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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, The purpose of immigration is to improve the country and the citizenry owns the country, not the bureaucrats, media or politicians. When it comes to Haiti, Venezuela, and Cuba we all know they are hell holes. We have people...

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Yes, he's here now: broadcasting from from the underground can deep in the bowels of the hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Is mine, love that hello, everybody Mark Levin here our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven didn't radio today sound much like my show last night on the issue of these various. countries that the president was referring to. As I said, then, these hell hole. Haiti is a hell home. Then Well is a hellhole. Cuba is a ha ha. People are lining up to get into our country people
coming here illegally. We have what's called refugees, as we discussed last night trying to escape their hell holes and get into this country. Democrats. as recently as day before yesterday,. To say what are we gonna do send these people back to. impoverish nations, these dangerous nations, these disease ridden nations. Now all of a sudden. You're not allowed to distinguish one culture from the next one nation from the next will. Of course, and our immigration laws do exactly that. our refugee laws do exactly that. Let me tell you what happened. The president met with these six Gang of six leftists and who did decked urban I told you. The story before we're Senator Thompson. there was a friend of mine. Who was a members of the Senate Durban was the most loathsome, he can. Be trusted he was not a man of his word. He trusted he was not a man of his word,
Urban was in that meeting along with not despicable person. Things are said in private. In politics, smoke filled rooms that are not intended to be public and. We'll get have nothing to do with rays and nothing to do with the genitalia. Nothing to do with any other. But that's the nature of the beast. But in this case predict urban, it was just too juicy. Or in ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how you do it, and I really think we ought to begin a movement to insist. At sea and then stop having monopoly control over televisions and airports, That CNN stop having monopoly control over televisions and airports. Yesterday, but over the last few years, but practically today Will you walking, through an airport with your kid sitting, down a restaurant in an airport with your kid in one of the lounge areas,
where you're walking through an airport with your kid or you're, sitting down at a restaurant in an airport with your kid or in one of the lounge areas and. Just because they want rating just because they want to screw the president just because they want to go on and on and on this, Is such an overreaction. For the people who hate trap, that is the media, the Democrats, many Republicans and so forth. They look at them they look at this. Poor race into it. When he did speak about havens,. When he spoke about Haitians. Actual Haitians. He was a little Haiti, Neighbourhood in Miami floored on September, twenty, sixteen a little over a year ago. Here's what you actually said about Asians cut one go suddenly friends, Maisie occasion, perseverance, entrepreneurship, some really great entrepreneurs, no one of them that I can tell you create every face to face the same. Make America can be found right here, american community gratitude and our respect- and I want you to know you have my response.
now! There is a haven woman. Was a deer and wonderful from my family Who helps us with a family member, and she is just she's, a part of the family She's she part for the family.
She voted for Donald Trump she's, very religious woman, as is her husband and the rain She voted for Donald Trump she's, a very religious woman, as is her husband and the raise Crap party assumes and to represent minorities in this country. Assumes and presumes to represent minorities in this country pretend and we, the compassionate party, get away with it. They pretend. He's not, in my view,. MR because it can you also finally, Durban Clip please. Mr Senate. Let me know when you have clip too I want you to listen to some of this. the attacks on Americans, these attacks on race and so forth. These are all Democrats The attacks on the american people and how there is very little push back in most of these instances. Here's Hillary Clinton attacking half of the country or a quarter of the country cut,
twenty two ago. It I'll just be grossly General listing you can put Generalistic, you could put half of drums supporters into what I call the basket of deplorable right. The races text is homophobia examined for big. a lot of fun, you name it unfortunately, there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. So there's a big River Americans, tens of millions. Who are treated this way by the left by the Democrats by the media all the time? This was Laurie Clinton, remember Obama, Fundraiser was recorded trashing millions and millions of Americans and nobody cared. Nobody called them racists, nobody call them anything.
Joe Biden, famously about it gotta go cut. Twenty three go: I'm Delaware largest population is India in America from India. You cannot go to seven eleven condone unless you have a slight indian action, not much. And CNN had no problem of them rob bird, who was the leader in the center of the Democratic Party for decades. Robert Bird, who is memorialize after his death, obviously by Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, all of them cut
twenty four? This is about fifteen years ago Fox NEWS Go, there are wide. I've got a white man who use that word and where we all, we all need to work together to make our country better grammar, and I just soon Quicktime MIKE Then there's our sharpen our sharply so offended his msnbc of racism in re spinning, but they have hired sharpen in the past Knocked him with his thoroughly hey four comments in the past, style, shocked and a frequent gas d big big player in the Democratic Party, no offense there right, Jake, right down lemon. right everybody.
Cut, twenty five go rubber jargon, you know and in the spirit of dialogue sterling, you think you should be banned from tv for the racist. Have you said over the years when we are you know when you refer to Jews as weight into offers when you drop, we dropped the word on David, linking with you going to say we can exert when no wait until we run is more store. That's right! You call them all wait until now. Isn't it I was always love. Not waver doesn't take like some serious balls on your end. Use somebody racism, sir you're you're from one white into over, and you shall see inward.
And there's Keith Alison key Sex, who is now the Deputy Chairman the DMZ and there's so much on this guy. We're only gonna touch on a few seconds twenty six go United States or see. Lilies is governed by working through account. You seven million needs bananas, the Jews, the Jews in Israel. That's what he meant. a region of three hundred and fifty million go ahead. A three million alternatives he's, only says logic nor right when the Americans, who trace their roots back to those three million involved. Everything changes. Can I say that again,
Now we have ninety policy yesterday Friend no Chris, while I said this is like a parking ticket compared to what tramps said well in his eyes, it may well be that and take it or not. It was pretty vile, so violet stumpy Hoyer her number tooth about did strenuously to what she was saying clear. Racist comments cut- twenty seven go Say that Kathy, therefore, if I've white guys I'm calling at thirty overnight and understanding
That it might be the very idea that this week there saying or why we get my guys General Kelly, I enough folks, I could go on all day on MR all day. Now, what's not being said, is there are meetings on capital held behind closed doors. Hundreds of them every day, then they go. at the dinner, many them and they get drunk, and there are more meetings. Many of the men are busy harassing molesting women at the time as a congress. everybody up. There knows it. There's things that is said. There's things at a time that a despicable that a grotesque there's a tall tree taking place, there's a deal's being cut Nora CNN knows it their involvement. MSNBC knows it there and wild, and they all know it. They know all about it.
Just as many the media outlets in Hollywood knew all about Harvey Wednesday bribery. Dick Durban comes out of that meeting or somebody did in the spread this to the media and they jump and they jump. In nineteen sixty five, I told you before and some one of my books And actually, two of my books, TAT Kennedy others a senator heart from Michigan, congressmen seller, changed our immigration laws for the purpose of bringing more people. From the third world into the country, exclusion of more people from Europe. This is a fact that the write, stuff and so forth, and so on. This is a fact they also put in place chain: migration.
President Obama used to proudly assert, as did bind, that by twenty forty four will no longer be a majority white nation. Good, better, indifferent, that's what they said. Nobody called them racists, nobody said Kennedy was a racist, nobody said these are racist policies and yet, ladies and gentlemen, the purpose immigration I say over and over and over again I said it over and over and over again behind this microphone for fifteen years, starting with my Sunday show in New York there. president immigration. To improve the country is to improve the current, And the citizenry as the country not the bureaucrats, not the courts, not the meat, Not the politicians you do and we are never consulted ever.
You ve got these six leftists these amnesty types who bring the press, the United States, a proposal. Is appalled by now you, some people and media in so far as I see that proves that the president's makin a buckle, nothing has proven yet nobody fight those represented the Senate, not yet still important that those of who believe in the rule of law and republicanism content the pressure, I representatives and our president to stick by his gun It won't be the palm palm dancers and be the Rockettes, though, Interesting way,. Of saying see, the president did exactly what we know. He would do the president. stay here, hear from you, as does everybody else just for to be sure to be sure This nature, the beast, weathered Ronald Reagan or anybody else. You not just
I can say always gonna do the right thing now. You want to be heard because he's being heard by other people, but anyway that's a game. Let's play no more interest in it. But when it comes to Haiti. we all know that it's a helpful the people who leave it. No, it's a hell hole. The people who live in and come here, don't want to go back and Leslie visiting family. They know it's our whole. That people in Venezuela know what say how how they want to get out and then as well are they want to come to America? It is a how hall but who went on rats homemade wraps trying to Leave the island in Cuba to come to the United States, they It's how all the people North Korea who are trying to escape to anywhere Russia, China, South Korea, who were murdered in their tracks. They know that's how hall some Countries are better than others, some country, You're, better than others, some gum are better than others, and you have to be a complete whack. You have to be a lunatic not to accept that
and recognize it I'll be right. Back. Ben again a little Durban thrashing the United States military in the worst possible terms. Go ahead. I read MR didn't tell you that there was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control. You would most certainly believe this must have happened by Nazis, so be it in their gulags arson mad regime, pol pot or others that had concern for human beings. Sadly, that's our case. This was the action of Americans. the treatment of or their own forget, shut up buddy. You know what
is what offends me, the trashing of Americans, of all races of all religions of. Can I tell you. They get away with it? They do it all the time they. The eagle out the illegal alien is noble. The american citizen is His lazy, I'm just sick and tired of people who we put in Congress to represent.
They will go to the end of the world to represent other countries, the ends of the world, to represent people in other countries and so forth. And if you disagree with their policies which are typically left wing and so forth and so on, then they dare to turn around and trash Americans. They dare to turn around and trash you and then give you some kind of a a horrific title like you're, a racist or something I'll be right back America's most powerful conservative voice, the mark, love them show dial. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one all day long while I wasn't watching CNN, but earlier others were Other hosts couldn't stop saying as the actual word they couldn't stop at all day.
Because these people are hacks they're, not serious people look at looking Chris Coma who's in love with a mere did they get done And Cromer did they get Dumber than down lemon, My castor. What a pathetic line up buffoons cut. Eight
President ass quote: why are we having all these people from all countries come here as a result as living in those countries where others I got was considered people from all countries? All countries come all people from all countries. All the countries of Africa are all these people from poor countries, college polish, all countries or countries come here. People come from those for coming from China's night at this hour from ok, and we are all others arm and you probably come from your mouth is the foulest on? What's not about countries is not about closing all immigrants, as part of it had Tipp gravy and on that Is it really a network worth watching and ask you something. The present use that word, you said you didn't use that word and a cup of the year.
people in the meeting said: oh, yes, he did and couple of centres of the meeting said. I know he didn't ok, well,. Greatest country, in the face of the earth- and here we are- the media- drag us to these places. The reason only came out of that meeting was because the legal knew that the kind would have to hear this for the next three or four days. And the sanctimonious would. Absolutely incredible. You didn't hear any other site. The money. When Barack Obama sought out the Kate, the country to the iranian regime Any the sanctimonious when that Barack Obama committed Over espionage, against these sitting, Prime Minister of Israel, a jewish state You didn't hear any of this when Barack Obama was targeting jewish organizations with surveillance. Did you know
And you didn't hear any of this on Barack Obama was ringing care and knew his office in the Muslim Brotherhood outraged into his office. None of it. my little Dick Durban who was in the meeting- and, I suspect, was the liquor. He ran to the media today cut to go said, while those words and I cannot believe in the history of the wise words I personally are precedents. Are you out of your mind, you idiot, let me tell you something about your hero. Woodrow Wilson, who is the biggest modern President racist in the nation Are you familiar with your hero? Woodrow Wilson Little Dick Durban of Illinois.
you want to hear about this. Ladies and gentlemen, the racists that was Woodrow Wilson is the Democratic Party ever rejected Woodrow Wilson of Thy name buildings after. Older age, you sure nothing like this was ever set out of the White House. Is this a joke. Woodrow Wilson re segregated, The civil service the Republicans DE segregated the civil service. And he said so many vile things about blacks. in the history books for the internet, apparently Olympic Durban can't reach up the keyboard to figure it out. They say these outrageous things and then Johnson, when running, for the house of Representatives, Texas, wasn't segregationist little Dick Durban
serve whether soon after Robert Burns They never had a problem with Robert, never. It's one thing to say that you object to what the president said. It is quite another to trying to exploit this situation, which is what the democratic party, does. A hundred years ago, a hundred fifty years ago, Hell Years ago, the Democratic Party, require party you, grace the fire up white p Go out and vote for it. They trash the black people in this country but laws in place to inhibit the black people in this country from getting jobs remaining at counters from vote You name it cried party, has a long, bloody hate All record when it comes to black people in this country, and they want
forget it, but they have you always use race for political game now,. They make jokes about white people and so and so on, and they have immigration policies in place that they feel help them have power. You remember what I have said from the beginning race, aside age aside, all of that aside. That's window dressing for these people there. At the fundamental transformation of America whether its white paper black But brown people gay people straight people single married, it doesn't matter. They are about turning this country inside out. And that's why they're so power hungry they can tolerate independence day Not tolerate individualism, they,
I'm not tolerate a color blind society. They must be organised. People. We just had a taxpayer. What did they do? What the Republicans, which was disgraceful talk, Class warfare for the rates for the wretched for the rich, retired they try to save social Security and Medicare through reform. oh. there, it gets the all their against the all their against they all any you try to secure the border and deal with that issue. Oh, it's races. You must be against brown people, its predictable. It's not talking point. listen to this one cut three may to produce ago came to the issue of migration. I say to the President: do you realize how painful that term to so many stop right? There chain gratian. This painful the people.
Chain, migration is now a term that is painful. The people were not allowed to use chain migration, were not allowed to use the phrase illegal aliens anymore, and we have. car illegal aliens, children, dreamers See this as the these psychotic nature of the left in this psychological games, they play with you and me. They create their own nomenclature and the eliminate other nomenclature go ahead. Believe to Morocco Cheese, you speak about chain speak about. This is pathetic, When you speak about chain migration, it's a throwback to slavery,. When slaves came here in chains, that has nothing to do with it, nothing to do with. What's all this man is sick, it's sick.
at did even occur to me. Did it occurred to you rich its never occurred to a single african American is called this programme. Okay, Migration is a threat, so we can even debate chain migration. What do you call it then. New family reunification- oh, ok, thank it! The dreamers salmon reunification? Globalization citizen show. Representative James Kleiber. On CNN today go ahead for the president. Really stepped into a here, I think that the congressional block progress has solidified around some efforts that I think will take place next week. One of which is the pursuit of a sensor resolution, and I am hopeful that we will do that. Thank you. Thank you for your input
Jackson is brought back into the Look square waiting for the last five years remember that with a Jaime town comment, member that. Now the resuscitating him. The comment on this one: now, sharpen. Representative, barber Leona sellers: do they go on it? Here we have a president who has once again raises the despicable words about African Americans people of color dilemma. Well, I will first of all this to be. absolute precise: if we're talking about Haiti in Africa, that's not african Americans, You're, not Americans, one point that out
make it better awareness and to try to be accurate here. These Gutierrez on MSNBC did it see you. The media are pushing this MSNBC seen in bringing in some of the most radical and within the left and the Democratic Party here's Gutierrez GO, success is ignorance to speak in such vile race terms and so the violation, the painters been stripped away from Donald Trump, and I know we feel it has been in the past, but God isn't Day is going to be a very memorial day and that saying a lot in the Dublin from presidency, because we now know that we have in the White House someone who could lead. The cook was clad in a sheriff. You idiot. I wasn't there long ago and Donald Trump as a Democrat wasn't there long ago, and Donald Trump was throwing
enormous sums of money in campaign. Support for Democrats, like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, and Harry Red in the buying and a whole host of other member that MR producer, I've been on the long enough to remember this. Oh yeah down, as a very active Democrat he voted Democrat who supported Democrats. He gave financial contributions to Democrats Tommy. If he's such a racist, how come they didn't know it back them. If he's such a racist, why did they take his money. If he's such a racist, why do they all have photographs with him? I was present, the United States real He's changed reality: seventy or seventy one years old when he was sixty or fifty eight or fifty five sixty two years ago, liberal Democrats and now he is it all right through Back racist is about right now course. It's not right, of course, not.
He's done nothing like Franklin rose about rounding up. Japanese American said Americans of japanese descent, nothing incredible. Had seven senator richer Blumenthal, this guy, they always drag out of the closet on MSNBC. This is all MSNBC and CNN. Go ahead, first thing for reporting it and thanking for talking about it too much or America is in denial about these really face instincts. This remark by the President of the United States lacks awaiting racism, the most odious and insinuations. Thank you. Now we have given costs the unseen. It tell me if you can tell the politicians from the so called reporters
nine go. I almost have to think back to the day when we are from tower when the president was commenting on Charles who, when he was saying that there are very fine people on both sides say that their very fine people among the wife's promising the Nazis is at the present United States. That's not what he said. You idiot. That's not what he meant that you projector. He never said a very fine people around above. Among the white supremacy, send the Nazis, you believe stuff. We all live that we saw it, we watched it. We heard it believe sky so preposterous and repugnant, easy there, just after they preposterous and repugnant head of CNN gave this a job increases. Now the senior Whitehouse correspond go ahead: I won't hear Wolf in this area and we can tiptoe around it. We can dance around it and not really put our finger on it. By the way is there anybody more illiterate than this guy, even in speaking, tiptoe around
again and put our fecamp finger on it. The dance around it, rapporteur, seeing reporters conduct themselves as why go ahead, it seems to harbour racist feelings about people of color from other parts of the world is not enough. Just trying to give you a sense of this is more this more that For those of us who really thinks these things through the sea, how perfect the media are in this country and the left its incur I would say this if it's the official position of the Democratic Party that. immigration practices should favour failed countries. Fail cultures and fail to size that
asked majority the people who we allow into this country? No, we do make decisions about people coming into where they come from right. Did you know that? But if their position, then they Campaign on it and explicitly say it because that the purpose of immigration, but apparently It is to them I'll, be right back that illegal immigration from Haiti increase Twenty fifteen to twenty sixteen by six hundred per se, hundred percent I understand: why are we supposed to have open borders. Unless people are trying to escape hellhole.
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I just want to answer a question you ass. You know why the Democrats took his money because you go on our stern every month and talk about abortion. I had this has nothing to do anything when it wants you directed to this subject right now and you ask the question: dominate, am answering it hey path I could reach through the phone and rearrange knows I do it in two seconds now get the Hell the phone there. It is my first collar. lie to you didn't Mr Cosgrove. This is why get angry when puke like that lie to come on a national programme. I let's try somebody up Christopher. We don't have time doing. I woke up, to the collars and the next. I want to get into some other things too, when I can allow the media to drive this entire programme, which is not So we have some other things I want to get into. Two will be right back.
now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know what I'm leaving in surprise, Mr Produce clear, the phone calls I wanted, this sapping with Maya, my radio family here. You think America can survive.
you know. I read about Athens all the time and I have for much my doll life, Rome Persia. You read about these early societies. Look what's happening in the world today with the rise of China. China, I believe, will be the most powerful country in the face of the earth and twenty thirty years of this keeps up in it, like it's going to keep up. and then you look at the rise of communism,. Which has a strong foothold in this country. with progressive as being the best a child of communism,. If that makes you uncomfortable than think of it, as he galloped.
But I look and I see if a country does not want a survivor spike going to survive, we mean the people. We have almost no signing this any more back in the courts, the side and we lack people in a constitution under certain categories of activities that are the ones who are act in these courts. Take control. We have this man's bureaucracy that rejects the result of elections under Even apart from elections with a central government that is devouring more and more of the private sector and civil society, as a matter of wrote, activity. I watch would take place takes place. Today. I watched the media impact. Besides watch the media, today, you watch the meat in the past. The present is deranged the attack electoral college the year. The protection of illegal voting through
kinds of trickery and rules and means, and Yet the reverse. Calling people who want the rule of law to be upheld as racists are trying to stop people from voting. The all out of Solomon, our traditions and customs. The all out assault on our institutions? Will it's the military law enforcement and so forth?. Again, at the same time,. Machine over there in China has actually more and more power. Is God as much power as mild did exercising that still our technology. Two massively bought up his military expand their reach. Into our hemisphere into the Middle EAST in Africa and, of course, claiming these. How China Sea the EAST, trying to see a name Russia Where the population of under two hundred million a relatively poor country, quite frankly,
Where they now have these fascist robber barons like Putin, and yet they Can you to build up their military? He is now violating our nuclear arms agreements by building more nuclear weapons and more powerful nuclear weapons. Nobody, talks about that anymore. And I look at our country, we have a government that continues to consume the private sector. We have a left that has essentially conquered every. Fundamental aspect of our culture. our public school system are colleges and universities are media. Who cannot turn on the media today. Without basically hearing the progressive talking point and now in the most vile terms again, of terms, and there were completely out of the closet.
So many the great successes of the Reagan era had been thrown away completely completely. From asking you're honest question it then I must tell you it does crossed my mind. It does crossed my mind, Will they fifty times a day cannon? like a survivor. No one here platitudes about the american people. I know the american people a great. The problem is the governor is less so. the government is less so, and we make a huge mistake: when we. confuse the country and the people and the civil society with the federal government there? Not the federal government. Does the federal government represent answered? Is the federal government rule over US
look at this manifest case and the driver easy to trash the guy I dont know the guy. I've never met the guy, never spoken. A guy doesn't mean anything to me personally, but I look at that, Tactics used to go after him for what. you really have to have your guns drawn at six, a m in the morning when he and his wife were in bed. You really are spend ten hours in his house going through, suits to see how much is paid for them in this some of the sanction of the federal district judge. I look at the soviet style, stalinist tactics, you dinner, A counter intelligence or methods. to use a surveillance I consider sense, to use surveillance of an opposing campaigns. No question about it. no question about it whatsoever, the the only question is the extent of it and who exist, who is responsible for.
Even the Supreme Court we get a decent decision out of them now and then, but its hit miss. They have nationalized every social and cultural issue. There is prayer, church, marriage and for the left for the left. Why do five lawyers in black robe get to decide these issues for the entire country. Where's outward. Through it, nowhere. and, of course we are politicians who do not believe in the sanctity of our sovereignty. They do not believe in protecting the nation state. They do not believe in our borders. Twenty years ago they did not. I absolutely do not so is the constituency that they have created and they rely on now for their votes in any way who dares to question it is a racist If your black or hispanic
asian questioning your supposedly races. Country can survive this. If you can have your own borders. if you dont assistant assimilation, which means americanization. If you dont teach your history properly,. If you dont create patriots for the country- and I do mean indoctrination- I mean through honestly tigris teaching. And if, in fact, more and more school districts, Our indoctrination knows my school District Lounge County. They just went a little eight percent increase in their budget, eight percent, while the country can't survive. We you define it anymore. If boy, Our borders, we don't even have geographic.
Phoenicians we're going to surrender our sovereignty to international organizations and this What to me is meant by the the poison of globalism, capitalism. Then what do we have. Tell you what we have again In a study of ancient history, let alone modern history, you have a dying country you have A country that is Going to survive, is it too late? I don't think so. I hope not But I watched today's activities. Before there was endless debates over there of illegal aliens all that nothing to do with the improvement of the nation endless. They today overcome at the president made about Haiti or some other countries, ok great get over. It.
The media in this country that pretends to support freedom of the press. he doesn't support freedom of the press. These people support the freedom of their own big mouth. The really not doing anything to it The cause of freedom, nothing Look at most of them, Jake Performer aid to a Democrat, Chuck former a Democrat, Steph Annapolis. Former aid to a Democrat. Look at the headed Disney, time? Liberal Democrat you go on and on and on. then don't tell me that doesn't influence the rip putting Jeff Sakharov Big Leftist, look at CNN, it's a grotesque, a grotesque lie on the american people. Cuomo their Cuomo.
and of course we could go on and on- and I look at this idiot Lawrence, O Donnell leather, former aid to a Democrat Chris matters, Another former aid to a Democrat. Scarborough has completely reject it servant, ism republicanism has thrown in with the soon to be wife. The daughter of another Democrat who worked for Carter. she's in a free press. It's a propaganda mill. They all say the same thing: they all sound exactly the same way did I don't think we ve got Not in North Korea When I see be aims warheads and they attack our president who's trying to contain him, we ve got the extremely dangerous regime in IRAN. Our president funded them save them, save them the prior
as we a hell of a good time with surveillance on the israeli Prime Minister, the ambassador from Israel to the United States members of Congress, jewish groups tried it. interfere in an election. The way the Russian try to interfere with ours, you'll never hear them talk about Don Lemon is such an idiot he's such a well, maybe even address it because he's a hack, partisan,. Talk about mentally deranged, to unleash? A hundred and fifty billion dollars to pay but that regime. Never Chamberlain didn't even do that with Hitler. so. The question on the table is. Can we were survive as a free people. A constitution republic. Can we survive as a free people in a constitution republic? You know the Rome lasted over five hundred years. Half a thousand years.
We're not even close to that yet we are not even close to that. Yet. Had the progressive succeeded. fundamentally destroying America. fundamentally changing. Is there way back. Is there any way back. I'm quite serious is this something I want to discuss with you I just can't do raw amount interested in what you really be thoughtful about this we'll be right Ben
example how bad things have got. I have no reason, but I can explain to you why the weekly standard even exists. Consent Tell me why. The weekly state exists. What gap does it feel? What why does it feel profound, can I mean I was sent today this peace. Guess it from early this morning, by some guy named Andrew Ferguson, I don't know, I'm I've never met him. and I believe we ve ever talk. And its ostensibly a hit peace, Simon and Schuster. and a wonderful editor. My editor Mitchell Iris. Reading the mile manuscript, how on public trouble was it question mark. and somehow- and here of course,
he attacked me. I guess because he wants me to mention his name is nobody elsewhere? I saw through the sky,. He looks like a real slob. that aside. Here it is again begging for tension is hinges on the smile guy, who I don't know, I've never met never spoken. There has never been on my show. as he pursues a lawsuit against Simon and choose its imprint threshold additions threshold is dedicated to bubble. Conservative polemics also its polemics. By media Demi celebrities like Jerome Course, E M Levin. Then it goes on threshold publishes a lot more than that. But that's ok From the near the end, he returns to hope. thing on this guy, Milo. And at the very end he returned to his his attacks
I can assure you this has never read any my books. The weekly standard I they did. One review wants liberty and tyranny was a hit job and I responded to. millions of these books of Saul. Wouldn't be that hard. To read in less coarser senior editor, the weekly standard made might be tough. Drinking every night. I don't know what you're doing. like a very, very busy job to edit all the great writers over there. But this is part of the problem this part of the problem. these books, I wrote particularly if you look at the last one rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progress was there's nothing polemic About it or me, nothing polemical.
And it is time you me it's nothing to do with me. and it's not about that critics of the day or anything of the sort. as many of you have read it. Four hundred thousand of you. It's a book, explains the dangers they were facing through progressive it and it works. So it also walks through the earliest times of american history, natural law and so forth. Inside with the weekly standard. This guy's, a senior editor has never in the time to read anything that everyone and that's ok, because obviously is a Barrack possess. Then he means nothing. The main you ve never even heard of. The one he's gone his day comes, his mark on society will be non existent and that's ok,
little group of circle, marriage will be all excited. But again, this is part of the problem in a civil war ago? I said that the. conservative intellectual movement, is weaker than I've ever seen. It. weaker than I've ever seen it there's a few guys still around, but the publications, their promoted he is, philosophy me the profound stuff they dont do it anymore. They get into the weeds of politics without much more. They do. don't do it anymore. Very very few conservatives in Congress: do it anymore make a speech here and there a good vote here and there, the matter Percent rating by day
dad they just don't do it anymore and. cable tv doesn't do now TV, certainly doesn't do it satellite tv, those all other kinds of things. So the converse, a progressive ism. Is rarely presented in any country Rational reasonable concerns, That way, it's just not. and I feel like we are overwhelmed with it, progressive, mob mentality. and because Republicans don't- I had a fight it, because they either don't agree with you and me, and many of us who are they, think the politics is not there. Many many of our fellow citizens, own hereabouts,. We're not gonna get it from school.
So the question is in a take it cause: will we survive as a free republic twenty thirty forty fifty years from now. I think it's a fair question. We have to look into it I'll, be right back in their ears. Radio, Free America Mark revengeful goal now. Eight seven, seven breyer, one very The eleven I want to read you something By the daily collar. In an interview with the Atlantic. according to the Atlantic, Comments recorded in it of you, with the Atlantic wide ranging interview based on Obama's farm policy over the years in office, in going one portion of the interview, Brok, Obama report,
Describe Libya as a mess to the interviewer, but behind closed doors he called the country and s shop. Jake Tap right now. You listen to the show Chuck Tad I know you listen to the show. I know you all as another shot. Chris Wallace come on now right. air online, you can find it put up their its after noon. These comments, Sir twenty two, the Atlanta quote,. So we actually executed this plan. This is Obama as well I could have expected, we got an and mandate, we build a coalition, it cost us one billion dollars which, when it comes to military operations, is very cheap. We voted large scale, civilian casualties. We prevented what almost surely would have been a prolonged and bloody civil conflict. Despite all that, Libya is a mess.
This is the president's diplomatic term. Privately, he caused Libya, a s h. Blank T show court on in part, because it subsequently became an ISIS Haven, When did, he is allegedly targeted with airstrike. Now Libya is in Africa to North Africa. He called it an S, show. and as the daily color points out, the comments received little courage when made public at the end of Obama's term. So called Libya, which is clearly an african country. He called it an S shop. now that you know this America, millions, annoyance it. If wish to punish yourselves and watch CNN and MSNBC. Let's see if they bring it up. we'll say it's different course.
different cause Obama said. Navarro, who is putrid. See if she brings it up down limit whose putrid see if he brings it, have Chris Cuomo, whose putrid, see if he brings it up. Take Durban w see if he brings about James Kleiber that they remove the censure Barack Obama coarseness. Of course not. Absolutely I don't care about Libya destroyed Libya. They set Let loose the terrorists in Libya. So back to the question about America First calls for twenty eighteen: while I've got him. But I can only achieve them if I'm well rested and thankfully I have a Casper mattress, helping me get a great night's sleep. Casper mattress has unique combination of farms that provide the right pressure leaf and comfort, so you feel perfectly balanced and thanks
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conditions apply enough. You got this weekend, Twenty mattress stores in your thinking about buying it ass, I can For a hundred nights free and if I don't like it, just return it, I will you do where to my house for free. Has them. And portieres has them. can America survive as a free republic with the next? several decades. Will it surpass us. Athens, didn't survive, Roman survive. and both of them survive much longer than we have so far see Charleston South Carolina, the Great W p M a how you I'm doing perfectly properly by. You're still common visa. Thank you, yeah you're, on but the question is can
A guy owes me no. I love, I mean that Don't call me- maybe it probably be, he put his hand, but the way going right now. No and the reason why? Because a two year, though, and the older generation, any put happy. Alas, they Kyle, you know And be honest, I Like our generation is fair future generations. The factory It, certainly anything young people, our children and grandchildren, really look at what we're doing them physically Looking what we're doing with the dead look at how Spending future earnings their future earning spending the future earnings of of baby. yet born going to future generations: it is criminal, absolutely the immoral.
We the constitution- and TAT would be a car you, look at you. I wouldn't You're going to with Greece going too. Isn't it amazing too? We have the the media. Self aggrandize as it is going on about, however, how they, how they are the the bulwark for freedom and we gotta have a free press course. We have to have a free press. When you look at sea and in an msnbc, and their universal attacks on one party in defence of another part the universal attacks on president, so it doesn't look like a free press to you propaganda mill. No, I dont care all media. I mean looking sincere respect there, but I dont set it up. Completely.
By the way. Don't hang up by many gives you a free one, you're subscription to see our tv. You want to check this out. All my enemy, I can take it out on a year I will do tat mother I'd hang on we'll, try. I have Five minute put five: second, plotters means no, but was trying to figure out which device he could use and it can work on that for sure, can work on his app welcome through that J and Saint Louis Missouri, serious satellite. What do you think? good evening, sir, if you talk to your loved ones, analyser thanking America, Thank you. Future, I'm always optimistic for this country. It was born here. But I came here when I was young and the Peter here, is to re educate Hunger generation on what the founding principles of the country were. Lemme lemme, you stop. You said.
And how is it going to be achieved? I sat in the values of the country, have changed Ronald Reagan. One took him. I will listen to me and I listened in my question. I, whenever discussion. In one breath, you say we need to teach our values and traditions. On the other hand, you said a mindset is changed and we're losing these thousand traded, and I'm asking you How are we going to execute this starts at home. Ok, what if it doesn't. If it doesn't, then as parents, we failed I got there, but I'm talking about the society as a whole and cancer. I can not a chance. So what do we do? We can talk of it in the in the abstract about what parents need to do our parents doing that in every case, not in every case that not many cases in schools, Jays the children, and from that standpoint
until the values or back to where the country was bounded. Hardware Then I guess my point is when you how difficult it is. We ve got essentially a media idiot. logical monopoly. I mean there are outpost, but as a whole, you ve got a in our public schools- again, it's pretty much an intellectual monopoly. In our culture when it comes to Hollywood, pretty much an intellectual, I shouldn't say intellectual, let's check that ideological monopoly and really any effort to challenge it if it becomes too powerful, two threatening, In one way or another is destroyed, attacked crushed. From that perspective, you feel that we have failed to his generation complaint. I think. As a generation we are feeling the next generation. Then there is no hope. Now I didn't say that
I said I feel were failing the next generation. I talk about convention of states all the time to me. He does address. The cultural issue addresses the governing issues, but even there with a significant majority of republican state, legislatures and governor ships and so forth. If we can't make some headway there, that's gonna- be a huge problem, and so where do you go? What do u turn our I my friend thank you for you got that I've only answers. I want you to think about this. Think it's quite serious. Patrick Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the mark, Levant go by familiar for your mark you to go ahead. Well, you gotta go. When do you hear my voice? Everyone, I mean speak up marked there. I know in no town in Newton
Kansas, the Gray K and S S GO mark Thank you, sir. Thank you. As for your question, I will know marine and I you know, I really look at those countries Careful that we are in a survivor, I really am yeah. Your last color had a good point to start out with, as far as, if you have to start in the home, but do more as a society to get back in the game. I mean the progressive, completely destroyed The fabric of our country. In here in here's, the thing Nick. And I agree it has to start in the home. But that's not the only place at this point was enough. There alone places around the world and even in this country, where the Thing is taught in the home, and yet that does not
Manifest itself in the nature of the government and how the government is governing phenomena me Yes, it is, unfortunately a thing like everybody that promises to follow and stick to the constitution, the boy s away their supposed to say It seemed to me bill, and I always and in the long term I remember seeing Obama running for broadening the first time, and I like- oh, my god or they seriously following this guy I can I sat here and what do the astounded at the fact that he actually became president and why is that? because the fact he had absolutely nothing but contempt for our actual malls and our family. Only when she was a hard core leftist, time. Oh yes, oh yes, let me know I'd viable, but when the Lewis and two in speaking I kept on taking my god, doesn't like what I read about Joseph Stalin for crying out loud in out and there
Are you called Hitler and Stalin, like the more you know, using you called Obama stolen, like an supposed to correct you, and I well know, is not star like, but he has left us yet it. You call this problem and called Trump Hitler like, and I didn't correct you there'd be no issue, you understand what I'm saying. Yes, sir. I Well want to thank you for your service. My friend in your actually call appreciate we'll be right back to bring any down. I think these thoughts of cost Oliver myself, I do, think its cost. All of our minds are one point, I'm just verbal eyes and I want to engage with you on this.
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I think all we need to do is take back our education system And we have now arrived at all. We need an answer. How do we do that I've only limited gimme that, let me tell you something I the most. Monopolized institution we have in this country's our public education system, its control by the National Education Association to elect Sir extent, the aim of the American Federation, a teachers the school board- members re young man, I'm chairman of Landmark legal foundation, but I was President one point: we ve been involved and litigation on school choice throughout this country We ve had some six successes, but if you think it's as you kind of point out. You know it's really easy, given with China's doing. We just have to get our educational system under control. Your full and yourself. I mean I'd like to know how we're supposed to do that. I
we gotta keep doing. What we are doing we were elected, Good man about president- and we end if we continue to do I know little hollow Now- understand rings reality this Decisions made about your education. It is a maiden your school system present United States, at least this one has very little input into that right. Prove it to you not to embarrass who is the president of your school board dinner? I don't know, How many members are on your scoreboard Vienna I couldn't day, ok, By doing that, to embarrass you, I'm just saying There is the issue: if people go to their scope of our meetings are not in their face there now watch in the union and that are not taken up thus I'm going to change, we can just rely on the present United States. The change the school system Corner Hawaii. Second, I happened now flew in for their very blue state. What I mean while that is, if we
president, that Donald Trump beckoned influence our kid. Without the school system, be they ll change. It's not! The president is gonna. Save us. Not the Congress, that's gonna save us, it's not that quite set are going to save us. not gonna, do it right now we have trump but the Democrat President's, are the problem com. is the problem. The federal government is the problem. The federal government is advancing this progressive agenda. We have little respite now and then, when we elect the regular we elected tramp in some Specks not in all respects, but that Jack there is clear. So we cannot rely on the federal government. As a whole to undo what the federal government is doing,. Because they're doing what they want to do.
I, my friend thanks for your car, we'll be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Let me just touch on a couple more things get into some more it's Friday. As we move around the globe here the reason I asked Well America survivor ten twenty thirty years from now,
course. Fundamentally, these battles that take place in this country, over culture. their battles over culture and We are losing our culture this I give this point the truck makes very in our time lady makes this s, hollow that whole that we really need people from here there? It's not a condemnation of the people. It has nothing to do with the people, it has everything to do with the culture which they seek to escape from it They become refugees. The vast majority of us have never been to Haiti. We ve seen pictures of it
can read about it. Why haven't we ve been. The vast majority of us have never been Venezuela. Why not. North Korea, why not. You don't think about going to these places. And the reason is they are societies that, for the most part,. what those societies completely have failed. because the people of Venezuela, the people of Haiti, the people of North Korea,. And yet those civil societies real? don't even exist there, Anarchy is led by tyrants.
and they dress up their positions as compassionate communists are socialists. What it comes down to a battle, a cultural battle, and I feel we are losing their culture, war were losing it badly, not because we want to lose it, not because we're surrendering, but the progressives have succeeded in May the decisions, the disease, more and more a centralized, which is what they want. individualism is constantly under attack. They prefer conformity and uniformity. so it's a battle of cultures. Not just internal its external. cultures battling our culture too. When you have countries where They impose. her proud or whatever their people, comply with Sharia law.
That's more than just a government that is a cultural asked, that's recited, it is, isn't, haven't, matches and aspect. It's an overwhelming part of that society. Which makes it far more difficult for people from cultures like that to assimilate into the United States? thing to do with race has absolutely nothing to do with skin color zero. Nothing, So it was well understood, at least prior to the less several decades The United States, being a free and relatively open society had the right people of the United States to make immigration decisions based on merit based neither the country and so forth and so on. That's completely flipped. Now.
Immigration decisions are out of our hands. and radical egalitarianism has got so bad. Even though we know, as a matter of fact,. that a matter of reality that cultures are better than others that some cultures have failed. Some cultures are vibrant we're not even allowed to speak. It. Because of your mention, those cultures If those cultures happen to be third world, wherever you will be accused of being a racist, truly and that's what's taking place. This is one of the reasons it so crucial to have a nation state with borders.
Also, one of the reasons we are up against forces in this country who do not believe America should exist as it does and they seek to change it. Many many significant waves and the easy. way to change a country is to eliminate its borders effectively and that It's taken place soon, a clue of cultures, multiple culture? Being imported into the country, a lack of proper assimilation that is americanization. Lindsey, Graham, is simply too stupid. Who ideologically driven to We had this already even take the time to understand that he doesn't care he's playing to the crowd, and yet this is Probably the key determining factor for our future
These cultural battle. When is the last time archer. Were taught in public school Colleges, university. the importance of a civilization or even more americanization Quite the contrary. It thought, or if it is its created, a rarity. And so the media, the Democratic Party, the left, is generally whatever their wearing whatever their profession. They pots they pounce immediately. They know it actually what Trump met they did manner Nobody meant that it did manner. So what's happening here. Folks is we have utter. Complete dishonesty coming out of the media on this and these
allsorts or half truths, or whether we want to call em they're insidious there. Dressed up as Compassion Their absolutely insidious take my language. Take the language We're told all the time that an order become american citizen, yet the past basic english language courses and so forth. we don't promoting wish in this country. I can't think of a single place where we promoting wish in this country to theirs O Connor, it's not on the contrary, public schools are busy looking for teachers who can teach one of a hundred forty different languages, while obviously.
that doesn't promote assimilation, nor does it promote their compassion or prosperity for individuals who are going to be left behind right. A public, is based on more than the vote, because, based on more than about its base? On this notion of a civil society, any culture, a culture that not only respects the constitution but assist, insists on its application. And once the rule of law is in place, insists on their compliance with the rule of law. About what century cities there an attack. Culture and the civil society and the rule of law. What are they Weighing activists judges,
every turn try to obstruct this president same thing same thing:. Samuel Huntington, who was, as I have mentioned many times professor harboured Maisie, I dont think he'd ever be able less today run an outstanding book who We the challenges to America's national identity. He said, Cultural America is under siege. Cultural America is under siege and culture is the glue projecting from culture is the glue that keeps a civil society civil, it the glue that keeps a civil society civil, so you don't have to be. Anti immigration.
But you need to be rational. There need to be rash bits, so they can assimilation. Instead, what's happening is we're being flooded. Day in and day out, and the dutch Brad Party, as I explained earlier in the week, and play the audio versus the prominent demo. Officials at the time. has now decided to reverse course, rather than fighting it, to join it to exploit it to use it for power. So the Democratic Party is at war with our culture. The democratic parties, a war with our culture, in order Advance, it's all politics to get votes. To acquire and retain power to advance a progressive agenda.
twice July's already like America, can survive just curious about the what you might think about. Decades in decades ago, America won the war of culture. western civilization so forth. in the east. Rising is China than I care about. Our culture, western culture, in fact they wish to conquer conqueror in the Middle EAST, the rise of radical Islam, their culture care about our culture, they seek the conqueror culture, the Chinese on their own and this law on its own cannot conquer the american culture. as surely and effectively as Americans can conquer their own culture.
This is why these social issues manner. his wife who decides what matters. This is why. A central government, plays into the hands of the progressives who seek to impose their will. An essentially devour our culture. so, what I M saying is my my what I Positing to you. Is that we are losing the battle of cultures right now, losing our culture, because we're losing assimilation, americanization, either look at the football games. These millionaire football players. Who could never make the money they make doing what they do any other place on the face of the earth. Kneeling in protest
Against some grievance, they are praised praise for what the praise, Hollywood, Donovan, Woody once again attacking America. That's how they're gonna fix pervasive sexual molestation harassment in Hollywood attack America. Football players attack amount. oh no, we're not! Yes! You are. are they were doing the same thing at speeds for when forgave had nothing to do with sexual harassment. and the singer seal was right on the guts to confront her very few. Do. today, all day. The attacks on Trump and what he said- Jake Tapirs, not stupid,.
he's a left us but he's not stupid What was said, and he knows what was meant. He knows what was said and he knows what was meant. Penny doesn't care. Joe Scarborough. Is among the most detestable when the media, he knows it- Actually, where he's not he's a chameleon doesn't matter? There we are responsible in what they say completely and utterly irresponsible, and they do not give a damn which themselves They get higher ratings, so be it. So, in the end, the year the fundamental conflict is taking place here is one of culture. Which also involves ideology and all the rest may well get into this another day, but. And let me tell you a secret:
conflicts and culture typically turn violent. I am certainly not encouraging it, but they thickly turned turn violent when you have a fundamental conflict of cultures that's, why America was founded was so brilliant. Some of the more you centralized decisions, the more you actually create conflicts among groups. And decision making conflicts. They are unnecessary if people make their own decisions like entire thing about bake haven't debate takes place, a bay cakes for a gay marriage, because, let's say there Angelica, Christians or orthodox choose or practice Muslims. As I look, we don't believe they were not going to do that and I will make
for a while, and I can again run oh no, you must and that's because the government has decided to impose its will. Why. so like there wouldn't be a cake somehow. And some more more or that takes place, you create enough. this tension in the future Not in that example, but others violence, violence, You want decisions, diversified, you Decisions. by individuals, if possible, at the lowest possible level in the home. all right I'll, be right. Back how much time Mr Producers
What is an immigrant. What is an immigrant. An emigrant is a person. who leaves their country who leaves their culture Leaves their society for another? For another, say our country, our culture, our society Yet we actually have so called public officials and our country who reject this concept. An emigrant as a person who leaves one place one environment, one Give stance one society for another.
now, since we have millions of people who want to come here, and we don't have millions of people who want to leave here. I think fair to say that the american culture is superior society is superior. The country superior the government. Is devouring them. So, as a matter of rationality, it makes no sense when you listen to a Durban or today Lindsey Grand who is woefully stupid. When they say all societies is like all. Cultures are like. If that were true, there be no immigration They don't even understand what immigration is in its simplest form as a personal leaving point actually go to point. Why right back
America's tyranny Hunter call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Let me answer my own question will I could survive as a free republic. I, like America, will stop survive for a time, fell, survivor, for a time our culture will survive for a time. But is definitely in decline. That's what I believe. I think if somebody who passed away thirty years ago was alive today and they saw was going on in the culture, I think they would be stunned. If you were told people twenty twenty five years ago, a better
migration policies. Today, even Democrats, they would be stunned. If you had told them about the It's over marriage, the debate over bathrooms and gems and other. I think they would be son. We call this progress of course, thing collar whenever they want What I'm saying is that. This is this- will happen overnight. I really don't believe that. I believe America, as America will survive repeated time. It'll take time. but I believe we are The process of decline in that I get behind the smoke this microphone with more urgency than mouse cause and history more than most says why right
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Require sixty one hundred or car she'll dot code Levant, he may apply job Peyton Colorado, the great caveat, Argo, You're, the greatest spokesmen for freedom, the hand Sure of this country, I have ever heard While I'm at eighty four year old man, I lived through the great depression and remember it- I really lived through or award one too. I remember and I lived through the korean WAR and I remembered I served in the Marine corps. I served in the army and I will tell you Country will survive, our cultural will survive because we will never surrender We don't know all the answers, but we always find a way and we will again Try and believe,
I hope you're right my brother and thank you, Sir, for your very, very kind words. I much appreciate God bless you right. I like that, let us go to David. Flagstaff Arizona on Amazon echoed the vice, not David before you speak. I want to remind people about this because we get more more people in here. This way, I'm giving a new way for you, your friend Your family, your enemies, to listen to the mark, Levine show this year. You can now hear me on your Amazon echo device. What's an Amazon echo device, those of you who have one, you know what I'm talking about. Amazon, ECHO device just say, Alexa, unable Mark Levine show scale again alike, enabled the mark Levine Show skill. The last word: skill yoke. With me instantly and after that Connect with me all the time, just Alexa, open markets, adventure.
for more information go online to Mark Levine, showed that Mark Levin showed dotcom and search the key word Alexa David. Flagstaff Arizona that wasn't hard to do right, you're on Amazon, ECHO device I am, it will very real impact. I heard you say it last night and I got for Christmas. I got an Amazon echoed dot man going. What am I gonna do with this thing? I found a good use or it I just play You saying that and you we set up the Amazon ECHO for me, People are really technology is so remarkable today, but I really appreciate you go ahead, Sir, Hey you asked the question: will America survive? I just like your life collar America will survive because, like said America is a culture anywhere, where there people who believe in these ideals, be they in Ireland, Poland, Morocco or
in America in the United States Let me follow, I are our ideals being taught: are they being enshrined pardon, our ideals, people they are people being taught them. I people learning them see. We have something a little different going on. Then we had a world war two or even three years ago. We actually have a counter culture propaganda meal in most of our colleges and universities and with these tenured professors. So we Actually have a going against us this time, but The collars call into your show now. Another question is: is the United government going to survive, and I don't as it currently organised or current direction is going, but it will survive. So you think. the government won't survive, but the country will survive. Now. Look at men,
she's gonna help, but the governments arise right Look at chile. That really is in trouble right now. The socialists are back centuries thing. You should mention that, Chile's had about a decade of free market. Capitalism of freedom, maybe more not maybe twenty years and guess who's back me up but even even in China? I think those people are getting a taste of liberty. They may be getting a taste the liberty but they're moving their lurching back Opposite direction right now, it's all over the media, and you can see it. Gee now is effectively a dictator, but there in my country who have based on these ideal, but as people in every country who have Korea here. IRAN and so forth, and so we're talking about, though, is the society generally in the culture generally
and You married Moussa Great Leap forward, where's cultural revolution, that's where most of the people died, He was trying to cleanse society of all these reprobates. You know well. Thank you for your call. I very very much appreciated. Ladies and gentlemen, the little birdie just said something to me. Lindsey, Graham Lens- camera Lindsey Lindsey, Graham. Let's see this just came out washed in time. Stephen Denon, Lindsey Grand one of those in the meeting Thursday with President Trump reportedly caught some developing nations s, whole countries. You, similar language himself during the last big immigration debate, calling Mexico and other latin american nations. How Hall, who said
Republican was arguing for the need for stiffer enforcement to stop a new wave of illegal immigrants, blaming the jobs magnet for enticing millions of people flee their home countries for the. U S quote this enemy cloak people coming across the southern border, Livin Helmholz. Yesterday and today this evening and that this programme, I kept notice they kept put down those countries, the end The types in to defend people flooding into this country and defend the the failure or lack of deporting people back to those countries that they use the call them these names all the time crime written Yeah, no disease, written Poverty, ridden societies and ours in our trump says there s halls. can't say that what are you a racist Nothing to do with race, let me call
Lindsey Grand. Ladies and gentlemen, maybe one of the Malta television shows his honour this weekend and Sunday. Somebody up the term The figure in an answer to their staff help me that would be like to his paid staffers quoth, the people, coming across the southern border live in Hell. Don't like that, They want to come here. Our problem, We can't have everybody in the world who lives in a how come to America, Graham said during a twenty thirteen debate in the Judiciary Committee on it gracious bill. He co, authored, I want, Carriage all the websites out there, I want carriage all the live Levin. I tat their fine that if there's video of this. The senator wasn't done. He continued There are eleven million people coming through the southern border because they come from countries where they can't find work and life is measurable sense. I guess doesn't it distributors,
So it seems to me that if you can control who gets a job, you ve got a long way and controlling illegal immigration. Over and over hey caused, somehow halls Lindsey. in a movie about Winston Churchill causing renewed interest in this great later. I love this movie the darkest hour well Access to insight on Churchill only available from hills to call it, my friend Doktor Larry, are the president of hills. There he's the world's leading scholar on Churchill is a fantastic piece out. about the three lessons we can all learn from Churchill. It's yours. for free. You really want to check in at this level Free hills to about coming, go there and you can get it live. pray Hills doubt outcome. Did you know that written once stood alone against the power of Nazi Germany or doktor I. the inspiring story about Churchill's, wise carriage and what it teaches us. No one knows these great Churchill stories better than Larry aren't in fact,
Fischer Biography of Winston Churchill's published I Hills Doc which press, but this. He's appears in Primus Hills does free speech, digest with point: seven million reared one of the most widely read publications of the country with a larger circulation than the New York Times. Thank God for that. Read this inspiring addition and start receiving an Primus Free every month. Part of hills, gels, commitment to have all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty, gotta, Levine, Pray; hills doubt that calm, that's l e the iron, hails down. That can have a little surprise for you Lindsey Gram on the floor, the Senate GO tell. two borders.
Why is one problem and the others not because Canada is a place where people like this day they light, can We like Canada, we love to have a visit. They want to go home, gas is nice place. People coming, Our glass, the southern border, live in hell holes, but he should go. don't like that they come here. problem is weaker than ever in the world who lives in EL. Coming to America, wow. some other, its Canada. Why, They want to go home Mexico Brown. They don't want to go home. Why closer to home,. It's a whole hole in these countries with brown peoples. I would Lindsey Grandma saying Ladys and yet, of course that's not what I'm saying, but said that Hell hole? All twice referring to, the cow,
countries south of the border. Now all you Eddie Thirty journalists, their sunday- I just did some homework for you. Try to do it down lemon. He's Linsey Grandma Racist, Jake, Tapir, who the other smiles on there. I don't even know o Brien out, there he'll be busy. about all the other clowns on Emma sell us day whether they think what do they think that is the wrong how halls in this country me in this world- and you know how we now cause p flee them. As I said, twenty minutes ago. Be no immigration, but for the fact that people want to escape how halls. And by the way we have somehow holes in this country too, where people are escaping from one state to the other, yes, We call them blue sky Oh, that's, right. I laid in German,
this is for you, America. Here we go
legs were posting the audio Windsor Gram and twenty thirteen calling Mexico and other countries south of the border helmholz racism. Is he my lord? We salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency person. Now. Can I,
Friday get I agree, we get our paths, they get I'd smoky, get I'd Zelda, yet Al Qaeda. Yet that's how about yet ISIS get all those while those sub human cockroaches who live in Hell, hole c on Monday.
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