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The only good news from the NYC terror attack is that the terrorist didn’t know how execute his plan properly. Akayed Ullah, who came here through chain migration, says he was doing this for ISIS. For the first time chain migration became the rule of l...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one. This Alabama election, the media have been trying to draw everybody's attention to it endlessly. And their voting right now about if I were voting yes, I will be voting for Roy more and I will explain that a little bit later, but all than ever trappers who didn't vote for tramp and will not vote for Roy, more and so forth, and so on.
They will immediately categorized me as endorsing everything or saint thing. This man has ever said or done, which of course is not but I ll get into that a little bit later, not much later, since the poles almost closing little bit later. We have a would be a mass murdering terrorist in New York from Bangladesh. A person by the name is a name, doesn't even a quiet. You lie he's a muslim men who says that he was doing this prices that he's price.
And he came here through train migration. Now you might think the coverage on train migration that chain migration has been with us since the beginning of the country. That's not true. Tray migration has been with us since the great society. The lower half a century ago, you know the great society did enormous munnut damage to this country, and this was sort of slipped in their sort of slipped in their when people didn't notice, There was a radical change in our immigration system, which has resolved Then, a radical change in the citizenry and the non citizenry that resides in this country and Waller people out there.
Let's talk about how they're all favor for immigration and so forth and from the fact of the matter is that this was part of the scheme by the Democrats in the left, during the great society to change, to transform the demography, the country, the demographics of the country and to transform politics in this country, and they damn well succeeded and the dinner. That's never want to take responsibility or credit for what they ve done. They just don't so at present the United States, who keep speaking out against trade migration and he's right if people want to cover this country should be on the basis of leading edge on the basis of merit. Immigration is supposed to be about merit, and yet more and more it has not.
Change your name into another avenue by which the left seeks to fundamentally transform America and, of course, as I've, talk about now four years The problem also, as a lack of assimilation, celebrating diversity, that's fine, but you have the celebrated within the context of assimilation and that's the part they always leave out. Let me just give you a little bit in history about trade migration. Pointed this out by the wind liberty and tyranny which many of you have in nineteen sixty five hours, The great society, the status did in fact, lay the foundation for radically altering the character of american society and the relationship of the governed to their government.
When he signed the heart seller act, they hearts seller ACT in nineteen sixty five, President Lyndon Johnson said this bill that we will signed today is not a revolutionary bill. What does not affect the lives of millions? It will. Reshape the structure of our daily lives are really add, importantly, to either our wealth or our power cord. Unquote fact, during the debate over the bill on the floor, the Senate senator, take Kennedy, said first ice These will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually under proposed bill. The present level of immigration it substantially the same. Secondly, the ethnic makes this country will not be upset. Concentrated charges in some quarters the bill will not inundate America with immigrants from anyone. He country our area, where the most popular in an economically deprived nations of Africa and Asia, Unquote Linden job,
TED Kennedy, other status were wrong and it is hard to believe they were not intentionally deceiving the public in nineteen sixty four republican vice presidential candidate, representative, William Miller, well understood the overall increase in immigration that will result from the nineteen sixty five act? He said quote. We estimate that if the present gets his way in the current administrative immigration laws or repealed, the number of immigrants next year will increase, three fallen in subsequent years will increase even more so this bill and nineteen sixty five abolish the decades all policy of national quotas, which was said to be discriminatory because it favoured immigrants from Europe, especially Britain, Ireland and Germany over the third world. So an increased immigration levels from each hemisphere, setting in motion a substantial increase in immigration from Latin America, Asia and Africa.
And by the way, to the detriment of previously favorite aliens from Europe are listening carefully here. The bill also introduced for the first time in american history, a sin Of chain migration chain migration, which is this Jennifer immigration studies notes gave higher preference to the relatives of american citizens and permanent residents aliens than the applicants with special job skill. Those who receive preference for admission include unmarried adult sons and daughters of United States citizens, spouses, children and unmarried sons and daughters of permanent residence aliens, Mary. Children of United States, citizens, are brothers and sisters of United States citizens over the age of twenty five. Are you probably been here all that doesn't really matter: brothers, sisters, uncles, children. For the first time che migration became the rule of law.
Nineteen sixty five and may I also remind you and nineteen sixty five. The Democrats had over warming majorities in the house in the Senate and, of course Lyndon Johnson one in a landslide against Barry Goldwater, so there are pushing through their most radical agenda and that most radical agenda exists today, just as a bomb is most radical agenda, much of it exists today, like a bomb occur. So in nineteen sixty five, this one law, the historical basis for making immigration decisions, was radically altered. The EP. So would no longer be on the preservation of american society and the consent of the government. Now its themselves would decide who comes to? nice days through family reunification, that is chain migration, With the elimination of national quotas and the imposition of chain migration, alien
emigrating to the United States were poor, less educated and less skilled than those who have preceded them, a pattern that continues to this day And it is under this system, but the wood. A mass murder and the terrorist from Bangladesh came into the country under this system. The good news is he's such a moron. He didn't know how to were commit suicide and take out as many people as possible with. So the present United States is trying to secure this nation in many ways, including immigration and the so called. Libertarians in the so called pro. Immigration crowd basically are embracing. What Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats did when they control
Congress fundamentally altered or immigration system, and not for the better, because it's much much more difficult to know who's coming people themselves now can decide, If they're an uncle and aunt Father grandmother whatever it is, so you have immigration decisions being made effectively by family members. We can discuss this more if you like, but there's a lot to get in doing, and the clock is ticking particulars. I'm still Alabama. I've been reading a lot of rather self serving stuff on the recent album, and it really is a shocking me. Sore Doc, enemy, Roy more hasn't, been proven guilty of anything.
Not like so many in the media in the Democratic Party, he denies everything everything. And we ve seen some weaknesses in the allegations against them is now I believe her name is when she was fourteen alleged. Said Roy more what molested her touched her as he shouldn't have. And, of course it makes for a year. He compellingly grotesque image and if he did it a compellingly, grotesque, human being, but he's deny it. Since day, one and the washed imposed came up with a store in a very odd way. Time to affect the general election is opposed to the primary presses for people could have made it a different decision. The wash them person since been relatively quiet about it after it lit the fuse glory.
Alright shows up in the same always a serious question when she does, then we had the yearbook all markedly. These signature is legitimate. It's a toy moors, it's the stuff on it That's not legitimate and yeah glory. Already Ms Norton stood by four weeks. And the lever media never took up the more teams, insistence that it go to a handwriting specialist cause. They deny all they still had, not suddenly you're booked handwriting specialist even right now. So it is said, as a matter of fact, including by David French at National view online, that Roy more has done this.
And it gives a long list by more is, and he uses very strongly repulsive and vicious. He believes is a law to himself. He says: let's see him trying to pull it up, he more as a vicious costs. To show on historical illiterate anybody. Remember anyone saying that about Obama other than me and another, Mr French, to have more is absolutely positively obsessed with gay people. See here. This is a word national, you, yes, more likely a likely sexual abuse says more, would hurt the pro life cars from destroying the headlines. You can read the peace and the choices and binary anyone. It tells you
choices, limited approach, abortion, Dog Jones, her and competent, unfit apparent child abuse are like Roy, more is simply line here. Mr French, I don't know you, but you have an appalling failure yourself of integrity. You have no idea Roy more as a child abusers, none whatsoever, none. So why do you make an allegation? I mean you're so dug in then you're our position to the guy, which is fine, as you were, with Donald Trump
Are you really make over the top comments? If you knew- and we knew as a matter of fact, that Roy more had done these things, then your language would be fitting and then lose with maybe get ten or twenty percent of the But you have a way of condemning anybody who disagrees with you in a very poisonous way, in a very point, Why so you people were voting in Alabama who either do not believe the allegations? Her are very uncertain about the allegation. And yet they see the the pile up.
On the left in the media and among never trappers, among others, demanding demand in essence that the Democrats should win because of you don't vote for more where you're right, somebody in the democratic went. And yet the moral discussion is very limited when it comes to Mr French and some other people, I'm just using him as an example using him as an example.
What if he were the deciding vote on funding plan parenthood that murders tens of thousands of babies in the wool every single year? What if he was the deciding vote, would not be worth voting form or we must. We believe that the allegations are fact and that he repulses us in his comments about other people and therefore so be it it's a little bit more complicated than MR french presence, which is why he put his thumb on the scale of justice. In fact, he put his foot on the scale of just so certain is Mr French, so capable of and turning these things.
Is he that we're all supposed to follow behind it? Now he another not just a national view weekly standard, some of these other conservative in pseudo conservative writers, they insisted that we reject Donald trump them as a TED crew supporting the republican primers. Let us look where we would be if Donald Trump was president, where will we be The Supreme Court justice right now, the open borders, a dark and so forth would be even worse. The open borders, a dark and so forth would be even worse, we'd be a p. North korean appeasing ran we'd, be further eviscerate in the United States. Military local cops would be on. He also- and I could go on and on and on- and I will I'll be right Ben.
It's not a binary choice course pushed to binary in many ways: either Doug Jones Windsor. He loses either Roy more Windsor, elusive Democrats, pick up a seed or the Republicans pick up a seat and I'm a little I'm tired of these people saying well you just making politics parties when that's all they argue. First, they are either Roy more guilty or they come very close to sign that so that that's the premise, that's the foundation, and how can you vote. A guy who's guilty. Why not sure you'll get well what a fool and I'm not sure is guilty.
And then they build in the other causes the real reasons they don't want to be when he just again not your typical politician, he doesn't go with the flow he shakes things up, he's not he doesn't talk as articulately as somebody does safer Manhattan or Hollywood. And on and on and on and on, and it starts the bubble up. Meanwhile, the concept Once is of electing another left wing cook? Well, you know what consequences. Doesn't software tools were so? If you don't eighty seven seven three had one for aid: one in a red?
the day with french peace. It's the Marquis peace right at the top said National EU, that's their future peace that their pushing at their pushing, and you read this peace, and I really I really thought him. Self, because, when he sang what others are saying is and being no moral, Slash Legion? Position other than there. If you vote for any more, you are supporting a man. The pedophile owe us So he views the voters for Roy more. Is these deplorable, as is ignorant people or just about politics who really do not have morals? Who really aren't people of deep
for that are abandoning them propellant tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people? Millions of you. You're, not using your nortons you're, not using your conscience, reunite using your experience to make a judgment that, according to David French and many like you're, making a crass political decision because your Republika and they felt that way when you voted for Trump till you're, making a crass political decision closure Republican and they liked to say it's not a binary choice, whether what the hell is it. What is it when you know you can vote one way and perhaps elect
more and more another way, and perhaps a black dog jones- that's not a binary decision. I guess I have to go back to school, but it's more than that. These people, lecturing us, are no more moral. Then you or I may perhaps were more moral than they are no more ethical than you and I perhaps were more ethical than they are perhaps were more prudential and virtuous and why then they are perhaps there the idiot locks, but it does amaze me how many times you have to write and say the same thing that they simply is no option if you have morals but do not vote for Roy more because he's likely a pitiful or what,
Who are these people? Are these mine readers? Who are these. Time machine operators, and if we listen to them, listen own consciences practice our own faith make our own decisions. To be browbeaten over and over and over again. To be browbeaten over and over and over again, why so really more wines we can be browbeaten again. There are literally rooting for the democratic one. And when I Democrat votes for abortion on demand, when that Democrat votes for funding abortion and one that demographic votes for a transgender, people in the military getting funded are being made and on and on and on and on with a radical left social agenda and the rest,
left economic agenda and the radical left military agenda. Then I guess we have David French to thank for their right. Yes, I think so. I think we do, among others among others. This is bigger than politics, even were only about politics. What the federal government is involved in. That's pretty damn significant. Tell me what the federal government's not involved in the federal government in the bedroom, the federal government subsidizes all kinds of sexual activity or lack thereof, whereas if the government, while you're just about politics that it could well be people, are searching their consciences
And their faith for an answer, and they come up of voting for railway more and according to French and others. Are you got a wrong? There's no possible way can come to that conclusion, no possible way unless you're a hack unless you're thin, unless you like substance, unlike those people who are lecturing us all the time and I'm trying to pick on this gentleman buddies way out, there is tens way out there. He wants to be noticed great. I noticed I noticed nothing personal taking on his arguments to the extent I care about any was argument taking on some of them.
Not, if gave a French has absolute evidence that Roy more was pedophile by now. He should have presented it by now. He should have presented it and persuade everybody not to vote for Does he have any evidence, I've seen it? He just keep burping up the same thing. Over and over again, so his position is well known amongst those who read nationally online in him. My body Jonah does the same thing pretty much and he is a friend of mine. I ve talked him in a while, but I like very much saint. Essentially the people who opposed Trump oppose more.
Pretty much pretty much, but the rethinking process is far more substantive and complicated than these guys, let on its much more difficult than these guys level, Because the assumptions they make about the underlying fax or allegations are not the assumptions, everybody mice, and if they won't give people that then of course, they're gonna, say there's only one way. Our way I got it. I just think the underlying facts are not as factual as they think they are, and so, if there was a slammed on case, then I'd be with them
Prisoners slammed on case, there's simply is not in the main denies them denies them denies them, denies them, and in the other, cases most of the other cases dating sixteen year old, seventeen, your ass, I can remember the ages and so forth. None of them allege anything sexual took place. This is my recollection. The other day I brought up John Kennedy, then how he essentially of forty.
One year old man how he learned a nineteen year old enter. Who was a virgin and having an adulterous affair with in the White House in MRS Kennedys? Better nobody cared, but I mention it didn't matter at all. Found can talk about a mark, at least she wasn't seventeen or sixteen, or something like that. There's something truly repulsive about that. These are facts. We now in great particularised detail
entire book about it and twenty thirteen and there's money more cases involving John Kennedy and I M not saying mark your arguing for a parallel argument. It doesn't apply it, but there are moral issues and they do help us and they also help us analyze the commentariat out there, how serious they are a serious there. The same democratic circle, the wagon, the wagons around TAT Kennedy and even today, once in negative word about TAT Kennedy, what more growing more out and for them it's all politics, all politics, just like immigration is our part. Anyway. I've set my peace. I've said my peace again, I
I do not agree with everything. Why more has said. In fact, I strongly disagree with some things. He said. I certainly agree with every judgments. May I strongly disagree with many was judgments, and the same can be said about almost every politician in this country. Providing for really more doesn't mean your bracing all of Roy more. That means you're thinking about what the United States Senate does, how issues come up. Are you trying to make a judgment the best where you can on who you want to represent? And again I just find a very interesting that this all came out. Well,
the primary, so people could have made a decision. There were supposed to say you know what the timing is irrelevant, the sources and washed and the fact that its washed, but it doesn't matter what does matter to a lot of it- does matter to a lot of people because again you're wearing what the believe in Hutu believe and this stuff. As I say, all the time is dumped in our laps and we have to make these calls were to make these decisions. I wish, but french says and others are not a binary choice. That's it
as it ought to be man, I'm not a binary. Try course it if you think you're taking the moral high ground by electing electing a left us who will do everything possible to undermine the principles we believe in now. That's not a surmise. That is a fact. That's what he'll do on the political side of pirates will say, and I was wrong. I thought today was Tuesday for some reason. The voters tomorrow, obviously the voters on Tuesday tomorrow by the way, see in Amerika question of sand and is a time to shut the doors over soon you ve got such light weight. Reporters there so pathetic they're, not even third tier.
They could make it on a college newspaper there, so agenda driven or left wing, and it is they who are damaging the first amendment. It is they who are damaging freedom of the press, not tromp, not anyone else, but CNN and Portugal least MSNBC out of the club. Everybody knows it's. A candle line, a left wing cooks got it Oh, I see an end. It is a Congo line of cooks, but they still pretend their journalists. Nobody believes it. Nobody believes in and is a news operation anymore, just because you get All these ratings that airport at airports, because as somehow you gonna monopoly there, you not a news operation, are we just made mistakes mistake? Let me ask you folks, a question. Does anybody remember all these mistakes.
Being made during the Obama presidency? Does anybody remember all these corrections having to be made during the Obama presidency? Now the Obama administration would spit out the talking points in the medium term, it surrogates would put out his purpose up Ben roads and how to manipulate the media. Valerie Jarrett knew how to manipulate the media. All them knew how to manipulate the mania and they wanted to be manipulated because they share the same ideology: The ideology of Dog Jones down there now about they wanted to be manipulated. They were, but here again there sort of part of the same cabal wants to take this guy. Our trump there's no question about it. There is no question about. I mean the mistakes, they call them mistakes. There's a website called axioms. Exe
Wes three screw up some one week number one flints, testimony last Friday, ABC News reported that they form a national security adviser was prepared to testify that President Trump, while still a candidate, directed, hinder contact russian affair. But later in the day, the network. I should a clarification. The direction came with trumpets President elect that change. The story completely number two Deutsche Bank, Subpoena Reuters and blown by both reported on to say that special council Mullahs investigation, subpoenaed back for information and accounts relating to trumpet as family members turns out. I was false, never happened, Number three wikileaks email, CNN wrapped about again reported this morning actually yesterday morning that senior trunk campaign officials, including Trump himself, received an email from an unknown centre on September for twenty. Sixteen that link them to what could have been unreleased wickedly
documents. The Washington Post issued their own report later in the afternoon that the EMA was actually sent on September, fourteen and legally trove of documents that Wikileaks had publicly released a day early, could scene and wanted to show that the Trump campaign and Donald Trump and Donald Junior and September forth, her coat information had access information to the Wikileaks information. That the Russians had taken from the Dnc, among others, and therefore look at that. We got it smoking gun the problem. Is it didn't happen? It was September Fourteenth smoking Gun, they shut themselves, but again I'll be right back.
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Roy more is the norm. You can thank Ms Mckenna because Mitch Mcconnell took out who he's thought the toughest nominee, Where the toughest candidate was he took out, Brooks so for national view to write a piece on that. If they have nothing, a contempt for Roy, more ok, fine, those risks, Sensible for Roy more, I guess, would be much Macau. In my humble opinion, right, let's take a call Shelly. Yes, we can Tom Scots bar. Alabama on serious satellite harry you. I'm doing well mark and you re well. Thank you. We one minute. Ok, I got a clue Lincoln number one if we do we're going to work with the ground as Senator
course, because all you need is the right and takes five eight ten, twenty percent of the vote. The Democrats are voting for their Democrat very may We are setting a really dangerous precedent where an accusation is the same as ever: yeah like it's, not a court of law. There wouldn't be a conviction in any case, but it would be nice if that a little more evidence. I really believe that too I have why, but I am willing to condemn the guy's absolutely guilty based on the public record, so farm just now we'll be right back
These have now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one tell me: do you think Donald Trump should resign. Now we already said a couple weeks ago. This is where this was headed: Harvey Wine steam, bigtime, Democrat Hollywood, Democrat Enclave, Democrats in Congress, Conyers. Frank in some Republicans and then of course it would all led the trump and
in July bran is the biggest fraud and chameleon of them all. I want to do my fourth show on her associations with Clinton, but right up into and through twenty sixteen bravery type with Bill Clinton, booklet and help them become a member of the house and a member of the Senate. Bill Clinton campaigned with their bill Clinton raised funds for her. She was Thrilled to be with Bill Clinton, she said so she took photographs with him and put it on her a social sites and on and on and then suddenly she thinks he should resign. She's sort of a female trucks humour in terms of her hypocrisy and terms of her. Being a publicity hound now she's taken up the cause of sexual harassment, or how can she she was close to Bill Clinton.
Now she's decided that Donald Trump should resign everybody, so we need to create a new position. First, Senator Kirsten Jill Abram. She should be in charge of who stays and who go. She should be she should be in charge deciding what allegations are substantive, which allegations or not. Because obviously she's clairvoyant. She's deciding whose credible who's not credible- and she sits there the junior senator from New York drawer, as the mediator into this one should go. This one should go. We need this training and that training- and let me ask children: why didn't you support antis sexual harassment?
meaning when you were prowling around with Bill Clinton. It is for, I know its launch out. Will you wanna see if she'll come on the radio show? I suspect she walk. Well, here's what she had to say, of course, on scene entity, the constipated news no were cut well, go or president terms. Should resign. These allegations are precarious closed punctually resign Kirsten lybrand pure of heart and saw bureau background she, He has decided. President trumps should resign, so the tens millions of you who voted for trap. Are you convinced? Are you convinced start from the top? Please catchword president Trump should resign? Are these Alex? since our credible, they are numerous. I've heard these women's testimony and
Many of them are heartbreaking table who appointed you in charge of anyone or anything for that matter. You're one of a hundred people you're a nice Senator go around telling people this she resign and that one should resign. Ok, you should resign I'll. Tell you why, Jill a brain. You should resign because you help facilitate a bill. Clinton's reemergence as a powerful figure within the Democratic party. You should resign despite knowing everything everybody knew about Bill Clinton, including the fact he was accused credibly of rape, you encouraged him to support your races for public office and to help raise money for you use Resign because you're a collaborator in a facilitator here and opposition to be pointing fingers and telling people offer their political heads no position. What's you are wrong: you're a chameleon. As I said on November, seventeenth and others have since picked up on it. But that's what you are guide
then travel should resign. His decision or whether he will ever holes and solve accountable, is something hold your breath for, and so Congress should have hearings they should do their investment in Hungary should have hearings on the present the United States on sexual harassment, real. I think we should have hearings on cursed, enjoy Brown and her willingness embrace a man who was accused the right Bill Clinton, her willingness, to embrace a man who is accused credibly by Catholic Willie grabbing her in solving her while she was in the oval office of her willingness to embrace a man who said in front of a state government employ apologize when he dropped his pants to kiss it. I think cursed, Jill a brain is a lot to explain the fact But she only recently says oh well. Bill Clinton should. Design, none at all. She doesn't get away with that not here. So I think we
to have a hearing on Kirsten Jill abroad and her her facilitating, protecting and even promote, Bill Clinton ass: she did all these years and he her. Let's have a hearing, go ahead, appropriate investigations of his behaviour and hold them accountable near there. You go well. Did your brain only are choosing charge. She's in charge cite the french revolution. She decides thumb up, Thunder Burma Thunder Kirsten Jewelry, then there's Corey Booker. He was a new Jersey today and he wants to run for president to say he will not be our position did outmaneuvered by cursed Jill reinventing Gonna happen, cut thirteen go
Waiving Mr Crowley said about one war is significantly worse, whether its frame one book. I doesn't know that to be the case. For more than a dozen women come forward. Rambles worries about the present crisis will take that very thing. I don't. I love a man not now he's he's taking the tape, then NBC Add and or used and putting it, top of the other stuff whole Corey, Bucker, Coy Booker You supported Bill Clinton, Coy Book or another wanted campaigned with them. Come you, ladies and gentlemen, one bill Clinton was impeached and there was a trial in the Senate. Did Kirsten Jill Abram
that he should be found guilty and remove. No, she did. She was a hack and she has a hat. Coy poker. No, he was I can use a hack theirs thing was being done even grander than what they're calling for now. Just a resident Here we had according to the brands logic here, we had at a time when people Really what really coming to get to grips with this has a culture as a society the harassment of women. Here we have the republican Stanley Strong. They impeach Bill Clinton, the United States Senate way.
Could have been removed, the two thirds of out of the sand reef and Jill a brain and Booker opposed it. He opposed. Why did they oppose it and not only that the charges against Bill Clinton, the impeachment charges were about him, trying to fix the outcome of the case obstruction at toward the Democrats, like the user Bill Clinton fingerprints were on actual recordings, a federal judge, all their overwhelming evidence, and yet the Democrats opposed it. Why did they oppose remit being a sexual predator from the oval office, a sexual predator who assaulted, are harassed, scores of women, including in enter jailer brain Booker. They were not offended, not offended enough to support his removal
Go ahead, so we are now doing the right thing in this country were having come out into more older people. Tat. You have come up, it's an old people accountable. Where have you been Booker? You can play in politics the whole time Bill Clinton has come up. He was being held accountable, new opposed it and so did yellow brick and soda virtually every Democrat acted official or would be elected officials in this entire countries, a personal matter you know, and it goes on. The trump should resign a russian collusion, none on our work on the sexual harassment beyond the racism and then ages. Morgan, we got our isms ready. We were gonna, work, moving from one of the next? We can't destroy him outright chase a motto officer get em in our removes
like that. We're gonna destroy him, so he canker reelect and whose can lead to charge the press. His favorite Kirsten Jill Abram, previously Bill Clinton, favorite centre edge and he her favorite president, I'm not gonna forget about times, have changed between twenty sixteen and twenty seventy times of change, I'll be right. Back Let us go to Milly Swell Alabama, the Great W Vienna, and how are you find it a second honour to think Wiki? Thank you for all. You For similar unites the bank and for all of our very friends you
I have a situation that I would like to get your take on here in Alabama Doug Jones, running at constantly showing our senior sitters Centre Richard Shelby and he's there saying he will widen a republican candidate. He refuses to vote or judge or more I just want to know what's up with this guy, why he, I don't know I've met him once in passing better. He was never going to vote for growing more that's it. That's the thing about these Mcconnell was always opposed. The more shabby was always opposed. The more the Alabama republican establishments always been opposed, the more so they ve always been opposed to more in and the republican establishments he's been opposed to more than national. I was if none of this Now these allegations had come, had been made her come forward, they still when it gave a right more wow. So if we had about it
with a strange man who I d love to listen to me. They would do the same thing to mow Brooks, but they find a different reason to do it he's one of my customers, a fine man about it for him, I think he's terrific it looks here. I merely God bless Yo Yo, I care there now about my love Alabama below many many times, particularly the huns. Fuller had been there many times. I dont want to the university Alabama for one semester, then transfer back here to George Maize, but I enjoyed it down. I do in the food is second to none in the hospitality is secondary but you can learn a northerners who looked down people from our ban or people from the south. They just do I not fulfil it off. They ve never set foot in these states. You don't know anything about
And so the live media is able to create. These are conjure up these ideas about being DOM backward. And so forth, and so on really and talk about, the modern south. On arriving at nominated to the presidency. And on and on and like the left, hates sledge just beyond the left painters, whether there dressed up as Republicans, are Democrats, the Progressive saved us that's what they are. They believe statism I've talked about this over and over again to big government lobbyists, all that crap. That's. If anybody who dares to speak up against a tree. Challenges throughout the destroyed and they use their liberal outlets to do it. That's why the people? Alabama had enough. Are there pictures of Roy more out there. Now
doing something inappropriate now, is there anything else other than what the Washington Post wrote: and a few other states is there. Anything else course. If the seriousness is is there is no question of their true, but what is there any other piece of evidence? the media have been all over this hundreds and hundreds. Report has been in Alabama are then hundreds and hundreds of reporters in their homes. Aid to their homes, cities working further media outlets had been on top of this. You would think we'd have something at this point. Would you, MR producer, something something so that's why I'm not prepared to take my foot and put it on the scale of justice, like Mr French over their national, I'm just not prepared to do and people who are not prepared to do that
but their immoral, not that they believe in situational ethics. It's not that they ve surrendered conservatism. Many people have thought it through just as carefully as Mr French's thought it through and come up with a different result, ranch. Roger I'm sorry, Vienna Virginia the Great W. I may I. How are you and I'm just glad to be able to talk with you I appreciate that you said and done even beginning with how we should how you set an example with the school board of her day. I've been blessed and what the idea other hand what is written on. Four may have had a copy of that book and still can't you very plainly aggressive. What's the big burden on my heart, I have met more than twenty. Five years ago, I met him.
Reclaiming America conference. I read your book. I look at some of his judgment, and so I would like to know which of the judgments which you think are not clear what you might prove but also mentioned he's just before the red retaining the ten commandments the classrooms he's good that's one of the reasons he was removed. I believe the first time as chief justice of the Supreme Court Alabama got into the eventually the stream of the federal courts and they ordered him to remove the ten commandments, and he said now so is removed from office and did he was so he has stood there, on the front line he's taken, black when you couldn't find any really wrong with him, but he's not my favorite candidate. He just not, as I said,
I support him, oh Brooks, but in this election I would vote for gas. At this point we talk about keeping a foot on the way to justice. The Lee evidence, character. Evidence exists for this man and accomplishment, and his band he's taken where is his opponent, his opponents believin abortion on demand you have today see. Now I rush, we ve come a that those cover this territory. I appreciate your car. Says things I don't agree with Russia.
And so be it. But that's how you analyze thanks. I don't believe, there's a single position that Dog Jones hazard. Maybe there is one that I could support at all, and these are moral decisions to whether its abortion, whether it is Sir subsidizing abortion by the federal tax payer. Whenever this, Whenever earnest look, my positions are quite clear: whether was the Alabama Republican primary or this vote, but it I have some really strong evidence. Besides what we ve been told, when we read in the common it is going on and on and beating us over their heads brow beating us it if you don't vote a certain way than there's something wrong with you. You must not be a conservative. You must not Willoughby Evangel Christine. You must not really be religious minutely. Wish me luck. Trees from these third tier lightweight some people are struggling
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Now George Soros, the daily Wire George Soros, funded group, readying trumped sexual harassment accusers to push for congressional investigation. Mr Dusar play Kirsten, Philip ran again for me. Would you so the whole nation can hear this again turned sick resign, These allegations are credible. They are numerous I've heard he's lemons, testimony and many of them, are heartbreaking and president Trump should resign. His decision I weather will ever holes and self accountable is something I really can't. The rest for, and so Congress should have hearings. They should do their investigation. They should have a problem investigations of his behaviour and hold them accountable, daily work. A far left activists group funded by George Soros is ridding. The women who accuse Donald Trump of sexual misconduct demanding congressional investigation, the women
and made their accusation just before the November twenty sixteen election and their back, the women will speak on Monday, attend thirty eastern time. They did to call for it a building, an investigation by Congress of Sexual Misconduct- and you heard cursed Angela Bran Lady cues Trump of groping fondling for ugly, kissing, humiliating and harassing women, Press conference was announced in a statement obtained by CBS News. Women who had publicly accuse present a tramp of sexual harassment and assault will unite for the first time, began about their experiences on Monday December. Eleven at twelve thirty p m at the press conference hosted by brave new films, the women were called our accountability and investigation by Congress of sexual misconduct by the president. The winner will share their first hand, accounts of president from groping, fondling, forcibly, kissing, humiliating and harassing woman there among the ITALY Sixteen women who come forward to accuse the present of sexual misconduct there
Irving allegations and it goes on and on I'm brave new films, really sixteen women and Donald Trump, which tells the story of sixteen women who have publicly reported sexual harassment in the south by President Trump. You re women of all spoken out individually, the video which has been viewed over six million times compound. The stories in one place for the first time now there gathering in, Person to speak out and call for accountability, the jailer brain claw, afraid congressional investigation and about what I'm just pointing out what a fraud she is Another group behind this obvious no attempt to force tromp out of the White House brave new films right said. The daily wire is a non profit, five one c three organization that claims to be non partisan, a claim it becomes laughable upon a review of the donors and partners which include left wing groups like medium matters for America and democracy for America, so they have this phoning nonprofit charitable group out front
The Irish does it get a whole list of. I don't know. And among its partners and donors meeting matters for american democracy for America, hard left wing pro Democrat operations, brave new, arms claims that they do not expressly advocate for the electoral defeat of candidates for public office, a state That's not even remotely accurate, looking just some of propaganda style videos they created, including stand up sent. The President elect as a hypocrite, protect public education, a Patsy divorce, individual packet? God for resisting the Trump agenda, getting Donald Trump of envy. CS as an now want to break Films, donors is open society. Foundations are left. This organization whose foundering chairman is George Soros, whose given over pretty two million accuse me. Thirty, two billion dollars billion
find the open society foundations which work in over one hundred countries around the world. George Soros as a democrat Mega donor, who donated committed more than twenty five million doubt to boost Hillary Clinton. Another dammit can't and causes Connolly FCC records in interviews with associated democratic, fundraising operatives political reported now in the wake of trumps election, when source gave eighteen billion dollars to his open society foundations, as he called for immediate action against Trump, we must do something to push back against, what's happening here, so I said in a vampire as he warned that dark forces have been awakened by trumps when so. This entire efforts aimed at Trump, is funded by an organisation that that sources groups support, got it led by Kirsten,
Jill A in the Senate, so now they have politicized sexual harassment and sexual abuse, and it's all about power. This is why you and I hate most of these people despise most of these people They lie to us. They deceive us they're all about themselves. There all about themselves. I give you another example, but in a different context there is a blockbuster report. Let's see in today's faction, Is that come by James Rosamond, Jacobson, again, wife of demoted. Justice department official worked for firm behind Anti Trump dossier, the cockroaches everywhere Exclusive, a senior justice department official, remember this guy demoted
last week for concealing his meetings with the man behind the anti Trump dossier, and even closer ties, diffusion, GPS. The firm responsible for the incendiary document then have been disclosed. Fox news has confirmed the officials, wife work for fuel. GPS drawing the twenty. Sixteen election contacted I Fox news. Investigators for the house. Permanent select committee on intelligence confirmed that Nellie Age or wife of the demoted affair. Bruce G or who was working for the deputy turning general, that time work whose wife work. For the opposition research firm last year, the precise nature MRS voice duties, including whether she worked on the dossier remains unclear, but a review of her published works of about online, reveals that MRS or has written extensively on Russia related subjects. The intelligence committee staff confirmed a Fox news that she was paid by fusion GPS through the summer and fall of twenty six,
you understand now. Her husband was an associate deputy in general, the United States on the staff of the deputy attorney general on the staff for the deputy attorney general. Mr Mulder has so blind. He doesn't even see where the collusion of. He doesn't. He would see a few and she PS has attracted scrutiny because republican law makers have spent the better part of this year investigating whether the dossier, which was funded by the Hillary Clinton, campaign in the Democratic National Committee, served as the basis the Justice Department and FBI to obtain. Faces surveillance last year on a trunk campaign, adviser Name Carter, paid. The House Intelligence Committee Trim Endeavour, Nunez Tal Fox NEWS and a statement today is looking All facets of the connections between the Department of Justice and fusion cheaper including MR or.
Until December six, when foxes damaging inquiries about and Bruce or how to titles. At the Department of Justice. He wasn't remains director of the organised crime, drug enforcement taskforce, but as other I was far more senior MR or held the rank of associate deputy. Ernie General oppose. They gave him an office for doors down from the dead The attorney general rod rose and seen even more than that. He reported directly to ride Rosalie the day before Fox news reported that MR or held his secret meetings last year with the founder of Fusion GPS cleanse Simpson, who was apparently a one point, the employer of his wife and we Chris Firstly, all the former british spy who comply, who compiled the dossier, the Justice Department stripped or of his deputy title and ousted him from its fourth floor at the building that theology insiders call main justice when you make,
add folks, former FBI director James call me has described the dossier as a compendium of salacious terrified allegations about then candidate Donald Trump and his associates, including page a foreign policy adviser. The dossier was provided the FBI in July twenty sixteen shortly before then Kennedy Donald Trump, except that the republican presidential nomination. As call me later testified, it was in the same month. The f I began to counter intelligence broke up. Collusion between the tribe campaign and the russian government. The dust by the way. Let me stop there the fact that people, any transition speak to members of the russian government is not collusion, even if they did it during the campaign. It's not collusion. The issue would be. What did they discuss? Understanding about this as a as an abstract,
the disclosure by Fox NEWS that Bruce or met with Simpson and steal last year. Simpson, who founded fusion GPS form the Wall Street Journal reporter and steal the Ex british spy expanded reach for the dossiers, creators from the FBI and the top echelons of the Justice Department in it investigation suggested that steel, a long time FBI informant, whose contacts with MR or are said to date back a decade wow might have played a central role in putting Simpson together with the associate deputy attorney general now. The revelation that MRS or work for Simpson cause the account in the question. In other words, this high ranking trust a sufficient social.
Deputy attorney general reporting, a rod, rose and seen the deputy attorney general, his wife work for Fusion GPS, his wife for it for she, fusion, GPS. A review of open source material shares MRS or was described as a Russia expert at the Wilson Centre, a Washington Think TAT When she work there briefly decade ago, the centres, side, said her project focused on the experiences a russian farmers during Stalin's collectivization programme. Let me just tell you only to be an expert. Their experience was very bad, because stolen undertook a preposterous agricultural campaign that resulted in the death of millions. They weren't growing weak. Representative, Adam Schiff Democrat the ranking, democratically intelligence commended decline to comment on the original,
disclosure about MR or secret meetings that did not immediately respond to requests for common about, MRS, or course, not he's busy their attacking trump, and so that to me is really incredible: stuff, absolutely incredible! Stuff! It's getting clear and clearer. Let fusion GPS through Mister Steele, reached right into the FBI. They also set up John Mccain. Coming set em up to attack him, but set him up to get a copy of the dossier and to get it to the FBI. They also are pushing it out to media outlets. And now we know that few you can t be s head,
husband of one of its employees in the top among the top ranks of the Justice Department. Even the deputy attorney general, the United States appointed by Trump. He was and his staff for appeared a time so few can she p S. Reached into the highest levels of the Department of Justice and the higher the highest levels of the FBI and its report on tromp was funded by Hillary Clinton. Campaign and the DMZ you want. Collusion you gotta right ear, got it right here, because
Christopher steal, the Ex british spy relied in part on Kremlin apparatchiks to smear Donald Trump and try to effect the election and even more in even more. Let me take the next step. They not only try to influence the election, the trying to influence the post election period. The fact that this dossier appears to have triggered. Everything demonstrates that this dossier was not used to conduct an FBI investigation and get a warrant from the face of current, but its being used today effectively to take out the spread of the take out President I'll be right back.
Children ever come to the defence of wanting to broader. If apology owns a Catholic, William scores of others, did she ever know she never did not once have Corey Booker not once. I cannot stand these ambulance chasing politicians, though the worst, worse than the worst of the bunch and then there how out there by the media, the corrupt media, particularly the sea and ends of the world. As the spokeswoman her book or the spokesmen for sexual harassment, though I should say airplanes,
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tv tonight. I normally help expose CNN. I help expose you. You want to become a subscriber, Mr Steckler market stouter. I know what it is you might want to check it out. I was gonna do three hours on you, but I could only handle one hour. I hope you folks will check it up. Cnn, MR stouter. Yes, yes, yes, scene and back HF session Russia bombshell another one. There walking backwards that never gets always walking backwards. I don't I don't walk forward anymore. I'll. Tell you about this! Have to the top of the hour. They really must have good balance over there, because it walking about we're walking. This went back on its own. I went through the editors was going through our standard setting process. While that must be a great vetting press walkin, I won back walkin our
Why the walk? I went back about pay and its dropped the straw I saw my Lord I bet
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader by large living here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, a one about away over it, see our tv we are offering you one of six mugs mean drinking, looks at hoodlums. If you, if you get a subscription or you can purchase it, of course, as a Christmas Rihanna kick after. Just a few like have mugs
And one of the six happens to be me: one side me on the other side, the live in tv logo and also, if you purchase a one year subscription for family member is a Hanukkah Christmas gift her just because none of them are like them or if their levels, anyone expose them to people like me, go for it, but they six mugs me, my dear friend Michel Marken, my body for Robertson. I don't know the more got my buddy, Steve Dace. Who else is there? I can't even took offence, I can't from the other two pictures or they are, but it's ok. You know.
You'll know yes, indeedy at sea there, highlighting of course for Robertson, whose a great guy But you get my material aren't. I want you to listen to the Sis Brian Stadler. Cnn yesterday, now he he runs a so called reliable sources. How a courteous to have that show until he came to the to the bright side, overt fox, leaving the dark This guy Brian Steckler used too heavy a little website. Tv news was colonies leftist when he was going to college a thousand state, so fat, little slob little dough boy, nothing of course, and he went from there to the New York Times. He was there for three years. Anyone from there to CNN so he's thirty,
thirty one give or take any, is a CNN host, but he has all the qualities had seen and looks for low. I q not a particularly good tv presence, radical hack cuts corners. You know that stuff fit right about their forced to admit that their man, man, who robbed you, got a storeroom But he got a story wrong. Listen to this cut five go away TAT afternoon, The story unravel Syrians Manu Roger, went on Bruce the issue. This correction, just
obtained a copy of this email, and instead we now learn that this this email was on September. Fourteen your eyes are glazing over about now. Let me cut to the chase I'll, be the reporter tv shows. They thought they had Donald Trump and Donald Trump doing. They thought they had these guys because to anonymous sources, not one but two who got it horribly wrong. That words may have wide told Roger that down. I'm Junior had received an email in September forth, with cold information other stuff, the access Wikileaks emails, which included the sea and other democratic emails.
Oh and by the Russians, the Wikileaks Heather Capital and the doll trumpet Nano Trump Junior were so obsessed frenetic about getting it. They got the same from this guy. I told them how to do. It is only one problem. It wasn't September forthwith September fourteenth now. What does it matter because by September fourteenth was all public? Is our public knowledge? The males, wicked leaks did have had and so forth and saw, and it's not that scene and corrected itself
Then the Washington Post couldn't take it. Even the Wall Street Journal couldn't take it and they took see an end to the proverbial shut. If you weren't, so you don't have any kind of exclusive breaking story. This stuff was all public on September. Fourteen year be a date wrong. It wasn't September forthwith September, fourteenth. My lord whither, I walked out one back walk back, walk back Walker back, but don't apologize were seen in we're sure then go ahead ten days later than what we originally reported earlier today and- and this is a this
hence the understanding changes. The understanding of the storage sure does that there wasn't any special contact, her conduits trappers, son. This is blasphemous. This is a disgrace. A disgrace: this is a phoney news operation. This is a democrat liberal operation dress. You got Chris Cuomo sitting there and down lemon you got Jake. It is now out of the closet. He got this idiot stealth rapid, Democrats will put your weight that jerk up I'll bet he's want. Do they all? Are the brain, stop trouble and her family handle this go ahead. Dreams. You understand in quite a bit with ABC suspension of raw stolen airlines. I
this year, there will be disciplinary action that I always sound like as underwear type. Can you tell me that Mr Medusa Bosnia, we squealing please call writer, Jeremy, Herve spokeswoman said no, because the report. Followed CNN standards process which me so the anonymous source as they were using for the story more vetted, an ok that of time, so I will so it is standard foreseen. They get around through their vetting process. And Roger in Germany Herbie. I thought these are silent. Isn't it Herb MR producer Hd Ages journey herb? If you will, they went through the usual editor learning process and the usual editorial letting process revealed nothing go ahead, This had been reliable in the past, but they were not this time the spokeswoman CNN.
No reasonably. This was malicious, meaning the sources. I'm trying to trick the reporters, the sources we're just mistaken, but that mistake obviously cause the black. I foresee a net- oh well, under the next mistake Manu Radu, CNN may twenty four twenty seventeen list this breaking stalwart story, breaking story by the same man who Roger unseen and in may cut six go What can I just department? Officials are telling CNN and Attorney General Jeff session did not disclose meetings. He had last with russian officials when he applied for security my hey somebody, timeshare hurry up tall, walk water, whom he didn't tell justice, deportment officials when he was applying for a security com.
That that that that he met with the russian ambassador go ahead. New information from The justice department is the latest example of such as not listing contents. He had with russian of fish. Earlier this year earlier this year he came on a withering, he came and a withering attack. It sounded a radar CNN, add a walk. It back, All the way, in December months and months after their breaking exclusive report that that just sessions didn't disclose meetings he had last year with russian officials when he applied for security glance, he was covering up. He was abstract and get I'm gonna. Get. I've gotta accept, there's this from today
Dave Briggs had seen and cut seven go an early release. The accurate Baxter explanation of why Attorney General Jeff sessions did not disclose meetings with the russian ambassador on security clearance feel jail. Do tell we gotta know what happened. What happened? Go email shows yet. The I told us sessions aid that sessions was not required to disclose foreign com. My goodness slap my head, I need a vehicle is to produce so the f B. I advise the sessions aid. He doesn't need to disclose foreign country And the reason was, ladies and gentlemen, he was a United States, Senator wasn't doing business with foreign go on asking state senator list. All the fine context is almost an impossibility there, go on, go on in common, a meeting, a meeting, a cause and cause whether on and honour lets them
somewhere home, I gotta pay. We gotta, he didn't report the rash and she didn't report the Russians. He didn't have to be told his aid even have the report them to get you security clearance o my lord. What will Adam Shiftless dual his neck grow even higher power? I hope I could get awkward go ahead for the course of his duties as a senator another, These two male supports the Justice Department original explanation given last may, when seen and first support the omission of foreign contacts on sessions, security clearance for Goodness Manu, gradual, again Manu Roger.
He's one of their top reporters. Don't you know, must have gone through the CNN editorial voting system. You see, ladies and gentlemen, the scene and editorial vetting system, which I think is that two parakeets duplicate Sarah, how can be Sanders is quite an impressive young lady and she was at the White House Briefing today She went out with a so called reporter. We're just stop calling the press conferences really, then press conferences call them Democrat Party conferences, because the press basically is in the back pocket the front park at the top pocket under the head of the Democratic Party. So we ought to call them Democrat. Party conferences here, Sera, Huckabee Sanders swatting at the cockroaches cut a go.
This information campaign by foreign governments, as he said something about that, but certainly we would take any misinformation like that very seriously. Citizens are we're comparing the two on our decision was. This is Jim accosted. The journalists make honest mistakes. Doctrinal journalists do but you're, not a journalist, Jim accustomed. Your fraud that doesn't make a fake Do you always go ahead, does of course make mistakes, they should own up to them, sometimes down. There. Isn't everything I'm sorry, Not finish a very big differences between making honest mistakes and purposefully misleading the american people, something that happens regularly can't say: I'm not die, so you can I'd say those will be based Can you say that
an honest mistake: when your purposely you're, not information that you know to be false or when you're taking information that hasn't been validated that hasn't been offered within credibility and that has been continually denied by a number of people, including people with direct knowledge of an instance. This is something that I am speaking The number of reports that have taken place over the last couple weeks, I'm so they stating that there should be a certain, full of responsibility, so the idiot reporter who are reporting theoretically on the walking back the idiot report are challenging sanders. How could be sent in what she staining, which is an unequivocal fact? I have never seen so many reporters walking backwards, psych a film you run it in reverse, walking backwards from stories in my life
Under Obama, they never walk backwards. They never look back. Here at every day, their walk backwards and they never apologize. Seem people. Look I've seen it myself with this price dollar fraud, absolute fraud on the face of warrants. If I so once when the media couple of media outlets kind of touched on it, I pull them forward, told the millions of you out there. We listen to this programme as well as millions of people on live in tv and the Fox NEWS Channel went into it. You can prove that you don't know that unanimity independent now, just press reports said brine, Stadler and he's right about that. You know is right about that said: Jake, Tapir and they're both wrong and they still don't own up to that is fake news
hours, are fraught I'll, be right. Back The producer I hate to do this to maybe tomorrow you can find it I don't know how long ago, but it was some time ago that I said that the Russians played the median. This can remember that the Russians play the media in this country, with its with Russia's leaks with the dossier and all the rest. The media had been played in this country.
I also pointed out that the F took the bait. The FBI has been successfully played by russian intelligence and by Vladimir, And I have also pointed out the landmark Putin's Heaven, the biggest laugh of his life watching Robert Mahler. Try to destroy the presently United States. Look folks, I dont believe Putin ever was rooting for Donald Trump ever. Pew knew he would always get more from a Democrat. He would always more from a liberal he'd, always get more from Hillary Clinton. All the control over our uranium Medica, twenty percent. He moves into the Middle EAST and Syria under the democratic parties. Watch. Our militaries being eviscerated under the Democrats. Why? In the world repute and want this tough guy.
I'm New York to be present the United States, it never made any sense to me and, as a matter of fact, look trumpet standing up the russian troops, standing up the North Korea trunk, trumpet standing up to IRAN and so forth, and so on fact of the matter is the Russians play the FBI This dossier, the irony is- was funded by Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. The Democrats who go on tv and talk collusion the few that are left, never bring it up. Never because the real collusion is that, but the further collusion and you walk down this path. Are the media? The media have become the mouthpieces
Russians now don't get me wrong. I mean they're attacking them. I shall now but the media obsession with Trump. The media support. Mahler, the media, feeling, leagues by Democrats, fielding them from the house and. Committee, the Senate, entire committee and so forth, and so on plays right in a Putin's hands the weaker, the presently United States, the better The more he's under attack by Congress, the better the more Let's talk of impeachment the better the more reminders coming up with his phony obstruction case, the better the media have colluded effectively with the Russians. The FBI has colluded effect. With the russian and it was all funding by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the answer which funded fusion cheap and the first thing about it. I'll be right,
if you want to talk to mark, we have two numbers for you to call. Americans go. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one free eight one, one liberals, gall eight, seven, seven, forty one, thirty eight eleven, this study- Jones in Alabama now accusing Roy more being George Wallace, of supporting racism and segregation. It's hard for a lot of people, the stomach disco he's a reprobate politically. Of course, I love my car are twenty ten tomorrow I have other cars, but this is really Judge but its reach that age where things are starting to go wrong. I don't worry about those problems anymore, though, that since I got extended,
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I'm trying to get any expressly she's me. So what do you mean the other side? You know I'm a democrat capability vote Democrat I support liberties her. Yet I do not support the constitution so that I need you know: Gung HO constitutes in everyday, bigger of that. I know you think about it every day. Sir, do you support the constitution and you're? On the other side of me, I understand, I mean I say I don't know. Sir, do you support our constitution? Yes or no? Yes,. I like the separation of powers. Yes, I believe I do and how can it be a liberal I like to think of myself is more socially democratic volume, Democrats, socially, more social issues, while more fiscally concerned
bacchanalian unites fiscally conservative, you vote for liberals in California, don't you have quickly, but I've been trying to listen. Some your programme and other articles interest trying to when I say other side, are just trying to read and understand other points. View that maybe don't necessarily agree. There is another side. I am supporting the founding principles if there is another side? It's not my side. The other side is progressive ism that doesnt support the founding principle. Yeah when I hear that argument I mean, is their room for change. Stay with the winds are certainly sir. Listen to me, listen music central government is not the place you go for change. You want change, you do it in your family, you do it in your community, you do it in your business, you do it in your place from employment, the maid
Never, since the constitution is its trying to limit the power of the central government, the federal government. In that way. More and more people are freed, it more and more people want to do now. You say: do you see poor change you really saying: do I support the leftist ideology? Do I want them this ideology, which is a change from our founding principles. Is there what you really said? No, I No, I think it. I think that certain things that we do, that we could do differently and the open a possibly changing. And in improving upon you- and I am not opposed conservatism- is not against. We form there's a difference between reform. Changed. We agree with that. Definitely hooker, Edmund Burke pointed this out beautifully by lower. Yes, it's a different to reform and change. I have no problem with reforms, manufacture. Let's take a look
capitalism is capitalism about constant evolution. I'd say Now I say so to and socialism is about redistribution mad, I'm them death now how about ok, but I'm just pointing out the language. Can the constitution does not prevent evolution? It doesn't prevent progress. It encourages, but for constitutional. We wouldn't be what we are today: the wealthiest most tolerant, most beneficence society on the face of the earth and the constitution is nothing but the governing manifestation of the coloration Jubilee were born with unalienable right here. Is it yes, I know ok. So what is your question? What does your bones pickers? They say I'm gonna put bone. I just
don't know why you know, as I trying to expand my horizons cliche. That is, you know, I feel like politics. It becomes teams for it. Robert I'm not I'm. Not, I don't I'm not. I don't wear the republic in Europe. All the years, I've been on the radio if we do have a binding the choice and we now have ten one eyed group out there that A binary choice, while course it comes down to that, whether you like it or not, there's not three effective major political parties at their there's, a ton of small third party but they leave. The result is if you vote for them, you're, like the other guy. So that's mine, airy. But the point is you ve heard me talk about Mcconnell before it was sir common to criticise Macao among consumers. You ve heard me too.
About Dana before that was common. You ve! Let me talk about a lot of people. If you listen to the programme who, where they republican Uniform, who I cannot stand anyway, go ahead, I math, and we appreciate that, having swipe unable to listen to you for a couple years now, and I appreciate your criticism of the Republican Party, I just feel like The way a lot of people vote nowadays haven't my criticism of the Democratic Party. What do you think of that? I think is, I think, a lot of its valid and hence again why I've been willing to listen you? U primarily now I got here ask me a gear very neatly, Santa very nice guy, going to ask me a question. Why was I presume I mean it's a general questions. What you're take what you take on this theme, politics at the scene? you know when it comes to compelling going more tomorrow or or just other
my view of Roy more, has nothing to do with team politics and I broke it down in the first hour. It has to do with whether or not his cot, whether or not you think he's guilty or not. It has To do with whether or not you agree with him on certain issues or not, I don't agree with him on all issues like the way talks about certain issues either. Quite frankly, I have said many times my republican primary support. I supported my Brooks the luck we lost. The people decide And I have to look at him and I have to look at his opponent, whose now talking about George Wallace and segregation and racism clear this Roy more, doesn't support, and yet that's what they say and I also have to look at the country, and I have to look at the principles that undergo the tree. I have to look at issues that are important to me. I'm not a liberal corner.
On social issues, for instance, when it comes to abortion, am strongly opposed to it, and yet there are people strongly for it and they define womanhood based on abortion. I did a fine weather. The Democrat Party supports women based on abortion. I find that really pathetic. I understand that there are certain people who who have oceans and so far for a variety of reasons, and I'm not gonna tell going to condemn any. I'm just telling were I where I come from. So if a guy's running for the Senate forget about Alabama, let's say it's Virginia. Where I, let's California, where you're guys run for the Senate and he's in any any any lies about the other candidate on racism in segregated, in order to try to turn up a blackmail and he's a left us when it comes to plan parenthood, and all these other thing I have to take that into consideration. By and by the way, the other thing that annoying is working well,
since all over the place. Why the almost obsessive single myopic focus on this race in Alabama. You see what I'm sorry, it's like, it's like all of a sudden. The whole country is involved because the media want the whole country, and I could have quite a good boy I I think with someone you know like you who actually don't look appears united with. I wish all the way through the whole political process, the elections, that issues could be it factor. Could I without a doubt I used to do this. I don't I didn't do this at the last election. I try to actually look at the candidates. He who I agree with a different issues and make the best choice not disappeared. A d next to it. Added with that, more people could do that,
I stand on issues rather than I think it more and more people are. I think, that's why you see the republican parties in somewhat disarray these days. I also thank you. I mean, I think, we're debating ideas. Some of which I think I'm moronic, but I think we're debating, It is more. We debated ideas many times in the past. Now. Definitely I mean, I think this is, I think the democratic parties pretty single minded, though you, oh no without it I think this is so hot issued. Overall. I think this is what I last year I mean I would call on all my go work through the night jumps Gawayne drums go in and me I was predicting as early as January last year, and everyone thought I was nuts, but I didn't know that ironically with what change? I don't know if you only doing I just I both parties are met and I really wish people could
might I want to send you a copy of rediscovering Americans. Will you read it if I send it to another, A greener now will be they don't walk one man on his side. Do we have any audio taves, MR producer. I'm going to send you an audio tape: ok, ok, somehow I'll get to you put it in your car, while you're wire tooting around there, ok, ok, I'll, give it back. Don't hang up! Don't hang up he's a nice guy right, the liberal, but he's a nice guy. That's continue, Shelly. I think we will that's gotta Joe Gatling Bird Tennessee Series Satellite very nice area go right ahead. I may mark just wondering just your power, a kind of with this call at the previous callers. Why you think you know it's a binary choice right now, but why hands the Libertarian Party or any other third party I mean, I guess
carrying or is the biggest third party? Why can't? I gain a traction, my people going to support them. Why not? that's the real point. Eighty most people libertarians, but if you're sure about Maybe most people on support, open borders or a pot legalization, I'm just giving some ideas. Maybe that's why I totally understand Edward if you really believe in individual liberty and frayed, unlike we talk they show in small the government in another year, you're asking me why other what why people don't support the libertarian party or other third party, and I am answering your questions because they may not agree and by the way I watch the libertarian, convey in a year or two ago it was. It was better than Saturday night alive. I hate to tell you, and
You know the debating whether or not we oughta have street lights. Stop sides when you debating stupid stuff, like that he turn. People of why I just you know in my opinion, is the buyers owing when it comes down to presently something else fact of the matter is pulling. Maybe As for the people, the people get what they want and are not wanting libertarians. I want individual liberty I know what you want, but you get about five or six percent of the vote. You got my point. Why doesn't want everybody want everybody, so you can t. Why does everyone? Why does this? Why does everyone car Hannity. I back, then
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You can watch it on your pc. You can watch it on your left. You can watch it on your ipod. You can watch it on your Iphone on your android and on and on and on talk to our people at eight for four in tv and I'll tell you how to do it. It simple I can do what you can do it has taken but he's typically over my head. I just don't focus on it's, not something I do, but though walk you through it will let continue. I've got one minute Clay Dan SALT Lake City Utah. The great k k Ain T go though yachting laughter, greeted collar is, I think, the issue of partnership. If it got interviews, you moved at national level and Africa, market governed state and the Parson tat kind of all the way. Such a local down to earth issue that you care less about are delighted that such an important point, ray single issue decide by the feds becomes, partisan issue, because its maker brow
gets. A nationalized, centralized government issued an excellent point. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, especially that Captain I thank you for keeping. I say we so Then. Why pity and everybody else involved see you tomorrow.
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