Let us keep you in a wastepaper waster ways. They grow you out forty women, forty women and girls from molested, after early F B. I was made aware So this is what they say. If you can save one life and right now, they're put not protect right, unseen. I'd, look. Bring this right up again. Bring Europe really quick volume. Just just rapid right up. There is alive far right valley there ready for all this, for you had only months Yet over a year and forty more women were raped, molested assaulted, you did nothing. So now, let's go into where the F B. I does take credit when the media wants to praise them right now, right now, F B, I say american intelligence heroes. Forty women who didn't need to be raped, even if we are to do about it what kind of murky okay! This is not a one off the parkland shooter for supporting the FBI. Five months before the shooting their effect? They failed to Tipp reported Mammy Bureau April twenty twenty one,
Fedex shooter was interviewed by the FBI and twenty twenty, the F B. I interviewed the Boston bomber and twenty eleven two years before the bombing. The investigative airliner pulse nightclubs you too for ten months before, determine that it wasn't a threat to the nine eleven hijackers shared hotel room with FBI, informant or informant before the attack, so this matters here, because they don't do our job is s, stand for fail. It think it might This is remarkable that this has been going on you like club, shooting was. There wasn't any military or no, it was the base shooting that they share. My forehead yeah, don't like how much was the gay nightclub health should? Oh, I remember so what they do is they say, ruin my whole night that being set at the same time, if not mistaken, the guy who shot Bin Laden is still in a no fly list. So the point is correct: they make plenty of rules up and they but you're freedoms, Stephen, it, couldn't be within a no fly list. I had a family member was a no fly list, because the name of someone else was on the no fly list. You also shouldn't a bit of a no fly list. The shooters, however, the molesters
to go on unscathed, raping forty more women now we're supposed to address them, and they say we need if we need a fence up above the capital. Editor names, John Smith, you never travelling study was any basic name. It's like now, but I mean the F B. I didn't exactly have a clean record before this and again you d D, delineated between the leadership of supply, right, good agents, doing good field work to try to get Martin Luther King and kill him, so they did. Yes, I mean, allegedly, ledge, allegedly, but then those look at their victories right. This is something so member Buzzfeed reported that the wit, right there as they there was a kidnapping plot. That was a big thing. What look There are fourteen militia members charge. There were twelve FBI. Informants vote means that almost half, almost half of the people involved unto the FBI came in it was drinking body club at what point there is a difference between like when we went into antics. It was just me and one producer
Does NATO members who handed him accidentally an ice pick knife and set hobo. Let me go get my sawed off shot the numerical eventually. I didn't like this to happen in Utah you told me that they gave an aspect of my work and how Box or and they had no interest by the way, a lot of the cop? There was one person at the FBI who cared and I do not want to talk about it didn't they go as far as we would have liked so well, FBI, informants versus fourteen militia members charge. Let's look at the case filings after Militiamen Adam Fox, he question the value of harming Whittemore right. So this is the Let's be I like going on a farm whittemore. We want to do things like protests. You know maybe scare cutter, Kidnapper come on guys right. The FBI, vraiment Big Dan, told them to shoot around to the cottage window, who looks a lot like
an Conor. Did he ef, I guess effing place up north sending effing ran through the window. You know this is, of course, a yearning. Big Dan FBI. I was the one. So when you look at the evidence, it's the F b, I informants, who are the ones suggesting violence relatively like? Oh, I just wanna drink strolls it. rode all the earth by it'll be fooled by the marketing began, encourage fox to coordinate with polish members and other states here yeah all the sources of a lot of Canada economies to engage in a synchronize attack and governors in multiple states by all shooting rounds into the home of the respective governors at the same time, suggested that militia Cadet made a binary explosive placed against most cottage. This is all coming from the FBI to twelve beyond members versus fourteen militia members read up on the This is what happened. The new says we'll let there were these radical far right militia members who are trying to shoot Whittemore, and then they don't come. Actually later on the F B, I essentially wittmanniana guys you're,
That seems a little bit extreme one, therefore tooth and nail right now, so the transcripts of all the phone calls won't get out because you can legally coax somebody into committing a crime right right, crossing the law. This is also a form of the last capital investigation, a genuine six. This is, then we will need ownership, Republicans and certainly one investigation. the investigation to also include the FBI, the capital, please you're, not just people who trespass wrongly trespass. You don't hold people for months without without due process for trespassing, we sit and investigation. If we investigate all of it, because guess what too many times as has happened as a matter of fact, the biggest allocate a plot in history is an example of this, and I'm gonna get to it in a second but Celso happened with militia members in Virginia Big Dan. Look. He appears again. He told special agent chambers the attack that he intended to reach out to his target mission. Is to kill the governor specifically to which Beginners, that's the first call EU drones or other means, and the prosecution argue that the fence change the meaning of these texts. This is it
in writing the. Did not let the exchange speak for themselves, the inserted a period after specifically entirely changing the meeting the omitted contact show. That was in fact a question because it was immediately followed by an answer coca. These are the peace Well, who say that you shouldn't have the right defend your home and property because of militia because they ignored apostrophe. Now grammar matters now subject saying, which is definitely we should detonated, no response, but I get that should say it was a question response able to respond to a similar question. That's just more of an agreement between you piece of shit at the FBI. This is like you Whitey Bolder was the agent right, which, by them
They did a great job with that of renaming renaming stuff gather. Some good things were nothing. It's all bad, no weighty bulging was an informant who killed every one year and then escaped in then they finally Malibu than murdered Evin prison, like is not all bad. Someone kills Zalm line by line. We have no idea and no evidence at all that anyone ever ever, just let's just be general there's no evidence of power corrupts so. they? Also criminals can be evidence of entrapment why this was the argument from the FBI right because never charge anyone with violence. You may not know that the charge was kidnapping, it wasn't to attempt murder. It was kidnapping because, when that, when the camel driver rolling the F B, I have to admit how to shoot and lay pipe bombs were from our guys, the most we can get them with his kidnapping, justly oh really, at the capital riot, the only person who shot was capital police who actually
doktor from his covered issued an unarmed lady with a clear line of using that she was on. So we really can only hit them with trespassing, but you probably I believe that, because you haven't heard the follow up, that's what the problem is they go. Look trying to shoot blow the governor. You don't hear the follow up unless you, what shows like this Elsie They screamed better raper. She wasn't even in the building she might not have even been in the same region so the clear northern entrapment, because the final plot I quote and I may are charged with was conspiracy to kidnap the governor kidnap, not murder, We ve got to another one to love. You may not know the Liberty city, seven this was a hopeless and it was now Kate applaud that the F b I claim to foiled, retinue years after nine eleven right their claiming victory in allowing the FBI goes on the news, just like fatty right people we're unelected impressions of authority? No luck! We drop in assassination attempt against Governor Whittemore. No one says
they want attempting to us like that would be my firm in any of these show the FBI informants this. the biggest allocate a victory of the F B. I just remember this yes So but a lot of people don't know this. And this is one of the things were. Someone like Alex Show just talked about it because buried in conspiracies that maybe are that can't be proven that aren't proven look you can take so the bank go look at the resources available. Now this is a matter of public record hurting, for storing tat good, and I was done enough to think hey. You know what we're sticking to allocate it turns out. We weren't as effective as we have been led to believe, and that's why I think George Bush was a good man at that point, not a big fan, so May I inform you that I have heard of it as a liberty city, seven FBI enormously basically manipulated seven black men I'm only saying it because its relevant to them into pledging just to allocate a thick coach them too, could take
some into committing crimes that they never intended to commit. Until the F B, I showed up now look at the transcript and you look at the pressure like we just south what we're like habit, both learning about pipe bomb near the cottage. I really want to do that. How about you fire shots in the mere the cottage? I really want it. I'm not really a gun more of a drink beer, Robo guy ensure with a protest the about where mask at least not a double mask. Can I just get you for murder so it was suggested that this was the largest allocate apply. Ever busted by the FBI. This is what you are told it Total. It was. It was a toolbox hastening to look, and I don't want to look. They had people who were impressionable DNS could have were you have someone who's. Let's say you have. Someone is ready to protest. Let's for example, we have someone in January six, the vast majority of people, hundreds of thousands
at a protest, because I believe that there have at some point in Can history been some? You know up. Let's say this: they believed the big lie that was pushed violence. With worn by Hillary Clinton by John Carter by Amy Club, which are right, they believe that big lie that election integrity was probably believe. The big lie by the Democrats want just seventeen eighteen, big hurry toy. Sixty while entity basically always until twenty twenty loggia undemocratic. So they believe the big lie from all the Democrat Bernie Sanders. They believe that they left the Democrats. That's why they showed up January sex, and then you have a few people who are infant. Oh yeah. I know you're just here to protest. Orders here, protest. Here's a fire extinguisher hake, maybe I'll, throw out a smoke. But the point is you take people who are impressionable and you feed them false information and then blame Donald Trump for division, so they were folks.
The capital writers they of entire pages, by the way, just even idea dedicated to them on the website. Their charges Youtube videos of them request for information, and- We can all rest easy night, though, knowing that the FBI, these are their victories by the way. That's why won't you know cause I'm analyse their failures. They sent fifty two agents to investigate the noose in double Wallace's. Rather, that's gonna garage door, close relatives. Seventeen of them have fifteen of them. They sent and I know he was a- U s- marshals and they sent entirely Jones. I want you to check your garage out ass, head ass, dark ass, penthouse everything transactions regrows door. Closer well got fifteen agents on the way. So maybe you should do that but I was wondering why so small I just thou black people were tiny, tiny aerial Somalis didn't make sands, consider not walk, basketball, add in handling news college rebate was elder? That's package, I don't really Joneses remit. I guess he was no one you something else. So they had fifteen agents to bubble.
Begins news. no investigation into, and this is something we broadcast live a number Chaz Chop, a lot less city in Amerika and the FBI Nothing, but let's also get more specific because they love to zero in on targets. Right, ok rather Simone. The guy, who was captured on video handling, a our fifteen's to under age committing gross violation of the law on camera and committing threats of violence. As far as we know, we have basically no one, instigation there, but don't believe your lionize. Morgan NEWS in these, so called Capitol Hill organised protest, so there's been yet another shooting early this morning, top security shot at those people in the jeep after they ran into the barricades here. There's another group: their meeting was there in a few minutes of Erasmus grants chairs a fifteen year old wow. What a coup
somewhere along. The way is heading guns out from his cause ring out in this is the video that once again in the capital he'll protests zone in Seattle, the two people hit teenagers and one of them is tonight, ghettos of five and twenty five percent increase in crime with chairs dynamically a government grants for wrapping and that's where he got the money. Some else. Do you know it all? Seven we broadcast from people may not know this, you can go and watch. We broadcast live people now where we know we have a lot of defence from Chaz, Shop than Chaz, as the job that we are very serious about their right and we're ready Rest Simone's, air being b. We need at long last matter. Warlords do We declared having New Chad and bright, from there live.
Which was hysterical and jazz, was really mad about it because we're not the f B. I we can't arrest them, so I figure we can pass them off a little better mounting the fear of God into them with the reality that may not get their cleaning about it back that's all we can do so, but we Guph Joe John Brown Gun club exists. there and they chased just so. You know this is women. The night turned quarterback get yours. They faced you out with got there were. as following us in Chaz, and they were supposed to heading two. The parliament, where Brendan Loan, that's a puzzle that what they said. That's that's what they said. I wouldn't you say, allegedly they said they were heading there there along the way. We like the FBI, we were able to intercept their direct correspondence not only on twitter, but I won't give you all of all the details and the tools that we have at our disposal, but this is an official group, the John Brown Gun Club, who commit acts of violence and plan them stage them on a regular basis, the FBI
as far as I know, hasn't claimed VIC right there there. You know me to send someone, and so maybe you should get going to shoot. The governor club and they plan are shooting people, so this is the Unbound, God Club attempting to violently attacked our producers or Donna Guph, so quarter black Garret. Where are you now looks like Bel air? run a trying to reposition ginger beer energy. Modestly speeches at the moment is somebody yellow ok, let's all its. Let him go for loading Savior uselessly Brendan. What is going on in new Chaz We are ready. Leaving new Chaz ass? A new developments are in place that were saying: residues are really want us in his apartment la second. Why does he not one? Can you call rather for us? Can you get him on the phone
I might be able to call on with you if you check back with made a couple no you're, not plus call him from the check back that is the face of death. Keep it up appearances, very scared or random words. So now you might notice when you go back and watch that show there are some very long shots of just me at the desk, because my half asian Longbill rich men in jail gonna the Euro is going to be ok, we made nothing from If we keep in mind do when they talk about the capital riots and right now, they're talking of talking about what's gonna, have committed to bringing our peoples but another riot that may happen insurrection right to highlight a few points? well, who trespassed? Ok? What about again we're all saying the same thing and different reactions. What about the fact that Americans, hundred million Americans watch their cities burn at least two billion dollars and property damage. They have enough data number willing to bet it's probably four billion at least two thousand officer casualties, dozens of peace,
that this happened during the summer of love across the country. How many allegations? How many just comparatively. I know there have been some, but did they infiltrate all of these groups? they didn't really need to. Could you don't need to go into the black lives matter? Writer Anthony lets people are two steps area, we ve already done that you weren't with us a block, go where you right, nobody you're talking about people that have been arrested for them and they tried to debunk this yeah. It's because they burn down buildings. They winning arrested people of committing for committing those crimes, but they didn't do it: tons of other people who are responsible for damage in and an organ protein in order one and people being pulled out of their cars. People B92 trying to beat them up like you, didn't, go, get everybody eat them later No, I know them out of cars and nation tried to beat them upon sentiments exotic tried. Some people actually got away and actually get their car and drove off in some cases. Some people user Second amendment right to defend themselves, able to launch a Gottschalk, absolutely Eden exactly have to infiltrate that network. It was
You just had to go downtown the just go downtown and look for the power of bricks. Father polemic, road. This is all you need to do, and this is look. I want to this system. I think that a lot of you know this to be true, but some those people This is really know how to articulate and you don't want to come across, like you, denigrating people, Oliver Service members, first thing: there's a huge delineation between unelected officials. who had been given these shoes or certainly influential positions of power power of a huge swaths of your life over private citizens? Life right these people at desk? These are pencil, pushers, so big, developing them and agents in the field. Let's be really clear now the reason the FBI Does it think about this for a second right? They state the biggest Al Qaeda plot. There was felt well that was a hoax. When you look at big governor what now how? How long did that run on the news We did a rally of to protest, the nursing home, that's just to freedom from information request. Thousands of people had official
had kind of the only story with commissioner people shop in a protest. Why? Because it was entirely peaceful, but spent it was. It was like a morphine drip on a loop and the news if a lot easier for you when you're the fbi- two stage events and sales, how successful, we are too lobbies you to go to your superiors right and say: look what we created and we stopped because you're bringing look with like a dog bringing them a bird look. What we did is opposed to all of Us all the other missed opportunities where someone would have to go to their superior and take accountability for failure. So the F B, I want to say, look we optimist. We stopped an assassination you half of the group was you and you were the only ones talking about assassination look- we stopped. Ok, too, you were effectively acting like Al Qaeda It's a lot easier to that for the F B. I d go that that, then you go to look: ok! Guy rape a sexually assaulted hundred fifty women gymnast
did come to us with aerodromes wind and I didn't do anything for seventeen months. How many women and erect forty over forty, at least to the best of our knowledge up well, are bad. By as fifty five forty. and if I feel terrible, what is it? that's what we say here in the F B, I quickly, we do say that John Smith, by the way you these lines as to what it S. Also jaime site is the FBI's so then you also is it easier for them to say look. We stopped her. We stopped Al Qaeda for someone in the FBI to go superior and say ok, two billion dollars and damages in over a thousand officer casualties across the country, dozens of deaths that really away from us. This is just it's not that difficult and I think that people nutritionist conservative when you look at these problems understand human nature, people are so and when you have these giant bureaucratic wing of government.
Designed around a socialist utopia that everyone is in here legal right? It doesn't take into account that people individuals want to go their boss and say I did a good job and it's a lot easier to say that if you stage something. Then it is to actually do your job and monitor what is happening ass, a country because that's random, that's difficult. I know this because we ve- except that these communications accidentally people at the FBI, saying how'd, you do them. How did you end up with nice and ran from aunt how'd. You end up finding the sawed off shot guns in their trunk, that there are planning for venture I don't know shouldn't you guys, be telling me its nature for individuals to want to take credit for wines, and to try and avoid taking responsibility for losses. That's why The stories you hear about are generally I don't want to say fake, but their prey
orchestrated and then it's it's just its quintessential right distraction one we need transparency for these organizations to be able to trust the work that they're doing and right now, the FBI S fighting at the. In this case we are talking about with Whittemore Fox, basically said his legal defence. Was I've been coaxed into doing this and they said. Look we don't like your defence, we don't think it. plausible and so therefore we're not gonna give you all the information said. Look. I understand that it's important to maintain secrecy for the people who infiltrated this group so that they can do their job later. Fine, I just want access, the communications. What did they talk about behind their backs like what did they? that they wanted him to do. I know, I know we're not gonna give you that information when it's twelve to fourteen FBI to actual group. I thought this was like now is that Russia has this. Not data is like like, while these together it just like the FBI taping, guitar lesson posters two posts for militiamen polar?
numbers go to that regulation, the governor wanted to learn how to play one alone and opposing Clapton Command, so bad. What else He wanted to talk to you it's easier in Asia, dad. You do a little, but we will do it a little bit of rape. Maybe that really my thing I just like drinking beer and hate, and we we got pipe, right over here touch them. In college. For me, after one part mom, I am done, grab a guitar. it should be minor. Let's not talk about that guy who was in a minor, so you guys look If we have it helps sequestrate free- and this gives you at least what I want to do is give you a compass going forward because a forward again I get really really about its measures, like one that I was reminded of it, but I want as many these samples for pretty fortunate here in the show to be able to big sample size with you guys in the bank. You actually yeah
How many of you know about planning on attending this. What they're saying far I dont want by the way, I know everyone that each had a tea party. I knew it. I knew somebody I knew at least one person at any time you don't. I People, when you are talking about you know, rallies for Donald Trump I don't know anyone who went to the January six. I didn't one person who anybody I mean there are so many people use just there supporting the president. He might do anything of course, or a lot of people who have added majority. I don't know anyone here that I don't know I'm going to those of samples day. Let's see, maybe I'm wrong, I could be out of touch outdated com, all sorts of names for having the wall built around the White House as well written. trumpets and they're saying it was a coward, but this hiding yeah and they were also shooting. in trying to kick down the gate. Correct some are not. Government building. That almost almost proves the reason for a gate. Oh I mean no that's what makes the walls work. You say, chalk up,
said the Vatican you gotta go: choose nomadic sidewalk, no. No, no, you don't you don't understand were against walls unless they're painted of solid gold, it's just a while anything. Then we have a lot of money. Lots of it Oh great self, before we go, this is something that I do want to talk about. Stevens Gilbert now look Spielberg. I am a huge where sad story, flame is no one people get to see us, reticent am yeah, he s really had a great films and catch me if you can, but eunuch was that after catch me became yes. Yes, loco when, since Munich, fair, fair, I dont think bridges This is very good Tintin tabularly. Just kidding leave it in his hair. But because what is comical shop speaking of hair
Did you really play speaking of hair? What's going on around oh yeah? Let's criticized Mitch Mcconnell what we bring on crew Ella late, we sure to bring your poppy coat dental rose, so they get their nature which, by the way I watch last night. Croatia has anyone seen. I know it was bad. It was I will now. Is it just made most unnecessary prick ever she track like we did it human eyes, the woman who tried to kill up these two guys I cannot support this year- was very hard sympathise with a millstone short of that movie just being realm decapitated in a ditch where someone travel back into Delorean right, save the poppies for the coat I managed to, and I sleep because it was so boring I didn't see the redemption arc so justice. I'll bet, you wanted to kill puppies well, and we know this is not a renewed eighty fall off the cliff
it's not in there for no reason we're sorry whenever a movie star insight them like well, there's the ending and that's what happened. It was very well style outermost. It was she's a good access to good buddy. I it was it was age, because I made a sudden these wanted to watch. It is pity thirteen on my car right and unlike this, is a bit much a bit much. You know also. I don't really know that your son is in two from about ought couture which, if he is some other pineau, he was Where did you get a sudden comes, then I made from ruler he shot is I'm not just to be sure is have true Ella, an apparent tits right now Well, I'm listening. Dinner? Hohenstaufens went guerrilla zone la not offend, not met, enough. It worries me about Westside story, because websites are able say is one of the nine opium best musical. I think or maybe I'm burning that that competition is very complicated.
But try singing tonight. When you look at the way they do this. With half noted very, very difficult, very well frustrated. Now. That being said, I help to solve the problem that, from the original website, strike a little bit of availability problem. Only we see more interested in banging riff than he was Maria. Yes, I think we all know that low. But if you Watch the original Westside story, just just in case the action, people out there who don't give credit where credit is due to the gay community wash the little. Gay dancers do muscle. Ups like it's, nothing, hypes talent is x Y got us a crap gaelic. I would be winded for a month. there are ever recovery of that nor Mcdonald, S and Albert, where its after two gangs just start dancin at each other. In these
What the hell is this other, though we're gonna fuck, is? Why isn't gonna knowledge is we felt it is equally been. You felt that you all we're doing the exact same yo up what's so funny due West Side story is whether describing the weapons of the gang fight they go. Yeah knives, what kind of knives change zip guns way a rubber band gun you just their knives and chains that I know some of surgical tubing tat stands, it doesn't kill you a menace walks away or a sling void. Wilson's like should have better when you get your agenda, although I shut up Wilson, you miss the boat so anyway, this is even watch this in its entirety, but west story they re making an unjust, hoping that it is in unnecessary remake, and they don't do the auto tune thing like they ve done with all the other and Disney
these beauty in the b I didn't know you were such a musical bought like this is crazy, I'm not a musical off! I love you. I love you. I do not want right s object! You talk about, have no unanimous, that, like the remit of Gatsby, where it was, It had not so great ass, yet where he was in a speak, easy listening to react. Now I didn't get here. You don't like that when I really sick, when everybody was dancing and like nineteen twenty one, ease on ridge, right right, right, right on track of lord- enjoy electorate in a cigar outbreaks. What's my it's worse, the whole movie I've just sitting there in my friend like what why but why is this? I hope it's not that! Well, I hope it's not that it's not that's a good point, but you don't like. What's the story, the original, some I don't hate it. I like the idea of it. I mean if I'm gonna go to play Primacy book Mormon for the fair for that one's freedom the good thing about what I try, those I think it actually- and I hope you don't
I'm politicize us again to divide us. It was right, hey look, you have border regions and that which is kind of funny, because the sector's path, american border regions and you have really would probably would be it- billions. Irish basically is not puerto rican and it's really tough to tell by the actors days they really just took irish. hence in Slap Dakota pain on them in a lot of little time, but the point is: it was love even when it's a clearly gay man and a woman who is thrown off about later on by Christopher Walken, or Wagner that love conquers all and I believe that a little generational well Natalie word Christopher Lord Cumnor Agnor. That is a writ! That's why Christopher Walken is weird, don't know what happened at, don't we, although Robber Wagner is the only stray man can pull over turtleneck. That's true! It's a fact what are there any other way viable arrived? messing with her jacket are ok out of old hold women.
always clearly always called tiny bound. We osteoporosis, she's, just Sally of yielding wig yeah. Ok, let's watch it will react to the West Side story, trailer! I'm a fan and let's see what this looks like yours go. Is this animated? How goes it looks like to change the face of these weapons, MASH, Natalie Wood and then put Shepherd Smith's face? This is my first time. You know your cities happy here?
to make a knife a home. Are you running the Nite Owl family, the gang its purpose? There forever be myself boys, it was there. He asked. Are you? Yes, you do, but a redundant you'll be announcements straight guy from pitch perfect a bit like a zone. Ok, I like
after the Euro is a good document away. Three, maybe driver it's the headrest sexual song, old aunts, man. I like that actor to him was not done. You shall be entailed in the game about idle some game. Honourable member, I would say more way from him: ass long ass, your name for myself, that's a little over the top there. Yet we need you, don't know what you if you eat anything in New York when you to play to pass through, you have to be in a wife, beaters you go with him and forming. At the same time, we also have expensive jewelry. Please just tell me Jane Port James Corner Shop of a family, please! Well, unless the ending see about it filled, stop this looks good. It does look good.
doesn't float. Listen there. Wasn't the instruction manual wasn't You got it with the sale. What does that coming to feeders? Do we know December coming in December. Ok, so I what will your thoughts You know as far as musicals go, I will go and check that one out I have to say as far as musicals goes cause you know, I don't want to see, yeah. Look shouting loudly on way was hardly Scott White Man. I don't know. What's my guy midnight, I think so coming up in the sky. I dont know. What's your gun choice out if there are enough The fourth issue here, where I don't know why you upset- I don't worry you ever occurred. Are you hungry, Kwairyo hawking went along trust is a thing learners.
Missis Hale was my brother. All you have this K Roberts I don't know, often has a brother had a brother by the way is upset yeah, talk about our crushes here on my club because we can talk by that that sexist on Youtube and hopefully console Austin. I had no idea. He was this man, s yacht so say I am really no. I didn't have a sister I hit it Youtube. Thank you will see you all next week, piss off
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