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Since the election and the special council appointment of Robert Mueller, Democrats have been trying to lay the case for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. That is why the Democrats want the Russia investigation to be as broad as possible. Last...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I hope you stick with us tonight, three hours, I think you agree, was worth it on Friday. Any people are repeated today. Will we said the other day and that's good. When you discuss a little bit impeachment.
Because that's where all is headed, if you will allow me, let us please set this up, not because I said these things months ago, but because I want to make a very, very important point about impeachment. There will be fewer house few other outlets. Few other platforms were in individual knows as much about this as I do throughout my career. I have studied the constitution. But let's begin the day after election day November, nine twenty sixteen the election recall, was November, eight again through an important reason that I'm not I'm going through this. It's not the south aggrandizement caught one go. Let me tell you what the Democrats mean. Do you, Mr Trump, intend to sabotage? They intend to sabotage you every step of the way and then blame you. They intend to look for every opportunity to criminalize politics that swirls around here
and their good at it, and they do it and, if necessary, they intend to try to teach. You trust me when I tell you this is their agenda. They are vicious their area logs. Have a soviet style mentality, a worn out an election to get in their way, who gave that was November, nine, twenty sixteen the day after the election the day after two days later, three days after the election Three days cut to go and they will lie in wait, as I also told you TAT day after Tuesday Wednesday, I my calendar that they will try and lay a case for the eventual impeachment ultra. I'm quite sure about this. You wash mark my words circle the date on the count
when they passed. There are going to spend the next two years after maybe a month or two or three or four of smiling as they sharper their lives. There are going to spend rested a two year period, doing everything they can to create scandal great controversy and provocation are you who serves in this meant demonstrations, vanity, fair game, he's leftists used the same tactics as the market. You see them in the streets, so you think he's done and ears like Soros, you're, just gonna go away there already plotting There are already meeting in their little hotel rooms already doing the things that leftists radical groups. Do you think they believe in the system. They only believe in that system. If they win, they don't accept it
ever and shimmers the worst of the bunch, and they are fighting right now, mark my words. They applauding right now trying to figure out ways to bring down this administration even before the week is over, and so is Obama November. Eleven twenty then three days after the president, a sworn in and the inauguration. I return to this issue of impeachment cut three: go the same: Praetorian Guard media that protected Obama every step of the way all of his scandals, his horrendous lawlessness they're all over Trump. They send our recovery border and everybody above everywhere they can go, find dare take the guy down and their working,
closely with somebody. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe a malcontent, a miscreant by the name of David Brok over at the Washington Free Beacon, Joe Shasta, has a piece. How potential David Brok, member this is media matters for America, a k, a media, address fairer, whatever defeat tromp through Impeachment Niven Tony about this on radio and tv. Now, for a long time, they're gonna, try and build up. Scandals are going to try and create ethics issue, probably with his business activities, that's where they are or tax rates or whatever it is they're gonna look they're, gonna fight. This is what they're good a soviet style. Package against their opponents, have should manage rather not honourable people there. They are
their dishonourable people, like David Brok, that little puke a confidential David brought met. A memo obtained by the washed and free bacon lays out the ways that, so numerous organizations to take them present Donald Trump through impeachment member. This fool is also funded or has been funded in part by George Soros. Brok is currently at the turn very I'll resort and eventual adventurous flying for a weakened conference for a week and conference where more than one hundred major liberal donor attend. These are mapping out a course to combat the newly sworn in president. According to the private, you know what I have to say. This hold my tongue Going into the private and confidential memo brought plans to defeat tranquil through impeachment, unquote
say what I met. These are like the brown sugar to the left. What did he say? He didn't say anything close to a judge said the branches of the left: ok comradeship, whatever No other progressive organization has the resources and assets on quoting that American Bridge has over the past several election cycles to hold Trump as administration and the politicians, a cannibal says the forty four page confidential memo only bridge that Only bridge stands ready with staff already hired trumps web of business. I told you tribes, web business ties matter. And a mass of video archive at our fingerprints, so they're going to use the fact that the man is a successful business man and try and get a more quota
Now, ladies and gentlemen, in June of this year June, fifteenth after Mahler had been appointed and he began his crusade. I also well actually I'm gonna February thirteen twenty seventeen. I used a phrase that I have used before, which has now been picked up by others to define to define what the ultimate purpose here is. This is February thirteen less than a month after the present United States, Donald Trump was sworn in cut I go although trump staffers don't have clean hands off his administration officials, none of clean hands while the stuff comes from the inside, but a lot of it comes from a bomb I hold over. That's the plan should am telling you the coordinating. Tumor holds back as many these cavernous officials as possible. The Obama Flunkeyishness have weasel their way into the bureaucracy and they have no intention of leaving you already read.
We talk about a last week at these clandestine avenues of communication within the bureaucracy, because they don't want to be found out by the president or by people like us. Freedom of Information act. This A silent coup? That's what it is. This is an effort to whether you agree, All his policies are not- and I don't agree with all those policies, but I do agree with several of them. Whether do or not is not the issue Point as we have like an underground or a shadow government going on here, we have two former presidents who do not know their place because They are relatively young manner. They were when their president and they are, may I say Clinton and Obama, really punks, that's the way. I feel it very immature. Narcissists, analysts and they're, not. Allow something like an election, particularly through the electoral college. They get in their way Bill Clinton Sphere. It's his wife didn't win.
Even though he's mistreated, or more than any other human being on the face of the earth. Barack Obama's furious that here, then, when because now is concerned about his agenda, thought about America, not about the country, southern, pointing out this impeachment mentality from day, one that it is, in fact an attempted coup, his silent coup, you remember, the left became incredibly while, including at the inauguration, they started to attack the electoral college, process that fails to deliver them absolute victory, and now we have special council mother. He shouldn't be called special council the proper informal or now is special Impeachment Council special Impeachment Council back
Do I reiterated what the girl was here impeachment that now I shall Impeachment Council Mahler a report. And he would if you're, not a formal report, cause he's not a penny council. Better reporting statement of some sort, depending on how you thousands his his open court papers and so forth, will be aimed and are aimed at impeaching Donald Trump from June fifteen. This year cut five go, so why would they be in vain? creating the present united save for obstruction of justice where number one is an impossibility in this case, since yes,. Constitutional power, the fire any inferior office for any reason enough, the facts, even if we didn't have a power, simply do not justify, if that's the purpose of the special care this investigation among other and if it is the official
position of the Department of Justice. If you cannot in thy sitting, president. Then, you know what Robert Mahler, so they know, MR produce he's gonna write a report wonder value. We this national view in three. My stick with me: he's gonna write a report one day which he knows Call me knows which Schuman, those are our friends. Those three there are tight will be used, is the basis for impeachment. Taken when the House of Representatives. Your mother, may be investigating individuals and somewhere, but his purpose breathing. We should, against the present United States, make the case for impeachment that indictment It is very, very important. I understand this is why the devil cancer so enthusiastic about him in particular about that position.
And why they wanted as broad as possible. This is the plan. I don't doubt affirming that was almost half a year ago. Almost half of you know why. My raising others show you how smart I M not alone. What does impeachment supposed to be about? What does impeachment supposed to be for its not to impeach a president and then seek to remove them from office for policy disputes or differences of it? indian or errors and judgment it's not supposed to be used by the legislature, the Congress. Paralyzer president paralyzes administration- it's not supposed to be used for superheated partisanship and political purposes, and yet from day one. This has been the position of the Democratic Party in the media and the left
each man is supposed to be an absolute last resort for dressing a president outside the criminal justice system? Addressing a president who has conducted himself in a way that significantly, if not over his does damage to constitutional system Or does serious injury to our republic. I've heard people say, while you can peach somebody for that's, not the history of impeachment, that's not what impeachment supposed to be about at all. This is in Britain were impeachment, was ubiquitous, were impeachment applied to any public official. This isn't a battle between a parliament and a king. We have separation of powers,
Separation of powers and the separation of powers system is teetering on disaster and its been for a long time. When they deputy Attorney General United States acting as the acting alone, in general, the United States appointed Robert Mahler has special counsel to investigate, essentially, all thing He violated in my view they constructed the constitution, it's why? thing to have a special council with a very, very specific mandate to assist the Department of Justice in its work is quite another to unleash a special council, a specific mandate who can roll the countryside looking for crimes or alleged crimes on all matters against all people? That's not our constitutional system. That's not
supposed to work. Mr Mulder has no constitutional foundation, none whatsoever. He is a creation hearsay. He is here a figment of of an observer of a super partisan time in our history, and he simply does not, moreover, have the temple for this job is like a hamstrung hamster wheel, who keeps running just keep running, running, running running anywhere pick off as many people as you can imagine what these so called offence. Punish them brutalized on break them emotionally and financially in order to achieve some and which is in this case, the peach one of the present United State, the Democratic Party knows exactly what is. The democratic party doesn't give a damn about the constitution defended Barack Obama and his multiple violations of the constitution. They defend federal district judges and apologies,
regularly violating the constitution more on that on the immigration issue in a little bit. So the Democrats wanted a special council not to oppose the constitution, but to continue to destroy it and Mr Mulder and his and picked group of hacks, many of whom contributed the Hilary and or Obama a special FBI, aching, I've heard about all day and I'll get into that. This entire enterprise has as its purpose Nepal, the rule of law. But the destroyer presidency and further degrade her constitutional system I'll, be right back
a situation where a Ro the prosecutor believed himself to be answerable to nobody is doing the bidding of a political party. They movement. I was appointed by a deputy attorney general because turning general reduces the deputy attorney general also did not follow Department of Justice guidelines. Giving him a very, very broad mandate, and failing terrain him in. So. This is a rogue special impeachment prosecutor, exactly what he is. You're gonna hear people say that impeachment is a political question, that's only good to some extent, it goes further than that peach man is a constitution.
The question and the members of the house, like the members of the Senate, like the present United States, like all federal, employs taken off to uphold the constitution, to say it take part Question means that you can try to remove a president for any reason which, of course, with completely severe. If not eviscerate the whole notion of separation of powers, So it's more than a political question. The take constitutional issue, more I returned. Libraries voice. My love said talk voice. Now, eight, seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one now focus the focus seems to be it Zoning in honour the firing of
Call me no isn't that Iraq. There is no dispute whatsoever that the president can fire the head of the FBI, the prisoner nominates, the head of the affair. And the president and the FBI directors a ten year term, the the FBI director, has a ten year term. Wasn't because concern that he, Or she might be overly influenced by a president and so you know they get these long terms. No, the reason they got a ten year term was the hope that they were independent. James Commies demonstrated he was not independent. His handling of the cliff Hillary Clinton eavesdropping case, among other things,
He's also demonstrated that he's the one who should be in the dock still government documents. That's what he did. You know. I wasn't stealing the jewelry from the house. I was Borrowing it I wanted to take it to a social event. Never he can't steel documents and they claim they put him back now. In the case, the gunman includes copies of documents, that's it. Governments, proprietary information, Mr Come- he knew it and he took them anyway. He may copies and he gave some to third parties, including the near through a subterfuge, and he knew the near time should have had those documents and we don't know to whom mousy asleep. But an ice, grand jury appearance has away getting people to reveal themselves. What is it exactly? This obstruction of justice that's being talked about I fear the russian investigation. Does it look like anybody and feared with a rush investigation? The deputy director
the FBI, who became the acting FBI directly when coming was rightly kicked out of office, said at the time before the House Committee. I believe, are a Senate committee that they had new resources, and nobody had stopped them and they were continually there's no direct water from the president, even though he could, by the way, there's no direct order from the president. And we have missed a moment. Mr Mulder has not brought a single case, a single charge against any by four colluding with the Russians. They helped the trunk campaign during the campaign, nothing zero. So what the obstruction then he might have not, as for Mr Flynn, Speaking to the Russians, a mile away dozens of other countries, which is never mentioned,
Russia was one of the countries at the the reported direction or alleged erection of another senior official, relatively less a man who was people are is a violation of Logan at my believes, its survival Logan ACT, nobody except leftwing cooks, some of whom are met the Congress and some of whom may work for Mr Mahler, a law that was asked in seventeen. Ninety nine has never been successfully used against anybody and, of course, as I keep pointing out, Mr Flynn, not your average citizen conducting foreign policy pleasant, conducting foreign policy at all. I certainly wasn't an average citizen, he was. Coming in a senior position, the incoming administration, is, everybody, knew the phone call. I believe was made December twenty nine three weeks before Donald Trump was to be sworn in there's nothing untoward about this. Nothing, a historical about this, nothing Certainly, nothing illegal and criminal about Martin
Obama State Department, spokesman on January, thirteen. Twenty seventeen, Sir ten days before Donald Trump, was one it was asked, this by Matt Lee of the Associated Press in Flint contacting other governments and so forth, including Russia. She was known back there, and here's what he said, cut six go probably in his will for sorting yesterday more of them this morning about contact between the income being national security adviser and the russian ambassador, I'm just wondering from State Department. Point of view is something that concerns and all for us to sleep. Again, not necessarily I've seen your reports available, they ve been confirmed, corroborated yet, but you know that
it is part of the transition team, naturally for them to speak to and how they Or engaging I mean. The President Elect is also engaged on his own with many world leaders, so and my speculate and I dont want nothing. Did the this building doesn't see anything necessarily inappropriate about five act? The three members, incoming administration and foreign officials are what country. Therefore, now right, and then again this is an ongoing. I mean we stand ready if they want to work through the safe carbon to contact somebody's individuals, but we have no you know no comment or no problem with them. Doing such an era salute non issue. Ask yourself IRAN Mauler and your hat
I ask you sitting around and you have access to a transcript, if not an actual recording of MIKE Flynn talking to the Russian We know this was either through the face, a warrant or through the back door. Gathering of information on the russian ambassador. HU as being eavesdrop upon and the UN masking of Mr Flynn and the alone. Is leaking of his identity, by somebody on the inside of the media. There's a felony, I'm sure that the robber marble upon it any Dana now in interviewing. Just to show you how nefarious the sky more and is therefore, in it viewing general Flynn. They With general flame had discussed with the ambassador, Russia. They knew there wasn't any collusion.
They knew as a matter of substance. There wasn't any violation of anything, national discussion. In this case it was about the U N resolution there was being pushed by the down administration on the way out the door to evaporate Israel. It was really the Obama administration at the last minute very very untoward things had prayed ministrations, had never done before. And it really doesn't even matter wet Flint discuss less Europe. Patching some criminal scheme and he wasn't because he wasn't charged with that. He didn't pleaded that somebody, Question General Flynn: they only knew about. Henry flame already. Nobody discuss with the russian ambassador, so is a sad and unfortunately, can offline apparently fell under their trap. Keep something in my general Flynn was fighting them tooth and nail. Day in and day out,
until he ran on a money, apparently until, I was crushing the family emotionally there, threatening his son- and he said that's enough- so it's not like Mars, really seeking the truth seeking destiny, it legacy. Dollars acting out of power politics, the gall again, to write some nasty document in some form and to the can condemn the President who, after all, fired his dear friend Jim call me now. As for the firing over We all know that if Hillary Clinton been present United States and Fire Jim call me she would be lauded by the Democrats and the media. We also know one second, before Donald Trump did in fact fired and call me. The Democrats demanded his head.
And then after transpired him, as I said at the time they will use, this is more important for them to now. Reversed course prop up call me the old I'm into some angelic figure, Joseph story. If you were and then go after Trump for abstraction, this has been their position from day. One. With a low montage of Democrats, calling on call me to resign before Trump fired, and this could have gone on for twenty thirty minutes by weak, we should, cut seven go the FBI director you violated these two protocols are kind of an ambiguity bond. This close to election was a terrible, absent judgment angry with Eric all your eye thing here direct, call me made and waiting savings. I call it an. I told the betrayal. Long standing FBI Protocol concerning coordination work out for publication in the story, I think
call me acted in an outrageous way. Can you step down? we should take a hard look at. What he has done, It would not be a bad thing for the american people. Do you believe it? Jim Commission, resigned century. Of course doll I can tell you is that We are directly has no credibility. The president or the fire call me immediately and the order initiate investigation. Maybe he's not right job, so he sat with her Nancy. Policy meddler Maxine Waters, Harry RE, Bernie Sanders James Carbon, Barbara boxer, Jean Louis Adam shift him king. They are condemned him. They are Condemned who he was what he had done several than one of them out trumpet and then they all the great you call me a professional I'm supposed to be independent from the present, which of course, is absurd. The Draken
gray can call me. Oh my gosh firing him from must have fired him because they wanted to stop the russian investigation. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no rush investigation, anymore. There's no Russia investigation are remote, not conducting a rush investigation, he's not conducting a collusion investigation he's after the races, he didn't find anything Under the Russia collusion, tromp rock, so looking under other rocks theirs? evidence whatsoever that their conducting a rush investigation, they are conducting a Trump impeachment investigation. They are in in effect a legal arm of the democratic, Already in the House of Representatives and the United States
Mr Mulder is a special impeachment council, its it? That's it. That's it. You can Rod, Rosen steam appointed em and appointed him. And gave him a wide berth in terms of what it could invest. Gate and will not pull it back. The evidence is overwhelming them. Has moved on that he's not conducting a Russia collusion, investigation torso overwhelming on the political side, when democratic, democratic, democratic now arguing obstruction of justice, not russian collusion. They won't even use us phrases anymore. You couldn't stop, and before but now you see it's obstruction of investigation of Russia, investigation of nothing there.
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say why MRS Fields, MRS Fields, that calm promo code, Levant boy, oh boy, what a combination they loved debate- the cookies- I love the eat, the cookies her eye. Mr producer, let's begin our pain for March through liberal malcontent Lamb, Diane, Frank in on meat that oppress, cut nine, go, as you know, I'm ranking judiciary and the Judiciary Committee has an investigation going as well. And it involves obstruction of justice. I think what were beginning to see is putting together a case of obstruction of justice. I think we see this in the indictments the foreign indictments and please however, the case
FR engage, has to do with their financial activities in the past. While before this campaign there fell, agree port there as foreign agents, which has never been excess, weak prosecuted, maybe once in the entire history of the country where they history the regulation, so that has nothing to do with obstruction. Mr Papadopoulos, his plea on one out of false statements. I hope of realises wallets important to tell the truth. The federal parties when you're asked the swimming. You put your, however, in a position where you're going to be asked without a lawyer, bad advice. But if that's what you do you need to tell the truth now that said, If you're, looking into this broad systemic conspiracy of russian involvement in the election that help electronic than the Trump people are involved in this,
Mickey Mouse stuff, absolute Mickey mouse, tougher federal prosecuting this is like the bottom racking. I can't go any lower than this one false statement. Slowly for perjury, you understand its movement obstruction and they pull the same thing with the with the General Flynn, though there is an example of obstruction of this obstruction of justice, of what go ahead for the comments it and are being made. I see it in they hyper phonetic added. The White House comments every day the continual tweets see, ladies and gentlemen, cheese, laying out a case which would drive the framers absolutely crazy. She doesn't like Trump. She doesn't like us tweets. She doesn't like his comments so. He wants to remove them from office. They have always wanted to remove them from office because they never thought he should be an office and not just him. Some the dog,
fools. I used to work for Bush some of the Dugan fools that pretend to be conservatives. It's pathetic. Won't even stand up for the constitution. They won't even stand for what's right, even if they dislike the man even they disagree with me go ahead. And I see it most importantly in what happened with sea firing direct. Your call me- and it is my belief that is directly because he did not agree to live, the cloud of the investigation. That's obstruction of just isn't any credible. She claims its obstruction of this first of all, the Senate Judiciary Committee, has no authority to any criminal investigations. There. They legislative branch or not. They do. Right stupid bills and they run up the death, that's number one number two is nothing: do the obstruction of justice
They ve been more investigations inside the eggs collaboration outside the executive branch of the so called russian collusion. She hasn't even use that phrase anymore, but if the food sharing of gin call me the purpose of the fine Jim Commie was they interfere with a rush investigation. The why I'm game and came Adam shift. Jean Louis Barbara boxer, James Carvel Bernie Sanders Harry Red actually, waters girl now learn anti blowsy favour. Firing can call me Obstructing was an investigation to of Russia I'll be right back,
now only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, a body mark Levine here these programmes require three hours. I apologize with that. Take our time and marched through this up. Our number eight seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one These senior levels of the FBI have been politically correct. If that's, what the president meant, the president is correct. It amazes me: the media had no problem: one Brok, Milhouse Hussein, Obama and Herrick- I'm held in contempt holder,
We're trash and local law enforcement. Where nationalize and local law enforcement, we're rationalizing local law enforcement and so forth, and so on. That was consider magnificent and advancement for civil rights and so forth, and so on. When this present It points out what is obvious to everybody, the senior levels up in What he was saying goes, I believe, its correct the scene. Levels of the FBI are politically corrupted. I don't think there's any question about you had the cave Number two FBI directly involved in the investigation. Hillary Clinton at the same time, is wise. For State Senate in Virginia with the backing of a Hillary Clinton friend, council adviser and political supporter, that is terrific hall of the democratic governor of a and he poured
as is organizations and so forth. Half a million dollars in those states. Handicap Mackay didn't tell anybody. It was later found our course you should, Used himself from everything, but he did. Now we see the lead investigator, any Hillary Clinton espionage case who gave her a pass. Hoo hoo rewrote the statute from gross negligence, in the handling of classified information to specific content. In order to save her. Elite investigator, where there were. Twenty or so top this, as you weren't interviewed, why a memo is being prepared by call me to let her off the hook incredible right. The lead investigator isn't trumpeter
Not only was the elite investing it on the espionage case, he's been elite investigator for Mahler, at least laptop and through much of the summer on Donald Trump World. Turns out, he's texting, antitrust, stuff with a lawyer in the FBI, who is having an affair with an extra mantle affair with and the F b I still hasn't release the text in this room are still hasn't release the text as a matter of fact, this whole sorted spectacle of the but the decision of the senior levels are the FBI and the political decision of the special council office has been kept from House Intelligence Committee, whether chairmen I here, oh, I think Devon. Nunez has been demanding for months Can I why this specific FBI agent was removed from his trap, trying to get to the bottom of that Adam shift?
I don't give a damn. The Democrats don't care, they probably here this happy I ate, but Mr Mauler never told them. In fact, isn't it interesting this twenty four hour period, the New York Times in the Washington Post, both came out with a story about this FBI. Agent say almost the same thing. Essentially, the same that is a leak from Mr Ma. Our or his office or the top levels of the FBI to position to position. This this outrageous event in it mission to having a an FBI agent like this one step now tell me they just found out about it was the inspector general who found the texts. The EP, the Justice Department Inspectorate
Mahler has heard people who have exactly the same. You point nine of his sixteen prosecutors. Sixteen. Donated to either or Bosley Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign, so why would you bring people are like that, but we know why he wanted them not only to be among the hack, the greatest hacks out there, but he wanted them to be ideologically identical to himself because he is, after all, the special impeachment council. So when the president talked about the FBI, he was correct and was fashion the sea Eric holder, jump to the defence of the FBI, Eric holder, who is eviscerated law enforcement. Agriculture, who is help me contempt by Congress, all of a sudden he's a character witness. He has no no reputation;
They extend. He has one. It's a lousy reputation trashing law enforcement is entire career. Now they act like their pro law enforcement and it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, this FBI agent, this top agent. His name is not an easy one: it s, T r, Z, okay, SAR suck Sarka Peter Charter,
Top level, why are the great FBI? Investigators were assured by the New York Times and unwashed imposed, but he couldn't get Hilary Helen Keller Gonna gotten Hilary, but he couldn't get Hilary and Trump obstruction obstruction of what you see here is what happened: Trump disrupted, these politically corrupt or the politically correct levels of the FBI he disrupted by firing call me they were happy. They were, they were going there saying any fire, the guy and now they're striking back. There are striking back, they got their body Mahler and therefore or FBI director. They are their defending call me, honor FBI, director. Their leaking
hell all over the place and, of course, the contemptible Praetorian Guard media, rather than seeing the tyranny of or less celebrate because they hatred they wanna, buy army. So Devon Nunez, who is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, has been demanding information for months about this situation: to read about it in a new times, are washed impose new terms, wash them both obstruction? You see you heard Feinstein thine frankly,. Einstein on meat. The depressed now senator Richer Blumenthal, who, as a regular guest on the morning smaller Mr Schmo, show even though the man lie through his teeth about being a Vietnam combat veteran. They look at this mouth. Vietnam, combat veteran.
Challenge the press, the United States, or they won't white house- is a very. Is Senator Blumenthal cut tango were added, real testing time for this country. When people are going to speak up in the sand and challenge the press, the United States, where they want the White House is a very happy place. Power is very powerfully addictive drug and our trump is very formidable personality, so suffer. He said nothing of substance. Rambling on, like a homeless person, go ahead. Stand up to a man, I hope my republican colleagues in the United States will take the lead on this issue and also on obstruction of justice is a credible case of obstruction of justice against Donald Trump. So all the Democrats
in the Senate have met, and now this is, it entered the house obstruction of Joseph Construction of justice, obstruction of justice, Ten here is to take out this president silent coup, but also in the meantime, to paralyse the paralyze. Here the senior staff has administration people looking up shoulders people pointing fingers at each other people leaking against each other. It's the disrupt this administration. It is straight out of the marxist play, but it really is a linsky more than a landscape. It is disrupt a legitimate administration, legitimately elected. No russian collusion and create criminal behaviour, create criminal outcomes create concoct unimpeachable offences. This is the silent cool I ve been talking about.
And, of course, on the morning schmo that big dope there given voice because he doesn't give a crap about the country either. He thinks Manhattan is the whole country. Rep Alternative TED Lou, another small at a California I saw MSNBC cut eleven go further appears to be two tracks here. Even go down the legal tat. We can go down the political track towards impeachment, which one do you think. The President said that
They more concerted on women's name is Alex with a k, a Alex with. Let's look at the assumptions in her question, I'm tellin you folks. The left is playing with fire, the meteor playing with fire. The Democrats are playing with fire. They go through with this one third of the country, because one third is oblivious. Everything in the other. Third is, of course, how to turn America into something else. They're gonna have one third, this country in such an anger, Mode such fury, they are playing with fire because they will not accept a four year term for this, Man who was elected legitimately and hasn't committed any crime hasn't violated the constitution, not even close, not even close.
The reason in the first hour I played what I said back then was to point out that this is all a subterfuge. It is a pretext. To remove a man from office, you know There's only a handful of honest liberals live. What do you think Dershowitz as all over tv on this that he sees exactly what I see? What do you think Mccarthy's there are national. Yet he sees exactly what I see. I see exactly what they say and I can go on and on and on having Dershowitz. Four trompe voted raillery. I think Mccarthy was never tromp or I can remember he's a dear friend of mine. We all see it. This is an attack on republicanism. It is, it is an ill, legitimate attack on an illegitimate president. Now we put up with Obama for eight years, but they refuse they refused to accept. That's exactly what's goin on. Go ahead and get closer to him right now,
Well, we know that, for Richard Nixon he was not brought down because of the underlying crimes he was brought down for obstruction of justice. That was the first article or impeachment they second article is dereliction of duty and we're seeing that here today we are seeing the prize United States commit obsession, justice, absolutely incredible, absolutely incredible! Absolutely incredible! Richard Nixon directed a cobra, the what breaker even move monies from the campaign to re, elect the president or creep as they call it. Maybe it is that Mahler thinks he's Archibald Cox or whoever. But TED Low is an idiot, but it doesn't matter if he's an area. This is what they're doing
and I think we should let special council mowers investigation continue forward. He. Getting closer every day that goes by and may be a very similar. Here's a snuff- and he loves me, says here: we got the Democrats, they support us. That's keep plan ahead. After almost my step made up of Democrats, they they feel the same way and so forth. We gotta get to the bottom of this crime. Ladies and gentlemen, what crime, what crime. When its Trump half the height nothing, then we have Adam shift a regular on a b c and rescue these programmes stay. Cannot blessing. He hears the irony here this one of the reasons you have nothing but contempt for the media. Stephan obvious was a hatchet Manfred Clinton, and now you have Stephan Apple is dressed up as a journalist speaking to a hatchet man for policy out of shift. So I told you don't watch tv, this waken, there's no point in it. Cut twelve go,
These authorities are starting to take us a step. Further, very J, secular, the New Yorkers every tool within the new Yorker alone. Groundwork the collusion, were shown is not a crime. While it's not a crime, do you have a freshman hasn't been shown. Secondly, it's not a crime. This isn't an antitrust case. Does even mean anything. What do we mean by collusion? Go ahead, the President. Deny something very times in a row raises a profound question about whether True now here I think you see the most power No evidence of a collusion in terms of violating the Logan ACT so now we have the Logan. I most you never heard of the logging passed in seventeen. Ninety nine, the goal was to discourage individual citizens from
Claiming did negotiate farm policy on behalf of the new countries, failing a country starting to do what took place here given incoming present with a transition team, Whereof Flynn, is asked to reach out to a number of governments, including the russian government, not exclusively the russian government. On behalf the incoming Administration Logan ACT, doesn't even over the application of this, but out of ship is a hack so they give him voice on may be seen as they should dismissed. People is nothing, but they won't dismiss them is not because they want you to hear them go ahead now. I agree that some I gotta be prosecuted, but let's look at that. You have it. Transition conspiring in private the Russians to subvert the bipartisan policy of the United States, which was this
ancient Russia over its interference in a really this guy was once a prosecutor. I feel sorry for anybody that had to deal with this guy, so the trunk transition is conspiring in private with the Russians. To some the by partisan policy. The United States did not Mr Turner, the former Obama spokesman three days before the president was sworn in, say that they have no proof one with the incoming administration, speaking with people like that, it's done all the time and so forth his heart, and yet MR shift finds a conspire. The conspiracy and private with the Russians to subvert the by partisan policy. The United States. Go ahead, and so the question becomes if there are willing to work secretly and privately at odds with the? U S: policy during The translation forget that gonna cut thirteen go and, if, like authority, testify that this these.
Contact with the Russians were directed by the president, lower that tell you We all know the during transitions. Administrations have contact with foreign officials. All the time. Well, I would tell me, is that one of the reasons that he was intervene at present, that is with James COM, which aims call me, was that he knew that this would come to light and that he to protect. My knew that it would come to light that he directed a subordinate to talk with a with a fine government. That's perfectly legitimate. Otherwise, we gotta bring Barack Obama in the court and put him in prison copyright Ben
I want you to your Susan Cow and you tell me she is an observatory on meat. The press cut. Fourteen, go I'm curious, the scope does it? does: it include the transition, is another scope The campaign is that include the transition, yes, even in his skull, but they interpret does include the translation everything up till January twenty authority or the more it not only includes a transition period that it includes the campaign period and that's why we're looking at the conversations that occurred during that period is well. Do you have a sense of where
mother is in his probed. You feel as if this is the end of the beginning, beginning of the end, where do you guys have a sense of the length of this programme? Now thou worrying tat shook the chairman and send tat when the special council, its very difficult to say, but clearly he is making progress sees had guilty, please from two individuals he said to add their indictments, so he is making progress is making progress. This idiot is part of the problem. It's absolutely unbelievable: conservative proud of it go
I put in show at age, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one problem Last Friday I seem to recall there were daily reports of politicians and Hollywood types, mostly levels, mostly Democrats, who are exposing themselves who were giving sex toys to each other who had buttons under their desk to lock the door from within and order to. My last point, some things are that's her, apparently that go on anymore. Mr producer, pilots all cleaned the as they caught sexual harassment, training. That was pretty fast, and so we don't hear about members of Congress. Now you don't hear about People in Hollywood molesting groping assaulting bearing we don't hear any,
now this week, its obstruction of justice week. All these Democrats and you can google them yourselves all these Democrats, one after another, who want to call me out when they obstructing just When they were pressuring for call me to leave demanding his head, were they obstructing justice, where they obstructing the investigation? The Hilary Rotten Clinton. Then her violation, syrian multiple violations of the SBA when they ve justice. Ladies and gentlemen, should they be expelled when there are committing acts of sexual molestation. Getting a good night's sleep, that's easier said than done of course, Especially if you hear a noise downstairs, what are you doing that such
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percent of your order simply safe mark that com, I guess they changed again how MR producing I thought you had to go to simply safe, marked out common code mark well there you have a ladies and gentlemen. I suspect you need it this simply safe mark that common enter code mark just as a matter of logic. I know that like to go through here, but it is very tawdry. What's taking place very tawdry Nancy Pelosi Oh yes, yes, Stretch, Nancy police. Chief courses she's trying to call these people are from impeachment. You remember back in November, and I thought about a peach. Don't do it don't talk to wait till we take the house, wake till we take their member,
Cut fifteen go republican centre grams. Is that if you and the Democrats take the house in two thousand I e. The first thing you will do is impeaching resident tromp. Is that true now am I these it. Whatever we do. We have a responsibility first and foremost to you, five, a nation, why you can't go down and he passed without the facts and the wall that's their. Perhaps it will and these investigations are till you get the drift he get. The drift sower. But we know maxim waters banana their day in and day out. I'm not waste your time with her. Now you ve, probably heard by now for five thousand times about Brian Rossen Abysses world news tonight on Friday,. If you listen to my radio Friday on, I call him out immediately because he had the timeline raw member that Mr Barroso.
Call em out immediately, whose reporting that the pressing United States told Flynn to contact the Russians during the course of the election now, if he had still not illegal or unconstitutional retroactively. How we have to talk about this nonsense. Turns out it was December. Twenty ninth, as I recall, which would be well After the election and soon before the president's swearing in inauguration, I would be Trump the major media ran with this. Even O Brien Ross had one anonymous source. Probably the ghost sits on his shoulder. And they ran within IRAN with it, and here's cut nineteen Here's what he said as I recall go, he has promised a full collapse, patient. The more team he's preferred to testify. We are told by a confident against President Trump,
numbers of from family and others in the White House these proceedings. Why the President tromp as a candidate Donald ordered him directed only may hide the Russians. Contradiction has surfaced point, that's enough, so obviously he didn't do that. And down and Brian Ross has a habit of making things up. As I pointed out friday- and I pointed out Friday how wrong he was that that's not it's not that the what's been reported. It's not what took place in open court either. So was wrong. So then they had to clarify catchword twenty go and they were the clarification tonight on something wonderful in confidence, told us and we reported earlier today. He said. The president asked when the contact question during the campaign he's now clarifying that saying accord.
The planned candidate from ask him during the campaign to find ways to repair relations with Russia and other hotspots, and then, after the election, the President Elect asking told him to contact rush on issues including working together to fight ISIS together fight ISIS. We can't do that, but anyway, the guy's a before his absolute before he's, been suspended without pay for forward. He should be fired. He should not have a job again and journalism. He should be a tenure My professors and where we can do this sort of stuff for that only they can do it in the media to I must have? It is her you're, a cop, all new cars, as I don't have my course green up? Who do you reckon and they do anybody disagrees with my genius so far-
in New York. The great W Abc go like their dreams. Call me classified before Congress that talk Although many bad satellites tat are in my allotted, go away ass, it out that towns, like somebody, that's not obstructing the man and then the FBI agent, all these levels, one at the push. The agenda that call me was looking for more money to go away and an Trump fired him, because he was looking for more money and the head FBI agent testified before car. Read that that's not the case, it did not go down like that. They had nothing to do with the investigation of the girl being looked at. So can call me it's just a flat out liar and add that so already, just like clap and as I Brennan all three of them bear their lawyers and they get caught up. How are you Struck and watch unimpeachable when you tell somebody the opposite, go after anybody around me that doing something bad back. What he called call me.
Call me because I gotta gonna get. You already said it, and those are excellent points in excellent points. Thomas Somerset, New Jersey, the Great W Abc, go mark thanks your personal. I wish you really good out of India every year. We really need you to fight they laughed, but by old, mainly about to compare mauler too previous rogue prosecutor- Michael Life hard from some years ago, when he won t stay up that case against the duplicate players on the evidence. Clearly not there and he ended up getting prosecuted himself. I really think there's the man that could stop This market is really the man had started it alone, and I know you, think highly of em but Jack Jack sessions put us in this water and needs to get us out of it. What do you think.
Although what kind of question is, what are you gonna do maladies refused himself from the unrecognised himself now I want him to say that Robert Mauler is acting in a fictitious. And malicious way and needs to step down. Ok and then what a smaller says screw you and while we need, we need over. Our end by you. I mean you know better than me, while you're asking me questions. If I can't make things up, I would know better than you. Let's walk through this together then see how a rational your argument, the guy sessions, which uses himself If you listen to their programming, I strongly disagree with that. Didn't I Erica's himself, so the acting attorney general's Rob roses who appoints smaller. I strongly oppose that Now you say. Hours acting should and needs to go. Well, you know what he can do. What can you do? Nothing
Finally, in the United States needs people he's not. The lead attorney in the United States on this matter because he refused himself well, but it is to answer your question sake Make some sense out of this: it would be the deputy attorney general. The United States was the acting attorney general for these purposes. Who can fire Mahler Import? Like you, I would argue for two to connect the dots for me. But Molly is acting illegally and needs to go. Well, he's not acting illegally he's appointed unconstitutionally and you're, asking the guys who appointed among constitutionally to fire him for acting the way his you understand. Actually, I'm getting a headache beginning getting ahead. It think about it. Logically, why would the guy, who appointed him for the guy who appointed am obviously wanted him, the guy?
appointed him gave him this this this this wide broad birth for investigating he doesn't view. Mahler act illegally, as we do so. I don't understand what I mean. There's no answer to the president. S power to fire, Mahler they'd impeachment two seconds, listen, Susan Count. The Republicans would bear the president. The same Republicans in many respects, and one of the founder first place since has refused, as he sound like in any respect in any the interviews, each time that he's gonna undue that no a legally whose left the deputy attorney general, appointed mullet does it sound like he's gonna do anything now, I'm not here to make smiley faces, I'm here to do a reality. Dealing with reality. The main thing that has happened here
to hold the house of representatives the hold it now this get you to the pauses had excite. You ought to that, because they are so great that, because you want to oppose the Republic in one I pulled the constitution but arguing go back and say the very people created this scenario. The people who need to get us out of the scenario. That's not gonna happen. That's childish, the Chestnut Perhaps you can repeated over and over again call me and repeated over and over again it Not gonna happen Ed Guy, Grove California, on the market of in peril. I find that you weren't within. I am retard medically marine corridor eight years and got away In my view, the only thing at the same republic and have been brain dead marked the gallows? here we gotta go to the polls. I'll. Tell you one more thing when these chemical
sport. Inventing line like they have been collusion. They very well opened up our borders and are derelict in keeping a safe. And also you can. I give him noise. The Democrats have a deck its long history of colluding colluding with the server you that's producer. That ever bother them before. Then everybody, then before they undermine IRA our efforts, Vietnam Bay they undermined rag and when he was trying to add the Soviet Union, through our economic, my and they call it our wars, the Strategic Defence initiative, when you wanted to put those trident missiles in in Europe, in Germany in particular, they were they are a part of the Nuclear free movement, to mean on and on and on they. They gave a lotta aid and comfort to the Soviet. You now all of a sudden
Concern about right. Let ask you a question: who was it that paid for the dossier. Where the british taxpayer spy work with Kremlin apparatchiks to take out a prayer, to take out a nominee was had not the hill request, the campaign, sir? It was, Not the Democratic National Committee, Sir. Was it not a democrat lawyer by the name of Mark Elias? I think his name is the bag man, the straw man, go between to cover up for a Hillary Clinton. Dnc was I not him the oyster, was ok. There's our russian collusion right there. Is it not your her, I've got collusion with opening the borders. When our rambles IRA, let stick with Russia now, because that's what they're calling tell me was it tromp or his children. Or his second cousin twice removed, or was it tramp
His campaign officials. Or his transition officials who are cutting a deal with Lattimer Putin's to get control? Twenty percent of America's uranium production tell me which party did that democratic parties tummy which candidate as secretary, they did that a secretariat they Hillary Clinton. So there's your collusion. Collusion. Number two is that under investigation now It's not under investigation, I can go on and on about these creeps. Thank you for your call. I'll be right. Back Ben Big decision a couple hours ago by the United States Supreme Court, the vote was seventy two.
With Ruth Vader ACL you Ginsburg and Sonya left, winger sort o my or the to the associate depress the Supreme Court, is allowing the tramp administration to fully enforced a ban on travel to the United States by residents of six, mostly muslim countries. Kostiei people prefer, for mostly jewish, mostly Christian, are mostly secular, but so be it. The justices with to set dissenting votes said that the policy can take full effect, even his legal challenges against it, make their way through the courts. The action suggests the high court could uphold the latest version of the ban, the Trump announced in September. The bane applies to trap, from Chad ran Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen by them. None of them has even close to the country with the largest muslim population, so there are about twenty other kind. This majority muslim populations give or take that are not even covered,
of course, the lid media. One ever tell you that what I oh yes, yes, yes, folks, Buber disclosed a breach of fifty seven million passengers in drivers, records hackers access, personal information like names and driver's license number of the drivers of names and e mail addresses and phone numbers of passengers, though this breach was just recently, and that this personal information was actually stolen over a year ago, Erica. Surely, monitoring your credit, your identity can be stolen and wage remain at the Tec. Good thing: there's lifelike, lifelike say wide range of identity, threats threat you may miss, but just monitoring your credit like someone stealing from your following care, committing a crime in your name. And if there is a problem, a? U S, based identity, resolute restoration specialists will work to fix it. No income,
an identical after monitor all transactions at all businesses, but lifelike can help you see more threats to identity. Here's! What I want you to get a lifeline that com or call one eight hundred lifelong use, promo Code LE then that's Levant for ten percent off your lifelike membership, vizir lifelike, dot com and save ten percent. Now so there's no fanfare. There's no breathless reporting by the media that the Supreme Court of the United States not five to four. Seventy two agrees with Donald Trump, with Donald Trump. On his last iteration of the travel ban, overruling multiple federal district judges appointed by a and certain other pallid courts. Like the knife understand the Supreme Court. Seventy two upheld Donald Trump,
vision, executive order for weeks growing. So what on what array? sixty years ago, help. Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel, nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one create one. What I'm trying to get out.
Then tv episode Fora tonight up early because it's going to be in front of these subscriber, while the entire episode, which is almost an hour, will be freed. Everybody is I dig into this mauler impeachment obstruction of justice and all the rest of it. Because I think it so important, I want all of you to have access to it. So as soon as we get it with linked to it, MR producer Wanna, to continue to look into that. If you will, I would appreciate it Now we will continue to move. The president of the United States did something that is fantastic again today. This is another reason why they want to get rid of the so called monument designation under the antiquities ACT has been abused by almost every president, but especially Brok Obama. This is where they take millions of acres of land.
Sees it from state. Governments sees it from private property owners, and the federal government decides it's going to manage. Now I can tell you as the deputy solicitor two it apart. Many many decades ago, the federal government does not have the capacity to manage all this land. It simply does not it barely and it is properly when it already has a- cannot and the present United States gave multi millions of acres back to the state of Yalta. I dont know that this has ever been done, but it is a wonderful thing. They have used this law to lock up hundreds of millions of acres of land and water and restrict federal government control that most people are not allowed to use. Now there are people out there who say this is a great thing
The great thing that a president like a dictator couldn't suddenly say all this land is going to belong to the federal government really. Well. You know we need to keep lane prick Tina there, we need to have some areas that are pristine. You want to know why my book, liberty, in turn, you sold over one point: five million copies, not ghost written, not research by others and all the rest of it. It's because of the information that I go back to it all the time the even though it's getting old. Homeowners framer farmers, businesses are subjected to a host of government restrictions from prohibitions that reduce the use and value their properties. Including laws relating to wetlands and endangered species among the false most Our reaching enviro statist strategies is smart growth, where urban planners developed
prehensile zoning initiatives that purport to bring man back into balance with the ecosystem by severely restricting private property rights, and their focus is typically suburban, sprawl. The urban plainest purpose the force populations into increasingly limited, dense areas, drive cars off the roads and increased use of public transportation of bicycle and pedestrian pass. Brings the home office closer together, establish a communal existence, just how problematic is suburban sprawl or for that matter, development. Generally. In two thousand to fifteen years ago, the Heritage Foundation, I would encourage the Heritage foundation update this now. The heritage allegations Doktor Ronald examined the federal from its land. You surveys and here's what he concluded afternoon, the four hundred years of unmanaged development and rabbit like population growth somewhere between listen to this cause. You know,
Nobody else will somewhere between three point, four percent and five point. Two percent of land in the Continental United States has been consumed. You wouldn't know that because The illiterates in the media, who are the mouthpieces for the left, wants you to believe we're running out of land after nearly four hundred years of unmanaged development and rabbit like population growth somewhere between three point. Four and five point: two percent of land in the Continental United States has been consumed. But what of the heavily urbanize states, which includes several of the original colonies? I looked at them specifically. And he said in both New York and Virginia. Were suddenly early. Sixteen hundreds, Nearly ninety percent of the land is still undeveloped, while in pencil,
they need the shares over eighty five percent and a man But it's over eighty percent and country suppose. New Jersey and Rhode Island developed areas hovered around one third of the available LAN, some of the house. I share the nation, but still leaving both states with about two thirds of their land, undeveloped or in agricultural use. But that's not good enough. You see- and this is in two thousand to I suggest to you- it's got worse since in terms of land has been taken out of public use, private use, rather twenty five percent or more of american Land of America is controlled by the federal government by the federal government.
In its entering closer and closer to thirty percent. This is how President's try to make a year in part a legacy for themselves, so enormous amount alone. You look at some of these. These data, West Nevada, Mexico, Arizona, you're talking over fifty percent of the land mass over fifty percent. That's truly crazy!. Absolutely crazy, and if you don't support this, why worry and earlier rumbling protecting her, I am in the act of course we do, but we don't want to give up twenty five, thirty thirty five, forty percent of American to the federal government, the federal government as a manage things. Well, this federal government doesn't manage parks. Well, this matter of fact, I can tell.
I am quite familiar with the department of the Interior Federal Government- doesn't manage wilderness areas while the same federal government, the same rules, the same your the same civil service regulations and so forth that apply these people They always claim that I'm enough money, then I'm enough manpower while of course now here's the president, let's but a cut twenty two in Utah Unsightly SALT Lake City did I cut twenty two ago, because some people think that the natural resources of you to show controlled by a small handful of very distant bureaucrats located in Washington, and why they're wrong families and communities of you know
I love this and the best, and you know the best how to take care? arose your land who know how to protect it and you know best how to conserve this land. Many many generations to come here, too endless bond with the doors should not be replaced with the whims of regulators, Thousands and thousands of miles away. They don't know your land and truly, care for your land, like you do, but from now on that won't matter. I've come to you today. A very historic action reverse federal overreach and restore the rights this land two years. Medicines, but the prince.
It's doing outstanding with the president did and one of the Supreme Court on temporary limitations on immigration from certain countries, given the their terrorist activities of their lack of a friendly governed, the lack of any government outstanding and it was upheld by the Supreme Court. Today when I met with the president a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't planning a meeting with him, but the vice president. We are there to meet with him. What a wonderful meeting in, among other things, I told him he's what I've told you folks on the air. He is the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan, since Ronald Reagan, neither the bushes would have downward trumpeted. Today. Then he and his legal team fought like hell all the way to the Supreme Court to defeat the
sir, these rogue district court judges and the road night circuit when it came to a a garden variety executive order which is intended to protect the american people when it comes to certain countries and immigration. Before them all away to the Supreme Court. Anyone began his counsel sessions. The attorney general in this case excellent excellent. It would be nice some of the bushes would acknowledge this, but they want. Somebody never tempers what acknowledges, but they want. She I'm always America and always Republic, and always constitute that's what I am
I agree with Trump on everything, but I find myself agreeing with them on a hell of a lot. I really do. I really do. I disagree with his whole. Tax scheme that the House and centre have come up with them that he supports- and I say so. Boil boy: he does a lot of things that I strongly agree with on a policy funny when it comes to the courts and it comes to immigration. When it comes to North Korea and IRAN and Israel, I want it comes to regulations. He's got the right mindset on taxes and fortunately the Republicans aren't delivering the right bills. They just now. He's the right mind, set on Obama, care and I'll. Tell you what I told possesses nonviolent confidence in this regard and obtain anything else. But when I told him was.
You know. Mr President, I have said this to you earlier and I've said I've told my listeners you're, not a philosophical conservative per se you're, not a in ideological nationalist pop. Your man, who seventy years old, whose live life, was a democrat Reform party guy, I believe, than a republican- and you look at these things. And your conclusions are conservative conclusions. Given all your experience, what We went through in the campaign now how you reason these things and I disagree with me: there are people who seek to protect themselves. Out of this place is the most conservative president has really view, So if the railways are nationals, Papas really view himself that way the EU views himself. I think speaking for him, but when I was there, as I explained it,.
And ass. It turns out when you mature, when you think that for all of us who think things through look at human parents. America's experience think about liberty. Think about these things. You tend to be conserved. Because conservatism is about the improvement of american life of human life? I should say improvement of human life based on experience, and I think that's the case with this problem, and so what he's dead? Here is outstanding, with respect to Utah. Obama did a lot of these things the way out the door when you when he was dealing with Israel when he was dealing with your Tony's doing they say he just piled the map. Pile them are piled up regulation after regulation. He wanted to enshrine these things, impose them on the future government and so far and trumpet should now I'm not put up with. I got really your FBI guy. I'd want to keep european
in the present the United States and to keep your Amigo policies. I do want to keep these regulations. I'm gonna give the tall and the people. Are you tell their land back and I think this? week I read somewhere Wednesday. He may well there's something assets, incredibly, historic, not just for this country, but for the world. He may recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That's a big deal, maybe with the embassy to follow, but that's a big deal. You would have gotten out of job Bush. Or Lindsey Gram, John K, sick or anybody else that I can think maybe crews, I'm not sure, but I know trump. If he follows through what these reports he will have done it
He will have done what none of the others would have done by the way, including Reagan. Maybe it wasn't the time doing Reagan, maybe it was, but it is the time now and Hamas is threatening. The arab countries are threatening to bed to him they're not happy unless every Christian and every drew his move from the Middle EAST that they can claim control over every piece of property, every ancestral site and then I'll kill each other, which is their history. No offense, that's a fact I'll be right back
Lindsey Wyoming on the mark living? I go I want to pay, You here and I thank you on the great water. Thank you. What we wanted to say was we thought what trumpeted today was wonderful and historic and such a great thing for you. What is really hoping that you can do that Hawaii combing out the great but, of course, he's coming under attack, as he does any time. You start the even even a little unravel what the progressive done you go against the grain you'll be attacked by people who claim to be supporters. Here's what's going on Wednesday. Most people in the country. I ve never been a wire me. They don't
What's in Wyoming, they don't know. Why only produces most people in the country. Want gasoline when they can immediately. They will face. It'll be at the pump. They went oil immediately to heed their homes, they assume it'll, be in their homes a grocery stores. We assume the meets gonna, be there ways in the fish is gonna, be there. We assume that the wine I don't drink, but the wines going to be there were soon everything's gonna, be there they fruit, the virtual, but nobody Mr really know how these things come to be, he wants to know how they get a rap package of meat beef. I don't want to know nobody wants to know. You know what a team To produce these things, they just wanted, they wanted immediately and they want to cheap, well guess what some people have to actually start the process: Some people have to raise the cattle some people have to have the rays The coin grow the corn. In the way some people have the transported like gasoline. Some people have to drilling for oil and some people, the twelve
forget it has to be refined somewhere and then it has to be tracked or Brain somewhere, this is we get our stuff, for I consider society, but nobody instead now, so these presidents come in I just start nationalizing this nationalizing, that taking under the control of the states, people can't even you These lands anymore, because we're tolerance, using all our land. I just gave the statistics are demonstrate. Quite the opposite. That's what's going on here right. Now, I'm glad I convinced you. Thank you. Thank you. Lindsey. I gotta go to Wyoming. When I want to get away all me, I want to go to Montana. I want to go to these Places South Dakota, North Dakota, I mean has to be the summer time. Don't get me wrong when I go to those places. These places I go to already told my wife and then we're retie we're gonna get an early warning to travel. Some of these places are I'd folks, copyright,
When my gwynplaine was it, kid is teaches didn't, like is nine sense of humour today, race, you don't like it marked. Were there now Seven, seven, three, eight one, thirty eight Levin in our say it's embarrassing, but I guess it's not when I hear our folks so called consumers, and I don't hear them a lot but now and then on tv radio. Say things like all the bureaucracies getting bigger and bigger in the courts are getting bigger vigour and far more powerful in democracies can see. Much more with another scratch. My head worthies people been, I think mention this in every single book I've ever written except rescuing sprite,
from men in black and liberty and tyranny all the way. Through my current book, we discovering Americanism, which came out this summer, I'm an entire chapter, the administrative state tyranny, but through all the books Manitoba though remember some point of the liberty moments. One of the reform amendments is to address this permanent admit. Creative state nor the swamp as the president and others call. This is. This is mainly a a. A point I've underscored now, since I've had a microphone since I've written books, since I've been a public figure even before them that this is a great danger, and you hear me on the regular talk about this constantly when the left,
when's elections, they claimed over mandate when the left loses elections. They turned to the unlike departure: the government, the courts and the bureaucracy. Even in rediscovering Americanism my latest book, I have an entire list in there. Showing how many laws were made by Congress from two thousand. Three to twenty. Sixteen, in how many laws came out from the bureaucracy, it is shocking. It is studying how low. Of what goes on in this country's anything to do with republicanism. Anything do it republicanism? Then I talk to people, conservatives, Including some think tanks, it tell me who were just select more republic. So like more republicans. Well, yes, things will be better. Perhaps. But we have this on elected stuff.
Were celebrating the seventy two decision by the: U S Supreme Court, a few hours ago, appalling the president's of final adoration of reserve of his immigration limits. Only six, sir, mostly muslim countries, and yet we have to sit here and wait for Supreme Court decision is, I would disappear as ever. The constitution says no, nothing like it and people are shot while men in black, if you read the book in its quoted all over the place, even even now, the first book I ever wrote, discusses that what's going on with the court, with a few exceptions like today, decision- you ever pay effectively. Many and many districts in this country the traditional tyranny, particularly in the highly populated areas. We think a meritocracy is all about the disconnect between constitution wasn.
And in these other ideas that are pushed him forced upon us by the left, among others. So I have the scratch my head, I really do I mean you have opinion makers with huge audiences who are largely on red or illiterate about these things they and their shop when they figure out what wait a minute. Who gets to make these decisions while hills the college they understand. Not many colleges can claim that there are one hundred percent financially independent from both federal state governments. In fact, I can think of only one college in the entire country that refuses government funding of every kind, not one penny hills, they'll college. Now why? Why do they make that decision?
because government money comes with strings and hills their refuses to have government bureaucrats dictate what and how they are to teach stood and how their to run their campus from the beginning. In eighteen, forty four hills. Dell has provided a world class education that upholds America's founding principles in Brazil, the blessings of civil and religious liberty, everything hills does from the fund. Naturally, that ninety seven percent of students receive today completely free my courses that offers you depend A generous donors who recognise the worth of independent financial Preserves the integrity and excellence of a wholesale liberal arts, education attracting the net change, brightest students and scores of fields, a study from music to buy, I want you to business, he'll, stale college teaches their students to pursue truth and a friend
nobody learn more about how hailstones college helps all of us become better, more independent citizens and how you can help he ll still further freedom at Levin, free hosting about com, l, e G iron, hills, the other come and Doktor Larry aren't the great President Hills the cards, also as a close personal friend of mine for decades and my wife and I had dinner with he and his wonderful wife penny over the weekend, and we had a hell of a lot of fun. A hell of a lot Let's see this when this agrees, that one disagrees and we love it. Joe thus Angeles, California Mark living. I go Mister Levant. Thank you so much for taking my car. I just haven't I have for you does one way in Europe really is quite give or take on How does one way the promises and the important
American, very allied forces, industrial development, and I guess I can take answer about a bone in an oil tanker off the phone, because the vast, This has nothing to do with native american Burial lamp. I mean you, you have here if we want to get your take tummy in the native american Burial answers at twenty five percent of the United States- and I dont- I dont know the answer to the border no you're asking me and I'm trying to get the facts, because, obviously you have a point. You wanna make almost thirty percent. I have of the land mass of the United States is controlled by the federal government. So my question to you is: That has anything to do with native american Bear tribal lands, burial land. She said And, moreover, what's difference because Sir In many of these areas the states keep these areas pristine. Then,
this turned over to industry's necessarily a summit. Land is stolen from my home owners and ranchers and farmers and industries, but the the vast majority of it isn't right, and so that's it other here right were up what I'm trying to figure out your point so whether the state controls under the federal government controls at your combat burial grounds, not understanding appointed somebody building a year in industrial flax on an indian burial ground somewhere. Not, but I fear that fear is that if it open- and there are these replace all- I want to call them irreplaceable items- Then, though, I am sad, reveries answer. If you can identify them or somebody can identify them, they can actually make the case really. This is a man issue, because that's what we're talking about knowing hundreds of millions of acres most
which have nothing to do with indian burial lands are needed, No tell me, sir, let me ask you some: do you drive a car you I get home. Unfortunately, now do you live in, Where do you live under a tree where you live? You live in an apartment. Correct. Tell me what you think all this stuff comes from. Well, I'm not sure if I die I understand your point. I guess, of oil. Everyone listening understands my point: how much of the United States, the land they should. We take out a production. What would satisfy you at its current, wherever a native American was buried a hundred fifty years ago. What we make promises that we have failed? I'm not saying we should violate our promises. I'm asking you a question that that is, I guess, that's an easy. My means, leaving you know, we're dealing with the real world here we are, and that is the reality of rock them, either be no indian reservations.
Reservation to me is repugnant. I rest Nations were created to push Indians in these areas, so were, I think, Indians and every there should be assimilating. One with the other and exercise their free will. That's what I think. What do you think of that? I agree with you regarding mad, but then what about where I don't think jewish cemeteries, catholic Cemeteries native american cemeteries, I would prefer not to see predict lines on those properties and I suspect, on the vast majority of them there aren't. Why you raising a red herring ah here need only went out. The extent to which this happens, the extensive thanks for your car Ladies and gentlemen, a guy doesn't take a breath to reply think that I'm saying just, but why? What about this, about this? I can't take it so you can. I just can't. I dont have patience for.
Lauren Davenport. I was serious satellite humming. I hope you will then Am I talking like hall, you I'll catch the eye and pictures and courses at held they'll have to use a thank you very much for that Thank you for sharing supply detailed. That appeared to be very murky. My comic goes back to the beginning of their shell. When you're talking, we talked about plan And following the logic, I follow the logic that is part of a transition team that Flynn contact what I don't understand: why he would lie about it when ass pretty ass. If he did lie about it, he shouldn't go so silly. Now. What I also said is the guy for it four months. And then he ran out of money and he was emotionally broken and he gave up. So, even though he's pled guilty to lying
Suspect, when this is all setting got done, he will also explain more about what he did, but look he planned that's the way. This would have been easy if you care said that require the trend, He knew the anchor in outward while became. Call me choose me James and another guy. James call me, according to bread, bear who talk Catherine Heritage over the Fox NEWS channel. She reported that call me look the same exact jack said affair then he concluded that Flynn did not intentionally like that. He said he couldn't remember that he didn't remember properly. So that's a possibility to isn't it. I don't. I didn't replied that they reported that yeah and after all there not o Brien Raw. So they do have some level of credibility. I agree with credibility. I did at the time have you heard conversations and an outcome? I know, but sometimes it's a little mercury than that. Isn't it if some
is really out to ruin you I want you, About your own life, and I need you to tell me anything if somebody go through all your financial records and they would find that you took a tax deduction. You should have taken while my no, but you signed under penalty of poetry,. Or they ask you what you said, and you spoke to fifty different people, and maybe you forgot- or maybe maybe you didn't sleep. I don't know it's just not sometimes so clear. Now look, I dont know all the underlying facts here, I'm just to deal with your general point, which is why you oughta, true to the abbey. Yes, I would tell the truth to the FBI and so forth, but that said, I'm saying he fought the contention a pair. Way that he made a false statement for months. It wasn't until the twenty of the twenty four hour, before they were gonna dragon front of a grand jury that he finally gave up.
Any selling is homey doesn't have any more money to defend themselves now agree. I think that very high in the world and the spider web this, but I have a question for you this. Prosecutor wisely investigating post election events that have nothing to do with the collusion with Russia in the election half basis. I have. This path is going on all right now is a waste of money away. The money in a way that people time and it is Useless- national impeachment prosecutor- that's what he is. I learned great call. I appreciate I'll be right back. Ben
Tell me our members of Congress, Frida fire staff members just curious. They pretty far statement. Tommy one members of Congress call for an f b I directed to resign or condemn an FBI director, as they did call me before Trump fired him. Are they obstructing justice. You know life a stressful. Even worse when the IRS after you for back taxes, you may not think you owe them, but they don't care. Wagon eyes. When will show up sees your bank account, but a lean on your home garnish, your wages was you where's for lorry lorry was engaged but new, bringing five grand of irish dead into the marriage was no way to start a new life.
It's something really smart. She called the pros: an optimal tax relief. Optimal step between lowering the IRS analyzed case and uncovered some game changing facts that allowed them to settle her case in her favour. When the metal lorry that arrest problems were over. She called it. The happiest cholera life and our wedding was back on. You know, folks, I've been told that optimum for many many years now. They resolved over half a billion dollars in textile for their clients and their rated, a plus eight plus, with a better business bureau. Getting your life back starts the moment you call optimal for your free consultation, don't wait any longer get some help eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight. Four nine sixty three hundred that's eight hundred foreign, I nine sixty three hundred weaver blockbuster Levine TV tonight.
And every now and then I am permitted to put it Joe in front of the pay off tonight show will be in none of the pay why he deals with Mahler. It deals with call me either with obstruction. It deals with in ways that are different, Then, on radio, as radio is different than Tv- and I hope you'll take a good look at it and we will put that, as I say, upon, Levine TV, Facebook, Levine TV, Facebook and we will linked to it. I live in Show Facebook and Mark Levin show Twitter approximately nine pm eastern time. In other words, in about ten minutes. Something we don't shut the system down. I don't think we were already The other disagree is out. There Stan banned or again the great care
be Andy. How are you, sir? I talk to you. I just wanted to call and because I live in an area surrounded by the federal government and we choked on smoke for about six weeks. The sour because of the forest fire Organ burned about five hundred thousand acres of forest were twenty billion dollars with board seat of timber went up in smoke and that's how the forest service managers are worse and I think something needs to change. In the old days, loggers- were out there with the water traction of James Eyes and that there was a lightning strike. They would don't put the fire out and now nobody's out there, now and then we have all the wilderness and what not- and I know the for services
How strong, by a lot of. My arm, but I I can't believe the smoke that we choked in about all work of August It literally was like a fog out here. I've never seen anything like it. Nightglow you're forty years. The vast majority of the people never seen don't live anywhere near it and so on, to make laws in Washington D C inside the ballet in it goes on for about fifty five minutes who doesn't look necessarily live in a match partner and that's part of the problem. I'd say: and I appreciate your call quickly quickly. Car. Goldsborough North Carolina, serious satellite go more quickly, go, oh goodness,
Are you blew it? I thanks recall Carl, when I say quickly go. That means we have like thirty seconds for you to speak. I said that tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency person now caught him car want to give you a little more time. I'm sorry and folks were then a poem Levin TV. I really want you to watch. It won't cost you a penny because on for about fifty five, then it's. I spent a lot of time on this because I was thinking of you out there and I'll see you tomorrow on the radio.
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