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These mass murders are horrific in every respect, but they make a tiny fraction of fraction of gun deaths in the country. There are around 33,000 annual gun deaths and two-thirds of those are suicides. Unfortunately, there will still be mass murder in ...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number Seven, seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one Seven seven three one three eight one one Our show last night, and it was very, very important, Used by a number of people as a template, as they were, trying to discuss events in LAS Vegas Watching- and I think, is very important- that is
That we discuss this in some rational way now got a couple questions for you, and I am very curious about your input here. Are there not events, I'll put it in the positive? There are events we cannot control. Are there not even when they occur? We can't stop the message Only from happening again can we was this one of those events. We spend two hours and last night's three hour: radio Programme discussing gun control. It wasn't a single proposal, not one that would have had any relevance to what took place
Beg us her what takes place in most of these gonna tech. If somebody wants to kill somebody As we also pointed out last night, there are thirty three thousand gun death annual gun. That's pretty much each year, thirty, three thousand two thirds them or twenty two thousand are suicide. Twenty two thousand and thirty, three thousand or suicide of those twenty two thousand suicide. Eighty five percent are male. And of those eighty five percent, more than half are men. Forty five years are older. Most of the remaining gun this hour.
Sides, although not all summer action, it. More than half of the homicides, the actual homicides are of young men killing young men. And of those young men who are killed, Third, there are black. And of the black young men who are killed their mostly killed by black young men. These statistics mean anything to you. These mass murders are horrific in every respect. They are horrific in every respect in that they make a bay a tiny fraction of a fraction of the total of gun deaths in this country.
By the way, as I say, that's no excuse. It's not a diversion, it's it's her, but what goes on in the country. Is that most the overwhelming number of gun deaths each year. As result of suicide, now. There's something I never heard it before. It doesn't mean that I am. On this. I am not something called bump stocks bomb stocks. Again. I never heard of them before, but there's a lot of things. I never heard it before when it comes to guns and rifles and so forth, and now, given the fact that bomb stocks.
Create in semi automatic rifles, sort of a mimicking effect for automatic fire certainly increases the ability to fire quickly. No question about that whether its technically on automatic weapons or not, is really of no consequence. The most people people are now talking about banning bumstead. And I'd be interested to hear arguments about that from the experts and other banning bumstead. Now what about other device? that a semi automatic rifle can be made to shoot much more quickly, more like an automatic right. For American Automatic, rifle
W Hawkins a W. Our Hawkins bright bar points have few band bomb stocks. But we're learning more about guns of most EU care. But this is something we need to discuss. There's something called Cranking devices there are special triggers their other options, all of which can be purchased, as accessories are mainly which can be self made. I'm a semi automatic weapons a weapon were you actually have to pull the tree. Members semi automatic weapons is a weapon. Were you actually have to pull the trigger for around to be shot And round to be loaded and shot, The outlaw bomb stocks- maybe they can long or try to any device or all devices
That might allow a semi automatic rifle to mimic an automatic rifle. Well, let's stop evil people online. Stop subhuman barbarians from making these devices are acquiring these devices for developing other devices Developing no devices around member this guy also had at least in first reports bomb make chemicals and material in his car. Timothy Mcveigh used fertilize for their thing. You can buy off the shelf. If you learn how to do it, do in the great mass of carnage things you can buy off the shelf combined with everyday things, to create
havoc waiting. Just getting your van and drive down a crowded, sidewalk. And kill as many people as you can't. We ve seen that take place in european sulphur, which brings me back to the question. I mean there's some things. We can do right, but we able to prevent or to pass laws with foresight to prevent mass murder. And I really doubt it, but I'm curious What you think I know we'll get the answers. What we can do a better job of this. This is, but I'm even think now where we had a gentleman call last night, I thought At the stone you know take these sought. Targets, stadiums concerts.
Shopping malls, I've always been nervous about shopping malls and stadiums, but take them hardened em As best we can whatever that means, you know, metal the text and so forth, hotels in our thinking and doing it? The summer. What that means. The more might be safer. The stadium might be, further. Hotel might be safer. Outside of the stadium and outside of the hotel and outside of the all. Those areas have been hardened. Koran quote You can slaughter a whole lot of people. Gentlemen called last night and he told about something I have agreed with: specialist new town that you have armed guards in our public school. Whether they wear went whether their assault on the cover, not that's, not even that The point is, you have armed guard guides in these in these schools, because right now.
Their so called gun free zones, which means killers, know that they can go in their pretty much and slaughter people little by little kids, and that's good. That you would have a hardened situation with armed guards and so forth to prevent those men Murdering not jobs, but that doesn't make the buses safer, the school buses It doesn't make the bus stops any safer and it doesn't make a high school football fears and the high school auditoriums were basketballs play. So it doesn't really make them much safer. I can go on and on with examples are endless. Their endless.
I think it is a condition of mankind to want solutions and that's a good thing. It creates inventiveness it creates technologies and that's a good thing. But if you're of a evil mine, you can be inventive too didn't new technologies to. And I hear these politicians go on and on, and it really frustrates me very much troubles me where they have. Easy solutions they want to put it on legislation get past, have the president sign at National feel good and when that doesnt work, do it again and again and again just another piece of legislation, another piece after that, another piece after that, and so for because it What legislators do they pass laws? have any real answers. They pass laws,
They want you to believe that in passing laws their protecting it. I want you to keep in mind. These are the same members of Congress. That passed a law that enabled IRAN to get two hundred and fifty billion dollars. Enabled IRAN to dot icy, be aims and will enable IRAN. Today nuclear warheads on those icy be aims. In a decade there not making a safer and as far as the left goes, The relentless assault on law enforcement, the relentless assault on police officers. As undermine our safety. They nationalization of local police department. Undermine our safety and IRAN big kicked not that long ago, and Obama signed an executive order to this effect, or maybe even legislation that local police,
Apartment shouldn't have military style, weapons, member that and yet In many cases, they need them not to break down your door. But in cases like this we have a mass murder. Who shooting hundreds, if not thousands around and innocent people more than twenty two thousand people. The left is usually wrong about everything, but certainly On an usually wrong when it comes to our security.
The left is not for law and order; they never happen. How long did it take the left to condemn Antiphon, which has a violent marxist militia operation? How long did it take them? How long did it take reporters to denounce End of her most of them MSNBC Cnn, we their silent or defend them. They trash the present, the United States, who is condemning all violence, whether from supremacy. Plans manner NEO nazis, or they said to fire group. He was trashed week in week out. Yet he was right. He's trying to provide moral leadership to the country. Speaking out against violence and it wasn't good enough. It wasn't good enough.
So let's say we outlaw this thing called the bomb stock that I never heard it before this device called the bomb stock. And we outlaw cranking devices and we outlaw special triggers and we all other options do any of you honestly believe that this psychopath would have given up and said you know what. Babe outlawed so much stuff. There is really no reason for me to the slaughter as many people as I can. Any of you out there really believer and I believe it for a minute- I'm no special pleader for the bomb stock. But I want to reiterate what I said last night, the more Nonsense, as argued the more
ten solutions are proposed, then the less the likelihood. I've actually knowing if there is in fact a solution or a group of solutions, and I'm saying tonight there may be no solution. Certainly not easy solution, whether throw some bill in the harbor written by some staff or an off we go back then On many occasions I pointed this out and let me pointed out
where are you safer, ladies and gentlemen, any federal prison earn a gunshot now in prisons, federal state, otherwise its clearly the legal to have any weapon of any kind of shit. I've made out of a toothbrush, obviously, a gun.
A bomb stock, a grenade launcher whenever you can think of a p sure, it's all illegal. These are banned, materials, banned weapons, and yet there is murder, assault and rape that takes place in every prison in this country, gunshots, their guns everywhere you have licence federal dealers, their guns everywhere.
All kinds of guns, foreign and domestic, hundreds of thousands are rounds of ammunition, their knives long knives, their swords their taser coming. When is the last time? No one is the first time you ve heard any news report about somebody being killed or maimed a gunshot. I don't know of any, and if there is one there's one, but I don't want any, so here we have prisons, which is the paradise when it comes to conquer, throw right. And then we have gone shows which You would assume will be the most dangerous place on the face of the year, and yet it's the safest
I'll be right back in our country with me and will become world market March at a summons, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I believe that his brain, we don't hear from the vice premier. Maybe I daresay mentioned something else, it's its first of all to bear. We have to get into this. I said last night, it's too bad. The left controls America's agenda. The left controls America's media. The left, controls american entertainment, the movies Hollywood, you name at the left controls american education they have, I'll bet devoured this, society in the culture.
And so we live in the left's non reality. And so, when you raise issues A reality in response to their non reality as they paint picture So they packed cycle society, if only we would pass more laws, if only You would surrender more of your individualism in your freedom. There has to be some push back. We have to address. I will make a prediction to you and I'm not in the predict. They can outlaw bomb stocks like an outlaw, especial trigger mechanism make an outlaw whatever they want constitution. Aside. There are still will be mass murders in those countries. There- will still be mass murders in this country.
Not because of a gun laws, but because there are evil people out there in some of them. Some of them act out in ways that are horrific. You look at you how many there is an evil man by the name of Adolf Hitler who took the country or- and there are others- and there are others now there are things that can he done to affirmatively, save american lives. Even outside the issue of guns, even outside the issue of guns and I've touched on this before.
And that is our care face. Then corporate average fuel economy standard care faced in. They were put in place many decades ago when open, Back then had a oil, I tell the Arabs, the oil producing arab states. And they were limiting the amount of oil that was available to the United States in order to drive up the price in some You are too young to remember that and we had even days an hour days, long lines, and so they came up with these corporate average fuel economy standards CAFE standards- and these are, Regulations and they get tighter and tighter and tighter to require automobile manufacturers.
To ensure that oughta be asking get more more miles per gown of gasoline. And on his way out the door, Barack Obama did exactly that again, making impossible stand it impossible standard for vehicles It doesn't matter there aerial locks on the left now A book liberty and tyranny- I collect in a number of studies that have been done. How these cafe standards actually kill people. Because you have to make automobiles vehicles, either and lighter and lighter in try and meet. These government fear these governments standard.
And so the auto manufacturers have to use different materials than they, otherwise with you, so there very little steel in an automobile more more, Rubber, more more plastic, more more light, metals. And as a result, the all accidents create far more casualties and far more deaths. Perhaps tens of thousands a year because you oh it's interesting, ladies and gentlemen, you may be able to find it on the internet or elsewhere. The governor, then these government offshoots really don't keep those statistics anymore. They used to. They used to make our calculations on how many people lost their lives as a result of the cafe standards. You don't see many this many of these studies anymore, but since the
Passage of cafe standards, it could easily be seventy. Eighty, a hundred thousand people based on the earlier study, one had it at forty thousand, but again many many years ago now Congress could repealed cafe standard the president could sign that in the law. And, while you wouldn't save every life, the estimates are You would save many lives as he's all repealing the cafe standard, but they're not gonna. Do it they're, not gonna, do it Because when you're in an automobile accident in Somebody dies in an automobile accident. The direct connection between the cafe standards and the death is not made it an end between step, unlike ay, a fire which has a direct
Yet, in the end, its the same to the person who dies, isn't it. I'm not supposed to raise things like this, but I am raising. I refuse to be in the left's unreality bubble. She'll cars can ban away. I can ban bomb stocks. A conveyor specialised triggers. Many other device that can be imagined they were turned a semi automatic weapon and now at least we understand as a nation, what a semi automatic weapon means, even the left is actually starting. Use it accurately First, on automatic weapons now they can ban all these. These devices are accessories.
And I am telling you this will not prevent mass murder, it simply want, and so we have to deal with these kinds of. Political decisions, politically motivated decision. They come right on the heels of the mass murder. And I can assure you that the Democrats and others will be doing fundraising on this. And will be running advertisements on this because powers, everything power- is everything. The same Democrats, who, almost to a man and woman, supported the nuclear deal with IRAN, which expands nuclear weapons
Then powers a regime like around to get clear weapons, one a ban, pump stocks pump. Ladies and gentlemen, if we could prevent IRAN, I'm from getting nuclear missiles and North Korea. We could force them to surrender their nuclear missiles in exchange for pump stocks. Would you do that in exchange for many pump stocks as they want you? I think I do that too. I think I do that too. So the question on the table. Are there not occasions or situations where there are not solutions? There simply not solution now,
a particular facility, you can try and protected for particular event. Of course you want to try and protected your own family yourself. Want to protect yourself in Europe. Have course you want to protect the present members, of course, of course, of course. Yes, I get it, but we're not gonna stop mass murders Don't make it will stop one here, one there, but we're not going to stop the even though their infrequent. The occasion of a mass murder and those who want to pass laws and claim that they will, when we know they won't, are not more compassionate. Then you or me.
When we saw what took place in LAS Vegas, all of us, we were shocked, upset deeply saddened, furious. All the emotions that you can imagine, while the emotions you can imagine I let's take some cause Here- Evan. Macular California on the mark, live in peril. Underwear Baker taken Honestly, I don't even know why we're having this conversation, we know the government isn't about protecting citizens. They want to take our guy if they want to chip away at our rights, property rights are best. Interests is not their best interests. Well, I'd like to know how the hell they would protect us everything
It was illegal yeah, especially killing people exactly we have here is, if you're on a suicide mission right kamikaze in one form or another like kamikaze, storing war war too,. You can try and stop them. Of course you want to try and stop and then ultimately, they're gonna do enormous amount of damage. After all, corral. Now this is a well some laws, don't corral citizens but the sun was actually protect, citizens protect their property rights, protect our freedom and so forth, but I get your point. Thank you for your car at least Virginia. The great wmd I'll go marker for historical facts, Back in the back in the stone age were not the case that could swing,
They put a flame and what they were put into this thing would be a lock, ok, And then I would go out and hunt and for an answer whenever they could do to survive to eat. And they would go out and and and try to feed their families, but what they do with you, Venture in our luck would kill that antelope. Now, if you look back in a historical way, let's let's say can we blame at all my work. Can we blame it on a stone? It was evil that bad that that we get a hunter. I mean if we look back in the future, back the way we are talking today, you quit. A blaming the stone burst the gun. Thank you for your comment will be right back.
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It was a local swat team. Another Texas Rangers has snapper know why couldn't I set up but like that? could- and I don't have a problem with now tell me- some guy drives up like Timothy Mcveigh and in a big truck, revamp loaded with analyzer and sets out off the snipers. Gonna have a hell of a time, but I mean framework Somebody flies a drum, and this is becoming a big concerns. Into open area stadiums and so forth that have a significant the firepower. I'm not disagreeing with I'm just saying that these evil people they have their ways Dante or you can't stop them. You can't stop them, but maybe it all. If some, so, if we have, we had happened, I have the snipers you talk about, may have happened, the figure out where this guy was, and maybe they can
Have saved a number of lives and would have no effect on Newton snipers when the matter Cosette kid killed his mother. Stall, her legally owned rifles went into that school and murder. Those kit While I am on large gather nano asked indisposed to have one and are giving refunds for people that are comfortable. I know I would do more the boy, if I know that I know after watching around. There are supposed to be there with level watching out for me, I don't. I don't disagree with the way you talk about snipers and then they worked in this instance, but snipers I work in most instances. They may not. I mean snipers in your case- would work. Was there looking at the thirty second floor, they find the guy, Up in the window- and I try and Papa but as far as I know, this is the first
case, where some guys, on a thirty second floor, of a hotel shooting down in your. But that would be an idea. That would give us if you're gonna be in an area like that. Were you got her eyes is all around you that might give peace of mind for the people that are gonna be down on the ground floor knight, sir. I appreciate your covering much. I do appreciate hearing the ideas, And if you're, turning on being a mass murder in your tending to kill yourself in the end or be killed. And you know there are snipers ere. You can figure out some other way. Against any of these ideas with snipers in- the attackers, and so I'm just saying: they're, not gonna, start mass murder. They just not I'll, be right back
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My code love in now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader. Can all everybody Mark Levine here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one lotta people been talking. And I would like to report to you it will, by the name of Leah Nebraska, were who works for an organ. They called five thirty, eight other screw. Five. Thirty eight was formed by June
Many used to work the New York Times any sort of this status station and he's been decent in the past. Not perfect in his pulling for elections are not perfect in this last election, like most pollsters for sure, Nate, silver or night silver men. I believe his name is but none of that matters should he says: Statistician and she's, a former news writer at five thirty, eight, a data journalism site. And here's what she wrote yesterday and it actually appeared in the near in the excuse me Washington, Post. She said before I started researching, gun deaths, gun control policy used to frustrate me. I wish the National Rifle Association would stop blocking common sense, gun control reforms such as band
assault, weapons, restricting silencers, shrinking magazine sizes and all the other measures that could make us less deadly. My colleagues and I at five thirty eight spent three months analyzing, all Thirty three thousand lives in it by guns each year, the United States- and they wound up. Stated in a whole new way. We looked at what interventions if save these people and the case for the policies, I'd lobby for crumbled, I examined the evidence debate. Ideas left standing were narrowly tell in interventions to protect some types of potential victims not brought attempts to limit the lethality of guns. I research these quickly, taken gun laws in Britain in Australia and concluded they didn't prove much about America's. What America's policies neither nation experienced, drops and mass shootings or other gun related crime that could be attributed to thereby backs and Bans mission,
buildings were too rare and Australia for their absence. After the buyback problem to be clear evidence of progress and both Australia, Britain, the gun restrictions had an ambiguous effect, another gun related crimes or death. Now, when I looked at the other off the praised policies, I found out that no gun owner walks into a store by an assault weapon cornered quote it's an invented classification. How many times have we talked about this? It's an inventive classification that includes any semi automatic that has two or more features such as a ban at Mount IRAN propel grenade launch her mouth a following stock, right, pistol, grip but guns or margin in any hobbyist can easily add these features at home, just as if they were snapping together legos as per silencers. I deserve that name only in movies, where they reduce gunfire A soft poop pope in real life,
silencers limit hearing damage for shooters, but dont make gunfire dangerously quiet and they are. Fifteen with silencer is about as late as a jack hammer. Magazine limits, were a little more promising, but a practice shooter could still Age magazine so fast as to make the limit meaningless. Now is my coworkers and I kept looking at the data. It seemed less and less clear that one broad gun control restriction could make a big difference to herds of gun deaths in the United States every year or suicide, almost no proposed restriction would make it meaningful it harder for people with guns on hand to use them couldn't even answer my most desperate question. If I had a friend who had guns in his home anyhow, Three of suicide attempts was there anything I could do to help no.
The next largest set a gun debts. One in five were young man aged fifteen to thirty five years of age. Killed in homicide these men were mostly killed. Excuse me, where most likely to die the hands of other young men, often really did the gang loyalties or other street violence. And the last notable group a similar death was this. Seventeen hundred women were murdered per year, usually he's out domestic violence. Far more p but were killed in these ways and mash shooting incidents, but few of the popularly floated policies were tailored to serve them, but the time published our project. I didn't believe in many the interventions I'd heard politicians tat I was die gun, at least from the point of view, a most gunners and I dont, when a gun in my home, as I think the risk outweighs the benefits, but I can't I endorse policies, only selling point as a gun owners hate them.
Policies that often seem as if they were drafted by people who have encountered guns only as a figure in a briefing book or an image on the news. Instead, I found the most hope in more narrowly tailored interventions civic men need to be prioritized by police, could enforce restraining order prohibiting these men from buying and owning guns, younger men. A risk of violence need to be identified before they take a life or lose there's and it be connected who make up the largest share of gun suicides need better access to people who can care for them to get them help women and, aged by specific measures need to be prioritized by police, can enforce restraining honest, prohibit these men from buying and owning guns young Men are risk of violence need to be identified before they take a life or lose. There's gonna be connected the mentor who can help them de escalate, conflict. Even the most data driven practices, such as new Orange planned identified, gang members for intervention based for intervention based
the previous arrests and seizures. Why not more personal than most policies floated, we say lies by focusing on a range of tactics to protect the different kinds of potential victims. Reforming potential killers from sweeping bans focused on guns themselves are the reason why this article is being Talbot today. The reason why it's in certain meat, outlets. Today is because here you have an individual who has spent most of our adult life, supporting the various interventions that she has heard promoted by politicians, more background checks, more bands, in our more there's more that and she studied the thirty three murders- I shouldn't say, murders and two thirds of them were suicide. The thirty three gun related killings, thirty three thousand- and these are the factual, finds. No. What we have here
Ah, the deniers on the left. The deniers on the left, who deny fat who deny evidence to deny knowledge and pursue other ideology and you're gonna see publicans joining them because Republicans are gutless, whether it's the repeal of about I care whether its ceiling the border and weathered supporting our constitution. Whenever it is, they can be counted on in being progresses, progressive lights. But this individual had her eyes wide open issues king at this issue, hoping beyond hope. At her. Own views will be reinforced by the Evans. Instead, her own views we visited by the evidence, evaporated.
Presently, United States, as you know, was in LAS Vegas today and spoke beautifully again. We're not gonna play at all, but we will play some of it. Cut to MR producer go on behalf of the grateful nation Maloney, and I thank you each and every one of you, enforcement in, depths of our era. We will always find hope in the men and women who risk their lives for the master. Took place on Sunday night fills America's heart with Grief America. Is truly a nation in mourning. I visited the hospital we are today where many victims still recovering from their wounds,
ask her to ease the suffering and just speed there healing pray for the recovery of the injured. Those injured officers who so brave They threw themselves into danger when duty called we grieve the loss of the law enforcement personnel who were killed, in this vicious attack had three we struggle for the words. Play do our children how such evil can exist, how there can be such cruelty and such suffering, but we cannot be defined by the evil that threatens us or the violence. That incites such terror were defined by our love, carrying and our courage in the darkest moments. What shines most brightly
is the goodness that thrives in the hearts of our people that good This is our lighthouse and Dollars is knowledge that this All of those who passed are now at peace in Heaven here on earth, where blessed To be surrounded by heroes, as one eye witness recounted this week, Everyone else was crouching police officers were standing up as targets just trying to direct people and tell them where to go. The officers were standing up in the line of fire to help those in day and to find out where those horrible shots were coming from cut for or it could not describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on Sunday night, American,
defied death and hatred with love and with courage. When the word and the worst of humanity strikes and strike, it did the best of humanity. Response parent spouses use their own bodies a shield to protect their love? Was a murder, instead into a hail of bullets to Sq total strangers. So true, it's so true. Finally, five the example of those this final act. Was sacrificed themselves for those they loved, shooting, Why are all of us a more love every day for the people who grace our lives? months ahead
We will all have to wrestle with the horror of what unfolded this week, but we struggle through it together We will endure the pain together and we will. Overcome together, as Americans may God bless and watched over those who protect us. May God. Bring healing to the families of the wounded, the injured and the fall. And may God bless our great country.
And you know it's interesting to me, ladies and gentlemen, as I listened to these beautiful words by the present, the United States, the voices that have been smearing and trashing, these very brave police officers, who did so much to save so many the other night and do it every night and every day I've silent their silent, capper Nick who took his first knee trashing police office silent the broadcasters on tv
And their surrogates their guests silent, they don't praise the police, they don't fight the police. They don't speak of the heroism, encourage the police, theirs Ireland, as they wait another day who is at another week whose it another month, the paths to trash them, and I predict, Just as day comes after night, a night comes everyday, just as there were Unfortunately grievous Please be another mass killing one day the liberals will be out in full force, trashing the police. It's just a matter of time,
I'll be right, back security guard at the man. Ebay and unarmed. He's an unsung hero, but after I speak tonight should be considered a hero, raise the peace in the daily beast by just in An armed security guard took on LAS Vegas Killer, Stephen Panic, Hazel Campos, his name. He found the mass murders, location, jewess fire away from cancer, go as before the cops or Swat arrived. He just Campos had no five,
when he found Stephen paddock and approached his room on a thirty second floor of Mandalay Bang on Sunday night paddock who'd rig cameras in the hallway and on the people of the door saw Campos coming. He fired the door hitting him in the leg said: David Hickey, president of the International Union, security, police and fire professionals of America represents Campos and hundreds of security guards at the Mandalay Bay on campus was hit. He radioed casino dispatch and told him his location and paddocks We received information via their dispatch centre that help us locate where this individual was sequestered. Clark. Kent discharges of Lombardo told reporters yesterday police officers who subsequently approach the room receive gunfire, backed off until Swat responded. Lombardo said we would engage this individual in the time lapse. We did without their assistance. He would later at paddock, had
somehow block stairwell doors leading to the hallway outside his room. Hickey said meaning camp had to take the elevator on his quest to find the source of the gunfire that was killing dozens below. The door of the room itself has also barricaded Campos found out. When I try to open it just before the bullets came through the door about an hour- after paddock quit firing, a Swat team gain entry to the sweet by blowing the doors off with explosives. Paddock was Found dead inside from self inflicted gunshot wound, but without compost, action the mass murderers rampage they killed. Fifty nine people could have killed even more Hickey lauded Campos. His bravery this afternoon said. I think we need to recognise the position of these officers security professionals and those kind of values, whether it's a bank or a hotel or Disneyworld,
I'm telling you that I don't think our offices are recognised enough for the vital role that they play in protecting property people and even the nation as was struck in the right leg with a bullet, remains Hickey, said and will be removed. I surgery at a later date. This was well enough to try to leave the house, but I'm not long after the shooting but was kept, thereby staff and police who wanted to monitors injuring interview him about his ordeal. We just want to make sure that MR imposed in all of our officers, are recognised for what they do every day which protect people hake, he said even shift. Seventeen of two hundred offices at the hotel, complex her arm, like you, said Campos, likely just had a nice dick, useless, Against a man who had a military grade arsenal at his disposal, Hey Zeus, Campos, say: hero. It is very important that here he and what he did has been brought to light.
And there are many many many heroes, some of whom were Killed- american citizens protecting family members protecting strangers. We spend a lot of time on this last nine eleven tv if you want to go back and check the episode, because I felt then, as I feel now, these are our fellow citizens While we are being pushed into a debate Gun control and so forth, we cannot lose focus on what we're talking about the treachery that took place and the beautiful human lives that works and people are still struggling for their lives right now in these hospitals in LAS Vegas up here,
mark and unapologetic patriot and unapologetic constitutional asked you can region at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one there is, breaking news from them you see, ladies and gentlemen, this debate, a mystery woman scene with vague, a sugar rights, PETE Williams. Stu, gaiters you're, trying to identify a mystery woman scene, was Stephen paddock. In the days before the last Vegas, massacres. Several law enforcement officials told NBC News. Don't know she is any connection to the attack, but they would like to speak with hers. They know they timeline. Paddocks. Last days, the official said, long time girlfriend merrily Stanley was not LAS Vegas when he turned a room at them in a Mandalay
the hotel enjoy snipers, NASA murder. Fifty eight people attending an outdoor music festival. Her sisters have said that he centre to the Philippines. She has been interrogated for about five and a half six hours. Her lawyer has made a public statement says she didn't know a thing and then she was very troubled by this she'd been in love with him and so forth. That will see how that pans out over time, but they are looking for another woman. Apparently again, I don't know she has any connection with putting together this time line as you would expect, and they do not have any answers right now.
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you don't have to Vienna drew a hole in the wall you dont have to have strangers in your house, setting it up. You set it up begun within twenty minutes. Twenty minutes politics at stake, some cause. We do some other subjects that I want to address in the course the programme Tony Houston, Texas, the great Katy, our age. Yes, go, I'm like they think my car just quick point. If it ever made already the only thing that I think could be effective to start. This is something we cannot legislate. Net is the element of Prize what I mean by that is that criminal who perpetrate these mass cries is the only one who knows the who, where the how, though the when whither they used a gun, You have got it right through the unfortunate thing is. We can only react to any okay, so so the killer,
for the would be killer has the element of surprise, not us that that's correct in and it unfortunately here that we're ready, can we really gets down. The argument you always make is perhaps the only thing they could even be somewhat effectively. That is maybe up one hundred percent surveillance of everything american citizen to do to try to get it to figure this out. For preventing, and I regard. Let me ask you a question. Is there a city in America. It has more surveillance than LAS Vegas. Probably got mark. Other hotels anywhere in America that have more surveillance than hotels in LAS Vegas. What point made- yeah, so even the surveillance isn't enough. I certainly wasn't enough in this case. I told you my friend. I appreciate your call very much. Let's go to MIKE off farm eating Connecticut on the mark living I go
they're? My god did one way it call leaving the law the law in the way they are like. How can you be A motion of a person coming home movies job, not talk about it. You can happen in animals. Avail played on the whole How can we all over and a guy still did it We don't know how he did it or who is involved the one I'm going on, but the issue of American, no matter what gun log you put on the plate, Britain Weather you gonna kill? Look at you. We re. Looking at a war, though I throw in a military. I know what it's like they don't. A guy undergo you, the bomb they're gonna grab you all drug. How do you do it? You can't predict a motion. You can't do it and yet and yet politicians play off emotions. I mean this. Is Castro, see this horrific mass murder takes place and they go right to it. Immediately and thereof, and their surrogates night night time show house these late night, a phoney communion now that you know
We never know in Jimmy camels taking his directions now from trucks humor or somebody aura. We know Oh bears a left us in a long time. Democratic goes on and on and on all my long there pushing this agenda and, quite frankly, ignoramus, as they don't even know what they're pushing they don't even know what this is. All about the girl, anyway, if you like eighteen thirty one pre, the war, because you know what the hall taken levies aren't helping anything there, making it worse card. You divided as a country that all you have to keep something in mind. This mess killer, nothing to do with civil war, He he would just slaughtering people, love, left and right, so who they were, what they believed and so forth and so on. Are I Michael appreciate your call, my friend, let's keep Roland MIKE, Dearborn Michigan on the market event that go with it? stop all evil You said earlier another point: at your costume got onto was some company
it made was made. Was that laws are per lawbreakers? well functioning and our civil society and are not bothering anybody unjust and doktor my life and I said away and then a new point being like an instant like this, you know not decline with a thirty second floor, building ass, a killers nest in a booby trap they have cameras around. Have all these weapons, these powerful weapons and the slaughter people. Needle. You don't you and I don't need laws to tell us not to do that. The police, when I'm being cylinder civil society. Well, you may leave. Somebody else might or might not be civil into civil society. But I take your other point, which is these these rules, that they want to keep coming up with a mouse,
The vast majority of Americans, who are law abiding, whether their driving cars or whether they own weapons or whatever their doing whether their handling somebody else's money, really don't eat. Tell them to be ethical and that's a good point are. I might we appreciate your call. And yet we still do need laws. There's no question about that were not anarchists. Lamar Knoxville Tennessee, Syria satellite go I mention these guys Want to exploit these tragedies and that they are not be paid. Sixty people, that's terrible preparedness, A wider founders gave us the second amendment, which is because governments are the most dangerous threat to the individual. You know we can just look back at last century that a couple hundred Are you people were designed by their here's the thing Lamar
many. Many many many people don't believe what you're saying they hold on. I want explained this and they don't believe what you're saying and won't believe what you're saying until it might be too late. Well, that's why we had a foundation to claw back inside joint about a tv as tragic these are and our hearts trees and tragic events and furthermore, most people don't have guns because they fear the government either people. Because they want them and isn't that enough, because That might be why they have them, but that's not why they have the right to know you, what we're doing when they were maidens. Enshrine that right and indisputable, written down in the constitution and the bill of rights In a manner that can't be taken away from somebody want,
I ve been away. My first question is somebody asked I still get people to be I'll have it all rivals, and I thought it was difficult to achieve change and I'd like to hear your first common should have been there's no such thing as an assault rifle an assault is an action, not a weapon, but you know what they did the state's right to ratify the treaty. While about I would say- I had got taken away- my God given right to defend myself so now, under the law of the jungle basically homework on somebody here. Here's here's! What you really need to understand the site: the constitution, the first ten amendments supply to the federal government, whether yes, yes in the incorporation doctrine. The supreme Court increasingly incorporated the court, not the constitution. The amendments aspect to the amendments to the states. Are you aware that,
I saw no blotted people, don't understand that. The second amendment, as originally written, passed by the first Congress and ratified by the states and is giving a historical fact. It is an amendment to protect the citizen and the state from the federal government, and so they stay at least originally had the power to regulate weapons. Willy nilly, but states didn't regulate weapons. Willy nilly was the states that in many respects protected themselves under the militia part of the clause and protected their citizens in the states under the second pillar. So it's important to understand the actual a story behind the second amendment, I I appreciate your call sir we'll be right. What
I'm gonna get in trouble for mentioning this. I'm gonna get in trouble for saying when I'm about specially from my wife. These threats of using guns, is a very serious matter to me. It's very, very serious matter in my life? Just because I get behind a microphone. Or a television camera one. I do live in tv. I attracts and very dangerous people who threaten my life, one in particular right now and I'm not gonna, go any further.
So when I talk about these issues are not talking about them in an academic fashion or a theoretical fashion. This is no joke and its Know Joe Do you either you can be walking down the street and just some not try rob you and God knows what could happen. God knows what could help. So we try to figure these things out and for me, I embrace first principles. I'd look at everything, that's being proposed. Other its constitutional and then beyond that, whether or not it makes any sense whether or not it makes any sense. Investment joining murders in this country are suicides in the van, majority homicides, occur with pistols? Handguns, not automatic weapons not semi automatic weapons that are modified.
Seem like automatic weapons, handguns handguns. I should go any further, but you know I gotta books, and I love the got a book silence when I went to meet as many of you as possible? These are serious events very serious, but when I go to speak somewhere about away, I'm not doing the same. Look at me. Look at me. I'm doing this to bring some here because we're like family right, you live in in the audience, we're very, very close,
we're very special breed and I'm just communicating with what what takes place. So you never know what can happen. No law is gonna, stop and not job, but detectives. My police officer, prosecutors name And they might and they have and they have because in the end murder is illegal and that's what we're trying to stop. That's the bottom line. Have you ever thought of hills? The college in terms of impacting K through twelve education, while they are
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without taking one penny of government money, not one penny, not one penny from the schools either learn more at Levine for hills, they'll, back com, l, e g, I and my hills, thereby Canada. Yesterday I spent some time in our three talking about the saran, And how I felt the president must decertify and then, after He D certifies, he must abrogate the phoney deal. That is drop it well. Ladies and gentlemen, I have an update on this and this matters to you and managed to me, because this is more than bump stocks, it's more than that. I'm stocks. This is a hostile enemy regime, ideologically logically committed to destroying our country towards
our country with nuclear warheads. It's not to be ignored, don't think I'm overstating it. This is what they believe. This is what they will try to do, and so it's very very important that what's coming October fifteenth and I'm afraid the administrations going wobbly. I will want to talk about that in the next hour. I think you're gonna want to know about this. I would trade bump thanks for nuclear warheads? Any day of the week, what say you dog, Trenton Jerry to the Great W Abc retired police officer. How are you Doug, you know we used to call police officers when I was growing up peace officers and nobody does it anymore.
Others are retired carbon remember. I think we have to focus on down the illegal border crossing in Mexico. The drugs in the gun, the black market You said before you're right, I'm back too bad things happen What like an outlaw the bomb, start. I never heard a bump stocks before, but then again and pretend to be an expert bomb stocks in Spain for traders- and I like an outlaw that stuff all they want a just, I don't make a difference and it's a good good point that you make Doug. And I appreciate your current appreciate your service in your father's side. Folks, we got a big blockbuster out. Don't go away. I shall return
now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, hello, everybody mark living here. This is our three number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one before we get to the issue. He certification randy you. The bomber was at a Pennsylvania com conference for women yesterday and I.
So appalled and I'm so disgusted with her racist comments and they are then I needed to play this for you Because she's held up is, is this iconic figure she's not, and iconic figure cut nine go usually at this state of the union address when you're in the room. What you can see is this real dichotomy that on one side of the room, it's it's also it's a feeling of color, almost at once the room, it's literally gray and white. Literally that's the color palate and one sided. Now now she's turn about human beings. She's talking about the members of com storing the stated the and so on the one side of the room you have white people were gray, hair, Whiting Gray. That's the color pilot who talks like the Sweden thing
like this, she doesn't see, human being, she doesn't see individuals intervene, but their own lives, your own accomplishments, their own families. This is just an appalling, appalling, waited thing. It's an appalling mindset and she just blurted out there like its complete. The acceptable, because it is to the left So the one side of the room- you literally literally see gray and white literally that is the color palette on one side of the room: go ahead: their yellows and blues, and whites and greens, the physically there's a difference in color the town. Why? Because, one side, all men, all white, on the other side women, some people of color and I was sitting- I would always have a guest in that booth, and I
The most embarrassed at the beginning when people would see that, because I say that is a job Am I looking at how governments works and people look? but that Angola, that looks good. That looks right. We're probably get my lot done, we're doing it right now. I look. That- and I go no wonder no wonder We struggle. No wonder people, don't trust politics. We know what these rooms look, why it's incredible, tenable! No, we missed the mark with patches of the world. Real leaders really is a woman, a really.
History is had real leaders, who are women, call my ears another this Michelle Obama. Her comments were, she looks out at members of Congress and she sees color or the lack of color in her view, she's. No wonder we struggle! No wonder we don't get along. No wonder people, don't trust us. The perpetuation of this kind of hate and division is part of the problem we have in this country. It's a big part of problem. We have in this country. And she's part of it, you know I do say it: oh, no! No, no! No, she could win the presidency and she dresses so beautifully and has
such magnificent ideas and she saw articular. I'm sorry count me out coming out. Colorblind society, that's what the civil rights movement was all about. I know it because I know what Martin Luther king had to say a colored, In society, and yet all Michelle Obama and the radical left see his collar. Color and some on the radical left are promoting, the recent irrigation society, it turns out the white supremacist course. There. I'm talking about radical leftists the derogatory phrases in terms they use Talk about race, it's just incredible than me final era. There shall I get a move on some other issues you know.
General Joseph done for it is in general, just Joseph comfort. It he's the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. I laid out for you in some detail yesterday as have others. The material breaches Of the reindeer by IRAN. And you have to be Helen Keller- not to see this. And for some reason, the chairman. The joint chiefs of Staff is Helen Keller, at least in this regard, cut thirteen Oh the centre, the the agreement right now. What awaited testified to last week was it ran, is not in material breach of the agreement, and I do believe you. They made to date, has delayed the development of nuclear capability, Byron. No, it doesn't head the CIA, he doesn't ahead thee,
and they say he's the head of the joint chiefs at the head of the intelligence agency she's, not the director of national intelligence, the d, an eye But he believes that IRAN is not a material breach and yet the Evidence is overwhelming its tangible, its indisputable. So why would he be sparing this propaganda to a Senate committee? But I want a minute then there's James Madison, former four star, the second- events he's at a hearing yesterday. Maybe the same hearing for that matter in these areas Question by a man who is named after cattle Angus King at Fort the NGO, you believe it's in our national security interests at the present time to remain in the J C p away as it
no question! So the J C p away as the around you go ahead. Senator I do I would make is if we can confirm that IRAN is living by the agreement if we can determine This is our best interests. Clearly we should stay with it. I believe at this point in time, absent indications to the contrary, in the president should consider stained with still under consideration in the executive branch and I this has not been made I'll. Tell you something that strikes me, ladies and gentlemen. These men are generals in there. More to the civilian present in the United States. In the case of man, ass, he retired general, but they're supposed to know the hierarchy. The liner command present United States as commander in chief
James Madison admits that the president has made a decision yet that its under consideration, but he tells Congress in this case he tells the Senate Committee Angus King in particular, yeah. I think we should live under it. I've never seen anything so outrageous insane. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. I've never seen anything so outrageous. He denies material breaches by IRAN. He's dissembling, I hate to say it he's dissembling and James Matter should know better and, of course, tell us. The Secretary of State, a state of confusion over there, did you call the present in a more on that's the report by NBC knows his response is not unequivocally now Did you threatened resign? His response is unequivocally know this,
I is a disaster across the board disaster. Tell us, Mr Exxon Mobile. What don't maddest? What are they after? What we turned to the left wing news out with political, Unfortunately, a lot of members of this administration and Republicans in Congress leak to political. I know it's odd, but it's true. And they headliners trunk, prepares to wound around deal and then save it tunnel where it is going to try and cut the baby and have which is a disease The present international national security team finds a way for Trump to wound the worst deal ever, as he said during the campaign without killing him, trumps? National security team is unanimously recommended that he decertify the IRAN's nuclear deal but that he said short of pushing Congress to re, impose sanctions on Tehran
it could unravel the agreement. So this is the game d certify but don't get out of the deal add one general and one x, general testified before Congress, don't even decertify given sector estate, dont decertify, so should certify every ninety days. You should certify on October fifteen that the arrangements are complying with the deal when they're not according to tell us and done. Trade and manage, and according to others who advising the present the United States. Now you should decertify therein breach but thought abrogate the deal because you see we're going to fix it. So the very regime that has failed to comply with material elements of the deal in the first place. Apparently, can be counted on relied on to comply with changes fixes the deal in the future
Now that is absurd, achieve an irrational fear. Rational candidate trumped described the agreement as a case as catastrophic the worse deal ever, but this new strategy represents day nuanced approach to one of the most important foreign policy decisions of israeli presidency so now in essence the certified but then support we one general one extra one sector estate and a president who, in the end, are going to support a policy towards IRAN. That's not that much different than
in this policy. That is a disaster that is a disaster. How come Congress isn't all worked up about this? Another all worked up about pump stocks or bump stocks why they are worked out about nuclear. I CBS Nuclear, intercontinental ballistic missiles that IRAN will be capable of shooting into our cities, be ape capable shooting into our towns into our communities. Well, that's one way to get rid of bump stocks. I guess I'll, be right. Back that's gonNa Albany New York, the great w g. Why go mark
area: okay, well, we have the most strictest gun, control and country. Ok, the governor, but what they call I'll say back loud and everywhere. I go right ahead, the capital as more shootings every day since display stack boy, en bloc, intermarried, then the earlier here, ok, money and you're not going to stop it for. The simple reason is that you can't control theft, then you can't control people there, I mentally ill. They might be, until today, tomorrow.
And you certainly can't limited when you're undermining the police in your state, as your governor does all the time, I'm all the open Door for killing poise, I mean I thank for your car, that's here let us go to jail. Take us in Indiana serious Satellite hurry up and ok, so I was coming because I am absolutely in favour of MR can control Well, I said on any gain. Control of the second amendment should be I can't control and not you live in Indiana correct your figures. Does Indiana, have gun control of not that I'm aware, as I am sure they have some
Every state has some now, if you leaving the second man I'm trying to educate people about this. When you, when you throw light around, you need to understand that. Originally, you understand the bill of rights applied only to the federal government right here, figure. And it was later incorporated to apply to the states by the supreme. Corn under the so called incorporation doctrine your where that right now. Well, that's what happened so theoretically, if you this argument. The argument is that you oppose the federal government making any and all laws has applies to the second amendment. However,. States can make any in our laws as they wish. As applies to the second The least theoretically correct ran a crack and like that Dewey already, not particularly people who live in blue states where they get and killed by these. Well, politically
we actually literally by these ridiculous laws. So thoroughly limit their ability to weapons so well, I think we need to acknowledge that and then I think we ought to say isn't what I say is that these measures that Congress is taught you are talking about. We'll have no no relevant consequence whatsoever period. They just want and will be another mass killing? It's it's really horrific there, but I I also happen to know that people are imperfect and there are evil people in this world. Evil people in the Middle EAST, even evil people in south of the border like in Cuba and Venezuela, meaningly leadership, the evil people in Europe and, of course, evil people in America and may well. You know where I was thinking about where we ve got
I've train military, a lot of train individuals who they travel to last figures and if those individuals and then not to minimize the police response, because its tremendous for what happened in LAS Vegas, but its those people had been on that thirty seconds and were willing to put themselves in harm's way for the sake of their countrymen, how much Trevor response. Could we know why would all those military personal beyond a thirty second floor, but not necessarily military personnel that just a train gunnar or why would they be on the thirty seconds. You wanna be a trained Gunnar. I mean we know the man was shooting down on the crab from the thirty second floor, if you wish, brain Gunnar, how we not walking around with a with along rifle he proud a walking around if you can see a weapon with a pistol.
You're not on the thirty second floor, you're in the crowd now, but I'm saying that there were gas from thirty seconds for they evacuated thirty second floor. They set the reports that I read. Ok, How will you write if there had been a conceal, carry person who had a pass them on a thirty second floor, but who would have stopped them? There was no prohibition and begin with that. I'm aware of. How do you know there weren't people who were conceal, carry in that hotel there marathon. Well, I didn't go to the thirty second floor. At the end, I point out that if the. He's got no. What your point is I'm saying if people would conceal carry licences? had known. This guy was in room one. Thirty, five on the thirty second floor, you're saying they would have gone there and killed the guy, and I'm saying ok fine. If they had had that knowledge, but my guess is there were people in
hotel given that its Nevada, who wear conceal, carry licence holders who probably did happen. And they were on the thirty second floor. They didn't get that a thirty said. I thanks for your car, will be right. Back Americans meet European Liberty, atrophy terror, Call the mark Levine Show now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one You want to know why I purchased called. Ladies and gentlemen. There is a lot of reasons. First, I like having the physical asset of gold in my possession. I can access it whenever I want some people by gold bars bullion eyeball by called coins, mostly canadian.
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eight seven, seven, three, six five to six forces doesn't paid await instinctively You know this is the right thing to do to diversify its just a matter of actually doing something about it. Let us go to my the original question. I started the programme with wasn't what solutions that we have to start. Mass murder is like this. We spend a lot of ass night programme on their so called gun control or whether you want to control and how do you want to control it? And unfortunately, every proposal came up short which we figured. They would. The question is: are there sir, things. We simply can't control manmade things matter but nature and phony euro climate change. In all around term, a man made disasters. Maybe we can try and protect, facilities trying protect certain.
Groups and organisations that certain individuals, but I'm saying if somebody really wants to do enormous damage exactly what law would prevent that? That's what we discussed last What I'm asking you to day is is a bit different rooms today is Arthur things we just can't control. We just can't control. Maybe on the edges. Maybe maybe we can manage it on the edges, but like this, not job Sunday night Monday morning, go to add long island. The great W Abc Go remark, yes, earth. Can you ass big into the mouth peacefully about that? Now Basically, we great authority here. Thank you, thought about protecting
I've targets or more- and the thought I have, which is best to crazy special those left but is actually the options relaxing the gun laws to me, give people out there were able to defend themselves return fire that day. I one stop: it wouldn't have it the possibilities in the guy. Now I don't know, I don't know of many a pistols that can now can shoot with any level of accuracy, five hundred yards her open every case we can foresee every came while you asked about it, a guy in LAS Vegas and I'm just answer a guy LAS Vegas, Are you before you talk about general? Sometimes it's about tightening up the mall and stuff with everyday life so that some thought about I believe and carry it conceals, carry laws if that's what you're talking to induce the back that up also I may be wrong in this. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think when getting
a good shot. Wasn't a shoe to stop by someone a weapon in the crowd and innovation area right about that declaration. Therefore, I would slow down what could have been more. My don't remember it maybe was a security guard. A car maybe was somebody in the crowd, but even worse, We need to use had example. I am convinced long ago, just the matter Logic that law abiding citizens ought to be able to have concealed weapons. They are protecting themselves in their follow in their fellow Americans. I, my friend, I appreciate your call. This is important. You listen to this folks considerably. I stood all over the news late tonight and tomorrow morning, at least in the conservative ensued, a conservative news. This is My friends had seen as news that come who do a tremendous job, Terry Jeffrey, Brent, bozo and again you know this bomb stock. They ve been talking about for the last two days.
Bomb stock device received eighty of green light during the Obama administration during the Obama administration. But a year and a half in the Brok Obama administration, Review of alcohol. Back of firearms and explosive issued an opinion letter in the go ahead to an after market accessory that allows the user to pump fire. It's called pump fire, hence bumstead a semi automatic rifle he company courts I'd fire had earlier Senate's patented replacement, shoulder to shoulder stock to eighty s, firearms technology branch, asking for an evaluation of the device, the atm, Reply wrote your letter advises that the stock reference in this replies a pump stock is intended to assist persons whose of limited mobility to pump fire, nay, our fifteen type rifle the device replaces them.
Factory stock and gripped the replacement stock move back and forth with the guns recoil long at fire rapidly continuously, as the trigger repeatedly is pumped or bumped, I should say bumped into the shooters, The switch allows the user dislike semi automatic fire one shot for each trigger poor or the more rapid bonfire. Currently eighty five June twenty ten letter, the stock is no automatically functioning mechanical parts or springs- had performed no automatic mechanical function when installed in order. Use the advice: the shooter must apply constant for pressure with the non shooting hands and constant here, rearward pressed. It would be shooting hand courting we find that they bumped stock is a firearm. Part in is not regulated as a fire the gun, Control ACT or the fire, national firearms inside fire posted a copy, the approval lead on its website.
So, according to this peace, by serious news that come, the bump stock device received eighty of green light approval during the Obama administration. Now, when you make other, what does it mean to you. Well, it's mutton more or less it simply debating point. Isn't it more or less it simply debating point? so there it MSNBC, I'm sure they will start attacking Obama while they want to tackle bomb and they. Now, though, the Praetorian Guard topic,
Ten Obama didn't exist when this was approved, that's with other, but I just wanted to point that out. How did this could approved when this get a poor? We ve never heard of anything like this. I mean goodness, gracious and so forth so on. Well now we know doorway the Obama administration uprooted and wonder what Michelle Obama thinks she looks out on the crowd on the one side, Jesse's widen gray. On the other side, she sees a whole rainbow of colors. That's where she is, let us gotta Frank Brooklyn: they aren't the great W Abc, go. You don't want Listening to you earlier in how you it's funny you about the array, a deal that Obama, the thing was, my goodness in Ireland times.
Right now, the threshold here now we're doing Gauge W Bush was with North Korea. Back then. And he has a chance now, I'm not like this situation, get to ignore them, He was now any just seem so simple to me to convey that aspect to everyone to realize, this is an important moment that there's no, you know all right or middle ground year. Isn't exactly. Yeah. You know the whole issues that there's two issues here. Let me just sum it up that are really quite concerning one is darker with president could have been clear about his position on that and is falling.
In a significant way, any others, the er, Andrea and he's not gonna, fall anybody by decertify and then looked circling back, and work out a new deal with the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. As if they're going to somehow follow anew a new set of requirements. And I have your head of the joint chief of staff, the Chiefs of staff, testifying affronted, I was that there is not a material breach and your secretary defence whose essentially backing it up to and yet he says in the same state many has, as you know, the president has made a decision. I find that appalling But the president has made a decision way trying to force his hand I'll tell you why, because this trial right now. If tellers and matters. And done for they headed. Joint chiefs who obviously communicate who obviously work together and that's their position and that's what they're lobbying foreign? That's what they're pressing so they're trying to tie the president's hands? The press.
I will tell us whether he was to see Yes during the campaign are telling the truth again and that's with respect, we're ran around as a mortal enemy It is a moral enemy in the idea that this the hell with slow them down and prevent them from getting notes is preposterous. What happens as if he D certifies and we completely would draw from this deal- We put these heavy duty sanctions back in place. We lean on our so called european allies to do exactly the same thing in the hall, The plea of options is left open to us in bringing down that regime and we can bring down I regime without firing a shot. The regime is not strong. People rose up against at once, but the same, I who arm this, MR, this regime and well of armed with nuclear weapons, refused it The only thing to support the freedom fighters in IRAN sat there for ten isn't even say anything for ten days, whether people worse. By calling for their liberty. Thank you for your call, Frank.
Be right back. I've been waiting to comment on this Wednesday, the ones they after the slaughter in LAS Vegas. And I ve been scouring the news and scouring the news and scaring the news and watching the sheriffs press coverage and they still don't have a motive. Right. Mr big loser, they still don't have a motive. I mean the obvious but a busy wanted to slaughter as many people as he could not tongue matter. In other words, what drove him to this point? I mean It's a little scary, not to know that I see
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beyond. Bomb gave it to sign Arizona, the great k and ask tee go so I can get all that new obsessed with the motivation for the widest I did what he did was prepared. At what it, whatever the reasons why the level that I was interested to hear your opinion on an errand points like Israel, India,. But people coming out of jail, say scandal in chapter that tariffs that one that you have so starting right there. Well, let me tell you in the hotel him ass. He said Do you think this mass murder, if he knew they were standing in the hotel, what brought over? Why was it over twenty weapons? and thousands around of ammunition into the hotel. You weren't even try that. When I go into the hotel, worry you want, so he might have done something else. Correct Mighta, maybe
why should I know, sir, but I'm playing your game? Fine, you can. In the hotel The reason you went up to the hotel. I think it was because it was a quadrant quote, sought space where he could go because he knew they weren't doing that once they do. That, then he's going to look for a different opportunity in a different way of which there are hundreds and hundreds of ways for an even imagine. Sure whether you drive up with a truck with fertilizer, whether you drive a truck through a crowd, whether you go into the crowd and you guess, bring a machine gun or something. You start mowing p.
Down. I mean there many many things he actually had explosive material and chemicals OECD early report said in his car. So what did have prevented him from going to the thirty second floor, I'm sure what of what it had prevented him from slaughtering a lot of people. I doubt it right. I got it, but why brother? I appreciate your call, but if I own the hotel, I do exactly what you're talking about. I really want to protect my hotel in the patrons in the hotel at sea,
Your Manhattan, W Abc quickly go. How are you mark a pleasure to take with you? I had an idea thought the about get the gun, control issue and the situation with Patrick. You know if they had technology that turned guns in two like smart devices, where licensing and legal gun owner They have begun operating only within the proximity of his home and is using the deal again. Yes, And you just want to use a gun within the proximity of your home. Now
I don't, but I think it is possible, then you with a government that determine if he can use the gun in the proximity of your home with some kind of a cheaper smart technology. I get your point yeah. I appreciate that the education they know how to reject the idea that, obviously Pritchett everything they are. I I appreciate your call. My friend I really do Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight will be here to Morrow night. We so that our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person- and we do at every night- and we made it I'll- see right here on the radio tomorrow see on levantin They had to read it, God bless you.
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