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The Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for research that lead to the Russian dossier which contained allegations of the Trump Campaign’s collusion with Russia. This is a massive scandal now, the entire story has flipped. No wonder the Democrat p...

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Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Can I can I want to miss tonight. Show, ladies and gentlemen, on the West Coast today show I am Mark Levant, our number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three, eight one one. It is not a coincidence that certain United States, senators in particular in the Republican Party. Who have lied their own constituencies? I ended their own principles.
Now on the attack to undermine this present Donald Trump Donald Trump may not be a constitutional conservative. But he's doing many conservative thanks unlikely I state Senate, that is, we have made so far such as they are. Dealing with the progressive stay have come from the Trump President's. Including the nomination of course, loading deregulation that. Regulating regulations at Obama put in place very little. If anything has come from the republic uncontrolled Senate by the republican control, house and these men and women in Congress Republicans all they see, I care about, is the reelection effort and are being exposed.
They go home and say one thing and they come to Washington and do another thing so there being called on the carpet by us by the president by others, and they don't like it. Now those who are fighting back the hardest are the worst transgressors. And, as a result of being exposed, may choose not to seek reelection Bob Corker Jeff like I'll get to both of them, but the fact of the matter as they cannot win reelection. They cannot wait, A primary challenge by a decent candidate in their own state, it is their own constituents for whom they have utter contempt. They are pollsters, they raised a tunnel, Money into real action effort, flake was raising money last week what country least arise but
We were told they can't win, has nothing to do a trump they're looking for excuses, so they want you to believe that what they're doing the principal they haven't done a principle damn thing in their political careers, but they want you to believe that their leaving on principle, though there not there, are leaving big They cannot win reelection their cow. Which they dont want to run on the record and They're trying to settle scores now, they're trying to settle scores. Bob quarter is deceitful, thin skinned but he's an eagle maniac and if you think trumps tweets are bad quarters. Tweets are repulsive as a matter of fact, Corker is repulse. Because he's now going where nobody goes,
assuming that the President of the United States is mentally unfit to be. President of the United States have you Ever heard of senator in the same already say, such a thing, which he knows To be true would you know, is not to be true. And yet because he says the most over the top outrageous things because he says these things. He appears regularly now on CNN where it shows on MSNBC my producer. Day of my direction, made multiple attempts to get bad corker on this programme, the chief of staff, the schedule Other individuals in his office we email, we live foam messages, not even the courtesy of a risk. Do you want to know why? Because Bob quarter is a fraud, he's a cow so he runs to deliver media. He gives what they want. He Bert,
tat these outrageous comments and the media repeat them. I cannot tell you how many times I have been invited on these same programmes on these same networks on these same cable shows. When I disagreed with a republic or this present and on a particular issue- and I do not go because I know that Purpose of the left wing media are not too a legitimate policy substantive discussion on these matters. They want me on tv to trash Donald Trump, and if I have criticisms, have Donald Trump Jamaica make them behind my microphone. Their differences between Bob Corcoran me Jeff Liken, may actually there many differences, but the major difference when it comes to trot this, I want This presents to succeed. They want to see. Attention for all. Let's talk about a big tenth, they wished to burn down
you don't get their way and I've seen this many many times before I solid with Ireland Spectre not too long ago. Ireland, Spectre and these these fakes these frauds these phones Who say one thing to get elected into another thing when their office? They want you to I believe that there is a mature people that there is once you wanna govern that they're, the ones she's gonna win that they're the ones it can repeal Obama, care and secure the borders and reform our time, system, a cut our debt. This is They ran on day in and day out election cycle after election cycle and they ll I to us. They seriously lie to us and when push comes to shove, like tramper, not one He says we said repeal now repeal and they dont repeal he caused I'm out Mitch. Mcconnell.
When he says yes, we're going to cut taxes, but no, I don't agree with changing the fora, one k and Bob Cork. Says to the lead media he needs the butter who the hell does he think he is of course, that presently. It states needs to respond to a row hack politician, like Corker, a lame duck by choice. These men are not to be admired. These men are not to be so but celebrated they to be detested. Data be dismissed, because they seek to rule against the people of their own states, they seek to roll.
Conservative principles. Please tell me one thing: Bob Corcoran is done to help restore this republic, just one thing and what will be two terms tell me one thing: Jeff, like did to help restore this republic chess. One thing tell me: they voted for Gorse Ich their penal Gore such but for the fact Tromp nominated and they go to the Senate floor. They make these speeches as, if their Daniel, Webster there no Daniel Webster there a joke. History will remember Bob Corker, not because he was a statement, but because you, for now, I want to get to the bottom of this cooperation that will get a flake. When I read this clear from CNN, which is running defence for bad Corker, because CNN, as
close to their phony branding. Now. Facts first is organization filled with vipers on liars and liberal Democrat hacks provable in every instance. Here's CNN fact checking the president's force claim that Corker supported their ran deal by Jeremy Diamond. Another fake trunk took too but here on Tuesday to claim the Tennessee Republican help give us the nuclear deal with ran negotiated by President Barack Obama said Marilla Administration. Earlier this month, he claimed that quarter is largely responsible for their horrendous around deal corker their chairmen in its foreign relations Committee was in fact a vehement critic of the deal that emerge from internet. Negotiations in the summary twenty fifty after the deal unveiled, he wrote in bed in the Washington Post that Congress should reject this deal and send it back to the president,
now these are liars CNN teaming up with a liar who is Bob Corker? Yes, Bob Parker, went to the Senate floor. What Morocco presented his deal, his agreement with a ran in the other country these to the United States Senate in Congress generally, he paused. He wrote an opt out against it, however, but for Bob Corker Rock Obama could never have gotten that deal because always Bob Corker who led the effort with then Card Marilyn, took put in place legislative process that ensured that what ever Obama negotiated with the regime in Tehran and whatever we negotiated with the Russians in the Chinese and the rest of them was going
be the law of the land, because what Bob Corker did is he ripped the treaty clause out of the constitution and, even worse, he wrote rather than two thirds of the United States. Senators required to ratify I a treaty that Bob Porker process, which became law Rick the Senate of the United States, as well as the house, but the Senate of the United States to get sixty seven votes. Two thirds of the senators to over, presidential veto that is rather than the Senate rat, playing a treaty with a super majority they sent, it would have to undo the Obama deal with a super majority which was never ever going to happen. Bob Corker is in fact responsible more than any other United States senator for the around the other we have today, and I felt they live
as I see it the frauds whether facts first, they damn well know it. They know- and I've been talking about this for years now,. Bob Corker ensured that any around deal that Obama negotiated would in fact become the law. That's what bar corker did Bob Corker endangered this country by pork or sold there's country, Bob Corcoran ensured that the arrangements would have nuclear warheads and be able to put them on time. Of icy beehives. Meanwhile so deceitful to the people of Tennessee was he then he goes to the Senate for what
I'm a presences deal any lashers out against it. Any rights up ads against that any goes on cable tv going on and on against it when, in fact, that man maybe or Burma IRAN's deal whatever it would be a fait accompli. Here's a deceitful dishonest man Which is exactly why CNN promotes him exactly why, some basic promotion, exactly whether networks promoter, though promote anything if it comes to destroying this president and his presidency, Bob Corker is the lowest of allow the lower stood alone. He was considered for vice president and rejected he was considered for Secretary of state. And reject it, and this is why he's an angry little man in particular this wise and angry little man
This is why, as such hate for Donald Trump and he's been called out, as they are protected IRAN's deal, because it but a bit area around deal that Burma had negotiated thanks. The bar corker any around deal was going to be the law of the land. He not only and the people are Tennessee around about Corker there's no way he could have won a republican primary against a strong. And the people are trying to see IRAN about Corker There is no way he could have won a republican primary against a strong foundry there's no way he could have won a general election without the support of conservatives. So what does he do? What does he do? Becomes the darling of the left
The darling of the left that even worse, he takes his rhetoric where no republican senator would take their rhetoric, and that is, he starts to question the president's mental stability, his mental fitness for being here the United States is a nasty little man, this bar corker, who is now trying to sabotage not just the president but his own country. Let me repeat that in putting in fact in place, a process that enabled Obama to cut any around deal and our to destroy the president and the presidency that is trying to confront that around deal while the same, it is trying to confront what's going on a North Korea, while the same president is trying to pull the promises he and his party made on repealing Obamacare on slashing tax.
Bob Porker every single day now is out there trying to sabotage the president sabotage its agenda Avatars donation, a little over a year ago. Nobody knew who by quarter was now he's infants famous The lessons from this to the rest of us, but this phony border foreseen and diamond being a year. It publicists now for Corker part of the Pretoria Guard He actually set on the end quote this Corker bill was the bill. They gave Congress the ability to actually way and only around deal which otherwise The Obama administration would have gone unilaterally, would have done unilaterally and passed it motion by itself was the constitutionally
Congress that parents they ran deal was indeed unilateral. It was never pass by anyone. You understand what I'm saying they ran deal was never passed by Congress. Now, let me educate diamond because he's regurgitating Bob porkers lies which are hard to follow because they're so. Numerous quarter says you know if we didn't have this process that I put in place with my dear friend, leftwing. Could then Cardan of Maryland We didn't have this process. Obama would have unilaterally put this in place by bypass in the Senate altogether. Ladies and gentlemen, I would encourage you to read the treaty clause of the constitution, the United. State Senate has an independent constitutional responsibility if the when the United States violates the constitution takes. What that should be a treaty and runs into the? U N or somewhere else. What. The United States Senate doesn't have to tolerate that the United send it could say you know what we're going to treat it
As a treaty Annie public and later the majority leader they sent. It brings up as a treaty whether Burma likes it or not. There is nothing nothing in the treaty clause. Where the United States Senate has to sit around and wait for the present, the United States who knowingly violates the constitution, are put in place. What is a treaty. No they're executive agreements and all the left wing coax. Also our trade. We are rejecting agreement, everything's, And a tree you of course that's true, but something of this magnitude involving multiple countries having America's national security involving all these issues? The framers of your constitution concluded We needed more than one man or one woman, now, a president of the United States to decide these matters, the broader body politic.
Needed to be involved- and you would think the left would love this idea, since there are great hero Hamilton they like Hamilton, because it's a play on Broadway their great hero habits wrote that Damn federalist paper. I say that I'm talking about Bob porkers fraud, see it as a fraud. Right at this horrific deal that wherein, while they claim that they didn't. And rather than turning the rhetorical guns on Barack Obama. They turn it on Donald Trump and really even more than tat. They turn it on their own constituencies. I'll be right back. Levin says today, one tab benchers what we'd be tomorrow: coal market,
Seven, seven, forty one, forty eight one one hears corker in the capital to I'll get the flake hang in there. You wanna be thorough about this. Here's corker in the capital today at nine go like I am standing up in front of the american people on stating untruths that everybody knows to ban just tempted, moiling many does, which everybody says just the mining of our country, that the name calling stop right there. This is incredible to me. It really is incredible to me. You know, ladies and gentlemen, there are members of Congress who are adulterers, cereal adulterers, and he knows, is for members of Congress were drunks, and he knows it.
Their members of Congress who say things behind people's backs in the most Harv horrid way, and he knows this. What they don't like about Trump as he says when he thinks, and they will want to say what he thinks. Let me ask a question about how and serious this man is that. Republican primary was the bloodiest day and primary. I ever saw in the names back and forth from the vicious and so forth, and trumpet a lot to do that and yet and yet little Bobby Corker. Bobby Corker was very excited about the potential of being vice president to this man. Little Bobby Corker was very, very excited about the potential of being sectaries state. Under this man, Trump hasn't changed. He is who he is.
Bobby Corker would never say these things about Barack Obama ever and what exactly has Donald Trump done. That's so desire. Chris are devastating for the United States of America. What have you done? He wants to cut your tax, He wants to secure the border to protect the country he wants to rebuild the military. He supports local law enforcement. He wants to get rid of the iraqi deal if he can't fix it, which threatens our existence. He's doing his best to deal with North Korea, which he inherited from past presidents of both parties. Corker was in office. He did nothing about. Meanwhile, conversely, what exactly has little Bobby quarter done for the country? What exactly is ignored.
I don't know anything lobby cockers meant for the country to you. Do you. They talk about these untruth and bowling. Tell me when you take on the republic and establishing in the Senate is Michael is attempted to do, is take cruises, attempt to do and others from time to time. What do they do to these men? They boil them, they brutalized them. They threaten them with the withholding. Campaign funds, they leave the political and the washed imposed in the New York Times against these guys, we'll talk about bullying, that's what guys like worker, do Emma cattle and coordinate and Alexander and all the rest of the students. This is what they do. Look what they ve done, the conservatives like us, they were attacked organisations, they attacked our candidates, they viciously attack us verbally.
And so when somebody stands up to them and fight back, they projected onto them, they attack them again, whether it's my cleared Donald Trump, and so For then so might Lee is the most decent proper so you can imagine, and yet there come. About a guy, like my plea is in his language, always appears is an ideological theirs. They always have their reasons, not open. Same bunch in the United States Senate had no problem. Counting Teddy Kennedy among their numbers, no problem at all, TED Kennedy, a womanizer take Kennedy of TRAP, a quick Kennedy the Drunk, as I said it, it's all true, no proof, plumb whatsoever? None none in this country, no problem with Bill Clinton is presently United States ways, molesting women and the oval office. We must.
I stood and in turn in a most grotesque way, we're a line under oath in front of a federal judge, jury allied to a federal grand jury. What did they do during that period? They remember they attack can star and they attack. Star over and over and over again now, what did the Republicans and ascended do. They didn't want to deal with it. They didn't want to deal with it, but now now they ve met. Now they ve met their problem. Now they now they cannot tolerate Donald Trump Language and boy. No, it's interesting to me as long time. Constitutional conservative in Reagan, ideas. On many issues, not all on many issues. Trap has been far more conservative, then the Republicans in Congress and in fact, as I think about this now, if the Republicans,
Congress were more conservative than trump trouble me happy to sign or damn legislation if they get ever get those desk. If they get ever get it to his desk, the congressional Republicans cannot function. It is a dysfunctional lap, largely because of people like my colonel and corker, and Flake and Collins am Rakowski, survive. Corker, they're saying these things because you know.
That will become popular among certain set the media sector. The establishment sack of of politics go ahead. Young people will be watching not only here in our countries around the world, some one of the sheriff you crape. What do you think of that? What do you think that you jerk cut eleven go? Do you trust him? access, the nuclear could I this is a clown. This is a scene and report, a man who read you who, I believe, used to write a political he's, a complete left wing hack, a complete left wing, hack. Do you trust him with access to the nuclear code? That's a question that is, that is put forward as a statement as a statement.
Go ahead I'll I'll go under. Here will not be here, but he's gonna he's gonna because he has snake go ahead. I'm going be addressing the fact that he was only the one other person on the demand side. Has tremendous powers, and I have again, I don't want to. I want to hear this much farther, but look I express concerns a three way weeks ago about his his leadership and just is stability, the lack of desire to be carbon Anton issues and understands enough that this guy is his loathsome, absolutely loads.
President took action to deal with the around here about quarter is in large part responsible for four, exactly the reasons I said, Endangering our children and our grandchildren, who may have to go to award stop this and he poses he's, oppose her as a mature temperate, even killed man. When, in fact is the the city, they say he's a man who knows he cannot win reelection he's a man who was turned down for the vice president she's, a man who was turned down for sectors day and now he's doing as much damage as possible because he doesn't have
stand for re election and the media love him like this man who Roger this clown from seeing and throwing him, do you trust him with access to the nuclear codes with this clown ever say that about any Democrat ever ever facts. First, nano morons, that's what they are. That's what they're a day doesn't go by. Also, ladies and gentlemen, John Mccain doesn't find a reason to attack Donald Trump. Very deferential abroad Obama's manner. Fact, when my body Bill Cunningham was was I'm seeing a campaign event many many years ago for Mccain, became, didn't know my body Bill Cunningham of a well known radio host who subs here from time to time cut have dared to use Morocco
I'm has been allayed Brok, Hussein Obama and they came trashed they'll Cunningham, so concerned was Mccain for his opponent, but when it comes to Trump, my cane is setting a personal score. Twenty settling a personal story doesn't like the way from treated him. The things trump said about these centres are not putting their country first, I dont care with their backgrounds. Are I don't care where they served? Anarchy, as today, as of today as politicians they are not putting. The country first became who ran for repealing Obamacare. I played the ADI who ran for re election to repeal Obamacare. Then all Sonny said we need bi partisanship. We need regular order. Some voting against something that wasn't even report. It was a joke, but still I repealing
In name only is better than nothing, I suppose it doesn't matter. He voted it down. He voted was show. My Schuman was so thrilled. I began Mccain's revitalization and he loved and so day in and day out, he trashes the present, and this is going on and on and on its a pattern. Now. Because there's you're going to retire you're not going to run again, there's no political price and trash. The present in fact make it a lucrative, but the or the other media will love you they're gonna want to bring on these shows that's what they're gonna wanna do and that's what they do. And politicians like nothing more than forming publicity, finding published
Next hour, we're going to address Jeff like Jeff Lake, who, as a back buncher. In the United States Senate? Who has done absolutely nothing about anything. Terrain and a primary then ran in a general election, really one by a very, very tight margin, who basically is a mere Mcconnell laptop, and then he has the gall to talk about traditional conservatism, which is what I defend here. Each and every day he has the gall to talk traditional conservatism. What what have you done about traditional conservatism? What does he do about free markets? Nothing. What does he done about anything when it comes to traditional concern Criticism by the waves and about open borders that radical. Protectionism and socialist leftism: that's not traditional conservatism; that's not constitutional conservatism,
Never has been an ever Welby, but what is Jeff like done about the debt. As he said anything, I have even heard him say anything. What does your flight done to help rebuild the United States military, whereas chef like on to endorse and support local law enforcement in this country? I mean what is done nothing. He goes out of his way to pick fight and he's gone out of his way to pick fight. He wrote a preposterous book which attempts to restate conservatism want to read about conservatism, per se, red liberty and turning no branches. Fact no branches fact he's,
Well, son he's do nothing senator and he was going to get tranche just like worker, and so they go through this. This drama, the spectacle I've had enough. Now you know We stand flake, your constituents have had enough of you. That's not what that's why you're not running for reelection. That's my quarters not running for re election, You might be popular on CNN with it, I underline a left wing cooks there, you might be popular, and I myself stay with the Congo line of left wing cooks. There you'll be popular in the pages of the watchman compost and the near limes at all arrest them. Of course you will. The only problem is your constituencies Asia I'll be right back.
no, ladies and gentlemen, which will continue over the top of the hour Washington composts, linked on the draft report Clinton campaign, Democratic National Committee paid for research that lead to them. I shall dossier, that's correct. They Hillary Clinton campaign and the democratic national com Have fun research that resulted in the now famous dossier containing allegations about Donald Trump connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign in the Kremlin, familiar with the matter said Mark alive say lawyer, representing the Clinton campaign in the Dnc retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm to conduct the research effort that fusion gps higher dossier, author, Christopher Steal, a former british intelligence officer. What time the FBI and the? U S, intelligence community according to their but we will continue to discuss this in then
star. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a we're out of collusion with the Russians only massive now. The entire story is flipped. No wonder that Democrat Party kept accused Tramp tramp we're out of collusion with the Russians. It is they who are in
ocean with the Russians. It is they that were coordinating, but a former british spy. We will I get into this incomplete detail after the top of the hour. I promise you you're, not gonna wanna method and I had forgotten flake we'll just move hinder the third, our ok, but this is a big big deal in the washing composts. Now that even makes it sweeter doesn't and had taken my man, my drugs, who took me after this and there it is. Let's talk about education for a minute. Did you know that more than fifteen states have begun requiring high school students to pass a basic citizenship texts in order to graduate,
It said that such a test is even necessary and it shows me that to the extent american civic education even exist anymore, something has gone very wrong with it. That's why, besides their free online courses and Primus he'll still colleges making impacting K three twelve education and here's how he also helps founder, provides ongoing support and guidance to classical k through twelve charter schools nationwide. Thousands of elementary high school students or enrolled already and he'll still. Does it all without taking a single penny of taxpayer funding or money from the schools themselves, it's called the Barney Charter School Initiative and its revolutionizing k through twelve education. You can learn more Levine for hills, they'll back home, that's l, E, the iron fray, hills, they'll, dotcom watch the brief powerful video about this exciting work and witnessed the difference hailstones making on thousands of lives across the country. That's Levine for Hills doubt that calm L, easy.
I am Levine from Helstone Backup. This is a big deal Clinton campaign B, paid for research that I do that Russia dossier. Ladies and gentlemen, Washington Compost, I've got one two three, let's see three reporters on the case. I wanna hit this big time after the top of the hour when I return, but they Hillary Clinton campaign in the deep help fund research that resulted in an hour. This dossier containing allegations about trumps connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign in the Kremlin. People familiar with the matter said today. No wonder there. Spend months and months and months of cover up mindset
on some months, a resistance to stating the truth going to court to prevent, prevent the people from knowing who was funding. This, ladies and gentlemen, we're about to get right to the bottom of our sea right after the tragedy now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader here. Take stories not Jeff I will deal with him in the third big story broke just a few minutes ago in the washing compost.
Clayton campaign Dnc paid for research to Russia Dossier, the Hilary Clay the campaign and the Democratic National Committee Help Fund research. That resulted in a now famous dossier containing allegations about Donald Trump connections to Russia and about coordination between his campaign in the Kremlin. Familiar with a matter said marked e g Elias A lawyer representing the clear campaign in the DMZ retained, You shouldn T Piazza Washington firm to conduct the research. So the straw man that they cling campaign in the Dnc used As a lawyer named Mark Elias to retain fusion gps that fusion GPS higher dossier, also Christopher steal a former british intelligence officer with ties to the FBI.
And it s intelligence community, according to the people. You is law, firm, Perkins, coy retain the firm. In April twenty sixteen on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DMZ now have you noticed? Hillary Clinton hasn't said a word about this dossier. Have you noticed that Dnc, as I said a word about it, they ve all kept their big mouth shut, hoping hoping that the victorian media will protect them, whereas Mr Peres, chairman of the Dnc, says nothing, nothing. Whereas Hillary Clinton, our book, porridge and immediate or she says nothing, trot, because in collusion with Russia or China? Prior to that agreement view in Gb Esters. Research in a trap was funded by us
Still unknown republic inclined going the republican primary. Who was it they can hide under their rock forever. Who was it. They Clinton campaign in the day and see through the law. Firm continue to fund fusion. Gps is research through the end of October. Twenty sixteen days before election day, fusion GPS gave steals reports and other research documents to Elias the people familiar. The matter said all right, so GPS, fusion, GPS and this former spy for Britain. They gave the reports. To the Clinton campaign and Dnc lawyer Unclear how are how much of that information is shared with the campaign in the DMZ? Is this a joke? All about where shared you Eddie, it's what the Washington Post and who, in those organs
Patients was aware the roles of fusion gps and steal. One person close to the matter said they campaign in the Dnc were not informed of fusion. Gps is wrong by the law firm. Well, I guess we need some subpoenas, some depositions, some grand jury, testimony. Amazing what people will say under of the dossiers become a lightning rod amid that intensifying investigation to that a trunk campaigns possible connections to the rush for Russia. Some congressional republican leaders have spent months trying to now. Here you go. Here's the watchman compost kicking in with its fraud, trying to describe fusion, gps and steel, and try to determine the identity of the democratic innovation, the paid for it lies in fusion gps decline to comment on the Eurasian on the arrangement spokespersons for the clear campaign in the DMZ. Had no immediate comment.
Some of the details about fusion GPS is worker, including an act. Twenty four letter, some Perkins coils representing fusion cheap, telling the reef search frame. It was released from a client confidentiality obligation. The letter, was prompted by a legal fight over a subpoena profusion gps. His bank records. People involved in the matter said they would not disclosed a dollar amounts, paid, diffusion, GPS but said the campaign in the Dnc shared the costs still previously worked in Russia. For british intelligence, the dossier is a compilation of reports. He prepared for fusion dozy allege that the russian government collected compromising information about Trump and the Kremlin wasn't Aged in an active efforts to assist this campaign for president yours, intelligent, and she's later released. They public assessment, which has said
that Russia intervened in the twenty sixteen election, a Trump the FBI's been investigating whether any Trump associates help the Russians. In that effort really. I thought there now investigating Tony Podesta at the pedestrian plan that would be job asked his elder brother, John Podesta. You might remember him campaign the signatory to Hillary Clinton, we ve got all kinds. Are collusion, gone on America, all kinds of collusion of the Clinton Obama, Russia Mauler call me type. Drop is deny the allegations in the dossier is dismissed the FBI probe as a witch hunt fusion cheap, Yes, as work researching trump began during the republican presidential primaries, with a GEO p donor paid for the firm to investigate the real estate tycoons background
Donor donor, wherever you are, come out, come out because you are going to be revealed one day. Fusion Jp Ass did not start off. Looking trumps, Russia ties but quickly realized that those relationships were extensive. According to people familiar with the matter when they report, then don't stop paying for the research alliance. The lawyer acting they have the Clinton campaign at the Dnc agreed to pay for the work to continue the Democrats paid for research, including by fusion GPS.
Because of concerns that little was known about trumpeted business interests accorded their people familiar with the matter. I see so they surreptitiously funded this project because their patriots for the first time in the history of the Clinton and the Democratic Party they were concerned about the Russians. They were concerned that the Russians might be affecting the election and hurting America. Can you imagine the Democrats concern about hurting America? They Clinton campaign paid Perkins, Coy five point: six million dollars and legal fees from June twenty fifteen. Chamber, twenty sixteen. According to campaign finance records and the Dnc pay. The firm three points It's mine and quote legal and compliance consulting since twenty fifteen thoughts, impossible the tough and filings how much of that work was for other legal matter. I wonder if Mark Warner, the direct stricken
Ranking Democrat from Virginia only Senate Intelligence Committee is going to be concerned about this. I wonder if Richard Bear somebody a wake up, a phone. I wonder if he'll be interested in this and, of course we're all sitting with bated breath on the edge of our chairs, wondering what John Mccain has to say about Corker, not at no point these people said that they Clinton campaign or Dnc directs deals activities. They described him as a fusion cheaply, subcontract. So what sort of steals allegations began circulating in Washington, D C in the summer of twenty? Sixteen as the appeal launched its counter intelligence investigation into possible connections between Trump Associates in the Kremlin G I wonder if this is the same F B. I leadership that covered up the Clinton Obama collusion with Russia. Resulted in twenty percent of american uranium, one I've been Russia State Hands room. I wonder around that
I'm still share of its findings with the FBI. After the election, the F B, I agreed to pace the real lesson it s after the election, the FBI to pay steal the former british spy. Continued gathering intelligence about Trump and Russia, but the view. Pulled out of that arrangement after steel was publicly identified in the news reports, so it wasn't that the FBI said we're in the middle of an election. We should be participating in position, research against the republic, and now we shall be doing that steel, blue cover, so I guess we better withdraw We're gonna be found out, ladies and gentlemen, the senior levels of the FBI, the corruption, the political position, the dishonesty. The league is absolutely unparalleled to my knowledge. This dossier, was published by Buzzfeed NEWS in January. Fusion G,
yes is setting court finally said, did not give Buzzfeed the document efficient and by the way, what they don't mention here is how to copy was given the John Mccain and his people and John Mccain gave a copy to call me which are Mccain apparently didn't know, is call me already had a copy officials, said. The FBI has confirmed some of the information in the dossier. Other data including the most sensational accusations, have yet to be verified and may never be. Current informer, yours, intelligence officials, say steel was respected by the here you go. This is called rehabilitation. The Washington Compost, Important praetorian guy, they got to sleep, they had a report it, but you can see it goes back and forth like us, frantic news operation. We gotta report this, but we have to defend the. When things Obama and all the rest report defend report defend.
In early January then happy I directed James Commie presented a true page summary is still socio. President Barack Obama and President Elect Trump by the way trumpets said that, as he looked back on events, this is me speaking, not the washing compost in our views. This as A threat they call me was basically saying look what we have on you Donald Trump in May trump. Fire Call me which led to the appointment of Robert S, Malo, the third, a special council investigating the tramp Russia Matter congressional Republicans have tried to force fusion GPS to identify the democratic group behind steals work. The firm has said that it would not do so, citing confidentiality agreement with its clients. Last week, fusion GPS executives invoked their constitutional right, not to answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee. If its republican, we call it a certain
this amendment the fifth the firms founder Glenn Simpson, has previously given. Ten, our interview descended Traditionary. Can you, by the way, a reporter that previously for the Wall Street Journal or object comes from Democrats, the republican leader, the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Delta, Nunez, subpoenaed fusion. Gps is bank records in order to try to Jennifer the mystery client. Let me tell you something: this Nunez, there's a metal of freedom. This stuff This leads to the Washington Post in what I soon was an effort damage control because they knew Nunez was onto them. They know, Nunez was gonna, go to court, they figure Nunez might actually get these records and aid stead leaked the basic information to the watchman compost.
Hoping for a spin fusion. Gps has been fighting the release which bank records. The judge in the case could issue a decision as early as Tuesday, while today Tuesday. So I guess they figure that maybe the judge will step to midnight initially the judge by the way was appointed by Iraq. No House Hussein Obama Now you know the rest of the story. Isn't this fascinating. What will see an undue Rachel man I'll, do over time as Hell Estate. What will Dan rather do? What were what were? They all do. What will they do over the morning? Schmo the schmo and MRS Schmo, another Push moabites any north korean generals who watch the small and the small and MRS Schmahl. What were they all be thinking
alright, CNN Wolden lemon. Be writing a letter to Hillary Clinton from softened his family? Will it be crying when it's all over inquiring eyes want to know what about Wolf, butcher. Well somebody wake him up only actually become a newsman. What will you do with it and, of course, there's prying Steckler Brion said clear, Mohira thousand State University, as I understand it, where I believe he attended school level, fat guy as we like to calm affectionately here. Although brine stature starts, I have to say about it: the cover up proceeds. You can faint devil Nunez for bringing the delegation that made this cremation, I'm sure available, because it was leaked to the Washington Compost, not the Senate and tell it committee weight to mature over their way to bypass. And there never gonna, do anything like this so bottom line. They Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democrats
national committee help spend a fortune Junior the dossier, research, the opposition research feel were correct when lies want Donald Trump and they covered it up from the american people. Hilary in our campaign, I didn't know what my campaign was doing. I had shut up shut up. There is a lady with all due respect that needs attention. She shouldn't be travelling the country talking about anything and the deep sea. We thought they were the victims of the Russians. Didn't we? Oh yes, yes, yes, their database was tat into other paying for information against trumpet. Don't where are they weren't paying the Russians directly, not an they were, pay in the former british style, by directly, not Anna, they paid a front group.
They knew withdraw their dirty work for them and they hope, by paying through a lawyer, a lawyer, penguin front group, the front group going to an Ex british spy. They thought they would cover up all their tracks for months they lied, light in silence, never confessed incredible. This is pretty incredible, I'll, be right back Jeff like thing next, you gotta lotta digestion ice A lot going on hand I just want to lay this out The bottom of the hour, and then I will go to the fund
very, very anxious to talk about Corker that flake about this incredible revelation. It wasn't a democrat donor that picked up the funding for this effort. It was the Clinton campaign and the day and. That's how sleazy this wasn't it. And our great american media. Our Praetorian Guard media all the time when the Clinton A pain in the DMZ was funding. This dossier never discovered it and if they discovered it, never reported so anxious so hopeful where they that the dossier would destroy the
Current presidency so anxious and hopeful where they had it was accurate with a special council who was appointed to investigate russian collusion. A statutory basis for any violation, Look what shrilling around Us Bill Clinton makes. Half million dollars in a speech in Moscow. Around the same time that Obama administration, including Hilary and holder or their surrogates approve. Deal that results in the Russians. Getting twenty percent of America's uranium. Have you ever heard of anything so outrageous? Ever? Hundred forty seven million dollars is Peter. Schweizer is written in camp in acquainting cash. He was right
hundred forty seven million dollars wind up at the Clinton Foundation. Meanwhile, she's violating the espionage act on a separate matter and she runs for president of the United States call me decides to once. Before or even of user. Twenty other witnesses, or looks at our laptops that she's innocent and that's that makes a press conference We all thought was outrageous, and now we know as a cover for a Hilary to prevent any intrepid prosecutor, primitive considering to bring charges against him. We also know that Mr Mahler, as head of the FBI, kept the information about the brain, About all the rest of it involving this uranium stuff, he kept it from Congress for years.
We also know the: U S attorney involved. In that case, Mr Rose and state didn't bring charges for years. I'll be right back just in time for Halloween the church, humor and Nancy Pelosi nightmare continues? Call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one, remember. The number to the FBI has been years time. A cape whose wife is a liberal my crack ranch the state Senate in the Commonwealth of Virginia received over. If a million dollars is support from the Cook Governor Virginia, I.
And I was acting FBI director for a short period, one We was fine, installers number, two f B. I thought thanks thanks to high Heaven. All these scandals has multiple scandals now and robbing Eurobond administration Clinton. Some of them share. Mr Mulder, the uranium scandal they all seem to involve in one way or another, MR call me. Incredible and this lawyer Mark Eliza lawyer- Mark allies, corny the washed and post suggested a google search on this kind of danger. Because Wikipedia lies about me: I'm gonna do a thirty. In its on this in a week or two Wikipedia and what its what it is trying to do to me, because it will not stop the leftists from writing what they write. But this guy Mark Elias, who represents the
Pointing came, he didn't represented, Clint Camping, he was General Council of the Clinton campaign, but he represented the clear campaign in the DMZ. He retained fusion GPS. He was the money man, the bag, man. He said Lee Council, the Senator Frank it and they two thousand eight Minnesota, set an election recounted contest. He represents a democratic National Committee, the democratic senatorial Campaign Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the democratic governance Socio he's rapid The leadership of the House of representatives are you a Senate Democrats he's testified before committees, thousands of Congress before the efficacy. Worked on voting rights and we just rigging lawsuits, obviously against Republicans and rigid.
Our higher Nevada, Minnesota New York was cards and Texas, Florida and North Carolina, so as a left wing lawyer he's a hitman and it was General Council, according to this, for Hillary Clinton, twenty sixteen campaign and he's the one who retain fusion cheap, yes- and it is crucial. It is crucial that the two judiciary, committees of this house in the Senate, it is crucial that intelligence committees in the house in the Senate called sky Alice up the testify under oath. Oh, I'm up under oath, they won't come subpoena, sky mark alive. She knows where are the bodies are buried? Did he get? The reports distribute the reports, if so to whom they distribute the reports The work with the FBI did he work with Still, I don't know, I'm asking questions.
Sky mark alive, so I never heard of before. Then it sounds like he's involved this top the bottom and the law firm, Perkins, Coy Bill gates his dad used to be a partner in the Perkins love. I'm just so you know, so this law, firm and Elias and Particular retained they choose, may retain this fusion cheap. He s an April twenty. Sixteen on behalf the Clinton campaign in the Dnc. So this guy Elias knows a ton now the question is what Mr Mauler in his FBI agents, will they storm troop their way in the middle? sure alliances apartment when he's sleeping bed with his wife, spend ten hours going for everything they own, including his clothing,.
To see what he knew when he know it if he knew anything which obviously did about the fusion gps activity and how much the Kremlin was involved and feeding this former british spy information who, in turn, fetid diffusion, cheap Yes, the firm retained by Mr Elias, the General Council of the Clinton campaign, who also presented, the DMZ. Ah, this is thirty. Theirs is daddy right, Mr Elias, Mr Elias, by the way you are free to come on this programme contact, MR producer, you are free to come on this programme and talk and talk about this article and talk about the rest.
I assure you he will assert confidentiality, attorney, client, privilege, attorney work. Priority will asserted ah, but in the face of a criminal investigation, if there is one Mr licence assertions, many of them will fall by the wayside. So now we have this character Mark Elias. This lawyer, right Mental, this Washington Compost story right in the middle he's the guy that retains fusion cheap. Yes, why did he retained fusion cheap? Yes, how much was fusion cheap? He has paid by the Clinton campaign. The DMZ.
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her time whatsoever attacking Nancy policy. Nothing, nothing attacking is calling Susan Collins who's, the nothing tacking trump. Well, that's virtuous! You see. Yes, like had no chance of winning the republican primary, he had no chance of being reelected United States Senator, so he decided to do a swan song. He decided to do a sponsor He decided he was gonna, go up and play the role of he. Shakespearian figure go up on the balcony. And I give one of his speech before taking a political nosedive. Jeff Lake broke his trust with the citizens of our region
He deceived them. You can try and wrap himself and traditional conservatism. Reagan is unconstitutional conservatism, but it's none of those thinks he's none of those things whose conduct his conduct is action. Demonstrate he's a go along entrench rhino. That's my highly campaign. That's not the basis for his election. And the way I see it, the people of Amerika are sick and tired of wires. Theirs. I'm tired of liars people lie They get elected. Linda Gonna, like that he was the most vulnerable republican running So he said I have an idea or cease being a back bencher. The media will drag me to the front of the. Why I'll get my fifteen minutes of fame. And then maybe I'll join a think tank again or who knows what hearing art is what he said. I warn you which upset you but got one go
Mr President, I rise today to address a matter that has been Much on my mind had a moment, when it seems in our democracy is more defined by discord and our dysfunction than by our Values and principles: let me. Began by noting the somewhat obvious point that these office does that we hold or not ours indefinitely we're not here. Simply to mark time, Sustained incumbency is certainly not the point of seeking office and there. I am certain. We must risk our careers in favour of our principles while that I say number one: guy sit for a very long and the tooth well another eighties, and they won't leave. So for some of them, this is about marking time. It is about them and not the country number two. Please don't, please don't become a complete.
Laughing stock, you're, already a laughing stock, buddy, complete laughing stock, riskier careers in favour principles, And your colleagues haven't restrict careers in favour principles. In fact, quite the opposite. You ve destroyed you careers because you ve, abandoned your principles. Go ahead powers such a time. It must also be said that I rise today with no small measure of regret. Regret as in the state of our disunion, did you rise with three concern about regret the Obama administration and in a state of this union course not. I would you do that the media wouldn't love you. There will be a right wing cook, go ahead regret because of the just repair, and this Active nest of our politics regret because of the indecency our discourse You know this is amazing to me, the destructiveness of our policy
why? Because all of us want to go along with what is for the entrenched rhinos and their counterparts, the predictable decline of the nation. Some of us believe we had a fight their so called inevitable. Predictable decline of the nation see the district this, ladies and gentlemen, that you and made they think everything goes along swimming, except when you actually demand they follow the principles they run on. Except when you realize what the debtors, except when you realise, what's going on an immigration except in Europe,. All these things and you objec see you're the destructiveness of our politics. According to a guy like this, the indecency of our discourse. There's no question: I discourse can be better, but the indecency of our discourse.
Really. This is a body that considered take Kennedy. Did me the line of the Senate TED Kennedy. Harvey wine Stena the Senate just like Bill it was the Harvey Wednesday to the presidency. You see. Ladies and gentlemen, Republicans and Democrats in Washington, D C. A very high standard for you and me in a very low standard for themselves, not all of them, but too many of them. So the Harvey why Spain and the United States Senate is the line of the Senate Teddy Kennedy. And the Harvey Wine Stena, the Presidency Bill Clinton. While he get out Personal matter, private matter, gotta go after ten star. Currently, none of Acta grabbed the Mr Flakes attention because of the coarseness of our leadership regret for the car Four miles of our moral authority. And by are I mean all of our computer.
And this alarming and dangerous state of affairs. It is time for our committee complicity and our accommodation of the unacceptable to end? Oh, yes, yes, oh yes! Yes, they have backed the trumpet gender from day, one stopping complicit and they have tolerated Trump from day. One haven't they stop being complacent did Jeff like both for Trump. I dont know if he didn't. I I don't know Cut to MR producer go then this century, a new frayed I'll, let you know- and we have a high breakin limit, let's home, on the cut to the top and right back? Then
particularly interesting about this. This is the fifth column, guys like Flacon, Corcoran, Mccain they're, not really fighting Trump on principle. Flaking claim years, but I see no principles that flake has been promoting at any time during his Senate career Mccain. Certainly, fighting on principle. He abandon those decades ago and of course, Calker has no principle Peace is fun. Golly he's a chameleon. He is a self aggrandize, so this is a fifth column every bit as much As the effort to undermine the election results by the left, you now have Republicans.
Who are attempting to undermine the election results not from the right but from the republican Party. The progressive elements of the Republican Party. You don't see, might lead to a sort of stuff as an example and he's the gold standard for conservative. So you have now a fifth column. A strange alliance of hard left, radical progressives and the Corker Flake Mccain and others their ilk, who have as their purpose, to sabotage this presidency to make it failure and one which Mcconnell goes on and on about we got back winners. He doesn't really mean that we have the back sycophants. Naturally, man sink a fence who will go along with him, a K street and the lobbyists and the progressive and all the rest
Me, what exactly is the Donald Trump has done that so horrific that the Republicans can't get behind him cut taxes, repeal aspects of a secure the border build up the military confront the North Koreans, they re honest. I got what is it that turn that so horrible. I can't think of anything. You know attention gun owners out there. Can you say with one hundred percent confidence that your family in homer safe? What have you defend yourself, twosome gulags, exactly what the same. What to do with your gun on law enforcement arrives, that's how you can take a simple and rewarding journey to conceal carrion home defence confidence. It's called the twenty. Seventeen conceal carrying family defence guide, from the? U S, conceal, carry association and its one hundred percent free you'll learn how to detect attack
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How many conservatives and politically, obviously, how many conservative tried to take out George W Bush forced to terms how many conservatives went to the floor. The Senate obviously not talking about the manner in which he speaks and so worthy very decent man talking about his policies, many of which were absolutely disastrous. She's in a personal attack, just a fat Remember: any consumer is going to the Senate, for I've had enough. I've heard after this guy. I'll, be right back.
Easy now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three! I want you to and I believe this. Here we go the whole newspaper, John Solomon and intrepid real journalist, Republicans investigate Russian granted century by Obama administration, while under Fbi- investigation for bribery, the I'm administration awarded a visa allowing a top russian Nuclear executive to enter the United States after the FBI
But he gathered substantial evidence. He was involved in a racketeering scheme having bribery, kickbacks extortion, and money laundering court records show the record show tenets. Executive of vat in maker in was engaged in illegal conduct as early as the follow two thousand nine. Yet he was allowed to enter the country by the Obama administration within our one temporary work these when he arrived in December, twenty eleven macaroons visa renewed in August twenty fourteen just months before he was arrested and charged with extortion. The record show he and his company applied for these in the summer of twenty eleven record show that lightly delay is now being investigated by multiple GEO P. Like congressional committees are I let me circle back and explain for nearly four years, These kickbacks, foregoing on these by all these schemes,.
Where Russia this front. Man for ten was I his way to control over certain aspects of our uranium activities in this country, particularly transportation and so forth, and others is complicated. Just stick with me, For years, this information was kept from the committee's Congress. Would oversight for years the assistant FBI directorate in charge of Counter intelligence investigation. In an earlier peace said. He was not informed about this. You know know about this. Mahler Mahler are special council. There are special counsel, you know who else About this later call me. So here we have this russian, whose Firstly, here doing Putin's dirty work spreading. Ash around cash around the influence decisions, bribery
Backs extortion, money laundering quite record show you know. The U S attorney in Maryland was eventually prosecuted rose, steam, the deputy attorney general, the United States. He sat Joe continue. Its concerning that I suspected criminal was able to apply for, and we know a work visa while being under FBI Investigation Senate Judiciary many trim and Chuck rashly wrote in the letter officials for the FBI. State and homeland security did not return, calls and emails seeking an export. Why Macaroon was granted a visa after. The happy. I already had evidence he was engaging in wrong doing. Familiar with law enforcement issues involving visa said it was possible, the FBI evidence on maker and was not flagged and databases checked by state and on land before maker and was granted it the course their vision masking Americans. They added
Another possibility was, at the FBI, s the agencies to allow Magruin to enter the country, so they can monitor its activities as part of a law to counter intelligence operation. Only one problem with that the assistant director for counter intelligence investigations wasn't aware, robin the adequacy of visas. Safeguards was raised a new by home and securities own internal watchdog, and it goes on so that just keeps adding up and up and up does it not? Ladies and gentlemen, what does for me I hit the brakes. I dont lose my place. We want to go back to the late Great Jeff Lake who's not being celebrated
always brilliance their Churchill of our time, the Thatcher of our time, the Reagan of our time. What has he done? Nobody knows, but he's very funded. We know that and he goes to the Senate floor and gives a speech. I would like to draw a doormat He doesn't give a speech really for you and me doesn't give a speed for the constituents of ours and giving it to the lid media that three, MR bidders forego reckless rageous and undignified MA. Am you ve their rich. Cut three. Mr resumed used and carriers as tone it like. It is when it is actually just reckless outrageous and dignified and undignified, and when behavior emanates from the top of our government. It is something else
It is dangerous to democracy. Such behaviour does not protect strength, because our strength comes from our values. It instead projects corruption of the spirit and weakness. It is often said that children are watching while they are And what are we going to do about that when the next generation ass us? Why didn't you do something? Why didn't you speak up? How are we going to say? Mr President, I rise today to say enough. We must dedicate ourselves to making sure that the anomalous never becomes the normal with respecting humility. Say that we have fooled ourselves for a long enough that a pivot to go He's right around the corner, a return, quality and stability right behind it. We,
better than that. Firstly, why is he out of breath breathless. So, ladies and gentlemen, need to turn return to normal, see a barrage of presidency a ninety. As speak of the house, may be shimmers the majority to some of these guys, don't know what it's like to govern their scattered governing, but they did nothing done. It is a dysfunctional republic, Congress, dysfunctional and there's a handful of em hooky voting with the Democrats, cut forego. Here today, I stand to say that we We better serve. We would better serve the country by better for Between our obligations under the constitution by here. Into our article one old normal
Mr Madison's doctrine of separation of powers, this innovation which affirms Madison status as a true visionary and which Madison argued and Federalist fifty one held that the equal branches of our government would balance and counteract with each other, if necessary. Ambition counteracts ambition. He wrote, but what happens if mission? Fails to counteract ambition? What happens if stability they ought to assert itself in the face of chaos and insight, It amazes me to hear this lecture when the branch of government that totally out of control is the judiciary. And that's what he meant by ambition ambition, a power not that somebody uses words that the to flight may not like, or I may not like- or anybody may not like see
I'm smart enough mature enough, just like the rest of you to look at the substance or what's taking place in this country. Let us recall tromp as a counter puncher, that's what he is. Look at the things that quarter has said about Trump trumpets and said those things about Corker. Look at the things flake is saying about tramp tramp hasn't said those things about flake. I know what they want: another Bush presidency here or maybe sort of afford president's as you know, something like that for the game is lucky campaign. Tell these Ronald Reagan, s type things, but just don't be a rag and just Don just just operate within the box.
Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, when I tell you when we get this article, five convention estates matter really push when we get close to twenty states. Hopefully one day soon you watch are they turn their rhetorical guns, their political guns on you and me they hate us. This is the truth. At about Trump smart about mightily, it's not about crews, another about you and me. Despise us they would have been thrilled Europe cannot remain in office. They would have been thrilled if it Baynard remained speaker. They want Pope. Above hope, Mcconnell to remain that. This is who they are. This is what they want. The only and they step outside the boxes to step outside the box, with the left to make deals with the left which then making either way right now, an amnesty for the year for the dreamers The working in an amnesty for the dreamers has ever they campaigned on as ever they said amnesty for the dream.
I don't remember that when you do you now, and so you jack to these sorts of things and something wrong with it. They call you knavish restriction. Is you hit back with strong words and then there's something wrong with the EU must be mentally unstable. About Corker sounds mentally unstable to me. He certainly does. He sounds like he's he's insane to me and intellectually corrupt. There. You have it go ahead. If decency fails to call out indecency. Or the shoe on. I get off your high horse. If decency fails to call off in indecency look around you look at the clouds you're serving with those all decent people. Are those our moral people. Tell me the truth.
There is no I'll be right back meanwhile tray Gouty on Fox NEWS Martha Maccallum that that the right scope that he's been interviewing witnesses with respect to Russia Collusion is not a single witness. Has evidence of russian collusion at a single witness collusion, that is with the trunk camp. So we have this explosion of skin involving the Obama administration. The Clinton's some instances levels of the FBI, the sky Mark Elias with a few,
in cheap. He s an explosion of scandals. With so many facts there even difficult to follow difficult to follow. Let's go to stave Springfield Mozilla, the great case pay. Austria. Sorry cares. Kiev go I mark Haven't we on you can occurred, quarter and location and, like all porn, Our, Inter Alia, in the elections, and now they learn and cane related support him inflicted neither while they not supporting Corker wanted to be vice president. We wanted to be favoured areas. Now. We only vice president and then no when you re vice president, then sector state that twenty interview for ok, very well, but everyone
that being the reality of the situation may get up, spoke to power they're the ones in power than the ones that control the year the Lee. The power and the Senator Mccain voted. You favour repealing Obama. Scarcer luck! Oh Why, worse now, you all know we twenty million people without yeah. No, I wouldn't leave eighty million people without health care pal. You, you, you you're just a mouse p. For the left. Twenty million people without health. Tell me so where'd you get that figure from well, it's not hard to find. Why don't you tell the nation? You must have found that where you find this, granting put out by your, but I never found it. This is that crap that's put out by your party and what the congressional
office is saying. All these people are going to drop out, who don't want to pay into Obamacare? That's where most of them come from an you treat it like? Twenty million people aren't gonna be covered. People want to escape Obamacare directing Donald Trump and lobby orbs interim answering your question and you know how many thanks talk about Obamacare. Why are you running out about this about the senators letter speaking only what is tat flag done for Arizona? Can you give me one thing censure since you wanna talk about the sinners speaking truth, the power? What have they done? What it wanted Jeff like do for Arizona. I'm not primarily down it. You say you don't know anything about truth. The power tell me, Sir, about What are you like the around here? Don't you I like the fact there republican energy matters I point your liberal Democrat and you like flake your liberal democrat
like Corker. Exactly that's my point, no report. We can exactly how they say they are so you like me Randy Corker Greece, the skids for they ran deal you, like the Obama idea and, of course, Mccain ensured that it would be continue. So God you, we have what your problem I'm happy. I want to point out that no the lottery public consent, then you fighting this company there are a lot of republican senators defected from Reagan too. When rang and try to get rid of the Department of Education, I lived a year's and administration, you know defected and preventative from getting rid of the Department of education. The Republicans. Ok, you know Lou defected and wouldn't allow Reagan to cut domestic spending. To the extent we wanted to cut domestics manning the Republicans.
Yet I do not recall whenever whatever. Ike Chattanooga tendency the Great W g o w go precursor aware in order to spread fear you, sir, thank you. I will come back on their fellow I just wanted to check your only cocoa situation. I know the man personally several times when I was in the business Hulu is mayor. Chernobyl. Good man is forest personally, but when he went to Washington, as you put it to adequately
then the chase, the treaty provision alive, conservative it the way you met. I dont think, and I agree with your analysis. He said your analysis being that they simply knew he could not win this wise backing mail. I spoke to a friend of mine, a coworker today Who brought up the trees knew him also said between my oil and rational to him and said now. What do you do? a running for I saw nothing and they should be ok, good they turned round and looked back. This was in the Bible, boys and said Babo after pumping to hang facing. Oh, you said he was second put about. The man want power recognition an acceptance and he has a good man, but that's it
Why doesn't sound like a good man me when you talk about the president being mentally unsaid? That sounds to me like a very little man. Quite frankly, I MIKE I pray Hatred call very much and all I know is trumped in. Failing to endanger this nation? Actually it was Bob Corker who did something really really dangerous vis the treaty clause we're seeing how the vote is supposed to go. Now that the House's Senate has never voted for the steel. All the house of the centre were free to do was to try and prevent it and because the numbers were impossible impossible under the deal that the carpet It Obama was always gonna get whatever we want, so one quarter and his ends CNN and wash and composed go on and on about one quarter voted against the journey was vehemently against. The idea that is about is dishonest, as it gets because cork it created the circumstances in which anything Obama wanted was gonna, get could not be repaid,
I'll, be right back Magua them speaking about poor five Americans who are illiterate Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one in a brain! It is a body of my satellite. We get the gun there all the time, but when we do, we have a lot of fun and is a very smart guy, any kind of a self. Became historian. Brian kill me. How are you my friend Parker? don't you know? What's going on around over every year around the time we get together somewhere in the Virginia Washington area, and I have my signing to quit- coming weekend. I wanted, but too much pressure only be they know. You have a lot of other interests. I really would be there have to be in Florida seriously. Get a tan or anything. But you you're gonna, be
since nobody Thyssen's Corner Maclean Virginia on Saturday right yeah that over time expert, birthplace, George Washington, that's incredible man. I would have come seriously I would have we, what am I gonna around my mother meeting place since we will? We have a date back to you written paper, Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans. The battle that shaped America's destiny. Let's get start a lot of people, don't even know about this miracle. Do it This way we learn in school and not entirely wrong. You only to fight this battle. Big went for America. We didn't he defied of this communication was bad. They already signed a treaty again and if you document now recovered thanks to run dry season, elite historians, God decorated marine from the Vietnam WAR, I'll be alive. All these historians help me tremendously and fight after the British had every intention of holding and keeping a ok down holding on to New Orleans holding onto the Mississippi the mouth, which is all you need? Is you control, out in Amerika would have
struck at eighteen states and they had they did not want this accuracy thing. They did not like the idea of rotation in this election thing was endangering them, and if it wasn't for this, this American born self educated military master my going on. Is God did your general Andrew Jackson. It wouldn't work and of Iraq. See. America was able to hold off the finest fighting force in the world. If, with Aforesaid Wellington, Invincibles it they stop, Napoleon could not stop Andrew Jackson, So, let's start at the beginning, when did this battle begin irreversibly in twelve. I have you been through the White House and seen the burn mark where the burn down the White House. I won't either one boy yeah people pointed out here they just walk through I mean I was. I was amazed by it and how those last data by this war and a horrible it was going. Anyone who thinks mark you know that coming to an end, Jeff Flake as little speech, India quarters out of his mind, in other words,
We do it and our systems for Nepal think about this we're getting annihilated in a war that we started because a british provoke us into it and justifiably they deserved it, but we were not ready and it got so bad they burned our capital are how white House and almost killed our president and who was the president. It was five foot for inch James that and he fled he are you trying to fight our militias rand. They were not organised and even though our them they they ve, just raided, took over the White House and burned to the ground. First finish: the dinner there was planned for medicine and his guests. They burn the place down, and then they just to finish off. We stood tall in Baltimore, took out the man that burn Washington a morass, and then he said no big deal will take you enough before that didn't work. General into a finishing off That's when they met into major angel, a major general Andrew Jackson, who put together appeal the american Army, but let by American
remit of color. I'm talking about me Indians. There was sided with our side french occasions its regular Marines militias and even though around virtually to the one we took him out within forty five minutes. And how did he taken out within forty five minutes? He built a burn many wall and doesn't move copyright, rigorous canal and filled up with water. He figured out. Block, as from gave back the British from getting to bourbon street by Christmas and after a few skirmishes, a They are the battle plan to solve. It throw ladders up over it and climb over and take us, but evidently they lost their urges the news, a suicide mission and our guys talk in sin in our and arrived tennesseeans work with great shots. If they weren't a great shout, it didn't eat they shot for living. We had better guns and the British could not the way. Americans could adapt and the general consent
it everybody could inspired. He was revered in feared any inspired. Although some answer is suffering from dysentery down six one hundred forty pounds had his men take them out. They did not miss when fire, they kept it oh sure. They kept it together and I think uniquely american Army wasn't all white. It wasn't all black. It was white black indian occasion. They see, as he said, men of Hey, I don't care if you, if your collar is t or black you'll, be treated the same, get paid the same, you'll get the same guns and and Jackson inspired it in such a big deal. He became more famous man in America. And later on, he propelled the two terms in the White House, and this is a guy look, I know anything new, but at thirteen he was in order, and he was fighting the revolutionary war because he loved this country and the country clear, raised him you'd make excuses and become a leading to become a criminal. He became a lawyer became accomplishment. A senator,
and dare I say, a judge and then because major general volunteering to keep a motion together, attend Tennessee and, of course they looked down on him because he was a equipment any was in with the elite. Virginia in Massachusetts any and convince them to take it seriously and end the parallels between the way trumpets looked at when he ascended into the privacy and the weak way. Gashes looked at absolute blows me away, I don't wanna Jackson have a thousand miles, yeah recognition, Jumping up and decrying there, Let me ask you this autumn. So after this battle here check is this enormously popular man right? What does he do with their popularity, but he goes back to the hermitage. He thought he starts working, how to give back next. They realises you know. There's been proved that big. Push for these people. They were now we can flyover country. Then, Where they were south Westerners and they work
Wait but often the most patriotic easy way you go represent. I think, as I dont think, that people Virginia really have our best interest in a mind. I dont think that really care and understand the people I'm going there and change it. He couldn't one in eighteen, twenty, four improbable did on the path to a vote, but it took him another four years After a controversial s letter there. So, he's running against whom John Quincy Adams, the establishment any well any loses against items on the electoral college, for he wins a popular vote, yet any furious about that and his supporters are furious about up. They feel they were ripped off. A fairly election was stolen from so plots for for me before in four years from now And he runs against the same man. What happens with anal?
Importantly, you just brought up. He showed up at the inaugural party. He did not walk around bitter. He didn't go to undermine. He just work to reload You mean it into a book toward blaming the Russians are anyway, wait a second check again money nope, as I will tell you about the russian amazing about the british. What did you blame them? Let me see him in pay. Nothing, nothing about the matter com. That's the way it is. He care more about the country, keeping it together and he feared if you was going to approach she even knew he had more votes. Be my third country apart here. Figure out a way to win within the system any did he brought his case to the people. And it will, but we was even close and his predecessor despise them so much junk with GM Great man in a gene is clearly not a great leader. Perhaps, but he cared love this country it ok, was his mantle John Adams was,
John Adams was his dad. He knew Washington, he watched the Revolutionary war unfold, so I have nothing yes, John Quincy Adams semi sit brilliant by junk with the urgency, better and thought he was so unworthy. He needed stick around at the inauguration and that's what caused it. Afterwards there was no security. There was think so when they went back to the White House, it was poorly timely tool. We support right People were all over the grounds right here about away John Andrew Jackson was real top on his predators predecessors. In his We'll speech and guess who was predecessors were the founding fathers. So everyone to entrust for not being kind of Bush quarter and Reagan in and perhaps, and certainly present, Obama Clinton, but my This Andrew Jackson had a problem with that. Father. Now here's the thing Jackson was not my favorite present, but he was a great general and this battle was crucial, which is really the focus your book
I don't wanna do John meet him spoke has been done as we can get into the second national bank. How do you find it? led to a mass of depression that felon LAB at Morton Van Buren and all I step. But your point is. This man help save America time after the revolutionary war from the same forces, the british and well and by the way was one of the greatest. Military men in the history of the long history of Britain right and packing him where his brother in law had willing construed well, I can add a suspicion that Americans gotta be really tough. The defeat because I dont imagine us having too much success there, but they were still steam rolling us both their America. Does this thing we adjust, we make mistakes and we adjust and we don't quit in that happens. The british want to Queen victory a european style, theater and we're say now we're gonna. Look at him to go into the woods. Will you do good
The swamps, we're gonna harass, we're gonna do with you would ever taken when they first land in New Orleans, partying their hanging an income, our guys. As soon as night falls with Jackson. They says you will not have one, they will not sleep. Well, night of have one night of restful sleep on our soil and the attachment they attack with hatchets and they caught him up. There was I want your casualties, we had ten and the british we get into its because Jackson fiercely hated the british love. This country felt the old everything to this country. It was the pure you know, is a patriotism that we see today. He saw how great we could become even then, and if they didn't just picture this picture America stopping for another. Fifty years of the Mississippi your picture, us being landlocked in our own place. This is the documents that are revealed. They wanted to lie us in our own country. They want to form-
american indian nation on one side which was friendly to the british and they wanted to hold us back with the spanish and british and maybe even the French again south and then we're just gonna lock us in, but instead we couldn't be denied and I think it I think I will try to. It is not right for Yale a Harvard. I try to write this for the today, American, they want to know one more great thing about our past. You know I want my audience there and I'm sure they do already the passion you bring to this and they can hear it in your voice is. Is it comes across in your writing, and you know these subjects soon and that which is obvious just by listening to you, know them backwards and forwards. You dig into this stuff, and this isn't you know slapdash surface oriented stuff, even though its in plain English, you do learn a lot from your books, which is why I really enjoy going to your book signs that and yet it and you know- and you pay for much but seriously. But but let's hear
Barnes Unknowable, that's a big bookstore. It's a big area my brothers and sisters and Thyssen's corner area Maclean Virginia Viana. Do you prefer Brian Gonna, be there one p m the two thirty p m, and you know what that means an hour and a half you're, not gonna have a lot of time, so I gotta get in there and get online and then he's going to that evening. He's gonna be the Barnes and noble in Fredericksburg Virginia on the Silver Parkway carbon. There were parkway seven p m to eight thirty pm and for the rest of us, if you want to get the book You got amazon dot com. The name of the book is Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans. The battle that shaped America's destiny or just put brine, kill me to learn or pop up it's his new book
and you can get it in any major bookstore. Any major warehouse store any little independent store Antonia. It is a really really intriguing and compelling, but another one, how many books of you, written by fifty five to sports boats from three history books, man It is an issue that stardom, as you know, when you start going with the meeting with these historians and go into the stuff area, it is like what you see on television with actual treasure, you just fine. You going where you bore, because I love american his journal, this other history at their by love, but finding out more about noise, and it just put helps with this in mind. Active of all going to die. Everyone here are people, listen to you. Now they drive and trucks, they very work to jobs, it'll they might be retired, and they say you know, I don't have time to dig to dig into our histories. My hope is to get the wet people's appetite
and on them, with some perspective about what we're going through right now, because people think it's cataclysmic. It is really not it's part of the process. We wanted to be better, it's ugly, but we're self correcting country. We do things wrong, but we get better and when that's the story of all our wars and our political system and get it when I'm watching the chaos going on today curious. But it's not unprecedented. So you know when people are on Capitol Hill not each other for their own self interest, and I think that we witnessed today. I re my brother give your cousin my best skated, what's his name again, causing Phil I love that cousin silly. He loves you he's the man babyhood it away the heritage on Friday and washing kid. It adds to the foresight to see their heritage foundation. Yes to the four this Friday, very, very good. I brought you kill me you're, a good man, good luck and God bless Relic graduate. Don't ever they mark. Are you
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Visit simply save Mark Dotcom, simply safe mark that get this special ten percent off your system that simply save marked our comfort and present off your home security system, one more time simply safe. Mark that calm, frank long neck, Delaware. On the mark, Levant, Perry, user, good? I'm great. You're on rather go right ahead. Ok Mark first, I want to start outrages. Taking you for opening my eyes. So, what's going on, I grew up in Philadelphia, young kid didn't know a lot about anything. My grandfather died. My leader, my dad died my leader I'd. Nobody teach me. Nobody tell me which way to go, The line on my own, I work to jobs. Our three yards I got married
I was nineteen. I've done everything I could friggin due to actually mean and me- and I've done this for years, and I've actually became not I'm not gonna, say success I got twenty seconds as your fascinates me. Can I get. Your number will call you tomorrow, you don't hang up. Please get his number, Mr Klaus greener, and remind me to call him tomorrow, We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging purse, and you the american people Oh god bless you check out. And tv. In two minutes tomorrow on the radio, be well.
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