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Sen Chuck Schumer and the Democrats chose illegal aliens over the American people during the short government shutdown and that position clearly backfired. The Democrats are hellbent on getting more voters so they can regain power and never let it go. ...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody MIKE Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, but I hope you ve been with us the less but courts fifteen years, but especially the last week as we battened down the hatches for the government shut down toilet paper was flying off the shelves in bottled water, milk for the little ones If you should, the government shut down over the weekend was brutal. As, ladies and gentlemen, the house just voted, I opened the government. The same
voted open the government's earlier. So the government's open again, not those of us who work for the governor and federal contractors, in other words the private sector. We didn't notice the government shut down. It was Saturday and Sunday, Saturday and Sunday the governments not open on Saturday and Sunday, as I said on Friday, Friday after six p m. In time more government workers were home for dinner or whatever more government workers at home for dinner or whatever than they would be on Monday morning. Now, if you look as an I brought no house Benito Obama of course, you'll do whatever you can to punish the american people after all, you're smarter than everybody else in your trying to change America for the better
But if you're serious person- and you understand that really almost nothing shuts down, I then you're not out to punish the american people with these. These faker Dramatic events for the media by blocking veterans from going to see the World WAR two memorial and so forth, and so on that point we couldn't shut down the federal government. If we wanted. So much of it remains open and I'm not talking about defence and national security and so forth, and so much of the debate stick side of the federal government remains open, No, I don't wanna be inundated with federal workers and federal contractors who tell us how horrific this has been for them really call one or the other house collar back venture they're interested. I'm not.
I'm not what's being done to the american people by the government. That's what I'm more concerned about. Now we frame the issue early last week. The White House framed it thereafter and others are framed thereafter. Led Democrats took a position that clearly backfired impart thanks to you and this radio programme the point of the spear, will be made a very simple Chuck Schuman. The Democrats. Illegal aliens over the american people. The illegal aliens over hungry Americans elite, aliens over Americans who are in house illegal actions over men and women in uniform, oh yes, illegal aliens. I should because the Democrats or hell bent on getting more voters.
So they can regain power. Never let it go. If you want an example of really what the Democrats, one for this country have to look at California, California was one ceja heavily republican state that so much in registration, but in terms of voting, gave us a lot of great governors. Reagan, dude, Megan people, some too many you couldn't elector republican governor there right now for life depended on it. That's all you, one party state, every leftwing cook ideas, institutional eyes. There. The borders are wide open, the illegal aliens, the merrier I've got the highest state income tax in the nation. The highest are one of the highest sales taxes in the nation property taxes through the roof they punish their businesses. The regulatory state there is just smothering have people are leaving citizens, I should say her, leaving productive
citizens are living. Illegal aliens are flooding the state, but the Democrats don't care there in control and I intend to stay in control. For as long as they wish I'd say. One party state in the ten states completely out of control. This is what the Democrats want for the rest of America. They successfully hijacked an entire state. A state that had been republican state that had voted for Ronald Reagan twice and George W Bush when he ran the first time and has been republican for president since. They also know that, according to an interpretation by the census of the constitution, they continue to get more and more congressional seeds because they can't people many citizens.
So they do, then, is another way to stop the ballot box eventually and to have control and they're doing this and other states to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Sophie So we, the american people, we go through this vague drama of a government down every now, and then this is actually number officially nineteen, since the nineteen seventy four budget act and its not to shut down it's just a threat. A fear tactic by the left by the media they go on and on and on about this, that the vast majority, the american people are totally unaffected by this. Despite the best efforts of the media in the left punishes we limit can people unless we Benda their agenda, told you before,
holy dunderheads politically. This is blackmail and it usually successful, but the president said now he's not Buckley. A cattle and Ryan saw the present wasn't buckling than they stood firmer, not firm, firm but even more than that we, the american people, were under this them the people who listen to this programme on this early on, because we call it in its thanks actually what we said it so facon affront the media, is to drive of a train. You remember the clocks. We talked about Friday, no countdown clocks for the gum and shudder embarrassing how the media cover this sword. They absolutely embarrassing. Chucks humor looks like a fool. Novel leftwing cooks are all upset because they feel here buckled what course buckle didn't make,
hence from day one, the entire democratic parties than a fall on their sword for illegal migration when three hundred twenty million american people are looking on and as we strongly encourage the Republicans and the White House to make this the stark choice between illegal aliens in the best interests of the american people, and they did- and I want to congratulate the president and even the Republica leadership for that. But let's see what happens now the horrific government shut down again over the weekend.
Saturday, Sunday, the government president, you couldn't get a bureaucrat on the phone if you wanted to and they had off Monday, we'll get their money, unlike in the private sector. Your followed, your furlough, that's that we are tired of being run by the most radical elements of the Democratic Party in the pieces and the Republican Party and the most radical elements of the Democrats party oppose that govern the being open unless they get everything they want again we're playing by their semantics. The government open the government, shot shut down, blah blah blah. But the more radical elements of the Democratic Party, which means most of them, oppose opening the brake government that they say is necessary for us.
While so I want to emphasise this again, as I did last week, cooler than Democrats, this man as of centralized federal leviathan with ubiquitous tentacles in We aspect of our life is necessary, a far survival, except when they at least theoretically shouted down. Then it's not. That's the position of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth warn that supposition, Coy Booker And come Allah Harris. So the government is necessary for our survival. People will die, accorded to die and Frank and Feinstein, except when the left's issues aren't enshrined in our budget Then you can shut it down. I guess people died. Nobody die over the weakened as a result of the government's shut down on Saturday and Sunday did. They know. I don't think so
Democrats, don't know what argue anymore. They don't know what this is. Governments can never be shut down. We need it and, on the other hand, let shouted down because, when all these illegal aliens to become legal eventually citizens and vote for us, it's a winner issue. As I explained last week, they said you know. Sixty three percent of the Trump supporters support Dhaka, legalization that is put out by a left wing group and they keep repeating it. Even so again, as I said last week, That's not a top issue among the vast majority of Americans. It's not the top ten issues. Dhaka back is not in the top ten issue in this to focus the Democratic Party and in the likes of Linsey grandma. Ladies and gentlemen, over the weekend I posted on my facebook and twitter so
That we need to make a concerted, focused effort to defeat Linsey, Graham the Next republic and primary, even though I know that a lot of Democrats vote from because it's an open primary in South Carolina. They like. But he really is a force fora for it for destruction in upheaval and he's way off. Take a shot at Tom Cotton. These taking shots at the other. Conservatives he's insisting that Tom cotton up dissipating negotiations involving immigration, stay with same with Steve Miller, former session staff and our trump staffer. In other words, they want to get rid of the people who actually understand these immigration issues and actually stay with the american people are so Lindsey gram like the vehicle in the North Vietnamese, he wants the debate over the shape of the table and he once they get to decide. Who should sit at the table
no, he was in the Jaguar. So what Tom cotton is? bad, veteran and the sea. Lindsey, Graham go on MSNBC and Trash Tom. Cotton is appalling lending, Graham is an ideal. Albania away a mineral deposits and now much higher net course. You won't debate me cause is weak. Belinda Grand needs to be the Freedom Lindsey Grand believes there ought to be millions and millions and millions of more illegal aliens in this country. He says he doesn't, but he does And millions and millions of noise of illegal aliens should be legalised, and eventually citizens in this country. And he's a senator from South Carolina, we need conservatives from states like South Carolina. Not bizarre hours and gadflies and so forth are right. We got a lot more
I back then We have succeeded in making Cora shutting down the government a big delicious. They wanted to use against Republicans time and time and time again and acquire Republicans always followed, so they figured they could They could even say that unless you legalise illegal aliens, we're not going to the government, They thought they could get away with that of the Republicans would be black.
But, as we pointed out here now this time they screwed up, they picked the wrong issue and it is back fired on others. Talk that in three weeks Bobby discussion or a vote on darker. I don't know that It's a vote on darker if it means amnesty and that's what we're talking about shutting down corner the government over amnesty for thinking about four amnesty? We're gonna be right back finding those folks. You know I'm always sixty years all, but I don't have any more amnesties I have to wash before. They are secure that southern border southern borders, the security comes. First, all this other discussion should come. Second. I don't know why the Republicans are unable to articulate this, and I would encourage them as we encourage them last week to take the posture. They eventually did to do that now.
How many times the american people been lied to in the last thirty years by the Democrats, Any bills have been passed claiming that they would fund secure. For the southern border, but did not. Beyond the season occurred. In the meantime, many many. And chain. Migration is a disaster. It is an absolute desire, does need to be ended and the idea that Lindsey Graham gets to decide who is in the room the discussing things this appalling to make. We reached But the Lindsey, Graham on Friday, Right Mr Buddhism, and you never got back to us. Ladies in June Now is on MSNBC he's on CNN he's on Sea, ABC Nbc, he's everywhere, but he's scared of this programme. The scale of this problem is on Fox
Lindsey grandma come here just as he won't allow Tom cotton he says to be. Negotiations are Stephen Mellow, the presidency to be a negotiation. That's rather fascistic of Lindsey Grand get to decide who gets to talk in terms of negotiations because he's trying to stop the deck and others to actual pieces. On the subject of immigration and shut down right now to the best one. Is investors business daily the myth that government shutdowns hurt Republicans, and they go through a number of governments shut down and they point out. They never hurt Republicans. They really never Republicans, because voters have long forgotten by November, so Republicans gave up as they.
Why not too much to reopen the government and end up alienating their base to short piece, but it's a good opinion. Peace. There's a longer peace, conservative review about trucks and his lies over three decades about immigration. And the race promises he is made to the american people on his constituents in New York, first in the congressional district, in that throughout the state and we'll get it. A little bit of time on this, so you know what trucks rumour has done to this country. Beef well before was majority minority leader, the United States Senate, what touch him or has done the country with respect to immigration, And I would also ask him our Harris. Bernie Sanders a boy, coy poker. And all the other leftwing loans, just how many
People should be allowed to come into this country from other countries legally or illegally, how many more give us a number You want to undermine more of american workers. Back Listen, I chant even of freedom. In a year, one of the greatest Cheviot Freedom in this country is not meeting with speaking World Mark CALL March at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. The Minnesota, no offense Beat Minnesota like a drum the number one d. The soda no offence they beat Minnesota in a sort of like a drum the number one defence, thirty
The seven I mean you have to admit folks. We ve got a lot to cover the night. My pants was an Israeli spoke, the connection. You know, folks, those of you who listen to their show. You know that I have never supported a two state solution, but I've changed my mind. I now support a two state solution in the east. Back. What's these back. Jordan. I think Jordan should be a palestinian state in the EAST Bank, the West Bank scenario and Judea West Bank at Action. Ok, we'll Jordan. The entire country joins compassion where this kings,
I've come from in Jordan seriously. Where do you come from its creation? Oh yes, So I've changed my mind. The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan should be the palestinian kingdom on the EAST Bank of the occupied. I territories are occupied by the Jordanians and they belong the Palestinians course I say this tongue in cheek. There are no Palestinians there, Arabs, who have added that to their title palestinian, Of course, Jordan is a majority Koran called Palestinian.
And so I dont believe Jordan should be the year that there should be a couple. A man is the capital of Jordan. I believe the whole country in a two state solution should be up for grabs for the Palestinian suffer going to create fictions. Then, let's create the actual of the smartest factions. If you look at history, so I do believe when the two state solution, Jordan, should be negotiating with the Palestinians core. Unquote. Over just how much of Jordan should become Palestine, I would argue quite frankly that we go to prison eighteen, sixty, seven borders and Jordan and ass. The Palestinians can can start from that position and I don't think
We should recognize a man, Jordan as the capital of the Jordanians. I really don't. I think it's an injustice to the Palestinians. And so here I am on the cutting edge again proposing a two state solution were Jordan is given. To what we call the Palestinians and that we recognise the so called Palestinians as the as the people of Jordan on these bank, when I think of them is to produce It works. Doesn't I let sir we're gonna work and have some of the pencil speech, because it was really outstanding and I'm sure most? you heard none of it sure most of you were shown, none of it, because we're busy pretend that the government shut down and.
Living in the world of the left, which has an insane world, it's even pretend world. Now, let's focus a little bit on Chuckie schmuck, his humour, showing as our body Ghana Horwitz points out and see our conservative view. Every bad outcome on immigration is Emily. Either from the unelected branches of government, the administrative and judicial or legislation that was sold to the american people as being the opposite of its actual intent, and this is true of the nineteen sixty five and ninety ninety immigration bills. Eighteen, eighty refugee bill, Eighteen, eighty six amnesty bill widely known how Kennedy and other Democrats promised in nineteen sixty five, whilst widely known as I wrote about it in liberty and tyranny that immigration system would not fled the country with poor chain, Margaret undermine assimilation and become burden on Americans. What is s known as the ninety. Ninety expansion of the nineteen sixty five law was actually designed a fixed,
applause, the original bell, the flaws. I were never supposed to exist in the first place, but once again did the exact opposite. In nineteen eighty nine there was a bipartisan consensus that there was too much train migration, that there were too few image, events have particular merit and that the orientation. Of. The immigrants wasn't diverse enough what they meant, by diversity was that under the nineteen sixty five act, point monopoly of immigration from Latin America and Asia, while locker european emigrants. I thought that's good cause. Most european immigrants are white, aren't they shimmer was lobbied heavily by the New York irish community to increase immigration opportunities from Ireland, which events evolved into diversity. Did the diverse the visa lottery contrary to popular diversity lottery was not designed to bring in more immigrants from the third world, but
designed to rectify the chain, migration from the third world that locked out you p and immigration, and indeed for that, first, three years of the diversity lottery, forty percent of the visas were allocated to Ireland when the comprehensive bill was for. Introduce in the Senate Judiciary Committee by Senators, Alan Simpson, TED Kennedy. It actually had a point system there prior prioritized english language proficiency limited chain migration, even as the bill was quietly vignette being. It into yet another expansionist bill. Contrary to its initial pitch trucks, rumour was still promoting the bill as a way of moving from train migration, toy skills base system and fostering more, not less immigration from Europe, and we like to do that. We need to foster more immigration from your presentable
whereas I racist October, three nineteen ninety shimmer lamented on their house floor. How only four percent of all immigration is employer, sponsored which hurt our pardon me in herds every American. He said that this bill with correct that problem by making immigration based on skills, because immigration should be job related, he said it should help. America grow economically. His quote, he also said quote: immigration should be used, as it once was, because countries like Ireland, ITALY, Poland and Nigeria cannot get people into this country, even though there are many people of that ancestry. Here, I guess truck thought that some cultures are better than others. He must be a racist. Not only did shimmer lament family based in migration. Shudder, merit based migration. He actually touchstone America's ancestry and lamented the Mama Believe Latin America over Europe and he did so
thirty years ago, when we were at the foot of the mountain of train migration from those countries that was thirty million immigrants. Go almost all brought here through train. My gave migration, many of whom came in as a result of migrants who came here after enactment of the bill, shimmered supported, which was supposed to rectify what he admitted harmed America's. He come. Yet he lied to us a ninety, ninety about fixing legal immigration, just as he lied to us a nineteen. Eighty six about amnesty, the debate over the eighty six amnesty humor said the following, and I quote: what is map it is not millions of people cascading across the border. It is not welfare benefits for those folks immediately. In fact, it's in the bill right now that they cannot get a DC benefits its anatomy,
ITALY, wives and husbands of children will come across, not the case he said, but guess what the highest rates of welfare usage or now from the countries of origin most associated with illegal immigration, namely Mexico as satellite or whether Ma Am but it goes a step further. Now those lies are home to roost. Humor Mitted Amnesty- was a gamble. Now he's aimlessly asking us to gamble our future on the fair results of its first gamble. The report by the New York Times following passage of the amnesty Shimmer said so, amazingly preshent, cloak the bill is a gamble a river about gamble is no guarantee that employers, sanctions will work or that amnesty will work. We are headed in the uncharted waters. On quote to this day we are paying for a shoe myself amid a gamble on amnesty and lies about enforcement with an entire new generation of illegal immigrants that
promise, wouldn't even exist. Where For the lies about the ninety ninety bill that it would fixture. Migration, as we are but this is a wave of train migration. Even the sceptics could never have imagined back. There Paying for his lies about the diversity lottery, which was supposed to reorient immigration towards Europe, and ass instead opened the floodgates from the Middle EAST and his broad and even some terrorists, and here we are three decades, later with the same man now leading the Democratic Party and shutting down the government in promote amnesty for the very people they came from his original amnesty. I waited continue. Take This man seriously the way. It's important to observe that once upon a time, Schubert least felt the need to lie, do the american people and actually speak,
like Time Cotonou, Stephen Miller, even as late as two thousand nine tumor had to speak with clarity on illegal immigration set back then very few call em out now we feel uncomfortable because Tom Cotton has matches promise on chain migration, a good lad, congressmen good, lad from Virginia attributed the House Judiciary Committee, as they feel incorporating both the captain bill and some sort of amnesty for seven. Tells the by partisan promise on chain migration and good luck. Good LAD from Virginia attributed the House Judiciary Committee, as they feel incorporating both bill and some sort of amnesty for seven hundred thousand illegal and yet is rejecting something that he is express support for on an issue for which personally responsible. Now we ve been I'm gonna, see since nineteen eighty six, we rely too immigration in general, since nineteen sixty five, we haven't been fixing illegal immigration to end chain migration, which was a
I partisan promise that Schuman agreed to a ninety. Ninety, isn't it time to first fulfil the promise to Americans before pursuing another amnesty there's, an important lesson from shimmering Kennedy in the rest of them in the night, Ninety bill Aristide's all, but one of the leading immigration historians of recent memory asked the king, in a scholarly book, a nation by design how a bill that was introduced amidst at time, mass migration sentiment. Country wound up moving in the opposite direction. Signing other commentators. He noted that, while public support for a reduction in legal immigration was broad, it was. Well organised, in contrast, aid. Liberal coalition of well organised groups, including ethnic or innovations, churches and employer associations articulated strong opposition to proposals for restricting legal immigration. You can see that today, with the: U S chamber, of crony capitalism
Humor move full speed ahead on wise and subterfuge on immigration for decades, because was no organised in precise voice. To give power to the site a majority on this issue now, He stood for the forgotten american taxpayer, who must bear the burden terrible immigration policy that changing with voices like cotton and Miller, which is why such humor is no longer speaking. The language of the american citizen, because There is now somebody on the playing field to hold them to account and I might add, ladies and gentlemen, it is no coincidence now Linsey gram concern airing woodchucks humor one cotton and Miller out of the discussions altogether. They want to clear field To continue their lives and their transformation of America, back, then.
Have been duly corrected by PS runner inevitable, as set back to the pre nineteen. Sixty seven borders will not, of course, pre nineteen. Forty eight what is when it comes to Jordan and my Levine proposal, which is, of course, that there should be a two state solution. In Jordan should be the other state for the Palestinians. Of course, Palestinians, and we should be prepared to move our embassy or to change it. In a man Georgia to the embassy of the United States in the country of the Palestinians in Jordan, sixty percent of the population of Jordan is palestinian.
That's the name. We use their Arabs, but we play here, because otherwise it gets confirming sixty percent, so the EAST Bank, the EAST Bank, should be the second country the two state solution. I believe this quite strongly will throw Gaza labourer. Let's see. Oh yes,. The holidays might be over, but the winter has just begun and according to studies, the air indoors contains up to one hundred times more pollution than the air outside This can cause illness, allergies and unnecessary, wear and tear on your age. Facts system leading to call silly repairs or even worse. The premature replacement of the entire system resolved to breed better with filter by America's leading provider of h fact filters for our homes and small businesses. They carry over six hundred different filters
including custom options, all ship free within twenty four hours, plus their magic. Actually right here in Amerika in american family there's a small businesses, business filter by offers a multitude Merv options. All the way up. The hospital grave, so you'll be real being dangerous, Poland, mole dust and other allergy aggravating pollution while maximizing the efficiency of your system. Now you can save five percent when you set up auto. Larry. So you never need to think about air folders again in never need to go to home people or lower or any other place. I don't know exactly what sent you save money, save time breathed better with filter by dot com? That's filter! Be you why dotcom filter by dark up here? Ladies in general, Is turkish mucky humour on the floor? The Senate today cut one go since
our meeting in the oval office on Friday, the president and I have not spoken and the As for to engage in negotiations over the weekend, the gray you're, making president sat sidelines, sat on the sidelines state in the White House and kick your. If that's how pathetic you are chuck. May I call you check, go ahead, despite and because of this registration, I've been having hundreds Asians, with the Republican Leir over the weekend about a path forward actors Several discussions offers counter offers looking leader and I've come to an arrangement. We will Today, to reopen governments are going to vote today to reopen the government who not associated with a garment, knew that the governor was close. Did you did you know that
disclosed. I didn't know, didn't tell us what you know if they did tell us the government was shut down that I would you have known the government which had now. Let me tell you something I would have You know why I flew back to Virginia from Florida, where my parents are And the parking lot Reagan, National Airport was half empty, the streets. It was it was? I was obliged to go just drive, the stranger was almost no traffic. While we gotta shut down a government more often, this is great. Go ahead: notion negotiating a global agreement with the commitment that If an agreement is reached by February, the ACE It will immediately proceed, Consideration of legislation dealing with doc. Process will be neutral.
They had all sides. We expect I partisan bill on Georgia will receive fair consideration and an up or down those on the floor So, ladies and gentlemen, the number one prior to the United States Senate, and both parties, apparently is illegal immigrants not to deport them, not to discourage them, but the legalised I. I'm just I'm shocked at all is to be perfectly honest with your mother.
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with leader Baxter's reporting, more than fifty thousand texts exchange between us. Official stroke and pay are missing whether fifty thousand texts were exchanged between two at the official who have come under fire for exchanging antitrust messages during the twenty six Think campaign attorney general just sessions has revealed today. Elation came as law makers have been pressing for answers after Rev patients that the F B, I failed to preserve five months of texts between Peter Stroke and his what LISA pay.
We will leave. No stone unturned confirm with certainty why these text messages are not now battle to be produced and will use every technology. Avail to determine whether the missing messages are recoverable from another source session said in his statement. Provided the facts. If we are sick, So, while we will update the congressional committees immediately the missing messages from stroke and page Spain. Crucial window between the presidential, transition and the launch of Robert Mothers, Russia Probe, where both officials P ITALY were assigned every The voluminous records on the FBI servers, which included over fifty thousand texts the inspector general discovered. The FBI system failed retain text messages for approximately five months between December fourteen twenty, seventeen
two May seventeen twenty seventeen session said, I soon they mean December fourteen twenty sixteen Dumay, seventeen twenty seventeen. Let me continue. I have spoken to the inspector General Annie View is already under way to ascertain what occurred and to determine if these records can be re covered in any other way. We need to get to the bottom. But and find out what exactly happened. Said representative Jim Jordan is right about that. Justice department acknowledge the lapse and records, and turning over three hundred and eighty four pages of new text messages between stroke and page who were romantically, involve two congressional coming he's a course, they had a role in the Hillary Clinton so called in Ass and the attack. Now, on
the president of the United States, the department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI Eyes technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI Devices failed to preserve text messages from Mr Stroke and Miss page from December fourteen Sixteen to approximately may seventeen twenty seventeen, the F B. I informed the Department of Justice that many FBI provided Samsung, five mobile phone devices did not capture or stored text mentions. Is due Miss configuration issues. I am buying this crap that for a minute, isn't this interesting May seventeen up to and perhaps through May seventeen. That is that date. Mason thirteen twenty eighteen she's may, May seventeen seventeen that right
Mahler was appointed a special council. Ladies and gentlemen,. The time has now come fact is long overdue for a special council to investigate the senior levels, are the FBI, Fray, special counsel. To investigate that conduct the former. The director James call me that conduct of deputy the director Mackay, that conduct of debt- did he ever FBI, cheaper Staff Radcliffe that car active FBI investigator Chief Counter intelligence, investigators, stroke and his girl brand page Whatever else it may leave, including took eventually Robert Mahler and his staff. A special council needs to be a pointed who has no past connections with washing. Indeed see. No connections with the FBI. Leadership
oh connections with Mr Mulder and whose cabal no connection what the United States Congress at all such Women do do exist, ladies and gentlemen, and that's what's exactly needed at this moment. Fifty thousand text messages missing a critical gap. A critical gap. This is worse than the eighteen minutes gap that they used a mock Richard Nixon about and it Terry Rosemary. Whatever name was yes? Yes, yes, I remember when this stuff use the matter and that text suggests that we do have are damning of the senior levels are. The FBI are damning of FBI parents in the last election at the highest levels, are daring of the intelligence, agent
cheese and the USA. That's correct, and now we we have Pfizer, that's been poisoned by the price administration, again the senior levels of the FBI and the Justice Department. They, Fi, so aren't I warrant that requires probable cause that the target, who to be wiretapped or otherwise. Surveillance is a foreign agent so whom, in the trunk campaign other tron transition was I russian agent? Nobody. Nobody. Mr Mulder, has no purpose for its existence, none whatsoever, but we do need a special council. Now not big on special counsel but time is come if that's the manner by which we Do these things then it's time to do. It national Council who will look into the various visa applicants? at least two that we know who did it.
And if they, Hillary Clinton and Dnc funded Fusion GPS opposition research with the assistance of the Rockies was used to get away I get anybody in the trunk translation into campaign. We need to know the extent to which federal law enforcement in federal intelligence was weapon eyes. The Obama administration and used against a presidential candidate the transition of the opposite party. There can be no scandal in America, where the Democrats. Pinochet, shutting down the country over illegal immigration, whether Democrats busy spent where every waking moment legalise illegal aliens. Where the Democrats, the Democrats colluding. Hey don't mind: interference with the election. If Hillary Clinton at one spot a fact, I like interference with the elections
There are great line of the Senate TAT Kennedy, Chappaqua Chappaquiddick TAT. He his surrogates met with top officials at the old Soviet Union for the purpose of colluding conspiring to defeat Ronald Reagan. In his re election for president of the United States, an act of treason. There are ever was one TAT Kennedy
line of the Senate. There was no special council investigation him. No, no. Never! This is a big deal, of course, in their many there, many you would think to be a democratic. Some point at some time in some place. Who would say enough is enough, but there isn t there aren't party before a country, that's where the democratic parties and many in the Republican Party in Washington to, but particularly in the Democratic Party, a party before country, but we have a technical system. Failure were cast in this five month period. Fifty thousand text messages were lost. Fifty thousand. Where did they go? We don't win. We don't know
We had a technical failure and in our Samsung Devices, and we will do everything we can to save them. Meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, Tommy's the federal government ever lost any date on you, as the IRS ever lost any date on. You have the keepers your medical records in Washington if they lost any data on you know, I don't believe in coincidence is like this. I absolutely do not. I will tell you from my own experience, Over landmark legal foundation, where we were beginning against the Environmental Protection Agency a decade or so ago, all of a sudden most of the data we wanted went miss what happened was their technical glitch, though there was no technical glitch, they kept her sing it and erasing erasing it and raising it. In other words, they never stop their system of a race, the database. Oh and they were racing backups in a back up sooner backers and they were racing tobacco or we don't know one
About all stopped at that place and they were held in contempt, but little good. That did whenever yet the information. And it happens all the time with the federal government. But I am not believing this not for a minute I'm not believing in these back or a collection of information on Trump we're out either. Oh, it's incidental color can have information that sets, incidentally, involves the young asking and leave How can it leaking as a pattern licking his habit, I don't believe in print few seconds I dont believe produced That means that dossier wasn't used to get those vice awards, or at least one of them that produce seconds. I don't believe for two seconds. A gym call me late. One document leaking as a pattern, licking his habit and depriving our
Julie gets illegal. Jim commie needs to be in Castigated, instead get this William and Mary College, one of the oldest and greatest educational institutions. Up till now has higher Jim call me, as I guess lecturer, as I guess, lecture willingly Mary what a disgrace. So, yes, there needs to be a special council. I won't accept the job, I don't think they companion, but there are people who could do the job I've got one in my any Mccarthy. He could do the job and many others Jody Jennifer.
Yes, I know he's from Washington originally and so forth of that year, but he is not of Washington may be there, but he is a distinctly different presents very, very bright man both of them, and there are others to do the job. We need a special council now- and I it strongly encouraged turning general the United States to appoint one. As we may be refused on Russia, but this is not Russia specific. This is about corruption,. Corruption under his own nose and which he can see with his own two eyes it special council time- and I am quite seriously at this I'll be right back.
So many of you can vote on it was very hard and very difficult equation. Believing as I do that the issue of immigration mission dreamers some rights issues of our time, so there civil rights issue of our time, the first two years, the Obama administration, when the Democrats are overwhelming control, the Senate, my house and the President's to call every report in this country virtually they control everything. They never did a damn thing on immigration, so it's the civil rights of our time, all of a sudden. And I would ask people in those countries, particularly in our poor cities, Where areas of our cities in particular, Or areas, what do you think about your politicians, who is MR represent the american people.
Spending all this time and effort on the new civil rights issue, which, as foreigners. Which is allowing more foreigners into the country league? the illegal manner and making Foreigners who came to this country illegally are legalised in many. Instances of your expense, what think Chicago, addict Urban saying This is the civil rights issue of our time. This is the civil rights issues of our time, immigration. I just want you to keep this in mind when you vote next time. Civil rights issues of our time. Apparently, ladies and gentlemen, is in school choice and breaking up the education monopoly, so your children, Portugal, A poor areas can have a quality education. Being scared that gets stabbed or something of that sort. This Alright tissue of our time is making
illegal aliens, legal and eventually citizens and he's not just people here illegally. Now this? Rights issues of our time is people who manage to get to the United States and of the Democrats have their way all of them. How many shall we take another ten million Twenty million hundred million a billion. I, what happened? All those great societies in countries out there that are not assholes. Why do so many people born in other countries want to come to this country? countries aren't assholes and our country is a white privilege society. What is I will To make any sense now, because the Democrats not make any sense. The end justifies the means. I don't care about, consistency, elastic consists, really grabbing power, and why is that? chuck tumors, a friend of mine, just wrote me touch
No more announces their deal. Why wouldn't Mitch Mcconnell announce a deal? isn't either majority leader the United States Senate look up, I ve been put through the last week. All the issues government shut down Saturday and Sunday there s. No damn government shut down a fish, on a Saturday and Sunday it shuts that automatically Anthony extended shuts down? For that? the vast majority of people. You don't work for the federal government or paid by the federal government who are not federal contractors, its utterly completely irrelevant they're, not fighting like hell over the debt. There, not fighting Macao over rebuilding in the United States military and treating our military with respect their not fighting like hell crime in our inner cities, which is completely out of control there, not fighting like him. First poor choice? Then I draw everyone in this country. Haven't I,
opportunity to real education, but out thanks to the idea of t there for illegal immigrants who they refused to support. Even a small percentage of them words, the Democratic Party, is fighting for itself. Tommy LOS Angeles, How are you- and I are you listening- it's not put down a let's assume k our ally go good afternoon rider. Go ahead, Tommy! I could cursing lack of a day I'm trying to figure out before immigration day and trams, adviser to innovation, and I fear that this Stephen Miller, How proud information like I'd, look at his background or try to see rather me like what what what what is it?
tell me who's advising Chuck Schuman. What's his guys know what we're almost there This guideline, under thirty five years old from my man, would look, I'm telling you what is written me please I think, as Reza Maize is allow longer than Barack Obama's was when it was like to present a United States where they were actually. What would I looked up? Her pardon me sacrifices on the Miller already. Did I do what do the causeway case and Sir serve calling this the smear somebody you call the wrong show. I've asked a couple questions you didn't answer, because you don't know the answer: who's this golly advising humor, you don't know you don't care you're, calling her to contrive smear somebody Tommy Tom Cotton has similar positions as Steed Miller he's a combat veteran checks. Can we combat veteran we're out of combat veteran,
I'll, be right back Margo having job we're, though again coalition meets a brig day call now Seven, seven create one three, eight one, one. Did you know that in nineteen twenty five amounts of goal was worth twenty dollars, a good bye to suits in a short time, Changed since then, we no longer carry a gold coin in our pocket money doing that made us exchange at a long time ago for twenty dollar bill p M capital is in the wealth preservation business. Keeping your buyer power is their gold investors, know that it's not what you have it's. What you keep tat if by to search and a shirt and use the twenty.
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And again you can dial pound to fifty and say the key word Mark Levine, that's pound to fifty Keyword, Mark Levin and see if it qualify for that five hundred dollars worth two. And free gold or silver and classifying purchase, that's pretty cool. I let us go to the phones and we ve got a lot more to cover today, Jack LOS Angeles, California, on the mark living go. How are you mark? I'm good hurry, I'm ok. I wanted to get back to the issue of the two two state solution I'm whites really was the first president. Israel in his bed today, you again please let me have a harmful all of these refugees coming from Europe, one of their home to the jewish people, negotiated, but
negotiated down from the original Balfour declaration, which it all and Jordan, and what is now Israel as one copy seven three percent or thereabouts, When you wanted to Jordan called Trade, Jordan. At that time, the balance was given two weitzman can a land of Israel less those pieces I read in the West Bank of peace is cut out for the Arabs, a friend you are right on in the sense that the vast majority change your nor jordanian. But I have talk about today. You know we talk about a two state solution: the two state solution. As I said to my listeners in the first hour, which is most of you,
that I have a two state solution that Jordan, as is today, should be the palestinian homeland. Join as they make believe country with a make believe king, just as the name for Palestinians identify there. Actually Arabs was collected and used to defined anti labour. This group of Arab, so you wanna, play along. Yes, I will call the east back. And we should go to pre nineteen forty eight borders when it comes to the the Creating Palestine on a joint. My solution is a perfectly good one. Emmanuel, Bridgewater, New Jersey, the great debut ABC. Go remark: are you? Ok, hey. I got a pretty good solution to file a problem that the Democrats and Republicans face states should take like us.
Big Paul and say that all the elaborate they legal immigrants Bobo Republican and will see our first? That law goes up, And while I write about that, here, and the other thing is this more out watch in fact your friend and they played a clip. You see that they had a clean bill? Clan uneasy stayed a union of two thousand and nine and sure over here he said: well, you know I'm glad they played we already dead than alive in tv some time ago. I think what beginning a week or so here we we did that already, we played some of the sound bites here on the show too I understand, sir, we're monitored by everyone for everything it is. It is unbelievable I don't know why people just put up with a higher. I thank you for your car understand what I'm saying rich. It's just incredible. We dig this stuff up.
As I do others do. Let's continue Frank Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, serious satellite go marked. Thank you so much taken my call, honour and privilege, you know markets this illegal immigration battle. I think we have to remember one thing: and their reminds me the enemy of my enemy. As my friend and yellow referred, we forget that we elected Trump but the republican establishment. They did not want him. Ok, what they want. They want a job I who had been the same as celery, and I that we need to remember that there are owned and that's why they don't want the wall they why chain, migration they want everything. Democrats, like sir you there and when the situation, Taiwan you're right on Frank. I agree with a completely. I really do its bit. It's nothing that I find interesting if people are calling up an ant complaining about Stephen Miller and you now
if we are not calling up, relax, lighter Stephen Miller, for there s a k is a staff to the president. This is one of his air is a responsibility as it was what you have said, used to send us notes from time to time here on the market of inshore, but there the destroy hand there out to destroy Tom Card, because this is what the left us, the problem is: Linsey, Graham and have Linsey Grand gets the sailor Tom Continents, even Miller, shouldn't be negotiate, Isay Lindsey Graham, should be involved in negotiations is a democrat fountains and purpose. He absolutely and but lengthy grams speaks for the establishment republican and they didn't want dropped from the beginning and end for all that. The positive and negative with tromp immigration is what got him elected, especially in a swing today, as Albania Mitch Michigan now, I think this was the number one issue number one issue, and, and now I hear plan planned Patty cake with the Democrats. Why is that
Everybody knows it's the number one issue. I know it. You know a day now it does so what what's with the game? They don't want. It marked they dont want the wall, they don't want. The energy Michael Then they what they put the visa lottery and how crazy that joining. You really think about it either. The shame all nonsense that we ve been dealing with for years and thinking that electing Tromp was going to change, Ms Mckenna Olympie Gran. We need a wake up. Nothing's changed, they are the same. My friend, although I have to say Trump, really get the best of the schmuck. He shot the turkey on this one. Didn't he he did yes, he did so. Let me ask you this frank being from Philadelphia now. Why would Mitch the colonel allow Chuck shimmer to announce that You are opening a government that ninety percent of us did even realize was closed, because I think that is a great question mark you, if you're asking me to take ass wide Mitch, Mcconnell doesn't Mitchell,
I know that I mean that the answer is it never make, because these weak cause you want to save face. Instead, what he should have done is rubbed his face right in the mud, exactly right, that's exactly what he should have done. It should come out and said he waited This is wrong. American people are against it and that's why all the sudden you're you're you're going back on it, because you try, but please your base and look what happened during a loose seat and he should have the perfect up. Well, you know what mark every time they have the opportunity. This is what because they don't want it mark. They don't want areas. Ladies and gentlemen, Frank from Philadelphia, I Sean King men, Arizona, the great, can t- are shown how forest king from Tucson I think it's about three and a half hour drive, so king, as is well North of Tucson right. This is a phoenix started, know about. It
our drive German by our way, from biggest and among our, I have I'd, say you're, North West, ok, very good, go right ahead. My friend I had a question are known citizens covered by the constitution. In what sense they get do pray those rights and tears of that sort, right monarchy and how the travel bans on constitutional. How Illegal immigration is unconstitutional citizenship is nothing to it Neither of those things are unconstitutionally of left wing judges, Zuyder at a whole cloth. Creating these things, but Certain non citizens do of certain rights, for instance, If a non citizens here legally, they have due process right. You can't just say you committed a crime, a throw them in prison. Fagin, rob
bank or your alleging, they rob a bank or something of that sort. So the on what you're asking me. All I'm asking you if I Canada is largely patter are not unconstitutional, but where did it come off saying that its own constitution, I dont see where, which one are you talking about, Will they mainly right now? let's clearly not these, It is our way out of their leg way out there, almost in saying how can they travel ban be unconstitutional, we're talking about, refugees right so called which Roma people from foreign countries who's never set foot in the United States. Have you confer do process rights on fire, who are citizens of other countries who don't even want, even in the United States, exactly
I clearly rosaria. I dont see how our constitution it doesn't it does he's. A rogue judges is a rogue Jesus. I made it would. Are you regionally from their knowledge ever southern California? Southern California mean you're, not from Philadelphia No, no, no, no, we had to get out of. There was getting bad, so you mean, southern California, yet Southern California, exactly and have you ever been to Boston Unfortunately, we have it now Emily worthy knowing patriots, yes, I am. So? Will we be rooting for the knowing when patriots or the Philadelphia He always had a tough one for you. You know, I don't watch football. Well then it's not touch me my brother, great car,
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There was clearly did you watch the game. Mr producer, there was clearly a pass interference against the patriot. Grab that guy shirt denying them understand. Did you see that it was clear? as the item you miss it. Stead of first now that you give up the ball at the kick, wasn't Oh, this is too many calls like that, and I might do I think, there's a conspiracy no, but I think the. Are in all of this team, and this is a team to be in all of the New England Patriot, I would argue, the greatest while the team chain, The players change over time, but the main players clue.
Latest team, in all a football when all time, that's why every team the place it is an underdog, but the rough situation is a problem. It is a problem. And it seems to be a problem for virtually every team, the place them. I was listening on a radio for part of it. Dan Fats, Boise, a great commentator, color commentator and by the way, On the bell of tar that I was also watching over the weekend the Mme Big, John Mccarthy, Whose usually a wrath, he was a great color commentator for that. But that's a sigh point and even at five said? Do you know why. Do you know why the Jaguar sang.
He was pulling on his jersey, the receiver Jersey as as fab set, because he was- and I went back and look. How do you miss that look? It's take anything away from the patriots there, not a team that wins solely because of stuff like that. But tat was just ridiculous. In my view,. This ridiculous, Amelia, okay, there I am on my mark, I didn't know your eagles folks. I was born in Philadelphia now that said,. I really like the washed and Redskins too. I know The same division, so what I like, the washing Skins, a lot too. And the people are run that organization. There are always very, very polite to me always very kind to me. The people who run the thought of the Eagles guy lorry he's a left wing cook That's right. I said it is a left coke and
He's not on the football field of Dance Snyder Fan cause. I u him, as varies our principal lucky fights to retain the name of his team. How many would do that? Lets continue? Shelly, let's get back to what I am. We know we reserve Stephen. When I needed hey Brian Age, a hate? Well, you know what amount of time we will be back, we'll get the Hadrian's. We'll get to others, and I got other things I want to jump into two I mean pence was unbelievable today,. Pence was unbelievable today. Vice president will be right back.
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three. Eight one one. You know we went to Florida for a few days. I wish I could tell we went too far because of the weather was very cold weather, but now my parents are down there. We went down to visit them.
Also do a live in tv. My radio show, but my father is a remarkable man. Ninety two and a half years old and is my mother's or one of woman too, and remarkable. He had he's completing his next, but Mr Budget he's completing his next book. And he's talked about it and it doesn't come out away in October, it's not on Amazon or anything soundness in Manhattan adults by understanding about again it's for young people, and you know what the subjective, our police, it's a book about, the police
But the police do that they have our communities, how they help people in trouble, how they protect us For younger people to learn about the police to view the police in a positive way, and so that's what it's about isn't I call You said more mark, all we hear is negative negative negative about the police, and the fact of the matter is: what will we do it out and I just feel its necessary for younger people to learn about the police to view the police in a positive way.
And so that's what it's about. Isn't I call, and it is beautiful. You ve seen his his drawings before and you ve seen his health is written. These things before end snack completely done in only work out the the kings, and so, for it, but that they will get there and so the publishers, Simon Intrusion and so the question is: why act over? Why does the book of the way all the way to act over and you know why
because when it comes to books for younger people and even little kids, their hearted a print because they have multiple colors. You know when you print my book, its black and white, pretty much right. Whatever the color. The paper is the black print the covers different colors, but Attica when you're doing a book for young person or a little kid, even their multiple color. So it goes from much more complex praying process and is by the way, much more expensive, so you gotta get line behind wrestler, but it'll be released on October, sixteenth, just in time for Christmas again, there's nothing you can do about it now. Just pointed out. Press very proud of the matters. That is a wonderful thing. You know he doesn't come in advance waste. And he still we I got another one in my till after this has gone for pops.
So we, my wife, join. I wish we had down there about every month. Make should keep an on my dad and my mother check him out and that's what he was doing. I mean it's really fastened. Me fashioning enemy, the energy and the motivation and they're not alone, as other people out there same way, there were outwardly anyway. I decided mention across his fascinating and he still we talk almost every night after the programme either he calls me- or I call him totally engaged it's like my wife's mother, Sylvie totally engaged And it is amazing, because my dad, my mom mom, very solid, very patriotic, very conservative and get furious with the left gifts.
Here s wish humor and its equal talk talk low, but that the hang ups models are he mark this garment, shut down staff and so forth and sound. So we'll talk about that little bit and Sylvia same way. It's just a great thing: it is this terrific, California. Here I come afraid not California Democrats want,
Some businesses to fork over half of the tax could savings to this day. If I, if I told you that this was a communist regime that was force and businesses to do this sort of thing, you believe right. A California is so completely out of control. Fox news, calling the Trump Administration Tax reform plan, a middle class tax increase to California lawmakers introduced a bill that would force large companies to fork over half of their expected savings to the state. So it's not must listen. Its half of their expected savings to the state to the state, so you gonna yanked this money out of the private sector away. And the employees. From the investors, which work could well be your pension plans and give it to the state of California. Because it s socialistic types day, I'm not happy.
Fan of this tax plan the went through. I know everybody spreading all the girls to India, which has an impact stability, since it's just barely taken place, I think, a lot of the growth and an pause, the attitude towards the economy is twofold: number Obama's not around anymore he and his party don't control the senator the house a number to try. Does say positive things about business, and so people feel good about that. I feel good about them, but many of you are going to come and see when you pay it access on April fifteen that you gonna take a hit. I know the others aren't gonna say that, but you gonna take a hit, Because a lot of the taxes you may pay to the state and income tax, because there's a handful of states it on him good for them. I wish I was in one or other property taxes. You pay may not be deductible either. So that is a big tax. It
Now, one of the things it's happening with probably positive is people are gonna leave high tax state, thankfully people have money who pay taxes and got a low tech state. I've been told my wife forget to look into this because I'm sick of this sick upon these taxes Virginia. You said you Virginia control, restating Soforth in some aspects of our aspects of it. Aren't it's a five point: seven, five percent upper state income tax- that's not small, property taxes on my county, Loudon or through the roof, and the superintendent Once the coming increase. Spending eight per eight percent, don't give a damn, and if you don't your property taxes, you lose your home. It's that simple! Don't take it from me. I don't believe enough.
Or much at all was done on the individual income tax. I know we talk about employs receiving it thousand bucks, two thousand bucks bonuses and other companies like apple deciding to invest in this. That's all great hats on the corporate tax cuts. I am all for it, and I've been off The problem is on the individual tax cuts side, not nearly like that. It's just isn't, which was a big mistake. Nobody's taxes should have gone up. They should slashed individual federal income taxes, but they chose not for reasons I don't know. I can't understand The benefits from the corporate tax are obvious and they are starting to be felt that there are even more benefits to you can add to them with the individual tax cuts running
California get screwed, no matter what the services think the road stank law enforcement hands are tied. If so difficult to be an entrepreneur now, California, and in California, used to be the entrepreneurial centre of the world, I mean that's. Why had Silicon Valley there so forth the year, the greatest part of California the whether anyone that get screwing now protecting southern California, the greatest bar but open borders. People come on a cross and it said it says. Like I say, one party rule that destroying their state, but the democratic decided, they're gonna copy the California model. A state that would never take Ronald Reagan again in this day and. That's a model. They like.
Overwhelmingly Democrat, overwhelmingly left wing, so fight among Democrats for power Republicans or an afterthought. Nato care, productive people leave their state or not. I guess they think this is going to be able to go on forever course. It's not and then complain. There, the feds are bound him out the California dammit. That's what some businesses the fork over half tax cuts savings to the state. So it's it's not even a big. It would be bad enough if they thought they had the power to redistribute those monies to other individuals. But now they want to take it for themselves in this day and claim they stand for the little guy. Right back
however the daily collar they they remind us back in two thousand eight. He democratic party platform calls for more infrastructure on the border and more agents. Look back in the democratic parties. Official two thousand a platform and immigration show just how far left Some members have drifted in just ten years. Under the immigration section of its platform document entitled we knowing America's promise, the democratic national. Too many criticizes. The nations broken immigration system, pledging an there's two thousand eight that we cannot continue to allow people to enter the United States, undetected, undocumented and unchecked. The harsh languages the daily collar puts it in the document continues castigating those who enter our.
Countries, borders illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law by the way I changed, lawless Rock Obama, the term enforcement. The policy suggestions mirror President Donald Trump call for a war covering part of the: U S, Mexico Border and an increase in and of customs and Border Protection agency, the platform reed's and I go on quote: we need to sit our borders and support additional personnel infrastructure and technology on the border and at our ports of entry. We needed national customs and Border Protection agency, quick, but better technology and real time intelligence. We needed this, Until human smuggling organizations combating crime associated with this trade, the platform also seems to endorse a verify. A department of Homeland Security program that allows employers to check a potential employers have status to work in the United States saying that the country needs to crack down on apply
hired undocumented immigrants, and that implies We need a method to verify whether their employees are legally eligible to work in the United States. So here's my recommendation for the Republicans they listening again, as they were last week, take the language out of the two thousand, a Democrat platform put it in the form of a bill and in three weeks when the Democrats, when a vote on Dhaka, make them vote on this bill. When you think about that, MR bidders. It's right. All right. Take the language out of the Democrats. Let me say louder, so are our friends on Fox and everywhere else can hear this and hopefully repeated take the language out of the two thousand, a democratic platform put it in the form of
They are so in February roles around the Democrats want to have a vote up or down on back and so forth. Make them have a vote on this In the very language that was in the Democrat platform in two thousand, it that's what needs to be done. And I see here our favorite cable network sum of several women, writer, Lindsey, Graham and others. The debate will continue to do so, but they won't come on I'm really home. Where do they get an idea for then we can do that. Mr Bloom, I think we just did you just call into grams office and asked him come on we're ignored we ve called an email and nothing age. Adrian Winston Churchill, Caroline on the Levant go by protecting the com,
The Canadian, like I've, got a question for you to please see backers assembled. Listen to the doktor problem. Now on the table, fentanyl, what it kind of amnesty manner, but looking at a compromise and so forth. But if the public are granted them where's legal state legal status, continuing over, be reviewed every five years or so and ought to be protected you stay here that later in the country, in a european protection supporting them. There will be a bloke formosa For reasons I would objec number one, it is amnesty of a form number till you get it. I grant present in Congress or an error cook Supreme Court or federal judge, and then. Led by those terms, but here's my my ears, here is my biggest problem. Where are we discussing the end of CHE migration, visa lottery and physical
Areas as well as additional agents on the southern border and funding that before we're compromising court on call on Dhaka, How many more times are we gonna get screwed? What's going on what should be done prior to do anything now, the course which we should insist. And I say our agenda- the agenda there was that of the Democratic Party ten years ago, the agenda that was that of the United States Congress, twelve to go in the Berlin passed in two thousand six, the problem since they made a nineteen sixty five nineteen. Eighty six, ninety ninety, it's time As to say, ok, we'll discuss illegal aliens? After we secure borders It would change migration deal The diversity lottery and I should add one more and try to report as many of the visa violators as possible people who are violated their visas. They came into this country to teach to be entertainers.
The be students or whatever visa. They use begin into this three, under penalty of perjury. They need to go there, not children. They need to go so. It's time to enforce federal law. It's time the change aspects, a federal law that have been discussed before promised before before. Yet another and teeth round of amnesty light or amnesty period, This is one of the reasons Lindsey Grand cannot be in any future negotiations. And this is why Lindsey Grandma needs to be defeated in the next hour, Calonna Republican primary, which really isn't a republican primary. It's an open primary. Thank you for your call. My friend, Lindsey Grand thing taken run around and tell tell us which people- the negotiations and we ought to say Lindsey Graham, should be out here. Another liberal Democrat when it comes to this right, I'm gonna get to these cause. Now, mother,
quickly correct Saint Louis Missouri, the great cave t k country go about. I just want you to tell your dad. Thank you very much for the efforts he writing a book on law enforcement. I think it's very very, very severely me I ever heard of the thirty six years of doing you a only because I can stomach what has happened, allow sportsmen since the farmers a nerd ever and etc. If you sign up close and personal, There was a vote on it four lines are many of the protests, devil, etc but ill, children. I have a heart breaker, I wanted Thank you for your service and I thank you for the compliment to my father was It will be right back,
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as is yesterday today needed a hell of a job, and I can't play the whole thing, but I can't play a couple of clips of I think you'll, like you know,. Told somebody today, I said only trunk could have done this only trumpet Then, in less than one year and as president erect nice EAST Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Vice President United States announces to the commissioner that the United Its embassy will in fact be moved to Jerusalem in twenty nineteen in about one year's time. No prior republican president, since Israel has, since the country of Israel. Asian of Israel has existed for seventy years. No prior republican president have the guts to do it, and certainly no democrat president, particularly, consider what Obama was doing
and you hear no praise from liberal Jews, liberal democratic Jews in the sand. Hear nothing from Schuman, nothing from card nothing from any these people, as I told you before they per country cheap. They put party before a country the Input party before their religion. In my opinion, that's just my opinion. Here's my pants canasta today cut for tango Jerusalem is Israel Capital and as such, Tromp has directed the State Department to me Immediately begin preparations to move the United States embassy from TEL Aviv Jerusalem in our administration, will advance splendid, open the United States embassy in Jerusalem and United States Embassy will open? before the end of next year,
president made its decision in his words in the best interest of the United States. But he also made it clear that we believe His decision is in the best interests of peace Finally, recognising Jerusalem is Israel's capital, states is shows. In fact, overfishing that is the only true foundation for a just and lasting peace. This is enormously historic and which had compare this to what our Burma did in clarity when it comes to principles when it comes to him, equity is a very important thing. The prior administration funded the iranian regime to the tune of a hundred and fifty billion dollars and all kinds of concessions, some of them still secret. The imprint acted: Hezbollah, terrorist organisation, this event.
Creation will have none other. They know who are enemies are, and they know who are friends are cut. Fifteen, go the United States, appreciates your government's declared. Will MR resumed direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority and today, we strongly urge the palestinian leadership to return to the table. Peace can only come through dialogue and we, Denies that peace will require compromise, but you can. Confident in this dna. States of America will never compromise the safety and security of the state of Israel. Any peace agreement must go. Guarantee Israel's ability to defend itself by itself. Finally, Had sixteen go tuna, have you
ago, the previous Administration in America signed a deal with around that Delays the day when that regime can acquire a nuclear weapon they ran nuclear deal is a disaster In the United States of America will no longer certify this field can see that their that's news. That's breaking news right. There, pop corker. Swallowed as atoms apple. Were no longer going to certify the around you go ahead. President drums direction, where going to enact effective and a sting restraints on IRAN's nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. Earlier this month,
the president wave sanctions on Iraq to give the Congress and our european allies time to pass stronger measures, but, as President Trump made clear, this is the last time unless the IRAN's nuclear deal is fixed president- has said the United States will withdraw from the IRAN's nuclear deal media and of course, drawing from the iranian Nuclear deal. Folks is in our best interests. Those eyes he began are intended for countries like ours, but here's an example. What I'm talking about Ben Rutland New York, the Great W Abc Go. How are you hear the voice of reason, a chaotic world? Well, thank you been
Well, I I just heard you talking about moving the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem and I want to say it's not a great idea, but not for the reason that you may think I've lived in Israel. I feel a little over two years. I attended. I'm not interested in a resume discredited. Why? Because they sell my traffic in view of it, now you're gonna move to remove the empathy their rights have been created here I say so: it's a trap. I can do for you to get your telephone eyes and birth. It plays a drew them either. As it does it have you ever been in Washington DC, Sir, I have he had been there don't rush hour. Probably yeah
Can we move our capital? years ahead. Genius, let's move on that say another one raw. I've been dunes, Indiana Syria Satellite go market article. Yeah. I got to tell you, I think, what the government shutdowns that spawns good idea going to end a pitch this one to you if the doc is going to go through and they acknowledge though the legal butter here acknowledge that are here illegally. That's gonna constitute a felony now that they are in a constant to two misdemeanor like about how it constitutes a misdemeanor, not a felony, upgrade the charge on it. I say, and who's gonna have greater Congress. They would have to change it. So the idea isn't gonna fly.
Our eye rob, I don't mean to disappoint you. I wish you would how, ladies and gentlemen, member of the palm palm boys and girls in the Rockets. Just a couple weeks ago telling us magnificent. The meeting was with the president, the twenty seven a member, the Congress and how he did this in. That really there was. There really shows that the present it wasn't mentally ill and I said how stupid, as this present doesn't pay It's not mentally! Certainly desert, pull up by meeting with deranged members of Congress? Member all that MR producer, he said but playing the minister said no. The president was showing weakness on darker. And I said no, we need to pull him back and we do that by respectfully civil
and legitimately, as conservatives telling him to come back criticising any approached a darker that would be And he may wind up there, but I If he wins up there, he does something like big. I'm on CHE migration and the wall and all the rest of it but will say, will get there. And the reason I tell you this is you make a huge difference. People get on tv and they get behind microphones in their gesture. Leading it's not gonna work. It's not good enough. The press, and should be praised when the president should be praised. But if it looks like he's going wobbly on stuff, whether it was rag in or or or thought, we need to speak up because he's from the from the government from the rhinos from liberal damn
Francis random and so for any needs, here from us. So it's not enough. Just so this is my and so forth, and so we need to say is now don't go there, please me, The present here's why this is it's important still have this fellow steed Miller there. That's why it's important. Have Tom cotton in their Lindsey Gram wants to get rid of all the voices reason on this. All the voices of principle like you like me,. And so, rather than take a rather surface level superficial approach to this. Yes, cheer cheer cheer what I know you can cheer But we ve got to say, don't die go in the wrong direction, don't lurch in the wrong direction. Here were still here and we will back you please don't lurch in the wrong direction. It's important that part of our civic duty as a people,
Lynn, lions, Ohio, serious animal. I go I mark. I love your programme, Mary, informative, you are very intelligent and you are in an excellent spot. I always think that you should be in office, but I know this is a better spot, because you can inform the nation a better. What's going on in a lot of times, I feel like a serve tour progress or government, one eyed petition to them and as far as the immigrants, though, nobody talking about anchor babies, any more Migration has been mentioned, but these parents they came here illegally. They knew they were illegally, they all their children behind them. And if we stop this illegal immigration like this and push
back to where they belong, deport them all. They will be a big signal to everybody else, just stay home no they're not going to deport them. That's like another. Surrounding a people and supporting them. But the way you encourage people To leave in a humane way is to discuss I urge them from getting public benefits and in. Where's the law when it comes to employment through EU verify and so forth, There are laws in the books that can assist us in this. We were told not to enforce them, and then you have the sanctuary, cities and states and so forth. So Unlike Eisenhower, not talking about thousands and thousands of yellow buses forcibly putting people in them in Cinema with abort, that's not gonna happen unless, of course they have committed crimes and so forth, but there are other ways to address this and they ought to be addressed those ways:
now I my friend, we're gonna, take a break, and I appreciate your very fine car will be right. Back Do you ever free subscription term Primus, if not, here's your chance to join the community of three point: seven million conservative Americans who read and Primus every month and as always it's free as part of hills, they'll colleges, efforts to help all Americans pursue truth and defend liberty, and you can subscribe right now for absolutely no charge at all at Levine for hills, thereby com. That's l, e g! I end for hosting come now. My site features the Primus addition by my friend, Doktor Larry are in the presence of hills there and the war
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the way rediscovering Americanism. I don't know when it's coming out on paper back when I will tell you this. It is now sold over two hundred thousand copies and that's really a big deal for book. That is as heavy is that bookcase I mean intellectually I write all my books. I dont have any goes right. I wish I didn't have this adult asthma do all the audio, but it's not possible for me. So I can do the first trapped in the last chapter and we inform you right on the audio cover. So if I could, I work, but I can't, but I can write the entire book. While I may not be able to do the entire audio, I do right. The entire booksellers goods are right. Let's take some more cause gave parent.
New Jersey, the great debut ABC, go, miss them a very great honour and privilege to be speaking to serving trying to get you years. Read your book. Your latest book rediscovering Americanism fascinated. Thank you so much professor of it. I questioned quick statement. I oppose it more like a question. President Trump, I know my heart to heart is going to do something with doktor, but even a secure. The big three, my biggest fear, is this. I, like your opinion on it. Do you think the Democrats are going to allow him to actually do this because in advance Bobby shipping and cheaper heal their cause. While you is an interesting point, there's this there's something that needs to occur here before champions their cause, which is it's not enough to get a promise that they will fund X, Y and Z. They won't do it. They lie to reckon they.
The bush, they lie to the american people. They will not do what they will take amnesty and then that will be the end of that. This is why keep saying forget about the time Wagging their dog eat dog needs away the tail and he's the dog he's the tough guy, and when he needs to do get a in appropriation on that war and other barriers and more agency needs to get into a legislative change on CHE migration up front that he can sign. Including abolishing it, I might add, abolishing the diversely visa programme and the funds appropriated to deport. Just illegal aliens, whether specific people who are violating their visas, which has forty four to forty four, I presented the number. These are people who who forget about sneak.
Across the border. In a war, they walk through the front door and they don't leave under penalty of perjury. They sign these documents. So that's what needs to come first before there is any reforming of theirs, her changing of their when it comes to illegal aliens. That is, we have to prevent or from coming, but thanks for your called a good cop, we set our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerging person. Now. Thank you all very, very much and I'll be right,
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