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76 years ago America was facing a very serious matter. The Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor and America was discussing a declaration of war against Japan. It is important that we reflect upon the seriousness of what took place to our country and what m...

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Now, let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Seventy six years ago, America was facing a very serious matter, because seventy six years ago, the day before the Japanese attacked us at present,
And while there is a debate about sexual harassment and sexual harassment and allegations in the rest going on Congress, that's not what they were discussing them. They were discussing a declaration of war against European, and I thought I play a couple of minutes of this declaration of war over or President the Franklin Roosevelt's request for a declaration of war to remind us that the seriousness that we face, even today with North Korea with IRAN, yes with Russia, China and so forth, cut thirteen go. He asked somebody seven nineteen, forty one a day which will live in infamy united, states of Amerika was suddenly and deliberately
Forces of the empire of Japan, the United States was peace with admiration. At the civilization of Japan was in conversation with its government and its ambrosch. Looking the maintenance of peace in the Pacific they attack yesterday. On the Hawaiian caused severe damage to american naval military forces I regret to tell you and very many american lives have been lost. In addition, America
the ships, are better afforded torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco as commander in chief of the army and navy corrective measures be taken from them. What will our nation remember? On this occasion, No- it may take us to overcome this? Meditated invasion, the American right just might will win No I believe that I am the will of the Congress of the people. When I said
they will not only the now so stood a most, but will make various than this surgery, drown, game and dangerous. Still of is that there is no blinking at the fact that people sorry, Arrests are in great danger with confidence in our forces. Foundling determination, people, We will gain So how was the Congress that, since the unbearable,
by Japan. On Sunday, seven. Ninety Forty one, fate of war, he says. We, the United States and the Japanese, My lady gentlemen, I just thought this was necessary, very, very important, that we bring some context to the seriousness of what takes place to our country, what might take place in those countries well with the forces that are arrayed against us this time with nuclear weapons. Now we ve talked a lot about the NFL. We ve talked a lot about the players taking knees. I certainly have and we ve been repulsed by it.
Repulsed by men who live in the lap of luxury who are treated like idols. I found wealthy, who claim to be social warriors. Social justice worries. They do not respect, in my view, the armed forces of the United States. They do not respect law enforcement in the United States. They do not respect the United States despite what they Same with their propagandist circuits in the sports rules, on their behalf. They are blessed beyond imagination to have been born in this country. I don't care what the races. I don't care, what your sexual preferences. I don't care, what you religionist there's none another country in the face of the earth like it.
And we have men and women to sack who put their lives on the line to defend this great country. And, as I say, the Unifil has done enormous damage to itself the damage to itself the other when it rehired Roger, get down and gave him. Hundred million dollar contract over five years. Players Association has been nothing but a disgrace. And yet there are owners who love this country. Our owners who travel by air what's going on. Excuse me, their use makes use me ok and am. Bruce Alan as the President of the Washington Redskin. I like him very much. And the Redskins,
I Snyder President Bruce Helen, the Redskins. Well, what were the World WAR two memorial and washed, and yesterday the spoke at the pearl, harbor remembrance there, it's gotten hasn't gotten the kind of attention it deserves, and maybe just a few minutes So, having spent a long time in the with the ugly the belly of the leg. We should also acknowledge those those who are paid. Here's Bruce Alan- and here is the remembrance cut twelve go. We ask our scouts around the country, different characteristics, a prospect, we're going to look at and those words in there amazing that I want to bring up here today on the coins So being around these heroes, we ask these
us back to our own selfish. If they have a commitment or they dependable There can be a good team made or they cultural or they tough are they a winner. This guy to report on this eighteen million Americans service. Country and more war too, can all check those boxes on a view Thursday and our nations Capital Washington, Redskins President Bruce Alan and the teams marching ban, took part in the Pearl Harbor Remembrance day at the World WAR. Two Memorial Allen was the keynote speaker is almost a dozen world war, two veterans, we're in attendance, removing ceremony and recently Alan shared his unending gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifice great honour for the Redskins to be here and our ban to be here to play the future due to all the branches of service and to think
the men and women provided us all of our freedoms, The we were just recovered fifty two and they're being buried as we speak in Arlington Cemetery Daily and Weekly, and some of them they can identify Why are you knew they had to win for America, and our allies
fans and our ban loves plain ale, will read, because when we score touchdown, yes, our fans and team or depressed when we lose a game like we did last week, but our men and women knew they had to go when a war and they did the obstacles they had overcome versus today is inspiring to us their belief in the country and the people. They have such a cheery attitude for the challenges they face for team USA marked the beginning of the war, our enemies. It was the beginning of the end. It was a day that- find America a change the world on behalf All the prior Washington Redskins tease all the
why should I read is in all the future, wash their rights guaranteed? We can't begin to thank you enough for your service, courageous service for country in winning the war because of you were able to pursue our dreams of play, the game of football, because our view were allowed to pursue the american dream. Probably more important because a view of its fire future generations of military service continue. The american way ban.
The declaration of war and then, of course, the same occurred with respect to Germany and ITALY In virtually every family in this country was affected, and you know when I watch these men and when I watched Bruce sound yesterday here on a clip and when I, Watched some of these men with the present the United States yesterday. These are very old man, some of them are in wheelchairs. Some them have walking Keynes hunched over and so forth, and what heroes. Those men have more courage. Then those six foot, five inch, three hundred and twenty pound football players could ever have ever ever.
And we must treat our military today, we underfund military wash. We're on pilots were shown on troops were short on ships and yet ro. We call on our military to stand up our military stanza. Seventy six years ago, today, hefty Argos to Congress for a declaration of war against Japan, which attacked us Only six years ago, yesterday in honour of the United States, military, don't worry, we'll get all the sexual harassment crap, but an honour of our wonderful, magnificent, United States.
Terry them a you know were present. United States is battling with Schuman and policy over properly funded the United States Motor, because the Democratic Party,
Is the party of the Legal airlines and foreigners, because I know this is how they increase their ranks? This is how they increase the ranks of the people, who basically increasingly need government one government and expect government and that's what the democratic parties all about smart about Liberty, it's not about private property, not about capitalism, is not about creating wealth and opportunity. It's not about protecting the nation. State is about power. Anyway, they can get power restoration of the constitution, the importation of people that they believe registers Democrats, you know damn well. If open borders resulted in people coming to this country, who were voting republican or their their progeny were voting Republican. The Democrats, to be demanding a Berlin wall. You know you know, that's the truth.
But the bottom line is here: our military is not getting the respective needs from the Democratic Party from the media and mostly for the rest of it needs funding. It needs a lot of fun. China is on the rise, Russia on the rise North Korea, this building new neurons building nukes. Without how do we expected defend us now? How do we define expected defenders? The peace corps I'll, be right back Mark love radios principle, patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one I hell. Let's get back to modern american, modern American Trent Francs, Trent Francs, have been in the House of representatives for some time.
Is a solid, solid conservative he's, not my body, I dont socialize with them, but I've met him once or twice or three times and I've been a fan of all kinds of things. He's been trying to do. They help this country and he just resigned immediately today and I'm trying to figure out the story. I read roll call, I read the hill, I've read political I read other accounts what's taking place here were supposedly taken place and I can't figure it out now It is obvious that he and his wife were not able to have children, and yet they have two children through surrogates. He's an evangelist question is: very religious mainly opposes abortion in dismay that abundantly clear of the span of his career.
There are apparently allegations are whereby by two female staffers that where he brought up the possibility. Of surrogates, perhaps involving them in our political, These are all anonymous sources, every single one, say offers are anonymous. The friends Staffers are anonymous, the sources are anonymous, so apparently are reportedly, He may have asked to female staffers if they were interested in being surrogates, because he and his wife when it I have another trial. And that was pretty much it yesterday in addition to the fact that Paul Ryan. Forced him to resign. Then we get me. Our information as time goes on.
Now we have a. Female aid, may be one of the two who says in politico without identification that he tried to convince he her that she was in love with him, and then she felt retaliated against after turning francs down Frank's absolutely denies that underlies all the allegation. I have absolutely no. Were physically intimidated, coerced or had or attempted to have any sexual contact with any member? My congressional stare. Then we have a remarkable allegation that you for five million dollars
somebody to be a circuit. Why would you need to offer five million dollars for somebody to be a circuit? You can do it a lot cheaper than that. I mean I'm not an expert on this, but people do these things when their desperate to have children, you don't have The offer five million dollars to anybody. Some scratching my head what's going on here and that was in roll call, a Aid to republican representative trend. Facts told a p too much the same too, but I don't know he repeatedly pressed her. They carry a child. One point: oftener five million dollars to act as a sorry it in this. This raises the question of somebody. Here. This case is thrown him without Frank and where you have a photographic governance and women. Who have used their names and said he grabbed their backs and so forth, and so on this,
This is thrown him with John colonies of watching all day will we women have come Four gone on tv gone on fact can explain an explicit detail which I used it. Trying to see this case because we have none of them: no physical, touching, no in a walking around underwear she's me no photographs nowhere. Ethics complaints filed no settlement with public hours. I mean based on the record right now, and yet the leaks. And here he said, he's resigning today, because his wife is enough. And we don't know who they are. And here he said, he's resigning today, because his wife is in the house when his family said enough is enough.
And so I am perplexed by this. I am perplexed by this because it goes against everything I've known about him again, a matter A friend of his have not socialized with them, but I know who he is. And I know how he led his life released. Believe I know how these letters lie and maybe it's an to ask a staff or, if their interested in being a surrogate, rash to staffers. If they're interested in being a surrogate, I find it very hard believe me somebody five million dollars. I don't know what his background is, but I seriously doubt he has five million dollars in its. Necessary to offer somebody five million dollars there, people who are prepared to be Sarah gets and they require five million dollars, so that just sounds weird me: does it to you, MR producer.
Sexual, the staffers doesn't even say that he made sexual overtures? It says that a staffer or the staffers Why sure how to take his comments about being surrogates if he meant. They have sex with him or if he meant in vitro fertilisation. I don't even understand that, if you're going to you. Somebody is something you sure of what they meant, whether in. He drove fertilisation or to sleep with you. That's it. Ask me that he didn't ask them to sleep with him, because then,
Wouldn't say, I'm not sure what he meant well, he said what he meant and then I just I have a real problem with political, because political is a left wing news outlets. We talk about them. Sometimes we cite them sometimes, but it is the favourite or one of the favourite recipients. Leaks from republican leadership and Paul Ryan couldn't stand this guy he's a member, the Freedom clock. Not this is all I know so far from published reports. I know nothing first hand, but that's all about John counters. I wasn't a witness to what he was doing for four hundred and twelve years. Either are witness to our Frank in at the at the Minnesota, fair and so forth. But if these women,
what comfort it would be, a lot easier to ask them questions enemy into grill them and abuse, I'm not interested in that or anybody else being treated. That way. What exactly was here One of the five million dollars. There is no suggestion that I seen any these reports in many. These are liberal as none of them, but the mat Lara kind of conduct of the trolley rose kind of conduct of the giant Conyers kind of conduct of the hour. Franking Karnak, none of it. None of it. None of it eddies tonight is thrown in with the weak countries under and frankly,. Maybe more informational come out, I don't know you're taking sides and trying to figure these things out. That's why
when the information is kind of overwhelming and people are on the record, and you have photographic evidence. That's one case when you have people coming forward in the case of John Conyers. Very specifics varies: I think about details and he's really not denying them that's another case and down the line and down the line and we're talking here about in vitro fertilisation and surrogates. I personally. That was my situation. I would mention it to a stair first suggested and so forth and so on, but I'm I'm I'm I'm truly confounded by this, so a staffer or to staffers thought that by that they weren't clear according to political, if he meant sex or in vitro fertilisation, you're, not clear.
What did he say he wanted to have sex or not, apparently not, and they had used this process before his eyes. I understand they have their children to have their children said this to me is a different sexual The less is more information and is facing one. I noted I love the media, throw them. Half an hour lap and we do the best to figure it out. That's what happened! That's what happened? they thrown in our lab. I didn't report this. They threaten our lap and you do the best you can figure it out, and yet I'm about saxon reasoning and principles and so forth, and you look at this. This is a different case, at least so far to very different case. Not walkin around in his underwear is not squeeze in people's butts.
He's not, you know, grabbing a woman's breasts, while they're sleeping in there's a photograph over none of that taking place zero. He talked about circuits and from there there's appears to be somewhat of a dispute, the even the reporting. As I say, the reporting is not. Doesn't provide clarity. The reporting is not providing clarity, but they weren't sure if he meant sleep with them or in vitro fertilisation. Yet any that again, a few reported. What what do you mean? You're, not sure did he ask you to sleep with than he did he ask you to sleep with a yes or no. Well- maybe he implied it, suggested and on that ok. Well, what do you know and political doesn't tell us political doesnt tell us
And maybe they'll be more details coming up at sea and his readiness and it comes out quickly and it's hard to keep up with Alister there more details to I just I can't I can't. Stay on top of all of it and, of course, the leech story. Tonight. Roy more because the present is campaigning Pensacola, which is right across the border from you'll Alabama know exactly where these areas are beautiful areas. By and the Democrats, as we said here very very predictable, are trying to pen all this sexual harassment stuff on Donald Trump,
Some of them are asking now. If there should be an investigation, a tramp tramp should resign their usual friendly media outlets, nation and so forth. Left wing cook operations didn't exactly the same thing thought all comes back the trunk. The Democrats are good at it. They have select the moral outrage, that's what I used to call it. That's what it is so like the moral outrage, never outrage by Clinton when he was in power, never outraged by Take Kennedy period never outrage by Jack Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson. None at all no outrage their John Conyers but you had Joe Scarborough defending John COM. This is the icon of the House of Representatives. You had Anti Pelosi, doing the same thing should reverse course. In a few days, you had people like Durban, saying that our Frank and has acted responsibly deserves due process, and then they got there.
Together. They remembered well over this about power and politics. What are we talking about where the ones who are supposed to stand for women and abortion and the pill and the government funding of all of it? We can afford a loser, our women constituents, and so now they have seemed and plodded, and here we are I'll, be right back. Ben,
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Software, your business needs today to help you do what you do best join the million to use cap tear aren't, let's do it. Cap terror see AP tee e r that see a p d. Ye are our dot com, Slash Levin CAP terror. That comes I shall I e the iron check it out. Folks, it's well well worth it. It really is high right so well. His other information floating around somebody said that there may be over forty examples of sexual harassment capital, for I have no idea, but I do know this Gloria already has a lot to answer for. Glory already left wing cook. Lawyer in my humble opinion pointed out what, before she has a lot to answer for.
Turns out that annual that yearbook, that the accuser to Roy more when she was fourteen. She says you know inappropriate. The kind took place again, just analyzing the facts. It was funny. I don't mean it funny funny, but odd. That they would not turn over that annual. That yearbook for handwriting an independent handwriting expert glory but said over and over again, not until there is a senator how a Senate committee hearing on Roy more you don't have a Senate committee hearing on a candidate, so she must have known. Something was wrong. She was well To turn over that yearbook, so was the year.
The video who is making the allegations against war and now we know why she's confess that part of what was written in that year book was written by her the date The restaurant location and the title, the d, a pernicious, but the rest of it is accurate. But why did you do that? What did she do that And it really does raise questions about credibility you can draw wherever conclusion you wish- and she stood by what was written in that year book as they glory already four weeks. Most of the major media in this country, rejected Any idea that there should be Yea handwriting expert to take a look at this. They just thought
that they are really more campaigner Roy, more himself or raising objections were just run smoke at their Mitch Colonel Corey Gardener, none of them nevertheless, Let's really began on the evidence of see, what's going on now, just assume its accurate. This is why important, have actual names and information, and so forsaken. Take a look at likely and Sweden had a photograph of our Frank and wrapping her breast when she sleeps right back.
Now, rather than only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one well snowy! I guess I really can't stand it. I really can't stand it, but anyway, who cares Beverly, young Nelson, that's they re more accuser or at the time the fort. She was on good morning America today.
She was on good morning, America today, and this is where the information came out about her, writing. Some of the information that was in the year book had Tipp real care politics cut. Six go, Jung's proof that she knew more who yearbook with this inscription but more and his supporters have called into question that inscription, noting the why under the signature appears to be different. Look it firmly. Nelson everybody knows her. Yearbook is a forgery. Nilsen says she did make nose to the inscription, but the message was all Roy more heavily he signed during your book. He did sign it and you made some notes underneath. Yes excuse me. Excuse me, excuse me for weeks.
For weeks, glory already and Nelson have insisted that that was all Nelson for weeks, I would like to know a glory. Alright, actually knew Why did Miss Nelson continue with that position? That posture for weeks, only up until now, a couple days before the election Why didn't you say? The top part is more in the bottom part is me, but she did until now. Then it was obvious when they refuse to take this year book and give it to an independent writing, analyse a profession on exports to make a determination.
They refused to do it at my understanding, as they still refused at her based on published report. Does I raise any questions. About Beverly young Nelson's credibility, I'm not attacking, or I'm asking you a question, does raise any questions about when the inscription about the restaurant location and so fourth, is hers and that his, and only now we learn about it only now and isn't it interesting? the gag on the media. There take care less, they they didn't pursue this with any degree of resolve. He didn't to this with any degree of resolve.
And yet everything Beverly young Nelson says, is to be believed period, and this is the problem and the trend francs case. We don't have any body to talk too. We don't know what they're evidences, we don't know what their information we have such people. In the Conyers case. We have such people in the hour, Frank in case we have such people. In this case we have no people by name in the trend francs case. Maybe they'll come forward. Labour will be able to figure this out, because the political report doesn't do ass, much good in terms of understanding exactly what the what the offences in terms of whether they they raise the question on that that one or more of the staffers one or two of them whether he thinks that the current sure, if he was asking that is francs or whether to have sex with you,
or whether they would help him with his surrogate with in vitro fertilisation. Why? It seems to me to be the very, very crucial question and your political doesn't answer. It may have access to these anonymous sources. You and I don't and then again it dropped in our laps, and I want to talk about this show the morning Joe, which is named after Joe Scarborough. This is a very, very nasty vile programme. It really is it sort of way more downy show their both mortality except more downy, had some limits and later regretted her how he handled television programme, but Joe Scarborough make a virginity.
Soon to be wedded. These people have no boundaries, no boundaries whatsoever, and it's amazing. They had on their panel Mark Halpern, whose now had to be resigned or fired from a meeting is done because of multiple women have come for multiple them. And he doesn't deny most of the allegations they may Harold The word I don't want. The truth is there, but Harold for it has been a guest from time to time, reports about him, but accurate and I don't know of course they were friendly with Matt Lauer. But today show very friendly manner. Then they have a guy, but my barnacle there might Barnacle is a or was a plagiarists, and this this consists in part of their panel.
And then you had the Joe Scarborough himself, giving one of them the aggressive emotional defences of John Conyers imaginable. And has yet to apologise to the american people or to his audience work to the women who John Conyers molested. Nothing and I'll make a version He who fancies herself as a leader among women, And who is a prominent speaker at various women's functions and meetings and so forth? I want you to listen to what she has to say about Liane tweeted Lynch, Who actually is a photograph of our Franklin?
who she says was grabbing his breath, her breast when she was sleeping on an airplane, among other things where other women have come forward by name by name about how he grabbed their backsides, and that seems too the pattern. There wasn't a question of whether he grabbed backside. You know whether he wanted sacks or in vitro fertilisation manner. He grabbed their backs as they say in fact, would emphatically definitively but make a bridging she's upset, because our Franklin's, a friend and Africans, are left. I want you to listen to her because she's revealed herself yet again as a complete fraud and Phony
Cut forego, please never really talked about the woman who first came out against a frank and make sure that you say Susan is just the death now I would think address owned by monocle on Wednesday would bring down the president, but it didn't so I'm surprised you think comedians picture of a performer playboy goes on. Hannity voted for Trump I urge that right there. So a former playboy model. I didn't know that a better does a man who goes on Hannity who voted for tramp. I hope you, women are listening out there. Would make emergency is saying, as she will defend liberal men who she agrees with and she will defend liberal women who claim to be. But she will not she Wilma, stand up for women likely in Sweden
Billy has an overwhelming case against our frank and including a photograph. Pretty incredible. Isn't it. Msnbc won't say: MSNBC won't say she is a complete disgrace. Absolute disgrace,. Go ahead? I I cease in politics there, but I haven't brought up every step of the way because of course, in this me to environment, you must always just believe that women, no no, no, no, nobody should never believed needed hill even before the meat to environment never believed a first second about you make it on raising questions about the Trent French case, not because I just want to raise about the trend francs case, but I dont even know who is making the allegations? I have no idea, maybe we'll find out.
Some point. Maybe we'll get some more information in the information and political as even confounding that you won't find me. Brzezinski, raising questions about it. I don't mean denouncing the women who are speaking an anonymous sleep at wanting to know more information. Go ahead. There's a lot of reasons why we need to look at the woman seriously and believed them and in many cases like, for example, I spoke to accusers in Mark Halprin which to which she had met a lot of what is accused of doing. I spoke to them. I believe them run. You spoke to them, you believe them and he confessed. That's not really hard to do. The hard cases is where you, your people, Making anonymous allegations in the media and Harrison being targeted denying or explaining them.
Go ahead as wondering about women need to be believed, and no all women don't need to be believed. Each case is different. Each case is different. The case against Connor's was open and shut, the case against Al Frank and is open and shut open and shut. Now we have an issue. They came up with the the yearbook. With Ms Nelson and her allegation against Russia more and I can assure you make a Brzezinski will not be questioning. It should be defending and dismissing guy
Earned we're being the judge, the jury in the cops here and so did send a Democrats getting ahead of their skis and trust me here in jail a brand. I want you to run for president, but you gotta keep it real. I don't want to run for president she's, a chameleon she's, a fake fraud. She Donnelly supported Bill Clinton. He supported her. We talked about a length. One of them is seventeenth. I talked about a length yesterday and so forth, and yet Regions wants her to be presently in unsafe. What kind of show is this show the morning Joe? What kind of show is this with truly stupid people as the host very questionable panel members, when I left wing Cook network I'll be back
the great double ABC Robert and Queen, though, like Mark go back to the town, sexual harassment, back there. You were talking about the year. The cases of sexual ask this guy very quick question: You said that open and shut with Al Frank and but I'll find the charge it. The salmon. I would actually our shock and does not really he he said he did on the floor. The Senate buddy refuses to be judged by the Senate Ethics Committee. Why is there? No? He doesn't give every. He cleared by this now he said he'd be clear, buddies resigning to avoid the Senate Ethics Committee. I thought of it well, because its own party,
Then don't you get tired of being a mouthpiece here? I am trying to look at each one of these cases. Hang out exactly what icy Tommy, Sir, that photograph you see really in Sweden, says he did in fact wrapper breasts. What do you see there and that photograph I'll tell you what I fear that when you listen to me I'd be very, very stupid. High school plank of a guy taken a stupid picture on it. Photographs and Caesar that they see that not everybody ass may be in your family, been on mine, dear daughter, I do I have a daughter, Tennyson academies matches and what you do with it. Let me just take any shit. No, no! I'm educating you because you sound like a small. If you do There's an airplane and she's asleep, and some guy comes up, put even pretends to put his hands on her breasts and in the photograph has taken that a high school practice but now it's not that you're going. I thought you just said a was frightened than I
allocate deny that for genius. He cannot deny it photograph. Photograph of him. She says his hands on her breast. He does not deny it him. He does not deny that she, and even if these pretending to put his hands on her breasts, do you know something? As a matter of fact, you know what I saw is, sir. It's. Somebody believes that there is a danger or a sexual abuse that is about to it Are you aware that I think he doesn't aggregating women who accuse Trop or where the two were used and bringing up Trump, because you can't play Politics are things like speak this way, that's pretend we're in a court of law,
Excuse me. I know your minds wander going to try and bring it back. If you wanted to debate trap, we could have debated trot if we're focused on our frank and bringing up. Tromp is not a defence about Frank. That's politics! You just defended a phone where, where United States, while he is a senator now, but where a guy is grabbing the press of a woman, she says he grabbed repress. He claims he didn't grab them. He can't clause for just a picture whatever and you're defences Donald, I'm not. Do you realize what an idiot you, sadly not attending either what I am not a needle, in other words, if some man grab your daughter's breasts or has a picture of it all he has to do is say Donald Trump and you'd say you know what he's right, here's? How would you do. Going off get off the air you idiot. Going anywhere.
I'm unravelling you're absurdity, one of the three fans the morning Joe Schmo, whatever its car. That's pick another Shelly, MR, but any other disagree ears. Let's get an intelligent, regular American. Go ahead: the great cave, YO, R, L, Colorado, hurry user protection. Marco Mark, you bet hatred music in the city of Colorado springs. Where we have the airports Academy nor ass, important Harsenet Shriver, I might add, gotta burmese star. We're a war, one got mustard gas poisoning My brother, I was on her majesty ship, the renowned in the Pacific as it was for the American showing up he would have been put to the bottom of the ocean. I had three sisters in uniform and I had myself and my brother in uniform
I understand you, don't take prayers on the air, but are you familiar with the exhortation search search? The reason we know take prayers on the earth because they take too long, and I don't believe in prayers on the air. I believe of people want to say prayers. They should say prayers, I can say in a public form. They can see them themselves. I can say to church whatever. But if I opened the show the prayers on the year at all, we're gonna get prayers on the air. You understand exhortation is not. Air. Could I real you're the one who said prayers? You don't take prayers on the air, your screener what're you, yes, I could. I these five lies known when I can read, but I I tell you I want to thank you and your family for your service, but we're not gonna red five lights. I appreciate it. Next call Mr bitterness retarget. This damn phone screen working what he got.
The Great W are Michael South Carolina. Go a markedly just wanted to say hello and thank her being you Tat really! Well, I wanted to be somebody else, but I almost got arrested go right ahead, that for not being that parts and whoever you wanted to be his advice. I have watched the year, the war, you know cruelty jerry every Pearl Harbor Day and all this while more ii, are you gonna fight? Our word on the lab anymore, and applaud the sofa you know there they have. No, I mean it. Crazy, I don't know why, but We have some of the most wonderful men and women, a country can ever produce. That's what have we not giving the support that they need and deserve? Thank you for a car rather will be right.
Do you have a dog back there? Your radio, their new, must be listening to my Levine pick up of owning call eight seven, seven vs one three, eight one, one c, here's the thing people say you very mean to cause: I'm really not people tell the call screener, not what they're going to say that the topic of what they can to discuss. So we can keep the show substantive, interesting and so forth and so on, and so when they get through the a screen, and they get to me if they want to start reading staff or going through family history is unlike that which is fine. Perhaps the different time they haven't told the course greener, actually what they were planning on doing.
Now, I can run the show without, of course, greener, and then people pop in left and right will be talking about. God knows what who knows. I don't even either take callers three hours. Ably commercials angle on and on about a thousand different things that fascinates me and I would think fascinate you too. So that's. Why I may similar frustrated to you from time to time it's nothing personal and it's nothing personal with the collar, but it's important if you're gonna come on the programme that you are twofold, maybe I read MR producer, my getting there. I have a guy in Italian I'd pick my Casper mattress over every mattress overhead. It helps me get the best night. Sleep period, Once you try years, you know, Lovett, switching the Caspian no brainer, it's a high air quality, mattress, any more affordable price, I'm sleeping cool and
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Hold. Your call screen, as I want to tell you, in a pot with death You think we're having these problems is no virtuous men left in the Senate in Congress, albeit likely ran Paul. Am I am a great here. TED crews. Have you had more men than acted like men with virtuous natures and disposition happened is crap. We would I hope you have a wonderful donating up yet. Firstly, I want to thank you and that virtues a key. Virtue is something that is discussed throughout american history. Virtue is something discussed by the farmers of this country in the framers of the constitution. Fact John Adams pointed out man, and even in my latest book, rediscovering Americanism, I point out that liberty, without virtues not liberty, He went out virtue is anarchy, and you are quite right this this this note, the virtue of being virtuous isn't.
Then discuss when you hear Mika Brzezinski too. She sound virtuous to you a bumbling idiot. Bumbling Eddie and a hack just occurs soon to be husband. Then, I really want to walk through these things and try and figure them out its. Whose wearing a whose teams uniform that's it. I my foot an excellent call- and I much appreciate it my right. Let's see who, as we have here now, I don't really care for those right now, I'd I it is currently what is it seven thirty, seven p m eastern time, and there's been no new report of a sexual harassment right now. That's a good thing right, I'm sure they'll come out there, I want to swing back into something else. We ve been talking about. Now here. He- and I really want to do this. There was something that
Donald Trump put out today. There was actually quite brilliant. It is these. A video clips of past presidents saying that they support Julius Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and I'm doing this because as I have been observing media democrats, some Republicans families are, as I've been listening to them. Talk about how trumps gonna get us killed and he's gonna get other people killed unease and he's going against custom and all the rest of it. It is Important to remember what these other presidents have said especially when the running for office so just take it. Listen to this montage, respecting Clinton, Bush and Obama during their first candidacies.
The president cut seven go, Jerusalem is still the capital of Israel and must remain an undivided city, accessible issues I take office. I will begin the process of moving the United States ambassador due to serious concern. You deserve a Jerusalem will be the capital of Israel and I have said before, and I will say that they all light. They all lie, they never intended to move the embassy, and you must reckon Jerusalem as the capital of Israel's you're gonna, move the embers Clinton lied. Bush forty three lied and Obama. I mean that's pretty compelling, don't you think
None of them have the guts to do a trumpet, none of them Nicky hailing who is the gene Kirkpatrick of our time? For those of us remember her. Jeanne Kirkpatrick at the U N, today cut eight go like all nations, has the right to determine its capital city. Jerusalem is the home of Israel's parliament President prime stir Supreme Court and many of us industries? It is common sense, Foreign embassies be located there in verse.
Every country in the world. You s, embassies, are located in the host country's capital city. Israel should be no difference in the United States, took this step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and concerns. Our actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace, She said more than that cut nine go not let this moment pass without a comment about the United Nations itself over many years, the United Nations. Rageous slave then of the world's foremost centres of hostility towards Israel. The! U N, has done much more damage to the prospects for Middle EAST peace than to admit we will the authority to that the United States no longer stand by going. Israel is unfairly attacked in the United Nations, and the United States will not be lectured too by countries
like any credibility when it comes to treating both Israelis and Palestinians airlines, it is no coincidence that the historic peace agreements between Egypt and Israel, between Jordan and Israel, both sides on the White House long. It's an when there's a historic peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. There's a good I play heard too, will be signed on the White House long. Why is that- because the United States has credibility with both sides. Israel will never be and should never be bold. It into an agreement by the United Nations or by any collection of countries that have proven their disregard for Israel, security, Mickey Healing, where the president, the other day we played their almost his entire speech.
And I want to say this is a jewish person. Donald Trump has done more for the state of Israel and any jewish Democrat in the United States Congress. Let me repeat that, let me repeat it: Friday night many Jews or in Temple right now, but I'm really focused on the Liberal Donald Trump. Will you hate with such a passion and dismiss and looked down upon, has done more for the state of Israel than any
my crack in the House or Senate period and any Democrat in the House or senators jewish. Donald has done more for the state of Israel. Then a pack. That's right, a column. As I see him he's done more for the state of Israel, then APEC. He's done more for the state of Israel. Then any liberal jewish person in the country even more than comes. And he still want receive a majority of out of the jewish population, because the sad truth is. You can look at Catholicism till you can look at soda mainstream protestantism till the fact of the matter.
And we ve talked about this many many many times- and I can say this as a jew- that this radical liberalism radical liberalism ready for this is out of step with traditional Judaism. Why did he say exactly what I said. Actually, when I said, is an interesting that Bernie Sanders. Which surround himself with people who are hostile to Israel and yet supportive of the corn on coal palestinian cause.
The Bernie Sanders praise Donald Trump and his action? No, he is contempt for all of it. He was born a Jew. Bernie is a marxist. First to Spain, honest he's a marxist first. It is difficult, even though some people wrestle with it. Maybe they accommodate thrown mindset, whether it is difficult to believe in radical, progressive, isn't which puts the state all other things, the state, above all other things, it's difficult to reconcile that with faith. What are you a Jew, a question or whatever, because you don't put the state above everything else. The reason why we have a supreme court since the nineteenth fortys and others in this country, particularly on the left, who insist.
On wiping out religion from the public square prayer from the school and suffered isn't because they really fear the imposition of religious fundamentalism Subserve. It isn't it because they are defending those I'm on minority, believes and they would You shouldn't even have to deal with this because their uncomfortable, it's because for them Government is unlimited government. Is I've, never There is a reason why, on so many occasions, one Barack Obama. Would read the declaration of independence.
He wasn't really reading the declaration of independence. He was exercising out of the declaration of independence, references to God for the radical, progressive. The focus must be on government. The focus must be on redistribution of wealth. The focus must be on all those things that have nothing to do with religion.
Not only that for Jews and Christians and other there's been a reformation a religious reformation and our religions recognise the sanctity of the individual. Progressive ISM rejects the sanctity of the individual. The individual must conform to the eye. First, the progressive policy anyway there's some food feed a two hour I'll, be right back
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Mark within arm, I want to thank you for all your conservative news outlets that you put our dna attitude he soldier here, I forbid you putting out the word of conservatism, is a great help to us out here that the conservatives out here and now that the taxes. Thank you my from appreciate. Of course, I'm what I wanted to get to the issue of tonight was about why liberals are making a big deal about Jerusalem when we lifted sanctions. If Israel, I would understand, how will we the Thirty million dollars a year to our greatest ally in the Middle EAST to control ices in fighting terrorism that they on a bit swine moan and complain that yours Now all of a sudden, the God of Israel. When, if I need a correction, Actually IRAN is the recipient of the most money from the United States, while I'm dying. When I got my information wrong. Hundreds fifty billion now not all of it is from us, but we released an enormous amount of money and we made an enormous amount of money available to them. When we lifted sanctions
So I would argue that IRAN is the biggest recipient of funds from the United States, public and private by far multiple but anyway go ahead. I appreciate it. I just to understand how we both can say, always a bad thing in a Bernie Sanders, the early Clinton's and all the fuckin level that the World- oh, we shouldn't, have I'll tell you why an anomaly be perfectly honest about this anything trump they're gonna pose. They hate him with such a passion. That's the first point. The second point is that the Democratic Party, more and more is rely, I'm just being honest way is relying on Anti Israel elements Including waves and waves of immigration into this country from arab and muslim communities, I found somebody whether it is true, and so you are, Please find something that Sir Ironic, an odd you have in many As a liberal Jews who claimed to support Israel voting,
in the same coalition, for the Democrats, with Arabs and most, I'm some Palestinians who do not and by the way say every single one, I'm just making a general point. I'll, be right back now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody liked Levant here on number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Let me wrap this up.
Is the state department. Part of our government is part of our government is a part of the executive branch or is it par? Error is the day, but this is it. Department represents foreign gum. So. Our government, when the present in the United States makes a decision is at a decision. The state department is supposed to enforce. I want you to listen to something: there's an acting as in sectors stay by the name of David Satterfield needs be Question by one of our favorite cheer, medley of the Associated depressed had Tipp to bodies are right, school, I want you to listen to the seriously. Tell me if the state, parliament is in a rogue operation. Cut eleven go: what country is Jerusalem in the present recognise Jerusalem as the capital of
State of Israel. Does that mean then, that the? U S government officially recognises that Jerusalem, the visa policy lies within the state of Israel There has been no change in our policy with respect to consular practice or passport issuance at this time, which is crucial in real. We recognise Jerusalem as the capital. We reckon MR resume as a capital, Israel, I'm not gonna, go on and on about official documents will they sage Jerusalem comment: Israel. What about the mailing address of the council? If I lost redress in council have already commented that cancer practice there is no change at this time. With respect to maps are we are, of course, zammit that issue, and when we have a decision, we want now sit with respect to how we will treat Jerusalem for official you ass, she produced laughing purposes. This is incredible listening.
The reason. Matt led p is pressing. This point. Pressing United States says the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Now, in order to the capital, ladies and gentleman, has to be in your country, Senor Country, to State Department, spokespeople Satterfield an hour refused to Heaven I refuse to recognise that Jerusalem is in Israel if the poor, the United States just did what he did, which is a courageous night. Furthermore, we have a consulate in Jerusalem, not an embassy So even embarrassing situation here, the counselor in Israel in many respects has
More so than the ambassador in Israel from the United States, which is appalling. The president's trying to correct that the state Department is resisting it. Then there are the documents so for the official documents, while they recognize Jerusalem is being in Israel. Apparently not right now, they're having to analyze the situation over there at the state of war. About the maps, while Jerusalem be shown as the capital of Israel and in Israel when it comes to our maps, but we're looking at that were not so sure. And, of course, Rex tell us and who have always had nothing, but the I find him to be the foolish
and I find him to be really off the reservation in some respects. He said of a slow talking. Lightly overweight, James Baker and I was no faith- while the embassy in Jerusalem, prevention, ears and architects, and on and on and on and on. But it would appear, we heavy state department that is a rogue operation. Rogue operate. The state department represents the? U N, represents the Palestinians and the other Arabs represents the muslim countries rapidly represents. Sir european countries, but a printer Doesn't represent our country Now, here's the concern you see. President has directed at the State Department will do what has to be done to me and they all the embassy in Jerusalem Engineers and architects, and on and on and on and on duty, people sound like there in a hurry to do that. Or do these people sound like
going to try and wait out this administration and hopefully get a left. The democratic administration which will put the compassionate. That's a big deal, much of it these Acting assistant, secretary, David Satterfield and A spokeswoman had an hour. They won't acknowledge, Jerusalem is in Israel, not maybe They ve been Israel. If I'm dinner, I mean you know offensive. This is absolutely saying Washington's, not in America now some of us wish, but it is. The Washington is not America in this. This issue by the way, isn't a seventeen year old.
As our body David Daniel Har points out, a conservative review he's wrote a brilliant He says he always does nobody Daniel harlots. So the? U S, initially recognise the jewish people's right to sovereignty over the entire, the Lamb West of the Jordan River, putting Jerusalem ninety five years ago, I can hear this on tv so stick with, but endless The arab street has deter them from following through this coming then tell President Trump the fact that his will The break the same old paradigm, of putting Arabs three concerns of our interests and doing what's right as a very positive quality that will hopefully bear fruit on other foreign. Domestic policies as well. There never was an arab palestinian state in the holy land all the land, where the Jordan River was originally earmarked for the jewish state under the Balfour declaration. Exactly one hundred years ago, that plan was adopted
by the allied powers and the League of Nations and nineteen twenty nineteen. Twenty two September. Twenty one nineteen. Twenty two press worn Harding, sign, H, J resolution. I house resolution three to two which form adopted the mandate for Palestine as official. U S, policy The resolution recognise jewish dominion over all of Palestine, I, the Arabs and the Euro, call themselves Palestinians, so you think they're indigenous to power. The resolution recognise jewish dominion over all a which was a jewish, not arab term, harking back to the days a roman emperor, Hadrian's. So long as they recognise these civil and religious rights of Christian and all other non jewish communities and ensure that our we places and religious buildings and sites in Palestine shall be adequately protected. This is nineteen. Twenty two. The committee reported from the House Foreign Affairs Committee recognised
a God given rise to the land and the fact the Jews were already rehabilitating. Conditions of the people living there from the Want Linda. A policy, the desolation systematically carried out by its rulers, the Turks for centuries, and we have this slob, this pig, this dictator, Aragon of Turkey, This trashing, the United States trashing Christians. Crashing Jews, trashing, Israel. He of the old notion of the Ottoman Empire observe the report of the House Foreign Affairs Committee back in the Twond, What was once the land of milk and honey is become through met, misrule and oppression, a devastated and sparsely settle land. So when the Turks controlled the so called West Bank, they destroyed it.
When the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem they destroyed, it is quite evident that the house can any blame the Turks for the dysfunction and oppression and here the creation of the jewish state, not just as a biblical fulfilment and a place of refuge. Four persecuted european Jews, but as the only means of preserving democratic rights for everyone when here more, this is interesting. Christians, Jews, Muslims, whoever congressmen, Frank, Appleby Republican New Jersey, spoke on the floor. I noted that for over two thousand years, no other nation of people claim the land is there. Despite the prevailing isolationist sentiment among the politicians during that era. That unanimously and passionately spoke of the need to recognise Palestine as the land of the Jews for the purposes of justice, liberty, inhumanity and you can. We didn't talk congressional record if you,
No consideration of the resolution on the house. One June thirty represent a wall of Chandler Republic into your delivered. A they in riveting speech. Summing up the purpose and background of the revolution resolution- and I might add These are all gentiles. These are all Christians. His speech makes Clear that the intent was not always have one state controlled by Jews, and then it was universally understood the jewish government would be better for all sides in terms of democratic values and that a few jihad agitators were seeking to undermine the agreement, sound familiar. He predicted that Some will be the seat of the jewish government. His words were quite prophetic, an ominous Chandler direct addressed the smattering of the Arabs living the area is what he said about that that the Arab shall be proven to remain in Palestine, on a jewish government and domination with their civil and religious rights guaranteed them through the
mandate and under the terms of the Balfour declaration, that if they were not consent to jewish governor domination, they shall be required to sell their lands and adjust evaluate retiring to the arab territory, which has been hit to them by the League of Nations, are the general reconstruction of the countries of the east and that, if they, I consented jewish governing domination under conditions are right and justice or saw their lands and adjust valuation in to retire in their own countries. They shall be driven from Palestine by force. Representing a woman. I am Chandler Republic in New York. The purpose of the agreement on Palestine was to give the lan only to the entity that would protect the holy sites in civil rights, yet global elites here and abroad we noted that the Arabs in Palestine in Palestine should be would be happier contain under the present government of that country for well enough, not for the Turks. And the arab agitators who travel around over the land stirring up trouble, I'm quoting him by making false represented
since, concerning the true character of his highness movement, this is what chance LISA and that's what happened. For the next ninety five years. The arab agitators wage jihad and every modern american president has coward in the face of GM the entire purposes. Agreement on Palestine was to give the lead only to the entity that would protect the holy sites and civil rights. Yet global elites you're in a broad re, rewarded Arabs for violating the agreement, violence and it does pay and did pay off for the jihadists commensurate with every threat of I once was a demand. The Jews pay tribute in the form of bladder surrender. If the ninety five years. As an tromp as regular wrong and restore the original intent of a unanimous body of Congress and nineteen? Twenty two nineteen? Twenty two
He promised to move the embassy its clear that the state Department or undermine him, as you just heard, and his own appointees sectaries stay Rex, tell us in secondary defence. James Madison opposed even tromp recognising drew slim is the capital of Israel and making the announced opposed. Even that oppose, even though Mr Bidders, her one more time, had eleven go. What country is true Solomon in the present reckon, as to respond as the capital of the state of Israel. Does that mean, then, that the? U S government officially recognises that Jerusalem movies, a polity lies within the state of Israel. There has been no change in our policy with respect to consular practice or passport issuance at this time, which is Jerusalem in Israel,. We recognise that Jerusalem as the capital we reckon
is as a capital, Israel, I'm not gonna, go on and on about official documents will they said Jerusalem comment is real. What about the mailing address of the council, as I have already addressed in the council, have already commented that cancer practice there is no change at this time with the maps are we are, of course, examining that issue, and when we have a decision we will announce it with respect to how we will treat Jerusalem for official? U S cheap produce, mapping purposes. You I want to mention the wonderful he news, probably is getting the attention it deserves. Two hundred and twenty eight thousand jobs, Addeth thirty, three thousand of which in manufacturing, manufacturing hispanic unemployment is the government tracks is the lowest since its.
I ve been recorded. Unemployment is at a seventeen year, low consumer coffin Says that a seventeen year high the gross them The product, the economy grew at three point. Three percent last quarter: Obama never hit three percent. Pretty incredible, isn't it. I should note all of this: wonderful economic news occurred without. Any new major terrorists who were that MR produced. All this wonderful new economic news occurred even with NAFTA in place.
Because, ladies and gentlemen, growth is created by tariffs, growth is killed by terrorists, NAFTA, isn't destroying jobs, matters and women aiding trade barriers. Laughter was Ronald Reagan. Zaire, the president, who created the greatest growth, the most jobs, the greatest new businesses present in american history. So we have two hundred twenty eight thousand new jobs created are added, thirty, three thousand of which remain factory hispanic unemployment, the lowest ever since recorded unemployment in the seventeen year low consumer confidence at seven, junior high three point: three percent GDP growth without scrapping NAFTA and without new major tariff.
Now what's gonna happen as they Republicans are going to pass a tax bill at some point which were massively increased taxes on some people massively reduced taxes for some people, practically a people at the lower end. A vote very significant number of new, no taxpaying America, which is Dreamily unhealthy for a society where fifty percent of the population pays no taxes of federal income taxes at all. They'll, be significant corporate income tax cuts from thirty five to twenty percent give take so the business I will be taken. The individual side is a mess. Three mess around with people's homes. To be messing around with people's budgets, Taking away or significantly capping the home property tax deduction or the state income tax deduction,
by pretending, your attacking blue states when, in fact your attacking individuals is really unconscionable zones. The other day. If they were really serious about this, using the tax code to attack blue states and reward red states, tell me why is it with reduction in the corporate income tax. Thirty five to twenty percent across the board. Why are they punishing the companies that are in blue state what they say? We will reduce corporate income taxes, thirty five to twenty percent. Where there are most companies in red states and will figure out how to define them. We're in blue state while is adamant. Constitutional answer now, so how is it? How is it that get away With their propaganda, saying oh
we're gonna run. You know, taxes of people blue stage. You gonna have the pressure, the blue state, that is a year in our rageous distraction for mass of tax increase. Everybody should get a tax reduction, particularly those who pay the most. Every body should get a tax deduction across the board, all rights but they're not doing So maybe we have three point: three percent GDP growth. Let me tell you something: if these tax That's we're done the right way. We'd have seven eight percent growth, seven eight percent growth, The way we did under Reagan, I bet
then show where we create the talking points corner now: seven, seven, three one: three, eight one: one given finnish shopping for that perfect gift for your friends and family, we ve got the perfect idea for you over it see our tv that come through Christmas we ve created. Some in addition, holiday mugs featuring your favorite show host on Sierra TV like me and live in tv, a change to get my mug on your mug. We did you say a special thank you to those who are signing up to support what we're doing over at sea our tv and we couldn't do without you- there is now I ve been a better time to gets your tv and, if you ve, already joined you can gift a sea or tv subscription to your friends and family. Everybody could use a little bit more. The truth tat you think and conservative principle.
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ask me to do a show and I couldn't be happy to do it. So all good. People ask me: how do we turn around the country information to begin with ideas? To begin with, I told you, there was a great philosophers. Name was Berlin. I say everyone And I mention him prominently in my latest book, rediscovering Americans They Berlin right about now Liberty, positive Library and so forth and sombre one of the things he says has stuck with me, and I repeat it a few times to you- and he said this: if you leave the battle of ideas to academia and intellectuals, who will
your liberty. If you leave the battle, I dare to intellectuals and academics, you will lose your liberty. We must engage in the battle of ideas. In the end. That will determine what kind of a country linen. Progressive. Ism is an ideology. It's an idea. Conserved Islam is a philosophy. Takes into consideration the human experience. It's an idea. It's a reality to that's the big battle, among others,. The bow, then the left noses. This is why they have monopolized teaching and our public schools for the most part, in our colleges and universities in there. We gotta do something about this, and I've been thinking about it and thinking about it myself. What can we do? What shall we do? You may recall my Mark legal foundation where I was president
but I'm not anymore, but the wonderful PETE Hutcheson is present. On the chairman. We were at the forefront of these school Troy smoke, But we need to do more. We don't win the battle of ideas we will win. This is why I get so frustrated with report It's a congress when they use the language of the left and class warfare when it comes to tax cuts at our, I got the rich in Mogadishu. No, no! No! No! No! No we're about Liberty were about prosperity or about creating opportunity, creating jobs, A private property rights were about all these things, not about classes of people. We allow the government to create these fictions. These economic class then they stick us in them and we're supposed to famine. The middle class Why are we celebrating that you successful as possible. You don't need a labour
by the government or politicians are hacks, don't be labelled like that I am an alarm at the clash you're, an American. We keep this country free. We keep our capitalist system, you can make what you wanna make or try to make what you want to make an certainly make of yourself what you want to make your family. But your succeed many times this clear. They they create this normally later so you even have mental barriers to success. When a lower and middle class born when we get that guy Rich can get all that is destructive and anti success and entirely individual. In a tiny individual. So this guy Isaiah Berlin he's in discovering Americanism, but you can. Google is named to just outstanding.
Outstanding, and then there was a gentleman who, who follow me still alive is originally from Ireland. He's a proposed to really good names patent. These names- you ve, never heard it before this. The thing I talk about eleven tv and I won't do honour the factual pet it. He took Berlin a little step further forgotten. It is one that I felt was fascinating everybody else. It fell. Sexual harassment cannot come up who's next, whose who's next Let's take a car victor in case here? Catty, Texas, serious satellite, hurry, vector Walmart about speak when you, Sir you to thank you? How do you pronounce your town? Katy? I'm sorry Katy.
Yeah. Listen to your comments, and I am very happy that the president has declared that Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on- and this is something that no brainer the christian question and any man, and by no means a biblical scholar, review reads you personally. A binary age of reason has always been the focal point of all heat, all use people, everything Temple until everything anything going down. There will hardly supporting him The way the Koran, how many times has a Korean mentioned Jerusalem? I dont look bad Bertha, many many times and certainly not once a Now, once you know this and Temple another. When talking about the first simple, the second temple destroyed by the Romans.
Harm, it wasn't even born to almost five hundred years after the second temp everywhere. There is no question that better he looked The new testament speak about visas near would go to Jerusalem Clearly, Jesus was in Jerusalem, its manufacture. His body was brought the jurors. Why exactly. Exactly the church of the holy supplicant right. Which is defended by the israeli government against one But the Palestinians took the church and kidnap people within the church. Yeah yeah, I'm a man what's best I am to the christian religion I am in total agreement. You know with in an urban I'm pretty whole country. What is Bethlehem to the christian religion? It's important. Is it not early? Yes, of course, with the book, I favour yes and guess what.
Almost a majority, the population there is now a palestinian and the Palestinians control the city. Every year, the city, Hebron, Hebron, that's the second most important city in Israel, Hebron, Hebron, Does that sound like Hebrew? Do you have run northern that, while it is Hebron, Ici be? Are Hebrew ATP, R, P, w? Second, most import the city to the Palestinians claim to control that city to anyway, Sir I have to go. I really do appreciate your car. Thank you are right. Let's it's Friday already! I feel like Thursday You know French, it's hard to believe that twenty seventeen is almost over. I mean really couple of weeks time as it stands? Still so? Don't waste another minute join a MAC right now, Amy
because the association and mature american citizens, it's the law, Didn't conservative voice for Americans aged fifty in up and they our resolve to continue their mission to restore America's moral compass to make America better. For our children and save America from the left as an aim. Agnes you'll also gain access to a wide variety of exclusive benefits and discounts that I you save a lot of money from car insurance, Medicare plants, discounts on hotels and cars and rentals and more a MAC is the organization to join a voice. Conservatives in Washington, exceptional benefits. What's not the love about all that join a MAC right now, it's simple w w double! that aim. Acta? U S! That's W W W got a m a sea that, U S, forgive my call their toll free number.
Eighty two six to twenty o six, that's a eight to six to twenty six, the Association of mature american citizens, that benefits are great, but the cause is even greater as a perfect time to join joint AIM act right now right back. That's not my call! An air crash, Richmond Hill, Georgia, the Great w decay and scope of the proposal on Fox go so much a tail end of a millennials conservative republic on fuel oil, but the whole thing of defeating, but not that it's just this was
and the embassy was most people back in eighteen. Eighty five and it's my understanding all the past presidents have just been signing waivers. So if anything, we should be congratulating President tramper. Finally getting something done that as president of the passport and yet nature, they bash him, and you know the vote my understanding is in the Senate on that ninety. Ninety five statue was ninety two zero. In any event, it had massive by partisan support in on your wish. We shouldn't have the debate about recognising out of it. Even a piece of Israel? That is better provision for this then we ve always done that Latvia, that's now that's now. The position apparently of these state Department is it's not part, Israel, because they want they want state that it is. I mean this is incredible. In that way. The department of state on erects teller sin is defying the presently United States. When I get my course,
Everyone would be here is it is the State Department of dutch disarray because of Hillary Clinton used to run it tellers, It's not your cause. Rex tell us and doesn't put the trump supporters and conservatives and that's why thank you for your work. My friend much appreciate our ladies and gentlemen riding
naturally, over the weekend begins right now we salute our armed forces, police officers firefox. There is an emergency personnel. Can I it's Friday? Can I Griffin get I Pepsi Goodnight Smoky gonna? Zella and all my beautiful Ladies and gentlemen, get tied up there as well. Us as you know, what's have a wonderful We cannot see a right here on Monday, God bless
they say.
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