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YouTube gave Crowder another strike and a one-week suspension from streaming. The reason why should TERRIFY you.

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Ok, please don't skip Gimme twenty seconds different tone here today. I know If you listen here on audio, we are suspended from Youtube. Or the show that we did a couple days ago. It came down to the Latin County story. rules about trade. Gender discussion on Youtube. You'll hear about it on the show. I do ask if you haven't joined, my club please do consider! It is the only way that we can to show going, and if not look I just, Just just leave a rating leave a review, they too will be back on Youtube in a week, but I appreciate you hear tell your friends who wonder if we no longer need to where we are that we are right here on spot, a fire. Where were you listening? The no wonder I tunes appalled, I too call it Macintosh, you may apple whatever Berlusconi's gala
Georgia back to what we were saying you were so I will try not to say out loud or with crowd or is brought to you and you don't have to be a real odor. You're, like the Good NEWS, is that you could subordinated clue, DOT, TK
ass. She did it hard to Duke I didn't do my breathing exercises the surgeon I have this bain mask. I have to breathe intuitively and my lungs in the morning and I forgot to do it and so just that sip maybe go, does it hurt that's a great way to start a show where we're waging war, our sip, regrettably negatively veritably fighting like hell negatively picks with vigour, but Maybe we could get it. Thank you so much people who are tuning inroads into the stream today, because, yes, we are suspended from Youtube for at least a week, but same old, same old, There is a little bit scary because of how facts you and because of when it came down and how it how it went down just to be clear so we're going to talk about that were streaming. Of course, it will still be striving for the remainder of the suspension to what next Wednesday.
something like that. Ok, so until next January will still be there on a second son of a bitch here ever really really see either cut away from guys laid eyes. Barton you Can I see no reason, your breathing mass exercise, jokes on you guess jokes on knowing it just now hovering in my closet somewhere. So we're going to be talking about the right of it at all these years and will be an rumble better mug a lot of your chats today. So please, please feel free to send in euro. Your questions the long conversation end, but we also know from but first Geraldine area. I am well sir, ready to fight like hell very nice to look. You learn to fight like hell. Sure I am it's my favorite one so am. I saw my where the fight like hell, german right. This is a violent threats. Apparently every single politician celebrity and or
whoever person here in Ireland is a person on earth is never used. The words fight like Hell, I didn't some, except for Carl when we're neighbors, but he's a pussy curls, he was a sort of get be that even going through my mail. That's a federal of what measures are all I'm just looking for coupons the value and Kim Car dad. But that's it didn't come connection gonna, coop awning. Why talk about fat ass, armenian, privilege, she's, not coupon gas. While I have too much money, I went and rip up the pharmacy favours the cashier like? Did you not make ten million dollars for having sex with a black dj yeah? twenty cents offer sunny de war, I'm going to honour that one! No, yes, we're gonna, give it to somebody who deserves died away, who buys a forty, eight gale and dream of sunny day and wants to save thirty cents sample searching, hang equipment sunny day today.
the cartoons Kim Kardashian quits her habit of sunny d, while I renew, get a life in the name of a guy that really it's not that yet Sonny gave the court about Garret Tower Yo Yo, like Hell, where's the Red one b c, which I gave you this morning did adjust Melick you, the ass, very weird, it's gonna must have. I worry about Joe YO and then find out what it does a fit it does. It like it, hang onto
yeah they onto the out is the lack of commercial, the only black man with key Anna Reeves straight hair candour and you can play any character in a movie other than a black person. It's going. It's like the is like the lambs blunt over lambs, but over the door for single cell. I hereby loud noises is make up a need to put, and then we have. We have Landau dating informant where Atlanta Dave he's fighting like how an oil is going to be in Orlando, Orlando, this Friday and Saturday fight, like L, a man, a lot of people out there, yes Amity at all in a fight you right out well, well, depend, there's a reason for wait classes. That's true. I watch and when I to say this on you too, but there is a reason for gender divisions in in prisons. no not in prisons not a women's retro, not in the locker rooms, you can go. to any locker now want. But when you go out into competition you, then there are general regions outside of state wrestling
excited Mme and outside of tennis once upon a time point in this very real one, and I put on my lady wiggers. I call it my woman fighting hat yes that approach God it is all right it even sooner I dont think fighting a woman would be that I mean what I say. I think that the least surprised you would be so high Dave, it's true, but I've had my I've had David that self deprecation. Now we ll just look at me. It's self deprecation yourself, humiliation, oh ok, so we can make one of yourself: Nanette is making fun of others it's cruelty. How do you tell jokes? I doubt hundred percent on rotten tomatoes, citizen Kane Selina. You walk prick
than the shining. Yes, oh yes, the godfather part, two absolute sheets. The claim that it is, look like Harry porters? Lesbian sister, yes, allow everyone, but thank you The really Cypriots slithering, not gender, neutral in Heaven offering souls Look, I know all over the Euro warts dimension. Ask me to join them just because I'm a shriek put all seed now Managing the load returns blue outside. That's, not a joke. where are you people? I have no idea how I know so much about a promo code right now for people who are out there. If you want to join my club, if you're watching on rumble violet, match that rumble button people watching on the rumble ass rumble. Of course, figuratively. And if you have enjoyed yet you can join the promo code, is its fight
Fight like hell for twenty dollars off in the United States or you get not only shows that we can never errand Youtube in an hour. Of course, the show Every data is not arable on Youtube, espousing terribly catalogue, this wonderful hand etched earthy mug, and I wanted to Morocco to be gender fluid right, but that was vetoed a little dominoes had no further hatch, it had, should it off cock, actually that one still is available, but you actually pay twenty dollars more extra, you actually, once you get paid, seventy seven cents worth yes, but you still have to keep twenty dollars more every month. Yes, in order to keep the hatchet it off cock, promo code open and available I wanted Bruce Jenner, Dangle sack yes, yet I shall now than Germany characters. It's too many. I wanted your dad. Never hugged you enough now, someone's raped, two long deferred among box yeah yeah. You can't do that
Neither I just can't believe anyone would be raped in prison. I don't know if I have no idea what this could possibly wanted. Real women, rape, women, but I just you, know, look I remember the good old days when an ego in women's prison guard would snake in a frozen banana. Yes, yes, not for already know it's hard to fit that in a pack of cigarettes, it is, is on pack, what are these men ass, their cools deliverances, two hundredth. I also wanted to I'm one of the promo code, you're crazy. that could fit in I wanna video is leave it by doesn't allow Apostrophise, and I wasn't okay with a grammatically incorrect, your Romo code. I wanted you so crazy, Martin see. I also crime than I wanna you so crazy, Tyler Parry yeah, and we were like that. Stop or one of the promo code
Medea big Mama's house, and are we all acting like this? Isn't a rip off because lack talent or white privileged doesn't allow us to, and now I was just too hard to remember what it was too long as well. It was also too long, but I merely that was too hard to remember and tailor parry. has already suit us, so he does. I fancy all. He does these very, very quickly that he's out of it it he d write. He writes losses quicker than he writes. Crappy film, yeah Eddie. Nobody here, you know he most quickly sues his gay thoughts extra. Have you a commercial for one of his plays like ten years ago. Twenty years ago before he like broke,
turn around my play play a woman with a good feeling in urban play where it's like. You know when he was alive, like the dad from my fresh friend, sir, like various reports like this to many people cook and eggs in the kitchen come into the facts laid in Detroit like this just sounds: breaks come on down to the seventh data and find out who put too much paper in the store. I hope my daddy this week in that's every commercial, Nora Beach, isn't everything: oh yeah, our commercial. So that way I listened to the one here to wear the com. It shows error like let's take hollers in its everybody, say how great body images yeah there, like I just say, let's have some it's always a white girl calls in right with a Tang yeah yeah. We just got love each other respect, each other's bodies. Right girl, like you like now, watch this mexican sell cars with tits give far far. I know how to ever.
That's all if you don T, know tat. I love ramping law firms. That's not panda. Did you get hit by a car I'm gonna make you lots of money by far heavy Malloy along car, and I'm here to say you know what but I'll get you some pay. It don't matter your race, sugar to be wearing a neck, brace what you have some cash, and by that I mean it's, a twenty Eightth split. You take twenty, take care allowance on the ways down. But for the rest, your lunch will be wearing a frown, know that frown upside down. When I come to town, because your brown and you know that I got mass down what were at last words investment out, I'm rapid, I didn't spend
much money on this track. We didn't get though royalties to Atlantic area are to the real, really icy must be really suffering to the car. You ever see that guy, like Xyz tea, would you put it and we're going to get into? Why were banned from Youtube? Just two important but yeah the imports of GM issued at one with a guy you're in Texas, he's come on out of Aragon, our irish voters. If I can't wait to meet the price and from a local dealer, I'm just gonna get it. Do you find a second clearly you're going to beat the price right, because, even if you're, making less profit, if you're selling for fifty opposing car lot of selling for forty five, I can't be that right.
I'm gonna go down. If I was the opposing car dealers, we, like I just want to stick to that guy. Here, I'm selling this reserve. Here's a sign quote taken to make him give your car yeah culling, go, give another car dealership twenty dollars say their cars. Fourteen dollar. I'm willing to take the loss just screwed that guy so, Look, there's a lot of so that we can't talk about on Youtube here. Mobile. Tell you exactly will show the language from their very expensive council but you do that was sent to us yesterday, caused some thousands of dollars, cost them that thousands of dollars so I'll take the small ones and the language is really scary, because what First Suffolk, Let me tell you, I do have a question of the day and I know what you're gonna have to enter this and chat because a cancer- and you too, but you cannon, rumble how Orwellian is it that you can be suspended for covering an actual specific instance, of rape. If the rapist happens to be transgender
That's where we are already the exact language, but we have not heard back from utopian. As of the desert rod can now we did get the standard not of the heart strike. Ok, to give you, the story gets Stana her strike and we got a letter from legal counsel explaining. Why didn't get the time oh that we like, but we only addressed one transgender story. That day not show we narrowed down? yeah, so we were able to narrow it down. Resplendent you three minutes over ninety minute show has some potentially exactly ass. If it was yesterday, we were like how come on how to do better than that yeah! I mean give us a five minute window. At least right. We talk. I had some potentially completely accurate information at Swell Dave, that's beside the point in the minutes, but it still its problem. It's a little talk about stuff that we can talk about a new too. I do have sting
we offer no located at joint. Yes, yes, absolutely cutting off this whole show with stuff. We can talk about on Youtube embrasure. They don't want us talking about their legal counsel. So this episode is things against it on Youtube. audio question about the scintillating itself. This is not an unheard of. they wanted to allow only you can expect from this show, when we no longer make anyone actually or make any revenue on you do. The truth is that, right now it affects us zero. parliament was alive. Looking at our Youtube, Jane, look, that's exactly when we got a hard Youtube strike and years, the crazy think it's not a strike against the channel to be clear. It's a strike against me, Stephen! because I am not allowed to upload to channel or stream to channel crowd orbits, where there is no strike ready, clear. They ve said that's a bypass, so
not a punishment for the channel, it's not about which, which is what peaceably the policy is right. Channel. Doesn't lawyer stream, in my case, been very clearly communicated several times. No, no! It's you! you. The human are now allowed on the platform regarding of channels that haven't violated the policy. That is a very clear I mean I would argue, look it's a clear example of of targeting wrong. Think right So there's no longer about policy right about the wrong person on the platform right. You can't post any videos at all, no matter what, even if it was just like you and a cat which we know, people love What about that was a prom cause? I was, I was you know from the Canada Window
yeah. They land on their feet turns out that doesn't matter of its from five stories. I didn't know: there's only one way to find out colleges land on its feet digs just no broke words. Legs are then through its shoulders point. I'm joke you like I like most us. I don't, but I didn't actually do it. Don't be stupid soap. I like some cats. Now you know what I'd die. That's the point. That's the point about the campers. Like no you'd, like my cat, I guarantee you first of all my people who love cats feel the need to convince. Me that I also should love cats. I gotta know you'd, like my cat. There you go. Look, that's that's a useful animal right there right now he's docile by the fireplace and he will destroy anything that moves upon command. That's what I want. You don't know how you like my cat first effort. Doesn't what does it matter to you that I would like not outcomes they might get my cat does what that was. My cat thinks it's a dog. My firmly then get a dog fur, baby is really the creepy Asturias disgusting retina, especially of a freak.
Yeah exactly there was addressed again now, I'm just send you a little interest species as I'm like a fluffy, hey. If laughing I got, I got busy, I got busy with it. Abby and that's what happened? The catch just limp and around like a civil wars. Wrap like Jacob Marley. What is as Canada, my friend cellular. My friend is lebanese. His head, like three fur baby, see ya true there, a little harry and about the to come in and say hello sailor to our guests I look we got does not. I will read the letter after, but we went through the show. This is as far as we tell because we only addressed anything that involve agenda of the general bender at one. Point in the shout rent was an shows. Ex Jones and there's a sketch in there This is exactly what we found is the only path
time code for that we're not, of course, from exposure shows on Youtube. Who cares right now? Here you go in case. You forgot here's story, going on, we were ready for the story right, tat corner but get Are we ready? I dont know that I'm ever ready uttered other. We want to be the women's liberation front. I already hate this area, your worst reported at least one woman at the central, California women's facility was pregnant after male transgender male prisoner was transferred their keep in mind. The male prison was permitted to transfer under the new California. Let s be one thirty, two cylinder sb one! Thirty do it allows biological males to use women's logarithms home of all shelters and prisons goods. To the point that now, condoms have been issued within the prison. Yeah. This is part of a protocol to ensure that sex between inmates which
Is illegal by the way you would be safe, so they need to make sure that its safe sex in in an all females prison while where they cannot get pregnant and so all women, pregnancy, immaculate conception above all. I bring you a good tidings of great joy, which would be to all for, there is born to you a baby in the cell, and this should be a sign onto you on birth, a miracle. You know you're cellmate, that guy addresses a woman he's going to write I'm a girl repeatedly
that road rough on paper, it really did- and it did yes donors and with good reason, Lloyd, standing up, lady was pretty good look and there was no one. I am I get it so used to think that with a letter that sketch the hot the entire joke? Was there was no set up and, since we are not allowed to discuss the reality of biological men in women's prisons and the likelihood of that being. Involved with a woman who was impregnated, we based on the premise of em he let conception and then Alex Jones as an angel, if that's all that means that all comedies we taken literally every single will also means that every single movie, where there's something involving for sex like Shawshank the delivery, Hence the I used those all oz, the entire every.
A pursuit of OZ? By that I mean everything. It, though, should all be taken literally. That was all real. Yes, yes, there was all absolutely have silly minutes at its violence to be clear, and what are we supposed to assume right? So we are talking about a story where people were getting pregnant, whether handing out condoms and would like us as a female prisoners at the guards. None are no men and I were seeing an instance arise of male transition to female asking for a transfer d they're going into the cells and asking the Ladys if they would like to have sex with a transgender person, we think that's what's happening. That's the only other option could be ready could be consensual could be my arguing, as I dont think, that women should get pregnant in prison ever wrote problem at all if its consensual, pregnancy or right pregnancy. I dont think that it should have ever able very general I segment, but let me give you their exact email. Your niece was sent on the day that the loud and county story, what going that I really that's very important listening, Was- was poised to the over a million views by the end of the day, the whole shop on that
So this is the language really very expensive Youtube the council on September thirty, if MR crowded Upload or another video that you too have determined continues his prior conduct thanks neater Meyer, wasted, say: Guru the video entitled Special Guess, Alex Joan the great reset, contains a segment that targets the transgender community in an offensive manner, for example by the catering that Trans people pose rape threat to women. Let me be clear about something you. Ok, I have never said that all true and gender people are rapists. Now I dont, but I have never said that because I dont believe them. What I did so yesterday was look when you don't have- and this is what I said yesterday on the loud and segment and I'm going to cost if I were that matters for all of you here. This is not about us. This is not about. We got suspended on twitter, not look on the loud and county said when I say when you just allow when you just people to claim gender and there
there's no buried entry, we're not using biological sex. How do you decipher between people who? Actually leave the trench, gender versus people who are trying to use the laws and a predatory manner, and by the way it does happen all the time and I'm not even arguing that we have a hit list here. going to take me a while to get through I'm not I think that all these people are actually transgender the point as when a man can just say, I'm a woman. I want use the girls room understand that most men are pigs and that's a problem. It is a problem for women, mainly it's not a problem for men, because now I mean even Dave could just ball them up and throw them out of the restroom Paco while it might take a while little bit. But here's the thing to with this language indicating that Trans people pose a great threat to women, look in loud and county,
may be clear here. Parents were lining up, you know how many use it when it was over a hundred parents, those over a hundred speaketh like one s life when I was little came over a hundred. This was after a female students been raped and yesterday at an even say, transgender. I said: bisexual boy wearing a skirt so that the standard now, because I could ban from Youtube and was very careful. I didn't want to say transgender, because then you must gendering, even though the boys and girls room, because he's aid bisexual boy in a skirt, he raped a female classmate Libby clear this we have children watching. Look we're gonna, be discussing some tough subjects. Today he forcibly anal raped a female classmate. It was confirmed by a rate, get you have over a hundred parents who are going to be up voicing concern. Look. We have covered space, If instances of right we have covered spaces the consensus of women being pregnant it in presence, ok, but you absolute We need to be able to oddly, make the argument that power.
sees that involve transgender individuals and females room can pose a great threat to women. Why? If you're, not, you're not allowed to oppose policy at all those parents were up there. Saying or prepared to say I don't know how many were allowed to speak if any pay. I have a problem with this proposed policy because I think it could pose a rate threat to my little girls. Now they felt Why? Because a little girl had been raped and then another little girl when the school board didn't taken of action. Another little girl was sexually assaulted by the bisexual boy in a skirt which now to me seems like it could be a synonym for transgender. At this point, I have no idea. There is no standard. This is now if those parents voice those concerns on Youtube on Facebook band silence. So you believe the boys are boys and girls are girls, and if you believe that boys or men should not be able to
enter into female only spaces, because it poses a sexual threat, Who your daughters to your sisters to your wives, you are apparently committing violence. You are violating policy of the biggest companies, the most powerful companies that have ever existed, and how they gained power by controlling the entire flow in patients throughout the world? So let me ask you this: How do you propose a new back in policy at your school in your state. if you're not allowed to say that, while the reason opposed to it is I think it could be a danger to say that right that could be you This is a very clear message because we didn't do that at all on that day. In that sketch, that's not what it's about. Maybe, entirely tiredly coincidental that it happened the day where we went in the paint hard on the loud and county case. We know what I think that in the pain. Hard is merited when a young girl is raped. Just that's me. Mister old fashion,
yeah and by the way I want to be very clear. We don't think we said anything wrong yesterday, not currently we, You just don't trust that you to play by the rules, so we pulled a damper, hamper their own invariably like what you knew, because people now now we ve got the down because you play by the rules. You make a broad statement like this and dont. Give us any time, codes and haven't responded by that. We don't know about, but their new rule from illegal council did would absolutely they will actually be able to claim that covering allowed encounter case is, is against pulse. We absolutely. But here's the thing when you make a claim like that- and this has been the argument- the entire time opening up these bathrooms. Don't you think bathroom sink showers as well right opening up these facts, It is now to claim that there transgender, I can go into those facilities. Here is exactly what School board said word for word. Basically, this disease. happen all the time. Do we have boys in that the transition to women Molly, sting? Girls and bathrooms are sexually assaulted, girls and bathrooms. Oh so, you're saying it, recurs. I would like to pay
evidence that it does no banned. You can't do that when we talk about that, you can't make. That argue are not allowed to present your argument, preemptively, which is what one dozen pollack, when discussing any policy proposals, and you are not allowed to discuss it as a post gain. when, when somebody's been victimized, when someone has been forcibly Emily raped by someone who transgender you're not allowed to discuss it beforehand and you're not allowed to discuss it afterward and that's why right now look? This is when we fight like hell. That's a promo code. You can join up you the hashtag. This is really not about us. This is this: is a message being sent. This will affect all of you. If you're apparent in coming to your school and you vote your concern, maybe not of the town hall, but a digital town. All this policy rule says: oh, you can be banned and by the way, that's that lets. Let's go this. Ok, let's go through that all what this doesn't happen. That's also their argument will that's also incorrect. We just did it just and it shouldn't we shouldn't the way for it to just happened. No, we should be able to talk about
the potential threat dual is will pose when youth when you're, throwing anybody whose, like that it, whatever your preferences in prison I sexual in a skirt that I need. I condemn the skirt you're you're look you're, sending somebody to a place either or they're. Gonna have a good time. Yes, You know how I mean seriously that they give you watch a lot of prison. Specials, like I do and Skinner MAX You notice that enough for recollect give you watch prison, specials, there's always a kind, Feminine Guy, who hangs around a little bit transgender who's that
it's all right if the mob boss website like this is just like you now yeah on tv. So it's like there is not ideal, but yeah, though, that there I'm tellin you they will because digital girls in the light of Asia, you gotta find the wondered Simone right on it: ain't freshly, Morgan and longest Georgi. You know that nine hundred cheerleader Israel, nor really think about it back then Bluebell Bucciardo with a ladder at the sorority. All we need to do is put on a wagon effect per tits and its a problem anymore now through by the way you know. I know they agree with us. You know, I know for all History we have not let boys go into women's lock rooms in any sports or in prisons. We separate them. Do not. That tells you everything that you need to know. If this is totally not a problem, then why is that a problem? Then we should have mixed locker rooms everywhere, measure to hollow Escobar, his prelatist pretty to hope. Al Capone air riddled, The clap lies. True lies
he's fishing in a swimming pool. So if not, that great rights rarely out, I got some pass. The cook in Serbia has got so look. Let me go through a hit I would never happened now. I don't think so. You need to argue and prove that it happens. A whole goal is to prevent it from happening, but so You brought it up into you brought it up. Dakota eaves of Massachusetts. Unless two to four year old girls and distributed child pornography months after successfully advocating for Trans bathroom relegate transit, a prisoner Karen White carried out for sex attacks at a woman's prison Positano five year old daughter was allegedly assaulted by a male classmate in the school bathroom due to trans bathroom policies, Patrick Personal sexually, that several females and was diagnosed with pathological lying and claimed transgender status in two thousand and fifteen that guy around anything Madeline hearts while because he didn't want to pass a lot. Pathological liar attachment see him, but then that's also a good example of Patrick herself so have to go back there. So many of these Patrick Parcel, then
Is it not a pathological liar unjust, transgender? What what is it? I've been living a lie all well, then all is forgiven. Sir, we did man MA am also MA, am sorry I didn't know you were sad had Madeline harks was convicted of molesting three girls under eight before he transitioned and then sexually assaulted, two female inmates in jail that comes from Vancouver son, so in Canada, not a problem, Katy hotel ski an eighteen year old Trans woman in Scotland attempted to assault a ten year old girl in a supermarket bathroom metro, UK all sources available out of Canada come daring, de I D, Morocco. I don't over this name correctly, because I hope I have to read. It again was charged with five counts of indecent exposure for exposing himself to female customers, wise. We spot in Koreatown, Morocco claims to be trans, but police said that that's a cover to get into women's spaces, and there are huge protests over that. If you remember right that was
we spoke in LOS Angeles, yet happened over the summer. I think some time, India early summer time right and by the way, the point that we're making again, I would never shelter engineers are right now, but I am saying that you are creating a scenario where more rate can happen, and that can also happen at the hands of people who may yet very well be fake. Transgender you'd have discovered the point. Is you can't make a moral judgment because you're not allowed to so this is a symptom of the same problem Someone is actually transgender decides to get a little raping. Two thousand twelve Canadian Christopher Hamburg assaulted women in to women's homer shelters in Toronto. He was able to access because the state law, I would assume, actually shy provincial law that the Recognise self declared gender identity. Two thousand sixteen China Psmith forty three year old, Idaho Trans Woman, was charged with voyeurism after secretly photographing an eighteen year old woman in the target fitting room This bathroom policy allowed this to happen because they demonstrate their commitment to an exclusive experience in many ways, and that includes I guess, and old pen tax in
Many twenty, a female employ female inmates are in Illinois claims she was raped by a transgender inmate in the jail covered it up in an attempt to justify the quote to Justice the transfer is defended, Sexton, Calhoun Killer and currently other known ideas see employs covered up that your sexual salt of the plaintiff and tried to falsely classified as consensual to keep it from being can see. a Peoria, a violation, civilian woman named Charlotte, detail being sexually assaulted and a public restroom when just eleven years old. I remember starting to cry, but this person would let out this fake, sympathetic, laugh and say ah hon where are your anti is here for you, my hands are frozen stiff, my vision with blurry, but I still am. Everything I knew. I really want to read any more of this. The Cisco zairean awhile is to halt pair you know what you need to go through the whole herring description, but it certainly more. Detailed and was more corroborated than Blasi. Ford's accusation, yeah look. I only have so much time. I dont know. Hashtag believe all women changed, but apparently a change. What a man claim that he was a woman
If it saves one life, it's apps one sexual assault. But what are we just go through a dozen? I can read your hundreds more and I don't think you're surprised, and we know that Youtube is enterprise and I think it's really important to point out that I mean it seemed I wasn't keeping score necessarily, but it seemed like a half of those were people just saying I'm engender just to be able to take advantage of the system. right now I say the one guy, especially yeah, I without a beard and looking on allowing locally woman loudly that's most today. Just to be clear, I had a transgender serve me in Burlington. Vermont, true story serve me, a cup of coffee, it was a guy with a gouty, his hair. a soccer man, but you just how to be wearing a memo There was no other effort, and I noticed that name tag said daddy. Have you got here?
I served me in the dressing room of a Burlington code. Fat well we're out of court. What you don't need to restock you don't Stu Burlington Code, vector every time you want to dress like Missy, Elliot my ass, you know what I really was pissed off about. His claim was heralds like who, whose Missy pose this Missy lady. A reference is really hard. Verna get that lets. You have five dollars and it didn't. Work is put your brain. Can cope factory code on Miss Eliot, as are its miss. Its MA am now sir the thing that business like they. If they had a with us, and I want to make sure I camps is correctly. Don't use it on beef. What if you do what are discouraged for covering, let's change that when they had gone, if they should, if you too,
angry with us, and I did not like the archangel that we chose to play said archangel of the person that was in that role. they could have been ours Jones Jones localities. Rohingya people want a target for Alex Jones and Sketch he's been in the show at least three or four times, and she was banned from Youtube thing. There was a violation of the policies that existed on. You too, that's why out a new one, but they may be more specific if you're gonna say that the joke was about. No wasn't we respond. equally covering transgender people that have gone from male to female but are incarcerated and have been transferred to women's prison, and then women becoming pregnant s conduct We didn't even make the connection. Let us be clear. The joke was, of course she can't make. The action, because these are females and females can impregnate female, I hate that have to explain the job that makes me want to shoot myself in the face more than any of this one net, Lex. If we were on that would have just said: it's fine, you haven't you Youtube, taking it down right. There's gonna be a walk out right well in, and I just
while the parents out of sight, ass, Shea out all three their employees are going to protest. I added I can't wait till they hire people based on merit somewhat lost one. Can dream taught me when you wish upon a con arc without that back? What are these Civic examples we also had nowhere to dreams. Come now, lay down nightmares, come terrestrial. What happens? I'm Journey Kekuit assess subpoenas little. I had tell me a lie, Pinocchio, another something about Mary. How did you get rid of the twigs of berries? I've made a perfect, wouldn't
no beans. Ought I met a perfect one boy and somehow I programmed into him that his nose will grow and he lie, and I have alone, as a single white male, nothing. We heard about that that other games they Diane. I wish you were a real boy, so I'd start getting splinters. Starts feeding Pinocchio wrong information in putting on show, so he gets it wrong doesn't like by the way you have five, what sex really useful for three? How Tyler you Pinocchio, boy by very was four point. Six of both be broken s working day. Why doubled over this background? What's your favorite food spaghetti, say pizza beside pizza, magnify that our question, what is pizza as well as better about tell zounds. If I told the truth,
it grow back down? You don't need to know any truth just to bees job. Where I have a dive, it happens to lots of puppets just to be clear. Not all puppeteers are using their puppet for nefarious, but now, of course, just to be clear or the scientist I dont know what they're like puppeteer guidelines on any of these other platforms are age when it make sure you don't want a foul of those the whole thing is where they were going to send you to to see island with a fantasy island. I want no leisure pleasure. I know what I'm sorry I misspoke pleasure. I learned. I have a bag full of clear questions, why you What's also small wonder where the first episode that show the decks making is twelve year, a doll in his bedroom in the eighties and psych almost furniture. What is why don't? You have a workshop? You know nothing about this close now, just say: wanted ever daughter around. Ok, I'm saying it's weird man: now
We want and we do have some statistics on and if we want to go through outskirts with those LISA and out at this gets a little nerdy here, but so we ve covered. Ok, fine! You want. You said that this doesn't happen. Scoreboard says: do we have any cases of this? Ok, we just presented some cases of this to you we wanted to. Let you know it does happen. Who know is our both ways with like climate change, like you set out what begun its? I think it's still there You should the great lakes were begun. Are there any great lakes that are gone other any great legs at our above average levels, if not at record levels, still great? How dare you that, but she's. Above now, it all goes one way, although it hasn't happened. Therefore it can't pray so that in two thousand Levin there was a peer reviewed stamina read some here, so I'm looking down that I wanted to get this right this out of three hundred twenty four matched participants who underwent legal sector assignments from seventy three, the two does rickets, that seems pretty brought right here, now. I know this is going to shock. You may the female trance retire.
and a male pattern regarding criminality. Oh, they didn't soften their stance on promoting whatever transsexual individuals were more likely to be criminal than non transsexuals, bus transsexuals in the same cohort right. So comparing these together take. Ok, that's a broad statistic: ok They retain male criminality in their little bit, more likely to be colonels. Ok, regarding grant its sexual specifically just saying crime, it say: criminal just in space and explain that I have a point to make in the sector. So as I think that this on the real issues brought up regarding any crime, mail to females have significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls, but not compared mills. Let me explain to me you're really quickly, even if this is the same as when they use the argument by this matter than girls gives us more than boys. Look. Ok, I can give you a very definitive answer on average. You'll get a bell curve. Girls are smarter than boys, the average. Like? U K, here's the banker when you come to geniuses who are in the top one percent. There are no girl, there are no women left on average more.
Women occupy that upper end of the Belcour. They are above average intelligence when compared to males men occupy both ends of the spectrum they. occupy the end of genius. Is there no girls there and they also occupy the end of functionally retarded there? girls there. It's a trader same what men and crime they occupy an extreme and of the crime spectrum. The truth is, with middle crimes, middle prompting, a term approach, Take it you take my non violent crimes. Females can at the same his mouth, the issue there's one look at serious, violent crime, it gets to appoint work, exclusively male behaviour, and that is because of the way men are hard, but there have been there. Ve been hey you're all scientists who have say there have been clinical psychiatrist who studied it is because of the way the male brain works, for the same reason that women can multitasking is anything but their able to handle different stimuli and men get very focused and men can get very focused on the wrong track. So men populate almost all of our prisons, a huge percentage of our presence it for
same, reason that they occupy almost the entirety of our super super high and designers and engineers they occupy both ends of that spectrum. Women are more reasonable. That's that Now so you don't you get to appoint you don't see statistically, doesn't even show up with and committing these horrible crime. It's only men ass. It is may the guys who are crazy, the Einstein's, the Howard Hughes, it's only men due to the extremists behaviour that men have a proclivity toward that women in general. Do not that's the truth, so both people are right. Women on average more than men in the bell curve. Gets to geniuses, it's almost exclusively men and when it gets violent cereal criminals- it's almost exclusively meant rent,
If we needed studies to tell us that energy could, even if we had an agency that eighty, eight or genius level you're still cautioning taping off here and drag your visit and the ad, in other words of living, want to complain about that. It's like look: if you want to piss on jars and grow those grow, those fingernails so long tat they become like Jerry, curls, be our guest. Here, it's not a fun. Existing women are better, multi are cast, be our guest cut off your car. Ok go out and I didn't want to go into more detail, but but so Davy S to really good question. Just a second ago like this, is this just crime in general, or is sexual grant, we're getting to sexual crime? Now different, steady Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom, twenty twenty freedom of informing requests. I did know they had freedom over there, I'm sorry that was out of style now, so fifty percent of male born trans women were sexual offenders. How many fifty in this is this is prisoners- recess reservation on pay, Agatha? Fifty, nine, ok, fifty nine! percent of male bore it? Let me because
fifty nine percent of male born trans women in prison where sex offenders through so just a pair that too, just as they were, therefore that was committed while they were there. Let's No, it doesn't matter. We designed a may not well either way it's, in other words, if they went there for sex crimes or than they really can hear the women I can commit about sex crimes. Its problem it's a bit of initiatives outside outsize prison can change so. Just for comparison, I'm gonna give you two two things to compare this to three point: three percent of female born women. Eight. Do we have to say female, more three percent of females worked sexual offenders taken we're not there give us a percentage point, meaning how many so from three point three percent to fifty nine percent. Like that. That means that there is a fifty six percent difference known how many times more likely is a
two female Trans inmate to be a sexual offender compared to deny lot right around twenty times, more likely, somethin like that gaps, or maybe just a little under twenty all, it's gotta be high, ok, so the other I give you males readjust mail, so non Transgender, Morocco. This is because and it still is way higher than women- is three point: three e mails. So team point eight. Sixteen point: eight: zero, no serious, serious, multiple of female image, others by female inmates down here, committing sex crimes right now, very common, like six times more like way more likely, six times more likely for just an average basic. You know basic bitch, pumpkin spice mail, emit rape or sexual assault, sixteen percent and then- male to female trans, fifty nine percent in prison the majority George look according to the study, which is the Ministry of Justice in the United Kingdom twenty twenty day, majority of men, out of female Trans inmates. Are sex offenders most of them are, if you are too, if you
just to cover the floor with male to female sex offenders and throw a dark? nonlethal dart dart was like the rubber Tipp, you be most likely to hit a rapist long. It is but an attitude going back to what we say a thunderstorm going back to what we said. It would be more accurate to say that mail to feed El transgender prisoners in the United Kingdom are sex offenders. It would be more accurate by ten percent to say that rights Ten percent more are, if I said it, the other way around it be like will actually only forty one percent aren't yeah, that's the other side of the coin there. right so let's go to the California. I think a little bit like hey does show you know just Just so, you know two thirds of Republicans play the election. Involve cheating. A third of Democrats. Do why don't you leave that? That's insanely higher that, while just so you know our forty percent of male or female trans. Don't come at any ex crime at all, Boca, I'm concerned with the majority of them in prison, but this shows that you know there are
people who are seriously born with this issue of because Transgender word. I do think there more sensitive, more female, whatever it may be, and now it shows how many people are faking it and just attacking people. We don't know what percentage of them are faking it Renault. We donors also highlighted these there's holier early, an example that it's happening. Nick no absolutely has happened. Unfortunately, we also examples of people who are long time, trench energy to such an there, also much more likely to commit sexual. It seems like both are a real problem and it would be who thus to study that and try to flood. Has anyone surprise when it's a forty two percent attempted suicide rate. You don't have that any Wilson demographic that would suggest some kind of mental proclivity extreme behaviour, and I don't think it's helping people to simply enable it I dont want. I dont want forty two percent of trench genders for
one percent, depending on the statue, use its right in their it's very where they get multiple sites are coming in at forty one, forty two percent throw it within one of each other pray up and post up. I dont want nearly half of all transgender to attempt suicide. I want that to be lower Yes, what doesn't work you saying you're, all good you're, a woman. It doesn't help, it makes it worse and it makes it potentially slightly worse. People are afraid to stay but we know at least one percentage worse, which really is statistically insignificant. If you go through the surgery, let me guess this is an inference. Now, that's the data, the inferences I wouldn't Jeanette. If you have a transgender individual forty one percent, forty two percent likely to commit suicide. Ok go transition. We have a man, put him on estrogen which, by the way we know causes depressive symptoms, cut off is cock. I don't they. comes out ahead. I think, when so you're, transgender and narrow, going through the surgery which may make it impossible for you ever achieve sexual climax. Again, I would I would, I ask myself
the japanese businessman, just plummeting it wouldn't even be luggage to another, goes therefore we're going to join this legal, there goes other goes up which does not go far. Enough has been well your fascination is to some degree with sex, and then you take away the ability to drive pleasure from it. I would imagine that extremely dangerous, oh yeah, to yourself you're hate speech. Just now was dangerous, yes, and I don't know I just hate so outside insinuated humans like to bang, where you get that various look. If you're gonna come there, although lessening the blood how near this is
three thousand islets, let's go, let's go by the way, is the new eighty anti slogan you and me: baby, ain't nothin, but MA am also lets get five g young discovery channel. Why really weird anti has the most reliable network and its are so loudness really read in their alienating values apprise our boy. Did we now as better than Verizon T Mobile, can look the dictum got no later than cricket, which is a good guy How many owes you want afresh It is through this vote in the river there are continuing to start using. I got was Ministry of Justice. I was you, ok, UK we're here, let's cumbered eight site, we're gonna go over to the bastion of freedom, loving hope, California, thousand nine California report and corrections, the corrections, deployment of corrections again. Twenty point: five percent of trains.
gender sample in the study were registered sex offenders. Ok, I dont think twenty four point: five percent. Of males are registered sex offenders line. The prisoner was sixteen percent in the UK. That's the only comparison that we have right: well, ain't exactly in the general male population. So Forty per cent of transgender inmates had previously engaged in sex work, which doesn't mean that the crime- no no not at all, has been just a sexual focus. There's there is definitely tends to be a bit of a sexual focus on than were basically lucky. I don't care about that not an I'm, just saying that if their focus forty percent and forty percent a carefully overcharge the way in other setting up. Netflix are staging a walk out on October twentieth. Are they chapels all the transgender employs
the goods. They know Eddie Murphy, driven by all immodest, given long hours trend bearing these nine should come all going to have to work on my shoulder dreams, Truman so and in it I think it helpful as well, let alone I demography so much, but all their leather may have been a clue. I love Eddie Murphy, eleven, ok guideline, so one of the things we need to do is look at ok, wire, males that have transition to females now kind of invading traditionally female spaces right spaces that we have decided to protect young segregate because I live a party that was from the feminist movement. Yeah declared. Absolutely I don't it's it. Man always supported it, but when you look at like title line, a big part was feminist, saying that these be equal opportunity. Women you to be safe and there are parts of it, and I agree with other parts of it that I dont like university tribunals, but the parts with yea
yet so. In other words, this is something just to understand. This wasn't spearheaded right, by. I don't know you can pick strong, tromp firm in our midst Mcconnell. This was something that was a movement issuer from principles. Yes, go into that sixteen liberal favorite who could possibly be still controlling at present. We have no idea, Obama, his administration, expanded, title, nine guidance for gender identity and bathroom use in schools or get a quote for you as a condition of receiving federal funds. If you were money. That is already yours that we're just giving back to you. I'm just want to translate that for now, agrees that it will not exclude separate, deny benefits to or otherwise treat differently on the basis of sex any person in its educational programmes activities unless expressly authorized to do under title minority implementing regulations? Ok, you set the stage for the department treaties. Gender identity, as students sex for purposes of title mine in implementing its regulation. So what you just said, I can't describe
Based on eighty sayings and now this is one of those thanks. Ok, this means that a school must not treat a transgender student differently from the way it treats other students. All of this, gender identity, yet whatever they say they are part, the problem, is you can't say a word or you can't say a word about it and I just wish we could time travel back to two thousand eight to the Obama. Who, in a ascended to the presidency, who opposed gay marriage. Ah, If you had a process that he wouldn't have, I travel back as the ghost of presidential future Obama you're going to allow boys with oxen, dresses, TB and Ladys restrooms. Now not stop with the slippery slope. Bullshit. That's not gonna I don't even like to do- is look at each other wrong, apple, gay, marriage, diamond. I have some man who puts on dress com. I got down and kids
are our integration. I gotta those more credibility on the back by the way, sampled things of parties and by simple I mean- are brought into the part it here in the closet. So nobody else could party took you also smoke listening to to park in law school at Harvard Louis Grech. No, I'm a real black person. I guess no look. I look at the skin of the black out on a black privilege. I gotta go in the paint. Oh dear,
I don't need a fake listening to Biggie, Alison too big, that's like them or not. He was tentacles black as opposed to it, as I feel that one of the family was re. As I write, Caroline ever met its black dad and well. I didn't really draw them under the boss, but compared to Camelot I'm blacker than come a little bit. So by the way, the entire lot of people thought that this was like. You know the Obama administration doing what they said they were gonna do. Do you realize that he did it on the way out the door? He basically through a landmine into the middle of the White House and said good luck, yeah right, he did it in twenty. Sixteen this, but also when Donald Trump was elected. Came the ice legally like when kids would take her, would go number two and are in a high school and kids would chop off the end of the acts bodies re bodily to row it and we're not just
I off, and then you see already that you can not complicate and throw it under like us, but let us think immigration, the autumn saying in NAFTA, dislike they're gonna blame Bush, good luck is by the way before before, moving further again smash that rumble button hit. The plus sign semantic class at nine surgery. make sure you guys think he's up the keyboards, not gonna get it, but Speaking about George W Bush, it took him while the casually just sit in a lower, not imply for five minutes and security cameras in the oval office. A mission vows W. Mrs out of this, I think there should be maybe that's not evolve to point- remains fair point, not evil
take away for everyone a break from this. What did you see the christian bail movie vice the idea I just look. I've got and put not for political reasons are all I do, love the scene as him. Sam Rocco's George Bush, talking to Dick Cheney, were dick changes. I I want to take a more than meals. Hacks lay tactics like you know, foreign affairs weapons lucky gets through young. It's important George Bush's yeah, like that. I like that You do it just keeps eating re elected, just ending on the president's without realising it pride in happened, but it's a funny seem to watch I like it. I will for look. I know it's a and I can't stand list any idle for ever admire Dick Cheney, for when he leaned in. I believe it was John Edwards after brought up his lesbian daughter, he leaned in it wasn't on a hot mike that he didn't know. I warn you language coming. He leaned in to shake his hand after they had a debate, and he said you can go fuck yourself for what you said.
I don't look at me. You can go fuck yourself foreseen anymore and I was like oh yeah, I saw when I also Donald Trump. Isn't it owed cut from the same cloths want monsters like no one. Does that now nine, I loved speaking of Donald Trump hit. This action was recently. You know that janitors was banging and it's pretty little panties how he was. He just handed him a car. The Helms Burton ACT, like you know you make weapons and we can and you say you're, it is an important issues are centred on internal transcended under Donald Trump Boom. He got rid of it. A Donald Trump thought prop. I guarantee you abolish like there's no reason to send this elude so much public support, and one of these I can get get rid of that. That's a dumb ass law and then issued and an executive order supporting Trans rights, including restroom access and one of our researchers out there tat out who shall remain nameless. I want to give away. Anything was actually look, Yet. This is part of the current bill. It's coming up some leeway and cover this. Next week we have there trying to make California's laws that they ve institution for the state and a federal I fed orally yeah right. So that's
it does not just in a clear all of this is a framework so that, when you too doesn't abide by laws. Just without people, social media sites don't abide by the actual laws that we have and they create new ones. In other words, if you're in a single party consent stately product, very tough new, you are, so blower and you document someone breaking the law and they say I don't want that that you up there Youtube, will take it down. We ve had that happen, so that actually flagrantly goes against constitutional law goes against state law in the United States, but they will create new laws and rules really don't exist. For example, you cannot cover you can not indicate that a trend, individual could be a potential rape threat to women. Now this is away when it's convenient to enforce the law. However, big tech runs and that's a section two thirty, this entire process here is designed to create a federal framework that big technique and towards our hands. Look look, look. You can't do this because a man and woman he puts unaddressed, that's where the is going and they ve made it clear. If you rest concern if you can
this agreement, that is, its equipment, violence right and it's also hate speech. They said that in their as well in the letter to you that this was hate speech again that nebulous thing that you cannot deny and I have yet to see somebody give me a part like a good definition. And let me know exactly what I cannot say hate speech of the same guy who, by what we talked about this blue Blair, Scandal was that I was ten nice to Blair. Why, as I must not believe the trains dangers to the scandal with me is that I give gay people hugs and treat them well. How dared and then also say we're probably think that you shouldn't be a you know- have unprotected sex in trucks. Ups, that's hates me. Does me, I don't hate you you. Why do you hate truck stops? Well, look, there's a lot of reasons and I hate truck stops, name them primarily the two I was actually Sultan. That's not true! Now it's not there was a deep thought for my aunt trapper him well dinner. He, like
in two thousand seven, its aim. Just to give you an idea in Canada, we saw this coming right, Jordan, Peterson's whole thing. The kind of blew up was Bill C sixteen, but he fought against with transistors. Making it basically criminal to refer to them outside of their preferred pronounce it included. in all of these other things, I'm not going to go through the evident to me to read that the court's here look there's nothing. We join Petersen before any other american show how to mommy, covering the website lot with greater. He by the way, use the prefer pronouns of most of his students had said. I will not be compelled. I won't sign onto compelled language. I dont think that you get to change words and force people to use them or arrest them keep in mind. This is a country comedians have been arrested and so have pastors and Canada for wrong. Think and for hate speech. Jordan Petersen is actually quite liberal and a lot of people don't understand. He said I will not allow the government to compel language so all oppose it well and in so doing. to California and twenty nineteen California Democratic, Senator Scott. Why do some wiener winner
it is also a guy who is also the guy who spearheaded the non consent. Laws he's a guy where, if you, if you have a festering aids, riddled penis you don't have to notify a partner when you, when you forty eight with them. Wait. We don't know that was his priority. Sb to thirty nine is out to TAT was part of his own eyeing agenda when he got into office. The other eight points we're just naked body than the law. I wish I had tickets for applying the just said. California, and a little brief suitcase just leave with right now, where's ego and off the list
all of this just read my sea just a leather language would then I guess what other tough day eighty essay? Who now? Why do I explain this so yeah he's he's known for the HIV thing which gosh I thought that was a problem. I thought you had to. Let somebody know that day by the way before we have sex- and I give you this- you know- deadly Disease potentially that strudel now, but give value at his way would have been able to switch the garden literally. It would be the right thing. Morally. Now, of course now, why would you do that by the way? The other reason is that this was on the books. You we had a guy ensure Chad with eight Chad feel extremely grain is HIV and he was raped by someone and there's a whole community in the gay community called bug, chasers and gift get area who want to get each other
because they feel like it makes them a part of the club gay appreciate the choir, but I found it. I know I know I just really give Duma and he talked about it did not. He was not a bug gesture, but he got involved in this community and it was a gift giver who written so we got HIV. So this is an actual problem. This is the reason that the law is being proposed. That was before people, because this is a problem. We should make it so that if someone is HIV Aids, they aim to disclose it before having sex with someone guy, said no, that's discrimination, because it would stigmatize having unprotected sex with someone. If you have AIDS I don't worry. We Greeks dig. What's the weird gifts, giver guessing centre for a bigamy shoot your dad? What I wanted by surprise present for your later, what is it better have a drink? First, even ahead, Look there Joseph Violet surprise enjoy sitting on your new buck. There's no
there's no seat now and what is the thing that the seats on mechanically every pedal mattresses when level. What what what then? What is better that one was aloft so his, I think that it was noted, for the other reason that I love using your terms, inappropriately male born Trans women inmates to enter women's prison camp. As is that what I did, I knows, just turned up: it's you did work, you can take, they didn't look at. You and also in the UK prison service instructions allow male born Trans women, access to loans, campuses and now one in fifty male prisoners identifies trans according to the daily telegraph. How one in I wonder, or as we call it progress especially, wonder why there would be this rise, potentially in people identifying Esther
gender, if you're surrounded by men, all the time you like well look, I'm gonna do some time. I'd rather be with the women. I will tell you my exact exact reasoning as too. Maybe you I got sick of it. So, let's say in a hypothetical world of course: let say my daughter was raped at school, hypothetically hypothetical, obviously it's like somewhere on the east coast of these costs. Hypothetically, my daughter was raped at school by a bisexual boy and escort hypothetical hypothetically and the school board. Try to We put under the rod, told me that I didn't believe my daughter even though there was a rate kit conducted and then the boy went on to actually actually assault another. Now someone raped my daughter, hypothetically hypothetically, I could kill them now, hypothetically. What would happen? Is it adjusted. Hey you now. I understand in your report. You can go on killing people, especially in skirts. but I understand, judge I will take the sentence and I will take life in prison. However, pull up my skirt, I'm a lady. Now
That would be my plan and you can't question me and yet what I would do if ever I was sent to prison for life, I would actually like I'm a woman, an obese always from it there, like. You, can't make that look. You bid on air. No. This is the whole point right. This is the catalogue there was, few people in the right of all their secretly sexually repressed. I back that's true, I always did they show a sexually repressed. I was hiding the fact that I was living alone. Transgender, this whole time look there's hours upon our hours and hours, millions of people that we can show. The point is, I was always a woman, see didn't you see my, controversially was crying for her hold, honours, we're lipstick on and do an eye shadow really the whole time. I just never hug me off and he was macho and you're gonna be more present that just make,
common sense? You just have to follow the penis Stephen S, true scientific, and if they would say no, no, we heard you say on air on the point of the show. That was a crazy. That's gonna get ripped out of context. It really is yeah, oh yeah, stable grounds, as you suggested. I have always felt like. I am a woman. If I go to prison, if you should got. Breast shoves, a transgender we'd, never be kicked off. You two logical trying to say now: that's absolutely correct: why addresses a transgender Stephanie? That's how I got an interview with Wendy David at the women's March, and my wig and hat flew off and you and I was gonna get. This is amazing and it's gonna notion is ignored or have totally fine, Tell me about pussy Emma Economics. Don't don't grandma,
personally, I have I'm kidding inhabitant, I'm kinda like I was allowed to behave horrible. Thus she gave any of you by the way that day to no one else, to know where she was walking it, I'm not taking interviews amounting enemies as even far transgender. Well, I guess I have a couple of minutes of all the time. You should do a segment transgender privilege where we just take you and let you say the most awful, although we did that we didn't have a guy related, the more we did gay privilege, not transgender, privileged area where there is the new thing right. So it's the newest thing that gets the privilege The thing is, it must be clear. No one hears legal said, look with glare white was here, have had plenty of transgender people on the show. You would never treat them poorly would never end you, wouldn't you would never bring up. I would never bring up to a transgender personally by the way, if you're sentenced to life, I think you should be with the men wouldn't come up. I still hold that opinion. You don't have to express all your opinions all the time, The issue of someone asked you about it today,
firm and be true to what you believe that doesn't mean that you have to be hateful. Just like it's not hateful to say this. This person rate to girls I think that's the problem, I would never say all transgender rapists, because I don't believe it. Of course, I don't believe it. who's covering the new one hundred and twenty one and fifty is just a loss- and I think it's okay to point that out and say that there are people out. There were really like this and then there's creme out there who are using this is a loophole right to hurt other, and that was the argument that all conservatives all right look. You can go to lest I dont you real leftists, would agree with you on absolutely absolutely but concern we're straw man, because what happens is unlike what we do where we show what the let's right, we show you a clip, I don't want to try and steal manner. I gotta listen to what they're saying. Listen to the context. What would happen is Ben Shapiro rush limit. Sean Hannity market take all of these people. They were all saying,
and always saying I am not suggesting that all France people are rapist, and that there are simply going to use the bathroom lot right, people what I am suggesting and they all share. This opinion is that this makes it. Very easy for sexually FR men men to gain access to a place which they didn't have before, which could absolutely to be dangerous for women. That was always in the left said there It says that all transgendered Roper's, that's not what they said. Then it's not what we're saying no in the village could protect the women, because like oh, we see someone who looks like a man going into a women's rights restroom that always going to be wrong, sir you're going into the wrong restroom. We don't have to worry about. Did I hurt your feelings? I was worried about where you going to molest somebody or rape, somebody or assault somebody in that restroom right now, made it so blurry that I can't say that anymore, I can't go up anyway. and go I mean, did did, did you do the bottom to or is it
real like. What's going, are you a man or a woman? What's goin on here, you go into this place now I can't say anything about it. There was hardly like you said the entire time and we ve pray the ties, the feelings of a few over the safety of women. What's ethical retirement of tough, safe ouch- fades why everybody does it hurt about faulty and aids are worth so remember, Donald without I said, and by the way, this is like the Bernice interesting when I do to vouch. For I know, that's not really really felt she talks like what I bring is the truth. Ok, I can do a fourteen percent, don't feel like it I don't like him, so I want to make him see more noise. I do terrible. One may say my interested jerky boys, for I thought it keeps asking why you if this dog is broke. Michael are you. I guess is told me: I didn't cheer re. Nobody was out there. You said there is nothing intrinsic about homosexual behaviour and aids right, that's what he said and then he said
I tried to extend an olive branch to that. community wild on Y Y. Here's the point doktor faulty and the left at that point war, more concerned with hurting gay people's field, and so they lied about age who do you think most died from AIDS, gay people while you don't want to hurt feelings, I don't want them to die. You say this no connection between homosexual behaviour of demographics and HIV Aids and I say hold on a second. Thirdly, there is, and there are two behavioral patterns and if you avoid decrease your chances of getting aid from very high to zero percent, don't have unprotected anal sex, particularly with men, and don't use dirty drug needles. You to say that that was hateful. If that was up there, if found, she had said that you think fewer people would have but we are more concerned about hurting feelings and saving lives and wrong
that same track. Now we're more concerned about not hurting feelings, then we are that the fifty nine percent of male to female transgender inmates in the UK we're sex offenders, we're more concerned the scoreboard about Cuba up appearances, love than to young girls being raped feelings matter, I get it. Feelings cannot supersede actual dangers, murders deaths from diseases, rapes that are largely preventable. No one is saying that people can have feelings and, though, shouldn't be taken into account when we're having conversations, you can't do so at the cost of reality and facts and truth and your feelings are always real, but they're, not always reliable rights that we do so
in this case. Anyone. I realise that I am I right. That's all right, so you like to go that all of our statistics for two. This is where mobile here's, I would usually say, piss off Youtube right now. We can do but we're not doing piss off Youtube, and so I think today this will all be on rumble, I guess private yet so I will just say smash that, like stress that rumble button, that's it I'm about in this is usually would go off. You tube and take your chats days that different, if you guys, have some questions and, of course, the promo code, you watching a novel or, if your listening on audio I'm look, did you you every time units, nice, people, consider doing for twenty years off, like how much variously their ears, yes, so this we want to take them. Yeah, I want to see if we have any good chat over here. Do we do Ah right, yes, Array, John,
our once now. Why is the trench dinner community not upset with all of this there people using their community to escape these horrible crimes? Room? That's a good question, but that's That is a very good question. I think there are some who are upset, it's not allowed enough voice to change course, direct its debt to correct this course. We need you is to be a little bit more. We need you people to be a little bit more. Kind of like we need no Muslims to be more vocal in this territory. and I don't mean a few american Muslims who say: that's bad. I mean people in these islamic countries. I mean people here who are championing women's rights, people who are championing gay rights who aren't even muslim. You need to be clear. It should upset you enough to correct course, but again, the region. We don't hurt you wise of women's Lib going after this. Why are called they either called terse yeah. Let's humans are called curves yeah like J K, rolling, whose opposite noted, feminist odyssey noted leftist is a turf so a lot of women. I had
back on this is on in Michigan the show I had an debate between a lesbian and a transgender individual about women's only spaces and got pretty heated as lesbian was angry she was going to the body you. I can never seeing rack and were in her space, though this time how there are no women's, only spaces anymore and how his all change and how uncomfortable it was and how people direst and that this affects women. It affects lesbian into just tack on tee to algae, be she said, wasn't the same thing. The aspect by the way you do know where you know it's not the same thing, because they claim that sexual preferences orientation engender, are different they sandwich it together. something it has the same problem where you have like large, serve races were people in whatever the marginalized groups, as you dont, want to admit it, there's a fly in it because they are afraid that I'll stop their progression right. So it's easier to sweep it under the rock, and I think that's the sad part because
There is a: U guys could have a more successful movement if you did point out the fact that people are manipulating it in really, seems like pretty high numbers and the people that are paying the price. I would say there has been a very successful yeah yeah, but now It seems like that they are, but still, if you major success by just you know getting everything you want regatta behaviour or if you understand by actually keeping people safe, town dolls. But I understand we write, it seems like the
It's done under one that kill in it. She s just read. I Gerald not at all your fine, I mean existed it sucks, because I'm going back through these things in my head that we talked about today and there were several instances, one was a five year old, almost eleven year old One did. It was once a college. Let it go now it wasn't. None of them were working their way through college day there were experimenting their own to perpetrate none at all I mean these are the people that are paying the price, so the adults, or out of your screwing around, and not understanding that you need to have a conversation about the real threats that are posed when people take your best intentions and manipulate them and you're, not looking at kids and going, oh god, you're the ones paying for our decisions. The stupidity that we are doing right now for public policy is hurting you. This has to be course acted order. There's no mongering words like the very civilization I mean this has to be course directed. You cannot that men and women are not a thing. You cannot put most vulnerable among you, namely your children and women.
From men in spaces where sexual assault can take place. You cannot allow that happening and continue to have a functioning society now, but you certainly should never let women carry firearms to protect themselves from these idiotic Paolo got. No, you can't do anything based on fear. Right is the complete fear, being cancelled or losing your job or anything else, because you're saying something, that's hateful, which has nothing to do with eight. Yet does nothing. Do they dont Height John D hate it. I ate some study on the ground. Our thing just want to get back. I let that by it I let that rank higher labour spiders egg Island, let not rest after a couple a couple years, but the ground, doubtless tourism. I think I'm amputees well today, a yoke limb different dies. I love them different pay, indifferent there are low different in their limits and allow for our angles. Shake their ghost hand. Oh my god,
Pinocchio. Since you lost both arms, we can really have a go of it all right. Let's go to the next like here. I work your legs to now question. If the crowd or cruel change gender? What would be your new names? Mine was definitely already how lazy and I've done it an inner and destroyed the political career of a woman who is poised to be the first female presidential candidate, Wendy Davis. Catch up which was not my intent, but it s silver loud like now. Take it when exactly so Stephanie staff on me for years be their Gerald, I mean it's, they did the cheesy one girl Dana. Yeah. But you know I back. Do you think of something better thanks? What would you be Dave Dave, Mender, Huggin kiss. I, like you I would like our own Gb Margaret again in an iron school Margaret, quite that even the most respected female head of state ever. Could you do
Legally, you have to be wander cassettes. Jamie Fox was on a living collaborate the other day. I want one while just said the leg, giant ghetto booty Rocky were always Owen Fashion, right now to others be Haagen Roma hateful. That was Morgan. That word is either way. You know it's all. Also non threatening is sort of like get raped by Morgan, even not by enlarging no organ knowing it blew up at big. I started out on. You call not Morgan Morgan, just Morgan, just Morgan, I'm sorry, it's like me chair Baron Madonna gonna, make out rape Drake knows almost nothing, please remember that at the Vienna AIDS or never wasn't, she said, and he actually gets up and is it tastes like tastes like Ben?
hedges and Ben Day that's crazy, but I have no idea of someone who control and bring up the Madonna kiss. We don't need to. I mean it s really do rang out Madonna. Let me know when you haven't Madonna, kissing Drake. It was it so I'd wars going and she was in a chair, its reaction. After Sheikh, like it was There is also share a kiss but she's like please. I cannot go on like this like like and dragged me to hell with the involvement, fluid and then she's any actually like shoves are often usually like Wales, a very sore of almost pretty who and I know some of her relatives because you know she's from Shore mission in the house where she recorded like a virgin worshipper landed to be a virgin. You may like of like a virgin Saint Ives, Irony Blair, all very verse, tat because it was like she wasn't, but it felt like you re,
exactly because I don't want her first time had counted them first time either to go, but yet using Abacus Joe Juno lyrics, are not lyric. Speaking now. Well, if you lyrically go through a song, it will tell you what it means: our lives are the wrong and that all of us on what it is actually true that so aims strawberry fields for exactly what I was thinking about. Ok, you're doing I'm gonna throw fields, nothing is and nothing you get hung about strawberries and Ngos. living is easy with eyes, closed misunderstanding now you see, it's easy against some work. something that it all work sound it does.
Matter much to me? What the? What does that mean? I amount that year in year it means all your friends took our less d found a kaleidoscope and aeroplanes. Did you read, write right now, that's not obvious, and then I am. It's obviously have no contacts and for as much as rainbow is a crappy songwriter. We can all agree at least Ok, let me ask you this Dave knows it's important. Rain Gostar wrote to I think you may only written to songs, but he wrote two heads for the Beatles Kate. So one was octopus, his garden, I don't even know how and what was the up you don't like the then under the sea, Octopus his garden in the other night. I also beetles, so they took. As you know, I hate the Beatles. You know we other song from Ringo now, yellow summer Oh, I know the number one hit your socks, but I know it. I just wonder like what is with this What is that they wanted? A theme rode up to
she's gone and then I thought would do follow up with yellow submarine cause. It's better had. I saw the octopus as they do. You have anything on land ringer. Well, I've been trying to go with a notable theme with Muslims. Always thinking nerve for number. Three, it be hey. there's a shark! Ok, you know that, Now, no one is a land duel and while you really, you really tell my hands specialities and include a cool you wanted out about a land shout about about like a habit, Pelican led him to bed close enough to work does also point. Ok, what a risk to Rome to going about his day today with his he's restaurant shop it has its own somehow we shall see food. I knew I know, there's gotta be well listen Joan. We cannot just do mind altering drugs and buying an atlas communist. Why not look at her
I go. She looks like every chinese boy. I've ever seen college, just like happy embargoes, and now look at Pasok, EVA stupid, looking base last forever sailing into how high up in another gonna get a rule and shooting term station be replaced by George Curl and Little Bee Mercury home, yes dear shining temptations to it, now the show you a little MR conductor or maybe go star, and it was George Car on their low many conductor. Yeah, that's for Thomas the tank and and started was shouting time station. It was a sub show of the kids. The station, what's in pinky from Greece, was a lady who ran it and the kids, like Mr Conductor, little man would come out and for some reason I wouldn't freak out like so many human. Let me tell you a story about tumors. The turn comes in and he is a friend who was who was Bobby the cool drank and he was a real, Dick blows whistle and I go to Thomas a tank engine story, and that was
nowadays we Logan he's a real dick, but they chopped off Egypt at all things. So is more of a crease o better all right, let's go additives, William Madonna, little short clip of etiquette you just did banana yeah he's sitting in a chair, writin she's like yeah. This is the result of my powers. This wheelchair, DR here here, what now watch now is enough enough. It was clear that really matter mad, cigarettes. So even if I were watching a movie years ago- and we were in areas like the preview plays- and so the sprite commercial starts and outside there was Drake work I was, I was, was it for? She was last night
ever yours name greatest us into a new sentinel, tough, but there he asked. Did you hear second lyric after the second line? Goes like us, Brian Ankle boy, you're, not gonna, play with a spring angle. You will you gonna, think even a rap about being a bitch Spic Stephen. I can't control himself ass brain ankle and I called off my tour. What's he can't control himself and movie theatres, either during the movie or beforehand, and very loudly were like something like that that that our group would like, whatever the butter salt bits, not even a band aid. My mom gave generic ass a bitch band. he's got stuck on me now: I'm stuck Bandy break as jobs are at stake. All me buy. It stops Thackeray The trick we need you to set recommends that immediately ram buried. You step, my! U t, I I think I may have some with a guy cities that comes in
I'm the bandaid man, it's all my face as me. Shot a hundred eighty three, how long it takes me to pass that I'd say about a day. I solved that shit with my ocean spray. Alright, let's go to the next limited seriously. Department, yellow submarine was actually written by palm accordingly and Real Ringo sang it. Do you know what they were like ITALY is number one of the song would not really proud of. You learn giveaways if you like a quarter. Let's move on this
a day of arson and acid trip we started putting a goat, we wrote it, and then we saw it we're like this. You shit. We we set its absolute shit. Let's simmering better sing it. I think we owe him again reserve and worry. Is there another undecided stage what you do? It's not coldplay hearing you gonna live out. Will you gonna outlive half of us will bullets looks terror really couldn't maybe like a second to go to be the last to live with this forever have got to be around for a long time that all right, let's go to the next, yet Amber one's gonna walk around New York, it the most violent time hysteria it. I'm John Lennon quite a bit. Live in. You said you will only do this show why not build on the momentum. Expand into other shows the similar quality of content.
You know what I'll take What I think the show needs we're going to emission signal me come back to you. Do me tell you why? Because I can only do one thing really really really well, and I believe that you have everybody. We just talk about Michael Jordan. Yesterday China play Baseball, Michael Jordan can be the best basketball player who's ever ever lived. He can be a mediocre bay but the same thing when you see a lot of shows that there is very, I mean honestly I would say more common than not people in this industry to have a podcast ever radio show some members hybrid of the two to have a television show, to guess appearances, and if you listen to them, it's a regarded. Nation of the same thing over and over such things there. wanna, be behold into a twenty four hour: cable new cycle. There's no news because I don't have to lie to you, but I know Maybe it's because of the lack of capability. I don't know, maybe I'm a modest talented. It takes me about twelve to fourteen hours to work on this issue, myself. I know that I can put everything that I have into one show and I have
because look you guys are lot. Are you paying sixty nine dollars here from a club and you get for it shows a week from us most a promo curve. Programmes are not succeeding with a problem was happening. Ninety arrive at twenty dollars. Our fight, like hell, you get access to the whole, lays catalogue, but I know that you're subscribing to the show, and so I owe it to you to create the best show I possibly can donor. achieve that. I know that I wouldn't be able to tell myself that looking in the mere, if I had four or five shows I be able to say, did for five good I would not be able to say people pay for this show, and I make the best showed that I absolutely can. I can only poor everything I haven't this. This is the we daily show like this, that I would not. I would love to at the point once my life settled and by an army. Twins twin twins are easy. compared to what we would have to do in the german Italian, really is not easy, but it adds more stress. This is he's been a labour of love, but it's a lot of work. I would love to get to the point where just like it Carson I can. I can have some on the show and they appear
and their shows, are sold out near podcast as well. I would love to be able to produce other shows things that don't involve me at that point having to work so much on their show, but they can work, and I can help supply the capital that something I would do, but I am not going to do another day We maybe we'll do in episodic at some point air. Especial that's different as far the shell of the day, it is louder with crowd or it is mine, it has always been mine, it will he's be mine and we will partner with good companies who we think provide support and its mutually beneficial. I always own control. The show- and I was always make sure that all of my energy on a daily basis goes into this show, because that's what I promised you that's what you paid for and the only way I can do it Doing one is excellently as I can. That's just that's just me and I'm trying to get out there to like a little many tour, maybe to kind of fun. Maybe I'll do it I'll say maybe I'll doings. It doesn't hurt to show just don't throw your concrete milkshakes you of another country,
about it until I wake up elevator, I wonder what answer fry asian, gay men? That's true the hard core of just cut, my measles, I bet because it I want to confuse them through that's gonna. I don't love government intervention, but do you think the government should break up info monopolies like group? Absolutely, of course look. I don't government intervention either in and I'm sure Gerald enable have some opinions here, but I'm not a libertarian on this because no have you generally have companies that are more powerful than world governments and the reason there more powerful is because of protection afforded to them by government. The reason Google, the reason Twitter, the reason Facebook have been able to create effectively Tripoli, really what we twitter really shouldn't be noted, is not even close, but the reason for that is because the government protects them from section two. Thirty, only a select group of of websites, Get the protection they dont have liability protection and these people work and the hallowed halls of government. If you wanna talk about big money in politics, look at big tech. So I understand havens. The free market.
I understand you can't break them up, will actually, even if it's a free market, you can break up monopolies because that can be debtor talk to the market and to the consumer. That being said, these companies did not sprang up to their level to the free market. Would not have been able to had there been an actual free market and that needs to be fixed? Now you have a government that if they want to break em up, There are going to want to break them up and say, look, look, look we're gonna do this I'm gonna go leaning on you. If you make sure that you force. Our are our speech conduct rural, so we have common ground on a solution, break em up make sure you don't you dont send, or anything how Youtube algorithm a thing of the past in the sense that you're a search engine go back to search Facebook, If someone wants to look for a source somewhat to look for a new story, you have no right to send them to something else. You guys were protected under section, two! Thirty, because you are, you are effectively digital tat, squares and your search engines. You are a tool
now, you're an editorial magazine. People can find the info they are searching for because you have people, during that, so you are fulfilling your under the bargain, I'm going to wake you up, and so honestly, I think what you just said: it's two thirty. You didn't have to break them up. If you do, thirty, you just sue them into oblivion for what they are doing well at this point, you'd have to break them up to empty. At this point, you have to break them up retroactively, they wouldn't be attitudes, but I think you while the above there is a problem on Facebook gets beg because of two thirty right and then I'm sorry becoming they could be competitor and then Facebook buys instrument, but, and then are Google advise you to write well, they went after Ma Bell right. That was back in the day. They are breaking up telephone companies. They went after Microsoft for Anti Trust LAS like if you're gonna go after these giant, Chinese? For? What they're doing? Are you telling me that Google and facebook- and these guys are not doing the exact same thing just buying up other competitors and probably having unfair trade practice? I don't know I
everything going on with apple in the abstract and developers and creators being able to fully access that right. It is all of that just happening, unlike at nobody's, doing anything wrong anymore what'd. You honestly, though, because if they want to break of a monopoly, they have to google how to break up a monopoly ah and when they do it, it just says that that black screen we saw earlier is not in itself, but the links are just like his every Tina. I wasn't certainly goes Everett penis. I was searching for fully intact. Penis seven Venus was the code. Don't you agree? example of this recently. I dont know all of the ins and outs here, but for years senator for years I was widespread, and I was whispered because it cheaper there, the only companies offer unlimited. At that point it was awful it was brought out right now. No! No! I didn't get reception errors of eighteen million. Criticism appeared in time or eighty anti said unlimited, but they ve that'll, do after only a few gigs in Spain was the one that we actually offer unlimited, but they had the worst network donation now,
I was saying hey. I get back door it in with its unlimited and for a long time. They were talking about this merger between Sprint and T Mobile and, I think, was going to be purchased partially, but Timmy know about this. But Softbank is like this japanese banker business. and because of anti trust laws. Actually weren't allowing this to happen given by this point, was really just for rising and eighteen tee, so the argument was well not right. Now, for competitors, but really they had to competitors into non competitors through T Mobile and sprint and T mobile. Right, we're saying hey. If we're able to merge, We could genuinely provide a third option. Eighteen applied arise in which right now we're not able to do so. There is a whole period of raising capital and, after a few years of the goddamn demonstrates- and I just Didn'T- stick it out, but now Sprint T Mobile. They ve. Have you guys seen the t, mobile stores? Have you guys the t, mobile ads. They want from fourth tear too now claiming the most reliable are the best coverage, but everyone's phone plans have gotten significantly better because you added a third competitor. Now you have
Some people live we on the left, saying if you allow T Mobile and sprint to merge, you're gonna, have we fewer a competitor, but free market people are saying look right now. There are only two competitors and if these Second, strengthen betters want to come together to actually create a law your company, we think that's a good thing and guess what it's been tremendous. You now have better coverage faster coverage for less money. T mobile brought a lot of people over by offerings cheap programmes for people over the age of fifty five. So think anyone here wants to argue that self, plans are worse now than the era of only eighteen tee and rising and that's a primitive where you have to look at and it's ok right, do we want a free market? I don't think it's free market say sprinting. T mobile can't merge right now, I understand, and in others actually brings it up like we're on a platform right now that is trying to compete with you to right. There
trying to build, rumble right, we're on and have how do maybe we'll find ramble or they would set for them on. Google. Good luck that exactly and before that there was parlour and are not defending anything. The parlor did, but parlor basically lost its right to exist and well. How do you feel about that? But guess. controlling hasten Amazon like now you can ever surrounding apples. We we had a problem just with having a shirt. I no but shop. If I could kick you off, because they like you know not, and I don't want you to think shop if I didn't kill us off because of an earth they kicked us off because of me Oh it's more. We didn't sell the social ills, referenda shirts. I thought it was in the mystery bar no, not at all. We have done away with the mystery box. I learned my lesson, but sharp, oppose like I would like you, what what what's wrong with commercial? Like you, the reason Is that not discriminating against belief and look look, if you want to say they have the right to I understand
but not if you believe that bakeries have to be forced into baking for a pacifically gay wedding, not a gay cake, specifically being involved in a gay wedding. You can't have that both a heterosexual cake for a gay wearing s, agile? Ok, I get it. oh nothing to Adam Sites is offering a keeper. Let's go to one more chat and then I think we'll get going. You guys you're on Roma, appreciated and we're still get by we're. Still gonna be streaming Macleod next week it says things, don't change we're just not on the Youtube. Just tell your friends tell your friends and if you can shed a story about a lot of cutting to come so people understand. What's stay here and not us, it's you. You can't speak out against these policies. I found her. Many tissues wants to know. Indeed, your christian faith becoming around from what your parents tat you. Good question Gerald even Anti. Could I have a specific answer and it's gonna surprising people? Ok, probably in high school
It's always a little earlier, like I kind of when I had my kind of conversion experience early on twelve, where real. I was allowed. Russia thing. Yet what now they they dont means that they weren't letting me up until I said yes, Spain and goals say shudder island. I was based on his converter for ever, but no probably in high school, where I sort of kind of living it out a little bit more in getting involved in such like that, and not like that day, o getting involved in programmes and really trying to to help and start mentoring and everything else like out we're like this. This is something that I really do. This isn't just what Mamma had taught me yeah, but from an early age. My parents engaged with me on all this stuff and made sure that I understood what we are talking about. If I had questions, I could ask, and then so they wouldn't have all the answers right, but we're gonna point you to the scripture the does, and you can answer questions are so I think my parents did a great job of making sure that if this faith was not something that was spoken,
and not lived. It was something that they did live out, wrap it and just say it and give it lip service. That's a good point! Nothing! It's important that nobody is a Christian, because you raise decryption, not visitors, you could say, but I was raised christian everyone has to choose at some point to become a christian period. That's the nature of the faith. It's not! It's not passed down to values can be how you raise, but at some point or another you have to make the decision to remember the court a bucket, I would say kind of about about the same time high school year. age. Where was I was like you said I was raised in a christian home, but it wasn't ever forced on me. It wasn't like yeah. You have to do these things and I can't I just came through it on my own, my friends, I need a church and then I went there are more often and there's a big event and I accepted it. Point point which I already had known in already knew all this other steps. Beijing The Bible in a new Jesus and in garden the Holy Spirit, and it wasn't it
so then were aroused like a kid. I think I'm ready on my yeah myself, but I think, whereas a heart change here, up in the spotted into the new kind of still. Oh, oh you're still continue working through it get out of here. Ok, so close now, ivy honest, I mean I'd. I was raised catholic I have my issues with faith because of stuff that I've gone through in my life, but I do believe in God and I attend Bible study when Gerald does it for you to tell me about it. And I do go to bibles, I'm I'm interested in what people have to say. I think that's adding I'm trying to be open minded and you all kinds of stuff. I think. I'm gonna go muslim extremists, but right now I want to try. If I don't, we compete with the virgins. I just want to know why we agree that sooner or later, you're gonna want someone with a little more professional experience and that's when you come over eighteen Jesus.
I will be outside us now leave on this- I think I've already communicated the Trans desolate before I go to the christian thing or communicate when last few read this language Kay. to be really clear, and this is something you we have so many issues and how many times I get suspended on twitter notification or we get strikes on you too, that aren't heart happens all the time and I dont want to turn it into a story because it becomes white noise the issue here is, of course, that our episode has been taken down and that we are not able to stream. We are not able to communicate with you based on language from Youtube itself, which, can says you are not allowed to target the transgender community in an offensive. Men are not a violent manner in it Fence of manner, for example, by indicates being the trans people pose a great threat to women in this?
they. Conversely, this is not by happenstance. I would argue, I don't think it is. Then it just comes down with this language. The day that a story goes national, that a young girl was raped by a transgender individual in the school. Not enough was done, and he went on to rape somebody else. If you are a parent and you believe that boys are boys or if you are a parent whose pro transgender, but you believe there should be some kind of a standard to allow transgendered into girls, restrooms or boys restrooms, for example, that should be confirmed. You You may be a voice, your opinion here, the town hall immediately voice your opinion public square. He can't voice your opinion on the digital Square, a tunnel this line. Which says, if you say hey, I dont want this path. I see to come into place which we ve gone over ad nauseam today. I am concerned that my daughter is in more danger, then not had there not been deposits of being raped, a being sexually assaulted, you're, not allowed to say, you're, not allowed to say that things that this is
so scary? These companies who controls? of information are now saying that you are not allowed to say things that you ve, ways been allowed to set anywhere in public people. This is how people communicate right now there's no regulation and certainly no regulation forcing them who abide by the two thirty laws and honouring the first amendment in the United States, we had a very recently taken down because Japan said it was a problem are blocked in Japan because they don't have the same freedom laws as we have in United States. You know what I think you tube here anymore. we're company. You wanted the american laws, whether in Japan or not. I don't care, I dont care Germany has I don't care what Japan says. I dont care in Canada. They can jail for you for a joke. You may your bones here in the United States because of our constitution because of the first amendment, an yes because of the second amendment. I know that most of you don't carry firearms over their Google headquarters in Palo Alto, but guess what you
have low rent, guys, probably people who you were you forced to wear masks like the met gala, while you don't who do protect you with guns, just to be clear. Your honor laws of the country that allowed you to be a multi billion dollar company and you, you oughta the protection afforded to you that that alone, your liability of stuff being posts on your website right because you're not be doing, you are not an editor, or page. In other words, the only reason you tube is not New York Times washed in post is because, they cannot change what use if its offensive. If the washing postponement, Defamatory, the defence of their reliable. You, too, is not only if they make sure that that suffers aloud, That's important to note this is not directed at us. This is directed at you, it's directed at you in a very specific time. People think that work go quietly in the night. That's not going to happen. This is how we fight like Albert
fight it legally. We are going to fight it publicly and we are going to shame them because it's a valuable tool going back to the question here. You know it's funny. I was raised Christian and I was raised- a question in a christian household, great parents and even was baptized at a young age by choice There are seven or eight. So understood all of it. I guess you could say sort of like on a technical level. Right was kind of mechanical, but I do remember the moment and I'm not I'm not. A guy he's had a lot of like spiritual experiences. I remember the moment rife felt. Ok, I'm said: will you and it was me sitting in my our apartment- raises three bedroom one bathroom partner. Me and my brother for people, and we were sitting in the kitchen on eighty eight reed and my father had just gone to see. The passion of the crisis friend had seen the passionate the crest and he said, there's use really impact foreseen in the film because
There is an English and have some of them are make, and I dont know why this for summary, connected with me, I think, was because, even though I was crushed Christian, I felt like look. I think a lot of us feel like a piece of shit, and you understand that God forgives you in the christian faith. You really feel like you deserve it. You know why cause you don't. and so I think this is what it was. Like, a Christian that I felt a lot of guilt. I shuffle sure, but man identities, naked pictures or I'm a Christian, but man I'm little cherry bomb on a school toilet or whatever it was. The point is- I feel like I was worthy forgiveness. Even I understood that ok Guide wants to forgive me whatever so is talking about, we see, the passion that right you haven't seen it at this point, and he mentioned the scene. He said where thief on the cross is mocking Jesus Christ, one of the thieves anything if your Jesus, why don't you just feel if you're, the the great I am? Aren't you take yourself down from that cross, fear something so special. You guys know this from across. Enjoy
I looked up and started saying something I believe us our amendment. Was he barrette or known the passion, the Christ? What was speaking in a different language. And the sea fast. What is he sang and was mocking and he was trying to embarrass final embarrassment, most humiliating painful time of Jesus Christ, heaping crucify kind of thorns This is why what does he sang and the other thief said, he's praying for you and for me- it was someone describing the passion of the Christ. I said. Oh that's, real! He's forgiving that guy Doesn't matter what my search history is? Doesn't matter the things that I have done, I really do have a direct line to someone whose goal is to love and forgive me and there was a switch. It was almost like a feeling of warmly on the back and I had a can't describe it, but I've never felt it were, and there was a peace, and I was when I decided. Ok, I get it now and one to the best of my ability is flawed as I am serve and- and that got the rest of my life so try to do it did
and then every now and then we make some transgender because it's in we will see you Monday.
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