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On Thursday's Mark Levin show, The White House has done something extremely disappointing; they have taken DACA and expanded it to include Dreamers which brings the number to 1.8 million and offered them citizenship. This is a bigger number than even B...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant Year, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one create one one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one well. Take no pleasure in what I have to say: I'm Stream, we disappointed and what the White House has done extremely disappointed. That they ve taken the issue darker. They have expanded it, the dreamers they ve, from seven eight hundred thousand individuals to now one point: eight million
offering them citizenship, not asked legalization, but citizenship now keep something in mind. This is the first round with humor and dick Aramis they're not going to stand for just one point: eight million start with one point: eight million Barack Obama. Never did that. A bigger number them Barack Obama ever contemplated, he's laughing he's lying. Thing tonight. But don't worry, we're told no one We got all these concessions and what are they will have? The talking points from the White House right in front of me. The White House is immigration plan will offer a the citizen for one point: eight million immigrants yesterday, talking about seven or eight hundred thousand legalization
we're talking about one point: eight million citizens ship and don't forget. Seven or eight hundred thousand came forward under the dock programme. That means one million of them than come forward now. Why didn't the other one million come forward? Ladies and gentlemen, MR producer, do you know why Any of them didn't come forward. Because many of them were concerned about their own backgrounds. Many them didn't have the qualifications, they didn't. Have the evidence. That they were broad Harris. Children. Some of them are crook Some criminals, and yet with a snap of two things, we standard from seven eight hundred thousand to one point: eight million, so
here's what the Europe of the White House was put out, Stephen Miller, in particular the big picture. The plane is a cop. A compromise position that includes extremely generous provisions that should make democratic support to get the sixty votes are given A house adviser Stephen Motor set on the car, but that's not true- that's not true, because garments gonna, want more. Gutierrez. It's gonna want more. You started with one point: eight million should never have started well, one point: eight million this guy's, not a great poker player. That includes establishing a path that citizenship now even talk like leftists a path, the citizenship. One point: eight million younger immigrants notice. They don't call them kids, because Most of them are not cared for in their twenties and thirty one eight million younger immigrants with worker
vacation history. What does that mean and good moral, character, how's that determined what George Bush proposed staircase at training them? Would you be happy about it? Is this what the present and promised. That number is substantially larger than the eight hundred thousand Docker recipients includes vigils who did not apply for doc of a mandatory requirements? Yes, of course,. The concession on Dhaka comes with the ability to terminate the status of individual seen as a threat to national security based on criminal history. While if you have a crook history in your here illegally, why it should be. Reported anyway shooting beyond the negotiation table. Haven't we ve been told if you'd criminal primer havoc history? You gonna be disappointed that doesn't it Be part of any deal. If you are a threat to our national security and you're here illegally. What is stopped
The administration from boarding. Somebody like that nothing. The White House plan also includes an end to the Visa lottery programme and train migration. Well, we're all for that Why didn't you say, will extend back over a period of time or better Why didn't you say? First, we need here would chain migration and the lottery programme and securing the border. Then. Claudia went back, but we always Get the tail end of this listen to this one. This is funny. Twenty five billion dollar trust fund for the Wall System, the Misty question, a twenty five billion dollar trust fund for the war system Let's say the administration gets that point Democrats say you know what we changed our mind. One point: eight million! We want we'll. Let you take your truck
five billion. Now, how does that commit Congress has didn't. We learn this lesson yet unless they spend twenty five billion dollars in the same year that the republic, this control, the Senate and the house. Then I get it Twenty five billion dollars in the out years for any war. The Democrats will cut it off. That's the appropriate can process now, listen we're not talking about. Authorization authorizing the spending we're talking about the actual spending. There is no way to tie few. Congresses today, twenty five billion dollars they could talk about. It that's fine all they want the next Congress Consent No trust one! Thank you. How many more Republican prejudice, you're gonna, be burned by this. They're gonna give amnesty. Let me be abundantly clear: halfway to citizenship. The White House put
Cards on the table, foolishly, one point: eight million illegal aliens get amnesty, oh, but it will be over ten to twelve years. They say no, it won't. I even under the best circumstances, Donald Trump will not be president, ten or twelve years from now and other. It could speed up the process, there's nothing to stop that. Variables can't be controlled. Simple, to deport illegal immigrants such as court backlog or that catch release policy through which a Magritte release while awaiting a hearing? What did you do that already? Why don't you do that already. Why don't you do that already. Now here's what I know. I know that you're gonna be told that this is the greatest
act of genius and brilliance. Since man walked on two feet, you're going he told this is the most clever positioning possible because there crash now have their backs against the wall. What are they going to say? No ladies and gentlemen, we gave up half the battle field and rather than ITALY. Beginning this process, by standing firm on the issues that matter to us and make them make their proposal on how many people should get citizenship or legalization, and so forth. We locked down one on eight million amnesty, which is a starting point for them now it's a starting point for them. But don't worry, wouldn't you twenty five billion dollars for the war? No we're not because an appropriation does not.
Forest Future congresses, picky funding they can vote So you know what we ve changed our mind: that piracy we're not spending twenty five die when I any twenty five cents by As for the amnesty. Thanks for the amnesty but at least will get what a chain migration I dont other we well, but let's say we do. You started with one point: eight million for amnesty. I would start with one point: eight million. Why would you start with people who never applied for backup one, people over the seven, eight hundred thousand, who never even applied for. Why would you do that, because we're gonna get a comprehensive universal deal here Even Obama didn't go beyond darker and talk about one point: eight million for amnesty.
I don't know, ladies and gentlemen, I know what gonna, be tough. What you're gonna be told, the most brilliant in humankind, because the President of the United States did fill in the black. And it's gonna be spun that this is absolute genius. No, it's not is absolutely pathetic. I'll, be right, back Ben immigration, we think of our body, Daniel harlots, over conservator review, an expert on this in many senses Daniel. How are you, sir, I'm doing a right? It looks like the real asshole here is the sooner hole that America's becoming wont load
I ask you something? What do you make? A lawless is the biggest mistake everyone can make, is read this piece of paper with Amelia Basilio style liberalism and, as you know, in politics, you have to have the right mix of policy in politics. When you look at the cause fact of an issue where is coming from where it headed and that's them the problem here when you have besides typically side One side wants a and doesn't want be now I won't be in, doesn't want a and then you have some sort of negotiation here. And then the Republicans have set up front the badly want doc. They were now they want dreamer. They badly want to do it, but pretty please, can you throw in some chain migration reform, oh and by the way, if we don't region agreement by March. Fifth, I might continue the legal executive empathy. But Don T lost their leverage. So there come back and say it has some good provisions which it officially does Democrat
have no incentive to ever agree to that end. There just gonna pocket the one point, eight million concession, which is a very significant much more than just a number if it can be a runaway train. And if they agree to some of their stay in the out years, they're not gonna Institute, they're not going to pass the appropriations to build a wall. Maybe they built a little bit of a wall you out, but they're, not gonna Potemkin village, while if you will but they're, not gonna build a wall like that, like the president had been campaigning on shore, I mean it, Turn the present promised to quote immediately and both Amnesty one of the important things he said at the famous Phoenix rally on August thirty. First, twenty six in ways that anyone who tells you the core issue is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent, much time in washington- and it was really on message that the main course was one
you do for the american people, and conservatives have always said since eighty six, if you were never gonna, make the mistake again and even if we ever do anything, we implement the enforcement Firth extra the executive is enacting, it makes The courts are screwing with it which they will and then You talk about what to do with those here. You do amnesty first you're done because, as you said, we already have the secure fence act in two thousand and six when Denmark, took over Congress to you. Later the we went and got it in the pro that, which is why we only got thirty six point three miles of the regional aid under fifty mile fence, the fifty mile double edged fence. Among other things, we get thirty six miles. And they still haven't funded and that's eleven and a half years later and Thirty one years, thirty, two years ago, Ronald Reagan Granite Amnesty to two point: three million people,
The promise of securing the border. That's never been funded. You and I could go on and on and on about this, but don't worry see this time there really going to fund it. Why? How do we make the same mistake? And the answer is the least when it comes to Congress: it's not a mistake, its strategy. It is. You would never do this if you really want a positive outcome. What what? What did? The thing is: if they want the good provision provisions, the bill, the the way to get it is by advancing. This is your first round of negotiations, one of the things that term but in the art of the deal, which was just really spot on is the worst thing you can possibly do a deal it seem desperate to make. It makes other guys I'll blood and then you're dead and the promise He violated that in two ways: number one: is he consistently except the premise, about two remarries in this important population of people that actually mothers. And then yesterday he said he'd open to extending the deadline
down? There is no more leverage, there's no way Durban and humor will agree to get rid of chain migration. Why should they? They know their republicans and even tromp? Was Amnesty as an end to itself, even without the other concessions. So why would they ever agree to it? point being that darker ones out March. Fifth, that was the president's decision in the president has said he's going to extend it if necessary, so that there's, ready was the compromise. Now there is no deadline therein, and I think it is also important to know that there already was a compromise, and that was the House Committee chairman Bill Good Latin, a call, and they had- dream list of conservative priorities and then with Misty there wasn't a path to citizenship was not emigrant visas, but here's the key It was limited to the six hundred ninety thousand people that got the status now I naturally agree with it, but that was a bright red line, if you had this that, if you get it, if not not
hey me or now, not just before two thousand seven, but I get closer twentyth well worth codifying. No an opportunity to prevent your case, came near now, not just before two thousand and seven, but I get closer twentyth well how to find no fault of their own, so to speak into the constitution, the debt that better right. So what about the people? I came from Central America. When he fourteen as a result of Dhaka, what about the people coming now in the court's Argotic Look at this here's another important point: We are ready and we spoke about this last time. The courts are overturning white immigration laws. So certainly, if you right into statute that in open did. Population could come and prevent themselves if they came under eighteen. This is essentially a grind all deportations to a halt, because everyone will be afforded at opportunity to present their case.
And where it will go out throughout the world just get into America. You really never have to worry about being deported as long as Europe behave yourself We in how we got back, that's how we got that two thousand Tina now search from Central America and let me tell you me, these people are coming from the most impoverished countries. It isn't funny Phoebe I was given a godlike, It is through the healthcare debate. Even though- are giving us a voodoo numbers. How Obamacare was gonna lower premiums and getting rid of it would raise premium. Scipio has a score on a very similar bill to trumps immigration framework and the that initiative on shore low by made it would cost twenty six billion in Obama care a decade. Food stamps refundable, tax credit.
I cannot understand, it would have been no fault of the american taxpayer, is not their fault either shouldn't. Let me just say this: if you were a child of anyone is committed crimes who goes to present its. Your fault and yet you without a mother or father because they commit a crime Father there's, maybe we should empty, are present Daniel Horowitz, so many carry over the bottom of the air. If you can stay with us, will be right back liberties voice. Mark love, then talk with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know folks. I call him, as I see is concerned. I've been around a little while to Sixty years old, I've been promoting the ideas of liberty, a national
security and a nation state and a constitutional Republican. All that, since I was there, in fourteen years, old, people who comment on tv and radio who have not and that's perfectly fine, People come on tv and radio. Whether into this call a personality, I'm not into a call the personality. I like the present very, very much. I love my wife, I love my parents, I love my kids and server, but it's not a cop thing. It is what it is. Matter of policy and the way principles is because the principles are rational, they're not upset, Since they're not theories the left as principles to and their repugnant to me- and I soon the republic to most of you, they do not operate in good faith. So why in the world, would you put on the table.
More than one hundred percent larger than number of individuals who would not get legalization that citizenship, why you even start from that position, and I don't want to hear from anybody what kind of genius this is take that some or else to one of the other host. Susan Genius, a huge error, huge. And lives are going to seize on this. I have a question for my guest, Daniel Horowitz from conservative, reveal you can. People say yes, but if I can get chain migration eliminated then it's worth it now. We talked about this but one underscore this point. What do you say in response to that here? The problem? We don't have the ability to press the magical button and achieve that outcome. The law the way you're gonna achieve that outcome is by putting forth its plan of the way you my power
The boy get such a compromise. If the is, if you better Democrats and mission on this issue, and make it very clear that doc it is not an imperative. Much was an expansion of it Trump would walk away from this would be one thing because democratic, obviously they will reject J migration on the problem. He's given all indications that he will now walk away from this He's already shown that he's too desperate for it and while hold on I. What do you say to people who said he walked away from the grand Durban deal. Sure why me, let's not something he offered you know and obviously that was something that he couldn't sell to the base, because it included no elements on the other side right, good side of things. This I admit it certainly does have grounds, although I would just point out that she migration thing, unlike the House bill, allows all four million chain migrants who are currently on the visa waiting with neither
people, mainly from the third world and from Pakistan Bangladesh. I will tell you Those four million alone will give the democratically permanent majority where the good lad bill. Stop Hey migration immediately. This bill, allows the four million to go through and even accelerated by reallocating the diversity visa lottery. It gets rid of it, but then it takes the fifty five thousand these and puts them somewhere else, and it uses in part for the These are waiting list of existing etched. I want people understand some you'll get rid of the programme, but not the fifty five thousand immigrants. Now that the house will only use it for high skilled visas? This also react Kate, some of those for the existing chain migrants, so we have a situation here or there publicans into my house, proposed real. A far better plan than Steve Miller.
And the White House in dealing with the Democrats in the Senate, that's pretty much what we're talking about! Isn't it yeah it's pretty remarkable again. I think you and I would say that we shouldn't have to agree to any form of amnesty in order to do right by american sovereignty, american Security, american tat they are, but nonetheless that was the compromise and it was the poor is by its sponsored by the new chairman of the relevant committees with jurisdiction. Pretty rare that we get a good bill out of judiciary, homeland security, Why not accept the good lad they'll? That's it that's the problem. If you such a genius, read our the deal, and you start off with a tougher negotiation. You don't seem so desperate. Think again, it's worth underscoring that there's a boy red line between the six hundred. Ninety thousand, that already got status. You could theoretically, the five that nothing. I agree by saying Obama did this illegally, but they got this that if they put themselves forward once you open
and then move the timeframe to be clear, part of wise grown to one point. Eight million is because we're about four years after Dhaka, so their extending the timeframe. Even if you can, in four years later that gives the Democrats a perfect talking point. Are you gonna sit port. The people there came a year to after that and are even younger and more innocent and what parents, and as you point out you're giving up the language for giving up the principle, and now we have no fault of Europe, so we have no fault. Insurance now have no for immigration. Well that's what fall immigration? It's, not your fault you're here while will make a citizen exactly. That is the key point. It's not a matter of rectifying a misunderstanding when you expanded tub You're population you're in fact thing and trumpet said this on twitter number of time that
you agree that if your broad here of no fault of your own, if necessarily the fault of the american citizen, is as well and they have to go, before it, and you have the right to violate consent based citizens A social compact anyway, you ve, you spoken, I've been alive, and that is what I call. Go and political change, migration because think about it. If there is this much pressure among the political class to take a population that a hundred per cent illegal and legalised, then once their legal There is no way, that's not gonna grow and there's no way the twelve year path is not gonna get truncated either by the courts are just politically I am shocked at this. I am absolute they flabbergasted of what they did hear the tube but this number out on the table as a starting point,
Oh damn. Well, they cannot commit future congresses to the appropriation on the war and we only talk about Mexico PAN for the wall anymore. But put that aside that Mexico is never gonna pay for their work and their and you say we're gonna, eliminate chain migration, mean if you can eliminate tray migration. You're gonna have to be a tougher negotiator than this. You started a very low number. You up to your whatever seven hundred eight hundred thousand venue, be talking about getting them to buckle under chain migration. Here but you ve, given them, on the numbers side more than they could ever have expected from Iraq. Obama. No, that clear and in what is even worse, is that date, the expanded the timeframe. So is again, it is created this precedent and this premise that Let's face it all of the hundreds of thousands who came in and twenty fourteen and are still coming from central Erica, not even Mexico. There
he's going to be entitled as this thing exonerate Arlette slowdown under current policy, its two thousand seven and before I correct at correct, and you're saying they extended it. I ain't a future years. I am not a hundred per cent for the date. I haven't seen a written anywhere, but they said the woman eight million number has to do with the expanded timeframe. I believe somewhere around two hundred and twenty eleven, so anyone who came here under eighteen in too our Daniel. I knew this would happen. I'm sure you did to even set on the radio not multiple times. I said this: two thousand seven is not going to hold its, not a it's, not a red line. Those say: there's nothing particular magical about two thousand seven, and they know they know you move the goalposts. Oliver son, your time about hundreds of thousands of more people being legalised in this country, and and think about this. Well, almost
Every Republican is agreeing to the premise, the parliaments of the assumptions, the salon see behind amnesty, not a single Democrats has conceded a single went on chain migration and even Joe Mansion, with regard as the leaf liberal of all Senate Democrats says that absence we DARPA meeting the pair in some other relatives of the Dakar people. Should be included I won't. We will see how this plays out, and I would also say this to you an emanation. After all, we were told that the present wines up in the right place. And the Iraq cats in the palm palm dances across the stage just take it for granted. That's not what happens. Happens is You need to be heard, We need to be heard. We need to make clear. This is not what we are we bought into an hour weeks
the present, the United States, to take a harder position. We expect conservatives in Congress to hold the line and and perhaps you ll, see the president move back, compound boys and girls in Iraq, cats in this business or go on and tell us how bright the White House was. It's not a matter of brilliant it's a matter of as before. Pulling them back from lurching into the position they shouldn't have lurched in in the first place. Do you agree with me? Oh exactly and thank you know. You'd, remember from your experience with the Reagan administration Rig revelled in it, he loved when the base would push back, because gave him more leverage, he would say, If only a look, it ought to be launched by my base. If I go he further. We would please be strengthening his hand, assuming this is what he really wants to do where it, if we just keep doing there, Cat dance there's only one direction where this negotiation going ahead
my friend I appreciate your time. Keep up the good work will needed now more than ever, a caregiver. I knew too. It was put me. And others who who see this were difficult position because for a lot of glad there may be a lot of you. You preferred a here if things all the time I get it they do, but this is bigger than that this. This is the core issue. The primary issue, the president ran on thy he's. We watch pages of the Wall Street Journal, which is paid for amnesty will watch the others will see how quickly they Solomon What the present as donor- they say it's a great first step and if only he go a little bit further into this and that will be met during all this. The? U S chamber of commerce at is the Eu S chamber crony capitalism. They have to be extremely pleased by this, though they may be When a frown in order to try and get more but that's the point. This is amnesty, but look
you're getting in return, how how can't spend twenty five billion dollars fast enough in order to get that war built they got all the environmental crap and you got you know, and the private property if the purchase that there's a lot you have to go through before you, both a war straight might be long gone, and this is what the Democrats do. They slow walk this stuff and they ve done it with every single republican president, every single one might trumps apparently not apparently not. Not with this proposal back. Then we also see the pretend conservatives come out and say when you want perfection
the numbers in the Senate when you prefer Nobody wants perfection. There is no perfection. On other human beings and human institutions? That's a diversion, We only have so many people in the Senate. That's exactly why what the president? It was a mistake which Steve Melody was a mistake. The numbers they never even dreamed of right up front. One point: eight million. Now, will see. Others plays out. But we need some realistic analysis, serious people with substance talking about this, not those who Pick up their feet on their desk round their chair and just tell some brilliant everybody is you want intellectual honesty, you and intellectual integrity. You want to know what all this means you you're busy, working every day. You visit,
but your kids are busy with your job whatever it is. What does this mean? It means gone from seven to eight hundred thousand people under darker too in point, eight million dreamers, a pathway, the citizenship that the presidency has ten to twelve years, but he can't control, ten to twelve years. He won't be if the president for ten or twelve years. And they'll be a lot of pressure to make it sooner. Moreover, their move, the goalposts. So they're gonna have more more people that are put that are affected, not who here from two thousand seven before but beyond beyond, as we're gonna put twenty five billion dollars on a border war. I found the Democrats, I take that and two seconds now. Why do I do that. Because we're not going to give them money down, the road shore will not and blank and say yes, we can in two thousand six. We did it in Reagan in eighteen. Eighty, six, Yes, we know how to do that what what? What about train migration you want.
Get rid of train migration, though probably throw something in there the Democrats, but probably not get rid of that, but if you want to get rid of train migration start with one point: eight million people. You're, not gonna wind up there now that's not the analysis that you're gonna hear from most people, they're gonna be fed. Talking points, they're, gonna be fed, talking points. And that's what you're gonna here, I'm doing this right off the cuff joy! got the information just went through it I'm not gonna, be spun not by anybody Not for any reason that country comes first, we need to our president, our president, whose being pressured to do this There are two things and pressure at him to pull back, make it deal, but this is not a good idea. Talking about a brand new sponsor
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they say: you're gonna get your long. I'm telling you the appropriation process, doesn't work that way beside myself, I think if this goes through, he Gonna lose the how you'll never one in our fellow election, our lifetime while Mitre listen to some other shows tomorrow. I'll tell you why this is a spectacular, brilliant achievement, I'll be back, with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, Sir Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what
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but a brick house, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground bows, hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script Philby. We will once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one We're gonna get into these new text. Messages will later too, but this is a big issue that affects us all in a very significant way. And we're gonna have to watch more. You know more than one ball at a time here who are quite came, Oliver ok and chewing gum. At the same time, you, the smart Estonians, while audiences. But I want to remind you of something.
Why this issue is so important. I've talked many times about former. Colorado, governor Dick Lamb, a liberal Democrat. The speech he made an October eighteen, two thousand third, which we were lucky enough to uncover. Do America is too small to rich to sell us Half years ago, and how russian, he is and was had tip our friends at fair, cut thirteen,
I would like to share with you my plan to describe in America, and you think in some do America is too small to rich to self satisfied, not diverse enough to white bread. By telling me you know, said outrage, nations rise and they all fall, and he said topsy of history. Is all brave nations committed suicide? So here's my plan parts and we're gonna make it a bilingual by cultural history shows us that no bilingual by cultural country lives at peace with itself is not one. I believe that doesn't exist with an incredible amount of tension and conflict, if not civil war. My second part of my plan would be to invent something called multiculturalism. Leslie two parts number one. I would say that all cultures are created equal when we make no difference and make it impossible to talk about such things as culture, and the second one is that I wouldn't really try very hard and make people continue their cultural identity. I would replace the melting pot with the salad. My third part of my plan would be to make the fastest growing. Demographic grew in that country, the least educated. I would add a second class to the first underclass assimilated under educated, antagonistic I'd. Have fifty percent of the drop out of school, not graduate from ice afforded by my plan would be to get the foundations and big business to fund these efforts with lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity and demolish. I would get them to think about. Their lack of success was only the fault of the majority I was sort of grievance industry via my plan is, I would develop a dual citizenship. I would promise people actually divided oil to allow them to allow both Sunday Fox and George Bush. Six part of this is important. I would place all of these subjects off limits. I would make it possible to talk about actually are criticised. This whole thing. I would make its come up with a word like I used to be two hundred years ago. I say we call it the racist, and I would try to accuse anybody of this- would have jumped to my ideas. My seventh part, then I would make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop much. Let's call this, because immigration has been put in the past for America. It will continue to be good future. My last part and its importance is, I would sensor this man is dangerous ease onto my plan mix. It only read this quickly: Davis Mutants book.
Spot on. When you say I would say a liberal Democrat, former governor of Colorado, you don't even Republicans talking like this. Let alone Democrats. You know I've been here the White House talking like this anymore, how much will here. Throughout the day tomorrow, is that this is absolutely stunningly brilliant, that we got the damn that's exactly where we want them. We're gonna get our chain, migration taken care of, and the lottery, and these are the talking points are already being spread. But you're starting a one point: eight million your adding one million people to the dock in numbers, One million people. Who didn't sign up for doktor for one reason or another, and so the damn
gradual pocket that one point eight million at the girl for the Vienna they're gonna go for the bleachers. But will be told how brilliant this. This line, as I said the first hour, the fall of there is no follow their own, no fault of their own. Have no form insurance now no fall immigration. We act we have Republicans and conservatives talking like left us now. These isn't weather the focus is on the integrated focuses on the american citizen. This is a country of citizens. It is not a country of immigrants. I must those immigrants have become citizens. It's a country of citizens. The citizens are in charge supposedly. It's what's best for the citizen, not what's best for the immigrant they would be emigrant. The illegal immigrant. No fault of their own
No followers either. Snow. Follow the american citizen. And the other thing that is really perplexing to me. Why we, lectured two weeks ago that our societies are the same, that our cultures of the saying that if don't believe it you're a racist when point out that the third world is actually the third world. Now, Developed world there is poverty and crime and cronyism and their governments and so forth, you said to be a racist. Well, if all societies and cultures are alike, as I keep saying, Does it matter if we deport people back from where they were born, particularly We were told by the very same people in the media in the Democratic Party and elsewhere, academia, this country is lousy. It's a country of white privilege of economic inequality. How many failures I can't even name, then we have to turn a Bernie Sanders. So
a horrible failing society, while the third well is a magnificent positive society and the people vote with their feet, and it doesn't appear to be that way does. But it's important to point this out. It's important to point this out. The Ex governor Lamb said we need to be able to talk about these things, they don't want To talk about it, call us racists, Do grace terrible. I am curious to know what you think then, Have a flawed on the market of in a mark Levant this a to speak with you. I told you call Schriner, I am furious mark. I really theories And one of the reasons why I wonder make four points. I know you got a lot of calls in everything and I want to just say my poor poison hang
I what you had to say on January twenty year, the president specifically metal then, on that day How will be transferred from Washington and back to the people, and I don't see that it is the Another thing that I remember that he said he made it on a video. You ve been here to speak in everything he previously there We are being led by very, very, very stupid people and I, like the president and a lot of things that he's gone up, will out you like it was a mixed bag on a tax cuts of whatever, but here there. We were led mass, stupid people when it comes to this immigration thing, I think, is very stupid.
And my one and all the things that I never hear him say you light. He never has argued the point when it came to immigration in backward. He never I'll get it from the point of the people with him. I would have been gone up there and tell him every member in the Congress and the Senate. This is what the american people want. This what they want, and this is what they want to be and is not able to add in our compromise on it and then Also, when I look at it We already have a lot of these legal people here I'll I envy he's gonna good thing. You not go further with the account you look at the employment is low. For now. We already have the illegals here from a base, economic standpoint you looking in supply and demand, though we have low informing them. So labels here that already here, you know they have already taken some doubts were what about when they happened to bring, out there their wise and their chosen of whatever. What's come,
happened to the unemployment rate, then he's gonna actually go up, and so is not just about the people coming over here, but you have a look at the overall picture and economics as well, and one of the things you always person in everything I'm currently involved in the convention. The states not as much as I should be, but I'm I'm beginning to be more active people the only way that we are going to save our country is my God and involving the convention of space. We, eat convention of states in order to save our country, because you like even at this president he's not be able to say the country. It is up to us the people and we need an auto, complete enough stakes and, if I may have the same, marked well, very articulate and so wonderful com, the lead with any- and I want to thank you for that pressure. That's gonNA, Robert Somerset, Pennsylvania, serious satellite hurry. You
Thank you for taking my call mark I am myself a an emigrant legal immigrants coming through the process, and I can't believe what I am hearing that there are going to give away compost. They give away citizenship that illegal immigrants I mean. What I don't think the american people really understands what you have to go through as illegal immigrants to become a citizen to earn it the right way. It is a process. Where are you we spend years and years there you go through the bureaucracy. You can and you have a comma wrong on a form. They will put you right back at the end of the line. Again they are not kidding. I
I am lost track of the tens of thousands of dollars that I've spent only your fees, governor fees for government, a government forfeited income, because I had to wait for a visa translation. I mean I could go on and on about that, I did it because that was the way that well, I thought it was no follow your own and we have no thought immigration. Right before you shouldn't get right to the front line. when you I M M the day I took my took my author citizen was one of the proudest these in my life. I earned it Ah, when and when I did, I feel proud of that by giving it a linear questionably here all this tugela merit based immigration so, I would they throw one another million image she didn't even sign up for doc.
Even have enough interest or their backgrounds wouldn't allow them to sign up for darker so now it's up to one point: eight nine! Is that merit based. My personal gratian, mcmurphy immigration is, is the only form of immigration that makes any, because we have to like me, I had to prove that I was worthy of becoming the: U S, citizens at the end of the day, Brandon, but I'm part of my language, but I'm problem so proud of it. Thank you for bringing this up. Thank you for bringing this out I know there are many many others like me who are not happy today. I wanted to say thank you so much thanks. Dear colleagues, on car, and who is an image whose now citizen. he did it the right way: Frank San Francisco, California, the great care so far, police officer. How are you, sir? They can work
I am in this whole thing up after years, law enforcement and in this instance. The bay area- and you know, I'm really irritated by this hoping the democratic back into a corner. We should not let him out of the corner and I was limit couple quick points. The whole thing is twenty years ago, member Mark California we're still Republicans date. Where the Democrats wanted to. The recommendation is what they ve done here to California. I could not agree more. The next point, I might say, is America, People are totally behind. plan verify any change migration. The lottery than ten years ago more security will present trot is in a position of strength? He should be negotiated competition aspects, and I want to make a suggestion that this is my own suggestion made some beers inherent. Maybe somebody could do some with it, but my
it is with present trumps, should be doing, is actually setting hey. I'm gonna, go, you didn't do the darker, but the dark people get their g per citizen, if but there will be no docket recurs in receiving the citizenship. from a sanctuary state or a sanctuary? City School buys a position of strength so that we go ahead and call out the sanctuary sticks citizens. Now that's really really interesting, but you know it. about judges gonna. Do that, though, say well These are similar people in a similar position. They have no control of the city therein other state therein and therefore that's unconstitutional. But I like the way you think My point: is they up the number from seven or eight hundred thousand to one point? Eight million and they ve got nothing for it absolutely nothing for it. They say: they're gonna get these other things forward. guarantee the democratic Gonna want a hell of a lot more and they're gonna give up a trumpet hell of a lot less.
Don't tell me we got twenty five billion dollars for the war when you- and I both know- that's not how the appropriation process works. They commit funding every year and they can withdraw funding in other years. So that's just not that's not anxious. Not the way is a practical matter that it works. Are I frank, beast their thanks for your car will be right back. Alas, no North Carolina, Syria satellite go hi mark it's a pleasure to speak to you tonight and I just want to say respectfully what you are for the american society is someone that brings the truth that some people don't want to hear, but I'm gone you're here to get it back fully? I can't disagree
enough on this issue: Stephen Miller, I trust and endow tromp. I trust, act is that we are. You see, stop right. There separately. That's not how I work at snow, how my my works, a matter, trust her distressed to this agreement? Oh, this is out on us, and this is a big problem. Because if he gets a doubt, trust Ipod, Donald Trump, I trust email. I trust than just start talking. Well, let me say why the ally. but why? Because we are getting things in this bill that we have not got in any other is no ill. Sir. This is a proposal I haven't gotten any proposal that we never got before an end to change, grace and we don't have an end. The chain migration, This is a new go, sir. There's no bill. There is a negotiation.
The president has said he wants Dane and train migration. Present said he wants down the ladder programme which we exposed here. First, the president said these things. The question is: how do you get these things? You guys are also said. Listen to me. Lance President also said Mexicans paying for the wars, Mexico, paying for the wallet. no, but you trusted that What I'm saying is it's up to us, a responsible citizens right to be heard. let us trust to matter of engagement and if you're going to get chain, migration eliminated or effectively reduced If we're going to get rid of this serve this lottery visa, which I actually can we was shouted doing. Then, when you negotiate your own hand them much. What they want right up front. It becomes much much harder in it, People it'll be other people out here who are listening rays.
objections to this. Who will move the president back in the position where I believe needs to go there? Dave America? What's this? a proposal that will save. I thank you. I, ladies and gentlemen, I shall return Constitution man Mark within calling now every seven seven four year. One forty eight one one already playing out exactly as I ve talked about here, you ve got a a former Bush official Republican, the present to showing leadership. He's gonna take off his base here by showing leadership. Look. How far is willing to go jumped over there. He said look
of its thanks. So supporting amnesty for one point: eight million and remember that It's not about amnesty, its temporary status, the debate was about legal position. Even if your legalised you're, not a citizen, so the as an jumped over there. He said: look forget about legalization, we're gonna, go to citizenship and ten to twelve years where he can't control that fees in an office ten to twelve years there, he more than double the number. From seven or eight hundred thousand, to one point, eight million. and but don't worry, because now that we have to give in on chain migration I have to give in on the lottery they'll have to, no they're not and though they don't.
So our starting point wasn't legalization of seven or eight hundred thousand it. Amnesty for one point: eight million citizenship. And now I gotta hear these push guys on tv telling us this is great leadership. This is leadership he put Terrified on the line- this is what he didn't want to do here and now: He also said its political genius. To paraphrase because now there Democrats look bad friendless folks. the democratic, looking bad Again, controller Dan Country. I dont know why he took this path. People persuaded him, I suppose. he's a big are he's told us. The issue here is love and.
You know so the Democrat Woe one point: eight million less for the rest, bad and we need to fight the republican None of this is leadership, so Amnesty now for one point: eight million citizens ship, legalization for seven or eight hundred thousand, that What was on the table. There are already goodies out there to try and persuade the Democrats to come over the dead cried: they always talk about the right wing, irresponsible, racist pace of the Republican Party itself, disgusting It is the left wing base of the Democratic Party. That's the tail wags, the dog, not just for the Democratic Party, but for the entire country, for the media for a colleges and universities from Hollywood. I'm hoping you will join me and politely and responsibly tell the presence of the United States poor back.
We support you, we don't not want to sabotage. You were the backbone of the conservative movement, and it is the conservatives who can difference here. There is no national- is popular movement there. I know I don't give a damn We all excited about amnesty They already are in you, don't just justice. I am really I'm I'm really shocked by this. Quite frankly, but I'd be curious to know what you think. You know what The fast start in twenty eighteen over a conservative review tv right, in the midst of this battle on immigration in Dhaka and, of course, president trumps ongoing few with the same media.
And if you ve turned on Levine TV recently, we data show that beginning some great feedback from fans on the new tax bill on the silent coup and yes on immigration. emigrate everybody wants to know the truth about these subjects, everybody wants to know how to fix America. Our families, individuals, and that's what we try to do. That's what I try to download them tv Now, if you haven't signed up for see our tv it you can do a free seven day, trial, free seventy trial and check out there. Important episode, all of our important episodes. You probably already heard but see it. he was coming back, bigger and better in the new year, We're adding new shows from hosts like Andrew, well Cow, an alley. Stuckey we got my butt. Steve Crowd, my my one. Your friend, Michel Morgan and many more the price is less than eight bucks a month when you use I'm a code Levine and that's the key Gerda.
our tv that calm use, promo code, L, easy iron and sign up for a free having day trial right now I get to call at eight. or for love, tv and we'll get you set up right away, we'll make it the smooth his eyes for you, that's aid for four l e, de I and tv. Roderick Aspirin Virginia the great W em a go. Marca that last collar, I just could not believe almost Two million illegal aliens amnesty this gonna, save America very ran away when they become citizens Robert. We, Already we already know stay. Migration staff will probably grandfathered and will see how this goes out. Only gets gonna go well, go ahead. I mean this is just such a blow my mind. Travellers are making a decision,
no better be this either illegal aliens is like a baby, two million up to lay them amnesty and then, on the other. Quite a few of the ship. This is not going to save our country. He's got he's got to build their war six, borders and then weaken it with the multi level, one aligning. Why didn't you go the House proposal which is much better than this? They say. Here's the whole deal EVA Comprehensive deal which is physical, barriers and technology on the southern border wall included nation, CHE migration, elimination of this lottery and so forth. and and then they say: ok, these seven or eight hundred thousand people we'll legalise them? Let's talk about a pathway for citizenship. Why didn't you take that want to all of the shop and go with that I don't know, I don't know what I've been mean.
I'm gonna start. I mean the house supported it right. so you need to work on the Senate. I don't know why Do I just the failure to my mind, I voted for him, but I had this It is worth my level out. I've got a voice that, while you're not allowed to use ie you're not allowed to end up and trust me, you gonna, hear mostly guys tomorrow gone off about the the genius. That's it I thank you for your call, my friend. Now here's blue, bird news, tat crews. lasts, citizenship path for dreamers suggested by trompe doesn't, namely by name senator, take blasted. The idea of giving young undocumented immigrants had passed the citizenship a day after President Donald Trump City was open to the idea is part of the immigration legislation being negotiated in Congress. True said I do not believe we should be granting a path to citizenship to anybody here illegally doing so
inconsistent with the promises we made to the men and women who elected US crews. Not mention the present in his remarks, but they resurface some of the bitterness still left over from the presidential campaign, though they dont It was the same position as the president. On Wednesday, when negotiations on immigration legislation in Congress moving slowly Trump Kennedy was willing to be flexible, see these are the. Now the liberals. Annie rhinos are going to he praise on this This is leadership. The problem palm boys and girls- this genius. Nobody's this mark. That Democrats are backed up, So they're gonna play politics are there, They have nowhere to go there going to be backed up. They're gonna, be the coroner next time. A really do it. You can imagine all the arguments.
Crew said that President Barack Obama's twenty twelve creation of the deferred action for childhood arrivals programmer Dhaka, which included temper We work permits and deportation relief for young people that met certain criteria, didn't provide path to citizenship, his point, which is my point where did this path is citizenship come from That's not even in Dhaka, even if you extend Dhaka even You get them permanent legal status, that's not citizenship where they come from in, for what yet they were gonna, get ready, CHE migration. What we haven't gotten rid of it even agree to that, but you already agreed to citizenship. That's my point. Crew said for some reason that too, that is path to citizenship is utterly inexplicable. We see republicans falling all over themselves to God to the left of Obama.
in a way. That is contrary to the promises made to the voters who elected us. He so right about this Obama. I put these people want a pathway to citizenship so we need to honour the promises we made, and that is what I am energetically urging my colleagues to do. Well, there you have it there, you have it take a couple more cause. That's gonna Jerry Coeurdelion, Idaho, on the market, even though I mark Taking my call, I'm really fit to be tied on this. Sir. This thing in I'm calling my: congressmen and the White House tomorrow tonight making my concern about it, I am most Bananas are willing to lead
People who are legally observed in the military or have a high degree in prison the United States. Another doing themselves and getting today but I don't understand why we never hear the government come up with a programme that will incentive I, In backer another way to go back to their, their factories. Citizen here and sell the port, and then they turn their needs for a period of time while they find a job, get acclimated and so on and then maybe even give them a path back in the country. For some reason, though, in way and those who don't they. Get the point they never come back. I don't Stan weight,
our wine on other, we can track people that easily coming and going and coming and going, but it is something worth thinking about. I want to thank you for your call, my friend what I'm kind of thinks this is a pretty good idea and sun gravely disappointed in spite of this may have been Tomkins idea. Eric Ericsson thinks it's a great idea. the people were line up differently doesn't matter to me. It doesn't matter to me. You and I we think for Us- this is a matter of Asia. A social event where we we see who lines of which way in which side we drink? That's not what we're doing here Cotton thinks it's a great plan mob rule. On Tom Garden. since immigration plan, as outlined by the White House, is entirely reasonable response. Bonn supportable, says Eric Ericsson, his friend of mine, host supportable to me
I think it's a very bad idea and I think, right out of the gate was a huge mistake. To offer citizenship to one point: eight million people, as I say, Obama didn't even do I look. Gotten return wouldn't get anything in return Is there a single Democrat tonight? other than one or two running and red state. You said you know what wherein yes, to eliminate train migration. You're not gonna, take this so easily gonna happen so easily Mitch, MECCA Paul Ryan, by the way loved. They think it's great. Over it right scoop, Mitch, Mcconnell, Paul Ryan, love, trumps, amnesty plan, that they should shock. No one follower of the news: GEO, p leadership, loves trumps, Amnesty plan, Mcconnell Hatch and like free we praise the tramp immigration plan, Paul Ryan, Folks, Michael Ricky, on track
immigration remark: what were grateful for the present showing leadership on this issue so that it's gone out call leadership and believe his ideas will help us ultimately reach about slew. So tat any is the rhinos. And the swamp arousing around this, the Ex Bush staffers or on tv the ruling around us. This is exactly what I feared here. We go here. Capitulation is not leadership. Capitulation, is not leadership. Washington once Amnesty and it looks like Washington's gonna get another amnesty looks like it. Why, in the world, we have to give citizenship to one point: eight million people when that wasn't even on the table. Doc on the table so
when the eight hundred thousand people and whether or not their legalised, not citizens, why in the world, did we go there. Maggie Vernal Utile on the market of go, I mark thank you for taking my call you this whole immigration thing. It's it's it's it's a fraud, We ve been hoodwinked again and we all fell for it, and I tell you I moved away from California two years ago, because was over, run, The over run by illegal aliens- and you know what they talk- they did take jobs from us, I tried over and over again to get a job in in the medical field. Mind you in
doctors office, but I had to be very few went in Spanish and I am I'm I'm I'm I'm hispanic I like my card, my my producing I gotta, get out the Maggie I apologize I gotta run. Thank you for your car will be right back, Did you know that in nineteen twenty five, an ounce of gold, was worth twenty bucks? suits and assured times. Patients than ever that we know they carry a gold coin and our pocket money. To govern made us exchange that a long time ago for twenty dollar bill pm cap. He's in the wealth preserving Can business keeping your
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Specialists are standing by right now and then careful professionals and the walk you right through the entire process, but a time receive the five hundred thousand freak older silver on qualifying purchases by one and you to do it so wonderful organization, a new sponsor I know one of the principles involved here: Scott Carter. He is a real decent stand up, man with integrity, that's pm capital, how to fifty key word, Mark Levin and then you'll be right back. Who do we have MR bidders Syria, satellite rich in Missouri, quickly go our guy. This embassy thing is a really bad idea. and I guarantee you that if it goes through my worldly you and if I run a harder set, and how the wet mild my lawyer will be using amnesty, if I ever run a father said
However, the number two most important point negotiations being willing and able to walk away. And if anybody is willing and able to travel now. Let me tell you if he walks away like last time. When the cheerleaders were cheerleading. he walks away it'll be duty. You folks, in my audience,. Because your raising objections, ninety one tend the one right now we have that effect, not compound boys and girls. I'll be right back
He's here now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of Nondescripts building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levant. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. we'll stick on this issue, but I like that another one, more texts have been made public and they are consequential. And you can tell real media outlets from phony media outlets. The funny media outlets lonely downplay, what's taking place at the FBI the Department of Justice and with a special council, but
other spinning conspiracy theories about how the Russians. Persuading you and me To interfere with the. investigations and a trash the appear. So there you have it. but the crazy, ass liberal media there and that's what it is. German NEWS, FBI release new messages between your officials page and Frequent enduring email investigation, TAT show you can hang in there. If you want we're gonna get back to this nation as well, but I wanted to add this cause, it's quite important, They are officials, Peter struck and LISA page were concerned about being too tough on them. credit presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton during the bureau's investigation into her ear. Practices because she might hold it against them as president text messages released on Thursday indicated
and they smell robber Mahler, is still investigating the present. Let's see Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck rashly release new messages between your officials page and struck. Who were having an affair and exchange more than fifty thousand texts with each other during the election. I don't think I've written fifty thousand extra, my entire life of you, Mr Barroso. the guy, written and red fifty thousand texts in my entire life One more thing: she, I'd, be our next president page text at stroke on February, twenty five, twenty. Sixteen in the midst of them as an electoral campaign and reference? They? Hillary Clinton quote last thing: you need going in there loaded forbear. She continued. You think she's, going to remember or care that it was more deal J than FBI. So here He's telling her lover who's this,
counter intelligence investigator for the FBI and on this case to take it. Easy Now Mister Waller there's your obstruction of justice broke reply that he agreed quota, unquote, and he had relate the discussion with some a name bill. Someone named bill. Struck generally worked on the Clinton case, but was assigned to the special council probe into Russia in the trunk Pain after a number of anti trumped up, Rediscovered on his phone pages briefly worked on the special Council Investigation gradually said today in a letter to have been directed Christopher, Ray the exchange among others concerned him. He wrote the text messages. They were provided raised, serious concerns about the impartiality of senior leadership, running both the Clinton and trumpet investigation you now
if, therefore sure on the other for the Democrats would be going nuts and the meat would be going nuts and had withdrawn heads. What role. During the campaign, the FBI Invest Daily Clinton's use of private mail server. While she was sector estate, then FBI, director, James Commie, decide, against recommending prosecution, but forty Clinton and And her associates for being extremely careless class information, of course, mention here is two months before even spoke to her interview. There. he was already exonerating her. So call me as crony he's a year, a complete fraud. But what do you make of this now focus now. in October, twenty eight twenty sixteen text exchange page told stroke. Then FBI if a stay of James Right, Becky thought my cave. Should I participated in the pro you see, because why, friend for
State Senate. As you know, in Virginia sheep, over half a million dollars and support from Hilary bag man they form a governor of Virginia term, a collar Rebecca just called the check in page wrote, very clearly. One hundred percent believes that anti that's the deputy director Mackay should ray because of the perception God stroke reply, meaning it disagreed with arms with him, I'm sure, by page when they cave should be refused. Now, if not before, Strove said The Mccall have picked up. Mackay eventually refused himself from the Clinton Prob one week before the election. Ashley S Ray the FBI director in his letter at my eventually refused him so one week before the election. Why did he not do so sooner course.
hundred people a day crossing the border illegally with December making. Get much sleazy than this. it's really quite appalling, and this is new, loses his new information, new information. Here's another piece on the immigration front: you wanna hear at her. We just cheerleader here. washed and examined or illegal immigration numbers, Msf, thirteen exploding eleven. Hundred border arrest a day, one million on Deport list the White House is stealing from battle with Democrats and modern Republicans. Over immigration reform raised new concerns that the illegal population is out of control and violent. on average, the Hs apprehends over eleven hundred people a day crossing the border illegally with some are making the eight month and arrive and increase and apprehension the border. On January, forty
Mph I saw the highest number of apprehensions in a year. Fourteen hundred. The Hs refuses, entry to seven known or suspected terrorists every day seven known or suspected terrorists. Fifty every week two thousand five hundred every year, known or suspected terrorists Six hundred and twenty two percent increase in family units detained at the border since April. Us be released. After no more than twenty days, officials apprehend eight, thousand family members in December alone, three honey, in six percent increase in unaccompanied alien children detained at the but here since April, because they hear amnesty. So they're sending their children across the border now who's irresponsible their. Ladies and gentlemen, a mother
or a father that send their child across the border into a foreign country. And they were told it's no fault of their own. So those outrageous, irresponsible parents are then free Come into the country with their child at some point when I break families. These families are breaking up families. This is appalling that its on you and me, the american citizen. We have nothing to do with this. We had nothing to do with this. People are voluntarily doing it to themselves. It's not us up, that's the police. families back together. Again, it's up to us. enforced by law, So why do we all sound like it? I, like endlessly pro liberals anymore, Maybe I'm just one guy with a microphone, maybe maybe on the only guy talk Ray
the only guy on tv, only guy who thinks this way, I mean I must ve. I must be I'm the last one. Arrow Conway, South Carolina, the Great W are in and go sir hundreds could be talking to you. I am said about the ends issue it- is not right. It's not right through the citizens have done it legally. Income from other countries is not right that people like me, they were born in his country everywhere reconstruction increases at seventeen? Forty six, Thirty years I've been paying my backers. Work are bottom up to try to get the Upper Middle West what's happening to your industry. The construction industry, with all its illegal immigration, is horrible. It's killing is doing it. I just can conclude a project that was a healthier and out into actual numbers. Without you wanna bet, you love, That would be seventy to eighty percent of the work
The commission was all illegal immigrants. Here, let me ask it is: are they doing jobs, Americans want do or they getting paid, in ways that Americans are being hired We're getting paid in ways Americans would not be hard, because blacklist we give contract to legal companies, they turn around and just give them the night before then pay these guys, as I say it under the table in the second, the Father own tackled, and we also do not do. That, though, is how can we didn't hear anything about e verifying any these discussions that, because it Of course, it is because they are getting away with company dont. Do it because it given the fact that item is through employees of their companies, and the? U S came of crony capitalism. Doesnt want it to be a fool. The honest. Money out of it and it's a slap in the face to the people who have come here legally and say this, and I guess I'll, just right, The kind of thing pointed out Africa
We want the biggest one because other stance on immigration- and I think it is in the face of a lousy Stanley. Why this time with he's talking about we'll get really deliver. Much heard you don't cry to elaborate a slap in the face. campaign on their backs gap Oh two, now it's time by giving people amnesty, the my friends were now acquiring at this. I think a lot of people- and we have set about this- and rightly so- maybe spun like Hell Homeless, spun like hell. While the heritage Foundation is a biscuits, a frantic they put out T report today that said that Donald Trump is much more conservative, Ronald Reagan in its first year course, Ronald Reagan didn't have a republican house, but in his tax cuts much more mass of on the independent on the individual sigh but the Heritage Foundation that its position
Now, heritage, action for America, part of the heritage of foundation just issued a pie, surely proposed amnesty growing in size, off the press is according to reports, the Trump administration will propose allowing up to one point: eight million illegal immigrants. They came to a man, before they were adults, the legal status and ultimate citizenship away has officially party said. The plan includes the darker deferred actual child arrivals population plus individuals who fail to apply for darker, but others, met the requirements as well as adjustments in timeframe. That would bring the total me from population, to one point: eight million. So let me explain this in plain English. we were talking about seven. Eight hundred thousand people in the dark. Then they did two things. They said. Those who have an apply for Dhaka will include you and they didn't apply for reason, not that they were aware of it, some of them. didn't apply because I would have been deported. Some of them have troubling
actions, but whatever it is, and they we change the date, although they haven't given to us used to be and who has brought here in two thousand seven before His Daniel Horwitz and I were deciding discussing first, our they ve obviously changed that to another year, two thousand nine, two thousand and two thousand fourteen there not telling us right now. so our Heritage Foundation issued a press release this morning. Heritage act releases. This press release ten, I quote, amnesty comes in many forms, but it seems they all eventually grand size and scope any proposal that expense The amnesty eligible population risk pandora's box. This is my point- could lead a gang of eight style negotiation that should be a non starter, and that is the problem.
They go on. If any amnesty negotiations to take place, they should remain extremely limited scope not to encourage further illegal immigration is impaired. president trample firmer commitment to eliminate chain migration. For is overwhelmingly agree with this position. Migration should be based on merit, not whether a distant relative holds a green card. So the way this could play out was the Democrats sabotage. It. In which case the pompous boys and girls, will tell you. This was the president's plan. All long genius or We get some kind of downgraded refer armed chain migration. You know these people grandfather day and those people aren't grandfather in itself has some summer Potatoes here I don't know what we told again I'd genius, absolutely brilliant. or will be tough, the timid the one point, eight million
They say they want to take the one point: eight million but they're going reject the rest, good, their backs Against the wall, we went again. Look we're not winning when any of this goes on. we're not winning when our side proposes Amnesty Citizens For one point, eight million people when that was Ever on the table you flop, the table, along with the chain eliminating trade migration. In the end, the adversely lottery now the way you go into this say our let's about darker. when I talk about chain migration, I won talk about the diversity lottery. Your turn. you. Don't give him one point: I you don't you don't give another million plus citizenship when nobody is talking about citizenship. A baton, cotton likes it and Eric Ericsson likes it. So I guess we all have to change our views. Just kidding boys just kidding
I'll be right, back, so predictable so obvious. unforced error. Here. Here's Dick Durban just released a statement on the president's proposal. The outlines of the present proposal quote Dreamer should not be held hostage to present a trumps crusade to their families apart and waste billions of american tax dollars on an ineffective war. That's true, migration is addressing the war. The four and a half months his administration finally says it, has a plan to solve the crisis he created when he ended Dhaka the way our claims to be compromising because the present an owl agrees with the overwhelming majority of America's that dream. It should have a pathway to citizenship, but his play
put the administrations entire hardline immigration agenda, including massive cuts to legal immigration. On that Acts of these young people, Republicans have just fourteen days to work with Democrats, the region I partisan agreement to pass the dream act, and so The dioxin crisis the President himself acknowledged two weeks ago that this be addressed first before any attempt to turn a comprehensive immigration reform. I partisan negotiations continue in Congress to get that done their blown off. present go. We got our one point, eight million you get nothing and we're still gonna negotiate and see how much more we can get. president throws out on the table citizenship. For one point, eight million people wasn't even on the table and of course we talked about this first, our course. Prince position is
this train migration. Now, The war now. One point: eight million good start gets done. It is our body, Daniel Har, which pointed out in the first our they lost their leverage here, where's, the president can pull out he's gonna pull out if he does because of you and me now as the cheerleaders and it's our civic obligation to speak out now to help him to help him. But take Durban just blew the whole thing off so well. twice a year we put off alone on the table. For starters, he really did. They are quickly Arlington, Texas, the Great W b. I pay you go
much mark. I really appreciate what you had to say. I am so upset. I been a lifelong. The Republican Party Going back to making or add, I know that when we make mistakes like this, Some of our voters just turn away and don't go to the polls that affects races. Down the balance? We, down from such a good job creation and prompted such good job with actually form they flooded on Ababa care. I did such a good what job with tax reform and now they're going in the other direction. I only mynors you so right, They re not an upward trajectory and then this I'll be back.
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Let's go re Pittsfield Massachusetts. Serious satellite go mark, make us for it is an ardent supporter of the president, I hear say if he capitulate get it to this ridiculous new proposal, an amnesty I can assure you he will lose the vote. It myself my family and millions of Americans likely this is this is beyond ridiculous. as far as this was the number one issue for you, I'm guessing Gone questionable than it will make these jobs proposals the tax. If anything else, he does will far for the wayside and he will be and in the eyes of orders like myself, a failure if he capitulated and this situation simpleton. Why do you think, what kind of advice is it getting? Why do you think he would turn seven or eight hundred thousand Dhaka,
individuals in the debate over whether they should be legalised into, One point: eight million Citys Why? Why would they do that right? Out of the box when I heard this erected and bright Barton heard it. I actually went up to my bedroom, sat in the chair for half an hour and tried to think of a reason for the exact figure I have no clue hidden by the way I read I read to you what were dick, thereby response was: wasn't that utterly predictable? I mean him. What did he do? Take it offer a boilerplate I mean it was so predictable is second, I agree with a thousand percent, mainly guy says basically no on the wall. It's a waste of money, no on ending a tray migrate, we're not going to divide families screw you we're going to continue to negotiate. Basically Durban is saying. Is we now have the upper hand in these negotiations? We now have the upper hand. You showed us how far you willing to go even
even before we actually engaged maize! Is me the trunk. The this man, obviously made hundreds a great deal his life from a business perspective. What would exactly like you say, would put out late its cards on the table in quickly say I'm not goin under you go ahead through which a while, I don't know why you say what else might happen re this whole thing, my collapse and you I will be told this is absolute genius, because Trump really didn't want to deal in the first place. I don't believe that do you know they can bake and come help. People like me whatever they want, but you know if they think us horrible at that ignorant, nay, they really are really following themselves and are gonna pay, or Geography whatever party is going to pay for the next election cycles aspect, the presidential want if he capitulating fashion. I just I'm shock I am in a second.
the second possibility. Let me buy you a lot of people to Morrow. Trying to angle is different way. I just think for yourselves folks think for yourselves, but the proper pressure respectfully on the administration, they need to reverse course on this. They need to rethink what they ve done. Thank for you call my friend. Eliza Back Avail, California, the great care so far go. How am I love you I might have got an anecdote story about a kid that has come to live with us, the aim here when he was three with his younger brothers, to be sent with their father, the seventh coming with increasing around it. but his forever dad gets out of prison. Kids are reunited with the dad who is so abusive that they were taken out of the home. My foster care for them, foster care system. Somebody agrees to be their guardians for dinner out of past care system, and then he
kicked out of guardians. Have he seventeen years old, it's a nightmare and Don't turn its I'm totally on board? I do not want to see her even eagle illegal immigrants, but here I am It is clear to my home and I really feel that between a rock and a hard place, take care these kids and what further and where is the mild? Is the mother Mexico in Mexico? Why? Why isn't she coming here to get her son at that? But I don't know why does the got? Why doesn't our government work with the mexican government to do that? They said why? Are we always finding ways for somebody like back to come here, rather than trying to figure out why they kid shouldn't go home right eye. Meanwhile, the fathers and prison he's another he's another one on the door. Thank you for your call, my friend,
Let's continue showing Gary San Jose California, the great care so forego. Thank you more keep doing what you're doing your country need you, man anyhow, I didn't. four Donald Trump, because the Russians made me do it. I voted primarily because of the stance he took on immigration during his campaign period. And that has been said, I dont know what it is up to right now. What is bargaining chips are whatever, but Mexico kind of started this a long time ago with their philosophical war, they declared on us with this week in case the movement of theirs which ain't that we still have their land which couldn't be. I know I know I know, but we had on the table seventy eight hundred thousand, They under the stock, a programme in the air
It was whether he was extend darker whether they were in a trying cut, a deal which these people would be legalised. And then tonight one eight million pathway. Citizenship. One point: two million people pathway to citizenship. But we're gonna get rid of chain. Migration went to get rid of the visa lottery. Well, you know a third of the Democrats to do that and the number to demographic senators from school you we're moving along this one point: number even come from it. So strange Tijuana came from TAT comes from the number of people, who came here? in two thousand seven, and before now they ve extended that two thousand nine ten or eleven we're not sure they had. That's what it could include more people and the people who didn't sign up for doc and not because they forgot her didn't get the word because they chose not to.
and so the administration, on its own initiative is proposing a right will sweep all them into the system. Well even change the date and sweet more into the system were not when I talk about legalization were actually gonna talk about citizenship. And showing the Democrats We really are serious about cutting a deal. They'll come around and the number two, I cried today said no. so our starting position. is not legalization. It citizenship. Arson Our position is in seven or eight hundred thousand people. It's one point: eight million people, When we had the rope publicans had a bill on the shelf in the House of Representatives written by the chairman of that, traditionally committee which migration eliminate the year the visa lottery enforce You verify and give legalization to the seven or eight hundred thousand that shit,
then the basis of the plane right there exactly and and Just from listening to your other collars, it safe to say, like MR president of your listening, don't do this well, not be re elected. If you do that I hope he hears are our voices. I live sunk as he can pull this back and he won't pull back in for a bunch of yes, men and in slobbering leave. We ve gotta make the case I'm trying to do it tonight you, my magnificent audience. You understand this you're trying to make the case to argue, I appreciate it will Dallas Texas, the Great w b I pay go. Remark ordered honoured with you. How have we done ever understand why everyone it Philip upset about this? I do mine. I guess I see her voting for a drop of other problem acquired for immigration by then
earlier familiarly by EU bodies are Obama twice and then you voted for trumped up go away. Why was done at the time? The first time, I'm twenty nine. Now Much earlier, prior with some time ago, we act like eighty six organ ahead now. Actually, four million weren't. There was two point, three million, and it was a terrible mistake. A wire heard three point, one to four million, but her I was there. I was two point: three million Reckon didn't really want to do it. The report, Cleansing Congress were pressing and pressing impressing he got to. things done, he got the eye, nine form done any. A provision that will require a building up in securing the border. I've taught about this a thousand times and serves everybody else. The Democrats took the amnesty. And they never funded the border security. One thing about Reagan is Reagan learned was Governor California, he sign and Abortion Bill
He thought would limit abortion, provisions in there for rape and insist that was fine, but also the health of the mother and one happened was that was quarter a loophole through which the doctors and the pro abortion crowd drove their age. and he said it was a mistake, and I would never do it again and I Aren t you reckon would say the same thing about you. Bush doing it? You have trunk doing it and so, There's a lot of things you can say about ragged, most of them positive, but you learned lessons well Apparently we don't learn these lessons. Well, that the Democrats take the amnesty and never give us our funding or what its scope is very good we only gave one point: eight million people a backward step and ill and and got word obtain migration or got rid of the true you're not doing look. This is a negotiation.
if you were to say to me, will get one point: eight million citizenship. Would you get what train migration I'd have to think hard about that? That's not what's happening. I guess read to you would take Durban said he just said you know early even acknowledged the one point. Eight million citizenship issue, we're trapped, move the whole couple of football fields and negotiation, and he said I won't che migration. Now on the visa lottery, so I ask you this question. We just up the basic. I hear to one point: eight million citizens with thing in return. How could you take that I give my question: would you take that what was the question would you take one point: eight million. citizen sipped with no war and no chamber and are no elimination of the chain migration
that will make us he give them out. I can I can help with the cold guys, so this is brilliant. Now what makes it so brilliant on the table? One point: eight million people, I say now on aid I've been getting rid of chain migration, diversity lottery. That means that leaving one point: eight million people out to dry their bait, you're gonna hate. I don't care I don't care about people, they care about power. Don't you understand they will win. This guy out, though, wait for me that's democrat President and we'll get everything they want. Why not Thanks for your call, this is. I don't mind debating logically, I dont mean mind abating area. Logically, I can't debate contests. It's not what I do. It's not what I like to do. I don't like to do it. Let's see daddy,
Cliffside Part New Jersey, the great double ABC Go, I mark, I do I make a point them. I thought What happened to the raising of the summit appeared and then I thought that he said was we gotta go that's the deal, has muster with Tom Cotton and mark meadows or it was no go and now he's like. But for the other side- and I wonder if, if because of the other it is a legal stone, the act of capital and senators and kind within offices screen. the absurdities at them and everything else, and he caves. I mean it's like he's playing with us. He was one way: identical: Delaware, like a kind of home who whose playing with us, John President Trump. I will I think he is. I don't think that's his attitude to play with its base a really doc. I appreciate your car Tom cartons online. This restores immigration levels after a few years, too late Clinton era, levels.
Why do so? Many Obama Democrats want to repudiate Bill Clinton drivers for now we're gonna get into our silliness. Ok,. Now we're gonna get in a serious time you better than this. But this Where he's gonna go I'll, be right back My question to the President, Tom Cotton Steed Miller and all the rest is. Why did you turn this into a citizenship issue. Why did you turn it into a citizenship issue, and why did you re out of the box more. double the numbers. You can talk to about down the road legal immigration down the road chain, migration down the road, the people whose
This who are calling my programme in its relative handful are supporting it because trap has proposed it. They're, not supporting it in any rational basis, but you're saying things like what we get CHE migration eliminate. We don't get anything. It was not He's been agree to that my question on, come to us and say you know what begin to eliminate chain migration in five years. What are they never come to us with things like that? wind up there as a deal, but come to a starting like there, we came to them more than double the number, and rather than legalization were now hanging. Citizenship part future voters. And we're told this is pretty good. That's a good number look. What we're getting an exchange, we're not getting anything and exchanged urban just said now, so it's failed. That's the genius of mark. What's the genius of it.
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