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On Thursday's Mark Levin show, We have people sitting down with liberal authors and promoting themselves at President Trump’s cost. There is no excuse for what Steve Bannon. If you have worked for this President or any president, you should have enough...

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Now. Only underground vowels lay hidden somewhere under Britain's the eleven Nondescripts building. We once again made contact with our leader. Tell everybody. Mark Levant. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one page, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. Well well, well, what's he gonna talk about immigration? Call me, IRAN, twenty fifth amendment, again, Annan, Trump! Here's where lemme tell you right up front. I am sick and tired of it
Oh Papa, I'm sick and tired of it. You know we live our lives in reality. You gonna work. We day most of you, you time put money in the bank. Pay. Your mortgage pay ran, put food on the table. You try to do it right. Most of you, most of us, actually pay taxes and carry the weight of all the other citizen re here see what's going on in these dark blue states, how they violate federal law. How The sun they are federalists, have they not, I federal law in order to change the demographics of their states. How members of Congress now are elected, largely in some areas of the country based on the illegal alien population, great peace and conservative review on this by debt, Daniel Horwitz.
We see kind on the rise rush on the rise. We see. What I ran is doing our military really needs and infusion of significant amounts of money is being blocked by the Democrats who, instead one dollar for the Marines than one dollar four footsteps. I. Such is the federal judiciary is utterly out of control and we gotta talk about a book How many days are we gonna do this with. Barred and Steve Ban in, and others too They they wanna, put America first. Well, then put America first. What's with all the saw, promotion, liberal, media and liberal,
author, so you know we're gonna trash the present the United States in his family. I dont get it. I really dont get it. We're not gonna, hear many opportunities anymore, given the political demographics in this country They presently united States who supports seventy. Eighty percent of our conservative agenda. Here I am, I never never would have believed it here. I am defending the present, the United States against attacks by sea bed and not just him and not just in the fact of the matter This is a turning point in this country. We are all say it a superpower in decline and look at it. Any coded China is right on our heels.
China's right on our heels, their military is being built up massively. They have a geographic. Agreed they didn't have ten years ago. They have a hundred years land when we went out a twelve month plan, were they Political party in this country, the Democratic Party which is different than a party we ve ever had in this country? Oh yes, No one had a democratic party certainly said slavery because they support of slavery. But am I talking about that. Like the alien they ve taken over the body, the Democratic Party, they re Nicholas nineteen? Sixty riders and protestors now run the dinner. A party they run the newsrooms in this country, anyone Hollywood, they run. The big unions. And we have people sitting down with liberal authors, level, media types endlessly promoting themselves at the cost
for the President of the United States, many wonderful aspects of his agenda, some aspects of his agenda, which I oppose and there's no excuse for this. None none. The fact of the matter is, we have a very small window here to advance whatever we can advance. We have states now that are not only turning blue states that a solid bloom we're, never gonna get back. If we lose Florida for good or God forbid, access for good. There is no conceivable way weaken when the presidency again none under the electoral College or the popular vote. There is no conceivable way. Man will be a one party country.
So, rather than focusing all of our attention and securing the border throne, people out of this country, low, violate their visa stays addressing darker getting what a chain migration. Instead of focusing on that, we focus on this crap. This presidency is doing more than either the Bush presidency to put a reduced conservatives on the federal bank on the final vote We ve got fifty one republican senators, that's it we lose the fifty one we lose told them. We cannot get a regular on the federal bench anymore. We cannot get in a ritual is on the Supreme Court anymore. This is serious.
Do you know why Nancy policies telling me more reckless big mouth among her caucus to keep quiet about impeachment, because I want to pick off enough house members to impeach this president and bogged down in a peach with discussions and debates for the next ten years to make it impossible for him. The governor. The dragged down as numbers even further, so he couldn't win reelection even if he wanted to that lakes
it even more reckless when people who served the president or who have served the president go off on these strange adventures, working with the left wing media working with leftwing authors, its appalling the me absolutely above you wanna have a straight up. You have sea fight on ideas, then let's have it. You want a debate, it lets debate it, but don't sabotaged the presence of the United States, clearly that trashes family only that the Joe Scarborough, the grotesque they grotesque fraud and complete so up, Mr Deliverance over there at MSNBC. There's plenty of scumbags like him.
Finally to come from within, and I am truly truly sick and tired of these dead end or never trapper, guys, I'm sick of them. They know damn well that many other things crop is doing or trying to do. Far more conservative than we would have gotten from virtually any of the other seventeen candidates running in the republican primaries. For President the United States, we know this is true truckers, actually become more conservative in the presidency, then he was when you ran for the presidency and again I understand the infrastructure crap understand that I understand the family leave and we will fight those things, but also many of the fundamentals. I am speaking. As a lifelong conservative, not somebody
New to this, as somebody who serve Reagan for eight years, as somebody who served under Attorney general Edwin niece somebody who's written the biggest, both consequential widely popular conservative book in modern times, liberty and tyranny. I'm telling you this because I call it straight it's what I see. Bad you abandoned said this: when it all the measures these Mercer, when they come from the mergers, what did they come from billion air? Spreading their money around all of a sudden, I hereby Mars is never about the marriage is ten years ago didn't hear about the mercies. Fifteen years ago, when Reagan was running, never heard about the mercies. Now it's the mercy.
This is a man who they are the mergers. I don't even know. I never heard of them before all Rebecca Mercer, while those Rebecca sir. Well, don't you know? No, I dont, though, and I dont care tat personal with me. You ve been told now for a couple years: conservatism is dead, the conservatism doesnt deliver. Anything, ladies and gentlemen, conservatism delivers everything what conservatism, conservatism is americanism. What is Americanism Americanism is the basis for humanity. Our principles are the basis for humanity. This idea of unalienable right this way here that these are inalienable rights, do not come from government; they do not come from men, they do not
come from women, they do not come from political parties, but come from a god almighty himself? That's americanism, tell me, Americanism is dead, don't tell me, conservatism is dead. We have people out there trying to promote them, concepts of ideology, different concoctions that they ve come up with the wrong. The test of history tells us are wrong. Look at your constitution, somebody ought to look at it. God knows members of Congress, don't look at it. God knows members of the judiciary, simply Delighted unmolested, you look at it.
That document all about which the document, although the documents all about ordered liberty, the civil society virtue, Signed by redistributing wealth had said about entitlement programmes, it's not about new massive phony infrastructure programmes. It's not about open border Were you lose your entire nation state? It's not about level judges who are appointed Life who sit there and aside, in which case the date they like or which agenda they like their personal policy preferences and training? Trying them in the constitution, that's tyranny. I understand why the media want to debate a book
stand by the media. One is the debate anything, but what ought to be discussed? I understand I really do, but I reject it completely and utterly if you work for the President of the United States, or you have worked for a president, this president of the United States, you should have enough respect and decency enough respect indecency not to sabotage, not undermine. I don't care who you are. I don't care who you are. But apparently that's not the case. I look at our politicians today. I've never seen a weaker lot of politicians in my life,
actually have a United States senator from Colorado, Corey Garden, this guy used to be conserved, Was in the house he decided around the Senate. He moved into the moderate mode, is a complete and utter erhead and lightweight. And he's announced on a centre for today in emotions. You and I have never seen from them, because these. Many general, the United States is going to enforce federal marijuana laws in all states income. In Colorado, which legalised marijuana. He is going to block every single appointment to the Department of Justice, every single appointment to the criminal division for the civil rights division. That of your presence to the Marshal service- you name, it he's gonna block it, because by
the people in Colorado have a right to be high. Now notice he doesn't have the capacity. He doesn't have the intelligence to change their federal law. He can persuade as fellow senators change, the federal law now, but he's gonna stand up and blocked the trunk Justice Department and the Sessions Justice Department. That's what a Republican is going to do to a republican administration. Nobody will attack this man, nobody will criticise me and he'll dress, their suffers federalism. Hey mistake? You do whatever they want really. Where are we on this? Ladies and gentlemen, do we support nullification out they can do whatever they want. Can they do However, they want when it comes to the second amendment as Corey gardener Jose now, They do whatever I want they want. When it comes to sanctuary cities as Corey Guard,
We also know, but then ask him about that. Now we have the new potheads senator who's gonna, claim that he's the real federalist you see. Meanwhile, meanwhile, we gotta debated I'll be right back I regret, however, that if we look at the media, there are. That's a media that are non progressive there.
Even a smaller number of outlets, setter, openly conservative and yet, if the democratic, controlled, the FCC, you know how many times I have sought to shut down talk. Radio, don't do it. Don't do it there's an effort on our way to get rid of the electoral College through the back door there's an effort under way to continue to change the nature of many, these red states to Purple states an states like Virginia as a perfect example to make it impossible to an elections at the national level impassable. They want to change the gerrymandering rules, not because they believe that their. The guy; they don't they don't like them per se, because they want to be able to rig the system
so they can forever when the house a representative, and they to make sure that, regardless of who wins elections, that bureaucracy is so entrenched in their policies, they so entrenched, in fact their constitutional eyes the matter who wins the next. The like this is what. Phasing out right. If you turn off your radio and open the window, probably hear him straight on the studio com. Eleven, seven, seven, three eight one we ate one one I let's get into some of this stuff during the holiday before the holiday. They pass this tax bill
And the renowned supply siders are all over radio and tv putting themselves on the back. I think this is magnificent, and I bet many of you think it's magnificent you told this day in and day out day in and day out,. I even heard a host who I admire enormously, I was in the many, but I happen to me in the car claim that these deductions for property taxes and state income taxes into nothing more than federal subsidies to the blue state. I thought to myself man how fast we have sunk when Pay taxes, ladies and gentlemen, you're, not subsidizing any state, you used to buy a home and you own the home and relocate
he taxes, your property to pay for, among other things, the schools, the police, the fire department and so forth, and saw some states and locality? it completely out of control like a cat. For any New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Rhode, Island, Maryland and so forth, and so on, and so the thinking of this class warfare stuff coming from the pseudo right is that well, that'll teach the states. Maybe they shouldn't do what they do to their citizens. And so, in order to teach these blue states a lesson, we're going to punish the citizens of this country who own property a home who pay state income taxes, the vast majority? By limiting their deduct the, since one is a deduction
he subsidy! Ladies and gentlemen, unless you believe all your money belongs to the federal government at your house, that your property that your mortgage at your paying every month. You're paying your income taxes, since, when is the those things a subsidy to you by the federal government? It simply means you pay less in federal income taxes than you otherwise would. Why should you be treated that way right? Isn't that the argument every I should have a year and a level playing field, I think they say level playing field, but first we have to agree that it's the individual who pays? That's, not the state stages of painting taxes, softwares pain,
be felt as a result of limiting and in some cases eliminating these deductions, its felt by individuals and its far by families Many cases, families and individuals who relied on the tax coded advanced purchase their homes. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, when you bought your house when you put down five ten, one fifty percent or maybe a borrower cash phenomena wealthier. The point: is you may that deposit in you pay that mortgage with after tax income do I mean by that you ve already paid your federal income taxes. You ve already paid your state income tax, as you already paid. All the other taxes that come with being an American. You paid all those taxes and then, whatever you have left your purchase, a car to purchase a home,
down a deposit on their home, a down payment that sort of thing you ve already pay taxes. On the money at the very end that you get the key and spend yourself when you pay your property taxes, you're, paying your property taxes on after tax income. So now in essence, you're gonna pay taxes twice on the same money: federal income tax, whatever your income is plus now you're gonna pay your property tax with your after tax money. I know this sounds a little complicated, but that's the way to nobody subsidizing you. He subsidizing you, because your life
they keep a little bit more of your money. After have already paid taxes out of the White Zoo. And two year, these so called concern would have sore now pseudo conserve is defending. This is appalling, absolutely appalling. They want to turn it into politics. They want to turn it into blue stay verses, red state, nothing that do a blow They verses red state, you're, the one paying metaxas you and you- and you have a forty- is apparent: federal income taxes, the origin of paying federal income taxes, no jerseys, not paying federal income taxes. But I call you. These so called supply side is roll over radio and tv, their fakes, their fraud on the real supply. Zuyder me, I'm the one who supports cutting rights across the board, not them.
Mr Lange, for I don't know, what's happened to him with a laugh, recur Venus Farewell the ring of tax cuts were focused on slashing individual federal income tax rates. That was them the focus. That was the priority. Now there were corporate cuts due and other changes it. They made an enormous amount of sense to benefit the economy. But that said nobody paid more income taxes F irregular was done, nobody had a tax increase and, while I'm out on holiday and the vacation listening to their stuff for driving in Lisbon, on what the hell has happened here,
Well, we didn't do enough on the individual tax. Are you sure, as hell didn't so We should be congratulating ourselves now. In the face of this, you see. And by the way, more and more individuals in this country will be off the tax rules, thanks to the increase. The increase in that so called family depend. The Dutch, which will be among others, is pushing for, because you know his Clare class warfare stuff is, is endemic. Here's a piece right now and related. Warren Buffett, whose were seventy five billion dollars, says the tsunami of wealth trickled down, surged upward. So here we have a class warfare warrior whose words seventy.
Five billion dollars and he's concern you see because he says, when the first computation and nineteen eighty two of the four four hundred wealthiest list and today the world- So the four hundred increase twenty nine fall from ninety three billion. To two point: seven, while many millions of hard working citizens remain stuck on an economic treadmill doin. This parity said that me. Why didn't trickled down and searched upwards. This is where I get in trouble, and I dont know why I do. Who cares? What does it matter if a guy next door to me was worth three cents in nineteen. Eighty, two and today he's worth three billion dollars. What is that matter to me? How does that affect me Do something because he became fabulously. Wealthy was denied something because he
she became fabulously. Wealthy has nothing to do with me or my life, and they have absolutely nothing to do with capitalism. They may have something to do with the fact. That somebody worked harder. Somebody work smarter. Somebody chose a different career path. Somebody invented something somebody fail five ties and then became wealthy. Somebody was wealthy. Men became poor. This is a very dynamic, complex economy because its base on capitalism. What does this have to do with anything The way you create jobs is not through As warfare worried about the forty four hundred, the way you create jobs is creating the Forbes five hundred six hundred one million the way you create jobs, less regulations, less, centralized, control, more liberty, more choice,
more opportunity? That's how people become millionaires billionaires unless they're crony capitalists, so I read this guy, this Warren Buffett for seventy five billion. I think to myself what what drives a man like this to say these? What drives a man like this These things to say the stupidest things puzzle. We have more stupid billionaires in this country than you can shake a sticker. They know, make money, but they don't know. Why don't know the bee model that that that makes them super, whether they don't they dont comprehend Liberty, their billions but they're stupid people. They know how to build yellow road system or broadcast system or this system or that system, but fundamentally they're stupid people because they do
I understand the underlying principles and model that help them create wealth. And so what do they do later? Gian fabulously wealthy in those poor people in this country I system, doesnt work. Our system does not work. You mean he's tyrannical totalitarian regime. There's a handful of multi millionaire Dinars and you know who they are, the people who run the governments. It's not because they invented anything not because they produce anything not because they sell anything not because they mark Anything that because they service anything, it's using brute force police power. How many billionaires either in Venezuela a couple. The people who stole the money from the governor.
From the citizenry, who run the government, ok, but among the population the civilian population, how many millions and billions are left in Venezuela, man really other people better off the people better off. Mr buffet have any Cuba The Castro's your billionaires, running and other things, stealing the money from their people, but Ok, ladies and gentlemen, it's ok because. Everybody's poor. You see, there's not this big gap between the rich and the poor, The worry about some billinger who lives next door, how unfair that would be its very fair and Cuba It's very fair and Venezuela, every bodies having the death penalty
winners either in North Korea, you get my point. This class warfare stuff is poisonous absolutely poisonous, and yet it is ubiquitous Paul Ryan was pushing this tax plan on tv and we played it many times for you. He sounded like Warren Buffett, buffet and Paul Ryan sounded like leftists. These supply seiners, so called supply side are not supplies, they believe in cutting taxes for corporations. That's not supply side Ethnic supply side, economics, supply side economics, a slashing taxes across the board the legal entity, whether arrest proprietor, whether in international major corporation,
And whenever you are. Why cider would argue and did in the past, that you should slash taxes across the board in context for individuals, corporations alike, that's not what they did. Many many people were left out. Many people were left out, but don't worry you see because those are the rich other not. Oh yeah, the other rich they make when fifty thousand Algiers other writ ok. And it is Warren Buffett, Paul line and the less degree there's very few voices left for capitalism. Very. And yet, when you look around this is why I want to use my feet. Show. You live in tv use this microphone to get back out there and educate people about success, about liberty, about property rights, about.
The traditional government and all these things I feel we ve lost at all. In so many ways. I feel we ve lost it. Why am I a lonely voice defending capital as well as I speak, but see what time is? It is six forty, eight p m eastern on these ghosts? Swimming get out well, you can go to a major grocery store and by virtually anything from anywhere in an automobile. We can get gasoline virtually anywhere, try back to your home, your apartment, which is heeded the benefit of capitalism, even more. The benefits of private property rights. Are so numerous there there there infinite.
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Are you sure you're show? I just want to admit. I am a liberal, I'm a Democrat. However, I do enjoy listening to the views of their side. I actually think that they could be accomplished if you know everything and actually listen to one another and of arguing, I'm not so sure about that. I'm very and they nerve. Answering us actually wrote down my question because I am I gonna run out of time ago. Forgive it yet her. So I want to know if you believe that the voters voting legalization of marijuana that their vote it does not matter anymore because Europe's action they gonna play into ever garbage committees the voters voted in California against same sex. Marriage. You think their votes account in early Airways vote should count in the lobby putting overcrowding, at stake. Is the Supreme Court rule five before against them together?.
Yet it seems a little bit more complicated. Isn't it people? This is the popular above the people say the people should have it. There's a federal poor in place that outlaws what's taking place in Colorado. Now what should happen. I think that the people, though, is the one that matters a better one. That is not all that voted for. All people voted to recycle essentials too, and they passed this statute against the use and the girl. Other marijuana gonna people voted. Isn. T answer really is yes,. The case of the people loading estate for something that's horrific like slave, Should we listen to their over that That's a little more complicated the whole issues complicated. Isn't it We have certain rights.
Now let me underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel, nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I mean I marvel of any air, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one look I'll take some calls from the former potheads existing clouded, but I'm not going to turn this into a potential. I've never smoke. My one, that's a fact, but that's not even the point. Denominate very small indistinct minority.
When the clock was clicking a ticking- and I was cut off at the end of the first one is trying to say, is the fact that people vote I'd say you voted for slavery in a most extreme. Doesn't mean you're right. We're not ruled solely by the vote. We have, as we talk about time certain unalienable right We have certain unalienable right, which The vote does a man, and this is very interesting case. The marijuana case because it's marijuana, it is a product. The federal government regulates products all the time. The federal government even outlaws products of these Those products are dangerous, and yet, when it comes to marijuana, there is a significant it enough group of people who do not want the federal government reg.
Waiting or banning that product. But when it comes to a host of other products, we don't we hear from these people. The problem is due, I believe, The state should decide. Yes, I believe the state should decide, I believe, state should decide a lot of issues. And I believe individuals. This should decide most of the issues, but that's not the system we have now. Is it so? What do we do?. We can now, if I laws of the state level, that we don't like from the federal government area. Let's do it in so you're saying trace it, your sanctuary, cities, sanctuary cities have embraced the same interpretation that the confederate states that we don't like it. When I don't, you can't tell us what to do.
The house had different than in those circumstances on the marijuana issue. Actually it's quite different because under our federal constitution the federal government has a significant say on when it comes to the issue of immigration, Saudi purely local wish, Have we not only tolerated the court's uphold state and city notification, most of the Obama appointees, limitation and the constitution does not even exist when it comes to marijuana doesn't even exist, and yet it seems to me now. Suffocation is accepted when it comes mostly, the left's agenda on sanctuary cities are marijuana.
As I say over and over and over again when it comes to the second amendment. States have almost no say the federal government steps in the federal government steps. Then, when it comes social issues are cultural issues, marriage, procreation and so forth, and so on abortion, the federal government is nationalized all those issues. In fact, the Supreme Court has nationalized all those issues and the left think that's great. As the left's agenda, is the left's agenda there not so much interested in the process, though not so much interested in the constitution, in fact, are completely disinterested in those by hook or by crook. The end justifies the means at all, but some of us are trying to be fairly rational about this. You're, the attorney General United States, you taken also uphold the federal constitution you're here.
States attorney in a district but may include Colorado. You take an oath to uphold the federal constitution. So you're going to nullify the federal marijuana law by not enforcing it At about right now, I have heard about right what federal law should be nullified. Because I got a whole list of them that I want and Oliver I want. The file, Burma CARE, further tax code. I mean, I guess, serious things. I want to nullify and we have some. Interesting calls before I move on. I had another subject I want to address, but I think engaging seventies cause cause will further crystallize these debates on these issues, including this issue, whether or not.
Its subsidizing blue states not subsidizing red states when it comes to you deducting your property and state income taxes- Michael, was Marilyn the Great W. I may I go there. Thank you market to talk with you- and I agree with you and probably just about everything you say I do believe- now that I have a careful reflection on this subsidization issue I live in Maryland, which is a fairly high tech state, but let's give a simple example You make a hundred thousand dollars and eleven no tax state like no income tax state like taxes, then you gonna, pay, say twenty five percent, And a hundred thousand dollars, on the other hand, It was at a high tax money with. I wonder what he me who pays? Twenty five percent- you mean several income tax, twenty five percent right right decision,
dapple! Now, on the other hand, if you live in a high tax day like well Marilyn Monroe, seven percent income tax, the dynamic that same hundred thousand dollars, but then I subtract, seven thousand- that I'd pay when tax, so that I'm paying a twenty five percent eyes. I saw you, don't get the wholesome percent instead of the whole Those eating who and I said, you're adjusted income is not you don't get it. You don't get it seven percent, back low, I really am I right. I'll get a deduction so depends on what your bracket is. If you're in the twenty five percent bracket, I mean, let's this without any other complications, you're getting twenty five percent of the seven percent back. Right here in Texas, you pain, zero percent state taxes. Why? But you're a twenty five percent on a hundred thousand
AIDS where they lived in a violent and Marilyn Pang. Maybe the twenty five percent of the said, and then I get my my deduction. Maybe I'm paying twenty three percent of the feds are twenty four percent or twenty two percent of the feds twenty five percent on we treat as an individual decision. You ve decided eleven Marilyn somebody else's decided, live in Texas, you're, not subsidizing, Marilyn well know about subsidies. Subsidizing anybody, but what I do is in axis, I pay more federal government that I'm paying for the better government in Maryland? We should raise the corporate these state corporate income tax in and Texas. Well, that's up to them. But that's what I'm saying now wait a minute wait a minute. Things up to this day, I got that when it comes to taxes, but say we're talking about cooperation, should the same thing apply longer time, just talking
body in detail. What everyone talking about, whether its individuals or corporations- You decide where you want to live. This is not a son. City to Maryland, Marilyn receives nothing. It's not. Subsidy, the individually individual, receives nothing. You stop paying twenty to twenty three percent. The person in Texas We're taking a bad example because, if you're paying zero income taxes in Texas. That also means that say your employer, you don't have to pay as much to employ. There's a lot of events that we can calculate. But let's, let's take your your case. I said you're, not subsidizing, Merlin Merlin gets nothing, so you were ok. If you don't like it, you can move to Texas or Florida, or these no income tax states. There's nothing prevents it, which is what people are doing.
Right but I'm still say what I'm doing as if I'm in no tax state Dana for twenty five percent of the federal. While then, is there then Texas? I guess your argument should be. Taxes should be lobbying for an income. Tat now ridiculous. I know I'm just trying to know what you're doing it only to keep repeating yourself. I know what you're just trying to do. I'm trying to respond which is this on your logic, the legislator and taxes and the governor. Technical sign in the law and income tax as high as possible for the state as high as possible. So you get a deduction right, Its understanding we'll try one more time now. Ok, the point Abbe looking to forget about this
age. What you're looking at is: how much am I pay to the federal government and taxes that I say they pay twenty five percent? That's not reality and that's why you keep. Altering your example in reality is. If I live in Virginia, I'm paying it it only contacts, a state income tax and a local property tax. If I live in TAT, I'm not paying estate income tax and paying a federal income tax and I'm paying a state a local property tax. And what you're saying is I don't worry about state will. I am worried about the state thanks for your call. The point is this:. His in genuine. Following that logic, in order to get a deduction, you would want your state to pass a state income tax. You see what I'm trying to say, Mr Barroso, but why People go to know. Why are people flocking wire Florida Fly
Taxes and other knowing compact state wire believing blue states and going to those states, because they don't want to Among other reasons, they don't want to pay the state income tax. They want to pay lower taxes, which means you have less to do that. If he's right and I'm wrong, people will be flooding from Florida and taxes in America to pay an effective federal income tax rate not of his exam twenty five percent and lets a twenty two percent. But of course it doesn't make any sense because when you add staving come tat was actually leaving your pockets. When you had the state and complex the federal income tax, it exceeds what you would get from a duck. That's the point, and I don't mean to complicate this you're, not subsidizing. The state.
Your punishing the individual I'll be right back. I don't know of a single person, He moved into a high tech state, the purpose of having a federal income tax, the dutch view its nonsensical. Nobody seeks to pay state income, taxes and local property taxes for the purpose of getting a federal income tax. The Dutch its absurd, which is why the gentleman very nice man repetitive, but very nice man, kept repeating the point or forget about the state's right. Now you don't
get about. The individual is paying taxes at multiple levels or not. Because his logic is reversed, so you want to move to California debate over thirteen percent if he could, because you'll get a federal tax deduction will, of course not other instances. In which somebody paying state income, taxes and state and local property taxes. May pay less than somebody that doesn't have a state income tax. Yes, but it would be the exception to the rule. It would be an odd case as a matter of fact, in our case and besides. The Republicans and these pseudo concerns making exactly the opposite argument. Begging exactly the opposite argument, which is we are sub.
Rising blue states, I hope people's eyes placing over, but here's another where your eyes make lays over lehne policy. Idaho on the market within our power user by March, taken much Oh I gotta wait for you, you bet where, in the prosecution, The state anywhere that said, have power and the constitution to regulate such since, like our nowhere. Well, that's what I was thinking and all powers not delegated to the federal government.
Are they to be delegated to state? Is it the vast majority what the central government does outside the constitution? Where does the constitution talk about Social security adviser? Where does the constitution talk about social security? There were power back. That's that's not constitutionally! There's nothing! I'm just making a point that! So what do we do. Let it all get out of hand. I made him out. I just find it odd that the issue of marijuana is the issue were guys like you make your stand. Constitutional wondering. I made a conservative guy
Why is it that when it comes to marijuana, Coy Bucker excuse me Corey? What's his Corey gardener accuse me of cholera? This is where he wants to shut down the Department of Justice, this issue, This is a guy who's. Your typical rhino, you don't move from the house to the Senate, so this is the issue. That motivates Corey Guard marijuana. This is where their states right spaces. Where federalism comes in the play, the debate never say he would shut down the government if we don't build a wall on the southern border. Now that the man say Wilson a government if these cities in states continued and Oliver Immigration laws now, but why. I was the marijuana, he's all excited ways if this product, this product draws the attention of politicians who don't give a crap
about federalism of the constitution and then suddenly they wave at around. Can you tell me that when I agree with the other groups in their favour, against you. Wanna do is a U s. Corey gardener where the hell is the constitutional basis for Obamacare forget about what John Roberts did do our constitution Why aren't you shutting down parts of the government over that fell? Think you're, a cook but he'll black, all the trap appointed to the Justice Department who seek to control the Obama appointees of squirreled into the bureaucracy over there there, take a stand, not Obama care not on anything else, but marijuana. Why is this the motivate? issue when it comes to federalism. I have no idea
I guess I was just wondering you know: you're, you make a good point. I my friend thank you for the car and by the way, I'm not saying you shouldn't be social security. I'm just saying you want social security, then stop playing games pass the amendment to the constitution that support social. Security with the Supreme Court Dead, one when it was challenged, the nineteen thirty's is once again, they re wrote the constitution. So fine do we think there's two thirds of both houses of Congress. It would support such an amendment. I suspect there is. Do we think that the three fourths of the state legislatures? What Put it, I think, so will then go through the front door. Albert Huntsville Alabama the Great W Vienna and quickly go surfeit economical. So just versions is: precisely rolling back Obama, a regulation, or a policy that you know as reversed. This marijuana position and- and this
guy from Colorado, Corey Gardner its infuriating that that he wishes to. The whole up every year, insisting that the attorney General United States either. Sir, I said olive and he's a senator won't do something about it, Mr Gardiner, but he won't as it can I'll be right back in the middle ground. There is now a middle ground. Talk with my clever now at eight seventy and three one Tellier Dwight one in your starting off this new year with some resolutions, may I suggest one that we should all try stop watching sake
last year we saw far the live. Media will go even at the expense of their own credibility. He missed the last couple of anti episodes of early. We we kept the Obama surveillance scandal and by the way we were tremendous, Levine TV, the night, our first one of the year, It started with total mockery of yours truly by the media and ended with complete vindication. These are the kinds of stories you're only going to get its your tv, we're bringing you the truth night in and neither twenty eight
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Georgia in Cape, Gerardo Missouri, hurry on serious satellite. Do I get my car? I just wanted to comment on the person you called in a while ago about the king people living in each state both making a hundred thousand. I don't think that he really understands the tax line that, if they're both making a hundred thousand than their federal tax rate, is twenty five percent, regardless of their at deductions that they itemised. Who is talking as if they would not be able to have any did actions if they lived in taxes and that they would have either for twenty five percent. An actual out a tea. They could take terrible deduction, sort, terrible contribution, deductions or out of pocket medical expense deduction, so they could get their federal tax rate down as well. I think he's gonna get that equality
who are you explain it better than I do? But my point was look and I said each case is different, but let me ask you something: Georgia do people move and a high taxes For the purpose of getting a deduction, because you never, because you get to keep more money if you don't pay state income taxes for exactly that, comment about the local at the Dutch and the thought that a deduction and I'm just really That is, that none of the Republicans had gone out in the media to explain this concept to the american taxpayer and everybody will consult with their safety and accountants tomorrow or disabling and find out explained, learn this that if you take a deduction for state and local income tax on your pact return
and the following year, because you take that as a deduction. Following year, you have to report that the document that you took as come home so what's gonna Happen- is that if they're not going to be able to tell us that action remains and next year they will have to report. It is I can either so it's gonna be ended up being a wash UK, but Really, I would disagree with that, because the time it's a wash as that is the day you die. Right cause. You keep carry overs income deduction, income production so the time the time we're Don't make out as one ok, it's ink That is no longer any deduction cause. You die right,
deduction. So it is not going to be any deduction wrong soap in twenty eighteen people who were taking the direction and now it's twenty. Seventeen is Canada's income. You kind of screwed. Right, if you, if you itemised last year and to include that his income this year, you we did you get the cab ten thousand, as it is action, then, this year or next, when you father shipwrecked seventeen thing, you would still have to report that ten thousand. Then come next year and you can really offset by the deduction from the past year. What I'm saying, but the others.
Other itemised deductions on your schedule, I, but just one other comments like you're you're, talking about this issue and you know why would carry Booker we do and what is done it then I will require a garden Corrigan gardener. I think it's the agenda, the agenda that they have. No, though camera backs that will have on all these children and our society. They know that it will by willing, I think, there's some other. Anyone amazes me is what was what these fools fight over on the left and these fools and the Republican Party these abortion on abortion part you can see the culture is going to help Thank you for your cards. Braided call Georgia. What I was saying on that is, if you're paying public people are fed up with it already, but let's say: you're paying a state income tax and you're paying local property tax, and you painted in twenty seventeen,
You're ended, let's say it over ten thousand ten thousand Kaplan. Yet both ok, that's not a deduction any longer in the prior year. The deduction you took his Canada's incomes. What I'm saying is your cut short, but nobody cares about that. They are. California? On the mark living go fellow belies, yeah Margo? Yes, yes, I think it's just basically a serious issue oh a furnaces. If Ireland returning and might have North Dakota, I usually use farmer, but since you return use attorney a farmer in my North Dakota make five hundred thousand. I? U farmer, an attorney now almost one I cannot I'm an attorney for your own, turning. Might it not gotta
then I practice law the guy had bought and then, if I'm an attorney in San francisco- and I make a half a million dollars, saving up the attorney in in California will pay less taxes, federal taxes. Then I'll take the federal government should treat either one of those guys differently, but they're, paying more local taxes and state tat yeah. I know but tat, your wise at any of your business. While It's all my bit, I, u sounding like a liberal law Now we have a deduction at anybody, can use heading aware they live. It may be effective more effective than than somewhere else. I mention all this, I really am not somebody lives in Idaho, good somebody lives California, fine, they have to pay the state income taxes, the state property taxes What the taxes aren't Idaho, if you have both so be it. People have made their decision
now you're sitting there, but it has to be fair By fair, you mean equal right now, I don't- I don't know what you mean- the federal government, should not treat somebody different national government. Not treating anybody differently. The rules apply across the board, in some cases the rules These same rules will benefit some people more than others, but if you think living in a high tech state, Is something that people want to do in order to get a federal tax deduction you're wrong? That's not the case that right so why are people making this argument you just made? It automatically? Are you That sure you should be aware that all our group, with your deduct you but you're, probably catches- did that local taxes, but that federal Tax dollars should be on your gross income. Whatever it is now, do I get to deduct
My federal tax dollars should not be on your gross income. Whatever it is, it's on your adjusted gross income you may hold on AL. You make donations to your church. Don't you a lot of harmony, Yes, why should you get donations deducted, hear me: I'm asking a question the tall, fair right. Why should you get the duck? this day is coming by the way. Why should you get to deduct Athos dollar donation to your church and harmony. Yes, and I don't need any faith organization, but why should the tactical favour you? That's not fair!. Now you see when you start getting into this stuff bill, it's very ugly, I'm not for equality as fairness, I'm not for this class warfare. Crap, I'm not for this blue state red stay. Crap individuals pay income, taxes, the Republicans
Very cute on this blue state red states stuff and their mouthpieces in the media, repeating it very, very cute, I'm the one that's breaking through on the supply side or I'm a low tax guy saying wrong wrong. I my friend, thank you for your call. Let's continue showy. Leon Colorado Springs tolerated a great cavy along this state where lotta people are high. Quite frankly, the redhead are you do something for various an area and everybody should support the attorney general surgeons and vigorously enforcing this law. Those that think the laws
and those they think they're laws, because the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously serve Kory Kory gardener. Thanks Color lies bad. Well, then, yes, guess what he ought support enforcing it vigorously. But why does he propose the Corey gardener, pot law and. Convince people in his party, as well as the democratic potheads disappear what does he do that lets you, go home. I shall ever it out of his eye because he's an area that my only conclusion. I suspect that in today's culture that there would be a pretty good chance of getting it through the in over repealing the federal murmured. He used the point if he says The people voted that way. I will the people in San Francisco support being a sanctuary said. He got a promo that Corey
really I mean I want to understand from coy gardener His idea of federalism is what is Idea of knowledge occasion is I'm ready to get back to first principles, but they're not he's decided on this product, because the way his state of the voters of estate about it he's gonna, stand firm on this, but he's not standing on print. Any more than these sanctuary city of more understanding on principle, I break, I think, lots of times are politicians do so for the gradual. I made the whole thing with the wall, for instance, which I agree with a hundred percent, but we ve already got the lie with the two thousand and six. Whatever words ransacked, my friend thinks frequent. Mr Klaus and I dont want all these parties coins. They all say the same day.
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and a guarantee you they say it's gonna, be all his patient and all other gets us. But it's not gonna be just be more money, they can ways. Now we have right now the federal government you eat they tax intact action they spend spend, spend so now they got some. They can get everybody screwed up on everybody. I think let us stay. You saw something grateful I'll year by we now man with a start at any time. In view of current yourself without dumbfounded. Various car- I thank you for I know fifty percent of my audiences in the part. So how do you tell your audience? Salient only attacked the potheads really there's a lot of colleagues from Colorado, because obviously this is affected them directly and let's go to
our Colorado, Springs again: Colorado, our great cave, YO, R go elsewhere. I your voice in the new year we got so much and you know I was just listening to your first, your smile on your opening statement, then you just kill regarded media nasty parenting and now you're aren't use a former media member. How the news rarely I am. I am a media observer and I pay attention to a student. Observers like yourself, I really do, and I am I am frustrated and I've got fringed who absolutely a wine with me The recent survey was also came out. About so many american people distrusting numbers in the media about an analogy
you're, already savage today with a guy an ardent trumps borders, but now three relegated to watch an old Youtube videos, trance Campaigns to really cannot between you re language and and watching porn I, my friend, got her all. Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated that
now. Let me underline the valves lay hidden somewhere under Britain's eleven long described scylding. We will once again made without a leader everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three one Three, eight one, one man, I'm lucky it until always stuff. I wanted to go Two, but I'll do more. Tomorrow is a breaking story now making story. Tomorrow, I'm gonna hold my fire, MR, but is a whole. My fire in a circle back.
Rebecca Mercer? I've never met her. I don't know our she probably funds. A lot of stuff is now put out a stir, meant she is a minority owner of the bright bar website. I don't know what happened, but she is apparently her father, was a investor first or something that sort and solve his interest to her, and apparently she was also a big funder of other effort. That thirsty banner was involved and she's put out a statement that cutting off all funds to ban it. According to reports, there is a debate on the board of Bright Bart. Apparently they have aboard. On whether or not banning should stay in similar leaning against him, leaving that's
to be the situation. So what is the lesson here? Whatever the outcome? What's the lesson here, there's several lessons Arthur. If you live by the liberal media, you'd die by the lever me, they know Oh no loyalty whatsoever. Relief into the lab Romania, if you're on the record, the level media, they will use you, they will milk you and then they will spill out. They have no allegiance to whatsoever. They use you. I cannot tell you how many times a reporter has called me and encouraged me. Try deprived me to trash talk.
Another conservative, including conservatives in this business. Who do it to me and I won't do it. I can't tell you how many times mister produce a good time Rarely keep track of this. I've been invited on these Sunday. Talk shows the trash trump. When I was an early crew supporter. I won't do it, a MAC and allow them to use me that way faster in the say I'll say it on the microphone then tv and in the future on Fox. I'm not going to allow the left with which, as an aggregate hates my that's because of what I believe, because of my views, all you do is look on the internet. I look at my Wikipedia paid, which is a disgrace. What's been
on there and you'll see it the idea that the leader we left the reporters liked abandon his preposterous. I hated ban. I hate all of us In it he would go to that. Well, apparently, all the time we're off them He goes to that. Well, I'm sure they are they want quotes from here. In order to finish him off, but honestly ban in his damaged himself he's damaged himself by the ways handle this and the publisher, so ecstatic by the US and the author to their pushing their publication date. That is their release. Data Friday, typically books come out on Tuesday they're moving at the Friday, because the demand is so strong.
Where do you think the demand strongman conservatives among nationals populous among Republicans now among liberals and Democrats and other media types whose they're going to use the book to attack the president and his family, which is exactly the point? That's exactly the point! That's why you don't do things like this in the end backfires, the president, the smeared family, smeared and the source of the information it backfires so who benefits the left benefits the left benefits.
So I m that's the situation as I speak, and not only that now we have Democrats like Parana that they are circling banner. Gonna listen and let's play some of this- I wasn't gonna go here, but let's do it. That's gonna cut seven rep. And of Adam shift. Today I see an unseen and Levin this MSNBC level, its non stop at seven go ass. The van justifies our right. You wanted to come before the House indulges committee. We do want to come before the committee, their number reasons. We think he could shed light on a number of key meetings. A place as well as potential communication and plainly for common sense, but there's a lot academics The republican Republican Kali on the intelligence Kennedy I am bored, I think they are
I hope so and- and I hope that these revelations of what Mr Vondra has said will not discourage them from through a neck. You showed it comes before our committee. I thought the only committed at once he's a ban, and now we have Mark Warner on CNN last night cut a go, ideal wants the advantage that come before he returned and intelligence committee and testify
he's got a factual basis for these allegations, one that you have mentioned yet he assumed participants in that meeting then were brought up and met. Mr himself, I'd like to find out whether that's true or not, and I could find out why he made these claims about money laundering about this meeting mean treasonous. Obviously, I agree that this meeting should have been reported to the FBI. So if he's got a story to tell, I like him to come before our committee before Mister Morton and give testimony yes worse. It wasn't worth it talking to this are not always I dont know what he's not just benefit others her gonna come out here to we're gonna see about Rynch previous, I don't know. Maybe it's not worth it this boomerang, then this this real sleaze, balls representative Eric
Small well of California cut my and by the way, notice. Wolf Blitzer keeps asking the same. The same question. He finally woke up wow, hey. I've got my ngo, you got it, colleagues in the house, I understood TAT Lou each waded out. This in response to the story also told me the same things that, based on the statements by Stephen congressional committees now needs a subpoena him to tell by on the trunk. Russia investigation view agree. Yes, what we would like to hear from Mr Van a host of other witnesses who have not come forward yet who we hope that our republican Holly colleagues who understand are relevant for investigation and so there certainly is relevant before the state in Baghdad and shift who is a complete sleaze. And he went on CNN today.
These even more in this book and banners comments, cut go. They also suggested in this new bombshell book that money one which is illegal, obviously, with the Russians are basically at the heart of this. Investing Asian involving Donald Trump the candidate as a business man with the right tell us about that values. I want. Because I'm a discussing my concern over money laundering for months now and the fact that doing what we need to do to get to the bottom of that allegation. Only. Criticized by a bright board for raising this issue, and I actually ban and doing it himself. People look the issue of compromise compromise and they gotta salacious video from my point of view, If the Russians will laundering money for the Trump organization. Organ thing financing for for the Trump organization as far more
compromising others, president in our country, who believe they were. I don't know, but I do think it's negligent, given the credibility these allegations for us not to look into it ended frankly, would be an you think I find out or refute, requires subpoena in our joint, really accurate knowledge about that happen. That has not happened. We subpoenas for bankruptcy, molecular figure. You go what's goin on here. You go what's going on here. And there's a lot of other statements. Apparently in this book about people saying on and off the record that the president has a screw loose and this continues to be, a mantra is pushed by the guy with more screws, are loose and anybody. I know this morning smell so they're gonna play this happened, cut twelve, go anywhere in the world
there has been a misunderstanding four year. Donald Trump is ill. Be president of the United States is when this understanding for several years, and yet all out in black and white and people are actually shocked by it when the Republican Party should not be short void, and again, I will say What is most devastating at the end Donald Duck, as he has yet another insider saying, there's more than meets the eye on Russia and allied uneasy. I mean I don't know how bad didn't think these fools would seize on this stuff. Scarborough is a complete, prostitute twentieth, He knows what he is saying is ridiculous. He doesn't care, he doesn't care, he got the sky, Jeff murkily from Oregon.
Leftist. This is all CNN, MSNBC, CNN gone back and forth back and forth worry about trumps mental state. You see cut thirteen. Go one. I am very concerned about his his mental state, because these- in making law. The president in terms of nuclear war is extremely significant. Unless a nation have you Eddie. Why did you say you're a venom proclaimed I m red fat boy now, not just mercury and there's a slob, Steve Schmidt. The Slav was a strategy for John Mccain when the king was running for president. They ve noticed Mccain lost and so therefore the guy's, an expert on all thinks he's a pompous ass. An on MSNBC constantly in areas today and guess what he is saying cut, fourteen go we're always
Increasingly is a president who is under pressure out of his death, ignorant on from air fundamentally unfair for the office in courage. Everybody I kinda members of Congress, but they don't say a publicly society. Joanna was later privately in the bars The danger is unfitness, I think, is something out of this book in these other actions on the third day the new year or are we going to become for the political narrative in thousand eighteen, because only maybe after where is increasingly clear, that the question of this presidency manifest unfitness for dissolve. That's enough. That's enough!.
You, people surrounding the president. Talking to this author on and off the record, you proud yourself, you feed the phones like this, these, these historical asinine comments from pretend reporters and pretend guests who pretend to know something you just fed them all with is absolutely outrageous comments to this left wing report. Bats. Trump and his supporters are disgusted with all of you and I don't blame him I'll, be right back
blog about somebody is unfit for office, but Joe Scarborough passionate speech or prejudice. Jeff murkily won't touch this its Keith Ex A k, a Keith, Allison Daily CALL, Peter Hasn Minnesota Representative key thousand vice chair, the Democratic National Committee, did, I say vice chair, the Democratic National Committee spot controversy on Wednesday by twinning an apparent endorsement of violet left wing group. Aunt Allison endorsement of the group which the Department of Homeland Security says is responsible for domestic terrorist violence is just the latest incidents of Ellison publicly, attaching himself too radical figures in ideologies Alison's once defend
the faint anti semite Louis Farrakhan, headed a nation of Islam against charge. Of Anti Semitism in an are bad for the Washington Post last year. Ellison said he should have been more issued a more closely scrutinise Farrakhan but once said Hitler was a very great man, but Blaine Day wing smear campaign for any questions raised about his ties? The anti semitic figures Alison as his own history, radical positions, including advocating for black nationalism going college well columns arguing for the creation of a blacks, only Esto State and called the Euro constitution, the best evidence of a white races, conspiracy to subjugate other peoples, so early, while speaking at a protest following a nineteen. Ninety two Alison declare their black people. Don't live in a democracy don't have an obligation, obey government, while speaking to an atheist group and two thousand seven
Alison compared the nine eleven attacks to they write shod fire. He stopped just short of accusing. Then President George, W hush of having a hand in the attacks quote. It's almost like the right side. They're kind of reminds me of that Ellison set of his terrorist attacks of the terrorist attacks after the rice dog was burned. They blame the communist sport and it put the leader Hitler of that country, where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted at the club. And went on to say he wouldn't suggests the: U S had a hand in the attacks, because you know that's how they put you in a knot box dismiss you before later walking back the comments into nine, the democratic congressmen headlined a fundraiser for controversial Libyan born activists running for the Virginia assembly they activists is some Amish was known to have praise one of the founders of Hamas
on Palestinians to embrace the hard way and its battle against Israel. Alison campaigned with him anyway. That same year also was the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation. Every feathers close at an American Muslim organization which ties to the Muslim motherhood had paid thirteen thousand five hundred dollars for him to take a pilgrimage to MECCA in two thousand and eight. Democratic National, chair candidate keys, Alison address accuse me Ellison, like the black nationalists. He has since distanced himself from has a history of spewing anti semitic conspiracy theories, throwing a twenty ten speedily, mostly muslim audience, Alison claim that America's form Housing puts Israel interests first, because American Jews have been mobilize to do it's bidding at America. That's funny the NEO Nazi clansmen and their former website accused me of the same thing. Mister Ellison,
That is a pudding Israel I had of America. You sound like a clansmen Alison's ties fair kind in his own anti semitic statements, way: source of income I'll division within a democratic party during last year's race for Dnc, Chair Democrat mega donor. I am said by seven threatened to leave parties Alison was elected, chair, saying the congressmen is clearly an anti semite. They attack information like a tab, joy, civil rights group, simile called on deep seated disqualify Allison for his anti semitic statements. Party leaders, Democrat leaders refused to disqualify Alison and Tom Peres's first ACT as Dnc Chair was the name. Alison is number two
All that democratic Party that Democrat Party, its history, is so much its present. Isn't it we'll Joe Scarborough that pathetic full? Well, he called Ellison Deranged Mental. He should be fell from Congress. Know Joe Scarborough is exactly what I said at the method for what they write Now my gloves, Michel, why a national at eight seven, seven, three eight Three
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actually he's actions on Fox NEWS. Your times given coverage, we actually acquired Annabelle Marxist and well, I'm sorry There must be an absolute genius by you, sir. You call the programme. How may I help you, Sir Auto marks to Saint couples? collapsing over and over again the message from beginnings time, while in some places has collapsed as in Venezuela, so as in Cuba, as intention and educating here, as in North Korea, among other places, and these are absolute helmholz, but look how careful how social and has worked in Japan and Australia so personal Japan is not corner code, socialist countries, my capless higher, and by the way, because they move more and more away from capitalism. Even though study or unquote socialist country, they have had a flat economy for at least the deck.
And what do you mean it works in Austria because you have a left us came before this conservative. Then all this left this stuff that its working twenty, thirty years. They won't work. Little do what it always, as you all know why? Why doesn't socialism workshop. Social and actually does kind of work. If you have any worse than terrible, did you know it yet? Absolutely incredible know: what's working in Canada is what's left of capitalism, socialism does not work, redistributing wealth. You can We do it while you having majority capitalist society. Only by numbers I mean. Are you still have a relatively robust capitalist society? Were you actually move from capitalism into a more aggressive form of socialism economy collapses? How can capital survive? Evans, replace automation, cart, asserted.
Car areas, let autonomy on me. I don't pay taxes and automated. No, I car drivers years. It's it's! It's automated use, a computer, thirty use computer. No, you would you All majority use a telephone icing me call me with a telephone you're being silly, because you're being a moron. What do you mean? Automation? What's gonna happen, capitalism? please capitalism helps create automation which create jobs which improves the quality of life. Again, I found you Eddie. I want to know what I mean by this guy. A mental patient call me from some from as an institution. I don't know what I'm deal with you. Why debate marks as well, his name. Sure I well put allies the guy. Lawyers all right come. Let us go to SAM Richfield, New Jersey, a wonderful place, the great debut ABC. How may I help you, Sir
markets. Richfield Connecticut, I called you about a month ago we held a dentist, and how do I turn out, sir? The nation is curious, yet still not yellow teeth, ass, good thing but anyway, I wonder which he happy New year and not a stoner, but anyway just a couple of comments. Wine, wise, you know the person nice gentlemen called about Marilyn State Tax and all I can to stop, and the point is missing- is that you get your standard deduction and then you pay your mail and tax on top of that, so you're paying more than twenty five percent tax you're in taxes, because you gotta pay the seven percent now in tax and what you're saying is for that individual say: they're, paying a twenty four five percent rate starting right, any seven percent rate
so you're, starting at thirty, two percent or the guy taxes are starting a twenty five percent right and you know, obviously you can go in and fill up. Your standard did action with additional deductions. Like your second collar, they talked about the old recapture of did options. I don't know what actually was talking about, but you know the next time. Somebody like that call. I do ask him what the icy faction is that says you have to recapture itemised deductions from the prior year. Never heard of that. I think what he meant was if you get a refund like if you get a refund the further state government than you have added the next year. They settled now, ok, good there, so I don't do numbers are not an account. Now I get that you're, a brilliant man, not attacks guy by time. You get enough of that
basic steps to make it. I know you don't move into a high tax date for the purpose of getting a deduction. That's absurd! Exactly! Why would I honor Press had something to get as twenty four percent that I am now and I was trying to do to work through the guy, but he kept repeating himself right right. Then you were brilliant man, the usual payment again, I'm the athlete event guy. You know the old guy with Betty all you remember athletes of then her absolutely rush blown up, and I have to tell you this because I didn't get any of the personal things in and I know we have to move quickly by. My wife- and I talked about avenue over for dinner, and all I can think about is a well done. Sirloin with access for you and melt. Does that might do a baby? You know when I came in Milton anymore. They pull the crowns on my teeth. Ah well, you know now you know why
Dennis you went to the Denison Course yeah and by the way I need to go to my Dennis. You won't believe this, MR producer, in five minutes for the first show the year yesterday started. I broke a tooth eating a pretzel anyway. Luckily, it's not Britain. Luckily were more capitalists than socialists like I do have a great Dennis unluckily. Are they going to that dentist I'll? Call him up and I'll go next week? What's out there Billy. We all have you mark lag behind the authority You and your lovely family, and again I told Mr Karl CALL screener the whole thing about you know, people moving out. I tax states, low tax Dayton. What that's gonna, do you know red purple, blue These these idiots in Congress awarded we're gonna get the blue state. So more these People are gonna, move into the red states and turn in the purple states. That's what I'm gonna do exactly a map.
Daddy state governments are going to change the way they think they give a damn about their citizens. Then I got to change their ideologically driven them. I thank you. Sam take care yourself. I went to underscore this point. Well you earlier the blue states this this war incentivize them to lower their taxes. No one! I don't care if their citizens, Lee they're they're all about power. And they rely more moral people who aren't even citizens. And the relying more more people don't pay taxes, it's a stupid, but almost supply cider you're, not Dave have a town Pennsylvania know exactly where that is on the mark. Levant. How are you, sir, pretty good? I go mark car. I think it is an honour to talk you, sir. Thank you. What I wanted to say is, I think, a fascinating how the left has had wanted.
God smoking another pushing my crazier legalise marijuana. He likes you. Ok, you don't know, that's a good point. I can't stand either quite frankly. So they say they make illegal effectively illegal with their massive tax increases cigarettes and they make legal pop the absolutely educated smoke in any bars or reference, and they think that the signal from the owners of these that law, that's true! Do not here. Not only now, you can't you gotta is confusing, which bathroom you're supposed to use. Absolutely Wait a minute wait a minute. I self identity when a pervert how close at their inhabitants it about seventeen degrees right now in my driver about twelve inches. Even now industrial sites, don't forget the way you're alive
yes, absolutely don't forget to where I had the honor, I got to wear gloves in a scarf dont forget, don't live a heavy snow. These are these weatherman and whether women like your three years old, Thank you. I know what I'm doing our I my friend, I appreciate your car. Let's see, let's go before even finish, MR calls released go to Dallas Texas he's a lawyer. Support Social and yes time. How may I help you now? I dont support socialism, Well, that's what he rode here. What did you tell him I'll? I felt that the taxpayer is good, because your argument that people should be able to that. Interest in patches, depending on whether live, there's nothing more than a transfer of ink, What you're, depending on where they live should allow it and you, depending on where you live, that's up to you. The federal code should make any distinction, while the pebble culture that now you'll have a spammer deduction, everybody gets a family
have all everybody can the doctors, they pay state income taxes. I can pay state income taxes if they pay property taxes egg into dark property taxes. If by everybody who wants to make a charitable donations to a church, they can deduct mouths, anybody wants to make a channel donation to way no killed shelter or. The wounded wars or whatever they can deduct lap people who don't make those the dog those contributions, don't get those deductions I'll pick up. Recital M taxes are being devastated and you're getting up without genuine fight, but frankly, Sir Sir, I'm a private citizen, I'm an individual. I live in a state. I have no choice but the pathos axis, you make it sound like I'm getting some benefit or something like that. And neither millions of millions of people who are listening to me. Understand what you're objection is by Jackson, as you don't have a choice to pay them, but why should I subsidize you're, a united subsidizing? Anybody
How are you subsidizing somebody who pays their taxes, deducts, thereat property taxes in say, or other state income taxes in pencil they How are you subsidizing them because you're getting married action against a bible taxable lengthened whatever their not getting there, not getting anything? That's their money. You sound like a left us, that's number one number to this. Ngos are no matter what it's not If all we don't get that dollar and the federal government, that means to spend a dollar less you're, not making any sense to me. Well, because you don't want I'll tell you what I'll give you thirty seconds you can convince all country how brilliant you are go ahead of it. So if I make the same amount of money, is you and you live in a state, the pace and contractors I live in taxes which browser are you take attach production against a federal agent
you're paying glass federalism factors than I am, but on paying more taxes than you are over all honour. If I'm paying five point, five percent in stating come taxes and Regina and twenty five percent less in federal income taxes, and I get a deduction on my state income tax or maybe two out of the five point- five percent, so, maybe twenty seven percent of that I still Actively, my household is paying higher taxes to the federal state government than you are well back because you're paying too That's because I happen to know where I live, but don't act like on subsidizing. You're subsidizing me you're, not subsidizing any other taxpayer. That's my money. That's your money or Jerusalem You wanna live I'd sooner. I want to live right and I'm effectively paying a higher rate federal state combined. Then you are not giving your credit for say we're talking about I don't care you're, just like the guy from Annapolis,.
And you didn't hear the account before we ve american citizens, private citizens in this country. They live wherever they want to live, they have to pay taxes where they live, and so they pay taxes where they live. And so, if you live in Maryland and your pain, seven per se and you're in the twenty five percent federal bracket, you started thirty, two percent for you, your family, you live in Texas. You started twenty five percent. And use a wall, you shouldn't get that adoption on subsidizing that subsidizing anything
I'm sure I can tell you and social security now not yet, oh you're, not what do you do, I'm alone tat or your tax lawyer? I am among those who here you're also sepia, so I'm surprised at your response because it I know that you don't like redistribution and well. I don't either Sir Sir, your attacks lawyer and you're sepia. If I come in to pay my taxes whose money my parents, your own, my own- that was the stay, paying my tat, your site now you're paying this mistake any benefit when I get a deduction, your site, love for you are about. I am right and I'm saying that if you have rules that apply across the board, of course, there's gonna be different. Applications to me ask you something a question I asked in the prior, our I'm an atheist. I'm not gonna make it
In addition to a church, how can you do and you get a deduction and I dont. Yeah noodle on that one I'll be right back. When really sad. You up. He got Amazon and look at the best selling books on the west there. This liberal, whose trash thanks to the on and off record comments by certain people surrounding trump? His book is number one. It's incredible. This was done. It is absolutely incredible and by the way, the radical ate his groups.
The same argument is that tax law from Dallas- that's: why bring it up? They oppose tax deductions for churches and synagogues and faith organization and make exactly the same argument. Is the tax law from Dallas also fair? They practice religion say they not really talking about and ass the tax law, the guy from a map of their time about equality, and when you get into egalitarian ism, inequality sought the same as fairness in empowers government. It doesn't impair the individual again, I'm talking about when it comes to justice and law You know when I wrote the liberty moments. It's because I knew regardless of who's running Washington. He only way to fix the country and restore its founding principles was to call a convention of state. I had no idea that my friend Mark Macular was actually launching a project to do just that exactly the same time as the amazing today
honour to have served on their legal advisory board since the very beginning? Just four years later, over three million of you pour involved. Twelve states have already passed thickened. No state resolution and we're on our way to calling the first article five convention of states in american history. The people are going to propose and ratify amendments to restrain the scope and power, the federal government. So what's your new year's resolution? How about resolving to do something that will really matter to you to your kids, to your grandkids into the country who care about the future of our nation like? I do think, though, that convention of states, dot com sign a petition and volunteer today, I'm all in the future. The nation depends on you, I'm depending on you, the only solution as big as the nations problems convention of states, dot, com convention of states that come. I publisher just sent me speaking of books, a cop.
Of the cover of the paper bag version of rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny progressive, as it looks beautiful, I strongly hope you'll go ahead and acquire the hard back copy. It's not number one on Amazon right now. That is the air tight Trump book, but you can go to this in place: Amazon rediscovering Americanism, I think I enjoyed a helluva lot more than they left wingers book, Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person out please check out living maybe TAT s the first of the new year and I'll see, tomorrow, God bless each and every one of you here.
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