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WOKELASH! Virginia Election PROVES Everyone Is Sick of the Far Left!

2021-11-03 | 🔗

Election 2021 caused a WOKELASH against Joe Biden and his cronies, in Virginia and throughout America. We crunch the numbers. Also, Elon Musk spent the week destroying the United Nations. And more vaccine propaganda from Stephen Colbert?


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We see that the cooler guy coming in to this the big red way. This morning, coverage of the election. and some of you know it if you're, not a member of my club, you will to join today, there's not location package with a lot of folks of color lot of Canada come smuggling. We would just can't go about my type in color. and you get nothing off, but yet, despite the companionway, you will have my thanks.
This can all be over all the deep that farming and just cry out that the World Health Organization and a merciful messengers, as you too, and twitter suit us just out, as you like, in really cool about all this just say. Rather dear God, just the bans comedian wishes to say a word
as growth in gross. Why had is typically warm t green t? What is I M a token? Our and your people call it. I guess I'm really getting that ooh mommy Nine are made at mouth seal fur theme, Slyer Earthen, as I early death like Dirt Teresa echo plasma writing. We have agreed pigsty. There's a weed opening. We did a four and a half hours yesterday it. What do you want from that? We all stayed up late for get your team. Packs pearls, ready, big red way. What thin red way give men men can read wave do Oh it s, just ass people called red wave leave, it's a thing happen. Whilst feeding on this period command and nordic countries got it right. So we have a lot to discuss today and we also the package robot on location down to an area of color in debt,
I believe I am using the term correctly and asked me about vaccines and masks, and the answers may the prize. You or if you ve, been paying attention not at all, Are we talking about the election I could not at all. Here will be talking about the elections that are going on to close to call some of them right, as was to Arizona which was called with. I believe point two percent of the vote and called after the New York City may or race. I think that's how Fox NEWS called Arizona did Bob. I put it on the board Republican there. Everyone will hate this, who watches or shake it do great who it is. sure that everyone despises us see it was bending over backwards, not to call Virginia. Alas, not yea, you know what we're doing elevators upper
a news max, billboard, hind me or I too, so we will be detrimental out us and I do want to hear from you guys and gas we are available on rumble sorry relate today we had to import some big files, make sure we're still checking on some counties in New Jersey yeah. We wanted to be right with the info so before we get to all that Joe. who are you? I must hurry going good. You recover from foreign have ocean. I did. I did I washed down with a victory during last night after victory that a wine Virginia but I got victory was a type of. Why would know well and ensure that China, because you're ineffective brick, all right. I was going to ask how you are you know it's our. You die washed down with a nice old cup of barefoot by the way, don't use plastic glasses. They build started with barefoot. Quarterback Garrett tell you, no MA cheese.
To his tired from being disenfranchise. He flew to New Jersey just to be tested issue girl underline what so disenchant. Yes, You have ignored me at all barrel. What are you talking about? Are you sure it's a surprise, I'm I'm doing good. Do sign it about the red. We read we read way. Hopefully it's from now on the red wave, always with wing around our rights day. Flan now you ve got a whole is at the italian Wichita Kansas in November level, and this we can in Philadelphia how you hi, I'm good. Please come out. Philly come out which he yet come out. Given that give daily red waved their little bill, put it out, tell them Mozilla ruined my wife. Why for housing is just not oh, that's right. The thing about the continued in Wichita Kansas is its in his basement.
Yeah, that's correct! Call your! Then the exodus a man cave really cattle tell em out So by the way, if you're watching this on Youtube and ask, you first have to hit that like button, and I just want you to know The issue is the show is available Monday through Thursday, ten a m eastern today as a way to start a little late to get some election info correct. When I have one last colony, Arizona fiascos. If you shoot in here, but it's not here for those were watching on you too, governor rumble for she can join mug lab. Where today will be doing they don't make em like they used to, blazon saddles donation, which of course, very nice I love it and promo code might like. hell twenty dollars off. My click. Ok, now we get to the election. This is something which will undoubtedly be false. Copyright struck on Youtube
from the producers. A Colbert have been gunning for us for weeks. Every time they like us in Japan have if they do like us in Japan? Why it Stephen it's the people. Cbs. Did you notice David? He what CBS producers and their lawyers here uses. speech laws in Japan to get our videos at critique they are banned in Japan, and I thank them Self Colonial, we are these less moon, verses, attorneys, Jabber that CBS guy. Yes, I do had sex with everyone S. You dig in style while he wanted to leave him with a smile on your face. Well, I'm I'm Furthermore, the money in their pockets- I mean really. This is these: are the people who bandit in Japan you're not there's, not a pandemic of peace? in Japan, where Rice, a petty at he Critique Colbert Nada oh they're, Japan, Japan,
do the pool. Contrary it looks. Earth were looks first world. What, though, still take a rake to poke you under the subway Luvis go it's uh, that's not a may! Well, he was a came. Often global contrary to those rolling cover one guy shoves in Japan, and we see these really shove them in the subway guess what they put on the rising sun Banana and they just tackle them all the time radiation I did, that New York, Lenny Lucky you know, have some sort of mature move inadvertently seems wrong to return on their own gonna get sick cluttered in like that. I think that our let's watch and react first through the wonderful comedy coming from the left. Stephen call bears back with more vaccine propaganda. Here we go Dave
Oh Papa Draw had kids, you gonna stay back today, Marshall. You realize this is a video call. Laughing Viana do, as I say, can command design taken. My dog when you are a dog about your rabies shot a dive answer get it. It was this well up like Nicky monopolies, cousins, friends, dry and would have I've been waiting needs your help. You gotta get vaccinated
I beg your bay vaccinated. What's the worst, it happened. Nothing, no insurance, Redondo, getting major range scan the rabies free use. The thing I appreciate that their eyeing, but how many writers, forty two Cobo, just compared to the of the brave heart, ensure that which is right. At me. I put a little effort. You shut the poverty, nor do I know you know what kids gonna think a poor martial law. I don't think kid, watching Colbert, considering his median viewers, seventy for someone who still left the tv on after the Jacqueline Juicer commercial. Why did they shoot the cop Doug Dante dislike? I dont understand that certainly also does like Atticus Finch. That's true. It's a lifesaver complex. So the point is none of that works, but it still better than what was it
vaccine will, but not matter, not vaccine? Totally straight be. It was almost ass, good ass, the bent needle by the way was signed, one of our needles discarded Definitely don't share that need or not the guy on the left. They got the needle from rent, so and my question the Lahti we're gonna get pay. I saw rent yet it, and I was now why you should there coughing doesn't say all that you're all having sex with each other, and you know that they have aids and you you're using dirty needles when you're not
protecting and your singing and that's the weird park in somebody make a song if not to get aid under the temporary that conflicts. This whole situation provides love team, America's ain't, a data, J, J, AI, everyone hates. I want that seasons of love to be account down clock as to how many minutes they have left. So I know, and a court the champagne will want to catch AIDS right captain, planet, foil. Was right here and what did you think on asking come at below two before we go? There's mentioning demographic shifts and taking place here just in one year? But what do you think before I get to it, cause the republican wave in places like Virginia and even if New Jersey, too close, to call right now, they're saying we who's your draw. That's a big change for New Jersey, You need to see that, of course, we are to assume, of course, that there These are all the safest and most secure elections, and our has never and compare it to the most secure election in our history with Donald Trump so recommended. The demographics in the numbers are using assume that those
are authoritative. Yes, I regret what they mean: could, I think every with aim is legit. Yes, let's say: what's your white? What what do you think you think the damn you think the democratic Gonna pull the old strategy in Jersey? Now come on guys here. Has there been any sort of crime in the New Jersey area? The same the same statement has managed to cover up for two decades that Corey Booker's gay he's gay we govern our needs, good Heavens Delta, reviving the rotary club. So this past, Oh, that was eyeing. L, L, sludge, Alto, L, I do they get them right mixed. no differences would paneling. Elk strategy is he came in erection licks in cases of allergies. Last year I was purely guys. I'm sorry did patrolled age more women. Ah
it just as best we can bring us to our are a daily original clip. I'm ok So this is excellent because we ve exclusive but for people haven't seen as a former vice president embarrass the United States at the sea I mean it need make sure seo p twenty six climate summit Given the USA Seo PD what yeah that I just saucy, three pia he has answered three, no, no he's falling asleep again. Yes, that's the sound he makes so I'm not I'm in a British got. Yes, I am able to pool to have sex with Bob Arafat, more charisma than your leader will get the extra ride over. I haven't read those commercial to film group, so rebukes means yes, zero This means yes,
no matter what you here, I don't know, but here again all I know I'm going in repeated. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you'll nearer than video of Joe Biden, and they don't even addressed this left as media. This is why it's his clear. falling asleep, and I don't you You mean, like a cat nap. This a message: wake up with a beard here you go Vienna problem outward here for mere drop. A new en bloc. There is the first time
still less of a problem outward here for mayor drop and you ain't black. Now I don't want a shady entire clip of him falling asleep, because, like line minutes, he got into Remsen AIDS is dream and may get it s really? That was an interception night for him? We have is giving the hair a run for his money. Well, just getting past by turtles the still skin beard, slow and steady, wins the raised. I think for the farmer s presence, slow and slow, though, and slow slow are now Yes, yes, oh eight, and he's vulnerable
where I think he dreams about like he just sees a white light than wakes up every single. Yet we have about its Joe about to get to know the terms about being president's what it would be like if we actually why he wakes up. It was wonderful dream. He sees Kemal. You are a major, unjust, major, just biting the black made using a new or the shoe to ban that administration to individual rights. this is actually know that be he's. Always rain. Earpiece to everyone was that of ads and we do have our plants. We do does he have journalism and we have exclusive audio from these Ethiopia the climate summit where former vice President Joe Biden fell asleep. Former. Vice president, only one hour- let's not again, ok you're wearing
Oh my god, God, Joe Joe Joe wage gap, why job for the love of God on Y know that ban. Right MR former, vice president, we have a problem, the depends fits looks, you requested our backwater, so I could only order the protection plus, but there are only available in medium. No, no no Medio gave another sort of a state or night defence, but you'll need to wear your boxers that is an accurate depends order check out the website, during a recent about logs yeah,
women about ants on along seller, dilemma. Peanut butter. my amazement, various lemme crunchy, how small scale Keller, negative a crush. You could give me giscard my pouch, My guess: because you're just a jockey now is gathered. I fall again. We must perform the hind leg. Our two- I do it slowly shut up tell anyone, don't spoil it. Yes, more votes than anybody in history, smarter than anybody history most popular present, in history? Without a doubt, eighty one million legitimate votes lose last count. One hundred fifty million blah while ago recounts and more alien out now and ours too
I forgot them the Cougar, where we were isn't funny that if you stay up until two a m still don't see the votes which, in our would be a conservative estimate like hey yeah, you know why I sit up until two a m and I feel pretty good that this is not an owner three in foreign, that's the magic ticket fellas, Travis when the most secure votes. Can I remember as a kid I'd, be it like an. I got my hockey game, we ve something. You know, I'm just looking up at the tv and they had everything said by like bright, like nine p M, o nine thirty or with the advent of in all these front. Fancy computers have gotten worse. Counting yes on her dinner maser I mean, but basically by like or a clock Mondeo was on a plane to anywhere right yeah, I lost my eyes. I come on. Let's just I resign my knowledge, they I'd plain, go issue where, in his case, Billy's writer,
so last night, let's get into the the recap here: the Virginia Governor race was called for us Publican Glenn you. This is a big deal in Virginia because Virginia they ve been saying has been growing increasingly blue. and the same thing, obviously with New Jersey, but the interesting thing is some the demographic ships as to why young can one and its thing that look. I am going to issue somehow criticism here to the people who actually need to use Tampax, and always in what I mean, I'm not I'm not without empathy. Thank you, of course, when the republican One- and it was called the leftist pundits where I wouldn't know but you know like they stared at the arc of the cabinet simple- showed the bid which interesting that the krona virus or that the virus it was a very has the lowest yours. It's too many orders occasionally surprise which is called for parents don't like the idea of teaching resolving them raises provide in forty nine percent tromp in this
Action programme exit polls, they're going fifty seven, forty three from a call. If that is not macro that's shoes with education being the number one thing on the minds of these voters. That means the Terry Mccall, if lost a very specific messaging war on race, first of all, is not over You do have the grassroots votes out. There are fighting for this undemocratic by placing the stakes are high. Lectures over January will now. Have we seen the emergence of the delta variant of progress in the delta? In summary, the Yunkers, so clever same operates a lot after I can go more places. By the way. Is there, if you guys, can pigeon legally with Hurricane Harvey Nude Heresy has a supply chain shortage for printing donor,
You put its failure variant, zero music does the troublesome he was in the writing it using Ralphie with his writing his paper. His turn paper about wanting to read, write and tell the very man. That's great. I'm gonna ask Wendy to go steady, I love her. She said education, library, as only white parents, which is a code for no it's not that it's education, we care about, occurred on unapprized, please, let's let them continue by all means continue accusing the moms who are involved with their children variation of being racist. Yes, well, sway them and other black moms out there that just absolutely dont care about education because its coat for whites. While I go back to the written, the form of the gutter, the governorship now, I saw the left complaining we're talking about this. There is only one black juror why do you think that is the problem?
secure. I guarantee was dismissing people of color sash other they could do. You really think that you are going to get black people on jury in that jury pool who are going to be empathetic to a ginger cereal pedophile who repeatedly yelled the inward oh, cried, sniggered on that guy, come up. We gotta get him out. Yet what did a coward now shooter black eyes? No, I didn't she black are just said. First, that's what they told you yeah! That's because you are the transcript unanimity, so the inward obviously does not just this wouldn't be a ginger pedophile that wouldn't make any sense. So and soulless ginger, some less ginger. Well, then, I guess that's what that ginger's in general, all ginger, young or solar, see that I just bigoted you know it's true- I mean you haven't read. I like I've, read her eye when more on advertising that quarterback you're, ok, Mustache Virginia. This is important. Young conflicts, Chesapeake, Montgomery, Norfolk counties
Twenty twenty knock you want. This is not even a mid term show here's, what interesting there has been a change, notably what killed Donald from. He made it gains with black voter, seem maintained with latina voters. He law. Last suburban white women, so women look This is a step in the right direction. I also there's a lot of conservative women out there for you needest. Need a clean ranks. You because a lot of these problems that you see that win facing now come from Feminism and coming and going to do it and extending segment on this, and also this this really these tentacles go into their dating poor, they onto their home life. They go into in sports. Now this all comes from leftist feminism and What the chickens have come under. Is you have men in biological men and women sports because of women and feminism? You radical agendas in scope because of women and feminism
have men who are playing the dating game and not marrying because of women in feminism. They have changed their expectations so much of what they want from men and what they want from society in case, but the same things that they wanted before the sexual revolution to be clean, and this is a lot of women coming home to you The term here said: oh wow. I need to have some control over what happens with my children. That's why education is a big issue here and it's not just critical race theory, which you say is imaginary, and these people are actually living and presenting receipts with the books and the curriculums. It's also there I've been walk down and definitely their kids have been forced to wear masks which do not come without there. consequences, and there are a lot of people who flipped, because of that, this is overreach from the demo that's so women out there who are tired of it. Please men cannot just like and cannot solve the problem of biological men, beating the hell out of women and women's sport, because all men opposed it manually, Athens. Men opposed it. Many women sports menopause
women overwhelmingly supported it? And you said you have a penis can have an opinion, so women at strong women. We need you now to use this momentum because women with Donald Trump, for example, thirty eight percent is what you got young can got forty seven percent, that's nice, white women with some college or less Trump got fifty six percent. can got? Seventy five percent at age, fifty women with children Trump got forty three percent yoke and got forty six percent, which actually surprise me independent voters from got thirty, eight percent You can got fifty four percent, that's a big! That's a big jump and I'm not saying that this means you can is better than Donald Trump by any means What I am saying is there has been a shift with so much of I don't think I've ever living in a time in haste. This country with more monumental life, altering changes in the past year and most Americans, don't like it
and they see where it's going, but by all means. Please keep accusing these people who voted for your folks before of being racist. Yet your! I think what they're saying too, as the Donald Trump may have been brash. He may have come across his kind of this caustic figure yeah, but it wasn't wrong The thanks of the already now is presenting the message in a way that you can actually tolerate and you're seeing the decisions that he was trying to keep us from having to go towards right. Now he was trying to keep it. from doing these things, you're sick, decisions, now have consequences that it have right in assuming, of course, that most safe secure election history that he's a number of areas where Europe, yes, I do think it too to be fair. There is definitely some Trump fatigue, Eve even forget Republican J S, and I think this shows you, because this is people said he was. From past. This shows that the ideas from Donald Trump and Donald Trump were to be discipline that these ideas are way more popular. Now again, I've always said. About sort of generations Z and was wrong, but
Certainly you see with a lot of other people. You look look at the baby. Boomers needs even more with millennials. Now they had four eggs pull Carter and Reagan. They had that contrast and that's when you create a generation of conservatives. This is we really have the contrast with George W Bush. Wasn't a conservative was a big government sort of Republican, Barack Obama right then you have, but then you have Donald Trump in the pandemic. Any have former vice president job there's a clear contrast. Now people are saying this the wrong direction, its repudiation of that this initiative. Deal education, it's not a dog whistle. Now it's an actual, it's a thing. It's a thing the facts, a lot of Americans and remember. This was where he lost the electron ruin Mc Aleph, pan shouldn't be able to have input or tell teachers what to teach her eager, but I'm not going what parents, even to individuals and actually hey to make their own decisions. So you, the bill that I dont think parent should be tone. Schools what they should teach
tells you, even if you believe it, you don't say it that way. so our children are doing You know you're not allowed to piss off women everyone here as a wife. This is what she should do, learn how to be a mom right, yeah right, from a joy should, should you do that? You should the bed K it doesn't with women. I learned that I've even learned to avoid that we're rigour, hey baby, honey, sweetie, buttercup baby. It might be a better idea or it may be more helpful if not to use a foreigner toilet call sixty minutes special babe. Undersigned gonna get you in trouble every time. So majesty whatever nothin eighty four percent of Virginia and said that parents should at least some input into what schools are teaching
no surprise to you that you have made some gains and heavily suburban areas. I mean this issue right, Donald Trump may gained with black and latino voters. Those gain seem to be holding steady and now suburban peak, suburban whites, bourbon voters have returned to the Republican Party and now white suburban women, which is new. That is new and that good thing, and so women I'm going to ask you. Please women's comment below of Europe. We actually a significant amount of women who watch the share price. When I go to the comments as a tunnel utopia generally women. If you look at demographics running late night, comedy shows it is made up of largely young men so bright. I want to know what you believe the solution is or what what you think women can do to contain? this momentum. This is a big shift. Work women part ways under their trump and why are they coming back at a penis like in Heaven, in China. On this day. The lieutenant governor, I believe, also was republican, a black female one,
Jenny. I know we go from governor black face too in a you must be one of those token loop on. She hasn't she's an uncle lieutenant governor, something like that think they also in the state legislature in Virginia. It's not like this. This figure of fifty in the house of delicate right, sir don't run out, there is a side by side with the trigger discipline, but you know what really someone power on the allegations next set. We don't care. If she's union she'll probably has a bullet and thinks right. What is a bullet, and I can't as let us welcome lights it, but we can say tat lay so look. This is a case. Is a transgender policy critical, very loud and county. This import member, this lumber girl was raped and there's another girl who sexually assaulted by bowing to skirt what're. You gonna do now Youtube boy to skirt who fold enough people to take advantage of the transgender bathroom policy loud and County Donald Trump lost that county by twenty five young can wanted by ten point. Five. That's
thirty point Medina Mass Right- is thirty point Split someone culture will have him. Do you just in the other room yelling the answer here? What's wrong, Reddy's, never marry you see, that's which adds a huge. What so he's a dry about. We talked about in the suburbs right we talked about getting under the rural areas right suburbs, that's it prize a little bit in some of these cases, but somebody's like the cities, the switch Piazza massive yeah, you may even have to win those counties. You just have to take twenty thirty thousand votes. Well, Philip, I mean that's what he did and that's all get to discover New Jersey little, but because a lot of you were surprisingly, the Atlantic County in New Jersey went for The italian him- and I can't pronounce I'm not Murphy Republic, Citron Ella and its past that right at repelling skate allows one when Craig Point on this young, can he lost by its employment, but we love, unlike any close, that gap he closed. It aims aren't gap. Yeah I've got something he did. I was going to say he did lose Fairfax County, but by twenty nine is up
The trump is by forty one- that this massive I wait a minute. You tell your right yeah. I miss rats or get lately. I've hit that admonish button that how did I get that one wrong I deserve alone is modest opponents I'm gonna ratchet down despite garter so you telling me that he did better with independence significantly better. You d better with women, yep white women, suburban, whatever women period, speaking white women, that's, transit and to share my what, if that were acted wisely. We share and homosexuals why I share. His ring in her friends are mainly white women. Homosexuals are entirely on this highly. I criticise Alma a man on his letter said you will never accomplishes much assure you will ever accomplish all this and I shall hand the God sent me a picture treatment.
Sure of his share walls. By also saying in a white horse wants to wear shares skin like a suit. Oh yes, Miss Gibson hands in greeting now I did so he so we're doing better. Then we're doing better in democratic stronghold, yes counties so yeah, there's a ten point. Twelve point almost made up in Fairfax County anyway. There's a whole bunch of these that have happened: one likes it: Lieutenant Governor attorney, general elections and it is not just by the way. It's not just Virginia. This has happened all over the country, so in Minnesota, yet was in Minneapolis, voters rejected about measures to defend the police or the city council. Not leave us. I dont, member, which City Council, then why should the ATLAS if they dinner was Minneapolis or Saint Paul, they noted defined the police liquors by Saint Paul. It's nothing happened here. You know what's, and this is something which we too want to get to New Jersey quickly, because after some safe and secure
and which then begs for russian safe and secure way. The flip at three I am so and I tweeted out yesterday- I am going to bed, of course, not expecting a vote flip now, its Murphy sit a rally of hope, Seattle rally about a rally. I don't, I don't see the readily nothin yet to save a yet now you re like I come on, I shall always suitor really yeah cedar, really so their sink, saying it's not you gotta go there saying it's not like it's too close to call and there's a while the vote, because the mail and votes in s- with the vote for him to get too from Essex County the These are all going to be, of course, Murphy and so he'll. Probably when here's the thing about that their basing that on projections with New Jersey not the performance so just like with transgender bathroom policies or critical race to erect the Democrats, their strategies believe your lionize and lawyers
don't believe it's going on in a school library, don't believe what's going on a school classrooms right now, the thing don't believe what you're seeing across New Jersey, where the results have come in and distinctly blue counties our approach. action say that three I'm Essex County is going to flip the race. Here's the thing Murphy's underperforming and other blue county. So, for example, he want Atlantic County in twenty. Seventeen by twelve points he's losing now by twelve point, while This is there's a big shift. When you look at a lot of these new look, these counties in New Jersey. So why would you assume that there is going to be such a wide gap in Essex That's the issue that I have and Something else remember this is something Dave you are covered because you're from Detroit, you were covering this live when they called one county for Detroit Agricultural Use, rightwing county for Trump. Here's the thing before that you can go back to all our lives streams, and this is the value of doing a live stream. at its it may try and make themselves look better afterwards. I just had to admonish myself is up
I'll, do just ass in real time living through it and before the election. They all said: now expect a male in votes to be overwhelmingly bite in the night election in Detroit. This was no information having taking that into account in Wayne County, they still ran the numbers and said it such an overwhelming gap that even with the mail and ballots, they called it for tromp. Yes, the left wing media called for dress? So it was a sure thing and then, but
people forget that there was a cooler of camera equipment. Yes, the end that hedge ITALY, allegedly a real, whether cure all red wagons lesson I didn't say no, I had a camera equipment, hey, you know what they brought in. They brought in an auto focus lens and a hundred thousand votes switched. Listen, we're onto you! Let's go Brandon people, yet I actually I got what he deserved, whereby living like a lot of Brandon. Think about that for second. So they knew that said, Merlin doubts are calling for down and then afterwards, when its, which they said what the mail and ballots you already called it, knowing the male imbalance. Yet that's what's happening right now. Similarly, there's they're gone, right. Well, look! Look! Ok! My gosh! That's a twenty point! Difference from too Seventeen here too Republicans in it plant at county. No one thought that would go there, a bunch of other counties that I'm sure we can finally to have all the numbers and but significantly the Democrat, was underperforming. Projections but they're saying our projections for Essex County. You don't
That's gonna, be so overwhelmingly Murphy that it's in the back for Murphy. No! No! I don't trust you and I also look can we have a due date we'll have to write on the votes. As Latin America, I mean how little do Democrats think their voting IP people time. We have proposed data tat, you know blue black Friday. We went on why people don't what what what I have time to be looking There are no stamps licking envelopes So there's some really interesting things and I'm not gonna get never before midnight. The idea was treated like gizmo from grandma. Yes, actually, yes, and don't you get it about anything, I don't get the ballots wet. Yes, you don't want to, the minutes smears and then it is right and what you like about fish meal. so in the New Jersey race right now, there's some there's some interest in a particular country into the bargain or Bergen County.
If there is a second arc, delay the thank you midnight, the county clerks organisers bargain. Thank you. They, the county Clerks office, basically said. Look a hundred percent. The precincts have reported in the republican head. I think fifty one in and change percent the endemic had forty seven everybody woke up this morning and that number had switched, and so there was a lot of concern now they're saying basically uttered a hundred per cent of the precincts. Have reported in, but we have encountered the mail and ballot and don't say a hundred, and so now it goes it acted like we have CNN were saying. Let us not wait. He says there is only eighty six percent and I guess look at them will dig into this little bit further. I know there's a lot of people out there with interest into finding out what's going on there, if, if Europe, owing to come off of twenty twenty and make sure that you put people in kind of a place of comfort with their election system in a state. You dont do something like that. You come up with, like all of the precincts for in person. Voting have come in, we haven't counted the mail and balance it, but this is the whole point that we talked about. I was
at numbers live on our live stream of Donald Trump. He was outperforming himself, yes from twenty. Sixteen, I wasn't include in a lot of these things and I kept doing the math and I'm like this is insane lackeys keys getting his own ass. I now face a kick it as long as I'm kind of president exactly and so that's you're not instilling competence and people when you do stuff like that, so we're doing all that, let's not blame them for Miss Trust in the institutions, threat of tat. What happened to the left goes. I can't allow us a problem. You now selling all this doubt as republican lies. Not we are following your site, your new streams, then you switched it or watching new, and we were following what you said: Circa twenty sixteen twenty, seventeen and eighteen about the election system and its potential problems that may be could possibly have stayed in twenty ninety issue. I would say this: if you can get a hundred percent and then say no, we didn't mean a hundred per cent you can say our I love what needs to be by election day. Sorry, we meant to weep posted two weeks from election day. If you can see
right. We're gonna create this new one constitutional law in Pennsylvania, as it relates to mail in voting. If you can do all of that, you cannot expect Americans have trust in the integrity of election instead of Venus institution of our elections. You know this was as we have to be careful banned on you too, when I tell someone in Nevada called an official too, this is an address. This is laser, and I want this is one addresses person is not there. Let's say that you guys got this wrong. How do you copy switch and if you find something having sex it, he said there is no process for that, You tell me where the accountability, whereas the oversight by the way last night lot of pipes broke Dave. I think it was one hundred percent of eighty six percent does not make sense What you can say on Youtube? That's what science this ox there's yonder is all. I know I drove around Detroit to certain addresses you know it seemed fishy.
There is a man who voted named fishy? Yes, on fish, he lived in a field well there was a reason, all the media and hold out rise rife, but twice from a toy patent, weird and bombing in Michigan that when their accounting there's a county race that was flipped right, they accidently, gave it to the democratic than outside, said well under their own country itself is going to always. It's gonna usually be democratic, one that yesterday, that a Democrat one, but a lot of that is widened, that is this. That is where that does exist. Illness, contrary and the fact that Dugan was a white guy took it for the third time is kind of shock, Well, you know what they can. Someone not brain apple due to talk about you know, will talk about this and Muslim. Can we did you bring it up. I've talked about this before and other sources in front of me Donald Trump Signal. Frequently outperformed known in major cities with black voters in urban areas, with black voters with latino voters in nearly all major cities outside of I think six outside of it.
Detroit Philadelphia, Phoenix so in other words in Seattle, up from above therefore, in LOS Angeles are performed with, with with blacks, comparative projections and then that's right! Well, boy! He really screwed approach at four a m. my favorite before move off it is my favorite result right now, but as I was Seattle that night, they elected a city attorney a Republican saw in Seattle by the way that the, if, if, if we highly, if Wisconsin, was the place that this was going to happen, if Minneapolis was like the epicenter, this yeah second one of the deep on the police in a rage as China has must have not shown up to vote now. The initiating our voters in the face shooting them making an honorary Courtney love. Yes, I just love that, unlike up this is right, I love sing. Republicans just like put it in your Seattle, see well well
beautiful place if it wasn't, for example, yes, other all the crap right in the middle, you also get down. All of you get your own slogan. Keep Seattle, weird, ok, Austin Links! We had that like a minute for while you get off the planet, it smells like spoon, metal, cooking, I did see their job. It was all you absolutely dead. I did it absolutely touch to catch up I try to you part to modern labour when, in Shop be in be about that's where you guys, I got it, I got it can emails in? U S didn't check into your hotel that we books tat because because there are being jewish socialists with guns which we are going to check into our hotel in. There was literally just hobo. everywhere taken shits in doing heroin and all kind and we're like not I'd, say here now, as I was panting, I thought the register maker. They were last year. We do you realize it's me.
who gave me one star, hotel right: that's the in their contract, yeah, it's one lying on a bed and breakfast at breakfast and autonomous. So yeah about called a criterion in its index basement Seattle, steamer guidelines and a lot of irritating there. My basement, I have several basins, indifferent city, that's exactly what they have to diversify, basement, color, raped and portfolio. That's correct ITALY, the rape market, portfolio, overtime, wins It's true, you go right. Neighborhood you gotta basement fifty sixty buxom, I've known you actually run it through ship invests no house about a night when he deemed essential like soussio. Iran cannot afford this basement. Yes, yes, but what about me? Yes,
all right? So, let's do it over the grave just to have one of those home renovation shows, but it's just a pervert. Flint, just activity wound sex weighing over a sound proving it girlfriend. Everyone in this room are unnecessary surgery. What would you like what you think it's their homes, redecorated Zeppelin? Would you like a rustic luck, which I don't care? If I see the rivets, I just want to make sure no one can hear anything treads a lot, a mere at a drain on the floor. He said, oh well! Well, it's a pit, there's no water air water and enhancing, what's at Sandy here from a closet. Now, if not consensual So was one baby, it means health. Cannot, I told you to learn, Morse Code would have been approved
that's all ass. If not further flageolets sound Hammett leave him alone, you sure gunshot than it. So let me show the rest of his brain. That's not! Murder, it's a robot speaking, hey speaking of of sex trafficking, you on musk, knocking on Macedonia, exposed brought to the attention of a lot of people. It's one of those things worth psych. Ok at a certain point became really parity Alex Jones anymore. Brought to the attention of people, the the sex trafficking that occurred at the of the? U N! So let me get into this first weeks. I can explain the context and what the media did cover as it related to hunger and what the media did not cover as it relates to the U N, admittedly, being involved in basically sex trafficking for food. third world countries show. On Monday, the? U N World Food Programme director David Beazley, appeared on Oh, he appeared on CNN to demand that billionaires five about your thing. More money, you're asking
billion as who are going to space the lights of Elon, Musk and Jeff vessels to help all they open the government. Tat thou. This is why, in this win the billion years need to step up at middling Richard drawing found bases, six working class, great people. I thought that eliminating all the result is not complicated shifts of tennis warp. We need the billions to pay. So no. No. I won't bray alignment me and you're the only person who knows overtime and his work. I was amazed and he was so fond. I wash it when I was like that might be in one of my top. Five thousand men do that tomorrow or Monday so scene and then wrote an article title. This is the u n demanding going airspace to several two percent of Elon Musk wealth. Couldn't help for world Hunger said, the directive you in food scarcely organisation now either
responded, and this is what was covered. Then I'll tell you what was not covered in it relates to child rate. If years but if a w of peak and describe on this twitter thread exactly how billion- will solve world hunger. I will sell Teslas stuck right now and do it, but it must be when source accounting for the public's is precisely how the money is spent on doing an impression of my friend Peter from Belgium. I don't know if you have word says costs eyes dead on then it may easily responded saying I can be the next. How can be in the next flighty throw throw me out if you dont, like what you hear so economic the bees are coming to be. This was no boating accident, so mosque, is a thing. I've won covered that and the point that must was making and this is by the way, who is responsible for the ultimate irony for the Eagle logical revolution with electric cars which, by the way I worked for the environment, I don't care, they go faster passed. The point, is you guys loved him, and now you hate him. and he's just saying, look the when wastes money. You are it's this
if you believe that it's the government's job on anything, you believe that governments job to house all the homeless. You believe that governments job to provide welfare to provide for healthcare provide for internet like in Germany or to human rights. All these things, We also have to go along with the premise that the government is fundamentally capable My issue is not with climate change that is getting a little balmie. My issue is believing that this fight page, privileged from I feel that the green new deal would actually work, let's assume ever actually in Armageddon scenario or deep, scenario. You really think the guy followed. Sleep at the sea. Opie. Twenty six climate summit is the one who should be harming the ship at fixing it. So that's the point you and musk was making drove the point home by pointing out dropping really a nuclear bomb an article about you and officials, forcing african children to perform oral sex for food needs said what what will happen here, but always at
side like this. You pathetic crime, you I'd, say little murky on the robot. Ok, I just want to make sure the laws changed it three. They weren't Hungary, Dave I got a lot of rice and a full. Cobb arable land I mean, I don't think so, this the thing just so you know this. Isn't some references are available, not overcrowded and sound, so grow. It is show gross put at risk. The link is in the description. Don't take my word, for you and share Marie Dish on how Riga an english day champs. I dont know fishing camps here is addressing the reports. And then I will read from you details about the official report: child sex trafficking, I dont say on behalf of the: U and the: U N is the reason for it. They screwed up whether was deliberate or not, not the business of questioning motives in Africa or sodomized for food, because the? U and hurried on this.
The results in the situation where documents pass from inbox- in box where anyone can think Someone else will take responsibility in or view This was a serious failure, not the greatest show, abuse of attack. by senior officials on an individual basis, but it all so highlights deficiencies at an institutional, yeah. It's the abuse of authority. That ties Ria here on await the sodomy of a young child. That's once Yes, you are, I don't think he was asking you rob the authority. No, I think he was more thanking, I'm being raped yet did they randomly cut to her. Having someone a paper, I dont know another hygiene West for on the office elephant. She went and ass for the fair Fawcett hairdo, but it wasn't long enough to secure. I made a crude drawing of what they do. Yes, yes, you know of putting the Virginia school curriculum. What the hell's the different areas are not too.
Sixteen to you and publish this article and by report when he could also be needed that twenty sixty I'm sorry that that makes it better yeah sure, but one child. Orally and ITALY, Ribs Mueller and the U N publishes article saying that a ban says he holds all senior you and officials responsible for addressing sexual exploitation or abuse. Okay. Well, that's gonna! That's put the fear of God in them tat. I owe you an official having to hold you responsible and there'll, be an internal investigation at the hands of other. You inefficiency! Stop having sex. With that kid. We have to do to us again. He's gonna get over here, a minute he's done. This is you're in trouble, trust me that makes a mean makin cheese. There is now as a go you and was just out of the EU and would just that the Tec workers from to catch a predator, showing up with half a foot long from subway.
I was just going to talk to them. That's what he said. He said we would doc whether it was large and medium Chatroom, messenger Pigeon, just sit oaks person from subway I love it? I love it when the EU and, as you know, like a resolution or something out, we're gonna, get to the bottom of the sea, guys remember you know and that small country invaded this other small cut out brush it, taking literally taking Crimea from the Ukraine now having a shadow or with them, even so that the? U N is usual all of its power and wonder, did a resolution and twenty fourteen. Unlike our case, maybe something happened. No nothing happened. I was reading another article and twenty twenty and I had to do a double take because they like call the nineteen pandemic in the same article and then to paragraphs later. We issue the same resolution that we have right now. Is that my vote? What and by this is an example of years later, where the left will just try and get it think that your guess what you write, your crazy we're we're We're saying the same thing, for example, were Donald Trump would go up and say: listen. We should not be a part of the? U N, okay and people go. Can you believe it that job he says he wants to
draw from the? U n con well with the context that they were african children for sex. Also, let me give you some more contacts as to why the? U N is useless to be clear. Nato had a purpose, however. Other countries aren't paying their fair share. The? U N has no purpose and other countries. paying their fair share. How do you expect these people too air about human rights when it includes China and Cuba, You want some Germany only as strong as its weakest link. This guess you're only as strong as your communist, fascist asshole is. Is it for I ran to be the head of the Human Rights Council again in the EU and is at their turn again our new our new. You and guidelines are blue. It's just a lot was rough, Salman Rushdie. I hope you have italian so the elevators too tall buildings being put in use. I see twenty twenty you and condemn Israel seventeen times the rest of the world. Only six does nothing bad into the rest of the world and when it's what it by the way I picked Al Jazeera as the source there on purpose.
It's funny is: is they loved to criticise United States for racism and police, but twenty percent of their funding comes from the United States, the twenty percent for content? China, twelve percent, Japan. Eight point: five percent UK four point: six percent Russia, two point four percent to well: Russia's, not gonna, buy into thing about gas. If you like, I love bread, I'm sure put gonna, get right on that, like I'm, sorry check must have been lost in will lead us to have someone with tape to poison umbrella. Here, that's it wouldn't, like some tea told worry. It still bubbling is hell
By the way, anybody who condemns the United States for racism hasn't travelled now just go to Europe. There's a reason: energy. When you're allowed to refuse tenants warrant. Japanese it needed is absolute mockery. It just shows you haven't than any research at all every single soccer match in Europe, the largest sport in the world. They no racism bands. They have no criticism signs. Do you see that mean that it states know because it's not nearly as bad racism, we don't realize what their them in other countries, for example the Japanese in the Chinese. If you look at the level of cruelty devout. We do understand because, for example, me and the people will see, for example, the package in an area of South Alice Black Americans. We look much. more different to the average untrained? I then a japanese and chinese person, but we have, a lot more in common sorts? It's it's! Not something other than racism, because the Japanese believed they were these superior race right. They wanted this perfect sort of PAN Pacific race of people and the Chinese felt the same way about the Japanese. This is the issue.
Little understand, Americans are no longer mood. America very open minded country. All two people of all walks of life, I haven't black eye I said the people is isolated, We d, reading between the lines these people news, Chinese, an odour brags, no given these people, so Americans America's a melting pot, that the reason why we get along with each other and every other countries a bit racist, because they don't have that the various cultures. I mean a long way in Japan and wise for the longest time based on a racial identity, absent China based on racial identity, the nordic countries based on a racial identity, most of South America based on a racial. I tell you: the United States was
that- and I know that, what what what what you will say- you're you're the identity, Arians and you're right large really western white european people who funds comes because the vow use were shared even among the first was a sort of Italians: calf, Irish Catholics, Jews, polish people. Nice to meet. You sing that's very different from someone today it from El Salvador, but we a nation. If you look at our decrees founded on preserving or or forwarding a specific race of people. That's not the case. What an elegant in Japan it's in the language they read. If your japanese person you're only hung Jane if you're anyone else, your engaging oh come on. Not everyone is not japanese. Is a female prostitute Alex. I like gringo know what they're I dont know what it I thought judgment white people is a gag authority gets derogatory. Isn't I don't care? If you call someone, please tell me so no one to be offended
I needed a column. Is they pay me to drive from over the border? I don't ever rats but tutti. When I hear green guy, I get hungry letting me and I, like the word, Gringo get the gringo gifts and I'd like to buy the way they condemn United States, removing the embassy to Jerusalem, something Donald Trump promised he would do indeed and twenty the? U ends up, keep in mind. This is also what I must compliment for their world food, The programme french International nearly eight point, five billion in funding, Still lots of hungry people are there still yeah. I because the tweet said six six billion million and we could solve look how much money from land goes to hungry people in Africa forces verses. You know four sodomy versus say, like the Christian Children's fund or Samaritans per number Samaritans percent until Iberia when there was a ball out with a fifty percent deathray right, so keep in mind. This is a thing. People don't understand that the most effective and domestic, difficult charitable institute. Institutions that have ever existed ever
in the history of mankind. Are it does include any international governing body of any kind. It is the American Evangelical church period and not even close, may not like em
you may think of them as carries mom, but the point is they're doing a lot more than the child rapist, but you did the Christian College Fund, those the beard guy with the fly region is yielding fun, yeah, yeah, yeah where's, that did they do a lotta, they did to others, and now they renamed it and, I think, probably get rid of christian boy either now or just have. The guy walking through looks very full yeah yeah he's yours really resonate is Santa Claus yeah and he looks like he's already eaten the cookies right. Yeah ended, dears carrots. Why, through with a foot long sub despair, lay lilies kids with the fly? Barely agree? You gotta help me freedom, because something I'm not an aid and other by someone. Throw this away right. You're ready is take three right right, I don't get. Is its growth get away from my sandwiches? I throw bread at em like pigeons, while not today's bread, I'm not wasteful, yesterday's, Elliot anything, these kids, that's great.
We want the, U N does and rape so Do we I was going to ask: do we want to run this package? We want to run my club because right now we're going overtime, Jericho, ok, so them explain this to people by the way you're watching on rumble smash that rumbled smash it. And if you watch it on Youtube, consider watching on rough. This is something that is it come down to and we're going to go where the package run on location in it. It's like twenty minutes with people talk about covered in masks and vaccines. this they try and label you something very, very clear in election denier, a climate denier right. These are term still, though quaint, accuse you being a science denier, and then you can also add other umbrella terms like racist dog, whistled huh phobia transphobia, let's walk through that for a second. What climate deny. I mean, do you wanna hit this year before we leave so but because
if you buy into the premise will then you buy into all that wholesale and women, specifically women, who voted against Trump or not buying anymore climate deny. What does that mean? Will explain to you what it means for me and if you look at the videos that I've released and we're going entire episode on climate. predictions there is a mean being shared with something like fifty predictions, and there were no worse now, is what I would see these come across my time and am sceptical, and every single one was true So I don't want to go so, let's go through ok climate night. What does that mean? say you believe in climate change. Can you still be climate and according to what absolutely that's Rowan? let's say you believe and climate change and you believe that mankind is even largely responsible. Can you still be able to climate absolute that's irrelevant. Let's say you believe in climate change believe that humankind is largely the cause of it, but you just don't believe that the fetters
government or the? U n can actually do anything to tackle it. Sort of like world hunger, climate denier. That's all it takes all too many say why don't you trust or institutions? Why don't you trust the scientific institutions when it comes to climate change in literary this boat? number that ninety seven percent of scientists agree which we already, but it's not true. Then they all right. So your climate, why are you in election denier? The big lie, Harlem Second will they can see that you are not an election denier if you believe in the United States of America and you believe that we have had largely free and fair elections throughout our history. We have corset So maybe that's irrelevant. Will they accuse you of being an election and I are a proper upon the big lie if you accept, for example, that not only have most elections been free and fair, but even believe that Joe Biden likely one the popular vote in this last election corsican so level your big lion proponents, that's irrelevant.
they label you a big lie, proponent and an election denier. If you say most, elections are free and fair, I think Joe Biden one. I do along with a majority of Americans at this point, that some of the anomalies problem Need to be addressed, and yet, It changed the rules right before an election. I think this favorite Democrats put your election denier. Okay. Now we go to You're a science denier hold on a second. Will they label you a science denier, if you believe covered nineteen as a real virus. Of course also level you that it's that that's irrelevant to the point. Will they still label you a science denier? If you say It is a real thing and we need to fast track of acts and, of course, also label you a cup of entire, that's exactly what Donald Trump and people in Amerika believe. Will they still label you a covert denier and believe me, I'm sorry, I'm speaking Democrats who I believe I understand that it might seem, as those is repetitive to you, but democratically that there already
since our idiot so hopefully will reach a few them. So you believe- it covers a real thing. You believe we need a fast track of vaccine and You even believe that the vaccine today makes sense for most people just Everybody of course also label. Your science in air does matter that are relevant to the point where still level neuroscience. My if you say over nineteen is real. We need a fast track, a vaccine. I believe the vaccine is good for a lot of people, but I also believe that we should have robust scientific studies of currently available treatments it's not a one size fits all approach boom. Science, Meyer. One of you didn't even say that said, I believe in the vaccine. I don't believe I ever met and works. Happily there no treatments available. I just don't think, I've gone along with all of it. I just don't support, lock, downs and cancelling kids schools. Poem. Your
science and art, along with by the way half of Europe. So my point is this: if they claim your science denier you're an election deny a proponent of the big lie: you're a climate denier just explain: your position, how much more rational it is than any of the bull shit there peddling, like after counties, gonna flip all of New Jersey at three p m and where it proudly. I guess at that point we're all climate deniers. Science deniers and proponents of the big lie. If you at all are sceptical other stuff. data institutions with people who never held a private job in our economy. All of us our deniers, and you know what I think it's about time to deny denied and either. I think it's a good thing. I don't think that progress for the sake of progress is always the best. The credit cards, been maxed out, it's time for it to be declined, let them torn fellow you that way in women, women, sustainable when you change the Virginia election and change, certainly the outlook of the New Jersey. This is this is a time
we're! Your voice is clearly being hurt. Democrats, just like with black voters, took them for granted. Thought that you are all voting with your vaginas. You know using a lever, and then playing a harmonica was the point as they thought. That's how you voted, and so what we came or in Virginia about Children's education- we don't just believe in abortion up until including birth, hey can think for ourselves? Have those relations with it. Everyone, you know, don't Damn label, you assume, loathing woman or a cold, bitch bitch You don't believe that the government can solve the problem of educate in this country. You know, how I know they're wrong, because my mom's say that they are wrong. Let's go wrong and our role this package when we get here too much club Youtube. Thank you very much. Everyone theirs like button piss off
my goal. Five pages to talk to
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