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Now there is Charlie Rose who is being accused by 8 women of sexual harassment. Is it even conceivable that these news outlets were unaware of what Rose was doing? It is true that there could be false allegations and some are. However, when you look at...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one one other liberals are war with themselves must produce. Have you noticed her twenty one, this Hollywood stuff broken after
some of the fox stuff. I went on the air and I made clear several times that I have heard about things indifferent news organisations. Did I not say that MR producer, we're not gonna, go back and replace repeatedly, and I had heard that does mean I've heard about these specific case I've read actually about other cases, and I wondered out loud to you, my beloved audience. What about the New York Times? What about CNN? What about the wash the past, what about NBC a b c CBS? What about em NBC and so forth?. Now these all saintly places where angels work, though there were liberals work, so something had to be gone.
And it looks to be the case and other ones come out against frighten. You ve probably heard about this. Now, twenty ten, when he was a senator at the Minnesota, fair state, fear he grabbed and squeezed or buttocks. While she was taking a photo with her. By the way, I can imagine that a woman or a man for that matters turned on, but I can you, MR producer, or some stranger, just grab my, but I'm taking a picture me when my husband there too a picture me there's some kind of mind work there, but That's how frank and, in addition to early in Sweden, Sir statements and I suspect, there's more, I guess suspect there is.
For more women have come out against President Clinton. I've had time to read these allegations fairly Cheese retired at present, as I rich since he left the presidency for more, I'm surprised, a hundred and four more haven't. But now the trolley rose, who works at PBS and CBS. There's been rumours about the scope for a long long time. I suppose none of these people could run for the United States Senate groups. One is a senator. How does our frank and hang on I mean to his office? How does he hang on? Because the Senate will continue to protect him until you, folks and others raise your voice, because they can do everything they can to protect them? Even this funny Jill brand of New York, she won't name names
she's an absolute fraud. She campaigns will bill Clinton. Bill Clinton helps raise money for bill, Clinton, endorses Hershey, she puts photographs with her and Bill Clinton on Facebook site, then, all of a sudden. That's a year ago, all of a sudden. Yes, I believe as accusers he should have. He should have resigned. The cheese you're funny way showing it until you decided you wanted to run for President Michel Abram, but others Charlie rose in a very, very long piece in the washing compost and, of course, there's no sexual harassment at the washed compost is there I haven't read this whole place. Should we do this together?. And by the way I am sick and tired of the stuff, of course, I'm sick and tired of this stuff, but how they? How can I ignore it? How can you ignore its in our face? Eight
I've told you washed compost that long time, television host Charlie rose, made unwanted sexual advance. Restore them, including lewd found, walking around naked in their presence, almost sounds like Joe Biden or groping. Their breasts But ox or genitalia areas. The women were employees or aspire I work ferocity, Charlie Rochelle from the late. Nineteen nineties to his recently twenty eleven they ancient age from twenty one to thirty seven at the time of the alleged encounters rose. Seventy five. Show errs on PBS also co, how CBS this morning and is a contributing correspondent for sixty minutes. Now. Let me ask a question: is it even conceivable that all these news outlets were unaware of trolley roses? Proclivities is even pay.
Trouble. There are striking commonalities in the accounts of the women, each of whom described there, interactions with rose and multiple interviews with the post. For all the women reporters interviewed friends, colleagues or family members who said the women had confided in them about aspects of the incidents. Three. The eight spoke on the record five of the women spoken the condition of anonymity out of fear roses. Stature in the industry has power over their careers or what they described as his volatile temper. In my forty five years in journalism. My pride myself on being an advocate for the careers of the women with whom I have worked rose said in his statement provider that post nevertheless In the past few days, claims have been made about my behaviour towards some former female colleagues. It is a cent These women, no, I hear them that I deeply apologise for my inappropriate behaviour. I'm great embarrassed. I have behaved in sensitively of times, and I accept responsibility for that, though I do not
is that all these allegations are accurate. I always felt that I was pursuing shared feel Even though I now realize I was mistaken. I have learned a great deal as a result of these events. I hope others well to all of us including me, are coming doing newer and deeper recognition. The pain caused by conduct in the past and have come to a profound respect for women and their lives, listen walking round naked in front of women. That is not something that is a no no recently is it, MR producer. I don't think so.
Groping their genitalia areas, that's been a no no for a long time, as I recall, most of the women said, rose alternated between fury and flattery. In its interactions with them, five describe rose, putting his hand on their legs. Sometimes there are five and what they pay saved as a test to gauge the reactions to said that, while they were working for rose at his residences travelling with him on business. He emerged from the shower walk naked in front of them. One said he groped her buttock study staff party. Ria Bravo, Wasn't enter and then associate producer for roses. Pbs show beginning in two thousand and seven. In interview she described unwanted sexual advances while working for rose at his private
Your friend estate in Bow Port New York, I was travelling with in cars in a hotel, Sweden, on a private plain. It's taken ten years and a fierce moment of cultural reckoning for me to understand these moments for what they were. She told the post. He was a sexual predator and I was his victim. Kyle, Godfrey Ryan, one of roses, assistance in the mid two thousands recalled at least a dozen instances where rose, walk, nude and her. While she worked in one of his New York City HOMES ladys in turn, I dont have strange woman working from your strangers. I should say women who are not, but my wife. Walking around in my homes. Do you haven't MR producer? This is kind of weird,
also repeatedly called the then twenty one year old, late at night or early in the morning to describe as fantasies of her swimming naked in the bow port pull ass. He watched from his bedroom. It feels branded into me the details of it Godfrey Ryan said she said she told you that vaguer roses longtime executive producer about the cause. I explained how in appropriately spoke to me during those times she would just shrugging, say that's just Charlie being Highly you know what I'm tired of, though the liberals now trainer and and sang, and quite frankly, even some of these Ladys saying, while our culture has changed its culture reckoning, her culture has not changed in the last twenty thirty four years me, my parents taught me dues and dance, and you should come. Naturally many cases shouldn't walking,
naked in front of women. Why woman is not your wife? What's at all about or a long time, girlfriend is something like that. I mean just walking naked and friendlier staffers who are female. While now we have a cultural reckoning, we mean a cultural reckoning. She said that during the incident rose was driving. Is many Cooper Manhattan while she sitting in the passenger, see. What are we talking about here? Megan credit As a coordinator in the show from two thousand and five, the two thousand six overlapping Godfrey Ryan quite early in the morning there that he put his hand on my five minutes. I said Craig cried. It,
agreed to be interviewed on the record to support other women who were coming forward. What she deemed to be more serious claims concerning rose. I dont think I said anything. She said I ten stop. I didn't move his hand off, but I put my legs to the other side of the car tried not to get in a car with him. Again, I think he was testing me outer than boyfriend confirmed the post. She told him the story at the time. In addition to the eight women who say, they were harassed suppose spoke about two dozen former employees who spoken of anonymity. Six say they saw what they can it'll be harassment. Eight said they were uncomfortable roses: treatment of female employees, tens, They did not see or hear anything anything concerning. It was professional with me said Eleanor merchant Mahler, they former assistant roses who work for him from two thousand three to two thousand five ever witnessed any unprofessional incidents.
The show small informal structure. Roughly fifteen employs. And truly roses authority on programming owns the uncertain. How to respond said the woman who felt victimized there was anybody report this to a few thousand uncomfortable one of them said the environment, brim with a young and potentially vulnerable hungry for scarce television jobs. There are so few jobs at one of the women who said rose groped her. You know behave. A certain way. There's someone else behind you and it goes on. Rumours about roses behaviour have circulated for years. One of the Authors of this report outlook, contributing writer, Aaron Cameron, are Carmen first heard an attempt to reply the allegations of homage to the women. While she was a journalist, I jest about twenty ten, but was unable to confer In the past several weeks, in the wake of accusations,
Hence Harvey Weinstein's Carmen impose investigated reporter Amy Britain jointly began taking dozens of men and women who work Charlie rose shower interviewed for jobs there at sea. Just keep looking here support judgment. This goes on. This is a long one piece. Fifteen pages printed fifteen pages printed, you get the drift and they give a further details in here as well. Now, of course, it is true. That there can be false allegations and in some cases there are false allegations. But when you look at roses reply to these allegations, peace essentially confessing most of it
And I see her on the drudgery Porter Red Headline that says that CBS Pbs have suspended him your times dealing with a fellow by the name, a threat. What's his name, Thrush Glenn Thrush, I believe used right for political, but or maybe the Washington Post, but he said the New York Times he's had multiple allegations and I believe, he's suspended or something the fact. I told you that, Europe too, there are in their eyeballs this, even though they keep pointing at Fox in some cases, quite legitimately. The fact of the matter is some of them were pointing at them. Does this can also give you a sense for why they reporting on Bill Clinton. So stubborn early on Newsweek the storing they held back. The story was broken by drudge, his sex with
in turn, Lewinsky and I have always felt lewinsky- was a victim. I always well aren't you. As I know, all the arguments have been around what no Ali arguments. Remember them all back, then, sixty years old I remember them. And here is a go twenty years ago honour. I still feel she was the victim. I've always felt she was the victim, as well as the other victims that Bill Clinton had built. Clinton has changed in the least he still a pig, no offense, now fence. He still is, and I are worth Joe Biden been the last week, I'm not suggesting anything. When they talk about him when it, what was his nickname, cobra something rich because you walk around the swimming pool, make it then the secret service women were disgusted. Yes at the mines, I can can really ruin your dinner, but
Now, there's trolley rose there, so many people- I can. I keep track of this anymore. How frank and there's another one? The New York Times Guy came out Netflix this one that one I'm waiting for CNN and waiting for CNN seen in those exactly what I'm talking about. Don't you know, Sir Brian Sattler should get to the bottom of this brain Stadler, who is so obsessed with Sean Hannity that I think it's a mental can Brian settlers, like a dog, chasing a piece of beef, he can't control himself even brings on they had a media matters whose distress, disreputable sleaze, ball. And let him go on for five minutes six minutes making his case for boycott it. This is this pipsqueak Sattler.
I'll be right back this area of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, creditors My my area of expertise or the people handle this better than I have something I can discuss for three hours. That's something I really want to discuss for three hours, but John Yarmouth is is sir, I don't believe is a Republican must rethink is a democratically and he called for the impeachment Donald Trump. He was one of the pit.
Were gathered together. Absolute phony coffin impeachment avert Donald Trump on Saturday, lemme semi say you can tell MR producer doesn't have a life these watching MSNBC on Saturday night pulled a clever. You know. Is anyone watch MSNBC Hansen, but this guy when we come back and watching her. What he has to say about our frank who have Bernie Sanders has to say about our Frank in the circle of wagons has been formed, ladies and gentlemen, at least for now. I'll, be right back Mark radios principles, patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one so this Leslie democratic Cook, John Yarmouth, of Kentucky who's, been all over. Tromp wants to impeach Trump
In a part of the gag alone nitwit, he. Is there any we're on Emma's Hell Esteem Saturday cut a go Alison going to New York Centre. Could scintilla Brandon had this week that she believed the bill Clinton should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky affair? We had Secretary Clinton, saying yes, she's, not sure which look round was actually trying to say by saying that you react when you heard kilograms comment, we deployed Bill Clinton, a huge price for his reprehensible cause. He was Peters reputation. I'd start he was impeached, ladies and gentlemen, for committing perjury. He was impeached, ladies and gentlemen, for obstructing justice And he should be very thankful that federal district judge in Aachen. Iraq, Arkansas Susan Weber, right.
Didn't hold him in contempt until after the impeachment round. The centre was over. Her big mistake in my view, but she did that because she said she didn't want to influence the impeachment trial when in fact she should have just have done it in a timely manner and allow the Senate to make its own decision. But let us be clear: Bill Clinton was not impeached for being a sexual predator bill. Clinton was impeached for breaking the law for obstructing just for perjury and for lying in front of a federal judge going a deposition. That is contempt. Of course, That's why he was impeached. That's why he paid an enormous sum of money in fines and penalties. That's why, the Arkansas Supreme Court, took his law I sent away for a period of time that's why he resigned from the United States Supreme Court bar because you didn't want them taking his license away either, and let me be clear about one other point,
Bill Clinton had a right to a trial in little rock arc and saw him versus the court where the court, We provide her information that judge right would provide hurry, information, frowning and contempt. The reason she how to make contempt and Bill Clinton free to defend himself. The recent bill Clinton didn't want it. The reason he didn't defend himself is because he would have further humiliated himself and underscored. What a lying predator! He is. So, let's not say, while he suffered enough Pisa, enough. He was not impeached. He was not impeached. Because of his immoral conduct. He was impeached because of his illegal conduct. Go ahead.
The damage. I don't know what purpose there isn't litigating that twenty years later, the sad thing is that a lot of people have learned from that is when we still face these. These situations, in which there is, I guess now, a presumption of credibility on women coming forward to report harassment. I think that's really really good. I don't think that's really really good, there's a presumption of credibility. I think Whatever one's sexuality, whatever genitalia, you should look at the facts. A woman coming forward, a man coming forward weather, is a man who is accused of something: are women accused of something and it no GDP chastity not a presumption of credibility on this one or that when there shouldn't be. Resumption is as a nation when these things are dropping our laps. We're gonna taken on
look at in an objective, look at and try and draw a conclusion. Can be a presumption of anything. I don't think there should be a presumption of guilt When you read the article about trolley rose and you read his response: when you listen to what took place with our Franklin and and leant Sweden. Well, Mr President, the only reason there's a presumption areas, because after the way they spoke, afterward, frank and sad draw your own conclusions, but there are people who are falsely accused. We talk about the do lacrosse case and many others who falsely accused, but then There are those who are rightly accused go ahead. Secondly, that we love all of these cases together
give them some kind of parity when their nodded. I wonder what what Roy more is alleged to have done is far worse than what any of these other people, and to that extent, I think I've heard caused him to resign. How do you feel about it? I don't think you resign was. President represents citys. Is this this guy's, not series of food is an absolute for Sweden. Hence Bill Clinton, he's been through enough. He won't coffer our Frank and resign, but absolutely certain about Roy more and, of course, function resign from should resign. Then there's Bernie Sanders on CNN. What does he think about our frank, and should he resigned tap or cut nine go. Do you think that outbreak? shit resign it's a decision for our frightened now stop obviously whether our frank and resigned you're, not
Their sanders is a decision for our Franco. He resigned you're, not that say voluntary act. What I think I am you should ask, is a more precise question. Should he be expelled, go ahead, people of the state of Minnesota a mine certainly is that our is a very popular senator. What is that the doing anything. What does that have to do with any If he's a very popular senator a popular senator sought? Somebody who commits an active battery who sat and excuses and the other one was he's a comedian. Always, Romania? Oh I get. Ok that was very funny. These left us have no principles whatsoever. You know, conservatives are being it
constantly constantly constantly on the Roy more step. The fact of the matter is the left has no principles whatsoever and then to put the icing on the cake on about how there's a reckoning now how they recognise the bill. Clinton is decided yet another, don't Oakland, old news to the now. There are trying to protect our frank and go ahead for Minnesota. Think that he has done a good job and his political future will rest with the people of menace of nobody asked about his political future. The question was: do you think he should resign and you wouldn't answered the question is: will you take an act participating back to expel him that wasn't asked now, lest we forget, ladies and gentlemen, the Republicans were demanding that, if Roy more kiss me. They were sitting that if Roy more is elected by the people of Alabama that they will expel him.
The partners anybody heard from coy gardener. Last few days I haven't in any way Shut the hell up a few days ago last week, but now I don't hear from. Does he believe that MR producer see if we can get the great coin? gardener on the programme I mean. I know this is a nine percent hopeless, but I wouldn't. I would like to get him on the on the programme to discuss his sir. His his principles on this issue of expulsion. And maybe you can invite the senator New York till the jailer ran on and you start I would like to know given her strong positions these days on the issues of sexual harassment and predators, Moreover, why why she campaigning were taken donations from selling hiding her endorsement of Bill Clinton, as recently as a year ago, now
I will predict you now. Neither these individuals that come on this programme. You want to know why cause they're cowards and are hypocrites. That's why. But go on these other programmes because they won't be pressed, they won't be pressed. Meanwhile, meanwhile, who's asking the questions here, MR producer, on five and six have figures because by our friend really caused me Debbie ABC she had Hilary could am I doing this the whole shop, but I need to address it. She had her Clinton on her sanitation on Debbie ABC Com, I've go jeweller brand, your long time friend and political ally said in an interview this week that your husband should have resigned after his affair with Monica Lewinsky. What do you say to that? I'm not exactly sure what she was trying to say. There has been some confusion about it, but therefore the painful
I am well aware that there is confusion about it that he should have resigned. At what she said, we play the audio there's no confused. A better. What she's, trying to say, he's trying to say should resign your brain is a hypocrite and a fraud. We all know this, but still that's what she go ahead our marriage, but in our country as I've written about, but guess, was investigated folly. It was addressed at the time he was held accountable. That is very different. What people seem to be remembering from that period, because you can go back and look at the history, I remember from appeared you in your cronies, trashing the hell out of these special council at the time Star now were told by the left, if you dare to say anything negative, our Mahler you're trying to obstruct Justice And Molly is so princely he's he so angelic that whenever he comes up
with conserve as a basis for impeaching our president, when it came to me Star canst, I was asleep Balkan STAR was a predator himself. Can start. Prairie and interests I remember went on and on and on and on there were cases file against, can star all kinds of things going on, but don't ladies and gentlemen, you know her husband was held to account go ahead, but right now this is not a distraction. We should call for other public and their led by a man who, admittedly sexually assaulted women. He did not admit to sexually assaulted women. Actually assaulting women. He did not admit that you Eddie, you know what she isn t. She is an idiot Hillary Clinton and she's nasty and she holds grudges
she's all these things that we always knew she was go ahead, bout it, and if we're going to encourage women to have the courage to be heard, we can't The president, that's funny she go. Dad and brutalized these women who dare to take on Bill Clinton. They come out publicly and take em on Paula Jones, Kathleen Willie, Roderick, others, and she brutalized for. She lies for her predator husband. She thought the NASH, random good shot by right over the. I remember that when we had stitches I don't know how I got it fell in the shower these but anyway, and I wonder why George Stephanie that's over there in ABC News, he's a news hanker. You know.
The guys in charge of the war room trashing. These women, where they encourage women, become forward. I don't think so. They encourage women to shut the hell up guy debate and what the right and the Republican Party need to answer for their own ends. America? Ah that what why more and the presidency will not be tolerated would really more president, did you know Roy more. Send admitted any of this, not one syllable of the accusations, our frank and his actually admitted my most of it and trolley rose has done the same thing he's much of it. But the Democrats want to keep talking about tramp In the wake of China, by Roy more whenever there asked about Frank it for whenever the rest
Bill Andella has more recent activities for which allegations are being made, go Henry in the daily mail. Factors. A lotta new allegations against him. I'll be right back I always thought this: a trolley rose was kind of a weirdo just that one can really. But my finger on it, but he always seem like a weirdo than me, but it's hard for me to believe that people who work with him since his conduct was so ubiquitous, wouldn't know anything about I don't know this whole thing is strange how it all comes to a foreigner right Holly word, and then some.
Politicians, and it's like phases in this country that we go through in the very difficult to predict. Life is stressful. Even worse, when the IRA's after you for back taxes, you may not think you, oh back taxes, but in fact you might. In any event, the arrests after you, you agonized when will show up, sees your bag Hampered a lean on your homer garnish, your wages was you. Where's for lorry, because lorry was engaged, but new, bringing twenty five thousand dollars a virus dead into the marriage, was no way to start a new life, so Lloyd something really smart. You know what she did. You know what she did. She caught our bodies at optimum tax relief their prose: these are experts, they know what they're doing optimum step between lorry in the Iris They analyzed her case. They uncovered some game, changing facts that allowed them to settle her case in her favour. One option
told law that are iris. Problems were over. She called it the happiest call of her life and her wedding was back on after my has resolved over half a billion dollars in tax dead for their clients, and there a plus raided with a better business pure getting her life back starts the moment you call after my for your free consultation, so called aid read for nine nine, sixty three hundred alien, four, nine nine sixty three hundred that eight hundred Four: nine nine sixty three hundred. If you ve, got a problem there, the people, the call seriously don't keep sweating it out, don't keeps wedding it Michael Frederick Marilyn, the great w I may I go. I am going to take my call. You got it, I really these sexual harassment. Claims that have been. Everything recently, I will they pale in comparison to the real problems and issues that exist.
Along the especially in left, a circle like Hollywood, and especially Hollywood probably in D in New York as well I really think that the conservative party, such as yourself and and others around talk, radio and in the internet. I think they really need It's on the real monster than those were especially the pitiful and how would- and you know, but I dont have proof Emma, I I must confess I don't most of the others, but that I speak for myself. That said to focus on that had a thousand Hollywood. I wouldn't even know where to start to focus on the pet of thousand Hollywood. I focused on the pedophiles in Hollywood, but by the way it gives me cause this guide dog Jones. The democratic running, an alibi, isn't an interesting that there's no focus on this guy.
He's a radical pro abortion. Not this guide dog jobs. Mr, the lid media aren't gonna write much about that over there. The washed and composting Polly support there, but he's a radical pro abortion. Not not even a minor he's, also a gun controller. He is your dyed in the wool leftist running for Senate in Alabama, you cannot ignore the fact: we cannot ignore the fact that the media, the live media in this country in the Democrats in this country, will be tickled. The death. If a liberal, a left, this democratically elected to the Senate from Alabama for any reason. For any reason, you care what saved because they concern about the sexual predators, the left is filled with sexual letters from Hollywood, the Clinton, the Frank and this one of that one there
Whether loaded salad not what's really bothering. Let's be honest, that's me Is she here these congressmen here, while one about tramp tramp and what about tramp tramp and then and then there's tromp, because they can't control himself. They can't control themselves, one always Clinton. What are we here, a private matter of personal matter? What going on here, and they look at these women like that when I was there when I was there, she's no good and this one over there and they do and others research on these women led by Hillary Clinton and George Stephan opposite and they Praetorian Guard media were more than happy to repeat The opposition research that was fed them by the war room at the time. More than happy. So this isn't really yeah. They all their bring this up with respect to Roy more cause, the repulse the repulse at the fact that there is a Roy, more obvious,
I bet now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody like living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven create one a one one. Presently United States, Donald Trump implores, the dictator of Red China, g g me release. Three men who are college football players who happened to be african American. For the you see, I play basketball team. I believe it is.
And one man, or at least one family doesn't seem to be politically pray My right about them is tradition. The father of one of the men who was released. Laval ball sets a very negative things about the President and the president shot back. Maybe she left him in China and because it instead, what he said he's now under attack is a fallen. I've talked about and before by the name, o Brien stouter over at CNN.
I have no idea why this man is a show he should be. One of the spoke city is for the Democratic National committee. He is a left us, he is a gun he has used, his platform first at the New York Times now, let's see to advance in ideological agenda, he is a smear. Merchant, he's a mouthpiece for me. A matters is manufactured. He had had a media managers, a loathsome lonesome. Class, a human being. I had this guy, who said some of the nastiest things of you do research. It brings a man who show to do a characterised. Assassination, the segment On John Henry, because stouter is obsessed with Sean Helen, it's a sickness. Stop there was obsessed with me there for a few weeks. If you remember
oh come on my shows, I had a smack em around a bit he's obsessed with trouble. In other words, he he is a crazy and he's out there on CNN. I would say: he's the craziest of the crazy, except for this Acosta fell. And they give him a show any basically uses the show to attack. You don't learn anything from the show. Nothing profounder said nothing interesting, theirs. History fly he just in there and he grabs easier. Runs whether from the perspective of radical leftist- and he knows I'm right so trump tweets about this love. Our law he's not happy about basically saying, as I said, maybe she left him and the others in China where Brian sees this as an opportunity for re stating what what is it
The issue of the race wilder African American. So what does it have the doing, while for Brain Sattler, whose wider than the color white it's gotta, be about race and if it's ninety has to make it about race, so it goes to Frederick Whitfield to go here that in a way, this present in our prioritizes is very confusing to a lot of people, because as Boris under priority is not said it very much about Why more? Although a representative from the White House to go on the air today and say the brethren what does this have to do with Roy, more afraid, rigour, nothing, and what is the present at the saying? Roy more if he doesn't want to say anything about Roy, more he's not accused of doing any that now a banner. So what is the present? I have to answer for that? He does
What did you want Roy more to win, because maybe he doesn't want a pro abortionist antis second, a moment leftist when some of us think abortion is and more particularly, the radical implementation of abortion. Some of us think that tomorrow, guy had a damage campaign that says something about what he believes about boy, more bite the president would extensively express himself what Three more have to do with this story. Frederick, Whitfield, Frederico witless wits here has nothing to do with this day. But then again, Brian Steckler wouldn't bring IRAN if he couldn't use her to attack trump issue over that the parents. Words to ESPN about these three boys,
three young man actually being entirely makes use, makes use me three young men. We have young men their age who go off to war and shoplifting laws both in this country in other countries, apply to these three young men who happen to be basketball players for one of our people. Many colleges in this country. Three young men who committed crimes go ahead and their release These words were from Friday on the Us Vienna. Now all of a sudden, On Sunday afternoon, the president decided try men. You know this time last year from President from said, in an interview with CBS three would be restrained with twitter once he took office restrained. I can imagine what it would look like if we were to
the unrestrained? Well, you would know about unrestrained little creep. You would you would you know Mister Asher, I know the great voice. I don't a great was the my voice compared to him, I'm Sinatra: I'm Sinatra compared to this guy go ahead! Think about this just recently. The NFL kneeling controversies our to subside sort, fade away, and now here is calling out. Players and the families again. So what so? What dummy? he's not playing by the rules think about this these, like many mouse or make him think about this. Here they say and it fell. Think countries start to fade. What's not fading away at all. So fading away in the least. But steadily wouldn't know. Stella were no here. We have a year and then fell player who
stay seated for the national anthem, but stands up for the Mexicans. But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, it is not an attack on the United States is just about social justice, while, though they need social Justice in Mexico, which, quite frankly, the government, there is hideous go ahead. I think it's. Mature best fraud, but it's really ways mating hours, hey stating what race me Ray spanning go ahead, made that's gonna, be argued about, but I want to put it on the table it. Looks like great waiting to actually doesn't look like race baiting, too
I was brine, stat like no, it does not. In fact it looks like Lamar BAR is a Jack S who took a shot at the present in the present, took a shot back. That's what it looks like steadily. Maybe you don't understand Maybe you don't care go ahead and by the way, the reason why these points are important. They are a serious look into his psyche into The present cares about into a psyche this from a psycho. This guy's. Just He is he's not a serious professional journalist. Most of them, on scene, where he's clearly not you're his job, the cover the media, this itself. He's covering the media now he's like covering the media. And he's all out on any brings in the media matters guy, just unbelievable.
Alone, how loathsome some people can get. The brain Sattler does exactly that. Now, he's not alone, we have. The morning small Joe Scarborough, Joe Scarborough, has taken a hard left her and because actually makes his money. He said I must tell us day after all, the man who has actually achieved nothing, nothing he's is rejected by by viewers cause a show is low He was rejected by radio listeners. That's why he's not on the radio and when he writes as boxes about twelve people who who pretend to read them cloning as family members.
But though the morning schmo has this all figured out cut, one go. There's raises overtures here where the black stop first. Well, let's get the language right dummy you know mean racist overtures. Do you? You mean racist overtones overtones overtures you make a racist overture. I think he means a racist over So it is trying to say anyway he's a schmuck start over go ahead. There's raises overtures here where the black man was not appreciative of what the White man did for me, and I actually think are you. Are you such a sleaze bar that you would play that game Scarborough punk? Really, you're that much everyone knows your asleep while but you're that a loathsome sleaze ball
play into their race baiting line. There is re system, which is where the black man was not appreciative of. What might man did for him and it's a dog whistle black White, wouldn't you folks thanked the present, the United States. We got your kid at an airport Central, how China, when he was shoplifting, You say thank you, Mr President, even if you disagree with them strongly on other polluting Glaciers, even if you have another party, someone trump fires back trunk, didn't fire the first shot here when tromp fires back their racist overtures here, racist overture. Go ahead because dog is a real pleasure, real kind of dog whistle, to say the least
car would now about dog whistles Whitney since his chasing them all the time. As the presidency in the campaign. I think what is decided in the background. Oh that's the MRS smile. I actually think the racism is a real kind of threat throughout this presidency. In the campaign, I think we actually connect the dots there. That's Brzezinski genius that she is. Go ahead, I condemn the dogs there, and what do you want me to do? One of my daughter he as president and racist? Would you like it began to grow bigger than what I was doing
topics Charlotte set out. The problem is in the campaign, rob lament than a lot of times. You have late and racism and it's hard can judge all the gods, because circuitous people will say something which leads people stop administration job ethically. This is a nice diary. This last way gas is actually a faint lan line away, or they the most annoying couple couple and knucklehead couple of cocoa nut. You ve ever heard talking over each other there so impressed with each other's voices with each other's substance. Mexican judge Muslim Ban but was yellow- and I forget MAX, you Muslim? But let me ask you something Brzezinski about your political party. Tommy.
The African Americans are in the United States Senate since the Scratch rely on the african american vote to win anything and when everything how The african american Democrats senator I'm quite serious about this. I believe there is one coy Booker, ten Scott he's a republic. I believe, there's one. In the entire United States Senate, why is that you? Two hosts on the morning Schmo show both of them. Our whiter than white, no offense summit. I'm not into this color scheme, but the left is so I'll play along one haven't african american House. Why
the morning small and somebody else or wise, and it may make a Brzezinski somebody they weren't always engaged, but maybe they were engaged, but the fischler engage. You understand what I mean. Why is that. Tommy seven p m. They have a white guy a and they have a white guy. Nine p labour white girl woman at ten p m. They have another white guy, I'm not, then I have their line of memorize but their entire pray Well, look at fuck, I'm saying to you these endemic
she's, a liberal. These are democratic and liberal dog with all that dialogue with racist overtures a racist overture who makes races overtures MR produced, not just wanted a pointed out. Maybe they need Literacy training over there and I myself stay, I dont know I'll be right back, Okey doke It's very Maryland, the great w I may go more. How are you doing for that? going very well. Thank you.
Now I used to live in China, and I think I see this this our president, releasing these from journeys prison a little bit of a different light than most of us want to make a comment about that. Common soon will be a hard break for very in China. You see, as in most countries, countries does the presumption of guilt. Right. There is very big other changes. The hawks, an instrument in the legal system, so Trump letting these kids go not like you know the the county jail here in the United States, and it is those are very interesting side of these level, but that they have this tendency to presume guilt before innocence is a socialist communist,
and those who believe in liberty along these lines of our land says I don't. I don't need tromp United, I'm from ally, I've seen a lot worse and sofas inside I mean now trump funds for that people say wallets erased. Baiting, that's that's a whistle! You really have to be stupid. You have to be a. They left. Us like a scope. Joe Scarborough You have the stereotype, white people and black people to come up with a calm it like that, race has nothing to do with this Presently United States get your son out of work. Have been ten years in a Chinese as you point out in a little thank you would be nice if you know what they do their they sit on a bench all thirty of the guys that are in the prison they sent on a bench for three hours and morning three hours in the evening, and they watch central television from six o clock
eight o clock. This is not just a county court house, but its very interesting because it shows the marks and Spencer These are our liberal democrat system. Here, it's very interesting. I thanks for your closer of our policy. Punk, that's what he is he's prompted to try and engage the present. This way, too were to really play into the hands of the type of the MSNBC types and the scene. Time to play politics. Our way increase ungrateful there are there are american that are being held hostage all over the world, the President and the administration is trying to get them out and if actually six, eat getting some people out. That is a good thing and when you have a guy like this love, our ball, who were just takes a swipe at the present for the president is as unacceptable, absolutely unacceptable.
Races here relevant. It's called class clan, Lamar BAR has no class I laid gentlemen. We ve got a lot more. We want to hear from you, of course the lines are full and we will all be right back. This is America's constitutional convention. Bullying show call in now eight seven seven per year, one three eight one, one, maybe of our balls, the Ray I'm not saying he is, I'm just wondering because maybe he's the one in rejecting raising this thing, I don't believe if a bomb did were tromp debt that he would talk about a bomb of the waste talk about trumped up. MR producer. Well, how do I know he's not the races.
And why is Sir just Scarborough blowing dog whistles but said Oliver? I won't go any further, but something strange that do and there's a couple of things Turban Ali, but for now, if, if you travel for business book your next trip at upside dot com, you can, to the best gifts. Anyone we'll get this holiday season, a free pair, a bow soundly wireless headphones. She can have some peace and quiet on your business trip and the gift of a better business travel experience only upside as customer service specialists who look out for you every step of your business trip. Their team is hard at work. Twenty four, seven to make sure your flight hotel in
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you're cost sharing means. This is what their pushing it said. The key premiums low it said to keep premiums law, but you know why because you and me the taxpayers in this country, which amount to what forty or fifty percent of the people in this country. We subsidize premiums for other people? That's one of the reasons your premiums are going through the roof. So it requires insurance companies to cover an average of sixty percent of over of cover costs must provide service, this from ten categories of minimum benefits, but let's they can't or, let's say their threatening to get out of a market. That's where you and I commend the taxpayers you and I, we are going to save Obamacare through these cost sharing pay
in other words, redistribution of wealth. Let us be abundantly clear: redistribution of wealth, so Lamar Alexander's, pushing this, that is, to strengthen the clustering provisions. Patty marries pushing this Susan Collins is pushing this all the wrong people pushing the wrong thing. Lisa Rakowski is supporting this because they don't want Obamacare to collapse. And here's a headline in the world- Examiner Lamar Alexander country could use by partisan solution on healthcare see. This is the difference. The democratic control, the House, the Senate and the presidency twenty ten may ram Obamacare down our throats. The Republicans take house, representatives back thanks to you, take the Senate back and twenty fourteen. Thanks to you elect republican present thanks to you- and
run on repeal then run on repeal and replace. Now they don't even talk about repeal the Democrats, True to their ideology, the Republicans are not true to our principles because they have no principles. This is why you're so furious and frustrated, They never ran on a bipartisan healthcare plan. Save Obama, Pierre Werner, her where employers Mamma had my my root and branch. My router Branford Withdraw. My group will put my uncle Wiggily. Yes, yea Mitch, the morale examined rounds of all the tea parties groups and a tendency gets backing from that. Ninety percent of our changing my changed my or enhance comes on this pro Yemen,
I'm a conservative. Now you know I'm they just lie and lie, and why the meanwhile how those premiums are years doing about those deductibles about spending I was on the phone with an insurance company that trying to explain to you why they cannot ensure something. Have you been a drugstore lately? How about dealing with your prescriptions? everything is a disaster. Now everything takes forever. Even if you want to pay your camp, it. It's just incredible that bureaucracy position of our health care system actual icing it through the back door. If you will and there's the Republicans there's the Republicans John Corner, see the Alexander Mary Bill being proposed, are being part of the
You're spending and what he means by that is they're. Gonna ran this route in their big massive budget. That's a thousand two thousand five thousand pages. Oh it's ominous how it's on the bus, knowledge omnibus to me, and they have the support of twelve Republicans and all the Democrats enough to break a filibustering. The Senate, the least Paul Ryan and the houses against Donald Trump is against his again. We have what's really a perverted Senate. To begin with. I am not just talking about how Franklin and other names I would one day come forward. I'm talking about a perversion of our constitutional system. Within the year seventeen
member of the United States Senate was supposed to represent the state legislatures. That is the states. Instead, these men and women are run on their own, and I you know you hear people go on and on about the tea party moment right actually, about excluding or eliminating the year that the popular vote, the electoral college.
It's not fair one man, one woman, one vote one man, one woman, whether it is a democracy, actually it's a republic, but they want to get rid of it because they say it's not fair, it doesn't it. So it's not that it's not like the popular and yet when it comes to the Senate to senators for every state. What is the justification for that? If you believe in true democracy and don't get me wrong, progressives, don't believe in true democracy. They believe in true autocracy. Democracy for the progressive is just a means to an end. They-
you think you have a say when in fact, you vote and they do what they want. Unless, of course, you vote the way they liked than they do at you like they ignore if they lose embrace it if they win. That is the popular vote, but I want you to understand what this cost sharing as it sounds so passive. It sounds who work on the share. Of course, no you're, not you have money taken at a European, that you think's going to your house carroty or families, healthcare and your subsidizing, somebody else, and by the way this was done initially unconstitutionally unconstitutional, there's, there's nothing that supports this. The House of Representatives went to court and I believe they want on this issue.
That is not in a statue hey, but we care they like people, psych darker, They want to coordinate, actually want hey, let's breathe life back in the darker hey, let's give life back into the car, sharing Hey Sean FED Ville ARC and saw the great K L a why go more like the MECCA quit their healthcare, but the biggest Is this basketball players? Father is complaining about truck in baby step down in Mexico, for how long for adding heap of American Obama do other things did him out Williams? I think maybe a senator
but more civilian strategy that guy, how did he get out farmer? How did he get out? You wasn't Obama, Mexico, glaring out you remember, not spoken about now. Absolutely ridiculous Obama do. I know you ve got tired fire about talk when it could happen Then maybe I say: does anyone believe of our ball? Let's, let's turn the tables. Does anyone believe Lamar Ball would be talking about Barack Obama, Barack Obama? Under these circumstances, if his son, in China had gotten his son of an obligatory for two seconds to you, the White House, and how to out of a hundred President Obama. Meanwhile, his son is issue was shoplifting how to use the term sorry, but he who smoke so secondly, more than yours, I'm so aggravated by it and I'm sick of Army
I'll, never know who that guy is not here, but you write his voice. Don't even assuming guys in a coach. Mr producer, I mean a man. I mean I don't follow this that closely. I would be my boy. Stephen I on, but the I'd Sean thanks for your car and, of course DNA might disagree, but you can always agree that effect we disagree. Alot haven't heard from lately must be angry. Let me homesick, I Jason Dallas Texas, the Great W B, a pig Market is an honour to speak with you and tell you that your much Mcconnell impersonation makes me laugh out loud every time. I hear it. So thank you. Like everything's. Ever I almost drove around when you played the queer running a thin bethink about. I don't watch this, I'd love to hear their law most Americans now inside you, it's the favourite network,
currency. Are you aware that north the north korean generals love the morning small, Miss Ishmael, and so that's their audience? Censure they play too will not make more sense than yes, but that's true, whether way it I believe you make forever I almost literally, we drove off the road because. No one in their right. Mind would think that the president's response to ungrateful nurse racist? Can you imagine what they would have said if he had left them there I mean just no one that way you have to be a racist. You think that that is racist or something to that of. I. Besides, you call my friend, Fred Yonkers New York, how EU markets an honour to speak to you. For a long time, on the first time collar and so on, never fear, and I got a couple of points that, like the night you go on, ok cause them all
thirty years in the military island, a flower descended all Male members spend time. And the military or building this country before became America one. As an army, when my father was in the military and travel the world, even a young age. I was always but the one you in another country, you are representative of the United States? You must behave with your most. You no respect People I dont know how to praise it properly in this short little amount of italian right along. He don't start shoplifting, that's for sure going, but what's the criminal one out of it, I mean you know you're supposed to do. Out of your way to be some type of ours. I pointed out
so to speak. Bearing you know child under now go to another country. Every time you go, you know it have been wrong. They say something wrong. They said something wrong: the Adobe, those but they are not only. That is if I gotta go. No offense ever heartbreak will be right back
One of our bore: no again, you would think with these vast investigative and researcher farms and the news outlets, like I myself D, have. Ah you would think that they would be able to find the information that we ve come up. What do I have to go commercials? I what you said: okay before we do, that the vote When was this April six? Twenty seventeen slow white, guys kept. You see, I lay from winning title Alonzo played heard and loss. Did the morning small, MRS Mono anything about about the slow little. Why
By the name, o Brien Stats, Sattler was he where this does he cared? Not they don't care, they get a move on. They took their shot to trumpet gonna move on now Realistically, you can't win no championship with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow. Ball said I told Alonzo one of these games. You might need to go for thirty or forty points. It turned out that that was the one game, then, once they get to the elite ate their right. There. He repeatedly guaranteed you see, I lay would win the title. This is, but they lost because of the year the White guys you can't. You can't win no championship with three white guys, because the foot speed is too slow.
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You see, I lay season is done. Alonzo Ball is headed the pros, but his dad has plenty more to say in an interview with the Orange County and computer register ball, discuss the ruins tourney exit heaping the blame on you see always white players for being honest, leaded and revealing lines were apparently had a hamstring injury. Realistically, you can't win the championship or three white guys, because the foot speed is too slow. Ball said I told Wanda one of these games. You might need to go for thirty or forty points. It turned out. That was the one game, then, once they get to the elite ate their right there. This is the guy who took a shouted trot.
Who freed his son, who freed his son from a potential multi year many year, prison sentence and two other young men for shoplift, this Lamar Ball you don't need that. He doesn't need tromp now he's got it all figure. Our Lamar sounds like Ray Spain or to me I'll, be right back
Now let me underline that the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark live in here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one! seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one well Republicans startled like a class warfare warriors when it comes to this tax issue.
The managing the Treasury secretary still out there sounding like a liberal Democrat from men, Haddan and Goldman Sachs still going into the class warfare stuff class warfare. Stuff seems the work for the nationalist populist seems the work for the progressive seems to work for this administration, but I reject a completely utterly incompletely this class warfare. Crap is theoretical, it is illogical and it is promoted by all the wrong philosophers, a history and taken to its extreme. It will destroy society. And here Steve Munchkin diminution on fire new Sunday. Yesterday, cut three go: if you look at this simple People just look at our their personal attacks is going up or down on the personal attack side, middle income. People are getting cuts and
people are getting very little culture in certain cases, increases yeah. I can't get on random up. First of all, very deceitful middle income people are getting cuts. What's a middle income purse which middle income people getting touch, I don't know which, in middle income, people are getting caught. Do you want to getting increases which once not all middle income, people getting cuts? If we even have, we could define any keeps using this word rich rich. You know you can make a lot of money and yet not have liquid assets. Cosette, keep putting it back into capital. Aren T hurt to your assembly lines or into into Obamacare whatever it. And yet you listen to these guys from Goldman Sachs. This guy,
the other? What's his name Gary COM, these guys isn't the point of capitalism to make money. Yes, a certain amount of money, not too much my then you're rich. I remember the day when people use Say you could become a millionaire, you could be worth many many millions of your work, hard successful and you do this and now it's like it's like the scarlet letter. And the government's gonna intervene if they think you're too rich. You see, they're gonna punish you in order to take your money and fund some damn department or agency or some bureaucracy. The bureaucrats or whenever it it's disgusting,. So people who are really getting the growing rich gonna get very little cuts or in certain cases increases, but you don't have to be very rich. Ladies and gentlemen, you could be middle income as the phraseology goes and get whacked on your taxes,
as many of you will. If this keeps up. Many of you will need and wonder what happened, and why didn't you I'm saying I keep saying something. I've been saying something and it's gonna happen. So we have these class warfare republic, a k, a Republicans who sound area. There is much as the liberals now listen to this manoeuvre again cut three go if you work, assembly in people just look at our their personal taxes going up or down on the personal attack side, middle income? People are getting cards and rich people are getting very little. Culture in certain cases increases the thickly They should be doing what he should be saying is worth cunning rates across the board or so called classes. We don't have classes in America, but the government creators and puts us in classes all across from rich,
they're, not so rich for middle class and not some middle class from upper middle class, the lower middle class from this class that access and that class to de escalate across the board rate cuts or trickled down yet work. Last time, when you heard the president talking about the greatest tax cuts in american history, when you heard about his plane, did you think it would be like this? I didn't. Nobody did and you still have the year the failures in the fraga. My luck, it's gonna corporates, irony, those are not so good, but we can limit. There's gonna, be lots of growth growth growth, but there may not be growth in your life. There may not be growth for your family, Certainly not enough growth, the play that the pay, the taxes that you can no longer offset with deductions, weathered state income taxes or your property taxes for your alimony payments or whatever it is unbelievable. Then there.
Susan Collins on CNN yesterday, because you know these centres outside they want to lower the operate ever so slightly and then beach over the head By taking away all these deductions, architects, we lower their rights and noticed with this manoeuvring to the propaganda, has changed. Everybody's gonna get a cut. Member Paul Ryan. Now we're not going to go over thirty nine point. Six percent of the tat no and they just did not hear Susan currencies, which she's worried about cut forego. The fact is that it can do pull this peace. Affordable care act out for some middle income, families, the in
It's a premium is going to cancel out the title here. You have a senator who is defending Obama. Care will defend it to the end. What cash no votes to defend it were cast yes, votes to defend it. Doesn't man Susan Cowan, once a even though you do not so the Republicans you gotta, listen to me after this term in the house, in the Senate, we'll have enshrined Obama care for ever. There will be no appeal: there will be no replace, except with a single pair socialist government, run system from top to bottom.
They'll be no way out nowhere, because a Susan Collins, Lamar Alexander John Corn and their milk, so the Republicans are going to enshrine Obamacare forever, even though they control everything because Chosen Carlin, who is sound why Catherine had Baron matter go ahead, but death and that's why it is so important that we pass the two pieces of legislation that talks about it. It's also why we need to stored the tax deduction her estate, I'll call what I'd taxes the way that the house did, that will help. You see you see, we gotta restore the tax deduction to help people pay the increased Obamacare premium.
Boy. Oh boy. She have her nose under your tent. She micromanaging your life. There should be no Obamacare repellent and there should be across the board income tax rate cuts fact them all and others that have to do with anything. Go ahead. They'll come taxpayers. More tax relief. I also want to keep that the tax rate ad. Where it is said. Thirty, nine point: six percent for people who are making a meal, dollars are more a year rather than lowering add. As the Senate Bell went till we listen, a sorry just is so she's got it all figured out senator from me.
I love the state, a main whether there are twelve people there. That's why it's fun. Eleven me great harm, lapsed us and the blueberry pies everywhere you go lobster blueberry pie lobster, but which is great. I love blueberry pint, not so much lobsterman but there you have it Susan Collins is the year is: is the Senate Majority leader they republican leader in the Senate? Go she has the power to kill everything, eleven. So here's what she wants. She wants the affordable care ass. She supports the redistribution of wealth, cost sharing, don't you know.
She favours the re cuts for the middle income people she thinks the rates on the rich should stay where they are, but you should be able to do that state and local taxes, in other words, whenever she thinks helps her community is fine. Whenever helps the country Is not find this is the problem of being a liberal six, a one half a dozen, the other meanwhile were unravelling as a country. In my view, we used to be that the Republicans understood, cut taxes across the, but they don't even believe that anymore. They ran
repeal Obama care ten months ago. They don't even believe that anymore and were supposed to celebrate them. She sends like Mary Tyler more in well. What is it. But with the at whatever I can remember, I'll, be right back well. Ladies and gentlemen, border patrol agents. One was killed And another brutally entered today.
And it's a big deal. One had his head smashing, apparently with rocks and trying to get the story that I just had to bear with me. I do not want to use George Definite plus here we go slain a border patrol agents were ambushed in Texas Union says, the border patrol asian allies, limes killed, sunny and West Texas was ambush by migrants who beat him in the head with rocks federal officials, So we have to provide details about the incident with the union representing border patrol agents, described the attack on agent row, Galileo. A is thirty six and its partner, as they were, responding to reports of suspicious activity in the big vendor and by the way I watch these shows often where we have borders,
trawl or local police officers, sheriffs and so forth, who are trying to I can't illegal aliens and drug abuse and so forth, and I would say not all the majority of them? If not, the vast majority of them are Lehtinen on the lawn Foresman. The vast majority. It seemed to me at least, but I see, anecdotally are latino and they don't give get the credit that they deserve martini. Died in a hospital in his partner, whose name was not release, wasn't serious condition. What we know is that the But a patrol agent Galileo, Martinez appears to have been ambush by group of illegal aliens. For me, was tracking our agents, words from the ground so that he was struck in their head, multiple, too were they rock or rocks ran enjoyed a border patrol agent present. The San Diego based National Border Patrol Council Union represents sixteen thousand agents.
You said the other agent arrived on scene a short time later and was also ambushed and struck in the head with what is believed to have been Iraq Iraq's these disgusting. Acts and complete disregard for human life need to stop immediately family. Members of the slain agent Martinez will never get the same come home again all because we have failed to secure our borders against such criminals. At least thirty eight border patrol agents have died on and off duty since late, two thousand three according to records the agency posted, but this kind of attack, as rare just remember, Brine Terry Former marine fatally shot on its technical team attempted to arrest a group of suspects near Nogales last April. He suspect was arrested and Mexico charge in connection with the shooting
Other on duty attacks include agent, Nicholas Ivy, thirty shot and killed on duty October to twenty twelve or responding to a site. Track. Innovation remote area near Bisbee, Arizona agent, Robert Roses, thirty shot and killed identified a silence while on petrol in a remote border area near Campo. California, two thousand nine agent. Louise Aguilar anyone killed on duty near you, Arizona. After smuggler, he was pursuing swerved a new car two thousand eight some attacks have been captured on video, so well. Martinez in El Paso native he graduated in Two thousand seven from the University of Texas, El Paso. We study graphic design, Mary Border homey, as an eleven year old son.
Father City loved this country. He wanted to serve to protect it from terrorists. He loved his career. And Martinez City was concerned about his son safety, especially after he started managing the night shift earlier this year, because Ladies and gentlemen, we don't know who's coming across the border, as you probably left turned it into a race. Assure you jest our like. Do you. You just want people here. Who are why you don't want people who are black? brown and yellow and red X rays a trace, a trace, its safety safety safety, It's a law, the law, the law assimilation, assimilation, assimilation now. You know how to secure the border, ladies and gentlemen, because Luis DE at Kyoto CARE, as well as claimed that your racist, or whose a jerk on you, innovation, Ramos.
I am all swell accuse you of being a racist and nobody wants that I lied to secure your border and then, when you talk about the killer, muggers and the right person they and the smugglers, and I am not a body blow said everybody obvious. Please not everybody. But we don't know who's coming where I get used to it. Goes there what's wrong with you. I let's take a cautious MAC data Wisconsin, the Great W S, a you go I want to talk about some of our more their comments. But now I see you will die protection at all, it is tragic that debt by agent I, along with bright area all I have circle of acquaintances, who actually have agents of work for border protection, and they didn't say that they were told by
their relatives, a workforce for growth. That not only is it the people at this time, border to your illegally attacking, but they also They also have to watch your six anytime there. You you're going to wander France because they I watch their six. What are you talking about? You watch your backside. Nokia figure they ve got the other got people through Roy objects at all parenting. It happens, a lot people throwing rocks and big rocks at the border police. The agencies. I will you here they'll be here. A ban firearms unwell illegal discharges across the border to dangerous job my friend, I appreciate your car yeah just soon. These men and women are gonna, protect us, but their endanger David Lee, changes, California, the mark living go as a liberal, LOS Angeles native. I can tell you that large
all is a jack ass. His son did thank the president and arm because, while more does not admit guilt does not make him innocent. In fact, from what I've when it. Whenever tat your case, there, her ear all over the map. Well, you you cover a lot of ground. I dont know I know, but that's not the point that it doesn't make him innocent. The point is, this stuff was dropped in our lab. He denies it had happened thirty eight years ago, and people insisting that I and others to decay him as gilded, I'm not going to adjudicate in this building Well, I heard that. Aren't you a big level? Yes, I heard that and I think that a frank and have minimum should be sanctioned, Frank and basically confessed I'll, be right, back
Our cloven show where we create the talking points corner now. Eighty seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Scott Array and Washington D C, the great w. I may I go market lifestyle username. Basically, I just wanted to make a comment about Above all, I cannot believe in and am up afghan American. I believe that a man was set up and justify the actions of his son. I can basically containing the president, I agree with what the president did on behalf of his son to me. I will tell you, see, allay you not planned him this year at all. You know, because its teaching is sending the law message that you can you
steel, and there are no consequences to your action. You know, and I just think it's pathetic- that this man with say what he said basically did the president and then want to go. I guess he's gonna your in and doubling girl. You know I'm like men, I knew you were a fool. I thought you were a fool, but you have to spell out doubt in my mind that year you all your about as much Ok- and there is no morality whatsoever in the back- lies and was able to do what he did for me here at his his other sites. In all this money. I'll tell me, I got a don't know. What's going on there. What is it? What does he do? What is Lamar Ball do, Well, I know he was an athlete
I know, is immediate personality. What the hell does he do? Yeah he's out there, Barbara paraphernalia, I lamp light is obviously play for the Lakers, though make in terms of money Now in the world, can your other than go and still apply pair glasses promise from a story, Where will you have a brother, it's gotta, be making you the powers that to me that's. It speaks to These kids were only brought up the play, basketball and a far morals are concerned there. They don't have any, why his son? has basically given him, this media fame, because Otherwise nobody would give a damn about love our ball with a yeah, but the apology.
Roaming, yet he should apologise and problem about the sun, but Bailum Laval, saying what he said to me. That is made the apology, worthless yeah. It is disturbing to tell me that the sun really doesn't mean it. He said he did it to save face, maybe to be able to play on a basketball thing, a better do something to try to save face. This thing of all is the acid show me. I can't gave him the benefit of the doubt. This is antics in an all, but so do what he s done as far as defending his son in these actions and that siding with the president, you know, even if you, even if your tribe hater, how can you not thy word what you why you know, but that this goes to show
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In all these sporting programmes to support programmes and so forth, know who he is, but I know who he is now and I'm gonna look even more deeply love our ball. Ah, I only Joe a scar bono's who uses I've studied. Look here, he's been extremely controversies, made numerous, or at least enough, really intense racist type comments. Her rationalist comments, if you well and so forth there Again, we have to look more deeply into the sky, but for Joe Scarborough, the others, a bright stats learn Sattler they believe another. This guy's they haven't even looked into this guy's, pretty incredible, and yet tramp tramp tramp tramp tramp flora. Orlando Florida? How are how are you, how are am
my comment is I'll, get right to it, I might commit, is if he had What I'm I'm from before him african American conservative every had left them Over there would have been rises. I'm back he's the oasis president tromp cannot where Ethel African? After that they have a father. May I started thinking finally figured out all now. I know what the left made about global warming, their brain well, maybe so he's Father of Love, I think all of us have heard a place for the Lakers who was an excellent player, but I think to his fame is now coming through that Son Flora. Thank for you call my friend much appreciated. Let's go to Eden Daytona B,
fly on the market, then a pariah mark doing great thanks. You bet, I think you forever well. Thank you too long time. I just had a one quick comment point I wanted to make, and that is that These are the usual voice. They came back just now are not young manner of the event. The young men are uneasy unaware of the event of Tiananmen Square that even took place and, if I may not be but but to be shoplift in a country like there, that's about a stupid as it gets. Yeah. I think it's fair for every everybody thinks that the United States, where you get away with staff, for our press, pretends to be a free press. You wanna go try that stuff! Try in places that are or talk receives and then show us how much courage your hair, but trash tromp retraction conservatives are trashing Hannity crashing Fox, whatever that doesn't take carriage, that's not with the first amendment all about.
And this guy, this guy's a real schmuck. This Lamar ball. Sorry, he just as they got to come back so quickly, No, he bound them out of their tramp. Tramp said I want amounting. Well, I didn't think you. That's continue DAB, Springfield, Missouri the great cast year from starting the notice are and your filled up with people who are disgusted with his love. Our ball go ahead, yes, hi Mark, I down, I'm alone can whiskers Self Defence and Anna rehired. Only nurse goblin, thank you. I just why talk about those basketball players and tromp, president of the United they got them to come home, and now
Oh he's a racist, and I even had said you know well what if he had left them there, he be racist. Also. I know you can't win, and aren't you gonna? Let me let's talk in a language that left so here we have a white president who gets the release of three african american athletes and its now twisted, as you points now twisted to the point where he is race, bathing and dog whistling that's how sick this is because I know everything they cover the race heard of without their. I read it just you can't. He can't do when you have an end. The people who put the most of these white leftists menu. Our honour, a tv, and on cable in particular, seen in an msnbc who treat their staff like crap. I mean Andrew Duff
because the Democrats I mean, I remember, is an eight year old child here. My grandpa say those Democrats. All they want to do is give it away and well here we are today say me, my friend, hatred, car, Wendy, Long Island New York. They re W a b c go. You are correct and I want to say that can't believe what I heard the Father say, a city above the basketball player. I think that he thank President, obviously be little more humble kiss the president's toes because his son could have come back like a mile. Let's not erasing white red or in between it doesnt matter, oh yeah, of course, that I would it my son or daughter, did, something foolish their overseas Presently United States personally gets them released.
I mean I'd be indebted to him for the rest of my life. Wouldn't you our absolute with that. That would be, after a smack my kid for doing what he slowly enough, but because I was thinking about the hasty college boy who came back dead from North Korea, ok, so languages, then his fate, if maybe I'll bomber, was president. Who knows how many Clara I my friend, I appreciate will be right back
well. I heard Mr Barney, my dog, my dog, sunlight column, come over here Barney. He escaped come here, there's an area where I keep him when I'm on the air come here, so it doesn't go down the steps and heard his back, but he escaped he escaped visa and I found around my feet when the last segment- I look down there and so whenever mouse on this, but it was Barney, snows snout. So here's a
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above all, has been exploiting his sons. The cat is backed by for over a year. Now we have, it is trying to market oh Jesus and even though I am disturbed by the President, It was necessary. People respond but you know what you may not know. Is either. I didn't. I never heard of this guy before you go, obviously heard of his son, not even know about the father, but I think that we should get out before you get out there. Take Find out who the guy is, the guy did some young did the right thing. They gave a very appropriate heartfelt apology for what I did and thanks to the president, this man is a cloud and not worthy of the present time or attention: millennia, this wireless more chose given this guy this attention. Now your but even if they had taken, if God it before- and I know that I just looked it up- come on
why why? But some of the other guys parent he's gonna, be on yes piano. He was on his pen, exactly what do you want take away he's trying to sell shoes for five dollars and you any attention, even if its negative attention why Why were these phony? Why levels at CNN and MSNBC take up for this guy, for them, because I am not one of them and is disturbed at the president. Think he needs to people like this. More pressure Dave. I know it is time to do responded to my my danish awry Antonia, I'm guessing, he didn't know who he was either. I carl good car appreciate it. Arnold King Texas, on the mark Levant go. Thank you mark. Thank you for taking a call you
wanted to call in and let you know that I really truly appreciate you bringing the pact that one awakens Border patrol Agnes was her other on then want taxes? It turns my stuff, Another thing that happened: I'd have happening more often than not the of the public who actually wants to admit you know with down here taxes we love have. Your legs are doing here and a few others They got down, and now the Raymond go very well to seek out and I wasn't very it had. I was spoken about very often due to the point where a die I'd hate her story to turn on and die because the media doesn't want to talk about it. I'm glad you're, bringing it up buried. Interface with is constantly having responded to
centres in the past him. You know whether my fellow waited very few of us too. Many of them are coming in border. Now, where are you an asian? Generally speaking, I'm retired. I regard where worry. I've been thinking taxes, how curious and Humane Arizona and tell people her desk. Many these areas are, I mean it's very derivative. Yes, Desolate man, you workin, sometimes by yourself when I present then we only have twenty nine hundred altogether and, in the end, what I retired we had about twenty thousand, but that still a drop in the bucket, because people like all that's twenty thousand men and women on the board, and now they have to sleep there. Stared sir, in others different tours of people. Do they have back up and stuff like that? I'm an thank you for your service. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and apparently person out, and I said
Yo thanks for listening and I will be bringing Barney back upstairs came a little something that you take him outside, so he can market her name she tomorrow, Goblin.
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