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Members of the House and the Senate have the answer to mass murder: ban bump stocks. They have a bipartisan bill and they are going to pat themselves on the back by banning something that most of us have never heard of. If Stephen Paddock hadn’t had th...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: whether fill in pretty good in Washington Dc Today Democratic Republic, members of the house, members of the Senate, president staff, there feeling pretty cool because they have the answer to the mass murder that took place in LAS Vegas Ban bump stocks. And so the move is a foot. The band bump stocks bump stocks,
Was the vessel on guns never even heard above stuff. A most dealers has on reading, Don't sell, bump stuff band bomb stocks and will prevent mass murders so. The very exciting Washington d C? They have an answer. They have an answer and they have a bill they're going to have a by partisan event. Pat themselves, on the back. Meanwhile, the left and the Democrats will continue to trash law enforcement with a few more weeks. A few more months pass. And all will be well now will be well, but they don't plain to stop here. We know this because Nancy Pelosi spoke at her weekly
conference today in her usual inarticulate way and here's what she said cut to go, but we can't that then, let's see What they want to say that you give them on stock its finger on slope. I certainly hope so, but I dont months actually be a substitute for the background to my ears, is in her usual coherence. Rationality. Reasonableness, if you can, any sense of that good luck, but I dont think bumps stocks should be a substitute for the background check. Bump stocks are not a substitute for the background check. What background check if she talking about these people are so ignorant about the current laws.
Of weapons. Today they make no sense. The problem is millions and millions of people who don't know arms think the same way. Think the same way but the Good NEWS again is that the administration is now very excited about having a discussion about gun control, Now we need to have a discussion about gun control. The conversation killing, and can we put it on soon and cut for go easy? Hillary Clinton is out of work for talking about herself. Not talking about this. You slow your rushing to judging on Twitter the other day, while people are still looking through the rubble searching through the hospitals for the missing lugged. Why by the way the parrot in the background rank. That's right. That's the dumb Cuomo Chris Glamour, that's the dumbest of the cosmos and as a
Emily. Cuomo family is among the dumbest in the nations, so that saying something go ahead. Exactly one tiny here, Bernie Sanders near attire Elizabeth warring Nero time they had treated about Russia over thirty times, the Anders and war, and an approximate Fernando coverage. Your obsession with Russia has been an explosion of this conversation, so I know the high horse cavalry luxury run in eating their funding, their chests after the tragedies but less stepped back and have a thoughtful conversation about everything, but it is at play, the more information all of us can learn about what happened in LAS Vegas, the better shiro. How could be Sanders cut three go
legislating regulate, sucks right now. Our focus, as we said over the last couple of days, has been I healing and uniting the country. The investigation still continues to be very early stages. We know that both members of both parties in multiple organizations are planning to take a look at the stocks and related devices. We certainly welcome that would like to be part of that conversation, and we would like to see a clear understanding of the facts and we like to see input from the victims. Families from law enforcement from policy makers were expecting hearings and other important fact. Finding efforts on that- and we want to be part of that discussion were certainly open to doubt moving forward while they are moving forward. One have this actions with that want everyone to be involved. That's fine! We all know where this is going we all know, will not stop mass killings. It simply won't stop mask there's more information on this mass murder. Yours
today LAS Vegas Shooter book rooms facing Lollapalooza Music FEST want Chicago in August Master It's alive LAS Vegas, shooter, Stephen Paddock Research, Fenway Park in Boston, investigator, say. The Associated depressed officials Vegas their intended to escape, may have had accomplices, LAS Vegas, your journal, LAS Vegas Strip, shooter targeted aviation fuel tanks, sources say yet. Sixteen hundred Rounds in his car he had chemicals to make bombs in his car. This was quite these sub human barbarian. Quite the subhuman barbaric you know, Mister produce I think the best thing to do would be to outlaw killing when you think about the great idea: outlaw murder. Outlaw shooting in the crowd. That will shooting an innocent person or innocent people. What do we do that.
I think we can all agree on this. Outlaw making bombs for the purpose of maiming and killing people. I think we should do that. These to me like common sense reforms, a friend of mine. So Minos has Ivan idea for a new law, and I said what said he said: we pass a new law that says enforce existing law, but my work. So a term. We never heard it before. I'm not even sure if it's a hyphenated, Termer separate words bump. What is it bumps Stock Bumstead We were bomb stock and related devices, and I will be welcome there's the problem of this before anybody ever heard. A bump stocks and related devices. This same crowd was pushing
this reading. The second amendment before them, in other words, bomb stocks, are almost beside the point when it to the air tight gun the anti second, Mme Crown, and approve a to do some some degree We have an individual by the name of bread. Stevens Wretch Stevens is a nasty rather stupid. Guy he's worked at the Jerusalem post. He's worked at the Wall Street Journal. Works at the New York Times, whereas a columnist so the so called conservative. Miss at the New York Times have to constantly through. Boats that are left in order to keep their jobs, their pseudo conservative, their frauds Brad Stevens is a well known pseudo conservative
I don't know what's been discussed today on the other shows, but you haven't heard this from me, and I want to get into this because actually he's telling you what the left wants to do in the title of his column is repeal the second amendment I've never understood the conservative fetish for the second amendment, so there there precisely conservative fetish for the secondment pianist and the conservative fetish for the bill of rights. Does he understand the conservative fetish for the constitution course not is a moron. Does he understand the conservative fetish for the declaration of independence. I buried Dance the conservative fetish for freedom of the press. Says from a law and order standpoint. More guns means more murder. Now course. I will I will address each These points shortly, but he's a propagandists.
States, with higher rates of gun ownership had disproportionately large numbers of deaths from fire. Unrelated homicides noted one exhaustive twenty thirteen study, the American Journal of Public Health now. This is an accurate we'll get to this later. From a person safety standpoint, more guns means less safety, the FBI, Canada, Hola two hundred sixty eight justifiable homicides by private citizens firearms and twenty fifty that is felt killed in the course of committing a felony and you're gonna. Need me to address those folks, because this version of of illiteracy. Backed up by Brett Stevens will be used by the left repeatedly, so you need the able to know how to respond to the fallacy. This has come of this a collar, that same year he writes there were four hundred and eighty nine unintentional firearm. Said the United States, according to the centre for Disease control between
seventy seven hundred and forty one of those killed were children from a national security standpoint, so he goes through every single level. Talking point My suggestion that a well regulated militias necessary to the security of a free state is quite the minute men that will determine Mr Putin and Kim Jong on are based in missile silos in Managua North Dakota, not farm houses and Lexington Massachusetts Printer personal liberty standpoint. The idea that an armed citizenry is the ultimate check on the ambitious and encroachments of government powers, curious. The whiskey of the seventeen ninety the near draft right in eighteen, sixty three,
call martyrs rebellion in nineteen, twenty one, the brakes robbery of nineteen. Eighty one does any serious conservative. Think of these is great moments. In second amendment activism. I guess he forgot to point out MR producer, the American Revolution or many the weapons the Americans help were obviously private weapons, and now we have the relatively new, and now you take over this active shooter phenomenon, something that remains extremely rare in the rest of the world concerned. I can say that the right response to these horrors to do more on the mental health front by all accounts, even paddock, without it used in eyebrow with a mental health professional before he murdered. Fifty eight people in LAS Vegas last week actually was this week. What might have raised a red flag? I m- not the first point to point out-
if eight Mohammed potluck had purchased dozens of firearms and thousands around of ammunition and then check them south into a suite at them the M Mandl. They would direct views to a nearby music festival. Somebody at the local FBI Field Office would have noticed really Burma the slaughter. Thirteen men and women, and one baby at born at four We should remember that MR producer. Member of the red flags that Military the FBI had, and yet nothing was done and we can go and a case if the case, if the case. So in other words, you see, ladies and gentlemen, white potential. Ass matters can get away with this stuff all this, why liberals keep losing the gun control the payments because they argue the case. Let's face it in bad faith, democratic politics, hence routinely profess their fidelity to the second amendment, or rather a new reading of it with all the conviction of
Obama, support for traditional marriage circuit, two thousand eight, with all the Eviction, Abridge Stevens, claiming to be a conservative people, recognize his lip service for what it is there are the endless liberal errors. Of fact there is no gun show loophole per se. It's a private sale loophole, in other words the right to sell stuff. The civilian. I, our fifteen, is not a true assault rifle and banning such rifles, where the little effect when the overall murder right since most Thomas I am committed with hang. It is not true that forty send a gun over only by without background tax there are members closer to one fifth, Europe does not have republican quote balls and money clip on quotas. Jimmy came up put it the other night. The energy is donated, three three million five hundred thousand all current members of Congress and ninety ninety eight code into the Washington Post, quibbling tour three months have Kimmel salary. The energy does, need to buy influence its powerful because its popular, nor will it well. I do too
the australian model of a gun, buyback programme, which has shown port results in the United States. It makes little sense in a country awash with hundreds of millions of weapons. Keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people is a sensible girl, but due process is still loaded, the potentially insane background checks for private Sounds or another fine idea, though it effects on homicides, would be negligible country covered by police are rarely in the hands of their legal owners. A twenty sixteen study found. You know it's interesting about those folks. For two days we ve talked about the fact that there really are no solutions. The mass murder. They really are no solutions. When an evil person sets out To slaughter a whole lot of people is not to say you can't stop son, but the fact as there is no overall program that can stop them, they're just isn't. In fact he writes the more closely one.
So what passes for common sense gun laws, the more feckless they appear merit You claim to be outraged. My gun crime should want to do something more than take her at the margins of a legal regime that most of the developed world. They considers nuts. They want to change it fundamentally and permanently. There's only one way to do this repeal the second amendment, so there you go when you know what's up- we are about what he's writing if all the other suggest Its solutions cannot possibly work. Why does he repealing the second amendment, which is an impossibility, could you're not going to third members of both houses. Moreover, you're not gonna get three force or the state legislatures to support it. You only need thirteen state legislatures to say no, but just think about what he said: peel the second amendment. If you want to kill people and you
They kill a lot of people, it doesn't matter if there's a second amendment or not, the coherence, abridge Stevens. We the Elles itself again, but I'll be back repealing the It may seem like political mission impossible today, but in the of same sex marriage worth recalling that most great causes begin as improbable one's got owners, it should never be outlawed, just as it is outlawed in Britain or Australia, but it doesn't need a blanket constitutional protection and he goes on. I will address him in a month. We'll be right back, I know it's the dress, House clown over there, the New York's limes Red Stevens catching the whole down a physician use nor the Wall Street Journal for that are used to
the Jerusalem Post flying about I've never understood the conservative fetish for the second amendment, friend Chris panned, also over a conservative review, really unravels this guy, and he says I Stevens is a fake conservative, and that means he openly gets to make condescending arguments from the rest of US robes or to explain a fundamental. Nellie Annabelle right is a fetch that is ignorant much like rest of Stevens columns. First, he argued more guns means more murder signing a twenty thirteen study in American Journal Public Health. That found. Eight said at a higher rates of gun, ownership of large numbers of deaths from fire unrelated homicide. David Harsenet points out the Federalist studies. Like this are misleading. You know why, because they can gun homicide and suicides? Two thirds Of hand got a weapon kill in this kind.
We ve talked about this now for what three four days in around two thirds suicides now I want to address the rest of this article feel bear with me. It's important and you're gonna need the information in order to address your liberal friends, we're going away around the propaganda that, the New York Times promotes through bread, Stevens I'll, be right back The new american revolution starts here: Clever shall call in at eight seven seven three, eight one three eight one one eye, Take our time a walk through this, study cited by branch. Stevens is knowingly effective, spin known for years by many to be effective,
Twenty thirteen study in the American Journal, public health and, of course, its misleading because they can fly gun homicides with suicide. Stephen, let's see, raise him to more recent studies. One is a twenty fifteen report from the American Enterprise Institute. Fifteen report from the American Enterprise Institute that since nineteen. Ninety three gun violence has been declining. His gun. Ownership is increased, here, say twenty. Seventeen analysis from John LOTS: Crime Prevention Centre, found murders in the United States are highly concentrated in urban counties would Logan ownership. In fact, just percent. Of U S, counties had more than here of the murders in the United States, and many more countries with very high rates. A gun ownership had no murders whatsoever.
Guess so happens at the county set at zero murders have by far the highest got ownership rights Lot told the american spectator earlier this year they got owners Bridge in those more rural parts of the country are about a hundred and eleven percent higher than the gun right in the urban areas that have the highest murder rights. Its import, Look at the facts, isn't it folks, necks, Stephen argues, more guns means less safety using it. I statistics Stevens notes. There were two hundred and sixty eight justifiable homicides by private citizens and Firearms are twenty fifteen four hundred and eighty nine unintentional firearm deaths in the same year- conclusion he wants you to draw is death by gun accidents outweigh lives saved by private ownership of firearms slogans. Don't make us safer. Very bad argument: first, there's no way to determine how many would be a silence and murders are deterred.
Committing a crime and how many lives were saved by the mere presence of guns. Second, as public policy: does it make more sense to cease? Three hundred million firearms from the american people It was to stop four hundred or so yearly. Gun accidents should Then ban and restrict every tool that causes accident of death or injury. I would argue about the automobile. According to the CDC and twenty fifteen, the leading cause of death by unintentional entering the United States was poisoning, not firearms. Death by fire. I'm came in behind motor vehicle traffic, falling suffocating drowning at that by fire burning, more than thirty. Three thousand people died by falling and more than five hundred died by drowning always severely restrict places and swimming pools to mitigate those accidental deaths,
Stevens goes on to dismiss the second amendments prescription for a well regulated militia as quaint and repose The idea of an arm citizenry to serve as a check on the government abuses is curious then castigates liberals for beating around the Bush with their arguments for common sense, gun control and goes for the juggler repay the second amendment hearing what would understand really be an improbable political campaign to other great causes like the legalization of same sex, marriage Stevens claims gun ownership. Need a blanket constitutional protection and Eric lay dismisses second amendment supporters. His gun enthusiasts fantasizing that red dawn is the rate that soon awaits us. That soon awaits us. Course missing and Stevens pieces any discussion of the fundamental natural right to self defence from which we do. I have the right to bear arms, but that gets done hardest. Stevens arguments doesn't it which is
simply that he does not recognise the right to arm oneself as a fundamental natural right. Like all progressives steed, It rejects the idea of natural rights. Are we breathe in James Madison at the end of address rebuttals to his peace, but he postulates that confronted with the dead Tal from gun violence in America, medicine would agree with him That is, medicine would agree with this point to take the guns, or at least the present, the right to take them away. He read them. Stretches ignorance, as he often does anymore, confound these understanding the right to bear arms is inalienable exists out the constitution. It is right that is endowed by God and secured in the constitution ripping the language of the second amendment away from the piece of paper it's written on will not remove. The natural rise to possess firearms said is to self defence attempt to take that right by force. Confiscation is and well you'll find quite a few Americans at this stage. Stevens flies over saying for MIKE
all dead hands. If anything, Madison will look That's my gun, violence to decry the epidemic of violent crime in american urban counties. He began rage under the american government advocated its responsibility to secure the right to life of the american people. Instituting law and order and stopping crime narrowly this Stevens not have his facts straight Not only is historically ignorant, Natalie we give in to the progressive premise and our rights come from government and I got but is also a phoney he's, a phony. The last time Bridge Stevens try to write something at least nominally conservative liberal. The New York Times went into a fury and demanded is firing so Cato handed at the levels of the New York Times. Breck, just stop pretending to be a conservative exactly right. When you really drill down into the statistics
We look at the human beings. They represent. Organs by the left make no sense, no sense. Oddity in this peace by breast Stevens Way goes through each The proposals that have been made over the years, which we have done over the last several days. Demonstrating how they wouldn't solve a damn thing, many as well as being guns altogether. In other words, let's repeal the second on them, as if that. Would be the Nevada that he and the left seek. But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen. Congress is acting and thereby partisan and they're going to act. And they're going to stop a device from being legal We ve never heard of me for most of us, that will do away with mass murder.
And I told you the other day and I believe it with all my heart. If this sub human barbarian. Didn't, have a device he would have had Devices maybe wooden these weapons, like guns at all, if he would fertilizer? Maybe what are used? A truck maybe we could have used the chemicals had. He had gathered in his automobile Others many human beings, as he possibly could, maybe. Would have done all those things the Washington. Ladies and gentlemen, Washington DC has a solution. It's much like health, much like healthcare. Obama cares, gonna bring down the rates. Obama care. Allow you to keep your policy. If you want to Burma Kerala, you keep your doctor. If you want to pay it didn't work out, it came the, if you want to the rates of skyrocketed, you couldn't keep the policy you wanted. So what we
now more more than ever. Ladies and gentlemen, is more government. Single payers, that is national socialist government, run healthcare. And when this bump thing I'm a jig doesnt work and we find that there still mass murders out there who will kill people? Well, then, we'll just have to outlaw other stuff. No, we have mass murders long before we this mass murder in LAS Vegas, did it made in use this bumped of us today they didn't use this month, device. You know his own imbecility, Weybridge, Stevens, Wretch Stevens points to a fact, which is that in the end foe, Ten years, twenty years, fifty years from now the gun elite and the left, the media, academia,
Hollywood, in the rest, they will figure out a way to investors the second amendment as they have Separated so much of the rest of the constitution, Do it in your name, though, do under the name of victims we'll do it in the name of common sense and reform. The climate best interests of the people and one, and when they do these things, they always they always promote themselves compassionate and by partisan. Solving problems, they won't solid, damned thing. Mr producer, who do you see as the best collar on our call screen as I haven't pulled it up here. Michael in Dallas, the Great W b. I pay, go work, you're genius! Listen here for years that about I get
Hey, I don't know about that, but you're very kind. Thank you on a LAS Vegas Massacre, I was in an hour jerry, had a chance to fire automatic weapons, helicopters and so forth, temporary respect for the weapons and an Algerian. The purpose there used for However, what I really let down and with his elected leaders are running a stout. We talk about life, what are you in the pursuit of happiness? I would argue that when our liberty of a chinese events happened. What about people and enjoy using these touched a file or sport by killing parts per person? while I would even go further most people, I don't know, do you have weapons driver field, but I Wednesday of this device, Have you ever heard of this device before a boss? I saw it
video mark the person I use it, including young women smile on your face from year to year after they try to demonstrate a novelty life again, Ok, so they outlawed it's not like the facts, you and me it is a phoney effort, by politicians. The left, the media to act like they're, doing something that's gonna, actually save lives result you're, taking away their life the livelihood of the employees. The factors and customers that these products that enjoy them, for whatever reason. My friend, I appreciate your car. Go to Tom Washington, D C, the great w I may I go. I mark yeah I am speaking here as a former police officer, retired melody, an recertified certified instructor. I don't work for the entering I'm just certified by them, for I, can have an opinion either way. I'm not worried about it.
In amendment than me. However, I have to disagree with you here. I never heard this stock either now that I've learned about it. But the point is we As you have stated in the previous stage, we have severe very strict, regular since and fully automatic weapons. This is one case. We don't need it for self defense. We do need. We don't need fully automatic fire and regulations if this this product barely legal skirted the law and love Let's not let my limit limit ITALY's. Let's get her factory, it's not barely legal the Treasury department approved at twice under Barack Obama. Your where that, right now was not aware that, but the thing is immediately am causes large audience here. This device was approved, the patent for it was moved and the device was approved by by the bureau
the Treasury Department under Barack Obama would be. Time, not time limit, but because it's not an automatic weapon and technically Certainly, semi automatic weapons does have become an automatic weapons. Now I don't care about any of that, so what they outlaw this thing that the vast majority gunners down have question to you is this really believe this guy. Sky. Had a more thorough background check that this guy had a limitation on guns. You goodbye to three. Sky had a of every gun. Had a capacity. A six seven eight rounds that if he didn't have this bomb stock. Do you really believe this guy wouldn't have gone on his mission? Slaughters, many human beings, but listen to me? Please I that's not the point and it would not have prevented from happening, but I listen. I watch the video and I listened to this. They applies my page, I mean why not what the differences
doing fully automatic weapons one? Why are you not ass? The Obama administration? This thing was blasted a full automatic we're locked, do away with mass murder, but we could have done by doing away with these. At least in this case we could mitigate the amount of damage I don't agree. They wouldn't have been this case. If we had outlawed it would be a different case. Well, I'll, get that we, I listen. I'm not went into this device somebody special pleading for this device, I'm trying to make rational points here, which is this petitions right laws, politicians beat their chests, politicians seek power, politician, You re election, this I'm trying to focus on those points people were slaughtered and these pilot just do what politicians do they immediately? pretend I have a resolution of this problem and if we only had passed common sense,
Control laws, and if we were only ban this Bob device that nobody ever really heard before these people wouldn't be dead. It is not true. It is not true In that regard, I agree with you there garden of the biggest danger is, what the discussion starts and there's things Democrats like to do they liked them got a lot of things. What they do is they start slipping in amendment slipping and things were done, law that are agreed. It's really have nothing to do while well Nancy Pelosi already said this is the beginning of a process to ensure, The bill does not pass so that they can demonize revival. And knowing full well, I know you're getting into the politics. However, when I what I'm trying to explain why, my audience to understand this: However, they do in terms of this bomb stock there. A future mass murders outlawed small prevented their will?
other devices and other methods. I wanna remit, the people that, on nine eleven there were no bump stocks in fact, no rifles. There were no pistols, there were no automatic weapons, there were no semi automatic weapons, there are hijackers it took over planes and slaughter paper. What back then A certain point me making rational points, MR producer their throwing us about where the dogs they threw us about, and we're supposed The dance be excited friend of mine there is a combat veteran, why for many rights, the Bumstead
was invented to make it easier for a person with arm and shoulder problems to shoot more easily if ban their very easy, to make yourself and bump fire corner quote easy to accomplish by rapid. Your finger through your belt loop while pulling the trigger and you Ford pressure to the house? guide. Lord, she sang you do with your own belt. It's stupid I don't know if I'm the only host an american problem Certainly, no purpose. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, on the only host, an American, probably one of the few who find this to be ridiculous. When I don't fine ridiculous, is at this barbarian sub human slaughtered these beautiful, wonderful human beings
here they throw us a bone and want you to think that this will stop. Stop the next evil, not job, and, of course it won't stop anyone from doing anything. The turmoil that takes place in this. Tree, whether it's the dead weathered the border, whether to bomb care with its second amendment so for its troubling when you look all over the world. Iran, North Korea, with China's up to in Russia's up to look at the G8 critical situation, look the cultural and social situation we can control these things. You can control your fine till she could control your assets, thereby controlling your future, has survived financial devastation wars, currency values throughout centuries. It's it's, it's better, gang peace of mind. Now, look back and wishes for a limited time, gold mine is offering price protection for three
it's on orders as those twenty five hundred dollars to know me special from called line even call them right now, eight, seven, seven, three six five coin be shorter Their important risk information to be sure Fine gold is right for you again Seven. Seven: three, six, five point: eight: seven: seven: three: six: five coin: I wonder why need on those special pleader for the bomb stock, a damn about the pump start. What I am saying is this fan this going on with these politicians is gonna Sabah thing not a thing. I'll, be right back
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Oh code, love in now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody market in here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one one when I'm in the Florida bunker the pro Today, for it is pouring in it's been pouring all day, want to repeat to you what a friend of mine wrote me a combat bedroom. He said the bump stock, was invented to make it easier for a person with arm and shoulder problems to shoot more easily if its ban
They are very easy to make yourself and bump fire corner quote, is easy to accomplish by wrapping your finger through your bout loop while pulling the trigger and using forward pressure on the hand guard it's stupid to ban this thing, while. I would say my dear friend the next thing we need to ban logically, would be belts. Don't you think, MR producer mark? Why are you doing this. Why are you applying logic and reason if we can save one life because we're not gonna save one like the same people. He wants you to believe that this is going to stop mass murder or its one step in that direction. For this people who trash law enforcement every single day, who can save lives? Who will save lives.
For the most part, it's the same people who have supported the nuclear deal In which the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran is perfect, Their icy be aims and their nuclear warhead. It's the same people who support an open border. Which allows people who will do harm, whether its where they area a bump the stock or some other devise not all of course, but some for sure who apply, oh securing the border, to prevent some of these people from, in this country and doing harm. Many of these same people. Our individuals in this country whose support lifetime appointments for a left wing. Liberal activists, judges who, soft on crime.
This is what I'm trying to expose. The problem we have is with evil p Again, we can't stop all evil people, but we stop people People from using bombs so they else or Closer devices or semi automatic weapons or knives her or whatever they're going to use we stopping people from doing that by stopping evil people, and no, we won't be perfect in this regard, fact will be quite imperfect in this regard. But the same people who want to outlaw bump stocks and I'll go out and have a blast go ahead and do it you'd think I need to do. The same people who want to outlaw bump stocks. Are there many of the same people while our evil people In their society.
Into the society or attack the line that protects us from these evil people or promote to the judiciary leftists who do believe in true order, comes to the law. This is exactly what I'm trying to point out. And that's the sad fact You have situations like this barbaric Sub Human, where the police. Would not have had any reason to stop him in advance of this, because I didn't know what he was capable of. Nor would the pump stop Stopped because he was already prepared with Milosevic and his own car. Other just some cases that are hard cases. They want and we wonder a few other things.
Very interesting over political, a left wing new site But I have to mention the site from time to time because people leaked to the site, but they speak to this site. As President Donald Trump cards on the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate so called fake news, the panel republican chairman, said today, that is investigation into russian electoral meddling could ultimately discredit some news outlets reporting. Intelligence Committee trim Richard Burton stop short of endorsing trumps Thursday morning. Coffee congressional investigation of the media, but bear did predict that on a product of his panels. Pie, partisan Agree in Damascus disruption of the twenty sixteen election would illustrate factual errors. In some media reports on the issue, when I to investigate news organisations but we will use. The findings are poor to let the american people hold every news organization accountable for what they portrayed as
in many cases without sources at least, no sources that would admit to bear at all political levels, many occasions. Cnn foxes me speaking ever seen and washed and composting near exclaimed use these on attributed unaccountable sources I went on. I think when we finish our report, we will find that quite a few noise organizations ran stories that we're not factual, isn't that amazing. Some incorrect news stories on the russian proper said since yesterday press conference in committee Vice Chairman Senator Mark Warner how to provide an update on the stand of their long running inquiry. In one or underscored during the Wednesday update that they are still looking at whether Russia colluded with Trump allies are associates to influence the election, the entire genes. Panel leaders are ass, also made no judgment on the steel dossier and and
fight series of allegations that Russia had amassed compromising information on the president. This should be very, very interesting. I guess. Even more interesting right now, in just a few days, in the United States, going to make a decision that we ve talked about this all week, is whether these certify decertify the around here and the leaks, are many the president will decertify the around you, but you see It's not enough to decertify they. The deal that is decided by the deal in that Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, and it is a nazi regime in Tehran that it is materially breached the deal that they re for though Burma and carry and all the other losers. The fact is, they have.
But the reporting that's going on out there, so it's being leak. Out of the White House. Perhaps out of one of the departments are agencies or more is they're going to decertify but they're, not gonna came the agreement altogether, they at all kinds of cool ideas and on what to do. Fix the agreement and to punish IRAN. I don't get it. Why would you decertify and say that IRAN has materially breached numerous elements of the deal that they cut with Obama and then say, but we're gonna fix it as if they're going to comply with any that fixes that you come up with an idea with IRAN, Moreover, I understand that it will trigger economy. His ability to reinstate very severe sanctions. It IRAN, against IRAN, few decertify that deal with IRAN and you draw from it, you abrogated, which is exactly what should occur. Nothing stops Congress from imposing
very, very severe sanctions on IRAN. Nothing stops Eric and businesses from stopping do business with IRAN. Nothing stops the Department of State from working it's well, if you will win fine entities are our allies in Europe and elsewhere to stop doing business with IRAN. Not stop us from doing all the things we need to do to eliminate that regime to overcome that regime without firing a shop. Without saying a shot, as Reagan did with the Soviet the experts in this area, is an old buddy of mine. John Bolton. We work together justice to our many years ago several decades ago, and he went on to work at them Department and then eventually become our ambassador to the United Nations and when he came up for a vote,
I'd state senator Democratic blocked. The Democrats stop them. So while we only served a short period of time as our ambassador to the United States, the United Nations, he was a remarkable, a superb ambassador to the United Nations and he said beyond this programme in a few minutes to help workers through what it looks like the trumpet train is going to do and what he leaves- and I think he is quite right about it- what ought to be done? has my body, eighty Mccarthy, a former federal prosecutor over national you today, he says Mister as an decertify the around here and then walk away, She's, not whether President trumps decertify Obama's farcical IRAN Nuclear deal, of course, Asia and Eighty must either We set common sense to decide. Federal law requires it. Instead, there too
questions. Why has prejudice trump recertified the deal not once but twice now what the trunk do after finally, decertify you it's time to walk away back then my buddy John, both Non witness John. How are you, Sir glad to be worthy of our colleague guys? Do These are defined, not decertify, and then what tell him I can people well, you know that they only in Washington. Could you get wrapped around an actual like this, where the president's apparently about to conclude that the iranian Nuclear deal is not an american best interest, which is certainly correct, he's gonna.
His aids are recommending he not certify to that effect, the Congress and that's correct too, but they want to stay in the deal. This is its illogical, its internally contradictory. It's really in some respects the world. About world the Queen way to do. This is not only not to certify under this Corker Cardinal legislation that the deal's, not in our interests, but to do what he said in the campaign and get out of the deal entirely. That is a form of political and moral leadership that will make it clear to the rest of the world. We do not accept that IRAN or have deliverable nuclear weapons. You know any Mccarthy rights today is. Why do we continue to accept betrayal, by the Iranians and act like that? Somehow this this can be managed or somehow we can reform it, and you wrote your brilliant peace sample the same website nationally on? Why
And you pointed out, you say: hey look, there's a lot of things. We can do to punish in fact bring down this regime. That does. Require war, there's a lot of things that we can do and we would have an enormous ability to do it if we got out of this deal right at the idea that somehow staying in the deal takes the decision over the Congress. I just think is on presidential, and- and so you ask yourself, why would anybody come up with such a year to queue by half ideas? Don't say that deals in America's national interests but stay in the deal? I think it's because the deal supporters know how strongly the present feels about how bad the deal is. So they're trying desperately find some way to stay in the deal, hope they can survive through the trumpet administration and then revive look. The Iranians have never had any intention of giving up their pursuit of the lever.
Nuclear weapons people talk about whether the deal's verifiable. You know the iranian and over two years now had never allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency to look at the military facilities where the design work on the bomb, the explosive worth its critical to dead needing a nuclear weapon are taking place. The international Atomic Energy Agency is confined to investigating the site that have already been declared that are already publicly known. This is like looking a drunk looking for his keys under a white post because the lights clearer there. Of course the Iranian do not gonna cheat in the fullness of rain of international inspectors, and we can only guess at what they're doing with North Korea. We know this. Iran is a rich country that wants.
We are weapons. Technology birth career is a poor country that has nuclear weapons technology this hard to figure out what's happening. You know, John, as I listen to you in his eye. I read on this subject. Two Maison to me: is IRAN sign the deal because IRAN New, even if they comply, every syllable other deal, they would have nukes in ten years there I know have nukes before that. Look the deal was front end loaded with benefits for one its responsibilities are all at the back end. But if the EU has pulled out of this deal, we can still impose heavy economic burdens because they're not gonna, buy at a. U S, products at the sanctions go back into effect and, and they know that their staying in the deal is good for them, because their concessions on the nuclear programme at the front end were truly
and easily reversible beheaded. Their programme set a few weeks ago that, if they pulled out of the deal they could resume their uranium enrichment programme at deal levels at previous levels. In five days, so that they didn't give up anything of significance, What concerns me, though, in the administration, is putting up its position to verse, reporters and sovereign looking at my friend, he likes peace today in Bloomberg. This it? Tells you where they're coming from right? I mean we're gonna do certifying arena. Have all these we're gonna put all these pressures on IRAN and honoured businesses on our businesses and so forth, but they're not gonna abrogate the deal. That is anybody close to the president. Is there anybody in any these departments at the top level who support
pulling out of the deal. I am not aware of any. You know. I tried to see the president to urge that decision. I didn't make it I've asked again today to SAM. I dont know what will happen there, but honestly, if the president will it given the full picture, I can't imagine he would be prepared to take this view is the harmful to the United States, but I'm gonna stay and what possible logic is there if you want to put pressure on IRAN get out of the deal state, your position clearly is all lacks all said back in the Reagan years to a furnace Marcos in the Philippines urging Imbros, I said, trot
cut point might we're not putting quaintly here were taking a butter? Nice did this deal and the Albanians will take full advantage of that and the iranian senses deal has been signed had been giving enormous sums of money to Hezbollah and Hamas, as it tries to further upset that region and focuses on Israel its toppled, yet it is working with the with the with the syrian regime in order to kill eyes of ours and it is doing all these things, whether it in this deal or not, which demonstrate that their provocation and and their desire to do what to go to war, to expand their power to expand terrorism and so forth
then another reason to get out of this deal short look. This is the way their behaving before they have deliverable nuclear weapons. All the things that you just said imagine what their behaviour will be once they get their capability. It was fundamental to Obama's logic that if only he could convince the Europeans that the oppressive United States didn't have a hostile and tend towards the ayatollahs regime, but they say
Well, in that case, we don't need nuclear weapons. You you can say, that's a naive. You are Obama's part. You can say what everyone about it. The Iranian took him to the cleaners, and this is a trumpet absolutely right. I believe this is the worst diplomatic deal in american history and the notion that the president is being advised to stay, and it I just I just appalling what we ve had three sprayed administration for twenty five straight years have failed to deal with the Iranian Nuclear Weapons programme effect by the way failed to deal with the north korean Nuclear weapons programme effectively either, and, unfortunately, though, the bill will come do and the competent distraction when they will likely get that capability unless he started and it's a hard road. But if you fail to get out of nuclear power,
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here, I'm stuck, I'm stuck James Denver, Colorado, K and UNESCO Mark you, though, the personal about on earth could be the reasoning that are our good reason for Spain. On the steel and the only thing that I can even that of certain, that they're gonna break the terms of veal and we say in the deal. Then we have the advantage of having multilateral action taken against some of the possibility of calling now and then he can unilateral action, but the Europeans, whether in deal out of this deal, though either oppose IRAN getting nukes, because you know they're in the crosshairs two or they want what and the steel or not. And yet under this dear sir, the European
your training with them freely as our we either And the irrationality where the president would decertify claiming that this arrangement is not a national security interests and then fail to abrogate it. Campaigning from seed. A shining see that that is the dumbest deal in human history and I to get out of it. There, These issues too, about the end. Greedy of the year of his campaign and about the logic of what he's being urged it. Let us make no mistake about this: if he D, certifies and then comes up with some MA, am a problem about you know we're gonna call the air here, guard terrorists and we're gonna we're gonna with whole. Finances from them, but the other part of the regime can get them in sovereign. Let let's not play games. What that means. Is he's really These certifying, in my view, he is there,
certification light and will be the third time he's done, but dancing a question. If we pull out, we will have the ability to do all kinds of things to destroy them dream economically covertly, with intelligence and other activities, which is exactly what we were doing in this agreement. Unfortunately, we are incapable of doing tat, a fortnight ago, somewhere somebody thinker, we'd better? doing it unilaterally and having something already set down, and when I answered luck,. Whether suicide is by the individual or by unilateral down unilaterally or by group, it still suicide. Isn't it sure, ok Well, that's the bottom line. Do we want the arena to get nukes now I know we doubt while under this ideal, they're gonna get nooks and they using thing is under the deal, they're gonna get notes, but it still not good enough. They want nukes faster. They want to be
or the dealings. Now. Why do you think that is how tiny why that is because they're afraid that we will have a president, whether it's this president or maybe some future president who will put his or her foot down and say why? steal. This is an enemy naked, threatening to destroy us they're. Getting Nuclear weapons are working to destroy them. First, the funny thing is I've been saying for months. Next war, and I dont want war, okay, but our next war will not be with North Korea. My view, I could be wrong, so be it our next week can it be whether ran if we don't get out of this deal, because we know we know IRAN with long range icy be aims. Would nuclear warheads instead a ran, can blackmail the United States for ever more and they will end just I despise North Korea and the fascist who runs out regime. Iran has demonstrated that it will cause or other countries. Then it works.
And, if its borders at the cost of other societies, that it will push terrorism- It will kill american soldiers. And has done all those things right I agree with everything should know how to fathom when all these general thinking well, Lincoln had to get rid of a few general in order to win the Savoy Disney. That's true! I am not impressed body, so impressed with the matters. This is so He's done that impresses you as a sector defence in everything than a pretty dog guy. I'm not gonna, let it why did he is he carries. Era of I didn't ask you about these, the the the psychological aspects of his position and I didn't ask about his raised me: what does he done? No, I I'm in a hurry.
So, thank you for your call. Neither can I I mean I'd defence department. Our our Pentagon military is in desperate need of fire more financing, then they're getting from this administration I don't hear matters talking about then said I am going on about the about. Transgender soldiers and I am going on about the yes. We should maintain the steel are not aware of any major breach before the present even makes a decision stuff like that. I find this particularly impressive, swim against the Thai, but I've had to swim against the tide, so be it Jim arms for New York, the Great W Abc, go, to be able to talk with you, market been listening to four years and what are you programme? You're welcome. I was right I'm glad you talk about the Stevens tasted it because it's funny and enhanced, She ain't you game plan
I know I heard that on Fox earlier today. It's not that he doesn't. Only the democratic, again plan when he shows me, and we already knew they wanted to get rid of. The second amendment is that he's ignorant. Basically, he basically says you know stop with the little ideas Iraq, work, which is something everybody knows and go right for the juggling. So he got what he said: does the sentence repealing the amendment may seem like political mission impossible today, but an air of same sex marriages worth recalling mostly causes beginners it's a stupid article because same sex marriage was not brought about as a result of it. A constitutional amendment and it wasn't eliminated as a result of a constitutional amendment you actually have to P, o the second amendment may require too Third, both houses, a kind, was making a proposal, and it requires thirty, eight state legit
it is either through convention or that legislators repealing it, and so that takes what thirteen states to say. No thirteen states well say now: So it's a stupid idea, they're not going to repeal the second amendment, not through the amendment process. They will straw. The second amendment, the way they always do through some judicial act. And by the Supreme Court that rewrites there. Institution on the fly that is no guarantee of the korean vote that, of course it is very solid. Problem. Is we don't have a five four supreme court? Even if we did, we won't have a five four Supreme Court for So the second amendment is something that the left has wanted to destroy for a long time, big chunks of the first amendment, separation of powers, the tent, the mammoth essentially read out of the constitution, except, of course, when their unconscious.
Finally, violating the constitution with their sanctuary, cities and all the rest, but I pray Your call my friend very very interesting point, let's see: let's can we get a lot of good people calling I want to thank you very, very much easier to officious, very tough fish. Sean Austin, Texas, Syria, satellite go, are aired. My opinion at the bottom line is this: let me again, you can you, can Whatever argument you want, but at the end of the day when you have regimes that playing things like, for example, You know Kim John or the north korean regime says you know, as as we get a their weapon. We have a new United States, ok, well, you have the Iranians they soon as we get a nuclear weapon, we're gonna write, wipe Israel off the map. The bottom line you don't think I've ever seen You didn't say as soon as we get a nuclear weapon, we're going to wipe Israel off the map, they said working to wipe Israel off the map
and you didn't say as soon as we get a nuclear weapon, we're going to attack the United States. The rains have said death to America. So This will be a major part of their military arsenal that they might, In fact, one day use against the United States. You know he get not just evil p but you get in seeing people in positions of power dictatorships, You know when you look at IRAN and so forth. You look at the history the way you look at the roman empire, you look at the lead, the insane emperors you had in instances in Rome or even in Greece, for that matter. So that's the problem. In saying that jobs are area driven, not jobs, with weapons, our country off the face of the earth. But my point is this: you don't deal with those people, you don't give him anything, you do everything you can to destroy them politically and economically. I agree to the point where they actually act and when they act he wiped off the map.
None of you, you, don't you. Ok, thanks for your car at the last point is where you lose me. When I talk about their peace shooters. Here we're trying to ban nuclear missiles. Were they act in any wiped off the face of the earth? This is another thing I don't understand. Why do we have to wait for the array, Instead, I have nuclear missiles in missile silos. Nuclear missiles are aimed at the United States. Why They have to wait for that time to occur. In order to get this regime, I'm quite serious about this. There was there used to be a time when a nation threatened us like North Korea. With nuclear weapons and they had nuclear weapons. We took it very very seriously. I mark we're taking it seriously now really really have we have we placed the hundred nuclear warheads that were removed from South Korea back into South Korea. Have we can
Japan to do the same. Do I have a permanent? naval fleet a carrier flee and if we stood in the south, trying to see how we can In all the economic steps we can take to crush China, given China is behind north korean? Ninety per cent of the trade in China's with North Korea, with China. When I go on at all, no we haven't when Reagan was present, he's decided he wanted to destroy the Soviet Union, any destroy them. Only a union purging to missiles persian two measures. He wanted to update our mission Place them in Germany but what Russia, that is, the Soviet Union had done. He was opposed at home. He was opposed in Germany by the people. Are Germany home? I call agree and that's exact what he did. Moreover, the tried and Annex Missile Congress.
Important parliament Bonamy shut down the government or to get funding for that? I could go on and on and on. Do you see that kind of urgency that kind of well parents tat? We have general matters I am not aware of any Britain not aware of any breach, you're, not channel. Helen Keller are, and you get this guy inferred up there. The head of the joint Chiefs is the same thing if these are the best generals weakened now, once a retired general, of course, that we need to find new generals, and I'm quite serious about this. If you don't see the Iranians as a moral threat and the Iranians every day, violating the deal and you're the head of the defence department you're, the secretary defence. Then we need a new secretary defence if you're the head of the joint chiefs- and you draw the same conclusion: well, you should be doing something else.
Be right back. You're, not gonna, get the usual. Problem on their show. You're not gonna, get talk radio by the numbers paint by the numbers. I think for myself. I got decades in decades of writing in thinking about these issues and I don't allow one website no one commentator one email or or one book. To chase me in one direction or another, and so the flock
They go off in one direction. I may go off in another direction, not because I'm trying to be provocative for unique, because I am who I am to call Papa. And so I look at this iranian deal. What appears to be coming- and I hope I am wrong- looks like a mess that will be beating the chess about how tough there being but the he don't. You. The deal you're not being tough at all and the press as the Iranians look tell you what the Iranians are doing. He went there every imaginable optional. Table. You need to get out of this deal. I am also not playing games with IE the bump stock. I know what it is- I don't have one I dont want one. I particularly like them. We saw
It is capable of doing in the hands of an evil person, but that's the point is in the hands of an evil person and the the voices even before what took place in LAS Vegas was for Over whether pushing gun control gun Control, gun control, I leave settled on the bump stock, but that's not where this is gonna end saint people trash the cops law and order support. Liberal judges keep talking about criminal justice reform, laying criminals out of prison It's that crowd. Did you notice that big IRA shape target? the Irish put it there on you when you couldn't pay your tax bill and filed an extension, You figured you have the cash by now right. Will you doubt extension is about to expire, got a couple choices. Do nothing wait for the Irish to come. Knocking
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mass murders and genocidal maniacs should be for a nuclear missile control. I'm quite sure about this. Nuclear missile control is a good thing. When involves, IRAN has nothing to do the second amendment and background check, tells us these people are quite capable of using these nuclear missiles against the United States and our allies violated this deal, that Obama created with them even now at the end of the year they get noakes. So how do I fix a date? with a regime like that now. I think Congress should be meeting right now to outlaw nuclear weapons for IRAN. What do you say folks jointly right back you wake up
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Even now, only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three, eight one three a one one hour. I you know, line has been loaded, I came on. The air seems only fair with these major issues out there that we we take some the cause and see what you thinking Larry Evans fell in the end of the Great W g bf go figure in my stick em. I call you if I could say
thing about this? I ran the idea would be to present a Trump one comes fifty of October. Will? Will the real president promptly stand up concerning what he said to his campaign and what he said I want the air force during the Vietnam WAR didn't retire until one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. I saw what happened when they went with all those things were happening. I saw the gutting of the military start actually under Bush. Forty one get unit under in until Clinton was, was sworn in, I saw the light I require I retired Nike. Ninety four put might be workin here before. What's gonna happen here, part is that if President Trump continue Solicitude Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of State in anybody else, that's telling understand this deal now use some trump language not use that word, but it President trumpet makes about as much sense was put shoes
had horse still gonna be dead, acupuncture shoes on it. I got great grandchildren now that in ten years withstand the high probability of having to fight a war because of what President Obama did in that was this. He took I ran. Who was there was virtually underneath because of the conditions that will report. No wonder put them back on their feet, gave them over a hundred and fifty billion dollars to continue to me that with aiding and abetting the enemy, I agree it is the worst single of a president of the United States against his own country? That I can even think of all were all he did was ate them in a bet them and can somehow make a widely with a signature you, while I have the blame guys like Bob Corker Mcconnell and the republican majority,
significant majority and the senator. Let him get away with this and didn't foresaid there through the tree process a lot of time talking about it at the time, you're exactly right and what's gonna happen. These are my great great great grandchild now that fifteen years will be eighteen years old. I look. We all had a kid or many of us have kids have a granddaughter grandson on the way, and I make The point over and over again, if we'd on addresser ran now our kids and grand kids and, in your case great grand kid there I have to go to war to stop this cause. I ran, I mean to have these thee, institutionalized terrorists, if you will that have successfully taken over a nation and it's a big country with a lot of people. I mean people needed Member which hung about Persians and persons- the grand history- and
They ve also has a history of literature of learning of knowledge and so forth, and so on. So you get these throwback to take over this country. And now have taken over with an iron fist. The problem, is when you have these drawbacks with these missiles who keep threatening you know: death to America, debt to America farm presently, United States. I take it seriously and I tell my generals, you know, generals who are serious about the sort of stuff. I tell my generals, I need I need you to go. The options on the table should a war where I can take this regime exactly in, and you know as well as I do mark that I'm not gonna get down to the mass nations of all other things here, but when you get above all five and in those six ranks which is colonel and headed for one star and generals, and but you cannot know better,
You said you cannot take a politics out of his out both the officer you certainly key today. I am, in fact, is our generals or more political than I can ever remember. Take a look at pulse Kosovo. Our support. Commander Halleck Commander over their them along with a general, and they wonder, pushing allowed a democrat policies after that, I seen it as she did happen and the military and if the proper actions, which are the actions you're either of yours following on your programme tonight, are not taken. Our nation stand the highest probability of entering into a regional and very possibly No wonder tat! I believe if this doesn't come to an end at some point soon, then that will be our next war with IRAN Larry. Thank you for your service very much. I appreciate it lets The north Hollywood, California, on the market of an app Kevin, go
Yeah, hey hey Mark on hey, hey, have how are you baby ok, ok, I want to say thanks to you, I actually moved from being quite leftist. To a kind of centre, slash rights and down even did a piece called why I left the left in the city watch allay, but others some thing a line to take the task about them. With the gun. Issue. Ryan, then, is with the whole bunks back thing I mean It may not really doing good banned, but like yours, San, if I may, and you don't even euro- even about a year and of any use it, no one that so Thank you. Your are your friends, so why do you even care if its banned, if we could potentially stabilize. In my own life I dont go on about
stock. I never heard of the dancing What I'm trying to say is you say why one abandoned it might save lives. What I'm trying to say to you is: if this thing did not exist,. And this guy wanted to commit mass murder. He would still commit mass murder. Our mass murders before this sub human Baron did not involve bump stocks and, if you outlaw stock. I just finished saying to you, and I were. I would kindly ask you about this. If you wrap your finger through your belt loop while pulling it rigour and using for pressure on the hand guard it has Actually, the same effect. If we can say one life by outlawing belts. Would you support that here is my counter plan that the Bundestag its use,
till I don't care if they outlawed or not. I'm saying if somebody wants to once the slaughter sixty seventy a thousand people, they're gonna, do it. Or there are at least gonna try and do it. But the greatest line of defence is backing the cops backing detectives. Trying to secure the border, keeping bad people in prison, Appointing serious people as judges not area logs of the left, because that way you take bad people to the extent you find them catch them get em off the streets. It's not perfect. We know. What's up, perfect, but it is the best chance of preventing somebody from killing somebody, because if you outlawed, I'm stuck you're not going to outlaw the but the buckle. Then the belt you know outlaw these chemicals that are used every day, including fertilizer, that can be used to blow up. You know federal buildings, so outlawed till your hearts desire. But if you have these, these
these sick goes out their people who want to slaughter people and our best lie. Defences, as I say, getting them off the street or in or in other cases protecting yourself and your own weapon. This is gonna. That's just continue. There's no way to stop it, but it's gonna get worse I biggest problem we have right. Now is an example. You talk about this mass murder case mass murders in the United States as a statistical matter are a fraction of the murders that take place in this country. Two thirds of death as a result of guns are self inflicted suicide. The other third are primarily young men, killing young men, not with bombs stocks with handouts with handguns, not with rifles and A significant number of those young men killing young men are young boy.
Men, killing young black men so to outlaw the bump stock. You might say that will save a life. In fact, it has almost no conscience whence almost no relation of what's going on in this country, what took place in LAS Vegas was horrific, horrific and if I That outlawing the bomb stock would have prevented this. This From murdering all these people, great but he also had and what you're not addressing is material in his car for creating a bomb, a significant bomb go ahead. Cabin can, I say one thing mark the redhead, ok and with the belts I would not want to ban bellicose belts are for keeping pants up the phone why did he didn't say one person we,
All you suspended what that's gonna put but we can't. Let me tell you, haven't I've. My heart is where your heart is. Ok,. My heart is where your heart is. My mind tells me that this is going to do a dancing, and so, We focus on things that aren't gonna. Do a damn thing. We don't focus on things that might help. You see my point and also when you have so many people who, And immediately to the ramparts, pushing gun, control, gun control, they weren't talking about our outlawing the bomb stock until they heard about the bomb stock like the rest of us their time about more, ground checks they were talking about. Limiting guns return. But all these things would have absolutely no consequence whatsoever. None Well, then, why not just legal I dollars and tanks and everything is killers- are starting to kill? Why not
life everything. Well, it's a good point, because states have the power, because truth is states are not covered by the second amendment under the constitution, states have the power to outlaw right, I think they should also have the power to outlaw upon start because they aren't going now La Bumstead. In fact, in fact, even though you can get at least theoretically an automatic weapons as opposed to a semi automatic weapon through the federal. Prove a process in its quite arduous some states, Outlawed automatic weapons altogether. The latter. Allow doesn't even apply states of outlawed automatic weapons altogether handful estate. Are you prepare my friend? I know not. Why I thank you for your car. I don't know how many more times I can talk about this, how many people have been slaughtered with automatic why warming. Various majority of american people are killed with a hand gun.
I had a gun, you want to keep outgoing thing You get out of hand guns MAX. What do you do? Our forty calipers, forty five calipers what're, you gonna, do why we can follow this to its logical, extreme, so People should own nuclear weapons, so I don't think people should own nuclear weapons have no problem with states outlawing people owning nuclear weapons. It doesn't bother me in the least I'm just pointing out the bomb stock outlined the bomb stock. It's gonna make the politicians feel good. It's gonna make it feel good. It's gonna make a lot of people feel good and it'll be a temporary failure, because it's not going to stop Murder all mass murders prior to this time did not use a bumstead. This guy was conniving. He was. He was Sir Premeditated sheriff has now said he believes he had an accomplice.
Staked out other locations. He thought he would get away, perhaps to blow up or kill people in other ways and other places his car was filled with device with them But by making chemicals his pointing it out. Kansas City Missouri, the great Casey em I'll go I mark on offer you ve, taken my call Anima really began. I appreciate you bet thank you said. I think that what we have in this country is not a problem, but a human and although I think that you know the bun stocks, I agree with the collars who have called in and out press their opinion that we should get rid of these things. I agree. I also agree with you that an be grand scheme of things really not going to change that much and I think, need to address, is the human side of the end of their cultural side of it, like that. I'd like to echo a point that another house from your see our tv
I made the other day I gotTa Mcguinness and offer augur Whistler's strongly recommend subscribing to Seattle. I watch it every day and I learned so much that I want to thank you for that. I thank you for what he said was that we're dealing with an issue of dehumanization, which means that its become so and through social media, through mass media and through political and balkanization to just a sign, insult or name something that you don't agree with, we ve gone to, appoint or are not really talking. Each other more em we're just immediately attacking people and everything I see on Facebook every day when I'm talking to liberals a lot of times, you know it s become so personal, so quick, and I think that we ve gone to a point where it so easy to be humanised people that you disagree with that and when you get radical people who want to see a lot of people its it become easier for them to.
See these people acumen beings and your granted. We don't know the politics, but I have to say this has been going on since mankind was mankind. Look at the third Reich. I thank you for the third Reich the same issue. I think that's the same issue and I think that the reason that the third Reich dot, broad public support. Let look Halloran talks about the Jews in Israel, I mean I think this has been going on for ever. Quite frankly, but but does it but the thing though, Mark this is America. You know we shouldn't have we. You have to worry about those things happening. America. Nobody! I'm talking about human nature. You will you brought up human nature. I read Human nature doesn't change because of borders. That's true, but I would like to Anne and through our, U accretion, I'm not actually I'm a conservative but
I'm not a crucial down a Jew, I'm not a christian Believin original sin, I believe in natural law and I believe, no care. I believe I believe that everybody has the right to life. I believe that you know we need that killing people for sport is evil, well that's a good answer, I believe a natural water, and without going any further because, I'm being taught I gotta get out excellent car Kirk. I appreciated be right. Back Adam for nine and we always get these arguments. Sorry, if I were blow tortures bazookas do the other way around too. Or something a gun you could be banned.
The water pistols. When you get a ban, everything what is at issue I didn't say they couldn't ban bump stocks. I didn't say they shouldn't band bump stocks. Said make no difference going forward, none whatsoever. None! Meanwhile Maybe the people who were immediately pushing for some a ban, some kind of gun control. They didn't focus on bump stocks until twenty four forty eight hours ago, so they first heard of them like the rest of us, or at least most of us, They were flailing round, pushing all kinds of gun control things, even the full Scarborough the morning Schmo he was going, on and on military style weapons should be banned. So if you have a weapon, that's a work.
But it's a military style weapon. That is, it looks like a military weapons that should be banned. Rob these people flail around their solutions are solutions at all. And at least these issues continue to flee the country, There will be the first, the trash, the cops assume there. Only until proven innocent, but yet maybe there's other amendments. We can dispose of two right right there, Wretch Stevens. What else we should repeal I'll be right back it's your daily adult those who the constitution. My grove in Joe calling now eight seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one in my Kyle Cox
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circle knowing what their laughter ten thousand dollars and, like you mention waiting. And all the other funds, but I d better: go by armed was it that a machine gun is. It is something that you pull the trigger with one action and model around can be fired and semi. Auto is one for every action of the treasure and the above Doc Basically, as you said, is a glorified that loop allows us. Otto firearm to function and some sort of way like able I, but by the letter of the law that hasn't changed since the thirties. It's still a semi automatic firearm issues being fired very fast and by the way I was held in such again by the Obama administration, exactly that it may be ruled on it actually several times, and that would be a guarantee that an attempt has been made. That ruling and The new law about five times intraday sky ready today said the basically a combination of items that can be made to make a single
fire. Fire faster is illegal this idea, so basically any sort of aftermarket traders or there you know world class. You turned out there that can fire clearly fathom the pre Bagshot mysel them as No, a mile away not allowed a fire at a third rate of fire. I mean meet. These guys are capable of that, but in other limited to appoint by inches it's completely unbelievable, where they're going with this. The other parties that these these that, as mandated and got away from so much of the social fabric of America and an ape grated, our moral ideas and yet, latitude and then yet they may come to. With these laws and expect us to. Despite my I'll, tell you one step further, when Anti refer is vital Marxists anarchist organization was being violet doing things at aunt of her does Did you notice how long it took? liberals in the media to
and on it did you notice how took even longer for them to criticise it, saying where members of the Democratic Party here your people actually involved in horrible acts of violence? and most most of them sat on their mouth. You're. Absolutely right I mean you know the Berkeley stop. There were people that worth all that hit in the back of the head, bleeding burned off. Thank you didn't say a word about it in the media. Al you heard was because some guy was speaking that everybody, I d, go crazy and then you know they they don't think like you just that until the federal government, with a deeper as a terrorist organisation and and and and let me bring this up and I keep bringing it up so the back mentioned repeated tomorrow, we this IRAN's deal with these nuclear weapons, Imagine a present United States entering a range of bypassing the treaty clause of the constitution in which are The fifty billion dollars is made available to a terrorist regime, a state terrorist regime that is killed american soldiers, a stir.
Terrorist regime that has said at once to destroy America. Debt to America which will be used to it. Hence there icy began capacity, nuclear warhead capacity Inter continent ballistic missiles, long range missiles, so they can strike the United States- and I ask you this: why isn't there a vote on the floor The Senate on the floor of the house today, which says we need to prevent the ran from getting nuclear missiles, and I see the aims that can destroy America while many these same people who are going to vote to ban the this this device, our many of the same politicians who were strongly supportive of that deal in Obama, I'm just trying to what things in context when we're talking about human life there there isn't it got actual these people, they re constantly moving oppose its purely agenda, driven I don't really even understand what the Obama administration wanted. The gain added the Randal because it gave it
they gave. I ran everything that they could have wanted, an it basically borders from going to these off limits, voices, and investigating them like we could have done, has not happened yet, like their military bases, exactly I mean we can't even go in there, which is completely ironic and more like there's, no understanding behind any of this on a logical, actual factual basis. Now my friend thank you you, gotta get I'm not a special pleader fora, bump stocks private! Two days ago, you know what a bum stock was just trying to bring some reality to this folks, because people get caught up in the hysterics of politics. The media people want to be part of that, it wasn't until forty eight hours ago that they even talking about bomb stocks on capital Hokosa. You know what they were, then we find I fail to see and Asda COM that bum stocks were approved. The eighty after the Obama administration at once or twice
rule that it was not an automatic weapon that it mimicked an automatic weapons have just given you the facts, and I am saying that this man who use the bomb stock, if he hadn't I'm stuck. It would have done something else that clear by what was in his car now, while bump stocks, though outlaw bump stocks, but it's not going to have a perceptible consequence mean the guy or use the bump stocks, somebody, oh you something else next time in De Las Vegas above stock, wasn't using any the mass murders, the Ass majority murder in this country occurs with handguns. The vast majority of death as a result of guns are suicides, and so it's important to put things in perspective. I don't wanna put evil in perspective. Evil is evil no perspective for evil and what this sub human barbarian did to those people in LAS Vegas is is unimaginable.
Is unimaginable, but yet again we if people a pass here these leftist, these democratic members, the media and so forth there. On top hops immediately there occurred. Them of all kinds of things there give me until proven innocent. Now, they're called heroes or their ignored all together by the media. How did turn on a dime like that, because allow me to turn on a dime like there. That's her, Norman Albany New York, the Great W G, why go mark? How are you getting very well? I hear you Thank you, Sir all right, and I remember I bury Hunter a target shooter. Pretty much in the shooting sports, my entire life and, as you explained earlier, we familiar with the moment stocks. Neither was I in that area.
Semi automatic weapons, I'm a guy, I'm not an efficient otto. I have my weapons. I know how my weapons work, I'm not looking prove them, I just like having my weapon anyway, go ahead. Exactly like I do I want a bird height, I can bring shots on. If I want to deer hunt, I can bring a shotgun or rifle. Excuse me. The one problem I have opened a lot of people brim, bringing up banning these and a MAC wait familiar with them, but for With the news over the past couple of days, I figured out what are capable of doing and you put anything in it in the hands of a cycle when they're gonna do it. If guns were never overall invented or gunpowder. They were done with something else. When you have somebody, that's mental, like ok, but I have gone.
Begin our being an end. I remember everything else: go ahead, ban them, but the only thing it scares the house let excuse my language is, it's gonna give the dams. It's it allow them to put their foot through the door to get other stuff started and I think there is a lot of course out there and there's a lot of people shook their heads, yes and as a bit that that's a huge, problem I have re no marked, while others there is some truth in what you said because remember, as I keep putting a predator four days ago they weren't talking about bump stocks because we never heard of that right we are familiar with them, and we were aware that this burying subhuman is what I keep calling my nose name and I dont want to use his name had use them So the bottom line is what the bottom line is they were out there proposing gun control measures taken him right off the shelf that they have proposed. Before that happens
nothing to do with what took place in LAS Vegas. And this is why we circle back to the moronic Pete, ITALY, moronic, wretch demons. He sang look just ban the second amendment, repeal it This is where they're going, but they're not going to repeal it through the Constitution a process because they don't have the votes. They need the support of the american people to do that too. To both houses and in three fourths of the states. So they're going to do a legit they're going to do a traditionally, I'm convinced of this convention. It if you actually have a moment, opt out to do I'm sure, they're, quite elderly by this time. Ok, the Jews who live in Germany. They want now the Jews who live in Germany on under the reign of Hitler and he disarmed everyone and then turn around and slow. We ve talked about it on their show, the meaner think about the Warsaw ghetto.
At most most of the weapons the Jews had, there were handmade or they were. They were relative: few in number of pistols and so forth their up against tanks, and in that sort of thing I mean there's a lot of reasons why the second amendment is there. So at least. Like this and repeatedly like this about curtailing free speech. Even though the same liberal Democrats want to do that. They certainly never talk about curtailing freedom of the press, freedom of the press which the press uses to advance its agenda and the agenda the left, if you even Paul the press, fake news, which way front as you remember, there is a period of time where the media were saying that dangerous, what he's doing the press, this war on the press and on and on, and they really swear it right. There are just words
but the media went nuts because the media was being attacked through free speech, claiming that they had a first, am I right. Freedom of the press is being attacked by the present United States are, I might and I appreciate your car and the true sad reality. Folks, as this today is Thursday, the slaughter took place. What three have four days ago and we continue to discuss bomb stocks. We continue discuss, gun control. We continue to discuss politics because again, this is what- left has driven us. This is where the left has driven us so fast. They have moved us away from all those wonderful heroes, those american citizens who are so courageous, doin that horrific slaughter
So fast, they ve moved us away from talking about the police officers who they despise. They despise the police lets people as they nationalize police department. Interesting, we haven't had any stories By the media about race and the cops, because I only use race and the cops if they can create racial divisions. But what about raising the cops in LAS Vegas? The cops of all races, helping people of all ages. Maybe they'll do a story on that. Don't hold your breath. Right back, news, ladies and gentlemen,
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it- has many causes. I can't because people were wanting to talk about this all week, long Andrew Wichita Kansas the great can assess go out. I just wanted to say your last couple: I think they hit the nail on the head, especially in the gallery, said the Democrats in trying to get their foot in the door with a bomb stock ban. I think I'll, be there in the Bundestag. Does it increases the rate of fire that, like the accelerated whether automatic firearm? Well, that's a big deal, increasing irate, a fire. Otherwise this guy wouldn't used it, but My other point is fine. If had never existed, he would have done something else. Why? The guy that my fear is that continue with that rate of fires and they could get a foot in the door with it and what does not them Then you have. Some automatic is too much because automatic. Firearm is justified.
Lay a lucky. It is conceivable, it's definitely come Syllable! That's where the Democrats want to go there. Abolish the second amendment if they can and they want to abolish it, not through repealing it like that said from the next limes: they abolish it, not through a constitutional amendment. They will abolish it by judicial fear. That day is coming. Our true, I appreciate your car body, AIR France, Cisco. We don't allotted time care so far. Go they grab me great. You're click click quickly. When was the second amendment. When was that what was the reason for that? Why was it there? But the main reason Civilians from got too much government right well, there's a lot of reasons for the second amendment. First of all, it say natural law, That is, you have a right to defend yourself, whether there's a constitution or not
so there are still pay attention. You asked me a question. I know many to be rhetorical, but I'm educating you. Unalienable right, you have a right to protect yourself. You have a right to protect yourself. Many individual or group of individuals, even a government, I'm not saying you should overthrow the american government, I'm talking to you about the second amendment I may address is a little bit more next week in the context of natural law, we saw all you heroes out. There were at a time, God bless each and every one of you be well.
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