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12/5/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

We are now seeing Robert Mueller, his staff and his investigation unravel more and more. First with the revelations of Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump texts. Strzok also threw the Hillary Clinton investigation and was in part responsible for opening up...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You know. Can be something enormously historic tomorrow and long overdue. We finally have a president, as the Dutch and the wisdom to on board For the United States recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital and a minute talk at some
how about that a little later in the programme, but it is a big deal. There's another big deal, ladies, gentlemen. We are now seeing Bob Mahler, these so called special Council a K. These special Impeachment council. We are now seeing more and more Of the unravelling of his staff, his operation, his investigation. This is as partisan a hack job as I've ever seen, and I, thirty eight years and the Reagan administration, when I served is cheapest after the attorney General United States, I saw. Independent Council, Common Independent Council go Back then, there was an independent council statute. In place, mostly by the Democrats.
Carl Levin was the senator from Michigan back then a complete disaster was air forever. Barney Frank the disaster from Massachusetts and only after Bill Clinton face the wrath of the independent council statute that they agree to. Let the statute lapse. Mr Mulder is completely out of control and Mr Mulder is a hack handled carefully registered as a republican or not. What does that have to do anything? You know when the man was put up for FBI directive, the first time one of his primary sponsors was Barbara boxer. Did you know that he'd been yours, turning out there in California Believers San Francisco, and she thought he was terrific. Absolutely terrific.
But Mr Mahler, in his old age, has decided that he wants a legacy that he wants to be the Nets Archibald Cox, that this is Watergate, he's gonna, break it open and he's hired a bunch of hacks disgusting left wing pukes somewhat law degree some without all the federal peril. One of them, of course, as you know, is FBI agent, Peter struck a. Please hack, so bad that Mahler himself covered up. That fact from the it states Congress for months. Mother didn't want to lose this guy mother wanted to keep a mind if it wasn't for the inspector general, the Department of Justice who saw the texts between this Peter stroke.
A married man and his mistress LISA paid both of whom work for the FBI, both of whom, at some point, we're working from Mahler he'd still be. There. We were deputy director, the FBI, whose wife is a liberal democrat. She and for the state Senate and the Commonwealth of Virginia, were they. Backing of over half a million dollars from the bag. Man for the Clinton's, the governor of Virginia Calleth, never occurred to the deputy attorney General Mister MC came to refuse himself. There were kurdish as it was working as the number two guy right under Jim combing. Jim call me.
Very, very close to Robert smaller you can see how this works- Robert Mauler After his eyeballs occurring up the uranium one deal up those I've. Also covering up the Peter Straws like situation and could From the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, who ve been asking for a month, This man situations throws up and woke up one day and he read about in the Washington Post in the New York Times, because I was selectively leaked by the FBI. I buy the Justice Department and or Mr Miller's operation in order to control the damage they thought in order to control the damage they thought. Moron Peter straws- I can a moment now. The deputy to Mr Miller What's his general council, when he was the FBI director
And he was also close to call me also close to call me. And his name well, Weissmann, Andrew I, that's. His lieutenant is number one guy Your weissmann is a hack he's a hack, I've told you about him before I walk into him again. The latest is. He praised former acting attorney General Sally AIDS and Obama pointy another levelling hack You remember her for refusing to enforce present Trumps, travel ban and yet trumps travel ban. At least these second adoration was up by the United States Supreme Court. Seventy two and I suspect, the first from what I've been as well.
And he sent an email to Yeats per defying the president of the United States. Another liberal Democrat this same guy, Andrew Weissmann, MAX down in its donations to the Obama campaign and the Clinton campaign. Mahler chooses images Luton. And what he wrote to each was quote, I am so proud and in all, thank you so much all my deepest respects. This is what he wrote to each on January. Thirty. And that same day as the daily collar points out Yeats, told the Justice Department knocked the defendant executive order.
Banning immigration from seven nations attack, which eventually led to her dismissal by the present in these emails were obtained by our friends over traditional watch through foil? So you have the deputy to Robert Are you had the chief FBI investigator Robert Mahler, both of whom are political partisans, both of whom are dressed up as public officials who are supposed to happen?
a public trust, neither of whom should be anywhere near this investigative anywhere near absolutely incredible weissmann. The number to prosecute long time, General council tomorrow, all of whom are friends, would call me and the FBI agent. The FBI agent Peter Stroke, no more on Peter strolls I'll get a minute. Let me tell you about Mister, Let me remind you who this man is. This man who was so thrilled the Obama?
hold over, was undermining the present in the United States and is lawful immigration executive or in a peace written in the hill by Sidney Pound. I've mention is peace before, but a reminders, important and Sydney powers of federal prosecutor himself in three districts hundred nine United States attorneys from both political parts. It's a shame and she's past present at the bar association of the fifth Federal Circuit, Netherward she's, a serious person, former federal, prosecute. She was much has been written about the prosecutor prowess. A robber mothers team assembled to investigate allegations of Russia's involvement in the trunk campaign. Little has been said of the danger prosecutor overreach and the true history immoderately prosecutor, the compression this is, she wrote this October. Nineteen.
What was supposed to have been a search for Russia, cyberspace intrusions into our electorate, it takes as morphed into a malevolent mission targeting friends, family colleagues of the president. The mother investigation, has become an all out. A sought to find crimes depend on them and I won't matter if there are no crimes to be found. This team can make some boy she wrote on written almost two months ago, Many Americans despise president chump anyone associated with him. Yet turning our system of justice nor political weapon is a ensure we must guard against the Mahler Tapped, a different sort of prosecuted leaders investigation, his long time friend and former council Andrew Weissmann he's not just a tough prosecutor time after time, courts are reversed. Weissmann most touted victories for us too,
its first tactics. This is hardly the stuff of a hero in the law Weissmann, his deputy in later Rector of the Enron taskforce destroyed the Vet while accounting firm of Arthur Anderson and its eighty five thousand drives worldwide. Only to be rich First, several years later by a unanimous, United States Supreme Court Its weissmann creatively criminalized business transaction between Merrill I should then for moral executives went to prison. For as long as a year, Waistband T made sure they did not even get bail pending their appeal. The sound familiar where men are hurting gates could be really get bail in order that have thanksgiving with their family member. That one are. You know that
visible hand or the invisible iron fist Pinus. So wise men's team made sure they did not these former executive even get bail pending their appeals, even other charges. Weissmann concur like those against Anderson were literally unprecedented Weissmann prosecution, devastated the lives and families of the executives, causing enormous defence costs, unimaginable stress and tortuous prison time. The FITS Circuit court of Appeals reversed the mass of the case, but you see, ladies and gentlemen, it's the process. That's the killer, not even the outcome, so Smith, quietly resigned from the Enron tears for justice, a judge in the Enron broadband prosecution began, excoriated Weissmann team and the press began catching onto his modus operandi,.
Mahler knows this history is this why he tapped Weissmann target poor man effort as attorney General Jackson foretold? Therein is the dangerous power, the prosecutor, that he will take people that he thinks he should get. Rather than pick cases, they need to be prosecuted, We all lose from Weissmann environment first, the truth plays no role in Weissmann Quest. Second, respect for the rule of law, simple decency and, following the facts, do not appear investments playbook,. Third and most important: all Americans lose whenever our judicial system becomes a weapon to reward political friends and punish political foes. Its long past, the due date promoting clean up his team, are Weissmann to resign, as they say,
and that the United States is a national laws that are far more important than one Weissmann Sidney powers. I said she was a federal prosecuting three districts hundred nine United States attorneys from both political parties. This is the number two under Mahler the number two under Molly and really the lead the lead prosecutor. In the case now you see what Michael Flynn was up against now you see like manner for not what is up against. Now you see what the presidency, Against a rogue out of control operation, starting from the very top now that's the prosecutor outside on the investigative side of the same office. There and who headed it. Peter stroke. First of all, is in a dollar now, when I worked at the Department of Justice a dollars,
we're a fire. Do you know why? Because they can be blackmailed, particularly during the FBI that can be, male by the Russians by the Chinese by others. So wasn't a matter of personal private conduct. It was a matter of utmost concern to the FBI, but apparently not today, because it took the inspector general at the Department of Justice. Not this number, not the current directive, the FBI, to uncover this to uncover the I will get in to now Mr Strauss up injustice. Van the daily caller progress, has an excellent job.
AIDS face no charges after making false statements. As MRS Guy Stroessner Coup through the current investigation, he threw a chestnuts commie thrill. The FBI agent was fired from special counts. Are mothers rush investigation team always at in HR by the way, at the FBI, for running a tide, Donald Trump text messages. The way pro Hilary text messages can Did the interviews with two Hillary Clinton, AIDS acoustic running false statements about what they gladly former sector estates private email service here that false statements, neither of the Clinton Associate Cheryl Mills in whom Aberdeen face, what consequences for their misleading statements which they made in interviews last year with former FBI, section chief, Purest Rosa but another another Strasbourg interviews. Subject was not so lucky Michael Flynn.
Our national security officer adviser that is pleaded guilty wait align during an interview we gave on January. Twenty four destroys it in another: FBI agent, Circa journalist, Sir Carter reported on Monday that strove to art in an interview with the retired lieutenant general, so the guy's involved and the Hillary Clinton interview he's in charge of the investigation of the Hillary Clinton case on the earth. I cite Cheryl Males in human Avenant, give absolutely misleading statements about what they knew. They, get a pass. Meanwhile, he's involved in the Michael Flynn Interview in this only collusion investigation, a chaotic each man investigation, and in that case they charge Mr Flynn. At the time stroke was the FBI's top investigator and the fledgling investigation and a russian interference in the presidential campaign. He was up.
Wanted to supervise I'd effort at the end of July. Twenty sixteen just weeks after the collude conclusion at acquainted, email, opera, CNN reported on Monday. That is, the EP has now to counter intelligence official. He signed the documents and officially opened the collusion, and he saw the Duff the starkly different outcomes from Strove Ex interviews, a felony charge against plain and a free pass. The mills in evidence, I sure to raise questions from Republicans or any rational, person, in my view, about double state, urgently happy eyes to most prominent political investigate, I'm not done I'll, be right back
This study Nations Town Hall Meeting and you can join end at eight seven. Seven: three aid, one three, eight one one, MR straw, the lead FBI investigator. The reason why Mr Mahler Wouldn T Congress about this man strange The reason why Mr Mahler covered up for Mr Strategic and ran interference for him against members of Congress, The reason I took the inspector general to determine this destroys ex true motives is because Mr Mulder did not want to reveal the fact that Mr Strauss Egg, Was involved in two key investigations to key investigations.
And, as a result, Mr Strauss, MRS Clinton, was cleared. Her tat people were cleared, She could continue to run for presently United States rather than face charges, and yet he was. Responsible part for opening the investigation and a russian collusion. So here you have the man at the Tipp of the spear imposed in both investigations, throwing them throwing one for Clinton and one against tromp world. He's a Rafik bats writers. I rather think that's exactly what he is on. The public payroll.
And now the media lecture us. What are you talking? The there's clowns attack and the FBI, mothers attacking the FBI, their undermines the credibility of law enforcement throughout the country. These are not the kind of hey man, you used to see on tv in the movies these are political hacks. What does exactly why the Democrats loved them, which is exactly why the Democrats site to them this throws up, was also a problem in a part of the current investigation, so much so as they right in the daily collar that he conducted almost all of the most significant interviews in the case. Along with Justice Department attorney David Lockman Stroessner Interview Clinton herself on July to twenty sixteen, the pair also intervene males in urban and two other colonnades Jake Solemn,
another Samuelson summer so the interviews known as three o two's we're really by the FBI last year. Now, review of those documents can be conducted by the daily call. Shows our meals in Aberdeen Tall throws up and Lockman but they were not aware of Clinton servers we're until after she left the state department. Mills did not learn. Clinton was using a private server until after Cleanse Department of state tenure. Reach knows from mills April nine. Twenty sixteen interview, no state. She was not even sure she know what a server was at the time abbot, So did I knowing about Clinton server into leaving the state Department in twenty thirteen, the note saying They did not know TAT Clayton had a private servant. About a year and a half ago when it became public knowledge, which we said in the interview but under coming under cutting these denials are email exchanges,
both mills in Aberdeen, either directly discussed, are involved in discussing Clinton server. Males inhabitant were also involved in August thirty, twenty eleven exchange, which State Department, official Stephen Mall mention they cleanse email servers down and in January twenty eleven email Exchange, Cooper, told Avenant Clinton server had been malfunctioning because someone was trying to hackers and it goes on and on and on. They were familiar with the server They knew what a server was and they knew her service private, no charge, there's direct evidence, direct evidence, but no a strong role in the Clinton and Russia investigations took on a new significance to the bomb. Revelation the FBI. Veteran exchange politically charged text messages. Last year he was picked up
smaller team over the summary of the Department of Justice Inspector General discovered that he sent the message just a LISA, page and FBI. And his mistress I watched I've been investigating the FBI, India, Jeez handling of the colony no matter page. Mistress also worked on the Mahler team for a short time. Over the summer. The DC also discover that strong ex wife, a security Exchange commission attorney, nay, Melissa, Hodgman has a strong program. Ogden bias. Her facebook account so she's, a member of groups called we. I voted for a Hilary and thank you. Obama. It was reported back in August, that's throws up, have been removed from the mother team to the appeal. Human resources apartment Mullahs office had declined four months to comment on the mysterious birds now move. Now. Here's also important point was also reveal this
guy. Strode was the FBI agent responsible for softening the language. They call me use this July five and twenty sixteen statement. Closing the Clinton investigation, Straws edited a rough triumph of coma speech, changing out the phrase grossly negligent. That's in the statute with a softer phrase, extremely careless. This is the same operation among our operation that leaks and leaks and lakes leads to the New York Times leaks. The political links to the Washington Post leaked to the left. Just as James CALL Late daily to Weizman, Strasbourg, There are several members other additional members of the Mahler team, who are strong supporters of Obama. Clinton, don't need money to their campaigns, this
the team, Mr Mahler, put together This is why, whatever you think a poor man, for that conduct. Like and drawn the FBI going into a sixteen hundred square for Congo, while his wife and hear embedded six in the morning, Totally unnecessary fighting bail in front a federal judge, so he can't even south the thanksgiving with his family thousand, all about and in the case of General Flynn as one of his friends or associate said he played because he was financially broke. He was emotionally broke in his family had had enough and notice.
What after Flynn son you don't hear anymore about Flynn Sunday, you that's, why shouldn't weissmann or better put vice men, wise men, that's Weissmann with his fascistic tactics, real prosecutors, who understand their jobs, understand that's supposed to seek the truth. You know that they get people you're out. They get the facts. Ladies and gentlemen, if smaller Where real prosecutor other than an iron fist hack, he closed this operation down. You know why? Because not any other cases he's brought whether indictments being challenged or plague
now one case involves collusion with Russia during the transport during the campaign by the Trump world he hasn't found any because our reason only and that should it the beginning and the end of it after six months, eight months. That's what.
You should say you know what we look, we didn't find anything, but that's not what he's doing, as I have explained time and again upon his appointment the day after the election. This isn't about getting to the truth that smart about uncovering real crimes. It's about destroying the presidency of this present. That's what it's about now, Mr Strasser, by heavy dot com. He led the programme possible ties between the trunk campaign in Russia is accused of sending disparaging tax measures regarding trump. But I want to ask you some other questions. Why shouldn't
tomorrow, Mr Weissmann, their entire team prosecutors be required to release their tax returns for the last ten years, so we can see whether they practise what they preach. What does a Mr Mahler releases return, so we can see what associations are conflict he might have Mr vitamin Weissmann, how about if he's required releases tax returns? I mean, after all, their special. These special counsel. Had they been complying with a letter? Airy taught that until we have they been everything complete
With the internal revenue coat, I would like to know what you are: they public officials? Yes, their financial statements, don't tell us enough. They ve looked at man efforts, taxes, they ve looked at Gateshead taxes, I'm sure they ve looked at flints taxes, everybody's demanding trumps taxes. What about mothers tax returns? What about vitamins tax returns matter? Fact? What about strokes, strokes, tax returns? These men can be blackmailed by the Russians, all these bank at me, blackmail by anybody if they haven't, follow the rules and the law. So why would she we know why shouldn't we know we, the american people, for we ought to know now there's this, Twelve, MR producer, audio, twelve from Bloomberg, a news reporter Stephen Aaron's go! That's even why haven't you find it? Handed over these arguments well what they
said in the past, and the Democrats in Congress have been pushing for them. Those about to release those documents in a while, but dutch thanks always set. We can't it's confidential client relations documents. What documents? What do they want? What are the Democrats want? What is Mr Mulder, what you're talking about Trumps Bank, one of his Baxter turnabout trumps, thanking records? The Democrats want trumps banking records like the good communists. There. Mr Molly, once trumps banking records according to bomb, we're gonna coarsely Bloomberg news agency. They never lie there. Always a hundred percent accurate, go ahead. These documents We need a formal request from Congress or now subpoena other, have it and I guess, releasing them turbines interests, actually release. These documents minded event,
I do not do enough. So what they're saying is they ve been subpoenaed president trumps records from Deutsche Bank, a german bank, Mr Miller's operation, but there's one problem Ladies and gentlemen, Sarah, how could be seen as was asked about this at the White House? Briefing today cut eight go? Robert Lawlor, looking here presidents biases, has already spoken to the president's finances. Does the present, White House, believe that is a red line of work. I think it's him To note and hopeful You guys have seen the statement that J psyche Low, a member of the president's legal team has put it but in the last hour that they confirmed that the news reports of the special council, Had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are completely false. Subpoena, has been issued or receive. We ve confirmed this week
Bank and other sources. I think that this is another example of the media going too far too fast, and we all see going in that direction. Fascinating, isn't it Ladys and Jim so who'd leak that the Bloomberg and wider Bloomberg run with this. And what our mothers intentions. And if he were to subpoena those records under one authority and I authority. While they were excited over Damosel us, do we have morning, small MRS Smet, who were ironically, I really angry with mad lower. You know you shouldn't be hitting honour dating people with whom you work. Did you hear that when MR producer. I didn't they work together before they. You know what I think they did. I think they were colleagues.
But here is make abrasion ski daughter of thee I'll leave it alone. The man, I'm nothing, but contempt for his make. Abrasion ski cut seven go knowing them. I think they're shocked that the news because I don't know if they were arrogant or just incredibly unseen? aware and really dumb about like what the job was valid. On important: it was and how under them like remove you made would be, I think they just started going there inflamed plan and risks You know and I think they're shocked, that the news to tightening the people might go to jail, you're exactly right, the rest of their lives. Exactly right maker says, negative. I q deliverance type figure who sits next there with his boss
you see fields knows and his woody the woodpecker hair exactly right maker. And by the way, I don't think people who together should gate. Do you Meagre Nellie I dont Joe and you're exactly right too, I'll be right back the FBI and the special council obstructing Congresses oversight responsibilities, if not flatter misleading. You. This incestuous relationship. Between mother and call me strolled back Weissmann.
We now see the year the terrible violation of protocol on and partisanship and dealing with the Hillary Clinton violations and the pursuit of Donald Trump. We ve got uranium one hanging over all this. Ladies and gentlemen. Mahler call me Weissmann struck. This is political corruption. At its worst and look at the power. They have enormous power. Introducing the brand new genocide, droopy eyelid treatment, whose Mary from four collins, cholera I don't believe everything I here, so I try this. I left on my right eye the next day at work Everybody said my right. I looked better. I can't believe it s all the same
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like Chuck humor investigating the presently management yet Mackay the debt? and he directed at I talk about straws act. Who was their head investigated, whom I talked about the nun One prosecutor behind Mahler in the cases handling most of this weissmann who I've talked about You have a number of these prosecutors who donated to Democrats. That is Hilary for President Obama for president on this staff. This is a soviet style persecution Soviet style, persecution by the special Impeachment Council: that's it Zactly what's going on here? It is grotesque, like banana republic stuff, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of nondescript building. We once again
Now run only underground, the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one on this programme: we only have the guts where the common sense to go through this logically and discuss it. In plain English. And I know this sounds weird, but you real, As the other house listening to this programme recording this programme transcribing this programme, it's really pathetic use.
Same phraseology, the same arguments Tokay, but I was train differently back to Mr Strasser, they're calling stroke or whatever their calling upon the year. I dont know how to pronounce it s. The icy okay, so number, two the fish on the Counter intelligence division, but he was charged with conducting leading these investigations. You know he was the key figure or a key figure in the chain of events. When the bureau and twenty sixteen received the infamous antitrust dossier and launched a counter intelligence investigation into russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass faces, surveillance of a Trump campaign associate the corner. The Fox news. Fusion GPS was a?
action of lies and gossip fed in part by Kremlin apparatchiks to Christopher Steel, a retired british spy, who is here by fusion GPS, led by three left Wing Wall Street Journal Form reporter They were hired in turn by. Elias, a well Democrats hack lawyer, a bag and a strong, and if you will- and he was hired by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DMZ. Now that, apparently, is not Worth Mr Mullahs investigation, because why it might reveal Mr Strasser OX involved, that is his environment in
using that phony dossier to help conduct an investigation or to launch the investigation into these, so called Russia collusion. Man interesting now, ladies and gentlemen, as I said months ago, the real collusion now is obvious. The collusion with the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee. Some of these, these borrowed in bureaucrats and clean. The highest levels of the FBI, and perhaps also the Justice Department, is they have been colluding with Russia with the dossier does they hoop, including with Russia. On uranium want it is they who seek to take down this president under a false flag of collusion with Russia in his case.
Just to remind you what mortar. Because you know we have already Nostradamus types out there. November nine, the day after the election, you see It is in Germany, special Council is appointed because he or she is supposed to be so independent, so pure so of Joy and yet here Mr Mahler System, equally higher supporters of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama he's topic Lastly, is left wing Democrat Hack, his Lawyer is a left wing democrat hack. What is the point in have such a special council bother When he's doing the service of the Democrats, how did wrong rod rose and steam, the deputy attorney general, the United States, the terminal in a special council and appoint this one? That more needs to be questioned
that man also needs to go he's a clown. And if necessary, they intend to try to impeach. You trust me when I tell you this: is there cut one go. Let me tell you what the Democrats mean. Do you, Mr Trump, intended sabotage you they intend to sabotage every step of the way and then blame you. They intend to look for every opportunity to criminalize politics, that's whirled around here and there are good at it and they do it. And if necessary, they intend to try to impeach. You trust me: When I tell you this is their agenda, they are vicious their area. Logs They had a soviet style mentality, they will not an election to get in their way. Another re, your hosting the country the day after the election who said this. There's not another blogger writer contributor who said this the day after the election,
There's not a single host or guest on Fox or any other town who said this the day after the elections. I come at this with my own experiences chief of staff to an attorney general with a day. I cracks in the left in the media sector, multiple in independent council, so called investigations on him. With no basis whatsoever. And so I knew what would come and it came. And are underscore this point. I said it again today Slater, which is three days after the election next caught, go and they will lie in wait, as I also told you that day after Tuesday Wednesday, I my calendar, the day, will try and lay a case for the eventual impeachment of from I'm serious about this. You wash market.
Where's the date on the calendar when they passed. They are going to spend the next two years after maybe a month There were three or four of smiling as they shop in their lives. To spend the rest of the two year period, doing everything they can They create ammo. Great controversy and provocation. Anybody who serves in this meant demonstrations. Vanity, fair game Let us use the same tactics is the marxist. You see them in the streets, he's going ears like Soros, you're, just gonna go away. Ready plotting There are already meeting in a little hotel rooms body Doing the things that leftists radical groups do you think, I believe in the system? They only that system, if they win, they don't accept defeat ever.
And she is not wasted a bunch and they are fighting right now, My words they applauding right. Now There are ways to bring down this administration even before the week is over and so is Obama I was then, and this is now I was November. Months later, slightly less than three months later. Continue to read the news reports. Can you to see another patter? Another pattern based on public news reports. That it was likely that the Obama administration had used vice to surveillance, candidate, trumps team.
The trunk transition team was of certain, but the little reports popping out here and there about Pfizer warrants suffice, wants what they. How could they get a face? A warrant for Domestic surveillance, I told you, the police, Decision of our intelligence agencies based on. The Obama administration did in terms of the release of information, the distribution of information, the unmasked of information, domestic politics surveillance like we have never seen, for which I came under brutal attack by virtually every liberal news platform, an outlet in America, the Associated Press CNN, a b C Cbs Nbc Msnbc, you name it at all. Idea is put together what they had been reporting of the New York Times
there are times in a headline that use the word: wiretap added invent it. Then they pull back quickly and change their headline. They dismissed it as right wing conspiracy, surprising, commie, racist or something Mr Flynn, aim was leaked to the media at a felony. His name was unmasked and leaked to the media. That is a felony it's worse than a false statement. And yet nobody is being charge, Mr Miller's, not tracing that he could care less. They lead themselves, they like themselves. I'm telling you I many, and I am really uniquely qualified the tea was a former chief
the staff to an attorney General United States that this is as bad as it sounds, the level of corruption is incredible Incredible the special councils operation, the appointment of mother, a close friend of combing colonies, apple. Colonies led investigator. Mothers led investigator moderately Prosecutor absolutely incredible the leaks, endless leaks, the abuse of trees Of subjects, and then targets are matters wholly and completely. Unrelated to russian collusion with that trunk campaign. During the course of the elect the failure to professionally
properly, investigate Hillary Clinton, serious violations of the espionage there. I had a charge people around her for obstruction of justice, real obstruction of justice case, conduct real interviews, they even take notes tat, transcriptions recordings. To prepare a memo clearing Hillary Clinton two months before it gives this press release its press statement, which has altered. Immaterial the terrible have legal I've never gets by them. Area. Php news texting is purely is his adulterous affair that is conducting texting her
Pro Hilary stuff- and I pay trumped stuff determined not by Mahler but by the inspector general cause Mahler- could have cared less and combing could have careless factor. Cover this all up. Hidden from members of the United States Congress, Mahler did quite a subpoena from Us Intelligence Committee. He ignored it so much for the rule of law, so much for the rule of law, and we get a report and bloomer that the special council office has subpoenaed banquet. It's from Deutsche Bank in Germany, where Donald Trump does business and the reporters are out there look at this. They need
since tightening their noses tightening says that negative. I kill more on MRS Schmo. They wish, of course they love nothing more than I have a constitutional crisis in this country, their view a ship will go from twelve thirteen and that's twelve north. We in general, by the way their favorite shell. What's taking place at the highest levels of the FBI is corrupt and it needs to be addressed. Mr Erosion Stiens appointment of Mr Mahler was corrupt and needs to be addressed. Mr Mulder investigation is corrupt and each Address now, how do we do this.
While their several ways, but one important way is for Mitch, Mcconnell and Paul Ryan to get together to form a joint. How Senate Investigative Committee Investigative Committee That is waited heavily with serious conservatives within the Republican. Rex. Democrats, of course, will be able to participate, but they will be running interference. They will be obstructing they will be leaking we have to have a large number Democrats just enough, but the This is further republicans to get to the bottom of this. The Democrats don't care the payment credits are all four tyranny. If it means power, he care less about the constitution. The role of lining the rest of it said when it comes to tears. The mass murders then there and do criminal justice reform. I think they call it, but they will do anything literally. Anything just remember tat.
Kennedy dealing with these soviets trying defeat Ronald Reagan When I bring it up to now, you'll never heard Democrat saying it, about it. Never or the media sane. It doesn't matter the Democrats loved the Russians, they loved the communist state, the communist dictatorship in Nicaragua, the communist dictatorship in Cuba, that communist dictatorship in them, why they ve supporter, all of them now all of a sudden where you're dealing with the Russians, which then that there is no collusion, a false phony fraudulent argument may by Hillary Clinton and her campaign funded by him Twenty campaign and the DMZ that money laundering for a law firm then laundered further through this fusion gps
head over to this, create this former spy with the Brits who goes to the Kremlin for some of his information than this. Wife treating FBI agent is leading an investigation. He she's had dossier in part as it as the reports go down lodge. Russian collusion investigation, for which now for men to have criminal wrecked they played guilty to others, are, are charged with various crimes, having nothing nothing, nothing to do with russian collusion. During the course of the campaign. I am passionate about this because I believe in the rule of law. I passionate about this because I believe
Even the legitimacy of elections- and I reject these silent coups. I phrase that I have coined that has now spread. I understand it was used on Fox repeatedly last night. Good understand. Other radio shows that I'm too busy to focus on all this. What's goin on this station or that station I'll be right back We already know that the Justice Department is capable of appointing a special tariff Taiwanese the conduct of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the top level. Former director call me
The intelligence agencies of the senior level under the Obama administration and the role that all them played in the twenty sixteen campaign. Let me repeat it so the back benches can break it up in the morning, but it's important. We need a special council and we know MR rose instincts capable of making such appointments, but in this case even MR sessions, despite his refusal, he can do it. We need a special council to investigate the roles of the FBI. Former FBI director call me. Senior officials in the intelligence agencies during the Obama administration and their roles in the twenty sixteen campaign. This is a massive scandal. A massive scandal.
I raised it in March and raising it again as more and more evidence of this becomes available. Folks went where only touching the surface here. You and I we don't have subpoena power. We don't investigative powers and yet piece by piece. Information is revealing itself. What role They play in the twenty sixteen election of Iraq. This is liberties. Nine one one hotline Having call him now, Seven: seven forty eight one, three, eight one, one over disclosed a preacher,
fifty seven million passengers and drivers records hackers, access, personal information like lay names and drivers, licences, email addresses and phone numbers of passengers, the breach with joy. Recently announced this personal information was actually stolen over a year ago. If you are only monitoring your credit, your identity can still be stolen and wage a minute, detect good thing. There's lifelike, lifelike, eggs a wide range of identity threats threat. You may miss by just monitoring your credit, like someone stealing from your, for one, can committing a crime in your own name and if. The problem. A s based identity, restoration specialists, work to fix it. No one can provide all identities after monitor all transactions at all, businesses, lifelike can help. You see more threats to your identity, gonna, lifelike, dot, com life, that com or call one eight hundred lifelike one. Eight hundred lifelike make trees promo code Levine, that's
aviation for ten percent off your lifelike membership, lifelike dot com, promo code. Levin save ten percent right now. Very one had another issue: I'm not ignored obviously what we discussed for ninety minutes and much of yesterday is crucially important. This republic. But I want to talk about something truly historic that is to take place tomorrow. And that is present trump. Recognizing on behalf of the United States, through slim, the capital of Israel, it and have to be historic, chillingly a big deal, but it is. And the reason is republicans endemic That's alike in Congress, in the oval off Sabena Fan dance for decades. They found out for decades.
Where they pretended that the capital of Israel is not the capital of Israel now this is bizarre. When North Korea says its capital is its capital, we accept it as its capital. One Venezuela says its capital is its capital. We accept it as its capital. When IRAN says its capital is its capital, we accepted as its capital when, Ross as its capital in EAST Jerusalem, where We gotta have a debate. We gotta have a discussion that we got organise. We gotta we get away, we gonna see. I don't know but even worse in the Irish. My upset the Palestinian Arabs might get so to upset the peons might get upset even Rome I get up. So what are we gonna do and then there's the the wanted peace process, which of course has brought peace is brought peace for all these decades. They can't do that.
One hundred and fifty one countries and the United Nations essentially denounced. Would Donald Trump is about to do Not a single european country endorsed it, not one. Six countries did And that includes the United States and Israel and Canada. Nine countries abstain. The idea that Jerusalem, all jewels, isn't the holiest places to the jewish people and the jewish state. Is a blasphemous piece of demagoguery and propaganda that has gone on long enough. Why are we afraid.
Of the Palestinian Authority effectively the payola, why are we afraid of Hamas? Why are we Sadly, this blackmail all these years- it's just in case. One of our closest allies and they consider us their closest ally. Will be treated this way? Let me ask you a question honestly. Theres many righteous Jane How many of you evangelical Christians audience is filled with all kinds of people, which is a wonderful thing? Why would they focus on the one jewish state to deny the fact of its capital. I think I know why don't you. These same forces in the Middle EAST are trying to do destroy the last vestiges of Christianity in the Middle EAST.
These same forces that are trying to destroy the jewish state and Judaism. And push it out of the Middle EAST, are trying to do the same thing to Christianity. I had his fascinating. Isn't it first comes Judaism, then? Comes Christianity, then comes Islam, but you wouldn't know it. Jerusalem contains the holiest jewish sites. You know what the? U N, through its group UNESCO, said just a few months ago, It essentially said those aren't jewish wholly set its occupied territory. How can the western wall, the outer wall of the second temple of the Jews, be occupied territory? How can the church of the holy supplicant.
Clearly, a Christian always be occupied territory occupied from the Palestinians. How is that possible Can anybody call this show tonight tonight. And show me where the Palestinians are in the Bible? I'm not even a surly, expert on any other. I'm just curious! I'm a historian! So you look at who are the indigenous people in Jerusalem. And nineteen, forty eight, the Israelis are forced to fight for their independence. The kingdom of Jordan, such as it is an absolute creation of the west, takes the opportunity to seize militarily EAST Jerusalem.
And today, in some areas, why do we called you dance, Mary, the West Bank, the West Bank, of what the West Bank of Jordan Jordan see those lands militarily in ninety Forty eight and held onto them a night until nineteen sixty seven when the Israelis liberated them, and we still cod the West Bank, the West Bank, and what? What exactly is the claim of the Palestinians on Jerusalem, especially EAST Jerusalem? What does the claim the first Temple was built their destroyed by the Babylonians few hundred years later? The second temple was.
Their destroyed in a brutal brutal battle with a romance a million Jews lost their lives way back then tens of thousands were nailed crosses tens of thousands of more were taken in the slavery brutalize, just as ices has brutalize, there were no Palestinians there. In fact, there are no Muslims they're, not not one, because his long wasn't founded to several hundred years later in its second temple was destroyed. The western war is essentially what remained so. This has been
the ancient Kapital, the spiritual capital and, in fact, the capital of the jewish faith, the jewish people, another state of Israel for thousands of years. Thousands of you, this is the First, president of the United States, Donald Trump first, one who campaign on changing our relationship and I recognition to state the truth that enough is enough: Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It's always been the holy city. How come there? No debates about
Meca Medina, can you tell me that no debate about Meca Medina those are said to be the holiest sites of Islam. While Saudi Arabia made up country snap at all made up Bedouin tribes and on and on and on that are those the holy cities of Islam and yet Jerusalem, is said to have no connection to Israel, no connection to the Jews and yet clearly the avenue is overwhelming, make a? Estonian city, it's not an arab city, it's not a muslim city
any of those things ever now, in addition, in nineteen forty eight when the Jordanians seized these parts over I'll call at these parts of Israel, what do they do? Injury While they kill Jews, they pushed his many Jews out of what they call the jewish section as they could and there are ancient synagogues. Injury as soon as you can imagine what the Jordanians destroyed most of them? Fifty eight blow up blown up. In addition to other historic sites can much like ISIS.
Is it going on now is rarely control over the city, Control over even muslim sites now. Ladies and gentlemen, on this peace process stuff there can never be any peace, I'll just say nobody else. Well, there will never be peace between the Palestinian Arabs and that's what the other out Arabs, the main Palestinian was was concocted its affection because it sounds like Palestine. There will never be peace because the fanatical
fascistic, genocidal leadership of the Palestinians, whether dressed up as for tar or out of the closet like Hamas cannot survive. Unless there's terrorism, conflict and war, they cannot survive. Two nations living side by side in peace really. Is that one Hamas is all about it. We looked eleven and Hezbollah. They destroy that country. Lebanon was a beautiful country. Was a democratic country, significant christian population, including Christians in the government there now the uranium control it for all intents and purposes, as well as the lebanese militant Where are there two nations living side by side in peace, even muslim nations,
Wasn't the Jews they go after the Christians. If it wasn't that Christians I go after each other, they be fighting over share or whatever Sunni Woodman. So those who say whether this is gonna be into there's gonna be violence. Welcome to the Middle EAST. Sometimes you have to do it right here Presently the unites, I want to say this- I want to emphasise this. I underscore this because tromp every effort is made to diminish him to degrade him to mock him by low lights, like the scar barrels by low lights like this step, learn lemon and others on CNN by law lights throughout the media. By low lights,
phony elite efforts to diminish, but we don't like the way tweets real. Well, I like the way of a button on your desk in order Molest interns. What do you think of that? He's the only one the only what should he do? What's reported the only one in modern times since nineteen fifty at least to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital to recognise Jerusalem as its capital, and that begins the process by the wave eventually moving the embassy, the american Embassy from tell us
Eve, which is not Jerusalem's capital from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem, and my only concern here. Is it better be done before the end of his first term or its never gonna get them. Release the end of his second term if he has a second time. Because there's not have another republican ivy, I don't believe you would do this may be a TED crews would do it, but certainly not a job, Bush or a case acre that line of so called republic. And certainly not a democrat- will do it, because the Democratic Party has become increasingly. Anti Israel party, more of a pro palestinian pro radical element party As you can see from the Bernie Sanders at the convention there with a palestinian flags flying on and so forth, and so on.
I'll be right back Why is stressful even worse when the Irish Reserve to you for back tat, you. Agonized one will show up sees your bag. Put a lean on your home garnish. Your wages was you. Where's for lorry lorry was engaged, but new, bringing twenty five grand virus dead into the marriage was not the way to start a new life, so I did something really smart. She called the pros and optimum tax relief optimist. Between lorry and the Irish analyzed the case and uncovered some gain changing facts that allowed them the subtler case in her favour, optimal, told lorry that her iris problems were over. She called it. The happiest call life and her wedding was back on. You should do it
item is resolved over half a billion in tax dead for their clients there, a plus aided by the better business beer. Getting your life back starts the moment. You pick up the phone and call optimum for your free consultation. Free council asian carp, eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred it said: simple aid four nine sixty three hundred that aid four, nine, nine, sixty three hundred All your hearing now about with trumps planning to do is the impact it will have on the. U N, the response of the Palestinians in the arab world, what about Friends in Europe you never, a scintilla of the history underground This decision, the injustice of it, the a historical nature of not recognising as the capital the Jews. This is justice. This is the right thing to do. It is momentous, it is
the historic milestone. It'll be remembered in the Middle EAST per cent. He's the come. It certainly will for there was a corner, quote Jerusalem right and I I visited what is called city of David, which is basically at the Foothills Jerusalem, but would become truth. King David and the city of David, David son was King Solomon, King David King Solomon. No palestinian king, no arab king, no Muslim, king.
There was no muslim faith, he listened to me. There was no muslim faith at the time. There were no Palestinians, indigenous too Jerusalem, the city it even at the time period period. And so I went to salute the president was about to do so thing that no president before him in modern times has done it even consider doing I stepped back. You look at this in context. We haven't even finished the first year. This man is prison. The United States
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody Mark Levine here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven. Create one three, eight one one. You know I stepped back. You look at this in context. We haven't even finished the first year. This man is presently united States. He's got a course of Democrats calling for his impeachment any hasn't committed anything close to commit an offence,
Isn't done anything that deserves that kind of a reaction from anybody there A special council investigating across the country after people who were associated with going after people who are associated with? Why? Because Hillary Clinton and the DMZ and other apparatus? checks whose names we don't even know had so much influence inside the FBI and inside the Justice Department that there's been a special council who's, not special in any respect, is a hack into staff are filled with her, who ve done what who try to make it happen, And as I sit here and think about this, this is what I mean done one year of his term in office.
Not even one year trying to go down and look at financial records potentially and false statements of this. At all, The mouse crap, whether trying to create the conditions for impeachment- and I think to myself, can you imagine what this man might be able to accomplish what he might be able to come? If his party rallied around him, you have to agree on everything. I don't agree on everything I'm talking about the big things. If the party rallied around him, can you what this man might accomplish on behalf of the United States, with its dealing with North Korea or ran weathers. Dealing with securing american sovereignty and our border, if you don't believe in that, you don't believe in America appalling
Our constitution, by appointing men and women until the court to believe in the pulling the constitution. Can you imagine what this man might be able to accomplish, but for the Democrats, but for the media, but for The special council- I don't have a problem at all, with a loyal opposition, and I have problem at all, with a loyal opposition. But we're not talking about a loyal opposition, we're talking about a disloyal opposition. That has no regard for the will of the people, no regard for the constitutional system in the electoral college, no regard for separation of powers, no regard for the rule of law,.
The committed to Saint tray cities and water sanctuary cities there there nullifies, believing nullifying federal law. Nullifying federal or where we heard that before we heard it from the confederacy arguing for a succession of California. Where did we hear that one where we heard from the confederacy just think about it. And think about the criticisms of this present when you watch a shower I don't, but I see cliffs MR producer prepares when you see clips or watches, show like the morning drill. Among them, you have a guy who is accused and confessed a player. Another guy who's, not there anymore, because he was a sexual predator, then you'll have to host, who couldn't make it in.
You can't make it on real tv. Southern MSNBC lecturing people about, you should have relationships with your colleagues in the office, but apparently that's what they did. Not attacking them, I'm just saying how ridiculous they saw, who really have nothing to bring to the table. Nothing important, say: bracing, intelligent, interesting, entertain, nothing. They are there as attack dots When you look at CNN Cnn, isn't a news operation? It's an opposition attack operation dry, stop as some kind of a journalist platform. It's not it's not. They work hand in hand with the Democrats on Capital Hill. They work hand in hand with the prosecutor's office call me leaked to them most obviously
Do the same with the post some of the New York Times. But can you imagine we're not even done the first year what's been goin on here? What this man Trump might be able to accomplish. And the reason I and so many of you are celebrating much of what he's doing is because so much of what he's doing his conservative so much he's doing his conservative. Trying to rein in regulations. I don't agree with this tax plan, but still he's trying to cut taxes. He's. Trying to secure american sovereignty, which includes like any country that seeks to survive. Securing our borders for crying out loud. He's trying to deal with North Korea, which has been dealt with in any significant and serious way,
past President's all of whom of appeased The various family members running that country. He's trying to address Obama's, complete historic, sell out to the iranian regime. He's trying to address that through the Obama deal by triggering the appropriate sections. That idea- and I could go on if you're a conservative, you must admit that Donald Trump has been more conservative than you and tissue paper. Which is why most conservatives, and that talking about self aggrandize in pseudo conservatives who work for Bush or suffer grand
Using pseudo conservative is more important than ever translucent talking about. Then they got their own genders in their own psychological issues. When you look at this honestly objectively and remember, I supported crews and the Republican I may say so. I know what I speak. You have to conclude that Donald Trump is the most serve at a precedent since Ronald Reagan- Norway's not ass conservative, but that's ok, he's the most conservative president since Ronald Reagan. There's no question in my mind about he would like to build up a military further. Their blocking He would like to secure the border, including physical barriers, like a wall there blocking him, he was The repeal of Obamacare their blocking him a present can only do so. Much about president actually honours the constitution, unlike Obama,.
He's trying to undo what Obama did. Some of our our lands are open spaces which a national eyes by our Burma across the board. Quite frankly, he's doing the right thing. It's not because he's a philosophical conservative, it's not because he's a nationalist, populous. It's because I believe that he concludes through his own way of digesting issues and processing issue. The principal conservative, constitutional capitalist way is the right way again. I strongly disagree with a man on a protection. Is voluntary.
But ok, so what? When it comes up, we'll do get out, but the sabotage him but the fight for a better deal. I strongly oppose this Tax stuff, that's going on in Congress. I do not understand this argument that were screwing the blue states. That's not the purpose of tax Cuts, we don't screw anybody, we want to cut everybody's taxes, care how much they earn. That's the goal. That's what Reagan did I check. This idea that somehow, if I'm applies. It has gone after the blue states that the individual families who will happen eleven, these blue state and they have lived in these pollution It's one generation after another when they were bred states. That's. Now punishing them is good for the country websites
oxidizing states through our tax code, warlike people who have an income have already Aid or already are paying federal income taxes tacky more of their money, so they can. For their home. It's really double taxation, the property tax deductions, I ve been in existence for one hundred now we're gonna statutory Republicans raising taxes, so I reject it. Travel sign it if he gets it any still. The most conservative president since Ronald Reagan.
There is no way the vast majority of people running for president who were lined up on those various stages in those first debate would have had the guts to do what he has been doing in so many respects. Now, here's the truth, the media, the left, the Democrats. They don't hate him because of the way he tweets they mock him, they Markham. Now they hate him because of what is doing and they hate him because he is he stopped by his election. What was to be the Obama third term,
That's why they hate Billy's, nothing to do this tweet I mean they tolerated Bill Clinton, Sir sexual predation later, tolerating, take kennedys drunkenness when his sexual predation. They tolerated Hilary Clinton's, multiple scandals. So it's not like the media or the left, or the Democrats in Congress have morals or standards they don't. They want to take our trump. Because of what he's doing what he wants to do. That's why they want to take our trump. That's! Why guys, like Jeffrey You won't even go down in history, won't even be a footnote to a footnote in history. Guy donate. A hundred dollars to Dog Jones, the Democrat the left
running in Alabama per country, not party. He writes the idiot. Then don't give money to anybody, but he backs the left wing Democrat who face abortion on demand and on and on and on that's Jeff Lake. So I just wanted a pointless. They're trying to paralyse this man and his administration there trying to drive up as naked the historic levels in their succeeding. Trying to ensure that if they can't get him indicted or Cancun impeached, or can I can't cause him the drop out They will defeat him in the next election. That's what this is all about. It is hideous, absolutely hideous. I'll be right back
If Jerusalem is the third at the fourth holiest muslim site, don't you think it would be mentioned? At least once Mohammed is not mentioned once. I'm just telling you things that you won't hear on CNN or read in the washed and composed of the New York Slimy, another new. Sometimes, of course we know has a little but a problem with history. The new Ec Slimy was denied Holocaust in the middle, the Holocaust, pushing the Holocaust, the back pages? How do we know this? Because the New York Times has slapped itself in the face a few times confessing to such reporting, Tommy.
You're, not gonna report on the Holocaust in the middle, the holocaust. Why are you still a newspaper? What does anybody find any credibility in a newspaper? I have no idea. I dont right. Let me see who's out there. The Chagos way too fast, though the descendants of the Philistines day ago I'm not taken. I call, is another dummy know: they're, not the descendants of the Philistines. Their Arabs, nonsense, Roby San Diego serious satellite, go, I remarked with brute force more. Thank you very much. In recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, because I think I know what a good idea, but thank you. Ah, you know pushing for the conservative cause so and Liberty baby liberty- it's almost never mentioned, but that's where I am exactly so so it is not
the reason I called was because of s moving them the Jerusalem I wrote, an article today in hollow now, fallen out that there were not doing that tomorrow, where acknowledging and recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel this is sort of the forerunner to eventually moving the embassy. That's true fella, right, and I really appreciate it. I really appreciate president tramper his impending reckon nation of tourism is the capital, because I think that the EU. Taking a leadership role finally, under president rum, and actually encourage many other countries to follow suit in the short term or whether it takes a long time. Why do we care because it written animal thither, although I know that, why do we care, if say France recognizes in order, because everything all countries important are, you can have I really don't worry about it. When you have a hundred fifty one of them voting the way they did in the U n I kinda, every single country is not important rivalry
maybe MA vitally important, but eventually incomes of the numbers of nine sitting on the edge of my c waiting for Bolivia, while value out of Chile that every country is free to do as they can read the same history that I read they can ignore? on the same facts that are in fact facts. Nobody stopping them every two I live and allow a land if they want to Arthur recognised, address Jerusalem as the capital, as all on everything no, the clarity of the capital. Everything inside ah ah unified capital as well or our own tracking. I said that in our new people have a connection that your son back thousands of years I can imagine the backing David dating back, we can David. I was roughly I just two thousand years ago,
so right, I'm in France that in steadily make so much of the difference in- and I don't expect France who are two I my friend, I get your point by the way I really did. France exists three thousand using. I don't think so and then you gave an army. Was there a Paris thirty five hundred years ago, absolutely not just kidding our. I my brother, I appreciate your com, I'm enjoy talking about these things. When I was in his room, we did what it was three shows from their MR producer. I believe those were three. The best shows have ever done and I barely said any. There was the guests were absent, truly and telling us things telling anybody who would listen things at union. We have all these cable channels. We have always satellite channels. We have these big network channels, and you never hear this here. The same, try over and over again I'll, be right back,
They call him mister right, Mr Conservative back Mr Constitution, but you can call it seven, seven, three one, forty eight one one you ve heard me talk about aim at the association and mature american citizens and their conservative efforts on the hill. But did you that AIM Act is also your resource for all things. Medicare now that the many care Annual election period is here is the perfect time to visit a MAX website W W W that a m a See that U S if you're searching for a Medicare plan? The meter need Emacs in your resources. Network is a good place to start its a great place to start with access to multiple, a raided insurance companies. Pay MAC is able to deliver your choices more than a MAC has knowledgeable life,
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Need to hurry. Now, time's running up W W W died a m, a sea that, U s I'll, take some calls here by the way, did you know the republican tax plan, which has a new bracket to raise taxes on so called rich and which will eliminate either completely or mostly you're deductions on your property taxes, man, your state income taxes? Do you know that this plan is going to define government And take money from cancer diabetes, drugs, according to TIM, Rhine, Democratic, Ohio, he's an up and coming to replace Pelosi. Don't you know a way to the systemic God find a platform for his propaganda? You guessed it on the morning Schmidt, Ten eleven go, this is,
a larger strategy to define government, and then you don't. You all feel like their defending the government with trillions and trojans and trains and trillions and trillions of dollars and debt. Doesn't it feel like their defending the government to you here? people are pathetic. Go ahead, Jordan in some of the others in the congressional freedom carcass. The tea party carcass saying what are we gonna cut spending you hear from Morn Hatch. I look what we don't have money for the children's health insurance programme, which is to provide health insurance for poor kids, so they're already starting that argument of defending? Oh look, we don't have the money now we can't make these domestic, and this is why some days, I think, there's no hope. I think there is no escaping in economic disaster which will lead to a constitution
disaster and seek the whole civil society? This is why, because we look at the numbers I dont produce from the government itself produces, and you look at the numbers. You look at the spending and look at the entitlements. You look at Whether these are unfounded liabilities and you wonder how the hell we're gonna catch up with this, and then you guys, like this the day, my party is so mesmeric, by its own ideology. That is steadily moon. This course the country towards the course of destruction. He just it and any Republicans would go along with. It are equally responsible out bell I'll Florida, serious satellite, go remark mark with all of the. Political, shenanigans and political action, the F b I at the upper reaches, and while I must support law enforcement, they help keep people safe and keep everyone in order for the most part I have to really think about.
Viable got approach by an FBI agent or if someone I knew got approach by an FBI agent. Wanting information, I would have a hard time cooperating with any such law enforcement circumstances in the hacks. What I see at the airport, the FBI, I hate to say it, but I think they have just point the entire FBI, and I have really no competence and the agency? a lot of confidence in the men and women in the FBI who do the daily work with the mob dealing with embezzlers dealing with all kinds of international crime and so forth and so on, and they they work hard, and these are excellent, excellent, patriotic Americans. My problem is with this upper echelon, which is politicized which is corrupt. Which is a chaining law enforcement all over the country and we gotta clean the map we really have to clean them out. I might
and I appreciate your comp. Let's see journey Charlotte North Carolina on the mark. Levine Go Martha, you Donna, soothing, ok, don't you spot Harry market for oppression? what you're doing here in the country or North Carolina just made up of the calls greener. We believe that the focus about Jerusalem being a capital, the Christian myself humming historically, this is, it has to be simple. Then most of US believers who work your question, it is disappointing that jewish, rather than set in saying that we already know idea you're so right, let me tell you something: righteous Gentiles, evangelical Christians forests are more supportive of Israel, then secular
I'm sorry! I did. I say that, yes, I did say and its true go ahead, sir. Well, even if there is an earlier, we grow back out there. You gonna probably, but he is so now, is running at my family myself. Were unhappy. Hispanic myself. My mom is for no, no, my father's in Arizona my lawyer, North Carolina, but I see it all over and you know it We are simply no it's right. We know it's true and that's all induce keep supporting it for just briefly what don't marked. Thank you for the books, bought me, and I know my family itself, because one thing, a priest Jeremy New to bless. Let us continue Lee any Annapolis Indiana. The great w, F, p m. I've been on that station for ten years now to make great station go right ahead, then. Are you leaving
two years. You have gone through anchored detail from the tactics that the smaller and his team of use against the people their investigating these no not predawn, raids, economical, what people are stolen, better slave and all that it reminded me very much of a topic that you touched on must then, two years ago, when you were talking, our general warrants and the way that the boy crown use those basically tyrannise the cow. Is that where there is that what we seem, with the mother investigation is not, instigating a particular crime, is an investigation in search of a crime and if they can't find want to construct what was this? and what they were doing back at that time is comparable. I think I again I had the project. I think the framers will be repulse the whole idea that you have I'm not oppose per se to special prosecutors. If there
Charge is limited and focused, and if person to whom they report is serious about overseeing, I mean It would be silly to say otherwise I mean the: U S, attorneys aren't in the constitution either. So in a tree. A general having U S, attorneys or I understand the crate. By statute or an attorney general through regulatory authority being able to appoint an attorney to conduct a specific investigation that doesn't bother me in the least. What bothers me here is: that's not what happened. Happen? Is the attorney general steps aside, the deputy attorney General Buck The democratic media pressure there was no reason whatsoever, even with the firing of call me to appoint a special council to look in a russian collusion and to appoint Mahler of all people. With the framers would say, as we have three branches of government and you ve just continue to destroy it and so you have sorted this roving prosecutor and they would be
they concern about. You make an excellent point: it's not a direct paralyzed by this parallel, but this notion of general once when you look at the Belarus very specific about why it's probably cause that sort of thing they believe injustice. Below and justice for the individual. They believe in protecting the individual against it out of control, rogue, potentially central government. What does it look like? These individuals are protected from an ETA control, robe prosecutor here, given given his his subordinates as prosecutors. Given its importance as FBI investigated, this is completely a hack job. A complete rogue
duration- and we one political party in this country the thinks it's swell- is always it's not targeting their guys with the media in this country that pretends to support freedom of the press. I don't support freedom of the press. They support big, centralized government carried my friend, but there was a very good, very good point. I appreciate that's Lee, let us go to Chris and too little Ohio and serious sunlight. Yes, Chris I mark, I join tolerate Harry you great great love your job. Thank you. I have a couple quick questions. Why is the Republican Party silent all this? Why is no one stepping up and saying anything while, because Mitch, Mcdonald's focused on Roy more in it in Alabama? And I dont know what Paul Ryan focused on, but you exactly right in fact, one when they big? What do they say Chris? Why
you better, not impede the prosecutor. Well, you better not do this. You bet it's pathetic. Then slowly is pathetic. My other question is: do they think that people are so stupid that every politician in this country, Democrat Republican, is filthy fat rich in this country is flat? the people do not see this t what they make. They sure as hell make a lot of money when they want to when they leave us worse. Vainer today, Senor lobbyists, Where is what was I goofball from MRS? I wish Trent Lot he's worth Fourchan he's a lobbyist crystal I'd represents Hollywood or the movies go on and on and on, and they all further their nests, don't they are certainly most of them. Are I Chris appreciate your call,
SAM will slip you in here, Vienna Virginia the Great W. I may I'll go Mister Van, it's an honor to talk with you saving regarding Israel in nineteen. Sixty eight go to my ear said. There was no such thing as a sentient and she was right. I've been Janine the Hebron over the three years. I work for the: U S: government in the West, they called the West Bank today in some area there is absolutely no reason why the entire? What is now known as the West Bank, but acknowledge today in some areas, should not be unified, because the forty five settlements in the west in the way bag Judaism area are not going to go away and the set or bypassed rose by four Kate. The West Bank are not going to go away, Israel,
right now is eight miles wide and its narrowest point at the city of the com, so what type of of of state can exist? When is only eight miles wide though Jerusalem is on, it can and will be the undivided capital, as Israel is said in the United States, need to acknowledge that didn't your pure and simple respect for the state of Israel, we are the greatest ally, they are our greatest support in the Middle EAST and we need to acknowledge that through the movement of the embassy voluntarily to Jerusalem- and that will be next, I believe, but it won't happen if Donald Trump is at present. I can- and I can almost predicted The Democrats really want do it'll be busy. You know giving around Moura more what IRAN wants, but the now I agree one hundred percent an excellent call, very educate
we'll be right back Martin Portland Oregon the great care you f, o dope. Merry Christmas thanks for give me a break every day from yelling at my radio I got People who wine about Jerusalem D in the capital of Israel they, the wine about watching Indeed, in the capital of Amerika, and I wait, from the native Americans, or even the British. If you want to go a little bit back, why is incomplete about that one space, fair and square a few years back and Daily on the contrary, probably in history, to be told, sorry you why but you can't have it out with this already. Let him have space?
That is a great point. You know you, sixty seven one of the young people of war. You have wars before that really worth sense for the intifada and so forth, and it's ok stop give them there. Give them that land back give them those battles, but you excuse me, that's not! it works? Is now ask Germany now, that's right. Our market caused. Thank you, sir. Francis Seeber in Florida, serious satellite, quickly go Francis, go baby, go ion anywhere My concern mark is the bar association. Why they involve, and obviously we can see hear that Neither lawyers thereafter, Buyer so should involve the bar association agrees with them. That's why? bar association is a liberal organizations by having been a member and light.
Thirty, some years, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person out. Will you do me? A favor outliving, Me tonight I spent an hour on the issue of Jerusalem and Trump. The history behind all of it? I think you'll find it fascinating. Cinnabar. America.
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