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The Democrats and media are waging a nonstop campaign to convince the American people that President Trump is somehow mentally unfit for his position. Sen Cory Booker should receive Golden Globe for being the greatest mental patient, after his performa...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody marketing year, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one: one wasn't that fund on Kennedy, tv on flax last night, you gotta watch it's all over the internet. If you haven't, we posted on social media as well. I ate
each day that goes by gets waiter, and where do we have a doctor for the President of the United States spends about an hour in front of the microphone at the podium sending off questions by these deranged reporters were the dock turn the president's in excellent health and weakening it into this, because I have been there been tracking how the how the media have tried to. Create the impression among the american people that the president is the range is mentally ill. Now is a racist before that he was colluding with the enemy, the Russians and on and on and on also, I think, the air, the golden globes, an Oscar awards for the greatest mental patient, actually goes to Korea Booker. This guy is an incredible demagogues and the democratic, demagogic race,
Democrats, always demagogue, one part of our history. They demagogue grace against black people in the most outrageous ways. Now they just demagogue race generally, but they can. Debate issues. They have agenda in dealing with the problems that Americans face Why do ensure that America remains a magnificent economic and military superpower? None of that some other about so we're gonna start with Senator Coy Booker, who is an absolute amber. This meant to New Jersey, but New Jersey is so blue. He'll be the senator for his arms. He wants to know what he's doing of courses positioning himself to be present. The United States. Listen to this maniac and that's exactly what he is caught. One go. This idea that the commander in chief of this country, who, with broad brushes talk about her
Nations and thus cast a shadow over the millions of Americans who are for those community I well. I M gonna have to take this guy apart. My ancestors from Russia. They escape that Hell home. They escaped the pogroms, Russia where people were being brutalized. Ah, I have no affinity toward Russia, none whatsoever from an American, my family. The generation before my family, assimilated into this country. It's called americanization people are to escape these helmholz these assholes and for damn good reason, their smart and coy book. It would, We support sending these people back to these helmholz.
Casting a shadow on Americans who are from these places. This is what coy Booker. Once you I believe this is what a demagogue does. This is the lowest form, a propagandizing he's a discreet, and he thinks this will carry amended the oval office, the Democrats Let's have gotten together and their back added again go ahead. If you could even saying your testimony, the Norwegians work were preference by him because you're so hard working I'd like excuse me. Let me finish, stop cause. She never said that And he's parading this woman, who is these secretary of change, has of excuse me a dangerous homeward. Security- and you know damn well if he were republican berating, a Democrat who has a female cabinet secretary, the left wing cook, women's organizations will be full throated attack,
thing the media would be attacking about how this male was attacking this woman you'll see none of that on tv tonight. None of it had. Let me. Through our connection of why that matters. I'm sure you remember the six words from our present the six words that he said: after Charleston Virginia last summer, people marching with tv, tortures and hate when you said there are very fine people and saw knowledge, not what he was up. There was talking of their very people on both see now this will go down as lore, even though its a complete fabrication. He met people who supply leaving the statues there and people who oppose them. He didn't mean that and in the NEO Nazis, and he never said that. He never said that, but Korea Booker once our president to have said that current Booker one
our president to be a now. Why am I saying this because he's creating a fiction? This is what the left is doing. The demagogues, that's what they're doing, the President, the United States, with respect to Charlottesville, never said. There's people on good side look teeth is good and the clans got there's people girl outside. That's not what he said. That's not what he meant, and this demagogue knows it, but it doesn't matter, go ahead, Very fine people on both sides, when the can Andrew and Chief speaks or refuses to speak. Those words system dissipate like missed in the air. They fester they become poison.
Licence to bigotry and hate in our conversion and has never given licence to bigotry and hate in our country. How did he do that bigotry and hate in our country Go ahead, I know you're aware over two thousand seventeen jail report that found- and I quote out of the eighty five violent extremists incidents that resulted in deaths in September, twelve, two thousand and one far wing violent extremists groups were responsible for seventy three percent. Now let me stop there. I don't want that sure not. What is the point far right, Isn't it interesting? They throw conservatives in the far right they throw the republican base in the far right. They throw tromp supporters in the far right, they're talking about violent militia groups, clansmen NEO now
CS the kind of people who set up websites attacking me. What does that have to do with any of us? Nothing. It maybe be called Booker is aware that one hundred million People, the last century, were slaughtered as Result of people Koran quote on the far left called marxists. She aware that, Or maybe he's aware that his political party lesson a hundred years ago was responsible for lynchings his political party anyway, going up look where they take us Let where this debate it for no reason whatsoever, none whatsoever. This is where we are, because this is how the Democrats get their base.
This is how they get out very voters. This is how they destroy a republic in administration. Go ahead. When I go through the black fell from the South nominate Lana black churches ignore what what what there's a black belt in the south have you ever heard of them, MR producing there's a black. When I go to the blackmail of the sea, the new phrases their creators are white. Bear What is it with this? This race bathing in this racial ism in this magnificent country just never ends, because the politicians cannot tolerate. They cannot tolerate peace among people they'll, never tolerate it, especially the democratic party. Especially the democratic party that thrives on their lives on the end after Corey Booker's gun, with his with acting role. Here, I guarantee it This time they go into the back room and they smilingly. They should.
Each other's hands? What a wonderful performance a wise and there, the cameras, just all enrolling unrolling for a jerk. Like this. That's right, I said it. A jerk like this go ahead turn about jihadis islamic terrorism. We watched between towns, From New York, the DOW, but since nine eleven eighty five violent incidents, seventy three percent or with people that whole bigoted hateful ideas about minorities, but this is interesting to me. What is this point there, since nine eleven? Is he trying to deflect from the jihadi? What what is his point there Ladys and Joe. It's quite perverse, don't you think, and what does this have to do with the President Dhaka the President's comments which are Yes, that there's some countries that are better than others. Some cultures
better than others. Some societies are better than others are we wouldn't have immigrants and we wonder refugees now what we this anyway? Can I. That our society is better than this society and Syria regime regime. Does anybody deny that our society is better than the Society North Korea raise your hand if the Democrats don't believe that than the Democrats don't believe in constitutional republicanism a democratic, not believe and individualism and liberty, then the Democrats do not support humanity. And maybe this is why they support the constant centralisation of government, massive taxes, redistribution of wealth, the bastard philosophy, Progressive ISM access? Maybe now we understand why they have such high tolerance.
For that ideology. That's why? Perhaps at its time that we make the case that Corrick worker does See a difference between North Korea and the United States. Corey pocket doesn't see a difference between. Zimbabwe in the United States, Corey Bugger doesn't see a deference, between IRAN and the United States. Those societies are magnificent, apparently just like eyes. If that's his position, then he should wear. It Then he should wear it cut to go commander in chief in an oval office needed referring to people from african countries. Patients with the most vile and vulgar laying out we did. He. Never is the word people. There is Corey Blocker project
his own stereotypes under the present the United States. He called those countries assholes just like gee. Graham, I called a number of countries, including Mexico, how house? Because many of these countries are. Many of them- are run by genocidal maniacs like in Venezuela or fascist billionaires, who still from their own people like Russia. Of course, we make a distinction between societies in cultures. We want nothing to do with or Be like those societies and cultures, but Corey Book I says now said: oh at TAT, age Genocidal regime in North Korea is to attack the people of North Korea to attack a genocidal regime in Venezuela, a social
paradise no less, is to attack the people of Venezuela to attack the a communist regime in Cuba that press sixty years has beaten up their own people. People trying to get to this country anywhere they can is to attack the people of Cuba. Mr Booker you're, real snake. That's what you believe you shouldn't be a senator you caught up in your own propaganda. Go ahead, vote language festers when ignorance and bigotry is allied with power, it is a dangerous force and shut you any it Who the hell, you think you're talking to the American people haven't. I q that's a little higher than the average leftist. I can tell you that we know what took place here you're spinning around story, you lavishly we're looking in the mirror all morning practising you're, you're, demagogic speech,
The president is none of these things. He said none of these things and the it states the North Korea. How dare you compare the United States to Venezuela? How dare you compare the United States to IRAN because effectively that's what you're doing you're putting down the American people you're putting down they history, this country, why black brown? Whatever I'll. Be right back restore this point, because it is an overriding point when you listen to the Bulgarian with these people are signed by the way you never allow this homeland security sector They'll send a word goin. His his attacks on air.
If it is their position and clearly is and by the way it's Romney's position, Lindsays position, z grandma tweets and in their comments that there is no difference between societies. See what they really mean. Is there no differences between unalienable human rights? but there is so lacking in literacy in historical knowledge, Even about their own country, in their own declaration of independence, for like Romney Lindsey Gram, say what they say and demagogues. Durban and Shimmer, and this clown Booker. They don't even care. If it is the position of the Democratic Party, the position of the media in this country. All societies and cultures are alike, then
I can't? We deport people back to their societies and cultures. If it is the position of these people that all societies and cultures are alike, then why do we have refugees coming into their country and seeking to come into this country? If it is The position of these people that all societies and cultures are alike, then why don't they? education in these countries. Why? you, gotta Syria and as well as an you name it on down the list.
Has never been the official position of this government that all societies and cultures are alike. There have always been quotas, racial quotas, quotas on how many people can come into this country from what regions they can come and so forth, and so on. The goal was to be fair, the thing to do with race, but the Democrats can't help it. It's in their dna tonight raise a political issue that tear this country. Apart to rip it's hard out. Obama did it coy book or does it determines going it touch? we're doing it. The media are doing it. This is a magnificent country with great diversity, and yet what let us together, the glow that keeps us together is our culture.
Our society, that civil society americanization and for a fool like my book to go on and on and on is the one who needs of psychiatry than the worst way, in my opinion, just based, but my observation. Apparently we can all do this now to make the case that America is no better than hey that America has no better, North Korea, then, There is no better than Venezuela is a man that ought not represent this country from any stay. Any time I'll be right back then show where we create the talking points corner now. Eighty seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one and all of this is built around
fabrication by a known liar may without an ounce of integrity, little Dick Durban little determine the great state of Illinois, the land of Lincoln and the land of little Dick Durban. Here Kirsten Nilsen, These sector, homeland security is question by Patrick lay. He somebody welcome up shots from star, it's an was back in and he sat up and he had some questions cut three go now we could even lovers. President drunk report said the most vulgar. Racist thing. I've ever heard president, neither party other. I first of all, he must not be familiar with Lyndon Johnson of the great society.
Not be familiar. They heard some of the most vulgar vile things. A president of either parties ever said. What that certain countries are as whole country. Now this guy's been in the Senate since the roman Senate, so he starts off a bold face why his own colleagues. Mexico, a hellhole not once but twice and other countries south of the boy. His great President Bush No house Benito Obama called Libya and asshole. So we know this guy's a clown go ahead, Any further republican democratic hunt raising even so,
now. If this guy is this guy on an iron long or something, I'm just curious. What does he need one please? Terrific work- and there has been some- maybe Every word maybe then secretary, you were in the room here on earth. It present tromp view this is a man who has spent DEC its smearing, conserve its worth its Bob Bork Clarence, Thomas, multiple other conservatives who came before the Judiciary committee. This is a man who has leaked to the media, However, her time and again for Robert Bird. To be their leader of their side or the other he's offended. You see he's offended.
The widest man in the Senate, from the widest state in the country is very offended. You see because he's never heard words like that, not from a single Democrat or report Never heard words like asshole countries. The whole country has to be dragged through this Democrat. Acted fiction in order to destroy the republican president, who they hate. So now is a racist and yesterday was mentally ill and the day before that it was colluding with the Russians. Analyses he's dating porno stock as it is. It is so disgusting what these clowns you're doing. This is a show trial. That's all! It is You don't care that this woman's in front of this committee, their beauty, this woman there accusing this woman of things, but it doesn't Cause she's a republican woman and a republican administration, sure Democrat woman, a cabin
sector in a Democrat administration, none of this a tolerated, none of it guide, or a substantially similar work to certain countries, It did not hear that word use. No, sir. Danny. She said she did not hear that word used got it. I wondered embryos, programmes I knew them. They use. Want racism. I mean I want to accuse him admiration Gagner with my teacher coming loose Why did she say? Oh yes, go ahead, enclosure, Use anything similar to that describe her words. Shall I did he ever used the word countries available how my chain, hey migration, hey my rage,
I've never heard anything harbouring Confrere Democratic Republic of Congo, hey migration, go ahead, trees, The conversation was very impassioned. I don't to dispute that the president was using tough language. Others in the room were also using tough language was months. If I could on sectoral. Let me ask you: this man was the present United States using cigars how does the present United States following the internet, I'm just asking? No Tommy now how leave it there go ahead? Please acts believe and which this came up was the concept that the present We'd like to move to a merit based system. I'm talking about, trying to my word ash whole countries through various countries.
My words ash whole countries through various countries, ogre language. Referring to certain The president use tough language in general, as did other congressmen in the room. Yes, sir, well, I'm way to impeach him. Patron Page twenty place, a monk We're gonna shutdown government see what are we gonna do keep the boy there is wide open gave a legal I mean undocumented immigrants. For then I gave em citizens share a where's one. Peanut butter sandwich around here, cat forego downgraded Haiti? El Salvador Africa country were
I start with africa- is not a country unit with its a continent, hello, hello, Africa, hate. Do we get to see the medical examinations of members of the Senate, including psychiatric examination? You think the skyward path. How many fingers and my holy up senator where her On my right hand, how many fingers on my holier, where you right here Sherman now I had tried to have some ability the man, China and others, That's enough. This is such an embarrassment, and now we get too little dick turban. Another cause I'm Dickie Durban, as he must. But here
the mark Levin show for a decade and a half, we call them what he is little Dick Durban. And so little Dick Durban is up next, the man who allied the man who led the man who is a liar and now the whole country needs to follow a little determine into Durban. In Wonderland, cut five go I'm sector. I hope you remember me. We were together while wow what a challenge- I don't remember you we, the homeless guy, staining, can't say how much guy, what are you a capitalist pig their homeland and where the way you the worthy Unhoused it gives a guy why edge to gender specific. Oh, in a short little feller can't say short, I go ahead sector. I hope you remember me,
We were together two meetings last week. I would like to ask you about one of those meetings: it occurred about noon on January, the eleventh yours you mean it's late? I know, forgiveness but recall at the last minute to come and attend, and now what is it here is a very poor slip and for lorries he's trying to impress you all with his memory of events. Is you showed up? A few minutes later remember that, and you ask forgiveness, missed everywhere you staring at her ass. She walked through the door. Not I mean I just where you were you. I'm calling her when she walked to the rule of law is pointing out. My memory is just silos. Classically may really is go ahead. Some things were so that that meeting, which I believe we have to address today, people across
states and around the world want to know what this you idiot. I can't even stand your voice. Fred Thompson was right about you. Not an ounce of integrity in that putrid body of you That's right, I said it going on here? Ladies and gentlemen, where actually having a hearing whether Democrats are trying to prove that the present United States as racist based on this man's problem. Which to other senators deny he likes it that oppress them. Goes out and has a press conference now at a hearing on it. This poor woman is sooner. Do you remember me? I do you're the guy. There was sitting in their without your pants. You remember me: we were in the meeting you showed up late. Remember I was staring at her. Oh yes, yes, I remember you you're kind of perverted I don't mean I mean yes, I remember you go ahead should be our priorities. When it comes to immigration, I'm going
ask you as best you can do recall what you the presidency when it came to I've had enough. I, what do you think this is, ladies and gentlemen,. They're doing their little LE little run through you see, Each man doing the little run through on impeachment, even though the Senate is the place which tried They're doing a little run, throughs saying what flies how far the media will go with and which will be right to the edge of the earth. That's what's taking place, It was nothing but an effort to character, assassinate the president from day. One. Durban went in there with the goal of trying to destroy the president blocked the darker thing, shut down the government and blue. But on all our trump soil about elections it about power, it's all about the progressive agenda. That's all it is you, and I we we are bystanders.
The vast majority of American, does anyone or stay what's taking place. You listen to the show you know what's taking place. We are bystanders to the silent coup that is under way here. To the the devouring of the republic. And transforming it into a centralized administrative state run by these progressive. That's exactly what's taking place here. This hearing was a humiliation and the to those senators who were there absolutely disgusting and when it involve. You know it's disgusting, not politics at all. You don't understand, but to take away for us as proud. American should be that, according coin Booker, that occurring Patrick Lady, that according To determine, quite frankly, according to Mitt Romney and accordingly, Lindsey, Graham the american culture. American society is no better than the most
Seidel regime in the world, how holes assholes, no better? No worse,. This is a very dangerous mentality. That means you didn't. Believe our principles are better. You didn't happen eve, our founding is better. You do not believe that constitution is better. You didn't happen Our economic system is better, you don't know, I believe our rights, civil and otherwise our better. This is what the Democrat parties, say any meaning, which is why about Winston Churchill Worlds, closing back interest
about Winston Churchill worlds, causing renewed interest in this great leader. The darkest hours strongly encourage you to see it I've got access the insight on Churchill only available from Helstone College life. Doktor Larry on the President of hills down. The world's leading scholar on Churchill is a fantastic piece about the three. Lessons. We can all learn from Churchill. It's yours for free at Levin, Ray Hills now that come, did you Britain once stood alone against the power of Nazi Germany doctor tells the inspiring story about Churchill's, wise carriage and what it teaches us. No one knows these great Churchill stories better than doktor line, because in fact, the official by I prefer Winston Churchill's published by Hilda College Press, but this peace appears in Primus Hills. Dell's free speech die,
Yes with three point: seven million readers to one of the most, widely read publications in the country with a larger speculation. By far than the New York Times Ray this inspiring edition start receiving in Primus Free every month as part of hills deals commitment to help all Americans True, the pursuit truth and defend liberty? That's Levin hell's, thereby DOT now Evie, I end lovin for hills, thereby com Sean San Francisco, the great care so far go China. You there are very good I have known I doin. Ok, how are you The latter must go with you. We had a good conversation in Romania agreement, Europe against I'm glad we were able to converse without any interruption? while there will be interruptions because animal even filibusters go ahead. So
I am waiting to happen. Who did not vote for it? You can have a very scared. And determine what does that have to do with the subject? Are you gonna? Let you know who I was ok, Tromp you'd, like sixty five million other people, were not observed. The method, and that most of the people who voted against tropics the tuna bring up race are white. This would involve a job and who didn't. I said most of the people who didn't vote for tromp or white, most of the people who voted for him or white blacks are a minority in this country, they ask us to everybody's my nor dash because emigrate here. Everybody's, a minority. Will you wanna tell whether the federal government, when you have to fill out their senses, form what we're gonna? Do you right here?
you're one day, I'm here much about is like one on visas, People who are your ambitious and they don't we knew their visas and you're still here I know you know Sean. I hit that all the time. I'm not talking about you, you can. You can have a conversation with an onus on the phone here, I'm tunnel the majority of other register Why is that never discussed by even politicians? You wanna honestly. I get that I don't I don't you read it. I know, for example, is like this programme, in Miami we're going name they show, because I don't want to hear about it. A programme in Miami were rushing woman come here and other eastern here, in writing the great damage to come here and a letter of child Have they not wrong when there is a private group that does this and they do with Chinese and by the way they deal with all races, ethnicities and it ought to be
legal new right. That's that's goddamn right, but but a majority of most Broncos can't afford to do tat, but We found that the majority of poor rations can now is not now to stay inside. The transfer is so. Why do we have the racial eyes? Everything? Do we agree that this is I guess that are gonna be stopped period. What worker graduated inequality, while course, I don't know I'm talking about this Tor that they have a these different groups that bring people for the purpose having their babies in this country is actually because In our view, taken away from the people who are trying to day is right on this symbol of honour and that's the point. Eric and citizen. Whatever their race. For their religion, whatever their background. The amount can citizen under our immigration laws, are supposed to be number one. Why.
Here's my territory is a guy like, for example, no. A lot of vacation in an actual areas like a vacation and are then as well by the way now yet my point is that when I, about their man. It's amazing how many why people share their nose resorts and I noted at dinner, I'm just kind of wondering why. Why would he want to do it at anyone to go on vacation with a drill bit and you got us all figured out. We white people, you really do Nobody really know what was going on and after college thing, how you're to rationalize you got it. You gonna, take us those. Ass, is often look at people as human beings. My friend, that's what I try to do. I wish more people would But we lobby call and we'll be right back.
Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody Mark Levine here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three now we moved Next phony issue: he President's mental health. I think we should be discussing coy Booker's. My point of urban mental health, but now, unfortunately, this is where we are in the country, and so the president's physician Natalie did a physical exam, but
Somewhat of a mental exact and the President told us physician, you can talk to the meeting, you tell him everything, everything and the doctors name is Ronnie Jackson. When he was at the press. Briefing today count what what is it cut? Fourteen go ahead, absolutely no concerns about his cognitive ability or his. His is a neurological function, so I was not going to do a cognitive exam. I had no intention of doing when they d. The reason that we did. The cognitive assessment is fine civil The president asked me to do it. Came to me he said: is there something we can do? to sum up a screen that we can do to assess my cognitive ability and ass. I looked into it. Again in my initial question was it I didn't think I was indicated. Not think we should do it have
any members of Congress has for the same kind of exam, including the clowns at the Senate committee. Today, of course, not, I think they'd flunk so Jimmy Carter, who is not a reporter choose me, which is why works at CNN? he had a question cut fifteen go just to make sure it was clear on this when you realise is counter to the military neurological functions. That is not the same thing is a psychiatric exam recycling is not know, it say. I'd, say: screening, assessment for cognitive impairment, unbelievable I let's try another loser thing here, Mr Barroso: let's even get Jim costs on the programme, which is so fascinated by his clarity of thought his
cognitive and neurological abilities that we would like to have a chat with him. More on highly Jackson, the doktor cut. Sixteen go a lot about wait. Ronnie Jackson is the Doktor Hayley Jackson is the rapporteur at the top. At sixteen go. Other Vincent questions is part of european way. This is where the most influential fitness he is pushed back on, that stable genius and you assess the president mentioned here so here we have them, here, we have now in the NBA these so called mainstream media. The by the media about the President's mental fitness based on a professor of psychiatry year. Questions have been raised about our licence. Who's, never talk the present United States, nothing. So we have,
Durban who created this firestorm or the trying to use the present racism. We have this this professor, who I would argue, is violated every norm of Essex required for her profession. The media do not care We also had an author who is not known for accuracy. This guy go the media around with him? They ran will Wolf. They ran with the professor, the money professor, if you will, they ran with Durban and facts, don't matter matters you see is that you learn to hate trump. You learned a question his capacity to govern. That's the whole point. Go ahead. Absolutely so you many of you may have picked up on the fact that we do a cognitive assessment is part of the exam. Initially. You know I had no intention of including a cognitive assessment in this exam, because we honest with you per all the guidelines that are out there.
It's not indicated at this time in other nothing wrong with him in the very disappear, because you know their betting on the president colluding with Russia, not the Democrats of colluded with Russia since the revolution in seventeen now they're very concerned about even meeting with the russian ambassador mutant. What you skip the rack, that's what your share too! yeah. What did you do with the russian ambassador. You didn't remember, seeing the russian ambassador at a public event we'll walk by, Rush to shoulder- you don't remember that. Can I now know I really don't I don't remember. Your ass
oh you're, like us, what do you mean recollections refreshed? Now we have this one. I know you did a curtain of exam. Have you sleep? The curtain of ability or neurological functions are, but if you do so Patrick exam. No, we didn't want me. We have a professor gills running all round, city here in Washington, the meaning of the Democrats and so forth. Her professional, an expert opinion at the president is a cool coming. And we the meaning. Of course I worry we're running with the Essen and we believe it to be true. We also believer MIKE I spoke here. We ve had him on every news programme reminded one more than once, and of course, like the Word s hall and he had seen, and we set at one hundred and ninety five times, because it's a word like we want to make sure our children know what it is and which is why the airports, when you
Watch us on the monitors we are seeing as how, as well as how all over the place ass the letter s so but you see, ladies and gentlemen, president is a racist, a russian polluter. He dated porno point porn stars and he's a racist. Surely you can support him or his agenda? because, if you do, that means you support colluding with the Russians dating point stars, ah, being a racist and your mentally ill. Joe Scarborough likes to say one third of the american people are all these things are part of them know, Joe being Mr Deliverance, her they're, all Mister and Missus deliverance. Did you check Now, MR producer, did I get a wedding invitation from the scar barrows. Now, I'm a winning imitation, reverse disappointed, maybe they're, Anti Semites. Why being jewish? You think they didn't invite me because
Their anti Semites is possible. Go ahead. Seventy, oh Margaret Brennan from CBS who the hell is she who nobody knows percent of this, this is really appalling. Cut seventeen go somewhat of a peer review where President Reagan was at the time, and you say, given that their scrutiny of what was overlooked at a time when he was so now you see, ladies and gentlemen, when President Reagan was seventy one, eighteen months and newest presidency, he had also how we didn't now again stepped back and look what's taking place here. The way the media and the left
one and the same and the Democrats all in the same. They call this the free press by the way, the way they are massively pushing racial division in this country. They don't care they statement. The president made that have nothing to do with racism. Look at how they talk about mental illness, now that country there are people who are in serious need of help. There are people who are struggling every single day with mental illness, no farther Chemical Balance is dna experience, whatever it is no fault of their own and look how they just blithely throw out there. I reckon you my Alzheimer's. Can I covered up? Are you sure you're not coming up with it? It's just it. We reached a point in this country were
there is simply no governor on the mouths of these buffoons, nothing, they attack trumps choice. There's not a single tweet. The trumpets put out that I can recall that is as as appalling as what this moron phony reporter just said. Nothing. This doctor said: there's nothing wrong with the president, clear mentally and the report is, will have none of it. They want him to be mentally ill. They want him to be physically you they want him to be a racist. They won him to have colluded with They act like their taken, the moral high ground they have. No morality could take the moral high ground, the media in this case, in the last two years have destroyed themselves. Now they still have their corporate subsidies. All of these people are on a corporate pay rather on a public payroll. So they're not objective journal
so many kind they couldn't survive on the road, so they take the corporate party line which, in the case The media is almost very few exceptions exclusively a monopoly of the ideological left, which is why Attack Fox and attack, talk, radio and anything else that even has the patina of conservatism, because I do not believe in the competition of ideas. They do not believe in competition of any kind. They rule with a centralized iron fist, whether its education, whether its health care, whether trashing cops, whether trash military, whether trashing our economic system, does a man. So now we have this dim with Margaret Brennan go ahead
and you say whether the tacit you ran exclude any of those things and what the possibilities of something like that with me. This time you say this, she rang and the third greatest present an American History behind Washington and Lincoln, he was mentally. We know that concern Mentally, let's stop here for a second. Now there dragon down Reagan as they dragged down Trump, and I want to remind you something: they tried to drag down. Go water, they have used the soviet technique on every significant conservative president or in the case of trump they're, using it against him and I'm gonna. Move that to you, when we return we'll be right back
the city journal or whatever you. The title is the cold water take media coverage of the nineteen. Sixty four presidential campaign was a precursor to today's partisan journalists by Harry Stein. He waited. I printed out and fifteen pages lumber. Let me let me give you a taste of this at the nineteen sixty four race between I resign. His junior senator Barry GO war and peace. Lyndon Johnson cover a headline of fact magazine September. Two October issue practically screamed, and we talked about this part One thousand one hundred and eighty nine psychiatry, psycho water is psychologically unfit to be president inside. Repaid was given over to the featured titled the unconscious of a conservative. Special issue, the mind of merry water.
As an aside, that's what's happening today, which from slut early in one magazine, it's an everyday major news outlets in the country forgotten today, fat even then was far from a major player on the journalistic, seen and launched a letter that you would survive just until nineteen sixty seven but an enjoyed a status among the days progressives, Ff our beyond what its limited circulation might suggest, edited by professions, raining provocateur, Ralph Ginsburg. It's early issues at generated buzz with ahead of the curve investigations of the tobacco and soft drink industries and so forth. The end, the issue introduction set the tone for the sixty three pages. The follow Ginsberg described, go orders objectively, sadistic childhood paranoiac, with an obsessive preoccupation with firearms Impulsively must prove his daring masculinity having that site.
Analysts who find a connection between sadism and an angel character will not be surprised that bathroom seem to fascinate go wore these, so psychiatric evaluations that took up the next forty pages, where, in response to a question that fact send to the nation psychiatry from a list supply by the it can medical association quote globally. Mary go waters psychologically fit the service. Presently United States unquote. With items of New York reply that she saw in the GNP candidate quote a strong identification with the authoritarianism of Hitler. If not, I vacation with Hitler himself, other responding psychiatry, echo that theme I go. Water is the same. The pathological make up as Hitler Castro stolen and other known skits a frantic leaders wrote. M Johnson Junior of LAW, it she's may long beach, while Philadelphia Paul thank observe, like the fee,
The republican ah many appeals to the unconscious sadism and hostility in the average human being J Temple. Glenn, Cove New York, warn that you ve got waterway the presidency, both you and I will be among the first into the concentration camps? The entire exercise was ethically dubious was apparent at the time long time go. Water adviser, Stephen Shattuck noted in that in disgust, though, to presume to reach a medical and psychiatric conclusion about Goldwater without ever having seen him or followed any of the normal procedures required any patient physician relationship beach eight themselves as men unfit to practise any profession. Those for these journalists today still, ladies and gentlemen,. The feature drew widespread attention. We, the media coverage that has generated a full pay judge and the nations leading dailies go water people rightly wondered how a modest publication of
There are one hundred thousand dollar caused an undeniably did real damage. In other words, it was subsidy subsidized. Why did so transparent a hitch around so little indignation among Ginsburg Press colleagues. At the time, no said she and observer of the campaign. Would have had to ask heart? You know he's right rather go what a slogan that fired up his legions of young supporters but am progressive. Because there came the mocking rejoinder and you but you know he's nuts guinea Where it could not have played more precisely to the liberal, be view of conservatism, star card, just on later would appear to subsequent Richard half stateless Harpers essay, the parent style in american politics since many of the same things, but more politely. If conspiracy, upset zealots of the far right often seem to live in an alternative reality exemplified by John society, found a Robert Walsh calling Dwight eyes in a hurry. Red stooge
So did the innumerable liberals, who imagine is Hollywood several times put on film that Super patriots were busily plodding military coups with, Award a tortoise, paranoia, ran both ways, levels to sign their foes, a perfect model, a mouse and have set where's peace, conservatives wrong. They were moral, primitive theirs, at the slightest question about where the media stood as journalists rich Rick Prosody noted and before the storm has spoken one sixty four race, the fifty reporters bumping along and triple seats in the hind quarters of Go Waters Navajo named campaign plane. They, educated, sophisticated and professionals, they did Think all that differently about go water than the psychiatrist them. Hostility toward Goldwater varied from outlet the outlet only in its degree of subtlety accident that four years later on go on
this testifying in the libel so that he would went against fact, sprigs lorries professed bafflement. That is clear, had been singled out, why didn't you see the New York Times? He s wide interest to I'm going to continue this It is fascinating because it's happening now this time not to a candidate, although they did it. When tromp was a candidate under a sitting president but eleven hundred and eighty some odd psychiatrists here. We're talking about every single, so old, mainstream news outlets in America, whether they be broadcast print or otherwise, and it is absolutely appalling. What you're witnessing the complete- and
honor deterioration of our media in this country. I'll be right back the world seems so confusing mark will be gone. It is clear that up for your comment now and each seven, seven, three eight one three eight one one well after the first started. Twenty eighteen hour, we were already in the midst of a battle on immigration. Darker, of course, president from fighting with the left wing cook media, few tuned in eleven tv. Recently, we saw show that's been getting some great feedback from fans on the new tax bill Everyone wants to know how this new bill will affect them directly and how it's going to affect their family. So we wanted to make sure we help separate fact from fiction, but that's just one of three hundred and ninety nine shows that I've done
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Your ten hours off tell em. I mention that too It's a seven day free trial, get it all at once. She, our tv dot com. Promo code Levanter caused directly at eight four for El Eve. The eye tv- I want to continue with this article, what they the very go one. What they're doing out a ragged, had he had early Alzheimer's early on in his administration, and I went I keep something mine the meat. The less the Democrats. They really had a heart if they really had a saw for people who have mental illnesses of various kinds, depression, bipolar, dementia- Alzheimer dementia, Johnson related dimension, so forth inside they wouldn't in fact themselves. That's why they wouldn't throw these terms around, but this is what they do, their real
an immoral image, sure idiot driven mob. That's what they are let's continue with a story about what they did. The Gulf WAR. In this case from the city journal. The Goldwater take down by Harry Steiner, continues later on in the article. Any comparison of individuals and areas will be an exact, an unmarried way background life, experience, demeanor, political philosophy, core values, so forth, go what, Caravaggio Pino. Many in this case the president. You know let's say, couldn't be less alike from Vitriol they came his way. No one ever accuse Barry Gold or being this that in the other and so forth, but like down a trunk. Water was a shoot from the hip outsider, who ran against two party business as usual to parties in There were even then was referred to as the elites who stand upon. By dispatching is mainstream republican opponents. Newfound is defeated I was claims of his manifest unfitness for high office, taken,
by his rival in the general election, by the way taken up by people within the Republican Party to like Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Scranton and so forth. Where they never Goldwater types like we have than ever trumpet types. Most striking echo of the Goldwater campaigners in a media that often functions as an adjunct to the democratic campaign. Two years ago, such naked partisanship, the coverage of a national election, was unprecedented. Many go? Water supporters sought, as a violation of a public trust that these days such media behaviour, is nearly a given shows how Americans expectations of journalists have changed with enduring consequences both for the profession and for the nation. Berry Golda what one is not as likely nominees Donald Trump. He too was an accidental candidate. You'd, never lasted for the presidency and even as an army was never entirely sure we wanted it. I have no power.
Henceforward, I'm no Stafford no programme for no ambition. Forty told the Times Time magazine in early nineteen sixty three, even a small cadre of conservative operatives? Industrialists came together in a draft go water moment He let them proceed because he assumed that he'd run against his old Senate colleague, John F Kennedy, whom regarded as honourable friend. Mary water gave came memorably inscribed portrait that photo buff go water had taken of em, whom I urge the all the career for which he has shown such talent, photography from his friend Kennedy faculty. I hope that he and J F K my travel, the country together, engaging in a series of Linkage Douglas style debate. Those certain he wouldn't win, choose me: he relish the prospect of spreading the conservative creed go what also relish the possibility facing off against go war. Stead GO water had to face Lyndon Johnson who, as a right in his autobiography, which slap you on that
ACT today in stab in the back tomorrow. This is determined by law and who ripping sanctimonious wrapping himself and the political equivalent of his sainted. Predecessors, bloodstained toga wasn't even shore back to win but and an unremittingly vicious campaign anyway. Was over even before began forgot what it was effectively done in by the party establishment. Listen to this, it's important. I wouldn't be right. It is, I am his main rival for the nomination was near Governor Nelson Rockefeller who'd lost out to Richard Nixon in eighteen. Sixty With this man of people. Touching limitless funds for staff advertising assorted centuries day he announced red roses were despatched to every woman delegate to the previous GNP convention rocky as he was called, had seen print until he made one of the great unforced blunders and political history that
eighteen sixty one, he divorced his wife of thirty one years, a mother of his five children may have Annabelle obstacle, after or at least we would still have been divorced and twice nominated, but it may I sixty three Rockefeller Matter, married thirty, six year old, Margareta Happy Murphy. Eighteen years junior in a locker zone. Divorce suggest become final far worse. She rendered custody over four caged or ex husband, pre happy Had Rockefeller leading Goldwater forty three to twenty six percent suddenly go order, led forty, two twenty nine percent. A Feller national review, publisher and earlier Goldwater supporter, William Russia, dryly observe, is the only case eight, who has turned motherhood into a liability. Those name was on the nineteen. Sixty best seller, conscious of a conservative actually author by Brimful Father, go on Was still something of an unknown nationally, but It is not necessarily a negative sense
supporters would have a chance to film the blanks and already observed J, William Maiden Dwarf the second, the investment banker who serve as the draft or what committee treasure a survey a commission and establish that voters tentative you go were as warm candid and a man. Strong convictions. That was not thought to be connected to the radical right so called nor before. They ran for president was the attitude of the press, notably different coming to the Senate, nineteen fifty three Goldwater had always been great copy. Deeply sort of yes, but town where most eight slept and drank politics. A man of India parts. He was a I've native american culture, language and spent an hour and comics who'd flown every play. Accident. And not only a skilled, amateur photographer, but also a ham. Radio obsessive with us. In pals around the globe. He was
arrogance story. If there ever was one grand son of an itinerant jewish immigrant peddler who established Phoenix as Premier Department store young bury brought to new heights of success. Before turning to politics. Reporters I couldn't help alike. Bury personally was a man's man said what he thought: cursed for emphasis, even those who despised his ideas, respected his keen sense of humour, love of country. Rockefeller made it easy. His reeling campaigns objective as chief consult, the steward Spencer said later became quote to destroy Barry, water as a member of the human race. Unquote- and you can see these kinds of republicans- MSNBC on CNN and elsewhere. They have. Is there going to destroy Donald Trump, his power the human race. To that end. They set up an unprecedented opposition research operation really rummaging through. Every corner go waters past and notes Pearlstine arranging for friendly
What is the record for transcription everywhere? Goldwater said in public aid? this would shout embarrassing questions ago, water than shovel microphone into his face. Reporters operatives and the guys are reporters strode go waters headquarters to beg, advanced copies of speeches are need, be still went off his desk, I respect Rockefeller, might have saved his money Water was a walking gaff machine using fresh headline fodder almost daily. He had his own twitter back, then of sorts didn't he, that he often claimed to have taken out of context and usually was was beside the point a year and a half after the trauma of the cuban missile crisis? It was political suicide to suggest casually on tv. The one way Suppose the haughty men trail to american bombers would be de folly. By low yield atomic weapons, or to point out that a man can forces in Europe might be cut
A third of senior NATO commanders were authorized to use tactical nukes in an emergency. His damaging as the emerging image of the trigger happy cowboy where his public it's on social security, while he, Less than a speculations on ways the future viability the programme might be guarantee they. Jenny raided headlines like this one, the Congo. Monitor in the run up to the New Hampshire primary quote: go waters Skulls and social security hit Castro. Now oh. What a supporters took the media's hostility personally by the end of the campaign borders where routinely getting booted events, sound, familiar so steady was the anti go water media drunk beat that fifteen years later go the made of singling out one media heavy who publicly broke with the we got waters, not my candidate and I've done. Thing to promote his presidential ambitions, he quoted Detroit Free Press editor John Ass Night, but I
who think the Arizona senators getting shabby treatment from stood. A news media. Some of the television commentators discuss, go water with evident disdaining, contempt, editorial cartoonist portrayed as belonging to the neanderthal age, where they are of a nineteenth century. It is, fashion of editorial writers to persuade themselves a goal waters followers followers. You are either cooks or virtual This simply is not so the groundwater movement represents a mass protests by conservative minded people against foreign, it accepts a welfare high taxes, foreign policy and the concentrate, power in the federal government. Go water and his followers were equally beyond the understanding of the republican establishment, even as the the European Convention Open in San Francisco, with the Arizona nomination looming in as inevitable they restock plotting and these father urge that delegates to am I left, but the cruellest blow came from Scranton
a start, go what had been taken aback by the republican vitriol directed his way our party man himself, hereafter appeared on behalf of GNP moderates eager for conservatives, support and tight raises now and San Francisco. He heard Defeated rival, Ambassador Henry cannibalize say that go. What is our policy would destroy everything we hope for including life itself and also ran Michigan Governor George Ronnie, I repay George Rami net Romney's father urge that delegates to quote three but he ate extremism of the right and the left, but the cruellest blow came from Scranton. GO water had served within the AIR Force reserve men toward politically was considering naming at his as running running made in an open. Butter challenging all wanted to a debate on the parties direction, the pencil The governor said that go water ism has come to stand for clear iraqi irresponsibility for being afraid. Forthrightly Damn right wing extremists for refusing this
for law and order and maintaining racial peace. Sound familiar Charlottesville Trump and all the rest of it thus provoke. Go water through, whatever modest cautioning might have exercise to the winds he can often already angry convention with an accepted speech bearing one of the most damaging lines at american political history. Although I don't think it was Theodore White, the man who were, any books on presidential elections. If the Goldwater said, I would remind you that extremism and the defence of Liberty is no vice Let me remind you also. The moderation of the pursuit of justice is no virtue theatre, wife Famously exclaimed, my god, he's going to run is very go war fact. The words worry paraphrase of Cicero, has updated bike.
I am not men's college political theorist, Harry Jaffa, Cicero,. But under the circumstances they represented at a upturned middle finger to go waters, enemies closing those in the press gallery, it seemed together. Fitting then CBS is Daniel Shore reported before The convention was over that the newly the GNP Kennedy was planning a vacation in Bavaria as quota started, We need to link up with his opposite numbers in Germany, and then it goes on you see. Ladies, they wanted a pink or water as an extremist. They wanted to pay him mentally unstable. The Johnson campaign push those there, It's hard to say: could they spend an enormous amount of money on.
And the media had a blast. The media had a blast doing exactly that. As Robert Cairo's majesty multi, while I'm biography about Lyndon Johnson make clear. No previous occupant of the oval office had profited more handsomely. From his long years in public life, nor until the cat, then any afterward, but it was go. Orders temperament who'd been attacked all during the campaign. And, I would add, not Linen Johnson's corruption, racism? Oh yes, he's adultery, none of it go war like trunk. Today The target of this really really venomous campaign.
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dollar shave, club dot com, slash mark dollar, shave, club, dotcom, Slash mark. Yes, the the ability to harness the media to advance the democrat agenda to empower the progressive left and destroy anything in its wake, isn't play right now today, the day buffoons and he never trump movement, many of whom are served in senior levels of Bush. Forty, three or Bush, a Bush wander Bush to us we are giving the maiden cover they giving the maiden conference a degree with Trump on everything. But why are you trying to destroy him? I'll be right back
now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, anybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one hears a question. Maybe those democrats on that committee today, accusing president trends being a racist, practically As applies to Haiti, how much money that they give to relief efforts in Haiti couple thousand bucks anything
my comrade how much they voted that we should give. How much did they give? You know, ran Paul points out that Tromp was a large financial backer of his medical mission trips to Haiti, what it quite bucker due for Haitians. I'm serious question: I'm no idea determine what, they do for Haitians. I'm not talking about is a politician. What did they do with their own money in their own time?. All this talk about racism. As I have said here before, we were dear dear friend,. It was like a family member to my family. And she's from Haiti, obviously or families from
she's in the United States and we consider a family member. She can't stand the Clinton and she voted for Trump. All this talk about racism, and so for today the Democratic never brought up the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton's at all the time That's never mention what they did in their own personal lives. They help the people of Haiti. Nothing because I haven't done anything trump has ran. Paw has. Person whose just a public servant he's not a radical left as he's not pure party. That's how he campaigns down the river. It somebody I've known since he was a baby, but that's not. Why would you do something or differently?
At the bottom of the hour, so you're not gonna want to miss it. I think you're gonna enjoyed a great deal. You definitely learn about this I feel Nelson. He is the seniors sudden from Florida used to be a congressmen he's the guy that talks like well like he's, got an issue anyway, He comes across in Florida like this earnest studious person, whose just the public servant he's not a radical left as he's not pure party. That's how you, Campaigns down there every election so but he is in fact Does it doorknob Anna Leftist over the water then Free Beacon branch share points this out. You know, there's a big issue now about offshore drilling, state with ashore as against offshore drilling, I'm not against offshore and I have a home right on the water.
Florida Senator Bill Nelson Democratic labeling himself as a career, long opponent, to drawing off his states coast, but he briefly dropped his garden In former President Barack Obama's first, I've just to show you how virtually none of these people have any type of ethics and morality or conscience. Now facing reelection. This November was fuming Last week after Interior Secretary, Ryan's inky, rosy, announced he was reversing plans to open a flood has caused the drilling said, the decision was made at the urging of republican Governor Rex got his possible November opponent now don't alyosha world against noise on our all against drilling Nelson. To this end in Florida. Call the announcement of political stunt and brag that here, in fighting offshore drilling, since he was in the House of Representatives and the nineteen eighties. He told-
Thank you. No letter he's forty keep drilling away from floor to cause for decades now and put at a separate statement reporters portraying himself as the last lighted. As for our coasts, There are no oil rigs off largest coast and as long as I'm Iraq, by the way there was attacked, whose sank off a flawed has caused. Stuff still washed up on the beach. I should know I say it so what happens. What happened? Did you get these massive tigers fill with oil? and of themselves. That could be a hazard that I'll continue. Now there are no oil rigs. Our largest coastal zones on around there will not be Nelson said we ve been at this battle now, three decades. Ever since I was a congressmen, but, ladies and gentlemen, the guise of fraud
now since opposition to drilling or floored is caused, however, hasn't been as consistent as he portrays in twenty ten my calculation a little over seven years ago. He environmentalist when he threw us? port behind an Obama administration proposal, hello, hello and open, my administration proposal trolling one hundred and twenty five miles from Florida. I've talked many times to intuited apartment, secretary, can Salazar, he said at the time and told them if they draw to a close the flawed as beaches. They'd be the state's economy and the environment, doubts and said, o March thirty, one twenty two According to the Saint Petersburg Times, I believe this plan those they hated, that concern here, funded is reversed by pointing to agreement from a former, take environmental official quote. Also, ok, what the deal is former Florida DE chief Carol Brown remember
At fraud ahead of the EPA. Now some pointed to her, she said in a conference call that three hundred and twenty five mile buffers good protection for the state these environmental at bottom, their left wing, Democrat sure you jail, just one hundred twenty five miles off. I mean, after all, it's an Obama proposal. He's our president. That's pretty! That's the Nelson point of you now trumpet. I propose that back get rid of it. Now Tropez beat frontline to last time. I checked Nelson. He lives in somebody's attic. As far as I know, These Sarasota Herald Tribune reported that environmental stop betrayed by now that that's ok, he swung back swings back and forth. He's a chameleon he's an embarrassment. But there is in the Senate forever in the house forever a man whose feet firmly planted in the air
moderate he's an independent know. China now he's a godless, wondered familiar not if state chamber of crony capitalism. Ladies and gentlemen, they fight for amnesty, they fight, tax increases, except on their members. U S. Chamber of crony capitalism is for big, powerful centre. Eyes government, except when it affects its members. And it's got a real voice: peace in the world. Three journal, editorial pages, really does the? U S, chamber, of crony capitalism. Ok, I e commerce will advocate for a hike to the gas tax. He federal guess tax. The fund plans for a mass of infrastructure package. The organizations president said any recently published interview, cope I've been saying this for a long, long time, but now gangs that people are pushing at time. Donnie, who told the washed and compost this guy Tom,
you used to be headed the association of the truckers. But he's an inside the way, lifer he's an insight. The best way lifer he wants massive amounts of money spent on concrete massive amounts of money spent on roads, highways, bridges, Mamma, Mamma, Marr,. If you drive anywhere outside Washington D C, it never ends. A metro system that is a disaster but it never ends they keep their all. We got a blow line. The server line, the purple line, the red line, the yellow their lines there, how nobody knows where they had for this town in the next country that ecstatic chatting to Montana. I just never ends. Meanwhile, I we're gonna maintenance issuing a main into the main, its maintenance, and we need more bridges. Tunnels. More still march, but more personnel. We don't have enough there, so we don't have enough that, as you would expect, but in Washington DC the roads are being
find where there's not a road their building around, where there's not a bridge, their building, a red ever stop lights, And its low traffic we're gonna, build overpass, its and on and on and on, and then they say we don't have enough road system. The sure it's just that the government has gotten so big and so massive. You take a people in and out efficiently in the Washington D C. So the eleven proposal is move at the Alps. Oh, oh yeah. The lots of benefits, big time, bilingualism! It's right on the border. You got to watch the Mexican Guy things coming and going. I think it's and by the way I'll pass was a lovely city has nothing to do with them, its federal policy they forget about our pass or pick Mcgowan taxes. But the cavalier or I have a question here- is a new one Mr Bitterness or in America you're ready.
If our societies are the same, all countries are the same. I say that we move out. Huddled, a port au Prince High Haiti. What do you think that Mr Produce, sir problem other and anyone is opposed? It clearly is array, I'll, be right back Let's see who's other people of waiting waiting waiting at least three four minutes. Peggy, Tucson Arizona on the mark live in power you mark? How are you I'm doing great arms this my first time calling you I can't I'm apparent kind, a naive back then I dont know how now do politics.
Why I called in return. You ve been doing on go. I met him I was in high school it's on nothing eminence why my father took me: can I get them? a fundraiser they are having an eye. Because they have not been really getting and everything and I got them it came and the nicest mouse, I just him to be mentally ill, like the media, did, No, definitely not screening kind of naive back then I dont know how majesty quality at work. I remember all of a sudden until we everything they were saying all those and then I met him very and how could they do
well because, unfortunately, he came up against were trumps coming up against. It's too bad a lot of these, never trappers, don't get it. They never will, and that's why they're ranks her shrinking. Are I my friend We appreciate that few sharing that were thus Anthony Waste, Hills, California, on the mark living GO mark, you watch I'm kind of guy. Last night I mean I call in occasionally I'm from from overcoming spoke many times less. Sure I have to say on Crtv tv my friend That was the most explosive show. I've seen all because it cuts to the chase watching With that several lamb, me away? I sent it all my friends around the country, everybody couldn't sleep last night some of the audio to it today.
Told them about it. That was exposed. Mark you have to do is all a favor or one that don't have security tv When you get on Fox NEWS, you got put that on here, daddy. I blow the wheels offer every by well. Very kind and we're gonna get in some very interesting things I want to. Thank you, my friend, I appreciated the I very high big, as for this Sunday should only be one hour week. That's all, What do we see our tv? in tv plus. I have to live a life, you know so do radios, you know, and I'm going to be starting my next, but very very soon. I already know what it's gonna be: I'm not going to share with you. I am allowed to at this time. And personal boy, you I'm written it yet, but all that said. We're very excited about what I'm gonna do. A fox in Fox came to US
came to me and asked if I would do a programme, and they have given me completely way and the pro we're going to be a long form interview programme with one guest, maybe two most, where we can Lydia delve into issues delve into philosophy, Dublin, and thanking the guess that I have while it certainly isn't firing line would build Buckley on PBS. That's what I grew up watching kind of what I have in mind. Again, I don't pretend to be Buckley, and I don't pretend this is firing line, but I do dig more deeply, I'm hoping we can get people like Bernie Sanders or people like him. If we can't get him hoping we get, people that we can have a serious discussion with about their ideology, but also people. You may not be familiar with Exposure to them in their thinking that which I, which I'm hoping you'll, find quite profound, so what you're not gonna see is the Congo line guests? What
I can see, is a lotta drama, You're gonna see is really really thought, for. I hope television. And I still believe that my audience you folks and that the people in the fire- into may not listen to. My show really want this sort of thing when I go to exciting, when thousands of thousands of people show up what you tell me what they told me they want. Is more history, more philosophy, more economics tied to current events high to current life, People want to learn, people want to know, particularly in these times, which are relatively difficult in some cases, desperate and that's what I hope to provide you with so. He attended. A plan is the last Sunday in February, at ten p m
eastern time, Sevenpm, Pacific and that's the plan. I hope you you'll join us at the time to I'd like to really change her Sunday night. Television, particularly on cable. Later in the night anyway, I've done that for radio six PM eastern time. This time. Tat was never a syndicated show time slot. They just couldn't fly hand would most are the companies they can't fly. This is the one exception. This is the one exception Let us go to see it now. Mr cars greener, we ve had Theodore before his death. He doesn't cut it. Ok, that's gonna, MIKE Lexington contact two predictable Theodore on the mark, Levant dumb mark
we go on the offensive. I've been in the business. Twenty nine years and What what? What business the immigration and that awaits a service business. Why don't we go on the offensive? What do you think we ve been doing here now? What we he could go on. The offensive is part of this whole races, narrative, Well, have you listen to this programme? I'm sorry! I don't know stay with people use the plural we I do I can do behind this microphone now. What do you mean? We never about. Basically Kyar tenable leaves Thank you call. I can't listen, trumpets fight like hell, and it's not
prompt needs to say or mark needs to say. When people talk about we, you know what that means that I am not doing something not me. Personally, the person is calling Don't hang up the phone and I'll go, get a hamburger we need to do this. What we need is a group. We mean certain community, we means there. There is an organization, we means there's a people more than the singular I and that cows. In many instances, I have no intention of doing anything. Ice before five hours a day. I do radio Digital tv gonna be going cable tv. I write books, we doesn't cut it with me each one of us has to take responsibility,
The horizon and decide how each once they get involved copyright every notice how you come across somebody once in a while that jewish, messed with? That's my and you can call him eight seven, seven, three, eight one. Twenty eight one, one You know the holidays might be over winter. Well, let's just begun According to studies, the air indoors contains, after one hundred times more pollution than the air outside. This can cause Miss allergies, unnecessary, wear and tear on your age, facts system leading the cost. Finally, repairs even worse the premature replacement your entire system thousand Thousands of dollars so resolved of red, better with filter by
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I told you, we can have some fun and you can actually learn a lot. That's going to help you. A young man named Anthony Davenport, is on the phone Anthony Davenport. How are you scared and more geared to speak with you. Now you hear that low monotone voice from Anthony Davenport. I remember when he was screaming like a baby and diapers that's how long I've known Anthony their reports through, and he's a wonderful, wonderful young man. You ve written an outstanding book here and, as you know, My show people listening, though you might say well, this is nothing. Do politics, that's correct! This has nothing to do with politics. I read the book. I liked the book from using the book, and I want you to explain to people Your book is called your score in get on Amazon. Dotcom were putting it up on our social sites, an insider secrets to understanding controlling and protecting your credit score. Let me
to an expert in this area. You ve spent a lot of time in this area now and you advise people. True, that's true, so I started off as a banker for about ten years ago I should like Bank of America was harder, on the cloning for my sins, buyer, my past, as a banker, because now I hope, consumers and at all because I saw at first hand that the banks were true people more money if they have the perfect school in a perfect critical file. Yet no one actually knew what makes a credit profile perfecting erroneous. Believe that just paying their build on time was gonna. Give them the perfect credit score, and that really is not the case. Why I pay more time. So how do you get a perfect credit score? Is that that is not possible? No, it's probably possible.
A key point that everyone needs to know that only thirty five percent of your five o school comes down. What are you paying her Bilbil talent, the other sixty five percent has absolutely nothing to do. What? What are you pay your build on time and at sixty five percent is not necessarily common sense type of things like? We cover that when we are in the book just explaining the people. This is what makes up profile and in many cases it's easier to rectify that stuff, Then. Why are you mister, my payment, because life happened or whatever the case may be given one or two examples. So the next biggest chunk of what makes up your fight or school is three your score comes down to your credit card balances, and this is where it gets a bit tricky and its intentionally this way because they ve catches for when the trap by
say that you have a slow limit, the partner some card with, like me, fees for five bucks? and if you're like a lot of my clients or likewise on professional athletes containers, while the other half I'm just regular folks by the It makes a lot of money that doesn't go in your final score. It doesn't that you make a lot of money or you have a lot of money in the bank. It just says you have this small limit Macy's coming from, maybe five hundred bucks and if you were to charge, say four hundred bucks on it rush, your credit school when they were. The balance and the other two twisted. This. Is that, I only report the balance every thirty to forty five days. Some argue could pay you know you could towards something on card and you get paid off next week, but if they would the balance tomorrow. It's gonna have a devastating impact on vehicles, Now, that's really scary cause. I have a card like that.
What what is it they're saying that you have a ninety percent debt or my card? Something to that effect? Even arts miniscule yeah yeah we really uncover a lot of things early on, because we cover the five biggest mistake that people make indifferent myths because the common sense. What you wouldn't know that now get it could have a severe impact on your fight score. When you're looking to obtain it for like a mortgage, our car loud now even insurance and home insurance policies or looking at you figure Where do and you point up there things you can do, for instance, if you are preparing a big purchase like a bigger, biggest purchase a home and you're gonna, get a mortgage and so forth before you actually the treaty. We need to prepare for that correct, yeah, you're, half the game plan you have to pull, or you have to take a look at report that lending institutions use you know, this is another issue: consumers
will have access to the same repeats that lending institutions use. So we cumbersome tips soon tricks in ways that you can get access to the actual. Credit report that Lang Institutions use, and then we teach you read it because you're not gonna, know intuitively how to read these things. They look very different, what you get from the credit bureaus or from credit karma other sites. The book is called Your score an inn, Either secrets to understand in controlling and protecting your credit score and but you can get it on Amazon dot com. You can go to my social links. Mark live in Show Facebook Mark Levine, Show Twitter. Now. I must say I do ok, I think I know it. But my money, although nobody's an expert, I didn't know a lot of stuff in France that credit card point. For instance, you need to push pair yourself,
You a whole section on student loans and how you navigate that is well and how, for people how you establish credit for the first time because of your own established credit for the first time. You're, not gonna, get the kind of loans kind of rights that you want. So This is considered what you're trying to open a window, how the system actually works and how you think it works right, Rebecca right! I do this, the written the famous, but I really, enjoy being able to teach people how this whole system works. One is this trapped in the family Credit mistakes and have a word now we talked about credit cards, you give us one more so at an issue that faces a third of all Americans or medical collections.
We have the monarch credit report right now. What was your attorney general started on fighting the fight to see if they could make some headway, which didn't really happen? But essentially, people are dealing with collections entirely wrong, and this is something that is going to impact on everyone at some point: The reason is because when you have health insurance and you go to the doktor of hospital that you're that whatever arrogant Oh you're insurance companies and what of companies hate to do more than anything, I'm not gonna pay claims in full. No, a balance. A letter in the metal is generally your responsibility and you may not get a phone call. You mean I get a letter in the mail they just put on your credit and it can lower your score by as much of the honey ports and of Europe a reasonable rational person who pays your death and obligations. You may find on the credit report and your anything is to pay it
but that actually is like admitting guilt and lower your school by again. And almost as much of a hundred points, because it makes them a brand new fell in a week. We cover that in several pieces of just how to deal with collection on the various ways because hangs up a third of all of us right now, This is really an incredible buck. Ammonia, nano, how you do a credit cards and how do with banks generally in place appears later got every game plan now. The other thing I get out of this book is- and you kind of mentioning earlier it doesn't matter if you saw in air or if you really have a dime to your name, what you called disaster relief, surviving divorce for closure and bankruptcy. Don't realize because their facing these, these desperate situation that they gotta watch their credit, while they're going through this process correct yeah. Well how to rebuild.
And it's not easy to rebuild, but you can rebuild you can and if you set a game plan, That's how you do it rather than to many people go through those, things and they never start rebuilding. And you they are not being in the same place, appears later. You gotta have a game plan, The other thing I get out of this book is- and you kind of mentioning earlier it doesn't matter if you're, a zillion air or if you don't really have- time to your name. You got be able to deal with credit in dealing with It is also dealing with death, and so whom you are. If you want to build a successful future, if you want to retain a a successful income and successful assets and so forth were really not taught this stuff in school. Mean I went to college and what the law, so I didn't, learn this stuff there. You don't really hear about it on tv or radio and ISIS. That was your motivating factor right really worth because I,
How people that someone was educated people on earth people happy! let's take her their staff in their bills. They didn't know the first thing about credit and I really wanted to solve that with this book to say the money they needed sticks out like a sore thump Anthony Monitoring and all those adds that they're telling you like life law, protect you there. Then I break down in the book what you read: can do to protect yourself, the ignore all the quarterback misinformation, because it s an accurate people. Just one thought I might and the book as your score an insider secrets that understanding controlling and protecting your credit score we're gonna. Have it up on my mark living show. Facebook Mark Levine Show Twitter its. They are directly at Amazon or some really good advice in this book. You think he may be Doing things right, you're, better double check, because I just noticed one of my credit cards are not doing it right and it's it's a
ITALY. Some money I needed sticks, now like a sore thumb, Anthony we but your pressure you coming on my friend, but for much more rigorously good either you too good luck, God bless GAB less. I think these credit protection companies by the way are very, very important, but I learned a lot this book, your score, an insider secrets to understanding controlling and protecting your credit score. I'm telling you there's basic little things that you can do tomorrow. To make sure you have a solid, significant credit score make sure you don t an unwittingly drive down your credit score and you know it is all about money, you take out alone when you, I got a mortgage. You want to get at the lowest interest rate possible. You want to qualify and he's basically tell you how to protect yourself financially with very, very easy.
She can take, and yet there is many many miss out there that were not aware and his tail. You from the inside what he saw on how to do it. It's an excellent, excellent book. Your score by Anthony point, will be right back: I was on Amazon, looking up Anthony Davenport when new book, score and it really is well price. They cannot more strongly encourage you to get there and then I went to rediscovering Americanism. I have been there in a long time on Amazon. Do you realise its forty five percent off? That's the lowest has ever been.
Its fourteen thousand eighty five cents, rediscovering Americans. Let me tell you why that is truly the paper bags coming out, sir. So I suppose they want to move out their hard copies. That's typically, what Amazon does they like to move their stuff? the warehouse in out in so if you want to get a hard back, a rediscovering americanism. It is at the lowest price. I've ever seen it on Amazon, its fourteen hours, eighty five cents, just a heads up really want you to go there to get your score, an insider secrets to understanding controlling and protecting your credit score, because I actually think it's gonna help you a lot And I'm gonna get rid of this one credit card. I have it's a minuscule credit card, but obviously it's not help. And you'll learn a lot other things too, and he addressed his people. Were successful. Those of you who thank you have problems right now. Bankruptcy divorce. You as well
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said he saw the Shoney's sending it all around. You can do the same thing. It's no trick in our are trying to get you to do something. I would like you to check out the show. It is a big deal from last night. Let's move quickly, states, Barrel, Georgia, the great w e k S GO mark mark. Let me tell you you. Educate me every day, every night I learn something new and I love it. I just love you. You know them go on, and I hear you telling me to explain and I'll lead on the radio I never knew that it was more like you suddenly want before my time. I'm just not really big history bar and I just right on the head you're, very right away. That credit is barely know. I pack the same way, They were any attack, buried or water. I think
richard you know I was over there very good friends in this business a couple days ago, and I said to him: are audiences conservatives crave knowledge crave information and that's what? try to do here every day as I Pray. The same exact thing Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person out. Thank you, America, thank you that's right I'll, say right here: tomorrow, God bless each and every one of you.
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