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Bill Cunningham of Cincinnati's WLW fills in for Mark. It is obvious that the FBI and DOJ engaged in a criminal conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016. Their insurance policy if Trump won was try and create a false picture of collusion between Pre...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, cunning and the great American in for the gray one mark Levant. You know what I was COD if an earlier last week by Richard Samantha who's, this theme, Spielberg our television show you, gave me the names of certain other radio torture House PET Channing further for Jesus of Talk Radios Markel event on one of the apostles last night. Was bench Ribeiro listener. Hammy did a great job, I'm on tonight, Dan, Juno is going to be with you to Morrow night on Friday next week, he's gonna be Diana by GINO and Larry, O Connor and then back to Dan. I can't get much better than that- an honour to be here so much have on item know where to begin. I don't know,
began. Look at it. This way: the more and more it develops that The investigation in the Congress continues against James me at all. Is it here's to you this one. I want my upon the table tonight. I want to live, the table, whether not the Obama administration wanted to pay the election of Donald J Triumph to the presidency and they were certainly was going to be done and, of course, either mouthpieces mainly to make sure it was going to happen with it. Excess Hollywood taping NEA two days before the our debate is the coup, Detente ended all but was a concerted effort before that, starting in the spring and summer by Jean call me and others in the FBI, the Department of Justice horrible leadership, Loretta Lynch to prevent the action of Donald J Trump inventive. I didn't work by some measure because, as you may recall, there was no question calling me
times guarding the washing do both ABC Nbc Cbs, the BBC, everybody Tromp had no chance. I and Cincinnati an desire to limit, was, as you know, no room Is everyone the presidency without worrying state of Ohio, It was well known, I think, even through the afternoon, the election that trunk could not win, but they wanted what do they want? They an insurance policy needed something just in case so because of these your general of the department just as we now know that an FBI official Peter Stroke who super as the russian investigation, when opening July twenty? Sixteen so struck knew where the he's your buried beginning in the twenty. Sixteen that he as an end. I trump and programmes recline Turner. Alkaline here to ensure that Hillary Clinton, when the presidency by number one, not indicting her
when the his history of this parents gonna be written, James call me is going to say down the road, maybe a couple years when his book comes out and is getting worse, a million dollars advanced dames call me, which is unbelievable. Call me thought you know what. Obviously Hillary Clinton has commenced thirty four thousand felonies by deleting bleach bidding and all the rest or server, the private home Bruce server. The acid Thea ages, the hammers etc, obviously, all under a subpoena. She committed thirty four thousand felonies, not aiming organ of Iranians, one don't in imagination and forty million hollers uranium one lesson: deal with the class of, information that came through an unfiltered unregulated, almost probably server, unless this deal with them Don't call me new bring in summer. If he drew the diamond Hillary Clinton, she was not going to win the presidency, so he thought to himself when comes outlook are going to be the one to so
you're like the next president? I let the people decide So what am I do is pull my punch. I'm not I'm not You know indicted for these thirty four thousand emails at all at all at all and all the obstruction of justice by whom the general males and all the rest, but I like TAT, go I'll go, and so he put the word out two annual cave in Peter Stroke, and bruised or many honest. Look, we're not gonna indict the next present. The United States, one simply not going to doing so fine excuses reasons not doing I do not share all in Hilary. Their women Shiro meals is african American. We can't do that. We're not going insiders and ex president, but the people beside us and will put out some information, and so he decides not doing died a criminal Spring Summer and fall of the twenty sixteen election. But then he wanted. What did he want? An insurance policy
the Irene Inspector General found in exchange between stroking his mistress. That set among other things quote. I want to believe the path, throughout for consideration in Andy's office, Zander Mackay number, two FBI, Andrew Mackay than theirs no way, tromp gets elected, but I'm afraid we cannot take that risk like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're forty So having decided among, themselves number one. We must have liked Hilary there, then You get an insurance policy, Nan ok, Bob was it yesterday or the day before spent eight have ours testifying before, irrational committee and secret about what he knew and when you know it's late doubt he can recall when he they had access to the Trump dossier which form the basis five warrant, and I've been eight years. An assistant attorney general I've been in front of me, courts on affidavits in search warrant and motions and limiting and
our rules and all the rest, unlike some federal judges to be, I understand such things in order to get up eyes, a worn from the foreign intelligent surveillance court, the federal judges you gotta, give them a. Actual basis to Israel warrant to wire tap Administration to be heading. Basis to get you to get to work. Opera together information. It's obvious at this point that the FBI and the Department of Justice itself engaged in a criminal codes. Piracy, the object of which was to grant amnesty to Hillary Clinton and knowing that they wanted the insurance policy and the insurance policy was gonna, be collusion information between the two, MR on one hand, and the on the other. That was the insurance policy, and so they began. Of course, conduct in the summer and fall of twenty sixteen, the purpose of which was to get the quote insurance.
Knowing I should have known the dossier was a bunch of be they got the insurance policy, they got the wire Tabs! They got a lot of other information and guess what here we are year and a half later and the russian collusion is a delusion. It didn't happen, it didn't work. So now? What do you do now a problem so now the investigation is under way, big time. Time going back. You may recall There was little or no chance. Tromp was gonna win anyway. On alone some day itself. I think it was November the eighth monuments but November? The eighth of twenty sixteen. I often had on my radio show in Cincinnati. I don't tromp ahead on the president to be about pointy. Wasn't the president. But he's a good guy that I like and Donald J, trumped junior dawn and so I am on about every couple weeks on election day. Itself. As I had amounted to a five p m on my home station, which is seven hundred W W in Cincinnati Ohio
come on on election day itself to rally the troops in Ohio is so high an important stage, a Republican. Absolutely so am I all these guys had developed, bit relationship with dawn, but I've never but I had a mountaineer, maybe five or ten times during the campaign. So I too the two calls in three minutes earlier. I talk to mobilise, had done how's it goin how's the election going today he said Willie. I tell you what we could have one this thing and I said now: I have the same so he said: look in Wisconsin. We never Ryan and walk or buying in India state of Ohio. We didn't have case it didn't important, and in Florida we really didn't have Marco. We didn't have job, but we could have This, and I said I know Don. I know I said, but look People are voting right now. You gotta run the finish line you never what's gonna happen, oh hi was important. I was her, no in Turkey Indiana size in Indiana voted for
Burma away. So who knows how that's gonna go? I think I'm gonna go. I sets excitement, but I said you gotta run through the finish line, so we finish our conversation. He goes on to o six during the election day and I now, go unwell and now, but he's got on the air talks about the issues all that kind of stuff. Five. Thirty, I get a text. The text says it's worse than we thought so I text back. They will look. What is the eggs appalling he said was terrible awful. He several ten points down rawhide way. Points down in Florida word points down in Michigan were ten points down and Pennsylvania. I said well how's, your dad, he said is low, but quiet I've been well. What that nine thirty p m portable, ten and other texts I can't believe it we might win course, I'm covering it like Mark Levine's government, my candidature Orient while March and all the websites, but the only time I have
check into the New York Times is on today they have this graph going up or down and to begin to day it was like a fifteen percent. Chance and by nine thirty p M was a seventy five percent chance that tromp was gonna win and lo and behold he one- and at that point you good sense, the panic and washing. What the deal Jane the FBI saying, thank God, Have the insurance policy? The insurance policy is the russian collusion, the illusion that we can play over them you in to defame smear slander and filled hate within the tree, but administration have them all backwards and forwards. The FBI, The department of Justice at the highest levels at the highest levels wanted to prevent the election of Donald J Trump and to elect Hilary clan, and it failed in here we are almost a little over a year later after the election and guess what
don't have later they got zero, zilch nada, nothing on the collusion version so now they move on to other issues. But here's my question for you tonight on the market of enough great ones, are radio network right now, there's only three branches: a government there's no judicial branch, the legislative ranch and the executive branch, the FBI and the Department of Justice clearly are underneath the executive branch of government. They work at the behest of the pleasure of the president they're, not some fourth branch of government, maybe that they think themselves as such. But then
some fourth branch of government whose goal is to be the nipple, tend to overseer of all things right and wrong in the world. Right now, every FBI agent in America works for Donald J Trump. Every official at the Department of Justice works for Donald J Trump therein. The executive branch of government Trump is the chief law enforcement officer in America. Isn't it wasn't? Call me it's not now Mackay is not Christopher Ray. It's not Jeff sessions that chief law enforcement officers is Donald, J Trump. He decides Mackay keeps working. He decides rather Peter Stroke and keep working in a jar. He decides what Bruce or can do. He decides all that. Why doesn't Christopher Ray the director of the FBI opponent unconfirmed about four months ago, an organ
sessions the worst attorney general since John Mitchell. Why don't they clean House and the Department of Justice and the FBI? Anyone connected to the Trump dossier is gone. Anyone who held meetings and the deputy directors Office of the FBI talking about electing Hillary Clinton, and making the administration of Trump unbearable. Anyone who believed they wanted to prevent the election of Donald J Trump needs to be fired and fired immediately right now Jeff sessions is an unmitigated disaster. Second, all into Christopher Ray. And, secondly, the rod Rosen's danger does not give any information anybody, those guys if you're in the Department of Justice you work for Jeff sessions.
If you're in the FBI you work for Christopher Ray and Trump auditing trumps should do it because there be a political firestorm, but I believe that Jeff Sessions and Christopher Ray clean house and get rid of the top echelon of the FBI and the Department of Justice. Ninety nine point: nine percent of the thirty five, thousand men and women who work for the FBI, and I have worked with the ECB in the past I have had many cases with them are the best and brightest their efforts. Resemblance Junior Kevin Costner types, their good man, they're good, and I would go to battle with ninety nine percent of them every day of the week, whether eighty have yours, Marshall, Service de FBI, good men,
but women the best among us, the top echelon. The James call me call me as a crook. Andrew Mackay is a crook Peter Stroke, LISA page Bruce or his wife are crooks. They launched a conspiracy, the object of which was obstruction of justice, relatively Hillary Clinton and then after the election. They concocted an insurance policy with the media and the Democrats complicit in order to destroy the first year of the term presidency, which, by the way did not work. Would you agree with the great success specially yesterday and today, by the way late this afternoon? The house pass. The sea are the continuing resolution over the objection of the Democrats. That tax bill was unbelievable for the country so want to get your reaction. Therefore, we have five lines open right now, at one eight, seven, seven, three, eight one,
The eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one and taught by the tax bill, which I think is fabulous. It's wonderful. I know it's so good, because the extreme is rhetoric from the left is so despicable. It's gotta be that much better on the other side of the fence. Plus we have my call for Jeff sessions, First of all right. If you went away to after Christmas after New Year's first week in January, gonna be called as well where's behind in Washington, then the time to call an annual cave, Peter Stroke, LISA page Bruce or his wife at all and fire them all get them out the door because they participated in a conspiracy to hide the criminal, Miss Behaviour of Hillary Clinton, which is of justice, and they wanted the insurance policy in order to prevent the election of Trump and when that failed, they concocted this plot about the Russian collude
an illusion which is a bunch of Bovine Scientology, so as continue once again, the phone number to call as eight seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one one bill, Cunt and the great American for the great one market, I'm not running right, american anyone, Maugre Levant, one other thought on this. On this too, situation, which is so positive for the american economy, with many companies handing out one thousand. Or bonuses the two hundred thousand employees and raising their minimum wage to fifteen bucks, an hour centre, which is a great thing. There was a story. The afternoon out of Illinois. The Illinois lose Population dropped the six largest state that you as sensitive four estimated on Wednesday, which yesterday that alone,
Population fell by thirty four thousand people between July of sixteen July. Seventeen their state now trail Pennsylvania Population and why the reasons Even if you love the now annoy especially Chicago you have unbelievable crime, you have. The cost of government is extreme. You have unpaid bills. Instead of Illinois. Thirty one billion of Euro vendor fewer private, small isn't zone. Are you deal with state of Illinois? You got a problem mentally. They have high, characters all over the place. The uninsured, shall we say, shortfall in pensions of nearly two hundred Are you in dollars that can never be paid kind of a normal republican governor. But with Democrats all over the legislature, he cannot do what he wants to do so as a consequence, if you're a blue state- and you can only deduct up to ten thousand dollars total of real estate taxes and a solid state
Taxes you gotta problem theres many many many in California, Illinois, New York, state, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, who pay between four in fifty thousand dollars and not properly and also I stayed local taxes. Is this an effort by those in the blue states to get the hell out of Dodge. I think it is so is continually their calls. When we, don't you have willing jack and thousands of others? We three lines open if you called quickly and one eight seven, seven, three, eight on three eight one, one, that's eight, seven, seven three Three one one male Cunningham, the great American for the great one, trying to reach my gun, the air quality that seventy seven three eight one. Forty eight one one, Love in radio show continues Mary
Christmas happy new Year Bill Cunning emigrate American for the great. When Mark Levin, we have caused some salt Lake City have you turn Pronuba Kentucky and Maclean Virginian Henrietta, New York and Spring Valley in New York and thousands of other places quickly quickly. Think of the accomplishments. Of the administration that them Industry media, the mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, refuses to discuss the selection. The election of topics almost every night on CNN is disgusting. I'd try not to watch it and if you want to watch that kind of progressive leftwing, social justice Warrior crap, you can watch em then we see why CNN. So I'm thinking about it improvements number one. The passage of tax, porn, providing about six billion dollars in cuts to the affair. Ro budget and putting in keeping the money in the hands of the american people repealing Obamacare mandate. How big is that you think about a family with three kids doubling the child tax credit? You think about those?
the standard adoption like Richard Samantha he's the standards some kind of a guy married couple from twelve thousand tonnes four thousand dollars. Not to men or women over seven hundred fifty thousand dollar mortgage greater than so that interest you still deductible. It is a little bit the problem of your and our high tech state of Yonah Blue State, like so many Markel events listeners our little bit of a problem, but we need to do between now and next Friday is prepared. You're twenty eighty real estate taxes because it still fully tax deductible, also the gene GDP. According to the fair, in the last quarter is gonna go up to three point: three percent: a two million new jobs created, Jones Industrial Average. All time I closed, twenty five thousand and economical but in spite of american people's out of seventeen year high the employment rate, of African Americans is out of thirty seven. Your high there- also prioritizing women own businesses? For some five hundred million dollars? Sb loans? He got a cell.
The Obama reply in pairs, climate a course which is a tremendous thing Anwar drilling an Anwar was part of the deal is gonna help american Energy Independence, go on and on and on by any object active standard, the policies of trump extremely popular. You it his name to the policy and they lose support. He's not lost the trumps supporters. People like me, people like you. There was about, Thirty, eight real, clear mark, roquelaire politics, average thirty percent approval. Thirty eight to forty four is: where trumpets the policy and just I wish she and I would ask the american people. Are you in favour, tat his name to a policy and Nepal, the sea is unpopular. You his name off the policy, and just I wish she and I would ask the american people. Are you in favour of doubling the dogs, credit for children. The answer is, yes. Are you in favour
doubling the standard. It actually go, anatomize from twelve twenty four thousand for a couple. The answer is yes You in favour, in keeping mortgage gestures to doktor deductions blow seventeen. Fifty thousand answer is yes getting name off the policy that people are Ford. You put his name a policy and its ban just the opposite of a bomb, Obama had winning personality that the media. But I couldn't stand. Look at a guy. Every Tom Olive did Obama. I have projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea, and I fled from my eyeballs. So I couldn't watch Obama, but the bulk of the american people. Sixty percent the personality, the family, the character, the dancing ability the singing scales amazing grace they liked Obama's personality, but didn't like his policies. What trumpet is just the opposite? Most of the american cannot stand trumps personality, but they love is policies.
If you add someone with personality and the policies, then you got Ronald Reagan. The last present the combined unbelievable charisma with the right policies, you see Clinton had terrible policy but a good personality by some. I saw through his AG many didn't with Bush. Forty three, you have little or no personality and failure of policy push forty one, you had little or no personality with failure of policy. This is the friend Obama we ve not had a president and thirty years, then at the right cares. Personality with the right policies and Trump is never we're gonna, be accepted, personality wise by about sixty percent of the american people, one has to happen in his trunk- needs. Step aside, just a little bit more, go, go play golf, get off. Twitter have some fun spending
two weeks doing nothing, come back and keep a low profile and let your policies work get out of our face on a regular basis, Dolby in front of us everyday anything that frequent becomes rather stale, so is policies which are important me Do you care about personalities that much really do have to have some way like? A John F Kennedy? Are Ronald Reagan, Orange Obama from the left wing perspective that you feel like a great representative of marriage, not only that I the right policies. I got plenty a purse quality myself. I know personalities like Mark Levantin, John Inanity, I'm good with that. You know I'm so I dont need to have a charismatic per banality? All my tv screen? What I need It is a present it with the right policies, this guy by any objective measurement. Has judged by the american people without whose name attached has policies across the board, most Americans,
the golden obey Anwar there's no one Levin there, but the budget Damn caribou, there's plenty of them most of em people say build the day wore on the southern border. Most I can say get out of the: u n I may not Nicky Hayley had a great presentation this afternoon- people, score the media in like it would mean she was right, so its policies are extremely popular as personalities, knots, much so if someone above Trump card spur in his ear. There's a chance over Christmas. Kennedy myself and my good friend Sean Compton, maybe with the past furthermore, logo and if I can whispering to President ceremonies a Donald doing a great job Policies are working, the economy is humming, America's back goes military one, ices just compound morbid, relax, go play, golf don't be an hour, pay so much it's. Ok! Let your policies, war, and then you're gonna have a great great twenty eighteen and twenty twenty. The last thing we need
as normal God, fearing Bible, thumping Americans, as the idea Nancy policy will be the speaker of the House and Chuck Shimmer the leader of the senator, you kill him. Are you telling me you're kidding me? Are you killing me can't do it? Man won't happen, the last two years. The Trump administration would be impeachment and horrible invest, education and the media, the innocent coopers of this world, it would be gone. Crazy, smiling, like a cat every night. So don't let that happen Whatever you gotta do to make sure that Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell. So the investor Patients are kept to a minimum, and the economy continues to percolate away. We go. Can the president he'd my advice? I may try between Christmas and New year's other than that. The things are pretty good. Things are right so, as continue take up
just call me from Partook of Kentucky and Rick Rick. I welcome to the mark. Levine show Rick. Please go ahead. Mail. Yes great American God bless you and God bless the bluegrass state. I have heard you say they had so many times, and I was so much in my local area? I can listen, your radio show it would just be them nay, nay, my daisy- and I mean it accurately. We should thank you, like You must go ahead. What do you have I am in full agreement I will tell you tat establishment version dialogue is aware, then, over Mcconnell hearing and I'm glad that Macao one eye I haven't liked him till the last few days I like
The colonel. Now I didn't like the guy at all. I've been like Ryan much, but I like him a lot right now said: o roon, don't ruin my my night by talking barely about Mitch Mcconnell like that guy right now no? No, I'm not I'm saying I'm glad he stadium right, go. Man is doing much more, for our state run, back to the issue at hand. I think that here All along with him his mind, right along with crumbs amen we will have to see our Pelosi forever all that has happened. Rick, is to repeal or replace Obamacare give us this tax bill. In April or may you may recall, going in time there were big meetings in December in the house in the Senate and therewith an agreement at that point they would put on the press. Desk on January, twenty first repeal Europe
its Obamacare tax reform. By Marge infrastructure. By August. Here we At the end of the summer, we have apart repair repeal of Obamacare. We have no infrastructure, we had no southern border fence, but we got to tax bill. Rick we gotta go but I'll say this. The biggest thing is the tax bill. That's the thing this DR everything else, thanks to your call less continue through there is on hold. Millions are listening, Evelyn becomes available, you're the routine one, eight, seven, seven three, one three eight one one merry Christmas happy holidays happy new year bill Cunning, emigrate, American and for the great one mark live in I'm not a cunning in the great American and for the great one, more global. Let's go back to the american people.
Of so well, and so long continue now with Willin Henrietta New York and will welcome it our television show will please go ahead. Goin bow a day, one, the great need to be an American. I feel humble and quietly proud and unblest eleven, this country, only four percent of the human population lives, States of America and I have we live in a part of this country that functions. Definitely which Israel, I can indiana their heart the beach. The entire nation is right here. So unblest I'm a practice. Roman Catholic I have a good wife, The senior judge in the first district court of Appeals I have a child is great to me. I have good grandchildren on bless. Her good health, even a country with tromp is my president. Unfortunately, this is my governor. That's a different story, but nonetheless I'm happy I'm proud. What about you a bill, pretty my thumb, the most of my
My story is well except for a living in a state. Where are they appreciate my values of bill, I'm calling from who met in New York here you know I grew up as a poor, weaken Democrat most of my life how many you gotta education wife also did the same, whose great
and the thing was going on here so difficult with them. I mean, I think, the way here that tax reform bill there was just pass forces voices, inner cities like New York, Chicago those places I gotta get rid of the swamp, so New York now be force to get rid of Cuomo because we will have a better require noticeably representation in terms of the tax credit that we would see in general that we look at what Europe has done in the past even the past four years, he destroyed the middle class with a progressive tax rate, possibly sector through the roof in general as a whole. So I think that in as a whole, whatever tromp is doing is to keep doing, because what is gonna do isn't across people.
A New York people, whether doubt if it were the cattle to get rid of governors by Cuomo, who passes the death and people are gonna, be forced to say what do I want to keep warm and money or give it back to the city and the government's willingness. Your question I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and, you can drive down town and six minutes I can now I can drive. Do I suburb five minutes north of me and by a brand new home for two hundred thousand dollars on a piece of Darth at seven five hundred fifty feet, theres many go to home builders and Ohio can in Indiana end a family of for once by a brand new home where tuna have bath four bedrooms for like two hundred thousand dollars you have. Hundreds of voices in this part of the country will have its construction is happy an animal around your city or Henrietta, New York of Sea. Family homes with about it.
Eleven, have format, Two and a half bath were thought to it, four hundred thousand dollars. How many homes are being built, zero at all and turned exist, you can't even drive from anywhere in Europe the New York City, without paying up worth of twenty five dollars in coal, cactus, ok and active rising, not including the gas fact everything else. So this is a huge problem that deep You people wake up too, because we are going to be left out. People thing all New York to be left to dry it. Those Democratic Europe, wants to act to protect, and let them be all that Canada take over New York or their method of dick overcome one. You know believe it or not. There are people in the eastern coast who stand with people with the so called play over state,
We are not going to take this. We are people who stand behind our president and we have people who we will were blue eurozone. We will stand for was right and the writing is for Americans to keep the most amount of money and in their pockets and willing there was maybe was sixty minutes- are one of the other. Once a week or two ago, they did it, segment of the middle class in the standard. California, if you're at you cannot be a middle class american living in a Fournier New York. Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, you can't be, and a deep blue state and ever functional, live with this good school Mr guy, I live in an area in which the public schools have? Ninety nine percent? Graduation? Other students with ninety five then going to college in public school, much less private school. I live in an area where I can drive to downtown Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky and five or ten minutes having a little or no traffic. We have a function
criminal justice system. We have homes, they can be. Purchase for reasonable amounts of money. You can be a middle class american, making fifty to sixty to seventy thousand dollars a year and living I live in large parts of this kind. You can live in Arkansas, Texas, Florida I was, A good omen. Floored. I drive around that are your county and I drove around around four Myers Cape Coral Florida you can buy a home in cave coral for two hundred thousand dollars that is safe and brand new, and that is completely a part of a philosophy that dysfunctional functional the blues. Eight in which there is the wretched. The top strong welfare, public and citizens. There is rampant crime. Nepal school system doesn't work, and so this tax bill might have the effect, of emptying out Eleanor New York in Chicago.
More and more young people, like you realize, wait a minute. Why, in the hell, am I in Henriette and New York? Why do I fight the traffic fight, the crime fight the high Opera taxes dying of taxes and call a life's things. One and I moved to Florida taxes, New Mexico, Cincinnati salt, Lake City one and I get out Nevadas Nevadas a great place to live. California emptying out in fifty years, Nevada. Have more residents in California will end, sing. It and the media doesn't cover it because it doesn't fit. Thereby against fly over country. You know what I'm saying you why Al Qaeda play the song twenty seconds, always go for the most for the ten to go for breakfast, because people dominate New York City metropolitan area is a million people. There are sixty million people there they're going to they're going to always vote Democrat.
Its p. I tell you what will it's pure and simple communism? That's what it is. Thank you will pure and simple communism com, the Palazzo pure and both communism taught the Venezuelans about whether socialism works for the mainstream media news stories about the success of Bernie, say where's philosophies and Venezuela must continue with or build Cunningham, the great American and for the great, when Mark Levin, barely counting a merry Christmas on the marshal events. With a daily fake news, dump point: through your tv mobile phone, using computers you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal, saw metabolism, Sir Tis, suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this study does
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brains, gotta brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick, house, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader women's off. You know until a genuinely the third on a Wednesday mark returns last night Bench Barrow stop stop in Peru. A great job. Tomorrow, nightstand Bonn, GINO Allison damage where I can build Cunningham, the great American with you tonight, and I wish you and your is a merry Christmas happy new year, especially my friend Curtis Layla, courtesy, I submit liberal for me somewhere to the left of narrative, lousy, oh, but curiously, Isley what this is best with very limited ability. So I wish also
courteously war and its bodies and friends, nothing but America Christmas and a happy new year and continue with more of a line becomes available. Eight seven seven three ones one one. One thing I discovered I tv show was in your city for, like a four hundred days, did five years. The girl, Cunningham shown the tv side, and I can New York City with the idea that it did like New York too loud to brush to disrespectful and every. Having spent nearly four hundred nights there over about for years, discover new Yorkers It is similar to a high ones whose yours or those who live in Texas in Florida, really good people, New York City, launch a little neighborhoods is not not a city at all. It's above. Small neighbourhoods and I had seventy five two hundred people working on my tv show showed up before six like every morning where there are ten p m at night worked hard work smart under the leadership of Kim Brescia who
The best television producer money can buy. One mark Levin begins his tv. Oh in about two months on Fox NEWS on the weekend, yadda yadda producer- if he can like Richard Samantha or came Brushwood and did a great job for me, and I love that town with great respect, for the people for an. Why pity for the fire to further far too far ahead, then? Why? For those individuals, those men, women? I had tremendous respectable with what how to deal with on a regular basis. Men Class, Americans, have one hell of a time living in Chicago, LOS Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Austin Atlanta. How do you live as a middle class? American various anticipate a normal lifestyle. Disposable income at the end of the day, high tax states, with lots of public services lots of our public, employ unions with guaranteed pensions and terrible public school
and high crime rates maker America see meanwhile dysfunctional in the large cities, I see online that the criminal right and twenty seventeen is gonna extremely low. If you would take out the ten most com I'm ridden cities in Amerika. I should call oh Lana, Memphis LOS Angeles, several other The ten largest cities and tat goes out of the crime statistics, America, has about the same crime rate as Switzerland or Singapore. I have We live in a part of the country, where, on any one day, there tends to be few many crimes in my party Cincinnati. I seldom here I siren Systems Rye live produce children? Actually graduate with appropriate mental I commend to their age and their attention to their attainment. The great magician Public schools, where I live, send their kids, the college, their functional
believe it or not. Little kids with backpacks, walked to school, but often with older kids or by themselves, because there's no fear. I live in an area where people tend not to lock the doors, there's no reason to how does that fit with New York, city or Chicago the south side of Chicago disgusting is is probably the worst part of me I got the live if you're in african American is in the South Sottish cargo or any congressional. Why district the worse place to live sets out to Chicago and the black wards of both the more what with Representative Eliza Commons and said the judge, objectively, jobs, good or bad Probably school education, good or bad job creation go to bed family formation, good or bad. It's awful, in the south side of Chicago with forth.
Thousand people shot every year and about eight hundred murders who is headquarters. And the outsiders of Chicago well. Let me think whoever Louis Farrakhan, you Jesse Jackson, also known as Jesse James Jesse Jackson. You have Rami manual. You ever I keep saying Obama and Michelle Obama. I would think that the theories of the Democratic Party are best exhibited. This outside of Chicago, because those areas vote. Ninety five percent for the democratic, whoever the democratic happens to me In that way, firmly sixty to seventy years, you can find a republican On the south side of Chicago with a search light and a search warrant, they don't exist. Would the media do our report frequently and often about the failures of democratic policies in Chicago specifically the south side of Chicago with them.
Even think about now? Wait a minute we gotta come only organizer for twenty years? organize themselves sure cargo. What are his credentials his successes to promote, am not justice bring filled Illinois but to the I didn't see the United States Z done everyone Americans, over Americans in general, what Policies of Obama have survived or worked Debbie or can Syria network North Korea did work in Iraq? Where did policies? Work do their work with job creation, educational achievement, less cruel I'm more family formation. What are the policies work? Can you tell me what is it hey you see it in position should themselves on the south side of Chicago and spoke to Louis they're gone. Jesse the action Rami Manual, the Rockies? ain't Obama, Michel and say,
singing and dancing. What have you done to take the statistics forth? thousand people shot, is more debt it to be on the south side of Chicago in Beirut or Baghdad or killed more shocked and that these scientists, that is the home that is where the philosophies of the Democratic Party are best resulted. The consequences are obvious failures are apparent. What is in the media, and time now wait a minute. Instead of talk, about a twitter war with the Laval Ball and the present about doing a series of reports on how the kids and the public school this outside of Chicago graduating within a pair. Great understanding of math geography, english economics and and
educational achievement in general, I dont know the exact statistics, but normally if you live in a black community dominated by Democrats? Have the kids do not grow The way from high school, and the other half ninety percent, you're not read or mathematically, attain the achievable level of a trough, greater and very few. If any qualify for college now, you would think. Ok, we ve tried these philosophies now for five or ten years about ten or twenty years. How about thirty or forty How about fifty to seventy years have they worked? Has anyone asked the question? Do Elijah Comings and Baltimore high crime rate Oh educational achievement, no job creation, no family formation, do they work and if they do woke yeah sure we promote those individuals to higher positions clueless on this, I dont understand it.
I live in a functional state, Ohio I was born in Kentucky. We function, we have good, probably school, We have long cost housing. We, having communities with little no crime. There's somebody sent a what are they doing right and what our the democratic depots, blue state. What are they doing wrong?. How many middle class Americans make between say fifty nine thousand dollars a year? The live, New York City, Chicago San Francisco LOS Angeles, take the ten largest cities. Can function in new city, making sixty thousand dollars a year? Can you function and live quality life. The answer is not just know they had hell no well what political party has been a controlling York City all, but the last Thirty of the last forty two years has been a democratic Party, Rudy great job Bloomberg didn't ok job. The biological is terrible thinking stunk.
The council, these same women, those in charge of the City Council of New York City When was the last time Organization, that actually runs the city or damage by Republicans this time there was a republican marriage. Chicago hype one last time there was a republican net, theirs I'm going be a Republican ever again in charge of California, because about here the electorate or spanish, and they think with a completely different set of their brain than the rest of us completely different there will not be a republican governor elected in Caliph when you in my lifetime of yours won't happen again and once the next time a Republican is gonna, be elected and dominate New York, city politics or the politics of Atlanta, Chicago Memphis, Baltimore, etc. It's not gonna happen not happen, but why is that? Why is in their independent objective analysis? These policies, you propose the larger cummings. These
policies, you proposed Jesse Jackson, Morocco, Saint Obama, Louis Fair, Rami Manual, richer, J, daily, These are the policies you proposed you ve, implemented policies in Chicago youve ample amount at the bar season, Atlanta and Memphis, you ve implemented the policies in San Francisco endorse Angeles they work. Does anyone content if you have an option and it City, to send your kid: do the public school or do a private school, no good parent, look at the educational achievement and the behaviour of the kids and large city, public schools and freely effectively, sender, kid, that's cool! If they had other options, it won't happen. It does not happen. So I want that analysis done by somebody instead of these twitter wars. Those continue we have found since on old marries. Your listening. I got off on a tangent, I'm sorry when we continue. We have calls from Virginia Chicago trying to defend themselves new
There is a California Colorado. Many places in between Avalon becomes Annabelle none ever becomes available. One eight, seven, seven, three, eight. On three eight one, one bill Cunt and the great american Merry Christmas and for the great one marvel of it. James Maclean Virginia, Welcome to the mark, Levin show hosted by the great american bill. Cunningham dreams. Please go ahead with the guy had an absolute pleasure to speak with you. I had heard the same thing. It barely are today though, about people fleeing the state and also, as we know, not if I doubt taxes or some other quickest states in terms of population expense. What I want. I don't know why James Dreams,
many times has Davy S, NBC, ABC New York Times Washington, post down of stuff. Hurry on. Why Illinois, New Jersey, California, New York, is collapsing and why access, Tennessee Ohio Turkey Indiana floor rising? Why do they do that story? Because those states are economic to park in villages? It would completely disrupting destroy their narrative that they powerful out there. Because level is an unkind. Ass reality. Point demand, as well as about down or gibbons. Indeed, in one of the biggest problems that were suffering from going for January is that we have people that flee from states like New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, California and ass. The great one mark within says they're, like local. They go from one week: field to the tax tenacious fly, often destroy. It again, enabled PETE impact.
For the very same things that they laughed and it's been start doing to watch I'm calling from Fairfax County, but, for all intents and purposes it might as well be Westchester tragedy, Yorker, Montgomery, County Pennsylvania and they'd out loud and clear, the things that I'm wondering is out of the people there and that leaving Illinois are California. Gonna go out to and taxes and do the exact same thing that they basically fled dreams, on that point. According to the drugs report last night about a coup, of a million poor regions have fled porter, you gotta go into Florida. Now, porters go by any objective measurement is a failed state because they followed the policies City Chicago Venezuela, terrible floods and hurricanes hit taxes hid Florida. Irma, etc. We survived and flourish terrible hurricane heads Puerto Rico they run, thereby before half another really on their back. So ugly Jaeger
quarter of a million poor regions and God bless Porter go. It's a roman catholic nation. I love the people of Border Rico, you put them in Florida and they go there. The political philosophy of high rules and high regulations, and I taxes lack of job creation and put them in Florida. Does that make Florida now a purple state a loose day destiny. The poor corridor, as we speak and vital whenever public can recover, give me National action without carrying flood. Can't. You very eloquently said that you not tell us what you gave us Reagan, not more money happening again and when I was given as Nancy Pelosi. Welcome. What I don't have to eat pretty much after I take this call telling you right now, a California is gone for. Generations are longer enough.
Orange numbers of border regions who are Americans, had I don't border regions for getting out of port Rico to go to Florida. A new Jersey, New York, no big deal, but they want to go to Florida because the climate is similar to poor rigour and if there's two hundred fifty thousand border regions have for kids That means out of twenty five thousand adults, are going to vote in port the foreigner. Ninety percent vote. Democratic governor Scots got a point. And Florida Florida is flipped theirs. Oh chance, a Republican will win the presidency for the rest of the century. None! But let me before I let you get to another call, my mother, some quarter Rico and beyond, Fourteen million over seven, I have to say that live here, There is a reason why those three two one wonders in terms of living on the states easily, down on the island and the reason why nobody lives on the island is because the corruption is. I am pitch
It's a failed state. It Greece is Detroit any blaster quota Rico. Yes, Maria didn't help, but the disaster with the economic collapse went by hatred, liberalism, you can't you know, I'm from Porto Rico- is downtown Chicago Puerto Rico. My friend James and Virginia Puerto Rico is New York City and you can't function as a state with no job creation as you probably schools, lots of crime, bonds and I'll pay. You can function. It doesn't work and never does work, and so we have Florida, flips, the democratic philosophy in Florida, flips rip, mechanism, as a presidency is done for the next two eighty years, Cunningham, the great American and for the gray, one more Well then, and Merry Christmas,
Joey, Cunningham and romantic love enjoy for Manhattan Joey. How are you are you today I'm doing what's going on, but I have a theory, question no leaning need away. I think maybe you may have the answer for me. If we hear about all this flight, that's gonna take place from people. New York in Chicago to move states that don't have federal taxes want their hurt. The government's federal, people income like the revenue they get. You have a new Yorker to Chicago ends at all these people out there taxes where is governed gonna. We copy those taxes on behalf of all those people live in state that, on our roads, If you look at it this way, seen stats that about ten thousand some new Yorkers Neuro setting New Yorkers thousand new Yorkers pay.
Ninety percent of the bills and if they cannot deduct state local taxes, They take their income to our southern states. It does not mean, federal government's gonna get any less money because the federal taxes apply no higher Florida taxes, California, Utah Nevada, as New York City, the law, so will be the local city of New York, which either is the greatest city in the world, I swear over you're my life there. But I'm telling you that, if you are a man, class. Are you a middle class kind of a guy joy? Better hamlets differ. Quality is there for you to have a home, which might be a two and a half bad for bedroom home, a house in New York City, how hard it to drive cars. Send your kids to public education is I'm something present in your mind, the cost of living New York? What are you find? I find it regrettable what all the gold trimmings in New York City, of course, fifty sixty seventy thousand dollars,
I wanna go drilling trimmings. They'll want to learn. How do you live in New York when applying unwise laughing, because it's not true Gary. They get you clear that up. Unlikelier became my war. You led the amount of money, the feds. I saw a study investors business daily yesterday. That said that, if the gene p of America goes up point four percent because of the taxpayer point four percent: I have no will be created to pay off the so called one point three trillion dollar ten! accumulated deficit because of the tax burden on joint from a ten year perspective, the government is going to spend in the next ten years about forty five a trillion dollars, we're talking one point three out of forty five trillion? our beds, pennies on the dollar. It's a rounding error. It sounds like a lot of money, but it's not
now join D. You think, because of the tax bill, and we the last couple days when a Ain T is doing Wilfred. Third bag is doing with a lot of other somebody's gotta, do you The economy is going to go up at least point. Four percent, because in the tax bill, hardly even more. That's my point. Therefore, it's all paid for the problem is not taxes. That problem is spending if we could spend every year, penny on the daughter, less, we would have a balanced budget. In six years, one cent you mean to tell me: the federal government cannot fine One penny on a dollar to spend less each year. If we discuss the petty when we will do that. We'd have a balanced budget. We fight like crazy over menace the old tax decreases and, let's face it from thirty. Point six to thirty? seven percent is minuscule. That's the whole deal ends its we fight over, that how about fighting
Government spending! Would you unbridled Renate control. Can we do Joey. Thank you so much bill. I create your own. But the regularity knows continue. Let's go to David and no Raleigh North Carolina Opening rallied alma Duke an arm, and North Carolina stayed nor, oh mother, Victoria falls in the home and wait for the Dickens David go ahead. I'm not hamper issue taken. How are you Are you with me at some hours and talk about? Living in are more formally all barely are conservative, Maybe I'm in the south and am I stay, is changing and will probably within the next twenty years. Younger blue ELM and because of the migration from from a high tech, state and you know I kind of calm you know about him.
I do not need about. There is dying the current state Marian, I people helping one and they continue to find Plaza If it is going on in Virginia, it's gone North Carolina where you are is going on, is going to happen in Florida because of Porter Rico, Isle of Porter weakens, but their political philosophies, the left, an energy policy, which is why Porter those failed state, and so North Carolina, was deep, Red Jesse, Helms Red. Right now: it's purple branding blue. Also, you take the Paris it's out of the northeast but add on without illegal migration chain. I Gratian chain immigration. Southern border lack of offence to the democratic path a dozen appeal anymore to middle class. Americans, so the Democrats, replacing them with large number there were spandex from third world countries that have grinding poverty so North Carolina will become a.
Blue stayed in the next ten years right now, it's kind of a battleground state, and I can think of too many states now undergoing blue to read but I know a lot of states that are going the blue and I can't think of a state that is true that over the next, over ten years is trending republican because taxes There was that they had flipping taxes. If the Democratic Party flips taxes or Florida It's over in Ohio is again estate. That's where live you care on a Democrat here with a search warrant and its because we don't have large numbers of illegal immigrants coming in Ohio and we're not they really were people flee the northeast and the northeast inside is like a funnel to Virginia North South Carolina Florida Georgia Mississippi and yours day day. How many years have you let the North Carolina?
North Carolina and seen as happened in my life but even when I would you know I'm in love bodies now, but when I was a teenager, we added insignificant spanning population, other than the signal migrant workers came the work in the farm to supplement back. But you know just in the past twenty five years what population has just exploded? We ve started in India. Son of a city that more funding to fear about migration, a blacklist, leave in the northeast, but they taken down here and they both just the same way. They did a pair. And a lot of the failure in Carolina once Charlie Concerned, I would never have another man, my laptop. Whatever is how many people you know a north, Carolina or South Carolina or floor did it. So you know what I really want to move to New Jersey, but I want get to New York
but I want to live, and I wouldn't even Massachusetts how many people south. So you know what I'm really love. The winners in an end not nor a city. I want to move your, how many people due to leave it. There, functioning well in North Carolina. You know anybody that would say you know what I want to move to the south side of Chicago. That's where I want to go beyond. No. No, no no, no, no and and the kind of man, your town and values that we are growing up, but we have we, The study is now to do that, but you just think about Florida because of the hurricane in port awakens, have automatic voting privileges and whatever state they go to, and God bless Porter Rico Great Climate well positioned American. Territory protected by the american way of life because of socialism, socialism has
George Porter Rico and is destroyed. Venezuela is destroyed Cuba. This we see the theory it's a Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi Chuck tumor player. In Venezuela, Cuba and die and Porter Rico that their failed state Porto Rico was failing before the hurricane devastated that nation, but our AIDS also devastated taxes in Florida, devastated specially used and went through living hell for weeks and months used. It is full turning again Florida is shooting again after a couple months, is Porter Rico functioning Hell. No, It's because Bernie Sanders philosophies have actually been implant. And Venezuela were babies, are dying in the streets. Porter Rico there Don't ever. Do you like that? It's not gonna get electricity in Cuba that those that theories of major policy and com the Plaza YO and Bernie Sanders Heaven
only implemented and those areas for many many, decades and they are a failed state And so why would we import to America cancer cells of left is leftist from Rico Venezuela in Cuba. Why do we do that and day but I soon North Carolina in South Carolina in twenty years being deep, blue states- we gotta go, and that concerns me as an American. I listened to rush limbo wrestling balls. The greatest The afternoon I talked about, while there is a chance that Republicans and tranquil control the presidency for the next eight years. I hope so I hope so I don't think so, but I hope so I just want tromp to complete his first term with the Republican Congress, so that there is no impeachment there's no investigations. There's no all,
crap Nancy pillows in chalk. Shimmer would make Trump go through and limit the Trump agenda. There would be no up agenda, no republican agenda and me the last two years of his term? Would cover it with glee. It would be incredible. I see. Great success is happening in America today. If you check out the Washington Examiner, they will listen. The eighty one major accomplishments of the trumpet administration. In the first year, checks Washington, examiner tonight. Eighty one Marguerite involved here, but there all right there, Imagine Nancy policy in charge of the house don't shoot? Em are in charge of the Senate, so the president Scott to say you know what whatever it takes for, that not do occur, I'm going to try to make that happen. Tell me what I gotta do and I can tell em you can tell em Markel event can tell em Hannity can tell em courteously, walk and tell him which is calm down, get out of our face
don't have irrelevant fights with people like Laval, ball Do that anymore? Stop it. We simply. Let's his policies, speed for him and their success he's very likely to keep the house and keep the Senate which guarantees a supreme court for the next, Several decades got Let us have a roof better Ginsburg. How does eleven other three years, not just as candidate God bless him. Is probably going to step down and about eight months. So if, if you could pick off against Burke and Kennedy and maybe a briar. You would have serve it, of course, for the next thirty to forty years. That's what is at stake here. The greatest accomplishment of tromp is taxes and the judiciary, Twelve circuit court judges, yours and eleven eleven or twelve circuit court judges, the greatest accomplishment. With shimmer in charge of the Senate. Non zero
Zilch, not a zero rural judicial nominees would be confirmed, zero zero. What is tromp have to do to stop from transport, whatever it is, he's got to pay attention and he's got to do too much is at stake, must continue. Ballade becomes available, which had never does one eights seven. Three one, three, eight one, one bill cutting out the great american Merry Christmas in for I love it I'd better Cunningham. The great american issues popped up. There strawberry, the great Metz baseball player and a hero of Richard Cement of the producer of the mark, Levin Show enlisted locker room at ten
and to entice women to have sex with him and the clubhouse the Mets before the right field. Would return your game in between innings straw explain his coaches in teammates would cover for him when he was having It's between innings. They were pretty cool Now, a christian pastor, Darrow Strawberry, has reached out there ran based our Lamar Odom, whose had his own public. Arms, drugs and alcohol is life matters there? Fifty five Euro strawberry quota go in between earnings, mats games stuff like that run back and forth. And party with women between the fourth and fifth earning while His Darrow strawberry right now, I fear, and man he's a christian man. Fifty five years old living a good life. He said medical problems, psychological problems, drug these problems he found the Lord Darrow strawberries illustrate narrow path, hopefully Dwight good near with him continue, thousands on all millions are listening. I've gotta go
I can Jolly Illinois, hopefully not imprison gray. You know annoy welcome today, Mark Levin show hosted by Bill Cunningham Great, please go ahead. Bill gates by your talk endlessly for years, I can recall squaring one thing about by Chicago place called Ellen. I let's not only out of New York City. There's this they called New York. You know most in New York is like Pennsylvania, Alabama Mississippi, but then there is no point in your city much like in Chicago their support. Illinois outside Chicago, correct, familiar with so my lifelong generational about one. In carrying this year we just got outweigh crookedly, but I'll tell where you been retired? Women got guidance,
the kind with we reach fifty six a dead already? In other words, if we let the fullest thing to Know- and I know we were set up a straw dog a long time ago, because the partition stop, a portion entire retired, from the only reason why we have returned thanks a long life and which, in the great stock market I'm gonna need a legislative council after we had maybe the men, why no Democrat, all switching right? What's a solution in Illinois, you have like a hundred forty billion dollar deficit. What do you do when you can afford? And I agree, being a prison guard or bringing a copper firefighter red, bring great men of garbage collector. I have great respect for garbage collectors. Many of my guys go up and three thirty in the morning a whole garbage cans, great respect for those public servants, But what do you do when you upside down north of a hundred billion dollars yeah, it's a great place to be in, but it is because the policies
decided to use the money somewhere else, the employees working in their conduct, nor you yeah. They sources into its own weight of our own contribution to this tape about his men for letting a grating ninety and they re attentively to cooperate, Politicians will fight them, Asylum, but any other thing: is you not in social security, in fact Unum my wife, whose the senior judge in the first district court of appeals. State employee and she as no option she must be in the public system. She cannot permit. She can get it Social security benefits because she didn't pay system right. You said we were being used in the start up here, but just so you know, Do we need real estate? What a fire You know I back. Won't people argue I need the move south, but when you if South keep your political philosophy, don't be like
August Mark Levin uses the analogy of workers is a clean out, a field that move the next Real North Carolina, Georgia South Carolina, George of Florida Missis? the Alabama or sucking the northeast. Coming whether democratic philosophies. Let's continue with or build Cunningham and from article event Merry Christmas, one more beg our remains they'll, counting men from argument.
Now run them only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader cutting out the great american aim for the great, when, Michael again, I enjoy there's so much or may seek to have one or two more hours tonight, if possible. Mark. Linley labelling will be back with you on a Wednesday January. The third is tv show on on Fox debut. Now at the end of February or so I'll be watching that every week and I'm gonna love that I can't get enough Mark Levin. He truly is the great one. Let's continue one last thought is that there has been a concerted effort by the modern Democratic Party to substitute the voters, They have lost in the middle class with a different category and group of voters that can be
oil and allegiance to their political philosophy never in american history as a political party for God, ignored the requirements of the nation in exchange for political power, the Democratic Party and we saw in twenty six. Especially the middle class. Black brown, yellow, red and white are leaving the Democratic Party in droves because they do not represent their interests anymore, so does subs. To those tens of millions of someone loyal, democratic voters, the democratic parties made. The decision do substitute instead of the middle class Americans, with large numbers of spanish voters pipe, pandering and exploring their fears and concerns on watching it happening. It's gonna happen in Florida when you have two hundred fifty thousand porter. Ninety percent of whom are Democrats drove me, IFOR, cord or elsewhere in Florida, and
met by democratic party activists with a canopy of government benefits without reach provider Obama, phones and cell phones and email addresses contact points to be used to march to the polls. Pointy, eighteen and twenty twenty and is a frightening prospect. I love Porter Rico and Porter Rico loves me. I love newer city. Nor city loves me, I, our little or nothing for the political philosophy that underpins both situations in your city, do is ten thousand new Yorkers pay about. Ninety the of the bills in your city. The blog and chrome, are scared to death. That, though, Ten thousand may say you know what I can't take it anymore: the state and local taxes, property taxes. They pay oftener north of a hundred thousand dollars and of law numbers of those ten thousand late New Yorkers decide to move.
North Carolina South Carolina floor to Texas or you, or no matter or whatever your city would collapse, and they can have that in Porto rake Porto we'd never been there, but I am. No, it's a great place. They were dysfunctional and bankrupt large reform, long before they had the hurricane strike and really state, the I'll even worse than what it was but it wasn't any worse than what happened Euston or one arm. It did the Florida, the differences in Texas and floor terrible natural disaster struck a functioning government in which
Our numbers of individuals were prepared to act and they did act, and I am familiar with the Governor Scott Enough and not an tax and Florida, especially Scott, does a great job in Florida quickly. He got the work on getting Florida right up the spine of Florida from call your county through Jacksonville back up and running, and it was functioning used in one through a living hell for several weeks and months. There now. Thank you very much functioning Porter Rico because it struck a politically devastated areas to begin with. Despite having These other advantages, Porter recommend recover for months or, if at all, because it is totally dysfunctional, it should be a great functioning island has, american territorial protectorate, but they one function,
for the last ten years, because they adopted the political philosophy of Bernie Sanders. Comrade of laws, YO chalked, humor and Nancy policy. We ve seen of played out what what kind of middle class success is there in San Francisco or LOS Angeles or Chicago or Atlanta Middle class. Success or New York City, man had middle class success, making fifty two eighty thousand dollars a year and functioning quite well. Thank you. It does not exist Chicago. Oh dominates. Illinois, like New York City, dominates the state of New York, much to their detriment, and there being supported by an exceedingly few number of people in Chicago, probably the numbers, closeness, sexual, that seven thousand Chicago and ninety percent of the bills near city, ten thousand new Yorkers.
Pay. Ninety percent of the bills, it doesn't function anymore, there's no middle class. It's the oligarchy at the top and alarm the bought large number of New Yorker Chicago ones. Those San Francisco LOS Angeles, the bomb there aren't any single family homes being built for the middle class in These areas they don't exist, the other part, the red part of of Amerika, you in call your county in Florida. Longer I for Corridor Jacksonville, Mississippi Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky Southern Illinois. You can go out and find thousands of homes being built between two and three four thousand dollars with good schools and low crime and functional families. How do you find that, in the areas control by the Democratic Party, it does not exist and as an average? Never ever will it Eddie politics.
That is the great story, but the mainstream media refuses cover because it doesn't fit the narrative done fit. The dye trot my friend Tucker Karlsson, he's doing a segment on illegal migration in America from third World poverty nations at least twenty percent may be as many as thirty percent of federal prisoners. Twenty to thirty percent are illegal aliens, twenty to thirty percent, serious criminals in LOS Angeles County in LOS Angeles city schools. Forty percent of these students there, forty per do not speak English at home. Forty percent there's eighty seven languages spoken all demanding he s, L, tutors, Angli, second language, at a cost millions and millions of dollars and the city of Chicago School system over ninety percent of the so called students do not
it is the great level whatever grade level. There are third, fourth, fifth, eighth, freshmen senior and high school. Don't read it the grade level same thing in your city, dysfunctional, utterly dysfunctional and the city of Baltimore public school system, this system socks, and normally the cost per student is tend to fifty, thousand dollars per year per student and complete meltdown. Listen to this one knows an inner city, school and the city a sense, and I were every year. Seventy one percent of the students are suspect, did or expelled every year the teachers or under tremendous pressure to not suspend or fell anymore. So if you want to be a functional student and you're in a classroom completely out of control the blackboard junk. Whatever urban districts urine and you're a good kid from a good family, you can't then you can function in which political parties,
exclusion of all others. Our control that school district whenever the urban areas is the Democratic Party, it's a damn party completely the worse place to live. In Amerika. If your black isn't congressional black district by any objective standards, public education, crime, job creation, fail formation whatever it is. You want to say it's terrible soda. They spend their time I'm trying to improve the circumstances of those american living in their district. Absolutely not. They want to spend their time investigating the Russian urgent, delusion an order to cast aspersions and misdirect the attention of the media. The shiny bride object on the right one, those resident. Eliza comings and district in Baltimore are living a hell in Chicago this outside of Chicago Living, Hell, four thousand shot, mommy and daddy. You can't go out at night. Grandma's that can shop at a bakery is completely dysfunction.
In which political party is in charge of all of these areas, it's the Democratic Party. This is not racial, for example. The numbered the top two states in Amerika for like a life expectancy, because the opium epidemic or what Virginia and Ohio these communities, I know an we got problems, we're going to lose. Tens of thousands of a high ones this in West Virginia loses likely amount because the ugly I hope your interdiction we're gonna problems everywhere, but that's not a political problem. There is not an old boy user, whose Democratic Republic and that's a medical issue but there's a disease and a sickness and utter Democrat Party that is destroyed every adherence to the philosophy and the fail
here, is apparent for all who have eyes to see and ears to hear its apparent what's going on, but it will not be covered. The functional parts of our country, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi Alabama Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, North and South Dakota Iowa sure functioning state Wyoming Functioning States, because they have limited government, low taxes, less regulation and the demand for performance in a public. So system. Can you in your city or Chicago LOS Angeles, San Francisco Baltimore Miami? Can you actually claim
urban areas dominated by the Democratic Party. Any of those rules apply of civility. The answer is not just know the answers. Hale, no, it doesn't function, it doesn't work. Bernie Sanders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck humor. We ve tried their approaches in the major cities which, unlike city states in another themselves, and they have failed miserably in every circumstance and a nationwide, whether its porter Rico or Venezuela or Cuba, the socialism Bernie Sanders has been tried to a miserable miserable miserable effect, but the media then want to cover it because the media are leftist themselves, they keep dreaming for some communist man faster will arise and that people will in those areas will suddenly become crime free. We could possibly schools lots of job lots of family formation. Doors are kept, a night. Neighbours are waving and each other at doesn't happen, doesn't have
in small town, America, all the time. It's the way we spend most of our I live in an area in Cincinnati where I seldom here I siren leaving a door unlocked is no big deal. You can leave your car pie The night in the driveway Norman's gonna break into it, there's no illegal Drug use to my knowledge. The school system Joe, it's ninety nine percent and ninety five percent going to college. In that way, it should be when I speak to a suburban class. And northern Kentucky Indiana or Cincinnati, and I sit there and the front of the class and I speak to fifteen or twenty kids. Some of the classrooms pay attention. They listen. They have supple intellects, they asked good questions, they pray I go speak to other districts. Some white, some black and the kids are dysfunctional they're on their phones, constantly you're talking to each other and are not paying attention. I can tell right there these kids, you gonna, make it and those kids are not gonna make it. How do we
encourages Americans? The right kind of Merrick way of life? How do we do that, except at times by political philosophy and by employers, I d, a actually work, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Florida Ohio Kentucky, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota Montana are found Turning states, they actually work. The city states that don't work are apparent ones, ones, red ones, blue. What the media cover these things, it doesn't fit the bias it doesn't fit. The prejudice, therefore, it is not covered- must continue. I'm sorry, I'm babbling! Looking back to the american people, we have christened shockingly in prison, Mark and thousands of others, I am honoured to pension for Mark Levin tonight of two Richard cement all do more. Madame ammonia, every Sunday night disintegrated basis on Monday through Friday, in Cincinnati eleven minutes. All I do is talk. All I do is talk.
But I want to use these platforms to get out a message of hope and peace and harmony, especially during Christmas lists, can t It was more bill cunning and the great American in for the great one Ben the enemies deal further collusion with The Obama administration to elect Hillary Clinton becomes apparent and that they have. The FBI. At the time. James call me, and rose in Spain and Mc Cave and Peter Stroke and leaves a page I'll go to jail along with Bruce or because the
struck to justice and not indicting Hillary Clinton, and that they prevented or tried to prevent the election of Donald J Tromp and lost But then the insurance policy arose, which was the rush. Collusion delusion. What the affidavit Pfizer Coordinate was a lie in order to get search, warrants and eavesdropping on elements of they Trump campaign, which turned out to be a crime itself, wouldn't have agreed If the investigators become the investigated and that the bright light of truth is shine upon the cockroaches At the head of the FBI and the Department of Justice, A sudden James call me was convicted of obstructing justice in the Clinton investigation and annual Mc Cave was indicted and convicted of us up. Acting justice and the dossier matters in the five accord because of the so called back up plan the insurance policy, one regret of Peter Stroke and least
page my time and jolly at federal prison because they obstructed justice both in not charging Hillary Clinton and obstructing justice in trying to get tromp ah indicted Convicted of rushing collusion delusion that hasn't happened. When that be a wonderful thing, I wish no one else. I've been a federal law clerk, I've been a assistant attorney general and I've practice criminal law for forty years. Understand how the games played and ninety nine percent of cops D, a F b, I d, O J, AI arrests outside allows learner, are good, good women that are doing much right, but there was a poetic decision made by the old boy. Oh my administration, to elect Hillary Clinton, and they provide an insurance policy against the election of Donald Trump. It is clear, that's what happened! This involves a conspiracy probably involve Loretta
wench Iraq, Hussein Obama, James call me Andrew Mackay, Peter Stroke, LISA age Bruce or his wife at all. And it was known at the time. Don't worry about it. He's gonna win. Hilary wines. We got the end Sharon's policy against Hilary Clay. Because she knows that we know what were the bodies or buried in call me and my cave and stroke all new nets is here. Who's. Gonna win they would have. Something over her head, like J, He ran over the heads of Kennedy and Nixon in jobs unbelievable would not be. A very interesting must continue with more you're coming under great american sitting in full Markel event. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, Happy New year. Your cunning undergrad american infomercial of it
Let us continue with more scope to Chris De Harbour, Illinois Chris, welcome it. They'll cunningham- might want onto the market even show hosted by the great american Crisp. Please go ahead, airlock I've! Actually, failure of people coming the Chicago down in my area, which is less natural Illinois, and I lay like thirty minutes from island emissary and seen the good the good does you just want to get away from the thing out there get away from that area, neither moving over dial up here and have also seen the bad matter back. The guy does God convicted of murder from Chicago over Imperlite then serve their Nile of Turkey on again over here. But, let me ask you crazy: is your part of Illinois functional ears? government that works crime, jobs
or is the Illinois political climate? So toxic parts of Illinois can overcome Chicago. It's really hard in our area, because the quad studies, which is a few hours north of us, As the idea in eighty a corridor and that's where a lot of money is, we got places I caterpillar and even John Dear there shall places down cosmic. Do they cancer right, and I am the giant and work I work as an anti anomaly and national guards than an army that my full time jobs for his ears has been was content and the very could they have a job, Emily doesn't and they pay or better and when my taxes, This skyrocketed, I'm glad the tax break out in complete. I used the federal money I'll get back my tax. If they are the only good increasing age. Is anyone in your opponent? Illinois say you know what I really want to do is moved the south side of Chicago. That's where I want to go
absolutely not, but I wanna go to issue I to go to sell sided Chicago, we're Obama, for twenty years, organised community that a great. Job on this outside Louis gone, Jersey, Jackson, Rob Emmanuel man. I want to move this outside of Chicago and move my move, my wife and three little kids into that school district. That's where I want to go there, that not many arid old everybody. A mine lives up around the south side. Is I tell upon a job? We came back. My racking o four, but do the hard have ears the heart. Had you they'll, find work and concern Dorothy, eagerly really join it he's trying to help others bessie ass. If he came, he fitted out there and everyone else. I know I have another friend of our by it lives up in while a prevail area, he doesn't like it up there, he was come back down to earth were key. Grew up, is at all
a better gear, we our petty crimes and that's not no again bangers, not four thousand people shot not I have another murder, not sky raw, cutting taxes, dysfunctional families craziness, you don't have that now occurring now. We have been still carry no thanks to Chicago. The one thing element was able to ask her. If she cardio wants it, they get it. If the rest of the statements it she Carter a huge ass, but you have asked us our way. Most of us the boys are taken in our own hands causes? Look the other way? Is there right there with us to know that it has been crazy, like that, and I think the removal of the state of the little mood was caught and does not bear up their air for my family and I now both the move to ILO Missouri discuss
It's a better across the river. Unfortunately, we'll get a job. Is the governor Bruce Wrong, or do I see any good and should now annoy runners doing the best he can he's trying to make it a more economic friendly? But The cargo Chicago Cargo having it's like. Ok, and soon the legislature is completely democratic. Is that correct, or at least a part of it, isn't you just can't overcome. Then I say, then I've got a job. The latest trailer legislature is democratic and because cargoes that's my people, mostly the share here as well. Four county area that are causing cargo Can you tell me if you live in Chicago and your tax through the roof, crime is rampant and public school systems. There is little or no family formation occurring. What is it? but the quality of life. That way,
Living in the south side of Chicago says, this is where I want to stay. I'm not being from here. I like it here. Why did I Seven hundred thousand people live in the south side of Chicago when by every objective measurement is completely and collapse. Water, american stolliver- they say they drive away out, but Morgan Freeman, during an interview today, the bus leaves everyday answer if I was in that situation, and maybe in the good old days Chris, when one did access to social media or watching who's, your listening to talk radio, you didn't know It was like, on the other side of the fence, other side of the mountain, but if you moved in North Carolina, South Carolina, George applauded taxes. I am as much better. The taxes are much lower. The public school system functions. I dont know why anybody given a choice. I live in about the ten large urban areas in this country whenever they
completely dysfunctional and backwards. I dont get it requests we're gonna go thanks for your call, Let's go to German, I think Arkansas, German Arkansas welcome to them. Our television show Jim. Please go ahead, bill. I listened to your Sunday night show for years, but I a chance to talk to you. I wanted to ask you about your opinion the deputy attorney general rose and staying he works for Jeff sessions? Jeff sessions by far, is the word The attorney general this side of John Mitchell Jeff sessions, has been long enough. He's been in Washington, I guess thirty or forty years to say, wait a minute. Completely dysfunctional department of injustice rod, Rosen's three new pixies friend his friend bomb, to be the special council and is given a
I want to investigate the present according to ROD, Rosen stain monitors whatever mauler does according arose and see monitors what's going on, we in this country, large, Thanks amendments, thirteen committing them these crimes. All over the nation. We have fifty states investigations of ISIS terrorist. We have hundreds of child. Trafficking rings. The brutal babies and young girls and young boys on a regular basis. We have found since of unsolved bank robbery snow, the eye? In other words, the FBI and the Department of Justice, have Some work to do. Would you agree? They have lots of work to do instead of doing work, the FBI and the Department of Justice, FBI reports to Jeff sessions. Instead of doing that, you have done since, in dozens of agents, spending thousands and thousands of ours I can down russian collusion delusion at the expense of time spent
on human trafficking on bank robber on international drug cartels, what we're wasting our time on a bunch of crap that doesn't now to hell of beans right. Fond assertions. I clean house I get Value Mackay get rid of rod. Rosen's dean I get rid of Peter strong. I get rid of lease of page. I get rid of Europe that or character I clean house and store the F B. I do its traditional function as the nations problem. Law enforcement agency. You can have the deputy direct The FBI. Talking about I blindly, a bloodless conspiracy, the object of which is to take down the presidency, have Donald J Trump and obstruct justice pornography. We charging Hillary Clinton, the Its levels we have pie are committing crimes. Right now, the guy in charge of stopping it is Jeff sessions and what kind of job is he doing.
Well, he has refused himself night What a blunder by Trump? You see. He never should have appointed some on from his campaign to be the attorney general. By doing so, you set up this scenario. Underwood you're during general has to reduce them often appoint someone outside the administration, so to speak, to investigate itself may Obama, despite being a lousy office holder, but a great politician Obama New I got my guy. Loretta Lunch, and I have my First, the journey general is going to be there and that guy gonna make sure holders make sure that our investigated for anything always learner committed crimes at the IRS, but older and Lynch made sure there was not some outside investigator. They spied all the criminal active
These are the Obama administration. So how the hell did Joe Borg himself and opposition. Where he allowed the control of the criminal investigation of his administration, be controlled by the Democratic Party a crowd control the investigation against Donald J, Trump democratic lawyers, democratic contributors. Programs like Andrew wise men who want to the victory party, supposedly, which didn't happen when Henry Clay Hillary Clinton is investigating Trump. I guarantee The Obama never want to. Let the Republicans investigated Now they have the Obama administration but Tromp, because obsession is allowing now Democrats to investigate the Trump Administration for crimes and those Democrats. Tromp, politically eliminated. How did Trump work himself when this position, so you excited sessions It is just as bad as road sessions. I mean I rose and steel works for Jeffrey sessions. What
Beauregard call in rod rose and seen in says, you're, fired and bottom. I annual Mackay you're fired Peter Stroke, you're fired. He has the power and the duty to do it, but he can't do a poet. Play because Anderson Cooper would go nuts, We need an attorney general why Gary Cholera Loretta allege that had long large coneys. They carried the war, for the Obama administration, in fact, at one point, call it a result in contempt of cord by the Congress to First Agee ever because he would. I'd criminally investigate. He would not after the Obama, administration and Trump needed that say kind of loyalty of that person. In order to man that is invest the investigation, be spite and we got em stuff go on this country, Jim without human terms, Ok, we got ices problems, we ve got as of lawlessness on the southern border, we have bank robbers, there's stuff for the FBI to do and a priority. Things. This thing is irrelevant and immaterial
oh Jim, yes, I don't know why rod roses theme is still there. Christopher re was appointed by Trump and confirmed the centre, the F B. I went on the drug, the FBI and I find out that my cheek, deputy? Might not my top number one guy underneath me He's holding meetings in the FBI's senior officers about insurance policies to impeach the incoming president. I find that guy immediately is not doing the work of the FBI. Wizened Christopher fired him. Why isn't he acted? Okay? Well, thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Jimmy or a great American must continue. More of Allied becomes available, which had never does eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I get fired up about this. I have hope, Think of the God of the Washington Examiner website. They have eighty one great accomplishments of the Trumpet administration and alone Obama legacy items repealed. It has a long list, this guy's doing recently I watched
mainstream media, they gimme projectile vomit. Explosive die ray. I can't take it, there's no objectivity. It's all made up crap must continue The eight minutes after the hour bill, Cunningham, the great American and for the great one, Ben. Only foreign investment remained bill, Cunningham the Great American and for the great, when Mark labelling continue with your calls. Lessons on old millions are listening, let's go to Stephen or staff in the Bronx Stephen welcome to the mark. Levine show Stephen. Please go ahead. I think one of the bright shiny stars in the administration has become his Nicky Halley. Oh yes, really well she's, really shine a light on petrol hatred. This place has further here for you
Israel, I mean. Why did you really should take up their bags pack up the procedures get just get the hell out of the country. Really expose what is the the half of this country, and I love it. I hope she continued Stephen CNN had and lucid moment quite rare a couple hours ago and which they pointed out that eighty three percent, of the condemning resolutions and you end ass. Ten years, eighty three percent have been directed against Israel. I'd, be Anti Semitism and might be jealousy and might be the fact that day Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle EAST in which human rights are upheld and that thirty percent of the This is living their air Muslims doing quite well, but by Nicky Hayley. If she became the Secretary of State, if she the President hack in five or ten years, she might be, the President Nicky Hayley, I think as a star and what she said this afternoon about taken names and spending. I guess we spend it.
Thirty billion dollars in the EU and one way or another, thirty billion course we have to borrow. Billions of dollars of that to give away the nations that hate us. It is despicable. When we, one wars cured famine, care of the yellow and dispossessed refugees all around the world for notches decades, but for almost a century every time we need a little bit of help. There's no one there to help us, but kickin us in the Bud Nicky the last few days, has been spectacular on the: U N, I love support. Israel, my boss is a jewish carpenter. I love Israel represents and the fact that rush, the world despises Israel, says more about them than us now how'd. You just keep shine a light of truth about that place is not going to change, and, may I say something like nine nation supported us. One These seven opposed all we said is an For years. We we want to put our embassy and the jewish cap
Jerusalem, not TEL Aviv. That's no big deal It's amazing. Even CNN, ever known as a lucid moment and they Eighty three percent of the condemning resolutions have been against Israel. Despite what happening and Yemen. What happening in Iraq and IRAN what's happening in Syria. North Korean would see. Three: is a large prison camp, all countries a prison camp, but then spend time on important stuff. They talk about Israel was the visuals doing something wrong and at some point- and you know every now and then Stephen, I say some bad about to happen. Much longer or Israel put up with IRAN marching through a rock through Syria, surround Israel right now. Israel has a mortar, dagger a moral dagger aimed at its heart and its quality. Iran. Iran wants to destabilize Saudi Arabia, and I caught her and the? U s ye, but more specifically Israel and that's Saudi Arabia now has become friends with Israel
The Jews in the Saudi Arabia's have gotten together to oppose the ear. A lot of IRAN. The great failed. Or of the Iraqi WAR Bush forty three was. The fact was: Saddam Hussein gone Iraq. It is now a province of IRAN and are using Iraq other. She is to march through Iraq to surround Israel, I don't know how much longer Israel is going to put up with it, but I love the jewish people of the state of Israel, never been there. I want to get there before I die. I want work in the shoes of the fishermen in Israel butter, but love would Nicky Hayley said, and now we gotta run, but thank you very much. We gotta run denied. I had last three hours flown by. I wish I could do more. This Markel event, but among their six days a week anyway. But one not radwan Richard Samantha causes, may has produced and asked me to pension from article event I'll. Do it any night? May? U? Yours have a merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year Bill Cunning emigrate American in for the great one
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