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YouTube Demonetizes Russell Brand Over Unproven Allegations!

2023-09-19 | 🔗
Howard Stern tore into Rep. Lauren Boebert’s for her behavior at a Denver theater. Also, YouTube has demonetized Russell Brand for ALLEGATIONS. We have the latest. Tune in.Guest: Owen Shroyer & Josh FirestineJoin MugClub to watch this show every day! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclubWatch the FREE show on MugClub NOW:GET TODAY'S SHOW NOTES with SOURCES: https://www.louderwithcrowder.com/sources/NEW MERCH! https://crowdershop.com/FOLLOW ME: Website: https://louderwithcrowder.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/scrowder Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/louderwithcrowder Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stevencrowderofficialMusic by @Pogo
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The simple concept muslim, we believe
so you don't have to when you join up. We have to be able to say what it is that you can't say otherwise, we're stealing from you. The mod club is exactly what has allowed us all of us to remain completely independent since two thousand and sixteen before that online revenue generated by ask Youtube facebook, they kept telling us what kind of content we were permitted to post what kind of creators that would be happy to work with and exactly what kind of people what kind of conservatives would be put in the corner, the I can't stomach it now and no one here can and because of mug club, because of you we don't have to. When I say it's you, it's not just a buzzword, it's precisely because of you that these things are now even permissible on these big tech platforms, the when an entity comprised of nothing more than all of you all of you, you are who we serve. You are to them. We are beholden and you are the driver of millions of you, the people who want to silence. You want to dictate what you hear who hate everything you stand for, guess what they can't the platform assault the we didn't start this fight. We don't want to do the as a full, fledged network mk
is bigger than and that's why all of us here are genuinely free. You muslims are the reason that they are scared. Now we can t find because a month. Remember, none of this is possible without you join the fight and sign up for mug club today ladder with credit dot com, slash my club for eighty nine dollars annually joined the fight at last with credit outcomes. Last month club today.
The I know you've been sipping, you just made my list too, a man coming into the show. What was that adjustment? The balls were open yeah because he had this look of abject panic.
but you realize oh, no, we're about to go live. I have to do this yeah just glad you didn't leave the camera on yourself. Thank goodness. You work. We had ten seconds. We have a pro ball policy address now, Clearly we were so you know what our howard stern can cause horrible people which will be talking about today. So, as is the run down, you have howard stern. Now he's decided that he wants to use Lauren albert to virtue signal. That's correct house, Stern is virtue signalling now at this in time. We have Russell brand, who has now been demonetized on youtube for allegations that are decades old and have yet to be proven. He has, to be charged, but Youtube has decided that that may harm their current viewers will get into? U a w strike. How that affects you exactly a lot of you may not realize this, but your problem isn't necessarily with the? U a w. It's with the fact that there who is the? U w striking against you? The taxpayer,
because these auto manufacturers ceased to exist, if not for your, never ending supply of bail out fund and we have a guest. No, and it lets you guys know more of their course earth Alex Jones at a mad max world that almost at the wrong word just not enough. I think he's been easement charged evident when he was sentenced to four that's right. Ays sedona serves sixty days for simply busying. There is on january six not going and have him on the show and look were able to talk about, We will talk about Russell brain being demonetized we're in the pact from able to have the the The own travel, not save you a w. The own schreyer on these Well, let's able to have him on regardless of youtube rules because of muslim, that's it, This is this: is we're back on youtube today, so please, at the like button maui, if you're watching on rumble right now just to switch
youtube, really quick to hit quick to pit lichen and help without algorithm, because they want you to believe that we are dead. We were suspended, will probably be suspended again. They go back to rumba and then go back to iraq over to renault. What are you doing then, if at any point during today, show if your new here you're watching on youtube- and you see this- that means that it's available on rumble right, there's a slight delay or something yeah there's a few second delay, so we can dump it on you we're not gonna self censored. That's the best that we have all right, I think with and all of that out of the way, let me ask you this: how many of you still believe that it's better to buy american? Now at the? U a w strike you should be. I can buy american will hold on a second, it's still cheap chinese crap. That's assembled in america by american communists, so I'd rather just go with the cheaper communists. At that point about you, just big good! yeah the american lie the best our
the theory is number to see your feel a little bit out of sorts able today when we signed an alliance is tired- or I don't know me- I was able to day to day to day yesterday. Good today the hour you I'm fine. the rub, summah tiger bomb on my neck, and I broke my own law and went to the. Ostrom after without that without trouble, waddling own how's, that that's why I'm no sympathy for him who had been taught me how to make the adjustment you think I don't want to mess, if you icy hot o, the first thing that shows up as icy hot on both sides, loaded with dumped or eyes? Yes come along with that. I see hans come on guys you on what has happened and insert chair, puts a smile on your face. When you hear this
It is thursday october nineteenth. You will get the summit city comedy club in fort wayne, Indiana. Sorry, I to go to indiana, judge firestone, good good, I'm doing good. I, by the way, I'm not supporting the auto industry, I'm going to travel by balloon. Only really changing my bites, eco friendly you get into hot air balloon it just float on down. I saw that film with the guy was at the area, nuts, whatever it is with the guy from he played stephen hawking, the big lips I got a lot as you say: you're not gonna balloon be accurate dyslexic for apples. Furthermore, that either as too high, and that puts the cripple and the best care to act as a hot air. Balloon is a basket that you write in its prick. It would have landed. There were some political support for criminal and birth. Good imprints is often low for the word, cripple onward
Are you? Are you haven't notes being passed here? There's something I said yes or no. Would you please stay out of it What did you check or what it is about? The? U n assembly I check now is not the? U n assembly. Now, oh I'd, so I passed I a teammate. I saw Biden speaking and I'm like. I don't care that he's speaking, I said to be on the lookout for Biden gaffes if you're into pizza, alright, really quickly. Let's just see what he's saying important in world history, but the eyes upon all of you all of us. As president, I have states islanders, and a duty. My country has duty to lead this critical moment to work countries in every region when you look at our own cause to join together with partners. Our common vision of the future of the world will look level say this. No one shares the progressive, left's vision of the world that we ve talked about this before you don't work, they're a couple times you I've looked back announced at eight, maybe maybe we're the bag.
And I'm in america, in the founding fathers- and I mean the red light blue stands for, but the for example, a purity blockers of sex changes for kids I've. Never bail outs for not only you in companies of course, like the the automatic, but also did everyone just decided to cough. There was the of pfizer madonna of forced explanation mandates of locking ourselves down of of troll of every single one of your private decisions of of silencing people for wrong. Think who shares that? But this is the first time were. Actually I don't really know of the vision that former vice president Biden, I don't have that something we want to export genuinely there used to be a point in time or even if you are not interventionist you is tat some semblance of the idea that america trying to at the very least bring maybe their brand of freedom, which was rejected by these countries, for example the middle eastern across across a lot of asia, but we're not even really trying to export freedom. Now,
our vision is hey, do what we do in and that's taking children away from parents and that's not having transparent, honest elections and that's having our government step on big tec to ensure that people, different points of view are no longer allowed there. I dont, really. Let me you can come it's the first time. I feel really conflicted that if I were in I want a country somewhere in eastern europe, and I saw what until at one point I would be that that We coming over that hill america you know what we're good stay back. I dont know that it's something that the rest of the world wants to be on board with anymore. and I know that is something I want to be on board with anymore. The country assets its founding? Yes, you, yes, but this guy, I don't want anything that is selling to be exported to other. I think the world will be worse place if his vision in the indian kemal kamala Harris in with warns vision and Hillary Clinton, vision, Gavin, nuisance, vision and correct, What movies vision again think of what they would do completely unfettered think of what the world would look like if gretchen Whittemore, if gavin newsome, we're in charge of the usa as a bad bad play
yeah, it's an incredibly fair point to make two. We want the country that we grew up with, not the country that we have right now run by these gets its the reverse Michael Obama, where you know he said. For the first time in my husband was elected, proud of my felt proud of my country for the first time, I will say this as an american I am not ashamed to be american, but I am ashamed of what we are exporting to the world. A part of me is embarrassed by it. For the first We can comment below or hit like if you're on youtube, I feel that I don't think that makes you any less of a patriot. I think it makes you patriot, this country, is supposed to actually be our. If these say anything else at the: u n stupid, but I well kennison point regular, a dallas church, sick of it when you think of
dallas, you probably have to show the found, but you probably think of you ve, never think of america. If something patriotism, maybe some cobbling hats, and by the way anyone was a couple hidden in texas down that it will answer your dick low as our budget with a globalized. It's really good. All of you is a fake new balances and a gala at an ever stats, and no it. Actually. This is a yellowstone, rounded, etc. Authentic. I dont, like those cowboys, you see my flirt allegiance, so Alice church now has been giving in an orthodox blessing to
drag queens in the pews. The ways in which the religious it'd be better off being religious wrong. The drag draglines up there, I think there were about forty of the zombies- were not a joke. The police they're hanging promise to know the hey hold on a second. How does that come up? How does it come off? As first look,
you, you could actually be a liberal and say hey, you know what I'm a peacekeeping which makes them you're nothing at this point, but you can say as they allow. You know a resume submerged, but how does that? is it relevant in any way to a position of leadership in the church. Nowhere else where, like hey, could you have mister morgan you're married? Could you come up in a tilt to tell a tale, of course, our congregation? What position you prefer, I wasn't reverse rivers, cowgirl corrects debts, and this is a blog about more here. Our prayer- this day our did give us today, daily fake carter, if you don't like that, I'm sorry, there's no relevancy, and this is the failure of the church. There need to be other churches called it's, not it couldn't be less relevant to the word
the lord aside from the whole abomination thing and then, by the way, is reiterating its and romans get scripture drag. We may not be daily right, their gender queer, some of them just like kids. There was a pride flag in the background, so let me just say this you're wrong on so many things, but you said radical inclusive and you know who was not radically inclusive Jesus, the way. The truth and the life is a very exclusive statement. It brings it down to one he is the uk. Be a church even had asked. The question I talked to our about this is like this, a christian, church or- and this is like one of those churches that says a church that doesn't really believe anything. No, no, it's actually christian church is doing this and if you're trying to do outreach to the gay community, understand that actually worked with some churches in dallas. Who did that back when I was doing ministry school to try to help out? reaching some guys that had come out of being homosexual and actually were now straight and married and had wife and kids and we're trying to outreach hope it will work. Fine. fine, but that's not what this is. This is we sang everything's, ok, doesn't matter!
god's word says it matters how you feel and being inclusive and tearing down systems of this and the religious right the hell. Are you talking about? It's not far infringe policy Did you say that godsends life is found here and it's not found here, you can't go, but gods wrong can also be found there, because love is not he's one. Those extremists who doesn't think that to drag queen should be at church up and for children by or cause cough has already jolly, and I gave a major league and get him elicit an extremist that that's a real church that research, I guess you could tell, because the reverend had a scarf of many colors. Yes, he did Joseph gets right, yeah the technical, written coach or desmond tutu, which is actually that just a strange it just a stage name. Does Four burlesque, he wears a scarf in the nipple tassels put a lot of work and I ll give him credit for the effort. That's evil,
all right. Where you are there plans in church. That's what she would hear you exactly. Yes, yes, hey mom, why they're a bunch of people who are wearing the colors that all animals show in nature to warn for fear, venom or danger? on their face bright, colors and large scary teeth about this is, is, is church operates? It's not that look. You want to dress up and go into a gave. Our nobody cares was church waiting. Talking about now on the street mackay bribery church church I want to wear a polo either by rested upon the guard did you go to all neighbouring you grab yourself, some catchy cargoes. If you have to go a little bit, let us now guys we're thinking about going down to some of these churches that are pushing agendas like this and actually ban some conversations. Let me know if you guys want us to go, and member when they used to say, was a conspiracy that there is a gauge and now they actually have an outline and algae betake, you plus, and they have it on the church agenda
literally in words that gender that was there until the praise and worship will pass the offering feel free to put on your fate cox, and then we will continue then we'll break for sunday school. Then let us know if you need the extra large plate to be passed around yeah, then they throw in condoms instead of money. Can you imagine Jesus or key through tables or tables at the temple because they were selling stuff? I know this was the surf. What do you? What do you think Jesus Christ would have done just to get rid of and by the way is given, doesn't apply a thing? What do you think Jesus Christ would have done if they didn't tell him hey you're selling some stuff for the temple, their selling, their wares basic? Yet drag queens teaching children. What? What? What is it I mean it's a man who dresses up like a woman and puts his sexual degeneracy on display for all to see, but now he also teaches Sunday school. So you should really hear his rendition of Jonah in the whale to show to it to show tune. awesome harassment
ideas which have been like. Have you heard of these cities saddam in Gomorrah exec, add had beef with telepathic turn them into salt from where you stand all right. Howard stern. You you guys are passing so many notes, it's as one now. This is five note yesterday, you I'll, let you know pet right and that we need another note. Now, para right now that we are left out of the note. I know it's just it's too many, not howard, stern, just noticing everything is hyper aware, because yesterday you were in a bad mood, you're I dunno. What can I was like a yo yo can average a guy. I dunno. I was in a bad mood. wang and others tire. Oh yeah, okay! Well, you know watchman people today, so we have the church. Now the church is catering to degenerate and now howard stern is Would you singling to the left
about yeah about sexual purity. Basically so yeah the guy who had strippers play the harmonica with their vagina. Oh the guy from the night, yeah well possible. So now he decided to give his take on representative Lauren Bogart's recent behavior at it, and look I'm not going to get into this with there's a boob grabbing whatever I just don't think people will forlorn in or they won't, but the second howard stern now, who is the definition of shock jack, has decided that he is morally superior to learn. Bobo tells you the strange state of our tent lauren bowl bird is a dispute to this country is not because of the very you are a hundred percent right, the politics of cheese any redress. If you saw the video she's in its redress she's with some dude, looks like she's. Obviously raping but also looks like she might be out now pain is the beetle jews. I've seen porn stars where more and this with is playing with it please during it.
There have been a singer and only wipe away the politics she's, fine, never so much ironing and germany here, because you know here, I can't believe you behave this way at beetle juice. How about the fact that you had a a retarded black men? get named beetle juice, compete in celebrity boxing and cause irreparable brain damage and later on you know he died. You took advantage of a special which, by the way I get it, it was funny at that point. He was a willing participant. You guys used to prank call him. He used to torture a guy named beetle juice, and this is where it just just for contact you don't stop again, I dont look if you're. If you were a consistent virtue, singling pearl clutch where everything was offensive. Ok he'd, like tipper gore, find at least scan your consistently on fun. for how its turn now he's gone after people who are on vaccinated he's gone after Joe rogan now he's going I represent a lord. I can't believe this behaviour is reprehensible.
I don't remember, and if you have children they shouldn't be watching, keep in mind. This is how howard stern became famous go ahead. Let's the floods going here at. What are you doing here? You know more about was about a new war, its turn them into a holding version of conformity. It's more. He keegan more good. Okay, that's good day to fly sure go. I am so going to win this. I really want. I mean you got a perfect body, can u k c. I thank you, We now look. This is how the guy, because it's fine, he's a shocker. That's the thing for just be consistent about it and measures.
the comedians and the entertainer now gone. I can't believe. I can't believe that someone copped a feel in a dark theater. You can say it's different because I'm an entertainer and this person has a representative- that's a valid, but that's not what you just he just said. I just can't believe. I can't believe that behavior. Of course you can. Because you ve done forward brightly brightly, lit up rather dubious everybody to see ny. Look don't understand the clothing thing. I can't believe she was wearing a boob dress and like she, she had. A dress on strippers were more now you haven't got a single set of forever has worn more than that. What they're doing you know the stripping the thing that you just name them after, of course, they were closed during the day you moron she's got, but she was in a theater at night, Lorenzo bernini to make better decisions? I'm going to say that are confusing lorn bob and learn about it. Sorry, tomorrow is a sheet. She touched the winner. She didn't know about a car window. We ve got. No one will have to do that, make better decisions, but look if somebody's got.
night vision, zooming and on her with a security camera, fine, there's gonna be sometimes where these things happen. I'm not saying it's. Ok, but certainly howard stern, can't stand to go up. Can't believe that happen right. He turned into a pussy. He has huge pussy dale huge pussy yeah, we yeah it's remarkable yeah and I'm not by the way I used to like some of the stuff, the funny bits, the strippers playing the hormone are strippers like you know, where you're putting into their nether regions, as that was just hacks for some funny people on the show he did some funny bits. The problem is with these people making their bones and then pulling the ladder up behind him. You see with Amy shimmer, you see, with these other comedians out there, who decide that you know what I'm not going to say those those things anymore. It lisa lamp analogous another. When I wanna be the queen of me now we want to be an up algae bt. Q plus can guess why there are still other people out there who share the sense of humour of half of the country and the people who made you famous. That's the issue is:
is the now now that you're in a multi well, not multimillion dollar. I think his house is twenty something million dollars his estate, this guy. himself down during covert into his house. He was too five from his own family member. She would quarantine himself. This is a man who lives in fear that this will happen. We have absolutely no moral compass, whatever you have no no filter through which you you view the world oh go. I am playing at playing putt putt into a strippers into a strippers button. Oh wait! A second people getting a little hands in a dark theater like every teenager. By the way they do that they make out in the theater for granted. I'm not saying that this is what you want with your representatives, but, like I've said here, that's why we have muggle unless you're a murderer, rapist or pickpocket. I don't really care. If you do your job. Well, I'm going to judge people by their father their yes by their actions, but I'm not going to judge them by an out of on tax misty, no one's life can stand up to that scrutiny have to look at the body of work for crying out loud. neutral on, learn, learn Barbara, I'm just not going to take part in, and so
I think that makes it make better decision, I don't know what did you do? It got to go out and will change and howard stern cyanogen James? Is he he's in trouble? He won't get any viewers, the guy he's trying to come on, get these jen exercise and and he's doing what what do they say, they're not doing right, he doesn't exist as the agenda he's falling agenda is following his grip, the putt putt in the butt but yeah Is it that is his idea or something like an earthly better name pipeline play assert. Certainly let me never gonna wanna do not bring enables drag queen from us from here from the church. They could not get me a driver I don't know. What is the only change look, you are, I'm not a mind reader, we do have them. I actually have a mind reader. I we're pretty tight with the the Men and Charles savior secondary characters or child labour. The big fan, but he's explicit busy guys exe,
his job, you have. Actually we have managed to hire a trial basis is still kinetic brother, that's it to his brother Chet. exactly? facing a problem the drivers, pc one up there, work on ios the but which it buddy so by the way to live from monday to friday. Ten, a m eastern and don't laugh at him.
but look at it, but it was all. I know it is going to jerk you so fucking use gas as isn't howard, stern. Listen up well, do what is it Are you trying to mind? No, I'm just going through the the the the different ways in which we can already get in trouble for today show a lot going to the hot air balloon thing. No, no that doesn't but, but it probably didn't help as a leading to chet, Xavier, because they're going to say it's a theme, and you know what I own: it hey I want to turn you can be have said if you want and we're going to have one try around a little bit later on. If he still wants to so yeah, he ditches us. You know it's like. Oh crap, we talked about this yesterday, but now there has been a development Russell brand serbian women have come forward with us allegations of sexual assault. And again, maybe there's truth. There's someone
Maybe there isn't we don't know, but we're supposed to live in it. Society were innocent until proven guilty, and these are also decades old. Allegations has not been convicted of crimes, it hasn't been sentenced, and he had his tour. Unfortunately cancel and now you tube has decided to. e monetize Russell. and this is why I say that appeasing crocodiles is futile. David You monetize Russell brand, something that has nothing to do with his youtube, Joe. youtube say they have suspended the monetary situation over us, oh bronze, online channel It comes. As the may say they received a report of an alleged sexual assault in london in two thousand and three show
it was very hard to understand her, but here's a yeah basically he's on trial, but he's not on trial, at least in serious rapids. We can't have youtube channels going on or even people the money. Next thing you know repeat on twitter, I'm sorry acts yeah talk, it'll just be a cavalcade of rape is all over your convenient lie about rape and who the thief doesn't affect me at all. You know I don't have a dog in this fight. Me, I did other news back on a stone is priceless
no one thinks about scotland until they see these video taste all that cabbage? Oh god, ugh we were just in scotland's national instrument has been rated worst of all time. No, no worse, ugly, it's just noise. You can't even hit a note which, by the way, ironically, it doesn't set the mood which protects you from rape. Don't worry! I have lived here all your article know that for every problem you start peak you play enough. Barry wait someone's getting raped, not all I'm saying
mind. You ever get married with abide pipe about fifty shades of shit music. I don't know- and I beg piped once we got bagpiper what that was. I was hit with a bagpipe. I don't know what happened, those we got amnesia. They see As we know, anyone youtube spokesperson who speaks english properly debated it for creators off at form. Behaviour harms our users. Employees are ecosystem. We take action so used the thing. How does this? How do allegations against Russell brand from decades ago that have yet to be proven? Some people might try and rewind this. Let's say, let's say in some universe where Russell brand is actually guilty and there's actually hard evidence that could very well still be a possibility. It doesn't change. that right now at this moment in time that in forty one central on what's the date september, timber nineteenth on september, nineteen, twenty twenty three,
there have been no criminal convictions. Sentencing netteke. No evidence has actually been presented as far as we know at this moment in time, and that merely an I got a smear campaign, is reason enough to a monetize, Russell brand, on youtube and by the way Imagine if you just signed a contract with one of the big conservative networks would punish and twenty five percent. This is prompting. When consumers appease these people, it doesn't matter you do no one can tell em out, make an accusation and you will be banned or removed or demonetized from youtube anyway. That's why? My club is a thing I know. Look, I'm just let you know that's why nick deposit, there's, no way that I was ever going to be allowed to be monetizing. You took the right now in hot twins, Alex Jones, of course, he's ban from you to be, can sign up later. It's gotta come or doubt, but we have to create this because we knew that this was happening in too many conservatives have played by. Let me we're going to stand in the pocket for russia not many. This was what through
days. So I guess Russell released his video on friday, so he basically led the story right so friday. To yesterday, really you. we've had enough time to do your due diligence on that. Even if you were saying that you looked into these matters and thought it was severe enough which is complete crap anyway, no convictions is maybe innocent. It is one hundred percent absolutely innocent until proven guilty. One hundred percent uk start turning somebody as guilty the minute and action. They not only that, but the problem is now youtube is this: is the quarter look opinion of the court of public opinion where people are are just raking the cold running your name through the mud. You now act, They have financial repercussions with no proof whatsoever right there, the people who make a living on youtube. Thank god. We don't refill it as yours like you by the way. What was that a lot of felons convicted felons do a lot of convicted felons do as well would assign yeah someone who's, not convicted all russell There are consequences that have nothing to do with actual youtube item. We we weren't allowed to be on youtube They seem a shakedown that this is a shakedown. We,
were banned from youtube, the vocs apocalypse for those of you who are new. Sorry, they create the borderline content role because of yours. Truly, I didn't mean for that to happen with the girl, but then we had these socialism is for figs. Shirt will you do lead, which we love we sell it alive, shows only because youtube said. If you have that in emerge shop online, will not be allowed on you too. You will not be alone they have a shirt that is basically upon because we have deemed it to offend him, even though it is not you it. What is it like? A big vague. It's it's jacob area like this since a fit ireland, I've said there's like what's the big problem with socialism is for figs is the dean of socialism is for figs? Then the big big market either not really doing. There must be date. People. make any sense at all, though right, so it's not just youtube doing. This, I think, is somebody somebody had mentioned and we can confirm this. Like stuff had been pulled off of netflix. He had cancelled a lot of his shows. I think his manager may have even dropped him at this point like everybody russia's for the exit, because nobody has the balls to sit there and say: I'm sorry he's recent right now? I'm sorry,
This guy is life, doesn't stop because somebody makes a claim like we can't live in a week would like that it does not it equal and people on the left, zero, canso culture, people to search. You know what they just want to be able to say whatever that, if not cancel culture, its accountability, culture, ok, where's, the an ability for people making accusations and destroying what where's, the accountability for those people, where's the accountability and christian basi fort. Let's be honest about it, we want to kind of. Only culture needs to go both ways. Oh, that's right. We're told me to or even just sexual harassment in the workplace. It. It goes one way what what about goes one way and there's never accountability for women who make false accusations- and in this case you have Russell brand. Thank god he's on rumble. You can go over there watch him support him right. We're here on rumble, of course, it's a partnership. We couldn't be happier with with mug club, but what, if he wasn't boom living, just just enough wars were fought over less wars were fought over resources. Wars were but over the ability to feed your family. It's really, if you think anything orgies to be for land or then at one point, where's we're over oil. Why think it was significant. It alive
Oh you to make a living and did your family, and now you lose all of your outlets for something. that may have zero credibility whatsoever that would provide for your family, you to revenue, gaunt lifespan got take about We're fought for less when people did so you're, not issue. What is it not willing to fight to feed your family, then what is worth it? That's! What wars were fought over and we've just glossed over it because we think it is a day. Those base now. Well, you know you're not entitled to work on a second. If this is The only place that people can make a living through this method as well, I live performances and all of that gets taken away. Yeah yeah just go and create your own. You and go and create your own. How many there's thirty theaters for a tour know you get shut out and that's what we have been building this infrastructure for a long gay, william. His relationships with all of the theaters were doesn't matter what you did.
Hey Russell! If you look in which animals are gay, william he's a cuban by the way just be on guard, he hates porter weakens he's a little. The homophobic and super gay just see nobody. I think I can say at the same time strange you know anything, the term that he needs at this point in time. You know we can provide everybody. And something else too. This is something else a lot people dont know now that we have be able to drop this year, but we able to verify it through. What's happened here at montclair behind the scenes, so one woman says that she was contacted specifically. the discharge on brand, but that her story was not used, I was contacted in june by a journalist regarding a video I made about a certain and a weekend that we shared together the videos, the virus, is my pay somewhere. If you wanted to see it that certain somebody was as most of you will be aware, MR brand, they going to use my story because eight didn't fit the narrative for their documentary.
because he wasn't an asshole to me now, just to be clear, I don't I don't know while this is true- and I know that this claim is being made- I have about as much proof of that as they do of the allegations of rape, but I can tell you beyond any Don't do this job that well here. Employees have been offered money from these gossip rags to try and dish dirt on this company absolutely and they don't care. If it's true, they don't care for dinner care if there's any kind of don't care but don't care. If it's true, if it's a lie, I just need you to say something that I can use out of context against these guys, meaning to some of them the same publications as Russell brand people directly either, This officer my circle of friends. They have had some one step forward and say now. Here is a check can you. Can you give us anything personal that has negative on stephen crowded, gerald theft his help, and I can tell you that happens all the time. It's a shakedown and there are people. but you hire to do this it can down there yeah they're, going after trumpeted sure look by the way when you do Let me be down from has done some dick is things there still is.
Shut down for things that he didn't do right, Russell brand, absolutely permit was he was addicted to open. We know all of that. That can be true and it could be he being shaken. Doubtfully that he didn't do anything. To blur those lines so that they can specifically proactively remove, ones ability to make a living. It is a war. Make no mistake about that. You're already at war? You may just not know it yet. Russell brand is at war for its reputation for his name and provide for his family. I hope that a fully understands that we and throw it, I'm telling you that what these people do it's a dongle people too about the swamp? I think that the media, the me yes swamp. The media, entertainment industry swamp, is far worse and you had a rude awakening to forget my litmus test gerald. You know why is that is the biggest boy scout I've ever known in my life and they just made steelers made shit up. You have, no, you don't have skeletons in your closet. Don't even have a closet, I know I'm not perfect at all, but that'd be a that'd, be some of the stuff that does come out on people you're just like. I have
fresh set of eyes for this stuff. Now my animals most of that yeah, I dont believe because the media like thing about this three newspapers, get together and decide that they're going to come out at once and not get the one thing that they always want, which is exclusive information so that people buy their paper. Their publications subscribe to their online, whatever it may be, we're they're, not gonna. Do that are actually gonna collude together to put out a story but into being had peace on this guy and then these companies minutes. It's Alex Jones to point out for different reasons: riah these. company start dropping him down. Ok, well, he's a comedian he torres, he does. Get rid of the shows to get rid of his agent. Let's get rid of netflix. I think you actually had some overlays on some of those things like some of the things that are being taken away from Russell brand right now right. So I don't know, he's been taken: take enough of a bbc online like the arab, its It's just that I'm all acting together, exact wells and go back to the bbc that that one we're. So it now before that one. But or says Russell ran content removed from BBC, because it now falls public expectation. Take remember, remember when the light,
used to say or at every time the right would get upset, legalization pen would say something retarded, and would say all right, I'm not going to support his films anymore. They would say you need to separate the art from the artist by the way. I think that sometimes that is true, but they didn't say, but the BBC remove this content because he they said because now the content- and this is a worrying slip- is below their expectations, so and thing will happen by the way if you're a comedian. This is what happens, what happens all of a sudden you're, not funny anymore? They read a hit stay chapelle when he started making jokes about the the tea driving the elderly that that was hilarious. They offer that jokes that he was making and people like our day. Chapels, not funny, always what how is the content changed that was on BBC? It's not true. at all, but now it falls below expectations because of allegations that seem too I have no credibility at this point in time. That's what it is. They will look you'd for example, a comedy. You don't think it's funny have to admit there was a joke, the like Russell brand, but you have to admit that the content did meet your expectations because he talented at what he did. Instead boy talk about talk about a racing history talk about gas, letting them
onto a race. This man, from the existence of media of the entertainment industry, races, influence for they. What exactly they wanna may raise. Renee has no voice to defend himself. Thank god for places like rumble crumble. Thank god without rebel and mug club and hit like if you want that socialism is for figs shirt to make a comeback. Now I know you really do I saw another note passing that is. It is evidently when it is already apparent that focusing on my now, I just know that there are so many notes. I think it's like you know sometimes sometimes I do not think that were there not that much, I wonder, can you sue in in in great britain? Can you sue the media outlets for a slander or the typical bar to clear cars? Keep in mind, keep in mind. Johnny depp lost his suit in the uk. I believe it was the sun he did and then he won in a court of law in the united states, so I dont know how stricter how loose there isn't enough. How didn't illegals yeah exactly it's the only place he should he should be able to. But you know what happens is if you do that.
You have lawyers that you give it happens. Like commitments have been worse it you didn't, go ok, but you know a few for defamation right if issue for libel, even though this Rape is complete if your lawyers, now, unless it you even trip, is completely false. It's going to happen is we're. Gonna go through have only ever dated when it go through your your, your all of your devices are going to go through all your personal history and find people in college, and just so you know they're going to find things to damage you. Were so, do you want to do this or try and make it go away quietly and that's one. That you see donald trump. President frumpy does not go quietly and that not only makes it all happen out in the open and guess what that's what you have to do. Remember Brian Cowen, when he was falsely, accused and are going to come on the show tomorrow, you're going to do it, do Listen to the lloyd there's, some great lawyers out there have regional origin one of them right here. Some great lords have worked, but there are a lot of lawyers who simply want to high profile client, and then they want to minimize the risk, their losses and, when a pad their record with a win, but they want to do it through easy, This is true, lapsed, resettling so that technically that never lost and that that,
not necessarily congruent with preserving reputation in your name and anyone she goes through this having been through. Having had a lot of friends go through be very, very aware of that, be very mindful of who you have in your ear, your circle of info. is incredibly important and I do hope that Russell Brenda comes through this stronger, better anyhow Stop it and hope it didn't rape, I do. I obviously help everyone doesn't rabies. Exec, that's a good general rule, his kind of yes gonna, one wife, core values, but seldom rape. Let's call you a w and american car manufacturers so they're there's still striking right, the? U a w for those of you who don't know it's. The autoworkers union now want to be clear. that's what's framed this when their striking there striking against their employers, but this isn't just a private employers employee tussle their striking against you you're the reason that
Dm that, for that, I guess it, sir, is it still, and this is what it's called the lancer chrysler kind of merch you're, the reason that the bigs ray, I'm going to use that term, because that's how you know that you're the reason that there still in business you always american airlines delta is still in business, so, I can rape you when they charge you for your bags for your carry ons right. They increase the costs for every service that used to be standard. Have you funded their business? You bailed them out. Did you get any profits? for the pfizer the return of. Actually, I don't care if you business are small business, just to be clear, just be good business and the best says that people hate the industry's people hate the most. That's got. Ok, seems like an auto manufacturers, are one of them fairly, get a good I can car these days, banks, airlines, health. turns companies, the energy sector, Nay me any industries that are more regulated or receive more bailouts enough, gonna blow mammy one. maybe maybe medical research will follow underhand healthcare.
Before we get into this right. Marley was dead to begin with the big three they receive, and eighty billion dollar taxpayer fronted bailout less than fifteen. Years ago right, those two thousand eight there was just gm chrysler, frightened champion, The angel came in later. Just gm and chrysler now keep in mind because the union's will say well this important important necessary to help the workers. What the sea I was by the way. Forty yogurt seventeen point: nine million the gm see yogurt fourteen point, namely here's my rule. By the way I see it, not the same as an owner of a company. Here again, Five manage are sometimes not everyone, obviously your little but different, but some of these companies writer interchangeable they come in and they ok If you receive eighty billion dollars and taxpayers, but guess what you get no bonus, you get none whatsoever, that's the role. It should be contingent upon that you don't get a bail out and then you from the taxpayers and then you to pay yourselves more crazy, we just paid you ten million dollar right yeah, and I
pay whatever it is, worker and then arise where of course was bailed out in the seventies and well. This has been an ongoing bay this again there are all kinds of government subsidies, billions of dollars. For example, there have only been two major bail outs, but what happens? Is that government either subsidizes or provide a tax break when they try manipulate winners and losers in the auto sector? I think, oh, if you have x amount of cars, each car that achieves thirty miles miles an hour whatever the arbitrary epa standard is right, we'll give you exe we're of dollars in a tax, credit or subsidy, so this stuff happened that this this stuff happens all the time to be clear when they are protesting, they are are shaking you down there shaking the taxpayer down when eleven it up and walls street. For that there shouldn't be right down. I dont dont identity politics us on the right, oh boy, I'm country shut it all down nobel out how about that? Not for anybody to her to the? U a w day labour unions, car companies, they failed to reach in I wonder how that ends journey. Now
Do the auto workers strike and its huge potential impact on america's economy? The unions as the walk out could expand this week, as negotiations continue today with the country's three biggest automaker Then it's a regular and three like three really big factor: the guest gm. Their pick ups are in Missouri. Forty of suvs in michigan. Atlantis has deepened ohio. What can basically there's their striking at those three plants strategically in their negotiating with all three in striking against all three at one time? This is a little bit unique. This doesn't happen this way, typically right. So this is a different strategy, they've employed in the past. So that's why it's such a big deal because it trickled down from there so that you Vw has her hand in all of the autumn. They do but they're striking against all three. Typically, they pick a fight with one right now, they're going and trying to negotiate with all three at one time and striking against all three at specific plants, but maybe it'll, what's that one good gm car is there one I mean how
like the entire. When I got it, I got it. No, no! No! That's not it! That's that should we vote. No, you see that they get married. So here's what the workers are demanding from you, for it and the reason I say this because these these companies write what they're demanding this is going to put the companies in the red and then you will bail them out just because again they want to forty percent pay increased wow, I they want to do our work week, but to be paid for forty. They want return to the previous pension structure back when people work fifty hours a week and usually lost the skin and their top knuckles. They want that pension structure and they want to give it to all workers. They want health care for retirees even there that's our strike! That's what's happening here with gm and yeah admin
nah jeez, johnny, five or better. So here's the thing: let's go through some fast facts here, and you need to understand that this is where this ends up. If they get these things, of course, you will be bailing them out: hey anyone, if your cheque from pfizer Madonna known yet not even genuine about a bill. You receive if you receive your cheque from the two thousand eight otto bella I think we're in the red, and I want a k just an hour. I understand it. Ok, here's a key fact number one. Ok, so the demands, if they're making of course, are going to be catastrophic for the consumer just to be when I get it. You're saying K, factory working classes- and this is the problem with some of the populism out there The union's are very different. The unions in the midwest are basically glorified. Mobsters right now think about Two people say all the american dream is dead. My parents here My second appears didn't work other didn't come back from world war, two and worker thirty to our work. We hello Be unionized and play cards because they couldn't do anything, I'm not kidding when my buddies
as was union worker out, afford plants in ohio right and said I m going to show played to work a guy. Aren't they going to fire you numb union. They can't do anything, I'm just going to go to the break room and play cards all day anyway. Right now, getting now playing one percent. Working class hero crap because then they train you couldn't last a day in my union, but I could do a few years. It's a feisty game a good deal of here, but you can nap through a few exactly years, so the strike itself, will immediately lead the price increases accord. Just one new jersey for dealership strike is a striking and used for just two weeks president gonna be hacked up twenty percent. Now this happened. Of course through it, you'll have some panic. Buying you'll have, of course, supply issues. The average monthly car payment by the way is already seven hundred and thirty three dollars. That's an eight percent since just last year. That's insane! in seven hundred thirty, while so again, if you want you, can have, is supporting this working class hero at the cost of people who can't or who'd who aren't afforded the luxury of working thirty two hour work weeks in a union.
and never ending taxpayer bail outs now compare them by the way to other workers in factories. Yearning let it is. Is it make this quick point rights of its targeted these plants, because eventually, the other plants and up working or not having enough parts or they have too many parts to settle these plans for finishing anyway, it starts going the entire works right so now, they're going to raise prices now, there's not gonna, be enough. New cars do not it's gonna due to the use car market, so you are dead. You is basically striking. New cars will dry up. The prices will skyrocket, which means the prices of used cars. The oligarchs they're gonna, be available by that point, are going to sky Iraq as well. We just went through this, and this means that the average everyday working single parent somebody struggling to get by whose car breaks down they need a car to get to work, can't because of your strike. for thirty. Two, our work leads with forty hour pay and body Three forty six percent pay increase not of another industry, education
There you go. You know, nary a pale grants to be found, and now, of course you talk about the the skyrocketing costs. The american dream is going to say man. I can't afford a house. That's been bailed out of course, of course, the housing market, big banks, I can't afford a car, but what happens when there's a never ending supply of taxpayer balanced? Do you think that for gene you think they're restructure and its own, We have to find a way to trim costs and make it more affordable and absolutely not. Nobody. I think happened unions again that what you think happens with schools when they just say what we're just going to charge of. Why can't afford that? Don't worry, the government will make it up. Now you have that for inflation out remember by the way adding to the cost of these cars. The big three's, for example, is these unbelievable healthcare plans for cadillac health care plans. If I may, by the way, isn't it funny that the cadillac gage instead of the cat, that's the cadillac of the cadillac,
isn't even the cadillac of cars yeah want your colleagues noted of anything. I don't think this is the cadillac of mugs. I'd, like you saying it's mediocre and unreliable breaks. Did I would military, grating military greatly mills and act as an example the bare minimum, so caused by the way for the healthcare. These workers is a hundred and fifty sent more than the average. Across the united states and comment below of your car. Payment is, is crushing your monthly budget and by the way, for the first time it is happening if you have a used car, your monthly payment. Now, here's a key that you also need to know fact number two here we can investing. If the union gets its way right, the big three they will lose. it will lose competitively to foreign rivals and they did of two anyway- and this comparison is more important because you might be saying you have all done worker is getting strewed well known, I it's just gm ford, you have finished and how much money is being pocketed by the union's didn't represent their workers. They
their hand in hand with the seals. So we add up the costs, and I did this back and I believe two thousand It was a phone call, the train ruins where I went down to the actual old packard plant in detroit german, for the total labour costs per hour will go up to her fifty dollars per hour from sixty four dollars an hour over devil is much more than tat with all of this stuff that their including overdose from sixty forty one, fifty nine compared to these other guys right. This is a stark compares now. Nowhere else. Nowhere else in any business again to summon go there boss and say so. Look I know doing a bad job, but I know that what we are doing here is I'm not even in the realm of being competitive, that's not lost on me, but if I may just floating idea triple Why don't you ask sooner than that? way they gonna hold always was overthrown. asking you none of the day
three hundred million people behind you, the taxpayer, to share to take their money. How do you say that show bold and asking for this because it is not. subject to market forces sixty four dollars. two hundred fifty dollars now as compared to by the way toyota. American workers, nonunion, but they're so if cars are more american than american cars, I think the most american cars probably a tesla. I think they did the math or something like that to someone can fact check me but at the coma or something like that was the most american car. As far as not only assembly but the parties so turtle sunday, the total labour cost brower. Fifty five dollars an hour I'll fifty five thousand and by the way those people make very good living they're just far more efficient. They don't get the same bail out at the big three tests lover. labour costs for about forty five dollars want to happen here by the way this gonna help give chinese electric vehicles are the ability breaking the united states market, if you're, if you're paying attention which brings us to the facts, for three? If anyone is to blame here, but first up, ok
w yes and the ottoman factors and are stupid, govern it. Just keeps bailing out felt business but we're ok, we get all that, but certainly the man who has been suckling at the government, teat probably that seventy two years its chief you have, former vice president Biden here he is someone who's never earned in the private sector in his life, saying that the people at the big three that they they need to pay more. Why? Because nothingness, Otto companies ever see record profits, those problems have not been shared fairly, in my view, with those workers. But we also have sharing it with the people who bear them out. How do you go from hey we're bankrupt eighty billion dollar bail out enough before I for inflation, about you that Five trillion dollars today, even we're just going back to two thousand and eight a billion dollar bill than record profits, and none of us see a dime. Oh, it's only about
But why is it about the unions, because ninety seven percent of the funding goes to Democrats right they to Democrats also, this allows buying a little bit more control. I hate to say, follow the money, but he's a man. by twenty thirty, sixty percent of all cars on the road or electric thee never mind the fact that we now have the infrastructure in a lot of our electricity doesn't come from. Poland quote renewables, it's just some, and that he needs to do because he needs to grease some palms before the next election and, according to a statement from Solana, that's again chrysler dodge cheap. That's it that's the new parent company. The company needs to come workers, pensions and health care costs to meet federal government's requirements that sick. Percent of all new passenger vehicles be sold. That b that are sold that be sold that the chrysler two hundred to three hundred really andrea. That reminds me that's all, doktor, gb eve, eve ideas, but they do yeah. We have to cut pensions because sixty percent of all new passenger vehicles sold in the country have to be electric by twenty. Three they've said that, so what do you have? You have a government that says hey. You have to do this,
Why? Because John Kerry, Al Gore global warming, you have to display twenty thirty. The company says why can't afford that they say. Well, don't worry, we'll force the tax the bell you out and then you'll be do what we want, even though most I can consumers don't want those vehicles, that's where we're Providing of course voted for the two thousand eight bailout? He brag about its being part of that was so part of that was bailing out the automobile industry. Talking about, I believe, tarp and the overall bailout packages saving face kinds of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, overtime. I've never understood this. Why is it virtuous to save a job here by roy, having someone else, especially when that job is to three times the hourly labour costs of the poorest. Whose bailing out consigned explain it to me
it's why, for some reason that scene as generous and not thievery, I don't know, but I I really hope so. President donald trump has a really good opportunity to go up and actually speak some truth to the. U a w he's doing a prime time address. I believe to the: u a w on next wednesday when we're doing the livestream for debate debate, so he has an opportunity to go up there and not pander. He did a great job representing the values of those guys. Last time around well in two thousand and sixteen he did a great job. He did a great job in twenty. Twenty also get some of those votes if they weren't stolen that's on youtube so deprived. Now I can say that we can challenge that. No, that's! Ok! It's now get you to dump on. He has an opportunity to go up and do that, but I dont know I dont know what to expect yet, Maybe the guy, though, he's the guy you want talking to these people. How many salaries is this guy negotiated? How many deals is this good night? That is true, but I hope it goes up and does that it kind of feels like that's that, like, like you, said violence ever been in the private sector, never to go created a deal like that. I mean with ukraine, but he's
This is more of a getaway yeah yeah. He gives them he's being in that glass. He might pander a little too. With the money fan he might handle a little bit pandering. He does this in an effort to make a good deal. I hope his mind. I hope that that is the case. We'll see, yeah well because I was like look, you want one hundred and fifty dollars an hour. That's not going to happen! One time I Oprah then a chevy vote was it was seized. Me was difficult while I was like being raped, it was like being raped and achieve evolved. a seat where you and you have evolved by the way you're something as well? Are you put a moratorium and by the way I say too much to typically the strike is not about it is about your bail out fund, but the union leadership. We talk about the the the the equity and diversity right scores. We talk about all of these, the e s geez. All of these things right, we have to look over there,
It happens right here in the united states, with these long standing union. So let me read you from the: u: a w constitution, the? U a w constitution and shrines our union's longstanding values in a great vision of a society that embraces and implements economic, and social justice for all people who are. Second, you make cars but I have to teach, and yet they have amendments the eyes by Mackenzie. There are the bill of rights within a bill of sale. The their amendments are just recall us. We have an insurrection, yes, let's storm detroit and what their vision of society. What are you a w pack by the way, huge that you want to look at big money in politics? Look at union scare, you w they're back over ninety seven percent to them, ninety seven percent greatest a million dollars with a lot. So by the way, if you're in the union, you have to be in the union.
I have no say in the matter, and they take your money and they give it to. You think that ninety seven percent of people in michigan or ohio at these plants, you think ninety seven percent of them voted for Joe Biden of course now. So that's basically coercion and the point that we're making here is when you look at this just remember where this goes its it's the same thing as the vaccines friday morning, injection think of Not all the industries that you despise, the most airlines banks, health care, are really just consider any industry, any sector of the economy that experienced hyperinflation, air travel banks, healthcare, health insurance and of limiting let lending yet and of course well founded banks, but of course, also education right. That is, those costs of skyrocketed. Do you see a consistent through linear all of them? All of them are beholden to the government and the thing is That only exists because they rob you and so this is where we need to make sure we dont identity politics on the right like they do on the left with just do they do it by orientation, gender, so, the transit. Well, look working out their working class
if you wanna business, you're, also working class. If, if, if you went to school, Would you mind, are you also not working class? Is this? the only group of people, the classifies is working class. The people on the fact the lines of american auto manufacturers. Who want a hundred and fifty plus dollars an hour and total cost for thirty two hours a week but paid like they work. Forty It's your definition of american working class in the american dream. No, this is about buying votes, you don't you yet the sorrows and Epstein island under those things are true paper. Talking about Russell brand and has potential sexual mysteries and if you know this, but There are very small island really in the west indies is not but sounds good. It's called six island, some refer to what is pedophile island, perhaps look over there for the sexual indiscretions movement Are you still another client list? No, no than so now the vaccine as well. Eighteen,
billion dollars right with works, be taxpayer funding, record profits now where's your check we should check from gm was SAM ford. This is where I want to see the uprising. This is where I want to see people pissed off when people talk about rich men, north of risk- that's great, but hey, let's be clear about this: all of the people are screwing you just because someone portrait brands in a factory line if there, if they her job only exists because of your. Never ending tax payer dollars, guess what they should be out of a job, and I don't care what that means. Nothing! I can pay a little more in taxes know what's the number fifty percent during California fifty percent. You shouldn't have to pay any more in taxes to support a job that doesn't exist. That is not the purpose of the government and certainly not for buying who doesn't no jack shit about that's ever taken place in the private sector too. These businesses. You know what I think you should pay more. Where are you that, from what your frame of rough
you're only frame of reference is voting yes on taking everyone's money here, to give it to those hacks and it's a shakedown. It's a shakedown Russell brand that's a shakedown of the american taxpayer. It's a shame. None of you, the american worker, who deserves to save scrape, earn, haven't up turning to pursue the american dream, but now we have decided that we are going to do away with equal opera. Thirty two ensure equity and the people, ensuring equity we'll get fifty. dollars you a w social to those of the people and in africa, data by people end up. That's the swamp. To be clear. people often say swamp, but they dont define it short power. Shirts on elected officials like value, so also the media, also the indeterminate and its also unions, who decide to read, if you have your pocket pocket book in order to support losers, That doesn't mean everyone working on the factory line, but the euro, w serves to protect losers, justly the teachers unions serve to protect bad teachers
get potent rubber rooms if their shitty at their job, how about unemployment? I rode on oh by Canada, what their thinking, but I don't exactly know what the american autoworkers arthur psychic but together, the psychic any office, the the the The the. We're, not a union shop, the best we can do our rights.
Come here. Do we have them here on the line? Can you pop in there? So we set them so last week this a journalist, I don't even know I guess what I want to say that the word, but did not trouble. Do most this interview on my club, but their own schreyer madman world, that tv one can say that sentences sixty days in jail fertile as role in january. Sixth, by the way hit the like button right now, if you're on youtube, if you just, if you understand it's a political witch hunt now I just want clear by the way they ve been put damn clear: the judge said I dont think you were trying to distract the crowd or move the crowd away from the capital. That's crime was he wasn't stopping like I don't think you do anything, but you Only weren't stopping all The people there are also other shoving. Anyone off a balcony in a charge, the capitol police's they're going to charge at least not dunno, remember they are the law, and so I think we have them now on the line. Let's welcome our guest one troy
it's just royer are you there? Can you see me hear me, sir break barriers. In Oklahoma, you can adjust your vine a little bit it's coming in a little hot, but I'm glad to have you in but hey not to blow smoke up your ass, but I said this to obviously your colleague there, an alex when Alex jones shop was going on. You took the stand, I thought you did about it: good have a job as I've ever seen, some one in that kind of a position you did not allow them to corner you, and I tell you I was out at all. entertaining, but I very much appreciated you swing in the battle in doing it like you, did. Well thanks. I know that tat for a man and Alex's position, it takes a lot to trust the people around him and I believe I've earned. That trust stand. I think for him to become. but with me in that hot seat at that time was a part of that trust, and so I am glad that
let's just say they they couldn't corner me. They couldn't beat me down and they couldn't use me against Alex like they intend to do right on that's what we're talking here with Russell brand today like this is what they try and do they try and divide. You in your own, amongst your own ranks, and let's go here to kind of they're trying to do this with january six right, they're, hoping that enough people out there say: oh, no, no, no, I'm not one of those people when there are hundreds of thousands of people their january six who didn't didn't so as as litter. So let me just brief people here who want to see- and you can correct me if I have any this wrong this by those sixty days jail for your ledge role january it. What does it meaning you were there? The? U s district judge, I guess it's judge kelly says that you helped quoting quote amp up the crowd and you did please guilty to just breaching restricted capital grounds dwayne. But about right is that where we are now. Yeah. Obviously there are a lot more complex details than that, but those are both accurate facts. So what can I ask you this?
what are they saying you did wrong you know, stephen, it's it's a very unique case. In fact, there might not be any other case like it, because when we A transcription fully released and published in when people read the sentencing memo which is public right now and at a whole, our long pressing numbers on it. With my lawyer. The government is trying to have their cake and eat it too, and I think it's worth it before even go into what they are saying. I did there's a lot of political pressure in d c, and I think when you're dealing with, u s attorneys and the federal government, whether it's this Is there any case they always a one hundred percent conviction rate and they always get it right. This is part of the corrupt. Please deal process which we get into my case with that in a second but here's virtually what the government argued. is that I didn't have to go into the building. I didn't have to
any violent crimes. I didn't have to talk to a police officer or touch a police officer, but because What I said before and after january. Sixth, those are what they argued in front of. The judge is proof, by crime and my intent from that day. now: here's why'd you need for multiple reason: Stephen a since when does the gun criminalize speech because That is exactly what they ve done here in the sentencing memo, there are four subsections, each Objection deals exactly with what I said now what I did they make that mary We are, I didn't do anything that day, but what I said is what is in criminalized, so there obviously listening to my show every day I guess I was little tickled by that. They approve that in their sensing memo We ve never seen this before criminalizing speech, but what's odd is
this is also in the sentencing memo. They quote two interesting things. They say in the memo that I was there with my team to d escalate, that's a quote from Our team on the ground de escalate knock dimension. Quotes of Alex, Joan, saying, don't, go in, don't go in and go around we're not going, and we got a boost set up over here. They do tend to leave that out of course course, but they also quote me saying we're. or to peace, fully we're here. Who peacefully share are going to ask you a question, because there are different with different people right in front of his heart, where people can thrive in january six in the same pot, we just so that with the cuban on chairman, who is really just guilty of dressing up like a sports fan, let's be honest here, a lot of the pit, there were invited in its the people's house reza capital, so that's on camera. The lot of them were invited in and even those
but we're charged with trespassing. Are they trying to claim that you're? Not one of the people who was personally invited in that they were only ask escorting individuals because that's on camera ad nauseam, all right, you can come in single file. what do you say to that. I don't even really think that's a question worth answering stephen, not not to offend you, but because I think the case here is that they have to take an example of me right. This isn't about what happened that day. That's clear! This isn't about trumps. Speaking about this, isn't about how they open the capital or somebody open the mag locked people remove the barriers. People waved them in this isn't about. That joining weaken, pontificate on that, and that is perfectly relevant to the overall story. But when it comes, I store, that's not what this is about. This is about somebody in the government, somebody in the justice department, somebody in the democratic party once my pound, of flesh that But this is all about that's what This comes from that's why lock my ass in jail. What the reason I bring it,
This is because the term breaching I guess I've breached every house party to which I was invited. You know this is this is a problem as the they confuse the language right now just go out. You know it make an example of this person here I want to, and I know that, obviously you guys are broadcasting man max that you're going to continue this month, club here or on rumble, if you're watching on rumble, because some of these things we can't say on youtube but youtube, you know what mad max world that t v redd, no ensure he does now. He has gone a gerald. You about sesame, yeah, really quickly. I just wanted to make sure so put that put the lower third back up for him. So the way to support owen that's right, might wanna make to reflect that before we go to my club. Yeah, sorry, it is gave send, go dot, com, slash, defend, oh and sorrow it's a plugin that was up there before, but I just wanna make sure we don't give people listening on audio as gifts and go dot com slashed offended when I'm, assuming that your your legal defense fund right on I'm sorry I was I was in the moment.
I stay in the moment, that's what's so great about you or you can go to defend o n dot com. If you just want the short you rl defend, o n dot com and just so people know we're appealing this and we believe that this case may end up at the supreme court and that's might just be where it belongs. I absolutely hope you do and yet defend. One outcome is certainly a better. You are much shorter, so much much defend, defend one dotcom. If you're watching on rumble click the button below you get to continue watching on my club, you Do I get to say it again today we go back, you rumble you to piss off will continue with wonder
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