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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, President Trump was channeling Ronald Reagan with his nuclear button tweet aimed at North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. Trump’s tweet was just like Reagan in 1984 when he joked, “I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve si...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, American, I'm going to tell you today that I've kind legislation without law rugged wherever we began running in five minutes. He's in german mark Levant. That was President Reagan, a nineteen eighty four, it's an honor to be back, and I want to thank all the great guess: hosts fulfil
and I have been a wonderful how they will have wonderful new year, man there's so much gone on. I reached the point today I just had to stop. I just had to stop and then I stopped, and then you have this ban and trump thing which will talk about, but I want to go back to Let us play this again Reagan August: eleven nineteen, eighty four go: I'm going to tell you that. I find legislation. Russia, wherever we begin bombing in five minutes, we begin bombing inside minutes was Reagan Demented was he unfit to be present? The United States was the out of control,
Would you deranged? No one of our greatest president's in american history was also one of our greatest farm policy presents in american history and, in fact, without dropping any bomb. He destroyed the Soviet Union. But what does this have to do that, and you know it still continue today were present a trump tweeted up to the Inbred North Korea, who said you know, I've got this nuclear button on my desk president said I've got one soon it's much bigger and more powerful than yours.
And of course, the left in this country so hates trump as they would hate any conservative in the presidency, as, quite frankly, they seemed a hate America. They seemed a sigh. Would North Korea and IRAN a lot more often these days and I'm gonna get around to that. These were the kinds of responses. Tromp was getting John higher men, whose nobody, another slob on the morning Schmahl showing lines up all these slobs, because, that was the north korean generals find the morning. Schmo show to be their favorite show, and so he gives any comfort to the north korean car I'm bringing in Slavs like John Harmon high yeoman at seven go,
obviously we are still connections in normal, see here for all of our lifetimes, any president of any party retreat threat of nuclear war in any way, a cavalier where we have seen that really from Republicans we're Democrats educate you, you moron, we had mutually capabilities. Mutual capabilities to destroy other countries called mutual assured destruction mad all the present was doing is making it quite clear to North Korea don't mess with us. We can obviously blow you off the face of the earth a thousand times that threat is always there. The fact that Trump art
related it in his tweet is not something you get worried about. Are scared about or means he's going to start wharf. Donald Trump wanted to start away would have started war already he's had ample opportunities with IRAN, with North Korea, among others, and he hasn't he's been totally fully responsible. Unlike the clown who preceded him, brought no house Obama, who gives a hundred and fifty billion dollars on top of one point: seven billion thousand ransom. Through the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, which, as I speak, is killing and toys during an maiming and imprisoning its own people more on thy layer got plenty it. Then we have Brian stouter over on CNN. Who is becoming a laugh machine? His own languishing? Not just because it looks as though. Too bad enough, but because of what he has to say, all the time cut eight go.
Knowing how the new year has started, and what does it say about the year madness? I think we can call it that way, and president troubles inaugurated last January, some writers some comments like India. Oh then started right away to raise concerns about residents, mental health about it. So it's his mental health, this little clown stouter, who wanted great thousands state university, then he created a blog. So great was his blood at the New York slime. Tired of so great was his article. Is I call the new excellent that seen and heard of any can see. Why is a putz he's a predictable, empty moronic pats. May I say with all due respect guide profits in the months the followed we saw republican senators,
Jeff Flake bring these issues. Are they cite Jeff Flake, while everybody sites Jeff like if your liberal, hack, journalist phony, you cite Jeff like what next Bob Corker go ahead to ask about his fitness for office, my porker unknown. In the comes to mind, I think we could apply a test tube seen tweets today the test for me. If this were the leader of a shut up more on, you think you're so profoundly and our profound imbecility. Hence you work at CNN, then there's TIM King TIM Candy, the juniors senator from Virginia who lost the vice presidency, cut not less.
Listen, how profoundly city it is cut. Nine go one. The president has had a steady pattern of undermining diplomacy, and if you do that, you raise the risk of unnecessary war, you make America was saved as a steady pattern of undermining diplomacy he's facing this Marian in North Korea. Facing a hit wherein regime in IRAN he's got the best you and ambassadors Bolton at the United Nations has handled diplomacy actually beautifully. Beautifully, but he's not appease her, like Obama and the democratic parties in full Is my mother. I do not think America should be the only superpower fact they don't believe America should be a superpower. It are you not their proposing now in the budget scheme. They insist.
Instead, if you increase one our monetary spending, you must increase one dollar in domestic spending. That's what they're doing now. That's the Obama trick. There are insisting on it now or whether to shut down a garment, shot I'll down, shut it down and make sure members of Congress do not get pay that they do not get medical care and not one plug. Penny is added to their pensions shut down, because this country doesn't exist to redistribute wealth. This country doesn't exist for a welfare state and our military is essential. Particularly. There was a report out last week that China that China will pass the United States as a military power in twenty years does not concern anybody, know, apparently not the Democrats Heather agenda and that the primacy of tromp trumpet arranged truckers are not croppers there's. How do we know Brian stouter of TAT
state, thousands, Ceta, but back the TIM came, go juvenile tweets, whether it's not even really juvenile tweet, Timmy Timmy King juvenile tweets. I mean he's not molesting the interns you wanna talk about juvenile and sick and predatory. That would be Bill Clinton. Juvenile, true tweets. I happen to think this was a great tweet. A thoughtful tweet am I alone Letting the in North Korea, Kim Jong fat boy letting him now don't threaten us with your button? We have a button to and it's a bigger button in Europe, every body where they were then I q over for know exactly what the president was sent back. The TIM came,
but then I q of three go after Rio, whether its undercutting up now there's a guy Steve Cohen, from Tennessee Steve COM from Tennessee, he's truly bizarre and he's on Emma sell Us D, the other day which has a Congo line of Freaks Congo line of freaks. Starting with this this morning, Schmo clown go ahead. Dollar from us, the most despicable human beings are ever reside. Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue cognizant asking I just want to say. A narcissistic sociopath doesn't change and endangers the country at war like wag. The dog is something he went away in this way. This much brain confirm how does have cloudlike this get elected. The house represent he's the most despicable human being to ever resided. Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania, Heaven.
When anybody ever say that about Barack Obama would they be shouted down into second, when they be shouted down my hate to be the year, the one at that brings us up to Steve Column of Tennessee. The truth this when you consider what John Kennedy did in the oval office. With any instruments, spy with a mobster girlfriend with a nineteen year old entered and on and on and on what the
we're just ass the argues that took place at the White House Swimming pool- I don't know, that's pretty despicable, isn't it burial mention that? Well, I just did I guessed it. What does Donald Trump done in the White House that so despicable? Can somebody please to what is a despicable about what Donald Trump has done and the White Ass he likes a stake. Well done like catch up while o thou those subtle I so what so to speak about what so despicable nothing, Steve, corn and other clown other no name back bench. I wanna play for you one more time as a reminder. What Ronald Reagan sit in nineteen? Eighty, four one of our greatest presidents, I would count. Em is number three, and when it comes to foreign policy, he did what nobody thought was possible. He defeated the Soviet Union. He did not buy into Henry Kissinger and deterrent.
He built up, the strongest military in the face of the earth, and you don't apologize for he had real tax cuts across the board in his emphasis was on individual rat tax rate cuts across the board. Not a single tax increase re single taxpayer any bill that the United States Motor and they hated his guts What did he say in nineteen? Eighty, four, that if ever tell us DE, whereas in all these back centuries and nobody's and knuckle heads, what would they be saying about rag and keep history in history? Is our guide go buy American? you today that I find legislation, right here forever with alarming in five minutes the negative ones star wars. I was imagination all this guy's gonna cause well worth three all of what it.
Star wars and what he said about Russia look now he's got stuff. In Afghanistan in our hemisphere like what Grenada all that guy and I guess horrific and their freedom fighter. I remember these same leftists- would be attacking him too. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the president's tweet it's in keeping with republican President successful republican presence of the past, and it send a signal to the inbred came on fat boy that he needed a here. Don't threaten us with your button slob. We got a button to we then have to test our missiles anymore, we just another very, very precise. We can shoot one right up. Your ass I'll, be right back.
Now I want to get into a ran legally. There are those of you who found me on Facebook and Twitter see that this decision in particular, had my attention. In early on, Big live media, the progressive, almost fascist media in this country, given its ideological, LE advances, its ideological perspective, ignored it or downplayed it like the New York slime said, hid the holocaust in the back pages, when it bothered to write about Holocaust denial, he acts lines paper record with you now early on, the american media did all they could to ignore it. To downplay
and I was using my social accounts which have multi millions of followers to keep pressing the case, as were a handful of others, but not many early. One gentleman who was absolutely outstanding, as a fellow by the name of Army seven, and we will bring him on the programme next hour and he was at the forefront. He always it. But we have a rebellion in IRAN, we have a president, who's been tweeting about their rebellion and supply. The rebellion supporting the citizens of a ran against the Islam O Nazi regime in Tehran, which murders its citizens, which starts at citizens, which steals from its citizens, which tortures citizens which rapes its citizens, which throws its gay citizens off the top of buildings which imprisons its christian citizens,
Which has killed american soldiers? I said its killed american soldiers and the prior president of the United States are he's not demanded he's not the range he's just great he's swell and Obama. He funded this this terrorist regime. He subsidized this terrorist regime. He turned the other cheek when it came to Hezbollah, law, peace and political, which was all but ignored with the rest of it, and there was an earlier peace and political sanction. This Josh mildest reporter, whose obviously gone underground he's under such attack, were molest know how they are
administration specifically told entities within the Justice Department and other federal law enforcement that stop chasing down Iranians further surrogates, who are trying to get nuclear technology that great Obama like the great eyes. No he's not demanded, he's brilliant. He is forward. Looking he's, the future said trot. Has to deal with what we ve got our bomber. Did I want to talk about some of this in the next I wanted to talk about. I just can't wait. You can see him like a racehorse with the abyss and trample on my bit here how the Obama nights. Rise with hemorrhoids how the abominable AIDS all over the place- I see say first, they were saying: hey, there's
I mean there's a widespread revolution. This doesn't me anymore. I should get involved, that's not an american interests! No, ladies and gentlemen, not an american interests that their building, I see, be I'm so you want to put nuclear warheads on them that their threatening to destroy America, that they killed american soldiers. Now it's not America's interest. Why do we care about what goes around and then they argue the other side of the coin is that people feel when its thanks to us and they ran deal that more I'll be right, back, logic that allowed by law. Denmark, let me show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one.
Why are all these officials time talking to a liberal but greater Michael Wolf? I don't get it why steed Bannon spilling his guts if these are his actual urgent, actual thoughts to the sky like a wolf whose unknown and well known leftist, whose writing a book about Trump for the purpose of hurting tromp. Why would you talked to a guy like this? Why, we sit down as a former cough and honour the present, the United States, for whom you're supposed to have oiled and believe in God, and cough up along and say things to him, this author was recording. You know people, so I don't know if they actually set these things. If this guy,
what he's doing. He was recording the conversation. Perhaps not I don't know the time will tell you. What do you say these these these vile things about a guy's, kids. There's not a man in this country who wouldn't defenders children who wouldn't defend his family against attacks by another man, There's not another man in this country who would and Donald Trump not going too he's not gonna put up with it the guardian newspaper which, as a left wing british newspaper, fairly, got a copy of the book fire and fewer.
By Michael Wolf, which will now be a New York Times best seller thanks to the people leaking around Donald Trump, including Ben. So this guy's gonna make a lot of money off a book. I hit job on the present. Why do people participated stuff like this? The guardian, Seer Donald Trump former chief strategies to abandon, has described the Trump Tower meeting between the president's on any group of Russians jointly twenty sixteen election campaign as treasonous unpatriotic according to an explosive new book by the gordian knot. I've looked at this meeting, we ve talked.
Others have talked about. It seems like forever. There's nothing treasonous run patriotic about that meeting, based on what we know right now in less than a know, something watch treasonous and unpatriotic. This is according to the guardian, I'm just basing it on these reports van and speed, It also Michael Wolf warned that the investigation into alleged collusion with the Kremlin will focus on money laundering and predicted that going to crack down. Junior like an egg on national tv. Why is involved in money laundering. Amid the supreme
scandalous allegation. Let's see here, there's some abandon, who was chief executive of the trunk campaign in its final three months than White House two strategies for several months before returning to the right wing, bright, barred, news rights, the guardian is a central figure in the nasty cut throat drama quoted extensively, often and saw the language. He's particularly scathing about eight June twenty sixteen meeting involving Trumps Sun Dial Junior son in law. Jerry commissioner, then campaign Chairman Paul, manifest in russian lawyer, Natalia whatever name is transparent
Here's what I don't understand if you have so much contempt for the president's family and so much contempt for some of the senior advisers in so much contempt for this one of that one. Why did you support Donald Trump all his time? Why did you switch from take cruised Donald Trump? I think it's a fair question, but I don't know: what's unpatriotic and treasonous treasonous about the meeting per se. Even if you thought I'm quoting, even if you thought that this was not treasonous round patriotic or bad s, wherefore crap, I happen to think it's all that you should have called the F B. I immediately then and went on.
It should have been set up in a holiday in Manchester New Hampshire, with your lawyers who meet with these people. Any information sacred then be dumped down too bright borders. Like that, or maybe some other more legitimate publication annul understand what this means is talking about covering your tracks with a leak as ever then means. I guess so he says you never see it. You never know it because you don't need to, but that's the brain trust that they had. You know this country is facing such challenges with the progressive movement in the Democratic Party in the courts and the bureaucracy and the media and the culture like Hollywood. This country is facing such great threats from North Korea and IRAN, and, quite frankly, China and Russia. Why? Why do this?
Why participate in this? It really escapes me: why would you participate in this are not just ban in any of the others who did it he's a lightning rod and he's a lightning rod because he wants to be a lightning rod. The president was very angry about this today, as you can imagine, is any father would be when his when his son in law, even his daughter among others, are being personally attack present put out this statement. Steve Baron has nothing to do with me or my president. It was fired. He not only lost his job losses. Mine, you can see. Trump is furious, Stephen, stand for the work for me. If I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most,
how does it feel ever assembled in the Republican Party. Now that he's on his own, the president said Stephen learning that winning isn't as easy as I make it look Steve at very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten And in women of this country almost seems, I goes written by Stephen note. Yet Steve at everything to do with the loss of a Senate seen in Alabama Health for more than thirty years by Republicans, Steve doesn't represent, I base he's only in it for himself, so the present you can see has had enough he's furious. He said steep pretends to be a war with the media which he calls the opera. Fishing Party Eddie spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media. To make himself seem far more Poor lady was it's the only thing he does well. Steve is rarely anyone on one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influenced the full. A few people with access and no clue whom he helped right. Phony books we ve many grey.
The public are members of Congress and candidates, who are very supportive of America, where they make Amerika great agenda. Let me like. Me, they love the United States of America, are helping to finally take our country back and boarded up, rather than simply seeking to burn it all down. Now MR producers been looking for a statement from banning and so far nothing re rich. We don't see one at this point. People will draw their own conclusions. What what is troubling to me? Having worked with a present of the United States, having seen some, you got to advance their agenda or promote themselves in these were leakers during the Reagan administration. Although there were as many I have to say, I had nothing but contempt for them. Nothing, but contempt for leaks, against a sitting presently United States but
I dont even understand they rationality behind sitting, apparently repeatedly with a well known liberal author, who has as its purpose the damage the president and his prey and it's not like he's coming up with something new, the damaging and from coming from the people is talking to, and it's not even in
cremation it's their opinions. Why play into that he's? Listen to this programme on enough. You know that I have been very pleasantly surprised by this president, doesn't mean I'm a sink affair, doesn't mean I'm a pompous boy, doesn't mean I'm a rock. We know they are now. You can be discerning and conservative very pleased with what he's done and, as I have said Before- and this was repeated after I left for Vacation Donald Trump. So far is the most conservative president since Reagan when she starts pushing a trillion dollars infrastructure plan, which has a pay off to mayors and city councils and governors and legislators that helps Emma
they'll out their budgets, which are of which are totally out of control on using our federal tax dollars to subsidize their works? I will have a strong disagree with that, as I had a strong disagreement with major aspects of this so called tax reform plan, but somewhat he's not a left wing cook who has as its purpose the fundamental transformation of America, located president, has done on regulations, look with his presence. Trying to go on immigration. Luck with this president's toying with the federal judiciary, What are you trying to do with the Supreme Court localities? Uninformed policy he's had the greatest farm policy since Reagan, absolutely absolutely no way he's confronting north Korean. A very risky Sensible way, dealing with a ran and outrageous deal did something that no prior president,
the last seventy years, has had the stomach to do, which is recognised. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel he's trying to build up the United States militaries come to the defence of local law enforcement. I mean it's quite significant. So it troubles me a lot when you have Staffordshire former staffers. However, there are senior status or low low. Stay, whatever their status is, who take it upon themselves to try and drive the agenda or train driver narrative? This president is more successful than I thought he would be, despite the fact that my carnal is the majority leader in this Despite the fact they have, a very small majority in the Senate has done everything it could possibly do.
The two regionally and legitimately, as presently United States on his own he's under brutal daily daily hourly attack. By the progressive Praetorian Guide media. Slobber, all over Obama's every syllable he's under brutal attack by the Democratic Party We do not hold the house of Representatives, we will spend the next year or two fighting off this president's impeachment, and they do this in order to prevent him from advancing. Why cause you're upset with his tweets? No has agenda, it does not help the country liberty,
institution the american people to be doing interviews with individuals who have nothing but contempt for this president and the same thing, if accurate, if accurate, that are really vicious about his family. I'll be right back I'm not going to help this guy Michael Wolf, Sony more books will be showing twenty on his own scathing attacks on trumped by people who should know better. Quite frankly, I mean, if you got no challenge the president's positions and you work for the present one
respectfully do with some class. There was some wild. You can challenge imperfect, I am all in favour of that. I believe, in challenging ideas confronting them and so forth, but to sit down with the leftist and then you know start Billina got I just not the not impressed And now, of course, this will be fodder for CNN and MSNBC for a week, maybe two weeks week, maybe two weeks. And I would say also as a lawyer that if.
Banning wasn't interviewed by Mr Mala. He will be now because he's making assertions in the book whether he can factually back them up or not, if I'm a complete and total out of control, Maniac prosecutor, I'm gonna wanna sit him down, maybe in front of a grand jury. Even I don't know. I'm not encouraging it? I'm just saying it certainly possible. Now, based on one I'm reading, it obviously read the book. Nor will I did you know There are twenty trillion dollar national debt is estimated we forty trillion dollars in the next twelve years? Did you know that when you count unfunded liabilities, we're talking about four two hundred trillion dollars a deck train. This large can only be headed towards disaster. I talk about this all the time I've written about this
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Mark Levine gold that calm hats mark how easy iron mark live in gold outcome. Diversification is the key. Any reputable responsible, objective, serious financial adviser will say the same thing diversify. That's the key! That's what I do People will make up their own. Ok, Pat Colorado Springs the great cavy o hour ago. About us both together they painted what we do. Seventeen haven't seen his Kim Jong IL best year ever the wash and posted. I wonder they do that farmers now tat. All people employed a quick look on tat
yeah well only the marble labour proposed, but this mobility and I told him waiting. Well, what can I tell you? Why tell me? Why were the media so slow to em to voice the protests, against the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, also borne by those who were they contain and their love affair with Obama is so strong. You know The matter is that this regime was, on its knees, quite frankly many of the the policies put in place by W Bush to strangle economically, Obama roles in there and pulls the sanctions, and then funds them I mean the guys you talk about the ranged, I would say about it was deranged other.
That now, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of nondescript building, we have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one I've been reading the frequent tweets, I armoury seamen who really is a smart guy. I never met before I've just have become familiar with them through my steps on David
I started reading these tweets on IRAN because I was treating on IRAN and a couple hours were tweeting on IRAN and posting facebooks. Of course them here held back and he in the ages has And this insight on the subject of IRAN and I wanted to bring him on the programme armoury. How are you, sir, I'm well I have lots of pleasure so this this pro Testing started what six days ago, six days ago and the response by the present the United States. You think it's been fairly effective turnover factor he's been because you know the situation is so fluid that markets, the it's difficult to know what's effective, but I do know that it's been thus far exactly I pray action he's been doing. The good things that he couldn't be doing he's doing it, Actually, the right thing, which is
He has made it very clear that the United States supports the protesters. And she has made it clear, and he has made sure that his staff conveys through their words and increasing their actions, that well, I reckon the position will be backed by actions ends but the important thing that he's done is not just said the right things but specifically said the right things and indicated that he would, Those with actions is exactly the right thing to do, whether its effective do now. The protest The space and credible odds. Who knows, if anything could be affected. But it's the right thing to do its ambassador to the EU and Nicky highly she's demanding an emergency you one session is rhetoric, investigating what they can do, either through the EU, Un Security Council or through the Un Human Rights Council. Of course the do you is best described.
As the world's most effective force for democracy is also bad. It's all equally as well described the festival of desperate indicators and the cases many of its organs. Are that the especially these human rights part of the the nations have been hijacked by some of the worst actors on the planet, though, there are limited options, their limited options inside the Security Council, because of course, around supporters Like Russia will consistently veto anything that Ambassador Hayley can do, and There are limited options outside of the security so far, no one has a veto because simply their majorities of terrible countries, I've been you on, and especially in those places where people do human rights work. But what is going on and around you know we have we had some. Would you agree with me very timid, reporting early on another starting to pick up a little bit.
You know the iranian survey control they control journalism enormous, enormous expense. There they ensure that journalists are censored they bore male journalists, and so it's very difficult, to know what is actually happen. In the country now. Sometimes we think that their case, really open bias Ellie journalistic malpractice. So, for instance, now sort of infamously the EU and has the existing beyond the New York Times Bureau Chiefs, Thomas, I bring you know. His first couple of stories won't take lined out. Of Tehran. He wasn't in Tehran when he wrote them. Do you think every one of them. He said he was in Japan and he wrote
was it really reflect it? there were was saying which is that these are sporadic quota and will what are you know advocates of the along the or saying which is that protests were about economics and they were and they will economic woes So you know more than you do. When you ask, I dont, we know more about The Why are we know more about? What's going on the answer is because it's difficult get good journalism ad aware and whether this whether the journalism reflects increasing protests decreasing protests whenever fled Economic motives or political motives,
Coal is very much about whether or not the protest are sporadic or increasing were poor. Let me ask you: this is, as you monitor this yourself and some things have come through social media and so forth. People can see on the internet. Might might take on this is this is more widespread than it was in two thousand nine. Am I wrong? Why spread? Yes, didn t know what talking about something that has been seen in the line, at least since the revolution, which is to say these proteins her happening in places were protests usually don't happen. And I don't mean that, unlike you know, a metaphorical or grandiose way, I mean at quite literally physically. The protests are happening in parts of the country They haven't happened before
and so on that front, yes, they are, there are more do their broader than the previous protest, but don't I've bigger than the previous protest and they, certain features. Red are interesting and we don't. They mean so appeared to be leaderless, obviously within he given city or anything the town. If there's a bunch of people protesting, there's gonna be a leader there, there's gonna be an organizational structure, their bite on them or does it appear that all of them, being coordinated in the way that the two thousand nine protests. And to that extent we just don't know what that means. We don't know so, for instance, you can see market both ways: one argument you could make is well. The protests are diffuse, they appear unconnected. There is no meter stitching them together. Obviously They will go out with a waiver though Peter out, but you can also make it
the other way you could say this thing has no centre. It there does not seem to be an easy way to either placated or diffuse it. So the regime will have a very difficult time, putting it down, and it's just which one of us is true. What is that take a they former Obama administration officials who are really vested in that the other day? cover the Ryan. I mean the worse to this, though their behaviour has been some of the even on visa. Even among folks laugh to our warm. You know agree with us on the way foreign policy was heard awaited the world should go, but their number, the deal. The behaviour of the Obama ones has been embarrassing to those folks you know that the problem is market, the deal. In many ways the cause.
The enabler of the regime in beating down the protesters in as much as it gave The regime enormously Of resources and its Also and business get, your question is also one of the things that works. From taking on the regimes with both the and stands in the way. The solution, because the deal I did a bunch, of our share of a bunch of our non nuclear sanctions. Your people dont, remember, remember this. For many years, the Obama. Madame many months and a full year, the Obama Administration went to Congress and Congress would say, hey we're getting nervous about how much you're giving away to the Iranians you're giving away more than they are giving to us. What's going on and the administration would say will only going to give away nuclear sanctions only nuclear sanctions, only nuclear sanctions there having up there. Nuclear programme. More didn't stomach LUCA concessions wording.
Look sanctions and then, at the end the Iranian said: that's enough, it's not We want many mark, and Obama administration in the Associated Press reported this in as many words the Obama administration. Basically, a bunch of our human rights in ballistic missile terrorism, sanction nuclear sanctions, so they could lift them, they took a bunch of them. Bunch of the measures that we have could have used against a bunch of a bank against the regime and they said these are, Nuclear sanction, some of them only one, never nuclear sanctions, the region, sanctioning the central bank of a one got nuclear. The reason that we have gone asked was an entirely new glaring. What do we do? We had gone after the business empire Of the iranian Supreme Leader, Eco e e k, always the abbreviation of his business empire, billions of dollars wasn't.
And it's important that it be sanctioned because he draws upon that a fund from his wars that theories, but because he demanded it John Kerry. His empire was founded actual by his predecessor to wage war on money from isn't it. For one bit his empire and it used to be sanctioned and the and its import let it be sanctioned because he draws upon that the fund from his worst activities, but because he D did it carry in the rest of the Obama administration. We defined the fact that we had sanctions that network before we run out of time clear, carry and others have said. Really. This is an iranian situation. Not us, that's not corrected. I mean it's an arena situation, obviously, but it affects us too, genuine than road who said it. It's such a gross thing to say: listen these guys to sell their nuclear deal
They conversed our capital for several months and in two and four, the basically the council's political trial on Washington DC they Unwound our son Since all allow or the United States, they went after our ally. They empower country defeated. Our sailors have also has to do with us. Of course, it does You don't have to you. You didn't have to do anything with United States why they spend Half of the Obama administration obsessed with this thing, of course it has to do with a ridiculous taking to make, but they don't want us want a trump and stood. They don't want to be united. They don't want Congress, they dont want up we'll let the rabbit till they certainly don't want the Trump administration to them look bad by showing them come down on alone. At any time, The reason we didn't come down on IRAN is because they want
where do, I sign theory is on research and you are the managing director of the Israel project. We appreciate it keep tweeting, I enjoy reading a painter in high tech areas of other other takes on. This is an excellent piece at the Pga media by my buddy Michael redeem. He thinks this is a potential opportunity, For a real change in government over IRAN, it's a wonderful piece worth reading and will keep an eye on. This will keep an eye on this John Bolton earlier today or maybe was yesterday. He had some outstanding comments on that as well. I think it's important that the Trump Administration keep The pressure there are going to be some more decisions are going to have to make on the surrounding coming up the next weeks. I believe a nation. The screws. I mean you normally don't get one opportunity to find
the mentally transform a government like this. This will potential be a second opportunity to do it back then The fellow by the name Admiral MIKE Mullah and service? She I do? Is I recollect the one point, a Democrat administration. Europe Administration, and he was interviewed by math rabbits had ABC new issue and happy what he had to say, but he said it anyway. Active right, scoop cut one go, but we certainly should be on Guard for human rights violations, and I think we should be supportive of more freedoms.
Our country and in their work in two thousand and nine might work this time. What would be different? Let's stop right there, so it is time that the uprising in iran- and she says, where in two thousand I what course, ladies and gentlemen, Obama waited ten days, and he didn't do anything effectively to support. The uprising in iran- and we now know that his plan, all along, was not. To appease around he's worse than level trembling he was to subsidize around. Never Chamberlain didn't give Hitler billions of dollars go ahead the two thousand nine time framework is very instructive. I think we chose to not be as supportive, as could have been then, and I hope we can, you're right now, so that IRAN can continue to evolve. They have an incredibly young population, they look to a future that they cannot see.
And promised change and a healthier economy by the current government, and I think the protests represent the inability to deliver that so far. So I think support of them in their people is absolutely the right thing to do. Nicky Halley at the. U N, yesterday had Tipp C Span cut three go free
that enshrined in the United Nations Charter under are under attack in IRAN. Dozens have already been killed. Hundreds have been arrested, uranium dictatorships, history is any guide. We can expect more outrages abuses in the days to come. The, U N, must speak out in the days ahead. We will be calling for an emergency session both here in New York and at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. We must not be silent. The people of IRAN are crying out for freedom. All freedom, loving people must stand with their cause. The international community made the mistake of failing to do that in two thousand. We must not make that mistake again. They wanted Listen to this question very important once you listen this question by reporter Tanuki highly comparing
the iranian regime, Balikh legislate cut, for tell you so strong when it comes to freedom and dignity of uranium people, but you have different meaning freedom and dignity when it comes to the palestinian peace, albeit within brutalized, for over fifty years of occupation. I left stops that who they ve been brutalized by. First, the pillow and then Hamas and Fatah truthfully. They didn't brutalized by they buy the jordanian regime and other arab regimes. Whose brutalizing the Palestinians but look look how this reporter corn, on quote is trying to compare the iranian regime to the israeli government got him.
The question related to what may maybe we believe that you are on the right side of has, when you alone, in the security Council against fourteen members of this house and energy, a hundred twenty eight countries you on countries like allow now what we see is this is this: is it so now you see what's going on and ran about that, its Israel and the Jews go ahead,
But finally, I stood proudly, even if I was the only hand in the Security Council to fight for the will of the people of the United States. They wanted to see the embassy moved to Jerusalem and we followed through with that. We very much still want to have a peace process. Nothing changes would that the Palestinians now have to show their well that they want to come to the table as of now they're not coming to the table, but they ask for aid were not giving the aid we're gonna, make sure that they come to the table and we want to move forward with the peace process, the peace process should sure Abbas and Hamas. They want their peace process. Don't you know I, ladies and gentlemen, we shall what do they say? Move forward,
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Mark and I'm doing I'm doing fine. How are you doing very well? Thank you that good try to imagine the players in the mines? Eighty eighty foreign and became a copyright and allay lie. That's a tougher! Thank you! Nineteen. Eighty two about guard wedding in North Atlantic we had a hundred sixty ships, thousands and thousands of troops just to table lateral favour favour rattle against the east? I don't tromp was able to do that with just a twitter and which cost nothing which come nothing I remind you Y Y, you. Why do you think the media and even others on the suit all right are jumping all over. When they know the very history I discuss with ragged, and they know exactly what he was doing. Why? Why do you think they Have you ever seen anything like this, where they take the opportunity to start attacking him as deranged end
on and on and on the ever like this. Never, but if it is, it comes from the street level to mark see it on the street her in LOS Angeles, and I we got. We got the art district year on the side of ally, but it does mean that they resist and as people with red bandanas I mean it is crazy. It's the guy, and imagine imagine imagine if the taxpayers of this country resisted now we would we would fall, but that's what they want. That's what exactly? What they're trying to do but see us conservative. Need to be aware that I also mention more tapir mentioned something about the president being paranoid about poison tat, very mean hello. What that Gimme Jake Tapir take up around here and inadvertently, equal about Saddam Slingers, it poison on his toothbrush. Maybe I'll go back on vacation Mr Monti Tajima now he was. He was referring to
There was a call from the author saying that the president was afraid of being poisoned, though he likes Mcdonald's. Nothing like like, like like level, But let me ask you this question in this: for the whole nation, her guy writes a book like this here's my problem, the guy's trying to turn a trump into an area. Try To show that his staff can't stand and on and on and on the guy's, a liberal, why the hell, when anybody sit down with the sky repeatedly to give him my father copies. Could they just want to make money and they want to destroy our country and another now geared you moving too fast for me, your, but but but unless new question, but the people who sit down with him and give the father or not, making money. They are giving him ammunition to attack the present in the United States. Why do you think you're doing there are obviously for this person was personal
whose personal I mean exactly right. He got spite it. You got hired, you didn't like it, and this was his is way of getting back it's kind of. Apparently he was still in the White House. I didn't anything They'll, be personal right here is person, but look at that sound bite from tavern in putting on your radio show, because I was a sea of Macao. Another producer thanks for your car cake temperate. I only want to chase tat tears. I don't even care willing to do all this book now. I don't think so. I mean I'm reading over their holiday that China is going to surpass us in twenty years militarily. They continue to steal our technology, they continue threaten us and our there. They are with satellite photos, giving our
To the North Korea, regime about the boat ship. The ship, the Russians, are don't exactly the same thing. We ve got protests in IRAN that are very, very important. We have stories about how the Obama administration appeased that's just around, but Hezbollah in order to get their deal and found. This book was postponed. But this book day in and day out right. Well, it's not gonna happen here. That's gotta Barodia the fun pronouncing thy correctly down. Texas, the Great W B, a pay, how you I'm like how about you very well. Thank you ripping part of opposition, yes, if governments in years and years ago, regarded it back at you heard and took out a nine
the people were shouting the street, and I feel Burma are you with us with the government. Like you said, Obama didn't say anything about ten day and I even heard that how many would leaving the country with the playing? And then I got older back, so he didn't help the people back. That's why you're now seemed Trump become the president from the beginning in isolation back up the people, that's what the people rise up again, and whoever saying that he making a mistake, that's totally wrong and there, demonstration in there right now is a lot deeper and the people shouting and they want to change the government last. I was only about the election. That's all we would not now every corner The country to people rising up and fighting back with it, I'm a man and right now Even
really asking for help and whatever was the trunk and do it. There will be greater friend now appreciate your tie. They can quite right TIM last and Mary cannot get the right answer. Market, then, how are you, sir, I'm a little chile but other than that? I'm fine! Thank you. He asked very Chile here too. I just wanted to let you know. That's Santa was very good to me this year my wife and my kids got me all your books and I just finished all the first two that I read was liberty. In charity and plunder and to seek and my god, I've loved them, absolutely love the books, I'm I'm I'm just starting
rediscovery American ISM and, let me just say you are the most acute wider commentator and your extremely conservative and I love you and I are gonna listener for only a year but on you you think, like I do. I just can't I'll take you like the way you do and I'm totally for us to win this battle and when our country again the road map that you put it in your book, I'm trying to do that and my many years a resolution on Facebook was that I was going to say. I was gonna post conservative views from you and from
part on a daily basis, to try to win one left us at a time. What will wonder is all very well to him. I want to thank you very very much. I appreciate that and you're in Connecticut, so you better Do everything it can to stay warm up there, sir, have you got the books? Just don't burn in Hell just reading, and I much appreciate it. God bless you, sir. You know at New year's, we read the friends have man, the food was unbelievable, are buddies, Teddy and their daughter in law, whose obviously married to their son. Her name is Halley. His name has been Benjamin
energy and we're sitting there eating, I didn't notice about her and very nice very conservative and she told the story how she became conservative. I said: well, how did you become too soon and she saw others Iraq she said. Well, I was a liberal there's, a truce just doing I said you were. She said yes and then, he her now husband was trying to persuade her to conservatism. Am, I think she told me you know they could never really get married until she was a little bit more in the liberty in that sort of her, and she said she was at a bar reading liberty and tyranny
And she said you with me on this, MR producer. The rest, a country may have gone away already, but she said I was reading a book and then, when I finish that book, I became a concern Liberty, in turn, can do that the people of Iraq, back then, when I wrote them liberty amendments, because I know regardless of who is running DC. The only way to fix the country and restore its founding principles was to call a convention of states I had no idea that my friend Mark Macular was actually launching a project to do just that. So today,.
Honour to have served on their legal advisory board since the very beginning. Just four years later Over three million people are involved. Twelve states have already passed the convention of states resolution and we're on our way to calling the first article five convention of states in american history the people are going to. Oppose and ratify amendments to restrain the scope and power of the federal government so what's your new year's resolution, how about resolving it is something that will really matter if you care about the future of our nation like. I do think, though, that convention of states that calm sign the petition and volunteered today, I'm all in the future. The nation depends on each of you and I'm depending on each of you. It's the only solution as big as the nations proms, that's convention of states, dot com
convention of state start come aright, Jeff, Long Island, the Great W B c, a police officer, Harry User, great more, it's great Bulgaria collar, and I was actually I wanted to make the trip out the Jersey, the c of the summer I couldn't make it. My son was raised in his car out. Rhode island embraces the model race calls Are you going to let the next time the next time you come? I am there well, thank you, I just wanted a were the I used to work at the Port Authority bus terminal in that recent terrorist attack, I worked in one of those guys. I've been on the job like seventeen years. One of the guys actually took him down those four of my work, but one of them. So what Why why why do you think the Democratic Party.
Is so committed to open borders. Beginning five and a half million people brought here or who came here illegally legal status, prepared to shut down the federal government over this through prepared to Also, when it comes to, the military, their insisting that any dollar increase in military spending their money, be a doll an increase in domestic spent. What what do you think motivates this party member. That simple, isn't it pay off subsidies and the importation of Democrats? It is earlier I man look for demeaning and next time God bless you Jerry. Say it New Jersey, the great Dunaway BC go over cars, it's too late, is guaranteed in the middle of a certain sir sky had started the beginning. Well,
our former sheltered a president for the last one there should have been got nine years ago, but at least its vision. I'd done now, and at least seventy percent of the population is under fifty, shall I think, that's wonderful. He misses this would be around and you know you know: Obama Lou, Early saved IRAN. He saved this regime absolutely to break up every We can all do what he hall, everything that was frozen away on the sanctions, resign chairs, a hundred and fifty billion. At least I wish I was born in a billion that he sent me a billion and a half with population. The sailors more and more dark cheeks coming out the seams and they and they make this. This unofficial deal with Hezbollah. I mean to get more loathsome than this. I mean who's, the minute dropper Obama, whose Derange Chopper Obama. I went up,
Sherry Obama strong a large, but we can use it and thank you for your car Amy Colorado's brings Colorado the great cavy o our go. I mark a happy new year to you. I'd might might not only I ran paying as a woman were all the family that were here marking the minister. You quite are they back in the people of I ran at those. Women are actually fighting for their rights and that real fundamental Kiowa concerns feminists, their leftists they're, all four big guns- I'm a conservative woman and maybe not accept my point of view. Even as a woman Then a fine and sign as their own nomenclature, to themselves into their movement, doesn't mean we have to accept it. A feminist somebody who believes abortion on demand. How's that feminism some It believes that the birth control should be paid for women has had feminism. I don't consider that
It is my firm in or anything of the sort. I don't either and even here I would not have been constable, though, with a mark here in my bidding here and I've been about constable there, because I'm a conservative woman and maybe not accede I point of view even ass, a woman launches everywhere there monotonous, and I'm completely back the people of IRAN and the people who are fighting for their right and my heart forgot them in my career with them. Thank you very much person like the fact mentally is Trump repeatedly voiced to support for the people of IRAN against the regime of around this liquid he's gonna with a glove, not a lazy, confronting the the inbred in North Korea, none Why did he addressed the the Euro. And deal. Not only did he recognized the capital of Israel as Jerusalem,
now he saying you know a Pakistan we're tired of you who being two faced, we're tired you promoting terrorism, hiding Bin Laden, hiding other terrorists, then you do just that. For we can say your our ally. We give your hundreds of millions a year. He said that stop just like a cut three hundred million dollars from the: U n some of that was baked in as they say, but he wants the cup more. You wouldn't I received this under any these other republic and you had never seen under any Democrat. That's for sure we oughta give the man credit. Where credit is due, then you read people or you least, see them in passing hoot, who just so despise even so called conservative. They won't even recognize the things that is done and have staffers info, we stand for a return to a liver reporter trashing Yemen is fairly well. I don't find that.
Terribly acceptable level. I, ladies and gentlemen, in all this is fun. I should this more often Mr Bidders Emmy Radio, I'll, be right back now run them only underground. The bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader and everybody Mark Levin. Here our first show of the year are number eight, seven, seven, three eight one, three eight one, one seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, you know its import.
From time to time to go back to events go back the places to see what's happened to them, particularly when you consider what took place during the Obama administration, so much destruction so much people so much death. Quite frankly, as result of the Obama Biden policies, a binds being treated some like some great elder statesmen, binding as an idiot he's, not a great overstatement, he's an idiot of long standing he's a vicious man. Who sought to destroy the lives of men like by Bork Clarence, Thomas among others,. But this is how our media work. This is how our culture works. Men of Worse than no substance.
Men of his kind hell up high as examples. And they shouldn't be how the pies examples now When I say we should look back, we should look back at cities like Baltimore and what's happened to Baltimore since then,. Left the mayor in the left. The scoop prosecutor in Baltimore did the damage that day get in coordination with the justice Apartment under Obama, as well as the Obama staff member. And we were told that there are. These cops had committed acts of brutality against Freddy Gray. Every single police officer was found not guilty. In fact,.
Some have their cases dropped every single one of them. It was a phony. Issue from day one and it costs people to this. Day in the city of Baltimore their lives, their properties, then its affected. The police force fewer and fewer cops I mean who wants to work there as a police officer given what's taken place. And the police. Of course they understand if they jump into these communities and they take the lead regardless razor anything else that they we are putting their next on the line physically and in terms of their careers. The left under Obama under Loretta Lynch under Valerie Jarrett under those phone ease, the mayor and the prosecutor. There
the enormous damage to this beautiful city, Baltimore, so wonderful city. But it's now a very dangerous. Because of the the attack on law and order led by Obama, so when I was away, I heard this interview of Baltimore, pastor, Reverend Clingy Scott on NPR, and I wasn't listening then pier. I heard it on the internet taken listen to this. This brief clip from an interview go ahead after the death of Friday, Grey You yourself, families of victims, didn't you want police to back off now that represent progressive activist I look
journalists, politicians, but it didn't. I Yet the overall community, because We know for a fact that around I am afraid Grey was killed. We start this, homicide increase, we had five homicide and enable the while we were protesting without warning, see happen was that people would be trust relationship with our police department so that they would feel more comfortable having conversations with the police Crime and enable them because they would feel safer, so we wanted the police. There One of them engaging the community we have of them. That being the hell out of us, we didn't want that. We need the frontline police officers and we need, The black community, the staff of the forefront in this discussion and that's what we want to see a decreasing cry now.
Well, this hasn't gotten. A hell of a lot of attention. Has it maybe on talk? Radio him been listening, may be obviously NPR, but, as this got a lot of attention, has it been on CNN, Maremma, sell US d or envy they re BC or CBS, almost no attention at all. It's very sad. What they can place in Bonn what's very say, what's taking place in Chicago Teresa, what's taking place in so many of our major metropolitan areas,. And yet, when we had our first african american president. Who is a left, a city alike, I would come, And the more damage has been done to the inner cities of this country want during his eight years the recent past and more parts are being made now to reverse something.
Said he did in the metropolitan areas of this country in order to improve the situation. Mitt Romney, ladies and gentlemen, Republicans, hello, hello, hello, Mitt, Romney, now wants to be a senator or in Hampshire. Four hundred and twelve years is decided. He will step down. Now there were two or in hatches. There is Orange hatch was elected and nineteen seventy seven and he was a firebrand and he was a solid conservative right up through the Reagan ears, and then he flopped flipped any flock, and it became a big body of TED Kennedys. Then he was authoring healthcare desolation. Then he was Sir defending business as usual in the Senate. I mean he changed almost completely and that's why
happens when you're, there decade after decade after decade, start. I remember when he started. I think he was forty one. Forty two years already never run for public office before he Randy one. The United States Senate seated Neuter tough primary. He ran by the way in part on term limits. When he came on my show last time around and I supported him but he's being concern back then, and then immediately switched after the election, and I apologized everybody, for I look you gotta say what's right and I was asleep That's why we started the year. The liberty score overcome targeted reveal, which scores. A period of six years, not just a period of one year or two years. So it's a much tougher and more rigorous and more accurate
scoring system than any of the others and hatched is poorly. Now because he's a deal maker, he doesn't dry principles. We can make deals and dry principles, but if you just driving deals, I got enough so Mitt Romney wants to be a senator guy. Seventy years only wants to be a senator. What does he want to be a son who was governor of Massachusetts? Kenya Horwitz makes a number of good points in his peace over conserved. You I'm not a big Mitch. Mitt Romney fan, I'm not a big Mitt Romney nobly. We stands for a damn thing, I really don't he and Mccain brought us Obama. They ran terrible terrible campaigns in the people were interested in its true.
An Horwitz Daniel Horowitz points out at sea are Romney is the grandfather of Obamacare. He sat idly while, state redefine marriage before it was cool and then proceeded to champion marriage. When seeking the presidency, on immigration when running for president, he was called severely. Conservative unquote talk about self deporting, but his record b. Poor running for president and ever since running for president is in line with the failed establishment way of thinking. In fact, Obama The issue that Dhaka Amnesty during the general election in twenty twelve one Romney had the biggest platform to speak against this. There national sovereignty. Instead, he said he would keep amnesty and place thereby well blazing the GNP response Jim, I think one, the most illicit acts of president in modern history. In twenty fourteen Romney opposed the conservative effort to fight of dapper amnesty.
Even as a relates the bedrock republican issues of IRAN and Israel, we can see that differ. Between, say President Trump and Romney all Republic and say they believe IRAN is an enemy, our pro Israel. Believe Jerusalem is Israel's capital and our concern about I was studying terrorism, but much like their belief in Life, if you will, whenever the opportunity presented itself, also the paradigm, they dogmatically cling to the status quo and down savage, though, those who are trying to force change like Mitt Romney Savage, take crews Hezbollah is funding from a ran increasing from two hundred million, the eight hundred and thirty million after the transfer of frozen funds.
Following the idea. We now know that wrongly was proven wrong, but we want a minute. He wanted minute's speaking of trumps boldness on Israel on the pillow, let's travel back in time to twenty twelve between to our presidential primary would nuclear language. On the summer, nine twenty eleven Gingrich boldly proclaimed that there's no such thing as distinct era. Palestinian people any was right that they are. Invented people and that they have no claim to any land came Romney. Criticising the next day added. Dayton Iowa. I want exercise sobriety care stability and make sure that I don't say anything like this said the virtues signalling human edges, sketch from Massachusetts who is now considering a run for the Senate Neutral.
Even on the issues on which they claim to agree with us, wrongly Republicans, Romney Republicans, currently oppose doing anything meaningful to change the paradigm because of stability. We would want to destabilize Iraq and IRAN and Afghanistan by changing plans, we wouldn't want to destabilize the piano by cutting our funds. You wouldn't want to destabilize the insurance markets, but the two thousand dollar monthly premiums shoot me. They wouldn't want to destabilize woman's help? I d plan parenthood. Yes, we live is rubber. Let's not rock the boat by moving the embassy. Let's just talk about it, aspirations, early
Yes, we need immigration, reformat immigration reform really means the same old amnesty and don't talk to me about reforming, CHE migration and the refugee flows. This is essentially what the Republicans say and do, and we are sick of this game. All voters are sick of again. They want somebody. Who's gonna challenged the status quo. Reagan said freedom is the right to question and change the establish way of doing things. It is the right to put forth an idea scoffed at by the experts and watch a catch fire among the people. That's right, Romney is the quintessential failed republican politician in the sense that either trailblazers the left wing policies of the political establishment or blocks the path of those who try to stop the policies of the left which he has already pursued.
So why is it a seventeen year old after failing to when the presidency on two occasions? What does he want to sit in the Senate? What will accomplish. In all likelihood, he will be the new John Mccain, the man who cannot find any reservoir of outrage against the sickening policies of the left. But who will virtue signal against the right of the drop of a hat will be the go to Republican for the media? Romney would be worse than nothing has senators, not just a vote, but a voice. True, let's not forget that at a time when the left is becoming dangerously unhinge, Romney actually pray
Antigua and yet people run going to run around me. The great Romney he is actually a politician without a purpose is enormous Tbilisi. What is that I'll, be right back let's take some calls here. Go to Matthew Newark. Firstly, the Great W Abc go more guide
I hear everything. Is I love you back your great I'm curious about. You know when we talk about Donald Trump, as you know, handling external contemplates criminal over the border. America. First. The thing I really want to know from you is its America. First, a meme inert, New Jersey, it's not to different from Chicago, and I don't know. I guess I can't see that you have to do some batch gag on men talk about a border war. We have problems in year already talk about this. First of all, these cities have not been federalized, however, is the primary responsibility for local law enforcement, local law enforcement.
You have mayors and city councils that are weak. They will not back up their cops, who don't higher enough cops? Who don't pay? The cops, you're gonna have more crime, if you have a locality, said, have liberal judges like most of our inner cities. Do the you're not gonna, be locking up criminals, at least not for appeared time, the National movement, an opponent of educating the national. Within our concern about now's his so called criminal Reform Movement have a lot of mostly white people from various parts of the country as serving in Congress or advising people in Congress to let prisoners out of federal prison because of crimes committed that they don't think of our terrible offences. Even though many these people have fled down from more
more than you know, felonious type activity. Moreover, Jeff Sessions is going up. Crime in cities. In this sense he has done in his few months in office really less than a year and Obama ever didn't, Trying to deal with, I must thirteen as an example, and they ve the lack of federal overreach, even though that's not their job to local gab. I've lived in Philadelphia eyes. I saw them from cylinder said. The primary responsibility is with local government what the fellow did under Obama is interfere. His tie, their hands is to take some other tools. Away is to Brown beat them is to make it much more difficult to do, the job and some others only so much the federal government can do to support local law enforcement. There's a lot. The federal government can do to undermine law enforcement go ahead, but mark I would
We hear a thing I sat at you. I heard everything Please I go right ahead or better federal override are the lack of federal over even though the latter job at the local gab I've lived in Philadelphia eyes. I found some solid ice here agreed. Listen, we say stop mumbling. What are you trying to say I'm trying to say is that it is not enough. On long island. Yes, it is in New York City. Yes, well as a whole, there's a whole variety of factors, but the federal government is supposed to control the border and immigration. The federal government does not control the near did police department. Thank God, my point Eddie of mayor does the idiot that the common people, perform re fear here, issue and better You think I know you're uri moaning, but you're, not listening. I'm telling you.
You on law and order in your communities than you vote for people are going to support lawn order working to stop trash. The cops are going to stop supporting level judges. We can do so. The federal level, but it is not there- that all responsibility to national local law enforcement I'll be right back. then make conservatism great again dial. In now, eight seven, seven, three eight one, three, eight one, one, American, I'm going Yet today that I dined legislation, I will outline
Russia forever. We began bombing and drive minute. You know, folks, I think one day just tell me, I think one day, maybe it triumphant wine reelection, maybe five years from now, maybe ten years from now. However, whatever we're gonna look back on this period, I've told my family this and wish this guy was thorough. We're gonna appreciate many of us, not all of us. I will the way he he confronted the media in this country. We can appreciate the way he tried to speak directly to the american people. He knows he can't give the greatest great speed
but he has paved the way on social me. Twitter drives the media in this country. Nuts. Can you I agree with everything who cares. You see guys like Scarborough and their Congo line buffoons. They bring in to say the same thing they can keep up with this president. They can't figure now They not like the fact that the use of social media there, very few media outlets. That's celebrate the prince its use of social me. They attack em an attacker, over and over and over again because they want to be the final through which his messages communicated will. If that happened, to be a disaster for him. When you listen to the likes of down lemon brine, stouter.
The morning smell a mishmash. The list is so long. I can remember when you listen to me: phony journalists. Print on and on about their profession that they have destroyed. You can thank com for exposed. We always knew they were left us for the most part, but he's brought them to the brink of absolute arrangement. But I truly believe wouldn't look back one day when you look at much of his record in confronting North Korea like no prior president wooden, since the Brian war, in confronting a ran, whereas his predecessor now appeased around subsidize their terrorism quite frankly, and terror and subsidizing the clear programme, we're gonna, look back and talk.
About the guts he had and taking on the federal judiciary in trying to secure our borders. We're gonna look back on his. Strong support for the military worries having to fight Congress, including Republicans in Congress, to get them the funds that they need to protect us? His support for local law enforcement. We're gonna look back and tell our grand kids and our great during kids what it was like during the presidency. Now I know A lot of the year Aggrandizing so called elites. Four grand rising so called intellectuals. They hear what I say: they scratch their heads, but they would because they don't get any of them, particularly in the conservative side.
Tromp is not a populist. He may have somewhat of a populous mesh message. Trop has and stated that for the most part, not completely he's been quite conservative. And when he does conservative things iraqi any racks up those victories has a conservative he's praised. This is one of the reasons the nationalist populaces so furious, and some people too I to mislead you by defining conservative victories as establishment victories. And mostly the establishment, does that the establishment. So when they come out with their massive infrastructure bill, I will oppose. We were two hundred trillion dollars and debt? I don't know where they think this monies gonna come from when they come up
their family programme. I will fight it, okay, so one so one. We fight the things. We support the trying an impasse and we fight the things we opposed to try and kill them. That's the nature of the beast, but for the most part. I'm quite satisfied I just now- and I say this is somebody you read my books, many of you who did not expect this from this present Having said that, I don't think there are answers in Washington DC overall. Why support convention of States I think we have. We are Sensing ourselves from our constitutional roots every single day will mark. I thought You said you like from the press
they can only do so much. He's, not a dictator. We don't want him to be a dictator. What's happened, those countries happen over the course of a century The people want their liberty and the constitution back. They now and a lot of stuff let's do but a lot of them down I ve been thinking about your home security, there's no better time to get in then right now, you ve heard me sing the prey. Of simply safe home security. It's the best protection period, simply safe, has put together a mass of security Arsenal for your home, a special package handpicked just for you. It's got entry, censure motion centres, glass, breaks, sensors, everything you need to start criminals from every touching, your home, and right now, my friends, it simply safe, are giving you, my listeners and absolutely incredible: offer get to hunt
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really good friend, who is a sergeant, the bomb or city police department, and he and I just spent the entire day together Friday, catch not been awhile and it was the holidays and that that interview without Reverend I dont know if it had been broadcast yet, but they had a heads up, and I can. I will Asia, that for being a reverend, he should have a familiarity with the ten commandments and that you're not supposed to lie, but the man is a blatant. That's right up up up up up what did he say the one that said we did not want the police in it we wanted the police in our neighborhood, we told we did not tell them. We didn't want them in there and we just didn't want them beating the hell out of her. Well, that's not what they said. End of the all the archives can be found. All those interviews and all from the time of the riot and post riot They blatantly says we don't want the police, we don't want any governor, he says they did say that and he says aggressive said it. The activists said it. He was quite specific. He did
Say it wasn't said he said: that's what those people set right ever set by more than here. Activists in a progressive. So I don't know I don't have any way of knowing, but you live it. You know better than I hear from Baltimore right and my friend and I did speak of it, and that is what they said, and it is evident that crime went through the roof they had. The most martyrs per Kilo history, the city jail, I noticed, but he said just repeat that that view was represented by because he he confronted with the entire report said they represent. A progressive activists, liberal journalists, liberal politicians. Didn't representative that did represent all the people in the city of Baltimore, and I expect these correct. Now he knew it was said. You know he was correct with regard to saying: yes, it definitely the progressive levels, but it was that you would help us far more than just them, and it's pretty it's kind of sad that nobody has
I've been taken in the past. Like you said that wasn't on sea, and then it was an honour MSNBC. It got a little bit of play locally on the news and pr, but nobody challenge, sat in the validity of that. I suspect this guy's been attacked by the left Disney. Oh yeah, and it said that the guys are put on the uniform and actually go and try to serve our basically treated like grim. And their lives are in danger every day and its there, because they, the majority of whom there are great guys than they do in their bedroom technology right. The community just doesn't nine times out of ten appreciated or on it until thing, Go sideways. I Brian appreciate your car tat Hurling Tin Vermont on the Great W p m T our affiliate their hurry. You I can do and gray happy new year to true honour to talk. You appreciate it Yes, let me ask you before you asked me: have you stay warm and remind right now my God had been terrible? it is an awful.
Many he way. Right now that we ve been in the teens today, Sola above zero teams has been people staying long hated. I grow at a high terrible well, you know I'm one of them very few deplorable surrounded in my stead. Burma here and I'm just curious what your thoughts are on talking to liberal. My thoughts are mere move. Now I believe me, you think I'm kidding I know that a Lex Bernie Sanders. What can I say? here the level and quality about Thou she's, my fifteen year old daughter, who is a super smart, and giant here's what I'm gonna do tat, because when I can have enough time to do this year, but I'm gonna send you to work Hopefully, we have MR produce for me to send you plunder and to see that we have it rich.
We have a liberty and tyranny still We must send your liberty and tyranny and plunder and deceit. Those are the two perfect books for your fifteen euro. While she do some reading Is she here well super smart, it's hard for me as a brass dad to compete with that. Her academics. There. Drowning Harwood, Bernie Posters, and I will tell her telling read this and after she read one or both books. I want you to call me back Tommy had only act. Ok, I've done hang up tat. Don't hang up! This is why, right these books. How much time on radio What I want to discuss this because his millions of people listening they are even if I discuss for five retirement that's not nearly enough plus. I need to speak to the fifteen year old, and so I these books, that's one of the reasons I do a tv. The first book in terms of firm basis,
knowledge about conservatism and anti conservatism would be liberty and tyranny, and then the net work when it comes to youth there I feel, would be most persuasive is plunder and deceit Because it's their generation that's being plundered and deceive, so those two books should make a huge impact. If you have a a child. Grandchild who seems to be moving laughter is on the left if they want to actually read them. I think I can make a difference. I have to take a break down. I I'll be right back.
How do I know you know why they don't talk about global warming anymore. They call a climate change and they won't even talk about climate change right now. It's freezing out there. All of us know this. We go out. There are appendages freeze, while those of you in certain parts of the country, you may not know, but you seen on tv and isn't an amazing it's this time a year where they never want to discuss climate change, certainly not global warming, because the whole thing is a joke. It's a fraud for more centralized government, a bigger attack on on capitalist. Why are they talking about global warming or climate change right now with every whether report.
Talking about some kind of snow hurricane that they also snow hurricane. I never heard of it snow hurricanes. Coming back like everybody, snow hurricane As global warming, no you don't understand is global climate change in go either way goes every way. Does give us more money? Oh you know I was in Florida couple days visiting my parents had so how much time I reached us whispered my ear Ok, I got a minute for this and I was down the check on my parents for a few days and I am flying back late Sunday and it's freezing in Virginia and the plains half empty
where's my wife. What say you mean have fall. You gotta, look at the glass, half full or half empty, all right, all right, the planes half full. Luckily nobody sitting next to me. If you know what I mean. Because I'm one of the schmuck, whose flying into the year into the cold weather from flying So what are you out of your mind? Yes, I am its nuts. You know you're starting off this new year with some resolutions may suggest one that we should all try stop watching fake news. Last year we saw how far the liberal media will go even at the expense of their credible. If you miss the last couple of in tv episodes of the year, we kept the Obama espionage scandal and, by the way, were starting up a brand new year. A programming tomorrow, night.
And that has been I've. Scandal started with total mockery of yours truly by the media, ended with complete than the case. These are the kinds of stories you're only going to get on see our tv. We are bringing you the truth night in a night out twenty eighteen shaping to be a huge year foresee our tv were adding new shows from house like Andrew welcome Alley stuff. The more plus the price is less than eight bucks a month when you use promo code Levine I tell you the iron it's time to fight back against liberal media. Do yourself a favor seriously. Try see our tv for a week completely free! You gotta, see our tv dot com make sure you use code Levine, that's code, Al Easy! I am to take ten dollars off your annual subscription. That's ten percent sign up now at Seattle,. You ve got com or give us a call. Our folks. Are there the gunman shut down? We never shut down. Eight four for love in tv that eight for four l e, the iron.
Easy. You know, ladies and gentlemen, the next time the Democrats retina shut down the government. I think we should. Oh wow, it's Saturday Saturday Sunday to holiday, shutting down the government, because by my clock it's almost nine pm eastern time and the government is shut down and guess what I give a damn Jim Imperial Nebraska Serious Satellite quickly go Mark is greater poverty regulations on your new flagship for Sunday night. You I just wanted to point out, Papa what you had brought up about Mitt Romney. I think two things. Killed him in the presidential election was care for number one, and he came out against Obamacare. Exactly everything you say: well, it's ok for the stage, but I don't think it should be for national Wishy washy, like I write a milk fast enough.
One of the things that really needed to be hammered on about that whole thing in Massachusetts that was subsidized, fifty percent might have Federal government anywhere, you know four billion dollars over budget. That's it that's why? currently stands for nothing. Let's just be honest. Me stands for nothing, which is why The Republicans like thanks for you My friend, you know it's great to be back we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emerge, key personnel and all of you, my beloved audience, thank you for listening, and I See you tomorrow, it's a brand new year we power had picked liberty country. See you tomorrow.
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