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Absolutely Mental Season Two

2021-09-24 | 🔗

In this episode, Sam shares a clip from the second season of Absolutely Mental, his audio series with Ricky Gervais. All 10 episodes have been released today (Friday September 24th, 2021) and are available for purchase at AbsolutelyMental.com.

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welcome to the making has passed. This is SAM Harris will today. I want to share a clip from the second season of absolutely mental. The past have been doing with Ricky to raise. Many of you will have heard the first season in whole or in part, and I think the second season is actually better. We have hit our stride here. I think the genesis of this punk ass is that reckon I would have an occasional phone call and it occurred to me
that these conversations were fond enough, that we should record them and see what happened. So the podcast itself really is virtually indistinguishable from telephone conversations we were having anyway, hence the conceit of make and a phone call obviously were aware that were recording it and its upon cast, but To a remarkable degree, it really is the kind of conversation we were going to have anyway, which is unusual and a lot of fun. So for many minds I have had the pleasure of rolling out of bed on Saturday morning and get out of line with Ricky owing to be reminded that was civilization unravelling all around us, he's primarily afraid of spiders and as your here he is very good company to now. This is a clip from season two
episode too, and I hope you enjoy it, and if you want to hear the rest of the series Ball, seasons are available at absolutely mental. Dot com talk talk, talk, talk. Hey putting on kid. How are you I'm good, I'm gonna hold. I was just a nest. The ties with sharp doesn't happen. Often and that's an interesting experience was last time you were put out. I don't think I've ever had a general. Since I was about maybe ten to have a two thousand, wasn't a general you. You got a general. They have a tooth up while we used to it might well like six days. It was gas.
Every you get one of these urgent who were covered with cold ass. You just put him right now to take her teeth, tat, none either we wake up crying. I don't know what it was. I seen it was some sort of what is it not some subtle mix of nitrogen oxide. And here that's it s out. There wouldn't be a general, but I fear that it will be no still dentists novel. I was unkind, just you know, you know I guess so that the distinction between a general in and then what might be called a twilight anesthesia. You know each other general, is that in a general in a general you're, not breathing under your own power anymore, elderly yards dear that deep but- and there may be more good than maybe predation said. I then I'm not aware of another see the arduous, but the oh, so it they will not be able to completely unconscious. But still it's not a general. It's much lighter anesthesia Ivan. Then I've never had a general you ve never had an eighty driver knows
Adam night. I had there the idea, the glorious intervention of economics, and today give you a call to give you propofol, which is what Michael Jackson was using recreationally to sleep with his crazy doctor who and which one of them killing them apparently, is that why you went for it ever indoors said whatever I wanna do where one club- yes, I wish I were a anyway- everything's okay, but it's it's amazing to have the lights turned out that in Phatic Lee. That's it's on like. Certainly unlike going to sleep at night yeah. Do you think so it it's so it's deeper than your unconsciously in south, even his deeds deepen the hell is what you are simply must be, because I'm appreciated wake up if the most stick, a camera
both will always hope. I why I saw a man yeah you're right, but you're in sleep till we ve to turn the body freeze itself, so you can get injured. So when you mentioned in your fighting a running your tat your day they still. We also oppose it. Is that true, neither during rim sleep, you are and then and then there's there sat disorder of ram sleep or your. Basically, you wake up, but you're still frozen. So you can. You can feel like here. That's the explanation from many kinds of UFO abduction, experiences and another will weirdness. without usually that usually ends with a thing, but we all know there is just one thing:
a really long, green one that would wake you up, I'm pretty sure that we keep up. Well, I mean this conversation makes my question seem a bit time am. I was gonna, ask you, although it's probably in the ball park, do you know about hypnosis and how it works if it works and if it works, how does it work, and I mean I don't mean it the mechanics of doing I mean. Why does it work? First of all, does it work you're a very little direct experience when it? I do have one experience that I can describe what was interesting to hear. I am from the literature. I can certainly say that works for some things on some points that there are people who are there, there's a spectrum of hypnotize ability and yet it s a scale Stanford scale of hypnotized ability that their ranks. People based on on the test
and happy hat when I was an undergraduate. I had that test. I was going to be a psych one hundred and one, and they were looking for experimental subjects and they gave some subset of the class this test Little bit, you mean is literally a scientific scale. That's been near peer reviewed and that that is a while, on the other hand, is waste and waste. Fifty years all businesses Stanford, and it goes a Harvard one. Two minutes of Stanford scale of hypnotize ability. That is the standard, and I forget all of the exercise as we we had to do, but one which stands out of my mind- and this really prove to me that there was something there because I was, I think I was fairly, I recall, being fairly sceptical if there was anything to this, but
Your ass to do very things, and then one thing I remember being asked to do was to describe the procedure in second but you're, you're inducted into the state of hypnosis and you're. Given various suggestions to sort of two parts to hypnosis is the induction and then the the suggestion phase and one suggestion was- was common age regression. We were now told we were now nine years old. I think it was and and then and a piece of paper and a pan and asked to write the year- and I remember- writing the year in May and nineteen seventy six without any veto arithmetic in my head and address by just wrote it and- and then I was asked to sign my name and without any conscious decision had been unconscious, wish to comply with this thing, but at the time
we felt like an autistic. I sign my name in precisely the bubble e childlike handwriting that I would have her ear. What would have been appropriate to a nine year old certainly was an appropriate to my eighteen year old self, so there that regression experience seemed pretty strong to me and done, and there are nine other things think I was unable to scale of ten, and I was I was a nine in terms of hypnotize ability might have on a scale of a disease that is that suggests. Media are very weak so what I want you in the sky, so the scale presumably relates to a characteristic. It's not just a random thing. Are they looked into why some people are more easily hypnotized like joking aside? Could it be more complicity? Couldn't you know that that that you want, do you believe it more or that your.
your naive or you're cynical or is that there are other more firm characteristics that would suggest you are one or two
I don't actually. No. I think there are other things that is correlated with like having a fantasy lie for having returned a vivid daydreaming. You know, like you like it, you can really recall what Europe your daydreaming it about. I dont actually know. Oh, how much is understood about differences in in hypnotized Billowy, but the m and would not be a structure the buying. Would that be a type of by if it? If it was that say, I won't hold you to that? If it was that you have more vivid motivation is all that is the type. Is the abiding tight that some people are more vivid imagination than others? Why I think we could pride get out from the side of of what's happening when people are are seem to be successfully hypnotized and their there has been some Neuro imaging, Workin, hypnosis and and the place where it's it's actually a worthy, effective hypnosis is, I think, a least in dispute is with,
pain. Suppression of their people have undergone surgeries. He no real surgeries with no anaesthetic but hypnosis, and this has been the tested to her a very long time. But I recently had someone on my part cast his who's been working on this in his lap, and yet there are many. Many people have undergone surgery under hypnosis and am, and then people use hypnosis essay adjunct to anesthesia with other. That would give us a local when they might have been give moreover, twilight anesthesia and answers. I allowed a kite what that's very interesting so tell me what happens there so suppose, networks in there and then not screaming now? Are they getting pine. Well now I well, I mean there now
feeding its assets are not suppressing you're. Not going. I don't mind this right. There are going. I it's something's not get into them, but that's impossible because isn't paying a literal physical thing of sign up, Jumpsome Lame guy, I think the work. The work here is defended. because I think this topic is his somewhat in Europe. You'd among scientists- and I don't think most neuroscientist are seriously consider in focusing on hypnosis as ape as a topic, but I'm in a narrow imaging work has been done. Then I'm aware of has found that actually hypnosis is blocking the painful stimuli from from even registering in sensory, cortex. Ok, so, ok, so alone. How is that possible so that their- and it knows this, whatever the insight that their under a guide to hypnotize, whatever? That is, whether it some subtle compliance or subconscious thing, and
Literally, the pain isn't get into the hind receptors or I, what was another can be downward, neither can be downward mine top down. My Relation of sensory cortex is, are you ass? I think probably and there's an area in the the middle line in the frontal lobes called the Anterior simulate cortex and that that that shows up and in many different paradigms, but it yet Stephanie involved in pain, perception and well. It's there are. There are more senior more executive areas that could, inhibit sensory, cortex and Yasmine idea. That seems to gonna oil sight, seeing Nigel Immigrant, if not even if that was working and it was growing. While I still like to think a finger at my ass would bring the other well. We will never know until you try
And they tell us is a furious. Why did the? Why did you do that it was? It was working. Why did you do that? was brought about a dozen everything here, because it is not clear whether hypnosis is state. Aid is definitely advertised as being a state that get induced and is on the basis of that state that you then become suggestible, but it's possible that that they suggestion itself is really that the whole story or or much of it, for instance, I think they're been experiments done where the exact same induction and ends. Suggestion process is happening, but in one paradigm is called hypnosis and in another is called a relaxation exercise and it has a very different effect on people, just the framing of it to make the people thinking. They're gonna get hypnotized matters as opposed to thinking there. Just rely was love but thats. Why can't get by? I know it is all about the section, but I still think of pain. As
Literal objective thing like that you know electricity, jumpin him and her an opera whether you like it or not, you feel something, and that is why a pine is by means of paying and now it's not logistical immediate yesterday, the pain signals say active at your finger. Right is the same. It has to be the same from the finger on in, but at a certain point, What you're imagining is pure sensation is, in modulated by the rest of what the brain is doing. Right and Vienna becomes susceptible to significant influence and even cancellation.
And we were in the network of of the brain. That's happening, I'm not sure how much of a mate- maybe someone has a good sense of it now, but I'm just not aware of it, but it may still be somewhat mysterious. But this relates to a placebo effect, which is also well demonstrated her for pain and for many other things. But it is also not understood, but it is clearly a leave based process that get started ice they asked is allegedly application in areas in it becomes a challenge to design drugs that beat policy both in many cases, because our self active. Ok. So, even though, even though there is an actual physical acts to do with the laws of physics and electricity and all those things, it then become how you, how you perceive in your brain and become subject to expose, that's like, if you put your for it
a boiling hot off by mistake for a split second, you think it's cold using the summer wrong here and you go out and then you go to none of its heart with respect area. Yet you haven't, you have enough time to work. Ok, ok! Ok! I think I understand the point to take on here. I think, is that a belief is also a physical act in your brain is no less physical act than you getting hit with a hammer of course. Of course, like I said, the man is good company that could, in the name of the past, in fact, by ten we went with the very british, absolutely mental, and if you enjoy both our company, you can find more of it
absolutely mental dot com.
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