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Making Sense with Sam Harris

2020-12-07 | 🔗

Join Sam Harris as he explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society, and current events.

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There's so much here, that's confusing! So let's talk about what went wrong and what could have not gone wrong. You hold podcast is about just having honest conversations about its offensive to your and my sense of justice actually care. How has my mind in fundamentally work? So the topic today is the threat of nuclear war, slow erosion of the social fabric, synthetic media revolution, collapse of our economy, the role of religion in public life, morality, moral disagreement, breakdown, approve. I'm scared that us too, in a room with each other on. You can't have a sound argument anymore, there's no place for nuance. Everything has to be binary for the for the right people to agree and disagree. healthy place for society to be when everyone is afraid to say, and I to excise sense and in a way. That is deeply disturbing.
Feel that I should ask. I appreciate who you are real and you elevated me and those ideas, I'll. Never forget you for real danger during the cold war with blundered into nuclear war, and I believe that that is the same situation today and with the least the same like today, you're so full of Christmas tree. I am speaking with Robert Plum, and here I reached out to Jonathan Height, William J parents, I'm here with Gabriel Dance, Darth, Mukoki, David Miliband, Bramblewood, Ricky, Turvey, even fraught aims to restore inherent Michael. No, I welcome it and make it says: podcast this Sam harris-
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