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The Democrat party has shown they are the party of illegal immigration and the party of government shutdowns. The legalization of DACA is not the top priority of the American people. Republicans have a moral imperative to stop giving in to Democrat bla...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, ladies and gentlemen,. Every cable news channel that cover the news has a countdown clock to the shutdown. And they're all wrong. Under six hours to the government shutdown midnight tonight. With all due respect. You know our most federal bureaucrats are, as I speak there at the dinner table,.
Where are you going to the movies it's Friday evening. Almost Friday night on the EAST coast for Washington DC is located. The heart and soul, with a federal leviathan, has already shut down a priority I didn't make a call to the Department of Energy. Make a call to the Department of Agriculture make a call to the environmental protection. It is a big from its priorities. Well, Simply don't exist on the weekends at night government sanction Holiday, the guy Remit shutdown effectively every night. When non essential ploys go home. But a night shift at they depart Housing and urban development there's not a night shift at the year
Parliament of what you name just defence Department, the National Security Agency, the CIA. You know, FBI stuff, like that. But the vast majority government they gone here in Washington, DC I shouldn T say cable news Down to shut down gimmicks for ratings, just that gimmicks for ratings, the federal hello Federal government has effectively shut down already. And not just For a few hours they shut down Saturday. They ve shut down Sunday last week Which was Martin Luther King Jr, now holiday weekend. The federal government shut down for three days and seventy two hours.
So, as I speak, the vast majority of bureaucrats or at the dinner table eating as right right this minute or drinking. By driving home and I'm right, I can tell you just call one of the departments and agencies of the federal government. Achieving get somebody you won't. So let's put this in some context. That's number one number two. Social security checks will continue to go out. Medicare reimbursements will continue to go up Merrick. It will continue to be paid. Cars are massive: federal entitlements are not on a procreation schedule. The rest of the federal budget is.
So that's not gonna happen. Number three. The Republican should stand their ground if they Even though the ground is, they should stand their ground. It is a moral imperative that they got that Republican, stop giving in to the leftist blackmail. Which is supported by the congolese Praetorian Guard funny reporters and journalists is not the number one priority of the american people that I can't be legalised. I keep hearing sixty three percent, even of trumps supporters, so, all of a sudden they want to hear from proper support. That Paul is I'm, a left wing organization that hates Trump and hates tromp supporters and AIDS conservatives, yet they just keep burping it up but let me tell you a secret: The vast majority of America doesn't think Dhaka is the number one issue in America: either they Derek.
Leadership and party do. And it should be wrapped around their necks is the party of illegal immigration, the Party of the government shut down such as it is, we call but a government shutdown started government shut down. There's a piece in the Wall Street Journal. He gets it mostly right much of a federal Europe. We'll keep running into shut down. That's the title. So the media know this. Praetorian guard reporters and journalists, they all know this, but they have a cow, down plaque as if they were. Oh, my God, the government's going to shut down. You get your toilet paper in your watering them up for your kids. You got that. I presume everybody check on the elderly. Everybody, ok, nothing's, going to happen. Nothing.
Maybe institutional Washington all affected be effected, maybe some federal com, detractors will be affected for a very short period of time. Maybe some Civil service union employees will be affected for a very, very short time. Oh, my goodness, we can have that the private sector- Shut down, means you're out of business you're broke Every minute means we can't fun. Illegal aliens and get them legalised. So the Wall Street Journal, Louise Rant asking that the federal government shuts down at midnight Friday? I want to repeat: it is shut down right now, for all intents and purposes these domestic agencies and departments are not available to hear from you they're not available the process. Your forms then out of it, Above all, any problems you may have they went
oh they shut down, they locked the door there, not back till Monday and with any luck. Back then either. Quite frankly,. Because there are bigger moral issues here then, whether or not doc Legalised and whether or not the federal government runs a few more weeks, the bigger issues include, the massive debt that will crush future generations generations yet born, will crush them you're spending money that has even been created yet by killed who have even been born. Yet we can have that discussion on the left unless you're born you're, not even a child. To begin with, it goes on The federal government shuts down at midnight Friday. Much of its work will continue according to Carefully laid plans that are becoming familiar part of agency life and regular, Let us not brinkmanship now this
scared. The hell out of here. They should share the heavier how Julia shut and the federal government. What does he want to shut down the federal government apart from me, Essential employees and defence intelligence law, four minutes, how do you down, apparently a camp, but it can shut down itself one day when it all comes collapsing down a k, a menace, a k, a North Korea, I dont mean thee taters and server? But I mean collapsing on the people. Social security will be deposited as fifty three thousand workers for that agency stay on the job, because the image that rely on an annual appropriation and by necessary implication. Government lorries have decided the Social Scourge Administration should make sure that the Czechs go out. So if you want
permanent job for the rest, the time and it doesn't matter whether the government shuts down or not. You want to work so Security administration for the postal but that's alone, others leap, land woman's march on the National Mall should be able to go ahead. Oh well Goodness, for that, the national parks over says it S. Special provisions for Simon activities, they require crowd, control. The catch of the woman's March can go for it, and it's not that Its march, it's the left wing Cook woman's March. That conservative women out their marching Bob The point is: if the woman's March can go on, anything can go on all we have. Check out, but the one its march can go on. That's essential. Well, that's good dinner,
its poultry and egg inspections will continue, because they are considered by the Us Department of Agriculture to be essential to safeguarding human life. They will contain except at night and on the weakens when they go shut down and the bureaucrats go home. And to do so will the work of special Council Robert Mullet? Well, there you go, he never catch them. Estimating potential russian interference, no he's not investigating everything, but russian interference. Snap that doesn't rely on an annual funding appropriation. I'm getting to appoint you, Mr Monti, team will join around ninety five thousand Justice Department employs genuine law enforcement activities because, as the agency says, the law enforcement past the? U S, government should not be impaired or perceived to be impaired but we wouldn't want to be perceived to be impaired.
Now, there's about a hundred and twenty or thirty thousand employees at the Department of Justice, all of whom not involved and law enforcement. Quite frankly, so Ninety five thousand of them are unaffected, each held pictured, including the myriad justifications for shut down exceptions, comes from It's a pages, have contingency plans updated by federal agencies in twenty, nineteen of published online. Office of management and budget make a moment He told reporters today he's the director this agency, intended demanded to shut down across the federal government differently from the Obama administration Approach might have happened, trepidation. Let us get that cut ready. That is cut one go, and I've been through some of these before that the Democrats and Senate are opposing a bill that they don't oppose. Therefore, clean see hours, therefore, that the extension to the chip programme, many them support the delays
therefore Quincy hours, therefore, that the extension to the chip programme, many them support the delays in the taxes, more specific medical device tax, the Cadillac tax, especially they dont, oppose anything in the bill- They are opposing the bill I just want to let everybody knows that we don't want this. We do not want to shut down
Mr Shiver insists on it. He is in a position to force this on the american people from an olympic perspective, because we are involved in managing elapse or a shut down, and what are they folks understand? They will look very different than it did under the previous administration, where things that I've learned since I've been in this office is that there is no other way to describe it, but the abominable straighten weapon eyes, the shutdown and twenty thirteen. What they didn't tell you was that they did not encourage agencies to use, carry forward funds carry a foregone sponsor. They were sitting on an order that encourage agencies to use transfer authority. Could have made these shut down and twenty thirteen much less impact for, but they chose to make it worse. The only conclusion I can draw they did so for political purposes, so will look different this time around this catch good?
he's better than he wasn't Congress. I can tell you that is a good one, be director localities play that we talked about this at the time to they already funds are they hopes I e mail. They don't have to shut down the the parks and they shut down the parks anyway, in this who's the the dirty little secret? There should be a secret any longer. Asked majority. The federal government remains open, more our home tonight. There won't be home. Monday, when the government officials, step following what I'm saying. More federal workers are home tonight at dinner at the movies at parties, social events, the bar, whatever doing what people do then we'll be home, that is, I think,
all we need to know. I'll, try and scare the senior citizens, because that's what the left us but try to stay, people who are in hospitals in like people, pull the needles out of their veins and send them home, and yet the democratic, create these myths, and then shut down the government unless, unless we give legalization I've come to think that we were right the country through this trauma, the media I think that we really need to things now in the future for reporters and journalists, and they really do this voluntarily because of their right. The fishermen applies to them number one. Drug testing and number two iq test site Thing is wrong with these people in the media. Something is
wrong with these people. They keep bringing this bandy. Actually on this, this alleged professor of the alleged Yeah College University. They ought to bring her onto do analysis of them only in America. Could a man as totally moronic And superficial Joe Scarborough have a tv show only in America quite serious about this? The A majority of the american people don't get the facts about what a so called government shut down it. They don't know. Paul Ryan was on the show several years ago,. Maybe it was twenty thirteen period, maybe was yeah. I think that's right he said a government in a government shut up about seventeen percent of the workforce actually is at home. I think that was the number right, Mr Barroso will dig that up at some point, seven
ten percent, so by man, population. That means eighty three percent are working supposedly work so tonight on the West Coast. It's not night on these costs is night, six try We want pm eastern time. There are more federal work, at home right now. When the government is supposedly open. Then we'll be at home. On Monday, when the government is supposedly shut down,. Ninety. Nine percent of federal workers are home tonight. Seven, ten percent I'll be home on Monday I'll be right back Ben,
the great thing about the internet. Is you can do your research now I understand, is very negative things if you abuse the process with social meeting. You attack people, but that's what but the great things you can do your research you can bypass seen in an msnbc, can bypass the propaganda in Congress and so forth, and do your own research. I want you to listen to this cut to Mc Mulvaney again with the notorious Jim.
Costs, have seen and go to the White House really as it as well as anybody. I laughed laugh when people say that all we control the house, the scent of the White House. Why can't you bid is don't you know as well as anybody take sixty votes in the Senate? Abbess appropriations are right. You know that you only have fifty one votes in the Senate and you have to have Democrats support in order to keep the government to fund the gun. Apparently, this is a problem, a lotta reporters and a lot of cable networks, her having. I will name them all. So to embarrass them. But when you reporter sailor, you another. Left wing hack, there's a filibuster rule. Everybody knows this filibuster role in the Senate. Unless you have sixty Republicans and good Africans, you can overcome it.
If you turn off your radio and open the window, you can probably hear him straight from the studio. Call Michael of an eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: it's Few calls of people who work the government in the past and their experiences and then less keep rolling Ed. In Pennsylvania wars for Burg or whatever on the market. Where are you add, I'm in them I'm an accounting in men, Pennsylvania to trap, white and a whole country there you go baby, you run ahead. So I said I had some experience in the never shut down. I worked in the parlour fence Eighteen years says: project manager at various levels-
about two billion dollars worth of acquisitions of weapons systems and withdrew has numerous shut down there You know you get through them, but are always just a headache what happens is that How do you do or how we're home, but I was at the level I saw how to come in. I remember one time: a gentle after cap call us. Instead, you have to go home, so I sort of disobeyed, listen to him, but anyways the contractor and let's, let's let let let's stay focused. What you told the call screener is the Republican should hold out and not cave into the Democrats. Now. Why do you say that But I think it has been a better position. I don't. I don't think that, as you said, I had the dockers not problem. For me, it's more. The security for the nation, the enemy, those types of things right I mean I mean the fact is,
at legalizing. These people will be permanent and why? horrific consequent this down the road with millions more following through chain migration, passing on to death, sir yeah yeah and inconveniencing a few people, and that's what it is? When you talk about three hundred and twenty million people in this country inconveniencing a small percentage of the We ve of the federal government is something the Democrats play on on and on and on about what I'm trying to show is it's not as damaging as people think an order that I've been through that for my position and water, as a project manager I went to all of the Carter and in every time I went to all five of arrogance, and I was glad he did it because we wouldn't have the annex missile. We went ahead, the Persian too he wouldn't be able to cut one Damn diamond domestic spending. He, would have been able to do any of that stuff
is considered. One of the greatest president, certainly by me, and we need the makes me on the Persian to defeat the Soviets to spend them he built at them But TAT would have been possible. He would have got one penny for the Strategic Defence initiative. If he'd forsake shutdown of the federal government. I am I'm tired of the whining, although this poor guy, won't get this and this guy won't get a check, and this guy won't get. That is amazing. After the government, don't be ashes over. Everybody still gets their start. The gravy train there are still at the public trough. Have you noticed that it absolutely right, Sir Thank you for your car. I'm ever sharing like it. How do we ever find? Federal workers really now we just don't feel position? but in the private sector, people are laid off all the time and I dont here Chuck Schuman crying about it. I dont see that media reporting on it for three weeks in a row. You don't hear any of it because we ve been
governments centric the meat, Our government centric the politics your government centric three hundred and twenty million people in this country. Two million bureaucrats. There are eight hundred thousand Dhaka three point: six million legal, alien, young people. Where are the priorities here? That's continue showing George Cereal, North Carolina Serious Satellite go around. I prefer the boy now it is in fact a maniac travelling all right. Now I don't drink. The army set me on a lot Billy reserved for twenty five years. That also being stopped yeah. Well, let me tell you something else. George, the present United States is trying to break out of this sequestration.
My guess is, you would be helped by that too, and he can't get That from the Democrats, because they're saying no, they insist that one dollar an increase in spending for the military has to be met. Well one dollar increase in domestic spending. So how should we resolve this back? I think the while giving a lot with that. We, the people that were there if we give in illegality that the dagger having at a Democrat, it. Could you down up we're? Never gonna back to where we need to be, right now we're all going up, we're listing all the boats You get on board already began office, right now. It goes back a long way to go on, but I did get out of here. We were you in the milk you in the military. One idea these so called garment, shut down and twenty thirteen,
and how to that effect. You think they allow it. Doing the same job as a civilian have also honour whether we, how much money did you lose weight. Because I didn't want to actively back or other deity, but a reserve it though we had training at the things are. I know it's a problem, but went what I'm trying to say is worth a thousand pilot short near force right now. Aren t is a disaster. Cannibalize and good jets in order make sure other good judge can fly. We had a six hundred should Navy under ragged were now at about two hundred and eighty ships. Democrats will not fully fund the Strategic Defence Initiative, a defence initiative, even though the new
Koreans now have icy begins with a nuclear tips. The Iranians are getting him and so forth. They buy. Yes to this position Nobody was bigger defender and advocating the military than Reagan any shut down the government repeatedly in order to promote the programmes and the spending that he needed? What happening here. Is the Democrats want to shut down the government to the extended shut down and you're a very small percentage of the p, but she didn't lose anything you're saying you don't have training in terms of your own finances. I'm talking about. Fact of the matter is sometimes you gotta take on these boys. These leftwing cook boys in ordered a move, this country in the right direction I think you agree with that. My father's data. They could airlines and airports against it, though we Did you come about as well? How created? Because that's the only thing we got their legal
Man, George good man. I much appreciate your car. Thank you. My friend. These areas are always hear us. It's amazing, absolutely amazing, Huggins Missouri Syria satellite go back taking my call, I am I am acting. Do you know carrier then turning grow with twenty one years? Less, you say to start this off. The sound like general matters today, who I have great respect for our group privileged to serve with him in Afghanistan in two thousand and one he discussed the morale What does the military, what a government my shot down by the military and he had a good point I want to go beyond there and I want to say the biggest moral pressure from military when there is no budget passed at the beginning of the fiscal year, Sir and
You have to hear leftwing, coop politicians and their media. Surrogate say why increasing the spending one dollar unless we increase domestic spending, one dollar is well. That's this phone, sequestration? That's killing the military slowly so we were actually at work today I was discussing with, might apply after whether we were going to buy toilet paper. Thanks. You live in the barracks, I think, the item, so they could train. That also add is outrageous, it's disgusting we need to have a budget to the president at the beginning, or they need to have the right budget to the president. Trust me Publicans went along with the Democrats in their priorities. We'd have a budget passed in a second I am. I am not for another continuing resolution, I'm letting there The budget were now if you should use the word body with the funding right now.
Shut it down to become a union in those are met. It takes a long time for the money to run up. Continuing resolution, though if the for military would spend There's something else: man wanted, things that doesn't shut down attack payments to you whether so other words if the federal We spend just one takes him and properly our ties it We wouldn't be in this position absolutely because the money keeps flowing in people who a taxes cordially you pay your PA, we're all taxes. That's not stopping! That's not shut down your paying your friend, The income taxes, if you PAM earlier PAN by April fifteen thrown April fifteen, that's I shut down, and so the. Don't ever gets around. I get well over three trillion dollars in taxes.
So why they shouting now I agree and I'd like to add one more thing. Please, yes,. The previous collar talked about however, the shut down there was retroactive pay those members and the only employees yeah. I think you said on the civilian side, but I could be wrong. Yes, actually, during the two thousand and thirteen Congress actually did passed legislation where the active duty military started getting paid before the shutdown was even over yet think they do that every single time both parties come together to do that were so when I want to make here- come on re. If I'm gonna work and I dont know that I'm going to pay younger reversed. I. In all my comrades, put on our uniforms won't work. Probably where are we The page I come in and not sir. This is why your unique you
and your buddies. Thank you. Your comment here and there from the Department of Health and Human services from military personnel. Let's put the military side from it Eighty three percent of the government remains open and working seventeen percent does not. This is what you need to understand: wouldn't go anecdotal, but the two Is when you look at the numbers, the numbers of the numbers? Let's we'll be right back.
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It usually works, says you're out of pocket and then you'll have to beg for reimbursement or then you have to beg to have that many pay for the repairs they pay directly. Son today, twenty four seven roadside assistance and a car while Europe is in the shop, so save so from high repair built get covered. A car she like, I did before something goes wrong: aid Henry Car sixty one hundred mention code Levin the car she'll about, come and use code Levine that's alleviation to save percent, that's cars, The current code Levine Deductible, apply continue to think about this. This mirage that we that we keep dealing with. We never talk about Exxon Mobile. Shutting down doing we never talk about Apple computer, shutting down doing we know Talk about these great
Capitalist success stories shutting down. They don't shut down if they go bankrupt, but I'm saying they don't sit there. Tat can get a budget pass from shutting down. I take it Exactly what I want some shutting down the private Hector is so much more responsible and responsive to the american people. I want you to Think about this this, in party the Democratic Party that is built this massive leviathan and now, with republican support, telling us we cannot survive without it listen weak survive without a giant Feinstein. She finally settled on a position people die and yet You shut down the government in to insist that the legal aliens be made legal and eventually, citizens and eventually bring in ten or twenty family members. We're talking to.
Zeb millions. Tens of millions by the way next hour Will continue this we're gonna go on a new subjects, slightly. You gonna find what what what just stick with me Wikipedia. And Wikipedia be trusted. Just like Google, and some of the others were finding out Facebook with these, left wing agendas does Wikipedia have a left wing again. And I'm going to discuss this base. On my own experience. I'm not going to read it all, but based on What is on Wikipedia and my name. As Wikipedia have a left wing agenda. Like these other large search entities. They're allowed Don't ever they want
The answer is, it has a big leftwing, Jim. Again, I will use myself as an example because I'm selfless, I use myself as an example and Folks know me, and I wonder, I want a blow the lid off for this. This idea that The computer is a legitimate search site. You can get some information often pursued on your own. But on the whole it is not a legitimate search site. It is a left wing propaganda mill. There's not a conservative. I know who isn't slide and Wikipedia by the way they manage that site. So we need to deal with this summit the next hour and not dropping this. Don't get me wrong and we can add other things too. At other things too.
There is the clock. Oh yes, the federal government's going shut down by midnight tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, you know what happens at midnight tonight, it's Saturday! That's it. Midnight tonight it'll be Saturday morning midnight and a second once again, The federal government is closed its night time. The federal amidst always closed at night time there, more people who are a home who works the federal government tonight. Then we'll be at home on Monday morning with the so called government shut down. Please think about what I'm saying phony. This is, and I don't mean, upset people, and I know I will in some of my fellow markets and so forth. Not a priority of three hundred and twenty million people that you get paid.
People who were on unemployment when we people who can't find jobs when we have people who are under employed in the private sector, There are times when you don't get paid. And Congress does involve to reimburse she for the thirteen days at you didn't get paid. I'm sorry I remember when I was unemployed for thirteen months. I don't remember anybody giving a damn. I didn't take one nickel in federal money, nothing, zero and ongoing, and we're kind was voting for me and the others who are unemployed in our absolutely humane, and we don't want to hurt the family and divide this one and that one now the real world doesn't operate that way. The real world three hundred twenty million other people does not operate that way. And yet the truth as they won't get pay. I'll be right back
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one my advice to you this week in his ignore all the news for our Fifty four minutes and three seconds until the government shut down and we all know nobody is a work. The federal government accept these. Central, employs defence and in time gentle law enforcement. Do not work work, the housing and Urban Development building
dare to call over there and tell him you have a application. One for all. You need a particular form. And there's nothing. The Republicans are proposing. The Democrats can't live with. They just feel they can roll tromp enrolled. The Republicans cause. That's what happens. Would Republicans. So far trumps holding firm, and I hope they continue to hold firm. The Democrats are boxed in folks. They are boxed in recent Paul just came out today this evening most Americans preferred keeping the government open to legalizing Dhaka aliens illegal aliens, So the Democrats on the wrong side of this so keep the pressure on keep the pressure up.
Now I want to get to Wikipedia. On this show. We can walk untrue gun at the same time, not just the house, but the audience Wikipedia is basically, a format in which people hey you go into here, I don't even but you call these in it, into the search of your name and then I have a profile of sorts in them Profile, page and poison, it. I'm not gonna boy with the whole thing. Let's just go down too. Let's see here, maybe section on me, either very very long page. Use on political issues, groups and politicians and here's how it starts
according to the guardian, which courses I find british paper, but this how they do at cloak constant it acts on Democrats and left her important components of Levine's modus operandi, corny too political and other left wing outlet in two thousand nine Levin asked almost daily. That Obama was a failure, a liar and a statist who's trying to strong, individual freedom of research But that's not my point. In June twenty seventeen but wait a minute what between two thousand and nine and twenty seventeen, while doesn't matter and accuse Bernie Sanders of being a quote. Marxists, who believes in violent Sancho. What was my car text. For the heat, don't even discuss it. The shooting in Alexandria and so they're not can even discuss no context corridor There's university political scientist, Stephen Arrogant Rona, whose he doesn't matter, we intend to use. Socialism is a catch all term. They condemn
any policy that strengthens these social welfare. A function of the state, unquote, in July, twenty fourteen call John Stewart, a knee, jerk idiot and suggested sure it was a self hating Jew. I didn't actually suggested. I believe I said it, but that's ok. So just take that paragraph. Right it's all Mickey Mouse stuff, it is cut pace, cherry picking. No, my views about Democrats include a constant discussion, a progressive ism they die. Which Progressive ism does to our society the The ideology and the fact that two technical to constitutional republicanism. We ve talked about this I've written a great life, not a word in my political views about the method. Now? Actually, what about Republicans?
and had twenty faced a primary challenge and twenty tribe later apologize for its endorsement. One has said that he would degrees, on constitutional conservatism,. In July, two thousand nine. He called former George W Bush speechwriter David from a com. Fleet and utter fraud living in restoring had twenty faced, a primary challenge and twenty trouble later apologize for endorsement when had said Would be willing to support a path to citizenship, front Recommended immigrant was more than he which left on a whole bunch of issues. Since, then he endorsed a number of republican primary challenges to combat republican senators of insulin the tea party patriots campaign to firehouse bigger John Vainer. While I support their campaign. But that's not. Why so, Fine John Vainer. It goes on. I can't read it all.
My controversial views, who is a section on controversial views, it's like it's written by media. Madam president, Obama, marks views on politicians and other individual. That's pretty much. It. And then they go into my controversial views, the section on controversial views, it's like. Threatened by media. Madam president, Obama as a whole, Second, President Obama, two thousand nine Levine, described this absolutely right. The statement by Sir Payment that the patient protection, affordable correct, includes panels to decide whether elderly people or sexual unworthy of medical care. What does that have to do with me criticising Obama? Putting aside that issue.
And if you gonna have a committee set up that has as its purpose to determine how much money is gonna be spent on certain drugs, they certainly other. Well, what would you call goes on. In two thousand and eleven, a collar television show. I have no control over who cause my show Claiming to be a neurosurgeon said that the Department of Health and Human services had issued a I can say that people over eight seventy would not be allowed to receive medical treatments, He said to the collar. Sarah payment was right. Cause later revealed to be a hoax, but how did I know it? So? Fifteen years, there's one hopes. What is that, Do me, why is it on Marks Wikipedia Post. Then compared supporters of the affordable care act to Nazi brown shirts. No, I didn't. Completely taken out of context. But you get the point.
And it goes on the wire tat claim they whole section on the wire tat claimant March, twenty seventeen Levin allege that the Obama administration and use police state surveillance tactics against the truck Donald Trump campaign during the twenty sixteen presidential election. Quite true now The Associated press, the live, voiced without evidence. The idea that Obama had TAT Trump tower now AP, has been discredited on this already discredited. Live in protest at the AP report, vigorously demanding a retraction, an apology anagrams at his sources for the statement included the New York Times and other newspapers his statement was reprinted by bright part news and reportedly became the basis of president trumps. Unfounded trump tower wiretapping. Allegations. Twenty. Seventeen reports emerged of a court ordered FBI, our tap on trumped campaign chairman portmanteau
While certain trumps supporters allege that the surveillance vindicated Levine trumps, unsupported allegations, David a gram of the Atlantic noted this is true trunk claim that he'd been the subject of a border politically motivated surveillance, for which there remains. However, how stupid is this. How many more times do I have even Wikipedia, should know the facts in this And it goes on deep state. Weapons of mass destruction and so forth and so on. If you want to know about me, you should It was far away from the Wikipedia pages possible because this people who come into the page and added it and add to it and contribute to it. They're supposed to do if they are responsible organization is get them,
Basic information on may people go to my radio, show, listen, go to live in tv find other stuff on the union and that a lock it locked So miscreants malcontents can't abuse the postman. But this is why I am telling you Wikipedia is absolutely unreliable. You may have some factual information there, but you go, they have a lot of non factual information in there. Very, very dishonest information in there when I wanted to get into some of my books and how they call critics The book say: there's predicted by the book reviews are scores positive, maybe one or two negative by left us and so forth. You would have no idea in their comments about my books on Wikipedia none whatsoever. So I consider this a public service announcement.
You want to avoid Wikipedia like the plague. To avoid the weekly standard, then Ferguson like the plague and others, Hu, I will be calling out and monitoring and keeping an eye on too lots away to get factual information. This is not one of them. This is Simply not one of them with Peter has a definite left wing slant. Go look up handed, go. Look up. Limber, go look of any conservative for that matter, but I case they have a tickler head on. And so with time to call them out and fewer no stay away from Wikipedia. Particularly if your young and you're doing research projects and so forth it absolutely unreliable, and so much of it is propaganda. I'll be right. Back Ben.
Harry, Dallas, Texas, the Great W b. I pay you go Margo you doing. Ok, it's alright right one really enjoy no. Thank you. Do I have it here is about Wikipedia is basically Have a management board, a page that I just tat people and ages He's the pages and the card on any page, is the open too anyone for the most part to go in and typing and there so we ve lived out will Wikipedia before and the administrators there have the capacity to stop there. And locked the page-
and they ve done that in the past. Haven't they, MR produced They ve done that in the pet, how donor and educating here they ve done that in the past and they will not What now Your point is correct: anybody can come in there and right whatever they want about somebody and that's exactly what's taking place and they will not clean it up, stop it. Is unlocked the page. I don't know how they got logged better information. Lacked. Page actually has a key on the page because Their understaffed and they get tired of cleaning up after the people who go in there and do their hit jobs in their smear jobs, for some reason. When it comes to me, they won't do it does not agree with that it's absolutely inappropriate and so I have to conclude that its based not on work low cause. I've taken care of it in the past, but an ideological approach so again I'm telling my millions of people listening.
You can go in there for fun or go in there for leads, but you cannot rely on these pages and care. You're kind, underscoring the point: anybody go in there right, whatever the hell they want and if its not properly policed. That's what you get angry that yet my friend you take care. Let us go to Doug Trend to New Jersey. Let's see the Great W Abc Go. Market works with some racing from Korea was talking about how we know each other and taking bribes. Thanks for your car, I'm not gonna get one. Some guys court case in Ireland in the sky are taking bribes and wake up it went. What does that mean? I have no idea it's nobody. Mr Klaus Green, of course,. In a number of issues on the table at TAT. Another one Lindsey ground.
Every now and then Lindsey Grandma say something you do something that I agree with, but it is so rare. Who is attacking now his attacking Tom cotton, Lindsey Graham went on MSNBC to attack town cotton to attack time cup, I want you to listen to this cut five go. I'm trying to make is at ten o clock Thursday morning. He thought this was a pretty good proposal that always make better. Now they taken a hard edged approach. All I can say is that we're not going to in family immigration for Dhaka. The Tom cotton approach has no viability, ear and eyes becomes, or the state king of the Senate alike, on immigration legislatures snap at Mister producer. I'm quite sure, as Hell Lindsey Grandma come on the pro. I wanted debate immigration with him.
You will recall my wife will recall I bumped into Linsey, Graham a few years ago in a green room, and I said here, we ve tried to get you on the choice of well, I'm prepared to come on the show what Come on the show. I want to have a discussion with you about immigration, which are priorities you're taken cheap shots of people cannot agree. Would now like Tom cotton time. Cotton is a war that, unlike Lindsey, Graham who was Think what a judge something rather. In the reserves are, so I don't know, I'm not putting it down. I'm just saying the cheap shots and he says not here- not now the family unit, we reunification. But I have a lot of familiarity with the immigration laws with the visa process, now the various categories, how these things are supposed to be enforced and
it's time to have a discussion with Lindsey Grandma National Radio, with somebody who knows stuff. As well as his conduct I would like. SK? I say with them too. It is tragic Durban, but he's too. Fishing time, cotton is also trashing a course Steve. King he's tried Fellow Republican. But this seems to be the big issue for our Lindsey Grim. Legalizing illegal aliens, And if he says Mark what would you do about it. I would not give them legal status. I know that much I would. Give them legal status. I would not give them citizenship. I would not give them amnesty. I would Give them a whole panoply of federal benefits. I know I wouldn't do that.
Would you deport them all know, but I certainly deport more than where deporting Now- make conditions such that they would want to leave. And then I would ask Lindsey Grim about its common a few days ago when he was defending director and I would ask him who may that how whole commented twenty thirteen, what you mean by that are your racist, You ve made a kind of basically that our societies are the same. You wanted defend. That our debate on come on. He's everywhere, that guy everywhere and may I ask you- is I won't say that, because I want to lure him under there should never mind the Roma. I went Lindsey Grand Become on other show. Let the word go up. To discuss immigration. Discuss Helmholz what he meant by that
go to discuss. If somebody comes here illegally Every situation other than the fact that the criminals are decided there, but in any such way they behave themselves otherwise does he believe they should be deported if anybody comes here illegally. And hasn't committed a crime. Isn't a terrorist threat isn't a drag on society should they be deported or not? What's that I like two thousand seven twenty seventeen? What is his position on that I was that people overstay their visas I'll be right back large labelling Michaud. Why a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one! Ask a question:
if a family is divided, if there's a child in this country and a parent or the parents, or in another country, whose fathers that who did that. That's no fault of his own fault of ours, either. Tell me what policies encourage that kind of behaviour that policies that are being promoted by Lindsey, Graham and his ilk. They encourage. I kind of behaviour as long as you're gonna tell people The countries you can get you, kid into the United States, you get to follow, helpful to nuclear family in another country? Is that helpful to do that sort of thing and then. Blame the american people who don't agree with its. I stop doing that, stop doing that and they won't stop doing it. Lindsey, Graham, is aim A guy I would love to debate, I would love to debate
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You ever viruses. That's gonNA, Karen Dallas, Texas, the Great W b. I pay go a mark. Thank you so much for taking my call I'm so delighted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the other conservative that our shouting so outright. Thank you. Thank you. I speak for the others, but I can speak for myself like you or Iraq out. What I wanted to say was. I totally agree with you, one hundred percent on the Wikipedia deal and You had suggested people take a peek at maybe rush an hannity and see what they have said that I am something that I had done some time ago in it. With actual your last time I have ever been into Wikipedia because they're so utterly ridiculous. I looked up Bill Clinton you and have fun. They were putting them up for Saint Hood.
I assume they didn't have any pictures I might then that is ridiculous. Well, thank you. And I'm with you thank you for Car Caleb Mesquite Texas again W B a pay harry you battle of private big happy and when You're welcome sure I'm rather disagree with the other. What can we do it? Well, whatever you say, maybe you should think that people say about your age giving validity to the Arctic back you to get paid, but should be able to pick out one now. What I'm saying is that people lie about me.
And they're supposed to police the patriotic police, the pay, for instance, I know your last name and I put up a Wikipedia site and say things about you, You might say the same thing. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. I'm not the government. This has to do with accuracy. You're gonna hold yourself out in its not merely a social site like Facebook and go say, you're quite wrong on both counts. This is a It's called Peter. You know like encyclopedia,. And so we look up a person's name. To know something about the person only save some people. There's some people think that just law. Let left us go in there and loaded up like that. Yes, In my opinion, there, not research, psycho, plugging a name and bunch Cindy Mountain view. It's not a social site. It's supposed to be research site, I mean if, if
If an encyclopedia or some other research device did the same thing, it's exactly the same thing, don't use it. It's not accurate. And I dont, think Google Facebook should do what they're doing but on the other hand, and I research sites in my opinion, They're, not researcher plugging a name, a bunch of things pop up but Wikipedia holds itself out. Yes, they say site defined stuff. But as an authority on the person. So there is my name with a whole page. There is the mark Levin Wikipedia page in Google there's a thousand links to me right. In Facebook, I have my homepage, then The debate over the politics have it and so forth and Sombre Wikipedia is supposed to be a sort of It's not a definitive statement about who the person is more to my point: why bother.
I came up thanks for your car buddy. Cindy Mountain view, Mount We serious satellite. How are you hi, I'm good. How are you might very well? Thank you, I went to college a few years ago, I graduated late in life. I was in my forties when I finally went to college and a small town in they would not. Let us on every syllabuses said Wikipedia could not be a resource for any research paper because Oliver professors didn't believe when they know they wouldn't let it and Google and Facebook or be irrelevant because they're not. I ask that their rights are not like that, The source of the information and go in there and research are you: can tat did not accept it, but you can Google now are used, dang or use whatever in order to track down information that you want. I do it all the time, but wicked
is the research information? Yes, Oh that's how they hold themselves out anyway. I hope Professor said oh no it may not because it s like you in saying anybody can go on there and put anything they want to on there Apparently so How can that be proper Didn't be wicked and we know why they have the Peter in their name. Quite frankly, like Eliah liquor, licorice MECCA, I write my friend thank you for your car by the way for hours. Seventeen minutes and fifty one seconds until the government shut. I hope plenty of toilet paper. Not for the reasons you might think you can make a weapon, brought it your tv after you realize how ridiculous this whole thing is. I'm through these. And over and over again, as many of you have been there, memorable three months later, it is
politicians playing the american people. It is the left following the blackmailing the american people? the media, you, you should look at the meteorite now trying to drive up the ratings guy. Look at their these countdown clocks and they talk about I'm gettin who's responsible and blah blah blah. Meanwhile them a tray wasn't funded before this government shutter. The priorities of the left, the priorities of the government and so are the priorities that I'll give you another example here Bernie Sanders over the morning smoke. This just shows you how bad the morning she motion has gone. First they have. You know they have. What's it. Lindsey, Graham and then they have Bernie Sanders. I
seven go, they say people like you are holding up the government to get Dachau through. What do you make of that argument? The reason that we have to deal with now is there. Is Europe going to give it the fact you have good legislation that has been written by German, my Lindsey grab by, but it's not good legislation. You know damn. Well, it's not good legislation. I read one one review. That said, it would result in eleven million, not one hundred thousand, ultimately getting legalization, I'm working on this for a month after month after month, and look at authors? conservative among them go ahead? support among the american people and within Congress. There is zero reason to believe that macabre will allow that bill to come to the surface unless it is attached to must pass. Does
Make us Scarborough realise that she's becoming caricature of herself, Setting and I live has played her as a complete airhead, and Her head to an air when she doesn't. We don't need to hear any. Were big mouth read there, but the fact of the matter is this is their priority. This is their priority. They say it over and over and over again believe them believe them, and make a Scarborough agrees, make a prison agrees refuse me with her. Bernie Sanders essay. So all the star wars going to shut down a government kill people shut down the german little kids. One have healthcare, went to shut down a garment. You won't be able to visit this. This museums, clothes that said,
but why are they doing it? This is the priority. I'll, be right. Back I would advise the Senate to go home. I would have liked Is the media to go home, stop playing with the american people, try to stop trying to upset the american people? he's got their own agenda here, I'm sick and tired of it. They can tired of the agenda is not America's gender. No, I have no intention of properly funding the military, none They have no intention of securing the border. Absolutely reckless and their dragging us into air- I don't know an entire charted waters
I keep hearing. Is the american people. You know they. They want a budget, the american people. We don't want a budget, we want our country back, that's what we want. I think they should shut down. The governance of the military is properly funded. I think they should shut down. The government of the democratic are blackmailing the rest of us into giving legalization to illegal aliens shut it down? I'm quite serious about this It's been done eighteen times before was done by rag, and it was the only way to get the levels under control. That's it. The only way to get the military funded only waited to feed the Soviet Union only way to cut the budget. You know a president who didn't participate in any. This was George, a bush. He allowed the Democrats in Congress to run all over The governed was never shut down. Ah everybody was happy pending went through the roof.
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Here got plenty of territory, whether you showed up their their military bases and then a lot of you're grounded, always I'll bet you're about the boat We're not gonna pay. Will you military back from South Carolina? can drop. You gamble doc, you for not an Tucson Arizona, larger Port Belgium, Phoenix paid you mile zone on marine base. We will take em why the people of South Carolina kick this goober out. I mean I know the system is stacked against them because they were open primary said Democrats Command, and this is what Lindsey Grant cannot Linsey Grand needs Democrats to withdraw it. Look at nomination for the Senate That's his agenda. He's the man it's a policy of this and he wants to call time. Cotton names. Lindsey grew The Nancy Palazzo, the units of the United States Senate are right. Now
thank you for your call. My friend, that's continue Jason in Athens, Alabama serious satellite hurry. Oh sir, well gonna work within the constitutional army. I salute you, sir. Thank you my friend mark, the third group about Wikipedia and sitting down at the government number one dozen Wikipedia a kind of have a credibility problem and I think the do and they don't under backing Norma, when your love had information about her opposed, the current really in very moving a number? Two? Haven't democrats cylinder hypocrisy in terms of governance, back when Barack Obama was in office and I'm not gonna Liberal conserved, able collagen Democrat being by partisan about Various about that, but then the Democrats
I don't want the government set down when when Barack Obama was off, if another girl companies in office now they want to make good their threatening. They sat down that surprise you there's enough progressive. Do the end justifies the means or the hypocrisy of office. There's so much out there on your on everything out and I bought out how the pistol guy, an undue, say one thing: they put a flop with immigration, paying all these other stopped beside it. What is your conduct by default? open border salamis the question just because the democratic parties agenda changes. Why should America's agenda change with it now it shouldn't and that's what we're fighting. I mean the privacy, our tv, and I imagine see Veil North Carolina. Syria satellite quickly go Mister Levinus pleasure
you! I wanted to tell you that I, about a year ago, etiquette in article and added some fat shock, there positive information to an actress. I can remember the name- and I cite gave citations, as required within two weeks. All of the information that I added was removed. Surprise user surprisingly before. Thank you, sir. You got me involved. And what's happening in America in politics she, our tv and I'm a dish of captain for conventional steak? I want to say thank you. I owe it all to you know you, don't you just terrific and you're using your mind, Of which I am a much much appreciative, thank you, Michael folks, we're gonna powerful our left, you should the government officially shut down and about four hours had officially shut down actually about three hours ago. I'll be back.
Now run only underground boughs, with a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building? We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael of any here. This is our three hour countdown that government shut down. I right that's right, less than four hours now have you prepare the government track down? Ladies and gentlemen, you buy extra toilet paper goodbye bottled water, the Have you goloshes. Have you Pedro heating bill? Did you fill up your cars. You have a first aid kit ready to go
he a heavier crank, operated radio, ready. Gave you bought evaporated, sucks. Do you have your special food, the gun, hence about to shut down. Ladies and gentlemen,. Have you plan? Have you made? Preparations actually mean? because we're, let's have a couple lines open it have. You made Preparations for the big government shut down during the break, the different tv channels, then I'm scared. Three hours, fifty three seconds, fifty three, in its in one second left, so Government officially shut down, and it's Saturday morning. What are your plans for cited where gonna go? You're gonna pack up the kids
and load up your car, we're gonna go by okey texted me door, the damn show, but they can help anyway. What are your plans? What are your preparations, ladies and gentlemen? I hope one of them is to shut off your tv. Quite frankly, what plans. What are your paper? Have? Other governments shut down effect, the average American? I'm not I'm at federal employees and federal contractors and so forth and song in other our three hundred twenty million people out there. Many of them don't work for the government I have no problem with people, were for the government and federal contract. We need these things. My promise, it's totally out of control. How many things do we need so this is an attack on the federal workforce or federal contractors. I'm asking a serious question: when you look at the panic, The media are trying to create and they are now trying to create a pan. There
Trying to two to Buffalo people. Then I soon we have to prepare for this. Given of savings in your account. Even have saving given up. I guess in case you know, the heat is turned off. What else do you need? The help flashlights. Do you have a flashlight. We d batteries and see batteries. They tend to run out very very quickly. How about an umbrella? Are you paid for the government shut down, I'm curious to know, and Don't you think we need more illegal aliens in America because the democratic? Don't you we need more illegal aliens and if they into the country, don't you think we should legalise them. Why should you
american citizen based, parading children from their parents. Why should you be? separating husbands from wives, Parents from grandchildren, why should you owe their doing it but why they going it because a Lindsey, Graham people like that who keep telling them We shouldn't be separating family members, about you, I'm not separating family members, although they are, I have nothing to do with it and it's and it even more confounding me why coy poker. Airlines, Graham and Mitt Romney, have all In our society really is no different than any other society. So what's the problem? people going back to their original homes, come here illegally: children, all people, middle
what's the problem. Yes, what's the problem Now three hours, forty nine minutes and forty four seconds until the government shut down now for government, the government shut down, means that seventeen percent of the government shuts down eighty three percent of it. Never that's their, you couldn't shut down. Understand government under A circumstance you realize it they try to shut this thing. It's not shut down its not gone anywhere. Shutting down so that my great great, this massive leviathan, right, it's everywhere in your face? You can't live They say and then they say they gonna shouted there, but it's the Republicans for so confused seriously. Just thing through what these people are trying to do to us through Other plan us think through this Ecology thanks the media that funny
journalists and reporters that pompous boys and girls in the rock cats. What their true a duty you? What they're trying to do to us, the trainees impede us for more spending, more government, more illegal aliens. They're trying to stampede us that's what they're doing. No other governments, gonna shut. Her gives a crap I've been around You ve been around no one since nineteen, seventy four shutdown eighteen times the result of government shutdowns its He's been better, it's better. Looking region of boys and girls up against Clinton, shut the government to get what workfare shut down, everybody got. What a balanced budget now click run around taken credit for ragged shut and the government five or six times what happened? We defeat the Soviet Union. He got some funding for us, the eye, the annex missile, purging two's, the United States military anyway,
and all their water projects and he shut my government, who might it'll be a disaster. What happened, what TED coup crews on played along? That's always our fault. Ok, what happened? What take crew shut down the government for fifteen or sixteen days in twenty thirteen? The Republicans pick that members of the Senate and the house? Oh, my god. I can't do that. And then we have Lindsey Grand Monetary policy of the Senate. Going on MSNBC trashing, Tomcat, trashing Tom cut. If that guy's minded outlier, I don't know what it's like frank, Oh he's, an outlaw. He's an outliers, no question about the dead man, Lindsey Lindsey.
I wonder how many of his childhood friends actually thought he'd ever be a senator cheers: up at zero. Only in America Only in America, My house, their fill with lightweight, that's part of the problem. They can't speak. They can't think they stand for nothing But what's happening right now is a mass of rules It's a mass, a ruse were all being played Government never shots they. How there doesn't mean certain services here and there won't be effected in certain people you, society as a whole will be utterly unaffected. Now what happened the government doesn't shut down and the Republicans go along with the Democrats, the military Continues to be evacuated, I stood. A budget is completely out of control.
Ultimately what millions of millions of New Americans coming. The country is a result of amnesty you should be wanting a government shut down if it stops at our hope. Now that the republic installed cave are open The White House stands firm right. Yes, I think so. Should it be talking with Europe that democratic Hollerin can't use, though If chain, migration can't use the phrase illegal alien, but they use other. As is to describe some That's not happening that government as in shutting down.
In the first hour I'll say the secondary. Let me say the third area, because people come and go when it comes to a three hour. Radio show, although most of you stay, and I appreciate that there will be more people who work for the federal government today right now, as I speak tonight at home, eating dinner, at the movies, wherever there will be more federal, employees not working right now. Then Monday morning, when the government is quota, quote shutter nine, a ninety nine percent of the federal workforce are monitored by the military, but the federal Wharf Workforce is not at any domestic department or agency. As I speak, they're, not gonna, process any forms, and I can send any checks but not gonna, give up any grand contracts, nothing zero directly.
Buildings are mostly empty. Monday morning, Bobby tens of thousands of civil servants, even if the government shutter. Let's take the Department of Justice, my old haunt, where I was chiefest there there's a hundred, five hundred thirty thousand employees, so many were not exactly sure. By the way when I was there were ninety thousand thirty, I've had now there's a hundred and something ok got ninety five. Five thousand them are considered essential employees, ninety five thousand and our work will be their Monday morning. Even if the government corn quote Treadstone.
Right. Let's say the totals one hundred thirty thousand employees. Ninety five thousand of them will be their Monday morning of the hundreds, thirty thousand, who work for the Department of Justice. How many are working tonight. Not ninety five thousand that much I can tell you at ninety five thousand. it's three hours and have a government shuts and the media he pushing this personally They see this as a ratings opportunity. That's it is one of those clocks pop up. That's what it is. It's like. They have ten thousand days to the next stage of the union address. I think it's a huge. The service. again. I think it's an effort to stay of peat us. The stamp Peter, and they get their ratings up. They need conflict.
They need anger, they need upset. That's what they need and that's what they want. You know the first one to Terrific event, I've decided is not the cops and the fire for the media. There are the annual education and the media. The first one to any event I'll be right. Ben German, when the attorney General California announces that employers who cooperate with the federal government Federal immigration law says that he will prosecute employers who do so. Is a leader in the democrat leftist part of the party, what you make it.
Here he is, his name is Exuviae, but Sarah had twelve go. There are new laws in place in California now in twenty eighteen, with the advent of twenty eighteen, I mentioned to them specifically eighty eighty four, fifty and SB fifty four a b for fifty in particular deals with the place, in particular, and how we go about treating the information about them. Place and employees at the workplace by employers such we try to protect the privacy interests of people who work there and that we're not sharing information in ways that would violate. The rights to privacy, rights of those individuals and ability folks to work free of of coercion and free of of fear it at the workplace.
So it doesn't say your employer to have violated a ds four hundred and fifty who's your office. Are you guys, ready to go? hearing this well, MR producers, that answers at the audio. Ok, that's us we're here's! What he says if there are violators of California lie out there, law enforcement will investigate and pray. Security authorities could be there uncle prosecuting authorities or it could be, the attorney general's office will prosecute those who violate law. So if Employers in California, we with the federal government to enforce federal law California says they will prosecute the employers, now. This doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of holding up a federal court.
The supremacy clause, and we also have a Supreme court decision going back. Around two hundred years right now,. But this guy's a hack, a fraud. And all of a sudden, the most radical of states, I California, the most radical politicians like this clown supports It's right, but Doesn't it states rights issue? This is a settled issue, so taking A a page from the old confederacy. On this, I traced cities, which is an attempt to nullify federal law enforcement and now- these so called statutes for the attorney general says he will prosecute employers in his state again take pay from the all confederacy. The nullify federal laws and punish people who comply with federal laws.
This is why California is losing productive people, but ever race. Whatever background our businesses, taxpayers Nobody wants to put up with this anarchy this logically driven anarchy. Nobody, to put up with this. Quite remarkable is now As I have said before, and I say it again. Maybe the answer to some of this- is for some red states to say the same position. When it comes to the second amendment. There we have sanctuary cities and counties in towns. Where we acknowledge no federal. Second, a memory loss. We call them can a mammoth sanctuary, states, sex, amendments Sanctuary city, second, amendment, sanctuary, town.
We're sanctuaries too but who believe in the second amendment law abiding american citizens who believe in second amendment on weapons for doing the same thing. We expect these Obama left wing judges will uphold it and we expect these blue state, Leslie Attorney General Blue city lapwing districts, a district attorney's to do the same thing to defend us. That's number one number two. We will prosecute anyone. Who gets in the way Our second amendment rights regarding Two federal law because weep asked a statute here in the state that protects. People who are law abiding owners of weapons, how is that any different. From a constitutional basis for illogical basis from what
this clown attorney general gesture how's that different from any these cities. I've gone rogue. Rich states can pick issues to overtake abortion. Why not? We don't worry the federal government's position on abortion, I wish this position on abortion disappearing. Parts of his position on abortion, you see, ladies and gentlemen, what's happening Now- is that the leftists than the blues eight and a blue cities. Their embracing the arguments about slavery. Obviously there embracing the lawless arguments and around our position? YO confederacy These things have been litigated, they ve been resolved David, look down on the battlefield. They been do tat and in our courtrooms, but now The Democrats are embracing it I'll be back
lasting conservative mark Laverne show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three, eight one one that Democrats of our played their hands, the media have ever played their hands. It is not Armageddon, it is not a catastrophe. Governments. That's down all the time it's called nighttime called the weakens. It's called the holidays. Social security checks, you gonna, Medicare payments are being made there is Apart from the usual appropriation process, as a matter of federal statute,. Sure the Democratic upset about that, because one is much pain as possible in order to get there legalization for illegal aliens there, but they ve ever play their hands because final
Republicans of listen to us on this programme, you and me, and they ve Spain, the stark choice, legal The crasser saying that we will show down, the government did accept it shut down? We already had a discussion, but that's just go with their propaganda. We will shut down the government if you do not give Illegal aliens, legal steps such as this when the is also up Lindsey, Graham and hidden to be caught in a particular as the chef flake, music miscreants malcontents will happen, a wind up in the United States Senate, their terribly terribly flawed in so many ways, but there they are screwball gadflies. I guess I want beginning Lindsey Grant. Will I well that's the truth. He wouldn't come on anyway. Trust me. He'll stale college. You know a new movie about Winston Churchill, the darkest
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The way the media is just another example to expose the media for what they are, which is pathetic there. Very different attitude toward Donald Trump Health and Hillary Clinton Self Amber Halleck, defending Hilary attacked. Anyone who question it, even though she fell down was slurring, her speech was yelling and so forth. Cut thirteen go. Think of humans and conspiracy. There is no assignments, talk about one of those I'd start by actually Brian stouter of CNN. Until he has a preview peasant voice. I let's go back.
Top of the yes segment happened, a clear cut. Thirteen go take a view mentioned conspiracy. There is no assignment sarka by one of those all the claims of a wholly contains health. The tiptoeing is over. The whispers are turning into shouts. President from fitness for office has now the top story in the country. That is basically a dog whistle to all of those supporters out there. Having questioning Hillary Clinton held reading your key reasons that sounded like a winter supporters who have raised both these questions about collisions health for ruining Giuliani, does Google Heller Imprinting House, that's not outlined, seem like we in any way that members in the year will take seriously, who want to take a look at the president's mental thickness of also questioning Clinton's house, which appears and near a basis we looked up, recommends an illness and without multiple articles, deep bugging, these wild eyed lunatic conspiracy. Theory that I thought, if you enter the doll troubled about your barbecue, you would find his dull children and ask what they were doing to treatment for memory care. I think that's the case. A wrong decision was diagnosed, ignoring click on the basis of these videos. Easy both has these issues of mental fitness and then, as essential questions of intellectual capacity have medical degree shot so you're always went on hand. These show to pass judgment on ITALY. Clinton's mental state of mind. Donald Trump was an early stages of dementia judgment on middle well. Be. Do you think that old from as well? My question is: why are so many from sir fuelling these rumours about how we think that, if it's ok to question the fitness sitting treasure, it's really a cue to his voters is afforded to think. Maybe maybe she does that secret illness, but I've heard about on top Rio. We would say these are the messages from a person who is not well from a leader who is not fit for office. Many Americans are worried and journalists need to cover that
to listen to their he's, not. The planet, hypocrisy, such complete intellectual dishonesty. These are people on tv On CNN and MSNBC, the. You talk about deranged you're, deranged people. Quite frankly,. I don't even think this is funny. I don't think montages funny. It's sick. And I wanted you to hear it Adam, Thus kaluza Alabama the Great W Ap Go Merkel. You bet Watch the news I've been directed to do that because they're telling you the truth, actually Billy download again down a midnight were down, lemon backing to be dropped
well well done. Item well done. Let's see her for me, Ruth Salem or again, the great K. Why K and go right ahead? mark. How are you good, I'm a federal and poor it works for the Vietnam WAR can right now, I'm not getting paid, but I'm workin, Diana HA looked down the hall, how many other People are working out, are all gone, exactly and by the way I've been told a return next week that I'll get paid it's normal and not to watch the news. I've been directed to do that, because they're telling you the truth. Actually yeah examiner actually trying to come in you're gonna be paid? I gave you three percent of the others, don't The news, the news completely. Out of control, Wanna tell you- and I told your call screener this I've been hurting for employees so mad, I'm busting, my tail. We dont
have enough people. We. Do the job I worked for the department of enter and affairs at Because its thirty eight and no offense, but we need more competition with the very well. You know, It was a care came online. Anybody to get into the ba did the system was never intended for this never we ve got such good doctors, but they are inundated and all I work in legal. So every time you know I mean eighty percent of my class. I me get this straight up by the way you're very nice lady. I can already tell you're, a lawyer at the vizier they're, telling you to coming cause your essential right, Ah, I gas I guess why would I keep pointing out you're part of the eighty three percent, while yeah. I guess that's. Ok, I'm just saying when they say it's a government shutdown. Really, it's not a government shut down there. There
pieces of the governments that are affected, but overall the government is not shut down now and I was excited at the thought of having a vacation to tell you there you go now. You gave it up. You know. I have to say that you now. I have to say that counselor, Yet I am not account more, I'm I'm apparently thanking paralegal actually better than lorries. For the most part, Rose, I appreciate your call. And she just told the truth. I got all employees all around me. And they tell me the same thing- it's like tat she's on Snow Day, praying for snow as much as the students are praying for China, its human nature. It's. Ok, I get it but Doesn't mean the government should operate that way, so
Oh my long, it'll be all weekend long. You're gonna be filled with this demagogic propaganda. If we're gonna die from a quarter a government shut down his Diane fact, Cancun. Feinstein says why she voting for it. You realize how stupid these politicians are, how they get up in their own idiotic rhetoric and propaganda. How in insisted and hypocritical. They are one year to the next one speech to the next. Andy Savannah Georgia, the Great w Ok, let's go four June, and we mark you out of bed there'd be talking to you. I was kind of discipline, when you busted out Wikipedia, because I used to use them for information purposes I play music, guitar and such and
Archer about different things, related guitars historically, in fact, about women and now beginning believe about all that people can just at this time it will you get information from their double check. It triple checking that but you have to do. So any. What are you doing for the government shut down the jib actually toilet paper? well, actually I'll be carried on just as usual. I think he's gonna be just like the. Why do you remember that water That or not the computer could doubt at another number. Two word already had. You remember. Our business is spent tens of billions of dollars on that stuff and it never came to pass, was just so exciting. I my friend pressure your car. Here's, a great new year's resolution resolve right here right now, the January's the month and twenty eighteen as the year to stop. It in fear. The iris
We saw right now to stop worrying. If today is the day, the Irish shows up her work resolved stop lying awake at night wearing how you provide for your family after the irish garnish is your wages and freezes Europe. The accounts turn your resolution into reality. Call the number one tax resolution for an optimum tax relief optimum, behind every tax problem are good people, people with families, home savings and paychecks the need protection. which explains how they resolved over a half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients and better either rated a plus with a better business beer plus these guys are experts in helping their clients take advantage of the fresh start initiative. Perhaps the big great the IRS has ever offered give yourself Give the reds resolution this year call the x it's that I trusted optimal tax relief? Here's the number eight hundred four nineteen sixty three hundred eight before nine sixty three hundred ADA before nine sixty three hundred you see, they have not shut down, we'll be right back.
Ben Ladies and gentlemen, when I leave the air they'll be approximately three hours left. American civilization, It comes to an end at midnight and once again we are. Our Cinderella. We're all Cinderella well, rich Is my producer anyway, so. I want to wish you well, I hope, taken all the. precautions you need to take. I hope your set for the government shut down. the spectral be losing electricity. If you use natural gas.
You know what I mean that your yet uniting natural gas, you probably won't- have out either. The understanding shelves for water and toilet paper in the press- stores in supermarkets are empty, no movement? run on the banks. now, because aid three percent of the government will shop for work on Monday morning. Ninety Eight percent of the government went home three hours ago and because the media keep pumping this and pumping this and the river again, let me just say that you damn well better, not banned you ve got to my crowds, exactly where you need them here, some people will soon find out what a fraud the media are as a whole, at that crash. Do not stand for the american people don't blow it doubt below it. Ladies and gentlemen, every Friday in honour of you,
the week is officially allworthy governance. Officially shut down the weak and begins now have some fun. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency purse. It out
Friday, can I Griffin yet I Pepsi, can I smoking and get I Zelda get Al Qaeda get Taliban get Hezbollah and Hamas sub human cockroaches I'll see you right here, Monday material up all your door.
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