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Whether innocent or guilty the problem with the Roy Moore accusation is that there is no way to resolve the issue one month before the election. The timing of this makes it impossible to sort through the facts and find the truth. Also, the Washington P...

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Now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Now let me tell you how this one the biggest talk show house in the United States. I may be. Considered the leading constitutional, conservative least one of them on radio, the take my God, so their tape recorders are going now they want to try and seize on anything. I say about Roy more over me. Matters and other places.
To try and smear me to attack my character. This is how it will just tell you how work today. Many of you are listening and to see how I responded as too and I'm gonna give me my honest opinion, which I always do, but it just When can watch how this cherry picked This Washington, post peace, I read it twice. Then I read what Roy more had to say. Then I read what Republicans in Washington or so here's the problem with all this. When you're a politician, if you're running for public office in your election is a month or so away,.
Let's say: you're innocent: how exactly do you defend yourself? You agree with me, MR producer. It's not gonna go to court. There's no process in place for Erin the allegations vetting them and for responding to them in a way and for some fact find it figure out. What's what. Simply no way. And so what has come to mind with me when I was reading it I'm reading everything related to this is why now. This is the first time this has been done to a politician, whether their guilty or innocent. This information didn't come out during the press, Mary. Why is that.
This information comes out now is reported now and apparently the ballot can't be changed in Alabama. She comes out now well after the republican primary and the balance can be changed in Alabama and the information coming from the washed and posts which is already endorsed. A Democrat in Alabama am, I said,. Still ignore all that. Ghana comes out at that time and I speak as a lawyer where it is impossible to join I urge the facts or the allegations or the supposed facts, there's no way. They cannot be resolved prior to the election. It simply cannot be resolved proudly election. That's why, when guys like Mcconnell and all the other Republicans go on and say. If this
true, he should withdraw or what does that mean. This is true. He should withdraw. How do we know it's true or not, and have a lot to be done before the election. How does he would draw one in Alabama? The ballots is the same. And a lot of these Republicans inside the capital building and I'm just telling you the truth: they hate, Sky Roy more, I hate him some of back them most. If not, then I think the Mai Self did the Washington Post pursue the one EDA broader charges against Bill Clinton aggressively. No, they didn't like most media outlets. They sat on them. They sat on them
Why did they sit on them. But you know why not I should impose stories too long to read, but you the media report that there are four women have come forward and made allegations for women have come forward and made what kind of allegations. According to the Washington Post story itself, the four women did not come for. The four women were found by the Washington Post, the intrepid rip. Orders were in Alabama, they say they they heard rumblings about more years. Dec to go pursuing. Teenagers or something of that sort, and so they pursued the story. The thickest figured it out. Now that's. Why they're publishing it now.
These women are in their fifties summer. Almost sixty now in three cases before women caught on quota come forward, It appears he went on dates with a cup with the three of them Nothing beyond kissing into cases and it did even reach. That is I one of the cases and they were not. Fourteen in me Cases and try to remember the ages, and I can't remember funding, I'm just laying out the facts, have been presented here,. As to the woman who was fourteen Fox NEWS reports, Alabama
Republican sent a candidate Roy more on Thursday, adamantly denied a Washington Post report and a woman she's. Now fifty three who claims the former judge and start social so we have initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was fourteen allegation. Tat have rocked the race in the final stretch, Whole story centred on allegations made by Lee Kaufman. Now fifty three she told them. Paper that more than an assistant district attorney first approached her nineteen, seventy nine outside Courthouse in Alabama, where she was sitting with her mother. Occasion. She said more than thirty two took it to his home in the woods and kissed her during a subsequent visit Kaufman Pointedly claimed he took off her shirt and pants and so forth. There was no intercourse.
And you can read the rest yourself, I'm not going to read it on the earth just because I don't like reading this kind of stuff on there now. What are we to make of this true or not? What's with the timing of this story, I put myself in the past. Mission abysses paper fresh ever more, the man has been anti establishment in Alabama since day one. He was a Print court, justice and they're not appointed, they run for office, he was eight quote controversial Supreme Court justice because he refused to remove the ten commandments from the courthouse.
And it was already do so any store refused and they removed it and they were moved him. Wouldn't you think at that point. Some information we come out, but no information came out what you think of the point of his Announcement that he's running for the United States Senate in the republican primary information would come out, or at least intrepid reporters would want to get information, but it didn't come out. And here we are, as the Fox NEWS article report in the final stretch of the Senate campaign in Alabama the final stretch and the wash them. Takes out the information according to them and reported today I reported today.
And it's all over, the media for women have come forward, and yet I should impose says they didn't come for the Washington Post found them. They're all treated the same, but they all weren't treated the same and they were different ages, certainly not defend Annabelle even dating seventeen eighteen year, old and so forth, and whatever the ages were. But he denies this all of it emphatically denies it. And, as I heard some commentators say honour on tv. Unlike the Harvey wines, the case where they said well, this was, as you know, it's too bad. Secretive is an open secret. This guy, you know you, he would mean here the way,
Treat women how many women in this that, in the other thing when I read this, I was stunned and the left, no doubt was ecstatic, but one of them, the timing of such a report, a readable I believe that these Washington Post report is just happening here about this when they went to. Alabama from some of its supporters, and now We're just able to draw the truth out of these when the particularly the former fourteen Is now fifty three years all is everywhere to bully.
Newspaper that endorsed a Democrat already that's what's goin on here. I remember many decades ago and the Clarence Thomas case many decades ago. How he was treated the allegations that were made against him? The timing of those allegations was terrible, absolutely terrible any. It was almost impossible for the mandate. And himself because was at a hearing at hearing it never come up before, despite the he was a public figure. He'd been the chairman of the Eu Sea.
Is quite well known, as a former judge never come up before, and then it comes up them comes up. Then. So the Washington Post, if it was gonna, report a story like this it should Putting an early while you know we only learned about this, no, you didn't. I don't believe that for two seconds and I believe that for two seconds. And these republican say if it's true, he should withdraw while of course, if it's true, he should withdraw. How do we find that out.
The problem is in a situation like this. You know- and I know when the media your guilty until proven innocent- that's a fact. You're gilding until proven innocent and by the way, speaking of criminal behaviour, Koran, quote of which most of what they report, it would not be with respect to the fourteen year old, could be got Barman enters the New Jersey who's been on trial. For corruption charge, you read almost nothing about that. You here almost nothing about this, sitting. United States Senator have any these Republicans come forward and said he should resign because he was indeed because he's in trial now in fact, Lindsey gram testing. I don't they half a million character in New Jersey may wasn't,
It he's on trial has been convicted, yet maybe he won't be. But nobody has jumped the demand, his resignation on either side of the Irish, a Democrat. Why is that? Why is that. Many years ago, when I was in California, we didn't live there long, but we live their little. While there was a race, the effects are clear. We're not exact, doesn't really matter, but there was a race. They rang. California, where this wonderful man, any still a wonderful, Bruce Herschelian, was running for the Senate against barber boxer, her first campaign for the sun. He lost by a couple of points.
And they made some allegations about women or a woman. I don't remember the specifics of wasn't anything like this, but it was something and it cost him. The election. Can I turned out, it was all bs. Because when the media report this stuff so close to the election,. And there's no way no way to get to, bottom of no way to resolve the issue. For the most part, at least in the republican side, when the person is accused, they lose they lose another fact. So this case I just know this is a lousy waiter report. This is a lousy way to do this.
And this is how the washed impose conducts itself tell CNN conducts itself. Now will see how the left media and the others. Try to cherry pick and choose what I just said: none of it, which none of it is controversial. None of what I have said is controversial, but it's true for and its objective, I'll be right back. When you look at my printer. They said it was eleven pages. My printer yoga, page, seven of the printed page, the three other women You spoke to the post so that more asked them on dates when they were between sixteen and eighteen
he was in his early thirties would have been nothing criminal about that. Moreover, when you read further in there, they didn't do anything. They went on a few dates. They kissed. That was it period. I was it, One of them had turned nineteen. So why are they throwing these? In? With I mean again, I don't know what saccharine? What's not accurate. But again, the timing of this just makes it virtually impossible to sort through anything which, I guess is why there's this timing. And they rode on page three at my printed version, neither Kaufman nor any of the other woman sought out the post, while report historian Alabama about supporters of more set a campaign, a post,
reporter heard that more largely it's our relationships with teenage girls. Now, how did this happen. All the various events, all campaigns running for the Supreme Court. A post reported Happening here about relationships with teenage girl these ladies say they never laid. They didn't come forward. Just doesn't smell, write to me whether the facts turn out to be. Than about this doesn't smell. Write to me we'll be right back I thought I'd just a patriot and unapologetic constitutional lest you, Can region at eight seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! We don't know.
Anything more than what the washed and posters reporting. That's all we know now, I'm sure the morning new shows a working as I speak, to get one or more these ladys to go on tv. I'm sure that's the case because they want to jack up their ratings and they want Once the outcome of the race they weren't so excited ever get about getting one need a broader or Polish Jones, her Kathleen Willie, even today they looked down upon those women. When will we have to be honest about these things now? Roy more and this campaign issued a statement Today, the job today, the judge Roy more campaign for you, a Senate, issued a statement. This is there
responding to yet another baseless political attack by the washed imposed a paper that is endorse, Judge Moors opponent, more campaign, chair arm instead released the following statement on Thursday No Judge Roy more has endured the most outlandish attacks on any kind in the modern political arena. But this story, today's, why impose alleging sexual impropriety takes the case. Take national liberal organizations know their chosen candidate Doug Jones is a death spiral. This is the last ditch Hale Mary It imposes already endorsed the judges, opponent and four months Navy, age than they systematic campaign to distort the truth about the judges. Recording career and derail is campaigning just two days ago. The foundation, for moral law centre retraction demand to the post false stories, they wrote that the judges working compensation. But apparently there's no end what the postal allege. The judges been married to tailor
nearly thirty three years has for children and five grandchildren spent in Canada. In four hotly contested stay. Why political contest twice as a gubernatorial candidate, twice as a candidate for chief justice, he's been a three times, Candidate for local office has been a national figure into groundbreaking. Traditional fight over religion. Liberty and traditional marriage after over forty years ago, look service of any. These allegations were true. They would have been made public long before now. They write. Judge, Roy more is winning a double digit, lead and so forth, and so on,
no surprise. They write would just over four weeks remaining in a race for the? U S, Senate, with national implications that the Democratic Party in the countries, most liberal newspaper would come up with a fabrication of this kind. The garbage this garbage is the very definition of fake news, and intentional defamation, he said, is completely false in a desperate political attack and yet the public we have to sit here because the way this was reported on the timing of this report in scratch, our heads and scratch my head- and I believe, that's intentional- thirdly, intentional: oh we heard from a little birdie at one of these events that Roy more you know that he was and teenagers is forty years ago? Okay, if that's true.
It took forty years to tell us thirty, eight years, the Taos while the people wouldn't come forward, but the little birdie comes forward right before the general election and that by in this I'm not talking about the allegations are not buying this reporting in the way we this was done and by the way, let's we were to stipulate these allegations are true and I'm not stipulating anything. I'm a mean agreeing to anything. I'm just saying for argument sake, look what they ve done. The Republicans and Estate Alabama they're trying to deliver their seat. The Democrat: that's why they timed it this way. Isn't it a little bit curious, the timing of this to lock curious. If somebody is accused of this- and I confess to it- it's too late to I-
sounds like an idiot and all the others all capital her. Well. If it's true then issue redraw, what are they leave its true about anybody. They should withdraw but apparent you can't change the balance in our Burma and I'll bet. The Washington Post knew it up at these. Reporters know it so the year and by the way, and I'm not going to discuss this all day. What's the discuss this is all we know is what the posts and what happened and how more response. But we also know the timing is intentional: he just have to eat it, there's no way around it. I've heard it said much today and yesterday that the selection of Virginia, what's Neue, we have a democratic governor. We got another democratic governor had earlier so forth and saw well that's true.
When we read something to you from my local newspaper loud and now, loud and county is one of the important counties, whether our important and Virginia bullets firstly, one of the bell, whether a wise counties to very wealthy county. It's an extra bird expert as they call them, but it wasn't the same. There was a change. And those who don't live here and make statements about it dont know I'm gonna. Give an example. Here is the headline LAO Republican losses loses all about one Halsey Democrats pull. A decisive sweep of I am counting on Tuesday night, propelling Routh, nor to the governor seat in the reshaping the counties General Assembly delegation, so the three assembly delegates
in my area, all forward Republicans and one is left standing. Three novices took three republican seats which were safe incumbent Republicans and this happened in several areas. Special Northern Virginia it's not while we ever replied, I had a democratic government revenue Democrats. We had sixty six out of a hundred assembly delegates and now the Republicans have fifty one, fifty or forty nine. That's a blow up it's not. We had a democratic governor before we have a democratic governor again, that's quite obvious, but it's more than that and it does no good to pretend. Otherwise it does us no good to watch the republic Party continue to move left, it does No good! If we're going to defeat the left.
To pretend that it's the same as it was in the past. We need to push this party to embrace conservatism. That's what we need to do because it is abandoned. It is abandoned. So it's not just well, you know, what's it it's a blue, stable, that's true, the blue state, but there were some republican strength. The state assembly was two thirds republican. Now I dont even offer will be fifty percent republic and the congressional delegation. It could be affected too.
Average Annual, not Michigan. I got all that. I spent a lot of time on this. The other night and the night before us are not going to redo at what I'm saying is. I do not believe that this was just a blue state. Staying blew the blue state, saying Blue, but a blue state also where the republican legislature has been blown out. That's a big deal. The good news is the Democrats have their head so far up there. You know what they're not sure what to do about this. There are quite divided and the waited to feed them is to go to blue collar workers. Go to Super Benighted, Scott, all Americans. With a positive, strong conservative agenda. We ve done it before we ve done it before we been enormously successful and when we abandoned it like georgius double.
Wash abandoned it Reagan ISM when you abandoned it. What do the Republicans go? What are they stand for? What are, they argue, becomes a problem or in a minute take some cause. I'm not going to tolerate stupid cause, I'm just Harry Manhattan, the great double A go, yes, carry go hi, hi mark I wishing as much as I can and what I want. Say, is just two things number one. There has been a cavalcade of people on all sides of the spectrum coming forward and speaking out. You know that's a context that we're living in them What is
Menendez, for example, the weather, so many allegations I can't even keep track of whose making allegations against her. I just can't keep track of an animal I know one thing: I want to stay for so long: ok, Independence is what, number because I've been in news, person my whole life. When I was in college scandal,. I remember being sick of it and it was on twenty four mark. I just one to Actually my ruin me. Let me let me let me educate you somewhat here. It may have been in the news twenty four seven, but it wasn't originally in the news. Twenty four seven. As a matter of fact, there wasn't for MAC Drudge and the draft report and the blue Ass in all that stuff would never have come forward news we others were sitting on it.
And it is amazing. Ever present United States who went after an internet was barely twenty years old and it two actually Salting women in the oval office actual allegation of actual rape and so forth and so on, and how the media tried to downplay and cover it up until it then do it any longer to watch the truth. That is the actual context. Go ahead did the Washington Post give any I'll read the article The ito The washed opposed to a I need to move along the way he kept any verification, to how these women, while you read the article these these women, are speaking and the the woman who is fifty three now was fourteen years old at the time she talks about what took place or what her out her allegation is.
As do the other women and when you read it, or at least with the three women hold a second, he say yeah we dated and we cast, There was no inner course, none of the other stuff and so forth and so on. Why would you include those- samples. People are asking this an amazing this with the fourteen year old, suppose, a delegation there. Why would you do that? It is a bit this is saying is true. It's it's or are they I don't take a whole man's life should be destroyed, what's happening, all mass life's being destroyed I have a high break. I apologize we'll be right back Ben.
By the way? My party, radio colleague, Larry, O Connor, reminds me that the attack on persons in July was very fond of strict club back then that mattered, I'm gonna Strip club? That said, that was the allegation And so were caused him, the election and Barbara boxer look I'm. I can't possibly be a fact finder. I can't possibly be a I witnessed to any of this. I can't possibly know what, if anything took place. But I am an eye witness to the timing, to the manner in which this media outlet is conducted itself And we know full well now. We never knew before we certainly know now where the media are coming from. They have lost all ah semblance of objectivity.
This very newspaper has endorsed Moors opponent. I've never met Roy more in my life, he was on the programme once when I supported him report. Primary. Obviously, you know I supported my Brooks, but that's irrelevant to the of Alabama can have the sore through this. The people Alabama and have to decide whether they may find that led the Washington Post in its form of journalism, acceptable, believable or not again. The two things that I find very peculiar about. This is the guy. In public office for a long time, he's been considered cards virtual by the media. For a long time he's. Target, the Republic establishment and the Democrats in Alabama for a long time. Went through a republican primary. Where is essentially running against not just Luther strange, but our role, and I met my com and the Washington Post and all the rest, none
came out, then, suddenly, some reporter overhears somebody at a more campaign rally talking about the teenagers is that believable to you, it's not illegal bother me they send our investigators down there. They tracked down these four women and they reported today at the end of what is a general election. A special action is coming up. This would be the same Washington post that sat on information related to Bill Clinton. I only point that out again because, Ideological motivations, so timing is important
and we have no way, no way whatsoever of discerning fact from fiction, none and so based on what the washed and posted we have to draw our own conclusions about credibility about TAT me and all the rest. They leave us no choice. They didn't do this a month ago or three months ago, and they didn't do it in the middle, the republican primary when things can be sorted out and several they get it now. Didn't want things sorted out, they didn't want things vetted. And so now you're the only until proven innocent. Even if somebody is guilty you still supposed to be innocent until proven guilty right. How do you prove yourself innocent if you are innocent? In fact, how do you do it? Under these circumstances,
We have to do it before the election lot of questions I think, most of which will go on it, and the fact that I raised these questions. You watch it'll be said that I defend this. I defend that. I oppose this. I oppose it because the left are nuts, the left, r, r, r, R r soviet apparatchiks him anyway same mentality in a business travel is a game of winds and mosses having a short weight. Through a security is a win. Forgetting about the bottle of water. In your brief case, they have to go through security again now, that's a loss will buying your business trip at upside dot. Com is a triple one number one. They have the absolute best available prices for flights hotel and read them.
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So there is really no way to sort this out, which means there's no way to win when you're trying to get the facts. There's there's there's no way to resolve this. It's not going to be resolved before the election and may not be resolved after the election statute of limitations would have run you go through a primary process. Part, you guys we're primary process to see if anything comes out anything sorts threat. But if you have a newspaper, that's basically sitting on a story. No, you don't understand. We were ready at a were eventually overheard. Somebody talking about this. Ok, really. I'll, be right back.
He's here now run them only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight. Seventy seventh one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three one Three, eight one went you know, I'm not gonna put this down yet this article back. This washed imposed article I want to read this to you again, neither court. Man. This is the fifty three old woman who makes the allegation about what took place when she's fourteen Nor any of the other one sought out the post. Reporting, a story in Alabama
about supporters of more Senate campaign. A post reporter heard. That more allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls opposed reported just heard heard it. Nobody leaked it to them I heard it while reporting a story on Alabama supporters of Roy more they just heard heard about the wash them is covering for someone or some group, and I will tell you something, and this is a complete surmise, a complete surmise. I don't put it passed. The republican Party to put this her, whether its false or true Mcconnell
lost. Two Roy, more Mcconnell guy Luther Strange lost, awry more and and it is an amazing. We of course have sent a Republican saying exactly the same thing. Mr producer they're, all saying exactly the same thing right on cue and immediately. And you know what they're talking about now, recruiting looser strange as a right Kennedy reached, Luther straying Mcconnell guy. They're not saying, let's wait for the facts. Let's see what happens there not saying you know, the timing of this washed imposed story seems a little odd, maybe they're, trying to take out a Republican near there Seeing any that staff there not holding their tongues are now so you know there needs to be some process here where we can do to monitor. It is if this is true, he needs to go first of all, if it really does need to go. But how do we know.
How will we ever no thirty, eight years ago,. While talking to the Washington Post apparently but didn't talk to law enforcement. Ok, fine got. Again, I want to read this and I want to know: do you find this believable while report a story in Alabama about supporters of more Senate campaign, a post reporter heard that more allegedly- saw relationships with teenage girl. While we just heard it. And there are the only ones had heard it. No other. No other newspaper heard no more, Jeanne heard it no website heard it, no network brought company heard it no cable broadcast company herded no satellite broadcast combat nobody heard not.
A Democrat Party may never heard a thing about it, not even a republican opponent. They never heard a thing about a guy in a washed imposed. He happens to be in Alabama check it out the more supporters- and he says he that more largely saw relationships with teenage girls. Thirty, eight years later, the reporter heard about I'm not believe in this matter. About the allegations against more. I don't know, I'm saying I'm not believing this that the washed and posters saying right here. I don't believe it. That's not how information gets the reporters are down, and we just heard that this happened: fellow so the story was pointed it was planted. Which is why they use this. This amorphous language is ambiguous quarter her dead, more legislature. It may just heard it and that's that
That is a throwaway line in this very long. Article. Stuck on the year in the first third of the of the article, just one sentence in there. And what you're trying to show as these women came forward or didn't come for? We have to go, find them and get them. They really were reticent, ok, fine, but I they just heard that more allegedly sort relationships with teenage girls. What little birdie told us nobly that for two seconds that was planet either by the democratic the Republican Party or somebody else. There was planet and planted perfectly type. To make it impossible to get a resolution perfectly tied in there
Lobster doom Roy Moors campaign, even he's an innocent man. And nothing. We know about rely more over for decades. Nothing had that has been reported, nothing that weak Frankly, I have heard nothing. About this man who hoof the legal system about the man who fought the federal courts about the man is what the left man is, what the damn. Party the man is what the republican nostalgia we never heard anything like this was an open secret. Another where no open secrets. Harvey wine steam and the four five billion, members are highly would have been involved in the various forms of
for ass, my when everyone a car, so I he's things had planted. These things are pursue these things. There, people today not just the reporters, but their people today were ringing their hands and laughing out loud about what they have accomplished politically politically again, putting aside the substance: politically Nobody can possibly none other than Roy more, and I can't find the ladys name here and the and the fifty three old woman whose telling the truth Kaufman Corporate MRS Kaufmann, nobody could possibly now
And more is denying it ass infallibly, as he possibly can, as he possibly can. The Washington Post reports of a woman who very reluctantly, came forward who they found she, come to them, because somebody to them about more seeking relationships with teenage girls. Let me ask you a question: a post reporter heard that more allegedly had sought relationships with tee age, girls. These four women did not know each other. When they were young women, they didn't know each other. Apparently, hadn't come forward.
How would the source to the Washington Post have heard that more allegedly, it sought plural. Nation ships with teenage girls? You understand what I'm saying MR producing a post Porter heard that more allegedly had sought relationships with teenage girls. Just follow me because I'm a very logical purse. For women, didn't know each other. As best as I can. From this this very long article they had never solid with each other collaborated with each other, a shared stores with each other best, as I could. It's never been reported before The Washington Post said they heard that more allegedly had sought relationships plural with teenage girls. Plural, how
their source, even though that, unless they were doing. Some form of opposition research, in other words somebody to whisper to this guy, this report or a gown and say we heard that more allegedly, it's our relationships with these teenage girls making sense. Mr producer, even come foreign say. There's this one case they that there were multiple case multiple case, multiple cases and in three these kids They said they updated in question. That was, it went out the fender perverse behaviour in any respect and participate in it, and I have defended I'm trying to go to
Facts and trying to analyze what took place here rather than just the grabbing headlines and all the static and another politicians attention I'm trying to to dissect what these reporters are revealing. The US but they're trying to convey to us. Such received. Now, I'm trying to through it. And make some rational conclusions from gay. All were initially reluctant to speak publicly but chose to do so. After multiple interviews said they thought important for people to know about their interactions with more the. What Say they dont know another. Then how did the washing this enemy, then? How did these reporters at the Washington Post no to track down or for one of their source
The EU can understand what I'm saying they're not saying we got this from a political party. When I do we got it from us, and research we did a track of our old records of news. They heard They heard the languages peculiar because they're trying to cover up their source. They heard that For allegedly its relationships with teenage girls than they, the women say they don't know one another. They don't know one another. Then they say were initially reluctant to speak publicly their initially reluctant big publicly, but somehow the Washington Post knew how to track down all four of them because they That more, allegedly it's our relationships with teenage girls and they chose reluctantly to speak publicly
chose to do so after multiple interviews, multiple interview? Why didn't they? come for the Washington Post after one interview one of the women put it out there publicly as quickly as possible. So then there be not resolution, but further away from the general election. So the people Alabama, but to have an honest opportunity that this now no this. This may be a little too in the weeds a little too technical particular from media matters and sorts like that. But it isn't from me it isn't from me. Because this is a very, very dishonest and deceitful paragraph Rita one more time again on focused on the journalism here so called neither Kaufman nor any of the other woman sought out the pulse
reporting a story in Alabama about supporters of more Senate campaign, a post reporter that, more, allegedly, it sought relations more than one whit teenage girls. Plural. So their source, presumably Allegedly knew there were teenage girls, but these teenage girls hadn't come Forward will, then, how would the source now that there's one two three four teenage girls of different It is by the way, over the ensue, in three weeks to post reporters, contacted interviewed the four women. They were handed this information. Ladies and gentlemen, I dont know if it's this information, misinformation, facts the truth, but they were fed this information
And they refused and I've written in such an ambiguous way to reveal, source, I'm not even talking about the name. They refuse to reveal whether it's a political source out of state store, source inside store source source related Mcconnell source related to the democratic party. The democratic. By this they won't tell us, but why won't tell us again. They don't have to tell us the individual. We understand keeping her actual sources secret, but the fact of a vessel. It seems to me to be a relevant piece of the story, so the people of our I can draw some conclusions, because if this is it, what did they say to say what are they supposed to do?. You ve got Roy more, who emphatically denies it.
And then you have misheard course: men who says what she says, these other three women say what they say too, but that's the Kaufmann situation that the most serious. If true I'll, be right back. Several stories in the store The story is written. That is the alligator his against Roy, which how're supposed zombies. Roy more. Who is. Equivocally denying the allegations.
So there you have people, they Loggerhead has been created, but of course it has the political follow up, which then brings us to the backstory backstory. I'm asking a question. The Washington Post coverage of the story. Post reporter heard that more allegedly its relationships with teenage girl, so did the Washington Post know. There were four women since the women So they don't even know one another. How did the washed and post snow the women were that is, are and how to the Washington Post know how to contact.
But the two key points: how do they know there were four women and how do they know their identities? You don't just hear that, ladies and gentlemen, protect since the women don't know each other sites like me, I said yeah me and you wanna talk to you no ex wiser next week He says you wanna talk, ABC yeah, there's enough, you wanna talk to her. F g over there to that didn't happen. The wash impose new the contact for women independent of each other. And had the identity of four women independent of each other. They were fed that information. That's the only way the washed and posts would have had leads report has done, Create the leads they washed and post had leads that were given to them. Question, then, is who gave them the leads in times like this, the report
and spent millions and millions and millions of dollars to defeat more and they lost and they lost. The Democrats obviously are spending a small. Fourchan defeat more to further less so than the Republicans. Did they people who do opposition research. Washington, Post, won't reveal the Baxter. Washing we can't resolve the actual story, but the Washington Post, what with the other backstory, which would give people Our understanding of exactly what has taken place here Not going to reveal because their source, I believe. And opposition research were one of the parties or somebody else,
I'll be right back new. While american revolution starts here, the clear then show call at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one remember how mad the phoney media got back in March, when I put together from their own report, domestic surveillance, I was going on member that right wing conspiracy that they so hate me. The look for, They re right wing conspiracy, turns out. I was accurate took month. Months and months? And yet I brought up the fight brain stem
you can't prove? There was a fighter, you don't either. As a vice of others are report, there was a fire while that's not been verified, we ve been trying to verify it anyway course they forget about what they didn't do and they also forget about what they said. I went to listen. I want to add something to this. People will fight over the substance of the washed imposed on data. You didn't Didier, didn't it's absolutely pointless, because there's no way Ah, that's what I'm saying is the timing of this was a hit job. We're supposed to believe that something that was never reported in thirty eight year. Just heard about my washed and repose reporters who were attending a year a a more event but more supporters. Nobody heard a thing for thirty. Eight years wasn't reported in thirty eight years wasn't used in in the
primary against more? In thirty eight years wasn't used against. Him any of US elections and thirty eight years, we're supposed to believe. It has never been reported in thirty eight years. How is being talked about Hausa being talked about? They heard it was talked about. Even if one talk, even if someone talk, what are the odds that people did not know each other, which they also say in the post. Come lane to these same mutual friend or the same person of the different, then girls, so so I can report that there are multiple teenage girls. He has in pursuing he pursued thirty, eight thirty, Thirty, seven years ago,.
All after thirty years of past. If it has never been reported in thirty eight years, how is being talked about, and even if one talk, what are the odds people who did not know each other complain to this. In person and maybe the same mutual friend of the different girls. For girl, so someone could report that there are multiple tee Age, girls: he was pursuing, that's what they wrote, they heard the. Multiple teenage girl that doesnt pass this matter. And I'm telling you Trying to put one on one together in getting to this risk, although from opposition research could well have been the Republicans, because you can see how their orchestrating on capital- here- I don't know, but you can see orchestrating their comments, one
look at the senator after another saying almost identical thing, starting with Ms Mccarthy comic. I got it wrong here, racers enough, true or not, the girl anyway, I will take advice from him, not but Susan Collins, A gardener did you corn. In to all the rest, the leader management I'll. Exactly the same thing. If this is true, he needs the withdrawal, of course, of its true. Needs to withdraw, but we'll never. Now we certainly no one, five weeks, why how we gonna know Mr Lage Mcconnell? Yet they planted it now, you might say again I'm just playing this. You might say well what is in it for the Republicans to lose the sea. This election,
nothing but Mitch Mcconnell and the Republicans have shown in the past. They would rather lose seats that involve tea party candidate conservatives then win them, because there are A pain in the ass in the United States Senate then that Derek so they don't even have to deal with that. Shimmers problem. In Indiana when Dick Luger was defeated in the republic and primary May, but colonel and the republic and establishment went after the tea party conservative and defeated him. The republic and establishment supported the Democrat Donnelly they do it all the time again, I don't know it's been done here. Let me my car. Vigo is very badly bruise. He poured a fortune in this race. Sorted car or of the entire establishment poured a fortune in this race.
Is scared to death at this. Man will be in the United States Senate. Before this, why can propose story came out? He had water he'd rather have some. Jerk, liberal Democrat that he doesn't have to deal with at lunch, once a week in the Republic of Carcass nor the Democrats side there, no better. The ends justifies the means again. Putting sighed, the substance of the story. I am asking: how did they get this story? What did it come from? They want you to believe that they were innocently in our banner check out supporters of more. And a campaign a reporter, her that more legibly sort relationships, plural with teenage girls, plural. So it's not
Been reported in thirty eight years, and yet it being talked about never picked up by a local reporter, never picked up during any that camping, but here he its overheard. They hear about. More seeking multiple relationships with multiple teenage girl who didn't know each other who didn't know each other corner. The story So how did they know that there were multiple teenage girls. How did this person, or whoever the one person who spoke to this reporter her this reporter heard? How did this reporter the person that I spoke to the reporter or the report overheard the person. How would Porter know that there were multiple teenage girls. How would the person who spoke to the reporter know that there are multiple teenage?
the teenage girls didn't know there are multiple teenage girls, the teenage girls. Didn't know each other. You get my point, MR because they understand what I'm saying this was fed to the Washington Post. It was timed. Perfectly five weeks, or so before the general election, when you it sorted out and they have are blaring in the headlines or Blair. Trust me, I'm not gonna, get analysis like this Where else- and this is no conspiracy- I'm just land out it- has nothing to do with a conspiracy- is nothing to do when anything of the sort I'm just reading, They sat in the media hate when I do this. One is a right wing conspiracy, I'm reading what they wrote, an impartial, what they wrote and what they wrote, makes no sense in that paragraph,
Three, a page eleven of my printed out version of the Washington Post article, in other words, get a crummy job of covering their tracks. This information was hand FED the Washington Post Their names are, these women have fed to the Washington Post it. Only way this could have happened and I want we were there. We were taken out and we heard no, you didn't that's not what happened. That's not what happened. That's not how you got your story and your timing was intentional Washed imposed, if had reported this two months ago, ok, fine,
work through you can make decisions, are the primary to wash posted this in time. This the hand, the seat of the Democrats, and if the republic establishment was involved, they did the same thing and clearly the demo that would do the same thing, millions and millions at our spending that race And a lot, I really pissed off republican establishment types as well as Democrats. While the Democrats claim they wanted more because they thought he was the weakest Kennedy. But again I don't know who did it, but you gotta do things it isis of elimination. Now believe anyone's gonna come for. But these washed imposed reporters who are listening to me or something tells him. They know exactly what I'm talking about. Stephanie Mc Roman Beth, Reinhard, Alice crises apologize for matter pronouncing, I correctly so there you have it.
Meanwhile, the Chinese are on the move in the present. United States is plain footsie within forty with the with the lead dictator in China, plain footsie with a guy Well, you know I I I don't blow The Chinese for screwing us on trade. That's our fault. I mean it Countries can allow you to be screwed on trade and you get shrewd entre. Now, that's not correct, it may be our fall in part, but China, cheats unwise. That's on them, not us. But even more than trade. Their seizing the South China Sea, among other things,. And I think this g g ping, who is a ruthless dictator? I think they figure? You know it wasn't a tree trunk, we're gonna out to Morrow Larga we're gonna make this. Does the great?
state dinner state, a we're, gonna smiled, shake hands and and locked himself in his and is in his granddaughter and his family and so forth. That's how we'll get him. I hope it's my work and we heard what the present is concerned. While Mark we in Ireland and we'll get this remark, we need them stop the union's current. They build up the North Koreans. They built their missiles. They build up their nukes. This is a joke, the Chinese! Now you know what needs to be done. Two missile up North Korea as South Korea, Japan. To make permanent at least one of our carrier fleets to do what needs to be done
Because, MR she understands one thing: the iron fist, be right back why are you know, cause for Bob and then does to resign. And he's a suddenly candidate is the setting sun he's been indicted is charged with all kinds of crime selling his office. Why isn't John MC called for a man to resign. Susan Collins, Corey with
What's a guy's name out there in the Colorado, can a goofy guy gardener hear him man, others by the way you know which politician in the United States, above all other politicians, I'd love to interview. Mr producers fight told you this, which one would you guess. Bernie Sanders they ignored us, being one day, I can have a serious intellectual. Showdown with Bernie Sanders. I would love to have a discussion. Doktor doctrinaire radical and I oh what's in his in between his ears. I do. I know how he thinks I wouldn't I have a serious friendly discussion with him.
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You know we ve got a wide I'll have allowed. Here in the county, he was a republic can really both with the Democrats. We ve got our hands on Frederick and they need to change. So like Susan Comment, go right ahead now. The end and by the way, speaking at the senator, it is amazing how they all singing on that same sheet music. It reminds me of what happened with the gun control issue. Why, after that attack last week, so you know they ve got it all. Well, timed well executed as usual at my biggest concern. Going forward is: where are the conservatives gonna get a land in the end, because this will be their blue pray. Don T succeed with this limit lemon juice limit, you say: do don't God. I have said in the past with only to read conservative president's in what is it.
Effectively, the last century, cabin religion, Ronald Reagan. That's it. Both men over saw great economic progress in the United States, whilst creation for all people, both men, Build up the military there was a great deal of achievement when it came to foreign policy, and since then we ve had basically progressive Republicans, I mean Theodore. Roosevelt was the first progressive president we ve had Theodore Roosevelt. We ve had others I have been very good in some respects Eisenhower was very good in some respects and solar, but they may have a wittingly or unwittingly, a progressive mentality, whereas Coolidge did not and rang it did not have any doubt would reality, but they were solid, solid conservative. So where do we go from here? It would be nice if we could one another presidency at some point and I
to say Donald Trump, and I had talked about this at some length. The other night he's leading a movement he's, not a cow. Situation, conservative, these not a populist, he doesn't talk that way. He doesn't self identity thy way and yet it. Seventy seventy one years old. He is essentially settled on positions that are largely conservative, not sclusively, no question about that, but that our law Finally, conservative and I think he's done that, based on his own expense, It's a common sense for the most part. Guy had done yet we welcome you on that, and that is why I have written to. Mr more is deplorable. It's disgusting and I never got a thing in all my years in Alabama that whatever this clear in such a way- and I love you- allies is all about so that we could see the cop out for what they are very dear to the Inn. I wanted a key to the garbage that we didn't stop
every day by this means dreams about mainstream media. I appreciate it and pressure your vigour. As they say in our friends, say, Massachusetts, Massachusetts We say your vigour. Ladies and gentlemen,. Is Paul, Ryan, Bernie Sanders and drag that's my question next hour prove to you that in many respects he is I'll, be right back.
Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader how everybody Mark Levine, here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one when we can still discuss this as the left. Is that left phony media are out there listening to my reward, and how can we catch on this right more, we catch him and here's the thing they show is recorded by us and put up on Mark Levine show that come every night. By Mr Medusa. It's in our archives.
Afraid of anything ever said doesn't mean I'm always right, but that said no he's not reason record anyway in general, Paul Ryan, more more is coming off to me. Like Bernie Sanders. He talks class warfare all the time he he's afraid of having tax cuts across the board cloning for court on called the rich, and it amazes me how the Republicans now by speaker and others. Talk about the rich like small business man and woman, or a small business family that manages to earn. A million dollars is no different than our bees, us our gates or a buffet. Where tens of billions of dollars and, of course, the differences. Everything.
Paul Ryan, more more sounding to me like a leftist like a class warfare propagandists Start were cut to MR producer. He's on the Fox NEWS Channel today. Go This is really clear what our analysis shows us that in every Income, the average taxpayer gets attacks, but the point we're trying to make with this on the individual aside, tax cuts are aimed towards the middle income taxpayers. The president made a really clear to see that he did not want us to lower the rate the tax rate on millionaires. You wanted us to lower the tax rates and provide the most actually for people in the middle of the incoming taxpayers. By the way they are not doing that for millions and millions of taxpayers, tens of millions of taxpayers. I think I read somewhere where twenty million so called middle class taxpayers are not getting a cut. Most getting an increase.
You start screwing around with interested auctions and real estate tax deductions and state income, tax deductions and Hell Savings accounts, and they were flirting with scorn around for a one case, and I raised and stuff, like that, don't hand ass this. Bernie Sanders marxist class warfare. Crap you I believe it, but you spell it, you spill it and he does it again. Cut three go. You can't say that every American gets attacks, and always what it would see. Analysis shows us that the average taxpayer in all income levels gets a tax cuts. Number noticed him require good for him or real journalist. We're a pariah versus when our analysis has said that in every income group the average taxpayers get a tax cuts are not interested in it.
Yeah come group. We want to know if tax payers are getting a tax cuts and because they won't slash taxes across the board. And am mess around with adoptions. Every taxpayer won't get attacks tax. That would, exactly bill. Hammers point: go ahead. I'm sure, there's going to be some wealthy personnel there, who, as a lawyer and accountants that is viable, utilise every different loophole in the direction that is out there. We got here this whose had certainly checks humour, was its handling Bernie Sanders, I would love to know about all these loopholes and tax cuts are considered rich. I dont have any loopholes and tax cuts by that time: These clowns her done the tax rates on the upper I could well be higher than they were under Obama, Obama and even try. This there'll be near fifty percent. Any
on that. A state income tax and you put on that that three eight three they presented bomb attacks, I mean some people are gonna, be sixty percent over this clown. Excuse me, the speaker talks like this. Ok, no tax cuts Iraq then leave him alone and get rid of your Mickey mouse. Activity when it comes to deductions, for other people, go ahead, no The tax loopholes that are in the code are disproportionately used by the very wealthy folks in this country and when you remove those loopholes in order to do so now, legitimate tax cuts are loopholes. I'm telling you the guy- has lost their loophole for the wealthy folks. You know folks, many of you may not think you're wealthy, but they consider interested action on your more
it's a loophole. They consider when you did not your state property taxes, the property tax on your home. They consider that a loophole. The fact that your pension- and is taxed after you start receiving your money retire as opposed to the first hours they now. Consider that a loophole you know that how savings account that you have with a deduction- that's correct, They consider that a loophole. Now they talk like Bernie Sanders and we have a hundred phony save it. Have groups who signed a letter said pass this pass this pass. This does happen to these people. Go ahead rates across the board in order to provide simplicity, unfairness, given that the people that I lose, those loopholes and locally keeps hammering the high and the high and the rich, the rich, the loopholes, the loopholes. Alright. This is the so called free,
market conservative speaker of house Sounds worse than John Vainer? How do you like that. He's picking winners and losers, and let me tell you about this: crap they're gonna make taxes simpler, now, they're not just complicated, as they have ever been. Cutting the Internal Revenue code when they mean by simpler is, ladies and gentlemen, is more and more people are gonna. Be on that. Oh, I don't have to pay taxes while they can file, therefore, We wonder whether postmark drill but they're not pay anything smarter fact you're paying for their re fun we fund of what they haven't even paid anything. They consider this a great achievement, their class warfare progressive republicans there. I would like the interview him to Paul Ryan that have a discussion about this, play this audio and and discuss what you know.
An even keel way rationally go ahead without actually lower tax rates across the board. Accurate applies a higher income up there we go there, we gotta get that in what might happen whereupon a middle class. Now they're, not and all the middle class. That's. Why he's using luck. I'm a man a word. He saw her, Broke down I washed and composting, I want to break this down to the analysis, shows he said the average taxpaying or income levels, so the average taxpayer in income level created by them, we'll get attacks. Are you average taxpayer in an income level. You have no idea. I have no idea, but millions of you are not. You be a higher level in an income level, even though you
feel like you're a hell of a lot of money, and then he has the gall the disgusting gold. Say this cup one go: this is far more boards actually form than the eighty six touch upon the wrong regulate. These tax cuts are deeper and bigger than what Ronald Reagan did unjust, just an actual basis, and it's a one point: five trillion our cut, so they raise the top rate. After million dollars from three point, nine excuse me thirty, nine point: six percent to forty five point: six percent ragged and eighty six first Led to a lower the top right from seventy two fifty percent, then an eighty six. He will lower the top right from fifty percent to twenty eight percent.
Guy has the gall to say these: are these are more bold than than ragged? Then he talks about cutting one point: five trillion dollars. You can't count absolute dollars in twenty seventeen, the absent dollars in nineteen. Eighty six, he won't talk percentages. When he compares Reagan. The Reagan accede me Reagan to what their proposing, because hence percentages were massive. His slash and Reagan did other things that these guys aren't. I. With appreciation in reckon slash, tuck taxes for corporations to He didn't have all these cockamamie schemes. You live here and you stand on your head and you blow your nose and you happen to be wearing a blue shared didn't get at the door,
On the other hand, if you want low Paul, were not given any loopholes, how many of you even what loopholes are they talking about? I don't know what you're talking about what loopholes are they talking about I noticed the reporters tone what loopholes you talking about, Mr Speaker: go ahead But more importantly, This is a kind of reform we haven't seen in in generations in this country. I would innovations in this country go ahead. This actually form is far more profound farmer pro growth. Extension form or go that far more pro growth see there A trash Reagan, whether sounding like Bernie Sanders. This is the in coherence Republican party day and why they lose elections. He sounds like Bernie Sanders and he's trashing. The ragged tax cuts saying these are bigger.
Ladies and gentlemen, there more pro growth than the eighty six tax reform. Are they going to create over seven percent GDP growth like Reagan's tax cuts that are they going to create the five million jobs that went through reckon administration through the George Bush administration into and through the clear administration. Is that what you're gonna do other? Not nobody believes this except these propaganda in the president's one of them. He said the greatest tax cuts in America. History another, not that's, probably false and here's Bugs me, people are saying to me: he got up ass, their so the republic that you're gonna lose. Ladies and gentlemen, they pass this and you find out. The to use the hat, which are not loopholes. And you rely on them when you, Got your annual budget, you rely on them, you need them as a cared
as to the roof, and they haven't repeal that you need a cat You need to be like what you need something to pay your bills. So when they use language, like our analysis, shows us the average taxpayer in all income. When I did in the average taxpayer and all income groups, all taxpayers should have their taxes pack, their right got that is across the board and stop without Bernie Sanders. Prop again, they sat waiting at the risk of attacks. We're going to take care that calls on the rich. We want the rich, whoever they are, whatever they are, whatever they do to make lots and lots of money, because then they take lots. Lots of money and they build stuff in the investments that, let me give an example.
Somebody gets really really which they decide to build a fifty thousand square foot home. I know it's of noxious grotesque. You know how many jobs are created. The enormous number of jobs created- painters, plumbers, electricians, people who put in tile people build roofs, h, vat systems, people who make window doors and enduring oxen and door stops and people who make its equipment goes on and on and on its. Like they burn their money. They don't put it in their mattress; they don't hide it. They had put it some, even if they put it in the bank. That means the bank has more. Capital available to loan us, so we can get
targeted and so forth, and we're gonna get that Lopez. Why so? The government can get the money until what crap and away redistribute wealth? And we don't have any Republicans who explained the nun: none, never none Want to defend capitalism, it's pathetic, Paul Ryan, the new Bernie Sanders. You know where you gonna lose out there. Can you say, with a hundred percent confidence that your family in homer safe. What did we defend yourself to sue? You know exactly what that means. You know exactly what the same, what to do when you, when you your gun with regard police officers arrive? You do with your gun and the police officers awry Here's how you take a simple and rewarding journey to conceal carried home defence confidence. It's called the twin
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jump into the gene pool. Would you like to join me here? We go John ensure California, serious satellite go market. Thank you and thank you. For feeding on the air and thank you for your enthusiasm. Thank you sleep. We paid what we Yes, is we need a freedom you we need some way to start, think about it, And I ve been working with President Bernie Sanders would not have had any chance of getting anywhere close to winning to becoming the Democrat nominee. The left has really worked hard when all, although they did nominate a George Mcgovern, but the differences George Mcgovern was not out of the closet. The way Bernie Sanders is not only that, but George Mcgovern only one one state, that's true
was the one state I dont. Remember, wasn't many exactly one hears home state, nothing else. We need him a meal. We need one lights and many ideas out, I believe, b of that have you heard the Prager. You just did a thing on conventional Saith advocacy, for it are therefore, Well, that's good to hear the invader a five minute, video demand it and well I'll need to check it out because the more the merrier as far as I'm concerned, progress, very good and very impressed with it. With him, and what he's doing our I'm friends, thank you for your call, Don Kansas, the great k I and a mark the great one of my life He's Lord gracious day after day. Thank you, Sir, when I called
call screener convoluted with so many things that are wrong with the Republican Party today denied at the convention. I've only got all my life carrying my republican voter, the stranger was a most valuable item. I ever carried my lot mile alive. No part of that, but not at the convention. When I play in his delegates were bringing up reform for the victim like open primaries. As long as we have open primary we're, not going to be the concurrent our daily more work on a spade and all that's definitely one of the things that needs to change, but you know a lot of these guys they get through the primaries, because the rope Ike Lindsey, grandmother, gonna fight like hell that the change in action calm down? I much appreciate it rather whether I bet
My poor been proud frenetic what our constitution calling. At eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one he's era. By screaming sky over Trump winning the election last year tell the countries and deep deep trouble Di Pietro, When you have morons like this in the street screaming at the tops of their lungs over an election. Did we do during the Obama eight years that prison sentence? No, no. He can engage idiots like this. Either you just can't their religion is, is progressive. Is the canning there there you write them off. That's the right off crap.
But don't worry pipelines and they're talking about we're going to get the rich. I went over the ridge Similarly, pause y ever get them, I will get them governments loopholes, that's a whole minister. I will get the rich more people who don't think they're rich, become rich terms, are the definition that the politicians apply. You're, even than the poorest of nations, where they had the most radical egalitarian regimes, even in places like North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela. If you have one basket of rice. More than the next guy you're considered rich and your punished. The lowest common denominator. That's what a wines are being the lowest common denominator course rulers they do just fine, they do Fine thanksgiving is two weeks away.
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The next twenty minutes you'll also get there. So take out of college in builder and the deep firming serum, absolutely free, with your Eight hundred skin six, oh for its for best sellers, free with your order, whilst. Lies last? They need to hurry and thanksgivings almost a year, eight It's been six o four eight hundred skin six o four or go to genocide. Dotcom eight hundred skin, six, o four. Let's take some call Shelly. Yes, we can Livermore, California, the great care sofa. How are you doing great mark grades we love what you do. We need a bad loser but the good work. I want to be like this. Point about tax cuts for the rich, it really is a way to make sure nobody else ever gets, which I have a small Business and to me entry level employed my minimum wage and boys. I look like a rich guy, I'm hardly, then what
one we will lead to a house and it's a big house. I tell me I think that this guy looks like he's retreat born. They laugh is now is rich. I said the people should be paying higher taxes. Oh yeah yeah procure, I think you know when you re through taxes, Going to lose my job, but you're gonna lose yours, because when he- hiring me. Did you call The cleaning Gonna need my help or anymore, so it actually helps it hurts the guy on the bottom. The mouth it will never hurt man, so why do we have to teach Paul Ryan? This lesson isn't that right, remarkably bizarre, apparently he's buying into the same thing that that everyone Capitol Hill does witches optics. You know what does it look like and- and I think they should look at the time man is because this is a form of covering mark of hatred and covering two
look at what another man has and to want to deny him of it, because you don't have the same thing with beautiful about America, I can be like that rich man. If I work my body, I can't get it big House and then buying services from other guys below me and they'll be helping out people below them. It all worked out. It's a beautiful system. I be equal, they cannot. Because once as equal or North Korea Mark- and we never wanted equal Dewey, no, we don't, means I never had a chance to get to the top I want to mark their your terrific. I appreciate buddy appreciate your car, Steve, Mariette, California, I was going to say Georgia on the market in a hurry. You I'm great market failure. The frustration level is going off the charts
five years, just unbelievable, that the clowns back there- and I do mean clouds with Brian and a con already. There is nobody, nobody speaking more decisive completely with the squid and made them a timid about what the media and the council on Monday to offer support. Don't you the matter what they are, but you're gonna get their heads and yours so right, because the temperature gonna this is tax cuts for the rich taxes their raising the rate this now, cuts for the rich there's? No tax cuts for people over a certain level at all, no nobler vignette end, but it proves Europe It doesn't matter and yet they they fall into that trap over and over again, the earth like Charlie Brown perform for that
we all remember that if I read a kick, it grew scorn for it to be our guide and in our own parliament that's the worst at it. If we had nothing, we have nothing to show for it. They said you I'll get the house we gave the house is that give the Senate we gave in the Senate. They said all get the White House and these guys like there are in the minority and they go there afraid of their own shadow. There's nobody all! There's! No! There's no! Well! If there's no positive message: where is the message that Reagan and I president I voted for and eighty for us, too young, by voting for ragged and eighty four. Where is look, let's get this economy growing and must give everybody a chance. Let the american Dream and any any here you hearings in this- is a bigger tax, cut and reform than right.
It's so appalling? What that the propagandists? These republicans have become. Dave. I appreciate your comments very much. Let's keep going, let's keep going or honour what are. We will win the zone case Dunwoodie, California, the Great W I am in Georgia, sorry the great w. Why? Why go Ok yeah piece on more in the post is with few inside your own article quote needed common or any of the other women sought out the post all affording a story, Alabama about supporters of more than a campaign. How's? Your quarter heard that more allegedly had sought in relations with made girls unquote. First of all, it When I didn't seek the post, how did they find them? repeating everything I just said and an hour ago,
for a long time now and, secondly, You know, how are they going to watch what more supporter whatever say? Anything like tat so where it is week. They here I mean they're, not gonna, give us names, but they can at least give us a general direction and they're not gonna. Do because They didn't just hear their stayed there they're trying to leave the impression that they overheard it like a campaign rally. Electronic eat, leave it to your imagination there down there amongst more supporters and they heard no, they didn't hear it was fed. Dinner was given to them: and the names were given to them and the women didn't know each other and they say the plural there that the teenage girls and plural and so forth, and so on I mean I dissected it as soon as best it can do so. I appreciate your car case. I very much do Roger Sidney.
Rascal serious satellite go where banks were taken. My call work where a great I worked for a great tracking company. I just started to nine years ago. For them, and they started back of nineteen. Fifty one at a late offsets? They're? Not one layer got one person foster job, they keep expanding, they keep getting bigger, but a profit share that give us bonuses to keep building more these either by new trucks. They treated very well. And I don't expect them to be penalised for treating people like an expanding and making more jobs, we will make people make money. They send money, they they produce an eighth economy. There, though doing things in his company just keep doing that and they started out. Like I said, nineteen sixty one what I billion dollar company now, but they just keep adding on.
I keep getting bigger, but the name is a company that future, when called sign, got food dots if they're good company, I want people another, but tell me then. Why doesn't Paul Ryan understand this? I don't know that you, if you sit down, think about it, they will look at what deficit. We got information. Twenty one comes not working. I made my work. And they need to look in the mirror, say what it's me: I'm not doing right for the people. Anderson aggravating I'm thinking, Don't I served my country in that way. It's going now on this very sad. This one, they say that your people that work hard like this company, this family ass, they deserve the keeper they deserve, what they got in and you your articulated so beautifully Roger, and let me ask you this: what the hell with it, government, do more money anyway then passed away. I'm sorry! I have to say that they would just give it away. That's what they were doing.
Give it the people who donor in it they day day they throw away with these ridiculous grants. Baby they lay first blocked the suburbs outside of Washington D C. I mean it's outrageous and credible because you know I believe me if you need a hand up I've, I understand there were need to be penalised needed to other people. Getting more and more with you. I don't want to do nothing and I know it myself, art, but I What part all my life I saw my country, then I had a great job of one year. We're gonna have to go. I want to thank you for serving our country and let me tell you something: you'll need to apply restraining, you said, I'm tired of people. Getting from us and then demanding more I'm sick of it and thought, you very much for your service and be safe out. There will be right back,
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Gotta car shield that calm car showed that can make sure use code live in easy iron and of a ten percent off. That's car showed that come code Levine and they deduct the boar may apply. Ok, let's see what we ve got down Here we got Charles in LOS Angeles, California, on the market, even though. Her mark. You still great talk you again with was great meeting you out of the wagon library to this time tat we re fine with you, you know what we always have a great time in the Reagan. Library doorway. Yeah I was ever there boy boy what a place so I go out. Again. You're too, will you come back absolutely after and dinner under the another air force, one but nothing. I ain't nothin, like that. I agree with you.
And our our buddy John High Bush runs the whole place. Nobody does it better anyway, go ahead, Charles require fact That is why this say who took a business man Can he sit there and watch this happened? It was his company. He wouldn't want his business way. What are we talking about a better taxes in the antibodies, tat rates he's going to charge, you should say, come on guys, isn't what I I guess what we ran on anyone push Like Reagan used to, when you Regular gotta phoning made phone calls. I remember he was the first president could vote for any. To the nation, to the promise he's leaving it to the light weight leaving it to the lie: weights and alight waits for producing lightweight stuff. They are not the businessmen for the most part, either no not at all- and I was not very California believe me. This places tat love,
now, you're gettin killed him when you love it, if he can't deduct most your property taxes in interest mortgage and all the rest, and when that be a wonderful middle class tax cuts for you here ridiculous. But my friend, it's a pleasure thanks again Charles I appreciate it William. Albany New York, the great w g. Why go I love you shovel incident you for a long time. I do. I call because I think little slightly on fair in the situation with this tax bill. The coming financial background. He didn't. I, we ve had a lot of cps call this programme in light of the information I have or from those experts, but you go ahead. I think every forget sometimes that now Did I ever the US through the man as a separate issue, now that filibuster role has nothing to do with this as a spending budget issue, and they use
reconciliation. So it's a simple majority that point five children on. Did you hear what I said? Yes, I first point wronged next point: so they're, not within those parameters Melina there, So why does Paul Ryan keep saying that she keeps saying what he's not brought a battle a bus to rule? No, Then what he's trying to pass a bill that he knows forgets Senate and the allocation because the Senate already rejected it. They have their own ideas of the set of bills, actually better, but still pretty crappy I ask you a question, you the financial background: why don't they just last tax rate. I would like them to flourish actually, but they're not and has now do the economics. It has everything to do with politics, they're afraid of being called the party, the rich, while the being The party, the rich, are iron iron.
But my luck there's only one like this. Isn't the rocket scientist you want to create jobs. You want create wealth, you want to create entrepreneurs, you want to create businesses, you want to create death So at ease assembly line you wanna make em. A great again than you rely on America, not the government. That's the answer to that. Thank you for your call, my friend all again? I appreciated, but that music means at tat time. It's time to go, get a stake. I've been dine first stake for three hours ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person. Now, if you cannot folks and I'll join you right here tomorrow we have a great live in tv in honour of veterans Day, which is Saturday. I really want to. Check it out- and I see you tomorrow.
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