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Why has President Trump flipped on Obamacare subsidies? Just last Thursday, Trump struck a major blow against Obamacare, ending the illegal cost-sharing subsidies that were keeping the failed Democratic law afloat. On Tuesday, Trump backed a bipartisan...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three, One one: well, I'm a little perplexed. Quite frankly,. As you know, one of the Rockets and not one of the palm palm girls are boys on radio song perplexed them honestly perplexed. Maybe you can help me. We were celebrating the present at the other day in some respects. One of them include His willingness not to funds
subsidies to insurance companies which were, in essence providing subsidies to certain groups. A population We argued number one. It was unconstitutional, but we also argued it was wrong as a matter of policy, thereby care should be allowed to fail so that we can replace with something that works, something that actually provide you with choices, something that they create petition, rather than the monopolization of governor. The insurance companies that would drive And the cost of policies I would drive down the level of the doktor possesses basic stuff. That's why the cost of computers and televisions are so low compared to ten years. Fifteen years ago, and we can go on and on and on its basic market economics and the President said, Anne
He said he was ending the disgrace in the gravy train payments to the insurance companies. Then today the present a reverse course Daily mail trumpeters his weight behind knew by partisan dear, restoring the gravy train, Obamacare subsidies that he brag about ending last week. In a tribe outlined a pair of contradictory priorities for replacing affordable care act today, suggesting he's willing to let Congress undoing decision he's been boasting about since Thursday. President said during a rose garden, press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Suppress suppressed that he had ended hundreds of millions of dollars a month in Obamacare, related subsidies to medical insurance companies. Then he said he would say With the passage of a bipartisan compromise in the Euro zone that that would restore a hundred six million dollars to them,
only after the president's press conference Lookin Senator Lamar Alexander Progressive Report. Of Tennessee and democratic Senator Patty Mary Radical, Progressive Democratic Washington State announced that they agree. State Deal doing exactly that. He called cost sharing reduction payments. Tromp, said some economists and urged them to continue to pay this, but I said I'm going to do it. Ultimately he is going to do it. Number. He said the other day forget about Obama, Carry told his cabinet instead were apparently it's not that. Legislation would only be in effect for two years, but were restored payments, the president ended just days ago, gave the state some flexibility, which kind of action. Its policies are Obama CARE, compliant that big deal.
So every two years. What will happen now is lucky funding it and funding the funding it and funding, and in finding it and not forget all about the basics, as the go on and when the democratic control, of course, the move a meal, Lee to centralized National Socialist Healthcare. I am as a sigh notice, a footnote rather entertained by this debate over nationalism. You know left favours nationalism to by nationalism. They made an all powerful central government, they hate, Federalist, its sovereignty. So the left the left like said Sancho, Likes its own form of nationalism,. My concern is: we have some friends on our side or at least loosely on our side. We keep thrown around this term nationalism one. I think they mean Americans. May I point out my black and, as I pointed out repeatedly on this programme
about nationalism, about Americanism. How about nationalism and the declaration of independence, What about nationalism of the constitution? The United States about Americanism, and suppose that undergo in our society are right, but we ve been through that. So what do you make of it? I'm a care is going to be saved by a bipartisan effort. By partisan effort in Congress and by the present, the United States at least for two years, please don't all and tell me everything. Transfers is excellent and hears you feel swell in this sector, and I am asking people to think this through. Ok, you want to do the palm palm Rockettes stuff. There's other shows you can call this. Isn't that show we believe in certain principles here. We want to encourage the president to embrace them, release, move away from the others right.
Here's the president, today, at a press conference caught one go apparently Alomar Alexander his head he's made a deal with Senator Padding Murray to stabilize Obamacare, has the White House than involved in those negotiations, and will you support that? We have been involved, and this is a short term deal because we think ultimately block we're going to the states is going to be. The answer is a very good solution. We think is going to not only save money, but so why don't they do it? They have a republican Senate and House, and what are they waiting for it the crowd, scented, end or house, the we dont give blood grants now. When will we get them? We were republican. How republican Senate republican President in the future. What future? What are they talking about? The future is now when it comes
a black grants- guy, had better healthcare with a very, very much smaller premiums. By can you look at once got on with that also much lower deductible, so they can use it. Lamar has been working very, very hard with the democratic. His colleagues on the other side in Panama, one of them in particular, and they're coming up and fairly close to a short term solution. A solution will be for about a year or two years and it'll get us over this intermediate behind this intermediate hump for two years there is no intermediate hump when it comes to Obama care, it is a financial nightmare. That's what happens when you use the healthcare system and to redistribute wealth from those who pay for policies are those who work for employers who pay for policies to those who It's a disaster. It's a socialist rube, Goldberg creation.
And Bernie Sanders is out there, as are multiple Democrats least. A third of the United States has sounded Democrats. Push centralize, socialist nationalist health, so this just over a hump. No it doesn't. It means you three or policies you three or taxes continue mass of subsidies for insurance companies, but it's not that the insured. Companies are getting rich. I know I can play the populace, the socialist game now, it's that they need to subsidize apron, lies portion of the population as compel Bio bomber, though the middlemen, though the middlemen Schuman. A press conference today thinks this is a great solution cut to go. I want to salute both Lamar Alexander and Patty Marie for working hard on a bipartisan solution. We think
It's a good solution and it got Bro support when Patty and I talked about it at the carcass at lunch. Today. First, it's They belies the system now stabilizes the system I thought Obamacare was intended to stabilize less this them now you and I have to stabilize Obama care in order to stabilize the system. You see what a fool This entire operation is go ahead. Two year increase of two years. Of course, sharing provides real. Stability to the sharing means. You are subsidizing the insurance companies whose subsidizing other people- that's cost, sharing and other words taking your money both on your part, He payments and audio back pocket. The subsidy They know man who subsidize the end user wash very, very happy tonight go ahead and we to make sure that happens. We want to work in the long term to redeem
premiums and increase coverage. Our republican colleagues seem to be in the opposite, play LAO relay the last time. You did that you destroyed our health care system, you knucklehead you buffoon strew, and they did other things too. Three touch him ago. We ve also in some very significant anti sabotage provisions. The President had been sabotaging this bill. Agreement would undo much of that now: listen, how this guy talks, because what the president did Thursday night is. He said, enough is enough. I'm going to follow the constitution are going to follow the statute, and I would also Our basic and rational finances in economics, when I do this anymore, if Congress passes S and the president's signs it, that makes a constitutional that makes it legal. That also makes it outrageous because I've means both political parties and both alike to brand
Congress and the presidency have created a massive new entitlement boondoggle that is lawful. That is lawful. Go ahead. So, overall, we are very pleased with this agreement. Now it's just general there a few more sales would have to be worked out, but we it's a very good step forward. Speaking for myself, I hope Centre Mcconnell would put it on the floor under Senator Lamar and Marie's leadership. I hope the house will take it up president would sign at all as quickly as has enough. That's gonna throw babies, as we can. Let's get it through before you and I wake up to exactly what's taking place here. Let's get it through. I don't know I don't I'm getting whiplash presently did one thing Thursday and now today is prepared to do quite a different thing, very, very
travelling to me, and here is Senator Patty Mary she's, a left wing cook from the state or Washington, is the same language issue might cut forego, as we all know right now. Patients in families across our country are looking at the hall. Tosh Health care in our country, so so not only the health care in our country. So so not only will the Republicans and the republican president. Wine up subsidizing, Obamacare, Having Obamacare forget about repealing, replace saving Obamacare. Congratulating themselves telling it short term and then two years we're going to really push for block grants. What do we need? More Republicans? Really under the same leadership. But the Democrats win. The argument
because they ve been saying without a reply from the Republicans that the president is sabotaging and has been sabotaging health care in Obamacare, but for the present sabotaging Obamacare in healthcare. We'd have this glorious utopian. Paradise cycle healthcare system where premiums or where did activists lower everybody gets quality coverage whenever they needed, including at the view I would be the most beautiful thing by trumps, been sabotaging. It. So they win the argument, that's a lie. It's a big ball face. Why the problem is socialism, whether its dressed up as Obama, care or a single or whatever it is. That's the problem whose name the case against socialism. Anybody know I mean apart from me and so you'll see the rock tat in the palm palm boys and girls and radio and tv
and on the internet, tell you this is swell. This is great big victory level we stand here. We really stuck at that left there on the run. Really gonna pay point. Will you marry me and I sat in my view. There is a great you. Have you a b, C b, I back a long time. I agree with ninety nine point: nine percent of your your sale at present technical down the road to Europe. Doesn't have the boat Mcconnell and not the little guy, I'm agreeing with Trump Thursday disagreeing with Trump Tuesday. You don't understand what happened on Thursday Skype. What did the president? What did the president do on Thursday Boy
That he was going to have a programme that was can be agreed to the president said that he is going to happen. Course on the Obama unconstitutional action and not fund these subsidies anymore. It was a gravy train for insurance companies. Does nobody said? Yes? What does much Macao have to do it. Are you want to read the president didn't have to do anything, leave him alone say. Ok, you can say that legislation, that's not repeal an area replacing when anything substantive, so I will veto it if he was consistent with Thursday right here's. My concern you're all knee jerk for Trump, I'm all knee jerk country and when I disagree with a politician where there is an outsider insider president, Senator dog catch her whatever? I explain why. Explain why I did it very respectfully here I know people who are going
over this Obama care they cannot afford it. Small businesses cannot afford it. This isn't a joke. And the answer is to drive up the debt further in this country, which is over two hundred trillion dollars and twenty troll fiscal operating debt which nobody, nobody. Nobody discusses anymore above me, but no the Congress discusses, the president doesn't discuss it. Don't you, think somebody ought to discuss it now. On Thursday the president took it in Sea wincey Kinsey Little step. I felt right direction by saying you know what I'm not Oxidizing these things anymore, now, Congress pair Is it theoretically its constitutional and he can say I said it's a gravy train and I mean it today more Alexander, one of the worst Republicans to deal with one of the worst Democrats: Schumann. Well, he's anyway, Treasure trove saying he's been trying to sabotage healthcare, so you
the message you lose the principal increase that debt- you don't fix- Obama care, I'm sorry, Scott, I'm not! For this. I hear you saying Mark, but here here he has no fifty two senators Or a matter that I just told you that the present enacted Thursday and said he's not going to subsidize the way Obama did and then, if they pass a statute, has the power to veto it the president said say goodbye to Yuki Chan. While the Republicans and forget the Republicans in the Senate, the President said: I'm not a scrap
Programme of the women in a scrap? It is I'm gonna choke off the finances, and I have the power to do that and if they pass a statute he can veto it and choke off the finances. That's not what he's doing go ahead. Tell me about the President coming about Mc Mcconnell in the Republican there's another happy listener. Mary goes. This is not about Mccoy and the Republicans it's about the President holding the line. I dont like having these discussions. I don't like bringing it up, but you know what sometimes principle matters I'll be right back
so this is. Our payments has actually brought republic and Democrats together, because we got calls emergency calls from the Democrats and, I think, We, the Republicans, were also calling them saying it's come up with at least a short term fix care in this country and The gravy train ended today. I knocked down Insurance companies, money, which was last week, hundreds of millions of dollars a month the insurance companies, for very little reason. Believe me, I want the money to go to the people the money to go to poor people that needed the money to go to people that need proper health care, not to insurance companies, which is where it's going as last week. I ended up two things,
I want the money to go to the people who earned it. President's money again the reason you're in a vice right. Now it's getting the and tighter money because not just paying money, your the reason you're in a vice right now it's getting tighter and tighter, is because you're not just paying for your own healthcare you're paying for this ass of administrative state which is overseeing a mass of government, run healthcare system thanks to Obamacare, and this has to be unravelled because we don't care about people because we don't. When I compare about our fellow citizens. It because we do care about people. Aren't we our compassion about our fellow citizens, but we're also com? about our own families, this will do nothing to reduce it, drastic increases and policy costs. This will do nothing to it. The number of choices you haven't in some county who have no choice at all. This will do not
to reduce that deductible site are taking place, is massive deductible Zuyder install nothing and they can go and talk about it Sharon's companies. All they want Obamacare. Did this Congress? Did this the price president. Did this and theirs, They help unravel this, and the president took a little step toward doing that last Thursday and you just heard: oh, I don't know how go from gravy train to a great by partisan deal for two years that feeds the gravy train. That feeds the gravy train. I want to hear about Mitch Mcconnell the Republicans. Nobody is attack Mitch, my car on the republic, harder and longer than I have period. The President on his own, said no more money and said: that's it if they passed us Andrew undue and send it to him there's more money for insurance companies can veto it anyway, they're, not gonna, get sixty seven, sixty
votes in the Senate, overturn its veto. It's not gonna happen. So how do we get our house? Karabakh headed reduce the dead. How do we really show compassion for most of the pit? in this country, I'm tired of talking about Medicaid in illegal aliens, everybody who's being subsidize everybody who wants to be subsidized. I'm TED talk about the heart and soul, this country, men and women who pay their taxes, that men are labour every day by day to provide for their families as best they can this bike, taxes and the regulations. That's what I'm talking about. Then I want to talk about this all day that there is a lot to get to the. Let me take some your calls to me. This is Defence, while the meantime, the Democrats, when the organ, because the Republicans buckle and they appeared above their proceed
a buckle in reality. They buckle course Humours delighted Patty I was delighted, yet they still trash the President one there supporting their many supporting their their proposal. Oh sabotage, Oh, he doesn't want to help. People are taking harmful steps against the porn, sober This is how they, when we, local and policy. We let them control the language and the narrative. Let us go to Tom in falls New Jersey, the Great W Abc go ahead. A marked by you speak with you. What happened Let it implode plan. I don't know But I dont know you're right they're gonna. Let it implode, but giving something of insurance companies let me quote is prolonging it and what was suddenly? eight even do you know what it's that its enshrining in view Stop these subsidies, when you,
Republican House Republican Senate and a republican present, in other words the general? before you from New Jersey was calling say mark. He doesn't have enough. Republicans, you know get what he wants got that. But now he's reverse course, which is he does have enough Republicans. Spend like drunken Democrats so, why sign onto that- campaigned on repeal yet so this is not repealing it whatsoever, I mean the bidders reporting requirements are and he said nothing about that- either. If you listen to what he said. Third, if you must know what he said yesterday and cheering them every step of the way, and you know I was better on the air a great last week in the press, wait a great wake. What do you know? You're, a horrible seventy two whatever and I played I said: look he had a great weak, a great Thursday and Friday absolutely than this. One of the most liberal Republicans, whose gutless wonder Lamar Alexander cut a deal with one most radical Democrat Party, Mary
and he can't wait the site, so it can. Surely government works. The government works, I mean just tell you, peoples my beloved Levant sites out there. You can least two more years of this Obamacare and it's gonna. My view be enshrined forever, because if the Republicans in controlling the house, the Senate and the presidency not only want repeal it but are in ten unfair, Bring it subsidizing with your tax dollars with your policy dollars do in effect on then there's no there's no recourse go ahead, but that chop you better. You pay back what that means the scope You upload saw no here, you certainly are attacking trump and trumpet dinner support him in this extended subsidies. Trojan Leto it just on that. I my friend. If you're real tromp supported this order, infuriate you too that is going to sign onto something in these. Very people are trashing. Maybe he should pretend
You know John Mccain or bad Corker who, by the way, I dont like much either something to do with them. Personally, Bob Corker personally intercourse John Mccain, has a a heroes resume and and and watch em on tv does look very all I feel very, very bad for him and his family, but he still taking Epps and doing things that I consider destructive just like workers and the other so pretend that Patty Mary is John Mccain empty. Ten. The trucks humor is Bob Corker, though we'll get it all fixed Mark Manhattan, New York, the Great W b C go home. Our cover. You ok great honour to speak to you again Europe, the question that you opposed at the very beginning of your show with liquid were and I'm paraphrasing, it's like what is going on Is he doing this and I totally sympathise with you quickly. The chew on grandma mean that its policies large back and forward, but I think
What's going on with him, is we sought with darker and we ve now seen it with this? I think he is terrified of people. Thinking that he's a bad. I mean to the poor people and mean to the weak and mean to the needy, because at the moment he puts forth a correct policy position, but Mc Grath brought out all the people who are quoting quote hurt by this, and on some Will he reacts to that any decide, but he has to say the man and he doesn't want to be the bad guy. He doesn't want to be the widow pushing the widow out of her house and they just go. And totally reverses and sell them, but it becomes personalized he flips and we're just gonna have to keep them with this. Now why he does that. I dont know what good would shrink within to find out why
Here's the thing what he did Thursday and Friday hid enormous support from the people. He need support from view where I understand, which is why I get behind this microphone and I do what I do- will be much here for me. Trust me on this. If I just put add, palm palms was dancing across the stage or if I was Iraq, in our dancing on my legs in this correction that direction every direction yeah. It would much easier, but when you actually think for yourself, when you actually think about what he said last week and think about how Obamacare is very destructive to health care average Americans out there, really all Americans out there except those who get massive subsidies, it can't just agree this stuff. Greenwood Lamar Alexander, you agree Patty, merrier, Greenwood truck Shermer. I get a trump wants to get this done, but The others who are involved in this to thank you for your car mark. I appreciate Jeff too early
Chris Phoenix Arizona, Syria Satellite, go. I love you I don't wanna play. I'm better faded republic is my, but in many other up, my? U verse upon four hundred thirty five dollars, my for twenty five hundred thousand of the Bible, our ten thousand dollars fact about my neck. I am, I think I'll mile built. If I'm not going to be able to keep it up, and I mean I don't know, I think that doesn't like when people like it, if you want, but with all the republican forgiven film he's gonna make Europe anybody could feel we set about, make a deal and parts of the third phase at its avatar Andrews leaders that the fight for Africa we must prevent the you. You got married. What about the rest of us in this? This is a lose lose adjusted. That's a loss. Really it's very travelling to me pick.
This doesn't in any way help the american people. It just more left wing problem where worthy healthcare balloon gets bigger and bigger and bigger quality goes down. The number of doctors number people want to be. Doctors goes down, the number of hospitals are increasingly limited the weight. Periods getting longer and longer wait. We are slowly but surely surely turning our national healthcare system into the veterans administration costs, Do you know what I'm going to love you hear about everyday work. Finally, the fear is nothing compared to what is gonna be one were all on man and in people. I would like your first: I don't care if I go out, Well, they're, not gonna get there is that either. Because one day the damn thing blows up. Look: it's no joke their religion market blew up because the government is doing priming, the proper pump
the prime member that the bank. System blow up when they were doing the same things with the savings alone, that happen within a relatively short period. What twenty years, fifteen years you can keep doing this? This doesn't work The laws of of the law, was of economics, will catch up with the laws of politics every time. Chris. Thank you for your call and see. There is a vote for Trump. As a mind. She say I can't withstand this. I cannot sustain this Why should I have a deal of people who pay for their own healthcare Dhabi covered, but people who try and do pay for their own health care, whether directly or through their employer our, through their small business or whatever gale Nothing out of this and other robots subsidies. Liberty freedom of choice, competition.
They right back But folks, here's how I see it We are the thin blue line of politics where it you- and I the millions of you and I do not stand for what is right and once doable. Nobody will nobody will and then we will look back as our children. Children suffer in our grandchildren, suffer and wonder. Why and wonder why every deal is not a good deal. Sometimes no deal is a good deal. So I'm just saying that, where it
where the last line of defence last line of defence in this republic, there is no other. We have hordes on the left who seek to devour Civil society with people amongst us. Who are going in the wrong direction? We are people who I represent a political party who have absolutely no, substance whatsoever so where it. If the president doesn't hear from us in a Of all em, a way and that's how were discussing this. Then he's never going hear about, and the last will. Thank them all over every single time. Well, That part of it, I'm not rolling over every single time. Life is too precious and I time on this earth is too short, you know don't think of it often, but I have said before
If I should be so lucky to have a moment's thought before pass away and I'm lying there? I want to be able to say to myself. That I did everything I could to be good person to take here, my family, the love my country. And I refuse to compromise on big things, because, what's the point, I refuse to compromise on big things. We all compromise in our personal lives on many things. We all compromise in politics, but some things are just too big and we reached a point of accumulation. I would call it Are we the accumulated summit, small, medium and big size, things that is so damaging to the country, I mean. How do I look your fellow citizens in their pain therein. The difficulty they have dollars. I haven't this programme, who are serious people who are family people
or hard working law abiding taxpayer, american citizens who want nothing, nothing from the gun who asked for nothing, but I have an extremely difficult time making ends meet because of Obamacare. What do you say to them? What family members like this, what do you say to them? When we have, I I partisan deal, that's being cheered by the Democratic cheered by the Republicans, the Republic and President says, or sign up for two years and megawatt black grants after that and so forth, and so on, which one nothing to lower premiums and nothing to lower deductible and nothing to increase choices or mark. That's all he could do. That's not true. He did what he should do on Thursday.
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Love your show, an important thing that I think is happening is I work in a fortune, fifteen company, and we suddenly have deductibles that are here. Ass over three thousand dollars now I dont know It's coming from we'd never had this before, but I think, if that hit corporate Amerika, the Congress in the Senate know that if this its General America Cross corporations there done in the next election, I mean they are gonna, get tossed out of office. Now I don't know all of it: Where this is coming from from icon company, but you can look at the fortune, the porch and for food and clear hey, what's goin on here companies, small businesses is individual. But we have to worry about medication and illegal aliens and so forth. Are Taiwan I'll be right. Back
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know our armed forces were allowed to do what they need to do.
Exceptional are so outstanding, and that's what the president, the commander in chief, has allowed the military to do with respect the ices, and that is to make its own decisions about how it's going to defeat this vile enemy, and it is defeating this violent and you are Act forces have essentially toppled ISIS in Russia and Rock Assyria. That was their capital. If you will. A recent report say there's about a hundred ISIS fighters left. That means it's just a matter of time. And what we say: U S back forces. We mean a number of different types of organization,
But in particular we mean the Kurds, the Kurds, the Kurds are Muslims. For the most part, the Kurds are problematic in their pro democracy, the protests when the map of the Middle EAST was drawn up, a hundred hundred fifty years ago give or take the Persians got a piece, much of what was considered historically accurate and we go down the list. Even more recently in the Middle EAST, was carved up again. Kuwait, peace. There was no Kuwait. Siren Got a peace, there was no Saudi Arabia.
Hoddan trains join gotta peace. There was no Trans, Jordan Monarchy, they got a peace and so forth, and so on the indigenous peoples indigenous. What we now call Israel, of course, where the Jews, but there are other, indigenous peoples in the region of the world and when they were carving it up, they left them out and that's the Kurds, the Kurds. Had been absolutely loyal to the United States, the United States armed forces, they ve been courageous. Saddam Hussein controlled Iraq. He tried to wipe the Kurds out, Aragon and other fascist and Turkey he's trying to write white. The Kurds. Have the series
you're, trying to wipe the Kurds out and now the iraqi regime. Heavily influenced. My control by the uranium is trying to wipe the Kurds out. Somebody needs to speak up for the courage on a national level. It'll, be me, I guess, This is a piece in the near post from last night on the online addition from Benny I don't know Benny awfully it doesn't matter what he makes a lot of sense to me if president, complex to stop IRAN for making the entire country of Iraq. Subsidiary of the Revolutionary Guard need to intervene in the burgeoning crisis in Kurdistan and fast. This is the area where the Kurds have claimed their territory. Yesterday, iraqi forces listen to this Iraqi
his trounced kurdish fighters any emerged victorious in a short fight for control of the oil rich northern iraqi town of her cook and they could not have done it without us. When I, since ices stormed Iraq and twenty fourteen, they demoralize, the iraqi army collapsed its troops, deserted and fled. Dad was utterly humiliated. Then kurdish fighters, kurdish flags, known as the push Martha entered her cook, secured the key city and kept it. She hearty free. Since then, a better trained better equipped? U s back! The iraqi army has been fighting alongside the push margarethe the Kurds, to chase ISIS out of the country now with This is nearly dead. The iraqi army turns attention to her cook and chased occur
out in the name of national unity. These successful it is. A feather in Prime Minister had her out of dies cap. He struggled a keeper unified in the aftermath of September, twenty five nonbinding ref, the referendum which Iraq over one- will express the desire for independence. So There should be happy right. After all. U S, advisers turn the iraqi army into a viable fighting machine that just proved its worth, plus the state Department publicly opposed the referendum declared by kurdish leader, loose Side bar Zani, problem is the iraqi Army wasn't alone and defeating the Kurds. Much of the fighting was done by iraqi Shi Ite militias. Many of us swear allegiance to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard core of IRAN. Tehran,
Van Guard, even as they to get american arms Friday present a trump declared. The eye are gc. The iraqi Guard, a terror organisations. Treasury department hit the group with new sanctions to confront its growing global influence. The following her cook is undeniably a big victory for the iranian regime and its commander, a commander who say for me Less ambassador to Iraq told me that collars I've advocates act. Have you s environment negotiations between Baghdad in her the iraqi kurdish capital. Such talks should include agreement for sharing paranoia revenue from her cook. Ultimately, kurdish. Our determination must be addressed here is the kurdish crisis was In the administration, the little beyond calling for need to maintain Iraq's territorial integrity- and this is the fourth primarily the state- a book,
even now, some see their curricula defeat as a lesson for bar Zani prove that state departments. Opposition to the referendum was sound policy. In America, seeming indifference to kurdish independence, encouraged Kurdistan neighbours to do things? The many sway, Turkey, IRAN and Iraq. Central government. Threatened war, even as Marzano decline to unilaterally declare independence in the referendum aftermath after negotiate offering negotiations instead area that of the Kurds, even though the A referendum over ninety percent of the Kurds voted for independence. He says: ok, look, let's negotiate this and Turkey, IRAN and Iraq. The central government site. Now we're gonna go to war with you and now croquet key regional ass. It is about to be dominated by militias that answer to a ran, the easy victory over cook and the Kurds in America.
Difference can encourage a further uranium, led push in the kurdish areas and it goes on. Why are we leaving the Kurds to these forces, many of which are enemy for As the United States, why are we being loyal to the Kurds the way the reliable? I saw some libertarian on cable tv, satellite Weena business here? What the hell, let's get out, isn't that convenient serenely the Kurds. Doesn't mean we have to send troops but shouldn't we take an active role in protecting them. From the iraqi regime in which we have lost lives and treasure should we do an active role- I mean it's Turkey, that's control with his heard again, this fascist, in protecting our loyal friends.
Other piece from Fox NEWS, yours to stay neutral in all our clashes between Kurds and Iraqis. Why We stay neutral, why we stay neutral the US is seeking to stay neutral. This this again has to be state department, idiotic policy on factory Your statement spokesperson Heather now said the: U S is urging all sides to restore calm and avoid further clashing. While that's effective, that's effective. The Kurds help us on our way to destroying ISIS. I don't like the way were treating them. I think it's a year. I think it's a moral. It's absolutely immortal the bulk of the fighting being
And right now, as I speak in Rocca, to liberate that city, the islamic state militants involves the Kurds secured, led syrian democratic forces, the Kurdish led, syrian democratic forces and when they continue to bring this up. And when it keep bringing this up I'll, be right back. The evidence is building that James call me well have obstructed the investigation and eloquent and nobody's quite put it that way. But out of my house how she can put the spider.
The theatrical on the drama that announcement where she blames him forecasting her the presidency and so forth, and so on? The fact of the matter is he never did recommend cha your daddy. And he had no control over the fact that Hilary felt a campaign in places like Wisconsin and Michigan. Its abundantly clear that James Commie is and was a very bad actor fox. News, Commie, drafted letter on collecting email investigation before completing interviews. Fbi confirms- and I would ask why does it take this long for the FBI to confirm this. Happy. I release documents yesterday, proving former FBI director James calmly began drafting a letter regarding Hillary Clinton email investigation months before and acting several key interviews, including speaking the Clinton herself. No, I know by the way the FBI top levels type
and a common targets will be there is saying, while this is done, all the time, you know he's just preparing as options: it's no its not done Alla time. There's no need to prepare draft. You wait for. Fact? Why do you need a draft letter addressed statement regarding the investigation in the investigation is uneven. Isn't it where's minor fact: Natalie. Wasn't Hilary interviewed around two dozen? Other people were left to be interviewed so why drafting anything today, release was title draughts of directed combing July five. Twenty sixteen statement, rigour E server investigation part zero, one of zero one day: attend to the inner, were largely unclear, as nearly all of it was rejected. They now Papa. Record show the email, titled meteor exam unclassified was set at its unclassified, but of course they have, the vast majority of it is reduced. Now, there's a lotteries and you can we DEC
I was sent by commune. May second, twenty! Sixteen that's two months, two months before he interviewer The deputy director Andrew Mackay, General Council, James Baker and Chief of staff and senior counselor James Rebecca, I may sixteen The vacuum in China response email from a baking saying. Please send me any comments on this statement, so we may raw enjoy master doc for discussion with director any future day. Thank Jim meaning. Let me know your comments now will discuss this with the director. A future date discuss what The investigation was an over the existence of the documents What have I Newsweek were first brought to light by gradually and grow. I am also a member of the committee synergy.
Trade Committee, after they review transcripts of interviews with top commie AIDS, who alluded to the emails existence. The Senate judiciary, committees investigating call me in his role as FBI director and president trumps. This when I make this? Yes, and fired earlier than that, and it s pen their letter on April on August thirtieth to the new FBI director Ray. What do you make of this? Ladies and gentlemen, when I make this yes. I don't believe this was some bureaucratic effort or your typical. This sad, the other. I believe more more, were seeing a cover up of huge proportions here. A cover up call me We now know that there were many many documents related to the tarmac meeting right between the eyes my attorney General Loretta Lynch and the former President Bill Clinton.
Yet the I'd said there weren't any documents. Now there are many documents. How does that help? something's going on at the top level or the FBI, and it stinks to high Heaven. It stinks to high Heaven. It's been politicized at the top levels. Which explains call me, which explains Mahler. We also know more more about Watergate thanks to a new book, the tunnel, Subject, I think I'll bring the author in the deputy director, the FBI leaking Toward wooden Bernstein, not because he was, he was out to get justice, forget the truth out but as the authorized, because he they promotion. He wanted to be the FBI director. Anything. By taking down another at the director and. Once he was, it was clear: wasn't gonna, be the FBI directory just decided to burn the place tat to
an acting out of her Nurse running sore point of this author. It will bring a modern will have a chat. But we know the acting directed the FBI after call me left. His wife was very active, no Democrat running for the state Senate clothes? the governor of Virginia and the acting at the aid After the time a cave now, the deputy director is being investigated by the inspector general, not the name. Had been wrong, but to see if anything done was done was wrong, so we have a mess with mass lot of. It is the fault of prior attorney general holder and Lynch, Really really did enormous damage to the Department of Justice. What MR call Me- and it's not just this its other issues too, MR call me needs to be placed under oath again.
And the United States Justice Department under President Tromp, an attorney general sessions, particularly intercession needs to be prepared to charge people who lie under oath or mislead, whether there in eighteen? U S. One thousand one interview with an FBI, agent or misleading as giving testament under the penalty perjury, it's time to enforce the rules. I let's take a look Let's see what people are thinking than they some more, I have to cover I'm All the the naysayers right now Ryan, LAS Vegas, the great K D, w and K dont go mark. What is just Right here, just it's just that I n wondering it. I'm clean three branches of government, executive, judiciary, legislative, could you explain it
clean I'll, even understand what you're saying deadlines. What am I point? Why? What is the Justice Department of Justice? But there there their purpose propose? Why don't you tell me what their purposes? Well? It sounds like a political wallets: let's undermine the life of the union Well, I mean it depends who's in charge at the right now, at least one aspect of a data doesn't have a track record. Does it won't this white paper some time longer than you. Most anyone. I know it's been a livelier. Now I mean there's good people, the Justice Department there's a lot of good activity. The goes on the Justice Department sign on pay, with a broad brush I mean, but the judge, This department can be worse when its hundred people, like holder or Lynch, who have an absolute political, You know agenda, but now is the time to improve it, and I think that improving
aspects of it. But I mean here's the thing that this department doesn't, even if the weight for cars descended notice that Mr Commie may have obstructed later, in the in the investigation of Hillary Clinton and so forth, to conduct their own investigation to make decisions about whether or not These are charged activities so they need not wait for that purpose, The farmer to justice is quite obvious, and it's in the Aegean a branch to answer your question,
that just in time for Halloween the church, humor and Nancy policy nightmare continues, call now eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one that it does I was of two minds whether I should mention this permit dimension, because I'm bursting with pride, my beautiful daughter, had a baby boy. This morning I would be my grandson, my first grand
I should say our first great. So we have a beautiful granddaughter and now beautiful grandson. My beautiful daughter and her wonderful husband, we're just kind of all cited happy all the families that are involved in this, the Levine's, the berries and everybody else. So why can say very hard for me to get really really angry today. Do another family member whose very ill and I'm not gonna, discuss their life? Is a funny thing, you're not going to do something. I wasn't gonna. Do that's the great thing about this format? Quite free. When I think about this show because I really feel like you're, my extended family,
Feel the same way here, a body my tom. I said to him: life can be happy and pressing at the same time, given what my family's dealing with. So he sends this to me. It's absolutely. On point. Ecclesiastics says that life is but a shallow breath heavily in hebrew shallow breath being all that separates the living from the dead we live guys if we never. If we would ve never been we build others occupy. We the late but others enjoy. From all this he discovers that meaning is unfounded objects. Her happiness must
He sought within the narrow limits of our all too brief time here. Meaning he said can only be found and simple things, love and work, and family eating and drinking doing good for others, and once people and country And to acknowledge the eternity of the almighty in accepting the limits of a human life, that's for me doesn't necessarily make things easier, but that certainly speaks for me puts things I think in the proper context, but I'm tired, sir, it's very interesting and very unused you folks were grandparents now sixty years on, we have to grant kids, and I remember when I was twenty thirty. Forty years old.
Everybody's, healthy and wonderful and night, and I thank God and thank all the families and I'll be heading out there doing, and I will take everything out as well, family members here are. The funny thing is- and I have said this on here too-. A hundred years from now or two hundred now. Most of us won't be remembered as if we didn't exist, except by family members. If we're lucky. Jeanne shepherd when I was a little kid I used to listen to and New York radio, often Philadelphia, radio growing up in Philadelphia go to sleep with a radio on. I was wanted to be in radio in some way I career took me in a different direction. Then I lurched back.
I recall I'm doing this my memory. He said in a thousand years, none of us existent, except maybe three four, five hundred members- a human- and many of them were inhumane, genocidal mass killers. This is why it is so important with our lives. Time on earth and I'm not like, cause. I wouldn't I had a lecture I may purse. Face, but I wouldn't have to teach. I leave that the people who do Why limited time on earth make a worthwhile it does mean every day is going to be filled with joy, and happiness. It doesn't mean every days can refer with accomplishment. It just means do your best do your best and what you do do your best with your family. You won't be. Perfect. No human beings, perfect! That's why you're human being, if you
some wearily rotten things and fix it fix it. Change your life, I and many ways and failing that, I think about this country a thousand years from now. I think about my children, my grandchildren and their offspring, a hundred Two hundred years ago, I so desperately them to live in freedom. I saw desk we want them to live in a republic. I so desperately. Want them to be able to celebrate their individuality. When you look around the world, societies are I will very quickly and very easily I dont know what it is going to happen to American, but I do know this. History has taught us that
No society no country is guaranteed in perpetuity. None. And hence none will exist in perpetuity. But we ought to do everything we can to ensure the best we can, that our progeny, children, I grandchildren and those yet born. Dont suffer. That they are able to live for human lives that they are to realise their individuality, their unalienable right why do people say you conservatives give it I've, given you can give it up, give up what. Give up what are saw. Our heart are mine, our existence, Our being give up what give up our food,
Please, our children, our faith, can give up without giving up we're, not gonna, be redefined. We're, not gonna be pigeonholed. We're not gonna, be quiet. We're not gonna sit down when you mean give up give up what, even if our principles are not accepted by modern politics or the practice of modern politics. The wage practice today to give up our principles, The principles are more important than a politician, the more important that an election so not a populist MC constitution. When I talk about nationalism, I talk about Americanism, try, don't talk of love government. I talk of love of civil society, love of country
Just decided to get into this and one of the better you nearly equal facts, breach the impasse roughly. One hundred and forty three million consumers just got bigger. They ve now at a two point: five million people to that list. If that's not bad enough, Yahoo announced that there twenty thirteen breach impact at all three billion user account triple the original estimate. Not you shouldn't once your personal information has been exposed, it doesn't just go away. Identity. Thieves can buy your information on the dark web for months even years after breach they can use it the crimes in your name, even steal from your forum, one k now's the time to protect yourself sign up for lifelong today. They use propriety. Technology to detect a wide range of identity, threats and well alert you if you're in. It is being used, no
can prevent all identity theft or a monitor all transactions at all businesses by lifelike, helps you see more than if you're, just monitoring or credit. In other words, lifelike is the best so gonna lifelike dot com, lifelike dot com, our call one eight hundred lifelike one eight hundred lifelike, but in either case use promo code Levant. Now why? Well, if you use from a code Levine I'll eat. The iron you'll get ten percent off your lifelike membership, Cerveza Lifelong thought. Our call one eight hundred lifelike use Morocco, Livin in safe ten percent right now and protect yourselves, but the very best. The very best system you possibly can can rely on the government, the dude, the gunman caning protect itself. You have to take carriers, That's gonna John, are trucker friend in Indiana, serious satellite go get
John you're on baby go well. Maybe not that's. Continue. Keep em up there, just in case found problem Josh Times River New Jersey, the Great W Abc Go. I would just like to mention that there are problems can cannot pass legislation on health care because they keep attacking Medicaid but waited Democrat through thing you do things are. They make it impossible for people to actually afford health. You remember forced forget, medicate if they would just passed the opera house care for health care bill, meaning just the tax credits so that people can by private insurance and not touch medicate. I believe all past the Senate, and then people will not need a comma medicate good. They ll be able to get pact credit instead, so you just need to democratic rule over from right. Yes, that but that's how they know the Democrats want well over for that democratic
don't blame and tax credits. They don't leave and tax cuts, they believe in Obamacare. I believe you could get fifty My other concern, I don't believe you can not these fifty glad of it, even if you don't touch medicate. And by the way, why do you say don't touch Medicaid? You favour bankrupting the country. I believe people, people that conservative America's could they have learned. Maybe so they ve been pushed into medicate. So what you do and when I talk about over the years, is you have a twenty four month a bridge twenty four month? Bread we'll leave Medicaid alone, but you break up the rest of Obama, care. Insurance companies who are supposed to hate and particular care for mine, but suppose I hate and new insurance, small large and in between they fill the breach. They start to propose an offer policies that are not as expensive, maybe not as far as
comprehensive, the way we used to do it and people can then or to purchase these policies, but to save talk about Medicaid, don't touch Medicaid, while that'll bankrupt the country medicate. His massively expanded Medicaid will break the backs of most states and about fifteen or twenty years. You can continue spend twenty five cents ever at a very budget, dollar in state government and then spend forty cents out of every budget guidelines, state government and so on, about medical. Don't talk about Amerika! We have to talk about. Medicate make the problem, sir, is that we don't talk about these things enough dynamic, because in that, because the Republicans dont support what we support. Go ahead. I'll call you back is if you bring it up right away. You always have people screaming that you take away their healthcare, but if you don't, if you first replied the other options, Anti
to see that they really do have a rapture back where you can provide the other. Is we ve got a multiple problems going on? At the same time? Ok one is bankrupting the car. Nobody was including, Nobody wants to talk about entitlements Nobody wants to talk about the massive debt, and you know you know what that's even dangerous and Obamacare. More dangerous than Obamacare, because a massive debt once it once it, cannot be politically controlled, it'll, be economically control you know what happens when it economically control it destroyed the economic system. It's like, I can't and they had to start over all over again happens when you destroying economic system. You destroy your republic, then you're in deep trouble. Anyway, my and thank you for your call. I appreciate it we'll be right. Back Van
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Stay calm, slash Levine! How easy I love tee shirts! even a shirt guy, but I love my see, shirts Those flushing Michigan on the mark living go. I mark first of all, I like to you're late, you and the birth of your grandson. That's really great news, but I I called about the health care. I am live it about what president Trump is planning on going on Thursday. I was so hopeful. He talks about the forgotten man and this thing that he could do the most to help the forgot man. The purse who pays for the bill, like my husband and I do and like millions of your listeners pay for, is to reverse this Obama care. My husband is a small business owner
We pay for our own health care. We try to help you. Employees, it is killing small business and it is killing the people who pay for it. He talks about the tax cuts and I'm not against tax cut, but the figures cut the crap trunk could do for the forgotten man, but he campaign that is to reverse Obama care and get it out of the the system because it will be the undoing of our country. I hope everybody's listening to you, and I think there are let me play something else You know I'm hearing on tv and radio tonight they have, pie, partisan agreement to save Obamacare What this is all about, a bipartisan agreement to save Obamacare now by partisan agreement. Told
ass. They get our healthcare back there, the correct and the people who don't wanna, talk about the entitlement program or guess what I'm one of those people that would like to talk about it because the p, that tape or don't ever gets us say anything all we do is get to pay for it and pay for it and pay for it, and if he thinks that he doesn't need people, Like us, when the election comes around, he better think twice. I was for crews, but I voted for Trump I knew there was no hope with Hilary, but I'm telling, if anybody's from the Trump Administration here's to your talk. Show president trump. You had better think twice about what we are about to do what the Ottawa gesture from my prisoner and vote against him over this. Even though this is a bad move, a very very bad mood was eaten.
Good things too. Need to do- is give him some support. I think, but you have every reason to access free It has taken me on this to exercise your your right to speak it abundantly clear that you oppose this in the present needs to hear from us we're the blue line when it comes to politics, I'll be back
now run them only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine here that number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one the criminal Sexual scandal that is, Hollywood is spreading. There is now claims of pedophilia, more more actors and actresses are coming forward. You go in the draft report to conceal the links there. Their links elsewhere.
And I am still waiting for a special FBI. Sexual crimes unit for a Hollywood It should be a commission that liberals, like commissioner, a blue ribbon commission to investigate the entertainment industry in Hollywood, entertainment industry. It's an industry. It's a multi billion dollar industry, like other industries,. They don't create oil, they don't cry plastic, they don't create steel, they don't create automobiles and so forth, and so they create movies. They create tv shows they create commercials. Whatever But how we, what is an industry. And we ve been industry, ladies and gentlemen, that is drenched in potential sexual crimes. Abuse of women abuse of children,
some cases, abuse of men. It seems to me- and I am saying this in all seriousness- not to be provocative when you look at the news out there so. To me, this needs to be a focus there I mean if we to find out that the oil industry was ripe. With sexual criminality or sexual offences, potential pedophilia and on and on and on be sitting by who were gone on for fifty years now, congressmen running the microphones in front of the cameras, going on and on and on how we need investigation where's, the FBI, blah blah blah because Hollywood is one of the main sources of left wing funding of Democrats, party funding doesn't mean it should be treated any currently than any other industry? For this point, I'm not talking about violating the first amendment either each committing a crime.
Well, there's an environment in which these sorts of things go on then it needs to be addressed. It needs to be addressed, and by the way, where all the civil libertarians they should be joining passionately the civil libertarians in Ally in New York. Where are they the women's groups are. We got one Misty he's not enough, he's the fat Tipp of a fat iceberg. Fat brother of his has been accused of something to understand, accusation so be it, but have against bill caused by weight. Accusations against, may I say, I'm sorry, Michael Jackson, and on and on and on and we're tall were tall by people in Hollywood. Now their brave this is ubiquitous. Are you kidding me this? gone on since forever. Ok, more the reason more, there is.
We had the very brave men and women of the Republican Party who control Congress in these committees investigating the Trump family Jerry Cushion there had to be called before, and I am a congressional can maybe another one has to be called their sky. That ok, but we have not allegations of collusion and all that we have Serious allegations of sexual criminality of workplace violence, workplace harassment, Where's the ito say, ladies and gentlemen, where's that. Another vision of the Justice Department. Ladies and gentlemen, where's the unit It states attorney's office in LOS Angeles, ladies and gentlemen or Manhattan,. And, of course, where the media the media are. You ve got this new trying all the access powers, whereas it media, then party and Hollywood media
democratic Party in Hollywood, a man, carbon Hollywood, massive masses, a cover up and who benefits the mill narrow should retain their egalitarian in Hollywood than me. Yeah their ratings and the Democratic Party with the donations we have forgotten about Hollywood or Jane Fonda Chain Fund, as I washed up, and yet there she is she's everywhere, promoting a movie- and you know the name of the movie and I ve no produced only care there. She is on the BBC. You know these leftists, whether its own, our Hillary Clinton, are Jane Fonda. They have this really bad habit of going into
countries and going on foreign media and trashing their own country? Poor, Jane Fonda, cut sex go racism, your question. Are you proud of America today now, but but let us well I'm proud of the resistance. That's what did he say well done, let's go back to the top of the go ahead. The most simple question: are you proud of America today now
well I'm proud of the resistance and proud as the people who are turning out an unprecedented numbers and continue over and over and over again to protest what progress doing. I am very proud of the warm and want war, so she's, proud of the goose. What she's proud of the radical left, this black lives, man, she's, proud of Antiphon she's pregnant, and you have to understand she was part of the new left with Tom Hagen having California. The MID West Academy, you, Google, all these things, I've studied the new laughed and solvency and all that's what she is she's, proud of the resistance. Now let me ask you Question, ladies and gentlemen, if we were the resistance which should be proud of us, now not released.
First of all, she's an idiot she's, always been an idiot always give aiding comfort to the enemy in Vietnam, in particular. She's loves, absolutely loss. Even in her old age there she is on the BBC. Are you proud Of America today now now. I'm proud of their resistance. The mayors, then Jane Fonda. You said you know about why steel in the these actors. It is these sexual predation. At least Year ago. Why you're part of that resistance, because you're a fake and fraud, that's why oh you, brave Hollywood types on the BBC on French NEWS, on left wing news in Amerika? We area here for the cause for the cause, but when they I was standing up for your far actors and actresses and defending them against
actual criminality, harassment and abuse. You're, absolutely silent. Your eye. Color, though, is that plenty isn't that funny they were part of the resistance. Then they're, not part of the resistance in Hollywood. I guess. What are they now, while she had more to say her time in Vietnam had seven. No, I don't regret going to Vietnam I don't regret you going to Vietnam. I regret you coming back from Vietnam. You don't owe me mister producer, though, to Vietnam, Utopia, but I notice you rushed right back to Beverly Hills right back to bed. Billy House another, unlike that today, show all this. Denmark has great Denmark, Denmark, contract comes up. That lower I want more than making. I want twenty five million a year, hey what about the teachers? Salary screw it that's further! Please, it's just for Charlotte, renewed
Matt Lauer by the way Matt Lauer. How watches Matt Lauer and why go ahead. I don't regret going to Vietnam, the nice was bombing the dikes Fourth Vietnam Earthen dykes in there I want you should speak that. Why should she, MR producer, hats, not ladylike, have a little more respect going given way according to Henry Kissinger somewhere two million. I let me play something area idiot. We lost fifty eight thousand men and women in Vietnam bombing to win the war. Unfortunately, we didn't due to the political hacks who got us
in and got us out the way they got us in the way they got us out bombing dykes ignore Vietnam Is she familiar with war war to issue familiar war? One issue familiar with how you win wars, so people like her live in their bliss, a luxury while spouting their marxism go ahead. Famine and drowning and we were bombing- and it wasn't thing talk again. Oh I shut up you idiot. This is of the BBC and I don't have to listen to you now. Let's all taken, ah taken me over Jane Fonda, either back then now, there's a guy David, Jolly and he's not in
used to be a Stefan Capitol Hill things it ass. He worked for Isn't it a bill young full time who is on capital her for a very long time, Here they achieved here. Also a personal attorney for the young family. Then he joined Day Washington law firm, is a lobbyist. And he made donations. The Democrats and Republicans he's your typical in tray, inside Washington type. Many decided he wanted to run for Congress and, of course, the republic, party eventually supported them. As the primary people supported him, they gave their time to try and get him
Let him go needed money to try and get him elected. They wanted a republican from this district in incongruous from forest thirteen congressional district. Anyone any one. And then he lurched left of centre became Koran quote by partisan. Don't you know became by parts. He decided he was gonna, give up his seat in twenty sixteen, ah, to run the Senate when it appeared that marker Rubia wasn't right. But of course we know will be decided to run. He reverse decision. His decision
jolly with Red withdrew from the centre right said: he decided to run for re election to the house, citing his unfinished business He was running against former Florida, Governor Charlie Crest, who is a complete chameleon sphere to comedians running against each other, one, a former capital health staffer Washington lawyer, Washington, lobbyists against Trolley Christs Republic in it appended than a Democrat. I will not stop me while the district had been redistricting, frailer significant made it more democratic, Jolly ran and he lost the crest. Fifty two to forty eight percent. Fifty two to forty percent. What had previously been a republican stronghold see even
democratic love in the media. Cut five go lessen. The republican Party has have gone to jolly, so Jolly lost. Now jolly suggests the morning schmo, whose a loser former congressmen. He goes on Emma sell us to yesterday s lsd and he goes there to attack. Conservatives attack Donald Trump. The kind of Republican the Democrats love in the media cut five go Republican party has never really recovered and found their footing for the emergence of the tea party from the emergence of the likes of Sarah pale. Intellectually stop right. There, the likes of Sarah Payment. If she's a mass murderer. There wasn't the tea party, if it wasn't, for you, wasn't for constitutional conservatives all over this country wouldn't have a republican House whenever public and Senate we whenever but welcome, president and Mr John
would never have one even one term for the house, representatives he's putrid through and through, and then the cost. Attack on Sarah Palin is really unforgivable. Why is it that, when feels like this attack, Sarah Palin they're not called massage wise go ahead. And the Likes of Steve Ban and and Donald Trump, what is different now is that we, a president who is known to be unstable. We have a president who is known to be risky when it comes to matters of national secure. Now we don't. We actually dont know that this presidency has handled North Korea as brilliant is possible better than any of his predecessors. This president When eighty percent of the way in dealing with IRAN is gonna have to go the other twenty percent of the way and drop out of that deal. In my humble opinion, where anywhere Donald Trump shown that he is unstable number one. Where that is unstable when it comes to matters where a risk
the national security here if the United States military against ISIS, as well as the Kurds and ices, has being defeated what's left ices has, on the run this, I repeat what exact Is this clown talking about this? Nobody who serve. On termini house, thanks to that, A party and conservative movement and for the rest, that time he arrest of his career has spent time as a barnacle on the belly of big government or as a staffer. Barnacle on the ass, a big government go ahead. So what was kind of this Jeanne rebellion within the Republican Party and one that the likes of John Vainer and Paul Ryan emits Mcconnell could never figure out. They still haven't figured it out, but now it has real life consequences and potentially The danger is. This guy is just. He really is a stomach cry: go ahead, quinces and
I will be honest with you Lawrence Lawrence. Nobody Lawrence down will talk about unstable Take much again under large o donnell skin. Does it. Who's in my air area. Jim. I went to my ear. What, forget about labour day. In my ear, foreign affairs should I've that oh that's Lawrence, O Donnell talk about unstable, go ahead, Republican and in the past few weeks have wondered: is the republic safer if Democrats take over the house and twenty eighteen? I raise this issue with the leading Republican in DC last week and the remarkable thing is: he had been thinking exactly the same saying this president. They need a greater check on his power than Republicans in Congress have offered this man is a fool. He is a propaganda he's playing to the left wing media because he wants to be mounted by the left wing media knows exactly how to do it. He's an operator he's an inch
the best way operator. The Republicans in performing for tromp they. Even tromp, everything you want, nor have they they given almost nothing. He wants. The Democrats. Take them, ass. This clown knows full well that move to impeach Trump and he's perfectly happy with this. This is a man who was a Republican in the house for two years, and people on a level praise him his being very sober and thoughtful, and not in any along when, in fact, is all others. There is none of those things he's not a sober thinker, he's not a thoughtful think he's an break. I wanted you to hear this. This guy gave a job They form a representative he's not. Nobody is a one. Turn back bench, he's back to the back venture and yet Emma's less de resurrection. The way they resurrected the morning Joe Scarborough serve three or four terms in the House of Representatives and that's all
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I know we ve been having fun. You have a lot more fun about CNN, covering me about scene and talking about me, It happens a lot, but you wanna, you wanna, hear this particular one. Let's check it out. This is King on CNN, today cut ten go to the idea that from could stand or the rose card number one the questions it did. He me it was an authentic. Does you really like mitzvah collars, at least at least an effective working partnership at the likely effect for partnership? Be will. What President Trump standing there send a signal to the base that all this is ok, maybe we should go a little easier Mitch, listen to mark with it on the radio saying sorry! Mr President, I would like our you with the rose garden. Gotta go back for the conservative movement, but for the tea party movement there wouldn't be a majority republic to the United States Senate. Today, posed Rubio, he won, he paused likely. He won. He opposed head crews, he won he Paul. I opposed
grandpa, he won in the last election. He did nothing now RON Johnson and he want. This is why my tunnel must go United States- and it is not going to move its knock, I do embrace conserving oppressor. It's not going to embrace the constitution. It's not gonna hear what the debt is not going to deal with a border the United States Senate, is not going to move from its current position. Unless Macau is thrown out now again there are a lot of establishing Republicans in Washington. Is our that's just some guy on the radio. I, when you travel the country, talk the grassroots Republicans concerns especially Trump voters. That's what they channel that, then. Why did we why we keep in getting nothing for it? What are we gonna get something fani, I think, there's a grain of truth in that, in the sense that what stipulate that President Tramp and Mitch Mcconnell got along famously would healthcare him Through the Senate, I'm not sure
There are some internal problems with the way that the republican majority is governing itself. In terms of the there was a broken process on the Senate bill. I'm not sure how the price that's on tax reform is working. There are problems in the Senate that have nothing to do with tromp and would John Mccain voted. Yes, if Mcconnell and president trumpeted gotten along it. That's all. We cleared a man. That's another reason that I think it's far from clear that, where the relationship between these two guys to improve a lot of legislation would be getting back, First, let me say that John King did an excellent job. This report for political elite Johnson. Sounds like a real reported to me. Abolition the work of national review, her Pga Meteor both, but in any event she sounds quite good, actually very thoughtful, and frankly, Soda John King from CNN he's o o Brien steadily. Now I don't
hello, John Thing all the time. But this was shown to me. But Johnson's point his excellent. Let's pretend the Trump and Mcconnell are chums bosom. Buddies The economy is not running the Senate properly, ladies and gentlemen, and I noticed something at the press conference Maybe you noticed the two Mcconnell had make a walking down like three steps, he would, he would have to put both on the steps one than the other one, then the other one to get out and in getting up the steps, the press, and actually had to hold his arm and help him. Did you see that MR producer, these guys they can bear walk. They can barely talk, they can barely think and there they are. This guy's lost control of the Senate. This is why Chuck whom I can run circles around him and his number
John cornered John corn in his awful absolutely awful. Do you who was running the national Senatorial Election Committee, that Macao is really the behind. The scenes are mafiosi controlling, but it was John Corner John corn and backed crest grist. John Corner would lift a finger for crews, corner wouldn't lift a finger for ran Paw Last Ronnie would lift a finger for RON Johnson. I've had my differences with RON Johnson, but I'll. Tell you what I'm thinking Much better from content in the? U S, Senate in his eye. They done some very good work lightly. Mike Lee A star of the Senate, if not these are the Senate. Supported his opponent and the republican primary that convention in outta. So some of the best yeah
talent we have most conservative. How we have in the Senate was opposed by Ms Mckenna and he supported these typical. Rhino lightweight, which was my point and John King got it. An alien Johnson got it and even brought more innovative, explain. You know what the Senate isn't running that well with Mcconnell. That was a point that there are problems. And, ladies and gentlemen, why don't we just try? Somebody know: how can that hurt. When a move to the NFL we're moving fast as I'm running out of time, the national. Football League has decided to take the protest on the field with a Miller's, an institutionalized. So the owners and the league buckling to the radical union.
This is from the Washington compost. Nfl endorses criminal justice reform Bill in the midst of anthem debate. Now, don't tell me what a cop the support it. While then I'd better change, my mind, oh my goodness. What now this is a prison breakers. My buddy gang Horwitz tells conservative review. That's what it is: the National Football lakes and political crosshairs over whether players should take a negro in the national anthem, is throwing weight behind and other cause and Washington debate over racial inequality, criminal justice reform. Now listen to this paragraph from so called reporters from the so called newspaper, the so called Washington Post a k, the washing compost, so within this news report it is stated that the debate racial inequality, criminal justice reform. There allegations who evidence will look at the statistics. Arena
Where is the evidence in these specific cases that there was racial inequality? the judge was a racist. Jerry was a racist that the appeal judges were racist. Where is the evidence that the Supreme Court A state was racist, all the way up and down the chain: they're, all races, prosecutors, races, defence counsel, races, the witnesses or racist. This is just so much be ass, the NFL spokesman. You know how the unifil spokesmen is Joe Locker, marriage or locker. He was the mouthpiece for who was Clinton right. This guy's, a multi millionaire. After serving a government. The NFL spokesmen Joe Laughlin, set on Monday the league decided to endorse a by partisan bill. Does mandatory minimum sentences for low level drug offenders, eliminate threes, provisions. I require life sentences and give
it more latitude to reduce senses for certain low level crimes. They know what this is. This is the uprooting of the Reagan, sentencing guidelines What it is and the reason we have the Reagan sentencing guidelines to be very specific about this- is because liberal activists judges, we're letting criminals out or giving them. Sentences and even their sentence, her law, Level drug offenders, as we all know, sometimes prosecutors, make deals because there. A list of cases is so long that they take play agreements So it may be a low level drug offender, but maybe it's actually a drug dealer who I do a lesser included. A fence those Reagan guidelines passed by Congress. Those ragging guidelines had kept this nation much safer. But now it a blow the lid off because of sentencing is racial.
Prosecutions or racial. On and on and on its all racial. Now, it's not, but the NFL jumped because they see the organisation like the Coke Foundation. They cease. Our conservative friends in the Senate They see liberals, they see people pushing for this, and so the unifil figures. You know what we'll do it to its by partisan. What they have over the NFL has done is further politicized. So why is it taking a position at all, let alone that position. We felt that this was an issue over the last months, as we have continued to work with our players on issues of equality and on issues of criminals. This reform that was surfaced for us and we thought it was appropriate to lend support to this is a Google Latherum Mouth Liberal, this law car this commissioner needs to go. That's enough already. Does commissioner needs to go thousands name again.
Can you remember his name, Roderick Adele Roger bear down? He needs to go and Roger that. What are they think they have Asia and out cause Charles Grass way for our criminal justice reform? Well, woe is me If rashly for world for enriching Durban little deck Durban from Illinois, we can all join in. So we have they gradually Durban bills. The result of a five year by partisan efforts is the news report. Last year, the door released almost identical legislation backed by thirty seven co sponsors, including seventeen Republicans. Seventeen Republicans, and so now the NFL is offered so the NFL has come out of the closet. It's got become political and its entire. Seeing this agenda the jailbreak agenda, calling why? Because the union
Why? Because the union runs the NFL. Let's be honest, the union runs the NFL. Now capper nickel, As a result? A cap or nickel pickle now well they're on their name, a lightweight bony, so activists warrior a lousy NFL player. He picks up a lousy attorney. My view this guy mark, whatever his name. Is there a ghost like water days, He was great anyway. They bring this. In my view, preposterous lot, Heather's collusion there since no one and all the other fails colluding, and rather than stand up for itself, rather than take control of its industry rather than do as the fans demand the NFL buckles to the union. Roger bad deal needs to go. You need a real commissioner. The real commission.
All you can't tell players not to take an age, their first, a member right. First, women has nothing to do with it, while its racist. Why are the players, minorities? Why players aren't allowed to take neither while it's not flags attire damage against what is it? their throwing in so many pay inequality gender inequality. This you know your tip of left wing grab back. They aren't design or in the national anthem and the flag was their dishonor in the country, and this is why this business will continue. Their hurt me tat. The business is coming up behind it. He sports young people today, are indeed gaming online, whether you like it or not- and I am minded Many of them are gamers, so they watched gamers and these gamers have created legs and within the legs they ve created tee
And many people with a lot of money or investing in this now, because it's the future, and, I believe in the future too,. So some of these old time sports who disrespecting their fans. Or who are cowering. For their unions in their players. There, continue to lose fans the way. No, so many, cable operators, Comcast whatever We are losing subscribers because their things in the future not the only games in town, so to speak, I'll, be right. Back Ben I love my car. Our Camaro Twenty ten Camaro first version model.
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I talk him every day. Cycled there well marked air, whoever it is it that hinder world he's not feeling well calling about China. Hearing on the radio, something about her cook and the Kurds and the alliance that we share with them in the support that they provided to me personally into my unit when I was in Iraq in two thousand three and two thousand and four- and he knows it, situation in her cook it on the border of traditional Iraq, but, as you mentioned them with So in my George brokered this border the standard in tonight- is the people with its own language in customs and its own, love of freedom really separate from On Monday, I believe there are many Muslims but are not destroyed it'll next time In Haiti, people that were seen course, Turkey and IRAN and to deny them their independence.
And really is again. A lack of leadership the problem is even we have a chance to really stand for some people who stood with us an act when we went to cook in two thousand and three ensure that they stayed fright other of and seventy three airborne brigades, heredity forgave attempting to Iraq would not any losses, so they were the first trip to going to her cook to liberate it, and then the Americans followed after landfill. I cannot believe the sector state is sitting on his hands is grotesque to me, Thomas God bless Thank you for your service and they stories very, very important. We appreciate it and We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personal checks then TV denied in two minutes folks and I'll, see on the radio tomorrow, goblet.
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