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12/13/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, it’s time to have a nationwide debate about what the Republican establishment is doing to the conservative movement and its candidates. Roy Moore’s loss sits squarely at the feet of Mitch McConnell and his surrogates fo...

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Now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one! Well what a night and what a day that followed- and I read through all the colonists who want to be read- I didn't listen to talk, they do today. Thank goodness, but I'm watching the news coverage of Alabama to Maisie how fiction is created is an amazing.
Do you know that Roy more was so repugnant, so repugnant to the Wall Street Journal Editorial page international view that at no time in the report. Primary when those voices had an opportunity to try and influence voters matter, they could then endorse either Luther strange or oh Brooks the real conservative in the race. Why is that. When I read David French, he was repulsed by. Roy more long before they washed and posters some of my friend Jonah Garber. In fact, neither of them
RO columns endorsing either Luther Stranger MO said. I'm aware of, I asked our bodies at conservative review to check it out, so they can't find it can't find anything From national review in terms of an editor, I can't find anything from the affair, the letter of toil border at the Wall Street Journal? None of none of them. And yet wouldn't real conservatives. Wouldn't real conservatives have looked at what was effect Only a three way race or many candidates, but three way race and take a stand, particularly. If their concern about Roy more. The present in the United States took a stand. He back Luther strange though I took a stand. I back Mo Brooks.
The general action I said that I would have voted for Roy more now than it was before the Washington Post. Charges came up, but I about it, for I more, as did almost half of the people who voted. In yesterday's election, despite the Democrat Party, the Washington Republican Party, the media. The almost one, the race, not because People in Alabama Reprobates mapping was even chemical. Christians didn't find their way. But because these issues are dropped in our lab, so we have to try and make a decision as best we can. I notice. That there is a number of colonists and commentators who can
that Roy more is a pitiful. Are they rely? More did. What is accuser say, that's fine. People who aren't so sure. There are people who are so sure, but that's not the real reason, not the real reason they objector Roy more. Let's start from the beginning, They began when I consider the truth about this. Race was a republican primer and most of the people writing having themselves on their head for the moral superiority. Many the same people who hate Donald Trump she, Started the middle now at the beginning, and I might add, if we had a presidential election day and Donald Trump was winning Here- still win by a landslide in Alabama, so another. This nonsense that Donald Trump
Asked Alabama and so forth and saw nothing to do with doubt nothing zero, but it had a lot to do with Mitch. Mecca. The media, the republican establishment, their media surrogates there, Sir to write up ads and columns their editorial page surrogates. Their eyes are rolling Stick with me, I'm not talking to them. Talking to you. Who is the republic in primary law? there are strange, was the combat mafia, Didn't company had been appointed by corrupt judge, the corrupt governor mobile, box was congressmen and is a congressmen from Huntsville Alabama, very, very solid conservative. And then Roy more.
Mitch, Mcconnell decided he was gonna reach into the race in Alabama and try and control the outcome, and he wanted Luther strange to win. Why did he want Luther strange to it? because he was a great conservative now because as a great man of incredible ethics, now, because Luther Strange was the only one of the three who said he would vote for Mitch, Mcconnell to be majority leader. My Brooks the conservative said now. I want support, as the growing more then Mcconnell an Rove and a guy named Stephen LAW. In others, they calculated that the biggest problem Should there be a run off Should there be a run off no candidate getting fifty percent and the republican prime, their biggest problem.
Email Brooks how do I not they tall political? They told political that, whereas it on July thirty, first twenty seventeen Mo Brooks was the problem And they spent millions and millions of dollars, smearing MO character, assassinating mobile lying about his record. It got so bad oh buddy of mine. From some time ago, romish potter rule over at national review. We wrote a piece sang a failed hit. Unrepresentative Mo Brooks Referring to the Senate leadership Fund, this is a front group. A pack control via Mcconnell that he opposed the Wall Mo Brooks was turned into an anti trump pro open borders. Big government republican, complete
an utter alive because Mcconnell Rove and this guy law they concluded that they needed to take out more brooks. If there's a run off, they could take Roy more. They will be Roy more a run off against Mo Brooks would be much tougher. Let me read a little bit. Let me read all of it from this political peace. And you see, the point is, ladies and gentlemen: much Mcconnell was wrongly miscalculated. They took out more brooks and they didn't defeat. Roy more in the run off nodded Roy more was the nominee in part as a result of the not so clever. Begins and efforts by the.
That's so smart Mcconnell, Rove and law who do this? A lot from their offices in Washington, DC. I won't be the whole piece you can read the whole pieces. Other stories to about this Mcconnell ages, ward down South politico joy thirty one twenty seventeen, it's a mass of undertaking, I'm only reading part of this. Colonel and his allies. On behalf, a strange was appointed a mere so months ago to fill the scene into a special election? That is, the Jeff session, see impart Mcdonalds did she reflexes, longstanding, promised to protect besieged republican encourage primaries but it also underscores his struggles. Managing is narrow, sent a majority which were punctuated by the cap, Absolute mama care repeal legislation. Last week after three Republicans broke rags this past week, more brooks. Remember the conservative house, Freedom Coca said he would not vote from a common as majority and covering the step down after the failure of the healthcare bill.
Much of the republican leaders. Efforts in the races being overseen by the problem of Conall Senate leadership. In April this Prepare held an event in Birmingham Alabama to outline its plans to do Ben strange, who made an appearance for part of the gathering. Also, as it was former George W Bush adviser Car Rove, who knows Angel former state attorney general from his password Alabama judicial races were info. Luther money Marbles. Are Chalk Rove told the crowd according to wanted Sandy. Since then, time. The group as orchestrated a blistering assault against Brooks adds portray the We're term congressmen is unsupported. President Donald Trump, a guy Budget line of attack in a state where the president is widely popular one race. And Senate leadership on TV. Add use footage from twenty six.
In which the Alabama congressmen called the then Kennedy Tramp, untruss trustworthy? This is when he was backing crews and the republican primaries for president. The offensive, was born on a private pulling. The group conducted a may testing. Our voters in the state felt about Brooks his comments about Trump last year. There is evidence the attacks are taking a toll on the congressmen and in it Survey released last week, so strange, leading with thirty three percent. More were twenty six and Brooks at sixteen however, the goal here was to take outbreaks in IRAN against more. The Senate leadership Funny spent three point: five million on the race turns out. They spent more by farther Large, its expenditure of any outside group- this is the Mcconnell group, yet that figure expected to grow significantly, especially if no they received a majority vote in the August fifteen primary and the contest,
forced into a September run off. As is widely expected. The group has pledged to drop six to eight million dollars. The Mcconnell team is trying to rattle Brooks also republican strategies Bored Baker, Mcconnell allies, on the leader, hand, picked a service to the national public and Senate for our committee executive director during the twenty sixteen campaign has been bring guide is free of charge to Clayton Henchmen, a thirty thirty, four you're, all west abandoned congressional see so committed were they to destroying brooks that they say that they said you keep this up, weaving and threatened your house it Were they to destroying brooks that they say you keep this up weaving and a threat in your house that is great veteran. This hero to run against you and the house. Now, henchmen recycling. Many the same themes national Republicans are using against small, Brooks in the Senate. Race casting him as deeply disloyal to the president.
In an interview Mo Brok, Seti believe Mcdonald's fingerprints were all over henchmen campaign Brooks The leader had engaged in a systematic effort. The strong arm of bully candidates opposing strain on the candles team increasingly optimistic later says about strange prospects at concedes. The race hasn't been easy synergy. Appeal officials have made it clear to the administration. They would like to see Trump express some measure. Support for strange, yet three White House age, so they don't expect a trump endorsement, and yet they got one and it goes on and you can read it. They were targeting specifically aggressively while midway more books. They wanted a knock em out, so they would have it Instead, I want to warn against Roy more that's exactly what they did I want to warn against Roy more and they lost two Roy more. So conceded. Are they in Washington.
Conceded armor, carnal, Rove LAW and the rest. They just thought they would knock off wrong more and that's what they did. Roy more was the nominee the Republican Party, not because of Steve Ban. Hu, I suspect most people in Alabama do not know Now many the Republican Party more so Because of the way Mitch Mcconnell decided to interfere this race in the way of blow up in faces and so furious, was Miss MC long before the Washington Post article came out. He would not support Roy more because he beat Luther strength. Now all the moral preening
By our new moralists out, there he's colonists who keep telling us, they told us so well. Why didn't they tell us that, during the course of the republican primary, why didn't they pick size. They have big mouse, they write incessantly to each other, Among one another. Didn't they say during the course of the republican primary when the choice, Mr French was not binary when the choice brother, Jonah. Could it be made right there, then? Why didn't you back Luther strange them? Why didn't you back more brooks them Why did the Wall Street Journal editorial page, not back Luther strange. What a national review back Mo Brooks and now.
And now they want you to believe that they were right about this all along. They had been right about anything. There now write about anything. Everything that bothers me? A lot about this is: who cares if they're right or wrong? This isn't about columnists websites, Simon about Mitch, Mcconnell. The media have this all wrong and I think intentionally so what am. The same will be provocative and controversial to some of you, but it should not be. Is no nationals populist movement in this country, nationals populists. But there is no great nationalist, populous movement in this country.
We won twenty ten, the house. We want twenty fourteen, the Senate, the Republicans. We want the presidency in twenty sixteen, not because of a nationalist, populous movement, because, as the good all conservative moment, the good Ol tea party moment we ve never go. The way we ve never gone away. Doesnt mean we agree on everything. Doesn't even me. We agree on candidate. I want to further span on this. When I return, beating ones, trash the saying, there's a nationalist parties,
Bad at national public service has a make itself. Who is the leader? Who is the leader, Donald Trump, no Donald Trump, I dont believe use himself any say nationalist, populous matter like he says a conservative, I don't think he's a philosophical conservative think he's a nationalist, populous Ivan. Item this when I met with, I think the way he views things now is through his own life's experience and his own dealings with politicians in Washington D C and he's not given enough credit, particularly by than ever trumpet for many of the conservative policy. Things that he's doing their job Bush would not have done that case. Would not have done that, so many of them would not have done. He doesn't get credit. He doesn't get credit
for facing down rationally North Korea. Iran Palestinians when it came to naming Jerusalem, the capital and on and on and on and on. Law logic that allowed by law, Denmark, let me show call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one: one the surrogates who were who started all this in our who tried to fix the outcome of the republican primary? Many of the established Republican and Mcconnell surrogates in the pseudo conservative, my conservative media sitting on their hands waiting until after the primary.
Some waiting until after the runner condemn, Straight does are morally brilliant and strategic there. I really dismiss them. What's the point. But we need to have a debate in this country at least we conservatives slash and so called Republicans a serious debate. I'm not gonna be bullied and kowtow to the dog in oh god, which demands compliance which has its surrogates all over the media. Pseudo conservative conservative media telling us what the think how to think when the thank telling us. Brilliant, they are not so brilliant. Actually.
She, I remember one: Ronald Reagan was an outsider. Everybody. Fight like held in the republican eminent nomination presently United States remember when he had to fight the Bush family. I remember when he had a fight Carl Rove and people like Carro. There is a republic, I wish in an almost succeeded in sabotaging Reagan nomination and they were vicious and are always vicious. Everybody challenging the republican establishment, the Mitch Mcconnell type, some economists Gerald Ford Guy by the way. Every one of them is not Roy more. There are some very good people who are trying to defeat some very average average people who bought into this whole thing has begun mountain favouritism, lobbyists and telling
Washington. In fact, Ms Mckenna will never tell you that aid is vulgar in modern american history. Modern republican history. Was the most conservative president in the last century? Maybe any century there was an outsider, they tried to stop Mitch. Mcconnell friends, try to stop the bushes and their friends. Try to stop. But they couldn't stop because this conservative movement, not a nationalist populist agrarian movement, tax sovereignty and movement. This common sense conservatives who had
the big centralized government I've had enough of being lied to, as they have now. Maybe we ought to talk about that kind of morality,. Don't ever be leaked to the Washington Post, delete any media like Gazeta much given now this kind of him. Reality they sanction. The morality of telling the voters one thing and going to Washington and doing another. The morality of putting your hand on a Bible swearing to uphold the constitution when, in fact, we have no intention effectively of holding appalling the constitution. When you get elected, saying that you're gonna repeal Obamacare and you don't even the proposals to repeal Obamacare weren't repeals for Obama, care. When you talk about slashing taxes across the board when in fact, you're not slashing taxes across the board,.
When you say you're going to secure the border and have no intention of securing the poor. When you have a little kid and they lie and lie, and lie over and over again, you realize you have the character problem on your hands. There's something wrong with your little kid. When you either. Political party that does the same thing to the base their hands in a mature, in the house. A majority in the Senate and the presidency have a problem on her hand, but the answer isn't nationalist popular The answer is it to be a knock off for the Democratic Party and a hold up Andrew Jackson. Is your great hero, the anxious to get back to first principles? First principles are not obstructions and they're, not theories. It's our first principles I created this civil society is our first principles,
country where we most of us anyway, respect individuality and freedom, it's our first principles that recognise private property rights. It's our first principles. I reckon Eyes the dangers of a centralized government than the need to diversify power, first principles. I recognise federalism. It's our first Suppose I recognise unalienable rights of the individual and the family are first prince was I recognise the whole motion of a nation state. Those are the first principles I created the greatest country in the face of the earth. The greatest people on the face there Why would I abandoned that? For Andrew Jackson,. Why would I abandoned that from which Mcconnell. Exactly what is Ms Mcdonald Vision for the country
Finally, what is the nationalist, populous vision for the country, We conservatives have a problem. We're getting blitz from both hands a ban on the political spectrum, but we're getting blood from both hands? And we need to have a debate. A national debate. Finally, we are where we want to go This country we're going to reform the Republican Party, and how are going to reform the republican Party. We need to have a debate. We must not be shouted down, a bullied were threatened with No committees
or headlines really the sort. The democratic Party, the Democratic Party today is a party that attacks America's Customs traditions and institutions daily. It's a party of demagogues like Kirsten Angela. Complete fraud and epigram. It is a party that seeks the endless endless. Transformation of America, is How did it supports lawlessness as long as that lawlessness justifies an end that they support, whether its so called sanctuary cities where out of controls, for council investigating a fag issue. Like
we can with Russia by the Trump world. I was looking at the headlines. An arrow I failed hit. Excuse me I washed and post it see you a political rather than a lot of paper. Here, five take away from Alabama. Startling special lacks the hill five taken from the Alabama scented upset and our own Terrified the loose ascendancy, but the GNP dodge the bullet and arrow alibi. I am concerned is made their stand. The irony on nowadays previously Alabama sure it evangelicals wet four nominating row more and Arel role. More, does the impossible Roy, more political? How well, whenever you know the headlines
Maybe Mr Mcconnell shouldn't messed around in the primaries in Alabama. Maybe the outcome would have been different. Maybe the outcome would have been different When you spend millions and millions of millions of dollars lying about somebody smearing somebody character, assassinating somebody like more brooks that has an effect. Maybe Mitch Mcconnell should have stayed out of maybe Mitch MC com should a treated the people of Alabama with some respect. And I also notice almost completely absent from. Soda conservatives and so called cancer is writing. Their columns were the dirty tricks and I The Republican was like George, while ass. They re Spain to get out the black Electing the Republican would bring back segregation,
Republican was like George, while ass, they re stating to get out the blackmail, Was way over the top Way way over the top, the democratic, no criticism for that. We have to be of a myopic view, were not allowed to look Even across the island criticise what they did. You don't understand, Mark Republicans dodge but they lost the election, the Republicans dodged a bullet, they lost the election and then we're talkin Poor Mitch Mcconnell only as fifty one votes now poor Mitch, Mcconnell created this scenario. Just the way he reached in the Mississippi to save that car who doesn't even know how to ties loafers, they keep talking.
At the race against Harry, read in Nevada. There was a five point: re race. He almost lost. The majority leader of the United States Senate in it they treat them I would like to see some kind of cook. She almost one, the republic establishment, including much more. How will they talk about Indiana? Oh poor look, he would have one except he was knocked off by a knot in the Republican I'm sorry it was not enough. He was a good many. A treasure of Indiana. They went out there destroy the guy. The republican party. They were all money from him, and now we have a demo. Brad from India. That's the truth! That's the absolute truth. We can back whose now congressmen from coal He won the republican primary they hated can buck running this guy, Michael Bennett, the Republican Establish,
printed, everything they could to knock off can buck and they succeeded. We have a democratic from Colorado. Take a look at alaskan Rakowski. She lost the republic and primary, but she wouldn't give up. She wouldn't give up a big government liberal. Who heard our sun Obama repeal. Though she launches a writing campaign and winds by the skin over teeth, some big tete, this Republican Party, the all God, doesn't give up easily and they have their so called- comes. I would have surrogates in the so called conservative media in the pseudo media. Suda concern me who defend them if not outright, certainly at a distance. I'll be right back,
One very important point: I think people are pollyanna don't think the Republican Party is in trouble in the mid term. Elections can I'm not in the prediction business, and I really good at I thought more would slip through yesterday actually was Jones whose slip through yesterday, but I said, I'm not sure But another matters would manage as this. Think the conservative base of the Republican Party is dispirited right now and I think the democratic base. Typed up on the usual issues. But I think the conservative base, having delivered the house to the Republicans,
Twenty turn in every election cycle there. After having delivered the report, begins the Senate in twenty fourteen. Delivered. The Republicans the presidency still having failed, Appeal: Obama, Karen Obama, care, is a big thing in the lives of every American still having failed, to do anything legislatively whatsoever to secure the border. I could go on and on. I think, the republics bases disappeared at the same time, the present the United States is doing everything it can on these issues, but he's not a king he's not Barack Obama again This is the fault of the Republican House and Republican Senate, which of course, gets upset
ass by the Wall Street Journal editorial page in the other pseudo conservative elements out there, because they hate Trump. But if you're sober about this. You try to really think it through and you, I have a stake in trumps. Failure. Are you not humiliated by his victory? Then you know I'm right. Look, I try to call him. As I see him, I supported crews and republican primaries and when he lost, I supported Trump again till it is that simple. Rob wanted. Conservatives support any want to get a spare. You gave a very solid. Species tried to follow up on everything. He said in that speech, or the Ms Mckenna. Republicans in the house in the Senate have done. I don't care about following. On their promises and then you get. Excuses, while the couple votes as all they have really well, then, why make promises.
I'd say we're going to repeal Obama CARE, but only if we have fifty seven republic, that's not what they say. That's not what they say. So the republic in Congress, the republican as has been rather longer than Trump Publican It's been a while longer than Trump. They have dispirited the base, the very people who brought them their majorities banner, would attack the conservative movement and Mcconnell tax in his book and otherwise the conservative moment they can attack individuals. We focus on ban and and so forth, and so on, but its bigger than it's more than that he's a lightning rod. Put down under saying he's a lightning runny wants to be a lightning rod takes, A lot of effort and work to be in the liberal media Alla time takes a lot of
Behind the scenes, activity and so forth, that's fine, but its bigger than that they don't like us, they die. Agree with us. They are not about to do the hard work, that's necessary to cut the size of government to cut spending to support Federalist they're, not gonna, do it despite what they say. In our life is stressful, even worse, when the IRS after you for back taxes, agonize when those show up sees your bank accounts. The lean on your homer garnish, your wages right. It was even worse for lorry lorry was engaged but new, bringing twenty five thousand dollars a virus dead into the marriage was no way to start a new life or did something really smart. She called optimum tax relief
optimal step between lorry and the Iris analyzed case uncovered some game, changing facts that allow them the settled case in her favour. When, after my lorry that her Iris problems Rover well, she called it. The happiest cholera life and her wedding was back on Has resolved over half a billion attacks, debt relief for their clients, and there a plus raided with a better business, we're getting a life. Starts the moment you call optimal for your free consultation, here's the numbered simple, eight hundred four nine sixty three hundred there, you go hundred four nine sixty three hundred. That's eight hundred four nine. Sixty three hundred I could be wrong, but I think I'm right. I think we republican.
We conservatives, we have a hell of a time coming up in the mid term elections. Not only are they typically tough for the party in power, but people are dismissing what took place in rejecting the Republicans control Sixty four assembly seats and a hundred seat assembly. Outcome is still unknown. They're holding onto fifty one sees, but they could lose it. That's a blower absolute blower, and by the way Karlov image macabre, had their candidate right Gillespie. He was one I'll be back.
Now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody might living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one eight one one. I think we can agree I don't expect the media to agree that the Mahler investigation is tainted beyond repair. And it wasn't Mahler you uncovered the fact that has led FBI. Together was in fact a political hack.
Driven by ideology and his girlfriend through his extramarital affair, and she too having been temporarily working for smaller, but it was the inspector general who find that out. Which tells you that Malta does anyone know what their house happening under his nose. Arose and seen as the deputy attorney general fees. The deputy turned General. The United States to me is a lot to answer, for I thought the Republicans did a pretty good job today by the way, now here's the thing, in my view,. He knows. He knows what he's doing. When he's the him see those, the obvious political buys that was taking place in the Mahler investigation. He knows.
He ultimately is in charge of the Mahler investigation business, ultimately in charges, because Mahler effectively reports to him. It's a good, all boys network at the Department of Justice. I was familiar with this when I was there and its ninety eight percent liberal Democrat. Most of the conservatives have been pushed out of the Justice Department by now. How are we to explain the make up of mothers, team of Hilary and Obama donors. And the number two guy Weissmann who is a complete reprobate. What in Mister Mallory Chatter other prosecutors? little bit more diverse backgrounds y. All liberal Democrats.
I told you this before and I believe it. The highest echelons of the FBI now are controlled by the left were Democrats or people who are sympathetic to those views. I As one of the reasons there is constant leaking and James Commie leaked, he confessed Kosovars Be uncovered one, he was testified before Congress as if it was no big Because I actually think for the highest echelons of the FBI is no big deal. And they have a long history of leak, J, EDGAR, Hoover, leaked Going Watergate, the number two deputy director of the FBI leaked because he was angry with Nixon from giving him the directorship.
And Mister Mothers operation, has a long history of leaking and their leaking constantly. But this this operation is absolutely poison, but politics point politics the way the Hillary Clinton Sera violations. The espionage act were not seriously investigated. The waste it was not seriously question the way evidence was seriously secured are examined the way, We're not seriously examined. Whenever the other end of the Trump side, where we have a completely phony pretext collusion with Russia, no basis, no evidence whatsoever
pushed by the Democrats, agree do by rod, rose and seen the deputy tourney general and off they go on the races. Let's take a look at some of this. Let's take a look at the at the hearing of rust, Rosen stained. Let's see here, let me I'm gonna get some of the good stuff Trade Ali does a pretty good job. It is a very good job on the cameras are on. I just wish you would do a better job when it comes to actually doing the work, but in any event that just me talking about this FBI agent, Peter struck in the conflict of interests, cut aid. Go and then we have a senior agent assigned to investigate Airlines email help drafting exoneration letter, where we change language from grossly negligent, extremely carols interview,
Secretary Clinton in an interview had ever seen- and I doubt you have either near careers. Prosecutors interviewed Michael Flag- was actively involved in the investigation into the trunk campaign before the inspector general found his tax so this agent, in the middle of almost everything related to Secretary Clinton, imprisoned and Trot said Proclaiming tax antitrust tax to his paramour this clause to being taught- maybe it is where he is to protect the country from that and then Ass Donald Trump. He said I can prove it our country at many so many said. Hillary Clinton should, when one hundred million to nothing, I think about that. Mr Deprecatory Journal. That's a pretty overwhelming victory, one hundred million to zero, and when I read the last night, what I thought was this conflicts of interest free.
Senor Asian and the other, the I can't think of a single, solitary American who would vote for Donald Trump. Zero comes, not a single, solitary American, he can imagine, would vote for Donald Trump. This is a conflict of interest. Free stuff genocide, and then he went on without warning after a little transporters. My saying he could smell them. At a Walmart, and Virginia this. Firstly, we need to avoid a conflict of interests and any said this May for fully deserve to go and demonstrate the absolute bigoted nonsense of trot Ladies and gentlemen, what is the purpose of this special counsel us? While we need some independent from the Justice Department? Will you certainly have that? But it's not independent from the Democrats for the left. Trade out he went on cut nineteen, go where you wouldn't content
To just disparage Donald Trump, Sverige forms family What is certain is that eternity generator the dish max or about the column out he's talking about our first lady and showed this cause of interests, very special agent of the FBI,. This is how we were told we needed to have an objective, impartial, fair conflict of interest, free investigations always openly pulling for the candidate here rolling clearing, then he's openly investigating a candidate Lydia S bias against That's not an office is drop. Is having idiot what. Just have in our country is the same: man is Eddie, would save our country happens when people who were supposed to cure the conflict adventurous I've even greater conflict adventurous than those replies, the report in question.
You nor I nor anyone else what Peter struck on a jury, we objectively dispassionately investigate anything knowing what we know now Why did we know what ahead of time and in the last question my final question to you and I appreciate the Germans patients how we Can you help me answer that question when I go back to South Carolina this week,. Congressmen first of all, with three Aren't you, the special council, Mr Straw, was already working on the investigation of the special council was appointed. The point that I made was Robert mothers. What I'd recommend that you tell you constituents is that. Reverend Mother and ROD rose and sun, and Chris re are accountable,
We will ensure that no biases reflected in any of our hand. How are you a cannibal? Exactly? That's not let that site. How are you accountable to whose power where, when. Go ahead, taken by the special council or in any matter within jurisdiction that apartment justice. When we have evidence of any we conduct we're going to take action on it. And that's what Mr Modigliani evidence of inappropriate conduct zero evidence of robbing Hillary Clinton in the espionage, see I'm I'm tired of this bs. So tired of these platitudes, these these canned answers We have evidence wrong doing you know we're gonna, really, not that's the whole point of this hearing, you're, not We have evidence of real wrong doing. You took a pass have evidence of no wrong doing you're digging Fernando that's the point of the hearing, Mr Deputy attorney General
I had to learn about this issue. He took action while that Mahler he took action and part of the action he took was to cover it up and obstruct it to make sure that. Members of Congress and the relevant committees. The chairman of the ranking members, would know about it. Tell me what Mr Mulder tell. The chairman of the House, Judiciary Committee about MR straw. Did he tell the chairman of this the Judiciary Committee about Mr Strap. Never it late it late. Who was trying to get to the bottom of this months ago, including with subpoenas. The chairman of the house, intelligence. Can many Devon Nunez or this happiness came later buddy. He had The sky honest target, lest he was trying to get information, he couldn't get any answers. Jim George does an outstanding job too,
twenty go. I want to focus on one in particular one in particular this. This is a text message from MR straw to miss page. Recalling a conversation and a meeting that took place in Andy Andrew MC caves off as deputy director of the FBI. Recalling a meeting earlier and mister this goes to intent. We can take the risk. As you know, the people of this great country might like dolls It says that there is no way he gets like no attributes elected is I want to believe that you at that meeting, an age limit caves office. I want to believe that it was, but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. This in ten, he says we can take the risk. As you know, the people. Country might electoral from present. We can take this risk this Peter struck head of counter intelligent in FBI. This is Peter.
Who, I think, has a hand in that dossier that was all dressed up and taken to devise a coronet he's, not there. I agree with him completely. I agree with them completely. I believe there is a cover up on this. I really do this I had a hand in writing the application for the face, a core warrant. Absolutely believer, go ahead. Rest, We have to do something about it, don't forget the timeline here either. Mr Rothstein, here drug January? Tenth he's a guy who changes the exoneration letter from gross negligence, criminal standards, extreme carelessness, second he's ago sets in on the Clinton interview. Joel, twenty! Sixteen that's one call me has the press conferences, we're not gonna prosecute cleanse, ok, we're not going to prosecute, and then August, twenty. Sixteen. We haven't this text message the same one the russian investigation is opened at the FBI August, twenty, sixteen
and my guess is that the same month that the applicants he was taken to devise a court to get the war to spy on Americans using dossier that Britain campaigns aid for democratic. It for fake news All dressed up taken to the court, So I got really just a couple basic questions. It seems to me the answer to any these those questions. If the answer is yes, if you guys paid Christopher Steel At the same time, the Democrats in the clean campaign retaining or if you the dossier dressing up, took it to devise a court and use it. Is the bases to get warrants, and now we I've been tat in this in this text. Message saying: there's an The text message my colleague represents earlier. Where MR struck says I can protect our country at many levels says it with all the humility he could muster. I can protect
country at many levels, this guy thought he was Super agent James Bond at the FBI. This is obvious. We can take that risk. We can't there's no way we can let the american people Mcdonald, something Ex president. I gotta fortune our country. This is on the level now I'm letting these clips play on, because most of you were at work while this hearing was taking place. I think this is a very, very important hearing and they are very important because they are trying to expose the the partisanship, the poisonous environment that has taken place here that exists here. How play cool, it is, and its re very important, a republic at this sort of thing be uncovered because knowledge is marginal ahead marginal. In March and ahead with his group of leftist.
Is another childcare. Wanna play of Jim Jordan, MR producer, let's go to cut fourteen go and honoured Mr President, I think that public trust in this whole thing is gone. So sees me. You got two things you can do, you're the guy charge here. They gotta pick. Mahler who wrote the Nemo saying why needed? If our call me the guy in charge. You couldn't disdain Well, our special prosecutor and you can do what we are calling for a pointless special council to look into this to look into Peter struck, Bruce or everything else. We ve learned the last several weeks yes congressmen and I can assure you that I consider it very important to make sure the thorough review is done and inspect generals doing a thorough review. That's how we found this text messages is part of that review. Let me even you, given that it's like they ve time. Let me answer this. Are you concerned meet. This is what a lot of Americans are Believin right now, and I certainly do that. The FBI Newborn the Justice Department work with one campaign to go after the other campaign. That's
everything points to think about what we ve learned the last several weeks. We, First learned they paid for the dossier that we learn about Peter struck unless you can learn about. Broussard is right now When this is unbelievable, so what Gonna take to get a second special council to answer these questions and find out was Peter struck really up to what I think he was. Thanks important understand. Conniston. We have general has five hundred employees hundred named olive legend and this what he does. He investigates allegations. Misconduct involving department and police that review that he is conducting is what turn up those text messages. It will also involve interviews of those persons and of other witnesses, so easy. It's like for the Senate of the Senate Ethics Committee. You know I saw awake for the inspector general now Jesse. You folks understand something.
As Mr Rose and still is the deputy attorney general. He doesn't have to wait for the Spectre general. He can appoint a special council if he chooses and there's. Somebody else. Has the power to appoint a special council through this process? You know that is MR producer. The attorney general. The United States he's not recur refused from everything. This is tangentially related to Russia, but the substance is corruption. At the highest levels, the FBI, in some aspects of the special Council office in the Department of Justice, sounds to me, like a perfectly legitimate use of a special council, and I have a few that I would You just we point in a weak point Jennifer, you know somebody like that I'll be right, back carefully case in a state of Alabama, where Judge Roy more who presides over circuit court. This core rumour woodcarver play,
This body is going to be in a resolution supporting the public display the ten commandments carefully. You think case in a state of Alabama, where Roy more who presides over circuit court, this court room of wood flag containing the in commandments balanced by to take those down the governor of Alabama Fobs James, This is stated that he will do whatever it takes to keep the ten commandments up and that core room, including calling in the National guard it is sure to Be- and Entertaining Ireland very interesting and, I believe, a very important debate, but Late entertainments going to come from those people who floor to try. Twist history try to you knew the revision of history that would separate free from its heritage
here. We have a very proud, urges freedom in this country No, that was, ladies and gentlemen, way back our third nineteen. Ninety seven, I backed Patrick What is meant by the name of Joe Scarborough offending Roy, more funding State of Alabama defending the display of the ten commandments in the state courthouse Joe on that one and so he what did he do? We supported a Democrat in Alabama very eager. What do I know? Yes, I was Joe Scarborough Right must have produced, and I want to give a had tipped my buddy Steve days who dog that up from twenty years ago, prices wrong, call Marguerite, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one one charge Finally, ladies and gentlemen, says Democrats have basically taken advantage of blacks.
And so he what did he do? We supported a Democrat in Alabama there you go. What do I know so was Joe Scarborough Right must have reduced, and I want to give a head tipped my buddy Steve Days, who does that up from twenty years ago, Joe Scarborough, before he was seeking fame and fortune. Had I myself see as a left wing cook seller. He came to the strong defence of Roy more came to the strong defence of the ten commandments. In the courthouse, came to the strong defensive Roy, more challenging a federal judge and went to the for the house to say so. You like to listen to the again for some fun entertainment turn up your volume go ahead, Mr Putin,
tomorrow. This body is going to be looking at a resolution supporting the public display of the ten commandments. Various thing case in the state of Alabama, where Judge Roy more, who presides over circuit court, this court room. Woodcarver flag containing the ten commandments balanced by to take those down together. Alabama James stated that he will do whatever it takes to keep the ten commandments up and that core room, including calling in the National guard it is sure to be and entertaining Ireland variant thing and I believe, a very important debate, but Adelaide entertainments, going to come from those people who floor, to try to twist history, try to You knew the revision of history that would separate luxury miss heritage. A very proud kurdish.
Favorite this country. We do Joe. What happened to this guy has had too many times. Have there been some people, lawyers writing? At these pseudo conservative sites,
who condemn Roy more for the stance he took on the ten commandments for the fact that he should have obeyed a federal court order, insisting that they remove the ten commandments. What do you think about that? When you think about that, when all your Marcie has to follow a federal court order, does the constitution compel the removal of the ten commandments from a stay courthouse on any level separation of church and state right? Well, that's not! In the constitution that was a concoction a fiction I came out of the corner nineteen
parties for the purpose of discriminating against low catholic kids when the buses would go and pass the bus stops. Lawyer cases call Everson. Now some people worry that say, wait a minute. The court said that those kids could be picked up. That's not the point. Hugo Black was a clansmen in Alabama appointed by after isn't funny how things change, by the Democrat hailed by liberal meat, including the New York Times a roll over decades, and he was on the bench he switched. His vote move the majority, so he could write the opinion, but his purpose was to attack the church. The catholic church see their of flesh and blood, But he'll never get the Roy more treatment, even though Roy more was never a representative of the Cook Klux clan, I'm not defending it.
Special pleading, I'm just explain, who gets the write history who doesn't. HU, we can call angels and who we have to call devils. So we have some modern lorries today who are totally on encumbered with a history. The court, the history of allow these case it is they read them in a sterile room with a stir, mine and they think Roy more, is an absolute nut. Way more has said things about gaze and so forth that I absolutely reject, but I'm doing about this point this point, so I fed or court orders a state court to remove the ten commandments from the State Court house.
Here's my second question Natalie: where is this compelled by the constitution? But where does a federal court get off telling a state court that it must remove the ten commandments from the stay courthouse? Then here's? My third point. Those ten commandments Moses himself carved into the Supreme Court the Supreme Court of the United States, the Federal Supreme Court. They haven't chisel them off, they haven't. And it s sort of ice, is staffed and pulling down statues or any other stuff that the left likes to do, though there still there happen to be that a state court has the ten commandments in their court house and that's unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court has the ten commandments chiseled into its building and that's not unconstitutional.
In fact, how can it be that any of its unconstitutional you seek and not allowed to have two sides in this or more acute the sum of the genius writers the main over there, the way you're me or how she got up by a federal water, yeah sure. Well. I want to know where the federal judiciary gets the authority to do this. Judicial review, I said I want to know where the federal judiciary gets the authority to do is conscious through around the term judicial review. I happen agree as a matter of constitutional law, federal constitutional law at Supreme Court precedent as a result of Hugo Black, but RO constitutional law that Roy more was right. There is no federal constitutional basis for removing
Forcing the removal of the ten commandments from a court house or a federal court, forcing a state court to remove the ten commandments from the State Court House and, of course, the absolute inconsistency insanity. The highest federal court has the tanker chiseled under which building it up. There's one week left for Germany's Christmas holidays sail in the countdown continues entreaty seeing the brand new genocide treatment for droopy islets, here's Mary from four collins, cholera. I dont believe everything I hear So I tried this. I left on my right. I next day at work, Everybody said my right. I like better. I can't believe you all the soggy lines when your eyelids disappear best of all this breath breakthrough eyelid. Treatment is yours, free with your order of genocide for banks and puffing us.
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The sum clown getting behind a microphone trying to lecture you about faith in God. Well, I'd clown has no knowledge, no profound knowledge; a unique knowledge about faith or God. In my humble opinion, just my opinion. Can you think of anything more boring, MR producing? I can't. Jimmy swaggered wannabe. The Jimmy Swagger wannabe thinks people give a damn that what he has to say, give a damn about what he S. I make a prediction: a year two years or wherever that slab owning beyond the radio, just a guess.
I guess he can't hold an audience. I dont know. I could be wrong. We do things have happened where two things about how I, let's take some closure Here, John San Antonio Texas, serious satellite go mark listen. I am glad to hear that the republican leadership as help deliver this tremendous Victory down in alabama- and I guess this concerned about it as a conservative, I don't know how many more these victories. The wicked stand, yeah great pity. Now, Sir, you must be a reprobate. You must be a Christian who has rejected your religion. You, sir, it must be a phoney conservative who believes in situational morality and ethics. There must be some think fundamentally wrong with you mentally. In every way.
Yeah. I don't have any teeth: an idea shop. It Walmart near his like about sixty percent of this country, and in a week delivered Mitch, Mcconnell and his ilk tremendous opportunity and are squandering it I no longer consider me up. I work work for Reagan when he ran and I voted for every one of these empty suits the Dave pushed forward as a republican candidate. Since then, I've got to the point now where I want to say that in this house, with a republic in practice, we got everything that we ve ever wanted, as they get nothing done. I can guarantee you- and you know this is true. If the Democrats had this, like it, much done. All they need is one vote majority.
They need right end as it ever was. Fifty forty nine. There's a vacancy, or whatever were fifty fifty in that had the vice presidency. They be read through everything. Well, I just heard tonight, Sir, that they have come up with a agreement. There I'll send Senate on taxes. I hope is a good one. Well, who knows We're gonna see you know these guys Let me comment on that. Can I come on, I will briefly here, but you see I have a different way of doing radio. I don't put on the palm palms and I'm not a rocket. I see these taxpayers that are being discussed and I fight them. I fight them to make them better. I fight them to lower the top right, not to increase it. Fight them too, to allow people to make deductions when their property taxes in there. That is there.
And their income taxes and the state level. I fight them to make these individual rate cuts across the board and its permanent as the corporate tax tat: this is the only way that we can pressure them. Sit here in and waved the Republican Flag and say whatever they do as great man we're not even sure a hundred percent when their finished it is the price. Since then we have to participate in that role. If the raise these issues, I don't know, What their little a deal is, but I hope they ve addressed every single thing that we are This programme, I and you are my audience- have been discussing. You agree, John globally, it always have always been taught. You know the whole This is a compromise and if everybody walks way not quite happy, but they feel like that, what they needed that democracy. I just want to make sure were happy
John Excellent high pressure will be right back tomorrow this body is going to be looking at a resolution supporting the public display of the ten commandments very thin case and the state of Alabama, where Judge Roy more, who presides over circuit court, this court. Woodcarver flag containing the ten commandments balanced by us to take those down. Number of Alabama James stated that he will do whatever it takes to keep the ten commandments happen that core room, including calling in the National Guard, it is sure to be and entertaining Ireland various thing and, I believe, a very important debate, but
Lady entertainments, going to come from those people who are poor. To try to twist history, try to He knew the revision of history that would separate on free from it. There, it is we have a very proud Ernie's, freedom in this country haven't. They relate not great Joe Scarborough. Twenty years ago on the floor of the house Represent, is defending Roy, more his position on the ten commandments and so forth. Thy way, let me address something else quickly. I see some of our era some headlines on our front under my Drudges Homepage,. Send a majority hangs by short hairs adjourned on ropes, folks, Ever hear Susan Collins every year LISA, Rakowski we're here of these liberal, progressive Republicans,
Now, Roy more is the one that sunk Obama care repeal weeping. Having these short hair problems the edge not on the robes as result of progressive Republicans, Currently, in the said, when we had fifty two Republicans. Aid to vote majority or whatever so the fact that their down the one that or whatever it is. It's not like things are going to change so, like Things are going to change, it Have Susan Collins and their Leeson, Rakowski and so forth? You still have them in there. Are they falling somebody here. They weren't there pushing new job partially we're gonna get the war gonna get tears. Now it's all screw it up. It was
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Then, here for my buddy MIKE Lee any more jeez, I must really be kryptonite. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles sent a majority hangs by short hairs. Yet let me take the Senate. Majority always has when you have liberals like Susan Cards and Macao get others who got the repeal of Obamacare, they Heather to vote majority and they still gotta the repair and that's why the bases disgusted never understand it. The phoney, the intellectuals, the pseudo intellectuals. Among consumers Republic, don't never get it right, gentlemen. Guess what we got? Full hour left I'll, be right, back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. What few career the media that I want to make number one you ve been Republicans keeps You know can star when he was the independent Council investigating Clinton's endless scandals. He kept expanding his investigation. That's actually not true. The personally kept span expanding can stars mandate was JANET Reno. She don't want or point new independent councils and she kept giving this
He can start. How do I know because I was there, I saw it so start. And keep expanding his authority. It was expanded for him and basically he didn't want it to be expanded. Second point is this: they re establishes trying to create an argument. I rewriting history about challengers. So we will we'd have more republican senators, but for the idiots who keep challenging these magnificent republican incumbents. I just want you to remember. First of all, if Mitch Mcconnell has had his way, there would have been no TED crews. Mike Lee ran Paul Marco Rubio and a host of others. There would have been some really lousy republic in the United States Senate, but they never talk about what they ve done again.
For the tea party, but for the conservative movement there wouldn't be. Republican how Senate or republican present period, but their dispiriting you they're deflating you. Let me remind you of the two thousand six mid term elections, because Mitch Mcconnell won't answer: a car, I love these so called architect who must have built. Leaning, terror Pisa. They don't want you to remember it totally. Eleven years ago, Totally eleven years ago have I. Stephen LAW, other small. The Democratic gained six Senate seats member, the present was George W Bush. By defeating A senators in the states of Missouri Montana Ohio Pence
Vainer, Rhode, Island and Virginia ok, the Democrats gained thirty how seats from an from the Republicans so with. Roman charge, the establishment fully in charge of the Irish Sea, the White House. And the house in the Senate. Lost the house in the Senate. Two thousand since the in which revolution that gave us the house was no more, was no more for the first time since the mid term elections of nineteen. Ninety four, they Gingrich Revolution, Mcbride party gain control of both houses of the United States Congress when car rovers Deputy chief of staff and all these never
trappers working at the White House, starting at the top with George W Bush. They lost the congress and of course is he Pelosi became the speaker of the house. And Harry: read because the leader of the Senate that is what Carl Rove delivered. I don't know where he gets this reputation his genius when it comes to elections, he delivered the Democrats, the House and the Senate into thousand six and it was tea party that rose up that they hate and still height. The remedy which are still here they gave him
how's the Senate and the presidency, but they hate us. Don't forget this two thousand to two thousand six corner of the architect. How come you never asked about this? How come hither never shows up on his resume when he's on tv telling us about how lousy conservatives are com, RO who was involved in Alabama Republican primary trashing Mo Brooks to try to clear the way for a run off between Roy, more and Luther strange. I hope you You know, Mr Barroso, we're gonna play the first hour during the holidays again because stop this programme, we're not gonna, let the truth escape way in which the Washington establishment, Republicans
I'd buy Mcconnell led by road, led by the sky, Stephen LAW, who was the year, the TED crews guy? Forget it Jeff row led by that guy to all Cabal all got together a cartel, if you will fact dopey guy keep using that word a cartel. If you were. That was used. To meddle in the election in our them because they thought they could be Roy more with Luther strange, so they They went out and try to destroy my books and defeated and by the way, women wish Mo Brooks well, he announced on the floor of the house today that he has prostate cancer, and let me add this: Senator Mccain is in the hospital from side effects for the treatment of his brain cancer, and we wish him all the best to.
Anyway, two thousand six, this mid term elections, those around the Bush people around than ever Those are our car of those are on average, become because they want to keep up a greener point. Why am I right? recent Delaware, that we should have one and remember this when we should have one they lost the entire house of representatives. They lost entire United States Senate. They want to talk about a race here and all we remember this one over the baron, I went over there really what we want and what our great candidate, why I lost it, you jerks yet lost the house. Ascended and everything else, and then we came and we want the governorship. We want state legislatures. We took the house, we took the seventh, we took the presidency, no thanks to car row
thanks to Mitch MECCA her we're not virtual Eminem occasion. Here we could love to see my leg. Shit. All Baghdad MA am All stages of the loser rose s grave reapers grain here, for you. Are you going to vote for me to be the majority leader. Poor. I couldn't do that We can be. There are more may be rough. Meet him again, Maya. I will put the how moron around one more word
morality that realisation of a team from the people don't forget. We have two lines, one for regular Americans and one for liberals AIDS seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one, regular Americans, eight, seven, seven, thirty, eight one Thirty eight eleven for irregular americans. Liberals, let's go to Troy. Let's take a disagree. Her french would french Word Texas, never heard of it, the gray Katy our age. How are you try? One appointed actually was story that Quaker town where the money comes from. Really Lastly, I dont even care, but anyway go right. Well and, historically speaking out the climate, I wouldn't want to gubernatorial races of switched hands switched hand seriously, I'm not from New Jersey
Why wasn't me radio exactly, but I always like to deal with attorney and a very politically involved but anyway cinema faster ago no worries conservative, but this, black, very much thank does have suddenly they were trumped up. I think took already given a gubernatorial races which tram and his. Or at least they can have the climate I wouldn't want to gubernatorial, races of which can seriously I'm not from New Jersey and allow He was never gonna go republican. And in the case of other Virginia did switch hands and in fact, A gentleman who was very close to the Bush team and so forth was a very nice guy and by the way was, was now I consider it a movement conservative he ran and he lost
there goes my theory now I swear I'm correct, but if you, correct. Okay, I thought it was too governorship that already switch, if only one, I apologise but his lonely You think we were gonna hold onto the governorship in New Jersey. About. Allow cannot figure to be as long as six really. Well. Are you dad? You were concerned removed a level I get it now, but go right ahead. A very conservative liberal, like conservative flapsy, like my house, with paid off, I got bunches of money in the bank You're, a conservative liberal, are your classical I'm totally confounded I mean I very much have liberal ideology: have a liberal ideology for all of us, but a conservative one for yourself. Is that what you're trying to say now, I'm fan like Apple, even know dad,
leave in family guy, even now very first. Here. The mortgage buyers. Why? Hello again What what? What about your first wife, I'm still married my very first wife, ok, but what does that have to do it so tat So what are you trying to say tonight? Please help me, Anyway, I think the urine strangely tank Laissez Quaker town go ahead correct. I think this is a hunt. Percent related to trial, I think we need have you two Donald Trump went to run in Alabama. Thank you. Win. Probably, but I still think Mary her cousins. Ok for the you nice, I jus nice. I see how many teeth here they are where did they re? I say so, you're, a liberal big it you don't mean your liberal, clear, liberal bigot. Now, I'm not
get off my phone. You jerk. I've spent enough time with you. Let's go to Eric LOS Angeles, California, on the mark, Levant go yes, some of her son collar Mark Everything you're saying today give cushion to my insistence that I've been telling people that the people are gonna get fed up with the lights. The came conall and cowskin and the other issue mentioned plus more than could mention that we need an alternative America. Party I'd say here this about once every other week so which party do you want to start well, the American American Party that we, what party do you want to start? What's? The name of a coward american Party. The american Party
already, we are one party. You know if you, Google, you know, there's forty or fifty third parties in this country right, I don't care about them paying all amount to helping them? Can you know they start? You gonna start your own and that will amount to a Philippines. While if we get a party Back in China, don't give me that we are you starting this party I don't get. I dont get it when people communism, we either this we need a that. We need this and then they hang up and said ass. Their I'd like a sponge cake plays, in other words, what are you doing about this third parties? All right now, I'm talking to people about it, then we don't have really you got people walk in. The street talking about hemorrhoids. What are you doing about it? Well, nothing! I do you happen to be after, but I'm not working out. I'm not calling you to plug that. I'm not sure I don't know that, but none of that managed to me. I get people, courtesy and gay, and I said
Why do you have to tell me that I dont care your book? Is it good, for you know Are you gonna do to start your third party, the American Party? While we start organizing disaffected Democrats and Republicans leaning. We it's you who have to start organizing. What is this we stuff? You agree with me right, sir. Thank you very much like yours, so harsh, no, I'm not I'm trying to talk sense in the people. We need to start this means it's never gonna get started right. We need to do this, We need to be on the radio we he d write a book. We need. We on tv, while we it doesn't happen. That way. Does it takes a courageous person doing something, but there are multitudes of third parties. Other multitude,
And you think all the sun most of the republic and seeking to move into this third party are wrong. Can anybody give you an example? We were former present at the beginning of the last century. Who was enormously? at one time. Theodore Roosevelt, a progressive Nationalist republic. And I he had served almost two terms. He was sworn in from the committee's assassination, then Howard. Her tat was elected, as vice president to the presidency and the like tat much. He decided to form a third party, the Progressive Party at what's what it was college nickname was bombers and he came and second any loss than the elected Woodrow Wilson. Presently the United States and other progressive, but a different kind of progress.
And the Modern Democratic Party was born with Woodrow Wilson. Hey wait, wait a third part: hey we get a third party I'll stick with the Reagan position, which is no. We need to take over the Republican Party and what s interesting about this is the is the old garden. The resistance when you say wanna, take over the Republican Party. It and you see how these guys always lose. Look at the vat around like like a doll aware like this, they get blown out election after election. If we don't come to the rescue there never held to account, they lie through their teeth about big stuff, like repealing Obama, care and so forth, and so on. Are we supposed to just So maybe we need to start a third party one? Who is this? We will need to elect more conservative, like my Brooks to the United States Senate. Actually,
What we really need to do and what we are doing is to endorse convention of states in article five, and it is amazing to me how many Suda conservative conservative outlets apps we ignore the effort ignore because you want to know why the very very comfortable with big centralized government any lame Republican I'll, be right? Back Ah ha Nebraska Gregg K, o I go, Margaret, I I think right now, establishment so called establishment in the conservative party movements they need. Together is getting better candidate, because not every candidate. Birthday party is gonna, be your tankers warrior likely at night.
I think you're gonna get stuck with a little more and Debbie austerity. Sir. We can't we can't work together if their attacking us. That's like saying when Reagan was trying to be the nominee can't you worked together with the Bush. People came to work together with the with the wood moderate elements within the republic and finally had to win. He had to defeat them. It amazes me when people talk like this are no offense. I'm just saying I give him. A majority of constitutional conservatives who are actually trying to turn this country around is extremist or an impossibility We have a lot of red states in this country. Last time I checked, there were thirty Gilbert, in terms of the trunk victory in the electoral college. Why is it up? hey. If we have a massive majority of nothing burgers, mashed potato heads, as opposed to or who have some principle? Why is it with you
Liberty in the constitution and capitalism and a nation state and a strong defence that year two right wing and we can't have a majority or weaken a five year? Maybe five out of a hundred at that's about it? Please I'll be right back. Love in making conservatism great again, dialing, now, eighty seven, seven three eight one, three eight one one I've noticed you have to that hosts. Aren't
tv and radio have really good hearing in other than my man rush, but especially on tv. They have great hearing the first hour. I did. This programme was just repeated by somebody I put out on Facebook and Twitter say fairly soon after the election. My comments about my common, what took place in a very. Ok form. Then, of course I have expanded on them here moment. I did the other people with very good eyesight. Read it in on cable tv. They repeated a to MR to produce. I'm trying to figure out how to monetize this petty monetize plagiarism. I'm not sure that many, the people who this talk about all the morality- and I do a lot of holiday shopping from your mobile device, we tell us, expect fit.
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I am all you have to do- is call one eight hundred lifelong or get a lifelong dot com use promo code, Levine, that's le, then you'll say ten percent immediately. Will, let's see who else is out there? I will say this: I very very concerned about the heavy losses the Republicans could take the mid term elections. I think a lot of that is do even though the effort now is to say its Roy more even though Roy Moors defeated and Donald Trump and so forth by they got. The effort is due to the but the majority in the house in the Senate, even if we get a decent tax beyond that she had to be seen at one thing. How mark we have limited majority. If so, what? Yes- I'll- have a majority so what all right. Let's see, let us go to Leon, must
a shawl Alabama on Syria Satellite Go Mark, yeah he's gonna Kirsty. Instead, it raised from yesterday- at the end of the day any hearty welcome other than Road Walker one when it gets the Jones and Cramps diminish in the election, I was a motor car. Was discord you didn't, get the nomination and- and I held my nose and voted for you simply because I didn't move with gems in there, I don't know who to preserve this, lay that Mcconnell airfield Feel about Mcconnell activated and if you want to tell me, is only the first step towards the public into account the glass out and everybody else after the nowadays. It was something up and I believe that
yes, laid out in Jamaica get point. Clearly, the Republican Party guy would have wanted. Oh hand, and the Republican Party blew it from the beginning. As I explained in exquisite detail with the Mcintosh Mcconnell antics, the money, not just him Carl Rove Stephen LAW, what the hell is that other guy's name, I keep Owen Jeff role They all went in there and others heavy duty to try and get a face off between Roy more and Luther strange because they were afraid of my books. They threaten mope mobile, his own seat by up If somebody do run against him of the primary and his house, he not transfer Alabama they spending fortune trying to recreate Mo Brooks alone it's really memorial and it's really unethical. When you have people, I Carl Robe and Stephen LAW and the sky row and then, of course, Mcconnell himself. They don't want to debate the issues. The chest
train smear somebody like Mo Brooks. I was a mole brook supporter and in the end I agree with you. In the end, I would have preferred Roy more to dog chance and the reason is simple: I've a family with a country. We have a government, that's how to control. We have great threats, she's in the present it needs. The additional vote I didn't create heroic Roy more scenario. Mitch Mcconnell created the Roy more scenario they report establishment by their arrogance and by their parents and the race in Alabama created it and I What you need only on a lot of people, apparently agree would make us are now repeating it on tv anyway, go ahead, well, How do I make a solid protection opportunity that you will be replaced by way of Republican again
you're saying at the day he is sworn in, he's a lame duck. Great with because he's a real left us is that either a southern Democrat he's Massachusetts Democrat. Yet if it was better called recoverable within the Democrats, yeah? I know it's not gonna happen, but I bet without your eyes and because a haystack shall we will be replaced with oil, because I don't know, I looked it out, like sixty five percent of the vote last year, he needs to know, I used to be democratic, any converted to a Republican YAP wherever Africa. The last like you didn't, come out against someone who will are you still in Alabama before before this election, there was an the case now
now before the selection. There was once a desperately pity back from that. I see I see hurried our eye Leon? You take care of yourself, Moscow to Steve Kansas City, Kansas, the Gray Casey Now as then, what the hell happened here, football team far more about Bronco fan. What happened to that is worse. I mean I can't hide behind Enver no no marilla Have you go well? Thank you. Thank you, sir, and other things. Where the education you every night and making your stuff readily available on the market with an app They are very welcome and I, a long time ago I decided to have as many open platforms as I can on many platforms. Use as an example. To speak in a minute. We have the market, even if we have dire radio lab, we have our digital platforms.
I am on satellite radio and the patriot. I I've been there for many many years and we much appreciate we're on aim and radio. And you can download us on your ipod and people with no solid we're we're all over the place. You ended it. Let us do that. Actually, I've lived and get you no matter what happened? How thank you anyway, yeah and I may be comparing apples with oranges. I don't know, but I was watching Testimony today of the assistant journey general, the Did he rod Rosen, saying yes and to think about the guy struck me is when death sessions went to get confirmed before the Senate. She'd, basically pressure diameter accusing himself from anything Russia, but according to the assistant today that he and mauler are professionals and political bias,
and play a part, and they have experienced at managing people with different political views, not ages and so forth, and so on. A big thing is they. The ability to handle it session. That didn't now that's an excellent point, of course, they're very good at their praising themselves in their objectivity. I think there again, yet any mothers activities demonstrate the opposite. His hiring demonstrates absolutely. The opposite is possibly a special council, which means really independent from the illustration, not in the constitutional legal sense, but really the appearance sense. So people can outside the administration investigating itself there a lot of people who debate it's legit or not, and I find I find it to be a great debate. But the point is that where we are and he's done, the opposite, he is basically created a crime. Investigative unit within a republic administration that is staff with Democrats. In other words,
you have a poison pill within administration of the senators put them to What I was doing a push further, comparing it to them: I guess that's why I'm here and there there, sir I'll write you take care of yourself. I appreciate it. That's continue. That's travel the country, but you'd like to travel the country. Let me that's gonna Cannon Detroit on the mark, Levant Power, you, Sir Gawaine Great, great shies, always. I just want to share with you a unfortunate observation that I keep seeing now The conservative bible, believing Christian the same type of first, and that made it possible for the Eu S constitution to be drawn up and mark I continue to see from the Republicans and from many in the media that couldn't I
by themselves those being conservative, they hate people like me. They despise people like me. They wanted criticised people like me, then they want to turn around and ask me to vote for them in the next election and I say, these people, if you're gonna, keep coming after people like me, don't think I'm, hey Turner, turn out to vote via, the sad mark, because that's gonna be. And those who drew up the constitution well back. We wanted that show that they really want today. Socialism. Will you make an interesting point- and I agree with it to this isnt progressive ISM has, as its purpose, to force any competing elements, any competing ideas, competing ideals. Out of the mindset of these are some of the society
This is why you see on our college campuses today that the radical left Us- and these are radical progresses. Our trying to silence. Conservatives are even trying to silence liberal professors who just want to allow free speech, and this is how it works. This is why so many of our universities and colleges really are filled with tenured propagandists, and this is why you're not allowed to actually when, when the job brand says? Something? That's absolutely outrageous and you criticise her then you're a sexist. This is how they train silence s and they also try and change the language of the nomenclature and I'll give you that. Yes, are you willing to bring this up? Let's take the ten commandments. Say, separation of church and state, which is not even a constitutional principle, its imposed on us by a Supreme court. What seventy some years ago, in particular by a bigger on the Supreme Court, at language was used not exactly but closer
by Jefferson and a letter when he was writing to the damn very Baptists Baton, Jefferson didn't mean it in the constitutional sense. Thomas Jefferson was not at the constitutional convention. To begin with, I was there, Thirdly, main author of the declaration of independence and yet people screw ladder, but all that said we have a situation in my country can where it is me, Indeed, it has been mandated by the federal government, at least in the past, this, idea where I men's room can be a girl's room and girls room can be amended room and so forth, and so on that yourself, and a failure at your journey, tell you in and of course nobody. Here's on the left to be concerned about the possibilities that perverts would have. It might have been very honest about this and yet that is kind of mandate in the public square right and yet, when it comes. The ten commandments. The mandate is to get rid of it, and this is Progressive ISM, that's unleashed the ten commandments. These are
the mental laws you'd only I have to be religious, not understand. These are fundamental laws that under Gerda civil society there, the basic stuff that undergo it's our criminal code, if you really think about it, but we told you gotta, Pusher because we don't want. I found a we're not going to establish a religion. How are you publishing a state religion, that will bring any that you're just presenting p but with the ten commandments I can. I appreciate your call, my friend. Gonna, take a break I'll, be right back.
In a while major senior groups like they're, a r p lobby for liberal interests behind closed doors. It conceals if the voices of mature conservatives in this country and heard these days, how that's where a man comes and aim at the association and mature. I consider since it's a conservative membership organization that I belong to and it fights to protect your interests on Capital Hill, fighting to protect America, limit government rain and excessive government spending and uphold the traditional vows, a family of freedom aim at wants to bring back the America, you love a MAC. Members also have access to a first rate benefits, including special rates on car insurance and exclude deals on cell phone service, car rental, hotels and more with a strong.
Presence in Washington. A MAC is focused on producing solutions, rather than just rhetoric. Emmett does more than men talk a MAC takes action I encourage you to join a MAC today. You can join online and aim at that. U s that! I am a sea dot. U S help bring our country back in the values upon which it was built, just head over to aim act? U S becoming a MAC member today, a MAC better for you and better former. I see here we have a disagreeable. Jerry, Sterling New Jersey, the great w I d say: go Margaret on politically up do you I join you shall be dyed with. I want to say, is: if more Europe after net blindly FBI. Gordon rounded up fifty people, thirty of them It would be a trump card system our population believe Council wire rope.
Firstly, I don't know about that number, but so what You don't know that to be true, and even if you have that belief in Europe project. You're, an FBI agent. You keep it to yourself, you don't have to thousand text between you and Europe. Paramour cheating on your wife on government time and you're not sending text back and forth without rageous statements about a president. You need to have some judgment about a president who you are investigating or candidate an investigating one way or another Europe, of sense to keep your mouth shut, Elvis you're not talking to some slugger. I worked at the Justice Department. I was chief of staff for the Justice Department, tonnage, many general, the United States, the reason my political appointees, are not FBI, agent, for that very reason the agents and I'm tired of FBI agents being put down by liberals who, just you know
run that thirty percent of the FBI Isis suggestion that most of the F B, I would actually support trumpet concern- is not liberals. That said: it doesn't matter. Their job is to Do their job and most of them do at their trained to do it and their professionals, and so when you have to ex! That reveal a very severe animus about a objective investigation or potential target of an investigation. That's exe actually why the inspector general raised the question you have You have a good guy out no last summer, I didn't they tell Congress for months, and why was the inspector general, who found the texts, model, must have known that this guy was a no good neck. I mean, after almost been higher, no good Matrona staff left, sir. You have to be taken Play partisan hack without I, Negative Eleven, to see that mothers staff is left wing. Democrat projection
as deputy, but not exclusively, and then you have the top FBI guy who's. Another left, this does not concern you, Sir Y know mouldering. They call doesn't go by and I say: can I say I mean. It's really quite preposterous that, even if the debate this maybe we'll have a right wing republic and happy. Agent investigate him. I was sent a right wing IRA sacred to do his tax returns. What do you think of that? While I mean what do you mean Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel, and you the real Americans, regular Americans you're gonna love love in tv tonight by the way- and I see on the radio tomorrow.
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