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John Conyers and Al Franken and any others like them should be expelled. How many of you walk around in a robe and take it off when staff walks in? Their apologies are not apologies. They say that they didn’t know that the women took it this way and ot...

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Now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one! Three, one when we will not spend three hours on his sexual Harassment issues in a little time honoured that I want to move and other areas that are very important, including your taxes, including your tax, Because all this is breaking now, but before I do, I'm not a play, three soundbites and a role for you without interruption, but you need to keep track of the first
it's gonna be Nancy Palacio meet the depressed Sunday, Thrace Thursday, Pelosi Sunday after I'm, going to play the more small Joe Scarborough, Msf, LSD do you have the order right yes, and that was yesterday yesterday. Or the day before then we're going to play Nancy Policy today and a briefing today. All about John Congress, so Elsie Sunday Scarborough couple days ago, then policy today. Let us begin cut to go you said there is now a zero tolerance, John Carter's. What does that mean for him right? Let's say we are strengthened by due process. Someone new and more,
Then one accusation is it too. I think there has to be John tyres. Is an icon in our country. He's done. It bore a great deal to protect women violence against women, average left wing or right wing accordingly as praising him for his work on that needed before a fund. But the fact, as John views his case, which he knows much, I don't I. I believe that he always did she finished, making sure that he will do the right thing and is the right thing. What was that he would the right thing in terms of what he knows about his situation, the heathen I dont due process, but women, Rita entitled to do process as well. I was added he took advantage of a situation where he had in the world Congress, and I know you guys want to change these rules, but you gotta, his settlement. He got to accusers, heading overall, also craziness. Why is it
The new due process. In case we are talking about what we have heard. I've asked the Ethics Committee to review that women have come out. More in Europe are calling on you to resign. How can you haven't called on him to resign worthy? The allegations against Conniston yours, as we have learned more since Sunday, or serious, disappoint, disappointing and very credible sir said the brave woman came forward are owed justice. I pray for accomplishment Henderson his family? I wish them well how ever congressmen carriers should resign far as Capitol Hill is concerned, be sure that everyone monsieur whom I they are less so
they Nancy Pelosi was running cover for John counters due process. Her a media surrogates, and I would now include the morning Schmo Joe Scar, born MSNBC as a network came to her defence and came to the defence of John corners. Then there was pushed back by women, even within the democratic carcass in the house by others that NATO policy just set back the right of women. The rights of women and the Democratic Party decades she could see the ground, moving under her feet, and she reverse course. Now she's called for the resignation of John Corners and she pretences, because more women came for Yeah we have Mr Clayburn number three Democrat in the house who insisted that elected officials
have one stated in the rest of us another as he was getting on an elevator, even though the man is very incoherent at times. I don't know if it's the way here, speaks speaks under his breath. We intend to be that way, so you can move in one direction or another. I don't know. He also made it abundantly clear with his reference to Susan Smith, to hear that a New York Times reporters aware of those in Smith accused a black man. Firstly, of course, of having killed her children. Fact she dropped her children and he made the right. Is suggesting that only white women had attacked Conyers when in fact had a attack, but had accused corners of sexual harassment. But I wasn't true: there are others too, including a black woman, there's two, including a black woman and more coming and out today, today,
Mr Climber, and says that people put words in his mouth bright, part but words and asthma course they didn't put words in his mouth. He put the word his mouth, moreover, now he's calling for Congress to resolve this is really quite a spectacle. There are more women have come out honour now, franker two more with One is a sixth woman now just breaking a fifth woman, some years ago that are you a servant who was serving in the military. The time. And I haven't heard decked urban say he should resign. I haven't heard Miss Connell say he should resign fact urban said he was taking responsibility for his.
Not least in the media world their falling like dominoes, they have it where's texts, twitters, they ve got there. All kinds of evidence against people I Charlie rose, hinder and met Lauer lay counters nineteen. Twenty people that the media hoof. Had to resign one suspended from the New York Times, fighting all major media Outlets ABC Nbc Cbs New York Times CNN, Msnbc, I guess the water they washing compost, we'll have to wait for that one. Just a matter of time. But why they're gonna take your sexual harassment training, because that way,
Stop somebody like a year in a frank and from doing what he did for John corners and so forth, is quite appalling. I'm not going to spend the rest of my career talking about what members of their. Some media are doing in terms of in the Senate, sexual harassment, nor Hollywood. You know that much has been said about how Donald Trump is destroying the free press. In the first amendment, the press is destroying the free press. First, it was their ideological partisanship and demagoguery throughout my hatred, patriot President. They never supported who fights back. Now by name. He responds differently than pass presidency for this he's attacked.
I think the media in this country have been enormous damage not only to the first amendment, not only to the that the ideal of a a freedom of the press, but to the constitution. The capitalism, the republicanism. One is the last time CNN did any kind of a worthwhile programme on how the constitution is slipping through our thing When is the last time soon and that any kind of worthwhile programmes on the benefits the enormous benefits a capital is when private property, When is the last time one is ass time, MSNBC run such a programme. It is constant, progressive ism, constant undermining America. Constant the restoration of the constitution constant re, speedy age, baiting sex baiting, it is endless, it is endless, it's very Destructive other society saying what Hollywood ones
last time how they were put out. Actually, a conservative movie about conservative, I mean a pro american movie when's the last time the big filmmakers got behind it, Spielberg among others, wine steam. Among, when is the last time a year. Firstly, in this country, apart from Hills, Dale apart from growth, did he apart from Chapman and the others there's a handful of others. As the last time we had a university where the faculty was eminently pro american, as opposed to predominantly anti american. What last time we had a college campuses that shouting down a marxist or racist or racial list. I should say promoting balkanization. When is the last time,
Black lives matters, does it get shot, their care doesn't get shouted down. Various ethnic front groups don't get shouted and why not?. Our institutions of higher learning the vast majority of them. Are now the breeding ground for the left, the indoctrination and so the left, let's be honest about it, they found slave holders and therefore nothing they did nothing, they did matters, nothing, they did is good parent, that's it and that your history lesson. A major news organization have apps, nothing in common with you and me nothing whatsoever, nothing. How many of you have a button under your desk to press? when you meet a young, lady or young man, depending on who you are and what your situation is in order to lock. Door from the inside to nobody. Can get in when you drop your pants or maybe lift your skirt, how many happening?
Have buttons like that. How many of you walk around in a robe and invite your staffing and then open your robe. Any video grabbing a woman's breast on an airplane when she sleeping Many of you in your office have closet and you're, always in your underwear. People walking and they see in your underwear, mean after only a closet and we're supposed to buy this stuff. These rational argument- nether apologies for not apologies, not one of them is, You know what I'm guilty. I'm a disgrace. I'm a disgrace to the company to my family, that country I'm gone. Don't worry that now it's all about! Well, I didn't know that they took it this way and sober I've never heard such people stress, apologies now, if you're really innocent and in it People are accused. Let me be clear about this initiative. People are accused. Clarence Thomas comes to mind, but their many, you
up on your toes scream and now at the highest level that your voice. I am innocent and I'm going to fight this, many of them have said that none of that I believe in a hunt to look for cars. But I believe we were presented with an we're just the members of the public when were presented with them. We call them as we see them. John Conyers should be expelled now frank and should be expelled. Any other sleaze balls like that should be expelled You want due process and bring a lawsuit and get your due process. We're not talking about a law. So when I talk about that kind of depressed sorry turn about politics, ethics committees,.
All of a sudden, all of a sudden out of the blue, we're gonna, have sexual harassment, anti sexual harassment, train you'll. Remember As soon as they said, I was alone voice on radio or anywhere broadcasting, a lone voice. Who said wait a minute, there are saying they need Antis sexual harassment, training. This is big, things going on there, throwing that out. And northern that it's almost a cover up. Ok, we're resolve. We resolve everything, even Jill, a brain. The leading warrior against sexual harassment. She what name names she and she was sexually hereat, she wouldn't name names. Then she doves. President Clinton, who was campaigning with her and for her a year ago, race funds for over a year ago, she's not credible, she's a joke, she's a fraud, Jackie Spear,
Said in the House of Representatives help raise this issue that when she was therefore, in Congress now she's congresswoman, she was actually harassed. There was an elevator, but wherever doesn't matter, she wouldn't name names. Now, how much more do I have to discuss this crap? No more! I'm done with it today We'll see what happens tomorrow, if there's anything you know so so imperative that I'll bring it up again. We know this Hollywood sleazy disgraceful kind, sleazy disgraceful that media sleazy disgraceful copyright Ben.
There's some, not a woman, running for Attorney General Michigan. It's all over the internet and her, In campaign theme is, I dont have male genitalia. Should actually play this rich, I don't know sure, that's being played all of Arabia, I'm gonna Dress and on live tv, I'm not gonna play it, but the. She should be running on a campaign of not no male genotype, but no, I kill. You have to be a fool to vote for like this. So now, all men, all men, are predators.
I'm sick of these leftists. They turn it everything in the politics. I can't stand them. I detest them so now dont vote for a man for anything because it's a potential sexual predator. That's the left interprets this battle. Let's get on with it based stand for women. Don't you know certain types of women? Apparently I would ask the democratic leadership in the Congress this. This quick question, I thought supported women, but you really don't do it. I want them to keep their mouths shut to allow them to be Targets of sexual harassment is liberals has one gets a Kennedy, Conyers Frank in or or Clinton. Now now you're trying to work your way out of your own. A pickle here. Aren't you so to speak, I'll, be right, back
mark and on a polish Jeddak Patriot and on a thought of genetic constitutional. Lest you, can region at eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one something. Different has happened with our media, which is poisonous, is poisonous as it's been in the past, but left us like water, conquered and so forth, but today it's it's a hundred times worse, because there's a hundred more platforms, a thousand, my platforms and it's almost as if they were campaign mood and position, research mode when it to a politician. They do not like her, especially when it comes to this present Tommy has this president done in his first year in office. That is so horrible so offensive through
treacherous so damaging for national security so damaging to our economy. What President actually done that has endangered America. What just president, actually done that so irrational and incoherent and incomprehensible, nothing nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! Nothing seriously!. Joe Scarborough is a failed congressmen who achieve nothing as a back buncher. He has sought tame and fortune since leaving Congress he and make a Brzezinski try To be a team on radio, they failed utterly and completely there a monotonous nobody one they hear the two blowhard. Scarborough wanted to work for fox many years ago. They were an IRA
so it goes to MSNBC this fledgling wasted carbon footprint. Which of course is hiring a Congo line of freaks and buffoons and Joe but imperfectly with aside kit, make it Brzezinski. Joe Scarborough first it's lovely psychic couldn't kiss Donald Trump ass enough. Boy Joint They wanted a more they wanted amount for ratings. They would say anything do anything. You remember Donald trumps, first speech to a joint How Senate body of Congress Sky, I met with the president before reportedly But in any event, we all saw him on tv news.
Front in the audience jumping up and down like a clapping seal. When President Tromp was giving a speech and then. The morning smell and MRS Schmo turned on track. Because, after all, they work it Emma Zella stay I mean they're, not playing to the Amazon wash the audience which has been. Basically miscreants, now contents and all leftists. So they go to war with trap and Trump goes to war with them been going on for some time. And a media outlets, a corporate outlet better, I was to be a news operation, NBC News Msnbc, as these sister station or sister network of NBC, it said disgrace, but this is how their driving up the extent they can their ratings same with CNN Cnn has surrendered any. I had any notion.
Being a news operation. He can Chris Cuomo on your show and pretend to be a news operation or down Lyman were. Other miscreants in malcontents. But our Scarborough is very angry. He didn't like the tweet, the tramp put out there for bringing up this A conspiracy theory about how a young person understand passed away- savary pleasant, it's not something, I would repeat. Joe Scarborough, gives an awful lot of crap, or the present president gives it back there. Just Scarborough is a coward. He doesn't have a principled, intelligent, sir various bone in his body. None help whatever needs to bees play Camelia Mps, moved hard left for money
Likewise, I fame and to appeal to the base of the Amis, LSD and network again miscreants malcontents, And so we started this or restart this idea that Donald Trump, let's be mentally ill insane unstable, a threat to America, threat to each and every one of you a threat to our safety, and it was TAT by a moron by the name and Navarro. Who's on CNN that by another more on MSNBC Chris Haze he's are housed. Seen and brings in Asia a writer Tony shore to co authored part of the deal. I don't think it gets more. Contemptible that you are a ghost writer for somebody. You helped them write a book Then you reveal yourself and then you turn on the person about whom he wrote the book and made money. So remember what we're talking about in the media here as a general rule, the media.
Charlie rose media, the mat, Lauer media, they gland, thrush media on and on and on and on so many account name and then there's Joe Scarborough And so this is the mantra now better something mentally wrong- we're Donald Trump Something mentally wrong with Donald Trump, nothing ever mentally wrong with Obama, nothing ever mentally wrong with Biden we Gore with Hilary with they're gonna, nothing Mentally wrong with Sumer our policy, thing is mentally wrong with Donald Trump, and not only that. He needs to be removed from office. We need what I've been calling for years, this silent coup, but years months, this silent coup we must use the constitution, which, of course they despise against this. President. There must be a a revolt,
a rising up that cabin a majority that cabin presently United States to x spell Donald Trump from the presidency and of the twenty four, I'll stay with me on this cause. You're gonna learn a lot then hear it starts with the morning. Schmo today cut thirteen. Go we headed towards a nuclear showdown. Most insiders saying Richard who said this for some time everything we ve heard from inside the administration. We are closer to more on the korean Peninsula, then most Americans. Now we heard this months ago that we are going to have a ground in Korea. They believe that inside the White House for a very long time and yet he's
sweetly detached from reality. We had a million times in Washington Post saying so a couple of days ago, the New York Times and Washington Post. They had one piece really so we must rely on this. Your time say a Holocaust denial newspaper- rightly teeth a world war two and, of course, the washed and compost which would be bankrupt, but for that that, the Amazon hundred millionaire has saved it. Go ahead, This is not what the twenty fifth amendment was drafted for and what is, I would like the cabinet members deserving America and not the president serving American Eric unused marriage status. I went what is said. Mc ban that make us put in Amerika America go ahead,
though, it you know you don't serve. Donald J Club. Scam, developer, scam Rob University proprietor. Why he's really just talk about for we play the twenty fifth amendment to him here. Ten cut fourteen Reality tv show you Joe represent him. You represent three hundred and twenty million people. Whose lives are literally in your hands and we are raising a showdown with nuclear power, You have somebody inside the White House at the New York Daily NEWS says finally on fly out of the near Daily NEWS, says: he's mentally on fit in the New York Times and washed and puff they all say mentally unfit. All these. These crackerjack
a kite Chris and psychologists and the course our baron, who was defending Conyers and defending Pelosi freedom. An encounters and who is a mental midget of the highest order He tells us look the Daily NEWS, says this and the New York Times in the washed and post, so they be right. They must be right, plus, I hate, I hate him. I hate my height of rebels. Remove and remove it, but credible schmuck business go ahead people close to home say is mentally unfed, close them during the campaign. Told me stages dimension are less stop if people in the campaign told him that, in the early days, why didn't show reveal that? Why was he supporting trap and there's one other thing I want to say there are people, this country who have to match their people on this,
and you have Alzheimer's this- isn't funny. This isn't funny when a pathetic, gutless hack like Joe Scarborough, a truly gum Ex politician, who has worked his way up to fame, and for can such as it is in the social circles,. Whose now using his position to do- but he's doing like this to attack president, in a way that I can't ever remember a president being attack on a repeated rest, the loot basis, questioning his sanity quest, his sanity not on your society defends him, policy sanity who can barely get a certain. So now this is done. Abolishing this man is diabolical. He is grotesque, he does
exactly what is done and after segment. I'll bet he was smiling and happy as a bird happy. Is and he also knows cause been reported that the north korean generals find him and his show to be their favorite show, and here her favorite house and they Listen to this stuff, go ahead Mad at me, if you want to say that that ok to say why don't you shut up meagre, you shall like apparent in the background there he's being managed to say that he spake. Why don't you say too easily America he's me? It's the most bizarre of TV house. I've ever seen. She's nudging him to say these just say, I'm yourself or be quite late, finishes insane rant, go
There was a week when are we supposed to say this after the first nuclear missile goes into this? This is us the boy I'll tell you why absolutely sick cook, but then other people and a Navarro was another hater which is. Are they lover ever seen and cut fifteen go and retreats the normal? Firstly, theories everything we have seen and heard over the last few days is its president. This question is being unravelling that's a serious question and from it I'm serious man unravelling? No, you are you jerk, go ahead of us, I don't know I I can tell you that from you know, an untrained stop right. There she's untrained. I but she's gonna common anyway. An untrained. I thrown a preposterous quest
from a moron darling. MRS Cnn Is she go ahead cleared it makes me recalled. For who have early onset dimension. It makes me recall Who are in the early stages of Alzheimer's is absolutely disgusts me all you, families at their almost everyone is touched by this. All you found was out. There the family members with dementia are some aspects of it are all some aspects. Listen to these people Listen. I have disgusting mayor and look how they're trying to to fundamentally destroy President fundamentally destroy this present. They can't disagree. Can engage bake throats shots. He response, everybody knows he response and then they attack attack. And this is endless like a bunch of Parana. Go ahead, is constant repetition.
He goes back there you shut up now. There's somebody named Chris hates he's a hostess Emma sellers do Europe's it keeps coming. These two. These two entities go ahead. North Korea is now. According to experts, a nuclear power the most striking anyone with a nuclear warhead and at a time when this country in the world and allies are depending on stable, and clear sighted american leadership. The prize. The United States join you, if your three losing his grip on reality. That sets that's enough from these sexual predator media. Generally speaking, the left wing media. Now they're telling us that the present United States lost his grasp on reality, pennies and saying that he has dimension, and he has also pretty sick stuff and pushing the tree.
This amendment again I'll be right back She, the moron Joe Scarborough, three hundred twenty million people's lives, have been jeopardized by Iraq, and his around here by the failure past administrations to confront North Korea. Now. Now the lid media starts thrown around terms like Dimension Alzheimer's, when their millions of people exactly what you are pathetic. And now the lid media starts throwing around terms like Dimension Alzheimer's. When their millions of people in this country who suffer from this millions of mines are family. Members will have to deal with it,
oh yeah, why we must have them? Control must be unravel and maybe, as all time remember, and why why because they want you to have nothing but contempt for this president because they do they want, you did distrust everything as president does because they do. Really I've never seen anything like this. Ever the media. Absolutely shameful and deceitful what they do behind closed Doors ideologically and to each other, they disgusting, absolutely disgusting,. Over disclosed a breach of fifty seven million passengers in drivers records hackers acts Personal information like names and driver's license number of the drivers and names, email addresses and phone numbers of passengers. Though this brief,
was just recently announced. This personal information was actually stolen over a year ago. If you're, all monitoring your credit. Your identity can still be stolen and wage. It may not detect good thing. There's lifelong lifelike. It's a wide range of identity threats threat, you may miss by just monitoring your credit, like summits. Feeling from your for a one k argument, a crime in your name, then there's even if there is a problem, and you must pay identity, restoration, specialist, more work to fix it, no one can prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike help. You see more threats, your identity, gonna, lifelike, tat, Our call one eight hundred lifelike use promo code Levine. That's it easy iron pretend prison and off your lifelike membership visit lifelike dot com safe, ten percent now, by using my name livin in the promo code. By the way
I'm gonna dig into this sir tat stuff. That's going on our market, so boring! Really. Let me say that could affect most of you truly. If it's gonna fact most of you, twenty fifth amendment, just to show you what a more Anja Weisgerber was. The impeachment because of the constitution. You need a majority of the members of the house to vote to impeach and you need to think they super majority, the members of the Senate to convict and remove a president without getting into detail the twenty fourth amendment I'll do that on Levine TV tonight you need two thirds of. Members of the House of Representatives, ultimately there's a process but two thirds to serve and two thirds of the members of the United States Senate to uphold the removal of a president We need two thirds of our house and two thirds of the sun under the twenty fifth amendment under impeachment, you needy
simple majority. That is fifty ten plus one and two third in the Senate, so these it its don't even understand. If you really want to try and remove president, you go the impeachment rap that article twenty amendment twenty five, but then again we're too about starboard He's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one I believe
the only conservative staining who opposes what the Congress is trying to do on our taxes. That is the Republicans. No! No, when I can in half a low for eighty five percent and its better than nothing. That's all bs. I don't get it when we have Republican House and said in a republican present why we have to negotiate with ourselves and get half a loaf. It's incredible! It's not even Hafela! hey, what's going on this minute, the political centre Republicans of dry- the plan to create a so called trigger for tax hikes meant dissatisfied deficit hawks leaving the GEO peace scrambling to change its plan and whenever enough votes to pass their massive tax code over now, that's a loaded paragraph with in one run on sense. So Bob worker in morons, like him, have an idea. If we cut taxes
And the economy doesn't grows much as we think it should grow and our revenue into the federal government his eyes. We think we should. Then we should these taxes so but raise taxes economies and crying like it's supposed to groundbreaking revenue under the federal go. This is the deficit. Hawk deficit are really where's Bob porkers proposal for a slashing government spending. Why is it always on the revenue side? Were the revenues are lower than projected, but the spending. Restart it. Never stops a majority with John Corn and there's a loser said that proposal a true A raise tax rates of sufficient economic growth did not materialise, would not pass muster procedurally and would need to fight something else to satisfy the block of deficit ha called out led by Bob Corker. Since, when is Quarter a deficit hawk senator. What exactly has he done? Have you
I feel a pastor on the floor, the Senate to slash spending now. Doesn't look like the triggers going to work. According to the parliamentarian, says: corn eleven alternative. Frankly, a tax increase. We don't want to try to address. What's a tax increase, we don't want to do to try to address Is this guy now to speak English Corker is concerned. Each quarter at it, understanding is that the parliamentarian is ruled against it. So they're just going to automatically put tax creases and period they gonna put tax increases in period. Ladies and gentlemen, what the hell is this, what is it? You're, not gonna, be able to track your property taxes if the Senate gets his way,
you're not gonna, be able to deduct your state income taxes. If the Senate gets a toy, Christian on your mortgage, but don't worry your rage gonna. Come then what are you that's nothing to make up the difference, then after even here so called conserve as go on tv and talk about. We shall be subsidizing practices of the blue states in the red States, this is about subsidizing practices of states. It's not about blue states in red states. It's about individuals, great wealth and they want to keep or what they created, one of them who states red states have to do with it. You can leave yours Eight, if you pay, taxes are too high state taxes and so forth, and so on. What you gonna do leave them. Entry to avoid the federal income tax They want to trigger mechanism, the deficit hawks. You say rigour mechanism to raise taxes if we don't get enough revenue in to the insane.
The leviathan, that is, the centralized iron fist at federal government, so your be punished if. Revenues created by EU workers by the proletariat you see ever doing this to help middle class. This is nuts These people are morons. Notice the battles on the individual taxes, the individual side corporate side. We got that all figured out. Thirty five to twenty percent, where maybe it'll be twenty two percent. Who knows you got I'll be out- and I think my glee, but definitely Rubio leading the way- trying to get Democrats on board to increase what to increase the trial tax credit, Two two thousand dollars according to the circle nerds over there, the Wall Street Journal and change. They would increase the corporate tax rate. There was to be cut from thirty five twenty percent to twenty two percent,
So, of course, the Wall Street Journal noticed the name Wall Street and I have nothing against Wall Street, but it's not Liberty Journal or Capitalism Journal or Wealth patients rights the Wall Street Journal, but, of course the very angry about that. Basically the Wall Street Journal editorial page here? The circle nerves are a mouthpiece. The circle nerds mouthpieces, for. Whatever the: U S: chamber, of crony capitalism, what's open board There is an you know, all the rest of it. So there flipping Whether both wrong they're both rocket MAC Conservative it is Rational, it's not physically responsible to keep more and more people up attacks robs, which is exactly what rule beyond. I guess my clear promoting and The burden increases on the people in the
and on the upper end, should keep paying more and more and more that tax is not healthy. For a society went around fifty percent, the people pay, no federal income taxes and the other fifty percent. The bird at all of it is preposterous. And talking about trigger mechanisms and other. This is an attack caught not for the individual not for many of you are sitting are debating your future, whether you can afford to own your home what you're deductions you're gonna be, and in the end we get us for what they want, including when I just told you based on media reports, how the hell is, there's gonna end up highways A very important idea this they can you don't there were seven simplify this remember working over fair tax, flat tax? We do in a one postcard. Well, if you're not,
paying taxes that you're gonna get money back even DORA one postcard, but for the rest of us worse, grow. Why am I the only voice out here and major media challenging this? Well, the conservative it's gone. Why the hell are they. Why are they need a win? The Republicans need a win, the present needs, or when you want to win the be responsible, The sea, the american people about the Saviour supporters that there's some great Koran quote Math class tat. That's, what we're gonna throw the rich and here in this class warfare crack to talk up the country, talker capitalism talk up hard work and success and wealth. Agent, property rights,
sounding like saw Wednesday, but there's a piece of national review. What we, Reagan. Think of the GEO peace taxpayers. Now why do we keep talking about Reagan only because is the most successful president in modern american history. Any happens to have been a sob, conservative, I know there's a new book out there. Thank the guy's name is also Your honor, you don't owe me, was a nationalist populace and a protectionist. I don't eat away the rewrite crack or our friend picture Davis Heritage and telling us regularly protectionist really did he do some pretence close things. Yes, but he was a strong advocate of a free market, system. He is the father of laughter.
I gotta we, these intellectuals, inquires, intellectuals, writing absolute bs, further confusing the american people to the extent they read them, but this been Elliot was a pretty good people national Review he was. A White House be trader. Early on in the Reagan administration, and he was the direct the White House be training firmer. Eighty three eighty six and I reckon administration carry However, let me cut to the chase. Here's what he says. This is nothing like what Reagan would want it's nothing like what Reagan did Reagan had three core principle. And not one of them is on display. Her Reagan's first principle was to dedicate tax rate reductions to the american people. I know this up such poor. She got policy. Any circle nerds over there at the girl. But who cares about them? Reagan's first principle was to dedicate.
Tax rate reductions to the american people, individuals, first, cooperation, second- and by the way this is in the class warfare- think this was what Reagan The nineteen eighty campaign Reagan repeatedly told us audiences, where the Party of main street, not the party, the corporation boardroom and the country Club, set. Let's talk on the beat and the shopkeeper any did, but the night Jeanne eighty tax reductions or the nineteen eighty six tax reform focused on board rate reductions for individuals across the board. A twenty five percent, Putting millions of mom and pop enterprises that little engines that innovation and job creation that pay taxes, on their earnings for the individual income tax and represent over ninety percent of all small businesses. Corporations. Us a benefited from new incentives for research, development and the right to write off me. ITALY, new investments for equipment and technology, given
historical record, the most powerful economic boom in modern times. It is Startling to see today's Republicans throwing away Reagan's playbook, lowering the corporate tax rate from thirty five, that twenty percent is the new GEO peace is the GEO Peace New Alpha and Omega The large corporate tax cuts will be permanent, while the smaller tax cuts for individuals and families will be temporary. Supporting individual family small enterprises struggling against the ravages of Obama CARE, not to mention you There's a rising taxes and living costs would know. Earnings. Growth apparently, is a priority from today. Ethiopia's house and Senate violate these standards of equity and fairness in the Senate bill, which is being debated right now, Republicans claim that by slightly Loring rage and adjusting income ranges as well as doubling the standard action in eliminating the alternative minimum tax. They can ensure that everyone
receive a tactical or is the present described it. A huge pact cut for Christmas, unfortunately While taxes for most low and I income tax payers, we'll be decrease and that's not true, either I'll get to that in a second many men, an upper middle class pairs, will receive little or no tax relief. Someone even face higher taxes, MA Pop enterprises won't see the same tax cuts they corporations do and the eleven nation of several common deductions is aimed directly at the mass of people out there, the vast majority of them here are some of the items on the GEO p, trapping block their personal exemptions and four thousand and fifty dollars per taxpayer independent claimed on a return trot the deduction for interest on student loans chopped, it has sent a pill deductions.
State and local taxes, including property taxes, eliminated entirely. This is effectively double taxation, a tax on income people of earned, but apparently cannot keep. Registered core principle was to stop inflation from pushing people and a higher tax brackets over time. The saloon, She was simply the index all the brackets to the consumer price index. The GNP bills will index tax brackets in the standard deduction to a different measurement of inflation, the chained,
consumer price index, this rise is more slowly than does the traditional sepia eyes result. Taxpayers will move and a higher tax brackets faster, leading to higher income tax bills over time they have abandoned Jack Camp David banded. They have abandoned Ronald Reagan, have abandoned Bell Roth Camp wroth and Reagan I don't want you to figure that out. They don't want you to really know them. In fact, they push, aren't laffer out there in our body, they cut low out there in our body still more out there. This is a b plus she c b, plus no its. Not though it's not a b plus it's a mess. It's a mess, in my humble opinion, all men. I respect that happened in my view to be dead wrong about this. He said of slashed individual federal income tax rates across the board.
There are already having to say why tax cuts for the rich- the lives are always going to say that, even if the all the rich so called around it up and sent the gulags, though still say, hey back, I more rights than the other one that guy's got to. The other one. That's the way. The laugh works what are its in hard core communist regimes or in our soft tyranny. And where is the moral argument which Reagan used also make that this money belongs to you. And then everybody deserves a tax break. And that we should allow the government and politicians to turn American against America with these fictitious tax rates and these fictitious
his tax categories and groups or the middle class in the upper middle class and a lowering of oppression. This class in the other class in the upper class and the rich glass on and the poor class and we're not a country of classes were country of individuals, citizens. This bill is unconscionable these bills at their discussing truly unconscionable this some kind of a bizarre where they're still fighting over Hannah. I went to protect this and you have said in common. Insisting that if you get rid of the individual mandate, which they been campaigning on for years, Obama CARE, was enshrined. She says, Lamar Alexander Two Republicans and Democrats insist that we continue to subsidize the insurance companies in order to.
Subsidize individuals on the lower end of the economic scale, so their rates are much lower and your rates continue to go up and your taxes either go up, but they stay still. Always the debate always the debate about Medicaid welfare. Illegal aliens non citizens, and then they pay. This is for you, ladies and gentlemen. This is, for you know it's not it's screw, you I'll, be right back One of the premier historians on Ronald Reagan, his administration, Reg, or drained away from the central government and returned to the individual. His tax cuts were real tax cuts. They were about tat form, but they were also about Not the premier, certainly one of the premier historians, Ronald Reagan, his administration.
Unwanted power drained away from the central government and returned to the individual. His tax cuts were real tax cuts. They were about tax reform that they were also about governing reform. Man's relationship to the state. That's what was going on what is this? This mess were at the last minute, they're cutting D, rules on raising taxes, Vienna, this doesn't happen and so forth and so on. This is appalling, absolutely appalling. A committee and knucklehead puts the stuff together. Reagan saw the big picture, saw the big picture. Now they say we have the passes, we're gonna win, re election They look at the guy who one mass of landslides popular,
landslides electoral college landslide, I mean don't even understand that politics involved in this idiocy. I really doubt. There's an analysis done: they did. The Senate bill becomes the final bill, One third of the property owners in California, many of whom are republic, ends. Oh yes, are going to see significant increases in their taxes. Tens Billions of dollars in the aggregate- that's it Republicans in that house Republicans in the center of the Republic and president, nobody could be seen their taxes go up. Nobody.
I'll be right back new american revolution starts here: a clear then shall call it at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. If you're, like me, you're famous. Are going to them all as a kid was stopping by MRS Fields, probably be your favorite party holiday shopping this to something about that. First, soft by the perfect chocolate chip cookie just makes you feel like a little kid again. This holiday season, you can give your friends and family that same feeling of pure joy with a holiday gift arrangement from MRS Fields, MRS Fields cooking.
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rate gift in order for yourself to a right. Let's take a year, I, let's take somebody he disagreeable Jim Brooklyn New York, the Great W B GO marked, I'm with you seventy five percent of the time, but right now this time, Reagan's era. When we could look like. What do you want is a time like Reagan's their misery. Everyone here there was, the idea is wise will ever be another I got it. What does it time my cabin college here? What is time like Jefferson Zira? What do you mean by that? I mean by that? Is this that, in an era when conservative I haven't, has no leadership, in other words, using a talk show host. What's his name. I forget
He said who is the leader of the conservative moment? The I don't I don't know who you are talking about? I don't really care is no less. The conservative movement- and I ve talking about a leader in the conservative movement. I'm talking about rational tax policy, that benefit the vast majority, the american people, that is hey Ray SIMPLE, that creates jobs for people who don't have em that Ray this is wages for people who need a raise, mean. Well, it's not the same errors right and we know that. That's why we need the tax cuts, and you say this is irrational. What is irrational? This disparity plan that, where you get thrill, of course, its irrational there still fighting over taste, I shall we trigger tax increases are not trigger tax increases. You can't even figure that
At the eleventh hour that you shouldn't trigger tax increases, especially revenues are coming and because he economies not producing, you should be triggering federal governing cutting. That's what you should be triggering we'll take it thanks for your car, what the hell is he talking about, which I have no idea, we'll take it conservative leader of the conservative movement. It's not Reagan's here, it's not their side and the other we're talking about trying to come up with policies that will advance the cause of the com in person or our people. For that matter. People who earn a living should be able to keep most of what they create barriers Reagan's here? What does that have to do with Reagan's year? I'm explaining Reagan's tax cuts. That's a lot older than Reagan when we're talking about price property rights while just
yourself, something, ladies and gentlemen, when you get up at sixty six thirty in the morning, you're stuck in traffic for an hour and a half ago. A job here have hate and you are working to put food on the table. A family to pay. Your mortgage, maybe put some money aside for a pension. Little bit of money aside, maybe for vacation for the house. A little money aside for integration, for your kids to go to college telling you, here you know if the economies reducing the way we want to work and increase taxes, or you know that house you bought seven years ago, yes, we calculated it, we figured it out. We took a sharpen while no longer Property tax deductible, no longer your statement, contacts is rejected by no longer your interest, a doctor, but hey it's Reagan, zero! What's the problem? There's a big problem, not one of these buffoons ran for office based on that argument,
They said they were going to slash taxes, slash taxes, and now we get these fools or defending them here am, I guess, like rang answer, but what happened? What does that have to do than any we're talking about a policy that you want to put in place right? There will emerge. Our circumstances, but it's Is empty argue for summaries, Isn T always have we are here always progressive. Ism always worked, always advances. I point out Reagan, so people understand, although that guy doesn't that I'm not talking about abstract theories here, I'm talking about something that actually works. Great, twenty five million jobs. We had one quarter of GDP growth of over eight percent, followed by one of over seven percent, endless number of jobs created entrepreneurship
an american Reagan. Zero, more Herschel Lawson I guess- Nevada, the Gray Kate on K D W and go hey quicker using my car. I have been appointed for forty years Especially dealing in the area with the years, I will tell you that give tax clan penury these angry never mind. I ll tell you why I use you remember this too- that while the great implies my fingers, the Bible, comparing giant was that it was going to be. The premium was going to be about and when you add up Kate Stanley murder case. The jury has delivered.
The would rely less and less and less on government healthcare programmes go ahead, What middle class accessing Medicaid so the perfect? There is no big deal that period of three years. Her gift. Then a good eye slop one. Second, don't hang up with a shocking verdict in Cape Stanley, murder case. The jury has delivered a not guilty verdict. You believe this, MR producer, in San Francisco, of course not guilty. My reading this properly. Yeah, I don't. I don't know how you keep your finally around here. I really don't. I will really don't know how we mean.
So this illegal alien murders, Kate, slightly and a jury in San Francisco that may be part of the problem finds him not guilty not guilty. I cigarette ahead Ok about girl. I was saying that if we go back to the government when they were induced by long term parents that they would not embark on medication. There was a great enticement it. And I gave a line so what's gonna happen, what I'll bring you you're, not gonna, be able to get that long term care insurance premium, not only that they're not not be able to deduct their medical
premium later, but people who want to buy long term care they're, not gonna, be able to do it either. So you gonna have more more people gravitating more more government. Back all true Anko great grandmother, Graham There is a nursing home and it- all right you're, looking at black girl, forty thousand dollars a year, you're not gonna, be able to do it any. There was only going to can seniors who, for example, have a spouse nursing home. Now that is, they got the boy and the government has turned around and why the seniors and induce them to by all this long term care insurance and now they're going to die. There premium I guarantee you that the minimum a premium because for me
you don't insurance companies have gone out of business. You long policy for a husband and wife unaffordable. Five grand a year minimum premium, I want to repeat my wife, and I don't want to hear about our p. You should be on a european problem. Are perfect woman? I partly runs out of him. Ok, you pay the medical how big premium that's everybody's eyes are rolling over. Your point is that this is going to disrupt disrupt the gravitational people towards private long term care, they're, gonna gravitate towards Medicaid and more Medicare they're, not gonna, be able to afford private long term care policies and which really is depending on the poor.
I see and so forth is very important to think ahead. What's right, sir, I appreciate this is what I meant, or only when I said the Reagan. Tax cuts were not just about tax cuts; they are there. About reordering the individual's relationship? The government. This does that in a perverse way in the converse way. But don't worry, you gonna hear about blue states in so state. You file your income taxes, you gonna be thinking about blue states. No, I don't think so. You can be thinking about your income taxes, blue station on file, federal income taxes, you fire federalist contacts with those of us who pay sick a one other thing. I know this is politically incorrect. I'm sorry! I'm tired of the fifty percent of the people in this country who pay crap. All you know they pay apparel tat. I M not talking about payroll taxes from about federal income taxes No one of their hands are always know another always voting for Democrats. Why wouldn't they want more government, more health care
pray college in everything up then apparent crap for anything. The hours that massively distribution of wealth, fewer and fewer and fewer of us, and this mass of tax cut Pact credit, american history, even fewer people, They pay pal, paying the individual federal income tax, how much we can then go on the deck balloons. The spending expands works, aiming at imploding. At the same time, fewer and fewer people are responsible for paying a bigger and bigger, build its becoming increasingly possible I gotta hear about blue states in red state powers but do anything I'm the one
look out for everybody, no offense, no brag. Just fact, I'm the one. This is a compassionate choosing. Compassionate I'll be right back, listen up folks ever fabulous deal for you from my friends at Blind, Chirac. Hats Blinds t ye are dark her right now, we're cyber Monday, which goes all we hear. You get fifty percent fifty percent off your entire order, but Better hurry because the cell ends this week and I so he placed in order with certain other water from Leinster this time for plantation shutters. They sent me freezing
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Ye are that can't promo code mark Mary here we go Cates timely, as I recall after Sheepmen mortally shot tardy even said. Her father is leaning over her and her last words. Her father was help meet death. Can you imagine, being a father? Your daughter was shot when you're walking with your daughter. Next thing you know she's bleeding to death. Because an illegal aliens shudder leaning over her and she says, help me dad. You can't do a thing about it. You're losing your daughter right in front of your eyes and a jury. Is this.
Fox NEWS found Jose in their scar, see is a right to not guilty of killing Kate Stanley. She must have just died on her on peer. Fourteen in San Francisco and July, twenty fifteen of the trial. It sparked a national debate over illegal immigration. George reach the decision minutes ago in the sixties, deliberations have to first receiving the case last week. Stanley was walking with her father and a family friend in July twenty fifteen when she was shot, get shot. Collapsing under a father's arms Surat I had been released from San Francisco jail about three months before the shooting, despite a request brought by federal immigration authorities, to detain him for deportation. San Francisco, a sanctuary city where local law enforcement officials bar
from cooperating with federal immigration, size president trumpets threat, It was hold federal funding to cities with similar immigration policies, but a federal judge permanently block, Its executive order last week, one jerk appointed by Obama, one federal, agenda two thousand now runs our entire immigration system. Is that what it says in the constitution? Whilst Europe pays immigration status is what brought the case in the national spotlight. Jurors did not hear evidence about that, and it was not a factor in the trial of two twelve days of testimony dozens of witnesses. Today's closing arguments, the jury, had to decide whether stylish death with as a result of an active manner, the act of murder, quite tragic acts. I dropped the gun and it s one often happen a hit. The woman had slowly- and I I didn't mean it I dropped it went off.
And I just picked up- the gun was under a bench earlier in the day, the bailiff and core clerk Racine entering the jury room with a small YO evidence bag before retreating with it a few minutes later, a source so the courtroom confirmed the jury asked to see the gun used to shoot Stanley. Sir octane, its defence we maintain the argument that the suspect found the stolen weapon on the pier that day and it just fired and these fools bought. It marked, don't you believe in the jury system, I believe in the jury system. That doesn't mean, I believe, every Jerry, I believe in the justice system. It doesn't mean that justice is needed.
In every case the gun belong to a federal Bureau of Land Management Ranger and was stolen from his part car a week earlier. I just found it the bullet ricocheted on the peers, concrete walkway before it struck stylish, killing her Surat days. Did the shooting sternly bit says it was an accident help me daddy help me daddy the last words of this beautiful young daughter. I can't imagine it helped me daddy. She was playing his own secret version of russian roulette. They said. Just went off. He just happened to find a gun, but a bunch of crap I'll be right back,
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three! on one. This is a horrific decision. This timely murder case where an illegal aliens any repeated offended who just gets, had a jail and kills Kate Stanley You have to be really out your mind. I believe this argument, the gun- stolen a week earlier of the seat of a visa. Billy violating federal law. But you see-
The. The illegal aliens just found it under a bench who buys that. Then they Kate Stanley is killed because he's playing his own shorter Sure let the gun drops and it goes off and she's killed. In San Francisco proudly is a sanctuary city illegally violating federal law and a federal judge in California. Protecting. Another factor of cities like San Francisco of federal law were federal officials Asking local officials to detain these people so they can get a hold of them and then deport them this
Just offer it's absolutely awful. Absolutely awful I have some brightness force. This is in the ILO Times and we know the ally times never lies and President Trump is preparing. This calling to formally declared Jerusalem, the capital of Israel and all a review of the best way to move the. U S: embassy from TEL Aviv to official said Thursday actions that would reverse decades of youth policy in international peace, making efforts and could inflaming arab world. So you can see the lid crazy, crazy. It led media. The present in the United States, this Is turning out to be the best friend Israel's hat
He is an ambassador in Israel by the name of freedom, who's the best ambassador from the United States, Israel's overhead We ve been ambassador from Israel, India, the United States by the name, IRAN, Burma who's. The best ambassador freeze, the United States that Israel's ever had in the United States. And I can assure you, although leftists, are appalled by this, the damn cried parties, appalled by this, because the democratic parties now moved away from Israel, media have now moved away from Israel. Anything is one Donald Trump runs for reelection, which I assume he'll do he still will only get about one third tops of the jewish. What does my guess. Jerusalem, just even if you're, not jewish, that's it it's more
that this is a universal point. Jerusalem is the ancestral capital of the Jews. Thousands and thousands of years ago. Yet it is the only capital had American, I will not recognise in another country. Because we ve been blackmailed by the arab countries, we ve been black by the left in this country we ve been blackmail, and now you do an average gonna be rich and something- and yet is I was one of America's closest friends and allies. The idea that you don't recognize the city, that is its capital. As its capital, is appalling. Let me give you some examples and by the way, most of you, the programmes I did from Israel over some of the best programmes I ever did it wasn't because a major cause of the guests I had, could you never heard
some of the stories that they were telling some of the facts and history that they were providing you'll, never get it from this. For predators in the media. You just never will be. Government of Israel is being. In Jerusalem, the connection of Israel, is based in Jerusalem, governing activity. That matters is in Jerusalem. The prime minister's office is in Jerusalem, his cabinet, in Jerusalem, are embassy in TEL Aviv in TEL Aviv. Which is a significant drive from Jerusalem. He thought bastard, has to do in order to do business. Government of Israel. Since the
she's in TEL Aviv, we pay for apartment at the king, David Hotel in Jerusalem, Where he has to stay to conduct, business during the week and any goes back to her see and TEL Aviv, that's how in saying this is he's not secure their he's not protected there. It's a hotel, so we go Through this game, this fan dance, which is really not just disrespectful. It is outrageous to our closest or one of our closest allies, so here We have Donald Trump, who was trash all day to day trips, stage insane as having dimension Alzheimer's he's gonna it war with North Korea Doll. You can't trust him with a note here. He is dealing with north,
we are dealing with a ran and deal With this injustice of the refusal to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of the Jews. We would never do that to the saudi Arabian. We would never do that to the Egyptians We don't have a door to the Iranians. We don't even. The North Koreans based This is our capital. We recognise their capital so the Chinese saying what the Russians say. What the Cubans is preposterous. So this is historic and look how the Ella Times twists as we ve In decades of youth policy in international peacekeeping efforts that couldn't flame arab world, the primary
If Israel is hated by the left he's hated by the Democrats, he was hated by Obama he's hated by carry why Netanyahu hated by them, because he's It is clear: we're not divide getting up Jerusalem, Jerusalem is high capital. It was our capital base. Or there was a palestinian Liberation Organization or power steady and authority. There was art, I put all before there was an egyptian capital or Jordan or a Saudi Arabia or a Kuwait or any of the rest of it. It was our cap- before there was in America. We're not going to divide up Capital anymore than America would divide up. Its capital are breaking with divide up its capital and so forth, and so on the panel stay, the entire Arabs they gave them sounds the name palestinian. I explained before why it sounds like what
Alice Stein. They were better ones. The vast majority of them lived in Jordan, Proper George a creation of the Brits the bridge, effectively the boundaries. But you're, is almost any creation of anybody and then there's the city, a David which is at the foot of Jerusalem. They're, doing archaeological excavations, now they're, finding things that are three thousand years old, thirty two hundred years old, that actually support aspects of what's in the old testament. There's nothing there about the Palestinians. There's nothing on the Temple Mount about the Palestinians. There's nothing here.
Washroom wall about the Palestinians. There's nothing in the Bible about the Palestinians bidding there's nothing in the core ran about the Palestinians being there. But you know, ladies and gentlemen, we need peace. This is going to inflame the arab world. The media want to inflame the arab world. The media are sick, absolutely sick, so the article goes on somebody by the way is leaking out.
White house they need of his slap now. I don't know who it is, but I mean they're turn about meetings. The White House hosted a high level meeting Monday to discuss plans for transferring the embassy to the ancient holy city to discuss a deadline Friday. That requires the administration to notify Congress every six months at a well ordered the moon. The way this would technically work is at first, you recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and then you eventually move the embassy to the capital of Israel. Oh my courage or destroy peace, the goat O, my lord, the Palestinians claim control. They claim control of the holiest Jewish, cite the holiest of the holy, your site, included. The western war? They claim they upstairs on what premise? On what basis the Temple Mount is the point
he said the first jewish Temple and this second jewish temp first set in the Jews or even wanted to go up there to pray They're not even allowed to pray we'll get arrested if they do there's your motion, Diane. Member, the guy, the general, with the eyepatch, the six day war. They took Jerusalem, they took it so fast the motion. Diana is where we are going to react, cannot be kept. Pray there given here, pray there. That's like telling Muslim Decamp pray in the Medina or MECCA. Now these areas are under the control of the israeli government. Had they blow any them up? They blown up any these muslim sites. They blown up any christian sites. Now, when the Jordanians control it
They block everything of synagogue, untruth and they destroyed the churches. Look at Bethlehem, Bethlehem,. His Bethlehem, not a christian city, you dont today, Bethlehem palestinian city is a muslim city. On whose say so while I say so so it is. Touch their surrendered, so the Christian have no court on quote history in the Middle EAST, let alone Jerome from the Jews have no history in the Middle EAST. Today S, America or the West Bank. That phrase from the nineteen forties, the West Bank, the West Bank of Jordan, each Judea and some area. Look at that in the Bible and by the way
I'm, not a bible thumper. I don't know a lot about the Bible, I'm telling you the history. We talk about american history, which I feel I am an expert on look at an ancestral history, all that's occupied territory, even in nineteen sixty seven, the armistice agreement. These lines were not permanent paper temporary. In order to stop the Israelis from conquering the rest of the Middle EAST effectively, they were attacked while they weren't attack, they were cut off, they would provoke Nasser and the others, and so they struck out And they were expected to lose lose badly, but they on, and they want Bigley same with a second or that followed the Yom Kippur war when they were attacked on all sides.
They're not gonna, give Jerusalem back it's their capital, it was their capital thanks,
thousands of years ago. They have a burial site there, a burial site there, the amount of olives where people you read about in the Bible are buried in the amount of olives right there. You know how it happened when the Jordanians control they destroyed most of the of the senator your ass. They did. They build a hotel right in the middle of it right in the middle of it. Tommy have the Jews build a hotel in the Temple Mount Tommy. Have they turn the mosque on the Temple Mount into a moratorium or anything of that now their respect for the Palestinians, the Muslims, the Arabs,
you can visit their sights. Christians can visit. There are sites, the Jews visit their sight. It was never the case before, but it is amazing how the Jew shoot me. How to Christians have been pushed out of the Middle EAST? They been pushed out at every single arab country. How many Christians are in the Middle EAST. Where was Jesus Was he in the Middle EAST? Yes, he was The middle- you wouldn't know it: how about Abraham Isaac Jake Moses? Where are they there in the Middle EAST, a you're? What now, what. Now, Yasser Arafat he's the guy and his uncle. The nazi collaborator is the Nazi collaborated. What Donald Trump is doing here is so historic, assuming they follow through with it so historic that
meeting on waving. The ninety. Ninety five law that requires the? U S, to move the embassy stretched to ours and Trump stayed for nearly half of that she the surprise of senior officials who are attendance at this meeting. Crash the meeting with his own detail, the general. According to a person familiar the White House, deliberation see somebody opposed. This meeting is leading to the media, hoping that, Somebody will stop it. Maybe MR matters at the fence department, maybe MR tell us that the state Department or their buddy Bob Court, Wrong way, Bob infamous arabian deal the scheduled three minute meeting on waving the ninety ninety five law that requires the EU to move the embassy stretched to ours and Trump stayed for nearly half of that. She, I didn't think tromp was engaged through intelligent or whatever you know there was report. Drudge put it out there that I met with a
president. I wasn't supposed to was a social many. You know during the entire meeting with the present, I'm not gonna get a detail. He was asking the question. What do I think about this? When I think about that? What do I think about this? He was enormously inquisitive enough obviously inquisitive. He wanted to know what I thought about all these different issues that he's doing with that. Joe Scarborough, Mr Deliverance over there. This is a big deal. I feel too big deal for America. It's a big deal for history I'll be right back
sang Wretch Television is on the way I know they want admitted, but with all these leaks it would appear to be any oughta be on the way he is a lousy secretary of state. I am one of those who thinks James Baker was a good sectors state. I think he was a lousy, sectaries state to which has had a great president who knew her power does he wanted. This is from the New York's limes White House has developed a plan d for satisfactory state rex. W television was relationship, a peasant trump has been strained, and we basin with my palm pay. I, like my palm pale. We so far this year, direct, perhaps within the next several weeks, senior administration officials and on Tuesday Palm pale with people
this year by senator time. Cotton. I like time, cotton for the most part. Who has been a key ally, the present national security matters go to the White House plan. That is, nobody would accept. The driving forward said the officials. System, anonymity as their linking like hell. That would be an upgrade pale over the State department and cotton over the sea. I, like it I shall return. The establishments worst nightmare mark love then call now eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, you know not many colleges claim their one hundred
sign financially independent from both federal state governments. In fact, I can think of only one college in the entire country that refuses government funding of every kind, not one penny Helstone College, why? Because government money comes with strings and hills, their refuses to have governor bureaucrats dictate what and how they must teach or run their campus from the beginning. In eighteen, forty, four He also provided a world class education that upholds America's founding principles and preserves the blessed of civil and religious liberty, everything snow dust from the financial, hey that ninety seven percent of students received the completely free online courses at offers. You depends on it. Various donors who recognise the worth of independence, financial freedom, that's the key, Deserves the integrity and excellence of a hills, the liberal arts, education, attracting the nations
I just students and scores of fields of study, for music to biology to business hills. They'll college teaches their students to pursue truth and defend liberty. This is why, My wife Julian. I decided that hill still college would receive my really very rare copy of the federalist papers. As you know, the Federalist papers were essays, but they were put together in book form and five hundred copies were ordered by Hamilton, because the constitution was on the brink of losing in a number of states, New York Virginia and Massachusetts, three big states that they had to have obviously and so Hamilton put in order
And it was very expensive and took a lot of time to produce them, so they did it as quickly as they could five hundred copies and fifty copies a foreigner. Fifty copies were kept for New York and fifty copies were sent for Virginia. I happen to have one of these copies. What had happened? A habit I acquired and its one of the more beautiful copies ideas and in half Stanley condition, and I went to this event at Helstone College, where they, where my dear friend Larry, are in the presence of hills to college and his staff as well as many of their supporters, were in the room. It was in the. It was enough for his Washington DC had their constitution centre and I was intending to lend them my copy for two years, and they built this beautiful, secure room. That would include the document. The book.
And as I walk through it, then I saw the facility- and I saw my dear friend Larry armed with a big smile on his face from ear to ear, and I went up to the before I went up the potent my whispered to my wife. I'm gonna give it to them, and she said I agree one hundred percent and went up to the podium announced. I was giving the my copy of the Federalist papers and its there right now on display at the Helstone College, wonderful, beautiful constitution, Central Massachusetts have Washington Dc- can make it up by me. Go look here and I hope you will- and this is one of the reasons I hope you'll learn a whole lot more about Helstone College. Learn about
Helstone College helps us or they become better, more independent citizens and how you can help Helstone College further freedom at Levine, Free Hills, Doub outcome, that's how I e the iron for hills. Do that come while the programmes or almost over and what were they live in programme, be, if I don't mention the ETA, and why did I mentioned that the Eagles were leading the enough see? Did I mention that MR this is a Steelers fan. What's the record of the Steelers Bellamy, nine into aid into. And what's the record of the Eagles again wish to produce at nine in one ten. In one hour, just saying, while the Steelers united to illegal savary, tougher road here they have to play, see out on the need to play the rams, which are very good. You know I gotta bring my Buddy Stephen I on we beneath
going back and forth and right away, as you know, ESPN is losing as union their subscribers. Do you know that rating of Stephen S programme is up. Seventy percent earlier sounds like Markel events ratings. Quite frankly, yes began com sources. Nfl agrees to commit eighty nine million dollars over seven years to social justice causes not to liberty causes not the private property causes, not the constitutional causes, but so justice causes. So you gonna take eighty nine million dollars out of the private sector. You, the customer, repays and use it for a left wing events, call them social justice clause, and this is how they hoped by silence and they're. Not gonna, buy silence had never work, the NFL. Any group of play is reached. An agreement in principle last night to part on a plan to address social justice issues considered important in Africa,
american community sources tardiness and why just african american communities. The social justice, no race, no skin It's either social justice, her! It's not! a conference call Wednesday night, Malcolm Jenkins and Aunt Connie Embolden, who led roughly forty play We have negotiated with the legal office about demonstrations during the national anthem. Guided the group, through the highlights of the package which weapon Hence the edifice largest contribution to a social issue. Passing these salute to service or breast cancer awareness, crucial catch. The partnership came a day after some players broke away from the players coalition because of their dissatisfaction with how Jenkins involvement handle negotiations. Commissioner, rod
get out. You know. Let me just stop here. This guy's got occur if the NFL has any hope, any chance of the owners have any hope any chance. This lightweight has to go this self serving self enriching, lightweight ass. They go he's a disaster. He's a disaster. The agreement does not include language calling for players to end protest or in the national anthem, in exchange for a fine there's, no implicit quid pro quo the NFL hopes this effort will effectively and blah blah blah they're, not even getting anything out of their. Not even this is it management. This is a joke. Here the scandal started with the NFL as an interim and work. This way all the way up, the commission and that's the problem. You need aid, the old Sea Yoda the NFL. It is a big business in this guy's, a big failure to big fraud, a big foamy, Roderick Adele,
the press conference, you all in the community in the community this in the community that, because some do for pr type whispered in his talk about the community, not the union that the players, union, either way? Why do multi millionaires and sports need a union out I'm cheers about this. How many multimillionaires. Have a union. You have a union that blue collar workers, the brick lairs electrical guys upon my guys. The drivers, if even have a union, millionaires and sports have a union and independent contracts. I've never understood this. Give agent Now I have a union to end, yet I'm an independent, I'm unemployed, their bottom independent, I don't know, how my union does either grab my money and probably support liberal Democrats for office grab. My money, I don't want anything to do
the union, but I have to be a member of the union in order to broadcast, because these broadcast companies that's the deal they cut with these guys. Maybe I should take a knee on that could be taken me in a window. Let's, Let us go to Jim, LOS Angeles series, satellite hurry user. I'm awake or you with us the I went there I can hear you go right ahead, sir. Say it. I'm a doll. The illusion whether all kids, finally yeah a verdict. The morning was completely wrong? Guy not only was it. He enabling oil human loved each other like or by times previously, also is the greatest but by reading them down
in addition, thought when I was a drug related crime. I beg you to go but they are human beings it either. Kyle with Billie Holiday. I could not agree more earlier about US dollars a sanctuary now in Cyprus, how do I know, there's four five hundred of them and right away? I remember reading that the governor browned, I think, you should be. I think I'm gonna created Sanctuary city sanctuary from my laws against the second amendment. So we can do this to I've talked about before how about we have a mayor somewhere. That says you know what I mean Sanctuary city on this a moment. Anybody who opposes the laws are being passed. The court decisions such an so city where a sanctuary city when it comes to that one.
Gonna nullify these court decisions to go away, I used to go and get a gun If not an ETA God, whether legal or have they got unity. They found a sorry. We know all the facts, we know we know we know, and what was done here was a horrific injustice in the year, I'm sure the political each run. San Francisco were thrilled there throughout that they are. Century city status isn't going to be a change because of a federal judge that they can continue to get federal funds. While they thunder knows that the feds an illegal aliens, including illegal aliens who commit other sorts of crimes. Were the feds are trying to get them will get no cooperation under the city of San Francisco. You not. This means it means- and I talked about this generally the other day, the demographics now as such, with respect to ethnicity that you have these cities like San Francisco and other cities,.
That are so heavily that the politicians rely so heavily for votes from certain ethnic communities. They they dare not. Anything that might be seen as offending and ethnic community and, of course, in all that, They are stereotypical in the way they think, but that's what liberals do and so there not a political solution to this, and so the in fact politicians go the other way. They reject the law they would. Law and order. I Jim thank you for equal, develop them down the road and now in future, show because I think it's critically important Gordon in Ohio, trucker, serious satellite hurry use her great marks, your service in your voice. You educate lot of us out a truck driver if pull up to an intersection and a drunk drivers. August a red light runs into my truck and killed himself. If I am not absolutely current with my book, I automatically go up for me
water, because they say is I would legally there. If I'm not her with my wife within fifteen minutes- and they said, I should not have been at the intersection. This guy should not have been in the country What are you the gun would have never been picked up. He is guilty. They definitely got it wrong. A definite IRAN and gone controllers out there, all the left us out there. You won't Billy. Haven't talked much about this case www thirty one march, the higher landmark, because it saw if he's not guilty,
discriminating against soulless truck drivers out yourself. Well, there's no taste, they went without alumina, how you would bring a case but anyway. So thank you for your a few comments on this issue. The court say the court discriminates against truck drivers headed fist, penning gonna happen right, that's continue. I have to make a big decision right now, mexican or italian food. What am I going to eat for dinner mexican? Her time? Italian. The way my wife is looking at me, we'll be right. Back
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I spent a lot of time on this to give it the best quality programming. I possibly can it it's not an overlap of radio, maybe a little bit from time to time, but I try and make it is unique as possible That's why we have so many people who want to participate and you can check out our facebook site to live in tv, Facebook, Lavinia we face, but there's a great young man who runs at his name is chase, may have heard of him before and we ve got the great kids over their workin on a two Stephen and so forth, and that is where number of our young folks are in fact responding to. I think we have like three hundred to four hundred thousand followers over there already so check us out, get your mug just use the word holiday: that aid for four Levine TV, Promo code holiday I know you're gonna love it. I really do that's. Eight four or Levine TV eight for food.
Having tv or you can visit live in tv dot com, that's Levine TV that deletion. Go quickly or suggest me very fast. It goes very fast when we're not stuck in the sexual harassment, the swamp, and I wish they stop saying on capital. Here we have set sure, harassment, training, Don't have sexual harassment, training, you have anti sexual harassment, training, anti sexual harassment, training Dallas, Texas, the Great w b I pay go back, you mark you talk to you again. That fact just go the other illegals like that. They should put the jury members and, like we have here in Texas. If you violate the state law as they affect all of these data, does your unrest and we need put other guys together,
are you saying you one o arrest, I'm confused in taxes, We just have to find who are you saying? You went to arrest the during the Arabic according to the state law, thanks for your car. This is cookie stuff, ok So we should arrest the jury according to stay to state law. Come on add you know better than that Well, ladies and gentlemen, we ended on a high note. As always, We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person check out Levine TV tonight. I will back on the radio tomorrow have a wonderful wonderful evening, and God bless you.
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