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Republicans conspire to block witnesses and Iowans get ready to caucus like the country depends on it. LIVE from Iowa City, Jon is joined by filmmaker and activist Michael Moore, Iowa state auditor Rob Sand, Cedar Rapids Gazette columnist Lyn Lenz, and Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker.

They cover the latest on the trial, the primaries, and their perspective on how campaigns are faring on the ground. And we make time for Super Bowl ads, Brad Pitt's looks "hurting" his Oscar chances, and the difference between hot dish and casserole.

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what you're doing as no, what you're doing you figure this out. Lot riding on it. Look, I don't know if intermittent fasting has reached the mid west I am sorry to bring it up at ever. show, but I have a reason. Ok, anyway, the point is, you can only eat in a brief window. Few hours, a day trial constrictor eating, and I know this isn't you're supposed to do it. I know it's wrong. My view is during window anything. Us. The reason I raise this. Because, while I'm in iowa sixteen there's a day, I'm still coastal ali aren't. I just am, but for that magnificent window of comestibles I'm all heartland. I want your butter burgers. I want your cheese kurds,
I may live in los angeles, but during those magnificent eight hours, unlike Amy closure, got me p pregnant and he swallowed. Baby in a car, hard jacket and left it at that or sever the indianapolis speedway great, to be out of the hands neurotic. Orient named after a virtual melvin hand, you're famous we're having worse name in american history, all right, let's get into it, what a week we begin with a john bull, in bombshell, but not the kind he likes to drop on the middle east, it is the first one that bugs you, the new york times, did that John Bolton, former national security adviser who was hired by tromp after the decline of silent films, meant he can no longer
sue S, passion of tying women too train tracks has written a book, Claiming present trump told him directly that tromp was blocking aid to ukraine until ukrainian officials helped with political investigations of the violence, according to trumped offenders? This is not true, not a crime. If it is true, and if it is true, pretty good. and it is true because its good and it's all, what bind did, which is very bad. some to keep mine bolton. Won't honour a house subpoena. but he will honour a senate subpoena. He won't thereby unless there is a subpoena, but he will testify in his book to that which he wouldn't testify in congress, We have been relying on this come of the earth to find it What's going on in this administration, amr rossa
go Cohen. Now John Bolton bolton's book, which is called room where it happened? That's not, as is real, a name he took from a high school history class, lamb, poetry contest. I got out of hand, we are recording. on thursday night by the time this comes out on Saturday. We will know if we of love, mitt romney, or of everything We said in twenty two was trail And whether we're gonna start talking about that dogs should again I want to bring it up, but the roof How do you know if he's doing ok up there, mitt romney said, is increasingly likely that colleagues will vote in favour of witnesses and set of bones testimony. Its relevant and therefore I'd like to hear it things are. very dark when the phrase its relevant in
therefore, I'd like to hear it is soothing, like mormons c b, john bones must come in the air in this chamber. As house managers and trump lawyers answered questions from senators. I think it's worth going through a few key moments. You probably miss because you can watch television. from sunrise to sunset because of capitalism. door, because your mom limits your screen time. Couple revealing moments so far, not going so well for president trump trying to break out the heavy hitters tabs open, nineteen nineties time capsule and bring out Alan Dershowitz, which is good It also means we can let that girl out of there what are you doing? What are you doing the reality of our disgusting culture anyway. Sure Alan Dershowitz is a scumbag but is also a terrible lawyer.
That's the clip if a president, those something which he believes will help him get elected in the past. Interest cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that result in impeachment. What the idea Anything I do to retain power is in the national interest is story clearly dangerous idea here's another moment that was pretty revealing a question from the moderates. Cinema mansion and the gullible gauss rakowski column questions from senator cinema and the other senators for council for the president, the logan act. prohibits any. U S, citizen, without the authority of the united states, from
indicating with any foreign government, with the intent to influence that governments conduct in relation to any com, poverty with the united states. Will the present a sure the american public, their power. citizens will not be directed to conduct american, for in policy or national security policy unless they have been specifically and formerly designated by the president and the state department to do so just want to make clear that their has no conduct foreign policy being carried on here by a private person, The reference would be too Jimmy giuliani, the president's private council Two volker was clear that he undressed Mr July interest to be a source of information for the president. So, first of all, I like alarming. Like now. I presume you referring to the president's roving international lunatic originally on based on the question, I'm going to assume that the contacts
so he gets up there and says no. No, no! No! No! Hey everybody! Calm down! No one doing rogue foreign policy, no rudy giuliani! in doing national security outside of the state department. None of that. I that's don't worry about that. That out of your mind, it's fine, it's fine and then Adam shift got up there and he said, I think something interesting manages happen Let's roll the clip and answer that question we heard A rather breathtaking admission by the president's lawyer- and it was said, Anne understated way, and so you might have missed it, but what the since council said. Was that no foreign policy was being conducted by a private party here that, is Rudy giuliani was not conducting you foreign policy That is a remarkable admission, because to the degree that they have attempted to suggest or claim- or insinuate that this is a policy difference.
that concern over burden sharing or something corruption was a policy issue They have now acknowledged that the person in charge of this was not conducting policy, I wanted to show that club, because just jenny the enjoy adam shift, leaving chunks of lawyer all over the floor, trumps defences being systematic. The shredded on the floor of the? U s: Senate internationally, televised impeachment trial is my sexual orientation. I want a wiki beat, but for that now is No one would you feed, is a gross website. Where grows people look for a publicly available photos of celebrity feet. I'm really sorry, and I don't know why I'm directing it at you!
as you are so nice and so polite, but you weren't laughing, but not in a mean way just in. I hope something else come soon. What are you doing? You were listening in learning, I'm sorry about that to all oh centre. Elizabeth Warren can be an eye what a campaign, so she decided to ask questions, are sharp you the other point, the agency to rabbits first there was this question which trump lawyers struggle to answer. If ukrainian president zalewski called president trump and offered dirt on, it and political rivals in exchange for president trump. Handing over hundreds of millions in military aid. That would clearly be bribery and unimpeachable offence, so why would it be more acceptable and somehow not impeach above for the reverse? That is for president trump to propose this same corrupt bargain
Technical that is contrary to what the facts were here, to try to suggest that maybe there's some element of bribery That's all beside the point. We have specific facts we have evidence that has been presented in the record. We have specific articles- and agent. It doesn't say bribery, it doesn't say extortion and there's no way to get that into this case. At this point, the question was good. It was a really hard question. It was one of those questions where you here in your like: yeah. Why is it better crime started with our guy should not be worse crime started with their guy, it be obvious, but the crime, sir, with our guy. That's now better moments ago. Elizabeth warrant submitted this court at a time when large majorities of americans have lost faith in government. Does the fact that the chief Justice is presiding over the impeachment trial in which
Hoboken senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence. Tribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the supreme court and the constitution. Mister chief justice, nice legacy again there'll, be a crying shame is something would happen to it say. It goes through the window of your legacy say a couple. Rocks Karen you legacy, don't make it to the depot to see them is the chief justice, which is why between us, I'm hoping to see some witnesses anyway. Let's see item ship responded. That I would not say that it contributes to some confidence in the chief justice. I think that chief justice has presided admirably, I think. Right matters. I think, trial matters, and I think that the country deserves a fair trial if they dont get that fair trade, It will just further a cynicism that is corrosive
to this institution and to our democracy, Adam shit, man just crush on it, but while he's in a fight in DC another fight taking place right here in our transition We are one weekend away from me. I will talk is, and I am happy to announce that if I could congress on Monday personally and only speaking for myself here, I caucus everybody getting along While Elizabeth Warren Bernie sanders and Amy Klobuchar are stuck in washington for the impeachment hearings, Joe Biden your young people, to judge or on the ground hustling in the home stretch, amiot surging in some late. I will poles, which is definitely idea of the poles know what's good for them Andrew Yang is currently on a seventeen day. Buster around I was seventeen days and a bus seems like a lot of work that can probably be automated and
and birdie and Biden, our trading front runner status in every major pull this past week they are neck and neck, which is a little gross because What are their necks are pretty lose at this point earlier this week, mayor pete was ass at a town hall about the tragic death of kobe bryant and respond by saying there are millions of people morning because they were inspired by what he did on the field and what he meant off the fields and then, someone said: did you see that gaffe, and I said what gap did you see what he said? I said what's wrong with it: it's not a field. It's a chord. I was like. Oh, who gives a fucking shit, and then mayor p was ass, if you'd ever attended nba game- and he said I have not had the pleasure you don't laugh at him. Shame on all of you! Yes, mayor p did say that, like mitt, romney sampling, atinas pizza role, but why is it a gas if you must speak about drag raising, but not if you may speak about drag raise your lawyer.
how this is to be authentic by better no the fuckin strike? I sports authentic, like what I fucking like you. Don't you study up watch that suit, both between the forty niners Kansas city team, with a name. Where are we kidding ourselves here? We're we're still doing this. way on this issue of not knowing very much about basketball, I'm with mayor p, no doubt nobbing every time Every time I say the name mayor, pete, nah bad. I like their pete. I like them all. As I said, the imo cognizance just days away and because some of the kind
It couldn't be here. I thought to help all the candidates out with a final push, so a lisa and Travis are gonna supply me with a candidate name on the screen and then as fast as I can, I mean to give the best pitch. In three words, I can think of four I caucus for that person on Monday alright, here we go. Tom sire, breeze best friend, Bernie sanders, yeah good, ok, Michael Bloomberg, anger which dad, but this one of you and your yang, let's get wild we would warn because, of course, carbon neutral neutral. I'm neutral amy closure dark combined. a sensible ideas. Maybe we wants it. Healthy gabert lesson Joe Biden. We can get in there
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Parachute, home dot com, slash lot of our back, he's an academy award winning documentary filmmaker and best selling progressive author. Please welcome Michael Moore, the we're doing this. How you doing? I'm doing great, I got the head, you got, the haft got the half hi The big ten sisterhood and brotherhood is actually fifteen teams, but we're not gonna talk sports, How is that easy? It's that easy to heavier thank you for having me just remember- see in fahrenheit nine eleven all those years ago. They you excited a lot of people politics for very long time beyond that you're here. Well, that's very kind of you to say that. Thank you. Thank you.
Now it cyber ok, stop we're all equip, and we can say, ok, stop at any point Sean Hannity the imf, in malaysia. grave, honest, trustworthy and he's always here to give it to you straight comes to law and order. Truth and justice he's your guy and he has a lot to say about trumps crimes. A singular president trump is allowed to talk, is allowed to rent is allowed to exchange ideas with his close advisers, that is, not a crime. Kind of like while you tell you friend, I want to rob this jewelry store. I went around this gross recently is not what Michael listen. When you're blowing off steam with your pounds, do you ever just turned to one of your friends and say god? I just want to rob this jewelry store and then say and here's how I plan to do it.
and then planet for about sixteen months, asking everybody at every fundraiser about it, and then you buy a van your black out the windows, a couple of bags but money and hire a couple of people in joker mass never do that to blow off steam. No- and I think a shaun. is trying to telegraph something to us about what he's been planning to do any. Let me just try this I'll see how this works on national tv and if they don't come for me afterwards, I think we can build isaf. Also, its shown only is now reduced to this argument, because now he's not say trump didn't say it now is reduced to saying, set at all, but he didn't mean it, which is We will place, you have gone, him store, I'm gonna punch this guy in the base somebody's face off, but you never do your and seriously plodding the act. That would not. Crime now would it we all think about things thought blow to our
in constantly these two vieira conservative and when you think both things. That's not a crime in any way. Ok, stop! The good burn was okay. It was a pretty good burn I think I would a landed harder if he wasn't right before that admitting to thinking about killing everybody, you see right right, but this is the honesty of telling us The conservative brain works. You gotta seven points for that wow, then the white house, it certainly not a crime, to talk about policy ideas or to vent. Now of the president, in what they said? It would still be so in significantly meaningless that would never rise to the level of quid pro quo, Joe and zero experience hunter. So for you, senators, it all, If you had a validate thought crime, to smear a duly elected president two hundred and eighty days before the election when the facts
ever change. Why? I also I like the idea that firing and ambassador and withholding aid is a thought crime, because that, extra doktor man and has the first thing I thought of when he's just about thought crimes. Is that Could this be finally the vision that bob Dylan had when he said in that song? If my thought dreams could be seen, they probably put my head inside a gift Is the guillotine coming in november? Is it, next week in the: u s: Senate, metaphorically metaphorically, of course, because John and I are non violent people non violent people, not totally non violent. Of course I've never punched. So that is the deal.
events that we're seeing from Sean Hannity, but before we let you go, I did want to talk a little bit because you've been someone that has been ringing the alarm about wing propaganda for a very long time. I do want to talk about what is doing on offense, and so let's roll everybody is thirty seconds and we'll get to the end of it, and it won't hurt any of us because we're good, let's watch donald trump super bowl ad. America demanded change, Donald trump wins the presidency and change is what we got under president trump. America is stronger, safer and more prosperous than ever before best wage growth. I think we've seen in almost a decade unemployment rate sinking to a forty nine year, low unemployment for african americans. It fell to a new low unemployment for hispanics hit an all time record low. Ladies and gentlemen, the donald j trump and I approve this message so so I know you endorse centres anders yes, but
regardless of the nominee is now. Do you think democrats, are doing enough right now to build argument against that economic message. all the people that are watching news every day, aren't plugged into the the daily news in the chaos and trump is just noise. But this message the economy's good you don't have to like me, but don't mess with it. Do you think democrats right now understand what to do to fight back on that, while that's a thick question I think Bernie is, but that's because Bernie is really the only one willing to say that our current, islamic system is unfair. Its unjust, it's not democratic and capitalism is an evil that has to go and its end, even here somewhat temperate applause for that idea, so the other candidates who actually like a lot
I'm Elizabeth has been into my movies mayor, pete's. Husband grew up, down the street from where I live in Michigan. So you know that and I have something really good to say actually about. I think all of us, the weighty sullenness. It doesn't matter our. I just Anyone who does it matter, the cool things about him, that is cool yeah. Probably his name has been mentioned in this day and the entire week- and I just mentioned So sorry they got his the the hairs on his biceps just stood up, but I think it what you're hurt I have fell back when we had twenty seven candidates that we were. Good shape and that in interests of what you said. The unity feeling here in the room tonight is that we are in good shape. I happened to be for the candidate who has consistently for fifty seven years are fought for his from the first time, he was arrested at a civil rights demonstration in chicago in nineteen sixty three, all the way to now that we're going to
It is vital to bring down tromp. Let me too, wait you and anybody who still believes that there's going to be a debate or debates this year, from he will not debate the democratic candidate. There will be no debates quit thinking Oh, my candidate will really destroy him on the stage. First of all, I am, the few people that did not take trump for granted back in four years ago in sixteen I even said he's going to win and he's going to in michigan was constantly pennsylvania. I got boot when this until march, I'm like I'm, not saying I want this to happen. I'm trying to warn you don't take him for granted that he's very poor killer. That show was loved by an audience between the hudson river and interstate five, you know this is the fourteen decisions on tv is not so. whose hated and Democrats were so smog answer. So we are so in michigan and was kind
and begging. Please come to our state and it was so disheartening. We couldn't yard signs of Michigan Bernie did thirty nine rallies just on his own too, poor hilary in that election. Keep hearing this. He didn't do anything for hitler and, unlike what are, they were also upset and her because hilary one she want. By three million votes and she can think about this. She won. I through everything at her she beat the russians. Call me the head of the we all know what the hell are. We apply against me. He, through everything at her she won she's, still gap Most votes, no matter what everybody did to her, she lost by two votes per precinct in Michigan to this. Is why this time around, we'll be running, whoever is our nominee be running the campaign and
Well, let me ask you this. Those are. Let me ask you this, though you know I generally and I feel the same way as you. I can genuinely see the argument for each of the top candidates that are remaining and I can see myself fighting like hell for each of them, but I know that you know the people that listen They show products based on just even this audience. I know that they lean more towards why, foreign and Bernie than they do towards Biden. But by Maybe the nominee Biden will not be the dominant. Why no, I and I, and I again, I know him and and actually he is a really- you obviously have met him and it really is a decent and caring person. Yes, though, I believe that's very true, but we are in a different era now and in the same way, why watch Steve Martin uncle bear last night try to tell the same jokes. That We may be group whether we love the meat is one of the funniest people ever, but we sat in my sister, Then we watched him. We're like weren't laughing While we really are in a different time if you're
telling the same jokes if you're still, you know tat to show intimacy with your wife by biting her finger at a rally, its Like we live, We live in a different era, hate. You know what. You're not inside our relationship? You know what finger biting is for them are. As I see that was my first was it. I tried to tell people know we am. If Europe married and you're in your seventies, and you have that kind of intimacy when you should for they are couples with half the years on the clock. They will kill for that kind of he. I I agree with that is either not here. I see some. I see some couples in here. Barely touching hands wishing Their man would reach out gimmick, quick bite on the finger you're right, you're, audience, but also the majority of people who will be voting. The democratic primaries trend towards, what bernie and Elizabeth stand for. He answered somebody in dubuque last week who asked him if he was too old and he says well, here's one thing you get with an old:
some running, we don't change and it's like, while that's true yeah, he the burning you saw, nineteen sixty three, the burning nineteen seventy two who wrote this essay that was published in seventy two, this just three years after stonewall, where he said that we have to stop the discrimination against people who, people of the same gender. There was even a word for, in his s sake as gay rights three years after all, that term didn't exist, but he was writing about it. He was alone as a heterosexual man. Vermont writing about this. then roby wade three four years. For that he's out there saying women of the government have no control over women's reproductive system. He has been way ahead of the curve on all these things. That's what I'm drawn to she's, been in my movies, because she's been ahead of these things. I first interview her from psycho in two thousand six. So this is fourteen years ago
and then I had her again in capitalism, a love story because He was down with this idea that this is the great evils of our time, I hope people say to me were saying somebody's the same backstage where you know she was a republican until she was forty seven. I said yeah, but we've got to open arms out to anybody to come in into this I hear that attack is a fucking stupid to me right, I'm sorry! I just think it so it's so it's hard. If you are part of a group which you are part of that has had the boy of the people in power on your neck. Here's a personal voted for next. Voted for reagan, voted for bush, which means voting gay people voting It's a woman's right to choose. Vote. for war and then You get enlightened and then you change. You have to Allowing people to change be a negative against the lisbon. It's my thing is its positive for me toward Bernie. That sense of timing
Nineteen years old, you look up the picture of india arrested in Chicago he's. Fighting the police, clearly. He never showed up to a civil disobedience training where he supposed to go, limp and he'd be arrested, and he said rubio will we be alone. That's how we talk when he was going to lean. It's just evil is what Do when you gotta cats in new york is gonna, get it ellie thing. Are we doing what we need to do to have this fight back together in the end, to make sure who ever that Domini is. We all work like hell to put them in the white house, even if it isn't the person we believed it. must I mean you save when we have this fight on some other primary the primary and we have to have the primary, so you think we should have the primary. No! No! I want. I want all right, let's fight it out, let's fight it out with respect with respect, dignity, dignity, decency, wandsworth, each other off toward each other sense of humility and common rivers built around the difference.
that we know are our great and important. Measured on my last pale and comparisons of differences. Will yes sure question then is: can we survive this fight? Can we survived, primary and come out on the other side as full united force against the evil that we are facing. Yes, rises in the east, Michael, yes, I'll, say what I said four years ago. Do not take him for granted. He smarter than every one of us here in this room and that's a hard pill. Sorry you know how smart is. He figured out that the best way, to get into. The white house was to lose If I told you I'm gonna run for office in two years, but here's my plan, I'm going to lose, I'm gonna have less although for me and I'm, going to win the fact that is even there is on us, the bruce these. Are people in this country that agree with us? It's crazy.
We are the american majority, the majority arrogance, believe climate changes, real the butler majority, the americans, who believe that women should be paid. The same has been cut down the whole damn list, the vast Majority of americans agree with us. How could we lose this we are prose at losing this, and we can now Let that happen this time and it's not just a matter of all of us and I think if I could speak for all of us we're all gonna win their november, not just ourselves not without little gloomy peace to make they didn't, we go in there and we're gonna. Take that thing it is about whether the in november,
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a code love it framers, dot, com, promo code, love it for fifty percent of our back to the com is at the cedar, rapids gazette, and managing editor of the robbers. Withdraw them lose lance. What's out just a couple days to carcass few more days to watch the candidates pretend they know about ethanol, pretty that they like to stand on bales straw, which is a because better really did He was the halo assists attorney general and the current I was saint auditor. Please welcome. Tommy's, double gangster rob san pandering, I mean I am a hockey, so doesn't john with great
oh, my god I will not. I will not be pander to much longer he's a native of cedar rapids, he currently serves on the board of supervisors for linn county. Please welcome stacey walker. The area are you being here, go hawks, everytime, fine, go hawks, go put balls balls at the guys and divorce. I don't give a shit. Think you look you all right we're going to go, cruise on things together, that's what we call a cock s, all right, staysail start with you right see. How does this caucus feel different this year than hasn't? previous years raving about it that feels different than four years ago or eight years ago. He would you think death
is a shit tuna people running so there's a lot of energy, are so many different camps vying for the attention of islands. And This is a serious time. I mean you hear politicians tell you every election cycle, This is the most important election of our lifetimes, but I think when you have a president like donald trump, who is the most dangerous president certainly I've time and probably in the modern error, the caucasus? gone a whole new sense of seriousness. So in those ways I think this is unprecedented. Every four years there's a ton of attention that comes to our. Do you think it's been good, brio politics, it happens in this sort of acute moment of incredible attention. Does it distract from local politics at all, or do you think it's been good for it? What do you think well on
You were a fourth when everybody's in new Hampshire, we're going to have to deal with the fact that our governor Kim Reynolds wants to put tracking devices in our uterus says, Currently, you might have missed this because John Delaney sleeping on your front porch right now, Michael bennett's, like can I mow your yard you're like buddy, it's snowing, and but yes, I think in a way it does distract from some of the things that are happening here in our state. We just had a bill that some lawmakers introduced to try and take away a tree. And riots in this day, and you all called an you got that bells
I came in committee where it needs to die, and that was great, but you know our our state lawmakers want to now amend our constitution to say that abortion is not protected, and you know we've got work to do here so there. Yes, there is a sense that every four years, People have to come and like deep throat, some porn dogs bow to the gods of like corn, and so grass to answer the question there are there's a lot going on in our states are where people kept com and talk about like world plans and on that kind of stuff we missed. Some of the problems that we have in the stately go as we all have clean water ray. Yeah. We need to work on that so february. Fourth, will start right, rob has anyone surprised you in how they ve
campaigned in iowa in ways that people- maybe listening at home, that that dont know cars are not on the ground. Will campaign has been unusually impressive or doing things, and I wish you d expect We heard it here tonight, there's a true fanaticism with the warrant. That's that's undeniable. It's like a statement of fact right. So I don't think that's me the observation that, just like the whole set of I'll, be like em, look at them there we're goin hard. We like that hermione granger energy. I think one other piece of this is second. Voices matter right people go into their caracas and if someone there, Canada doesn't hit fifty. percent they made up to move somewhere else. How do you see playing out right now between say people that, like centres and our people that, like Amy closure and may repeat how is the second choice part of this playing out.
your mind. Well, let me let me just say another statement of fact I think so, Supporters are fanatics and they're they're, not they're not moving, and I also think Sanders is going to be viable in most precincts across the state. I do think that I agree with with rob when he talked about warns organizing game, they're everywhere strong campaign, did to that, though I think Senator Warren is probably most people second choice, so I think she may be under performing. right now in some of the polling, and I think she might surprise people on caucus night? What do you think I mean we got some polling ray of forty five percent of islands, your undecided and sixty percent of people on that monmouth pull were saying that you can change your mind. Annie
men. So it's really volatile. I mean, if you think about it. Truly undecided is winning this election and a yeah. Maybe not your re, but like undecided out there when you talk to your friends in your family, people are very worried there very nervous and they're, just under cited in my mind, undecided, as you know, like a white guy, who's Well, I, like all things. What do you like? I like that thing too, whatever we need to do to beat donald trump and he's afraid ray, and he should be why men should be afraid of rape, just in general as nothing to do with the caucuses gesture general warning issuing rats. I like we're coming for you is that, can I be impeach for that matter? You can be impeached apparently not thanks. Alan Dershowitz, it's only, have ever been fulfilled more within
I'm of two minds and the ilo carcass. among the minds of a lot of things. Minuets thinker, don't laugh at that On the one hand, I do think it's incredible how seriously I would take this and I think, there's incredible value to there being a place. People come and meet these politicians and put them through their paces in come sit in fuckin dinars and talked in normal people. they can hang and like see if they break right like. Because I really really discipline ambitious people they can. They can fake it for a while, but you when I left for a year and a half through the fuckin winter, they crack that crack like eggs, and I think that's good. I do I just We think, that's good. I didn't look. I don't This is the best way to do a job interview for a job for nuclear weapons, but grants things. They crack the crack and we see what's inside and you get that stuff out of them. The yolks, however,.
at the same time, this is ay. A white state is a state that doesn't look like the democratic polish and a lot of ways, you're not white, but a lot of people here are that is correct. I just was realizing for people at home do you. Where do you find this question about iowa going first, the valley, you of this intimate way of doing politics, and that- knowledge of it not being a place as diverse as the democratic or here is the million dollar question. Let me let me first say this- I think the I would democratic party has had a near impossible job and organizing the I will caucuses, particularly this caucus with. So many people running. I think there's like one thousand six hundred some precincts that their concerned about, and I think they ve done. A wonderful job even spending to some of the very valid criticisms that I think have been levelled at the I will caucasus, including that there
not as accessible as they should be for mothers for people with disabilities for people who work the evening shifts I think they ve tried to make some reasonable combinations now with, said to your point, a statement of fact iowa is white, a shit. It's a very, very wide saying I don't have to tell me that I've lived in this white state for most of my life, you prior notice, at all times. Yes, I do and and this state is not reflective of the democratic party. It certainly not reflective of the rest of the country, and so I think we're grappling with that. I think that, thanks to a lot of brave voices, it's hard to call out These truths and lives was one of the few people to do it caught the ira of both the republicans ended. A crack in this state. I hooligan castro,
really made a statement on that issue as well and I think that it's time for the party not just the. I would democratic party, but the nash, party committees, to re, evaluate how we do This primarily slash caucus process to be more reflective of a diverse america in a diverse party You guys agree with that. Other, I also want to change. Islands really want to change. We want to be more inclusive. We want our caucasus to be better. Everybody is concerned about it. You talk to precinct. Captains who are setting up these ad hoc day cares for mothers in making sure the buildings are. Eighty eight compliant trying to make sure there. simple, but the problem is no Hampshire's got their boots on our fucking neck. We can't change
and in the way that we need to change so like stacy, sad, it's not just. I was problem. Its america's problem and I will want to change. We want to do this better for the rest of amerika, but its messed up all across the board, and we have to start talking about that, but we just are so crippled by the party at large and though It's maple syrup licking lobster roll eating mother fuckers in new Hampshire yeah. Can I can I can I make the pitch for the congress if we want to talk about how we make things better, we talk about the good and the bad right. There's always a pro there's, always a con to everything we have. The state. The party has worked to make an early state process, not an eye because we are fact check out, I already knew true super white. Our state super wide, saying audit.
Fact check super. Why was also super way? so we ve we work in this process. Rape, south carolina, and nevada now early states in part, because we want to make sure that early states are more reflective of racial diversity in the country. Right- and I think that's important- it is immoral. There is no one state out there that we can look at and we can say well, that's clearly the one that should go first right we can have. We can have conversations about this, but listen. Here's the thing about cars, so it was at california. dumping that shit was that was that this, if the suggestion was california, here's the problem will carefully. The only people that are going to be competitive in california are people who raised the absolute most money, in iowa, you have a small state, we can go around and talk to all the Democrats without having a lot of money. In addition, we have cheap media markets, so you can air tv adds at a cost it's much low and reach all the islands and why you never could. If you had. California We crisper low cost me the church. So little.
cheap as on brand actually on breakthrough, but can we can we be real here in order to have the pros running running for president anymore. You get a raise a shit ton of money. You gotta raise the that people who are doing well in iowa right now have all raise a shit ton of money and, I don't know, If it's a chicken or an egg thing right, you're, like a bag, I mean still have to come. You can't just sit and hide behind your stacks and stacks of money, it's, but it's boats kind of what and he's creeping up in the polls because he's a fucking billionaire and is buying his way into this conversation. So my point is and you have in your very good points- rub figures. Jason s very good points. You love your points. My my point is running for president anymore is a billion dollar exercise and that's gross, and that also needs to change came in a man like that was a great point: you're gonna plague,
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we are going to showcase a new way to pick a candidate right now, and it's called the mast candidate. Would anyone out there like to play the game? I what's. Your name means Emily. Emily and where are you from our I'm- live on the east side of our city, wow grade we have just launched a brand new and improved vote. Save america dot com for twenty twenty, which will help you vote. No. The deadlines for had a register in your state how to sign up to volunteer where you can donates your money, will make the most difference will help create a plan. Where to vote and help you learn about the candidates and share information about the candidates. Are one topshop and everybody should go to vote, save america, dot, com and sign up over the next ten months. It will help you figure out how to me. The most of your time, your money and your vote. Ok and as canada section where every twenty twenty democratic candidate filled out a culinary that we sent so each piece
the list, will represent a mast candidate. I will ask them a question and they will each answer as their candidate from that q and a after you hear two questions. You'll have to pick which of the Three you'd most like to vote, for we will reveal that you have chosen and then you are committed to caucus for that person alright emmeline question one mass candidates elected? What is the first executive action you'll? Take Let's keep us off, I will immediately rejoined the paris agreement. The u s has to be an national leader on climate, and that starts with rejoining the agreement and raising our ambitions to achieve a one hundred percent clean energy economy rob river the trump administrations, family separation policies that the EU s, mexico, border and region, all resources on the border to treat refugees and asylum seekers with compassion and dignity consists with a law stacy
You know it's hard to say there are so many trump executive orders that I'd want to overturn. The first would profit please be to end one of his immigration or travel or environmental orders, but I'd sign a flurry of them. In my first day next question mask it's when you're, not discussing all the reasons. You'll be a great president. What tv show are you insisting all of your friends watch immediately if they still want? be friends with you was I hear that the circle is it and then I need to join the team shove him. I don't watch the cops rob the crown but I'm not ready to lose any friends over it. Stacy My family and I watch this- is us together when we can Ah emily? Who is your candidate? Is it lives as it robbers stacy ages, area,
of the crown- and I know you do to rob- is your candidate, but guess what your cock is for Patrick Stacy was Andrew Yang and liz was Michael Bloomberg. With my stack them money where'd, you won the game. Would anyone else out there like to play another round of the mass candidate. I what's your name ben Ben, where you, on Ben davenport, iowa davenport iowa our panel. We blame three brand new candidates. Are you ready ready mass candidates? Why are you running for president in six? its turn. The page move america forward, a country that works for everyone the corporate stranglehold solve the climate crisis. Next question: mass candidates.
What job would you do if you weren't a politician, if, weren't doing this. I could see myself being a long haul truck driver get to travel across amerika meet people, and you have a lot of time to listen to pod Cassius bay. reading. We are playing a very serious game right then, then, do not do not take pictures of travis islands. the carcasses very seriously come on Ben. Do we need to read the democracy come on ban from davenport, I like robert I've known what I wanted to do since I was in second grade. I wanted to be a public school teacher. and it was the university of Houston, the cautious fifty dollars semester intuition. That gave me my chance.
I graduated and became a special needs. Teacher! Stop it this! Is it the price? Is right, you're not supposed to help? I have lived my dream, stacy teacher, the I been. Who is your candidate I gotta go with rob to Elizabeth Warren. Liz was playing the role of peat, outta judge and stacy was tom style. if you want to read the rest of these canada interviews and they're, pretty wild had over two votes? If america com, where you can check your registration, find out about local deadlines and get all the information you need to defeat trump and help win up and down the ballot in twenty twenty,
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this week on the wheel, we have the end of bojack horseman collective grieving brad pitt super bowl, ads heartland values, no more watchmen american dirt and analogies, what's been a wheel, it is landed on Brad pitt. I made this point before now I'll make it again, which is only this: their people who say that people and people to judge. Say things like heartland values like people in the coasts to elite like soft, you know: spongy not brad pitt man's fifty five years old, his maintained, as I have said before it visible six back for decades. So I admire the acting chops.
Other chops of brad pitt from thelma ways. So once upon a time in hollywood that shirt comes often I'll buy a ticket Whenever I open my new york times and. and I discovered article now, of course, the pic are associated with the article has brad pitt. As Michelangelo's david, so I'm on edge and there's an article by a new york times, critic that says. Have we undervalued, brad pitt as an actor, because he so handsome fuck that do you need everything brad guys I know we've got a lot of problems as a country, but it's time to face up, we haven't given brad pitt, an actor, and it's because he's too fucking handsome no reject
it no one say and Paul GM bodies overvalued. You get. They look like brad pitt yeah. You may have work a little harder to get the oscar damn fucking right, you don't get everything? This is I say to her and all the time I don't care that you you're funny on twitter, I'm funny on twitter. That's my thing! You are these handsome people think that We think belongs to them and, of course, of course, they think that their rights, but spit it again The movement on superbowl ads or say only this used to be how to want to do both to see the ads and now they put them all out in the weeks before, and so there's no fun and watch. It is your ball I don't want to watch the game right. I did he
I didn't spend. Sixteen years has been sixteen years eighteen years, in the closet. in two years, with one foot in and out of the closet yours outside of the closet being like this, is what it's like I'm here to watch football for football. They kill. Mr peanut, are we're gonna, get in the dark for a second, so they had a whole plan, which is they were going to kill. Mr peanut all right, like a week before the super bowl get those sweet, sweet, sweet lakes tweets in and news articles in aggregator saying things like MR peanuts dead, but then they that out there and in their plan, was superbowl comes they're gonna show that out again in the pre game and then during Superbowl they're gonna have a few Moreover, MR peanut and I think, as we all think, introduce miss peanut Here's my here's. My twist, I think there are going to have a new penal of meal, though, is a half? Shall convertible does might bear it?
that's it. I was bring into it. As my idea here is, the problem way in their plan. There was a horrific and tragic death that made it complete. The unacceptable to air, a funeral for a peanut during the fucking superbowl. completely unacceptable and- I'm saying is maybe if every baden get so fuckin antsy pre releasing their superbowl ads and we can have an old fashioned time of watching the superbowl has for the first time together. They be in that mess of scrabbling figure out what to do with the fact that they kill MR peanut two weeks ago. Another can replace their mass got these planters peanuts. People are gonna, be without a mask until they sort this out. What a stupid rare, let's get it again,
I'm not starving I'm having fun. I only get to do. One show, and I were during this: gaga landed a heartland values for one. Time. I want to your presidential candidate say something like I in our way where people know how to be an american we'd prisoner with heartland, What are you have? What are you can tell me one fucking value. You have here that I dont have in west hollywood, name one vet ma'am, I'm really you seem like a wonderful person. Where is one valley you like literally, unlike not even amendment asking rhetorically, what is a vow, what the rule is not value added value and by the way, by the way we have casserole in in you, know what we call it. We call the Zanu, we call it could go. That's not casserole,
it's got, noodles is got raisins, it's got cheese. Its casserole Lasagna is not a casserole. What is that ass, a role in this castle role. That was on your lacks. Let's talk about a raft overs, You think you're you're there we have tater in LOS angeles, where you shit, and by the way you like transporting lawyers we're talking about painter cuts. I asked a question about values. I don't let them you do have to date or tat, enrico theatre, car parking work, potato cod is gonna moral police up it's a bit potato and a new bunch. That's once in a while, an alternative to prize but nine times out of ten is still wish. It were prize. Be honest, be honest about tots. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you for giving me a progressive snap, but then on a high note, so stupid. Look. I want to end where I began we are here and I were in the home stretch. Nobody knows his primary will end, except for that oracle who lied to cory booker whenever she's like impassioned she's like she has her own little schemes and she knows what's going to happen, but she lied to his fucking face. Bernie Biden, war in the cloud? Hang god damn it not enough time to get at your fucking phones, look primaries or tents, because, as a fight with people but you view as being on your team, but it's worth now before Votes were cast here, and I well remember the stakes now between these candidates, but between all of us and the lies and adds, and misinformation and profit.
And a coming for us when we together face donald trump? The differences are real in this primary. We are having a big, difficult converse sure about ideology, about personality, about elect ability, because we care because important and because, as my more pointed out. We were all thrown off kilter by the fact that hitler couldn't one more votes and didn't become president. We all felt a bit unmoored by what happened at twenty sixteen and we're all coming together in what is ultimately the most important primary in our lies at a time when we don't feel like. We know the rules or even how to choose whose best, and so I think what that means is as tense as it is as front training is, is to remember that we're all doing this together and no one is sure to approach it with a degree of humility and to approach it with it. ray of generosity towards those who support candidates that you don't want to debate. It medicare for all verses of public option is an incredibly important debate, but if Donald trump winds, twenty million people could lose
care we're in the middle of an important debate? about how far left we should go at a party. At the same time, whoever we nominate will face a president who would nominates supreme court justices, which would mean we would lose the court for a generation. So, let's fight it out, let's fight hard, let's fight to convince each four bernie or worn, or by nor the mayor. I can name because the play the song, I think one of the hardest parts about the last for years, is not knowing when the rules apply and when the rolls down. So let's fight it out, that's fight hard, but let's remember that what this is, which is a group of people who collectively loved this country and are trying to choose the best champion for the most important general election of our lives, and none of us has the answers. None of us know the right way to go, we're all just doing our best to figure it out together to listen to each other and argue with each other and debate with each other, and remember that, even when the politics brings out the worst in people that
Member that the worst moments of the worst supporter of a candidate who is being passionate. And competitive in the heat of a primary does not represent that candidates. Remember that for all the bad we in our opponents representatives, remember the guy we see in our own side and know that they see our side in the exact same way that Some of us are going to vote for someone he's not gonna win, and when that Athens me to take a day or two to feel sad and then get to work. That's why It is real. Launching vote save america. That's why we want everybody to sign up, because we want everybody to remember that if we can all just come too their at the end of this primary and make sure that we do everything we can to defeat donald trump? We can keep having this big fucking fight that we're gonna have forever, but we can do it with some fucking power with a Democrat in the white house. So wine or Bernie we're Bernie. We're gonna knock on doors. Its amy, we're gonna knock on doors into our hands bleed because shall be watching if it's it's by
we're gonna call our friends, corn, pop and chain job we're going to like Hell, so while they're on Monday caucus for your candidate and then when the dust settles. Let's fight like hell to elect our president. Thank you to liz lands, roxanne, stacey walker, iowa city, university of iowa, Nancy Pelosi, Adam schiff, every volunteer for every campaign, the two hundred and seventy five days to the election. Let's get to work the love it or leave it as a product of crooked media has written and produced by John lubbock, a Gutierrez, the Eisenberg, our head writer and Michael Bloomberg, speech writer, Travis, Hellwig and writers, Jocelyn kaufman, Alicia, carroll, Peter Miller, our editor and frank tat. I consider sending our themes on this performed by sure sure, thanks to our designer chestnut, clean and james skilled workers,
in running oliver visuals. But you can't see because this is a pot, gas and george digital producers, normal marconi in and yell freed fulfilment, editing video each week. So you can.
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