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We bring you the Best of Mark Levin on Thanksgiving Day! We have an photo of Sen Al Franken actually harassing a women, yet the left including Sen Kirsten Gillibrand prefers to talk about President Trump and Bill Clinton. Gillibrand is the worst of th...

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Now let me underline commander in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a man. This building we once again made contact with our leader is happy. Thank everybody. Mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one that clean up better you heard about at all today, right now, the honest with yourselves. Who was pounding away at the Congress. Pounding weighed the Congress before anybody else. The last few weeks. On the sexual, harassment is as soon as they started talking about.
Passing a resolution in the Senate and anti sexual harassment resolution. I said: ok, now we're gonna. Do some focusing on Congress same with the house represent. And I went all over the media when I said that Mcconnell and Ryan should stepped out, because if sexual harassment is this pervasive and Congress than the people who run Congress should leave. And even today Miss MC candles barely heard from barely heard one. Ps without really more, I can't control himself. He asked them about Frank, any sir, goes back into its shell, You said yesterday that referring this matter frankly to the ethics Committee was their way of either killing it
or just sending it into a black hole. My mother, We discussed this at some length and there's also christian jeweller Brown, who turns out is a fraud she's, a fraud. Now she's been leading the efforts on sexual harassment in the military and so forth, and sombre turns out she's a fraud. Now she says, though, Clinton should have. I never Lewinsky in, and yet she was close to the cliff bill. Clinton came a campaign for her Bill Clinton, endorsed her in her first run in the democratic primary over others. He raise money. While the circumstance unity environment is changing environment, didn't change, Kosovo, my social site, but Quantum was impeach. There was a trial. He was having contempt. Obviously,
a goodly part of the nation understood what he had done was wrong and not just the underlying offences, but the obstruction of justice in the pantry. As Michel Branch Party and the media were tracking can start who was trying to get to the bottom of a member that you can't talk about it. I shall try to live mauler. What's that's right, stolen says the Idiot Scarborough meanwhile and STAR was brutalized attacked and on and on getting a little bit ahead of myself and also in a series of questions later today. Another steed monotony Treasury sequitur this guy's, a very wealthy man, Goldman Sachs Liberal for Manhattan. My too many of them and he's doing his best marks class warfare, claptrap.
If you live in a high tax day You aren't over a million dollar yeah sure taxes are guy, got our greatest tax cut a history of man, Bologna and with these guys, don't understand, is your intelligence, which the trying to turn down it can't be done. Do you understand class warfare? What a poison it is? You understand their successful people who invest and create jobs right And you also understand that the government is filled with waste and fraud and left wing progressive programmes in the monies better spent in the private sector. How we get most of our new inventions, that's how we get most or a new path. Its most of our new services for all the entrepreneurs are so we have a lot to cover if you're, a quasi professional radios
I like to say that I'm a professional radio listener and a quasi professional radio because already hosts requires. I professionals really want to know the truth. Psych sitting around the table and thanksgiving talking and talking only differences. You know, there's no food, your mouth so. But I want to get into some of these things now I want to get into the year we'll get into this now the Franklin Matter, the Congress and so
then we're gonna move into the air. The tax reforms shook as its neighbourly tax reform and then we're gonna get into some questions every well. I ask the questions now. Seek and ponder them does not make sense, MR producer, who may ask these questions now think about them and will go back to our three. Ok. If you still would mean a hope, your Friday, why not? I confess that I often wondered manner I haven't found of anybody. I confess that I often wonder what America will become in fifty or one hundred years. This is on the jacket, the back of rediscovering Americans. What will the future hold for our children and our grandchildren? Will they be free, happy, prosperous, independent,
And secure what will be left of our constitutional system with a bill of rights have the force of law? What about property rights? Will they matter how many will remember or care to learn about our founding principles as concisely, brilliantly set forth in the declaration of independence. How many remember or care today, and what the civil society or these social compact; well, it afraid beyond repair. We have been conquered from within, is Thomas Jefferson and Joseph Story and Abraham Lincoln feared might be our fate. Will we have avoided the do. Of Athens and Rome. If we are honest with ourselves, we must agree that the outcome is unclear. The reason A century, or so a progressive governed and schemes target
the uniqueness of America, including its founding principles and republican system,. Future generations will look back on what we ve done and don't know the answers they will draw their. Arguments about this generation and record them in their own history books. What lessons while they learn? What were they say about us. Will they say that we were a wise and conscientious people who understood appreciated the blessings of our existence in surroundings and prudential conscientiously, for them all. They say we worry self indulgent and in a ten people, easily shepherded in one direction or another who saw the future from our own children and generations yet born in
Hundred and irreplaceable heretic, it's a lot to think about. Isn't it it's a lot to think about, and now we swing back as they say,. How frightened that a single member, the United States Senate has asked that a frank and be expelled Not a single member. The United States Senate has introduced a resolution that our frank and be expelled takes two thirds. Why is that? Why why? Why are they not seeking to expel our frightened due process? Now? We know they don't believe in due process because they told us they not believing depressed where's, Corey Gardener, Corey gardener was Thirdly, the repeal begin from Colorado. He was out there almost on day, one carrying Mitch Mackinaws war. Talking about it, Starling Roy Morpheus, elected, ok, that's their standard! Ladies and gentlemen,
expelling Roy Morpheus elected got it while Allegations are different. Excuse me that doesn't matter we're talking about a process right, a process, If the process is no process, then why is there a process for our frank it and we have the goods on our Franklin African is essentially confessed, not solid Roy more. Of course, their situations are different and I'm not a special player for either, but I am I'm gonna look at them and them with you. Our body, then, should be real, who we have guesthouse here from time to time. He took a look at the statistics when it comes to the ethics committee. Any points out, of course, that the Democrats responding
definitely in the case of our Franklin than they are in the case of Roy more. He points out that some of my party leader touch humor is called for, and ethics probe
Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell called for an ethics. A pro democratic, whipped at Durban, Kirsten Job ran, claim a casket any closer. Many up, globetrotters she's me have called for an ethics investigations. Why? Because that's what you gotta kill matters. He took a look. He took a look at the USA Today Report and they looked over appeared in nine years between two thousand seven and twenty. Sixteen these Senate Ethics Committee imposed zero sanctions against any one zero. Despite six hundred and thirteen allegations in seventy five preliminary investigation zero. The committee's activity reports corner the USA today indicates that in nearly every case, allegations are dismissed because there
not enough? Faxed approve wrong doing thirteen. Fifty five cases last year alone, where there's no Senate rule governing the alleged activity. Thirty, six of fifty five cases in seven cases. Last year the ethics Committee carried out preliminary inquiries. Five of those were dismissed as inadvertent or minor technical violations. None of those cases was made public by the commission, so I sent it Ethics Committee investigation is where allegations go to die. That's why they're all calling for assented ethics investigation, including how frank in himself so far Cry Shapiro points. I know we ve pointed out many times from a public and cause Roy more to step away from him.
Pain or threats to refuse and May Senate see altogether. So this is the way the Democrats kick it down the road with the help of Mcconnell in the Republicans, people will forget, and then her run for reelection think that's fair how frank and should resign where he should be expelled. He's already admitted to the allegations, Elise in in substance and he's already the photo. I mean really gonna. Do you investigate the photo xray down about the phone? Now, there's, no doubt about the fact that we have
Kirsty Angela Brand- and this is what's wrong with the United States Senate- this is what's wrong. With his politician, she's been out there pounding away at the year that the military for sexual harassment violations she's been out there in our co, authored with the Czech rashly the year, the resolution against sexual harassment and so forth, turns out she's an enormous hypocrite and among those pointing it out, are the Hillary Clinton and documented support all the times that she campaigned with Clinton all the times that he help raise funds for Others have fell over power line, Paul Marin Gov, whose I've done a pretty good job of analyze and, more than once at least twice.
Is there anything in the news, more farcical? He says than levels and feminist, saying it's time for a reckoning with Bill Clinton Lincoln was credibly accused of severe sexual misconduct by, however, women one of them, we need a broader allege that Clinton raped her. Her claim was highly credible in as much as she complained. Contemporaneously to five people. Clinton ass, also admit it after brazenly lying about it to having sex with Monica Lewinsky, the White House internally,
barely out of her teens at the time, if Roy more against, whom no allegation of sex from misconduct has been conclusively established, rights, Marin Gough, is unfit occupy, wanted one hundred Senate seats than Shirley Bill Clinton was unfit to serve as our president. It Democrats and feminist rallied Clinton's defence, while shrugging off about applauding the fact that the current a machine spearheaded by Hilary demonized Clinton's female victims did any democratic, liberal media type say, I believe, the women. If so,
I don't recall it. Knowing Clinton's Post presidency, Democrats in feminist continue to ignore his predatory sexual history even now, and that babies mention some like Ruth Marcus columnist. Former lose writer accuse those who bring it up of what about ISM. Let's be clear, responding to the allegations against more by citing Clinton, isn't a defensive more. It's an indictment of Clinton defenders for intellectual dishonesty, unless Ruth Marcus will admit that intellectual dishonesty. She needs a substantive answer to the. What about question. Some of the left realise this, and some on the left are pretending. The now offended by contact conduct. They only accepted, but they descended to the last man and woman, and he goes on in another piece: does Marin gaff had power line senator Kirsten Jensen,
Ran who holds the sea formerly occupied by Hillary Clinton, said that Bill Clinton should have resigned. The presidency, after is inappropriate relationship a model Monticola whence he came to light. That's mighty enlightened what took you so long to reach article eight is the answer. Is it took the fall of Clinton's plus a crucial Senate race and which the republic is being accused of serious sex from his conduct? We know that children would never have called out Bill Clinton if he still wielded influence. We notice because she didn't when he did to the country. Just last year she wrote quote: I was truly honour, their President Bill Clinton campaign for me and my first run for Congress in two thousand six attempting to explain or alleged change your heart. She said quote. Things have changed a day and I think I know that
circumstances. They should be a very different reaction. Bs, I'm frightened the bs flag. I'm not done I'll, be right back listening to the best of the morning within the present, could and should have stepped down tat time. Given the allegations, I will yes, diving does a proper response. Things change today and I think under those dances, there should be a very different reaction, and I think and later this conversation. We should have a very different conversation about present Trump, very different conversation about allegations against him. She is exposing yourself as a complete Charlotte.
And a disgrace, and I've been noting this noticing this all day, long from liberals who apparent fox liberals who costs on scene in an msnbc. They dragged trumpeter this. In order to defend Frank it they drank trumpet. What's the difference? What's the difference, we what's the difference, I think we have a photo. Don't worry about frightened with it. Hands on a woman's breasts? A woman is come forward, given her name. Did a press conference. I love the way the left they they say. You know we have three. We have to analyse again how we reacted the bill Clinton and what do they want to talk about trust when I find it I'll be right back listening to the living happy, they get close of freedom.
You're one of the great champions. Freedom in this country is not an English speaking world Mark CALL March at eighty seven, seventy three eight one, three, eight one, one good man at my pants, no question about that. I want to go on with that I feel a brand and show you what a complete another fraud. She is. And, as I say, America has done a great job of work over their parliament and you should know before she was a senator. She was a congressmen from New York. She was a moderate Democrat. She was opposed to most gun control initiatives. She was a fairly fiscal conservative and the many The senator she lurched hard left He wants to run for president, in twenty point this is who she is she's a fraud.
Company to explain her alleged change of heart about Clinton Jill said Mister producer hit it you're viewed, the present could and should have stepped out that time. Given the allegations, I guess that I think that is the proper response, but things have changed today and I think under them. Consensus. There should be a very different reactions. Stop a moment what things have changed, having Oral sex in the oval office really of our moral strange. Ladies and gentlemen, your keys rape. They really changed much in twenty. I don't think so, but a disgrace more. I listened to her when an absolute free go ahead conversation? We should have a very different conversation about present tramp, very different conversation about, say the sooner you the opportunism where we should have
very different conversation about President Trump. What a hack when an absolute disgusting hack go ahead. Now, as a miracle points out really really are. Sensibilities of changed so much since the ninety nine is, and he says what have they changed substantially sensual Sixteen, when she gushed all over Bill Clinton for campaigning, whether twenty sixty one year ago. She's not guilty just hypocrisy. He says, but of intellectual, dishonest. She will throw a has been Ex president, who can no longer helper under the bus. In exchange for having. Go out at a president that she hates it president has set for the White House in turn and lies about an hour, commit serious sexual misconduct any
And while serving as president, we should have a deal conversation Miss jailer bran, but not with you, you're not to be taken seriously, because when that actual occur and was the president of your party, you know we keep your mouth shut, but in the later years you had a support. He help raise money for you and you had photographs with and you excited about them you and put them on your social site And I'm not the only one: marriage ass, not the only one to see this, the former. Let's say senior adviser to Hillary Clinton. Felipe reigns. Fully brain says I, when Hillary Clinton was sectarian state. This is what he treated can start when seventy million dollars on a consensual act or of oral sex. This is what he writes. Senate Verde keep powders. Why I'm? Here
Clinton, but not enough for you. Senator Jalib ran over twenty years. You thought the Clinton's endorsements money and seek hypocrite interesting strategy for twenty twenty primaries. Best of luck, this guy range The bad guy, but he's right about job ran, says Marin, Daphne's, correct, he's correct, so she's not to be taken soon: she's, a hack and fraud and a hypocrite and intellectually dishonest, and even many Democrats see this even many Democrats. And again, as pointed out, it was only a year ago that Bill Clinton campaigned with her was only a year ago that he help raise money for her. While she wants to be president. So she has
We Clinton during the campaign of it what change while she wants to be present, so she has absolutely no principles. She's, a community I am honoured to be travelling around whether President Clinton campaigning for Hillary Clinton, letting new Yorkers, know why this is last year. This is last year this year. Yes, of course, he should have resigned. Our sensibilities are morals, are our standing our belief systems. Have they progressed? Not yours, Mozilla Bran, not yours, fell some questions from his jailer bran junior senator from New York. Did you not believe we need a broader its allegation that bill?
I didn't raper. Did you not believe Kathleen? Well he's allegation that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her in the oval office? Much like that photo without Franklin. Did you not believe Paula Jones when she said he dropped his pants and set a few things to her and she was a state imply? Did you not believe that Ms Telegram. Let me ask you this Magellan Randy, you think Bill Clinton needed an oar needs antis sexual Ass, my training runner, let me- her this question. Let me as much Mcconnell this question if Bill Clinton, where the run for the Senate today. What they say: they wouldn't see them without Jason is like that they would expel him. Given all we know he was held in Contemporary, a federal judge. After all, he did
the Supreme Court licence for a period of time. After all, he was fine after all, and he didn't challenge the contempt ruling of the judge. Susan Weber, right in Arkansas and Iraq are concerned because You know in order to defend all he could provide his so called evidence. Evidence will be provided against him. He tried to fix the outcome of this Litigation by lying under oath at a deposition with a judge attended the jap deposition too personally overseer So it s Mozilla bran. If Bill Clinton were running for the Senate today, would you argue that the minute he set foot in the Senate, the senator, moved to expel hump and where's Mitch. Mcconnell these days, ladies and gentlemen, is the awfully quite tough,
of a lot about Roy, more Heather strategizing. What they're doing, I guess the closest thing off a Franco, our committee the media lab partisan economic area when I find them away, Muslims, I would do very well known when we are with the good bye movement legally, so they circled wagons to protect Franco. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what they're doing. Let me tell you what the time Frank in these Democrats I surmise, but I think I'm right. The term look we gotta, condemn you in public and in private winner will centre over the ethics. Even a slight Mcconnell. He he's not gonna he's not gonna. Pick escapes you don't worry about, he's, not gonna make it.
Do not believe the liberals and Democrats when they say it's time to re, evaluate Quantum. But it's time to re, evaluate because what they're saying is you saw a little bit of this from your brain? Is we want to destroy Donald Trump? Most of these people have no conscience from sorry. It's true. Most of these people, who are radical, progressive, have a total of tearing mindset, Tal about power, the accumulation of power, the retention of power in exercising their power. And exercising that power, the other day I was in Washington and as walking past the White House in the old executive office burners taking a look at those bill, and I,
worked in those buildings many many years ago in the Reagan administration as well as other bill. But anyone and I thought to myself these progressive left this radical politicians of the Democratic Party and in the media. They believe that those buildings belong to them. They are a part, a trap. In the White House. There are poor the fences and the light as they are poor they all executive office burning. All the offices. There are controlled by the Trump Pence President vice presidents. They cannot believe it. They are infuriated by They ve lost other contacts for the most part. But the really really upset they believe these buildings
buildings, the White House Proper and the own executive office building belong to them that this was some kind of a hostile takeover every time they walked by these Berman's. That's what they think that the possession of the left that the possession of the democratic point. Let me tell you, I cursed Angela Brands, probably the worst for the worse or christian Jellybean hypothesis is probably the worst of the word, because now she's using sexual harassment.
And the parson political manner it is an interesting. The Washington post was right about that the near times that are right about that political start. Reported that way in network news, cable, news, satellite news in this one statement play one more time. She makes it clear that she wants to use. The sexual harassment, which is apparently pervasive according to CNN on the capital. As a way to attack the presently- and I said lady- MR producer cut eleven go viewed. President Clinton should have stepped out that time, given the allegations, I guess that I think that is the proper response, but I think change today- and I think under those
circumstances. There should be a very different reaction and I think, and later this conversation we should have a very different conversation about President Trump, very different conversation about allegations against him, say: she's, a hack and he's a liar because, as was pointed out, she campaigned with Trump picture me. She campaign we Clinton a year ago. The change in circumstances what, unless a year's time, so you should dismiss her. And yet she is now using this issue of sexual harassment as a political tool, and she knows that the media will fall right behind and the media have fallen by constantly constantly Huckabee Sanders for being asked what
The present position on my watch, the president, does not match the president at present under pressure. What's president have to do nothing, I just because Mitch, I was trying to drag the president into training do the dirty work, trying to pull. Try more out or push Roy more or whatever the hell they're. Just because he's trying to drag the press president won't bedraggled and it should be They're saying what I've been saying what others have said, the people of Alabama are perfectly capable of making these decisions themselves but at the Washington D C, New York City me telling them what the thinking do without some of the pseudo conservatives like train them left and right without the Aral Sea, without the national public Senatorial Committee, without Macao and his surrogates inquiry gardener and and less than John Corner, telling them what to do and think they'll decide.
I'll, be right back This is marked within wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving come back to the past, but maybe there was an article written August, twenty nine twenty fourteen by slates late as a left wing coop website with Mamma. I will Kirsten Jill Abram said: she's been sexually harassed. Repeatedly with sexist comments about her body from her male colleagues. Senator. And with I'm calling a distressing inevitability. That discussion quickly became about how she individually should be doing more. To stop this harassment. Children they say owes it to us to name names. The argument: girls, less she court actions. Since that she's lying so slight. Basically I guess she doesn't have the name names. I am arguing and have been arguing for days. No, we want names.
Now, the only name that First Angela brain could come up with was Donald Trump. Has nothing to do with any of this, she's happy to name names. But she won't, namely fellow senators, the mail service in the United States Senate. As I speak,. Who's. She says she alleges repeatedly sexual Her eyes she won't mind the night. And yet she mentions Donald Trump. And what are we to make of this. You know what to make of this. She's not exactly the greatest spokesperson for this issue. I'm sorry because reveal herself as a fraud say she hasn't been sexually harassed.
Dragging Donald Trump, that's the talking point cannot call for Franklin's expulsion Cannot name names of United States senators, men. Who are harassing her to the point where she, talks about it in slight and in other places, is really unacceptable. It simply unacceptable because This is actually more than about the senators it's about us. It's our government. These are senators, there's only a hundred of three. Twenty million of us there's a hundred of them. They tell us they're going to pass to do this and pass laws to do that. What we want to know who they are, we barely know they are that's quite obvious. When you want to know and your own private workplace wedding.
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Makes mattresses forgot. He loves that matches. That's the one He loves that matters and so on. Some his jailer bran we know you know who she is and what she is given, what she did with the contents having him ace them year after year after year to advance or political career. And painting with Hilary and Bill Clinton. As recently as a year ago,. Now saying he should resign over the Lewinsky matter. She that's nice. I thought I said that in so many millions of I said that where was she. And then the only name she can bring up is Donald Trump. I'll, be right back
now, let me underline the boughs with a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of alarm description. We once again made contact with our leader. Happy. Thank everybody. Mark Levine here our number eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three, eight one, three one Finally, we want way less distasteful subject and it is freedom that is we'd like to introduce thoughtful things into the radio
From time to time, don't worry, I'm still hearing the Republicans one Capitol Hill sound, like class warfare warriors at the rich, a middle class. These are these labels. This is, this is a normal that is borrowed from or stolen from socialists, even worse, marxist. Like I said the other day, the proletariat the bourgeoisie have written about this and many of my books, proletariat ping, the working people, the bourgeoisie, be the management class, the property owner businessman.
Landlord etc. As I pointed out in rediscovering Americans, I cast as the evil cold blooded plundering taskmasters in marxist writings. Currently in the republican propaganda on the tax bill, while the employee and the labour or portrayed as noble, compassionate, powerless, abused. But human beings are not so easily assigned to such ranks and classes by such preconceived and stereotypical characteristics. In fact, most proletariat a k workers. Do not feel terrorized by the bourgeoisie. That is landlord Business man and so forth. Therefore, they do not spontaneously rise to the revolutionary cause.
Also, most bourgeoisie or not terrorizing, their employees are tenants the contrary. Industrial society is not inherently wicked. Has improved. The standard of living for most of the population in a complex system Bush and proletariat alike, with a comforts of it. Developed economy or available to virtually all who participate in it. I remember writing these words. I'll. Tell you what this is. Why I love writing my books, I intellectually get lost it. Aren't we lost with it lost in a just keep digging in digging and thinking it. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, the entire nomenclature and class identification. At your hearing from Republicans today, device as by marks, among others is terribly flawed for it.
Ample is there a monolithic, alienated class of workers or proletariat, even they so, a populous, whether of the Bernie Sanders sort of the other side. They try to beat the drugs that this notion of the proletariat versus the bourgeoisie. There was a great journalist and even more philosopher by the name of Ramen IRAN, a r o any live from, five, the nineteen eighty three I'm a huge fan is animal fan of his bought, the opium of the intellectuals, the opening of the intellectual soul. She wrote a nineteen fifty five, He wrote the myth of this proletariat. He said why, so often considered difficult to define the working class. No doubt Initial can trace precisely the limits of such a category at what stage
each a hierarchy. Does the skilled workers ceased to belong to the proletariat and become a member of the bourgeoisie, he's the manual worker in the public services, a proletaire even though he receives his wages from the state and not from a private employer,. Do the wage earners and commerce whose hands minute He laid the object manufactured by others. Belong to the same group says the wage earners and the industry. There can be no dog man, cancer? To such queries? They have no common criteria, putting the whether one considered the nature of the work, the method and the amount of the remuneration, the style of life one well aware, might include certain workers in the category of proletarian the garage mechanic. A way journey manual work is in a different position and has a gift:
Outlook on society from the workers employed on an assembly line in a motor car factory. Now Raymond IRAN illuminated this further? He wrote the contempt with which the intellectuals are inclined to regard everything connected commerce and industry has always seemed to me itself, contemptible and by the way it's not just in what shows its rabble rousing The same people who look down on engineers are industrialists professed erect, nice universal man and the worker ass. He lay there on the assembly line seems to me in but somewhat surprising The division of labour nor the raising of the standard of living contributes towards this universalism philosophers have the right to hope that the proletariat will not become integrated with existing order, but that he will preserve himself a revolution
reaction, but they cannot, in modern times, represent his fat, a of the industrial worker, not all proletarian, have the feeling being exploited are oppressed in countries where the economy continues to expand. With the standard of living has risen, why The real liberties of the proletariat thou worker, however partial, be sacrificed total liberation, which turns out to be indistinguishable from the omnipotence of the state see this is genes. This change. I've written similarly in liberty and tyranny about how you cannot really defining middle class. And as I wrote an eye paraphrased in there, I wore paraphrase: let's look at the farm.
The farmer who loans hundreds of acres he's meriting as five children? He owns hundreds and hundreds of acres. Many doesn't make a ford. His family works very, very hard. Fourteen sixteen hours a day they squeeze out a living family of five farmer Let's say they make a hundred and twenty thousand dollars net. Then let us take showing a a junior attorney in a major men had lover who works on securities issues works with hedge funds and multi national international corporations.
She's not married: she single, maybe she's twenty seven. She lives in a studio apartment. A man had very expensive. Let's say sheer in two hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year. What exactly do these two families there were? These two examples haven't come almost nothing. And yet there both considered middle or upper middle class income does not define the person. Materiel does not define the person. There are all kinds of circumstances that define the person, the quality of their life, the standard of living, circumstances that you and I have nothing to do if they choose to go into a particular fashion when a particular field they choose to get married and have children or they don't they
used to live and inexpensive area, or they thought they choose their own land, Or they don't get it In the same amount of money do in completely different things with completely different socio economic conditions and completely different needs and expense. And yet none of that are almost none of it is taken into consideration when you hear them talking about taxes right now, because they are so consumed with the progressive idea. Algae, the progressive mindset, the progressive model that they haven't. I deal with tax reform even means slashing taxes across the board for everybody. Every quarter, unquote: income group, these fake, mythical, income groups they create.
In order to satisfy the needs of the individual, not of the family. None of the private sector, one of the government's demands on your income. And what's so nefarious about this? Is the Democrats do it and obviously not the Republicans, do it they try and An army of supporters further further aggressiveness and raising taxes. So what the Republicans have done here is it's not very clever, but people
Picking up on it, there is going to now be a large percentage of people who pay not one penny in federal income taxes and, in fact, will be eligible for the earned income tax credit that as a subsidy, it will now reach fifty percent. Having already had forty seven percent to sixty percent of our fellow citizens who work corn quote, will either pay not a penny in federal income taxes or no more than five percent. Sixty percent and the Republicans are doing this right now and the Republicans are doing this, so they can build a while populism. Has it created a populist space to support their tax. Quadrant call cutting corners quote reform agenda against all the rest of us who are carrying the load, who are paying the vast majority. The taxes in this country.
And they go on and on talking like Marxists about the proletariat they don't call him the proletariat they come. Quadrant called the workers. Now how many truck drivers have called into the show In the last several days, saying, they're gonna get wet by this. These so called tax reform proposals in tax cut proposal Because you see, ladies and gentlemen, in the end, they have to take it from you. There simply on a billion years they take enough money for because now we're talking about trillions and trojans and trojans about what's so frustrating so infuriating is the deceit with which they republicans the leadership. The Republicans in the house, in the Senate and, quite frankly, the President's Gary Khan and others like that. What so frustrating about all this is that they know it.
Just like Bernie Sanders throws around the word the words middle class. Just The left the store around the words middle class, just like now, the Republicans for around the words middle class. I know it's hard. You have to reject this when you pay your taxes, you're paying your taxes as an individual when you sign your taxes and use your tax return, your signing under penalty of perjury not
the middle class, but for yourself, when you buy a home- and you have interests deductions from your mortgage or you have property tax deductions on your federal income tax or you're, paying your state income tax, and he can deduct that to you not doing that, because you are part of the proletariat or the working class or the middle class you're doing it as an individual with a family or small business. Man or woman as an entrepreneur trying to grow your business, there's a complete disconnect between what Washington is doing. A bug between. What you want Washington to do and what they're trying to do is build a support base of millions and millions of people who will pay no federal income. Taxes will have no problem of what the Republicans want to do.
Who seek to raise more and more money to fund more and more government? Why you might ask why? Why would they do this because they do not want to cut government? The Republicans do not want to cut government and they will embrace soon evacuate trumps. Family leave tomorrow. I'm doing this to take a shot at market. Tromp was over Lovely lady have matter once. Very, very lovely lady, but she's. The one pressing forward and equipment Publicans wanted down any democratic. So. The spending goes on and on the yearly deficits, get bigger and bigger. The overall debt gets bigger and bigger, and the Republicans like marxists. I know this is what I'm saying is is is considered truly are readily column communist. I didn't call them communist
said they are talk their using the nomenclature. I'll put it this way that people will be here will be able to tolerate mark their using the nomenclature of the progressive of the progressive. Now I just talk about the so called middle class. The proletariat let's talk about them was when I come back. Who are the bush? Who are these? his tenants. These managers these landowners, these business owners who were supposed to hate I'll, be right, Ben
Listening to the best of the market for justice different as the number one is. This word rich me who falls into that category? Let's say: you're an entrepreneur, he just started a business. It had a successful year and lets say engrossed three a million dollars, but when it's all said and done United, that's just say one point to one point: three million dollars: you would need a lot less, but let's play while, under the republican tax bill, your rich, But let's say you want to use that money to reinvest in your business to expanded and higher more people. It would matter
Pay more taxes, let's your bill gates and your worth sixty seventy billion dollars? Well, you're rich! Do your part of the proletariat bill gates, And then at european, or have absolutely nothing and come bill gates, one of the founders of Microsoft and this answer- men or just getting started, trying to expand as business trying to hire a few more people try to put a few bucks in his pocket or her pocket as they expand the business. They have nothing in common zero. Go back to the farmer, let's say you ve funding for some time and you're actually very successful. You make a decent amount of money. Let's say you? U grows terms of wheat and corn sales are. What have you.
Eight nine million hours, but you net maybe just again play along three million dollars. That's a good sum, you're part of the bourgeoisie really you're part of them Drowsy. Are you George Soros. There were some twenty billion now know. You still have to be careful with your money, because you stole a business to run. And the next year. You might nothing the very little there's no guarantee is there. So the bourgeoisie for the most part that is their rich, have very little in common with each other, just as the proletariat the workers have very little in common with each other, some do sometimes, and yet the government, for its own efficiencies and the government for its own desire to. Dehumanize us to attack the name
of individualism and individual freedom in essence to attack the right to priority property, and capitalism uses the nomenclature of the marks of the progressive sticks us in categories which, absolutely nonsensical and here's a final point. The categories chain. Today, a millionaire is a person who it's a million dollars tomorrow, millionaires somebody who nets five hundred thousand dollars. And in the end, everybody gets stuck:
I back his ward women with you and your family. I have been given back to the best of America's most powerful conservative voice. The mark love then show dial now, eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one: one cap terror. Sad time a year again when the days are shorter, don't waste your precious daylight, sifting through a sea of search results when looking for the right business software at home on time tonight, with cap terror that calm CAP, Tara, Dotcom, C, B, T r, R, a dot com, whether a startup looking to keep better track of customers a non profit hoping to have a record fund raising year or business. Simply needs better payroll software. You need software
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efficiencies and not just businesses associations, nonprofits churches as an example that CAP Tara dot com slash then our easy. I am absolutely free for you to use. That's always good right. Now, let's keep digging as they talk about their so called tax cuts and tax reform. Let's keep digging, have you ever heard of a professor, a philosopher, irish philosopher, actually by the name of Philip petted? Why had neither cholera, rediscovering Americanism and I dug deeply in the sum of his writings and their brilliant, particularly his book republicanism, a theory of freedom government. Ninety ninety seventies updated since- and I want a point this-
because the propaganda about proletariat and Bush was he the working class versus the management class. It's not only these Saul, Linsky Eyed the progressives in this country that use it, but unfortunately it some of the populace in this country who also use which is wise, we need ever really good debate on this subject, a really Understanding of what all this means. And I am certainly engaged and ready to go at it now. He explains that some. The founding era, writers supported a populist approach to the government Adrian majority wariness, meaning a democratic form of gum. Favouring that over Republicans and that's a check governing construct actually threatens the safeguards against arbitrary interference with individual liberty, It's a point I make all the time he wrote.
While it is true that the republican thinkers, meaning those who believe in a republican form of government in June, Regarding democratic participation, a representation as a safeguard of liberty, not as its defining core representation, not it's, ok, not its defining court representation as a safeguard of liberty, not as its defining cold the growing emphasis on democracy did leave some individuals away from traditional alignments and towards the full populous position of holding that liberty consists in nothing more than democratic self rule. Do you believe that if you believe that, then you reject the the philosophers who the framers the founders embraced, then you reject
African is in the constitution was we ve talked about was so here. I write about em extensively in rediscovering Americanism and petty points out with was probably responsible for having given currency to such a populist view. The populace twist was a new development and its full form. Only when the ideal of democratic self rule came to be held up as the main alternative or the main alternative among notions of liberty to the next. I of non interference. That is, to the ideal of republicanism, whether our absolute limits on government in order to protect the individual To think of the republican tradition is populist as of course many done he writes, would be to society
in the very dichotomy that is rendered the republican ideal, invisible. In other words, he say it's an impossibility. The tradition of populism, which has a limited tradition in the tradition of Republican, is in the end in the end, they cannot coexist. I point out: the new populism certainly was not the diamond view during the american founding the entire they'd surrounding the drafting, adoption, ratification of the constitution and the debates which the federalists and Anti Federalist made this abundantly clear, the progressive did and do use populous language and appeals to Nationalist Theodore, Roosevelt Woodrow, Wilson Crawley. While Dewey and on and on and on appeals to nationalism,.
To make a lowering the promotion of an ever larger and more centralized governmental presents an administrative structure, their approach, characterizes democratizing tyranny- since Condemn America's founding principles, including the declaration of independence and its emphasis on individual, Annabelle rights, as well as the constitution, especially the separation of powers, doctrine and federalism. Precisely because of the republican features and obstacles to concentrated governmental power. Now, why am I talking about this? Now? It's in the context of the tax debate. When you have Republicans who pose as constitutional, I suppose, as conservatives Who pose as believers of property rights and individual liberty and all the rest, when you have them trying to create a quorum quote class of sin
Who will not pay a penny in federal income taxes when you have Republicans who try to. Span their numbers into it. Army of individual citizens who will not pay a penny in federal income taxes while at this, time mass increasing the burden on other citizens, whether they pretend not to be or not is of no consequence.
They are. Somebody has to pay at least part of the bill. Will then you have the embrace of populism, and I think the populace out there should be celebrating celebrating this tax bill. They should be celebrating were constitutional. Conservatives who believe in republicanism should be opposing. It should be opposing get things done, necessarily work up away duly and there's a lot more of this. When we talk about and when they talk about on tv, these Republicans, showing up one after another Paul Ryan, how they Town Hall, meaning or with Fox, was actually very interesting. There are many other layers to this. I can't cover them or even in a three hour abroad,
I can't of them even any weeks worth a broadcasting I covered in the book, but I cover them elsewhere too. And that is the immortality of this model. It is an attack on the individual and it is an attack on private property rights. When you open. Who were very, very, very hard were very, very, very smart or whatever their doing. Many of you. Who provide a service or a product or supporting service or a product that is valid That is worthy of somebody exchange and currency for How many giving up some of their material wealth in Red You didn't say: making you rich, enriching you
as they want your service or product, and you get up in the morning. Those of you who work you know day shift our day hours, early in the morning, maybe you leave your family. Many of you, you get stuck in traffic. Go to the office. You gotta the assembly line. You drive a truck whenever you do you work. Now let me ask a question: why do you work. How many of us enjoy it? Ok, but does Other things we enjoy the dozen our work. So why are you work besides enjoyment, many of you jobs, and yet you still work you work because
One a provide yourself and your family if you have a family with wealth again, not that your wealthy, but with wealth with an income. She need to have a roof over your head, Jean Claude yourself, in your family. But even more than that so you're free you work to be free. You work to be mobile. You work But you can make individual this, hence as an individual american citys. You use your labour you're intellectual labour. Physical labour, your life on earth is finite Your ability to work your career, whatever it is, is limited. So you use your precious life on earth,
a significant amount of it to work in order to create a benefit for yourself in your family, so in the gutter, steps and the government says you know what you learned- that much money we're gonna take this percentage of its government doesn't know you there It doesn't know your family. The government doesn't know how hard you work. That government. No you're circumstantial evidence know anything about your family. It is a moral lesson apart from arrest. It is a model for politicians to tell Why do you have enough money? It is a moral for polish Patients to tell you whether your work, you are, labour, intellectual and physical, that you apply every day.
Is only allowed to be so much in terms of the value that you have created, because the governments gonna take and give it to somebody else. There's somebody else. If you start from the premise. Then you realise that all this talk about Distributing while all this talk about while work. I have a new category. Forty five point: six percent. On dollars over a million dollars- or you know you have a deduction for your property. You have a deduction for your your state, income taxes and we're subsidizing state cannot subsidizing stay That money belongs to the individual who purchased their home. That income belongs to the individual weapons. The live in that state about blue state.
Red stage, those of you will live in red states. You have property taxes to most of you have state income taxes to start about states, it's about individual worth, individual rights. It's about your labour! physical and other labour? Intellectual? That's! What it's about! It is a moral, I believe, the progressive income taxes are It's a specially immoral! When a continuing reducing Reduced number of american citizens are carrying the weight because
they said that they learn to march or they earn enough where they could afford it and so forth, and so on its moral. No, I'm not saying there should be a basic level of protection for people to the extent that that can be afforded, but when the central business of government is to redistribute wealth. When the central business of government is to create a nomenclature, economic classes and telling Us- who deserves. Why? Who can keep? Why, when the central business of government is to fund those government activities that are not even constitutionally authorize, it is, moral, I'll, be right back
This is the best. The mark would be happy to spend time going. Shows probably not enough time. While I write these books getting into this stuff, all kinds of stuff. Because there's another philosophers since pass name is Berlin and another brilliant man, and I've talked about him in the past. As I have many of these philosophers and he talked about the positive liberty and negative liberally, which is wholly misunderstood by too many. But he said in a pair phrase, and I've talked about this many times.
Ideas determine our fate in. If ideas are left to the intellectuals and the academics, they will determine our fate. When you hear somebody say you know these discussions about free markets, property rights in the constitution, individual liberty are boring or when you hear somebody say their theories, their abstractions. These are people who are poseurs, who pretend to understand things but dont. If we don't understand these ideas, we don't express than we don't promote them. We will lose the loser.
Liberty, we will lose our constitution and we will lose our country. The american revolution was about ideas, ideas that have been written about talked about through the ages, but never actually established in a country where the first? That's? Why America's different America's great that's why? When politicians say they don't do this in Europe, where we ought to do this in your? They do not comprehend the greatness of this country. I gotta tell you now I've been sleeping on my casper matters for a good. While I pick it over every mattress I ever had got In truth, it really does help me get the best night sleep period once you try. Casper you're, gonna love yours as much as I love mine, so during the Casper is a no brainer, its higher quality mattress, any more affordable price. Now, arms.
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Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Happy thing: everybody Mark Levant here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three! a one one. I want to get to the the questions that I propose to you they serve, but before I do there was a fascinating interview, glory or it
By Katy Ter another one of them, ass, NBC, who might be loner risk cushy, actually did a pretty good job such want to watch her back she's no make a parisian ski she's. A real journalist, apparently And I wanted and play the whole thing I'll just play a part of it and she's pressing her about these signature on that annual In the case of a more cut, tango he's the employment, No, I don't I haven't asked her if she saw him, but we did describe what happened that even in question What's she alleges? Why did she put it on the counter that I
then he asked his eye or the need to sign it. That's all I ask this because it seems like you're, not one hundred percent, sure that it is his signature and if you're, not one hundred percent, sure that it is. Signature. Why would you show up at a press conference well You know why does anybody out that it is a signature? Holborn, Moors campaign is saying and what more himself is saying? It's not a signature. Well, he has a motive to say that and and and let him prove it, it's not much harder proven negative. Everybody knows that. I have said this is the first view like this, nor the first while the equivocations what's troubling to me, we talked about the just give it. To signature experts, fine one whose renown and ass he got there
A more folks are saying it's not you. Ve got a glory or its client Glory already, who used the year buck the annual as evidence of some sort, so ok, fine now. There's some question being raised about the authenticity of the writing of the signature and It doesn't seem to be one hundred percent sure this key tariff msnbc. I know it's amazing. She happened to be right about that. Maybe this his signature, maybe it is, but why not put it through the process? Finally, in any process here we know it all comes down Frank and we, when a prejudice ethics committee, get it right. A guy you wanna talk to the woman, your daddy and I will get a whole thing on on over here, but when it comes to Roma, there can go through all our time enough time. For that.
How do you know what Ms Mccarthy said? That's Helena? Aren't I want to get off the stuff, I started the show. Something I will read it again and am very, very curious to know what you think so, Mr Klaus, greener go through the cause of ports followed, just see, people are Richardson discussing this have not, and if they are from the college next week. Ok, Here's what I wrote in the epilogue, obviously just a couple paragraphs of it in the epilogue- my book, rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive. And it's on the back of the book, the cover of the book I wonder whether one more time and I'm a very curious, have your input. I can, as that. I often wonder what America will become in fifty or one hundred years. What
the future hold for our children and grandchildren. I bet you have these thoughts to. Will they be free, happy, prosperous, independent and secure what will be left of our constitutional system, With a bill of rights of the force of law, what about property rights? Will they matter how many will remember or care to learn about our founding principles. Concisely brilliantly set forth in the declaration of independence How many remember or care today, one of the civil society for the social come back Fraid beyond repair. Will we have been cut? from within is Thomas Jefferson. Joseph storing, Abraham, Lincoln feared, might be our fate. Well, we have avoided the doom of Athens in Rome before honest Ourselves, we must agree that outcome is unclear the reason
Century or so of progressive governance and schemes, target and uniqueness of America, including its founding principles and republican system,. In this context, I wanna play on Audio Stevenson, serves as our treasury sector he's on Fox news today. Talking about the data cuts caught one MR bidders, who go while on simple back to the issue and high tech states, as I've said before, I've lived in New York in California, you know for rich people in those states, their taxes are going to go up. Having said that, there are going to get the benefit of the business tax. The action are going to get the benefit of past errors, which, for small and medium sized businesses you'll have the lowest rate. Since we had the ninth, thirties, oh I thought I was nineteen twenties. I could have sworn somebody said. The go ahead for lots of them were for people.
A hundred two hundred three hundred thousand in New York and the vast majority of those people or get tax cuts. If your work, rich person living in New York in California. Well too bad your taxes are going up. If you're rich person living in a blue state, your taxes are gonna, go up. You know damn well, a Barack Obama have been doing this. You be jumping up and down you'd, be jumping up and down. Having a higher rate in a higher effective right. But looking to slash federal corporate income. Taxes like they should, but.
If you're rich and you live in New York, a California blue state or a high tax day, you're paying more taxes. Ladies and gentlemen, a couple of things about this. We talked about this. What does it mean to be rich. Mr minutiae worked: Goldman Sachs he's worth fifty two hundred million dollars. That's rich. He wants his taxes to go up. That's his brown. It's like this buffet running around all the time saying I pay too little on taxes, and my answer is: will then pay more, which a problem? The problem is folks, The really truly rich they can't tax them enough to pay anything, so they change this definition of richer, wealthy. Such a view net a million dollars. One year they gonna hammer, you they're gonNa Henry. But here's the other point you need to understand: it's not just the rich,
Obama care? They use this class warfare crap too well. Obama. Has harmed. All of you. Doesn't matter what your income level is unless you're gettin freebies, this will do exactly the same thing. How is it about big boys? This more often go to about big boys for breakfast, and I was there. I talked to the waitress. Can I call people waitresses now I don't know I have to ask her Kirsten job ran. Very very nicely, I know these people were very friendly and we're talking about the taxes that are first in the house in the senate- and she said to me: what is what this taxing rich people I want to have a job. An awful lot of Americans understand this, so this class
warfare, the lowest common denominator, using the propaganda of the left, really is very frustrating to me very, very frustrating. And even the supply siders on tv and radio. They really sounds stupid, like that cuts for the car, Raising the individuals about the corporate tax. More have all kinds of job growth in over the while you're working on the individual income side, and let me tell you something folks: it's not just rich people, its many of you. We ve had collars call this programme. One lady com said my husband was in the military several decades he retired he has two other jobs. I have a full time job we make
a quarter of a million dollars a year, we're in a high tech state. But I call on MR tradition, I forget what state was it Illinois Somethin like that, and she was pointing out that the cap on her taxes in own property taxes and so forth, but she's gonna go above that they worked out. The numbers and she's gonna be paying more taxes. I dont get this blue state which states that when it comes to filing your individual income taxes that you put on Individual income tax form for the arrest. I live in a blue states, so screw me! No do you put on your form? I live in a red states. Why don't pay property taxes people who live in red state and they pay a hell of a lot and property taxes. They also pay a hell of a lot of state income taxes, maybe not as much as New York. California, that's not the standard. That's not the measure.
And do we want another whack at the housing market? I've talked about this before Ok, let's say a zillion air built a four hundred thousand square for at home. I am doing it for exaggeration that purposes. To make an example, just think of all the painters and plumbers and electricians roof carpenters and on and on and on letter hired to enormous. What do I care, what the guy lives into nothing to me: The real choices does the money stay in the private sector as it stay in your hands, the people who earned it your labour, intellectual and physical What is MR diminution decide workers? What are these apparently actual perverts and Congress decide where it goes. This is your money to have a secretary of the Treasury.
People in high tech states are going to pay more to talk like that. You would expect that from the sector, the Treasury. And Elizabeth Warrant Administration. We're Bernie Sanders Administration Obama, administration, Other Donald Trump administration. Now, when we control all the elected branches of government,. Here we go again had to go You will admit now, for the sake of this discussion, that some Americans, under this republican plan will be paying more in taxes correct and there will be people, who make more than a million dollars and high tech states again, I'm gonna, get and by the way, it's more than that there's a lot of you, don't make a million dollars, you're gonna get whack to endure. Find out if they pass you're gonna find out to be very, very upset, disappointed.
But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, there's gonna be more more freeloaders, who don't pay one penny in federal income taxes yea and do they live and blow states are red states? Most of them live in blows, It's all wait, a minute Whoa there and blows they do not obey it'll be a red states, others many people in the so called middle class that we carry with a fine. We don't even know what that, and we all know that is but everybody I gotta, I'm in the middle class, I'm in the middle class Well, there's many of you you're gonna get whack too, like Obamacare no Yonah millionaires. We're gonna get a million and a blow said. Yes, I'm gonna get him really go ahead will be paying more and, as the president has said, this is not a tax plan to cut taxes for rich people. This is attacks plan.
Businesses, some guy, my went on my and then a day when we deal, Taxpayers will where will we go ahead? The available? I hear that Edward. I think it's code. You know I'm used to hear it from the left for many years. I think you have to go ahead and he would admit that but this is a republican majority in the house and in the Senate and the White House, you're admitting that for some Americans they will pay more in taxes. But it is this. What the american people have waited a generation full stop right there, You should be the secretary treasure, absolutely brilliant, brilliant and what he just said there. It is, if he's talking, Bernie Sanders. Listen to this go ahead
again, just to be just to be clear. What we're doing is getting rid of the state and local tax deduction Is a loophole for states, let me ask you folks, mortgages. While many of you who Donna mortgages, you pay property tax. Many of you don't have kids in school, but Japan enormously high property tax. Those of you who do have kids will you pay enormously high property tat? Some of you play a high state income tax. It's not because you want it's because you have a home. You live there, maybe Well, you you ve, lived there for several generations in your family, maybe not! Maybe that's where your job as they estimate how I'm unemployed state our punishment punish me punish me. Listen to this guy this into this guy you're deductions. Now on your property taxes for stating
taxes, that's a loophole. I told you. This is where we would head. That's a loophole: that's not a low Paul. Is this a joke? If you're back in your the overseas you're trying to avoid this. That's a low Paul. If you get that thing, the taxes that you're paying to the state on your federal income, tax, warmth, that's not a loophole. One million millions of people are benefiting from that. We should be celebrating it. It's a subsidy, not a subsidy, it you're money. To begin with. This is what I mean I sell like March. They so like centres, they show, let's go ahead, the why New York, California and others have taxes as high as they are lucky you jerk. I live in Britain.
That's right. I said I live in Virginia. Oh, that's, not a high tax. They pay tax that crap out of US income taxes, car taxes, real estate, taxes, business licence taxes, this tax- that that's all blue sites. Screw you I'll be right back. Listening to the mass market happy. I spent a part of the time talking about repressed lifting this man on elephant trophies of his country, and I thought it was a huge mistake- spent some time talking about it. We had a number of hunters calling, I think, everyone, or at least most of them agreed with me.
I want to update you on this entire. Why your input this programme is very important in them his attorney Washington, another placed from Fox NEWS. President Trump places Ellen trophy ban reversal on hold it lets. President tromp as having a change of heart when it comes to his recent decision to lift the ban on importing elephant trophies from Africa and a tweet tonight. Tromp said he decided to put the big game trophy decision on how the comic comes less than forty eight hours after was first announced at the tramp administration. Will reverse he twenty fourteen ban, Meda. President Obama on permits for control fees from Zambian Zimbabwe. Here's what the present treaty. But began trophy decision on hold until such time as I review our conservation facts understood Four years will updates
the sector is in. Thank you. Ok, putting it on hall and that's a good thing, and I personally want to thank him. Because you know these things bubble up in these administrations, clearly bubbled up in the interior apartment in somebody pushed it in the present said not so fast. That's good news right. I think it's great news we appreciated? Mr President, I'll be right back. This is part of in wishing you and your family a happy Thanksgiving back to the best of your listening to Molly one, the gray one. You can call it now. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I want to say about cap terror. Stick with me on this very cool, very important, save time
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With later changing stuff, I'm afraid that you know MIKE my nephews and MRS they're. Not I live in the same country that I've lived, devil. Like to follow up? Make a prediction? the sexual harassment, training, the power or me. Let me let's focus on one thing, and that is this: I don't necessarily disagree with you. I don't think we have a lot of time left the turn this thing around Then I know what do share now. That's not a matter of being a doom say the country is, is evolving and two, and I talk about a post constitutional society and I really do think that there is even when you listen to the Republicans you heard mention right. You have me play what I said. What he said rather has no respect for private property rights, except Oh no. Why and I got a millionaire what they are.
We produce something that people want it, so you gonna Zack them. You gonna hit him at a higher rate. Take the money given to the guy And what's the government gonna do their money? the crap away, isn't exactly what you're gonna do and more more money drained out of the private sector, and yet we have people cheering for this. We Republicans voting for this with the head of the trade, the department under a republic talking like is the of the Treasury Department under Bernie Sanders, literally repeatedly, blessedly, using class warfare no way we move from Virginia retiring move from Virginia. The Texas is weak. State tax, but our property taxes here are higher than they were in Virginia and now it is. That's just the way it is. I knew that full I came here and now, but the way they talk about. So it's all. You
we live in red states. Don't worry, even though you can't the duck your property taxes, although you doctor state income taxes and some of them have on their your interest on your more depending on the value house, don't worry, because we're really stick into the blue states. What in the hell does that have to do with anything really my friend I appreciate your car he's gonna, get many years we can go ahead. Mr Bit, o produces very clever here. Let us go to Russia in our text. The great w b. I pay GO remark, how you doing a great great honour talk you have a to in a long time, and I just want to press it by saying I military my older brother dilatory powers in very my grandfather or to the civic, and I want to read you something out on you- deserve a proper salute. This
That's absolutely wonderful! Thank you very much to your family. Ask and thank you very much. That and I want to read you somethin. I read your book liberal journey when it came out about our guns and I went through the whole book. It was a wonderful. And Margaret take pride in the last the last page into o five and all this tax stuff on such a raft of them all the stuff is going to discuss. Now I want arranges. Jumping for years they have read is broken. Maybe not real pressure rang and said There were more like you, talk, Talking of the mouthpiece does recording a very important part of Reagan said I'm sorry Is there more generation away from extinction? We did not pass. To our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for protected and handed on to losing
one day will spend our sunset years, given our children and our killer children, what it was like the United States when they would free market the at the meeting That man was a great man, but you knew that man a friend's and that's it All American Lapierre it all this stuff. You know that's what we fight for it. We should fight for If we said beautifully said, I really appreciate your call. Thank you. Thank you. That's Russell from my Alan Texas, the Sydney Nebraska serious satellite hurry, you I'm all right call mark, and I got to say that last caller cannot follow near man communism release near them.
About where we're gonna be in your hundred years. You I've already talk about convention states before and the only thing I can see that offers any kind of hope. Power corrupts ultimately and when you have people in the same job, making all the decisions for thirty and forty years it was to hear the people. Guy doing despair. I don't know they. Don't Agatha used to get them out and get somebody else. Then that's gonna pay attention in all, but about the mid term elections for open. But President Obama terms- would have said something very you're out I'll. Tell you, since you brought it up I'll, tell you what motivated me to write the liberty amendments the book on convention states in article five in my eleven reform amendment ideas for restoring our republic
My originally research, this topic of convention of States, article five- I was vehemently against it, for all reasons you here all the time. A runaway convention in O Madison, the father. The concept they couldn't do any better than he did and so forth, and so on. Study. Did I realized how phony always arguments her. I mean it was Madison among others, and George Mason, who supported and voted on the article five. The two ways remaining a constitution two days before the end of the constitutional convention was the states that ratified. They adopt a convention in Philadelphia that included the language in article five. It is article five that- is married with the tents a member which came later, which has federalism, is quintessential federalism for the states Me too, have individual sent to have a meaning to decide what they
need to do in order to defend themselves and defend the citizens of their states that, as the citizens of the United States- and this is a brilliant constitutional, legitimate non violent way to accomplish that in that's exactly what they expect. And some people get enormously frustrated like we are is a yeah there's a there. There's a vow, be content to let the steam off in a way that the body politic can participate, It's impossible to have a runaway convention. First, what's not a convention, not a constitutional convention? It's a meeting. I only need thirty eight states, either through conventions of their own or through their legislatures, to adopt the changes. Just as you need em. Now, that's a lot of states. Thirty, eight! Fifty! So thirteen states can block anything. It is a process that requires the leaf Full attention and support of the body politic and no alternative to none. And you- and I know this because
only the leaving look back in history Tea party rose up and twenty two as a result of the the profligate spending and activities of the George W Bush administration, and and the Obama administration and they rose up, they threw out please seeing the democratic right of the house lay through. Harry Red and the Democrats leading these Senate twenty fourteen, the teapot movement. They call it something else, these other places, but that's what it is. Conservatives citizens constitution is rising up spontaneously. Try to save the republic trying to reverse course also alike. I will try member who came in second TED crews. There was no liberal. There was no rhino. There was no establishment type who is even call, still getting the nomination and so
we have at present in the United States, who does not come out of that, Neil you and if we can get things accomplish, given the the then the movement, the elections, the the let all this has taken place at the federal level. Things accomplish like this, where they did this funny. This funny tax, good idea, if you corporation yourself for an individual better, get an account and figure the stuff out so much for the year for the flat tax for the fair tax or anything of the kind. I happen to agree with you that in the end, others and that we need a convention of states under article five. But here's. The problem here is the problematic. If we have a blow at election. In the next cycle? We're gonna have a hell of a problem getting more states on or do you see what I mean. We're gonna, have a hell of a big problem. Getting more states on board Andrea,
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This is the best Markswoman happy. Thank colleagues. Do not let that George, The great w I go there. David markets further was to talk with the long term was the first time cholera I love your logic. I love your analysis and perspective. I respect I have to disagree on the tax bill. I am. Given the number of liner Republicans. I really feel like it's the best thing we're gonna be able to get, and hopefully we can pass something and don't do anything well, I ain't slash they corporate income taxes and leave the rates alone. Did you say, slash the corporate income taxes and then leave the other rights alone. Well, I made. I would go with that, but I am a man so today as well, I am not the actual use. They would do that yeah because there appears they hearing from people talk about.
Why? What I can't the duck, my property taxes and so forth, cause they ve created a question about that them they haven't was resolved, how much that would bear Externally, but in some cases they want abolished altogether gap well, but we ve got to do something with the desert answer. Your question is not the best they can do. In my view. What do you do you not think it's the best they can do today with the people there there now it out. I think if they slash the corporations in the rest of us alone, that will go through and I will go through quickly. I claim thanks for your call, my friend it's Friday, so we celebrate you in that country.
while a week sufficiently over the weekend begins right now. Listen to this. The government's closed. All goody we salute Forces police officers, fire fighters in emergency personnel, unites righty, gonna Griffin get I've Pepsi. Can I most began. I Zelda Et Al Qaeda. Get the Taliban. Hezbollah and Hamas got eyes if those tat Roger
have a grey weaken and I see on Monday. God bless you.
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