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We watch as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi do their act and decide not join a meeting with President Trump. The meeting was for them to come up with a temporary budget to prevent the government from shutting down. Democrats are saying either you heed o...

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Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I'm here in Florida bunker. I hope he got away eleven tv last night, I went deeply North Korea, not knowing of course, that there would be another icy- became the most sophist potato amalia fired off by north Korea will get into that later. I've been watching the debate, The tax cuts, like you, have in trying to
you're out. They are where to get the money from and how to grow the economy, and it gets more more difficult, Mormon complicated they get more and more in the weeds. Then we want Today, as some Schumann, hello see, did their drama Queen ACT and which they decided they weren't going to sit down at the president to decide how to come up with even a temporary spending play. To prevent the government from shutting down Koran quote as you, and I know it never shuts down, but in the future it's gonna get worse and worse, because problems are piling up that future politicians. Future congresses in future presidents are going to be incapable of resolving they're going to be capable of resolving because the laws of economics, as I've said a thousand times, will catch up with the laws of politics and the laws. We will win out just as demographic
Changes in this country over the last ten to fifteen years have made it impossible to address duly, immigration to secure the border and even higher, levels of legal immigration. It's made the poet it's almost impossible. Based on I answered and washed and easy as well more states turned purple and then turn blue. So When it comes to this mass of death, it bigger and bigger, and bigger, bigger and bigger and bigger, And all we hear from Republicans and many other, palm boys and girls is class warfare problem and this is what it's gonna compounded now I want to thank the daily wire Ben Shapiro, operation, which is an outstanding operation in spirit on a matter guess, who is Sir a terrific young
conservative for writing a piece about me and I'm not going to read it to you, How I conduct this programme, how I write my books when I try to take or what I try to project, and Server thoughtful commentary and writings and so forth to advance concerned principles now. Why do I advanced conservative principles of my some kind of a goofball area? Law goes out of touch? No, because the only and suppose I can save US Herbert ISM is about how we live our lives. It's not an ideology. It's an experience, principles based on human experience and rational thought. And there is less and less of that, which is why were moving for further away from it. When people come up with their own ideas, populism nationally
the progressive ISM and all the rest of the isms, but this fight over the budget. these fight over tax cuts, which in the end was Romania, was by the way, but these battles are gonna become worse more difficult and even violent at times. I want to take a little time with you and Truck Everett. That I prepared for the programme five minutes before, programme began. I said you know. I am not going to waste your time and my time. Diving into whether some as on some of these websites will get into that later. But we allow ourselves to be driven by the agenda of the left of the media and others, and we should we have big issues to address in this country. So I want to talk about this
In a very intelligent way been plundered, The seat I write about this in chapter after trapper after check George Mason University Economics, professor Doktor Water Williams, always one of my favorite rightly this I underlying pathology driving the nation, the economic and financial ruin as a moral problem we ve become an Oral people demanding that Congress forcibly use one American to serve the purposes of another death. such a runaway national debt or merely symptoms of that real problem. And his William States. Nearly seventy five percent of today's federal spending can be described this Congress, taking the earnings of one American to give to another three thousand. Hand out programme, such as farm subsidies, businessmen that's an welfare and what I am about to say that I may upsets doktor time a soul,
senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, stand for universally notes that there was a time when the purpose of taxes was to pay the inevitable costs of government The political left, however, taxes have long been seen as a way to rid the redistributing income and finance other social experiments based liberal ideology that both right on and I the consequences for the rising generation. This is what I call call young people I don't like generation this generates rising generation and future generations of the state is immoral, politically expedient, economically ruinous behaviour and policies are unemployed U S, as evidenced by statistic after statistic,. which are mainly ignored, discounted or excuse by? also the media, academia and, of course, governing statist, but there no mistaking the eventual societal turmoil of these facts and figures. Portend evidence all Americans
Specially younger people must heed their nations, fiscal operating debt was ten points, Trillion dollars on the day Barack Obama took office in January, two thousand nine. By the end, January. Twenty twelve, the fiscal operating dead had increased forty four point: five percent to fifty in point four trillion dollars as of April twelfth fifteen member this book, sir you're gonna, have thought their fiscal operating debt was eighteen point one five, two trillion it's actually over twenty try a seventy one percent increase in less than six and a half years. each man, woman and child on this country share of the national debt, has grown from thirty three thousand two hundred twenty dollars at the beginning of the Obama presidency to almost fifty Seven thousand dollars two years ago to be sure that debt have a began long before the Obama presidency, but it is
now a full blown addiction doin. Obama, administration, government spending and borrowing have both skyrocketed. That finance your bail outs and expanded social spending during the prior administration of George W Bush committed mightily to the federal government. Debt in fact pushes second only two Obama in the amount of debt and absolute dollars with which he burden younger people and future generations. With the addition of the massive Obamacare law and the other profligate spending programmes, including some eight hundred billion dollars for the American. Covering reinvestment act of two thousand nine, a so called stimulus programmes. There's no. Denying that the pay. Several years created historic records for yearly deficits and overall debt from which we have yet to cut ourselves.
I see you Jeanne sterling of the Urban Institute, explain over decades we have wound a stir. Jacket policy around ourselves, especially in retirement health and taxation budget areas, where now dead or retired members of Congress inscribed permanent policies and all decision making a regular review. had been chopped off and future generations saddled with the tab or forced to raise the resources to meet these past promises Twenty fourteen, the Congressional Budget Office released its annual long term budget outlook and that's three years ago, that document It's an extensive analysis of projected government spending debt and obligation to report that between two as a nine and twenty Twond just three years: the federal government Mass, the largest budget deficits relative to the size of the economy, that is, the gross domestic product since world
our two and what did he get us? These deficits, levels were almost twice the percentage of the deficit at the end of two thousand eight measure ten dollars the federal deficit in two thousand. It was nearly half a trillion dollars by twenty twelve the deficit. The yearly deficit was one point four trillion dollars In twenty fourteen alone, three years ago, the budget, the federal budget deficit, was larger than that
market, capitalization of apple computers, Exxon Mobile, Corporation and Microsoft, three of the world's largest corporations, just the annual death is now economists discuss the budget deficit in terms of its percentage of GDP for most of the forty plus years before nineteen. Ninety eight federal debt, how by the public, was on average thirty nine percent of the economy GDP, but when the unprecedented deficits that began at the end of the Bush administration exploded at the beginning of the Obama administration swell further during the course of the Obama administration, the total amount of federal debt how by the public and twenty fourteen roasted seventy four percent of the GDP. From thirty nine percent, assuming that current laws remain in place, federal debt will reach
one hundred and three percent of the economy of the GDP by twenty thirty nine about twenty years from now. C b. As long term projections do not incorporate, they do not incorporate the negative economic impact that are projected to accompany the government debt burden. When the economic impact is calculated, it is estimated that the debt burden will reach one hundred any. ten percent of gross domestic product by twenty thirty nine, that is, their debt burden, not just the debt burden, We'll be so massive, it will be hugely larger than all of the economy. Moreover, debt would be on an upward path relative to the size of the economy, a trend that could not be sustained indefinitely, and this is when you have an eventual collapse of the civil society, as you see and run as well
as we saw in the Weimar Republic, pre Third Reich increase public debt also means increased debt servicing costs, particularly when the Federal Reserve eventually discontinue its artificially, interest rate policy, which has been going on for a decade until for twelve years, when the feds. start to raise interest rates, rising interest. Expenses to the Treasury is going. Exacerbate they climb in the deficit. According to economists, Michael Eglon of Action Economics, the increase in interest payments by the federal I remain will consume a still larger portion of the federal budget, thus increasing the gap.
Tween, remaining revenues and government benefits and programmes. Interest payments are expected to more than double relative to the size of the economy, the yearly deficit, the overall debt, the massive interest payments, he climbing, climbing, climbing climbing and you have people talking about free college and you have people talking about single payer health care, and you have people talking about a new trillion dollar infrastructure programme, and you have people talking about family, programmes, trillions, untrue trillions that speed up the eventual destruction of our economy and hence the civil society. No discussion whatsoever about what I'm talking about. None in terms of addressing in ever increasing federal spending exacerbates the national debt
for most of the past forty years, federal spending has average around twenty twenty point: five percent of gross domestic product, but no I first year in office federal spending spite to twenty four point. Four. Percent of GDP, the highest level since world war, to empower twenty and twenty eleven expenditures where twenty three point, four percent of GDP even would see, west creation, cuts and follow on budget deals. Spending was twenty percent of GDP and twenty twelve, nearly twenty one percent of GDP and twenty thirteen, and let me remind you folks, that the Republicans Control the house, a representative for nearly entire period, and let me remind you folks, at the republic control of the Senate, for that two years of the Obama administration. Now.
some of you gonna be upset about what I am about to say. But those of you who are on Social Security Medicare when they collect Most of you will be unaffected because you won't be here any more. There will be generations left who have to deal with this. There is not a plug nickel in either of the Social Security trust it's all been removed, and it has all been spent. The only thing that, in Social Security trust funds right now are, I owe use from the Treasury depart. To the Social Security Administration, the same with Medicare. Social security and the federal government's healthcare programmes, Medicare medicate children's health insurance programme and Sobs These related to Obamacare will double will double in raw but, of course, over the next several decades for the
as forty years they have together consumed on average seven percent of GDP, but they are expected to increase the fourteen percent of GDP. It by twenty thirty nine social. Security, medical medicate account for sixty percent of the governments non. Expenditures in recent years step. A growing as a share of annual federal expenditures nominate dig into this. If it's too tough to take I understand your go off and do something else. That's fine, but I need to deal with this. My conscience tells me I have to deal with it. While all the Mickey mouse that's going on in Washington, all the Mickey mouse that's going on in the media. I have to address this. What we back then
Continued very much families numbers everyone. You can look him up. go lybrand give my book and let them up there all out there. Is I'm trying to? I want. Inspired by instinct some interest in this, so not stand one day when all this tobacco in the face and all of a sudden, the irrelevant c of the lightweight hosts. all over the media, the stupidity of the member Congress, the and the uselessness the grand vivacity of this bureaucracy, this federal leviathan, I mean it people calling me on this programme telling me
The reason we have all these wonderful goods in the grocery stores is because of regulations and government and people lots and lots more of it. I know of a lone wolf. I know I'm the only voice they. I can't help it and I'm not done we'll, be back right after the bottom of the hour. I hope you ll stick with me. Dunbar, glow, then Michel. Why a national at eight? seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one as is signed this Luis good, the areas and get ready to him as this I did. He will not run one day
after. He had made the announcement by had prepared his papers to file for reelection. He reverses course in ours. Yes, I'm quite suspicious about that. Given what swirling around now, I'm not making any specific accusations, but I suspect there's more HU. This than meets the eye. in any case, good riddance get lost. Now the Democrats, That's just to give an example: they have thrown the gauntlet down at the table Republicans and the president that I They meet the demands of their constituents. And sooner spending profligate action or they're going to shut down a government and blame when a trump. They want more hurricane relief, especially for Porter Rico. They want this
Dark matter resolved in their favour, and they want an increase in the ceiling, There are not even sitting down and talking, they control nothing, and yet they control everything. Because we have about half a dozen republicans Who might as well be Democrats Mccain Collins, Mc Caskey, Corker so forth, so on I don't put the country first caught up in their own politics That's what I'm trying to point out to you. So let Us continue. Nineteen. Seventy social programmes accounted for thirty, two percent of total federal expenditures, social peace, grants good a forty four percent of federal expenditures and nineteen, eighty and ninety ninety fifty four percent in two thousand
They were promoted a safety net programmes for the protection of the poor, elderly and vulnerable, but in each case the programmes have snowball and become an Sustainable CBS, specks their spending percentages to continue increasing indefinitely, although this topic- will be addressed, and I dress and more fully later in the book. Suffice it to say Is that the social Security benefit cost explosion has been predicted for decades? There currently face the eight million people receiving social security benefits by twenty twenty four. Six short years that fifty eight will grow to seventy seven million bite What are you? Thirty, nine, a little For twenty years there will be one three million eligible beneficiaries average. Benefits are on the rise in the number of people qualified to receive benefits over the next.
Ten years, there will be a thirty eight percent increase in the number of people over sixty five years of age, and They receive social security benefits by choice. Thirty, nine. There will be an eighty, Two percent increase in the number of those who are over sixty five years of age. Increases will be caused. Insignificant part by the influx never tire ease and beneficiaries in the outstretched benefits promised by these programmes, particularly with a huge Spain should have federal healthcare spending over there, ten years alone, the percentage of peace. reaching retirement age will grow from the current fourteen percent. To twenty. One percent Apparently, the number of income producing individuals will drop from sixty percent to fifty four a population that trend. continue as life expectancy increases. That means
if your taxpayers available to pay the freight a crime, king burden imposed on young people and future generations. This is that future. and if there was already a brilliant book written with the title future shock. That's what I would call this its future shop. although this will be this merits- mention here federal spending on health care increase from nine and a half per cent of GDP, a nineteen eighty five, the sixteen point percent of GDP and twenty twelve, God knows what it is today, but see the our projects. Based on current trends, the federal government's healthcare expenditures, we'll mushroom that twice two percent of the GDP by twenty thirty nine. Now I want you to think about this that's gonna, consume the economy, federal
managers on entitlements like health care. What consume the economy student loans you're going to consume the academy they're coming at it from all directions? No man, being me in writing a book like there's going through all this research. Are we in the late at night for a period of a year to sixteen months, and I'm looking at this that's what I'm saying I've gotta right this I gotta gotta right at first, I have to write it well. I have to make impelling. I have to tell my fellow citizens there is called as for alarm. Nobody gives a crap. In order to pay for these ballooning expenditure Perrault access will grow significantly over the same period of time, yet other enormous way dropped on their heads, next generation and future generations. Only a federal spending out of control.
It is also an efficient and poorly monitored. Why am I going over this because nobody else is a report should by the controller general the United States disclosed duplicative are overlapping federal spending programmes exist in one hundred and thirty two areas from teacher training to job training, improper payments by eighteen, different federal departments in twenty twelve five years ago, cost the fellow I remember a whopping one hundred and seven billion dollars in one year so bad, That is the federal government management of its massive resources that your general ability office found that's the GEO fairly act. see a most of its financial reporting. Suspect, In its latest thought of the federal government, the GEO concluded, there are significant immature weaknesses in the accounting perform at all levels of the federal government, among other things,.
They suggest five years ago it declared that the incompetence one hampers the federal government's ability to reliably report a significant portion of its assets live but he's costs and other related information to affects the federal from its ability to reliably measure the full cost, as well as the financial, non financial performance of certain programmes and activities. Three in Paris, the federal government's ability to adequately safeguard significant assets and properly record, transactions and for hinders the federal government having reliable financial information to operate in an efficient and effective manner. In addition, to the three major impediments. Did you, identified other material weaknesses. These are there.
governance. It inability to one determine the full extent to which improper payments occur and reasonably sure that appropriate actions are taken to reduce them, to identify dissolve information, security, controls deficiencies and manage information security risks on an ongoing basis and three effectively man its tax collection activities in fact get ready. even the GEO and see Bio underestimate the true nature of the economic and financial calamity facing this notion February twenty five twenty fifty two and a half years ago, Austin university, professor of economics, Doktor Large, caught look of testify, before the Senate Budget Committee, about quote America's fiscal insolvency generational and generational consequences. He flatly stated that quote: our country is broke,
not broken. Seventy five years or fifty years had twenty five or ten years it broke today, Cottingham and It may well be an worse fiscal shared than any developed countries, including Greece. He can damned Congress for cooking a box. He said This is economically arbitrary decisions as to what to put on. I want to keep off the books, have not been innocent success. Congress is whether dominated by Republicans Democrat, have spent a postal, accumulating massive net fiscal obligations, virtually all of which have been kept off the books. Professor Cutler Catholics plain that the real debt picture is far worse than the federal government admits. I quote the: U S: fiscal gap, We stands at two hundred and ten trillion dollars. Remember now. I said this in twenty fifteen. This
the? U S, fiscal gap! Two hundred and twenty two is massive. He said it sixteen times larger than official Eurostat numbers, which indicates per firstly, how useless official daddy's for understanding our nations. True fiscal position. He said in twenty thirteen, the fiscal gap stood at two hundred five trillion and twenty fourteen. It was two hundred and ten triumph, so they can it's true. He said twenty fourteen deficit, the increase in its fiscal gap, five trillion dollars, it goes up five seven trillion dollars a year not the four hundred and eighty three billion dollar increase it official debt reported by the sea video in one year deficit spending their professor concluded which should be obvious to all of us. He said you asked This war, generational policy, is accurately characterizes, take as you go over the decades republican Endemic,
congresses administrations have taken ever larger amounts are resources from young workers and trains for them and transfer them the old retirees and by the way, Those of you who may be corner quote all retired same thing happened here. Saying thing was done deal there. Resources taken from the young and given to the all recall the main taxes and the younger effectively Well, don't worry we're our calling these resources taxes. But when you're, all your received massive transfer payments, that more than make up for what you are paying now, thus there is a colossal transfer wealth not created. This is Mina by younger people and future generations to the guy running generation and generation since passed, which were doom a merry the children and grandchildren if left unabated, if left unabated,.
The nations, increasing debt burden or wreak havoc on the economy, in very specific ways. Higher interest. Slow economic growth, weaker job markets, hired access and higher inflation rates. The seabed it notes that the enormous amount of governments securities required to finance debt, crowded, investments by individuals and businesses in the private market place, including a man you factory, research, infrastructure and small or large business opportunities, and because wages are determined mainly by workers, productivity, the reduction and invest It would reduce wages as well lessening people's incentive to work and in order to compete for investment both government and private borrows will face higher interest rates. And while those rising rates will encourage individuals to save the offsetting both an interest costs will increase the cost of borrowing further driving up the cost of death like the purchase of homes purchase of automobiles capital.
It is for our indeed, and on and on and on now you want me to go on. I can go on a great length when confronted with this debt debacle, and it is a debacle, the status which Republicans Democrats, their usual deceitful bromide is a demagogic appeal to income redistribution. You hear it by republican study people in the administration leaders of the Republican Party in the House and Senate. That is. To demand higher taxes on the rich or more progressive income tax. Everyone pays their fair share corner club. The fact is that, at the federal level confiscated every single penny produced by the private economy for the next decade, assuming a yearly average gdp of twenty trillion dollars, and today it's about eighteen, Troy, seventeen point, six give or take
In the eleventh year of taking every penny out of the economy, the aggregate national that was still amount to trillions of dollars. It is a lie to say, raising taxes on the rich or more progress the income tax will resolve anything He saw nothing but also speed up the end there, your government's own statistics, as analyzed by the non partisan tax policy centre be alive. The class warfare, red discrimination that age agitprop in the twenty four attacks year, three years ago, the top twenty Ten of earners paid eighty four percent of individual federal income taxes and under trap max I know and Ryan. Be closer to ninety percent that topic: one percent and twenty fourteen of income earners paid nearly half of all the federal income taxes paid in the nation, the bottom for
percent of earners paid, no federal income taxes and that's gonna grow under tromp, Mcconnell Ryan, even more. They receive government subsidies, including the earned income tax credit amounting to tens of billions of dollars. Ultimately. This is not merely about dreary, yet didactic statistics, but his doctor Williams insisted it's about morality. the devastating consequences of wealth redistribution, energy. Operational, thievery, mass of federal spending. endless borrowing and unimaginable that accumulation on american society and most particularly rising generation of future generations are a travesty, stealing The future does not establish the utopia promised by the statists. Washington in his farewell address,
his fellow citizens to quote avoid the accumulation of debt, not only by shouting occasions of expense, but by vigorous exertions to discharge their debts, throwing upon posterity a k, a your children, the burden which We ourselves out of bare I'll, be right back. have you ever as MRS Field Cookies, Nazis cookies, but brownies nibblers, and so we had them with ice. You a huge get their unbelievable, thereby whenever there all handmade. If you're like me, your favor, party going to them all as a kid was stopping by MRS field. You remember that it probably your favorite part
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about the mass of spending. The massive debt, the mass of entitlements, the massive interest on the debt- and I think, tax cuts but work our way out of this, I am all for slashing corporate tax rates on all fours slashing individual tax rates to grow, The economy, so some of that money can be used to contribute towards debt reduction. But none of the money is used towards debt reduction, All the money is spent and then some. And then some. And then some and some are I'll, be right back
now only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. I know this stuff is negative, but it is what it is. So the question is this, ladies and gentlemen: Is this using sober thought him view in this audience? You sober thinking, you're, not bamboozle,
nobody can dumb anything down to you. Why did we do this to yourself? Why do we do this to ourselves, and I try to figure this out again? I'm not walking plunder and deceit a chair, so I write these books and I've done so much research and so much thinking behind them. You know they reflect my ideas. Here's the question: can we simultaneously love our children but be. rather generation and generations yet born is that now what we're doing I know subsiding? Isn't it
Among the least acknowledge facts of american modernity is the extent to which parents acting in their familiar capacity, naturally and obviously guard their young children from thread in parallel to the point. Risking their own physical and economic security in extreme cases, however, as part of the Let her go and governing community. That is the ruling generation. Is I call it. these same parents wittingly and unwittingly, joined with other parents and tolerating, if, God enthusiastically championing decide, contagious and even grievous public policies that jeopardized their children's future, but the welfare of successive generations to be clear. all parental decisions are impact. Fuller, consequential lives. Obviously, not all decisions are equal. In fact, the most attentive and nurturing parents are not and cannot be cut,
of every decision they make inasmuch as the totality of such decisions is likely incalculable. Even on a weekly, a monthly basis. The healthiest families, the most considered parental decisions based on seemingly prudential judgments can and do produce unintended consequences and if The same can be said of decisions about public policy in governing at a relatively well functioning community. However, there are the norms of behaviour, a moral order born of x, very true knowledge, instinct in faith, teaching and reason, and love and passion that provide definition, or an boundaries between right and wrong, good and evil fairness and injustice that are applicable, the family, since societies alike. So a harmony, a virtuous interests informed by tried and true traditions, customs vice and institutions. Coordinated within families in the larger community, preserves and
Moves the human condition, one visual at a time one generation to the next. Broadly speaking, this is the civil society You ve heard people talk about Edmund Burke, you ve heard me talk about Edmund Burke will there's a reason. People talk about at Mcmurphy because he was so profound among others. It was a political. Thank you who is born in Ireland. Moved angling became a statesmen in the eighteenth century, except
mean that these civil society relies on an inter generational continuum of the past, the living and the unborn mark. What the hell does this have to do. That has to do with everything. I don't want a full discussion today with an ambassador for animals, and we were talking about America and other things. American exception was an american greatness. Where does it come from? He wrote Did that as the end of such a partnership cannot be obtained in many generations, he becomes a partnership not only between those who are living, but between those who are dead and those who are to be born. In other words, we have an obligation to past generations as well as we d future generations in fact berwin further.
warning that those who forsake the intergenerational continuum condemned themselves their children and future generations to a grim existence? He wrote one of the first, leading principles on which the commonwealth and the laws are consecrated is less that temporary, but listen. Listen, please less! That temporary sensors and life renters in it unmindful of what they I have received from their ancestors or of what is due to their posterity, should act if Where are the entire masters? Which of course is the pace of a progressive, isn't that they should not think it among their rights to cut off the entail? Are. Waste on the inheritance by destroying at their pleasure the whole. Reginald Fabric of society hazarding to leave to those who come after them a ruin instead of a habitation and teaching these successes as little to respect their contrivances as they had them.
I respect the institutions of their forefathers is this: the mindset of the modern, statist a K. A progressive history confirms Burke's observation. To enhance the moral order, as parents nurturing their children, yet too, And in the moral order as members of the ruling generation, thereby contributing to predictably deleterious public policies with prospectively calamitous outcomes, is a decadence that leads to unstable and potentially oppressive or even to, identical conditions which in the end, be grade and disassembled civil society and consume their children's generation and generations. Beyond who the hell wrote that I get. reformation and recovery may be possible, but difficult and complicated, and typically only after the eggs
action of an enormous human tall, why did Burke right what he wrote? Burke's commentary was motivated by his reflections on the decade, long french Revolution and his revulsion at the anarchy and horror in unleashed suing more than two centuries, and up to this very moment, the world has witnessed even worse much worse. This is not to say that all instead of civil and societal dislocation. Take the form of. revolution or civil war. Obviously, there are varying pathologies peculiarly the particular doctrines culture is governing systems and so on. There are also different
Hence in circumstances some building over time and others descending more abruptly that contribute to the character of the discontinuity. But violence is the ultimate exposure. Is it not before Burke trawls Montague? They french philosopher, whose life predated the American Revolution, but who was hugely influential in the constitution's framers? He also wrote: choose me of the disastrous aftermath of civil societies abandonment. This has everything to do with a debt. This has everything to do with taxes. This has every into a public policy in Congress in the presidency what's going on in this country, that's why I'm taking the time to go through this, whether at great risk, by the way, because a lot of people are turning out, they wanna hear issue
three issue fast, hot sex go go, go run now we're going to slow down the modest you explained, and this is famous when that virtue ceases ambition enters those hearts that can admit an avarice enters the more desires change. Their objects that which one used to love one loves. No longer one was free under the laws. One wants to be free against them, each city. It is like a slave who has escaped from his masters house. What was a maxim is now called severity:
as a rule, is now called constraint. What was vigilance is now called fear their frugality, not the desire to possess his avarice. Formerly the goods of individuals made up the public treasury. The public treasury has now become. The patrimony of individual republic is a cast off husk and its strength is no more than the power of a few citizens and the license along in modern America. The unravelling of the civil society have been suddenly persistent, but it is now intensify evidence of rising utopian stages of the law of political demagogues and self appointed masterminds peddling, abstractions and fantasies and pursuit of non existent parent cycle.
City and the concomitant back, the accretion of governmental power in an increasingly authoritarian and centralized federal of ice and about the ruling generations governing policies are already forecasts to diminish the quality of life of future generations. But that doesn't stop us does it, among other things, witness mass of welfare, an entitlement state which has concurrently expanding and imploding and the brazen abandonment of constitutional firewalls and governing limitations. If not appropriately expeditiously ameliorated. The effects will be dire and the ruling generation knows and their statistics that demonstrated the resident in August, twenty fourteen, a Wall Street Journal NBC Paul and others that I won't bother with that
the ruling generation. We know what we're doing, but we do it anyway. It is past time and therefore imperative and therefore imperative. That we, the ruling generation, acquaint ourselves with James Madison Uncomplicated, a cautionary insight written to bolster the proposed constitutions. Ratification at the stake inventions. Federalist fifty one Madison explain the essential balance between the civil society and governmental restraint. Here's what he wrote What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections of human nature. If men were angels, no government would be necessary if angel, swear to govern men. Neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary in framing a government which is to be administered by men or women,
A great difficulty lies in this. You must first enable the government to control the government in the next place, obliged to control itself. So why do so? Many loving parents as part of the ruling generation? We abandon the civil society for the growing tyranny of a voracious central government, that steel their children's future, thus condemning their children, an unborn generations, toy dangerously precarious and unstable environment. Despite a law I've majority acknowledging that national decline for which they blame politicians. I think, there's a number of possibilities. Are you interested in hearing the mist It is: are you interested in hearing memory? Should I move along MR producers? Interested in it's good enough for me. When I come back, there will be more
right back the question is: why do so many loving parents abandoned? civil society for the growing tyranny of a voracious central government that is going to destroy the children's future and condemn their children and unborn generations to bleakness. Acknowledging the national decline for which they blame politicians there's a number palace possibilities, for example language itself. Can contribute to the problem the words generation ruling generation. Future generations can be imprecise.
they can be thought of as merely theoretical conceptual unreal. So the. Growth of numerous offshoots intended to provide context and clarification, baby boomers generation acts, millennials generation, Z, etc. It's not my purpose, beginning to every one of these. But there are differences relating to various age groups, some big others inconsequential, just as there is similarities and shared interests, sausage, of individuals generally more to the point parents are constantly thinking about and talking about their own children and interacting with them in their everyday lives. Obviously, children are flesh and blood, and their existence and condition are reality, given that the future, is not the here and now and future generations The images are ideas of an amorphous group or groups of strangers born in born parents can delude themselves.
Their own children's, immediate welfare, which they work to protect and improve, can be detached from the well being of future generations Psychologists, but this psychology also makes it easier for parents is part of Ruling generation to downplay or ignore the longer term and brought a ruinous effects of contemporary public policies and reject any personal roller responsibility in contributing to the it is a crime prediction that usually originate with governing elites and statists who listlessly, reinforce and encouraging. They sell fry Leslie advocate public policies that obligate future generations, labour and resources, our real and proceed benefit in power non governmental abuse. The assumption engineering and economic depredation, they disguise the
Delinquency as compassionate and premise that good intentions often insisting that their objectives will improve the prospects of those who most severely are burdened by them. The children Also, the masterminds tactics are disarming. If not that this objective will utopia, as MS advanced through gradualism as it is in our country, and deceive and unsuspecting population, which is largely content and passive the soldiers reforming and improving the existing societies, imperfections of weaknesses without imperiling, its basic nature and, under these conditions, It is mostly ignored, dismissed or tolerated by to the citizenry and celebrated by some transparent transformation is deemed innocuous well intentioned, perhaps constructed, but not a dangerous trespass on fundamental liberties are not all parents,
IRA downplaying or disregarding the soaring Carson heavy burdens of scores of public policies on their children and future generations. Many of us are acutely aware Gathering storm of societal economic disorder, we wish to do something about difficulty lies and not knowing how to effectively influence they on the presence and complexity of mass of governing enterprises that are less. public in a more autocratic, the man Your minds in their flatterers are progressively immune to regular democratic processes and pressures such as elections and said lobbying unless, of course, the electoral results and policy demands comply? with their own governing objectives. Otherwise they have an escalating preference for or by administrative regulation, executive decree and traditional fear as the end justifies the means. Many have themselves become and try
economically unsustainable governmental schemes at which there and a fisheries Ivan relying on public programmes such as unfunded. In arguments and pensions to which they have contributed significantly into suppose. It trust funds and around which they organise their retirement years. They all. Fine self deluding solace in the politically expedient and deceitful representations by the elites, which dismiss evidence of their own diversion and depletion of trust funds. and its overall maladministration is the invention of doom, says and scare mongering. I go on and I go on to try to figure this out, but what I'm trying to get across to you now in the first half of this programme in an hour and a half These issues are not going to go away their complex their becoming increasingly difficult and complicated,
Should this cannot anymore be resolved in a political environment? We have them. The lower and both parties? Who tell us now to ignore this, but that we can create new entitlements new spending pro. And far more money continue to raise the debt ceiling as they congratulate themselves on the little things. I'll, be right. Back the liberals would pubic ends doglike him, but America does can call my gloves ended eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know the dance I'd have having an older car that you love, things start to go wrong and they tend the snow well for me, there's an upside. I get extended
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yes, sir on tv and radio and all these so called experts for prior administrations, future administrations and guy the work that the facts Another guy who worked on this committee, another one and work than administrate go on and on and on about. You need to know where the countries headed, I know. I'm a voice in the wilderness. That's the way it is. I don't care. It is plunder and deceit, it is exploitation of the next generation and generations beyond, and they will not be able to come up for air the it's going to become an impossibility. There. it's not chiseled in granite. It's not chiseled in tablets, ladies and gentlemen, that the american society will live in perpetuity. Rom lived over Five hundred years, it doesn't exist anymore.
that is the roman empire. The roman government the society is gone Athens before it gone. Europe, in my view, is essentially gone, We'll be soon enough See little examples of, lapsing society,. You can begin to see little examples in our own country. within some cities and state. What happens. when an economy collapses. Of course, the rule of law collapses, two more More, you can see federal judges, members of Congress President's more and more bureaucrats themselves. Insistence
On operating outside the constitutional order, the bigger the government gets the more you big. this gets the more resources it gets, the less it has to spend the more it has to borrow. The more it seeks to control the more that is out of control. The more It seeks to provide the less we have that's, because As you are destroying through politicians and bureaucrats, and there it the logical intelligence here, you- are destroying what they cannot create: a healthy vibrant civil society where individuals for the most part make decisions on their own. We intervene
for the most part plan their own economies. It is their budgets, their food menu there this and the rest, the bureaucrats, the politician there, ideological intelligentsia rejected their country, Oh freaks, they are power hungry. This is the nature of progressive, is. The other day. I said I believe it was yesterday. Look around look around. You see the benefits of liberty, capitalist private property rights, the market system, competition, whilst profit. Look around you you happen to live. You happening, and born into the most prosperous spectacular Society mankind has ever known. You could have been born in North Korea by chance you could have been born in Cuba
we'll be there. You can have been born in men as well and still be there. You could have been born, perhaps at a different time and place Stalin's Russia and Our China. There is hell on earth today and there was how on earth before, but you born in America. You were blocked I don't know why me and I don't know why you, but we and were blessed were here. It is crucial that we understand why since the most fabulous society on the face of the earth, it's the most fabulous society earth has ever known it. crucial that we understand our belief system, our values, our principles, its crucial that we defend our institutions and our traditions and customs. It is crucial that we not become beholden to this better leviathan the power
attention to run it and the bureaucrats in managing or we will be bought it will cease to join the chorus of people aged a shrinking course of paper Try to inform our fellow citizens of the dangers that lie ahead and not that far ahead, and not that far ahead. This is why I condemn, but the Democratic Party has, Come to you know when you look at people I president's like Grover Cleveland, the Democratic Party was a fairly conservative party and turned out post slavery. The democratic party was a fairly conservative party pro. Happily, the lives and pro private property rights and so forth.
that's like the movie, the ailing which I never saw, but I saw commercials for or movies like that, but the body snatch. The early populists were the people's party because they call it in the eighteen, seventy we're devoured by the progressive. The progressive zen devour the Democratic Party and by They devour the Republican Party too, but there were still elements. Significant elements within the republican Party that resisted it and still do that's how you get Theodore Roosevelt one of the leading most aggressive, progressive and a republican and cabin Coolidge, just a few decades later, who rejected prick
it completely and utterly. That is why you have a Susan Collins, who is really quite diabolical he is a progressive, who runs out of the republican banner and yet is More powerful than any Democrat in the United States Senate in sorting any asp they may conservative agenda because, the tale that wags the fifty two. Already the slim majority, Republicans in the Senate and there's two or three before them. They know it and what does she always fight for more government, more medicate, more Obama care. In any way, she's a political saboteur which exactly why the Democrats and the media Progressive. Can we need a promoter and protector and champion her and from time to time became serves our role and they do the same for him from time to time. Rakowski Alaska serves our role and they do this.
for her and from time to time. Corker plays a role and they do this for him because they know it only takes a few, a few sabotage. The many ironically, the vast majority, but the Republicans are doing in the house in the Senate, have nothing to do with conservatism or american constitutional ism or a founding principles or our values. Belief systems, even though they are aggressively defend. By their surrogates, including and conservative, in pseudo, conservative, media, Morocco It wasn't the only one who draw up the deck he had partners of the Republicans he had partners in the Wall Street editorial page. Every time the debt soon comes up, they start trash. The tea party, interaction, conservative and others.
and others who are creating a state that is bleak and dire and impoverished,. They don't even believe half the things I write or say they can't possibly they can't possibly see what happens you have an economic calamity as you heavy societal calamity. the rule of law is replaced. with the non rule of the jungle. You have perfect examples of it today. Perfect examples in places like then as well, and yet we read that Bernie Sanders is getting ready to run for president again Bernie Sanders used to applaud Venezuela used, Applaud shafts.
Now he pointed to Scandinavia,. Scandinavia. I have no prejudice whatsoever. People in Scandinavia, but the really quite irrelevant when it comes to the world scene, aren't they no offense we're Americans were special. Our system is exceptional. Its unique. John Locke was very very important to the american Revolution he was cited over and over and over again he was the most widely read philosopher by the colonists and they were widely read his second treatise on government and I've written about this, that not everybody buys the books are reached, John Locke, so I
and abandoned on radio. That's why I love these multiple media platforms anyway, much about the civil society the whole notion of another all right God, given natural law and so forth and sign, while many have written about it. Lock was primarily important to the founders. How do we know they told us that that's how we know these ideas? God, given unalienable right, the right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. We didn't get those Nancy Pelosi or John Conyers, her o Connor. Chuck shimmer, we didn't get. Those from Republicans are Democrats here, whatever. We exist outside the party structure. We exist outside our own governing structure. Get a chance. We read the Cairo declaration of independence, which the progressives trash all the time Wilson
crashed it others other intellect twas, progressive intellectuals at the time trashed it it arose about trashed it Coolidge came to its defence Attracted by re writing it. If you will read in promoted it, that's the battle right. There. of who we are and what we believe. Died- I know I'm getting far afield at best our Anko froze, and we do not want to encourage engineer techie types, they know what it is height, Goober disclosed a breach of fifty
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black dot com or call one eight hundred lifelike one. Eight hundred lifelike use promo. Levin, that's alleviation for ten percent, If your lifelike membership visit lifelong dot com and save ten percent right now carry San Francisco, California, the great k s F, go either halo. I, how are you good? are you I'm doing while thanks are taken up, you got it. So I wanted Who I see if you are aware of here? Millennial listeners like myself, are aware that the most destructive Are these came in their life? Probably isn't social security, but it's actually, but you direct federal student, London programme. Yes, the government nationalized it on the Brok Obama too, that we tax payer is now on the hook for every penny really and there on the hook for every penny, regardless of whether or not this didn't throw their parents repay those lounge, because that dirty, oh.
The secret that you can verify by looking at any of the annual reports on line from Theo IE is that they took earmarks out of U S bond auctions to make these loans. In the first place, they borrow the money to make the wound, apparently soon, all of that one point three year. What is at one point? Six trillion now is already counted in that TWAIN trillion national debt, but when you repetitive, The education may take that money, fifty five billion, I think, they're getting a year now they turn around. They give it the General Fund of the: U S: Treasury, where the Congo, send it, but not one penny on paying down that sovereign debt that find it alone, that my friends is a huge problem, Gas had sounds like it to me.
I am going to send you a book called plunder and to say that I was talking about earlier and I have a whole section of exactly what you're talking about, while so irritating that excellent inspired me to call for. Thank you, So don't hang up, carry okay, now, tell me: how old are you, I'm thirty one and most people you're a tiny, giving this a second thought early while you now it's such a problem problem for me go that problem for me. For my generation, I think more more people are becoming educated as too. You know the policy mistakes that cause and cause the price. The skyrocket allow the price to stay high and arts disingenuous. You know both for Bernie Sanders. One thing: you know everything and you have any do I'm sorry and yet many do. They do and they don't realize that you know this policy with our sea of direct federal, didn't lending that was supposed to conquer, May college, affordable, etc, etc, was passed by rider to bomb a care, not a single republican vote, and what did he do
It's only been in place until you're one was the eighty eight and one of the Republicans done about while they're gonna come clean up behind and take advantage of it. You know: they're gonna cut my my interests tax deduction for nothing But you know, and they're gonna get leave disingenuous arguments about whether or not the federal government profits from loans will occur. Congress profit from them. I don't know about my generation when we can't pay, is twenty four don't count. Harry is saying when I wrote about in plenary to see two as this is new found money Koran quote for Congress to spend right, carry that exist. What are they gonna run actually called. Don't hang up we'll get your book I'll, be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: what to do about North Korea is my idea so stupid. I'm just asking the truth here to take the same general policy ideas, actually the same general actions that Reagan took to defeat the Soviet Union in
they contain North Korea and in order to contain North Korea, you must contain China. The present I want the South EAST Asia. He visited a number of countries in the Pacific rim, he visited the Philippines, he visited Japan, he visited Vietnam, he visited China, maybe there's another country there. That's all. I can remember And they went to this big event, and apparently he and this this this I'll, say, tongue wanna, be she hit it off. The long gray of course, with the new relationship we ever China down were chums. What the President of China Stealing our technology, building up military grabbing control over the South China Sea in all stuff. There is North Korea,
firing its most dangerous weapon yet. and I see beyond that in the air. What did I read for fifty minutes? Or so since, as I write again, it shocked towards Japan when our closest allies, Japan, which has no nooks and South Korea, which denote by us as a way of trying to appease North Korea from becoming a nuclear power? It didn't work so. Just reiterate those of you who listen every day, three hours at a time. I really really appreciate that there are other people who come and go and a programme like this- and I just want to reiterate what I believe should be done- is that we strongly encourage South Korea
to take back the equivalent of one hundred nuclear warheads which we removed from South Korea. Jointly George W Bush administration, that's number one number two: we should strongly encourage Chapin Tanuki up. Japan is a responsible government. It is a a parliamentary system of sorts. It is a close how high and nuclear weapons in the hands of the inbred Kim Jong fat boy in North Korea. That's a threat, nuclear weapons, pan that's not a threat. That's number two number three: we must build up our military and presently United States said today correctly. We need more funds for a military one night.
you know after the holidays, when we can focus on this, I think I'm in a really get into what's been happening to the United States military. It has been absolutely appalling and its leaving us vulnerable. in this country and in other places around the world, its leaving us vulnerable, and it is very dangerous for the men and women who serve the number of a jet fighters have been going down there. If ships at him crashing one after the other, he truncated, training that takes place now the year the cannibal zation of of weapons of weapons that is of jets to jets of ships to ships. Have it is ridiculous.
I just spent two hours explaining how we're spending like drunken marxist. And the one area that is taken in the neck is the military. we don't have a military industrial complex in this country, something I cleared in the fifties. It's not the fifties. We have a welfare industrial complex in this country, that's what's completely out of control subsidies, entitlements, direct payments, whatever so number one. I have mentioned South Korea nukes number to Japan. Yes, snoops number three You should have a permanent carrier fleet in the South, China Sea, and we should announce they can be
other pretend low islands and militarized them there's no way we can stop. That now has brought a bomb, did not confronted in any effective way or any any fact away distant confront it. We can now say we're not building temporary islands in international waters, but our fleet, a carrier fleet, will remain there permanently in the jet fighters and the sellers that go with it and the accompanying ships that go with it. That's what we say so we neutralize them in the South China Sea number four, as I've been talking about now for a very long time. We punish the chinese banks. You know the chinese currency, the chinese financial system, is teetering and the reason it's teetering as it's not real. It's pretend the government decides the value of the currency, our currency, the dollar floats on the open market.
throughout the world? For all your globalists? Yes, yes,. And so it has a valued floats and their vows determined by the market. That is the strength of the dollar as perceived by other countries and as used against other currencies. That's not the case with China, that's not the case with the chinese currency, the chinese banks rely on our banks, because, A currency is legitimate. We can severely damaged the chinese economy. Any time we choose through its financial system through its banks,. In my humble opinion, we should make
Clear to G the now slash stolen of China now, That's exactly what we're gonna do that with we ve asked him politely enough with cajoled him with we ve done it Then we can t get him to cut them off and he's not cutting off nor three while, but I bet she Didn'T- send them call this month that its funding and plenty of stuff through through them markets their allowing the corporations and their other businesses to work through the black market. If China didn't want anything passing over the border between China and North Korea, it wouldn't be passing over the border or through the border with China. In North Korea, but it does, China continues to prop up North Korea, as does Russia has. Does Russia or the cold pink Republicans out there
hear them anymore. Talking acute. Do you, MR produce? Oh yeah, I all the code, pink nationalist Republicans out there talking a punitive. That's a bad man would leave me he's awful he's always been off to another one. He's in Syria he's in a ran he's he's a North Korea and we can punish him too My unleashing are energy production. We would destroy what's left of the russian economy in a much.
Given how much they pour into their military as well as how much he, among other steal from the people of Russia. Saying go to war? You don't have to go away, we go order with the Soviet Union to destroy it back to China. China and North Korea are attached. The hip North Korea is a puppet state of China. Is a satellite state? China likes the fact that North Korea has given us Hell and Japan and South Korea and distracting us try Like the fact that we have three carrier fleets in at least one nuclear sub sitting out there of North Korea, while China is involved and other stuff and other parts of the world, colonel access as they steal our technique
gee, as they have committed one act of cyber warfare after another against us and they have and they as well as the Russians, but the day myopic. Obsessive focus only on the Russians to the exclusion of the Chinese is a huge mistake. There, both tapping into our databases to gather information and still technology in order to build up matters societies, but their military. This is what I think needs to be done: I'm not a general I'm, not a a foreign policy or national security trained expert, but I do know history, older history, modern history
A modern history tells me that China would take Very serious second look at what it's doing if it knew that South Korea and Japan, we're gonna, have new If it knew that it was a matter of permanent american military policy to have a fleet in the sun, China, sea not temporary, deal just with North Korea but permanent to deal with them and that We were unleashing are massive economic power and financial power that exists as of this moment, against its economic and financial power, where it wouldn't stand a chance. Our economy is five times the size of China's economy. Four and a half times the size of China's economy.
Anyway, for what it's worth I'll be right, back a question. Madam, You are now saying you know, working to shut down the governmental, less Dhaka, the unconstitutional Dhaka that Obama put in place isn't enshrined statutorily. Do you think for one? Second, if they thought the coroner quote, dreamers would vote three for sir.
Sixty per cent Republican, that they would be, throwing down the gauntlet willing to shut down the government for Dhaka. Of course, not, of course now they insist that the debt, silly being faced with all shut down the government at the irony, theirs of your own increase the debt ceiling termination, but. Insist on increasing the dead chilling why Ladies and gentlemen, the political party bill on redistribution of wealth and balkanization, and there it is. The democratic party has created nations within our nation.
Nations within our nation they ve, created these ethnic, religious, sexual, However, he wanted to find them. You know what they are made. And if you were a grouping within the nation having Balkan Ized, the nation having disunited the nation, they now use their positions in government to accommodate or appear to or appease these various groups or nations within the nation soda. It is crucial to them lifting the debt ceiling, that's the heart and soul, what they do borrow and span, and they must bar on Spain. They must redistribute wealth. Reward their supporters and punish their opponents?. Hurricane relief
So we need more money for hurricane relief where's tens of billions of dollars on Hurricane really they would shut down the entire government if they could for hurricane relief. no there's a reason they do what they do and it's not about humanity, smart about country, above them, power, their power hungry, the maintenance of power, the attainment of power, power, people say follow the money. That's fine! Follow the power. That's the bottom line. The democratic party has been Scandinavia. More than hill ever talk about America's family who talk about Scandinavian? More than hell ever talk about capitalism and private profit. In terms of american principles, there's almost nothing in the character of the leadership of the Democratic Party that connects with with
principles in american history which also one of the reasons they trash so frequently, as does their base, which is So one of the reasons why Bernie Sanders is so popular, a connection either their Bernie It talks about And an avian more than Hell ever talk about America's founding. Her talk Scandinavia, more than Hell ever talk about capitalism and private profit, He writes in individualism and all those things. Look the scandinavian and even when he points to Scandinavia, he lies about. Scandinavia's, not only on the decline. It's been on the decline. Among the highest rates of alcoholism, among the highest rates of suicide and frankly, what do these little countries contribute to society?
overall, not a hell of a lot. Why would use the american system, the american mindset, scandinavian system and mindset what the hell kind of creepy? So the Democrats will fight like hell for what they want and the Republicans walk because there are saboteurs their ideological Sabbath tours or more turn with their own legacies, the case of Mccain as an example, are more concerned about their own. What John, neither their approach by media like us, Susan Collins, I guess how it put it they have their own agendas.
other there very well prepared to destroy. What's been campaigned on Promises refused advance. A rational concern agenda. And this is why their fetid- this is either celebrated as independent. Don't you know how many independent Democrats and then not celebrated its independence day? They go off the innovation there attacked. Let's go, Jeff, Reno Nevada, the great Kader K D, have you any hope of my body? Rick Harrison eleven heard from lightly over their great show. This porn star show really hooked. I always have been. Was a few others. There are no the history channel go ahead, please you have our really grab a glad I through long time. Let's ride is one of the add watch said about China and Japan, so I think one thing we couldn't hurt to pander to the region
article five of their constitution, basically allowing them to be an offensive military, build up their military for with all its capabilities, which was agreed On China, in addition to that Luna second, I looked at this. Japan already has the authority, the legal authority to build a nuclear weapons. Are you aware that yes area? I agree with that, but I mean it conventional offices military I want it says if they wanted to take, go out and touch China or North Korea without without having been attacked first. certainly not opposed to that. But I just want to be abundantly clear. Japan has the legal authority and the industrial capacity to know
it already has a that ability eye Jeffrey. Appreciate your call very much. Ladies and gentlemen, I should. Return Plastic. Conservative I love and show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one and I getting it good night. Sleep is easier said than done, especially if you hear a noise downstairs, but what do you do in that situation? the town, all the lights and keep watch sleep with one eye open. We, you can rest easy, knowing that home and family or protective, would simply safe each him
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Tom in Fairfax Virginia the great w I may I go. I d mark ok, go right ahead, appalling armor, First, I'm calling it a long time listener and out here in the great column of Virginia. You know it's a state debts. It's gone boil it now already right now my annoyance agenda that stands at work and, among you know the soccer parents. In such we have debates about hey. What do we do with the debt national debt and I say, but we need to start pulling back. I said because we can keep financing the rest of the world, these be premiums and schools, and we fear that this battle, the county
state and end the federal level and they say well, that's not compassionate until I get stump, because how do you say? Look I'm trying to look out for all of us who are taxpaying citizens in here legally with them. outstanding, like a complete, jerk and dislike inhumane, individual man. Actually I've been very humane because I'm looking out for the person across me disagree I think the way I would put it is I would say I mean you, I'm the one looking out for the younger people in this country the one addressing over two hundred trillion dollars an unfounded libraries, I'm the one questioning, our generation's rape of the States, Treasury, mass of debt, so much so that we can keep track of It-
I mean you, I'm the one concern about how future generations are gonna pay for entitlements I'm the one who who is concerned about this issue, being made today by by a pair teachers, associations and organizations and school boards and teachers, unions and principles and other administrators better. striking the viability of the school system for decades to come. I'm the one her concern about property taxes going so high that people, particularly older people, Really people lose their homes, I'm the one, meaning you I'm the one who's compassionate. Who cares about I saw a man and so forth people are hungry. We have a massive foods Nan program. If people in medical care waving. Massive medicate programme People need housing assistance, we ve got more programmes and departments, they help with housing assistance and I can shake a sticker we're not talking about.
being the very very poor anymore, we're talking about man, redistribute the redistribution of wealth where everybody subsidized for something billionaires, millionaires, the middle class everybody's, subsidies for something which means each I'm a calamity down the road. That's what I would say took me four minutes three minutes it got it. Thank you. I send you a copy of plunder and to say to all the the formations and there, sir, don't hang up time. O K Mart merry Christmas happy. I think you do what you do and I'll keep listen and watching you You to my brother, if we are only talking about these things, school lunch programmes and so forth. be going broke, but notice they had straw, the healthcare system destroy them care system. Why do they do that? they destroy the healthcare system, because it's about power, they wanna forces all enjoy system. Control and organise because they are
social engineers, they believe in radical, egalitarian us. This is a very good dress ideology that we're dealing with. Thank you for your call, my friend. Let us see Donald in Boise, Idaho, serious satellite, go please. I do any good if you talk to us earlier about Mccain Hilary them, how they got up these rampages so to speak on our control. the issue that we run in America. Isn't the fact that our I wound? Thank you mention Hilary tonight, but I wouldn't disagree with you. Not you said Mccain by I mean pillar is right there with them, but the issue that I'll eat I've. Seen from my experience with America, isn't that are our representatives are correct, but we as the people are ignorant. don't do our research without back check? Our everyday
when they say how do you know that people are ignorant as opposed to the people like the way things are guy, I'm you think about it. For a second people get benefits, without consequence, the consequences, are shoved off on someone else or shoved off in the future, too, pretty be cool thing. One can live out, a policy scheme and you're being told you're doing it and your actually voting people who are compassionate, who are promoting it. I think People are ignorant. I think a lot of people are living for the day when they don't give it came about anybody else, what? But I fear you coming from when you look at I got a voter turn out. You see me, the amount of voter turnout for national election, even the actual laws and regulations as that they go and affect people most readily are those Local election, you have very in a mom turn out uncle mare, county commissioners and such government, where the
will they put in actually affect more people while they don't affect more people said it's not. That depends on what they're doing they affect the people in their community. There is no question about it, but, frankly, your town and nothing to do with Obamacare. Your town is nothing There were the year a motive for the for the open border south of the border. So it just depends. I'm not in favour of government abuse at any level. But thank you for you So let us go to re. Long island, the Great W Abc, go, remarked: great delivery whatever I wondered. Why don't we just look at the human aspect of it, the humane aspects? We are not the majority of the people, on the world, no war. Why should we arming everybody
why shouldn't I shoot off. They can just ridiculous. We had established version, we have to stop the war thing and we just need p. overall peace when and where the hell are you talking about what the hell talking about what war thing are you talking about? Stop the war thing. We ash war is money well progression and with President Santer, this come as a shock to you. But the war is not about money and aggression. When you're dealing with very, very dangerous foes like North Korea. The problem is you know much about history, your I said, was the mindset of the of the isolationist prior to world WAR two and that result. But in the rise of these dictators, created havoc. You may remember where war too, maybe read a little bit about it. Maybe maybe a comic book that that that taught you a few things about it
that doesn't mean you're a radical interventionist than you get involved in every conflict. It's taking place on every part of the world, but when you have a car we that is acquiring and has acquired now nuclear weapons and the capacity to hit the United States. That's threateningly our president, threatening they hit our cities. You see, Sir ticket to come across like you with the on four sticker statements on for peace for peace, your schmuck, anything bad, your screwing up their cannon cause? You're, not just shooting author can and you Eddie it. Those are intercontinental ballistic missiles. and if you have a nuclear warhead on them, law, New York City off the face of the earth. Now you might think that year for a patient not for peace, you're, an idiot when dealing with a real country, where the real nuclear weapons that any real cities you got. It now get up my phone, you Eddie it and I'm sick of people like
here we have a guy in North Korea who is threatening us at this guy's blind toward its America's fought, because we're filbert profiteers profiteers for what it's incredible, the me enjoy faith support peace. course. I support peace. This is all about peace in humanity. The reason I get angry about this. Ladies and gentlemen, is here we are confronting it. An early right in our faces, threatened to kill the President of the United States threatened stay hit, Guam threatened, say The Continental United States Yankees reminds me of the year, driving around with their stickers had say, coexist, coexist, wow. I want to coexist, you want to coexist, but there's some people out there who don't wanna, coexist, We lack MAC anyway,
a very warmonger j where you get for money and my mom got to deal with the schmuck like that. Unfortunately, the country's filled with their called Bernie Sanders Supporters Greg, Martin Virginia, the great w I may our. How are you, sir? Our car? You could I find. Thank you. Ok, I know a lot about our speeches, but what I want to say was that something I noted when I would raising my phone back in the late. Ninety is that they wanted to stop creeping score of a tree ball game because they didn't want anybody to lose, and I really think that no, that's that caused the mentality of all kinds
where they like. Oh now, just try hard and then that's ok. I know what that's not. Ok, you win or lose an excellent report that effort the win. Then you know get anything. I actually think as you as you t. This actually think it's even worse than what we ve been saying over the past several years. This is Actually it's not that we, you know everybody went to me now. She is I'm listening to you and, as I think about us, it now promoting at a very young age, this notion of radical egalitarianism. That's what it is. sat a conspiracy raising its a mentality. It's a mindset. You can't have a p. But who are successful successful at sports. Even at that Level and that age successful business he here the Republicans talking about it
we're gonna get the rich here. Yet I'm gonna blow stayed in your richer gonna pay more taxes. So excuse me skews me and you're making these arguments and it will go ahead. Gregg Euro. I read the decision that, because of the way our government is going, I know I know that my health care is on me. I have to stay healthy and there's no help coming pebble and then the next three years, I'm so concerned about events, We are personal property rights being violated where the government has become knock on my door and tell me I had to give up my problem. I remember remember: a desperate government does desperate things. and that's why you want to limit the size of the government limit the reach of the government limit, the it's why? framers, limited the role of the government divided in different parts and so forth, and so on and much
that's been reverse. We were very centralized powerful government. The states have to live on its behalf. Now individuals have to limit its behest in many respects, became pick up a kind of care plan. We want outside of all the options we have outside of the up, the government gives us. I mean it's and that's why it becomes a very, very dangerous thing. There are there are ways to let off steam in a society that, like that, centralize government destroys, for instance, mobility, competition, different states with different histories, people who were who go to them. Stage because they, like the states in terms of what kind of laws they have laws. They don't have the business climate or whether they have the death penalty. the death, my honour and water. Things that is the variety, the diversity among states, the driver of being destroyed and so
When the government makes a decision, it affects everybody, and there's no way out the government, The decision you will live under the decision of the government there's no escaping it, and so Those little areas we can let off steam in a free society like ours was at least more. So and it is now still free, just not a scam there ought to be those things are destroyed in so what happens? Is every decision? The federal that makes we all sit on. The edge of our chairs is to the extent we know what decisions are making to find out what they are affect our lives. You know how many more bureaucrats. turn Bob. How many were pieces of paper we have to file weather We can own again here whether or not we can do that over there and if we are not complying with it. More more these laws and so forth. We're not suffocated by them. Then we are considered, cannot boss, or rather
or part of a militia whatever it is, and this continues to get worse and worse and worse and then it reeks it reaches a peak and that's my great concern, a very loud fern arbiter of armour, I'm I'm, I'm clout stir a girl, I'm just I'm fearful and then the problem is that my getaway Was I educating properly in the ways of Catherine Guy spoke too much, MR videos, her shining you're gonna get out you're gonna get a call again tomorrow. I apologize while they right back. while this is big, I've a fabulous deal for you from
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also very quickly. Here's Kofi Robert on eighty sees this week. Sunday go back than people willing to be public can mistakes and we we all talk about for a little bit editor. I dont get in the elevator with him you know, and every will seem at the press corps- knew that right, don't get in the elevator with violent way. They him the him. Due to MR producing John Cumnors. but TAT Joe Scarborough, didn't have any problem with the iconic Johns her kindness. Presently he got in the elevator with him all the time, Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency person out I'll, see right here on the radio tomorrow, wife, a brand new- then tv for you tomorrow night as well, God bless Things were listening. I really appreciate it see you tomorrow.
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