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#140 - POP IN / OUT / OFF / ON / UP (A Phrasal Verb a Day is back)

A Phrasal Verb a Day is back. In this episode I'll give you an update about this podcast and teach you phrasal verbs with POP.

Episode Transcript

Hello everyone,

This is Luke Thompson and you’re  listening to A Phrasal Verb a Day. This is where I attempt to teach you a phrasal verb every day for a year. Yes, this project is still ongoing.

APVAD is back! In this episode I’m going to teach you some more common phrasal verbs as we continue on this mission to get to 365 days of phrasal verbs.

Now I’m going to talk to you about phrasal verbs with the word pop and there are a lot.

Also I want to say that APVAD will continue after this, but not here at this RSS feed - all the new episodes will appear in the LEP App and online at

Over the next days or weeks, 10 more episodes of a phrasal verb a day will appear in the app.

I’ll talk to you more about that  in a moment. First let me just remind you of this project.

This is where I teach you phrasal verbs - these essential bits of natural English. Originally I planned to do one of these every day but after a couple of months it became impossible! I’ve added more episodes over the years and we’re currently on #139 I think. Well, it’s time to revive this series and do so in the LEP app which I expect is where you are listening to this.

So what I do in these episodes is explain and demonstrate various phrasal verbs.  I think the best way to learn vocab is to hear it being used in context with vivid examples and I always try to do this, sometimes having a bit of fun with some scenarios. All of it is designed to help you learn these crucial bits of English. Phrasal verbs are crucial because this is exactly the way native speakers use the language but learners of English have trouble with them because they are idiomatic, tricky in structure and don’t exist as grammatical forms in their languages.

Let’s carry on, with a big one.


Phrasal verbs with pop.

This is extremely common and quite versatile. It’s absolutely one of the most common little phrases used every day all over the country. It’s informal but polite and let’s hear about it.

Pop on, pop in, pop out, pop off, pop up and more.


---Teach POP phrasal verbs---

Listen for full examples and definitions.

Pop in = go somewhere quickly for a short visit

Pop on = put an object somewhere, or wear some clothes

Pop out = to leave quickly or for a short time

Pop over / pop round = visit someone quickly for a short time

Pop up = appear quickly or suddenly

a pop-up ad


SO there you go.


Normally these episodes are shorter than this.

As I said earlier, there will be about 10 more of these phrasal verb episodes arriving soon, but they won’t arrive here in the APVAD podcast feed. They’ll arrive in the LEP App. So get the LEP App for your smartphone, you can find it in the app store for iOS and Android. Then in the app use the side menu to find the Phrasal Verb category. All the episodes will be there.

You can also access and download the episodes from  

The transcript collaboration for these episodes is still going, so if you’d like to contribute a transcript to an APVAD episode, go to my website and then Episodes, then hover over “Phrasal verb podcast” and click transcript collaboration.

Have a good day!