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On Wednesday's Mark Levin show, Bob Corker not only bypassed the treaty provision of the Constitution but made it so that a supermajority of senators was required to overturn the Iran Deal. Now Corker is now trying with Ben Cardin to make the deal perm...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, tallow, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one remember we. In effect, the show for the morning shows where the cleanup hitter and as you can, listening to many. The earlier shows all over the country we lay out the case they try and make it is best as they can and I'm gonna take. Some have been trying to remember to tell this since Monday and finally, here
go, and it's very exciting again, this was sent to me Monday, These Wednesday, so I've unfortunately failed to do it on time. We are giving you a new way to listen to the mark. Levine show in twenty eighteen you now hear me on your Amazon echoed device. Your Amazon echoed device, just say Alexa enable the mark Levine, show skill. Alexa enable The mark, Levine, show skill and your connect with me instantly they, after that whenever you want my great words of wisdom, just say: Alexa Open, Mark Levine Show now for more info. You go online to Mark Levin, Show Dotcom, Mark Levine, showed outcome and search the key word Alexa, but one more time, say, Alexa enable the mark, Levine, show skill when you're Amazon
Michael Device and connect with me instantly. And after that, whenever you want my great words of wisdom. As we say just say, Alexa Open, Mark Levin Show so again, gotta Mark Levine showed our time and searched the key word alike. So what I've always try to do this programme is put it on every platform every format that will accept this or that we can invent. Somehow take the position that they want to limit it somehow or not asked to get on every platform we are, and I radio we're on FM radio. That's her bread and butter we are in satellite radio, also our bread and butter. We on we created a mark Levine app can download or listen to under your cell phone and so forth the eye heart radio app carries the show. We are also now on live streaming.
You can download the shown your ipod, listen to any time now through Amazon ECHO devices I just mentioned your Amazon megawatt ECHO device and weird continue to use every platform possible to get the message out there. Every platform possible. Which is why we worked so hard with our wonderful aim and f and affiliates to try and make sure that you can hear their show. Most importantly, in real time, our programme directors are very, very good people. We think this is very important in a lot of you millions of you, wait to listen to this programme and so were giving you more more ways to do it, and we much appreciated to talk more about immigration, our too, I told you last night you will be able to discern who the pompous boys and girls are through. The rockets are. On this issue. They will tell you
whereby they will tell you that the gonna get this we're gonna get lad and it's only the beginning of a process. You see folks, if it's the beginning of a Ass, you need to participate. If it's the beginning of the process, we need to lay down our own markers, you don't just sit back and laugh it up and chuckled chuckled chuckle. Talk about the right wingers out there now I am a right wing or on immigration. Now, that's all areas. I'm a right wing or on immigration, because the present says who sign anything that they send him right wing or on immigration. Right winger on immigration, because I support forcing our immigration laws since when is enforcing our immigration laws, a right wing agenda since. Supposing sanctuary cities a right wing agenda since
And is wanting a secure borders, so we can manage properly immigration in this country a right wing. Agenda since when is demanding that federal judges and we'll get to them in the next hour. Follow constitution when it comes to immigration, a right wing agenda since One is insisting that the private, They comply with immigration laws when it comes to the hiring of people when it comes to these as a right wing agenda, since one is kind of protecting civil society and the american culture from the importation of utter measures without assimilation in this country, a right agenda. You're gonna the next hour from Harry Red Twenty five years ago, a right, winger, Barbara Jordan, one of the most brilliant. People they ever serve in the House of Representatives and african American
from Houston, you're gonna hear from her posthumously on video. We will play the audio. You can Air from others who apparently we're right wingers now the Inn thing to do is this: Tell your country down the river. Now. The inn thing to do is to redefine citizenship. Now the thing to do is to me define what a wall is and I'm a right winger, no, hardly, but before we get to that, the things going on in Congress, with Bob Corcoran in the White House at Vienna, see that had me greatly concerned on the uranium. This is snuck up on us. It may be in it you tomorrow and I'm looking at the Washington Free Beacon Looking at the weekly standard, I'm looking a bright barter buddy Joe Pollack, I'm looking at the daily. What am I like that?
Barely caller, I'm looking at. The Associated Press. Has anybody discuss this today and talk radio I dont know: are they busy with there? sometimes in Iraq, hectares Ternata, let go go turned to the right girl go. No. You need to hear this. This is a life and death manner with I am getting noakes and I see the aims and threatening the United States. This is ideal Obama put together. This is a deal that Bob Corker Greece. This gets four I just read today that Bob Corcoran President have well other romance going. Ladies and gentlemen, they ve made up, unfortunately, the great reporter I'm credo over it free beacon, senior Whitehouse officials. Congressional leadership,
scrambling to save the IRAN's nuclear deal and convince President Donald Trump to again wave key sanctions on the Islamic Republic. Despite operas position according to multiple sources working on the matter who spoke to the Washington free Bacon. Please listen. This is important stuff we're not going to talk about Oprah today, we're not gonna talk about Steve Ban For that already, the White House is facing down a weekend deadline by which it must weigh key ECB. Sanctions on our ran in order to preserve the nuclear accord, while Tromp has expressed fresh issue about the need to save the deal senior national security officials are working together that's him, waving. These sanctions is the best course of action, and I understand at a time like master himself.
I'm trying to figure out who else and I will alert you to them when I do, and they can National front senator Bog Corker is said: be working with Senator Democrats on who legislation to hold a ran accountable for its ongoing ballistic missile construction and other rogue active but he's that bill sources say is failing to gain traction among Republicans What many described as a range of flaws that mainly I have to lock in the Iranian Nuclear Deal and prevent Trump from abandoning this guy corker. Is the worst of the worse here. The worst of the work. The latest. Prince involve a legislative push? They would the nuclear deal, not only in the short term but limit the ability of the president and future President's tat ever accept the deal. It's pretty clear,
the people around. The president are trying to sell him on a Potemkin village of sorts said one source close about the White House, an congressional negotiations or the matter. There is no legislation that would fix the deal. Table only legislation that would lock in the deal and even make it worse on issues I see bia missiles, any legislation produced by Corcoran, Senator Bank Leftwing, Democrat Marilyn will fail. A garner support from public and opponents of the deal it is reported, such as take crews, Tom Cotton Markka Rubio. The sore said: can anybody We get through to the president and let him know that Corker card. I'll be opposed by most everyone on the right. The source asked in frustration, a spokesman for Corker, told the free beak and that it continues to work with a white House on legislation. Pressing gaps, they ran nuclear and whose working with H are like master.
And I want to know who else Senator remains engaged in productive discussions with the White House and when they say my house, it only Trump, they mean Stafford, some of whom are leakers. And a number of his colleagues in the Senate about the appropriate path forward and our allies continually updated on relevant developments. Corker spokesman said as tension and Its content grows on the issues. Some republican superposed alternative plans that they believe crackdown on a ranch and transit behaviour and provide try for they pathway to abandon the idea and reimpose all sanctions when around you foreign policy is facing a pivotal moment. What policy makers must have a laser like focused on our objectives for permanently preventive ran from it nuclear weapons capability to combat IRAN's support for terrorism and support
The iranian people in the streets protesting for a freer, more hopeful few your representative, Peter Ass, one of Illinois, set. Another source involved in the negotiations, told the free beacon that their houses version of new legislation exposes key weaknesses with the effort spearheaded by quarter and carbon in the Senate. The House version of the bill more than anything else shows how follow the cork card law is and said sources discuss the issue with the White House. The house lay, which is actually strong, Anti ran language and shows how Republicans will never at the loopholes and protein language. That's coming from the Senate side, the thing dead on arrival. Never let Station being pushed by Corcoran Card in the Senate and other of their allies is being built because a legislative fix do they re nuclear arrangement. The agreement which has required the president
publicly certify, ran ass in compliance with the deal every ninety days. Even when it's not that requirement is called increasing friction in the White House as senior. National security officials and Secretary of State Rex tell us and work to convince and increasingly frustrated president that he preserve a deal that president believes is flawed. Sources said The white also seeking to strip them ninety day, recertification requirement from any new piece of legislation, while the bill Still in the work sources said that quarter is privately telling the White ass. I hope you're following this, whose it's a life and death matter. I let's see here. Let me may I have the right page here, while the bill are stolen, a work sources said that Corker is privately tying Whitehouse officials, the legend plate of effort is much further along in and actually is at this point
republican leaders such as Tom Cotton are not willing to back the bill which would need it support in order to move forward. Multiple sources said. I were in the middle of a sell out, led by Bob Corker, who has always supported this law. While lying that he does far Corker. Listen to me, you remember Bob Corker created the process that bypass the treaty. Provision of the constitution. Bob Corker created a process with the support of Ms Mckenna and I'm sick and tired of the judicial crisis network. A running pro Mitch Mcconnell pieces on the Fox NEWS Channel Don't they have any sulphurous back? Don't they Norma Colonel across the board, is lousy, we're getting federal judge because it gradually that cattle.
I'm sick and tired of these sell out at least have some integrity. Bob Corker, not only with Mcconnell backing oh America, he not only bypass the treaty provision. He made the state cute in such a way he drew up in such a way. Will we it had a super majority of senators, a veto prove majority of senator to stop the ran deal. Let's go to the weekly Stan, President Trot must now decide whether to waive sanctions in coming days. Legislation that attempts to make good on President trumps October demand a fixed at twenty. Fifty nuclear deal with IRAN is still facing obstacles days before trappers, due to decide whether the issue sanction waivers that we keep the agreement alive
till it trumpets retreat, repeatedly begrudgingly wave sanctions lifted under the deal only to be hit with a gradually mandated deadline to report on whether a ran is meeting for The all related conditions he refused, certify one of those conditions in October. Your recall, namely that continued sanctions relieve Turann, is proportionate to the measure. This taken by IRAN. Under the deal opponent, Announcing that decision Trump warned that he will terminate the agreement if administration officials working with Congress in european allies, fail to fix its laws so now what's happening, they are pretending to fix its flaws Rex to listen. Who was always against what the president in October a try. My master currently doing exactly the same thing: Bob Corker then Carnea Democrat. This is a huge problem. It's a growing problem.
And trying to press he's Republicans I'll, be right back, Sport just informed It's not only registered try my master, but it also matters a mad dog. Never seems to be met in this is the advice, the President's getting quarters working with them very closely with Mcmasters Office. My sources in the White House, by the way and there's two of them-
And it's worse than this latest effort involves a legislative push that would preserve the nuclear deal, not only in the short term, but limit the ability of trump and future presidents to ever exit the deal. There is So dispute over portions of the bill that would allow Congress to use a simple majority override any decision by the president to fully reimpose sanctions when I ran now that is flatly unkind, additional, which is which is par for the course with The court does not like the constitution does not like the treaty club. The president runs our farm policy. If Congress wants to defend something, they can be fun, something course they know. He'll hundreds wants to declare war on somebody thinking declare war on somebody like the President, On this foreign policy, president runs our foreign policy, I remember when the left tried to do this, the rag and instead we have corker doing it.
in view of liberty and conservatism, call mark now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one committee: this is lining up so far among the big players, in and around the White House, the sector's state. Of course he appeases immediately. The sector defence, unfortunately, when it comes to the surrounding he's, been appeasing immediately needs doing exactly that. Now, a turn masters working very, very closer to close with a quarter he's a piece. One of the men who is actually been very good on this has been the chief of staff to the president, General Kelly and good for him. You know the first time I met Donald Trump was was one
That's the first time I spoke in the first time I met him was one he was candidate for before he was Kennedy, Tromp actually. And he attended. The entire ran deal rally. Member MR producer several years ago. His big on the south alone in the White House, they ve been twenty five. Thirty forty thousand people now. And I had the honour of speaking: there has did others take crew spoke there and Donald Trump spoke there. All the Emily opposed to this If the president listens. Those members of his administration that I mentioned as opposed to general Kelly and others. He will effective Baby embracing the Obama approach to the Randall S, draw Pollack, puts it over a regular and he's correct these fake chain.
He's which share, which will be said to be enormous and wonderful and so forth. To tie the hands of the present and future president. How do you tie the hands of the present and future in dealing with a ran I the aims and nuclear warheads. I just want It is clear, as I know how, because I know a lot of people eyes or rock. How can I get onto something fun? Please listen to me. North Korea has nook their weapons now North Korea has icy, becomes the North Korea can hit the United States now. And they are showing muscle every single day, so a throwback regime that Five such people that has a minuscule jeep the gross domestic product. Forty billion dollars can still.
Bill. I see the aims put nuclear warheads on the Tipp and shoot him into the United States, not just Guam, LOS Angeles, Chicago New York. One guy one John. Iran is getting to that point. I like to say how do these past presidents allow North Korea to get where North Korea? Now you know how look upon Corker look at bank card look. Democrats and many, the Republicans in Congress, look at the present its adviser, MR tough dog dog matters. Their general a try. My master. MR acts on mobile, tough guy Rex tellers.
Who never saw a pro american farm policy. He didn't like a complete puppet of the bureaucracy, one of Bob porkers top age who helped make this outrageous deal. There is, as a top official to the sector state how the hell that up and a handful of people who are fighting who understand this is why was important. Have John Bolton as sector Estate or John Bolton?
its National Security Council directive. This is why it's important have some people who have the presidency or open just general Kelly, we're walking through these things. In explaining these things in foreign policy, the president campaigned on canning therein deal the president campaign on Canning Dhaka. This isn't right wing stuff. This is the right stuff. I heard a commentator on Fox today say these right wingers, I don't understand of these hardliners. We're gonna get chain. Migration eliminated, we're gonna, get the lottery eliminated, we're gonna go so and so the poured into an I'm thinking to myself when did that? Have these are proposals. These are proposals when President Reagan got
at all stages of the building and securing the southern border. The Democrats held the money back. How many more times are we gonna get screwed Building in securing the southern border, the Democrats held the money back. How many more times are we gonna get screwed here before we understand. What's that got? Why remark worry? This is or levels are chaff. Susan four levels: a chess is ITALY, wings. We're always negotiating on the Democrats terms, because We have sellouts like bog worker. Because we have set out on immigration like Lindsey, Graham. We're always on deepens, knowing tell me about this radio business has it applies to this president and how it works. Many
My brothers and sisters in this business understand that Say much easier life as a talk show host to go along the just go along to be pollyanna. It's just easier, its ease, It may even help your writing, but I want to give them some advice, unsolicited of course, because there are listening. I've been doing this a long time. Not as long as some of them, but a long time. I met a time slot when I was told this programme. A programme of this sort of any kind could never actual housed, never from six to nine p m in this country. They tried many. You never had been a successful nationally. Syndicated talk show host, never from sixty nine p m in this country.
They tried many and they fail Radio companies would network tried to run People against this isn't about me. I just want you to listen, I'm making a point and they have every one they have thrown at me as fell. All set of them every single one way guy was up against is a big mouth. He couldn't beat me so they moved to show off at six p m to now. Why is there in part in part? It's because you have to be true to yourself in the audience knows when you're a buffoon. The audience knows when you're a chameleon, you can say, I told you many years ago and as I there's an eye that the army snows. You now. That what took place in the oval office yesterday is very troubling very troubling.
You know that this around here is a direct threat to our cities, to our p when this country and could one day result in an all out war. Were you send your kitchen, your granted, over the Middle EAST again we do now. IRAN turning into another North Korea by the way Iran gets missiles with warheads on them they're even more days Kristen North Korea, North Korea, Talk about conquering the world and spreading their ideology that little bombers fifth trying to hold on to power. The iranian regime, the Islam, see regime in Tehran has as its primary purpose for existing expansion? North Korea does not, even though its constantly threatening South Korea.
Iran smoothed over Iraq, IRAN Moved into Syria, IRAN has moved in the Yemen era. And has moved and eleven. The ices Caliphate dies, the uranium caliphate grows and gets more more powerful. We ve, given them a hundred and fifty billion. Hours develop their armaments to build up their technologies. They started some people they can either own people who'd like nothing more than to overturn a government, but by Corker and then card Admired both matters and register I all the rest of them take. The status quo is fine. I just want to remind the president, maybe rally that you attend to remember what you said.
Rely on the right people for advice, talk to John Bonham talked and time cotton. And even in this instance talked a marker Rubio. You must be a neo Oh wow, what an argument the neo can take my guts Susan about being a neo com. We have a terrorist state that is killed. Region, hundreds and hundreds of american soldiers. We have terrorist state that keeps threatening the blow us off the face of the earth. We returned State that has tried to humiliate us Our sellers off the high seas with terrorists, That's threatening our allies.
And rather than work to overthrow that state, which is teetering if we would push it Obama saved it, Bob Corker saved it If this is the worst deal in the history of deals, as the president has said, then why keep putting around whether why keep playing games. In others show is heard throughout America every corner the country turn all over the world. I'm talking to the bus drivers in Chicago I'm talking to the taxi drivers in New York, I'm talking to the cops and allay I'm talking to the fund, Recent Kansas, I'm talking to the commercial fishermen annoying, I am talking to all of you. This isn't it.
Distant issue. This isn't some theory or abstraction some foreign policy. It is a foreign policy which directly affects us. And I am gravely concerned Conservative media is not conservative media, it has become a policeman media. Accepting whatever the republican establishment is now sending to the president are arguing that. Is. It should do if you are a constitutional conservative. If you believe in liberty, if you believe that stage? Military is being a vessel right. It have you been our borders are being eviscerated. If you are, sick and tired of our soldiers being abused by the enemy. Is yours? I can try to. Our shell is being abused by the enemy. As these rogues,
let's get more more noakes or the capacity for nukes you'd, better wake the how normous amount of damage has been done in this country, while the Republicans have controlled one or both branches of Congress and in some cases the president. Why why so much attention to fixing the around deal a deal? That is unthinkable. Why so much attention on it? they got alien dreamers and not american citizen dreamers. Why? Some attention to the progressive, less agenda. Why. I'll be right, back,
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enshrined and you're gonna be told what all these strict procedures that are put in place, thanks to Bob Corker spot Corker ever put strict procedures in place to defend this nation from IRAN. Quite the opposite bank card, whose leftwing coop from Maryland has he ever put strict procedures and anything to protect us from IRAN. Now he's a complete sell out he's disgusting, now our redefining the word wall. Next thing you know what working to redefine the word is I Wish they'd be honest with us. Just tell us luck. We set we're gonna do an entire war when we set the mexican government is going to pay for it. It's not, I said I was gonna lemonade Dhaka, not war, worried now get rid of chain migration. We're gonna get rid of the lottery going. I read all this stuff, I hear it. I hear it. I know what the Democrats do even when we pass laws, call nullification, sanctuary, cities and all the rest.
I'll be right back. Now only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, ladies and gentlemen, Mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one exciting reminder: no way to listen to the mark, Levin show this year. Can hear me now on your Amazon echoed device. Your Amazon, ECHO device just say: Alexa enable the mark, Levine, show skill, and well. The mark. Levine show skill. You connect with me. Instant
And after that, whenever you want to listen to the show, you just say: Alexa Open, Mark, Levine Show and can get, more information. Hark Levine showed that car mark living show dutch com and search Keyword, Alex Alexa. So Amazon ECHO device say Alexei, enable the mark, Levin, show skill you're, connecting only with my show, and after that, whenever you want to listen all you say as Alexa open Mark Levine shall again get all this information. A mark Levin showed outcome, search the keyword. Likes isn't modern technology amazing! We do it here on radio, I do it would live in tv Digital TV. It's absolutely amazing. How many ways we can reach a let's move to. Migration, with a federal judge by the name of William else in San Francisco. There was another disgrace.
He's ruled that the President of the United States cannot in Dhaka, which was instituted Uncas potentially as another federal judge ruled by Barack Obama. Three feared So the President of the United States is not free to eliminate darker and the present before him was free to impose an unconstitutional. Our courts are completely out. Control. Like so much of this government and Josh black men was an excellent Thinker and writer, riding at national view on online is also professor of law, constitutional law itself. Texas college of LAW in Houston, junk colored Cato urged. Says on January twenty twenty seventeen, the executive power peacefully transition from President Obama to President Trot At least one judge and San Francisco didn't get the memo yesterday, Judge William out of a out as you ve, ordered the trouble
ministration to keep its pre predecessors, deferred action for travel, arrivals, Doc, a programme in place this week, mark a ball, and I would argue, pathetic forty I'm page water has all the aesthetics of a judicial decision, but is at heart an amateur act upon entry. Georgia so paints a picture of a divided Whitehouse wherein the Quote chief executive, ugly favours the very programme. Has administration is ended, site, a presidential tweet? The court suggested doc. Rescission quote was contrive to give the administration a bargaining chip to demand, funding, or a borderline exchange. For reviving Dhaka released. Points have been plagiarize from MSNBC Kron such rhetoric In a judicial decision would have been unthinkable barely a year ago, but now a pair for the new normal once again, but you did raise attempted to shackle President Trump from making is own judgments about how to exercise the powers The presidency, this
Green corridors, reverse drudge, ourselves, outlandish rulings on Dhaka before, and it will do so again You know that few reading me before Big lie meet you wouldn't even know that the Supreme Court is. Does in twenty twelve, the Obama administration announced an executive action known as Dhaka. This policy deferred Deportation of the so called dreamers aliens enter the United States as minors, but we're not lawfully president and granted them authorization and other federal benefits, Two years later, the president once again turned to the pen and found a creative, similar deferred action policy. For the parent of you. I Citizens DARPA, as this And programme became known was success, we challenge in the court and never went into effect. That step, I should say the EPA so bombing,
did it for the kids are. Then he tried to do it for the parents. The parents had never went into effect. So here we have a bomb, a legislating out of his office, the about administration. By its best lights, determine adopts an dhaka. We're lawful, tromp administration reach the opposite conclusion. With the recent, both policies in a normal world that decision would have been the end of the matter but A bizarre, a world we find ourselves in a federal judge is now form the Trump administration that it must keep Dhaka in effect ass. A based its decision on the fact that the executive branch offered only pithy. Conclusion that the agency has exceeded its statutory and constitutional authority which make that which was a mistake of law, specifically the court all that the Trump Administration decision was arbitrary, capricious and abuse of discretion. Otherwise, in accordance with the law, reading the serious charge. One would suspect their prey
An interim scrawled, his legal defence or the back of a cocktail makin, whether sharping hardly. In October twenty seventy attorney Colonel Jeff sessions determine the doktor was implemented without proper statutory authority And it was an open, ended circumvention of immigration laws, knowledge this policy, a violation of the immigration and Nationality ACT, but it was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch. Sessions reaffirmed his duty to defend the constitution and faithfully execute the laws passed by Congress sessions. Added that the Proper enforcement of an immigration of immigration laws is at present a trunk Recently said, critical to the next interests and the restoration of the rule of law in our country, Sessions analysis was premised on a decision from the Fifth Circuit Court of appeals, two years earlier rule that top I was in fact unlawful in May,
twenty fifteen in halting dapper vip the fifth circuit assume the programme will be implemented in a way similar to backup and had them as a black measuring kinda legislation, not a case by case exercise a president. Discretion and prosecutors discretion. This opinions strongly suggest that Dhaka for the kids, so called you know, kitchen admit thirties, which was not being challenge was illegal as well as even judge Ass, it was forced to concede quote. At least some of the First turkish reasoning for holding DARPA the EPA Illegal would apply to dock, in fact, dockers, legal. But he was on even shakier footing then DARPA, because dreamers did not need any familiar relationship of american citizen to receive lawful presence. Unlike this DARPA doc, I could be justified as a family reunification measure, but can only be defended,
but the Obama administration described as humanitarian concerns. This is got a legitimate policy argument, but in no sense is that a binding commanded, the Trump Administration, the fish. Controlling was appealed to the Supreme Court with a justice is split for Poor, following justice? Scully is passing her justice we had been on the bench. I am confident that challenge could prevailed and now judge, Gore searches, and I am confident it would today So in a normal world it would be entirely rational for the attorney general, the wind down back a tac, which was the model for DARPA based on a ruling against dapper, and it goes on judge Next argues that top in Dakar different because citizen children, competition for citizenship for their parents, where's the dream said: no pathway to lawful presence. That argument ACT it undermines the dock illegality Congress has viewed DARPA with a p benefit.
There is more favourably as a class, and he goes on with these legal points that are very important. In any event, these contrived quibbles are irrelevant. President trim does not need to persuade every single federal district judge about doctors. Illegality before holding it by the way it is about a thousand of them judges who can Can you say disturbing recent trend further for the deference. Do I call branch of government and making legal determinations Trop has The presidency's determination that an exercise of his own power was unkind, probably geisha to assess the costs Additionality of his actions A judgment here Peniston a decision of a federal court of appeals. Provides more than enough basis to justify the revision of Dhaka. Furthermore, The presidency's determination that an exercise of his own power was unconstitutional wants the court's solicitude.
That is a decision for the president to make in consultation with this revised point, is with a president. Now that says we had a prison before him, who conducted himself illegally, is allowed to make that judgment. Judges. Completely ignored the constitutional issue, focus SK on the statutory question. Indeed, I am unable to think any decision worry court is ordered a president to exercise discretionary authority that he has deemed unconstitutional. In other words, he's ordering the president to do something that the president has deemed unconstitutional. That is His predecessors unconstitutional, feared. The government has already announced its going to appeal this ruling. Whether nine circuit is unlikelier pride, any relief, this The court has already signalled its dissatisfaction with just south such rulings. Last fall. He ordered the Trump administration to turn up internal Whitehouse documents concerning why Doc
cancelled the government. Finally Urgency peal of the Supreme Court, urging the justices to the eggs three branch documents from judicial scrutiny- then the case waiter and what the near TAT described as an unusual move, judge our suppliers own grief and which he told the justices that the governor, leaves the court with an incorrect impression. And the writer says I was unable to find any Supreme Court ruled that permits a federal judge to file a brief, Appeal of his own ruling carriage house Strange advocacy didn't impressed the justices, either less month, without recorded descent, their supreme Court rebuffed, his effort to few internal documents, not that it man because he was still able to halt the president's actions based on the limited record before this is now common common where judges demand access to internal deliberative documents and one report: rule against the present in anyway even says the feeling. A show trial.
It is no wonder. The Supreme Court took the unusual step of intervening in a discovery dispute We have these rogue federal district judges. Ladies and gentlemen, hundreds and hundreds of them- and they have decided that they are at war with the present United States? There is so much wrong with what is going on in this country and it is very, very difficult to call it a constitutional republican. Any Really serious and substantive way when you have it is doing this sort of thing. It really is incredible one We support the rule of law that you impasse, but their future Conrad passage. They passed, Congress has passed and you call it by winger for supporting it. When you oppose A vacation by cities have federal immigration law. When you on our borders, secure to protect the american people. And demand assimilation of people who come here from other countries when you fight the Democrats
who insist that any dollar increase for the Marines must be met with a dollar increase for food stamps? When you It is absolutely appalling, absolutely appalling that that the prior president he passed by a hundred fifty billion dollars and in financial transfers to the iranian government the President of the United States should uphold his promise to reject them. Deal and so forth, and so on very very difficult one. Back then political realignment take place in the Republic of Korea happy in its happen very very very recently, the most conservative prison since Ronald Reagan
Donald Trump is now moving into Linsey, Graham territory. Lindsey Graham, was just on Fox. I've never seen him so happy. Then he said. Packing. You know talk radio hose and people who go on tv and want to sell books, and so this is, They grant. He walked debate the issues in any substantive, direct way. In collar any dismisses dismisses you if. If Lindsey Graham, is really really this happy one of the leaders of the gang away, you should be very concerned. An house in Rio. Commentators misleading you they're misleading you. I'll tell you to really start focusing on this, and it must be my body Daniel Horwitz, great writers conservator reveal really expert on immigration is written about it, the greatest Daniel. How are you, sir? I'm gonna, write and thin
For having me on and get me out of bed time tonight, well, let me ask you he's got a little kids, that's what he started. First things first, what did you think of the president's? meeting with mostly amnesty supporters in the oval office. Yesterday, you don't like drinking coffee with a fork with hand, you gonna get it and then it just so elusive. On the one hand he has spoken to allow the philosophy on immigration that you laid out last night- that no other show is willing to address he's he's a directed before. But then how come the next day and literally undermine every talking point of pudding: american Sovereignty, America, security first and make the amnesty the imperative and their security, the elective, rather than other way around since when is national sovereignty assimilation?
following the rule of law, a right wing agenda Daniel you do. I cannot figure this out. Obviously you saw from Bill Clinton Harry Red, Barbara Jordan, back in the nineties. This used to be universal. You had big government liberals that wanted socialism for America, but the understood intuitively that the underpinnings of the social contract dictate you must take care of your own citizens and you must put them first. I had one of the few good members of Congress text me last night and he said he's never seen his colleagues so happy with so much alacrity, such a sense of urgency to do things her illegals, any you ve, never seen that for american citizen and there's about ten fifteen emergency issue than immigration from refugee and asylum in Europe sees in the industry.
In crisis, the criminal, alien sanctuary, city crisis. What about sanctuary fix? What about Dhaka, deferred action from criminal aliens for America? It is like we can only discuss those issues as a negotiating chipper amnesty, if not even as a stand alone, even though that's required and promised to the american people. Are you a little concerned that the president has stopped making the case to the american people, but it said he talks more about darker than he does anything else. Related immigration? That's exactly what concerns me! I'm not so concerned about an ultimately signing on to a legislative empathy bill, but I do fear that the outcome is he'll tell just administratively extended and obviously the courts are big problem. I'm put but messaging is everything he has a big bully pulpit and you cannot do it on the cheap. You have the lead. You have to make them there. Can people understand our position,
if Trump does it do it, no one's gonna do it. Nobody gives our side to the story that we're stranger than our own land that America has become a dumping ground. All we hear about is a bunch of poor yo. I was a poor, but a bunch of educated best citizens in the history of the world. Americans think these people are great. Nobody preventing other side of the story. It's very odd Heller. Immigration laws are blithely violated judges, enshrine these violations with these sanctuary cities, judges themselves violate the constitution and existing statute in order these sorts of saying we with deeper problem here? Don't we have a what we have widespread lawlessness taking place, at the end of last year. I didn't article twelve most insane court opinions of twenty seventeen and it was very
the narrow it down to twelve. This is a huge problem, as you noted it much deeper than immigration, but I think its most prominent with immigration. Just over the past couple weeks, district judges had mandated that Trump continue Obama, contraception mandate, these required tromp to give access to abortion for illegal who come here just for the purpose of having abortion leave. Invalidated deportations of criminal alien leave required bail for illegal they're, giving them all sorts of right We are on the path of a row and Overgrew fell Dial court opinion on immigration and varied Gary. Can you hello until after the break down your Horwitz, after only
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car she'll dot com in both cases, code, Levant, save ten percent, a deductible mayor, I and a wonderful, wonderful service and we're back my body, an harlots, Daniel Horowitz over conservative reveal I consider an expert on many things, and particularly immigration, and you know General Harald the central and South America are listening to this debate. And in part, as a result of listening to this debate and the failure to start building a wall and other physical entities on the southern border crossings are way up again. I think it's funny proponents and is the ironically always say: well it so hard to secure the border. This just such a hard task that only the duties at the grand amnesty irony is you don't even ass? They implement all enforcement, just the added to change don't tell largest, then you can't blame, then our politicians, haven't treated America like any other nation state is a joke. They dont defend our sovereignty
so they can come here, especially once you have a kid you're here to day you drop a kid automatically erroneously viewed as a citizen naked, secure welfare welfare on their behalf. So they're gonna come? U n that practice or you signal an end to it things or dry up and based on the perception that Trump would begin. Following the law in the first three months of his presidency, interdiction that the border, the no apprehension that the border declined. A generation low, it was just a trickle in April, but then by its Trump card to acquire the cable. We gotta do Dhaka. We gotta think said you know the smugglers, patent, Because it's a lot more than even the republican base does and basically every single month. Since then, the number gone up and up, and now back at Obama levels, but particularly the on a company
the children and family units crossing have gone off three, twenty five hundred eighty percent respectively since April. That tells me That they know that one, you come here and have a child, even the president, even tromp and rhetoric doesn't have the appetite enforce the law. I just saw an interview with Lindsey, Graham doing a couple of weeks ago, which the house said to him. You know the Kennedy runs more as a conservative and then you know they realise that when their president, they have to work with others. He said yes now is presently asked. I so in other words, What they're saying is so what if the american people may have been light, so one of the american people are deceit and their children. A trap and time by anybody. Now we're the governor. What does that mean? You know it's so said about this. The understand american people don't want it. The understand your concern
When some way way way, Lindsey Grams running around saying sixty two percent of the Trump Bay supports this where's. He getting that number from a left wing grow bright while at the same thing Ninety percent of voters want, on expanded background checks on guns, but if you speak to Bill Clinton or Al Gore, they'll tell you that the losing issue for then I mean there phony report debated they. Should we grant legal status to the greatest people on a history, but honestly, this is a figure that comes from this left wing group called P p. I find it by left wing billion years and others and we have a book and storing that number around a third around during the meeting with Trump yesterday, the report there's the host. They don't even know where get that sixty two percent from its a made up. It is a fake, fixed number yeah me. The reality is if, if that were true, they would have done this thirteen, Fourteen years ago, I ever in early two thousand and six, they ve been trying they're scared,
remember, even when Obama had full control, they declined to do this, which is why you didn't effectively. The always understood that the american people do not want this, and this is, is complete bogus about to exit pulling on that Dental election Pru this because tromp actually did much better I'm in a lot of these states than their near or John Mccain did despite his lease rhetorically with very strong. An issue, in other words did better with hispanic loaded with spanish poet. Then blue collar white voters and blue collar. Why voters? very concerning me and Lindsey Grand thinks this is all terrific isn't that problematic? I mean this guy has been pushing against immigration enforcement for almost his entire career. I would very scary he here is: where is the Democrat Party harnesses the power of their base? and their agenda the republican leaders like Lindsey Gran. They try
make an end run around their base and what they're going to do is indulge or talking point, here's a little bit of border. Here's a little bit of enforcement there evenness here's a little bit of chain migration reform. You know one of the things watch out for is their creating. Fault law and knocking down their thing He won't allow the amnesty alien bring in relatives as legal permanent residents. While I got, it for you under current law, that's not a problem. We have to be a citizen anyway, so they make things up and then they say heap here we gave you Europe, two pieces of of chicken now give us our desire, and I want to make clear what you're saying just because somebody is legalise. They can't cut into that Kay migration? Yet they have to become a citizen exactly through their repealing, something that doesn't exist.
I want you to listen for a moment. This is Barbara Jordan. You mentioned this, but we ve pulled this from before June seven. Ninety ninety five, she was the chief A commission she's somewhere its leaders, she was from Houston. She was a wonderful If a lady and in ITALY and intellectually honest and astute shoes, As head of a commission, Sir decades ago that Congress put together to try and figure out and get to the bottom. Immigration issues, something that will never be done today unless its lead with a bunch of left wing or an open border types. I want America here. This is a liberal Democrat Africa. American civil rights leader, considered and is just a marvellous, marvellous woman on immigration, twenty two years, ago cut one go. Let me turn to the issue of americanization that earned a bad reputation when was used back in the twenties
Nevertheless, we find the best way to describe what the commission believes to be an essential part of immigration policy. Does civic? in cooperation of newcomers that stage, is the most successful multi ethnic nation in history. It has united emigrants and their descendants from all over the world around a commitment to democratic ideals. Constitutional principles, naturalisation is the most visible manifestation of Americanization I have spoken at some length with Commissioner Meissner about her commitment to naturalisation here. In pushing this issue within the government, since she assume their responsibilities. It I and ass a blog and resolve in this matter. She has reached out to the private sector to get their assistance? preparing legal immigrants? Were naturalisation Now let me use this platform to do the same thing. She did ire
private industry churches, community groups, volunteer groups individuals to redouble their efforts to provide language instruction and civic education, or to Emma grudge. I remind emigrants that they too have a responsibility. They responsibility to embrace the common core of american civic culture, said values and in petitions why don't we heard Democrats talking this, for I dont know of one democratic Congress who talks is weighed down your Horowitz. We don't hear Republicans talking this. Why do we owe you don't even hear them, conservative, one that mean that at best still addressed the security and economic aspects which are important all but oh boy, you, you can never discuss the cultural aspect, but she's absolutely right, I mean we have we reached a point in time where you know in California. Twenty four point: five percent of the two in body
are considered what they call. This acronym acronym l allowing inward english language learners meeting there not proficient english language weary organize country and no listening to Barbara Jordan. The words I think that twenty two years ago we were at the foot of the mountain, many of US kill to go back to the demographics of twenty two years ago, with twenty five million immigrants ago, not including all the back door and the seas has been five since one thousand nine hundred and ninety five. That's a lot of people forget and everything else, Middle EAST immigration, was a trickle. Then now it's one hundred and seventy thousand a year, roughly nobody is even speaking to this and we are told the shut up and just go along with amnesty Now then your hearts, the conservatory. I want you to listen the bill Clinton at the state of the union speech on JANET, before one. Ninety five just two years- after Barbara Jordan, made her speech. To go on Americans, not only
states most heavily affected, but in every place in this country are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they whole might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants, public service. They use impose burdens on our taxpayers, to our administration, is moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards report and ultimately self defeating for a nation. I came down on illegal, hiring to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have in the budget, I will present to you. We will try to do more to speedily deportation of illegal aliens who arrested for crimes to better identify illegal aliens in the workplace as recommended by the commission, headed by former Congresswoman, Barbara Jordan we are a nation of emigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self defeating
coordination of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws we have seen in recent years, and we must do more to stop well. That's Bill Clinton. Twenty twenty three years ago. Do you know of any leading dammit who wants to be present United States who would even dare to say that today, no, unlike you mentioned a few Republican, an and notice how he talked about welfare benefits when nobody discussing here, is on the one hand they say the Daca people are getting the most productive people in the history of the universe ready to years old. When Dhaka wasn't fully functional the organ Is as much as thirty five thousand and retroactive earning Tat credit benefits, neither refundable credits: welfare through the tax code, which, by the way
it almost doubled under the new tax bill. Nobody is even putting this out there that you know what maybe, if you're gonna give amnesty and they're so productive, we should make it as part of the deal. They don't get refundable, tax credits, the modesty, questions, Arbour, Jordan, a right wing a hard line, no one at the point Why was the is bill? Clinton, a right wing, hardliner or maybe the Democrats would say he is now hope, like it is certainly not certainly wasn't consider that they nominated him, an elected them. Twice: Harry Red right, winger, hardliner, absolutely not in the him next hour and I've gotten him before, but I just want to remind people far we are sinking. Are we Thinking on this subject in your Horowitz are not worth it in the toilet? And let us not forget Diane, Feinstein and Chuck Sumer voted for eight honey. Fifty miles of double layered fence in two thousand and six, and so did Joe Biden. Where is it.
Why don't we just do that Daniel harlots? Why do we just so? You know what Congress, How does the presidency you fun that law twelve years ago and then we'll talk Dhaka when I hear these pseudo conservatives on radio on tv in passing, and I heard them say the administrations gonna get the elimination of chain, migration and the elimination of the lottery and they're gonna get the war. That's a pretty damn good deal. Do we have that deal, then your Horwitz, a car like Lucy in the football we said this a number of times, show me the money, let's see it, and the thing is. This is unequal proposition. We are entitled to those things. There is no entitlement of amnesty for foreign nationals we retire, which gets back The point I put in all my books- and I believe you have in Europe, a nation of citizens, get to decide what happens to the nation, a nature, a nation's of foreigners. Don't get to decide for us. Do that
and that better, really important point NBC just did Expo they rushing to birth tourism whereabouts, wealthy Chinese to Iraq. In Chinese, and Early, the media on the political class take it as a given that the constitution says, that you could have get a lighter lease assert jurisdiction against the consent of the people and drop a baby even prospectively, and it's not a darn thing. We can do about it and it just a story. As we all know, they are subject to the jurisdiction of Putin knocked offer jurisdiction, A horrid sincere, keep up the great work. I much appreciate and love reading your stuff godlike God bless you to take here. Let me take some folks the idea that people can come into this country illegally and unilaterally claimed jurisdiction under our constitution is absurd. Nobody knows where that comes from nobody That was why lets the case, but we accept it I'll, be right.
Van borders and fences. Permit. My little story, I told you about trying to get a relic. Modest, a very modest fence and our backyard. That really follows. The line of the back Remember that MR produce remember that America and we ve gone through all. Requirements of our homeowners Association waiting for an outcome. Our third attempt- We all feel you in on what takes place. Failure to meeting yesterday. Part of the meeting was us I will find out- and I will let you know about it- has not given up on this. That much. I can tell you
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You don't want to miss the next hour I'll, be right back. Now run only underground boughs, with a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, eleven here aren't, I our aid, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three one went so we're getting really dishonest propaganda from those now pushing amnesty on darker than it really he is the obligation, particularly of our friends on Fox and other networks, to call these politician.
Zanna when Lindsey Graham Use, I figure is sixty two percent of tromp supports. So what legalizing people these these darker recipients, its why it comes from a left wing organization that hate Trump and twists numbers. In my humble opinion,. If something does it sound right, typically its mark after tat, even matters, this isn't a matter pause. It's a matter of law. Let's sixty two percent of the american people believed embezzlement was ok without manner? We actually have elections of people who are opposed to borders they say they are and then they flop. Why does at mattered Lindsey Ground, can we give a damn as Lindsey, Graham some kind of leader on this? Why? Because you On tv,
listen to this exchange, hoping to get to a number other people too. This is Elizabeth, Warren and Mark Warner. On CNN today, they ve been all over the place, cut forego these young dreamers or only the cause, trouble broke America's promise years ago. America promise the definition. People would come out of the shadows and they would be fully headed. Did they will have the opportunity to go to school here in Amerika? The election is that I have no idea. This delusional left us is talking about none its America's promise If you come here illegally. What what, Barack Obama violated the constitution. The Democrats want more about its that simple, as they push heads strong in their fundamental transformation of America from a bit before wonderful
Nobody loving civil society, Constitutional republic, this. I'm kind of imagined utopia that they want to concoct. All those other wonderful utopias where people starving to death and imprisoned, go ahead Kennedy jobs to join the military, to become part of the american families that ninety percent of them are you're, going to school or in the military. Stop that's what I wanted to try Mark Warner ninety. Seven percent of them are either going to school or in the military. The last estimate I saw that the people who are considered darker members in the forty five million range. I just double track because I'd remember talking to you about this right now, Nine hundred and presently serve in the military, nine hundred
Doc recipients have been open. To serving in the military, since twenty fourteen, I have oh problem would giving nine hundred of them serving in the military a special. Path towards legalization, citizenship: I've got no problem with that. But that's nine hundred today, at a multi, millions of people that we are talking about and theirs. Mark Warner, so ninety seven percent of them are either going to school or in the military, and I said well aware that sounds kind of weird. Now if these are true children and are not in most cases because routine about two thousand seven m before so many, many many them? the child. It is long. Past are not going to school. This is a concocted figure. Ninety seven percent again we're talking about not two thousand seven and before so, what's going happen now.
Ten years since two thousand said we can have another amnesty and two or three years with the same arguments, made as we are. The nation is on a trajectory to losing Americanism and its culture- nothing you do about race has to do a culture, and we, Discusses people are fleeing, failed cultures. People are fleeing societies that are despotic what an enormous amount of crime that Americanization assimilation is so crucial and it's never discussed if it's not discussed by me. I very much want or lying through his fourteen teeth, Eighty seven percent of them are either going to school or in the military. He throws.
The military in their nine hundred, according to you I say today, a few months ago, nine hundred of the total figure earn the military. I thought we were talking about little kids. By the way did you notice their squarely? These leftist They're very very squarely. You heard the audio of Barbara Jordan, fantastic person really who was in Congress. You heard what she had to say about americanization and assimilation, and that people who come here, including legal immigrants, have a responsibility to this country. That's very, very important, as you heard me play, Bill Clinton is ninety. Ninety five state of the union address any may comments that no Democrat running from Isn't it will ever make again. About illegal immigration and his comments were,
pretty similar to what I say over this microphone and are now considered right wing and hard right and that we play this. Before because we dug up Harry, read many so go? We got this up Harry Red. Ninety. Ninety three: why. Because this is what I do, research. Ninety ninety three, twenty four years ago on the Senate floor. Cut thirteen go, give making it easy to be an illegal aliens enough. Offering a reward for being an illegal immigrant, no sent no sir The country would do that right. Guess again. If you break our laws by entering country without permission to give birth to a child, We reward that child with you, a citizenship and Aren t a full access to all public and social services. This society provides and that's a lot of services.
Is it any wonder that two thirds of the babies born tax for expensive country County run hospitals, in LOS Angeles, by born to illegal area mothers when the american people think nothing, can be more absurd than the way we deal or rather don't deal with illegal immigration. Discover that we have a political asylum system that would, I us, for the first time Iraq's Myers. LISA Ward, a thousand times. I dont know why he didn't make this award. He should here. Last year, more than a hundred thousand people showed up in this country landing at our airports pushing up on our shores and let boats. Crossing our borders illegally. During their visa saying to magic words, political asylum, personally, I should themselves, are being allowed to remain in the United States forever.
Anyone no matter how specious the claim Can out of those words and usually within a matter of hours, be released on their own reconnaissance, on the streets of our country with a promise that they'll shore free. Eighteen months later Can anyone really say their surprise that the virus the majority of asylum applicants never ever shorter. Incredible isn't. This is an ancient history. This is modern history. This is the Democrat Party just two decades ago. They decided, while why we fighting this, we should embrace this. We should promote this. We should exploit this. We can bring more people here, We can be more people here and register them. Eventually, Democrats wouldn't bring more people, keep something in my career
period, set all the time most of these people and citizens. They don't get the vote even put aside illegal voting, but they don't tell you as that terms of determining our congressional districts. Sense is pure accounts illegal aliens, illegal aliens her people, so they argue that the number of people in the restricting the number citizens that the number of people in the district they argue under the constitution, is how you determine the number people on a congressional district. You see what I'm saying. This benefits the Democrats, particularly in these heavy blue states, New Jersey,. So especially California, especially in other states,. More Harry Red Ninety, ninety three cut forego
Not only do we need more than these hundred thousand people each year without knowing who they are. Why they came, we act. We give them documents they need descent disappear. Into our society where I live in Washington. Suburb of Washington is The CIA. Very few drive down Thornley Madison Boulevard, Now people place there a little memorial, the people, what we're done down. Earlier this year. By a man when Emil Kanzi, who is person that they ve been hunting for pakistani citizen In the motor of the sea, I am poise earlier this year. He entered the United States illegally. Live here for years, an illegal aliens obtained.
Have you ever heard a Democrat, but have you heard a democratic molest, so the years, go to the Senate floor and talk about but an illegal alien who is an american citizen, its AIR occasion. Isn't it go ahead, from any claim to fear and yet he was still able to short, but an iron S office in Virginia and fight the claim of political asylum this guy. Given a quick hearing and sent home, no, he go because a relation assault security card drivers, licence and the ability to obtain an acre forty seven or saw rifle Gun down CIA workers. One more Harry Red on the floor, the Senate same speech. Ninety ninety three cut fifteen go sure Americans want nor levels of immigration and the more secure this includes majority. Level Atinas sixty
Percent of home there are too many amendments. The american people, Mr President, are upset They have a right to be upset, but there For reason our immigration policies regulating all aspects of entry to the elections. Are you get you get the drift now? An hour ago, Lindsey Graham, was on the Fox news to him. I went to compare what he said toward Harry. We said just a little over two decades ago, cut sixteen go That's right! You have had a ramp. Well, that's! Ok! Those folks know have to solve problems. The present does he's gotta work with Democrats to fix problems like immigration. They don't they're pretty much outliers when it comes to wear the american people are sixty two percent of the trunk boat or support a pathway to citizenship ass, not day ago, this guy's gonna Shepard who keep repeating it, repeating and I'll never be challenged,
Now you are outliers you all who agree with Barbara Jordan Bill Clinton. Harry Red Donald Trump and truly the vast majority. The american people who oppose open borders now urine outlier him Is there a few secure the mortar? We're not gonna have a deal without a wall component. You need a wall component is for a law component to someone As for component, what happened to the biggest most bureau Hollis Wall. The world has ever seen forty feet high maybe I'll make it fifty feet. High ten feet wide. Across the southern border paid by the mexican government. Well now, I'm gonna have a war component marketing understand. This is four levels: a chess. What the hell is wrong with you go ahead.
Did a fabulous job talking about this problem. He did it in a smart, just stop. How was it a fabulous job? I mean other than the politics of it. What was it? fabulous job that outside anything you guys semi. What was the fabulous job. SK. I can barely contain himself. He saw exe about what he heard. Linsey grim guy it way, and you know, but his job is not to sell books. His job is not to carry a tv show his job. His job is what you're Linsey Lindsey Grand lies to the people of South Carolina. What's Lindsey Grams to be on the public payroll for the rest of his life. To be a senator the rest of his life baby come out here in the private sector rather than condemning it. All the time and try it out maybe you're a move to a border community and see how that's workin out do any of these things he's a g.
Yes he's from Washington DC here to help us go ahead. Then he's got a war or Democrats. Now, as part of my present yesterday, cushy were cut seventeen. I mean, I think everybody who listens to you can completely understand the task that you all have at Hand I think, whenever anyone ones for president, they tend to run you know sort of white with a stronger stance on certain issues and that when they hit the reality of getting things done, president seems to want to do it. Changes But it's very interesting when you look back as about here, just noticed how the ground keeps moving the passive defenses, keeping asserted the The odd justification being made. This present in his sounding on this issue. More more like job Bush, I mean it. Employment
Bush talked about love in this context, Mr Bush and everybody was mocking him. This is about, Bobby said with exactly what the president said yesterday and by the way, I'm conducting this pro conducting myself here we have the biggest national form At this time of the day and evening, so that we can do what we need to do the pull them. Isn't it back and get this thing centred again, I'm not gonna just dance across the stage like all these from tell you everything's great, it's just the beginning and so forth, and so on. Time to get involved is just the beginning The time to get involved is now let's finish Graham, go ahead campaign. Jeff Bush was the one who talked about it being an act of love area. He was, he was land by the president, whitewash hosted by the tunnel pain during the campaign.
Yes, they broke the law, but it's Seventy is scandalous. It's it's it's a its aid is an act of love. Let's stop right. There are gonna, take a break. I'm not done I'll, be right back Ben, back, then It lends a little, They come home Lindsey The programme in a moment Our pile has done. Something very. Very stupid is eighty five now is announced he's gonna run for the Senate of the republican primary, so health split with the other concern their Kelly, ward and castle. Slip through with a minority, the vote
horsewoman by the name of mixed sally. Now, I've supported Mix Sally to win her seat against a Democrat, but she is the exact and a republic image Mcconnell once she's a link Graham Republican, why did conservatives do this? I dont get it. Why do they do? It is? looking going to be any difference between a Kelly Ward and our pile vote, what it comes down to the haven, significant issues we lose These conservative state, South Carolina, should have conservatives in the United States. Arizona should have conservatives in the United States Senate if we can Conservatives out of these states were not gonna get many. Conservatives have any states I'll
Yes, it's true. Marshall event is the fastest growing radio show in Amerika the Merkel. Events show always on at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, I'm no fan go, go its left wing politics and how it abuses it serve. Significant. Situation in the marketplace, but the idea that the government, Stepan as our body Tucker Karlsson, is arguing. Now is preposterous. You gonna internet now, and you can find multiple competing sites with Google, their small, but so what you'll have to use? Google? You could have a campaign of people who use competing sites, that's where the folk the study, libertarian conservative ideological issue its reality, and I want it. Government touching the internet as little as possible.
That's what happens in these fascistic regimes under the notion of equality and fairness and ass. This any time and all the rest of it any more than I want the government interfering with conservative talk. Radio there are competing sites, were Google use them. Le Pen, wallets, libertarian tat is not a libertarian thing. That's what makes this country wealthy. We can still criticise, go, go. We don't have to use Google and weaken argue against Google and their left wing tactics. I am all for that. But don't use Google you something else, I use other search engines. I try not to use Google so the only place to go for Our children are many go on the internet right there. That's the great thing about the internet. It's like saying. I'm sick and tired of x on mobile, don't use their gasoline use. Another company plenty of other.
Gasoline or oil companies. What are we to sound like leftists? In my humble opinion, while it so rotarian tat is not a libertarian thing. That's what makes this country wealthy and prosperous and free all these other things. The government does the opposite mean think about it, ladies and gentlemen, and think about it. Two. If you would here's a great new year's resolution, resolve right here right now,. January's the month and twenty eighteen as the year you stop living in fear. The internal revenue service resolve right now to stop wearing? If today is the day the IRA shows up at work, resolved stop lying awake at night, wearing about how you provide for your family after the as garnish is your wages and freezes. Your bank accounts turn your resolution into reality and call the number one. Tax relief
knows that behind every tax problem are good people, people with families, home savings and paychecks that need protection. Which explains how they resolved over half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients and there a plus it with a better business bureau, plus these as you are experts in helping their clients, take advantage of the fresh start initiative, look perhaps the biggest spread the IRS has ever offered give yourself the guy. Of resolution this year, that, could be a resolution. All the experts that I trust that optimum tax relief. Eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight hundred foreign nine sixty three hundred. This is part of the problem, people project, Their beliefs and justice and equality and egalitarianism and fairness one time,
a private entities and they demand that those private entities comport with their viewpoint. While I prefer a different approach, competence go to the competition, go is not a monopoly. It's the big sky in town, but it is not a monopoly. The extended is as big as it is. It's because so many of us use it- and I say I use less use unless, unless there's been, there's other alternatives there there go ahead and use them. Demanding that we fix dish and changed us and so forth, and so indeed entire internet, all of social media what news saddle channels radio all the competition exists, so for no thanks to government. Why don't people understand this? Who, in positions of power back to Linsey? Graham, he wasn't finish with his answer.
Wasn't finish with his his answer: let's finish: what Seventeen go crazy. Forget love. It is time to get tough, so so has the president given away too much already in this negotiation, whereas this whole they had it I think is hope- is headed to phase one where we get border security for the dream at the Dhaka. Kids- and I just don't understand- really gets away with this. A law what was passed by Congress in two thousand and six to secure the border they wouldn't funded Lindsey Gram, leave the charge day in and day out the fun the border security now the way he leads for the argument for him stay for illegal aliens now So, who has led the fight to pay for that two thousand: six statute: nobody, nobody has it been it national an appropriation bill, no positive attached,
but your bill now has it been attached? Anything no attach it that funding for plant parenthood? Will they do that now? Why. We're gonna, listen at a snake oil salesmen, some more. He's so what Linsey go ahead, that we and the diversity lottery, like the president, claims demands and he's right to demand that we start breaking chain migration that we get a deal that represents for the american people have started notice. He keeps them that we start picking the lottery diversity problem. How do you start by Eliminated you start he's already you see this? Is that luck. They're just positioning themselves: oh it's on in the process, This is the way it works at early on in the process. No, it's not
we're very late in the process for decades late, go ahead, peoples or a pathway to citizenship. Overwhelming number support border security. I think most people date. The diversity lottery is gonna crazy. This president is no longer a candidate he's the press and of all of us. You can't get this problem fix without working with Democratic she need. Sixty, though, is this. What Obama thought look, I'm no longer candidate gonna work would republic, it is half the whale I'm a thought is that the way the Democrats think I look where this Now you know we, even though we are in the minority, the Republicans when we ever we have to work with the present. Is that the way they think is that the way they talk? What is this
had a saw yesterday was a man who understood the issue was in command of the room. Listen he saw yesterday. If we are honest with ourselves, was a man who agrees with him. That's what he saw yesterday. That's what you also yesterday. All the spin aside, that's what you saw yesterday. That's why you hear all the excuses from the pom pom boys and girls and all the Rockettes? They don't have the carriage integrity than on the principles, the stand up and speak the truth and try and bring the president back on this What we are trying to do, I'm trying to doing and knowing that you are trying to do. We want him to Exceed we want? The country did succeed. Far more than Chuck humor die in fine style and, quite frankly, Lindsey Ground go ahead, is gonna. Take this country to a solution for ten years.
Working on this a bomb or try ass because they get a deal doesn't mean it's a solution. Ladies and gentlemen, it means it's a deal there, two completely different concepts, a deal and a solution. Linsey Graham, is the least qualified person to talk about a solution that he'll be here. Did you talk about a deal galahad boys tried it couldn't do it down, Tromp will be the president that can do it. He's got credibility on the border security issue that nobody else. Why does he have credibility in the border security issue? Because that's what he campaigner. And the key is Eddie not lose at an icy put out a tweet last era, maybe in response to this programme. I know him The family listen, I'm glad, I'm very respectful of them as they are of me.
And the tweet a centrally said look. I said I thought I made it clear. Dhaka comes with a border. What what's not clear is what you mean by that a border war And what we mean by Europe, pollution and back- and you said you can leave at the Congress to figure out the senator most of us have dealt with this Congress like Lindsey Grand and we don't trust them and you didn't trust them. It's actually serve in the military and I'm happy with accommodating them. I really wherever they send. You you're gonna sign killed out many of our spite go ahead. Does have compassion, is hard for these kids. We're gonna get a good deal. I and the other thing Lindsey Graham, does it sounds like a left us. We all have compassion and our hearts for all kids, including our own and many. These people are kids, many them are in their twenties and thirty's they're, not kids.
So a mark Warner said you know: ninety seven percent of them go to school or serving the military kids. Serve in the military, and again I corrected it. Nine hundred of multi millions actually serve in the Miller, and I'm happy with accommodating them. I really am, but that's a fraction of a fraction of a fraction go ahead leadership and the difference between being a radio Tal show, host and legal personality and president, is it president. You got to solve problems and he's good at solving problems, as any folks for ten years has been working on this week different roles. Goober you want to get it the Senate beyond the public payroll and collect your public pension and get your public health care exempt. Yours from a bomb care exempt yourself from social security and exempt yourself from the border states. A lot of us on radio. We give people all over the can
We know more about what's going on in this country through these programmes and you could possibly now, then you could possibly now. We not only speak to our audience. Harmonious speaks to us. And what is Linsey Grand go on tv radio if he keeps mocking them because Publicity home: that's! Why he's a publicity So here we are once again next him straight. Dealing with Lindsey Gram Lindsey Grant Joe. Wisconsin, the Great W T kill, go very mark a great. Speak with you not only as an educator on air but as a well respected book author. I love your books and you d, this chapter lawyer, I think, I'm in a sense in my books, the Lindsey Grams. We can actually educate himself go right ahead. Sir, yes, sir
I own liberty and tyranny and chapter nine you open up was this hell. They talk about comprehend to emigrate, reform and this they use them This is a nation of emigrants and and compassion what you don't hear about compassion for us. They don't sir. I'm gonna tell you something I said it see. Pack maybe was three four years ago, I don't recall which has really Praise you ve now heard others say, but it was first time it was said when I gave the speech at sea. Peck theirs no such thing as a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of citizens. A nation exists for its citizens and its citizens create the nation and the civil society. You can't be a nation of immigrant you're nation of citizens and the new, exists for the citizens
doesn't exist, for the would be the only legal or illegal it exists for the citizens? Are representatives exist for the citizens? Our constitution exists for the citizens are military, exists for the citizens, are police force, does exist for the citizens. We are that country Countries are inanimate objects, are. The citizens of this country in this country belongs to the citizens the right to Sir. Yes, sir, and we also our nation of laws and early night. Korea Gordon's, according to these black rural bombs, these rogue judges On black lay bums who usurp the law in ten twisted to their political Liberal ideology vaguely go against us, people, so they do not get a satisfactory in this country. They destroy their
Their authority, I would ask this question. Thank you for your called your much appreciate. I would ask a level judge this question: a progressive judge, if you are going to faithfully follow the constitution? Why should the rest of us faithfully follow your orders and your decisions. We take an oath in this country. Those of us who do given your jobs within the matter to the constitution, not the judges and not to their opinions. I asked this question in men and black many many many years ago, and the question is: if these programme so activists judges are not going to follow the constitution. Why should the rest of us follow the rulings of progressive activists, judges if the rule of law is dead, it's dead, including for them be right: back,
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Cussing with the constitution says briefly the history behind it and the attack. That are being made to create an environment to impeach the president, which. Is of enormous concern to me and tonight show we're talking about the twenty fifth amendment. What the constitution says a very brief history behind that and they and pain behind that which is really impeachment campaign, but how it relates to the twenty fifth amendment. So I think you're gonna find the programme extremely important and informative I mean super duper physical barriers. The Israelis know how to do it. The Hungarians know how to do it. I can't believe american Workers, the man. Let's see, what are we give dreamer? The head start are the razor, for example, using cotton producers and appoint merit based system. Get around doing what you want and you didn't at a point where they set their ok here. Give give dreamers, like twenty five point, had
and let them go through the same front door as everybody else. You want to come to America. An image acre like is not going through the same front doors. Everybody else you given them a twenty five point. Headstone term the compromise here. Here's my attitude about the seriously will know they're serious when they start procreating monies to build barriers on the southern border, where they could be built. I'm in super duper physical barriers, the Israelis now how to do it. The Hungarians know how to do it. I can't believe american workers, don't know how to do it and they do it. Just you lack of will and Congress among our political elite. That's number one. Let them up I was tray migration that they put in place in a statute in nineteen sixty five. Do it number three let them abolish the lottery migration? you and I talked about before anybody Else- do those things then we'll have. Discussion about back. Then have a discussion about back, but do
Austria they're not gonna, do it. Thank you, a call my brother, ladies and gentlemen, we salute all the heroes out there and us it tomorrow right here behind the microphone jobless.
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