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On Friday's Mark Levin show, Senators Charles Grassley and Lindsey Graham have official requested an investigation to be opened into Christopher Steele who was the main guy behind the Fusion GPS Trump dossier. They think Steele has lied to the FBI and ...

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She's here now, broadcasting from from the underground can deep in the bowels of the hidden Funken somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader is mine, love that hello, everybody Mark Levin here our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven While, ladies and gentlemen, I have some good news for you. Two senators, either from a big time, conservative sped away. Charles gradually, whose chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, an Lindsey Graham, have officially and formally requested that
parliament, just as so many criminal investigation into this guy Christopher Steel. Neither sky, Christopher Steel, as you recall, is the Ex british spy. Higher by fusion GPS, which was hired by the Hillary Clinton- and he didn't see campaigns through a front man, a front lawyer guy by the name of Elias. king and a major love her In essence, the fusion Gps hit peace was paid for by Hilary Quint This campaign in the day, which is the major reasons, the Pretoria, our meeting this country all but ignore it and, of course, the founders of fusion GPS are three wars Journal left wing reporters who actually came out of the closet? Stop pretending to be journalists and became partisans.
why did gradually and Graham form He asked the FBI and the Justice Department in a letter with a if I'd memoranda. A memorandum appended to it to come. a criminal investigation of Mister Steele you think Mister Steele lie to the FBI, Grassley said that, given some trump campaign, figures have been hit with criminal charges for lining the FBI. It's fair that miss. to steal a democratic, backed operative face. This scrutiny. gradually said I don't take lightly making refer for criminal investigation by as I would with any credible evidence of a crime on earth and, of course, for investigations, Feel obliged to pass on information along the Justice Department for appropriate review. Everyone follow the law be true for their interaction with the FBI said the same actions different outcomes in those differences seem too
respond, a partisan political interests and the public will natural, so back the lawn where's, my decisions are not on the up and up now, gram I said there ought to be a special counsel. on this fusion gps, Dossier and Mister Steele, You said, after reviewing how Mister Steele conducted himself and distributing information contained in the dossier and how stop signs that the OJ ignored in its use of the dossier. I believe that a special council needs to review this man. You don't you know. It is amazing to me, month after month, after month, Government will not tell us if he had its domestic employer, surveillance of the Trump campaign in Tramp Tramp This team turn has. of this foreigner, this former
It is by being paid for ultimately Hillary Clinton campaign in the day and see that put together a document he did again paid by the opposition. Whether that document was used by the the to seek one or to face awards. Among other things, I believe from day one that it was, but that's not but enough what I believe. the F B, I will not tell us, nobody's saying The FBI should reveal classified information. Nobody saying that Department of Justice should reveal classified information? We would like to know Mr Steel, and associate he put together with the help of the Kremlin, hello, with the help of the Russians which had as its purpose to take out Donald Trump candidate.
To smear Donald Trump Present for all the talk and collusion. Here we have multiple examples of Cole. with the Russians by the left by the Democrat Party, by the Hillary Clinton campaign and by their surrogates. Why can we not now the american people if, in fact, they Hillary Clinton, pay For the DMZ paid for Russian influenced document asking the President of the United States and his. added to see why Can't we know whether or not that was used in front of a federal judge, a socalled forensic a judge to issue a warrant. allow surveillance. I want opposition candidate, let me cut to the chase so either.
Brian stouter CNN can understand. Let me cut to the chase, so the slobs over their media matters, can understand the the issue is whether the domestic and political surveillance it- took place in this country against. our traditions, instead our law, whether or not the I support was deceived with the use of opposition research used by the Hitler Clinton campaign in the DMZ containing Information Programme, headed by the Kremlin, their apparatchiks that information was. Is primarily or at all, to secure visor core warrants against anyone in Trump World or the trunk organization, like
get an answer to this Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is trying to get an answer to this. You recall he's been trash by follow Republicans, particularly in the Senate who sit on their backs over there at the Senate Intelligence Committee What an ironically name committee! It should be the Senate, stupidity, committee and now on these Senate Judiciary Committee. We actually have to senators who are trying to get to the bottom of this gram and gradually and that's a good thing. But, as I have been saying, now, watch since March MR producer, this is the biggest Well scandals that this book, none of this. The biggest scandal of scandals is whether in act and I believe it occur. There was the mess. Surveillance by federal enforcement at the highest levels, by our federal and
agents operations at the highest levels, to elect Hillary Clinton that hey CAT Donald Trump, whether they did in fact you as far as sources to do so. We know, MR steals, a finer. We know he used russian sources in part for his thirty six page doc. The question is, whether unconstitutionally, illegally an opposition party working with the President and his administration- maybe not him directly, but others who are they same party one after the candidate of the other party and did so unconstitutionally and illegally, and when I brought this up in March early March, I was attacked, but everything I said then is
accurate everything when I mention the likelihood of at least one attempt. The FBI, the Justice Department under Obama, to get a face, a court warrant based published reports. I just connect the dots I was attacked by CNN Brian stouter thousand states hero. I was attacked by Brian, ass. It is no longer reporting he's in the Witness Protection Programme for four or five reporters. I was attacked by the Associated Press which has never issued an apology. I was attacked by the Congo, Liner, freaks and morons Eliah low IQ types who call themselves hosts over there at MSNBC. We still need to know the dossier and its use by that levels of the Obama administration.
the NSC, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and all the rest of it, and we can't seem to get an answer. one day we might, but we can't seem to get an answer: now I'll I'll be right back, While, ladies and gentlemen, I thought I'd bring a real journalist on the program it breaks. A lot of stories related to The eye and things that took place during the course the the election, nobody mind John Solomon of the Hell. How are you John? I'm going well marker to be really well you had to. Big stories that I wanted to address version. Commies original Clinton memo released possible violations. I looked at this memory. nor is it will of it's amazing
to me is how many times they cross out grow, cely negligent, which are the key words in the espionage stature right right. You have to go a year ago, you look at all Media reports and never media reports that the Danes Commie cleared every kind when you look at this he wasn't intending to quit her at all, even intending to say that he basically broke the statute, but I'm not willing to take the risk of prosecuting you're losing and and these FBI agents FBI agents and they do one heck of an editing job anything that potentially damaging the Hillary Clinton they edit out now this document, which I believe was secure. by Senator RON Johnson. Is that correct? That's right, the german other Oh man, security ACT and they gonna dig to try and figure out
Liza geniuses were around commies who crossed at all this language. That is a question that we're still trying to get answered. We have a uncertainty. We think it's PETE Stroke the agent. You have those famous point of eyes that that messages girlfriend, but were not a hundred per cent. We ignore its Congress. That's one of the questions that Devon doing as just got permission to get answered. The Justice department came by and kindly gave Congress but we think it the small around me, which was the Rebecca E Stroke and bigger, yet the council right when he hears the inner James, call me now and then he tweets out stuff like about the politicization of the FBI and shouldn't we have an independent FBI. I find these tweets amazing, because in fact he did politicize the F b. I wouldn't you say, yard listen. I remember there was a moment in one of his congressional parents, where he of the agents
don't give a rip about politics, while he sure looks silly now. After we've seen all these text messages from stroke and and the other woman and- and I think we I'm hearing from multiple sources- other senior FBI and Justice Department officials for whom they found political charged emails suggesting, like it I'll drop might have been out to get. Donald Trump are going to come forward in the next few weeks, the other kind of failure director. And yet you give this assurance if your department was engaged in politics and in all the fact, messages come out and show that politics with anywhere in Europe, in writing. I speak as an old chief of staff to an attorney general myself during the ring administration. I have to tell you John Solomon. It is frightening to me that you have this. and politicization of law enforcement at the highest levels and the Democrat What he is doing all it can to downplay this. Is it not? The aggregate run Further to the narrative that they try to set up at the beginning of the current presidency and
narrative as you and and I talked before it was going to unravel and it has begun to unravel, and Do you think you're going on one is we, the idea that everyone was thoroughly investigated had been completely debunked, Valvano, email and honour her foundation. and the idea that our was in collusion with Russia, and all those hyperbolic that came out of the beginning of the presidency the profit finish can assent, but both of the Democrats mean narrative devolve, and then you take the fact that the people who are there. It people on the intelligence, community, anyone narrative devolve, and then you take the fact that the people who are having no narratives people on the intelligence, community and law enforcement related to the apolitical you see outright partisanship, I mean look at the formerly I clap Romania could not be any more political than any intelligent the I've ever seen since he retired. I think, there's big
could be a day of reckoning with intelligence, community law enforcement. Can you to look back and say you know what we lost ourselves here. We got to political and it's not good for for what has been a neutral one profession for a long time, the and part of the thing that always troubles me hurt or actually very much troubles me here too, is call me one day is trapped then despise by the Democrats, because they feel they undermine Hilary. Then one second, after Donald Trump fires and all of a sudden, this guy's angelic, yeah, he's better heard through the allies, are gal pointing out of it the margin can evade their business lab, I hypocrisy. If whatever's convened, for the moment and I'm sadly, now very few in them We wrote it, you can't you can all the mother, the euro after him, for the same thing, I thought call me if you are blaming days coming before the election, that he wrote it you can't you can all them
the euro after him? For the same thing, I found something Today I give you a sense of bias. A Wall Street Journal reporter. I tweeted out today that Christopher steal the guy that Russia, paid by Hillary Clinton. Dnc. Never problem with the boy with a boy, the hired political back, and we just look at this time. When I look at my profession, I wonder where did all the common sense, Galileo or the time? I think the third journalism and very noble, and but we see so much today, where the part these are the three long for community are embedded within that are now in my profession and deeply troubled Charles lastly, has said: and he said unequivocally. He believes that aims Commie leaked class five members are. Mammals were classified information to his locker Sir Body, do we know anything other, while we now this week,
family sent a letter to the gallery thirty dollars in asking him. What are you doing about this? Therefore? I reported this back in July factor, the very first, if they rode l, I, when I started call me had four mammals classified information. He addressed the party had no classified information on them, Now I've got to get some great met with the word. He says ITALY format. and there's a total of seven. That means at least one of the ones, ITALY added, because if I could only seven and pork ossified, he did the common sense, math and any put the part mammoth biography. What are you doing about it can prove me that I'm wrong or tell me that you're prosecuting them and that's what they're waiting for and you look at this you look at this. I shall council investigation who who at least as sensibly, was chasing collusion, he's not chasing collusion. Hurrah anymore, I right, then, you lose
These stories you ride and you look at other information. After the overwhelming information on uranium one the overwhelming information on what call has done throughout all this. The overwhelming information on fusion GPS knows, she'll council, no special, anything now you're right there hasn't been, and you know it s interesting. how I looked back at that conference were call me said he had no choice but to clear Hillary Clinton by himself, because the Justice Department with Dr Bright there is the whole question of lunch Clinton, meeting and other stuff. That is now a surface, but he actually did have another choice because Louie Free twenty years earlier did it Louis Free called for a special consulting. I can't trust the Justice Department to go in there specific statutory steps at the FBI Director Turkey's horsey eloquent. And what can you can you hold for a few minutes and come back I'll be right back,
plus the conservative Michael avenge, show call and now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one: one can't Solomon of the Hill newspaper, a journalist, extraordinary, actually breaks real stories doesn't sit there and just by the old fax machine John Solomon, so we now have an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation, whether this start and what's the subject is wiser, painted by power is going on where their favours being traded at the current state department in return for donations to their charitable. they built. It started months ago? I thought to one witness: it was in very thoroughly I just before Christmas, The questions were pretty pointed. Did you did you it
money changing hands. Did you see promises being made and it looks like this is a full scale investigation and I really think it's what the FBI wanted to do two years ago some great reporting on us by the Wall Street Journal and others that said that the I tried to investigate the foundation for possible criminal violations and they were. Down by the Obama Justice Department in twenty and sixteen- and I think these guys I waited around new menstruation came around and they wrapped up. There instigation, and now they have the full support of the EU. S attorney and little lacking a pre significant it, destination is ongoing Do these stories in one of them deal with the F b I during the Obama administration, the Department of Justice drawing the Obama administration. You read Josh, over there, their political, whose under brutal assault by the left, is none too amazing pieces. Also urine
the Obama administration did with respect to a ran, how it covered up. Certain of these individuals were passing technologies to read his second. On how it basically closed its size to Hezbollah and so forth. The a population I'm telling you again as on all Reagan guy who served the Justice Department report, possession and manipulation of the top levels of law enforcement. The Justice Department, the FBI, the CIA, these internet. These enough. security and I've never seen anything like this. Have you there was a period of time are particularly in the little Lynch are aware: FBI, I clearly was reigned in from doing things better would it not have been allowed to do as an independent agency and- and I think that we are now beginning to see the full extent of that political interference. department yeah, there's another one that I've been working out so fascinated by I think as enormous national security implications.
There is no doubt that the Obama administration, through the work of the FBI, new in two thousand and nine and two thousand and ten, that Russian, situation at the time they gave away, not involving uranium one, the but billions of dollars of New York and bring it up or bring the prosecution at the time they gave away, not only uranium one, the other big approval that sail, but billions of dollars, the new uranium contracts to the russian government and turned away blind eye for four years. It is true that the binary and and that sort of political relations not only impacts the credibility that apartment In fact, our national security, knowing that. Knowing that annoying other things the Obama administration did to appease, if not to do even worse with respect, the Russians among other countries, to facilitate their interests. Well, then, why in the world with Lattimer Pew, this is never mainly send to me, be Rudy
Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, yeah, that's a good question right and- and I think there are some intelligence community- don't necessarily subscribed to that. conclusion that was made in January just before President Obama left by the community as a whole still stand behind it, but I thought them anyway on an even saw my grinders in any say, I'd say that he wasn't as convinced, as others have said, it happen level was moderate. It ass the manifest, I think it's more likely that, and I know everyone that I thought it does agree that Russia was just trying to so distressing, undermine, the back and causes. Today democracy, that fathers are gone more than picking Donald Trump Ailer coming to an end based on investigations. All done, you're been reading that Echelon Committee has come to a very different assessment, then the intelligence get in the final days of the Obama administration. Is it not time,
based on what you're saying, based on these other stores, I've been reading that the biggest sap the biggest the biggest They took the far for the Russians here that took debate that bit the hook. would have been the highest levels of the FBI, he could be. I mean we still need to know more about the full extent of the others. There is finally evidence that Russia was about and hacking curly evidence that they retain a metal on some. Might I don't think it's different than what they tried to do: a twenty twelve or two thousand AIDS Tb, from what I hear, but we still need us full body of evidence before we can make such a sweeping conclusions. I do think there is a very strong, growing body that, if I just went through today, all bunch of fact messages from cigarette the eye official, on next week. You can see pre, determined political, motive to the advance the rush investigation in December and January twenty. Fifteen point between sixteen times seventeen,
to see that so raw in a FBI, agents on text, messages and emails very disconcerting. You just don't expect the guy that all the power of an end surveillance to have that sort of no motive being expressed time and time Again- and I think that's gonna, be then we're gonna remember from this investigation. A very partisan group of men Margaret made money, would be a very small subset of the FBI that had a part. Agenda as they were doing. This investigation wouldn't be the First time, when it, I mean You know you had the deputy director, the FBI during the next impaired, who wanted to be the directorate is a book to just came out unless he was very You're upset about it. It's not that he was earnest or studious or had integrity or anything he was fear. As that he was passed over. He wanted to be happy. I director any starts leaking the investigative information non. The woodwork, embarrassing irony,
that an end. I think there's a fun moment this week or James Bond between it out the F B. I should be independent and Charles browsing things right back into that's what I don't Hoover used to say and I didn't work out so oppressed limited. Yes, I think that there In fact, our solemn just for the only let me go further. The reason there's a ten year period for an FBI directly, isn't so he's independent. If so, he's gone, her she's gone in ten years. Have that right an old like over did the there. There is. I think we will see that there is a small group of people, James COM and so many other ones on the cable and stroke and others that they draw listening the geisha is entirely possible that politics dislike other things may have blinded in some of the other evidence. It was there that way differently to be than these.
they gave. I think the assessment was clearly Russia with no bomber put pressure on it to get it done before he left office and I bet you were gonna learn there is leaking going on. We know that that there was partisanship going on and we're gonna have to go back and re, evaluate what we did in the fall of twenty seconds. Funny, something to get a more accurate picture. Me ass. You want my question before you go here, which is why we have a special council council pointed without any criminal basis whatsoever in Robert, more We have what was a counter intelligence investigation. Not a criminal investigation, then transitions into a criminal investigation. We see the sorts of things is investigating, which really is almost nothing to do with russian collusion and so forth, and saw like you, you this overwhelming information parent, whether its uranium one whether Rich James com is conduct when it comes to the Clinton investigation.
And you have fusion gps. These are three big deals and then, of course, to me the biggest scandal, the art of hours, this domestic surveillance that took place, in my view, in ask me of individuals and so forth. Why? are they so hesitant about the Justice Department to appoint a special care? on any of these cases or one for all of these cases where they were so quick to pull the trigger and appoint Mr Mulder. For nothing case, How do I make a people that are making this decision in creating this gulf other people to damage our back? She put into the desert the programme I just an asian and rod rose inside. I have a high degree of confidence from my reporting that even app a new special council that there are some pretty serious, driving investigation going on in the trunk Justice Department right now, I believe, there is a very strong Phoenician going on with the inspector general at the hold an awful lot of people accountable. I'm here pretty extraordinary things about what the ideas found. Em like it,
include in the next couple of weeks. Felony started, you pray go there, MR, so you think distrait should, even though isn't Obama pointed I I have seen a lot of evidence of very aggressive investigation, various lest it so and then I think this little rock investigation is gonna, be one of the big story, the twenty eight, I think, for the first time we're gonna know whether all of these stories about paid a player? and what are, they rose to the level of criminality, and I think we also see evidence in the last few weeks that the email destination, perhaps not be transmission, provide information, but the destruction of, it's impossible obstruction of justice in Congress. Maybe it coming a very sad, focus on another investigation, so well council and I am seeing some real strong evidence for the first time. I have been a long time, but in the last three months, I'm seeing real evidence of Justice Department of looking at this, And putting all resources behind him so
You feel Jeff sessions, at least in the areas where it can is. In fact aggressively trying to pursue some of these issues. Despite what some people are saying about him beyond Europe, Everything is remember when the Justice Department works best, it is added, stop downright is the guiding this year by the: U S, attorney a little rocky sack, a little rock just doing their job and, in the call me anything, get sucked into Washington and Micro manage. When the Justice Department, strong as the people on the field, make right the sailor than they make it the honestly and then eventually they throw up to justice to get the money charging decisions. I think What's going on here, a lot of? U S attorney than FBI agents are just doing what for the way was always intended to be done, and it may have a large larger consequences. Republicans and others. creating right now, there's a lot going on below our radar, and I think that based on that you have your statement about the story about the foundation. You got a lot of people by surprise, but it's a very advanced investigation and
It's gonna be one of the big storylines twenty eighty I John sound and look over your shoulder from time to time my brother and I and I very much appreciate what you're doing is very important for the country. Thank you. Well back, facilitates and get my story. That means a lot godless fascinating, isn't it MR producer so fascinating how much political decision was taking place in departments and agencies that are not supposed to be politically, and I the question for you, ladies and gentlemen, the fine until Surveillance court, which oversees the foreign, intelligent surveillance act.
This is where the FBI injustice have to go in order to get a counter intelligence related warrant for domestic spine. Would you not think the judges on this court will be furious by now that they were played with the steel, Russia. this year. We do not think they would want to take steps in their free to take a while. They have a lot of power. They can take steps themselves, to get to the bottom of this. The judiciary in this case has been a disgrace. I think the face it What has been a disgrace? I the judges who doubt with Mahler and his Fishermen have been a disgrace. I think these courts have been an absolute disgrace. I really do. I'll, be right back.
Sad, isn't it listen to John solemnly said now that guy is eternal? How often do you say that almost never, I mean. There's enough here were investigated. Reporters at the New York Times the Washington Post, the major networks, Cable tv, they should all be honest up, but they're not and they're not going to be, and then I'm gonna be. And that's why you know. Journalism is dead. That's why you know that these so called you We are responsible for undermining the first amendment and freedom of the press Anybody else it is they because they pretend a journalist than on journalists they ve bastardize their profession,.
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myself in that last interview had and I go. Any of these alphabet institutions ever been non partisan. I'm trying to think like these These are human beings. How can they possibly not be partisan and is only now that we are finding out about it? First of all, first of all, you should at least two years so quadrille strive to get the news and report the news. That's what you should do you gonna be perfect now, but it should be arranged. That should be our goal. and other used to be some journalists. Who did that and we didn't know their politics and so forth and so on. But today the very proud of. Opinions and you really cannot. I mean this honestly, you really cannot distinguish between the news in their opinions, anymore, understood, but I'm speaking more to like the air the eye, the CIA. All these two organisations have they all
He's been non partisan is that just a pie in the sky and to think about other non partisan, they have no feelings, though. Not, let me ask you: do you think your local police for non person for the most part they are? So I would argue that, yes, for the most part, law enforcement is non. Partisan luck. You join the FBI out of college around a law school or, as is Epa and so forth for the purpose of it. In politics. Ok, you join it because you're, a patriot who wants to protect the nation who wants to track down criminals, but the highest levels of the FBI? Stiffened, the FBI directorate goes for completely different process to become the FBI director. The deputy director is extremely political to become the deputy prepared. and these various assistant, directors and associate directors same thing, their view,
very, not all but too many very, very political ATA guy, who wasn't political, was a great top level FBI, guy, Castra Castro, He is and was terrific now you can hold your political Views, but you may not cannot, must not allow it to influence the course of an investigation These guys apparently, are very excited about it. There tweeting each other they're sending emails to each other, their editing, their statements, they're they're, all out for Hilary and against trunk, there's something Terribly wrong about that. What they ask you, though, how already asked enough. I can't I can't I don't have any more time I said, was gonna resolve, hit his questions. I entirely right now Ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back
so he's here now, broadcasting on the underground and deep in the bowels of the hidden Funken somewhere under the brick and steel of a nondescript building, we've once again made contact with our leader mark love them hello. Everybody mark live in here, our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven luck. Folks last night, maybe the night Before a couple of weeks ago, I was pointing out to you that there is a mantra out there now about Donald trumps, mental fitness that he's derange, that he's demented there's been a lot of talk about the twenty fifth.
The constitution Jesse. You know that this is an organised strategy when you have phony people in the press, phony hosts on MSNBC all sounding like saying the same thing when you ever left wing politician saying the same thing you know it's being orchestrated, you know it's being orchestrated much of this guy Michael Wolves book is about that that Trump is not fit for office. there's something wrong with them, not stupid and ignorant and blah blah blah. They make those allegations that is mentally unstable, he's not very intellectual is not a deep thinker is not curious. I want to tell you where this comes from. In a moment. The first.
let's listen to some of this, I'm afraid cut five, MR producer, so I'm not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but you're a psycho. This is a left wing cook, Democrat TED Lou from California I had a son- not I psychology so psychiatrists, but it doesn't take of mental health professional. You know that The president has said very this: me things and act in very disturbing ways. And what are you a call that he is not fit to be president, and I think we take steps, take steps to try to control Could do in terms of harm to United States this November people can change the makeup of Congress to try to put more checks and balances on him, but I think we've to rise up designation, say this is not normal. We need to stop this Interpol behaviour by the presumed aid state a policy and actions. What what's the inappropriate behaviour by the present United States, which has been in it
Talking about the inappropriate behaviour in the Obama administration, range demanded Obama administration. How they saw this out to the Iranians. How they soulless out the Cubans. are they sold us out of the Chinese to the Russians? and on and on and on how they Dick with Obamacare, even though its failure talk about the range demented then we have a richer Blumenthal. I considered arranging demanded as well as a serial pathological liar about his Vietnam Service, since he was never in the Vietnam WAR. cut seven, go very clearly. The american public needs and deserves to know the physical and the condition of the president of the United States. There may be certain parts of that condition that can be kept as has been done by previous president. But overall, the report
Be released, as should be, in fact, returns which in practice previously as well. This violated all the norm and really is deeply concerning. Now who sounds mental and arranged he does. But we know of this comes from the daily collar points it up and even political points it out. establishment media outlets, including CNN and MSNBC Rights, Peter Hassan, have helped streaming. Conspiracy, theory claiming that President Donald Trump is mentally ill at this. Of the conspiracy theory is year. Psychiatry associate professor Bandy Lee
who, for over a year, has claimed the Trump is mentally impaired and unfit to serve pointing at his tweets has evidence. doing trumps presidential campaign, Professor Lee Loud industry, norms against publicly diagnosing a patient without his consent or in an inn, listen examination. She just I do and so on the grounds that she is called obligated to break them in times of emergency and quoth. She continued, your campaign after the election earning a book deal in the process. Later New York magazine in April last year that she was a pariah at her department because of a campaign against the president's metal. I find that hard to believe at Yale, which now lose the book the danger case of Donald Trump, twenties Psychiatry and mental health Princess a President Lee's book which,
came out October. Three argued that psychiatry have a duty to warn that country about president TRAP so she's a workshop. three days after Lou Liese book came out, the eight issued a statement reaffirming the importance of the gold rule which ensued expositions not to provide profession, opinions in the media about the mental health of someone they have not personally examined and without pay Can consent or other legal authority. The EPA directly rebuke Lee duty to warn argument. the aid be. I would also like to dispel a common misconception about the soap Our duty to warn the duty to warn is a legal concept, varies from state to state, but which generally requires psychiatrists the breach, the cup the majority of the therapeutic session when a risk Of danger to others becomes known during treatment of the patient does not apply
is now physician patient relationship. The EPA stated now, despite this rebuke, democratic law makers of attempted to legitimize and promote the parade professors, accusations buzz which they level leftwing cook operation. We it in October that six different Democrats in Congress reached Lee regarding claims about trumps, mental health. Less monthly breathed a handful of conventional democrats on our arguments over today's political appointed on Wednesday Lee was neither met nor examined Trump told the democratic congressman that the president is quote. Unraveling unquote sounds like Joe Carbo and following the political report, establishment media outlets, Height Liese allegation which she
when making for over a year as a new development, this guy brine, stouter, CNN, spin, doing endlessly and I'd printed out this peace from Political, I think two days ago,. While I was on the air came out Washington's growing obsession with the twenty fifth amendment, long because concerned about trumps? Mental health invited a yell psychiatry, professor to breathe them in deceptive in September. Lawmakers concern about president trumps mental state. Some inhale university psychiatry, professor doktor brainy acts. Lee take I don't know last month for two days a briefings about our recent behaviour. in an interview she pointed to tramp, quote going back to conspiracy theories, denying theses of minute before his being drawn the violent videos. We also warn we feel The rush of tweeting is an indication of its falling apart, under stress trumpets, going
at worst will become uncontainable with the pressures of the president's. He was surprised by the interest in your findings during her two days in Washington. One senator said that it was the meeting he most look forward to an eleven years now after mentally deranged that guy is or her, level of concern about the president's dangerousness was surprisingly high. She said. The conversation about Trump's fitness to serve as ongoing and gaining steam after Trump's tweet this week, taunting the leader of North Korea, with my nuclear button bigger than yours, bravado. Now I've put that to sleep. We remember rag and send we bomb in ten minutes. in the Soviet Union Someone from his depleted and food starve regime- please inform him. Yeah, we know, is political
It's that the tweet resuscitated the conversation about the President's mental state in the twenty fifth amendment which allow for the removal of the present from office if the vice president and a majority, the cabinet dean him physically or mentally, unable to discharge the say this? The twenty fifth amendment is defective. menace purposefully. They write set up the require I high burden of proof There is no evidence that vice president, my pants or the majority of trumps cabinet have turned on him by trumps, Tuesday, nuclear taunt managed it cause alarm even with his own party. Now, let's down here, I don't know how many more times I can say this. The twenty fifth amendment is defective its defective under ordinary impeachment procedures A majority in the House of Representatives can vote to impeach a president.
Super majority, or two thirds of the Senate must vote to convict and remove a prisoner under the twenty fifth amendment, two thirds, not a majority. Two thirds of the house must vote not to impeach a president but the fine him unable to serve in office under the twenty fifth amendment in two thirds of the sand must vote as well. So it provides a higher vote requirement on the twenty fifth amendment then, does pure impeachment So the obsession with the twenty fifth amendment doesn't even makes sense. However, it we being used as a precursor to impeachment. They are throwing. Everything imaginable at this present. That is mentally deranged. There is a great threat to the american people that is obstructed justice.
that he was a sexual predator. I mean: what haven't they throw this guy? What haven't they thrown it. And the media facilitate all prevent, early in my humble opinion, is and unethical cook We're going to invite professionally on this programme to see if she'll come on this programme. My wouldn't she unless she's a left wing Democrat Hack, as opposed to an objective professor. Why wouldn't you come up. I just want to ask you some questions. That's all I'll be absolutely professional and polite. Unlike her, What she's doing is highly unprofessional. So we have this professor social, professed. I believe from Yale Professor of Psychiatry, who puts out there Statements puts out these arguments has partly
painted in writing this, but the democratic many of them embrace her regurgitating claims And then certain media figures, with very low. I accuse Joe scar. o Brien stouter, others keep repeating it as it is proved agreement can prove it. Tromp has a mental equation is true. You know I when I was a thousand stay. This is what we learned a thousand state, all oh yeah. We know all about this stuff and Joe Scarborough a complete loser, Mr Deliverance boy, but they all keep repeating this. That's what's called propaganda over over the big lie and they're using this demand? highly unethical professor psychiatry, yell universally to do.
Then again, the media just loved and this clowns book, what's his name then, Mr Producer, Michael Wolf, Michael Wolf, his iron. Stand at much of the substance of this book has to deal with trumps unfitness for office. Now this was never set of Joe Biden, who is a complete, not job? I even you. Republicans now and my favorite cable channel Fox, which will be joining in a few weeks month to month. Joe Biden is widely like, even by democratic Republicans, no he's widely despise as a man who did a p, a horrific character, assassination above board horrific character, assassination of Clarence Thomas dammit sky and law school had that she had I about it. most candidate ever has the steel stuff from me from the Labour Party candidate in Britain, because he can come up with his own arguments,
on about everything wrong about everything. Quickly in foreign policy, whose suppose it expertise never right, ever said that guy's mentally unstable Nobody ever said key facts. Eighty eighty thousand is mentally unstable, demented deranged, despite his long history of anti Semitism and cook conspiracy. Now, but Donald Trump, you see this is a campaign. It is insidious. It is invidious its poisonous to the body our two, but they don't care on the left they throw in prison if they can and although a peach removed from office they can levies a mental institution if they can and by the way they think of you exactly the same way. The deplorable are these right wing? Not sir? We,
canaries, Elijah. They they just spies. Half of this country hate it. I'll be right back, the boy now, ladies and gentlemen, where're reporters at the White House are asking the press secretary Huckabee. How could be Sanders the now asking her if the present, and what does he want? What do you think about the statement about the President's mental health? When what do you think about all that stuff? incredible. It's incredible! What democratic president's get away with, which is
lost everything and anything, and yet we have this, and yet we have this. That's gonna, Rich Westchester, New York, they re W Abc, go I marked thank you could take em. I caught her eye You said earlier journalism is dead. It's also dead from the conservative news agencies to Examples of this right now that prolific reporting of the stock market gains and allow unemployed unemployment rate during Obama's administration. The stock market doubled from ten twenty thousand, but this wasn't touted by Fox NEWS as me, The cater about economies well being while you caught us well. How did you know about it, sir? How did I
I remember what I hear and see never have will who'd you hear and see. Where do you hear from and where does it say what he watched? The fox business travel I don't watch his blue. I don T know what you referring to mark. You know I'm referring to what you said that the that the stock market, one up under a bomb. I asked you if you watch the fox business, tell why they did it. they reported every game day. Where were you You are on innocent now I wasn't. I watched Fox NEWS all the time mark. I said he watched the fox business. Can I watch it occasionally? while you presently and watch it much. Why? What's what you're next bit of evidence? Sir? Ok, when the unemployment rate was dropping under Obama. Trump called these figures, fake Fox NEWS, kept reporting bomb is unimportant: figures, don't worry, Why did you have to write this down? I'm going to? Let you Pow, but I'm gonna,
Suppose you? Why are you writing this down and reading from ours? I'm writing it down to reading. I can tell you're reading it go ahead. Okay, pal since took off his fox. Remove that Alright, sir, I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know why you're obsessed with Fox you know you don't have to watch Fox. Apparently you don't what your friends it I myself as the or CNN or watch the airport radar watch, Centigrams or watch your feet for all. I care Obama drag this economy into the crap. We couldn't grow up past three percent noticed bring that up noticed And bring up he added ten trillion dollars in debt noticed. Couple of guests IRAN, few couple a guess, irregular you might
Back conservatism with passion, I could then show collar now. Each Seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one working I'm trying to get a few couplet guests. Here Are you my colleague MR producer, who typical that's what I would call hoop we wouldn't want to come on the show some Mechano announce who were trying to get because they left. This. their will to tackle natural gonna show, but want to try and get a few of them. Some of our ratings, about telling the truth? I don't need them for ratings. I want them to explore things western re, rich, so we'll see if we can get that done
We cannot tell you who we ve tried to get here. I wrote the liberty amendments. Because I knew, regardless of who is running Washington, the only way to fix Country and restore its founding principles. Was the car a convention of states idea that my friend Mark Macular was actually launching a project to do just that. At that same exact time, and today honoured to have served on their legal adviser? boy since the very beginning, just four years later, over three million people aren't twelve states have already passed the convention of states resolution That's more than twenty percent! we're on our way to calling the first article five convention of states in american history. The meeting of the state's states get together. They send a few delegates from each stage. The rules are agreed to Vance, why what about a runaway convention? stand this, since it still takes thirty eight,
eight legislatures or conventions in the states to ratify an amendment: how can it be a run? Way convention there, proposing amendments to the states to them so You wanna see runaway convention. Look a congress, you wanna see around way convention. Look at the courts you want to see a runaway convention. Look at the bureaucracy. They're changing our country, they're, changing our constitution, the rewriting it all the time. Now, some of you say I'm an a ritual really and I hear this from some of these think tanks like over the heritage foundations are well Ahmad original, really will then you believe in article five convention of states in there. What are you- that off. Well, if you write off, you write it at your liberal. You say you're for that. the memory. You say you re for federalism, and the only way to actually
the lies. That is the exercise that power under article five now article five, People are going to propose and ratify amendments to restrain the scope and power, the federal government and that's the problem really that people have with this, because its effective. So, what's your new year's resolution? How resolving to do something that will really matter. If you care about the future our nation like I do then. Please go to convention of states that calm convention of state start come signed a petition and volunteered today this is, the real patriot, your guy, I'm all in the future. The nation depends on each one of you and I'm depending on each one of you mark. What can we do this
What you can do it is the only solution as big as the nations problems convention of states that come convention of states that come well. Yes, Kevin Silver City, North Carolina, serious satellite hurry user, I'm goin wonderful, and I love your show. Thank you. Thank you. Go for maybe a little man. I've ever told a guy like that at all They they lock up jewellery. I wanna go get Obama to become you met with she was my wife is on disability. She loved a perfectly good in behind your so called I believe my plan is the better planning and an agitated we're gonna do better what Obamacare That is better than in the gutter. Not only did we learn good health,
Colleagues, we have good doctors, we locked chance of having a good doctor and then you raise my attractive to through the world, but also about support you. I'm him a blackmail. Mendelson work go back to Africa. I did not say that dont sailor, but I get your other point, which is an end and he is he's treated like hero and is protected by the media and all the problems that have occurred with Obamacare. They were all predicted, all of them predicted. It was common sense, but see Kevin. This is the way the left operates. They are area lives, they are progressives. They are not going to take a step back there. and to do this is not to get rid of a care but to corner call improve it. Expanded put more money into it, compel more more. People to participate in more mandates? This is they plan to get the where they're going, which is a disaster
Put him in office to start not trying to be funny in any event when they can win election of Facebook. I mean we have really taken that serious, because now I think it is my thing marked out into the democratic party. here, because my period, my grandparents, my family All we're all democratic idle, the idea, while with a Democrat, Anti democratic and is worse than what I started buying into american real american history. What really stable, if not about how white you all have black you are, is about being the real for real made. He was just a boy, the staffing of men moving on baby the staff in the manner that the man tat it has gone all the end in the fact that a person with a disability does not have to fight to find a job
But you can get good coverage again and you can go to your doctor and you can be thing and not only did the failed. You ought to about bottle dropped, but if we got up about people in the path of messed up, we can go back to the Bible Data Looky, David, Solomon and all the rest of them. But we forget those people benevolent, really gonna, be forget with people who matter to you. thought here now to give all bomb of you that all of you, the magic don't wanna, knew about this again, I came in. I appreciate accomplices. when you think about how many people have been harmed by a bomb care. All we get is the usual propaganda, how many people and thrown off the healthcare, and we find out that the vast majority of them have been through. If anything, they didn't want to pay the mandate, the sea, the penalty. Excuse me the amount So they were paying the penalty. Instead, you talk about a constant
the national convention. You think John Robert stood on the Supreme Court here in essence, a constitutional convention that destroyed our healthcare system. By rewriting the legislative ST behind Obamacare, he's a disgrace. never recover from it's one of the greatest acts of judicial activism in american history. I, my family spend an enormous amount of time dealing with the health care bureaucracy. The letters they all the reports that come it is endless. Deductibles are enormous, though, created this, have created this, and if they can do more, they're gonna do more. They're gonna do my. What do you think Hillary Clinton invented her own healthcare system? Remember and her, was so soviet like that. Even if you have
the desire to purchase private how care outside of the Hilary care that she wanted to create. You would be prevent As a matter of federal law from doing so that day, unfortunately is coming because the Republican Senate failed to fall. repeal Obamacare, as did the house, so I know the palm palms and the Ratcatcher out there telling us how greatly they're, not great and was not great. Let me tell you something I saw p The other day where my Connell's all excited about bandits down fannys dancing on his grave, and so let me tell this job my candle, something there. Many of us who cannot stand you millions of US millions of us I want to see you leave. We don't buy into all the phoney surrogate media that tells us what I'm a corner. We wouldn't have gorse. It course we work.
My without Mokanna we wouldn't have tax report twice. We would know mechanically might actually had the damn Obamacare repealed. Among many other things,. All their very excited now the establishment, what the establishment doesn't understand- and that's ok by me. This was never a nationalist, populist movement. It is a concern. Movement, if the old Tea party movement, it's the Reagan revolution we gone anywhere, we're still alive we're stuck here, so our children and our grandchildren. I don't know it's a very old philosophy: dissolves mankind, we are battling this progressive ideology, whether practised by the Democrats, are practised by the Republicans. You listen Kevin. You. People are suffering as a result of these policies and you'd never hear it instead
get mumble or bumble. Susan Collins, LISA Mc Some other you know lightweight is about all the people going to be harmed. If we do the right thing, people are being harmed right now as a result of these policies? Let's go Earl. Lhasa. Less California, serious, satellite, a psychiatry, scope, a mark or thanks for a long time with their God. Thank you. Thank you, Sir the report by that year, the Kaiser thing you know what as a psychiatrist, I think it's a disturbance. Do those who actually suffer from mental illness the violation of the ethical rule that we as the kite to follow closely. The water rule and as long as he cannot diagnosed any form of diplomas and someone you haven't examine now, she's at the sky,
and of course, you being exploited and she wants to be exploited by the Democratic Party in the media, and I have a question like this asked of the President's press secretary It shows you how diabolical this is absolutely. and the Goldwater rule is named after bury go water. What what does that mean? The goldwire backer went very Goldwater with running for president. That was a bunch of psychiatrists to address. The letter cleaning, you know. What's the kite or for now doing forgot all tropical tuna put him out as someone who suffer from mental illness when he when they haven't examined him at all, and so what did the EPA there was to come up with this ethical rules. Saying that fear no psychiatrist should not bring us any form of unless the patient,
has actually been examined, will have, as its women still have a license its shock here. In fact, I'm not sure why she saw practice as a guide. now, it's worse than that she's, a professor she's teach here, an academic, insufficient teaching, other doctors to train a psychiatrist coming yell University, one, you know one of the great Ivy League Schools of America sounds like it Part of this momentum me yeah, Billy, I ride. Sir. Thank you for your car. Much appreciated. I should return. research drawing the break
an issue September October, nineteen sixty four of a magazine called fact. They surveyed a bunch of psychiatry S and the magazine cover reported back then. one thousand one hundred and eighty nine psychiatry cycle water is psychologically unfit to be. President. Now, he was psychologically unfit to be present because he was an unequivocal conservative. So he faced the wrath of the liberal left the left wing in the meat. and academia, so fifty three years ago, the same damn thing was going on and off The election go water sued. The publisher of this magazine, information. Anyone any was awarded seventy five thousand dollars and punitive damages, which was a lot over half a century ago.
the magazine eventually folded, the political decision, a perfect in order to attack. Conservatives ornamental interpret this way non progressive since the new deal since early the progressive movement of the early nineteen, hundreds late eighteen hundred knows no bounds, so these same things being done to Donald Trump, that he mentally unstable, but we have a I can from Yale whose insists on it Violation of these rights, I'll, go what a rule and that's where the year the Association of Psychiatry, said you can't do this Stop this your undermining our profession, and there are really people out there who have mental health issues and look what you're doing politicizing this, which is exactly
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Skin six, oh for it gets better order. Next, twenty minutes to get to more classics. As we take our college and builder and deep firming serum free. doing Shalmaneser amazing new year sale he'll get the best selling lessons neck treatment. My buddy tell you heard this and he jumped in the front line. He couldn't call fast enough Call now and upgrade to express shipping free that six free gifts eight hundred skin sick. So for Harry, said, eyes are running out car aid. Redskins six o four eight hundred skin six. So for her the genocide that come and they have wonderful customer service, their wonderful customer service. You should really check them out the unethical activity that is taking place among the media, so called journalists among psychiatrists
and there's others. I've been looking during the break at that, too, is really unbelievable. among lawyers, claiming that Trump has committed unimpeachable offences. This look at this look at what an absolute disgrace. It is but look at how all these power position all these professions are controlled by the progressive left. I don't care what profession you're lucky. Control by the progressive left, entertainment control by the progressive left very single conservative, late night Comic, Mr Barroso? Is there one turn out of closet conservative light. My comic there ain't they exist. What on any, the network chose another not? Why is that? Is there a single conservative host
of a Sunday picture, two of them worked for Democrats, senators, Todd and, in the case of staff, Annapolis correction. You work for Democrat President now think about them. And when you look at a media across the board, the Washington this is reliable, left wing. New York Times, reliable, left wing. look at our universities and colleges even count the number of actual conservative universities and colleges if you're, not counting religious institutions on one hand,. maybe on two or three fingers? That's it look at this I'm studios, which used to be controlled by consumers when they were actually founded.
Is there a single one, or by conservative Disney now look at the new media, Netflix Leftists. I'll be right back now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael again here our final. Our the programme on this Friday with the russian government is shut down and America, There's our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight ones,
three: eight one one or two thirds countries suffering from global warming, as that type he keeps rising. As a result of human, beings. Is it not the case? Any I mean, climate change, vote I save this for our three because that's where it belongs. The new slimy is out. There was another funny story. Another new ex limes hasn't broken a single story on failing and revealing hildy Clinton in uranium, one the ex limes push. This collusion store far as occurred, then tried to a circle back and push another. Funny story that some junior lightweight former staff to the campaign was drunk spoke, drone austrian diplomat, who then informed at the I see that the that the data,
campaign was trying to get information from the Russians. Oh wait a minute. I thought it was future. Gps not forget about all that we moved on that science has shown absolutely no interest in domestic political espionage by the Obama administration. The New York Times absolutely no interest in James Commies political activities and clearing Hillary Clinton before the investigation was even completed, her she was interviewed and they multiple innovations of his draft memo, no interest whatsoever New slides has shown very little interest in the real scandals that have taken place in this country, but they try to create them because the New York Slimy knows that when it Write something they force had seen and the falls at MSNBC. The fools had NBC the force it CBS the folded ABC the false
Most, a radio outside a conservative radio, just the fools generally with microphones and tv cameras and writing pens. Yes, they will regurgitating. Certainly ex lines During the height of world WAR, two does its very ass to conceal the fact that the Holocaust? While the media follows along, they do the same thing as they did. I'll, be the one to remind them to the end of my life of what they did during world war. Two that newspaper should have gone out of business. That newspaper should have been shot that newspaper should be repudiated. Instead, fools like Scarborough full like Steckler, who used to work their fools throughout
Phony, media phony profession site any attack holocaust denial. I the new lines with a story, less even obstruction increase, shows trump struggle to keep grip on Russia Investigation, obstruction inquiry. Shows trumps struggle to keep a grip on Russia investigation. So the suggestion in the headline is Trump the target of an obstruction investigation, annoying Mahler, who knows but he's trying to keep his grip on the run. An investigation. He was never going to keep his grip russian investigation, whether the end instigation occurred remain justice under Jeff sessions, criminal evasion or from a U S. Attorney doesn't work that way and Michael Schmidt, within a year slime should know better than he doesn't care to propagandist. Let's begin.
Story, Challis President truncates firm and struck In March, the White House is top lawyer. Stop the attorney general just actions from refusing himself in the Justice Department, investigation and no other. Stay trumps associated health. They russian campaign to disrupt the twenty sixteen election. I let's stop there did it work. While those are some instructions, but only one if it had work, was had obstruction course, it's not ups action, not obstructing an investigation, because you don't want your Twenty January coups himself. He didn't directors it any general not to investigate which he could, who, by the way as well and it's not obstruction, but when I read and did it, but let's go on public pressure, was building from MR sessions, meaning Democrats in Congress
Funny praetorian guy journalists, they were the ones building the pressure on MR sessions, been a senior member that trunk campaign to step aside the White House Council Donald F again, the second carried out the president's orders lobbied MR sessions to remain in charge of the inquiry according to two people, what knowledge of the apis out? So here we have leaking from the White House again. I can certainly guess who one of them is, but I won't say so, but look helots written like intrigue, the White House Council Mcgann carried out the president's orders. Distributors did they come White House Council is the White House Council, the lawyer for the president, so the president allegedly Ask him to tell sessions not refuse and there's some problem with this. The president asks
his White House lawyer. To tell US attorney: don't don't south. You handle this investigation, or we may never run away, not like Mahler, which of course, is true. Sir problem with this system again was on says for presently erupted in anger in front of numerous Whitehouse efficient member. That picture MR producer, where they had a picture. through the oval office window with a president was very apt, with began? Member that you do you, You go with me with your wake. I got to make sure remember who one of the other people wasn't. I wonder who wasn't ban and was one of them right, just pointing that out Mcgann was unsuccessful in the present in erupted in anger in front of numerous Whitehouse officials saying you needed is attorney general to protect him. Mister trumps Idiot expected as top lol. where's, beneficial, to safeguarding the way believe Robert
Kennedy, s attorney general done for his brother, John Kennedy, and I called her had done for Obama, will act, certainly true at certainly true battle at what is Trop accuse. Let's go back to the time that this supposedly happened. Trump didn't do anything there. Wasn't a special council appointed to investigate Donald Trump, but Trump. You and me, and you and you and everybody else if you know what special council do, there's no legal issue here. Folks, there's no ethical issue here, there's no obstruction issue here. None.
Is the front then asked where's my Roy calm? He was referring to his former personal lorry and fix it had been Senator Joseph Mccarthy. Stop aid during the vestiges of the communist activity in the fifties and who died a nineteen to say again lead to stop what does this have to do with anything his reference to Roy COM? What does that have to do with anything? Nothing? Why are the liberal media upset when this president refers to Robert Kennedy protecting John Kennedy? One? That's it. what happened. I recalled a protecting Barack Obama. When that's exactly what happened. Do they deny it? The lobbying of MR sessions is one of several previously unreported episodes that this special,
also Robert smaller. The third is learned about. How does this get to the nearest slides unless somebody in Robert, a smaller the third office, is leaking, including Robert S, mouth, The third, as learn about as the investigate, whether Mr Trump of structure, the FBI's Russia inquiry. Why did he obstruct the FBI's Russia inquiry, but folks, here's the nefarious part of their? We, the New York Times not for facts. We, the New York Times not for news, we, the New York Times to know what Mr Mulder is up to. Mr Mulder- is putting together many circumstantial case for impeachment. We ve talked about this over and over and over again. That's why shimmer today said we will present Mahler under every circumstance and for every with Schuman, close, the mother, Schumann
Former? U S attorney? Who used to be the Eu S attorney Manhattan is when a mother's bodies. Shimmers close the call me when a malware bytes. This isn't incestuous, revolting, repulsive, unconscionable situation. Yes, Mr Mulder has learned about. That's you see the weather there's been obstruction French occurred during a two month period from MR sessions were accused himself March till the appointment, Mr Mahler in May, when Mr Trump believed he was losing control over the investigation. Mr Trump never had control over the investigation. You idiots he's not charge the investigation, it wasn't conducting the investigation he would not be responsible Conducting the investigation is the president of the United States. This theory, ladies and gentlemen, the present the United States would have nothing to do with the Department of Justice ever.
We investigation can be said to be tainted because he has his political appointees over their starting with Jeff sessions. Every single one. Why are we even investigation Heller at tainted, while we investigate holder, acting at women Investigation of Democrats on that at tainted I mean under this theory any time republican president. They you could not have a legitimate asked, Non partisan, relatively objective a criminal and the creation of anyone who is a Democrat among other episodes, Mr Trump described the Russia investigation as fabricated. Now, here's where you have this is this is where we don't no, this is where we get opinions so they're trying to muscle up this. This phony obstruction allegation.
There. It doesn't even exist, except among the Democrats and the journalists, Other episodes, MR trumped described. The rush investigation is fabricated and politically motivated. Yes, in a letter that he intended to send to the FBI directorate that time, James Combing, but that White House AIDS stopped him from Senate now, look there is one or two or three disgruntled Whitehouse age or former age or leading to the New York Times. If I were running a committee kindness, I drag all our asses upon Capitol Hill. I put him under oath under penalty of perjury, not asked have they been making these leaks against the present United States? Yes, a process crime I have instinctively view of who is doing most of the sleeping now
This appears to be somebody with an axe to grind, maybe there's many of them have access to grant. I don't know. This is our inside baseball its being poured out the New York Times for the purpose of doing maximum damage to the president. Mr Mulder has also substantiated claims that Mr Commie made in a series of members describing troubling interactions with the present it before you, fired and may now how, with Mr Mulder, substantiate those claims unless he relies on Jim Commie. Moreover, Is this information in the New York Times? He can only be in the New York Times Mr Mulder is leaking. It. conversely, to drag MR mothers ass up, they're, not data with his prey, investigation, but they asked him call
about his ethics and put him under oath. That look. Look at the details, Special council has received handwritten notes from Mr Transformer Chief of staff, Rynch Previous shown that Mr Trump Talk to MR It is about how he had called MR economy to urge him to say publicly that he was not under investigation. We ve talked about that. Of course, nothing wrong with that, because MR call me and others like Impression that he was under investigation, what do you want and under investigation. How is that obstruction? Trap is the victim, in that case residents determination to fire. Mr call me even led one White House, Lord take the extra Step of misleading Mr Trump about whether he had the authority to remove them. Where does it come from one? What is this. Here, at times, is also learned that four days before MR call me was fired, one of Mister
change age ass. They congressional staff member, whether we had damaging information about Mr Commie part of an apparent. Put that undermine the FBI, direct, listen, listen! New York's, limes, the FBI, directors undermine himself was leaking memos to you through a go between a law. Perfect not clear whether MR mothers investigators knew about this episode, and it goes on legal expert, said that of the two primary issues Mr Mahler appears to be invested in with him whether Mr Trump investigator obstruct. Just as all somebody, please tell me how Mr Trump obstructed justice is missing. Mahler still investigating, yes, has Your mother, hired everybody, he's wanted a higher from the Hilary Obama campaigns. Yes, this, Mr Mulder,
the budgetary once yes, is Mr Mahler freely leaking to the media and his staff reeling leaking that the media. Yes,. And so many show me weathers actual obstruction taking place. Just show me: where is it? Where is, but the experts are divided about whether the accumulated evidence is enough. For Mr Malerba bring an obstruction case, they said it could be difficult to prove that the president who has brought authority over the executive branch and cleaner Firing officials had crop intentions when he took actions like ousting the FBI Gregor so now, ousting the FBI director, in course not
Another real investigation of a nation investigation is obstruction of justice at the present, as the other states fires a subordinate, its obstruction of justice, some experts said the case would be stronger if there was evidence that the present a detailed witnesses to lie under oath. How would the President tell witnesses the liner oath? We don't even know anymore. What mullahs actually investigating in fact did not the present
say that Mr Mahler should follow his leaves and if any of his subordinate broke, the law then deal with it. How come that is not in this article, the accounts of the episodes are based on documents reviewed by the times, as well as interviews with White House officials and others briefed on the investigation. So you have certain people who work for the White House who are leaking and you have investigators relating to the New York Times now. Let me ask you something: if the purpose here is justice whose obstructing justice, Mr Mulder the New York Times and the leakers they're, the ones obstructing justice I'll be right, back I think of wicked. sit in on
liberalization by Mahler and his staff of radical leftists. I think we be absolutely appalled at what they discuss, how they discuss at their tactics, Their strategies, what their end game is, we learnt we have learned so much about. How can we ran the FBI and the fact that this guy's best friends with Mama. Should scared the hell out of each and every one of you call me when rogue. Call me wasn't: egomaniac still is. Homey decided to leak memorandum to the of he took the present the United States, not because they pay. the damn thing because he wanted to stir the pot
There was a reason why was leaked to the New York Times? There was a reason why he didn't do it directly cause he's a coward would have got caught prosecuted for poetry, feeding confess in his own self Aggrandizing way and read and be condemned for what he has done being contempt for the police. The decision at the highest levels of the FBI he's held out has an exemplar Mr Mahler is busy chasing tails that
close and champion of freedom you're. One of the greatest champions of freedom in this country is not legally thinking world market mark at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one there is the great vice president, my pants. For starting off this new year, with some resolutions may suggest one that we should all try stop watching faintness Last year we saw how far the lid media will go even at the expense of their credibility. If you, is the last couple live in tv episodes of the year, we kept the Obama surveillance skin the one that they knew Ex lines washed and compulsion and embassy ABC Cbs the rest of ignored, started with what a mockery of yours, truly by the media and with total dedication. These are there.
I'm just stories. You're only going to get on see our tv we're bringing you the truth night in a night out twenty eighteen is shaping up to be a huge year foresee or tv were an illusion. Those from house like Andrew, well Cow Alley, Stuckey and much much more plus the price is less than eight buxom month when you just promo code Levine, that's l, ethiopian folks. It's time to fight back against the liberal media. There are alternative source of information do yourself a favor. Try, see our tv for a week completely free, that's right for a week completely free at our tv dotcom make sure you This code LE then that's code, Al Easy Iron and that way ten dollars off your annual subscription sign up. Right now, see our tv dot com or even better, yet we have a toll free number, eight for four Levine TV, eight for four l e
and tv now. I know that government is shut their we never shut down. We never down here. We never shut down olive in tv there right. There are wonderful customer relations. Folks Don T, I have said it all up. you'll have it all done in time to watch live in tv tonight, which is a great live in tv aid for four Levine tv that aid for four l e g- I am tv- will the to what some of you have to say how we- yes, Jim San Francisco, California, their great k, S, as all go market before you came to New York, vice versa, Sullivan let me tell you why I am calling about Senegal read a book, like George Orwell, called homage to Catalonia, which is about his experience,
during the spanish civil war, which was really a power struggle among a congress of left wing parties, the communists were fighting his party. He said that all over Western Europe, they were fighting with fake news. He didn't use that phrase, but that's what he was talking about that in England in England they didn't dare do that, because England had a little more in Europe times versus a and, as I understand it, the Supreme Court basically wiped out American liable war. It see- to me. Now, let's up up up up that tastes dealt with mostly public official types right. But there's still live alone this country. I understand that, but my point is For this they made it much more difficult.
To sue successfully public officials or public figures and made it much more difficult for them to sue so called news outlets, her outlets, many kind. If that's what you're saying yes, but I think that if New Yorkers versus Sullivan hadn't been decided, I think big care situation of a year or two ago, wouldn't have occurred, I think a lot of what was published words no sir, maybe so, but we have this first amendment it's in our constitution. They don't have that in the UK that women have a constitution. I understand that, but we had libel war. But we still have libel law in this country is Still, no you don't understand you just keep talking over me. Still have liable law in this country, however.
Cases that involve public officials or public figures and there's a whole complex process. You go through to determine if people those categories. It is a much much higher bar, but if Buddy calls you a horrific name and you're, not that any you can still them and you can win, and people do right are great thanks for your call, not sure what that's all about That's gonna Tad Rockville Maryland the Great W em a l go sir. I'm a couple younger than you. I graduated college in the early eighties and back then, He took a journalism class, they used to To- and it goes like this that were porters was-
the Billy eyes and ears of we, the people not eyes and ears. Democrats, your eyes news, a bitch Mcconnell. It was used. A phrase eyes and ears of we? The people to protect us from a world government and the way they did, that was by Spain On top of the day, the day govern. In these conditions dared at least. If you wanted a reputation, we were taught you wouldn't. Almost a nautical without validating its, whose work two independent sources, maybe was soon I would. I would suggest to you that the media has been going downhill for at least half a century. I mean you Propaganda for stolen at the New York Times, who got the Pulitzer Prize,
in so far as you had the propaganda for the year. The Communists in this country in Europe again this right now for the progressive movement in this country. The fact of the matter is these journalists so called all believe that their role is to advance the collar cause, a progressive it. They believe Civism promote civil rights, they believe progressives, promoted, terrorism they believe Progressive ISM is humanism, because this is their taught. This is how indoctrinated- and they are now very aggressively, promoting this through this profession that they they have and are continuing to destroy. I didn't even I didn't even understand what Progressive ISM is. That's correct them and said parties walked the Republicans on women still
fight, because it's almost like the one. We know much more, a lot of them agreement, Progressive, isn't and I'll. Tell you what a lot of them with love, nothing more than Donald Trump to be taken up at my problem. My problem is: relatively poor. People we stand at the media, control of the media. People's opinions, especially if they want educated. It's almost like when you find a battle, it Its if you control the culture, how the media, who control the culture? You control the classroom, control the culture you control, the court's, who control the culture. You control the bureaucracy. If a control, the culture you control politics, I mean that the bottom line. This progressive vision is a is an ideology successful ideology in terms of conquering liberty. In terms of cop conquering Morland,
intimate philosophies it as a tyrannical mindset in the end and I've come progressive, isn't the Bastard China Marxism, because that's exactly what it is, are you you have people you have people running around as marxist, whether its black lives matter or if this organizations are unrelated to raise and so forth, and prefers a perfect example, promoting Marxism and trashing America, an trash in american history. They talk about slaveholders right, that's how they try George Washington and all the rest, and it's interesting because under access, as. let's go as high as one hundred million people have been slaughtered in the name of that ideology: one hundred million people now. They can stand there and point the George Washington, which is really an abuse, but they are. They are carrying on carrying the flag of the most her wrists
genocidal ideology. Man has ever concocted TED. I appreciate your call. Thank you, sir. Let's take another showing tat, Colombia South Carolina, the Great W p o c go a lot more. You do too great. No, you really. You really will allow way to straighten out some confusion. Maybe he asked the mainstream media put her their job I made a mistake: he should find first thin layer loaded, the ad and justice apartment per day came in office. He should have done what he said about the first tat, the top ten layers in F, the I on the first day when an office will Maybe so, but the truth is, Obama should have fired. Call me a long time ago,
when you got to do it. You know they talked about it. He in Valerie Jarrett and the other. The others in that but they didn't do it and you know why does here as he had fired, call me back then would have been held by Hillary Clinton Hale by show my hair by shift. How, by all these lousy good for nothing left wing Democrats now who's. to use the common situation to take up this present so thank you for your car pressure did call. Did you know that our twenty trillion dollar national debt fiscal operating there is estimated to be forty million dollars in the next twelve years? I'm not kidding about this trip. You know we have over two hundred trillion dollars and unfounded liabilities. In ten years, it's gonna be over four hundred trillion its unimaginable to mind boggling. You know it,
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the New York Times Committed, the greatest act have journalistic malpractice even worse when refused to cover the holocaust when the Second World war. What kind of a so called newspaper does that a newspaper owned and led by Liberal which people this is the same newspaper of record that blue or fast and furious the irish scandal then gauzy the mould. Well, scandals related to the iraqi deal. Hezbollah scandal with Obama covering four Hezbollah.
Ethnic surveillance scandal in the last administration and in the last campaign, Holocaust denial, New York Times now. Create an issue because the President's council told sessions. Why are you accusing us of that recurs? Oh, my god. I must be abstraction of justice. Maybe they don't understand what obstruction of This is Hilary destroying emails. Now that would be obstruction of justice. Just for you
Our weakness, officially overboard, left federal government has shut down and the weaken begins right now. We salute our armed forces police officers, fire fighters had emerging personnel, that's right unites Friday. Can I Griffin? Can I Pepsi smokey United Zelda, can I says the Taliban Well, I have ass, yet Al Qaeda get, although sub human rights,
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