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It is time we take a closer look at Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his tactics. Mueller’s tactics in dealing with Paul Manafort are very disturbing. The FBI breaks into his house at 6 in the morning with their guns drawn and combed through the r...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well I know it all. The news is out there: the It just attack on General Kelly, They not job congresswoman, with a cowboy hat. Now she's accusing him of racism limitation lady, here the racist. That a knee jerk reaction isn't gonna fly with a lot of people any more of any. The
for position of the left football players. Moronic members of Congress was stupid. Hats none enough you engaged in a fight you, kicked all over the mat Disgrace, that's tough may fly in your party. It doesn't why would the rest of the nation? I tell you that That's not what I'm gonna go tonight. It's time we take a very close look at this fella Robert Mahler. And, as many of you know, I've been very, very disturbed vice tactics in We were poor manner for a man. I don't believe I've ever met. Almost nothing about, except what I read about in the news he's been around forever as a Washington, lobbyists and activists and so forth, and so on. Dollars, tactics. Six in the morning centrally
making into his condominium Sixteen hundred square for condominium FBI, At the guns drawn when a man and woman, a husband and wife were in bed, can. There were there for ten hours, they went through their clothing, they went through everything they seized their computers towers in Aceh eighteen hundred square foot space. You would think he was a mass murder. You would think he was a year with a drug cartels and Mexico. You would think he had violated the espionage act on several occasions. You would think all these things Maybe he sought out the country on uranium, not not murmur. The leaks ETA. Mr Miller's operation, the endless leaks about how to going to indict him the endless leaks about how they went after one of his former lawyers when, after a son in law, one f Publicist I mean this is on you cool stuff. It's unusual.
And yet robber Mahler we're supposed to believe he's. You know, he's Johnny Quest Aura MR nice Guy next stories, not It's a slumber. That's right. I said it he's a slime ball, Of your gb H, one of the government run stations. I think. A fellow by the name of Harvey Silver Gate wrote a piece Harvey Silver, gay and let me get to the gist of it. Since I've known Robert Mahler during key moments of his career federal prosecute? Am I spirits has taught me to approach whatever he does in the trumpet investigation, with a requisite degree of scepticism at the very least extreme caution. One mother was the acting United States are turning a Boston. I was defence counsel, any federal criminal case, which I rather odd.
Fellow contacted me to tell me that he had information that could assist my client. He has to see me and I agreed to meet him. Walked into my office wearing a striking flowing wire gauze like shirt and sad, and across from me at the conference. Table Prepared he said give me an affidavit to the effect that certain real estate on by my client was purchased with lawful currency rather than as Mothers Office was claiming the pros. Aids of illegal drug activities, my secretary type that the effort that the witness going to sign, just as he did The penny looked at me and said something like call. You know. All of this has actually fast, but your client is an old friend of mine, and I want to help end quote. As I threw the putative witness out of my office, Honest under the flying white shirt a lump on his back.
It was obviously wired and recall every word between us. Years later I ran into smaller It told him of my disappointment in being the target of a sting. Where there was no reason to think that I would not only present perjured evidence to a cork Mahler. Half apologetically told me that he never thought I would support perjury, but they did it do to pursue the lead given to him. That lead, of course, was provided by fellow that we lorries among ourselves with India. Currently referred to as a scumbag. The experience may be realised that Mahler was capable of believing at least preliminarily any tale of criminal wrongdoing and acting upon it despite the path Or bad character and obviously question motivations of his formats and witnesses. Years later. My witness my wariness toward Mahler was bolstered in an even more revelatory way when
the criminal division of the? U S, department of Justice. I arranged in December. Ninety nine in me with him in Washington. I was then led defence counsel for Doktor, Jeffrey Mcdonald, who been convicted in federal court. North Carolina may remember this case eighteen, seventy nine of murdering his wife and two young children while station at Fort Bragg yours Did you try Mcdonald hired me and my colleagues to represent him and obtain a new trial based on newly Scabbard evidence that demonstrated Mcdonald had been framed in part The connivance of military investigators and FBI agents, it doesn't matter if you believe this guy, that's not the point he goes on. Over the years Mcdonald had his various lawyers and investigators had come large trove of such evidence, the day. The meeting I walked in the Department of Justice Conference Room where around the table set of phalanx of FBI agents, my green colleague. Join me. Mahler walked into the room, went to the head of the table and open the meeting with this admonition. Reconstructed from my
vivid and showing memory quote, gentlemen Criticism of the bureau is a non starter criticism of the bureau is announced start especial calthorpe mullahs background indicates how useless that was. My. That that we might expect in the grand. The toy not acquire boy. History of special councils. He said whether calling depend council special prosecutors in the past is checked trouble. Then he goes on the course he talks about The schooner Libby case, among others, and Libya very quickly got his law licence back after what was done to him, you may recall: when the phoney Valley plain case with a person was in fact record on Tuesday. A an old friend of mine, was in fact richer. Armitage, the deputy secretary state, serving under Colin Powell, Colin Powell Armitage, never came forward.
Scooter levy really was put through the year through the vice There are other examples. But he says mothers demonstrated zeal and ample resources, virtually sure than indictments will, even in the absence of actual crimes rather than behaviour. That is simply politics as usual. If my I claims that tromp remembrance of his entourage committed crimes. It doesn't mean that it that its necessarily so we, Take Mahler and his prosecutor, our team, with a grain of sought, the greatest solve seems an outmoded concept. In an age when both sides, trumpeters critics, seem impervious to cry: inconvenient facts. Now he Is a criminal offence and first amendment lore, Sir Writer freedom Gb H, he's this law in the in the Boston for some time through several books, but what I thought was paid equally compelling. Was While I was trying to take him down in a set up,
this guy wired and he's the lawyer for an individual who is dealing with Mahler in the prosecutor's office is trying to take out the guy's lawyer. But here's another one, it just so happens. Twenty four hours. The Fox NEWS Channel Fox NEWS darker and This is a peace by Chris therefore by Alex Pappas and Christopher Wallace,. Special council, Robert Mahler and his team running the Russia Collusion Programme being accused by fellow attorneys, have implying aggressive and questionable tactics. In past cases, potent putting a dent in his straight shooter image. As the investigation heats up in key players like former White House chief of staff, french, previous impressive quotation. Spacer interviewed by investigators set but turning with experience in federal cases spoke out, Their concerns this week,
You heard about Harvey Silver. I just mentioned Sidney POW a former federal prosecutor also took aim at Andrew Weissmann, the prosecutor tat by Malo to help lead the investigation peace. This week, title judging by Mahler staffing choices he may I would be very interested in justice, and I have that peace right here from the whole newspaper. So much has been written about the prosecutor prowess, Sir Robert Mothers team assembled to investigate allegations of Russia's involvement in the trunk campaign, lit has been senator danger. A prosecutor overreaching the true history, the true Austria, mothers, Lee prosecutor. So now we Mahler, now we have Mahler whose picked this lead prosecutor right, Malo. Supposed to have been a search in a search for Russia, cyberspace intrusions into our electoral politics. It is me, genuine malevolent mission. Targeting friends, family and colleagues of the President.
The mother investigations become an all out, assault, defined crimes depend on them and I won't, if there are no crimes less than this team can make some. This is a former further prosecutor. Many Americans despise Trump and anyone associated with him Turning our system of justice in my political weapon as a danger, we must guard against think back two April, one nineteen, forty. In a world a wash and turmoil. Hayden fear river. You're an attorney General Robert Jackson, assemble the United States attorneys in acts enshrined in the hearts of all good prosecutors, he said quote The citizen safety lies in the prosecutor, who tempt Brazil with human kindness, whose six Truth and not who serves the law and not factional purposes, no approach just ass with humility. You have Mahler tapped transport are prosecuted, led his investigation. His long I'm frame informal council, Andrew Weissmann, he's not just stay.
Tough prosecutor time after time. Two reversed Weissmann, most touted victory, sound card, unquote for his tactics, This is hardly the stuff of a hero in the law. Weissmann, as happy and later director of the Enron taskforce, destroy the venerable accounting firm of Arthur Anderson and its eighty five five thousand jobs worldwide, only to be reversed several years later by a unanimous supreme court. Next, It's been creatively criminalized a business transaction between Merrill Lantern Enron, Poor Maryland executives went to prison for as long as a year, wise he made sure they did not even get bail pending their appeals. Even the charges. Weissmann concocted like against Anderson were literally unprecedented weissmann. Prosecution, devastated the lives and families of these Merrill executives, causing enormous defence costs, unimaginable stress and torturers. Some time they fit circuit,
court of Appeals reversed the mass of the case so far quietly resign from the Enron taskforce. Just as the judge and the Enron broadband prosecution began, Coordinating wise men's team and the press began Catching on the wise men's modal sombre motives Miranda, Mahler knows this history is this why he tapped Weissmann target Paul manner, for the attorney General Jackson foretold. Therein is the most dangerous power, the prosecutor, that he will take people he thinks he should get rather them The cases that needed to be prosecuted, manifested tromp associate is simply a small step in Weissmann Quest to impute this presidency, reverse the results of the twenty sixteen election never mind that months of investigation, my multiple entities are produced. No evidence of collusion mothers, rare predawn raid, a matter for its home, a fearsome tree, usually reserved they should be threat, a fierce
this threat usually reserve from mobsters and drug dealers his textbook. Why men, terrorism and, of course, details were leaked. Another illegal tactic. Why? It is intent on indicting manifest. It won't matter. That man afraid knows? The trunk campaign did not include with the Russians wisely. Oppression management. I say whatever satisfies Weissmann perspective. There is only that which differs from Weissmann view of the evidence, not the actual truth We all lose from Weissmann environment first, the truth plays no role in its quest. Second risk Back for the rule of law, simple decency and following the facts? Do appear in Weissmann, Playbook thirty, most important all. Reckons Lou, whenever I jumped judicial system becomes a I've been to reward political friends and punish both its long? Stu date formality clean This team are Weissmann to resign. Their will. You gonna happen said
POW wrote. This policy was a federal prosecutor in three federal desk under nine United States attorneys from both political parties and it's a she by the way. She's the past present at the bar association to the fifth federal circuit, American Academy of APOLLO lures, a veteran of five hunter, federal appeals. Well then, now you know more about Molly. In his right hand, hack. Weissmann this something very, very much fear, but here's the other thing who appointed Mahler the current deputy attorney General United States, who was U S for a moment. It was U S attorney from early something to answer for himself with respect to this uranium case.
I'll, be right back big deal you have is not special. You have independent frantic Case to men, who have no moral standards. Two men are not interested in pursuing justice. You have a Democrat already poised to push for impeachment Son, what these men claim we have We're federal prosecutor with a formal return who, who is a defence attorney. Who Molly tried to set up.
This is pretty incredible stuff. These two and you know. As soon as I saw a red what they doing to manifest. This is normal. This is bizarre, This is way over the top. Nobody, Andrew Mccarthy, who was since the United States, attorney and was involved and big cases. Many. He wrote a similar thing: NASH Review online, not that much after now, It was never federal prosecute, but I was chief of staff to the attorney General United States. I saw how a lot of federal prosecutions over ninety United States, attorneys reported, the attorney general. And these kind of tactics would have been approved, that I'm aware by Department, justice. And because Mr Mahler is a independent operator, because of anyone. He reports that MR rose and steam. He is on no leash whatsoever
no leash whatsoever, his tactics and this guy Weissmann are over the top. It's important. That you know about this and spread the word. Try here to be ahead of the curve and we're ahead of the curve on this trust me I'll, be right back mark loving champion of freedom? It you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country is not an English speaking world market March, a seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one look at the disparate treatment when it comes to special prosecutor. The color treaty can start the media, and the Democrats every day, trashing him every day, smearing this guy character assassinating and went on, and on and on and on
The train influences investigations over a bill. Clinton. Then, when it comes to smaller. Praise mauler, praise, smaller praise, smaller, look, a call me before Trump fire call me the left in the media, despised call me they felt that cost Hillary Clinton, the election or at least influence the outcome of the elections to some extent, Soonest Trump fired him. Commies an angel. Commies reliable coming. Is a great FBI director and Obviously was covering up the air. You bet what is collusion with Russia. There is not equal justice. There's not equal justice from that, basing this on race and basing it on politics on politics Republican should be taking these concerns. Should be taking knees.
Absolutely appalling sower mothers tactics. Are really out of control as tactics. What manner figure out of control is tactics as the prior lawyer, Soviet wrote out of control, And the sky Weissmann is number two same thing. Sean San, Jose, California, the great care so far go shown your on the air. Are you I'm ok Step up to the plate. Let's go requested. You're gonna talk about about along with the euro is not a question of survival. Just as we are about Rob, do you know him closer? about Robert sooner, you said about Rob, then you laugh knows it. Do you know Robert moment? No, I don't
Why would you call em rob, or May I just got most people don't go ahead body guide as your question so this has resulted in America guy. Likewise I wise in american kind of guy or because Well, what do you know about and where did you grow up? Where did I got no waiting? you grow up. Let's go, let's go to learn what I'm sayings are very far from what we see just ass. They television. What I'm saying is the things we care persona Charisma soon he never speaks doesn't give persona occurs me walk, seen, doesn't talk so I get off the phone you Eddie at WWW. This guy was going to defend them, is paid so levels. May I call on the phone and he sounds like he's drunk deserting the hell
he stared time with morons call. The other shows no spend twenty minutes when they find it entertaining. I find it annoying. Quite frankly,. What about rob the television here I can already tell he was a small. Let's. Shut up and not your five SAM falls Wisconsin on serious satellite go very mark. It seems to me that the hidden be so bad at Washington D C, a district of corruption. If somebody go they're gonna go. Saw it out here. The perception is, it's just a swamp, If somebody goes, there are gonna, go what is at me like if I'm gonna, let you out everybody will rash. Indians been wrong a long time and I ve been a lotta rats in their own. Most of them are still there, so I dont see them all gone. Well or self, serving to protect themselves. Don't they mark. I know
There's thousands and thousands of them. You think they're all gonna go. I love your specificity of the under undermining those things that are going on to me. It seems like a bad western where they could imitate somethin same. Let me give an example. Congress were serious about all these sir, scandals, I'm quite sure, spot. The same here in part, is what they will do, this Take this fusion gps stuff, where these people plead the faith but even worse, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will not turn over related documents to committees of Congress. Congress. Is there under article one it's created under article one. There is no article four, the FBI, the EP I am claiming whatever its climate, but a woman give the oversight committees the information as a right. So what are the oversight committees doing about it? Sam other than writing letters to each other and winning about nothing right, Absolutely right Marcel: what do they do? What, after those issues subpoenas right
Who enforces the subpoenas the Justice Department? Apparently, the Justice Department is asleep at the wheel on these. These matters or their investigating, but very quietly. What if I were running a Canadian you got all these former prosecutors and for defence counsel, Ali Smart, Lars run in these committees. I would issue the subpoenas if the judge Just a partner with enforce them. I would then going to federal court unwashed, indeed see seeker read a man. Damosel remain Dame issued, Google, it, but a rigid Mandy, MRS to force a public official do their public duty that but I would do I go into federal court to train and fourthly, subpoenas against the Justice Department to get these witness Excuse me to get the information from the FBI that I wanted a. Why are they doing. Mark your green capping of our great constitution keep up the good work. Sir Brian, thank you for your answers that why are they doing? Why would they do something?
gone cable tv in Asia, they cry a thousand tears and are now if they go well another one Www uranium were giving twenty percent of our uranium to the russian Jimmy. I'm talking about the nurse I want the jewellery Quentin were present right now and when the presidency last year, under the same conditions, that prompted will, www uranium were giving twenty percent of our uranium to the russian Jimmy about the serious violations of the espionage You mean your eyes, beginning half a million dollars from the Russians for phony speeches about what do you think you'll, like it up at this moment about the amount of evidence of the watch and helping Hillary Clinton were the same as it what's gonna. Let us knights have one piece of evidence of the Russians helping Donald Trump when the presidency, MR producer dust off
the twenty second level clock if he can find it go ahead. You overcome by your complaining about tromp with that I'll get you a power to that question twenty eight levels you have attained. Deficit answer my question? Why, piece of evidence. Go a team government agencies ascended the watch into a colluding will afford pollution. We knock your questions were safe and trample. Why don't I didn't I didn't know he did so the other source. For this, though, with the clock. If the situation were reversed. Sir, Sir, one more time, Do you ever source that says what team The agency said the Trump colluded with the rifle ass. They won the election, sir pay attention. This is in your house already all talk over each other you're on the radio. I asked you a question
Where's your evidence give us the source that fourteen federal agencies concluded the trump colluded with the Russians. Colluded identical words in my mouth. Well, what's the word better work? I entered the election. We know the Russian trying to interfere with the election. I already know that I've talked about it over and over again. I not pretend otherwise that way what you started out with POW agile, tap dance at this stage, You said that they influence the election to help Trump and I'm skin you well, where how gallery twenty seconds ago There's only one thing: I got a phone you idiot. What's what is an idiot day on the mark. Levin show. Is that what it is? What is it seriously the lives they there there there, full moronic mode, but that's ok. We enjoyed actually.
Are you regular Americans. You can call into eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven Uear Regular Americans aka leftist. You can call into. Seven seven with special line for you ate seven, seven, three, eight one! Thirty, eight eleven bar Houston Texas the great Katy our age country? Go they mark I take my girl, longtime Lester. I just anyone ever tell you shall Aigrettes tourism by the way. That's not a compliment. I'm just saying you sound. Like Rex tell Us the retirement plant that happy. I can't sell out here. I just sat up its deepest this things going out with the former. Secretary of State, I mean it. It is true, the corruption a fair Washington DC has got to be amended. Frustrating to listen biggest frustrating for normal people who, just after work every day to listen to their staff,
and the thing is it where's your down? You get sick of it and that's what they hope. There's so much of it that citizen I'll turn away and say you know what let's go to the movies so my hand no market really do it and I agree I agree. And we want we locked Emily's people up I mean I love gives you an iron in charge. You gotta, be some people litter honest in charge around their weight, they may be honest, but they have the guts. I just told Congress what they could do. Congress. I don't know if it's ever done it each year, subpoenas demand that the gene Sister permanent force them if they won't go to federal court with your remain Davis and get them enforced, and if a feather quite says. No then go on appeal. Do I have to at least fight it out of sight. I, but God bless us MIKE. I came pronounced this. Where are you might what's your town, there we'll go to you in Vienna, Le Goody Leg,
Woody Indiana where's that, what's at near to our south of Indianapolis I'd say Almost in you mustn't Kentucky. Where are you. About an hour and a half north of Kentucky Border is right? The right to have my friend. I heard your monologue was excellent. I was reading that same article as you was reading it. At the same time, an told the call screener you know mauler was never appointed as a special council according to what our own governments rules and guidelines are. In accordance with how the special councils are appointed? I'm, like you said, he's been given free rein to go back. As far as he's doing, in certain cases some decent Republicans on Capitol Hill standing. Up against?
Speaking out against what mauler is doing his team, because mowers also implicated many times that their arson, like dissenters, a flawed and others have have spoke quite loudly have called for a special council to investigate, among others, Mahler, Others have also called for his resignation, but you know you can issue press release its call for whatever you want what they need is effective action, the most of Active action would require Mcconnell and Ryan. Is that heads of their party in the leaders in Congress a fund mothers, but instead you have whack jobs like Lindsey Gram running around going or, as I effectually column, not Goober, Graham yeah goober running around they're talking about how we should pass a statute to protect Mahler,
energy, what's going on and the figure of yellow manufacture, something that these allowed to continue, but I agree with her Patrick Jake began and being in an I thank for your call. You can see him somewhere else I bet, So, let's talk about education for a minute. Did you know that more than fifteen states begun requiring high school students to pass a basic citizen should test in order to graduate its bad that such a test as even necessary, shows me that to the extent american civic education even exist anymore. Something is on very, very wrong with it that's why, besides their free online courses in Primus Hills,
College is making an impact and k through twelve education. Here's how hills helps found and provides ongoing support and guidance to classical k through, Twelve character charter does cause nationwide, thousands of elementary in high school students are enrolled already, I'll still does at all without take a single penny of taxpayer farming or money from the schools themselves. It's called the boy. The Charter School initiative, its revolutionizing cave We try to education. You can learn more living for hills, thereby come l e g, I envy hills to about come watch the boy if powerful video about this exciting work in witness the Difference hills deal is making on thousands of lives across the country, its Levine for Wholesale Back come l e g. I am for hills, deal that come ok, will continue this to finish up the air and then we will move along Marco help.
I so taxes, the gray Katy S M, go by I don't hear for Marco anymore, Marco Rubia. Are you I go ahead? Marco, ok, our question If you could war games sovereignty, what would happen in a private installed where these things take a hike told me, or take a hike tommo these days as citizens take a hike. Told you how long you want take, or terrorism steam twice to take a hike. Why not That is what this guy to succeed. Here's the problem appears the problem. He does that in his party won't patron. That's how come is it is it. You know what I he should challenge them as a you know. What you want to teach me, because these people are core go for it. There would have been listening. I got they. Will they hate him, so they will. Is this as an excuse?
I'm trying I guarantee you. They will fail and will finally see the shoulder to the Republican Party, the Imo Republic, in an all powerful catches. I've been in But here the one I used to repay the busy ridiculous now I'm with you marker, nobody. I appreciate your car. Rob San Francisco the great chaos. If I'll go, You got my how you doing today, I'm doing great. Thank you, it's my let you know I'm going crazy in the Bay area, because I'm surrounded by brainwashing, liberal, no way in the Bay Area group when that happened. Yeah yeah bedding I can't move giving out a career here again in giving my real name because I'm afraid again fired in its absolutely day, because they believe everything here on the mass media and drive. You think how you can't you move, can't you get out of here. You know that
can't everything that, in view of the weather, the urgent lot lot: here's the problem, the lips take over all the beautiful areas of the country, nothing they do it. Insane and they want socialism very soon Turning to North Korea, I ran over here, well, it may actually it lets California, it may actually turn in the New York. You don't know I just one days, I mean all the goals that are out there listening, brainwashed by the mass media you're on your facebook you're on your snapchat? You won't even realise what these people are doing, your subconscious and they look that you like and make up your own decision, Make up your own mind and look at the facts. Don't look outlook on life the UN and MSNBC and all the other bullshit the dump. Watch your language go ahead, Rob very yeah. I know it is absolutely insane. Don't don't be brainwashed by the left. You look!
from your own point of view, I agree. They have been authority, brainwash it's hard to get through to them. That way, you need in two thousand and thirteen. We need to hire people that are for the citizens by the citizens, not people better in the pockets of Unita people, for the constitution and by the constitution absolutely Thank you, sir. I my man, thank you for your car, be well, Francisco Virginia beat Virginia on the market of inner Perry. You, I do a marker for found caller you got into politics when trot Senator run into a report, as I registered of me and my wife, and I tell you that what to you appreciate everything you do. I you gave me an wash and everybody else Tromp, they didn't know where the scene and watch and I noticed the bias my society Circuit bought a new story. I hope
I would urge you re just ask however, much more the Iraqi off, that's what I if everything on this guy, this will never step aside he's in egomaniac he's out of control. Hey Francisco, don't hang up it channel a watch. It's called see our tv. Don't hang up. Ladies and gentlemen, we got a powerful two hours left, I'm gonna sing another week. Unlike nobody else, cancer hang around I'll, be right back.
Now, rather than only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight, once three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one create one one it is not unlike those that make recorders etc. No, this all ready for that make them in sets, and likewise Bell founders, fitting the tune of their bills, the inquiry, may save trial, surely it has been observed by one of the ancients, then in it a barrel, knocked upon with the finger giveth a dioxin,
to the sound of the like barrel, full, but how that should be. I do not well understand for that talking of a barrel fuller, empty, don't scare scarce. Give any tone will mark complicate. That's Aristotle view saying that if Two equal vessels, one is empty, the other half for that given by the latter being Above that, given by the former. But John Kelly was saying in essence in the tradition of Aristotle. Is. This congressman from Miami is a big mouth cheese. A full barrel, she's an empty barrel. Bellows on and my interpretation as, if she's a full barrel, she's an empty barrel,. Now, don't you understand that racist or not at all, I know it's narrations, nothing do the racism
Whatsoever to do with racism and trust, When I tell you this Congress moment would know because she sees racism all over the place. I see it when she looks in the mirror. But incomes Lawrence O Donnell. Do you remember Lawrence O Donnell he's thee among the Congo line a freak on Amazon, thirsty and be How do I get to the late, not a great large MC, O Donnell on Amazon, thirsty yesterday, coming to the defence of the Congress from an trashing general Kelly. I want to remind you how Mister O Donnell is when they the lights are not on when he doesn't he's being recorded, how he Reach him beings behind the scenes reminder that six go. What's goin on? Why am I losing us? What am I have some art, its back, someone's, pressing buttons and turning my sounder
Who's asking for Labour Day run down in my ear. Someone in that control room is out of control yeah. Go. Those insanity in the control room tonight. You haven't family in my ear, peace. Don't don't leave it there I hear of somebody talking on our laws and our United States, not european cause you're insane. You buffoon go ahead. Every time we gotta was sought, there's a woman talking in my ear about something that has nothing to do with. What we're doing here. The hammering stop the hammering out there he's gotta hammer, whereas they go out on the other, for somebody go up there and stop the hammering.
Stop my hammering it's not the hammering it's the plate in your head. You moron go ahead. I'll, go down to the Gulf for myself and stop and keep the commercial break going news Harry? call me fill grew phenomenon care who you have to call storm the hammering. Empty control, room and find out where this is going on in liberal, whether when a good level when a gracious compassionate human being go ahead or there or out there somewhere. The woman talking in my ear was talking about the Labour day special We had by the way what is that everyday special, pastrami sandwich, I'm just curious. Go ahead. Every time we went to a sought what I mean I'm a conversation. Not in the Bush thought no,
out control. I don't know why I bother to say how to cut the thoughts when you don't do it The guy who had the guts to put this together put. It has, of course, fired, go ahead. I don't know why it so I have to chase those stupid. An trails that you allowed him to stick out. There Not now is attacking a guest go ahead. Crazy, Sound coming in my ears, stupid every man is sound in your ear item. It's the metal playing in your head, go ahead. I told you why I wanted those words cut. We just sucks sucks to be out of here, I would add, is out of control. Any
damn thing can come in a lawyer at any moment. That's what I know anything can come in his ear at any moment. I can get into my dear at any time. There's no woman talking about what we're doing after the show. What are you doing after the show clown go ahead? things, though, there's a reason. These words have to be cut precisely. And everyone in the audience is going to complain about what that guy just said is absolutely right. How do you say this guy's last name? Guests faces coming up in the middle of a script. The tough life when you live in the world isn't perfect sake, our trashing everybody around you. When you go in the air, you put a faint smile on your face. You make take over your face to hide them pockmarked, a lot of little doubt
Bulgarian, his hair to keep that straight. They come, Hey american girl trap sucks: can you believe it down a trunk twitter me because often the cameras, I wrote this area the glare somebody's in Miami marriage, my absolute plaque now. Why am I doing because the same quack when I myself do yesterday suggests that job Kelly is a racist This is from an irish Catholic neighborhood in Boston. And I remember the day when there was forced busting in Boston and they were big fight over this force. Putting in this The prince court actually intervened at one point and ends and split the baby, so to speak. It was for. Passing order by a federal judge I want to remind you, Boston, is the heart of Kennedy, land of John Caroline. This is where they got their political power from in the first place,.
And you will not here John so don't make that point. TED, Kennedys defence costs. Ted Kennedy supported the buzzing, but the back to the matter is all through that peer. The Kennedy clan really had done nothing up to that point. But that's that's not the point. What is John Kelly have to do this. By the way John Kelly was born? May eleven nineteen fifty eleven, the same same data's, my son law, Hoddan was born November, seven. Nineteen fifty one a year and a half apart. Says: is familiar with the neighbourhood: cut five go I grew up a few years after John in an identical neighbourhood leading grew up a few years after him almost immediately after him, you were new we have the same age going. Otherwise than when I went to high school and John Kelly's know, I know
The neighbourhood John Kelly comes from. I know the culture it was a neighborhood in which calling someone who looked like a so here. We go here everybody in the neighborhood, your racist, Kelly was born there. Hence giant Kelly is a racist. A marine, a retired forced our marine general, whose To combat whose son died and combat, A marine general whose committed its entire life defending this country and this piece of. Useless bleep. On a useless msnbc, which is their favorite network, north korean generals, whose he would show, is the morning schmo that pots and his wife, MRS Schreyer,. This clown dares to impugn the character of Kelly
because Kelly dares to stand up to a cook congressmen who I stood slight a students, car president transfer to a widow. How sick are the broken whether there in government out a government whether they're on tv or on radio house sicker. These people go ahead. An empty barrel: was the kindest thing that would have been a barrel. You moron like your empty cranium, so stop it get others homeric gets. I can you believe it They talk about natural law. However, what am I talking about? They know nothing. They know nothing left wing. Cooks, they know nothing if you wanna talk to them, about marks. Don't know about that. We're talking about social. This guy's admitted socialism, don't know about that. They don't know him.
They don't know language, they don't know anything about the barrel, best, as I can tell doing my research trailer today, was a praise? I was actually used by Aristotle. You area go ahead these segregation came very painfully to the Boston Schools long after John Kelly finished high school. So what does that have to do with anything? Schmo, nothing, nothin somebody's in your ear, something junior air ballot ready. The other was someone else's in your other about Thanksgiving. Everybody's in your ear. Look over your shoulder Harry somebody's out to get you I sell us DE over there, the favourite channel of the communist genocidal regime in North Korea, never forget
Tom. What great Virginia the great w I may I'll go get there. I want to place contact retired Navy myself. This is more of a marine term, the empty barrel in its a derogatory term and military power, Some of these areas, connotations. One is what happens if you Begin to an empty barrel, your voice reverberates her chamber it. Let me just stop you that that was Aristotle's. Point and what are Winona and then well. Doesnt surprised me. I am Mister Party yourself when you were saying that, but that is agreed It means a person we like to hear themselves thought it also has a combination of a person of little no substance and then I'll always met racism. Here it apply.
And usually, if I'd like she's a moron in every color she's, a moron in every religion, she's a moron in every I tell you, I was at subtle that she's Color Blind moron go ahead general Kelly, I back and completely that impression of her and I just I believe we large number of members of Congress. They are empty barrels. These people couldn't hold a candle him or other people know that they could not pass the clearances backgrounds. We ve gone through the real How many democrats have heard criticising Congresswoman Frederico Wilson I haven't heard any man not right. How many Republican see view heard criticise a very few correct. I haven't heard any someone how many hosts honour Marseilles D or the constipation news network I haven't, had a chance to listen to them?
because you're, a smart guy like the very you! As far as I know now many my Kelly Monday, in that, now we have the large O Donnell everything's. In his ear. We have him going on about an irish Catholic neighborhood in Boston. Which he says was very racist and since John killing he came out of it. He knows what showing Kelly meant. Isn't it this preposterous among the preposterous, the Republicans and stay. We get speech. How Donald Camel Somehow I doubt it There was any honest journalists, they go to the neighbourhood there and really looked back and take the true abetted fund even turn by looking whole community now is attacked this. This is the way the less works, and they circled wagons. They defend the most preposterous among the preposterous there applicants and stay? We get speeches by former presidents and so forth, trashing, the current president. Now these are small
it is, of course they use when they they should have been trashing. The former president find the whole thing kind of despicable. Don't you very a time. God bless you buddy. Let us continue showing bright. Phoenix, Arizona. Syria satellite, go your third. Thank you to for giving me the pleasure- and I pray that I can make my point well people that and I believe in loyalty all the veterans TAT are out there. We serve because the fact that were loyal to our country, we believe in our country- and I believe it was- will Rogers Background Rupert Hoover timeframe that stated that why people go and get elected to go to Washington, is it through loyalty or is it for the money and because a lot of them get corrupt. The big gone for the money and I kind of look at what John Mccain and so many others even get flacon centre, the the ones that are here in Arizona, are they really throwing
not at all they could. It seemed like some of the things that their morning for how to health care and the laundry list long and and distinguish, but I believe that there is a kind of collusion within the politicians about the money and in the media they want to keep their bodies and, in the end any opt out because of the fact that bear getting kicked back Road, Canada. I first about first answered. I want to thank you for your service. I dont see this kickback stuff I see this progressive. Is I see this as ideological? I see this as these ego, maniacs and Republican said many of whom are progressive. They, and a beer pattern on the head by the median server, I don't think there's any indication. I mean John Mccain married into enormous wealth. I dont see radius. Actually, you know scheming, to make any money on the side and so forth, again. I want to thank you for your service. Thank you very much. That is, continue showing how Bell I'll Florida. Serious satellite go you're, Sir Mark
I want to just echo on some comments that you ve cut of touch the fringes of Y, know people White Mitch, Mcconnell. Eddie Monster, look alike, Paul Ryan, gonna, get behind the president and have his back right. Now, president then, I'm no special pleading for president Tromp, but he's fighting three front war daily the Democrats, the Maid stream Weber media and a substantial portion of the Republican Party establishment, while his thought and this Atta Control Special Council that too Dont these folks, like Mcconnell, and why and get by the president I let's lie sat now. You know that I can do that their work Then. Why do we get behind? Whoever is gonna run? It gets colonel in the primary next time. Last time, when I got behind a man who became the governor eventually it was a very lonely experience.
Very lonely experience. I believe the effort against in favour of a bread outside of Richmond Virginia against Eric, answer Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose, but the after the manner is. You, gotta get written Mcconnell and not only that the guy behind em it's it's like zombies, the guy behind him, John Corn, and he's a disaster you gotta get three of them and then you gotta get. Somebody is in there whose fairly conservative and who has a concern about the future. The republic the real hard line of work with rigour. Fine really is man. I want to thank you for your call out. Well, ladies and gentlemen, were only half way through for the time goes it flies. Doesn't it
Saucy after the bottom of the hour, we'll be right back if the world's dream, so confusing MIKE will be glad to clear that up boy, you're gonna, now eddied, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, there's something I realise this is very important. There is a software solution to just about every business need, and you fine yours in one place, cap terror that can see a p. T r, R, a cap Tierra that comes just like it sounds whether a startup looking to keep track of customers a lamp. Offered, hoping to have a record fund raising year or business said simply needs better peril. Software or a thousand other things.
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I'm Slash Levin see IP general Kelly's racist coded MSNBC calm, Slash, Levine, kept hearing come slashed, lament check it out trade, if you're a group, an organization, a business, a non profit, a church, whatever it is: check it out? You'll see an amazing array of software. This is a free service, absolutely hey, that's capture, dot, com, Slash, Levin,. Well. Let's move on there's more. General Kelly's a racist coded MSNBC the North Korea, generals favorite channel, great peace at national view on, as you can see, I don't enormous amount of research or my own before show. Looking looking looking, but the great peace in this cow Smith. Over than our own he's one of the best really, in my opinion, Trump versus Hitler.
Well he's pointing out that there is this, a bad writer for the New York's limes. His name is Charles blow and he's a radical cook. He's not big calmness. Advances a breathtaking claims that has never terminology is being very sarcastic, appeared in any media outlets. Before tropical Hitler but the lying: that's the headline: tropical It led by the lie of the charge locale that that that no I'm not the first to say this, but thank you Charles blow and thank you to whatever celestial cobbler major Extra, rational boot of truth Humbler writers may offer us a sneaker of eight of accuracy or Marcus Ineffectualness. Only you, could deliver them to us. The insight that Trump is the new Hitler with a true food so colossal that it can slam down to earth like thunder. Smoking him and marking is phrases. He says I longer no more but, as I
possess a righteous boot of truth. Pull on over my foot of inquiry, I decided meekly to look at the facts. With the aid of national Use data lab funny trove of statistics about Hitler tromp here, some of them Learn murdered eleven million people according to one analysis, Trump has murdered no one. So far, we're invaded the sovereign state of Austria, Belgium, Checklist Slovakia, free state of Danzig, Denmark, free its currency, Hungary, ITALY, a jurist Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, San Marino, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Trumpets invaded no sovereign states, we started a war that kill more than five million in his armed forces alone, plus many millions more another country's tromp hasn't stuff. Any well wars, this point of my research. I was detracted trumpet Appear much like Hitler at all, but things a better. When I spent some time on polluter fact and slopes and the site the Pinocchio is that when people Charles blow
claims that initially appear unconvincing. It's important to pull back and add more context until it worse, people like Blog, can be described as half correct, so much that surely Hitler one make Germany great again. Tromp wants to make Amerika great again Hitler. Funny little mass mustache trump wears a funny. Little hat, shunned, alcohol, Trump shuns alcohol hit, time magazine guess of the year. Nineteen thirty eight Trump a person of the year twenty. Sixteen Hitler fashion its Trump Republican Hitler lied about Jews being the source of Germany's misery, lied about ratings for the apprentices electoral college, victory being the biggest since Reagan's whether anyone else had been on the cover of times more than he had Hitler's these control of most media outlets, including newspapers, radio and trumps many tweets. These peril our chilling, are they not opposite Hitler, but close enough
congratulations to Charles Blows, mighty boot of truth and the thunder Let me now. I call upon the rest of the media to pick up where he began. Who will be there X, to expound upon the manifold parallels between Trump and Hitler. Anyway, it does so should, of course, credit Charles blow for smokers. Justly originating the theory, this choice, love, is a sick. This the sick? This is really second sight. These false taken any on the football field do people really understand what the third Reich is about to be throwing around Hitler's name like this. Do these funds play a fool's, really understand what social injustice means in a society in a cold do they really understand. It know they'd out don't much give a damn either trumpet does Hitler. Charles blouse Charles Blow should be fired for being a moron, but of course, you out Times lie all initiative, brilliant, ah
absolutely brilliant. Nobody can write like this now there's blow he's he's like like that the air start all of our time. Let's say, his column was divisive. When you, ladies and gentlemen, I would say Lawrence O Donnell is divisive. Wouldn't you, I would say Frederico Wilson is divisive. Wouldn't you all these characters in the media and the media in politics at a puff? Very a divisive! Wouldn't you rock Obama was campaigning in New Jersey. Yesterday, he said it's time to stop the politics of division. The king politics, a division! Seven go what we can. Is the same old politics of the vision that we have seen. So many times before the dates back centuries. Several sub some of the politics we see. Now we
We thought we put. That's a bet. You didn't you if you'd have put to bed life. You breathe life into it, Sir go ahead. Logan. But the twenty first century, the nineteenth century. You have the money's in cipher. More now, Obama campaigning in Virginia for Ralph, northern member that The guy who didn't want his lieutenant governors name on some of the hand out literature, could I go What is really trying to deliver as issues Gillespie he's attack? When he's he tried to deliver is fear
like an old democrat line, so the Republicans or about fear and racism individual. No, we Democrats weapon, Happiness, unity. Color blind society? They do. What they condemn the Republicans of doing the Republicans Aren't even capable of being with the Democrats say there today go. What is really trying to deliver a sphere? What do you really believe is that if you scare enough folders, you might Score just enough votes to win an election. That's what makes this guy you function Virginia, but when I think I'd Gillespie, I think sir, don't you, MR producer? Oh he so scary, peace Oh scary, they said go on noise, so divisive, decide Gillespie.
Say what you will philosophically politically said: the guy is nice and these as possible, as you can imagine,. Some people want to get you know a stronger voice and so forth and hammer away he sort of. Why go ahead caretaker thousand, So damaging and corrosive door democracy. It is just a cynical. Is politics? Gets it's not gonna create jobs, psychological kids! Here we go Mr Obama care. Here we go mister, never three percent growth. The economy here we go mister open borders for illegal era, millions worried about jobs. Education for american kids. Here we go. You know what I don't miss him at all: I don't want this at nine. Go
never sent country. Look how you abused in an attack and fundamentally transformed it. No folks, don't feel good about what's been happening in this country. Reflects our best. How can you feel that our public life, meaning the government politics reflect our best when they don't when this man spent years, tearing down the country investor, the military smothering local law enforcement. Trashing the constitution drive. Our budget through the roof. Oh you folks, don't feel good right now about what you said earlier: no wait out locally you did do our magnificent country locality abused in an attack and fundamentally transformed it. No folks don't feel good what's been happening in this country, nobody's making us angry, but you and left like you and football players on their knees and left wing cook on tv who pretend of a journalist and all the rest now folks
feel good about what's taking place in the country, cut tango, allow me say something about his foot. I also believe that if we're gonna talk about our history, then we should do it in a way that heels. Not only are, nobody knows, What the Hell Ralph thanks, rouse north them and rid they looked, Governor Virginia. It's amazing. I follows that they, even though they how wrath North and was. I thought it was a line of clothing. That you can get a normative, nor did you get the Ralph North and that's Ralph, Lorraine, None Routh, north them now He makes cotton sites like miles north of noise. The lieutenant Governor Virginia Data that don't mess with me. No he's the lieutenant governor, here's Obama comes in a rigid, doesn't know a damn thing about the lieutenant governor Virgin, not a damn thing.
You want to talk about our history. Go ahead not in the way that divides. We should use the most painful parts of our history just to score political points course not we're in a pool those down pull those statues now by. Mr President, shouldn't A bad at its most painful parts of our history just to score political points, that's right rip the pages out of the box and pull down the statues. Back then, You know, friend, it's hard to believe twenty seventeen It's almost over thanks
Obviously I love Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving. I go to my mother was how Sylvia. Everybody's there and everybody wants to cook, which is really a great thing. I don't know how to cook. I don't want to know how to cook. I cannot stand cooking. I really want to help in the kitchen. I don't mind helping cleaning up. So I can go off on my arm. Maybe I'll watch football or something smelling the food. It's unbelievable. Unbelievable three Or different kinds of pi too, print kinds of turkey. Luckily, that side of the fence likes mostly the darker meet the fact I like the white meat, so there we go this more for me and it's just great, and we have a great time
And so the years almost over them, what comes to mind, but something you come to mind. Time, does not stand still so don't waste another minute join a MAC. Now. A MAC as the American Association. It's the association, mature american citizens. Slowly eating conservative voice for Americans eight. Fifty enough, I am a member Me tell you something: it is enormously worthwhile to be a member they are resolved to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make a man a better place for children in the Save America, from the left in the likes of their a r p. And as an aim at member you're, also gain access to a wide variety of wonderful exclusive benefits and discounts that you save a lot of money from car insurance. Medicare plans to do. counts on hotels and car Reynolds and a lot more check him out America.
Is the organization to join a MAC, a A voice for conservatives in Washington, exceptional benefits, what's It's a lot about a MAC join Mac right now got a W w w that aim at that: U S W W W that a m ac dot! U S are called on their toll free line. Eighty eight: Six to twenty oh six, that's eight! Eight! Eight! the sixty two zero zero sex. It's a Turk Ethic organization, If you remember the entropy, you appointing a mass of left wing organization that backs all these democratic. You should leave them and go to aim at you'll. Get wonderful. This council benefits plus aim at. Represent your values in your belief system, again, joy, gotTa W W W that a m a sea that U S or call them at eight, eight to six to twenty o six,
the Association of mature american citizens. The benefits are great, but the causes even greater joint aim act. Today I have if you're, fifty or older sit there waiting. Boy. If they make didn't exist, we want to invent it when we, how Tito Let's see what we have here, all lots and lots of people. Safe yunkers, New York,. Have you ever see a greater fill it. He says it's younger I know it. Yonkers messing around go ahead. I either look you exactly right. Mark media completely ignorant- from Nigeria spoke to you before. I know that phrase anti barrier, at least ten eleven years old is usually a phrase that is used to describe
a shallow, individual and praise that's gonna carry uses. They look at me Let it be known that Congress are women, and I am personally I will sign up with all its Lebron James. Nobody has spoken about nine years ago. What is going on in its mouth about who voted for from somebody like me. Yet every barrel, it's it's it's a big! somebody who's empty, but his wild That's what essentially that's what Aristotle means. That's, what Kelly means! That's what you mean and you end up an end in your culture and nigerian sofa. That's what everybody knows it to me by now, traces. Why? Because? dummy where they a cowboy had says it's races. So it's races the dummy with a cowboy had that has everything coming into his ears. He says it's racist well, who? How are they to tell us what racist
nobody public body talking about the even on the upper megara. Are we find our prayers to account must be to the Congress. Many former California ordered one, and I'm out there not be a good example month. I'm a man! Thank you, use a good man. Very nice man all right, I'll Taylor run out of time. I seize on their. Let's go to my man, Eddie! You don't have to fill out the comments. Section Eddie go a baby we have a minute or two. Go ahead Eddie.
Me I'm ok. I only have a minute or two I want to get in and go ahead. Ok, but Mother Teresa Freedom, I called a living tv global problem from customer service volume of Aimee pose a bird came and help the thought she was a wonderful, a language and understood the limit, the greatness of living, keeping you understand the customer service markets to the well established, making or Youtube downloader ignorant too stupid, or just out of touch that again. Yes, we have endeavoured to. It was. The third is to dismantle the stylus. None was speak up. He felt like it is now, if you have nothing to worry about the present he'll go now, I want to leave and won't scheme in place in measuring the intelligence. Everything is making.
I'm not going to get it over, but I wish you d come back there. I apologize buddy, I gotta get mother, I, Now. Let me underline that the boughs, or they even bunker somewhere under Britain, steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant, number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one would not only did Aristotle as a continued, a pile threats talk about empty barrels what I read from you earlier. Actually, as I went back,
as a phrase empty barrow in the context of Francis Bacon. Another grateful us right I also agree with everything you wrote, but Francis Bacon, I mean The term apparently is fairly ubiquitous among the ancient philosophers and the posting. For the immediately post, ancient philosophers. It just shows you how moronic our societies bigger check that the progressive element of our societies become. Its races. Okay, I winner A barrier bosnian irish Catholic name, everybody was raised there. You have the great Larry O Donnell, the socialist. You can look these things up yourself to buy. Why I just really well
stuff now, students, a George Washington, Universal Washington, Dc Hack, Tipp campus reform, its a great organization We are basically asked about the is captured a comprehensive, Tax cuts, which is in most parts president trumps proposal but they were told it was offered by Bernie Sanders and when they were Toto, was offered by Bernie Sanders. They thought it sounded great, but then, when their taught it's actually trumps their dumbfounded. I thought this would be found the play cut for
Teen go this week, Donald Trump releases, new tax plan, which was immediately shot down by his political opponents on the left. But what were those same people think if they were told that tax plan was actually Bernie Sanders plan today, we're George Washington University in Washington DC to find out what are your thoughts on from tax calamities. I've always varies better for that, because of anyone else very much. A horrible from middle class is much lower class me not idea is really not the most efficient nor beneficial to the general public's, nearly nagging yet so Bernie Sanders came out with his plans and people on their compassion alternative, so we're getting opinions on journeys plan. First, one of breeze enters plans is to enhance the child tax. Credit, which is tax money given back to families when they have children. When you think about the possible negative, I was essential worker. I understand how important acts, how to think that I have chosen and other line, I think, is that monies them really in turn helps ensure that, I think that's great. I think that's happening positive next, limiting the death tax, so people die it's a large tax on their state. That goes a family. We think that I think that's definitely something that we should be doing. I didn't, I think I did some four metres ably. Sadly, there really having inheritance tax on paper, but also more positive thing. I agree with that. Bernie is planning to lower the small business tax rate to a maximum of twenty five percent gets a positive or negative. I definitely apposite ethical very positively. My family has a small business without linking thank taxing them was makes more sense any way we can help small businesses work like drugs upwards of one percent. I may now be great overall main idea of the plan. What you think burn you did a good job that job I've. Never done a good job job Bernie. I think it's definitely good clear, positive way that can help everyone guideline. Definitely better than ever thing. I will make that leap re there. What if I told you this actually is stolen from tackling robberies you got me is it to transplant all these are actually trumps ideas actually transplant. I am shocked that I do agree with job on certain things. Interesting. I'm definitely happily surprise that it's like sounds a lot better than I would have expected it to you. I would have imagined he would be a little more so, but it's not stupid plan, not think so I think you said it was tromp, at least for many people will be more opposition to it just because they were strongly. It could be a policy of giving the ice cream benefits, ideally, glass, an ice cream. I definitely an initial by assuming that it myself and I got here the way from illegal downloading something like me to be like looked over people. What's your tromp, warlike Republican, they become like myself, I think tat. We had an aim and start to think think automatically and also because a lot of people just go to the same source for the same media makes a toxic at other points is yes,
as it does not have at present. And I campus reform group- is an excellent group by the way, But they would bring a little every now or repulsion on your part. Now something more serious. Many of you may have heard this, but I don't know I haven't heard it before a gold star widow Natasha their Eleazer Alan's our answer- she felt compelled to release Conversation, she have a president trump. you recorded apparently after her and was killed in Afghanistan, and it short and I wanna had Tipper daily call. I got one go ahead:
thank you, president. Whether there was an amazing money that has been made, and so let us be more power has been a minor, and I'm sure, that's being played all over Emma sell Us D and e constipated news network CNN all day long. who do you think's getting more attention? Frederick, a Wilson who energy did interposed herself situation where the President I states is trying to speak to widow in a way that is in a compassion
sympathetic and supportive No, do you think said getting more attention today on these now on these networks are Marcella stay under the constipated this network, Frederick, Wilson, Natasha, DARE Alan Car I guarantee its Frederick Orwell's there's no question about. and Just like the left is so destructive, and then they hear Obama runner he's back and you got Caesar the where we rid of this guy having good Lord and then we have Hollywood. Of course they can control themselves. Tom Hanks was only maritime. He would open his once you have seventeen Oscars, while there's never been a greater actors. Tom Hanks, I want a lot of police he's been in some really really good movies, but Why doesn't he shuddered Pie Hall and just do his job? They can't control themselves, which is
quite obvious from recent events, so here's Tom Hanks on BBC tracks, in the present, the United States and the loves to go overseas or the left loves to talk to the foreign media in order to trash our country and trash the president cut thirteen go just touching on Donald Trump, is easy, a character. You would like to play. No dear Lord, we ve had fools. They have governors and we'd have brilliant people, better governance, but sometimes the fools got more stuff diamond the brilliant people whose governing you follow. Brilliant, oh well, Let's not so brilliant figures. Stupid interview I let's give it a shot, MR producer, will you see if he can reach out to his publicist? Maybe he's got a book or something he's hawking and advice. Still hangs on the programme.
You wanna bet that will never happen again the talk of the BBC and these lately slobs, who are reporters overseas? They throw. These guys. These come quite the head out of the park just touching them. because she can do you, play come on come on. You know what to say regarding like to play Cora. We ve had Fool We ve had brilliant people governing us. I read that in a year fortune cookie once, right, I wanna play this Tom Hanks thing again. I want to address a more substantive, were cut, thirteen go just
On Donald COM is an easy, a character. You would like to play it all now. Dear Lord, we ve had fools that have governors and we'd have brilliant people, better governance, but sometimes the fools got more stuff done than the brilliant people whose governing forward Berlin, oh well, let's not so brilliant. I listen to this for and I sat back and if you Take away all the static and personality in all the emotions and you think about what is done in one is trying to do. I mean the president. He's trying to confront the North Koreans because Are threatening this country with nuclear weapons of Tom Hanks, favorite politicians to the damn thing about it. On the contrary, the appeased that regime that funny.
The president has taken a harder stands so far against palestinian terrorists. The guests. Hezbollah, terrorists, against the Hamas terrorists, while one and the same, I spoke with the power stance against the year the iranian regime. He's confronted the iranian regime and their sprint. Towards icy be aims? Would nuclear warheads? I can reach LOS Angeles that coup by the way: a thousand Oaks Beverly Hills, Santa Monica. You no other hotspots. And he's trying to address it and only that Tickly funny Mr Hanks or stupid, do you. Presently United States trying to enforce the rule of law when it comes to immigration, the rule of law, the law, As written as past, as signed by past administration,. Funny that stupid is out of control.
the present the United States is trying to give the american people attacks cut. We are overtax, we're overregulated. He wants. Who create an economy that is vibrant. he wants to unleash the american economy, so create jobs for people all across the economic back. That's stupid that funny The present a United States is trying to get rid of a care which is bankrupting me. a class corner equal families in this country, people cannot afford their premiums. They cannot afford the deductible small businesses can either doctor are overwhelmed working I thought shortage in the present trying to address it is that's stupid that funny. The true? The president has shown support for law enforcement? The price?
Then saw crime rates near the end of the ministries, quickly, murder rate, particularly in the inner cities, particularly among black shoot through the roof. Is that funny such stupid. So these sanctimonious low, I q actors and their communities, Will you say Roderick Adele term, like he uses like he has two and the community of our Hollywood Hollywood with. Some exceptions but, as a rule is a criminal sexual community. It is we who laughed at them. Well, They pretend to laugh at us. Ten there smarter than us they're, not they're, not we're not even close. We are the ones that make them rich if we choose to make them rich.
and more more of you are not going to the movies more more of your disgusted with these people. Moccasin they laugh at us, down on us when, in fact,. But the dumbest among us I don't know what this BBC for asked Hanks, but did he s hanks about the scandal in Hollywood? Did he about what's known, Azalea Open Secret whenever they, how that means. Hankses one of the year, the premier Because, if you well in Hollywood, did he nothing, nothing at all, not aware. About MRS hangs to cheer and not a word, nothing, nothing further large Ball of left wing could Democrats supporting friends. how about his body. George cloning
We know pony had to hear about a lot of this stuff. We know he did. There are hiding under tables now so he touched the BBC, the BBC. They may not like the way tromp talks. They may not like the way tweets, there's a lot of people who don't like it there's a lot of people who do that said. What does that have to do with anything? Barack Obama spoke beautiful. he speak one way to one community, one way or another committed it's the weirdest thing, but he did. I needed a beautifully him. Both tongues. But he was a disaster with its fundamental transformation. He hated journalism he hated the constitution, he hated the limits placed on him. He wanted to make big changes, whether whether Congress, like it or not, whether the court's, like it or not,. and we're all the speeches from the former republic and presidents I didn't hear any where John Mccain telling us
To be too tough on Barack Obama, now They're all awol when it comes to rob anything. Goes you gotta guy rights in comparison to Hitler, Hitler as the full even know what Hitler did Porsenna year. This for congresswoman. Making an asset of which means, of course, I must tell Us D and the ECB Painted news network have to defend her. and it goes on and on and on. Tell me, ladies and gentlemen, I know Tom Hanks shows up in these war war to document and so forth, and so on. How come he doesn't come to General Kelly's defence? Did he I've heard about it of you, talk is cheap
Even donations are cheap, its action that matters and use. We keep a mental record of these actors and actresses, who are saying what they're saying who ve done, what they ve done. My humble opinion, You shouldn't support him, I'm not going to support him Tom Hanks, BBC. Oh yeah Obama absolutely blank. I would never released his great, never releases transcripts, never know nobody's brilliant fear. Go ahead, release your transcripts. I wouldn't have a problem down. Promptly to the whiteness school, the University of Pennsylvania. Our Tom Hanks, when I don't know, but it's not just trump We have really really smart people were conservatives, some of them are actually Republicans. They don't get the respect they deserve for their intelligence. They don't get
speck. They deserve for their scholarship, their last that to their mach two. For some reason, these Hollywood former drama students. take their smarter than you and me they get there when Speak about us, they get this affectation and their voice in their speaking style. They laugh, they think they're funny they're, not their purchases. I know Tom Hanks comers comes processes likeable guys. A left wing cookies are punished. That's the way it if a farmer grey. Bush doping, tromp, stupid rag and stupid. There's a guy right out of their own community Ronald Reagan, one greatest presidents in american history, they still can't stand again They can't stand as legacy
I back and unapologetic patriot and unapologetic constitutional, lest you can reach him at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one as a question going around. Apparently, why would a judge order this? Mandalay Hotel to secure the evidence from the mass murder. The judge, doesn't just order a hotel to do there. It's called a protective war and to protect the evidence, So for offender that's, usually the result of somebody making a filing and the criminal or civil side asking the court to protect
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standing service, it's just a well. What does all this mean, ladies and gentlemen, from the daily telegraph London, now more dangerous than New York City crime statistics suggest. I wonder why that is. I mean I can remember a day. Oh, why wasn't I guess it's about fifteen twenty years ago we would go to where I think we went to ITALY four five six times loved it stayed in London? We never have to worry about crime ever ever. Well now you do. I wonder why that is. anyone have an idea. London is now more crime, written and dangerous. The New York City with rape, robbery and violent offences, far higher on this side of the Atlantic Rights Thea. The telegraph. the latest statistics published earlier this week reveal that crime across the UK was by thirteen percent with a surge in violence in the capital. Blame for much of the increase season
The figures president tramp claim the rise could be linked to the spread of radical Islam, adding that it demonstrated the need to keep America safe course. He must be nuts. He must be at last, he must be stupid by critics, Smith is comets, has ignored and divisive with former labour leader, Ed Miliband and, of course, labour in many areas but the Tories to both parties. Actually, There goes to all three. The major parties are responsible for what they ve done, the London and what they ve done to England. Let Miliband called Trump Course, a moron, just exasperates insisted, rising crime in Britain and particularly London, was more to do. But the way the city was policed, oh sure it was and blame reduction in neighbourhood patrols across the capital. That explains everything. what about the London in New York of Population, of around eight million figures, I guess you are almost six times more likely to be burgle than the british capital than in the: U S, city and one of them,
five times more likely to fall victim to robbery, Lunnon as almost three times the number of reported rapes and while the murder rate in New York we myths higher the gap is narrowing dramatically. Let me suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that the present this far to the mark than the phony? labour liberal frauds, where resting otherwise, what's changed in England Pritchett? what's changed in London, massive massive immigration, Mass of refugees from the Middle EAST. Now the left, of course, they're immigration deniers. Doyle Ass here she got to use their words against their immigration deniers. That is They will deny the fact that statistics and they will protest That is something you won't get away: hairstyle community play when I have this kind of policing, any Marianna, Bobby's, Ire, BS, bs
they have fundamentally transformed they fundamentally transformed and it's gonna get worse before it gets better. In my view, with the president is trying to do, is to prevent this nation being from being fundamentally too As for the amount of assimilation, combination,. you don't of assimilation, you don't have a nation, it sat simple because one, After all, as assimilation, you teach me I love the country to embrace the country's culture to participate in. That's gonna, Andy Roy they'll Maryland the great WMD I'll. Yes, anyhow, may I help you. When I tell you, I think, you're about implementing and many are showing a path towards giving special attention
one of the few people who was trying to say this republic. I want you to know that, while that is awfully awfully kind of you, I don't know about that, but thank you. I have actually two things. I want to discuss one as I listened to a general Kelly's speech and was intelligent. It was I felt it was eloquent and instead of them discussing a speech? Why so Donald can't counter act, and so they here, I'll play of racism. He could call that women are full barrel, a square Whatever it was, they were still gonna find something to call him a racist about it's about time. Where are the Republicans sticking up? This man is going up, our father, never to combat family. Where are you talk about you. I said something about him. You will
Ricky every day day, politicians who asked by the media. What do you think a trampoline effect raised, have tv this voice and I'm gonna keeping call this man discourse that Father a general Portugal, a racist. And what repercussions that nothing in the seas, but he threw some of the red meat out there for the left. He through some of the german red meat out there. And then another point I want to make about George W Bush. I work disappointed in that manner. I defended that man to the very end there doing the same thing is worse. Thank God was once in the same thing being called Hitler in carbon Nazi after the tuna he was called a racist everything else. You know you should know what it feels like to be, assaulted like that by the media. You know my my body, then Shapiro. He makes the point that a lot of bushes speech was actually quite good. and I agree with that
problem is when you stick these singers in here. In some ways there they don't even makes sense, but when you stick them in there, that is that it going to draw the attention and its predictable. That's gonna draw the attention, that's exactly what it did. If you had given a flat out to speech about the american founding a natural on all these other things than if the one being deceived, but he through some of the red meat out there for the left. He through some of the John Mccain Red meat out there and people granted- and I were specifically when we talk about bigotry and arise in this. I've never heard Mr Tramp tramp ever anything negative about black people about gaze about these people who supposedly is against I heard them ass anything bad about them. You ve got away, but they can
Where are the way the ever heard our sharp and say bad things about Jews? Oh my god! You ever hear. Jesse Jackson say bad things about you. People have about the deputy chairman of the year the sea and in his affiliation with fair kind in his comments as anybody, We criticise them now and it goes on and on the left on and on the left. I, my friend, actually call I'm sorry I Rockville, but you know we all have to be somewhere. Iraq, filth, rest of the country has gone absolutely, not nuts with leftists. every county Maryland. It's gone down the tubes, no offense methods and then Everybody there are moves to Virginia. Then screws us throw us. a vote for this guy north of minority whenever the house what is- You stand for, I don't care.
I don't care. Is a democrat murder me all over your google Gaga. Let us go to Bill Saint Clair, Michigan Serious satellite go! Thank you my call. Yes, it is a pleasure to listen to you all the time. Wanna call about what they're saying about this general It is a shame. Anna, a boy or a girl He order she's the racists, but course you can the black and the oasis. RO agenda. You know what I'm saying about that: it's not it's not a black thing. It's a white, so it really is I'm tired of the Democrat Party dragging us into this, so we have to resist this You know they say the resistance of the resistance. They are the system in the fight against the system they created, but
it's not a black thing. It's not a white thing ever said this over and over again, it is a progressive thing versus the rest of us! That's what it is and Obama the race hang back fifty years, I'm ok, probably role one as grave right now I gotta do this. I apologize. it's called a commercial, I almost missed well folks, in light of current events, the needle like yourself, in your family legally and responsibly, is more important than ever before. This is why the? U S ccs, wants to be your guide on a simple and rewarding journey to complete concealed, carry in home defence confidence you're, not alone, They want to give you a one hundred percent free copy of the complete, conceal carrying family, defend sky honestly it's more of a book because it brings, hundred and sixty four pages of everything you need to know about protecting yourself in your family, in it the changing invite.
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Any peculiarly which Friday, what does it feel like Thursday and why this theirs. They feel like Friday, what's goin on here. Brian stewards avail, New Jersey, the Great W Abc Go. Mr President, the absolute honour to pause and to talk here first time collar a twenty year by train and the military and my wife is also a veteran guys. it's our and pleasure to serve sir. The Democrats. Say: I'm truly appalled by Kyar spend on board, and not only in it. If you could, this fact, but now she stopped and on their graves. By saying that you, the rock star, you definitely put Rock she is, I don't know about peace,
it, is an appalling, but they did have another question for Mr GonNA. I'm just curious why? Some of our kids leaders are calling for a special council into this whole iranian deal, especially You know Mister Waller could be possibly in there and so could be mistress. Mr out IRAN, erosion, star road, and finally, you make an excellent point. I mean the basis for a special council. Investigate tromp was nonexistent there was no law that they gave a pointer here. Of course, there is, and the fact of the matter is it involves something like uranium. I can't even think of a more serious subject. And the differences there. Sir, the Democrats are the many ways fanatical there doubts and they they lie one behind the other, they know how to get things done. The Republicans, on the other hand, the opposite their milk, there there mush their mashed potatoes and
they don't when I had a lined up one behind the other certain when it comes to doing something like this, Stir out Rosen Steen, he was pressured by the democratic too, were to appoint a spy for council and by his body, and we now know it's his body call me, but if when it comes to the Clinton's and call me and Mahler in HOLLAND and Belgium and all the rest of it.
deafening silence? Thank you for your service, you and your wife vibration.
the week is officially over the weekend begins right now, by the way the gunman shut down and not a lovely thing. We salute our armed forces police officers, fire fighters had emergency personnel. Can I it's Friday
Griffin get I'd, Pepsi get I'd smoking and guide our precious Zelda to get outside the Taliban, get ISIS Hezbollah get that all those bastards. Ladies and gentlemen, I see on Monday I haven't gray. We.
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