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With all the ongoing talk of how tax reform can help the American economy, there’s one part of the equation that isn’t being given a fair shake: international trade. There are hysterical attacks on market capitalism from members of both major political...

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Now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one create one one you know Times I am swimming against the tide and I think the tide of history, but the time of modern factions and myths and propaganda. And not just on the progressive left, but the progressive Republicans as well as the pseudo conservatives and their very nomenclature, no one Talking about well,
turn about tax cuts, and I want to get into that amid up in a minute, but I want to talk. How about something? That's not being discussed at all. Being discussed at all What are the websites? I like. A lot is cart them A key I really is Mark J Perry prefer Her Perry, Sir site professed the economics and Finance Cinema a huge, and of his. I had been before, I believe he was even associated with a year. The American Enterprise Institute Trade. Trade. We hear about this all the time. Get screwed on trade. Talk about one or two countries, The truth is, I have serious problems with open trade with China, because to me China is an enemy state and now that.
President G is really fascist regime of the communist regime of China I mean, concerned about it. They still. Technology they still are. Monetary secrets- this is how they build up. There are other military than we have controls in place for reason and have for decades and decades in decades, including during Reagan, prevents types of information, material technology, getting in the hands of enemies or even series or even allies for that matter. So when I talk about trade, I'm talking about training in a typical stuff. Now. I want to tell you a few things that are pollyanna. Surprise many of you because of the Sterical attacks on mark Capitalism, Its Bernie Sanders protectionists for nationals populous protectionist. I want to remind you that.
We got a constitution because First, these men met not in Philadelphia, Pineapples Merlin, so months before they met in Philadelphia, suddenly state sent some delegates to Annapolis Merlin, but all the states did not so they had a basically Ban in it and then agreed in the later in Philadelphia, but they met their first and for not to discuss a new constitution, but to discuss commerce and trade are met. The various states, as well as internationally. Because it was a disaster. To the revolutionary war. America was in deep, deep death, said its were fighting with each other over trade They were very parochial in terms of what kinds of trade they would allow and not allow. They were taxing at the borders at the rivers and to prevent trade and commerce. And the French and the British were cleaning our clocks.
Financial and economically. Answers some of the year, some of the leaders of the period I got. This idea that they should meet in Annapolis, Merlin to discuss ways to improve commerce and trade, and you know we ve commerce clause in the constitution grew out of that eventually, which has been only perverted, but that's a footnote for another time, this nation Was founded on commerce and trade, among other things, this nation Founded on respect a private property, this continent. North America was discovered because of trade. So protectionism per se as an ideology. Is an anathema to Americanism.
We don't have free trade, we ve never had free trade at either freer trade or less a trade, that's the that's! The choice so the shorthand is free trade and But we have and told you this many times placed over twelve thousand tariffs on various products, thereby This country, for what you pay higher and higher amounts of money in order to protect one business for another one industry or another, don't know about which interacting internet you'll learn about. But the fact of the matter is trade makes us a wealthier people. Makes us a wealthy people and trade may put some people out of work, but it is a net plus job creator. It's a net plus job, creating more. However, it is an exercise in individual liberty and national liberty.
Now let me give you some specific about trade, National trade as a share of each state's gross domestic product as of last year. Twenty sixteen that, where we, the figures, thanks to a doctor, prairie. Let's take the state of Michigan. I'm telling you this because I have to go against the propaganda that is very popular out there right now. Let's take the state of Michigan. To have a union stayed automobile, state and so forth, and so on. The gross Ass, they product. In Michigan and twenty sixteen was four hundred and eighty seven billion dollars, ports and imports. That is, international trade right. Not just watch its imports to adjust imports exports to one hundred and eighty nine point four billion dollars almost thirty nine percent.
Of the economic value created in Michigan is a result of, the national trade Michigan He is the number one state that benefit From international trade. I know it's counter intuitive right, based on the propaganda been hearing. It's the number one Auto industry is prey points out. They buy a lot of their parts from Mexico and they ship a lot of their cars to Canada. And a lot of that is. System by the North American Free trade agreement. That's an a brutal attack by the President and his sir, Like minded the nationalist populist types. Slavishly. Obviously, if there's a trade war with MAX and or Canada, or through severe damage done to the north.
I can free trade agreement or NAFTA, which was originally Ronald Wring. Its idea. Michigan is going to suffer grievously. Let's take a look at Kentucky. Kentucky number two, so really two completely different states Michigan in Kentucky the growth, domestic product can and I will linked to this on Facebook and Twitter, the gross domestic product in Kentucky Is a hundred ninety seven billion dollars in twenty? Sixteen at all goods and services, produced exports and imports sixty nine point, three billion in any event, they represent thirty over thirty five percent. The economic value created in Kentucky and twenty sixty over thirty five percent. No wiser. While one of the reasons is
lucky now creates a lot of vehicles, a lot of vehicles. Let's see here: Toyota they have for GM plants they have to. They have several Ford. Plants have produced the expedition Lincoln Navigator, They have a lot of trade in aerospace, manufacturing, civilian aircraft, engine parts and so forth, and so on so Kentucky over thirty five percent. The economic value created in twenty sixteen in Kentucky was due to international trade. I'm not gonna go through all the states. But can you guess number three Louisiana. The gross domestic product in Louisiana and twenty,
Steam last year was two hundred thirty five billion dollars. Eighty one point three billion of which results from exports and imports: that's almost there, five percent. Tennessee,. We'll call these trade shares trade values, what the Perry causing three Half per cent South Carolina, thirty, two percent- so the irony here is why- Some of these Suda conservatives and protectionist go on and on about how this is harming the south. A freer trade harms, the south and so forth, and so on. The south, among other parts of the kind but the South benefits very heavily from internet. Trade when consider the valley of exports and imports in these states. Texas. Texas, is gross domestic product- was over one point: six trillion dollar four hundred and sixty two billion of which off trade. It's almost
Twenty nine percent of the Texas economy relies on exports and imports you can stay. Twenty seven percent in the and a twenty four point: six percent New Jersey, twenty four percent Georgia. Twenty three point: two percent Illinois: twenty three percent, Mississippi, almost twenty three percent California twenty, two percent- and it goes on state that relies the earth is not a state, but the at the diva relies least on internet trade is the District of Columbia, there's an irony and that its obvious, because what the history, Colombia creates mostly government government. So you need to be very, very suspicious of the protectionists, because There are states, the entire country be severely damage, but there are states that will be protected.
Damaged enormously damage and, of course all consumers will be damaged but pray, action basically is, is politics, the federal Many politicians and bureaucrats, making decisions or what dates and when it which industry should be protected from trade again, my caviar. I do not believe in open trade with enemy state. That raises the issue of a national security problem. But as you general matter, we need free trade. And freer trade hopes helps most states and certainly helps the country generally. I just wanted to that out that without this this international export import Activity and we to be very vibrant, It becomes very, very poor, and there may Fewer jobs,
ben- I want to ask you about here tonight today on the West Coast trade. If we were to really hit the brakes on trade, they call it fair trade, they don't mean fair trade, they mean limiting trade. The automobile industry people who are involved in agriculture, the call industry would suffer enormously. The irony is the very unions that lobby for protectionist. Would see their ranks wiped out as their businesses are like that Let's go to federal spending. I'm doing
As for a reason, you no more soccer suckle back in a minute. That's, ok, twenty fifteen, because that's the clearest view I mean obviously were twenty seventeen over twenty fifteen. What are you the biggest percentage of the budget goes to. Thirty: three percent of total federal spending in twenty fifteen A three point: eight trillion dollars: thirty three percent, but do so insecurity, unemployment, and labour related Federal Subsidies- thirty three percent- its biggest twenty seven percent and our turn over total sixty percent of federal spending went to me care and all other health, related expenditures- so? These are loosely referred to as entitlements now they're, not
all entitlements, but a big chunk of it. He quite with entitlements. That sixty percent of federal spending and twenty fifty what happened to the other forty percent? S biggest trunk. Goes to the military. A mere sixteen percent, so Ten percent of federal spending and twenty fifteen went to the United States monitor and you really want The top priorities of a federal government is to protect the nation right, not reduced, wealth. And what was the biggest spending item or the fourth after the military interest on the debt, with six percent. It's going to be climbing in the years ahead, massively. Follow by four percent on veterans, benefits for percent on food and agricultural subsidies three
percent, or a hundred two billion on the federal contribution to education five billion or two percent of the federal spending budget on transport. And housing and community development Percent or sixty one and a half billion internet, Affairs, one percent and so forth. Is it there's a bunch of others, but they're really too small a calculated to deal with. When we talk about Social security and employment of labour, medical and health, within both of those categories, you would have food stamps welfare. That sort of thing sixty percent of the budget, social security, unemployment, food stamps welfare, related expenses, Medicare other health, related expenses, medicate contribution, the Federal Sim Normous. Absolutely enormous.
I'm just pointing these things out. Because Look we're going in the wrong direction and all this stuff. Now let me ask another question:. Where is the biggest chunk of federal tax income, come from federal tax income? Anybody know the biggest trunk. Let's start with corporations the corporate go: income taxes that the biggest peace now. What would you guess it is, Mr Barroso, what would you guess, Eleven percent. You would have thought it was higher with you. Eleven percent. So when we talk about cutting the corporate, the federal corporate income tax rate too, thirteen per standard,
percent of whatever it has a minimal effect on the federal acts, income of the federal government, but an enormous effect on job creation. Of the lever will see it. Through the other side of the mere all. Well, that's Jack up the taxes of its only lumberjack, and yet the federal, an income tax in this country is among the highest in the world. What I'm saying is You can slash the corporate income tat, you can make it zero in the impact would be minimal copyright, The new american revolution starts here from our clear, then, shall call at eight seven, seven, three, a one three eight one one. This will all makes sense. When I'm done, I dont do Our greater like everybody else, I just don't
and I dont want to blow the opportunity using three hours a day, just to check this, Law makes sense when I'm done. I'll even go to a liberal cite the year tax policies and Urban Institute and Brookings Institute. Let's take their figures. They say nine point: two percent of Tax revenue comes from corporate income tax, looking thirty Four percent comes from social security, that is, the payroll tax. I would also include Medicare and so forth. Your figure. And the individual income tax is real. Possible for forty seven point, three percent of federal revenue, forty seven point: three percent, pays the individual income tax and have only now. Who pays the individual income tax, well
I'm gonna tell you soon, as my computer comes back, because I want at all to be quite accurate for you here again. I guess not well. You're not gonna, like what I'm gonna tell you. First of. A huge percentage for our fellow citizens. Don't panic, income taxes, proximately Forty five percent of our fellow citizens. That's. Of households who pay income, taxes of households who or what Forty five percent, Of our fellow citizens do not pay taxes in that and that the federal income taxes- and that equates with seventy seven million household pay nothing. MIKE they pay payroll taxes, Dunbar Peril tax. Income taxes. So who pays this ass? Well,
Four point: seven percent, so forty five point: three percent pay: no federal income tax. Fifty four point: seven percent- do all hope. The top one per cent of taxpayer Pay a higher effective income tax rate than any other group, the rich. I know this is unpopular for me to say these things. These are the facts. Those in the bottom, forty percent of the income spectre end up getting money from the government earned income. Ex credit and so forth. Which is twenty percent of Americans, and that includes many of you. You mean I realized by far pay the most in income tax, as you pay nearly eighty seven percent of all the income taxes collected by the federal government. So nearly Half of the income the federal government gets is from the individual income tax. Nearly half of our fellow Americans don't pay anything,
the federal income tax, many them get money back when they file tax returns. One here the top one percent of Americans who have an average income of more than two point, one million pay. Forty three point: six percent of all the federal income taxes in America, the two point one percent, People we must hate It's only a hundred fifteen thousand households. Whose average income is more than nine point. Four million. Pay more than twenty percent of all federal income tax. So when it comes to all federal income taxes riches that sea rich people pay sixty nine percent of all federal taxes in America, the
Was twenty percent get money back? Give money back. Now I know I know this goes contrary to all the propaganda, but he's what's bothering me battle this his with bother me about. The president and the Republican we're supposed to And for liberty, who, I suppose, Stand for capitalists who is supposed to and for private profit, rights and all the rest of it are talking like Marxist. That's what they're doing. They want another bracket, they called the million dollar bracket. This sort of thing you hear from from it, books and Marilyn cooks and New Jersey from the cooks and California, the Democrats who run around the legislatures in these states. This is what you get from. You know they called the
Sir tax or an extra tax on rich people and, of course the people leave the state they go somewhere else and then they think joint. Well, maybe we shouldn't have done that this all of them they want to have a million dollar bracket. President likes it, the Republicans Congress like it what's the problem with this. Have a healthy. It cut federal income taxes without cutting federal income taxes for the vast majority, people actually pay them. You and the rich. When forty five point three percent of our fellow citizens: don't pay a dime in federal income taxes and in fact many of them get monies back for some reason. If cut taxes. You need to cut it right on the other fifty, For fifty five percent. But because now the Republicans, the president, When class warfare there.
They create another bracket. Class warfare. Now. I know people hate it when I referred a rag and because their readiness- old standard and they support politicians today who simply can't make this the gold standard President goes ran around says, he's proposing the biggest tax cuts in american history. That's bs when cut the top rate from seventy percent into cuts, twenty eight percent, that was the biggest tax cuts in american history. Having a millionaire tax bracket and cutting Thirty nine point: six percent for some people to thirty five percent and having a twenty five percent said the biggest Ex cut in american history, not even close to the region, tax cuts, but it's but even more important in all this You will never ever have heard Reagan talk about,
class warfare and a million dollar tax bracket. Never what happened. He fought the left on these principles on sound economic arguments on sound federal. Fiscal policy By into this propaganda stuff, he didn't like to them. If the report against that president aren't going to make the case for liberty, whether its economic liberty or any other kind of liberty. If they're, not gonna, make the case for private property rights, if they're not going to The case for capitalism, then, who the hell's going to make the case besides who the hell is going to make the case in positions of power. Same thing with trade, people are afraid to talk about trade. You kill the automobile industry. You wanna, kill agriculture you'll want to kill the call minors you wanna, kill, assembling lines well across this country can be a protectionist
sure. You say this industry or that industry save quota, unquote, Butscha, destroy the large number of other industries and jobs, and let me tell you something it doesn't that's for me to say this, because I believe it in my heart, my soul and always have, but it takes that's for others to say it, because we now have a kind. A line of rock hats. Rockettes and palm palm boys and girls who like Bernie Sanders. They don't goes hours Bernie Sanders. Need to make the case for economic, growth and I'll. Tell you what I hear the economic growth guy saying we should taxes on companies. I have no problem with that, but if they pay where, from nine percent to eleven percent of federal income taxes,
percent of eleven percent. It will have an impact there's a greater impact, if you slash taxes across the board, stop playing class warfare stop trashing quadrant quota, rich, which may be a couple of people in a family, a fire fighter a teacher, but maybe look? It could be a small business Geier Gallon hints at one year then has A good year. Why are we really going to punish them and I'll tell you what. The Republicans even always just shot down even talking about changes changes, your for a one k, retirement plant, we now donate contribute, I should say up to eighteen thousand dollars right or twenty four thousand for people over fifty they wanted to twenty four hundred bucks.
And most of us don't even have pension plans with our companies with our businesses, and so why this is the way you say for your retirement cedar come on welfare state recipient when you hit retirement age. This is that Anything that supposed to be encouraged. And yet Republicans were seriously talking about this. Meanwhile, not done, meanwhile, but he could see it s, news that com this Just came out, Republican Congress presides over highest. Spending since Obama Stimulus highest said, nay said so bombers stimulus. Are we going talk about it anymore. We don't you disgusted, get any anymore real federal spending and fiscal, twenty seven, which in advance My thirty was higher than in any here, and they history, the United States other than fiscal
two thousand nine, which was a year Obama's eight hundred and forty billion dollar stimulus Law- was an act and well collecting the third highest total tax revenues in american history that a government run a deficit, a yearly deficit of six, Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives and twenty eleven. Because of its high spending to the report, Let's have controlled the House of Representatives and twenty eleven, the Republic controlled the Senate, since twenty fourteen make their twenty. Fifty. When you make all this. Such as Congress, it's the president to Vienna. Much a concerted media sitting on its hands to when you make of all this massive spending, Scotch where they talk like Bernie Sanders that the class warfare stuff
Mostly tie trade, I we favour fair trade. Are ok right sure. What do you make of all this stuff. Is the Republican Party conservative party? What is it. I'll be right back then- and I've been signal- my classroom mattress for a long while pick it over every matches. I've ever had really really help me get the best night sleep period my kids needed no mattresses, taught him get a casper same with other family members. I tell friends Having dinner together my back to get a casper you, try Casper you're, gonna love it too.
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purchased, required, see, site for details, terms and conditions apply. That's Ass product come code, Mark. Let's see here, let's take some cars, look, no frightened get on I live in a go. Radio hero. Obviously I have a question for you and this obviously for things people live in Tax states not only those that have income tax but are taxed. A very high or property rights I pay more and profits that then I do in my mortgage interest rate and I wonder, mark if this loss of this production will adversely affect in this sanctifies people learn out a phone number out there, a hundred thousand dollars, here's what they say. The people
promoting this plan in Congress in the White House, they they, because you rate will be slashed depending away. You earn Respects it will all come out the wash her pretty close, so you really need to figure that out for yourself, in other words, take the rate. Take a look. I mean, if you're going to save a couple hundred dollars or five hundred dollars a month. It could in fact be the case, but maybe not I don't know when your particular case. I do know this. I do know this one of the unfortunate low What state policy consequences of the progress of income tax and the deductions is You see these, these blue states and these blue communities. I raise taxes and why I says you can take it off for federal income tax. I don't really know why were tackling all this right now, just slash the damned tax rates and slash the size, a girl, here's the problem. Now but he's talking about cutting government either. No and can actually have about not Turner, Connecticut the central government. Nobody
talking about cutting spending. Nobody. The president's. Not The senator design the house murmurs aren't. Instead, they talk about a trillion dollars and infrastructure spending like that hasn't been try before right time. Instead, they talk about family leave. Instead, they talk about more money, needs to be spent on medicate. What's And low, quite frankly, is is I'll, as I think about this has important EU us as the, crash progressive, moved into radical, progressive ism. The Republicans had become far more liberal farm level, even since the Reagan days, they do not talk about cutting government, they don't talk, they won't even campaigner. My friend you take care of yourself. Let us go to David, Alexandria, Virginia the Great W. I may I go market the real question. I graduated college and ninety employed nine years old Well, they go
I've made therein years I made eighteen looking around here. And used for I made over five hundred thousand a year. I dont know if that means middle class. Upper class upper middle class means nothing to me. Right now divorce plaster, the file be earned income tax spread What was an embarrassment to me because I didn't know much money. I actually received money back make your point is one year you can be very wealthy and one you know will be very poor, which is the nature in many cases of the way people exist. Didn't ball back and forth in there's? No such thing as well, we want to do this. For the middle middle class, there is no middle class, The middle class one day in anything the next day. The just tries me crazy. This class warfare mark, my friend, I appreciate your car. I write
go to Derek Richmond Virginia the Great W obviate country go ahead. Hey Mark. Let me first tell you tonight or to speak with you. I live here in Richmond Virginia now, but I have a background. In now. The aluminum extraction industry called pertaining to Our protectionism versus free trade there's no free trade, its freer trade. Free trade. Well I'll be How do I look at my point quickly, but in our industry. You may be aware that there is an import tariff. I'm trying, extra my they already initiated an anti dumping right. Building on the Chinese my request, or my hope would be that you and I could agree that that caveat instances of dumping. You know that is that free trade Canyon ten instances of dumping ten industry. I cannot
you can't. So this is really the exception to the rule. Ok, so we have. We have anti dumping. The Commerce Department, as anti dumping powers when they're so identify and they are took action against the trains. Some saying a fine: why don't you worry at three instances of industries? Weathers dumping The nation is far far bigger than any single industry, whether its aluminum or steel, or come quiets or whatever it is. I D, thanks for your car, will be right back.
Now. Let me underline that the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one These Sunday shows so Mister Bruce put some of these things together for me, and I take a man, we decide whether we want to put a monarch list or not, but I heard Mitch Mcconnell, who is on Fox Sunday. With Dana Parana. I guess she was sobbing. I want you to listen to this cut five go
let us carry is about to conservatives that are now actually very good allies of yours. You did it initially support in the primary seventy, for example, markka, Rubio and Pat to me. So could it be that there's our some good GEO Peace senators that can emerge from primary that you maybe what an anticipated supported both of those night needed in your life. And I knew you didn't. He runs the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Ok, that's his baby. In their usually republican senator other than him, who actually has the title of chairmen or of this but he runs it. That's his baby and this pact Her whenever it's not a packed his party entity is loaded, with lobbyists Money K Street, you name it This is from June twelve, two thousand nine Mccluskey newspapers
Mcconnell endorses trolley Kristen Republican sent a contest. Cinnamon aren't a leader Mitch. Mcconnell may have a tepid relationship with fellow Kentucky Republican, Jim Bunny, Jim Bunny couldn't stand the com. But he's giving GNP rising star and twenty ten Senate candidate Florida governor Chris Christie, Chris Trolley Crest, rather trolley, crossed a thumbs up couldn't, Chris website Mcconnell gave the governor forthright in endorsement quote: Decisions are being made everyday in Washington that have a direct impact on the lives of all Americans. Are we need trolley, Kristen, the? U assented to ensure that those decisions will bend but the citizens of Florida Chris, Mcconnell another party luminaries or slightly to attain a campaign fund raising event for the governor later this month. The National republic and senatorial committees, Washington, headquarters. I want you to play this again. Mr producer cut five go.
But I'm about two conservatives that are now actually very good allies of yours. You didn't initially support in the primary seventy, for example, markka, Rubio and Pat to me. So could it be that there are some good GNP senators at can emerge from primary? Is that you will be wouldn't anticipate supported both of those voters voted to freeze flatter flannel flat outline I don't know what he did to me. I could take a look whom he took on Ireland Spectre and I suspect, I will support it. I'm inspector go ahead. But the point is to make policy that original actions and well you want elections, you control the Senate and your making policy which, Why spend a full hour the first hour on policy? Its trade, whether it Taxes, whether it
Spending the site government, whether it's that debt, we're not making policy. The more radical than Democrats have become the more liberal. The Republicans have become. Were now they talk about class warfare as they did that The craftsmen Reagan was president fighting class warfare. We need a millionaire bracket who talks like this other than leftists. So he has this phrase down any memorizing, properly funded a fortune cookies in order to Policy, if the when elections are the losers, go home, but that's not True, sometimes the losers are elected. Is the losers when it comes to fundamental policy differences here.
The republican party has changed its gotten worse. It's got worse. Not because they are not nationals populist, who are protectionist and they went infrastructure spent know it cause. They are not getting back to constitutional conservatism,. The limits on government the limits on pending the limits on the size of government. It is a huge. Huge huge problem and it's not getting any better. He did support Marco rule beyond the republican primary, he said poor, dear Charlie Crest. He did not port MIKE Lee. He supported by Bennett. He did at some point take grooves. He supported doors, any support it ran Polly there and I go down a less ron. Johnson got no support from this time. Around the way there are winners. They all one.
Mcconnell, does not want conservatives who are going to rock the boat, because it complicates things. France, because it complicates. Go ahead, quoting that are specialists in nominating people lose that had not at present from achieve his agenda. He needs a Republican. Ladies and gentlemen, maybe I'll do one of these days. If I get bored enough, I will go through the list of Republican development endorse candidates of ITALY. Ten years, all of whom have gone down to a burning, bloody defeat. Starting with John Mccain emit round me, And his hero Gerald Ford here
Keep up this propaganda, which required here somebody to really knows the election results are really take someone and then takes a one step. Further. Down with your majority, not have as for things that he did his four things that he did. When I wanted to emphasise this. Because he doesn't even tell the truth today about what he did. Can you imagine, Charlie Chris, does the senator from from Florida he's now, a democratic congressmen from Florida? But can you imagine. And it shows you how really bad mecca as political attack in ten are their horrible claims to be this great and end again,. He actually believes that the reason the Senate was taken by the republic of the twenty four is because he and his buddies came up with a good candidates and were twenty. Sixteen, the guy.
Absolutely insane politically absolutely bizarre. The Republican, stood the Senate twenty fourteen. They took the twenty sixteen and they took their house and twenty turn and they took the presidency. In twenty: sixteen, because a you As of conservatives constitutional conservative period period, Not because of the great candidates, they selected We ve been trying to stop Schuman, trying to stop Pelosi, trying to stop trying to stop the Democrat. That's why they have the majorities. If much boycott had his way and they were busy selecting winners all the time who really turn out to be losers. The Republicans wooden control, a damn thing: they, control a damn thing
don't perform as well as they should in this coming election cycle. If it will be because of people like Mitchell Car and that's the truth. What are much colonels proposals on the debt? Anybody know, one woman Mcconnell was there Like a leader and twenty fourteen and the republican majority leader prior to that when Obama was presently United States, what did he do to protect the United States military. Sequestration severely down. The United States Military, Mitch Mcconnell the Republicans due to stop Obama with the reindeer. They did but the Ariane deal they, Greece scared for the Er Andrea, what it meant the colonel and the Republicans done to secure the border they haven't, secured the border fact there is really no serious talk about it today. Ok. There's something horribly wrong. I don't.
Oh. If it's the way they select leaders in the United States Senate, the House of Representatives and much Sure I don't know. How many times can I in good faith, get behind this microphone and tell you we get we're gonna blow. These guys are politically and we do and we get the same. Damn thing said the same. Damn thing and you got people running around essentially saying the same thing- that we get a primary these guys and defeat these guys, ok got it. But it's gonna take more than that gonna, take more than that. I just wish those who are running around saying these things would be much more Conventional states in article five, because that's really the only hope, this other stuff. I am not against trying, but you see, How it goes right now You supported Charlie Quest for the Senate in twenty ten in full. You did not support marker ruby, just as an example. Nor did you
support all these other consumers whose and whose names I mentioned- that's a fact I'll be right, back then I did a little looking to me race Spectre. Let's do this again cut fine, go curious about you, conservatives that are now actually very good allies of yours. You did it initially support in the primary seventy, for example, markka, Rubio and tat to me. So could it be that there are some good GEO Peace senators that can emerge from primary that you maybe one anticipate supported both of those stop. Approved here that he lied about Rubia, because you back crest He's also lied about to me here:
about to me: National Republican Senatorial Committee, which I already told you about which is his baby. It's his funding source, it's his campaign, identity to. Still, with iron spectre against then former congressmen patch me patch me: it had run they club for growth for a period of time. So. The fact is that Mcconnell backed against me. If he didn't do it openly. He did it through the National Republican Senatorial Committee. So Mcconnell. It has had his way. If he had had his dream, ticket spectre would have been re elected as a Republican from Pennsylvania. Crisp would have been elected as republican foreign. I'm telling you this guy is a chameleon, an absolute chameleon. I am speaking here.
So he tells us that Dana Protein or on Fox, when the research is easily done there. Search is easily done pathetic. He's absolutely pathetic any date, no high on the mark, Levant Perry User, our work Bartley had talked about the morning to raise the tax practical stuff. I've wanted to call. You mention this little story before about these high tax bracket. My grandfather started a business in the thirties, my father, took it over land at my grandfather, died. Nineteen, fifty nine just before I was born. I've got all the old family archives of photos, while digging through them. I uncovered nineteen sixty tax return. That was my first After all, I lit here. Why the troll and my father inherited that business manufacturing business about one hundred twenty employees, but
the paid over one million dollars in federal tax, isolating sixty about eighty attacks gradually filled fell because way was constructed at that time, the confiscatory tax revenue, my father will you shouldn't shuddered, the big liquidated, but he He had to deal with this new situation of having a new business partner, the federal government, any we're part, became a brutal type, one diabetic by the MID sixties from stress with no history in our family. And had the silver That's what because it was failing health, he sold it to the employees as you want them to have control of their future and my father, in some years ago he never to enjoy it, and that's what these tax bracket really do. People are so well, let's eighty percent, today, you know it's about forty percent, that what they don't understand is the massive increase in state taxes. The massive expensive federalists, local regulations
kinds of sales taxes that didn't exist. Before I mean the tax burden is enormous even today, but what a girdle, you're a farm or a small business. Even they go these high tax, as it is able to millions of our tax But you didn't hear about your care. She inherited buildings and machinery and in hungarian none. Good assets, and he health insurance internal structure to fight it, but it literally killed him in short, a shudder, the businesses that that's what families face with small businesses face in this. Country when they get into these situations and negative irritated when I got the erratic mad mad, when I hear that that this is part of the problem with this populist us isn't it because you get this this class warfare stuff, is our growth of populism is it now So we re in his work and absolutely is in our tax policy is a populist tax policy. Its call progressive is
progressive ISM is popular. At least populism predated, progressive and then- they progressives devour the populace. I'm just telling you the history, the daylight, when people SAM a populist, I think what they mean is the Congress. I represent its voters, but that's very different. That's talk about American. Is that nationalism that populism or constitutional conservatism? So we remember, there were republic they will unalienable right that property rights matter and property rights. That's not just physical, that's my property! That's my right! You know the lander on, although it certainly that, but it's all what you are, so the government supposed to take what it needs. To conduct its its legitimate functions, not to take money from you to give it the somebody else. To redistribute wealth
on levels at every day or forty cents out of every dollar. Meanwhile, forty five percent of our fellow citizens don't pay a diamond federal income taxes and one of the problems with the Trump republican proposal. Now I talked about this the day it was announced figure more and more people who aren't gonna pay any federal income. That is, I think that maps, absolutely nuts right work, I love you book. I've got it on audio when I listen to drive down to the outer banks, North Carolina fish and I'll be their saturnalia. Listen, do it again now Bunny While I appreciate your call very much, I know that and being discussed all over the tv and radio. What we're talking about? That's, ok, it needs to be discussed because there's a lot of other things going on. I know they grab. Our attention I know were fed the stuff we made, I've been to some of the two later on, but the
Since the bread and butter of a society, this is a bread and butter. Whether we exist in at this is the bread and butter for your family. He really is frank. Little ELM Texas, the Great W B, a pay, go hey MA I guess you fill excited, I guess new book. I can't wait to read it. Thank you sir. Very much, and I love your show, your mark in some sense. You ass the ultimate rhetorical question: why doesn't the Republican Party ACT like it? serve at a party, and the answer is there now Mark exactly happened to our republican Party. It Then diagram were you started out with two circles. Ronald Reagan was present. I remember him and what you seen over the years as these two circles come together, they all are like drunken sailors they, and on everything they can. They never cut taxes, and was it
Then they don't cut spending and this whole talk of cutting taxes in general is just a joke. Mark there's no conservative weft. Maybe a handful did crews. Maybe we will do so many left at all. I agree with you I appreciated frank. You know they love the point. We got course on the Supreme Power we did Is that the beginning and end of folks I mean you know Congress, in and of itself, has constitutional responsibilities too, not just the Supreme Court Congress. Congress has constitutional responsibility still up here
the establishments worst nightmare mark love, then call now eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one, one. If they want it, you know that. Take it your paycheck it bank accounts everything. The iris doesn't mess around and they recently added hundreds of new attacks and forces and even private collection agencies to help track you down. If you act taxes or if the irish claims you do we haven't found some time. Here's how you get your life back, tax relief before the army, a virus enforces targets, you Optimum tax relief are experts in the fresh Start initiative programme. Perhaps biggest irish break ever.
Listen changes and tax laws are likely in this great programme could be affected the goes away. You missed a huge opportunity, so you really need to act. Optimal tax relief asked them if you qualify for them fresh start programme as them Whether a plus raiding with a better business beer and why Europe Ask them how they ve saved over half a billion dollars and tax dead for their clients. Let off them Step between you and the arrests and saw the attack Brahms, here's what you do for four: nine sixty three hundred eight hundred Four, nine sixty three hundred at eight hundred, Four nine sixty three hundred there you go aright Let's see you know up before I get to the cause: there's no gaping this. This gold, star wife,. My Johnson. Would have sergeant Le David Johns,
I keep hearing that Niger. What took place in Niger is like Benghazi. Well, there are several differences number one, the Republicans on covering up anything and Niger. They want to, what took place in Niger so number two, the media, which thickly covered up and ignored. Benghazi is not, bring up in ignoring Niger, because it's happened while Tromp is coming. Chief number: three: those troops were sent there not by Donald Trump, the Bible Obama? That's not an excuse and just straightening this out, so there's some facts on the table. Right number, four and if I miss pronounce your name, I deeply regret it. Are you sure Johnson, I believe is: is the widows name your wife's name. I e she Johnson widow of Sergeant the David Johnson, who was killed a nation.
We wind up on the morning America today? And long driving in the car, listening to all this discussion about this. And maybe a missing something. You know That, my, u should Johnson didn't contact good morning, America to go in there right. You know that, good morning America sought her right We talk about the political position of some that is solemn not just the congresswoman. It's also the media. The media, want this continue in fact, one other people become Ford, make the same allegation. Good morning, America is a shameful shame. Programmes run by aid Mc Grath left is hit. Man drew,
step as a journalist, George definiteness. And that's what I'll always be. That's what he wanted to be and that's what he always will be reached, This is now the clean Shaven the year and the silk tie. So good morning, America had to go out and try and find the widow through the congresswoman. Somehow. In coax, the women are encouraged the woman or offer the woman and opportunity come on the programme. The trash the present. That's what the media have become in this country. You know they say, maybe there's too much media. You know what all the alternative media their websites that it's not true. There's too much of is. Liberalism in media is progressive. Ism in media. And so here is what the with the widow
had to say cut now NGO me and my family was in the limo to receive. My farm was young. We went over and over me with Larry on APP wished her to get out and he called Mass society Neil from exercising kneel to put these phones acres. So my uncle for years where he goes, he stayed me as we say. Yes, the president said he knew where he found a warehouse anyway in hours. They made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice, how he said he'd people remember my has remained only way he remained. Mamma has remained because he told me he admires reporting for me and ass. We he's not gonna pick this apart, but she
it say He doesn't remember husbands name, but the only way he remembered his name is either report in front of him. I mean I'm I'm sorry, but that doesn't tribe. Well then, he did remember the name it, but how does she know the only way remembered his name? Is he had the report in front of him, but I must say anyway go ahead Lenny Stanley, one final on legal matters that worry me the most, because if, in his alley of fighting for our country, he risked his life country, why can't you remember his name and that will make me of sending cry was also socially, but he did mention his name according to the widow he mention his name, but she said he got it off a report. Now this may seem odd, but the press
It doesnt know every one of these people. He doesn't know them, he has to be told their name p. To be told their name. He has to be told, The person is, and what Under the person, it's only. Realistic. It's only logical. But, as I was listening to this, I thought to myself times didn't need the mothers. I widows. Since the media wants to compare this to Benghazi, let's compare the media's two Benghazi how many Did the mothers of the widows get this kind of treatment? on the morning. America. How many times were their words about Obama and Hillary Clinton taken to heart.
When did the media want to get to the bottom of the bankers story? Did they think there was a an anti Obama right wing conspiracy from day one. See the media are the media. Ladies and gentlemen, the media are the democratic party. The media are the progressive movement. The media are incredibly dishonest. That is a fact. That is a fact. That's gonna cut eleven go. But today I want to set the record straight, and I want people to understand what is actually happening in Africa and tried to connect the dots, because I think this is going to be this administrations been gauzy. While this is Frederico Wilson, he didn't give a damn about happened, and how can this be this administrations, Benghazi? We didn't have somebody go out a multiple,
Sunday shows five like Susan Rice, and why. Didn't blame anything on a video Nobody was set up to go to prison Already the year ahead of us My chiefs, the sector defence, have talked to met with members of Congress. Talk to the press. There is absent no comparison whatsoever, but they want there to be a comparison, and the ring as they ve politicize. This. They ve politicized the widow. They politicize The death they ve politicized. We ought to get to the bottom of what happened in Niger and ice Spectin this administration. We will general matters is gonna cover abandoning for anybody? It's this and in it for trying to cover this up, is not responsible for it. Commander in chief, but wasn't
the decision to go in the Niger. So what what? What What would compel him to cover up anything compelled the these sectors. Defence to cover benefit seriously. And the fact is, I haven't, as they say they didn't send out their national security advisor. To lie on five Sunday shows they didn't at their sector. Defence alliance on five Sunday shows. Haven't sent on anybody to live on. Trying to piece together in figure it out to surmount effect. FBI's investigated. Tell me when of the FBI begin investigating Benghazi. Does anyone know, I don't know certainly wasn't really on, but we had a cover up of of massive proportions. When it came the Benghazi Hillary Clinton wide presently United States lied. They lie their Dover AIR Force Base right There were the casket with flags adorning.
They live from day? One. Exactly lying here hooks really wants to cover this up? But it It is appalling what good morning, American these other news outlets will do for a story for ratings and, of course, the trash the president to trash. The president. And the president's waded out a very respectful, thoughtful comment. After this interviewees paraphrasing said, look waited. We had a very nice discussion. And yes, I did remembers me. There's nothing in this for the president. And the idea that he would call in bears the widow and say things that were, appropriate. So what is absolutely nonsensical but again,
in our own way. She kind of pointed this out the president's said that he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyway. She said- and I was it made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice. And how he said it, he couldn't remember my husband's name. The only way he remembered my husband's name was he told me he had my husband's report in front of okay, so he mentioned your husband's but Mean tomato to turn this into this is just so outrageous and, of course, when we get a left wing democratic congressmen involved or the median, while that's what happened back then
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from high repair bills, get cut By car should like, I did before, think goes wrong aid. Ray car sixty one hundred men, Can code Levine or the car she'll dot com and use co? Levant save ten percent car she'll, dotcom code, l e g I and save ten per cent deductible may apply. Let's take some cause here. Let's see we ve got. We got in Santa Maria California, the gray chaos and Ex much work protection, I'll call! You gonna tell you Republicans. Whenever enemies. Here we have national cow, which represent the liberal Republican, watch your language, and we also have the Democrats guys guys. Have to go if this country has a future because all us as Americans
During our freedom, Liberty, that God gave us The council has no respect for their freedom and liberties and, as a result,. Another thing mark I, over the years, the Republican Party over forty years, that I have never in my life seen a Republican that was smart through a lousy average culture like a Democrat, that crazy into a girl is better. If you look at it, you look at me. I'm already say that's. Why Mickey. I plead promised excellently really concerned with every bottleneck in the charge of the Senate to leave their mark. But we will have future. We have to say to Mr Way- and we have too much and that we have too many problems in asserting our problems. The major problem: can you have to do this?
community, have people more lazy days, vehicle people in a lazy and worthless let's go to jail, Malvern Pennsylvania on the mark, Levant go. Hi mark. I am. I always find your show very interesting. Ah tonight, listening to your remarks regarding tax reform, I I, to combat, because I've been paying very, very close attention. I had some economic background and therefore I think I pay closer attention. Then he may not be interested in economic and the same people that have helped in the past, President Reagan with his dynamic, wonderful tax cuts are helping. President Trump and
when I hear these absurdities coming out, I just now that it's the Congress, probably Paul Ryan and company undermining the president, because the president to to appoint a mean We may have some of the same people, helping Trump who help Reagan, but Reagan was his own man. The ring would never have done this class warfare. Stuff Reagan was not about creating a millionaires bracket. And when you read some of the stuff out there, the president is very concerned about being viewed as cutting taxes for the rich. Was Reagan for that He said I'm cutting taxes for everybody any made the case over and over and over and over again. I think this extra bracket that they ve created. Is now mistake economically, but it plays right into the hands of the left and me we're never gonna get out of this mentality. If we don't have powerful leaders who fight it.
France has not either I'm listening. What would. Was I rude? I don't think I was explain something well. Yeah went away, John Fox borrow Massachusetts? Serious satellite go ahead, market such an armed attack you, I guy, evaluate carefully that never missed opportunity but died. You doing so. Thank you. So much for everything You ve got me since I've been listening and down, where the were a mom, I'm about the one of maybe half a dozen preserving the pyramid, the truth that the top five put down you don't you know what's depressing about that, John, when you consider the revolution began in Massachusetts, when you truly great man like SAM Adams and John Hancock Andor,
and so many others doktor Warren and I could go on and on, and it really is just unbelievable. What's happened, Massachusetts in New York talked about the woman and you read his letter, then. Didn't even know that I met my wife But in any event, I guess I think it so shameful and saw the sky entire diabolic, diabolical that Congress and a so called, and member of the media with an would. Knit believe that Gold star world, I mean he saw a young woman who may not be very sophisticated and, Them to exploiter, later John I gotta go call again body. I really want to hear from me again absolutely split up
This congressmen, exploited by Stefano, is your right, we'll be right back Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non this building we once again made contact with our leader is an apple. Some people might try to tell you that it's a beneath mainly screen banana banana banana over and over and over again, we might put the Mena in all cats. You might even start to believe that this is happening, but it's
This is an apple stop. Mark living here, ok, This is a boy's room. They may say it a room, but it's a boy's round them See girls room girls, room girls room over and over and over again they need and put it in camps they may yet girls. I said girls from girl boys were finished, the go ahead. That's the whole ad! Seen in that. We see, ladies and gentlemen scene and has a new tagline facts first, but How can that be facts? First, on CNN, as long as you have what I call the scene and quacks, it ought to be quacks first is a quack
in his quack they're, all quacks, so it's quacks first. It's more of these scene and propaganda campaigns CNN and Should. To get the change all Jones on there. I believe he does the voice over there on the Theatin, the announcer Stephanie other say she alone. For liberals and Democrats I've told you before, if seen in. Didn't control all the airports and all the rest, and somehow it does. They would have very much in terms of yours anywhere, and I want to get something serious seen. It's not that. There was a medal of honor recipient today. Remarkable man retard army special forces, Medic Gary Michael rose Tell a story about this as report by W B. You are.
By the end of a ferocious battle and nineteen seventy the Vietnam WAR, obviously Army special forces. Many carry Michael rose, was down to bandanas and shirtsleeves for bandages. Then sergeant rose, who goes by MIKE was part of a small group of american commanders and local tribesmen on a covert mission and louse. During the Vietnam WAR, there was Post to try to disrupt the northern, the meals were fondling weapons on the hoochie men trail, a maid. Supply route that network throughout the country, The mission was covert because louse was neutral during the war in there weren't supposed to be an Eu Us combat troops on the ground. Alas, it was called up. I shall tell him to: let me stop right there. This is what the left us. We send our men and a war and they tire hands. It wasn't always our way, but it's the new left, the hard left since the nineteen sixty up to this day.
This is why were defeating ISIS now, because Trump. Has unleashed on military to do as or military needs to do with ISIS Same Afghanistan, ports now that the The CIA is actually sending. Forces in their special units and there to take out the particular Taliban leaders, Breaking that storage already out there at all good. But during the Vietnam WAR. Many of you may be too young to know this. The Democrats leftists Made an incredibly difficult band, our ability to go the Cambodia and allows, and so forth got the vehicle nor vietnamese, who were her were attacking our troops in Vietnam from these locations who were all Therefore, MRS from these locations, but we were unable to at least legitimately or stand Poorly go in and burn them going
Take them out. So Nixon and his generals ordered these clandestine activities. And this is one of the reasons the left hated next, because. He wanted to win. The war but time he realized. They give him what was taking place in this country. That was not going to happen. I let me go. With MIKE rose here,. The Americans, who were members of what was called these studies and operations group s algae. Started, southern louse again started taking fire even before their helicopters landed. Was the start of a four day Firefox. The left, all sixteen Americans wounded, including rose. Where a constantly, despite his own serious worms, including a hole in his foot, big enough, the slightest finger through. My job was to focus on the individuals I were heard. He said on Friday at the Pentagon, when
Focus in those kinds of circumstances, you don't concern yourself about getting hurt or killed. Because of your dwell on that, we think about You're not going to be able to focus on what you're supposed to be doing. You're probably get hurt her killed today, Nearly fifty years later rose received the medal of honor from President Trump might never. Said retired Lieutenant Colonel Eugene, MC caully rose Commanding officer during the battle- I know he never slept I dont know that he ever took time they eat because from day one he had his hands for. I can't think of it. One any more deserving the might do receive this award its effort. We pushed, and we fought for for many many years and finally looks like it's coming to pass. It took so long in part, because operation tell when was classified the list This part, which is why I played the First, phony, CNN commercial: please listen to this.
There was also a controversy in ninety ninety eight. When CNN Time magazine report, the real goal of the mission arose was on with, kill american military defectors and that? U S part, It's a drop deadly, Sarah Nerve gas on civilians, killing many of them. The Pentagon investigated found the Allegations were false. And see an initiative on air retraction of the story. You believe that you got that. So they had to investigate that you say so Writing about this apparatus, tell when retired Major John Plaster said, I wasn't on the ground with my going this operation. However, I over flew them, while their mission was under way. I was prepared, they take. My recantations allows
these two their location. It was flying a visual ricotta border, o one bird dog plain, get the lay of the land as part of my planning process, hiring clearly looking down at their landing zone and seeing a shot down United States Marine Corps H. Fifty three helicopter langmore disabled This is an enormous helicopter, big enough to carry vehicles, seeing that Helicopter, I realized the enemy had heavy antiaircraft guns nearby. My pilot and I thought my good his company were in great danger that they may now get out of there. Rose and clearly thought the same thing on the ground. On September, fourteen nineteen, seventy marine helicopters arrived to evacuate. The man rose. Jumped on the last trapper, which was it by enemy fire and crashed But even then rose was treating the wounded, including a marine Gunnar, whose throat- then pierced by a bullet.
MIKE save this guy's life. My curly said the man should have died in that helicopter and steady, lived and came home indicted many twelve. Incredibly nor Americans were killed during that four day battle. Louse there three, Fatalities overall, this mission was also a success from an operational standpoint. They came home where they trove of intelligence, and this too, of documents, gave military assistance Command Vietnam, its most complete understanding, this hokey Montreal network similar, historian Erik the large. Rose in his wife Margaret had been married for nearly fifty years. They live in Huntsville Alabama, where my volunteers for several organisations at the wheel house today. He was with Karla in several the men who, for an operation tell them anything it is the medal of Honor, a collective award for everyone. In the mission. And in a greater sense
wants to the valor and carried to the men and women whose thoroughgoing Vietnam. This is what he said. And they serve with honour and pride. They are also the ones that I know personally all returned home. We continue to serve this country in various capacities. And I consider it a privilege counted among them. By the way. Why are the media so silent about the Russia Collusion story? Could it be? because the Russia Collusion story is not about Trump and Trumpery or Because the Russia Collusion story is about Burma Mahler call me the Clinton's and uranium
Is this not a big story? Tell me where Adam Shift has lately little Adam Shiftless, whereas the man. Man's been in front a tv cameras what hundreds of times it's gonna win. Protection programme. Where are the media on the russian collusion story? Ladies and gentlemen? Moreover, What did Mr Mulder now and when did he know what did Mr Mulder inform anyway DE in Congress anyway,. Prior to the election. About what was taking place in Russia. No, which election while pick your election. He clearly didn't tell the heads of the intelligence committee as a matter of fact, whereas the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Mr Byrne,. Where is mister, what is his name? Would they Republican actually the Democrat Mark Warner.
Where's, MR threats on this outcome. How come he's not talking about the russian collusion matter anymore,. Because the russian collusion matter, ladies and gentlemen, as it turns out, I was never about Trump narrow. Donald Junior, never whatever? It was always about the coincidence. Obama's, as you would expect. Wasn't that long ago, when the laugh was very sympathetic to the Russians,. Even worse to the soviets. Now we have the issue of the dossier right. A cover up going on that the the I won't release information. Three former Wall Street Journal reporters who created this left wing. Opposition research hit squad organization. They're all mom, so
document that apparently was used by the FBI, the F B. I was so impressed with what the Kremlin has fed these democratic operatives. We're thinking a paying for more. You're russian collusion, ladies and gentlemen, we got a lotta russian collusion going on around here. Don't we? collusion going on around here and yet the media facts. First, facts first Had a joke, you mean affects: what do you mean facts first, seen it for they got Chris Cuomo under the dumbest. The quorum was. How can that be? Facts first had stupid. First, they got time limit the left wing cook late at night. How can that be facts? First, who thou say? Have your whole Congo line of leftists over there and I myself state? What is it. Large on. I myself staying at daily, even pretend
they don't go facts. First, on I Marseilles Day Beg who s grow. You. And you get large, o Donnell, hey. Things are my air everything's, a my ear pay sign up. You got the Chris Matthews. Absolute loom Congo. Oh, oh, yes, by the way I'm on this, may I guess. Every now and then. I'm doing research are going whenever doing idea. I turn on the show and it hasn't been in a while Sunday morning on CBS. You know that MR producer, I, like the one you know they used to show pictures of sort of birds on a pond or something something interesting, but extremely liberal and Filled with propaganda, it's an extremely.
Cleverly done propaganda, a ways promoting level. As always,. And they had the morning Schmo and Mr Schmidt, one. The morning schmo admission Scarborough Brzezinski. And it was a complete puff paste that complete puppies. And this is what the morning she was always wanted. A ban always wanted to have been accepted by the progress. Accepted by the media We need to be on Fox, they wouldn't have then he's on. I myself estate. What did we part of the beautiful people? Aren't so beautiful and trust me? He kissed Donald Trump, but Donald Trump as honour do remember, going the primary Mr Bidders Donald Trump as on the morning smile. What message me.
Or they would be missing smile They loved them, they found him entertaining and blah blah blah and now the favourite show of the north korean generals, Of the north korean generals, first, while another tv, but apparently they do and Locked into the morning schmo admission. But see be a Sunday morning has really turned into a real crap show it really has, and in the propaganda is worse than most shows cause they're. Not in your face about it. It's very And then they play to the New York Times crowd. That's what it is. So, let's another show off my list method. It was really on my list, but it's a shy won't be watching anytime soon, Jamie the Georgian a great w. Why why country go
nothing of the kind was laid out in Florida distraction to keep us all, but his meal Roger uranium? One thing this go on. All new was in charge of the hour when, when they were investigating near the keeper Happy I'm form justifiable for before travellers These people are complicit or incompetent mark on with what do we got a week ago and will not be a lot but whose you care about the advantages are like em up. You know you got actually have a charges and try to understand what market Burke, ungrateful, decorative Jordan Parks and used to be worth more than I am I woke up around because I'm sick of the corruption that go on In Washington D C, That's what the american people tat, they weren't blame, copper. Everything covers three the talks with the lead Look out we're tired of the corruption
besides it I'm not just Democrats We could also come a wine for part of the update, their capital, What form of Congress there all corrupt? That's the problem with it hurried, sir? Thank you for your car pressure. We now have, we ve had no evidence of russian collusion for some time now, with pillory with Obama and now Mr Mulder and MR call me and MR rose and steam the deputy change. Only nine state was yours Turning in Maryland,. When Mahler was the FBI, indirect you see. The central relationship here says to us. Relationship and This uranium thing is a big deal, but I'll try covered up the way they did Benghazi and then its point or bring it up to make a parallel to something else, to train embarrassed trump.
Facts? First, she added the scene and realize what a joke it is your brain stats. Lay there whenever they held a year little fat boys name is I have one of the Cuomo's there, the dumbest one. And down lemon. And all the rest in the mirror and seen it. They'll never be facts. First I'll be right back Ever notice, you come across somebody once in a while that you shouldn't messed with that's my and you can call em at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, unbelievable takes place on the brakes here. Isn't it, MR producer,
should be? Oh? Yes, it is hills, they'll, college. Let's talk about education from it. Did. You know that more than fifteen states have begun requiring high school students to pass a basic citizenship test. In order to graduate it's sad, to test as even necessary, and it shows me that, to the extent american civic education that exist anymore, so he's gone very wrong with it That's why, besides their free online courses in prime hills, the college is making impacting three, twelve education, here's. How He also helps found and provide ongoing support and guidance. The classical k through twelve charter schools nationwide, thousands of elementary nice go students by the way are enrolled already and hills, nor does it all without taking a single penny of taxpayer funding or money from this those themselves it's called the many charter, school initiative and its revolutionizing k through twelve education can learn more love
For wholesale back come l e g, I and Free Helstone Dotcom watch the brief. Powerful video about this exciting work and witnessed the different? hailstones making on thousands of lives across the kind that's Levine for Wholesale Dotcom, Levine, Fraid Hills there that come. Michael Savannah, Georgia, the great w e k S, go a mark this planet. It's driving me crazy. I was open from put somebody with age, his mind. You know from the campaign which came out with it. It has got worse, not better. It's that that this isn't a tax break at all. It's gotta be not, I don't know In I don't wanna go on our backs senators, I understand
these great effort to have not attack break. It got me great, although I it's like two given one hand taken with another, isn't it I voted for you and I used to like every then I'd. Send it about my centre, my punishment, common earthmen in other states, but like a lot of the euro, I'll get about like it. Doesn't it doesn't hurt imports of her export it does. It is a method. Encampment, animal welfare debate I sense a white alpha, Senator thought highly competitive, I'm losing your brow. I apologize it's the cannon as we say, Irish Dallas, Texas, the Great W B, a p. Please go right ahead. I Markham
second monitor who who's being driven nets by the US administration is a simple question. Donald Trump runs the executive branch of government. Why do you believe he is that insisting that the F b I and other agencies look into these? Let it go ahead, you finish we this week we complain about them and we we read about them, but if we had met them almost as if the opposition is in charge, but we do not. Then, let's just simply my question. I don't know what's goin on. Maybe there's some secret investigating going on something like that, but it is enormously frustrating because I can assure you of our call to run in the justice. Barack Obama were president things will be behind I definitely would then I they would absolutely they would be heard about. It seems some sort of fear which,
Now we know Christmas Jeff session. I'll be all over. Run his is deputy director general and asking questions. Why do you think the coming out right and embedded starting any Mccarthy's peace was fastened. It an excellent these. We don't. I just don't understand why this administration, you made that you ve met I already Donald Trump, the present stage the executive branch well then get maybe a cookie, theory, just general tallies, no filtering robots can't be that he doesn't know. This does not mean the printed. Isn't it look reads the media president knows what's Goin on Russia, the President treated the other day about Russia and look, but They can't be involved in a recent single thing.
The people around him should be advancing this The Republicans in Congress should be advancing this and not just for Poland. Ragingly. This is a real serious issue, the selling of our government, Who ensure that Russia that's twenty percent of our European. I may ass well we have bad movie if that was the basis for a movie Here you go it just incredible to me- and I look at the praetorian guy media. That casts some of them. Begrudgingly cover it, but most them don't cover anything. I hope like it's happening in the background. I my friend thanks for your car, that's continue. Mark try, cities, Washington, the gray, K S, L D Go mark revenge.
To talk with you. Thank you hey. I, with my ears pricked up when you were talking about our spectre and tat. To me. I remember those days well and Miss Carlyle Republican Guard. They just would not leave Senator Spectre when he was like voting barely what fifty point: five percent with the Republicans in forty nine point, five percent with the Democrats, we could call himself a Republican, an area to me, Coy early conservative Republican all the way and making couldn't come over in the end spectre, the change and parties through the Democrats. That's right! I, like good I'll Ngos who did they blame. I went back and read it the same. Republicans who attack answers today? They blame the club for growth.
I blame they blame to me oh just pull my hair out, because the Spectre You're just gonna, let me do it this way. I would encourage everybody in the audience to Google Mitch Mcconnell in Ireland, Spectre impact on me Mitch Mcconnell Charlie Crest, it Mica Rubia. The truth is the truth. All my brother, thank you for your call. We talking At the fact that Mcconnell went on they show Sunday in light through his teeth about who we supported in those republican. Primers just lie through his teeth, Jim Oh Clare, Wisconsin, serious satellite go. Hey I've got a disagree and I'm getting first true that everything gets shot down and we learned nothing from the progressives. Nothing's ever good enough for the conservatives here.
Make some progress to make any progress at its the concern. You sound, like you know, it's them. It's the conservatives guys were strewn other makes progress, any progress while adding additional tax rate or is there publicans wanted to do, and I guess you supported killing. Basically the Fora one case system doing all these. They anything just do anything to see the difference between you and me, Jim, this to me, isn't the game, a bingo. For me this is the guy of reality it's what's real and of republican. Proposing bad things in the present supports a bad thing. I oppose it. Nobody's arrest around here they said they were going to do certain things and we want them to do certain things that I guess you feel the same thing on the repeal and everything else just give them. Ladies and gentlemen, Jim you're the reason why we have this swamp you're. The reason why we have these insiders, because if we outside or stone press them we're gonna get worse and worse and worse stuff. How do you think we got corset because
in the course of the campaign constitutional conservatives, you know we purists. We demanded that when it comes to the Supreme Court. We wanted make sure that our nominee whomever was would nominate conservatives either you For what you believe in or your passive and that's the difference Steve, Portland may in the great w g I go my bags This tax break is just smoke and mirrors, in my opinion, a couple guys. I said this in the last few minutes. There more some stuff around. Like a shell game, The american people fall for this shame on them. Why do you think of the last collar who said? Look you guys are purists anyway, he's gotta have some winds here, while we after some winds, but they gotta be winds stuck in and are we purist because we want a real tax cut. A real one? Sure. So, like some European Union Reagan wanted a real tax, was he a purists any got one? You got one
The problem is so we need money to run the government and they're gonna go. Winter debt. Why one point five trillion overturn when they cut spending because by our young, while wars that proposal right exactly Just a quick question on yours is nowhere. Go head. Yes, about back and making forty one where we ought to go to war with Germany, Congress could vote on it. It wasn't tv all over the place wasn't on the internet, how its trump, if he wants to go, if I'm not carry how you gonna get Congress on board when ugly, anything to begin with and not merely following. While my point is this, how is trump to go to Congress to get approval if we had to give proactive In military, North Korea, how are you gonna do remember, do members at these circumstances of us declaring war on Germany, I
yeah yeah and by the way we only had a relative, a handful of declarations of war and fortunately right now what happened? We were attacked a pro harbour and we did Then Germany and ITALY declared war on us. After I had an emergency session of Congress and we declared war in Japan and then we declared one Germany and ITALY. So we did not preemptively declare war on any those countries. We declared war on them. This number one we were attacked and virtue they were they in an access. The axis powers number three: they declared war on us, I have a different question: how should trunk do this? If he decides that we must attack North Korea preemptively, after his generals, have decided national security, the state what they say guy's gonna attack us we'd, better attack him. If we Congress for a declaration of war, and yet we're trying to preemptively take out some of the sites. How do we do that? You're, good?
the absolutely very regular napkin translations are cream war. Never really got over that United States can do anything that they want. That's actually an excellent point from a legal point of view. Yeah it's just a year. Eight, they just take your right there's, never really been a official into that war. I don't know I'm I'd have to give it some thought. I can tell you if I were present, and I thought I was a launch, a missile LOS Angeles. I would first and then The Congress? and just as a practical matter right the situation is if he hasn't threatened, does not. I know it's just words like death. A further. He gets back into a corner, he's gonna, be one of them. That's also pilot problem, though the president goes too. Congress- and he says, look I need the the right to to go to we need the power to go to war against the North Korea? I needed
now, just in case of a pre emptive situation with that instigate provoke North Korea to take action when I worked the way things are a trunk is it's all very tricky. If you attack is imminent, has the authority to do it? Buddy current after really prove it and it just seems like when I took the can definitely on the sun. I guess why you're lucky place could may not only means of target area right now. Now I think, as pushes com, how it's done gotta Catalans lot, but I'm not toward I ever his cabin in Houston too, and here's the thing or Waco. I guess I don't worry us, but them they know everything they can reach main. Yet. You know so I say I think free, a call, my friend
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do nothing and get a check or whatever, and by and by the way we know that you're, saying, at least in part, is true because we put the workfare part in the welfare programme less people were on welfare and more people moved in a work. Absolutely right, and you know what were were me and and my class of people at work, today we weren't a long time ago what our bootstraps of war. We know. If you want to stand on your feet, you gotta use a little backbone is called the fur gratification you take. Any have you work is done. Evil. Why do you apply for a better job? This is like you know what you eat like your parents, you know you spoken so highly about your parents. God bless him. You know that they are, they started off small and and look where there are today. You Hauser Manner Navy steps. And you know it s mighty. You saw taken. What do you do? I'm a truck driver?
Yeah, you're really good. Now. My way, you explain this, Well, you know what in this got on truth, you know what there's some years that the on my own truck make that much money, a charter breaking down. I became a company driver again and now I'm thinking about buying and other chalk, and you know what to take another swing at that ball, I'm gonna! Do They may not be their time. Maybe you'll be the next time, but you know what I tell you what my? you're never learned from AIDS. While my daughter's in medical school done works hard, wow, I rarely make over thirty five forty. A thousand dollars a year, I'm out on the road three hundred thirty days a year, you know what this is life. Well, let me ask you a question when you about these football players taken in me. Well, you know what. I think you should take any at night to think that got good. Lord were everything you ve been given today,
and in the past, and and and look at your children and be thankful for that desert, you oughta be taking your network. We understand, stand proud, and on your heart, then players. Keep the helmet in her left hand in their right hand on art, stand proud. The entire they make more money than I ever will in my lifetime, and you know what out of you, I gotta be completely honest with yet it excuse my Language in Africa, careful careful really takes me off so I'll they're acting you agenda the change daily, like the whether they stand for nothing let alone I E. They now retain their visa, social justice words. You know, and I know we don't need any social justice Warriors We want a millionaire football players telling us about social jet. The right to do. This has a right to do that. While it's all right do not come into the to the games and eyewash
I haven't, watch the wines game yet this year you know what they say. You know you. Why they'll never make the super. While you get back to the amended copies made the world series after a hundred for your soul, maybe I'm a hundred four years she has his cattle MIKE. You sound like a delightful guy thanks for common body right, chose over already honestly. That I mean, ladies and gentlemen, we support our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personal facts matter, facts first, and if you believe in fact, don't watch CNN I'll see you tomorrow, America.
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