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the Democrats now stand with the Islamo-Nazi regime in Iran. They stand with a terror state that threatens to destroy our country, Israel and the surrounding Arab and Gulf states instead of with the best interests of America. How many times have you he...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven create one three, eight one one. So the Democrats even now they stand with Islam or nazi regime and arrive at a later date, Dan with the regime in IRAN, a terrorist that threatens to destroy our country to destroy Israel.
Destroy the surrounding Arab and Gulf States and they stand with that regime against the present the United States. In its remaining thing, the Democrats, these left us these progressive how many times you ve heard them talk about a living breathing constitute luck. Back in her chair, living and breathing, whether you have any idea what age, let it be modernized and yet, when it comes to the around deal, it can't touch that I'm a textual list.
Touch that IRAN's DIA, because the great Obama that great Obama he signed off on that, even though it violated our constitutional order, it doesn't matter he signed off. We worship. The great Obama therefore yet cannot touch. They ran deal that the constitution were yet sure, slipping and breathe therein, India, now that's it. The present United States was very courageous. Today, though, I think, as you know, if you listen that it, we should drop the deal altogether, but here's what he's done present United States look around as a tourist, Iran has done enormous harm to the world and seeks to do more. This is a horrendous deal in so many respects. I'm not certifying that their complying with
the owner not certifying this deal is in America's national security interests, given their material breaches, to do. Otherwise, ladies and gentlemen, we have the president certify to a lie because he's not track Shermer he's not NATO policy. He's not these frauds he's not willing to certify to allow he certified twice before any point a warning out there and he said I'm not doing it again. For the Democrats now. We stand whether ran against the United States, and I tried that Zactly, what's going on here, exactly what's going on here, they're so filled with hate for this president and so filled with a desire for power that, even when he does something that's equivocally correct, they can't take it. He's a threat he's dangerous. They don't talk about the regime in IRAN. This went not only can upset them. I mean you know, they're gonna get Noakes well, I thought they were
Well, I I mean you know whatever, but the president's speech today was exceptional. Again, I don't agree was staying in this deal. I really think we should have dropped out, but if you're going to stay in the deal, you do exactly what he did. Witches condemn that country point out what they ve on TAT Congress. It needs to act. It's got sixty days to act under this process and the either tighten up their steel. Put enormous sanctions on this regime or the president has the power himself. Abrogate the deal character. That say the Democrats who abrogate everything I want you to listen to this speech, not gonna play it all at once, but we broken in the three segments. I'm going to do this because it's Friday evening on the clean up here and you're gonna hear all kinds of propaganda lies
demagoguery from the progressive Democrats, and this is what they do. This is who they are and I'm sure I be a few progressive Republicans thrown into, but let's start from the beginning caught one go, my fellow Americans As president of the United States, my highest, Obligation is to ensure the safety and security of the american people. History has shown that the longer we ignore threat the more dangerous that threat becomes. For this reason, upon taking office, I've ordered a complete strategic review of our policy toward the rogue regime in IRAN. That review is now complete. Today, I am announcing our strategy along several major steps we are taking to confront,
the reigning regimes hostile actions and I am sure that our ran never and I mean never I as a nuclear weapon, our power. I see is based on a clear, eyed assessment of the alien dictatorship. It sponsorship of terrorism and its continuing aggression in the Middle EAST and all around the world. Iran is under the control of a article regime that seized power, eighteen, seventy nine enforced, a proud people to submit to its extreme is rule This radical regime has raised the wealth, the world's oldest and most we're nations and spread death, distrust and chaos:
all around the globe beginning in nineteen. Seventy nine agents, of the iranian regime, legally sees the: U S: embassy in Tehran and old, more than sixty Americans hostage during the four hundred and forty four days of the crisis the iranian back terrorist group. Hezbollah twice our embassy in Lebanon once in nineteen, eighty, three and again in nineteen eighty four another Iranians supported Mommy killed. Two hundred and forty one Americans, various members. They were in their barracks in Beirut in eighteen. Eighty three, in nineteen. Ninety six, the regime directed another bombing of american
military housing and Saudi Arabia, murdering nineteen Americans in cold blood. Uranium proxies provided training to operate who were later involved in Al Qaeda, is bombing of the american embassies in Kenya. Tanzania two years later, killing two hundred and twenty four people and holding more than four thousand others, the regime harboured high level terrorists in the wake of the eleven attacks, including Osama Bin Laden's son in Iraq and Afghanistan, group supported my ran have killed hundreds of american military personnel, the array, The indicator, ships, aggression continue. To this day,
regime remains the world's leading state, sponsored terrorism and assistance to Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, MOSS and other terrorist networks. It develops deploys and proliferates missiles that threaten american troops and our allies. It hurts ass, his american ships, and threatens freedom of navigation maybe in Gulf and in the Red Sea. It improves Americans on false charges and it. Anxious cyber attacks against our critical infrastructure, financial system and military. The United States is far from the the target of the arabian dick leaderships long campaign of bloodshed. The regime violently suppresses its own citizens. It should
on armed students, protestors the street during the revolution, this Jim has field sectarian violence in Iraq and just civil wars in Yemen and Syria. Syria, the iranian regime, has supported the atrocities of Russia, our sides regime and can owned aside use of chemical weapons against helpless civilians, including many many children, given the regimes motorists past and present, we should not take lightly. It sinister vision for the future the regimes to favour. Chance are death to America and death to Israel. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the unit
The states and the United Nations Security Council sought over many years to stop IRAN's pursuit of nuclear weapons with a wide array of strong economic sanctions, but the previous Administration lifted these sanctions just before what would have been the total perhaps of the iranian regime. Through the deeply controversial too, two thousand fifteen nuclear deal with IRAN This deal is known as the joint comprehensive plan of action or Jason
p away. The president does a tremendous job of laying out the case against IRAN and when you listen to this, you really have to wonder how the prime ministers of the prior ministration went to this regime with hat in hand a reward it with a hundred and fifty billion dollars and a certain road, a certain road to icy, be aims with nuclear warheads. It's just astonish the extent to which Barack Obama sold out this country sought out the United States of America. Is astonishing. Support of the cell out of America is in support of funding. The iranian regime is in of the cell out of America is in support. Of funding. The iranian regime is in support of effectively and in.
Beckley arming the uranium regime. It's incredible to me and the fact that this deal was secured through the restoration of article two section, two clause, two of the constitutional treaty clause, while the same people who supported the restoration. Of that treaty. Clause in our constitution now are all over television. Their issuing press releases talking about how you cannot decertify. You cannot reject this agreement while they in securing this agreement which should have been a treaty and as a treaty would have been sadly rejected. I now claiming that the present ought not reject what they have created.
The iranian regime has killed not hundreds of thousands of America and it seeks to kill hundreds of thousands of Americans. What do you think death to America means and their toppling Arab Gulf state regimes throughout the Middle EAST Regimes with which we have a loose alliance, a looser- why are they perfect? No countries perfect and their very imperfect as a matter of fact, but it's important it's important to the United States that here on be controlled, but IRAN is on the move. Iran is on the attack. Iran is spreading terrorism, IRAN has its guns, ape the Americans and the president laid up beautifully, but he sent a lot more
I will hear that when I return some time ago by actions by president, because there was a very bold actually how constantly being attacked, because he is a federal court that rule that, under article federal court, that oh bomber did not have the power to order the Treasury to subsidize insurance companies, the power the purse belongs to Congress Obama decided to certain by Congress, even under the Obama CARE statute. He had ass Congress for funding. Conway said know about
so too bad. I don't care if its own constitutional, I dont care from violating the statute, are moderate, see he should have been impeached, but even entire Democrat Party that doesn't care. I don't care what they constitute. Says now. When it comes to the ran deal, they care about every syllable, every dot over every eye, every cross on every tee. Funding is under the ran deal. Trump can do exactly what prompts doing any shut up so tonight, as I speak, the Democratic Party, officially its leading mouthpieces, which is hollow stand with the President of IRAN, raw honey. They stand were coming. They stand with our enemies, they stand with a terrorist state and they were I believe that this deal as horrible as it is is flawed. As a u lesson about Coy Booker set,
When this thing was sayin, you listen to what take Durban gets imperfect. I don't like it when a voting five, but am voting for listen. What these fool said, these party hacks, who don't give a damn about their countrymen? I tried I set it. Don't give a damn about their country, We are talking about a terrorist regime that says Deaf to America and they have every intention of proving their point. What are we building? I c b aims for heat air conditioning they strengthen their economy now to those missiles at us. And our allies and our allies will mark the European Support this Europe has proven time and time again how stupid Europe it gives a damn what Europe supports last time I checked,
Last time I checked, Marxism came out of your last time. I checked not years and came out of your no offense, though I understand I understand, we have a lot of our history out of Europe too, but Europe is imperfect with this argument. All by
Europe has government run house care by Europe has its while that's convincing, that's convincing. All the people in Europe are losing my tape with a yellow. Take we gotta be just like them, the countries that are being overrun by refugees. We have to be just like that. These countries, I can barely defend themselves as they ve eviscerated their military. We have to be just like them no weed out, and why not? You know why we're Americans and our football players may go to their knees, but Americans don't go to their knees, wasted straight and straight up, so this uranium regime tonight is backed by the Democratic Party, their violations. Well, you gotta turn the other cheek. You get a closure.
Court of the Democratic Party, including two according to the peace in Europe and we were present in the United States, is not closed. My eyes are not turning my back because I singularly under the constitution commander in chief and I under this crappy, be off. I have responsibility for putting my foot down now. Congress guess what you have sixty days, the fixed. This quote on quite a Democrat. No intention of fixing any that I'll be right back Denmark Levant show the pool feed for the conservative media die. Then now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Otherwise Hollywood will ever forget about the criminal. I got Hollywood
they shouldn't have the Oscars anymore. They ought to have. The Harvey's should have the Oscars. They ought to have the Harvey's, and rather than giving out the huska statue it, they should give out the Harvey a pervert in a raincoat little statues with perverts and raincoat. George Aloni, you wanna Harvey award you're saying I bet a serious man, the present the United States, one of the reasons he so early hated, ladies and gentlemen, is because
Turn doing he disastrous policies are Brok, Milhouse, Benito Obama and the Democrats, hoping that Hilary, when believing she would when are they figured, would be brought Milhouse, Benito Obama's third term, and so the election Donald Trump disrupted Thet disrupt the thing, and I say, as I think about this and will get into your bomb a curious. Next year I had the same people who hate Donald Trump on the conservative side of the Republic of Cyprus really hard for me to understand. I can. I can certainly understand strong disagreements absolutely, but we have a president here, but there and deal with the appointment of Gore. Siege.
The restoration of Obama era, regulations, efforts at pushing for tax cuts. What he's doing with Obama care, I mean, does he know who knows for these things as uniting any credit for this, as I said, Dorothy, I disagree with, among other things, and everybody disagrees with some of them strongly. That said,. I mean I disagree with what he's done on darker, but then he circled back after he was criticised by constitutional server, Disney Centre right, I want a war. I want a a man. I e verify system any went through the list of things that we need. Other areas I disagree with them always had, but he was elected. President are more on Trump and his speech today, which was an outstanding speech
But kind which we have sixty days to step up to the plate, no you're not gonna, get any help from the Democrats and they may well use the filibuster to defend their friends in it to step up to the plate. Now, you're not gonna, get any help from the Democrats and they may well used to filibuster, to defend their friends, and that's right, their friends around the Democrats tonight the Democrats tomorrow Democrats on the Sunday shows the Democrats morning, show of mourning Schmo shown all they Congo line. A freak shows why Miss Alice Day and CNN we'll be trashing Trump while defending the iranian regime by pretending there now. Defending the iranian regime. Why? How would they fix Gordon quote this deal if the president didn't decertify, so they are frauds? Ladies and gentlemen, absolute frauds who do not stand for this country, they absolutely dump.
President today, in his speech, cut to go. As I have said, many times we ran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions, the united states has ever entered into The same mindset that produce this deal is sponsible four years of terrible trade deals that have suffice to so many millions of jobs. Our wanted nothing to do with the other, but go ahead of other countries we need to go negotiators who were much more strongly represent America's interest. The We deal through IRAN's dictatorship, a political and economic lifeline providing needed relief from the And domestic pressure, the sang
hence had created. Now I want you to think about that Barack Obama and the Europeans gave this terrorist regime. Death to America, death, Israel on and on a hundred and build on fifty billion dollars. While this regime was teeter on collapse, they saved the regime and the Democrats crash today, are defending this regime, while pretending they're not. Do they have another way of confronting this regime now, so they defend the regime because they believe defending Obama. Now with America, go ahead. Regime An immediate financial boast and over one billion dollars, its government could you To fund terrorism
the regime also received a massive cash settlement of one point: seven billion dollars from the United States a lot portion of which was, quickly, loaded onto an airplane and flown into around. Just age in the sight of those huge piles of money being here old off by the Iranians, waiting at the airport, cash. I wonder where all that money went worse of all the deal allows ran to continue developing certain elements of its nuclear programme and, importantly, in just a few ears as key. Restrictions disappear around gin sprint towards a rapid nuclear weapons breaker In other words, we got weaken speck in exchange for
more than a purely short term and TIM delay in around this path to nuclear weapons. What is the purpose of a deal that, at best, only delays IRAN's nuclear capability for a short period of time. This, as president the United States is unacceptable in other countries, in terms of one hundred year intervals, not just a few years at a time. The sad as part of deal for the United States- is that all of the money was paid up front which is unheard of, rather than at the end of the deal. When they have shown they played by the rules. What's done is done and that's why we are where we are, the iranian regime, has committed more.
Above elation of the agreement, for example, on who separate occasions they have exceeded the limit of one hundred and thirty metric tons of heavy water until recently the iranian regime has also failed to meet our exe vexations in its operation of advanced, centrifuges. The iranian regime has also intimidated international inspectors into now using the full inspection authorities that the agreement calls for, Iranian officials and military leaders have repeatedly claimed they will not allow inspectors onto military sites, even though the International community suspect some of those sites were part of IRAN's Flanders turn nuclear weapons programme.
There are also many people believe that IRAN is dealing with North Korea. I am to instruct our intelligence agencies to do a thorough analysis and report back their findings beyond what they have already review. By his own terms. The around deal was supposed to contribute to regional. An international peace, security and yet the United States. Here's to our commitment under the deal The iranian regime continues to feel conflict, terror and oil throughout the Middle EAST and beyond importantly, France is not living up to the Spirit of the deal so today and recognition of the increasing menace posed by IRAN and after extensive
consultations with our allies I am announcing a new strategy to address full range of IRAN's destructive actions. First, we will work with our allies to counter the regimes, destabilizing activity and support for terrorist proxies in a rage I we will place additional sanctions on the regime to block there financing of terror. Third, we will press, the regimes, proliferation of missiles and weapons that threaten its neighbours, global trade and freedom of navigate, and finally, we will deny the regime all paths to a nuclear weapon. How can you oppose this? How can you oppose the policy you said he is laid out here and yet not even
after his speech before his speech. In anticipation of this week, the leftist the Democrats there, sir, gets, are all over the media, trashing trump and trashing, whose decision and Europe folks, I'm tired of giving them the benefit of the doubt. I'm tired of people who parse their words when identifying this force on the left. This progressive ism, their efforts, are on American. Our standing with the iranian regime. They can pretend that they're, not the press, When is giving them an opportunity to put their in order to put their ideas and their arguments to the test, while you and then they pretend. The allowing the arrangements to use this deal as a fig leaf while they go on and can Can you their terrorist activities in their terrorist ways and go on with their planning and applauding the building.
That somehow that's America's national security interests that somehow, when you reveal what they're doing when you speak to the american people about it, when you exercise little legitimately certification our they ninety days, certify or not under the deal. And U S Congress took you either deal with this, but sanctions in place changes deal or I'm gonna drop it. The president is had to be dangerous. The president has said to not understand what's going on, which is absurd when it comes to America's national Security, the democratic taken innate I want it comes when it comes to the Iranians, their standing and saluting. Now my question for the Democrats. As this
Do you stand with the United States of America? The american people and our national security, or stand with the enemy like a stand with the enemy, its black and white. It's that simple. This deal gives the iranian regime cover cover to advance terrorism, to advance its missile technology, to advantage nuclear technology to continue to apply to destroy its neighbours, arab and jewish, arab and jewish
and they can generate a plot. Those I see the aims to build longer and longer range missiles, so they can hit our cities. This is what Barack Obama has has given us. This is what the Democratic Party has given us. This isn't a party of Franklin rose about this is that the party Harry Truman- this isn't a party at John Kennedy. It's not even the party, a Linden, Baines Johnson. This is the part saw Linsky. This is a party of George Mcgovern. This is a party of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrant and Barack Obama radical Leftists that's what they are I'll be right back
Play the final third of the president's speech it just to get the break it up and all these tiny little clips. We have three hours here and we're gonna use part of the next hour. To do that, I am also going to spend time on what the president is done with Obama care the Obama nightmare, because the howling buffoons of the left are all over the media howling like buffoons or the left, and we want to talk about that too. And so tonight, ladies and gentlemen, as I speak tomorrow, Sunday on the Sunday shows, while the football players are kneeling, the
they left. This will be our telling you that what our bomb issues that there were tromp has done with a bomb care is a disaster, even though trumpets following what a federal court said and Bureaucracy Burma defied a federal court, even though trumpets COM I'm with the constitution. These same Democrats, the performance of the left, who are daily with the iranian regime, let me repeat that democratic, tonight tomorrow, Sunday, in every other day from this point for will be standing with the iranian regime against the President of the United states it against their country. This idea that a rogue terrorist regime, which is breaking towards the development of long range icy began with nuclear warheads. That is spreading terrorism. That is toppling countries that surround it. That is threatening us tackle Amerika TAT, the Israel that any
it does not agree with it violating Hezbollah, which I sleep ourselves in our own country, has which is called american soldiers, iranian regime, which has killed american soldiers. The idea, the idea that the Democrats are gonna get away with their schizophrenia arguments, We do not agree with everything in the gear and, of course, the Iranians are problem, and yet it but Trot possession front, possessed and propose this job by this trumpets following the letter of the law, and he has determined rationally reasonably sensibly intelligently, that the deal that was cut by the appeasement regime before that administration. The deal that was caught by Obama and carry the deal that was caught by the Democrats.
When they sought out the United States The iranian regime am, I might add, that the european corporatist, because they're the ones gone to the bank they're the ones go into the bank in Europe- doesn't support this will, of course, not Europe surrendered its sovereignty. Fifty years ago they wouldn't be a need for NATO of Europe stood up for itself. What their we gotta follow. Europe we're going to follow you when it comes to national health care, we gotta follow you up. When it comes to the refugees, we gotta get the follow anybody. Let them follow us when it comes to our ran. Iran is a mortal enemy of the United States around
a mortal enemy of yours and mine and they tell us this every game day. So we need the Democrats to interpret it for us by the way Nancy Policy truck Schumacher, we're supposed to believe these two these two charlatans. These two snake oil salesman. No, I don't think so. I don't think so when we come back the final third, the president's speech today is a very, very important speech. I believe this It will go down in history as a matter of fact I'll be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under lubricant steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, remarkable then hear our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three eight one create one with this- is a big deal. Big deal dealing with a ran. As I told you last out, we're going to play the final one. Third of the president's historic speech, really bad around desertification. Again, I think the better position, and decertify than drop it, but the president who sang or in a minute decertify this is a rogue terrorist,
they're doing rogue terrorist things. If Congress, you think you can fix this now fix it for Europe, you think you can fix it Ok, we want to hear from you to but eyes. As I understood the presently said, I have the power any does under this Obama. Corker Cardan IRAN deal to drop it myself that stand so he's holding out but he heard how were his final comments during his speech today. Cut three go today I'm also announcing several major steps. My administration is taken in pursuit of the strategy, the execution Our strategy begins with the law on do step of imposing tougher sanctions on IRAN's Islamic. Revolutionary guard car
evolutionary. God is the arabian Supreme leaders, corrupt personal terror, force and militia. It is. Ajax large portions, of around the economy and seized massive religious. Endowments too the war and chair abroad. This includes The syrian dictator supplying proxies and with missiles and weapons to attack civilians in the region and even plotting to bomb a popular restaurant right here in why engine DC. Authorizing the Treasury department to further sanction the entire There is law, Revolutionary Guard Corps for support for terrorism and, apply sanctions to its officials, agents and affiliates.
Urge our allies to join us in taking strong action to curb IRAN's continued dangerous and destabilizing behaviour include thorough sanctions outside IRAN deal that target The regimes ballistic missile programme in support for terrorism and all of its destructive activities, of which there are many. Finally, on the grave matter of IRAN's nuclear programme, the signing of the nuclear agreements. The regimes dangerous aggression- has only escalated. Same time, it has received massive sanctions relief while continue to develop its missiles programme ran, has also entered into lucrative business contracts with other parties to the agreement when the agreement was finalized in two thousand fifteen Congress
ass. The IRAN's Nuclear Agreement Review ACT sure that congresses voice would be heard on the deal among others. Additional. This law requires the president or his designate to certify that the suspension of sanctions under the deal is appropriate and proportionate to easier and other measures taken by Europe and to terminate its illicit nuclear programme based on factual record, I have put forward I am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence. Mortar and the very real threat of IRAN's nuclear break out.
That is why I am directing my administration to work closely with Congress and our allies to address the deal's many serious flaws, so the iranian regime, can never threatened a world with nuclear weapons. These include the deal's sunset clauses that in just a few years, while a limit, She restrictions on IRAN's nuclear programme the floor. As in the deal also, include in efficient enforcement and near total silence on IRAN's missile programmes. Com, This has already begun the work to address these problems: He house and Senate leaders are drafting legislation. That would mean, India. Iran's nuclear agreement Review ACT to strengthen enforcement, prevent a ran from developing.
Internet, and this is so totally important and into Continental Ballistic missile and me all restrictions on IRAN's nuclear activity permanent undo. The? U S, law so important. I support these initiatives however, in the event we are not able to reach a solution working with Congress and our allies. Then the agreement will be terminated. Is under continuous reveal and our participation can be and so by me as president, at any time as we have seen in North Korea, the longer we ignore a threat, the worse that threat becomes, It is why we are determined.
The world's leading sponsor of terrorism will never obtain nuclear weapons in this effort. We stand in total solidarity. The iranian regime's longest suffering victims, its own people The citizens of IRAN have paid a heavy price for the vial, and send extremism of their leaders, the iranian people? Long too they just are longing to reclaim their country's proud history, its culture, its civilization, its cooperation with us However, we hope that these new measures directed at the iranian dictatorship will compel the government too. Evaluate its pursuit of terror at the expense of its people. We hope that our
actions today, will help bring about a future of peace, stability and peace. Clarity in the Middle EAST, You were sovereign nations, respect each other and their own citizens pray for a future where young children, America, in an iranian most christian and Jewish can grow a world free from violence, hatred and terror, and on bill that bless the day. Comes we do what we must do, keep America safe. Now I thought the speech was so important. We play the entire thing now over the course of an hour in fifteen minutes. It runs what seventeen minutes give or take. I consider a historic speech.
A crucially important speech: there's nothing in here trashing his own country. That would be an Obama speech, but there is a political force out there. That stands with the iranian regime or pretending it does, and that is one of our political parties are biggest political party. In fact, the Democratic Party Shimmer Pelosi, all of them they should press releases had been MSNBC had been on CNN. Some of them have been on fox they're all over the place network tv. How d?
who is this? Man is the present a reckless. This man is the President housing dangerous, reckless how his he dangerous are reckless and what he did, because they want to persuade Democrats and liberals all across this country that there's some wrong with Trump and not something wrong with them and there's something horribly wrong with a democratic party and its leadership sides with the Islam or Nazi genocide a regime in Tehran that brutal as is murders, rapes skills from its own people and wishes to do the same to others. Cleaning us this is without debate a terrorist, rogue,
regime that does not honour its agreement anymore than North Korea. Does say what you will about Donald Trump tweeting and all the rest of the fact of the matter fact of the matter is then more to stand up to North Korea and mortar. And if the ran than any recent president, then any recent president he's trying to deal with these life and death issues he's trying to deal with these life and death issues. And the media when a treat. This is nothing more than another political issue. The Democrats want to use it as just another case, the trash him, so are they to this Obama Corker Cardan Uranium deal. I wish they would show such passion for the constitution of the United States, which for the Democrats is up
Wrapped slipping and breathing, but when it comes to the iranian deal, not every word check that every dot and comma. Is to be followed by us, whether the uranium follow it or not, that's irrelevant, and so now you see. Ladies and gentlemen, the United States, under this president is dangerous and reckless Democrats officially through their leaders, through their spokesman through their press releases,
Are giving aid and comfort to the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran? That is exactly what they are doing and now and now we're going to see their true colours, because this matter is now before the United States Congress and they have sixty days sixty days to act sixty day and what will the Democrats in particular in the Senate? What will they do? Well, they act to protect America, or will they act to protect the regime in Tehran? What they used to filibuster, protect the regime in IRAN, And they need to be called out for it, because enough is enough I'll, be right back
one Nora statesmen. I thought you might want to hear about really fear from a course that wouldn't be single Democrat and am aware how about the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu? What does he think about all this cut forego? I congratulate president tromp for his courageous decision today. He boldly confronted IRAN's terrorist regime if the wrong dealers left unchanged. One thing is absolutely certain: in a few years time the world
Foremost, terrorist regime will have an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and that's a tremendous danger for our collective future. President from has just created an opportunity to fix this bad deal to roll back, hurons aggression and to confront its criminal support of terrorism. That's why Israel embraces this opportunity and that's why every responsible government in any person concerned with peace and security of world should do so as well Ayman amen. Well, the iranian President, Hassan, were honey, attacked the tramp administration for moving unilaterally against twenty fifteen nuclear there. We will continue to stick to the deal and to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which, of course, they're not. Cooperating with that's part of the EU and within the framework of it National law, he said.
But if the deal's other signatories refused to abide by their commitments around will not hesitate to respond while what a threat they're gonna have nukes soon enough. So what kind of threat is this? The whole idea is to prevent it isn't here. I think it is so we have a very interesting a dynamic going on the Democratic Party in the left. Have had a bad weak, but if you listen to the media were now in one of their big sugar, Daddy's Harvey Wednesday has been caught with his pants down, you might say, even worse, we ve had a massive. Cover up in the Hollywood entertainment industry for decades now, some guy from Amazon has been suspended without,
There now they're more allegations again, then ethnic, there's an allegation against George cloning, which denies and its growing and growing and growing, Jane Fonda Hanoi, Jane Ass. She was on affectionately referred two decades ago. She said she heard about this a year ago and she was ashamed of yourself because you didn't do anything while she should be ashamed of yourself were ashamed of her and number of actors and actresses now coming up talking about what was taking place. I still want to press not just for an FBI investigation of heart the wine steam, but a special FBI. Sexual crimes unit focused on the Hollywood, entertainment industry,
This we might have a special any trust, division unit or a group of lawyers working on a potential, any trust violation of some industry that sort of thing well. Here we have a different problem. Don't we, ladies and gentlemen, this is no joke, are quite serious about it. The attorney General California he's a useless left wing hack Useless levelling hack- and I want to reiterate my proposal. My proposal is the end with the Oscars, not for the Oscars, the Asker night. The ask your little statues now for an hour. It's the Harvey's, the Harvey awards because that's what Hollywood deserves the, how Harvey Award and rather than the little ask your statutes over whether Lava Harvey Statue, some fat, slop pervert in a raincoat. That's right and you give em out the way.
The best factor award getting idea Harvey award. You know that's what needs to happen now. That's what needs to happen. The big issue this around you and I'm gonna, move to another big issue right now. Another action the president took he ended Obama's illegal insurance company subsidies. I don't have anything against insurance companies per se. For the most part, they are effectively control by the federal government, take governments, then I freed operate than I free to to offer us any kind of policy known under they. Gotta go through zillion regulators had to go through a zillion regulators. The policies they offer for the most part are policies there required offer. Eighty percent.
And so Barack Obama decided that in order to take hold proper care, which is an economic and financial impossibility. He would violate the constitution. He would also violate the affordable care extension and his violation of the constitution and, in violation of the statute, we're certified by a federal court decision. That said that the present the United States violated article one of the constitution, which is pretty basic about where spending and borrowing comes from. We call it Congress, specifically the house, a representative. Moreover, the statute itself said you gotta go to Congress. If you want
fun as an example. Subsidies for these insurance companies Congress said knows. Obama says what I don't give a damn. What some judge! I don't give a damn what everybody says. Any orders Treasury department has subsidize the insurance companies, I'll be back my clothes, then America's passionately cerebral voice. Talk with that. Ice. Now, eight seven, seven, three one. Three, eight. One one you're gonna baby,.
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To subsidize insurance companies which were subsidizing, lower income people in their purchase of healthcare. The problem is, ladies and gentlemen: the constitution not in power a president to order His Treasury department to spend billions and oh and billions of dollars without congressional authority. Moreover, under the Obamacare statute. Congress said no, but oh, Burma decided yes, so he directed his treasure department in defiance of article one of the constitution and in defiance of a law named after him to pay these monies to pay. These monies
Congress did not appropriate the money. Congress is the only source for such an appropriation. The judge wrote, no public money can be spent without such an appropriation, and yet this is continued. These subsidies have continued And so the presently United States said the subsidies are over after initially signing offer. The president last night said that's enough: The president is under attack. I just heard the news at the top of the hour. What news, as MR produced Is it CNN is at our own company. I don't even know it's network news that I hear anything.
They have the audio of Democrats trashing, the president for taking away health care from the poor and all the rest were not once did they say that these subsidies unconstitutional not once did they say Congress refused to appropriate the funds? Not once did they say a federal court ruled against this subsidy. Not once did they say Barack Obama did this without any constitutional statutory authority It was trump hurting the poor me while I won't hurt the poor, because the other thing trumpeted that we talked about Is he allows individuals to get together and a great these groups and associations, so they can purchase health Eddie, Keep a price and the insurance companies can offer them more varieties of healthcare policies, including policies that don't cover everything you know like.
Prostate exams for women. I gonna come logical visits for men in of that sort of stuff. Because the rest of us know there's a difference between a man and a woman. The rest of us are quite familiar with the agenda. Tell you differences and we don't really care what's between somebody's ears. For more time, about. What's between their legs, that's a liberal thing. And by the way, if you notice there always talking about what's between the legs except when it comes to bathrooms, comes to bathrooms, we don't know what between the legs or you may think you have that between your legs, but you may think you have something else between your legs and, if you don't like that's between your legs, we will subsidize you, so you can remove. What's between your legs are at a wedge between you This is why the left has taken us they're not stir insane. Now he federal court rules
Ro bombers actions violate the constitution, a federal court, Saint Court rules that not only that the present even comply with his own statute And on cnn- and I myself a on the constant- IT news network on a Emma S, LSD. The news that idea here in my ears from network, knows and all the rest, its trump trumps. The problem trumps trumps following the constitution Trumps following the Obama Corker Cardinal ran deal. As each unravelling the deal, because the deal is a threat to the United States, a threat to the United States. I wish he had done more, but he did what he did, which is far more than most republican President's. Would do or any democrat president.
And, rather than praising the president for following the constitution, we keep hearing impeachment so here that president, whose complying with the constitution and the Democrats window impeachment removed from office and some people are ill informed. Keep throwing around the twenty fifth amendment to the constitution, which is actually harder to remove a president than the impeachment clause. So the president. The impeached for complying with the constitution. Now this is amazing. The other day we were told that the present United States as a dictator or would be dictator because he said Nbc should have its licence. Port workers NBC doesn't have a license. Its affiliate has licences their fillets, that is, but the president has taken no steps to violate the constitution. Oh steps to harm the media, none whatsoever, unlike Obama, at least, is his espionage units and forces to go the Associated depressed to go after Fox NEWS to go.
James rose in his elderly parents. Obama actually did these things they're on masking names and are using Pfizer to endemic espionage activities, but it's true You see who's endangering the constitution, its Trump, whose reckless its trap, whose dangerous not Obama. The Democratic Party, not the Iranians. Now it's truck now there's a little tiff going on before. Be between my buddy Sean Hannity and Senator Ben Sassin Nebraska. Nine door? Senator events ass in a brass can, of course, as you know, he was not because of my endorsement. I was one of many. He was the conservative. I thought he was run.
Then sank slowly voted to allow. They ran the process, the process to take place, that is, the Corker Cardan process, which he vis rates article two section, two clause to the constitution: the treaty clause bends s voted for that because he was part of that goggle part of this, It, forms part of a group think with Corker a carton and call on all the rest of them. But he was vociferously in support of how do I know, because the main call me on the phone to try and convince me that I was wrong, that this was a good processes, the best they could do, because you know, Obama would never submit. This is a treaty to the Senate. Anyway, I tried to explain: the man you have your own role as a senator in the United States Senate. Under our constitution, again, article two section, two clause to and the Senate can treat it as a treaty,
did shared whether the present presents it or not. They send it doesn't have to act at the behest of the president. They can act on its own. The president's seeks to circumvent the Senate and violate the constitution, any vessel rate, the treaty clause, but SAS was not convinced and by the time we were done, I told him. I don't ever call me again, don't recall me again and he hasn't thank God and he has but SAS and Corker, and the vast majority Republicans in the Senate who voted for this even conservative? They ensured that this ran deal whatever the reindeer would be. What ever? Oh boy am, I had in mind, would pass because rather and requiring two thirds of the senators present present. To ratify a treaty, it was turned on its head, It was treated as a basic law. Therefore, they ripped
To this end, it ensured that the Democrats could use the filibuster rule to protect whatever deal that Obama came up with, because in the corker process, the Senate and the house. What at the vote to oppose the an idea not to ratify it and the Senate is the Democrats did in fact threatened use the filibuster rule and the Republicans only had and can cobble together with a few Democrats, fifty eight votes, so they knew that they could not stop the Obama IRAN Porker Cardan Deal and even if they had had the sixty votes to overcome the filibuster rule Obama would have. He toad vetoed their opposition and they would have needed sixty seven votes, so they ensured Mr Sassin Short and the other two,
for this process that this deal or an idea that Obama came up with we'd, go through. Now back to this law teeth between Hannity and MR says I spoke the short about this. He said I dont support. Anybody's license I never have, and they never would let alone a president die. I'm just making the point. That the media are out of control and he said more, but that's enough SAS of course jumps on Henry, because Hannity is very critical of SAS, says you know, I'm the one who defends the constitution, not you what Mr Sas, you dont defend the constitution, as I posted on my facebook and twitter sites this morning,
it comes to the treaty clause you eviscerated it and now precedent has been set for a future, rogue radical president's to say I'm not going to submit this deal to the Senate for radical. Asian, look: what happened when they ran down, they didn't have to do it, so I'm not gonna do so whose damage a constitution more as a matter of fact, an action. Ladies and gentlemen, our trump, who hasn't done anything to effect the constitution. Then voice an opinion which I disagree with what Mr Santer, We voted voted. With a whole host the Republicans and Democrats, of course, to circumvent the treaty clause of the constitution, I just want to say Donald Trump or Barack Obama, Donald Trump uses words to criticise the media and the media deserve
who's, a greater threat that the first amendment, ladies and gentlemen, free speech, aspect in freedom of the press, Donald Trump or Barack Obama, Donald Trump uses words to criticise the media and the media deserve it and grid pulling licence NBC licence again, there's no license to pull, but that aside present United States is making statements and their attacking him their attacking him for his statements. The democratic party through trucks humor argued for an amendment to the first amendment that would limit free political speech by controlling.
How much money could be contributed for people to run adds advocacy ass, advocacy at the most effective way to communicate with your fellow citizens when you three hundred twenty million of them, is through tv and radio, and so the democratic right for the juggler. There are many problem. If you talk to your neighbours or something like that now, of course, they violate the spirit of every limitation: they want to place on the rest of us, whether its health care or whatever it is so truck. Schuman has proposed that so trucks rumour has proposed through the constitution a direct threat to our liberty and our free speech when it matters in particular politics. An election present United States has never done Barack Obama as presently United States, Eric holder as a tree,
General, the United States to phony civil rights advocates actually used the police powers of the federal government. To survey all the Associated Press to Sir Veil James Rose and Fox NEWS and his parents, and probably a lot more, but we don't know about given the fact that the prior ministration had no respect, none for individual liberty and the rule of law, so Donald Trump never did any of that. Donald Trump hasn't done that you'd Donald Trump as a threat to our democracy Donald Trump, as a threat to our constitutional system. The Democrats, who say this, don't even believe in our constitutional system unless they think they can use it as a fig leaf to advance their progressive agenda
they're the ones attacking the bill of rights? What are its free? Freedom of association, whether it's free political speak? Whether its freedom of the press, it's the right to bear arms, whether its due process, whether that taking clause we have a right to private property. In this country- and I could go on and on and on, they are poor that constitutional, where they have or the declaration of independence, and we ve talked about that when rediscovering Americanism came up and yet its trump and not just run its course,
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Joe Biden loves Bill Clinton, Joe Biden Love TAT Kennedy, Joe Biden used to whatever it was very, very close to take Kennedy. He never had a problem with any other stuff. I'll be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one. Three eight one oneself
Presently, the United States actually complies with the constitution, complies with the federal court that a president is not free to authorize himself to appropriate funds to causes that he believes in the case of Obama, appropriated funds to subsidize Obama CARE, which is an impossibility comes to economic or financial rationality. It is an impossibility. It is a massive ponzi scheme, a redistribution of wealth scheme. That's why you're policy costs are so high. That's why you're deductions are so high. That's why you're paying so much The reason is your subsidizing other people for the most part, so the present United States is complying with the constitution complying with the statute complying with the federal corridor and listen to this
back by the media. George Deaf Annapolis, trolley rose Savannah got three John Carl Nancy Court. As let's see an Kristen worker and represented here, would be a B NBC, ABC Cbs, NBC again cut one is a cut six month. Let's go presidential healthcare plums weight as immediately as insurance subsidies for Americans. The biggest move under my mama here, yet immigrants sabotage single, averting means working in middle class, family trumpet Ministration in seven billion dollars in a bomb care subsidies for millions of low income. American. The lighthouse says the subsidies are unlawful Democrats call the mood pointless, sabotaged the health care by India, with hair overnight above on a care Democrats are horrified by this movie, think it will mean less fewer people insured
more people paying much higher health insurance premiums on lower incomes. President drum boffin predicts the laws demise, but now he's taking a much more active role in nullifying his predecessors. Signature achievement critics here. The twin hits crudely He chose to pull out of. Obama cares marketplaces, Andy Rail, the president's signature domestic achievement. Did you hear had tiptoes pastures, Did you hear any these so called reporters these phony reporters mention they federal court decision? Did you. Now one, not a single one of them. You hear any of the mention. The fact that the prior president. Did violate the constitution, the United States. Now one of them did you hear Any mention of the prior president did in fact violate the statute itself. Now
one of them not even worthy of comment or a mention, let alone a discussion, nothing. Because the ends justify the means, they all communist line, the engine to find the means and for the left, you better believe it. This is the year of fraud. The media is a joke. They are a joke. And do they sound any differently than the demagogues and the Democratic party? No, they don't sound any differently. I'll. Give you some examples here is Gregory makes more on of New York, cut seven, go But a court ruled it illegal role that they were not. There was not appropriations for it and that payments were wrong. Does he have a point? What he knows it is avatars because they come to the table to work? Something out so that no
issues that people may have problems with the affordable care can be fixed. So what does bring you to the table, because what is this has in fact doing. This shows the business of this particular problem, because who remain victimize by somebody. The poor. Individuals, Americans, we had a rambling, moron, ambling before your Medicaid. Medical going away now many cave spending is going through the roof. What's he talking about this even nobody's told him. Of course he doesn't know. What he's talking about here. He's all by a real journalist about the court decision. And so he pivots that the present attacks we sabotaging the affordable care, nobody Sab,
how's the affordable care act. Affordable care act sabotage is itself its unsustainable. It's an impossibility and that is lousy, terrific and so. The media for the most part other than that one report sound exactly like the Democrat Marietta, thereby taken any cause. Why have I haven't taken? Many? Let's take Few calls here, Jim Wage. They aren't the great w, I D say: go market the tall out you about the president's speech. It we'll go down in history. And what Do you know where they went away, and these have little bit? Have you heard the story about the private point coming back from this democratic? Now they were fired gas. I'm an advantage will little trouble and
Most warmly for parachutes the right away, Jackie Schuman Graduate and down on the poor man, Mary leader. I afterwards Then he jumped out next Nancy below Sea grabbed one They will the housemaid already leader I have to go to. She goes out, let Elizabeth Warren. Those will you know I'm going to be the first woman president. I have to live in Reggie parachute go Jack, only one parachute about the two people laugh Obama and this lily. You're, a girl. It is funny. Oh you know young lady I after like you were right. I can't I can't take the lead parity. You have your life and failure? Don't worry, Mr President, many people are too.
Come back very, very good. Thank you appreciate that that is funny. It is funny entails not funny. This little man, Bob Corker. Here the present nine states trying to deal with the rand trying to deal with the problem of the left wing is going nuts. And here is in political. What I want you to know what what allows this guy is alive, always detested him. This is the headline and political. By the way, when you see Republicans mention favourably and political means, they lead to political or their surrogates leaked the political because politico as a left wing site. Corker unloads on trumped, for trying to castrate tell Us Senator about
A quarter escalated. His warm words with the White House today admonishing President Trump for what the Senator colony Predict castrate the sectaries state and actions You're pushing you diplomatic efforts to the brink of war war. Three. I think this guy's lost his marbles. This guy, Mr Barroso, would you invite Mr Schwaiger on this programme and tell them more. Within which they have a legitimate substantive discussion about your decisions. Our actions, your behavior, with respect to the around you. And come on the show and defend them. A political or MSNBC or CNN or the New York Times, are the washed imposed or some Tennessee paper. That. There. That's in your back pocket no come on my show I'll be respectful, but it's gonna be tough because he's a tough guy he's a tough guy. This quarter.
Calker, who publicly late into tramper this week on Twitter. By saying the White House have become an adult daycare, centers slammed the door By saying was undermine sectaries State Rex tell us him. Creating scenarios in which the United States might be forced to choose between waging war on North Korea or ran were lying. Those countries that threaten the. U S would nuclear weapons in Mr Corker, You ve, been in Washington. A lot longer than Donald Trump has been uneven. I've been chairman of the Senate. Fine relations can make, and let me pay some pow now. The Korean, ran in many respects. Your fingerprints are on those failed projects. Pow yours, yours, and let me tell you something else: corker you lie, Add the restoration of the treaty clause of the constitution. Let me tell you the last quarter? You pave the way for this ran deal when you re Why are in essence, sixty seven votes to stop the around deal? You're, it
grace. You're a disaster and I have always said you are a disgrace in disaster. Long before you got into this war, words were Trump smarter fact. I have called you a disgrace in a disaster when you re kissing trumps, but Any was kissing yours, figuratively figuratively. As for the Secretary of State, he deserves to be castrated from a policy. Perspective. This man, who stood with the Palestinians against our allies, Israel, this man, undermine the president of the United States with the media. Man is undermine the president of the United States when it has come to diesel Finally, I ran deal which tell us I didn't want to do this man
is hiring one of quarters top advisers on the around deal only around process and making an assistant secretary state Corporate S entire? That does he hasn't tell you that. Does he Corker is a snake He's a republican truck show me that's what he is and the reason why he's chosen court quote not parent. Re election: is he get crushed? The people at Tennessee are good people. This our people and they realize that's enough for this guy twelve years The Senate down done other, then I'll hand Obama his around deal. While trashing the treaty clause or the constitution. Now, in the middle of the president's efforts.
To get around under control thanks in part to Corker. Now Corker trashes, the president. Now, let's see how many of the live media types are: gonna questioning quarters sanity, let's see how many of the live media types are going, accused Corker being thin skinned being a mature, because Corker is firing. The shots, trump and courtiers been fired, the shots from the little fellow and other special pleading for trot. When I agree with- and I agree with her when I disagree with them- I disagree with them. But let me tell you something: the way the media and I want He'S- had a bad wait. Crop has had a great,
forty eight hours and what its come to their hurricanes when it's come to his efforts with these natural disasters he's been great. Why can't everybody admit that whoever you supported the republican primers? Why can't you admit it? Why can't you admit it, but this guy Corker he wanted to be trumps. Vice president, he wanted to be Trump sector estate. Now he's just a putz I'll be right back. Quarter, has the necessary experience. Having basically been a mayor and the developer to be chairman of the Senate farm relations can be he says, is undermining sector state while quarter is undermining the presently, and I stayed at a time
really when we oughta be rolling around him in his dealing with a random which dry quarter has been such a disaster as a Senate, such a disaster in foreign policy, and they make em chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and I question whether the man is rational. I question whether the man is the temperament, the b, the chairman of the Senate, Foreign Affairs
committee. I question whether Corker has the necessary experience. Having basically been a mayor and the developer to be chairman of the Senate. Far relations can be where you're supposed to have really specific knowledge, because you're, the chairman of the committee and its defensive, tell us and who has been a disaster as secretary of state an utter income. Disaster whose Department of State is loaded with Obama, whole overs, and then he's taking courtiers former top guy and give
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he believes in the constitution always takes a strong stand for our values, he's a proud Christian and they show will capture the best to fail and include a fascinating makes of politics. Outdoors, the Robertson, family and so forth. You can join fill and you can join all the rest of us. Go to see our tv dot com, slash ducks that simple go there right now, watch thee!
must see trailer and Dupree order in the woods with feel is part of our see. Our tv network will also receive an amazing discount. That's your tv dot com, slash ducks and when you sign up, we get all the wonderful programming, including starting October, thirtieth in the woods with failed. I would be felt Robertson from drug dynasty, very, very nice man and really a wonderful addition to our see our tv enterprise, thrilling horsey, our tv enterprise, because without you there is no enterprise and trust me. When I tell you none of the house,
you're taking me raw, proud of the flag, and we all stand for the national anthem can't say that about all the other networks. Canyon. Let's take a call. Shall we William Albany are again go right ahead. Sir, may I go and honour to speak with you, sir. Thank you. Basically, I've wanted to make a quick come here. I don't know any parents that would want there. Don't want the best for their kids as far as like you know, their future and the fact that we got the Democrats and even these liberal Republicans in the swamp battle. They make this decision and I am sure most of them have grown kids in their own grandkids and it's like they don't take it into consideration when they, when they make you decisions like this. I really
deal and about the future that their leading for far future generation- well, it's pretty stunning used and the reason is these people put their careers and politics and power before everything else. Everything else could it be for their faith, their family, their country. They really do, in my humble opinion, If you really have to have a different kind of mindset different than the rest of us to be a leader of the Democratic Party today or to be in love, cases, not on elected Democrat. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm gonna returned with a wonderful guess, his name Christopher Scalia. One of this really a kid you dont want to miss it we'll be right back
my problem, fanatic, Father constitution call him now at eight seven seven create one three eight one one I was a Christopher Scully, he's number eight, eight of nine Scully children and he has co authored a book. Scalia speaks reflections on law, faith and life. Well live speeches, biased other Antonyms Scully, Christopher Scalia. How are you, sir? Well, my career scrutiny on what you might do. I met your mother wants Maureen. As you know yes, but had a car dealership she's told me the story of what a nice lady, very nice, lady. I know met your father, which is a great loss to me, because
I so greatly admired. Did he ever listened to talk radio? Yet he did. I believe you listen to you. I ain't got no. No, he did Only like toggle anyhow Debbie, I may on Washington yeah, that's right! Well, my lost whenever you, but anyway Christopher you with your coat, the Red Wayland, who is a friend of mine, have put together a hell of a great book and your dad speeches, and I got the book yesterday and I started going through these features. We will get into in a moment, and you know I miss him very, very much as it is as a justice and as a brilliant sort character. And so, But the family must really really miss this patriarch. Can you tell us about their gas? We Rina some very much on a while he was. He was a great father I loved growing up with handed a father and and as I grew up myself and
became a father. I appreciated what he did more and, more obviously, being a supreme court. Justice was a big deal, but Managing the nine kids are in a marriage of over fifty years and even more impressive sought the fact that my mom work, you know being able to do all those things. Just just amazes me and I miss him. Obviously I miss him as a Supreme Court justice, but more I'm dismiss him listening around in the spending time within hearing his stories in his jokes yeah that about Pegana Thanksgiving dinner, yeah well, not just because of their people. As you know, there are, there are nine nine kids in em. How many turn Is it thanksgiving nine kids? I mean you have them on and on and on granted so anybody closer forty granted, not that
it would be there are. What for me, is it really is a plethora of people also, yet we have multiple turkey, usually one bacon, and not one one fried I let's get into this book and you get that I just want the audience to know the title the book of is Scully speaks and they these these he gave does and then does its speeches during the course of his career. About everything I mean, I'm I'm looking at the table, I content
They gave speeches about everything, the arts Games and sports Turkey hunting, and then he gave you no more serious speeches about the law on the constitution and so forth. Give a favorite I dont have a favorite. I have set a favorite. You mentioned a couple of them: the games and sports. I love that one because it is a portrait of his childhood in queens any describes the ways he would. He would spend time growin up. It has a whole areas beginning. He says I am often asked to what do. I owe my wedding prowess. Of course nobody ever ask that question living sitting on a bench, so I use that known as inadequate, but it is if it is a political speech with a lot of fun
and then I, like the art speech very much, he delivered that want to join, Ard and kind of a surprising. Then you form and none. I went over great and lieutenant. Tell us about the speech he gave, which you talk about. It's. Your high school graduation tell us about how you introduced him and then and then went up well at my high school graduation. My father was that the main speaker and I had the honour of introducing in the night I delivered A ban has to speak a, maybe nearly as good as as my own fathers, if I say so, myself and all I had to do was was, I say his name and welcome him to the podium. So I thought I was home free but, as I said his name and I dont say his first name very often, I call him dad so
his first name. I totally muff. There are even remember what I called him, but it was. I got the first syllable right, but then I turn it until I get a twelve syllable mass and I I was really embarrassing- ruined the kind of ruin the hearse it all afternoon. For me and my father, When he got up after introduced him, he got up there in an ear he pretended to forget. My name Thank you very much, and I looked at notes and said my name. So I don't know You gonna do that anyway, or about what kind of way of getting back at me for flubbing his name, but it was pretty good either way when there's already. I often play parts of his speeches. Well, there's not audio. I often re from it because he really is the guide star, the Norstar. For so many of us who really revere the constitution. And I think I don't think I know that history has in fact
historians will write of your father as he's one of the greatest justices ever and not just because of his brilliance, but his demeanor his temperament, not just because of that the way he wrote the way he conducted himself during oral argument, absolutely fascinating. Similarly compelling, and yet there is another justice, Ruth Paine against Ray I won't puts on the spot. I'm gonna happen to be a fan, but them. How is it that your father and Ruth Better Ginsburg hit it off where they became these pals
they were pals right, they were very good friends and they were good friends for decades and other spouses was a friend. Obviously they differ legally and politically, but I think that it helps that they grew up in New York round the same time if it get help a little bit, but they both lot opera, but they had come the same cultural tape. Both of them had spouses who were excellent cooks and they both like eating with their spouses, got that help to and they just lucky they loved being around each other so that they would have been socialized often then go to offer together they would celebrate New year's together. They had. They had a remarkable friendship if ages focused on what they have in common and an even even a working relationship was fantastic in her forward. His collection, I'm just asking the bird, tell the story of how they would help each other on their honour.
The draft, if they obviously they were usually on different size of these opinions, but if they saw away the other could improve the argument, even though they didn't like the argument, they would help out. So it's a Catalan, I think both to their working relationship in their friendship and your father was friendly with other justice is too I salute Leah, many would go hunting and Kagan would go hunting with him from Thailand has rightly suggested Kagan hunting, obviously with good friends with justice. Thomas some you know, I was really struck by how how much the other justices liked him. I knew that he was fond of them, of course, but after he died the justices, I really got the sense that the court was a very close family, so I'm more so than I had expected or imagined.
They were just so warm and considered to my family and especially my mother, and it was clear they missed my father to an end. Yet in his opinions his rebuke could be very stinging, and I guess I didn't take it personally. They probably said: well that's the way and to non rights these where he would he like to say that he attack ideas, not people, so you and it just so happens. He said that a lot of people had buried a lot of good people are very bad ideas I saw the army has in a descent, could be pretty harsh, but you know he he looked at me. He criticised the ideas and writing set forth. Not not the people doing that writing door or preventing.
His ideas and am looking at the year the wide right. As we talk about these speeches, you have Heaven your book and you have these headings living and learning on faith. On the law, on virtue and the public good on heroes and friends, he gave these issues an enormous amount of thought didn't any and outside of the breed. That would be submitted. The supreme are obviously he did an enormous amount of reading right that absolutely no, you copy speaker seriously, obviously the legal ones he felt very seriously and those both comprised at the heart of this book there about twelve in which he did you is his understanding of original is on a text truism, but then on the speeches he delivered about. Faith are probably the second most said to him and he delivered those very often to various audiences there's. One called the Christian is cretin in the on faith.
And those are really important, speak to him that he delivered to a lot of on christian organisations that the importance of a being being basically Saint Paul said calls for Christ, and he would he would work. He would spend a lot of time on the initial draft deliver the speeches people finding them so and wailing, and I we didn't happen lot of editing that our job was the hardest part was deciding what speeches not to include, because they were always They were also refined and an already superb well crystal briskly, unfortunately, amount of time, and I would strongly recommend. This book. To my honest, we put it up on my mark then show Facebook Mark Levine, Show Twitter, and it is your father, I mean in his his best form covering so many topics and I'm no the family? I know you are miss him horribly, but the nation, MRS, until I mean miss them not just because of his brilliance on the court there.
Those who are regional, Essen Summit, but also his humour and the way he wrote. This there's never been a justice like him, and then there will be another one like him. I want to thank you Chris rebook Buckley, Christa Briskly God you're, not as they could not be here, and headway on. You guys did a great job with this book, and I want to thank bearing in mind the programme. I appreciate your time are. Thank you so much I God bless be well, it's a very interesting, but it also some of the speeches are a lot of fun and the Ford bike by Ginsburg is actually kind of interesting few pages long, but it is. It is a fairly interesting in its it's interesting that she would do afford but like this, but I would strongly recommend Estonia in getting on Amazon dot com and, as I say, we're linking to it on my social site. Weaken is the best time to get a book. The weakens the best time to get a book
you're gonna love this buck. What am I? Where am I, MR producer? Oh here am I yes, you know friends Tartu believe that twenty seventeen is almost over time doesn't stands still so don't waste. Another minute join a MAC right now aim ACT, the Association of mature american citizens, it's the lead. Conservative voice for Americans age fifty in up and their resolve to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass, to make America better place for children in the Save America. From the left as an Mac, member you'll so gain access to a variety of exclusive benefits and discounts I'll help. You save a lot of money from car insurance and Medicare plans to discounts on. The Taos in car Reynolds are more a make. Is the organisation to join a vote spread. Conservatives in Washington exceptional benefits, what's not to love about that, nay MAC right now, go to W W W. That AIM act. Not U S! That's w! W W that a
I see that you s are caught a MAC toll free at eight eight, eight, too to two zero zero, six that eight eight eight to six to twenty, Six, the association of mature american citizens, that benefits are great, the causes even greater, join me in joining Amy, Today MIKE. Baltimore Maryland w C b emigrate. Philly. You got one minute go my thank for opportunity at the great honour
You want in American. I see him here about twenty years ago. Ninety nine, a guy who operate in on my back, is intervening american and when I saw an iranian American, he said no, I'm an american I already have in America pursued up way right, I mean I've got a country. I understand. I think I got every day for the opportunity that I had to come to their country, because at that time I have been looking at the ballot box where religious minority in line with my family came before the revolution, because they had the opportunity, he can't a ninety ninety five, but I just want to point out my guy.
I agree with all your political views, but with this, but I really believe that some states just unite the government and IRAN on it that most people in IRAN hate the government, but with this agreement in place with a thoroughgoing against that, I really out of people believed that I'm it. Let me get this straight. So Trump gives his speech and unites the government in IRAN Lemme according to a government that usually I don't think so. I think there, I think, your ear The fellow Iranians link, the iranian people are enormously bright and they want this regime taken out and besides the president gave a speech, it is intended America from the regime in IRAN and that's his job as commander in chief. Thank you for your car. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute you, America, the beautiful and we're standing talk up.
A week is over the weekend, begin we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Can I it's pretty? I Griffin gonna Pepsi tonight smoking economics, our beautiful, wonderful, dogged, get Al Qaeda at that time, about get ices get that Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran and have a gray we
I'll see on Monday. God bless you. Everyone.
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