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12/12/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, the media and the Democrats are going to use the Senate election in Alabama to attack President Trump — regardless of the outcome of the special election. Here we have the Democrats working with the media to try and change...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one create one one Eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, you know it's an amazing thing few months ago there was a massive scandal in Hollywood, monumental proportions Harvey wine steam. Any long list Hollywood actors who were resting women, I mean physically molesting women. We
then hear about it anymore. He's not amazing pilot stopped Presently there, no others, it's all over. So liberal Democrats dressed up as Hollywood types. It's all done. It's all good. It's all fixed Then it move from there to Congress. We have members of Congress saying that there is widespread sexual harassment going on in Congress. Name names and they needed Thyssen for harassment, training or, as the members of Congress put it actual harassment training are then, Conyers names Frankenstein, Comes out some republic unnamed come out. Then we have Roy more there's a store that brokenly washed and compost, while after the republican primary in Alabama.
A story by several reporters who happen: in our Burma today, more rally and they overheard somebody talking about Roy, more and teenagers- plural, the teenagers now adults, one never heard of the other, but somehow these reporters overheard somebody talking about plural teenagers and then that story came then we have an effort of God. Hollywood Democrats to some Republicans to Roy more now he's going to Donald Trump. That we need an investigation of Donald Trump and actually Kirsten Jill Abram. Who was a big back Bill Clinton and vice versa. The only man ever Service President accused of actual rape.
She is leading the charge demanding that Donald Trump Resign. And be investigated by Congress, sure which is supposed to come. First, neither is she said all roads lead to Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, these things don't just happen here. We have the demo, that's working with the media. To try and change the subject from Hollywood from Congress Donald Trump. It was always going to be the case always going to be the case and fine point on this. Was our Franco. In his resignation, speak. No. He gave my resignation speech. On the or noon or the afternoon of December summit, a date that shall live in infamy, On December, a few,
the evening, a few hours later, I commented on this In this election in Alabama, there's a reason why the media are so obsessive focused on Alabama, because. Want to turn it against Trump if Roy more wins its loss for try. If Roy more loses its loss for trap, Its they win tells they win. That's how this whole thing has been set up. And you ve got morons and the Republican Party in the never trunk crowd her all in They claim to be taken the moral high ground for that making any ground at all their predictable. So, let's walk over some of this territory, the election in Alabama, going on and the pause clothes at a pm eastern time and since we are results, will be the first report them. So I hope you'll stay with us, there are three hours. This is seventh twenties
seventeen, our frank in going to the floor of the Senate. And a few hours later. I comment on it caught one Nevertheless, the day I am announcing that in the coming weeks, I will be resigning as member of the United States. Now this is bizarre are in the coming weeks course. Your and ten I go up immediately, why, when you resign right there in there, what do you wait what's happening in the coming weeks? What pending in the coming weeks: let's do it just remind you. This is December seventh on live now, let's go to the tape: go ahead, we're not the it's in session in the coming weeks right Christmas, Hanukkah, they're, all coming in the coming weeks, but we all know what's happening here. The Alabama elections on Tuesday Roy more my win The reason the women Democrats came out of the Senate yesterday, all of a sudden on Wednesday not last week, but when
then, the reason the other day that's the men started lining up behind them and then Schuman at the end of the day, to top it off calling for frankly to resign and then Frank in speech today. Says specifically he's to be announcing, I'm announcing The coming weeks, I will be resigning coming waste prospectively, it's so obvious. It's not even funny it's a joke, how they are now politically play a very, very serious subject: If Roy Moors elected, you're gonna hear. The cause M to resign immediately, which of course, he won't do much The council has already said: he'll go to the Senate Ethics Committee, but you can your demands for his expulsion and his resignation more is not going to resign. If he's like, that's that's abundantly clear. So.
You're then gonna start hearing from the Democrats in the Senate and their mouthpieces in the media. But why should frank and reason I mean, after all, the allegations against more much worse. This. It's all a scheme, a sickening cynical scheme, starting with Kirsten jailer Brad, I'm back live. Thank goodness. I am so that's what they're waiting for tonight now, winner loose in the case of rowing more their guns, their pillar of guns, were focused on trumped Kirsten Jill Abram. Who was a bill Clinton defender. Right up to the end of twenty sixty cursed, Angela Bran, who has never come to the fence, I wanted a broader she's, never come to defend.
To apologize. She's, never come to the defence of Catholic Willie or any of the who were molested by Bill Clinton, never even bother. Kirsten Jellyband, who never supported the impeachment or the removal of bill. Clack Clinton by the United States Senate never voiced support what the Republicans we're doing you see because, ladies and gentlemen, as I said the other day there, looking for a way ahead of the times you say Angela branches things, changed since Bill Clinton was present. But, ladies and gentlemen, things have changed since twenty. Sixteen, when he's pointed her and she supported him. She's, a chameleon she's, a fraud she's a fake. And by her logic and illogical left, we ve had a cultural change. You see it Lots of us support the impeachment and removal of Bill Clinton.
Lots of us- support the impeachment removal a bill Clinton. We nobody we know it was wrong. We're not even talking only at the sexual harassment. Molestation aspects of this we're talking that plus then cover up the perjury, the obstruction of justice. You know all that that cost him in the losers law licence to be penalized, and for him to resign from the Supreme Court bar among many other things, but none of that dissuaded cursed, Angela brand from supporting her hero Despite all the evidence, despite in it opponents council's report, despite A cigar and address and all the rest of it Kirsten Jensen, stood by her man and her man was Bill Clinton. And all their lives are trying to rewrite history because they so desperately wanted to be a candidate for president of the United States.
Kirsten Jeweller brand of a leader of the anti sexual harassment movement in the Senate. She gets to decide who stays and who resides, and she says what Bill clinton- reside, but what kind of a buffoon is she a? What kind of a buffoon does she think we are collectively. She thought he should resign, but last year she's panting with him, she pay tromp should resign. Well, who I am their resign or a cheap who named The person who gets to decide these things she's nothing, but a back buncher, democrat freshman. Excuse me a senator from New York from New York nor the President put out a tweet present put attitude and he was talking about Kirsten Celebre.
And the Democrats, the liberals and the media, I want you to believe what he said with sexist see the damage That's have succeeded. In politicizing sex you either, I agree with them. Who can have sex who can have? genitalia. What you can do with your journal. Tell you when you can do it with your genitalia, who pays for your genitalia, who pays to remark you're, trying to tell you who paste add your genitalia who pays for their pay either. You agree with them or you're at sexist os, hardly wasting, and here we are talking about Donald Trump. This is how conniving an evil the left is. So Donald Trump pushes out a tweet today, lightweight senator Kirsten Jalib, rare true
a total of forty four tonnes. Show my true and someone who would come to my office begging for campaign contributions not so long ago. True and would do anything for them. True because she's, a chameleon is now in the ring: fighting against tromp, very disloyal, Billy Crooked used. So now the Democrats so desperate, so desperate claim sexual harassment, even when there isn't any shaped among ranks among them supporters in Hollywood. Theirs saying that when tromp said begging for campaign contributions and would do anything for them that that was set tell you. What are you trying to say by that now you have to be truly. Verse of mine too the perverse of mine to read. Into, that a sexual connotation and yet that's what these people are.
Here's Kirsten Jalib ran at a press conference today, she's holding press conferences every day now because she's in charge of these sexual anti, sexual harassment brigades. If campaigning shoulder to shoulder with eloquent cover me a throw her soft boss cut to go. Soon insinuation now start now. We ever report is saying that the insinuations and match with there's no insinuations and treat a tweet unless You are perverse of mind, but Jellyband. She knows there were, together, the median jeweller brand go It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice. No, it was not a sexual smear attempting, the silent your voice, nobody consign aren't you. In fact. I think we need to hear more from you. I really do. We all want to hear more from you.
Of course I say this sarcastically because I think you say things. And in the future will point out what a class a hypocrite you're go I will not be silent on this issue. Neither will the women who stood up to the president. Yesterday, and neither how about the women who stood up to your favorite President Bill Clinton. They were silenced what Did you do to help them jailbreak, spider fact, minor effect you supported Hillary Clinton. You voted freely Quint Clinton, who campaign with Hillary Clinton, even though Hillary Clinton led the chair ouch, to silence those women you didn't care about that Gillette Brand, you didn't care about it, because that would have heard Hillary Clinton chances to become presently United States. Your fraud, you're chameleon, go ahead. The women who marching since eleven March to stand up against policies do not agree with
this is a lesson to you. See this as sexual harassment by tweet, who is this guy go I see it as a section a sexist sneer. That's enough! That's enough in all my wife, my mother, in law. They think they have nothing but cringing contempt for Kirsten Jensen ran nothing by cringing contempt for her And I bet there's tens of millions of women across the country to listen to her and feeling exactly the same way exactly the same way. This was not a sexist smear, and this poor, constantly, feeding her one liner, so she'd go through her talking point. It is true Grotesque
media pick up on this and the media push this because you see, ladies and gentlemen, you not talking about Harvey wine steam anymore and these scores and scores of Democrats dressed up as actors and actresses dressed up as author is dressed up as playwrights and directors and produce no more than that done with it. What are talking about Conyers anymore and when they are, about Frank and what are they doing there? Talking about Frank in my eye and I we need to have second thoughts, you exactly, as I told you they would, but there is a woman who is abused because of her gender. Because of the razor woman who is abused and cursed in Japan has come to her defence and make a Brzezinski has not come to her defence and report
I'm not come to her defence. Not tell you, though, that is in a moment: Lauer. What happened? Charlie rose, what happened to the growing number of sexual predators, in fact, in the media near Times, CNN and PR what happens to them? I don't talk about them anymore. The end higher media, complex, the Pretoria, our media and the Democratic Party. And the Hollywood elite, they figure this out. They think you're suckers, and so
Calling for Donald Trump to resign like a bunch of more HANS, the mainland Congress, hold hearings on Donald Trump, Bunch of more draw your attention away from Syria sexual molestation in predation. In Hollywood, in the media and much of the Democratic Party. You're supposed to point blank and blank. But there is a woman. There is a woman who is being brutally view by the latter then the Democrats, no, not Sarah Palin. She had her turn, though, didn't they don't remember. Kirsten children come into her defence talking about another woman, I'll be right back when the going gets: tough, tough at
Levin Curly, now, seven, seven, three, eight one: three, eight one: one: Sarah Pain, Brutalize, Angela branches, nothing By the way, I'm using her as an example, Maloney Trump gets attack. Kirsten Jill Branch is nothing. But the woman, I'm talking about right now, Sarah Huckabee could be Santer said. Peace by Julie, Kelly, At national view online and she's right or for from Orlando Illinois leave issues and vile personal attacks, levelled against White House Press secretary, Sarah Huckabee centres by reporters, columnists and celebrities. Unlike
anything, a presidential secretary in recent memory has had to endure. They make them mercury of Sean Spacer. Look team Andrews has been ridiculed for her weight. Her make up her accent and her clothes. She's been called dumb as Iraq by a U S, Congress Urban radio networks correspond in April Ryan spent two days thanksgiving questioning questioning the author. The city of a holiday pie centres had posted on Instagram I lived in an appalling skate about saying there's a few weeks ago, making her look obese and stuffed and all other Teddy acting a demi Lovato video, but it's hard to tell They hate campaign launched by the talent, listen shameless Chelsea handler whose sadly, did not keep her promise to leave the country after Trump. One. And whose only one woman rampage against Sanders.
By writing this a year ago, quote fine women. There are different than you and throughout the things you have in common with whole generation of girls we're looking at us to see we treat each other, let show them what the Our being a woman really looks like let's open our so each other end to them. What handler really meant to say. Apparently, as let's gang up on a conservative, went on conservative women and make funds for how they look and call them. Whores port quote. In an interview last week with former Quint adviser, lining Davis they called Sanders a harlot over the weekend handler tweeted. Get these Sarah Huckabee Sanders look at Fortune funny New Chelsea Show Friday, such as better washed up hacks like handler we're going after Sanders MSNBC morning, Joe host make abrasion ski
shame standards, for, I suppose, shortcomings as a mother. A few weeks ago, the seniors, had refused to say the trumps Pocahontas Torrent Elizabeth worn was racist, Brzezinski lashed out at her for defending the president. It says the whole relationship between Trump insane adjust sick. You have taken the oath you're right three children stop. Imagine Brzezinski, using the child of either J Carney Josh earnest to rebuke them for the lies. They told him. We have the abandoned ministration J Europe other. How can you lie to the parents of the Benghazi terror attacks? Victims never happened. The double standard is glaring. Saunders is routinely subjected to personal lines of questioning from the press. That a man in her position would not face during Monday's press briefing, see
and political analysts. Brian Karim pose this question a sandwich as a woman standing here talking to us. I know your job is to relate with the president. TAT, have you ever been sexually harassed and saying by the present and I'm saying ever and secondly, do you haven't empathy for those who come for because it's difficult for women to come forward. Kareem's questions were related to a press conference earlier in the day featuring three women have accused travel of sexual harassment, but it is zero To try and line a singer on the president's spokeswoman Corinne star line, how Actually was saying you're supposed to respond if she had a story to share should play ITALY demure and are not here to speak about my personal experience on that front, she said either curry nor any member the press corps truly cares. If centres been the victim, sexual harassment. The question, clearly a set up you have centres would take the bait and if she
and she would have bullied on the basis of sex, for failing to show sympathy for trumps, accuses the Roma colonists have written about centres in terms I'd, if applied to a progressive woman would be recognised as despicable, and borderline massage it is the most infamous example LOS Angeles Times, writer David Horsey called her a slight we chunky, sunk soccer man in a school you think column. It was so clearly. Of that he was forced to issue an apology. I want to apologize to you times, readers and Sarah We say that sprayed description. I was insensitive and failed to meet the standards of a newspaper. I've removed the offending description he said, but just when you think of media establishment that has lost its collective mine, credibility and sense of decency since last November, can't go any lower. It does the sexist cruel thoughts
Have little to do with centres is job performance or making sure the american public gets the facts from a sometimes fact adverse white? How she right viewed from a wider lands. The treatment of Sarah Sanders has lit do a scientist at all the vicious ridicule Directed at all conservative, women practically men from the South homer I will never forgive for helping Elect Donald Trump, it's on a continuum, attacks against conservative women such as Kelly and Conway, evolved a trump Lonnie a Trump and Betsy Divorce. Hatred is aimed at all female trump voters. Sanders is simply a proxy a year that began with far feminine. Participating in the women's March wearing
we women, loudly pledge to defend their sisterhood against sex is pulling or attacks is ending with a whimper. This is why cursed in Japan is a fraud, a phoney, a chameleon, her history, defending liberal sexual predators, taking donations from liberal sexual predators supporting Hillary Clinton. Everyone are you phony, feminists out there, all you, liberal Democrats, all you liberal Democrats and Congress bread and all the rest who supported defended, can't paying for it. On Bf Raillery Clinton, YO defended a woman. Who try to silence the women who are victims of our husband? You defended a woman
who tried to smear Juanita Roderick, who came forward with specific rape allegations against Bill Clinton. You defend it supported campaign for voted for a woman, but one after carefully I wonder if the politicians who want, after all the women who tried to come forward and tell the american people about Bill Clinton, that's Kirsten jeweller brain and you know who never did that. You know women every day that how could be Sanders. She never did their Sera Huckabee Syn Kirsten Joel branded now are all supposed the focus on our birth and more. Oh no. No. We have to If he wins, we all lose.
If he loses, we all win. That's what we're tone. And you see if he wins Donald properly losers. And if you look She's Donald Trump really lose. As you know, the Democrats have to press releases ready to night they to press releases ready tonight in both cases. Donald Trump salute. The Democrats are ready. The press has two scenarios ready tonight, identical to the democratic press, release if more wins trumpet a boy loses trump solution, but in any event, if more lose is we have to put him behind us without Jones. The left us. Yes, that's the future, the South and Donald. Can't, even when our Burma, despite the fact that he supported a sexual predator, there's your story, that's what they're gonna argue
no, I never tromp personal argue the same thing, because they are in agreement on this there, their deep seated hatred of And their humiliation that one against their magnificent advice that seventeen people listened Sarah, how could be sanders Is the most abused women in Washington DC politically. She's the me most abused public official after the President in Washington D C. I cursed Angela Brown. You won't have any reporter ask Sarah Huckabee Sandridge if the comments made about her for this, gets done about her or the columns written about her or offensive. If. While about politics all the time, not about the truth, we're supposed to ignore her happy.
How can we Sanders doesn't want to be a victim? Kirsten Jill? Abram wants to be a victim of Donald Trump tweets because she's all about politics, all the time, not but the truth was supposed to ignore her hypocrisy. What in fact it's worse, supposed to ignore the fact that she pushed forward. A painful donated to voted for Hillary Clinton, who supported defended Her husband, which, while what a wonderful wife, her husband who was fondling groping, raping grabbing all the way to the way the Democratic Party nominates this guy. Twice, the Democratic Party defends him in the house against impeachment. The Democratic Party voted. Hence this removal in the Senate, but now Angela Bran, who can pay
For him and with them in twenty six, And his wife now she gets to decide who is moral whose ethical, whose sexual predator who's? Not. Sexual predator, who should resign? Who should resign? She is contemptible, absolutely contemptible. Her inconsistency are drawing with partisanship in the media, continue to build her up and there he questioned her. Then you must not like women now, all of us who have wives all of us but mothers, all of us who have daughters. All of you who have says all of us who are mothers in law. We must hate women, you see because we're not leftists we're, not hypocrites.
Something's wrong with us nothing's wrong with us, nothing at all, something's wrong with them something very wrong with them, and so and so Sarah, how could be Sanders disaster question, just by April Ryan, MR produced by the very same April Ryan, who questioned whether she actually made her pecan pie. Nobody makes up a compromise that could possibly be you another knucklehead.
Here's how that goes cut fifteen, go until an apology for these understanding. The present treaties, because made including many do not think it's about sexual innuendoes. Leftist democrats, partisan, hacks, political hacks, like you, Paypal, Ryan, Europe, political hack, can you admit it couldn't have met the euro leftist? Oh, I know you're dressed up as rapporteur, and so can you admit that euro leftist course not. But just the nature. The question you know that it was sexual innuendo. Many many, including including the senator, thinks that it's about sexual innuendoes, don't you know, has nothing to do with it. Nothing whatsoever.
Go ahead, sexual anyone. Only if your mind is in the gutter, would you read it that way, and so now, when he says was open, anything was not mind and obviously talking about political, partisan games that people often play and the broken system that is talked about repeatedly. This isn't knew this isn't a new sentiment. This isn't new terminology he's use it several times before. As I said a few minutes ago, he's use it several times before: referencing men above both parties, away used it on Romney, exactly the same. But you're almost exactly the same line. He must have done that because was he sexually harassing Romney and if he was, is that ok,
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First night, a Hanukkah many to come mainly to come. Will MR producer Gimme a call? Would you give me a call her place. A great W Abc, Gregor New Jersey, go Thank you so much for everything you do and listen I fear I yet some conservative. I. You hit on the head. I don't understand why what occurred You know a brand of these fake women, who are women activists Why is there no one in the media and I notice more conservative portion that? Why does it anyway, just saying to her what you just said, Christine I assume that no age Kirsten Earthenware will be the quote. You really think one bill quick was doing. It will be your. It's about a healer, a shocking these women, they never
Nowhere is your defence where's, your defence of Huckabee Sanders wears her defence. Where was her defence of Sarah Palin? She is a liberal democrat. Heck and they have now politicized gender. That's exactly what's going on and they saw that they were going down. What was going on with all these leftwing Democrats in Hollywood, starting with Harvey Wine steam one of their Sugar daddy's Then they saw it was spreading in the media. They need Hollywood, they need the media they needed, at lower Charlie rose and all the rest of them. Then it started to spread the Congress. They said. We have an idea. The Washington post comes to them scale with the Roy more story after the republican primary and now it's he must resign. How is this person this this June?
Senator from New York, this complete Hippocrates chameleon take my word for it. Even when they are its former spokesman said exactly the same thing. Who is she Tell I choose to resign. Can you tell me that sir, your you're, probably right, but where are these reports Stop asking me where the cowards are: your daddy fell, ever get it right. Are you expect my cannot? Do anything come on man? What we're? What we're looking for trouble What should I couldn't Hilary her figure? I partly because the Republican do nothing. They kowtow and Democrats. Let me get this straight, sir. You did not vote for Hillary Clinton, who was abusing threatening smearing women who came forward the question her husband allegations of right sex. Molestation, other predation, you're telling me, sir. You didn't vote for that woman, oh my god,
Why would it my would it? Would it surprise you that. First, Angela Brand campaign for her for women's rights. I'll be right back Now run a lonely underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three: One one
Where's the media will mention the DOW Jones. The Democrat running in Alabama is left wing. Is any democrat official from Massachusetts? He's sir every bit as Leftwingers Elizabeth, warm Sufi loses that could be reasoned. Don't you think. But the world will survive after tonight. This is more than about the election in our ban. We have people who are trying to turn this into a driven and. Well, that's their personal agendas or their profound agendas or the political agenda and we are forced to witness we're deluged with this. This is one Senate race. That's it one Senate race.
And this is the way the media operate and not just the liberal me all the damn media. They just russian a direction Raul supposed to go with them. The Washington Post runs the storing ever since they ran that story. We ve all. Forced into one direction force than the one direction the most powerful people in this country are so called journalists because their journalists, but because they can create a stampede, they can create a stampede for people. They can create a stampede.
People they can create a stampede for candidate against the candy you're gonna, see all kinds of analyses and the sale of animal rights was the black vote, as big as it should have been. The black boat was overwhelming, have out the Whitefoot, the Christian, even Jellicoe vote. I was at the rural vote that did it. What was it so? Race will be introduced into this, because the media have to introduce race. Gender will be introduced in this because the media have to introduce gender.
What about the issues Tommy? Have there been any real discussions about dog judges, positions on the issues other than a few smatterings here and there and some some surface level discussions now now everybody with their own a giant. Let me take the polls in Alabama close and fifty minutes, and the columns are already written, the press releases already written. He went if we lose in the last paragraph of the press releases are all the same and the Democratic Party, whether he winds or lose as they have the last paragraph prepared. Mitch Mcconnell already has a statement? Re should move We are more looks pretty much say the same thing you the way: Corey Gardener, eight back bencher. So far,
back then she's, not even on the second floor. Half the time our new face, the Republican Party from Colorado two faces really he's ready. With this press release, everybody's ready, with their press releases, everybody's ready to go on cable tv, everybody's ready with their column, their tweak, their facebook posts are instigate. Everybody's paused then ready. And the loser will unanimously be said on the left, the Democrats, the media, Donald Trump, If Roy more wins, Donald Trump solution. If Roy more loses Donald Trump dollars, won't hear the arguments. Gave the arguments before the pulse clothes and before we know the result. If Roy more winds, Donald Trump losers, because you see Donald Trump endorsed campaign for did robot
as for a really more, therefore, Donald Trump supports pedophilia and therefore We need to know more about our trump sexual harassment. The allegations about download from pressure for more rip his resignation, pressure for congressional hearings, more women coming forward funded by. Positions back by George Soros and media matters? You know it's all a set of follow up. Kirsten chill a brain will be out there. No questions allowed to be asked about Philip, and just like Obama, can't say anything MAC concerning: that's it. We're gonna be accused of being a racist, don't attack or you're gonna be accused of being a must
I just wait a minute. Wait, a minute shut up and that's the irony. She says she will not be silence, but she wants all of us to be silent. Then you ve got Jones Wind, how the more opponent, if he wins the leftist here's the spin. The Democrats can, even when, in the deep south and one of the most republican states in the nation that Donald Trump one by four hundred points. The Democrats have shown how to win. Donald Is tearing his party to pieces? Donald Trump is dragging, has partied with endorsement Roy, more bad advice, they Bosman awry more he's, gonna have to live with them and they may cause the republic
the mid term elections. He should listen amid MC come. He should have listened Corey gardener, curry God. This is a great day for their nation great day for the republic, where the people turn back a homo phobic, segregationist pedophile. How could anybody who voted for that matter anyway, Dr Jones winds and its weaker look at that. Look at this, the guy one. Barely he barely one share one by a landslide, a liberal Democrat who should be run in a massive Josie run it I should have won by a landslide Roy, more wins. What will the Republicans he's the face of? What will the Republicans while they should, will they shoot him, then expel him, but a file complain.
With the Senate Ethics Committee or may not have jurisdiction, hey? Well, they are walking yes, yes, the cancer. They would will they see them while they nazi, while they seized him and get rid of really see them and then investigate what what will the republic and still do not know what to do? They look like fool. And the Democrats and the media, and both fully pointing fingers every single day that they stand for women? No more Harvey, wasting no more endless names coming out of Hollywood, Big Democrat: Liberals, big funders of the Democratic Party no more Matt Lauer is and Charlie rose is not around the mediaeval cleaned up the rack,
Oh no more big name, liberal Democrats on capital hush at the moment. I am not saying it yes, Ladies Joe, this is worth headed because the progressives control the media, the progressives, control, Hollywood, the progressives control politics, quite frankly in this country, and they control learn. If, even if that narrative is not reality, it doesn't matter which is how Kirsten jeweller brain can keep calling press conferences as if she's the politician, who should be our front taking on sexual harassment. Set the course when it involves maintaining TAT Kennedy and on and on and on.
Does a party who supported a man to the very end, even line as from today who drove up A bridge and allowed a woman to drown can bring it up. A cook where I went away to bring up Chappaqua. Why would you and, of course, the republican establishment in the never trappers which overlaps they'll be joining in with a howling hyenas coyotes out there making these these arguments? Oh Anne, you evangelical Christians. You're gonna be attacked him. How can you possibly be questioning and they're not and voted for Roy? Might it not a binary choice? I mean you know you could have written. Somebody else could have voted for some fat, a binary choice while in what is
I don't know you can write you, you don't even have a vow, that a binary choice and my moral Sir. Better than your miles, my ethics are better than your ethics. They have become a that conclusion by concluding that Roy more as a pitiful and there certainly certain- is that this overwhelming evidence that the man is anything of the sort and so were. This is another spectacle then a series of spectacle of other North Koreans keep threatening the Knook us. While a ran today announced that it will back Hamas and a war against Israel, while the Chinese continue to expand their power in the south, China, Sea and South and South EAST Asia, why the Russians continue to build up their threats
Military, while a borders are wide open, thanks to the Democrats in their nineteen sixty five law in the great society where we have the chain migration thanks a lot Washington, we have this lottery system, which I was the first a pound away on. If you remember MR producer. And nothing gets done that Nothing for America gets done. Nothing for liberty gets done nothing for Constitutional government gets done nothing because when the left wins, they drive their agenda when the left closes, they destroy origin fact. When the Republicans when they enshrine the lapse agenda I'm a care will never be repealed. Now, never you killed. In your grandchildren are stuck with it, because the Republic and Congress wouldn't kill tat, simple.
They Republicans in trying everything the Democrats. Do you got a president who is clearly over performing what many people thought, which is wise under such vicious attack. Single handedly. Getting rid of these. These regulations, single handedly, trying to give land back to the states and the individuals from whom was stolen by album Finally, trying to rebuild american foreign policy. Single handedly nominating people to the federal Bench pool actually appalled a constitution. They swear upon their knees, hated because cursed, Angela Brand says he should resign. Ah, what I've changed my mind person. Many Kirsten Jill, O Brien says he should resign. Then I guess you should resign, because who knows better
Kirsten Ban this lady. We do not have fighters right, vary so few fighters and the report party in the elected republican point go out there and say start last in a way. It now Franklin maybe they'll issue a passive common or something like that, but don't go out therein and punch the walls and so forth, and so on these democrats there were left about nothing? They concoct provocations.
And then they go out there and repeat it. She said you, you know. The the Republicans are like the Washington senators. You know that MR produce remember them. They would play the globetrotters. That's my favorite team. I love those guys. Finally, very patriotic, and they just lose all the time, because who's there losers their losses. The Democrats circles around them when it comes the propaganda. When it comes to positioning I mean
sexual harassment. Scandal was a Hollywood scandal than a media scandal than a democrat scandal, and now, all of a sudden, it's a Donald Trump suppose it skin incredible. Absolutely incredible! This is a party, a party that reveres Kennedy this is a party that nominated an elected bill. Clinton twice a party and I'll say it. Reveres Lyndon Johnson. Despite the fact he was a sexual predator ready for this one, does a party that reveres, I know its top, but we gotta deal with reality here. This is a party Reveres John Kennedy. So well known sexual predator cursed, Angela Brain
the Democrats, now that a party of women at the Party of women that a party of leftism that a party of Camelias that a party of hypocrisy that a party of big government anything goes anything else in the Republicans are the washing senator, I don't mean the baseball team, others basketball team- that always lost you know, I'm talking about rich. The wash Then generals, the Washington generals. The image Mcconnell running up and down the coordinates shorts. Followed by Lamar Alexander. Fish have a mental images. Lindsey
I am probably the water boy. What else do we have here? I don't remember whatever. And you knew they were going to do this. We discussed this at length weeks and weeks and weeks ago that this is how it would end up all the stuff came up during the campaign, although was addressed during the campaign, the voters, true the siren, that's that. But Kirsten Jill Brain has decided. No, that's not that that's that he must resign. So still and by the way member when they mocked my pants. My pants, who isn't evangelical Krishna thoroughly decent man, a family man, a wonderful husband to a wonderful wife Number one he said: look I don't. I don't really go under travel
these meetings had I dont travel without my wife, I dont want to be alive. By myself with a woman. I dont know why He doesn't want to be accused of anyone Member Halley mocked him like this area where this throw back what the hell speaking from a rural part of Indiana. You know all the Swedes out there. Why? What is he a dummy to America, culture change the card you can, you can even use the same. Bathroom guy can use a female. Their female can use a guy's. What's the problem here: thou problem sky high or even make dinner with women and genuinely want travel with them unless his wife? What a corn ball tat bizarre? She can win with the left and that's the point. They don't just wanted to see you they want to destroy you.
And when things come out about their immorality, their lack of ethics in some cases, criminality, and I really concern about the victims Hurseton children says all I believe, these one. She doesn't care about the victims of my view. She cares about the politics, she cares about getting Trump and, yes, she solicited contributions from. I'm a trumpet his family and she got up and she got some I was then that cultural change now right back. My gloves in America's passionately cerebral voice talk with
voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three one: three, eight one, one! What exactly! Let's move on sick of this subject? What exactly is Hanukkah. Many of you, you ve ever wonder what Hanukkah really is not a how they work. Why is it your holiday? The name Hanukkah means dedication. What is at me, dedication like Company tat Come explains reminds us that this holiday commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Following the jewish victory over the syrian Greeks in one sixty five b c.
On sixty eight b c, the jewish temple was seized by syrian greek soldiers. And it came to the worship of the gods Zeus, while this infuriated the jewish people, but many were afraid to fight back for fear of reprisals. In one sixty seven busy, either searing greek emperor antiochus made, the observance of Judaism, an offence punishable by death he also ordered all Jews to worship, Greek, got and tigers. Jewish resistance began in the village of mounting near Jerusalem soldiers, forcibly gather the jewish villages. The Jews and told them to bow down to an idle, then eat the flesh of a pig. Both practices forbidden to Jews,
A greek officer ordered identifies a high priest to acquiesce to their demands, but he refused. One another villagers stepped forward and offered to cooperate modifies behalf. The high priest became outraged. He drew his sword and kill the village and then turn on the Greek. Pursuing, kill him too. This five sons, the other villages and attack the remaining soldiers killing off. Magnifies in his family went into hiding in the mountains or other Wishing to fight against the Greeks joint venture do they succeeded in taking their land from the Greeks these rebels. Known as the Maccabees. Once the Maccabees had regain control, they returned the Temple in Jerusalem.
By this time it had been spiritually defiled by being used for the worship of fine gods and also by practice, Such a sacrificing swine, jewish, true were determined to purify the temple by burning ritual oil and temples manoeuvre for eight days today, may they discovered. There is only one days worth of oil left in the Temple. They let them in our anyway. And the small amount of oil lasted the full eight days. The miracle of higher. Celebrated every year, when Jews, A special one how to care for eight days,
cannot lead on the first night of Hanukkah too, on the second and so on, to a candle lit now. There's more details to this. Obviously,. But their people far more qualified than I to explain, but that's a thumbnail sketch a revolt if he were a rebellion against tyranny. You know doing a lot of holiday shopping from your mother device. While we tell us expect fifty four percent of holiday shoppers to visit their sites for mobile devices. In a schemers, see this as an opportunity to steal your credit card information. Another personal data by distributing phony retail apps ever heard of this be cautious only download apps from reputable ab stores.
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I still don't have my calls for MR producer, who shall I speak to or to whom shall I speak. Donald and Marilla I truck our friend the great w I may go hey MIKE, how you doing I'm not going to tell you how great you out that you already know as just want question. You took a radio. Ok now am I doing you're, not listening to you measure it is your fault, to be reckoned with They left. No, why dad. You old man in right, I heard they're like talking about? her daughters like
Why, on ahead of him, a level that is, I can speak for myself. I certainly never spoke about them like animals. There is surely no way an and, as far as Michel goes, I strongly disagree with their politics, but I know: talk about her looks whenever I just don't never talked about. You know this I and the things that you are here with this. With this, how could be centres? I mean listen, I'm I show you know, that's true, I think that man was shooting too, but you know, there were no less Let's talk about a bigger issue here, if I my order, which is this. How can you be a senator who supported bill politics aside doc did you know the history and other law suits? You know the allegations, you know he was disbarred. You know it.
A fine! You know all that stuff. How can political people in Washington who defended him? And didn't want aroused and based on this stuff now say: Donald Trump should resign. That's what I understand. Can you help me without doubt, lemme ask you We will be a plan that, because the Indeed, this is an old Donald Trump, while he didn't do this, he was never sooty- wasn't accused of rape. He didn't do anything in the oval office. With an intern I mean the case These are just very dissimilar, I mean I I don't. I never knew that was a choose. Were. I let me ass a mere truckers. I right. What are you- you drive and eighteen will you won't work the things the transport I'm always curious.
Do you like Yes, that's right now going to be different. Yeah see vs the drugstore by the way they just bought Edna. So that's only gonna get bigger. There. Do you like the job how many days a year on year, on the road may be home, in that light? once or twice She's been allotted time away from your family, not ours. Listen to you, because I am a young girl. And I know that you know you're used to tell me. Let me tell you,
you're very, very nice man, and I appreciate it dangerous out there equally with the weather changing so you take carriers. Have all you truckers, you be careful Maggie? I'll, give us a call again pre shaded. Let us continue Bob Survey Georgia, the great w e k S go by Mark Watts relevant for me. In this current political debate of sex or sexual harassment. Bill Clinton committed this sexual answers and perjury, while in the office of president, which- and it was which made the impasse hearings valid unnecessary. This forty year old allegations against now went on before we get to that. He was helping contempt because a deposition. There was being conducted with him in the Polar Jones Lawsuit and she can same as governor I'm doing some Lord things to her and she
said those occurred in ninety ninety one. And she soon him a few years later so you're right, about the length of time, but it wasn't what took place While he was in the oval office, I believe it was withdrawn, I am doing this by memory took place a right before he was in love but you're right At the time limit I mean that there is a difference between thirty eight years and three well on them. Like a Lewinsky issued. It does It's true lighthouse, that's true love, so it was current. But as far as Roy more is concerned, These allegations that are forty years old, what's more relevant for me, is how the man has conducted himself in recent times as a father, a husband, a lawyer, a job a leader and his church laana tell you. He was removed twice from me, Alabama Supreme Court, Let me let me say this to you. I get your point very much and, let's be honest, his nation here.
The vast majority of people, oh right more today, opposed and before the Washington Post article ever came out. They are hosting. Before I became a Mitch. Mcconnell did everything he could take a look. Their strange nominated. He one after MO, Brooks anyone after Roy more same way gone Rove down there Republican establishment. Same at all the media, they were going too far. Rely more, no matter what came up or no matter what they overheard rally and so forth, and so on there wasn't this. It would have been something else can we agree on that? Absolutely like you're you're In fact, one of the things are arguing now or have been in Alabama lately amid much the nation doesn't know is that he is a segregationist like George Walls, which is absurd.
That's been gone on down there too. I got it gets the typical politics of personal destruction that the left is engaged in for decades. But I'd like your thought on something is growing, more effective yesterday my advice to match Mcconnell when the salivating establish establishment Republicans is to tread likely on the threat of an ethics hearing. Because in my mind, set the more allegations have been adjudicated by tens of thousands of tourists, and now I know, but it's not gonna manner, so that the same thing and I wonder referred over to the ethics committee. They're gonna referred over the Ethics Committee, an ice. I think they are absolutely committed to that. So we'll see I buy thank you for your car will be right, back,
one of the reasons. Also, the media keep pushing this stuff. Is it helps rating I'm reading Harry Washington, Post peace yesterday making Kelly is more ratings rise, will focus on sexual harassment. Next tromp accuse associate the tropics Please, her ratings have been going up. She yeah she dealt with. Everyone, Steen Bill, O Reilly and so forth. Go on and her ratings of the guy, the lead up to the vote in Alabama? Can watch these terrible shows? All of them are saying you know, breaking new stay with US election night special because they're looking for reasons to draw your attention
beyond the usual menu of programming. He can't you need to keep something. A mine media media is a business. She's me media are businesses, that's what they are. Ratings means money tv, especially because you get ratings and tv. The next day the breakdown every quarter, our view airship by age, demographic, another demographics, every single day within twenty four hours, radios, much different, with these these so called people meters, and we don't know, what's going on for months. You can't tell one show from the tax, which ones doing better than the other
and on and on and on its very inexact sides, but for tv it is a much more exacting science and they are all counting on huge ratings tonight there all expecting to be gloody televisions and that's one of several reasons: Are they keep building up? The salad, CNN and MSNBC have figured out that they need Counter Programme Fox and the way they figured they need. The Counter programme Fox is not with fair and bound that sort of thing it is go after the democratic base, so CNN, which used to actually brag about being a real news. Operation is not. Everyone is operating.
Msnbc is not a real moves operation, they are entertainers performers for the democratic base and they go after the democratic base and they go after the democrat base. By attacking Republicans conservatives who are Republicans not all clearly are by attacking Trump by restating by ok. You know the usual democrat techniques are adopted by. Seen in an msnbc which are populated mostly with liberal Democrat, even look Republicans, liniment MSNBC, Nicole walls clown when a low iq fraud, Joe Scarborough, I told you he's the little boy from the liberal. He's a is a complete regressive, so even
Republicans are carefully pit. They picked the clowns. And so tonight as ratings night for these networks. That's what they're all about Many colleges can claim that there are a hundred percent financially independent from both federal state governments. In fact, Only one in the entire country that refuses government funding every kind, not one penny, and that's hills still college. Why? Because my money comes with strings and hills, their refuses to have government bureaucrats dictate what and how they're supposed to teach, or rather campus, from the very beginning and eighteen. Forty four hills, though, has provided a world class education than apologia. Mary. This founding principles and preserves the blessings of civil and religious liberty. Everything hills Del does from the fund. EL easy iron for hills, Delta come now. I'm courses at offered. You depends on Jim
press donors who recognise the worth of independence: Financial Freedom prize- the integrity and excellence avails deal. Liberal arts education Tracking the nations, brightest students and scores of fields of study from music, the biology to business hailstones college teaches their students to pursue truth and defend liberty. Learn more about how hailstones college helps all of us become better, more independent citizens and how you can help hills down further free, I live in free helstone that come easy iron for hills. They'll do come now poles in Alabama clothes and four minutes now we will be here will keep an eye on it not you know. Do the usual media will be here to speak. The truth here you meet together about what results have any
Come through and where we can glean from I'll right back now. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know what's happening to me: the same media that have condemned Roy more. Can
And the people of Alabama are trying to profit tonight, offer very more in the people of Alabama by driving up the reins. You would think that this is a national presidential election awaits being covered. You would think it's a national presidential election. Now they have exit points which can be way off. At times- and it's been way, often many elections, but they don't know the result, so they have to fill in our view, the felon hours, you're gonna, be there interviewing each other as experts. What do you think this? One wins one of that one wins and what if he loses and he loses and what, if he wins,. They go on and on and on talking to each other we'll get to We have results in the next hour that are worth telling you about we're monitoring this world
Yet the estate of Alabama election results directly. We we have results that are that worthwhile will, I you know, psych others dates in the sense that there are democratic pockets in the republic impact and will see what happens, but the boy to build this up. The way this is and build up and, of course, we already had one commentator on our favorite narrow network saying what well you know what I don't see, how the Republicans, when I don't see how Republicans? What can we talk about something else. Our waiting for the actual results. Rama manual was on C b S. Late show last night with Stephen Colbert. I know its co bear buddies annoying. I want to comment on something that he said. We join me in this
I want you to listen to ten per ten MR producer go wait, I call it a welcoming setting out a sanctuary, say we how come. Immigrants from around the world and in forty languages spoken in Chicago Father schools two hundred years ago, my grandpa, I came to Chicago thirty years, all by himself Scott, Welcome then, and his grandson now's, the mayor Chicago. The United States is the greatest city in the greatest country in the world. In the sun, and here is the other thing lowest Chicago the only city not to participate. The fugitive slave act turning slaves back to the south, the city Chicago so being a sanctuary. First,
we're too fugitives slave acts at first point. The second point is the city and, of course, the state in many respects was controlled by Republicans not exclusively. It was the Democrats who supported the fugitive sleigh back it was the Supreme Court upheld the fugitive slave act. It was the north. There was republicans, it was Republican Supreme Court justices who oppose them. Each of the slave acts within S. But let me tell you what's ironic about the idiot making this comment. The fugitive slave acts plural over to her or federal laws. They were federal laws.
The fugitive slave acts were federal, also those people who reject federalism, those people who reject the tenth amendment its ironic, those I think the federal government's noble the federal government's while about civil rights, it's a mixed bag for the fair Our men as its admit that mixed bag for certain states. The fugitive slave acts essentially required the free. Stage or neutral states to return escaped slaves to the states from where they came to the owners. I quote from whom they escape. This was federal law federal law now,
As for it, Rama manuals point about welcoming said you would have a sanctuary welcoming city. We have federal law in this case, which was upheld by the Supreme Court. Which essentially holds that the federal government controls the issue of women. Whether you agree with it or not. And so what Chicago? Storing in this case is not the same as what was done with respect to the fugitive sleigh back, it's the same as what was done with the confederacy, their nullifying a federal law.
They're, not fine federal law, not because the federal laws unconstitutional as the fugitive slaves slave acts. Were there not fighting a federal law because their left to suit their disagree with their simply left us disagreement. And yet that's his position and you know, and the really not in a position to challenge it, because Stephen Colbert doesn't know, is foot from his hand, his nose foot from his hand. So I wanted to point that out, and this is the way these kinds of ideas float in the culture is the way kinds of ideas permeate the culture. Yes, Mary in Pittsburgh, serious satellite. How are you marry her? You ok
I've, never talk to you on the radio, but I to me all the time. Thank you and I agree with you think you're, saying Then you're a genius now partial. I thought Calls greener than any woman that has been elected in Congress who knew About all these things happening all the sexual harassment, then, basically the sulphur, whatever you want to call it battery and Do anything about it needs to resign. I mean I've. A raven hurry talking about any of em, Barbara Bach, firmly and people see if they knew about a thing to go as they like. My question to you: how did they not know about it had all of a sudden, you recall where it seems like all of a sudden. We have people, the fighting in saying we need sexual harassment, training what's their social. They mean anti sexual ever had harassment, you're, not train
people. How to sexually harass. Are you know you mean anti? sexual harassment, training and Where did this come from and they were told it's a pervasive problem. Ok, but I'll have your point is if its known as a pervasive problem, capital if they have a secret slush fund of taxpayers dollars from which they're paying settlements and image. On that they need and tie sexual harassment. Mandatory training course for senators, encouragement and their staff. Why isn't anybody told us about lose doing the sexual arising you're saying I play we had to take what we call pass in the military prevention, a sexual harassment. And if you fight- or you knew about it, you had to take action now. It's funny about this whole thing is that man goes up and hold a woman can is now factually harassing her. If she's sending messages, and it raises
They need to be punished and needs to be punished tee for it first friendly sled physical touch, I don't mean holding hands but groping. We all know what we're talking about that that ought to be prosecuted Your mommy didn't tell you what not to touch as a woman or a man than was right, but what happens is if a guy goes out. And he rubbed your shoulder any site. Don't do that and he didn't pick up on that, then the next thing is: you need a punch him or smacking across the face. If you don't do that, then you have not sent the message clear enough. Keep your hands off with you, a guy who goes in to give you a pack on the cheek. It's there is amiss because he is not taken up a signal, the right way for me. I'm feeling
If your guy right, while we need the circumstances of some guys drop in his pants and cause you windows office for a meeting, that's a problem, but a mere nations you're sleeping on an airplane in some guys grab your breasts. That's a problem. If you been flirting back and forth for three or four weeks and then you hold a woman's hand, is you're walking and she says sexual harassment, sexual harassment, Anna, that sexual harassment. Now what Do at her polarize the sectors where they wanted to go near each other because they're afraid, which is kind of Money coming from leaders in the Democratic Party: isn't it where we all share the same bathroom and on and on and on our right Mary. I appreciate your call from Pittsburgh by Pittsburgh pulled out there game and MR producers, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan is an eye right boy. They barely pull. They came out
Mr ran away your children about a barely pull that game. You do. Have you Rebecca unlike the Eagles but he's getting old and I'm hoping here isn't charged with anything, is no offense, not that he not that he would be course not that he would be Amy Newman Georgia, the Great W, why, a while ago, known or Georgia a manual and any other mayor this in the sanctuary city should be locked up for breaking the law. This is a country of laws and if, when you got the leaders, reckon allows why why? the day not doing what why not doing while you know why you can't just lock up man As for breaking laws, you have to have trials and all, but the problem is the court's Don seem to be sympathetic to upholding the rule of law. Also,
What do you want to call out the cavalry and just grab the mayor and throw him in prison, or what did I do? Welcome its end up civil rights and make them down to the National Guard and and and make em up through the school system for good then? Why didn't they owe that it's not the same thing, because the courts are defending the sanctuary cities. The aim is to call on the mansion your question, you asked me: what did they do this back then, with the court's rightly. Upheld the civil rights of individuals under the circumstances your mentioning the fact to them today. The courts will not appalled federal law in these. Substances they will not even allow the present the United States. This very well as a mundane executive water to protect this country? Now the Supreme Court
basically did seventy two, but we do have a problem with the Supreme Court on immigration I deserve that are not following. The constitution needs to be replaced and we need people in Sir Sir? How would you replacement? How would you replace it, how to replace a lifetime Judge I understand we need to replace this guy and lock up this guy, who we can replace. They have life appointments. They have to be impeachment removed from office they're, not gonna, each them removed from office, the last may judge. In this case a justice was impeached because of you who's that the present the United States disagree with was Samuel Chase and they presently united States who was Jefferson push for his impeachment. The impeachment failed report, people in power in Congress,
planet that will do what needs to be done. Right. Rankly occur when these are obvious arguments, but thirst, but they're, not They don't deal with how the system exists. Cages lock up a mayor. Unless you get a court order. Or some other you know, circles ants and process in place, which is almost impossible, he can't you send in the National Guard, because I won't be upheld, can't just replace judges now people, so what the hell are we do mark. Will you do one of two things? You call me and wine, or you get behind article five convention of states, how many people, who call here and say we ought to do this? We ought to do this. We should do this. Are people who actually them those aren't doing anything, go hadn't join your local chapter of convention of state.
Article five and help us out the answer I have somebody else have a different answer: what is it what's the saloon, if not, that back then, oil and close to the results, but Mitch mechanism transport. For this too late. What's going on in an abandoned. The poles are closed. Let me explain, without knowing whose winning without knowing It's going to win. Mitch Mcconnell Carl Rove. I forget the other guy's name used to work for crews. They poured a
Watching into the republican primary in Alabama, most of its defeat Mo Brooks. There was the traditional quintessential conservative Kennedy because they felt they could. You know why Roy more head to head with Luther strange Luther strange. Who has had his own ethical issues given his relationship to the former governor former governors, appointment of Luther strange to the Senate, see ah that was vacated by Jeff session to became attorney general, but let me underscore my point: Mo Brooks was hated my car of any was hated by Ms Mckenna because he announced sterling on. He would never support Mcconnell from majority leader or minority leader, some economies about Mcconnell, so Mcconnell goes after Brooks.
Because Brooks one out support him. This is how Unpatriotic mercantilism, I view This is how self serving Mcdonald S His wife never liked them ever its I shall the like a now, but I I've never cared for him. He's an operator And he operates for himself. So by knocking out more rocks, they had this run off when the two tat voters so strange and Roy more enjoy more defeated Luther shrank, even though President Trump backwards, Strange in the establishment, back Luther strange and others did really more one. So like I'm or not, support him or not. I'm just doing an analysis of the fact that Roy more is the republican nominee is insane. If it can part, do damage Mcconnell. Instead,
elegant part. Do damage mecca No? That was not his intention. It backfired. How much Mcconnell talks if the guy's elected we don't know whether we will be or not that goes. The ethics committee has his sir there's Gaia. Corey garners out there saying he should be expelled and so forth. They created this situation. They created this situation. They could have all rallied around more brooks, but they did pointing this out because The outcome was going away out of his way to set this guy's elected, we're gonna fight fire fighter, for if this guy's elected in part it's as a result of Mitch Mcconnell shenanigans in the republican prime which, all about Mitch, Mcconnell, not about the country of the people of Alabama, just wanted to put that in.
Right back, murder and doesn't just read very use a mixer news: Cobb? A glaring show. Now, seven, seven, three aid, one, forty eight one one the New York Times in its path. Reporting is saying this is gonna, be extremely close, extremely close, maybe less than one point. I don't know if that's true or not, I just don't Basically, you ve got what is it here? How do I want just stick with me? You ve got What percentage of the vote in UK Eleven thousand votes being counted. There's about one point: three million left.
Are you gonna see on the cable tv, another places sixty three percent to thirty five percent or fifty three to four. We don't know a thing. Yet we just now But it's important to keep watching cabling when it or not just cable or networks. Do they want to get their ratings up up up up up, watch from actual watch, her watch them will or you can watch your tv through looking. Still further perfect give for the fellow conservatives in your life, I'd like to make a suggestion, give them a gift of information, education and entertainment. This holiday season give them a subscription To see our tv over on Levine TV, we ve been covered, everything you don't hear from the liberal mainstream media like the real, acts behind the Mahler investigation. My intention with North Korea and much more totally nine bucks. When you use
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for one more point: seven percent right in and so forth. Eighteen thousand people are counting so far and you also determine the geographic area. So, as I say, this will take a little time to sort itself out at all. Hang in there what what? What? What scouting, Andy and dance? Can I get on the mark? Living go! Oh hello! Oh hey! I just wanna give my personal take on this question. The government. I personally am not a fan of either of these two candidates at one Nor is this. I don't mean to be rude, but can you speeded up just a touch? One thing Jones is aid. We're all sitting on the edge of our chairs, so it's important that you speeded up. I don't know, and I was small s broken.
What's was the republican candidate. Maybe I would have been more support. Yes, yes, you live Connecticut, as I recall now, Florida. Oh I'll, come sir. You live in Florida yeah, are you voting in Alabama now? like the foul round, the political landscape, a job I just wanna, make sure because you said you could support him, but so I was just wondering If you live in flirting your voting in Alabama gesture is I'm not personal fan of more. I think, allegations of side. He I dont, like me, said some off the Wall STAR yes, I'm like he said about the way he would vote. Would you like the way he would vote? in the end. Isn't that what senators do they vote? I Well, maybe pay out they vote on legislation, they vote against legislation, they vote
Spending they were again spending they vote for borrowing. The vote against borrowing, but they do they vote so who would vote better? Do you think? I think then again? Ah more, we just because of the financial side, I see our I'd, sir. We appreciate it. Continue: martial law, he'll Texas, Syria Satellite go mark thanks for taking my call it's an honor. This long time listener. First, I'm collar thanks a lot. One further point re down here republic. Can I go back as far as Watergate and therefore my start. Sir, and I know I gotta talk back because, like your previous prowler, I'm all thought over the road truck driver ever since Watergate the press is not interested in truth. There just interested story and it, as the old saying goes, if it believes it leaves
and when I was at school we and raw materials. They all nuclear bomb, drills for a series of Bell would go off and you would crouch underneath your desk. Always now, and then that there are countries is any government, then people will see us drawing, but I never ever I would live to see the day that politics it would be finger pointing after Watergate and point the blame. Other party for everything, that's gone wrong and the press seems to have forgotten about being libel and slanderous than defamation of character, because they did whatever they want their light. Oh well,. All. I can tell you, certainly since I've gotten all of the press This very sloppy, the press is
Wrong more often than it ever wise, in my view, the cause. I corrections for the most part. You have a much less. Intelligent and informed so called border out there these days and I'm I'm speaking generally, not in every single case. People who want to get into journalism for the purpose of advancing an ideology or trying to stick at the people rather than, trying to produce news and trying to influence the outcome of events of events. Are I my free go ahead what's causing. The failures by those your lawyer, sir you. What are you a lawyer now, sir? I'm not As you said, inclosing under or what did I do, I go ahead, I know you have other collars that that good at what they do, but you know I've narrowed it. Now there like five general rules, and I think that government should do number one provide
for the common defence number to promote the general welfare and protect my country from enemies, foreign and domestic stay out of my. I can't move and I are gonna- have to hurry rain any bigger I'd, sir. I gotta move. I'm sorry. This word sound familiar. But thanks for your car, Jerry said: I've kinetic at the Great W B say go mark just way to deal with the sexual I spent in another out misconduct allegations and time permitting. A comment, or I will watch my beloved solar, the Eagles all year, they only allegations when they come up during the political season. The only way you can deal with these things fairly is they might come out during primary. Voters have a true choice. You not stuck with some lonely here. We can stop the media from reporting stuff after primary right but put but you the voter,
the vote in a person whose China have there, you know as an opinion about these things. If the alligator just come out after the primary and the ticket is set actually wonder forty years old, they didn't This count them yet Well, everybody's free to do that. I what you're eagles come out before we have to go here I'll just with these agencies, neat acres in these column. Capron stave totally turned me off on the game because, in my view, when those players taken either saying we hate the police, we side against the law and order as we with the criminals, that's why I can't stomach that's because her siding with the cop killers, in my judge. While I agree with that. I my friend, I thank you for clarifying us. Let us continue Andy. I just didn't Glenn
Ok, I'm going to Glenn Livermore, California, the great care suffer go yes, thank you for that is why the European Union! Now we were fifty bad. They say nineteen. Fifty in the current political answer. The atmosphere, as we have now, do you think the people of the nineteen These are the inclined to support someone more. If all the implications of accusations getting thrown at him. You think the people then wouldn't that be inclined. I don't have the foggiest idea. Why thank the people back then, would support DOW Jones a radical leftist. I'm not sure you think the people back then would support a candidate who support sir
abortion on demand, including the worst kinds of abortions. An early. They would not be well I'm in the question to be asked of either candidate. Our eye Glenn we're gonna, go to Anti Danbury Connecticut quickly on the market of, and I go I mark I want. Thank you the thing you do. I mean my father, whose ninety seven year old World war, two veteran- we listened to every night and we can all Graham, please town. Thank you for me with you, you're very well listen and right now and what is his name Anthony, Anthony? We salute you, sir. Thank you now what I would a call about with you. The things you mentioned was that what can we do about these judges? It don't follow the laws, the federal laws, federal judges, can't the Congress do something about If they don't follow federal war about now, countries can impeach a federal judge, and it's interesting when it comes to Trump.
Hear them say it's a political question, its political question, Apparently, when it comes to judges, it's not a political question. Something else that's number one, but as a matter of historical practice, the impeachment The judge really does require something actually criminal and again. I think that there is an irony there. The second point I would mention, too, is: if you read the constitution, Congress has the power to take her sticks and away from the lower courts, because Congress creates the lower courts, there is not a single word about the APOLLO Courts, the federal district courts in the Constitution Congress it had every single federal district court and every single appellate that is circuit court in the country. It is power to eliminate them. It has the power to combine them. Is the power to create more of them? It has the power to take jurisdictions, jurisdiction away from them particular subject matter is not all doing for it. I'm just making the point.
Along the lines of your point, which Congress does that powers com is going to do it now. One of the reform amendments that I proposed in the liberty amendments I wish people would read it is one of the eleven is that three fifths of both houses of Congress, acting within twenty four months, have the power to overturn a majority supreme court. Excuse me a yacht majority Supreme Court decision or three fist. Of the state legislatures would have the power to do that is well, so you don't have to rely on a John Roberts. The lie his way through an opinion and appalling Obamacare among others, and then that's the law, the land, where we all sit on the edge of our seats in June, and what are they going to do to us now how they gonna role now, and it is amazing, isn't that not to you, Sir, that you can have a five. For decision to determine what a fundamental right is or is not absolutely it's a fundamental right. When you really have a nine zero decision, you would think you would think so
five to force a really one lawyer, one just This is made that decision. I, my friend, I appreciate your call We'll be right back, that time a year again, when the days are shorter, don't waste your precious daylight. Sifting receive search result, I'm looking for the right business suffer get home on time. Tonight were kept Herod that come when you start up looking to keep it. Track of customers and nonprofit hoping ever record fund raising year revisionism simply needs better payroll software. You need software and kept terrorists got you covered search, have terrorist four hundred categories of software? Discover the writer.
For your business, anything from email, marketing, the scheduling to accounting and beyond cap terror, makes it easy to find what you're looking for Captain thousands of ratings and reviews from actual software users, just like you best of all using cap terror is absolutely free, absolutely free, twenty eighteen, He'Ll- be here before you know it so make sure you ve got the software. Your business needs today to help you do what you do better, join the millions who use cap terror. That's CAP Tierra See Ap T r, r, a dot com, Slash Levin CAP, Tierra dot com- slack Levin, but guess why, ladies and gentlemen, we're off the air in a few minutes, the first hour of the others thoughts from my Alabama witches, sir. The poles have been closed for an hour, You can see that a Roy more has with six with nine
percent of the precincts fully reporting. Fifty two point: two percent Doug Jones has forty six point. Four percent now gets a toss up. We don't know where all these votes are coming from its atossa nine giving up. Fiction. It doesn't matter, but I think Roy more than a squeak it up. Then I could be dead wrong, but I think he's gonna squeak it up. From all wrong doesn't change history I remember what I said: I said. Rather, he Windsor loses you're gonna be attacking Trump. It's a loss for trump. Roy more wind at a loss for trump Roy more loses its her loss for travel and that's what they're gonna say: the dress up in one way or another
all this fund Ghali's out their people want to take credit for a victory people who want to distance themselves. It'll give you a headache: In most of the stuff is self serving people projecting their own egos on top of all of this has been very little. Real analysis of the issue is very low. More about personalities more about, gotcha is more about news stories and all the rest. Has a right now. The reports are it's a toss up. We don't Actually I don't wear these votes you coming from. I had to guess. That's all it is, and I went up Bathsheba doesn't turn out this one. Had a guess, Roy more slips him Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. We have great Levant TV tonight.
And we will have a great radio programme tomorrow. We'll give it a real scope on this election in Alabama and a lot more see have a good night.
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