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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, Do you realize over the last half-century, every significant change in immigration policy has taken place without the support or affirmation of the American citizenry? We’ve been deceived about this over and over and over ...

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Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living near our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one One, what we're going to spend probably most with a programme on the issue of immigration, not as you think, which is just a playing the president's event today. Forty five minutes with the Democrats and praise for his genius. Now we're not going to be doing that we'll play place her mother, but this issue of immigration is now or never
half a century of effectively open borders chain migration lottery migration salary. That's a visa is forty to forty. Five percent of the illegal immigrants have violated visas for which they should be deported if not prosecuted the country's changing, and why and while the left tries to stick us in a box and traced say that we are against people of color, I'm not even talking about the nation is changing its complex that has nothing to do with it. Happening? Is people coming into this country. From the third world. In massive numbers, And when they get here, they're bringing their family members in now a nation state, No nation state can Continue to go on forever. Certainly under these conditions, I don't you
Damn what business wants? I don't give a damn what the union's want. I don't give a damn what the Democrats want. Honestly, I don't give a damn what the White House, what this is other nation. This is about. Twenty years from now, thirty years from now fifty years from now, I can remember back over ten years ago,. Over ten years ago, when there were only actually a few of us behind our microphones who are fighting off George Bush and comprehensive immigration reform. We Entire radio broad S company that support it. Borders now, I suppose, her out their banging the drums. Some of the really big house in this country, and I'm not talking about my bodies but some of the big house in this country. They were all four, immigration, one. Then they reverse coarse and always know there's a trick out. There went somehow says, as I've said for years, what play it proves to us that you said it for years, because that means they did not.
I've written seven books for them does this immigration is actually five of them now that I think about including my first one man in black and I got to thinking Do you realize over the last half century, every single I can change and immigration policy last half century has taken place without the support our affirmation of the american citizens, we ve been deceived about this over and over and over again by Democrats and Republicans alike. The The crash I can understand as a pie, Party, the Democrat Party as an institution, has as its purpose this nation inside out and destroy it. The recreated like I'm kind of a socialist utopia got it wrong. That's quite a marriage opium Republicans, ladies and gentlemen, no excuse
whatsoever, and I know people are well with the president's political performance today he's demonstrated that he's got them capacity ITALY, no more talk about the twenty fifth amendment, wait a minute we needed this meeting today to tell us. Why do we react to the left? Why don't we react to the media, the Democrats and the ethnic front groups? What we need from the president. What we need from this administration, what we need from cancer bridging Congress are particular coherent this actions and explanations with the american people. Before we lose their country, we What the Democrats, one, how long have we ve been saying it there are important Democrats. How have. I said: if we were importing Republicans. They would never support this
very significant change in immigration policy. In the last half century, which has promoted open borders, has been and without their consent the affirmation or supported the american people. Often under cover of darkness. And now we reach the point where we can do. But if you deported, a body other than outright else India, Canada, deport them given sanctuary cities, then you We are racist, their democratic a box this in, but we don't have to be then something that race, we're not talking about black. Why red yellow whatever we're not talking about that. Importation of people most of importation of people, many of whom are How the hell do you have a civil society like this? We don't even How do you have a civil society like this?
we don't even have a firm assimilation. You have a single assimilation programme in this country. Quite the contrary, our public schools are for Promoting balkanization and racism and re stating our Alexander Universities, the same thing that democratic, Where do the same thing? the same thing, how they help you keep a nation together under these circumstances, so this bigger than a meeting that took place in the White House with a present It is meeting with people who want to remove them from office. Who is it? Who are the real humanitarians? We are we, people, to know that in order to come here, they shouldn't trying. Make across the border where they might be killed, our rate or Think horrific may happen to them. We than others and orderly process follow the orderly process you may or may not get in you don't. Have a right to come to America. You do not
Have a right to be legalised in America, you do not have a right to be a citizen of America. You do not have a right to have welfare in America. Well being and triggering during the great society. Even Arthur's, lessons Junior wrote a book about it, a leftist, a professor, a historian from Harvard who advised Kennedy and Kennedy family. Even Theodore, why another, thereby who used to write books about the presidential elections? He warned it was one of the domestic. Ideas. Then I d, sixty five Heller ACT, Heart seller act, I should say So we're going to spend some time today going through this and what I regret
Is that neither the White House nor the leadership in the Senate, nor the leadership in the house, all of which we control, make the articulate comprehensive case for American. Four republicanism little are. For national sovereignty. This isn't on all right thing. There's an american thing to an american thing used to be understood. Now you can't the boy people, because it might be the father of a child, a mother of a child, a child of a mother who the hell knows you can support, anybody anymore. The laws are meaningless. Have cities and stage in this country that another fine federal law we ve talked about this repeatedly. They're, using essentially the same arguments, Confederacy used about that
to nullify the incredible October, two thousand three, the most articulate three to four minutes: an explanation by a liberal democrat former governor Dick I am of Colorado and why this matters. Not a single person at that, You need to the White House today whether the President, whether Is it a Senate for members of the house, not a single person not want articulated. What form of Governor Lamb is about to articulate to you? Fifteen years after you get it in the first instance, cut fourteen go.
I would like to share with you my plan to destroy America. If you think that some do America's to smuggle too rich to self satisfied, not diverse enough to white bread, I have this plane me and I'll send them all gradations rise or fall, and he said, and the autopsy of history is all Craig nations committed suicide so here is my plan. Eighty parts I want to make it a bilingual by cultural history shows us
by legal by cultural country, lives at peace with itself, there's not one. I believe that doesn't exist with an incredible amount of tension and and conflict, if not civil war. My second part of my plan would be to invent something called multicultural, as this would be to parts of our one. I would say that all cultures are created equal with me, make no difference and would make it impossible to talk about such things as culture and the second one is that I wouldn't really try very hard and make people continue their cultural identity. I would replace the melting pot with the salad bowl. My third kind of my plan would be to make the fastest growing demographic grew in that country. The least educated,
I would add a second under to the first underclass unassimilated under educated, antagonistic and then I'd have fifty percent of the drop out of school not graduate from ice before, My plan would be to get the foundations to fund and big business to fund these efforts with lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity and victim knowledge, I would get them to think about. Their lack of success, was only the fault of the majority. I would start grievance. Industry my plan, as I would develop, dual citizenship promise able actually divided loyalties allow them to allow both from relevant Sunday Fox and George Bush
the six part of this is important. I would place all of these subjects off limits. I would make a taboo to talk about actually are criticised. This whole thing. I would make its come up with a word like heretic used to be two hundred years ago. A say we call a racist and I will try to fuse anybody of this would have To my ideas, my seventh part, then I would make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I wouldn't Mantra- let's call it at this time, because immigration has been good in the past for America and will continue to be good in the future. My eighth last part and its importance is, I would sensors this book. This man is dangerous. He's onto my plan. Don't read this unbelievable run.
So right on so completely writer, and yet here is Donald Trump. Today cuts Mr producer go through an interesting ass. I do have people their lives to use a very common turn very far right and verify left there. Very unhappy about what we're doing I dont believe they have too, because I really think the cells itself- and you know when you talk about comprehensive immigration reform, which is where I would like to get to. Eventually If we do the right bill here, we are not very far away most of it. You want to know the truth. If we do this properly doc, you not so far away from comprehensive immigration and if you want to take it that further step I'll take the heat out of here. This is incredible to me. This was his top issue.
Separating himself from almost every single Republican running against him in the republican primary. His spin doctors are all over the place and more what he actually meant to say in this area It's an media on tv and radio, our rewriting and restating what he said, and so what you heard what he just said mark the art. Ladies and gentlemen, enough with a bumper sticker, does the rubber is hitting the road right now. If you oppose where this country's headed, you need to speak out, it doesnt mean. Disloyal to the president. It means your loyal to your principles, you, It to speak out. I am very concerned about what I saw today, all the Politics is, I am very concerned I saw two parties, united against us.
If we do anything beneficial out of whatever this deal is going to be, it's going to be because, starting today, you raise your voices. You ve No we're losing our country started. A nineteen sixty five, like I said, with our hearts. We're losing our country Started a nineteen sixty five like I said with a heart seller act. I'm gonna talk, walk us through this Eighteen, eighty two, eighty Supreme Court decision out of the blue that ordered that illegal aliens children have a right to public school education. Where did that come from nowhere. Now one federal case after another man streaming illegal immigrants, mainstreaming legal immigrants where states had not in stream and called on court before. We have now reached the point where we can We will discuss this issue where, when you talk,
deporting people who are violated our law. Your call and your name, Zena Phobic, lie compassion, are racist. We can't even Scotch it any more and the demographics are turning on us. Fifty years this has worked and progressive Again in another area of public life have destroyed politicians They want to change that country and elect more Democrats. Everybody signing this daily collared peace and they should the centre for american problem As a former Hillary Clinton, hack, saying, hey, look one of the reasons we need to keep doing. This is revolts. You could be deaf, dumb blind, not to have realised. That's been gone on for half a century. What are you thank red stage are turning purple. What do you think purple stage? Returning blue? This is a big reason for and its intended. That's the purpose, that's what they want
and when you call em out what are your racist, not a racist? I want people. This country, legally, regardless of their race. Right back. He was reckoned figures mistake biggest mistake Time to speak out, folks it's time to speak out.
Present intrepid. The White House today cut forego. There should be no reason for us not to get this done when this group comes back. Hopefully, with that agreement, this group and others descended from house, comes back with an agreement signing besides, I'm not going to say oh gee, I want this is because I have a lot of people in this room to come up with something. Really, that's no What are the deal that complete surrender nice respect the president will realise and try walk some of that back, but that is very bad. Any in front of the media? He did in front of the Democrats. The whole world heard it just give me something and I'll sign you kid me. That's what he's I didn't say it- that's what the president said I'll be right. Back
versus left right versus wrong call Marguerite, seven, seven, three, eight one for eight one, one the third greatest prison in american history. My view Ronald Reagan behind why didn't Lincoln, cut a deal with the Democrats, after amnesty and refuse to build the war. George Bush going to deal with the Democrats. They actually voted, specifically to build seven hundred miles of wall and fencing in and to fund it. They built less than forty miles. They violate their own laws. They spend on everything and anything. They waste enormous sums of money, but They will not secure the southern border.
And the President says, will sign anything. They sandra it's up to you and me to make. Sure that whatever they send him his acceptable to our Future and if it is your here, the same palm palm boys and girls. This Rock heads or you. A year ago, I told you to you'd have eyes always said there were very. Course, and circle back and jumped to the front of the parade I am somebody you can rely on who's gonna stick to his positions, not because their hard. That is their right wing to undertake Conservatism: misunderstand: you know: humanity. Has nothing to do with being hard or right wing, based on experience, name Guns collapse, and they typically far from within.
And it's the voices like yours and mine and a handful of others who speak out at times like this. Who are typically overwhelmed but are to be remembered? Quite frankly, let's begin. Let's get into this issue. The state S, argument for comprehensive immigration, reform, reduces to this America's a nation of immigrants that farming and settling innovation came about because of immigrants who brave dangers to come to this country, everything to build the prosperity we enjoy today. Certainly, this is true as far as it as I explained, in liberty and tyranny, To say this is a nation of immigrants is to say every nation is a nation of emigrants, Mexico, The source of most immigrants in the United States today is a nation of spanish and other immigrants. The
location is, however, that both legal and illegal immigration, no matter how extensive, is another moral imperative justifying the transformation of the civil society. This is, so. Once again, the declaration of independence provides guidance on this issue. It states in part that decision for these unalienable right governments are instituted among men deriving just powers from the consent of the government- and we can, to any of this happened pain, migration, be something we consent to weed Americans and to do that. A lottery I have even heard about this until a few months ago, we consented to that. We senator Sanctuary cities weakened. Two forty four forty five percent of the illegals in this country. Violating their visa requirements and staying here when it The consent to this
the declaration. It is the right of the people to all. Or abolish the government to institute new government Lang, its foundation of such principles organizing its powers and such form. So then shall see most likely to affect their safety and happiness had they govern the American citizens consented to the car, state of legal and illegal immigration. In the station due care an immigration policies and enforcement practices affect their safety. The happiness of the people. Yes,. The state is whether they be Democrats and Republicans they. State in particular the twenty first century. Immigrant in the United States, is the speed. Air of the immigrants who helped build a nation, his motives are is noble and his ambitions desirable as those of the founders to deny him access to America's bounty and freedom display an american meanness of character and is we now see of America's heritage. Even worse. This state is port.
Raise the immigrant and universally more virtuous than the citizen. He said, who aspire to and indeed achieve a the position of worthiness than the citizen priest, jobs Americans won't do Koran quote, is a person of hey they strong family man and so forth. And the citizen is said to owe his sustenance to the immigrant, who is to build his home, maintain is property. Harvest is food rays. Children go, there was wars. So Even the illegal immigrant deserves a privileged status and society in this said his lawbreaking is said to be personal necessity and societal value. So he must be urged out of the shadows and into the light. He must be celebrated as a role model and is virtuous nest. Must be rewarded with citizenship. For we conservatives. This is a truly odd formulation, since it means the citizen
paramount role in american society. It is the community of citizens who consent to be governed, and for whom the government exists. In the first place, the prince, all responsibility. The government is to the citizen, otherwise never ceases to be legitimate, to say that the citizen, who is in fact primarily responsible for the nations character and the culture which the alien immigration is viable to american society than the emigrating alien, is nonsensical. No society can withstand the unconditional mass migration of aliens from a corner of the earth. The prey revision of the nation's territorial sovereignty. There culture, language, mores, traditions and customs that make possible a harmonious community of citizens dictate that cities. You should be granted only by they can Senator governed now
by the unilateral actions or demands of the alien through trade, migration and so forth, and then aliens, who wealth off their allegiance to their former nation and society and pledged Our allegiance to America, Clare an institute senior fellow in California State University, professor. At the time, every jailer reflecting a merry. Aristotle's observation wrote a rat A change in the character of the citizens would be tantamount to a regime change, this surely as a revolution in its political principles, so folks, the guy It therefore, is not only justify but obligated to qualify immigration to those most likely to contribute to the well being of the civil society and create the conditions in which aliens have different backgrounds can be absorbed into the american culture through
assimilation now, history, nineteen sixty five. As part of rate society on the Democrats controlled everything by Super majority's. Their status did in fact, lay the foundation for radically altering the character of american society and the relationship of the governor to their government. When he signed the heart seller act. Presently then judge and said this bill That we were signed today is a revolutionary bill. It does not the lives of millions of women that reshape the structure of our daily lives are really add. Importantly, either our wealth or our power and during the debate, the debate with a bill on the floor, the Senate, Senator Teddy Kennedy claimed a fast, First, our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually under the proposed building. Present level of immigration remained substantially the same. Secondly, he said the ethnic,
echo the country will not be upset concentrated car in some quarters. The bill will Inundate America, with immigrants from one country or area for the most part related and economically deprive nations of Africa and Asia. That's what he said. Johnson Kennedy and the other statist around the great society, were obviously wrong. It's I do believe they were not intentionally deceiving the public, a nineteen sixty four republican presidential candidate, represented Willem William Miller of New York while under The overall increase in immigration that will result from the nineteen sixty five at We estimate that if the president gets his way and the current immigration laws or repealed, the number of Prince next year will increase threefold and in subsequent years, will increase even more the bill that was passed, abolish the decades our policy of national quotas, which was said to be discriminatory because it
I read immigrants from Europe, usually Britain, Ireland and Germany over the third world veracity These immigration levels from each hemisphere setting in motion a substantial increase in immigration from Latin America Asian Africa, to the detriment of If favorite aliens from Europe The bill also introduced for the first time, I'm just giving a history a system, chain, migration? That comes from this law. As the centre for immigration studies notes, gave higher preference to the relatives of. These new citizens and permanent residents aliens than to applicant with special job skills. So the historical basis for making immigration decisions was radically altered in nineteen sixty five. The emphasis would no longer be on the preservation of american society, the consent of the government. Now means themselves would decide who comes to the United States through family reunification.
But the elimination of national quotas and the imposition of chain migration. Aliens emigrating to the United States were poor, less educated and less skilled then, those who preceded them a pattern- continues. Now to this day,. Now the late author Theodore White, who I mentioned earlier, it was no conservative He wrote that the immigration ACT of nineteen sixty five changed all previous pattern and in so doing probably change. A future of Amerika. He wrote it was noble, revolutionary and probably the most thoughtless of the many acts of the great society in the nineteen sixty Caesar Shove as one of the founders of the United Farm Workers union. Do you have w vehemence We oppose the legal immigration arguing undermine whose average to unionized farm workers and improve working conditions and wages for I can citizen workers the
w even reported illegal immigrants to the immigration and naturally the naturalisation service at the time in ninety sixty nine Chavez let a march accompanied by Ralph Abernathy present. The southern christening leadership conference in former right hand, man to Martin Luther King, Jr and Senator Water Manu On the border with Mexico protesting that farmers use of illegal immigrants o times change,. Most of the union to change course, and today they lobby, to confer stay and ultimately citizenship on illegal aliens. These include them. Consideration of labour, a Congress of industrial organizations. They have I'll, see IO. Mary consideration of stay county municipal employees, Farm labour, organizing committee, hotel employees and restaurant employs international union. Where's International Union of North America and on and on and the United Farm workers. Stew Chavez must be turning in his grave
because you see, ladies and gentlemen, for the union's. This is new membership newspapers for the Democratic party. This is new Democrats, Voters so the union's view, the large influx of both legal and illegal aliens as a new source of political clout that favours their allies in the Democratic Party, potentially adds membership to their own dwindling numbers. They came to. The same realisation is historian Santa Labelle who know that the voting age, children of the first, my great migration, constituted big city masses who furnish the votes which we elected Franklin rose about again and again and in the press, ended the Traditional Republic majority in this country. There can be no doubt as a crime, matter that the status benefits for votes promises. Isn't it I'll, be destructive enticement. I just told you these Jennifer.
For progress? American progress that left this organization, the daily collar reported there too? importantly, I look. We need this revolts display. President George W Bush is, and Senator John Mccain, long record of advocacy for more legal immigration. Amnesty for illegal aliens, not enough to compete with the state as agenda, two thousand or forty four percent of Hispanics, for example, voted for Bush for President fifty three percent for John Kerry in two thousand eight thirty one percent of Hispanics motive, John Mccain for President sixty seven percent voted for Morocco, the state is tolerates the illegal aliens violations of working wage and environmental standards. Because the aliens babies born in America are under the interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment of the constitution, which I disagree with the interpretation. Still other treated as United States citizens, And under this nineteen, sixty five hard seller act, I'm talking about upon
earning twenty one years of age. The trial could sponsor additional family members for citizenship from the state is perspective. The pool of True administrative stay constituents and sympathetic voters is potentially bottomless. That's exactly what's going on here today, exactly. I got a lot more. I hoped to stick with me, because what took place in the olive oil office today to me is enormously troubling. I know a lot of people going to say, don't worry, Mark, we got the art of the deal. He knows how to get him and so forth and so on. Let me those of you who think their way. This question. Is it not the job of the republican leadership in the house and ascended the present United States to persuade the american people to our position to having this nation state to saving Americanism and the american culture stone race, not this all right stuff, just
these are views and positions that history be right, back not that many young men and plug radio and load up to show a guess and everything. But one thing you do, I hope, take away from the programme. Is information are your own conclusion, but information would agree with me or not. You can check everything. I'm saying. Dismiss my rationales, my reasoning, my logic, if you wish, but they do exist Did you know that in next hour we're gonna continue talking about this. This is our country Ladys in general,
we, the american citizens, our country? It's not. The property temporary politicians in the house, the centre and the president's are not listening to us. They're playing a selection after election after election after election. It s ass. If, during the republican primaries, when I said now, the mexican government is not building the wall. In fact, the Idle trumps gonna have, as which humor and the Democrats to get appropriations to build a wall, memory MR producer, or to quote back but interests as I said years ago, but the truth is that. And I took a lottery for this one no more talk about Mexico doing anything and added, talk more war stretching from seed a shining see now what we got rivers and we are mountains, rivers and mountains during the republican primaries. Last time I checked
we can't buy on a wall and a river it's hard to belong amount unless it's the gray, while a China, somehow they manage to do it. Did you know that our twenty trillion dollar national debt is estimated to be forty trying in the next twelve years a deck train? This large can be headed towards disaster and if we could move more dollars. We lose more and more buying power investors now that it's not what you have. What you keep that's, why they diversified The portfolios to help keep their Paris strong when the ballot gets weak, P, M capital, hundreds and wealth preservation. How can you keep your buying power is their goal. Many sisters are diversifying their portfolios like me, and I raised right now with gold and silver that works don't be caught on the cracks are the debt train disaster diversify today, learn more by claiming your free Pm Capital investor Guide and for
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now run only underground, the bowels of the hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markland, any here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one you know, ladies and gentlemen, at some point. A nation has the stop bad things from happening or those bad things. Stop the nation from happening He reached a point in this country. Were illegality is praised. Illegality is said to be compassionate with a refusal to enforce federal immigration laws. It said compassionate, where state
and cities which would never be permit To go off on their own when it comes to it. Second, amendment and guns, and so forth, go off on their own when it comes to immigration and are praised for energy funded by our courts. Combination of court decisions. Bureau Eric decisions, ample decisions have brought us to this point. And it continues to happen. And now the radical nature of politics surrounds. This is unbelievable and the Republicans. So thoroughly fear that some of them have thrown in with. I want you to listen and Linsey Gram of the White House today. This is how Linz He gram sees this a serious debates, not a substantive debate. He's the victim
Lindsey, Graham, is a victim. Gonna bright, learn My democratic phrase, thanks for coming to resist movement paces guy- they don't want to be successful at all. You turn on Fox NEWS and I could hear the drumbeat. That's loner doesn't appear on Fox NEWS endlessly, but he here. The drumbeat now coming from right wing go ahead. You talk, show host, we're, gonna, bright, learn, radio and tv talk show us are going to beat the crap out of him go ahead because it's gonna be endlessly all over again. I don't know if the republic in a democratic party can define love, but I think what we can do is do what the american people want to sixty two percent of the Trump voters support it at waited says the ship for the now. Let's stop right, where's he get their number from where's it getting their number from its a group called p p. I It is a left wing group that put their number out.
And they put a lot of other numbers, poles and survey numbers at all conservative antitrust this side and the other always backing the liberal agenda, so Z Graham, is now citing a left wing organization for his number, and that number spouter that sixty sixty two percent number all throughout that room. Because I want you to believe. That you're way out of the majority here, you're not way out of any majority here go ahead. If you have strong borders, you have created a opportunity here, Mr President, and you close shut up. Let me tell you something this opportunity this. Secure the border discussion this has been going on. Since I was in a regular administration in ITALY, Bush administration now the Trop administration,
Goober years going to tell us what we need to do, Mr Gang of eight. You didn't forceful. Are you up at some point at some point, you got to do something about it. Here's the today in the room is settled. Actually superficial courage on radio and tv. Am I what a brilliant political broke. This has, let me tell you something twenty years. Your kids aren't gonna care about what took place in the oval office about the brilliant political stroke or anything else where your kids, I have to deal with is the the result of what, place here? That's why it's very very important for you to engage now, not just. Though, with the palm palms not just go They Rockettes, but you need, to engage now. Here's the president cut
They go that way, but there are areas we want because you you have a river while its river and you don't stop, says Seems to me not much Clean changing in terms your position, the reporter says, go ahead, decisions, are going to me, what the people in this room stop. My positions are going to be with the people in the room and what they come up with I believe that MR producer.
My position and be with the people in the room. I forty was to say what the people, but then he had in this room and what they come up with go I am very much reliant on the people in this room. I know most of the people have a lot of respect for the people on both sides and my what I approve is going to be very much light on what the people in this room come to me with. I have great confidence in the people. They come to me with things that I'm not in love with you, because I respect him now if I'm a propaganda as tell you. This is three levels of chess that none of us can follow, because it's just absolutely incredible, but if from truthful with you and your who, for with me and were true for with ourselves. This is a problem.
And even though the president may start working it back trust me when trucks humor heard this and dick her this stuff and dying Einstein heard it and Jeff Like heard, and all the others. They now have said. We can send them a bill in her silent. The way it should work does the present make the case to the american people, and he can do so with the great And permit that he showed in the meeting he can do so anyway wishes in a speech to the nation using that conference, tweets and so forth make the case to the american people that at some point there has to stop and the Democrats keepsake yet One more amnesty one more stay: there will control the board. They wouldn't say that anymore. They say one more amnesty and no money for a war. My concern is that will get some. Truncated war.
The usual sensors and you know, and guys driving back and forth and Jeeves, which can possibly corollas terrain and be told that This is good everyone awash nor feel good. Both parties will feel good. The rockets, and the pompous boys and girls will feel good or pass Everyone will say, we have a victory and we want. This is my concern. I've been pressing this case for years and years and years, and its only getting worse and worse and worse and harder and harder to address. You heard me commenting from liberty and turning his plundering the seat. When the issue of immigration is raised, her debated the one group rarely consider consulted as a group most adversely affected by current immigration policies. The rising generation that is young people.
And so I say we need to examine them. For more than two centuries, the United States has attracted immigrants from all over the world, Like civil society, which societal and cultural traditions and values have served as a beacon to humanity,. Has historically inspired millions to come to american search of a better life? This Indeed, the eighteenth centuries immigrants from Europe came to the United States, seeking, among other things, religious freedom Nineteenth century immigrants from countries such as Ireland, ITALY and Germany were mostly escaping famine and oppression. Twentieth Century America, welcome those fleeing communism despotism. However, As the late Harvard professor factors same, your Huntington explain in his book, who are we to choose I'll just to America's national identity. He wrote
it has been a nation, a restricted and interrupted immigration as much as it has been a nation and immigration a surprise, some to learn that in the past each successive wave of immigration was followed by a period of time with a fly, of aliens add as more arrivals assimilated into them. Way of life. That doesn't happen anymore. There is no respite for assimilation- For example, from nineteen oh won through nine. In my boring everybody, MR producer, maybe I am. Maybe maybe I maybe I gotta go back to Michael well from the author. Our kicker per kicker kick banner, maybe maybe that'll excite people. From nineteen- oh won through nineteen ten, approximately eight point: eight million people emigrated to the United States, the United States Census beer reports have between nineteen eleven and eighteen twenty three
I point seven million immigrants and between nineteen twenty one and eighteen thirty. There were little four million immigrants the night. Two thirty, through the nineteen seventeen experienced periods of immigration, followed by in immigration and assimilation. About five hundred thousand individuals immigrated in the United States between nineteen thirty one, nineteen, forty- that's it between nine in forty one and fifty a little over one million. That's it between ninety fifty one nineteen sixty approach two and a half million came to America over those nine years and between nineteen sixty one nineteen. Seventy. There were some three point: three million, but today. There's no period of assimilation between immigration flows, rats the flow of immigrants coming to America for more, forty two years- has been unprecedented and uninterrupted even with chain migration at around but no end in sight in the land
decade and a half alone from too Thousand through twenty fourteen for eighteen million, new permanent legal immigrants were admitted to the United States. In addition, to the surge of millions of illegal immigrants I policy Institute reports that twenty thirteen estimates from the census beer, but the? U S, immigrant population of more than forty one point, three million or thirteen percent of the total population of the United States twenty twelve and twenty thirteen, the farm, our population increase by about five hundred only three thousand between one year to the next by one point: three percent: U S immigrants in the EU, S born children now member approximately eighty million persons. Moreover, one quarter of the overall american population. Doktor Huntington, who I described earlier,
The massive influx of aliens has been rationalized in part by what Europe in scholars, have promoted and can conceptualize. As societal security. You see it's an. Attempt to justify the deleterious effect unfettered unassimilated immigration has on a society. It refers to The ability of a society to persist in its essential character under chain in conditions and possible are actual threats. The UN's sustainability within acceptable conditions for evolution of tradition, patterns of language, culture, association and religious, a national identity and customs, and back Huntington wrote that it is concerned concerned about identity People to maintain their cultural institutions and ways of life. But in the United States he added quote them: there has been a nation and immigration And assimilation, and assimilation is meant americanization, hisses him. Now
Immigrants are different. These situations and processes related to assimilation are different and most important. America is different. Assimilation of current immigrants is likely to be slower, less complete indifference, from the assimilation of earlier immigrants assimilation no longer necessarily means organization. At this point, their assimilation might mean entitlement state. I was, I point out of assimilation, no longer means american Zation, then kind of society, will younger people and future generations live she. I write these books for a reason: I talk about him for a reason. I dont right. Looks like Michael Wolf. You know trying to make a quick, but. I write books that I hope will convey important information.
The university professor Doktor Douglas Macy points out that as a result of continuing high levels of immigration quote the care. Of ethnicity will be determined relatively more by immigrants and actively less by law generations, shifting the I once of ethnic identity toward the language, culture and ways of life in the sending society, so that is folks cultures and societies from which these people are fleeing, stay with them. And the lack of assimilation means that we assimilate into those cultures and those societies there. Immigration without assimilation and americanization undercuts the civil society as ethic and religious groups. Self segregate- and you see it. Even the names of these groups. The problem is magnified further when a nation abandoned its own culture to promote equality.
Culturalism, dual citizenship, bilingualism and so on and institutes These policies and laws promoting and protecting practices of organised groups that are infinite array of grievances. Open ended. Immigration takes a considerable toll on the job prospects. Some younger and less skilled workers, as well as college educated graduates, typically workers, those between the ages of sixteen and twenty nine I can eating with recent immigrants for similar jobs, many younger p, we'll begin working as waiters construction work as a grocery store clerks. These are the two two jobs, many illegal immigrants, also see how can a b, you might ask. After all, the arts, It goes illegal immigrants do jobs. Americans want bill for happily United States. Chamber of commerce advocates widespread amnesty to enable Its members, mostly large corporations, to quote utilised immigrant labour, when U S work, as you said, not be available, unquote, NASH,
a restaurant association same thing: the Independent Institute, a libertarian group says the same thing and so forth. So I looked at the federal statistics along with IE oh yes, and using the federal government's own statistics, I will prove to you when we return it the break. Why these they're, all provable, unequivocal flat out lie I'll be right back using the federal government funds. The chest hundred. Seventy two civilian occupations, they look occupation. Six reconsider majority, immigrant, legal and illegal I've talked about this before, and it's important to underscore this
Those six occupations amount to about one percent of the total workforce. One percent. However, jobs that are stereo thought to comprise mainly immigrants actually comprise, mainly american citizens. Maids and housekeepers are fifty one percent american citizen. Taxi drivers are fifty eight percent citizen butchers or sixty three percent citizen landscape A grand workers are sixty four percent citizen construct workers are sixty six percent Citizen porters Bell concierges are seventy two percent citizen and janitors. Are seventy three percent citizen sixty two point: five million citizens have jobs in sixty seven occupations, composed of a significant percentage of emigrants, twenty five percent or more, in other words, Millions of Americans work in jobs that are incorrectly but widely considered. Immigrant type, the high immigrant Aachen
patients are mainly low wage draws requiring little former occupation probably citizens and high immigrant occupations have a much higher unemployment rate and so forth, and so the logical conclusion is that, although Americans hold more of the jobs and occupations had ever higher percentage of immigrants, told numbers of Americans particularly younger, unless you are having more difficulty finding jobs in those occupations as immigrants are fit a growing percentage of. I'll be right back the establishments worst nightmare, my
Love then call now a seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one raking story: you s weighing North Korea strike. I don't know, link this to the media, because it's all over the place now that they should track these people down. And throw them in Guantanamo Bay and be very Very slow about bringing charges against this is pure treason, absolute pure trees, and I mean I. The the people on the highest levels of government we have today and the bureaucracy and the media we have today? We could never ever one war war too. I'm convinced them. The Germans would have. No one D day was the Japanese. This would have known all about our bomb technology because them
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Before seven monitoring, just fourteen thousand nine, in her nine cents a month, and I'll, never lock you into a long term contracts with. Simply safely living Getty Sixty Day money back guarantee, so there's no reason not to try today go the only home security. I trust simply safe. Here is how you do it simply safe, marked outcome that simply safe marked. I come simply safe. Mark dotcom boy, a tale. I can't wait to this winners gone pardon me. I've been hit with everything colds flues, you name. It shall continue down the road to informing ourselves about what is at stake here. When you want to talk about gibberish. I say we continue down the road and we ve talked about blue collar workers manual labors. What about college graduates
in fact immigration has well there's been many studies for one in particular caught my attention by how salesman Dana Coon be Lindsey LAW from the economic policy and they found that for it, opportunities outside of idea occupations. The three scholars conclude now G engineering of mathematics, degrees, Only one is hired into stem job one out of two This report further states, I quote computer science graduates not entering the information technology, workforce, thirty two percent say it's because I t jobs are unavailable. Fifty three percent- say they found better job opportunities outside of Idee occupationally, the three I conclude this indicates quote that the supply, I've graduates in these stem related fields are substantially larger than the demand for them. In an industry, India,
are demanding that the federal government, so actually increase the number of high skilled and high tech immigrants in the country. You look Packard, Cisco American Exe. As a partner and Gamble T Mobile and Microsoft slashed. At this point, When I wrote the book tens of thousands Since it employs the centres those of guest workers amount to one third, one half of the number of all new. I t job holders and these professors in their study. Think about that And in these stem related industries, quote it is have remained flat and our hovering around their late. Ninety ninety levels, the salaries of professionals in these fields have not increased in the last sixteen years, while salaries have not increase the flood guest workers has increased over the past year It continues to rise the annual info, was a guest workers amount to one third, one half of the number of
I knew I d job holders professors. In their study they concluded that immigration policies that vessels large flows of guest workers with supply. You know when their visas, supply labour wages that are too low to undo significant increases in supply from the domestic work force. There goes so immigration policies designed to increase the number of high tech workers, ensure that wages are kept lower than they otherwise would be still support. Open border I can t Did you read from this book? I'm not going to its plunder and deceived and entire chaplain immigration. Let me ass. He question the love. You kids like what he told you stay with me. He lovey grandkids. How long have I talked about
our dreamers, the dreamers of citizens who are legitimately citizens, people who legitimately here in the United States, legally, our kids of dreams to. You won't hear Lindsey Graham talk about that. You will not hear dying. Feinstein talk about that. You are here here determine talk about them. What about our little dreamers. What about Our children and grandchildren- it is incredible. Thing. The Democrats, on the one hand, make it so. Lastly, the higher american citizens with a bow I'm a care with all these entitlement, the costs A mass of minimum wage increases the fifteen dollars and on and on and on making it so difficult to run a business small businesses in particular, and yet. A champion illegal immigration, where people are paid under the table,
repaid below the minimum wage and they create below the minimum wage that they create. Because they want the voters they want. Fundamental transformation, they talk at both sides of their mouth. I was Disgust at the White House today was it. I wasn't there are Democrats, know exactly what they're doing You're doing it in education, doing it in care that doing it to the military, to law enforcement to our economy and are doing it all immigration, I the Republicans airplane defence, but they're, not even playing defects to capitulate. And the daily collar piece which all returned to now, that we have really big context for when the centre for American progressing well known, left wing operation. The action fund circulated a memo. Yesterday,
a calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age, so Dreamers, a critical component of the democratic parties, phutra electoral success. M o co authored by former Clinton Communications director Jennifer Palmary, was sent around allies calling on Democrats to quote refused to offer any votes republican spending, those that do not offer a fix dreamers and instead appropriate funds to deport them. From call on Congress. The final legislative fix for young immigrants, caps, actions, memo protecting Doc as not only moral imperative. For Democrats, it also key to getting votes quoth the fighting take dreamers, is not only a moral imperative is also critical component. The Democrat parties future Electra Success and she's right and their right there right.
She says if democratic, some try to do everything in their power to defend dreamers that will jeopardize Democrats electoral chances in twenty eight Tina beyond in short, the next year. Export, tell us a lot but the democratic we term electoral prospect its long term electoral prospects are based on long term open. Others, the legalization of illegal citizens taking legal, Plants and newly legally Allianz turning them in the citizens, turning them into democratic. Voters by doing work by doing what. You do for born american citizens, which is fearing that more and more redistribution of wealth, theirs the end of a free society. This is the end of a constitutional republic. I'm not trying to be provocative. It's true! It's true! Look at the balkanization! That's taken
Isn't this country we have these phony left wing, reporters and intellectually land, where more Bob, I said I would be for exactly that. You ve created Ukraine it based on race, based on integration based on law and order based on age based on income. It is a constant state, a constant state of conflict. Constant and they always went out. Always it's absolutely appalling cut for MR producer again from today
White House meeting go ahead? Please don't you be no reason for us to get this done when this group comes back, hopefully, with that agreement, this group and others from the centre from House comes back with an agreement signing and having heard what we saw not going to say, oh gee, I want to help you son, because I will not occur in this room and you gonna come up with something really good here: I can finish with people in the room. Are you serious mark? You don't understand we play here. You just don't understand. This is way above your intellectual capacity. You just don't understand here. This is a counter. The book it's a counter to the twenty fifth Maman issue- that the president is the range and he's not intelligent that he can't speak properly, that he can't do this encounter the, and so you see
Politically is done this and, of course, you see, the president will never sign anything that goes against his campaign. Promises that what he just said. I'm asking. Is that what he just said or do I have to project and say that's what he'll do I can tell you this, I know this for certain. If you don't engage members of Congress now, if you don't say Mr President, this encampment. This is what they're gonna do and you'll get a hundred miles of war paid for by you, the text there's not by the mexican government. Of course, you'll be tall. We have the great defence of all offences, the greatest centres of all sensors, the greatest this of our greatest that and you will not have what you were promised.
Aren't you can only do so much? I said that during the primary is that these promises, how was he going to achieve them. But in a minimum, ladies and gentlemen, you get up for the fight, he got up for the fight, you make the case a statesman makes the case to his fellow students. He tries to change. The attitude of people It makes the case to the american people that the campaign. The thing to do that. The legal thing to do that. The moral thing to do that. The virtuous thing to do that the prudential thing to do is to protect our sovereignty. That's the key! number one point to take people who are violated their visas, most of which are not three year old, now, most of which are not three month holds in the crib, most of which are adults and you throw their asses out of the country. They have no
To be here and no expectation to be here, they are illegal in the truest sense of the term. People here. Two hundred thousand people came here in two thousand one, because when earthquake they need to leave. There was never any promise- and there was never any expectations of legal. I see you need to leave. The- U S chamber, of commerce and its members, if if they are violating our immigration laws- they need to be prosecuted. The attorney general the United States has given him this advice on the air, and I will continue to need to go into that. A court in every one of these sanctuary cities with a rich man Davis and seek to require. Local officials in those states to comply with federal law,
They can make all the arguments against nullification that was made against the confederacy bar slavery, of course, but still the illegal and Constitutional arguments and if the Burma judges continue to uphold them and take it to the Supreme Court, but fight fight like the case, and it would be particularly have if we could know exactly what the costs are, two localities and states for illegal Migration and legal immigration All we hear any more as these people pay taxes, great nobody, ask them to In terms of the illegal aliens that has nothing to do with it,. Your violating the lawyer, paying taxes. You still violated the you! Don't I the analogy over and over and over again for all our back venture friends out there, if you appear, who violate our tax laws.
The rabbit knowledge of the world, and the IRS will throw the book at them and I'll go to prison. Do we say in that case they shouldn't go to prison because their child will be without parents. Of course we don't So why do we enforce our tax laws? Are not our immigration laws and the Democrats constantly playing the equipment, three card Martha, give us amnesty now, we'll figure it out in the Future Amnesty decade after decade after decades of the decade chain migration build. Another nineteen sixty five law. I told you about endless, less endless immigration. We don't know that people are family. I mean you, don't want to be opposed to families. Do you up here? back then.
It's important that we draw up a distinction on these issues. Left isn't gonna be quiet, we shouldn't sits. Well, I trust me. I know you gotta, get it wrong. I have hoped for the president on this, but I am very very concerned based on the health of people, CNN, is congratulating the president for what It's oval office and let me remind you something you gotta look at next: He created, oh, she created the ito, see he did a whole bunch of stuff trying to buy peace with the left they were out through were decapitate his presence, from day one just as thereafter decapitate trumps. So if he starts the large left. And I just been praising was the most conservative president since Reagan. If he starts the lurch left,
immigration in these massive spending bills on infrastructure and silver, but particularly on immigration, which was a cornerstone of his election. Ah, he Wilma by peace with them they will take. The house, his base will be demoralized and they will, in future. I am greatly concerned about this. As you know,. I said years ago, let my car twenty turned Camaro for year, the Camaro came out again, but its reach, that age where things are starting to go wrong. So I dont worry about those problems anymore, though. Not since I got extended vehicle service protection from car shield. Getting covered by car shield is such a great idea. It's affordable protection. They can save you thousands for repaired, covered cost, a new fuel pump costs four five hundred dollars, replacing a water pumps over a thousand dollars, and if you need repairs to- A control are more torque converter stuff most.
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four wonderful service. I hope you check it out. I folks be tough be courageous I shall return Now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here. This is our three I'd number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight! on one. Luck. Do not be fooled by these snake oil salesman and media do not be fooled by the?
palm boys and girls in the rock cats who just want you to feel good. Keep listening Jack the ratings that I'm telling you we're in a fight now, Isn't it moves office and more toward our directional, be thanks to you be thanks to this show. They will not be thanks to those who who peace, what took place in the oval office today, who actually find it genius or remarkable or unbelievable, like see an end And, as I said right before, the break, Richard Nixon decided that he would give the left with the left one, and he would give the Democrats with the Democrats wanted. He would give the media with media wanted. They took everything he gave them and they still one of his head and they got it. We're going to lose badly. We may lose
Badly, anyway, where we are going to lose badly for certain if the base of conservatives leaves the president and I dont want the base to leave the president, I don't want him to be employed. By Democrat House. I dont want them to go ahead with other loony tunes crap, and so seems to me- and I hope it does to most of you- are patriotic duty and our duty to our families and of the future. This country to object. And not be persuaded by slick and kept club talk about how we should celebrate with the president did today, because some jerks book we are in a battle now We are in a battle now to persuade our president. And the same loathsome members of Congress who of scrutiny before on immigration to hold the line
This isn't dump on trumped day, I'm not doing that, but I do want to go through other things. He said not mean that we're gonna go to the court and we were wonderful guest at the bottom of the hour. Maybe the stuff about earmarks were members of Congress would slip into all kinds of weird spending staff and in order to up to use your tax dollars to bring the bacon home for some ridiculous cause there community while they eliminated. That was something that the many view cheered. I wish you listen to the President today TAT seven go.
I say here someone you have your marks: the old earmark system, how there was great friendliness earmarked for the fourth other problems with your money. Maybe all of you should start thinking about actual, formerly remarks. As this, you notice they're laughing laughing, at him they're laughing because they know what the public thinks of earmarks the public as onto this. Go ahead, really lends itself law. It's not the system that lends itself to night getting along. Mr President, you're sitting in the oval office and at least have people you're sitting with our your enemies, not you adversaries not competitors. They seek to destroy
are you they want to throw you in prison? They want to throw your kids in prison. They want to throw your grand it's in prison They are your enemies. And I say this again- not because I want to provocative because they reveal themselves. They reveal themselves every day. They reveal themselves with every media interviewed and they speak the media, with their leaks as well? What do you think these investigation don't Capitol Hill are all about. What do you think this special powers It's all about the rapid straw, you the report which, as you know, and they always have earmarked you can say what you want and that certain precedents and others where they all talk about. They went out to dinner at night and they all got along sales market system, and maybe we should think about it and we have to put better controls because you get a little, but that we have. We have analysts of this meeting all over cable.
Oliver radio telling us how magnificent this work. I. I can't believe that kind of an argument and he wasn't done cut a go I think you should look at a form of near my eulogy nodding. Very Lindsey Gram is right. Twice a year, otherwise he's a goober going.
I wonder if you want to get rolling again, you have to look at a different form, because this is obviously levels from Tunisia throughout the years of mine. You got before that the animosity and the hatred between Republicans democrats- and I remember what I used to go in Washington and Anti democratic. Having dinner with Republicans trends and everybody can see, you really don't see that its main vary from this meeting and try very hard that I can barely take this we're going to get started. Talking,
is unconstitutional. I was calling because I was from Sacramento, California and I've been doing Former President Obama, this was one of his surf yachts. We're gonna, get done Dhaka done Doc. I noticed as the ceremony of the war on Walden Water, just incredible And now we're supposed to reinstate earmarks Peter Morristown, New Jersey, the great dead he dropped, Jeff Sacramento, California, the great care sets out, go go here. Jeff. Yes, sir. I was calling because I was from Sacramento Gallop, yeah and I have been dealing with his hand. It's just out of control, I went down to the capital this weekend poorer just yesterday.
As things about immigration and building a wall, and sanctuary cities, and I was quickly attacked and called a Nazi. Warning assembly and giraffe it used it. Commonly discuss like you said between parties in the past, and it is because so divided, we no one can get along. You have a discussion and I'm going away What can we do for the future of the country and please stop asking me what we can do when I have said repeatedly what we can do, its article five convention of states, I'm not a magician, I'm, not God. I can't fix with us my fingers and three clever sentences. What's going on in Washington Convention state article. Five I've written tire book about it. There's an entire organization involved in it three million volunteers involved in it? really really serious about helping. You know: you're, not gonna change. California, then you get involved. The organization. You don't have the work. California, but maybe
donate till it make you ask them, how provide assistance and other states and so forth. That's what you do a few in number, sir, do you feel as if California is a lost cause? I don't know, do you you live, there Why I do live here, but I am also not experienced as much political shouting you in the past and you're living it forget about politics, you living it. You have the highest income tax rate in the nation, one of the highest property tax rates in the nation you ve got one of the high sales tax and the nation you ve got the most are ubiquitous regulatory stayed among any state that I'm aware of you, ve got a governor. Who is strongly encouraging more more illegal aliens to commander in the state you ve got their sanctuary, cities up and down the coast. There
You ve got an environmental movement completely out of control. You tell me California law state and if I don't think it is, how do you get it back Doing like he said, I'm trying to be politically active internal how'd it. How do you get it back there, whether your political active or not leak, the invention of states, article five is a nation wide effort where we still have enough red State temporarily to who try and get us back to a form of constitutional republicanism, either California is gone. I think Caliph he's gonna doesn't mean you don't fight at the local levels. That doesn't mean you don't trying to like to state Senator stay representative, but I as a as a whole. Do you think Randal rang it get elected present Governor California. Today, not a chair only one by two landslides right, so
my point to you is: if you can fight like hell for congressional seed or a state Senate Cedar Local see that's what you're gonna have to do, but not a pollyanna. I call him as I see it. I really do. I don't I just on view. My job on radio is to be a self promoter and too throw lollipops it. Everybody- or I wouldn't have this It is that, while I have you on the phone, is been very informative and I'm glad I stumbled across Jonah radio about two years ago, because I was when very alone, and ever since I found you on a radio mark, you made huge, changes in my life and just in terms of golf courses places, what for information I you almost to the father figure. I have a father. I lost my father at a young age and you're a great example of a man and I do everything I can to make myself at least a small portion of
american. You are in the cop known another me. Let me tell you something. Let me take the first one in a city copy liberty of the liberty amendments which will give you a good seal for what I'm talking about. That's number one number two You are a year. You're a strong young man and you understand with states and with his country's going and you're looking for ways to address it, and I hope you're really embrace when I'm about to send you and you feel free to call any time. Ok, Jeff Thank you, sir. I appreciate you and happy new year. Thank you very much to tablets. Paul long, island, New York, the Great W Abc, go walk. We got the boss of the people I was blown away after what happened today with President Trump How does the Republican Party continued? from behind and it's all laughed and embrace the less destructive
policies when we're in control and why, Embrace policies were the Democrats themselves were assigned to each other, we're gonna, get more democratic voters even on a basic political level, surface political. How are they defend this? I madam I mind, or they could I. I don't understand this and I agree with you thousand percent. There isn't some conspiracy theory behind us, it's it's it. Disturbing very worried about my kids very worried about the future. Contrary, and we need to be. I brother thank you for you, Car, Steve Long Island, the Great W B c same neighborhood go ahead. I mark yeah, I'm at a straight talk. Gonna! Do what. Taxes straight talk here from long island. You have the axe and other Gimme Texas, anything just speak. Illegal aliens Lou aliens are actually for resource. One arm residents.
You can speak or what go ahead is a resource because I gotta have clean. This week by illegal aliens. I get out of here skies Clam Rick. Now borne Florida. The great WMD go things were taken? My call important topic, as always, but you're just I too could not believe what I was hearing from President tromp about fixing darker that that's gonna beyond me. Why we ve already got laws that were not following. Why we think another laws, religion, all gonna, do anything said: fixing Obama, kids, you know it's the rip, like enshrining these huge disaster you know we can talk about eliminating these regulations are doing all they, which are very, very, very important, but when it comes to all I'm a care if it survives a republican Congress, and this republican president is here to stay.
And far worse, if Dhaka the survives this president and this Congress, and even do worse. They enshrine it. It's gonna Far worse, you can every year we these things you can every day we have a Republican, how Senate President, they told us they give us all power. What are they doing? You're? Not? bring anything and- and the point that I thought we're making earlier, I think, is dead spot on it. If we have but uncle immigration, but no assimilation, We don't have immigration, we have an invasion and happening over ten, twenty three hundred forty years but we are. We are getting. Not an enemy wanted to take us over. He would come into our geographic area form beach. Answer strongholds from which than he could launch. It just happened, What's happening, it is taking so long that we don't they don't seem to notice it, and so we.
We are not even assimilating the mayor, I can children when you listen, some of them think that are coming out of the universities not talking like American another two there talking like socialists. They don't understand America, as I think I think your point about The convention of states is spot on if, if we not act now and review the power that the federal government has through the can through the constitutional process. It just get it because over and we will be helpless. We have time still to act, but if we do If we don't make a call, I committed a few years ago, I was, I was no longer going to expect other Well the call my congressmen me Andrews, etc. I was gonna, do it
on every issue that was important to me and, if weaken, we got that opportunity. We, to take advantage of it or will be explain. You're a green kids what it used to be like deliver Amerika. My friend well said: well, clean when you ran against it, then I think putting that on the table before you get a wall built. This is a great their strategy. Do you work The owner, see New York on the market of gold mark my arm? Yes, sir all right there, got a great show and most com. I agree with you, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna pushed back on this one and it has to do with the President's provocateur laughter without moving owing to left So you idols. I think you disagree with that move by the present. My right now
think Dhaka amnesties a great thing, particularly when you ran against it. Then I think pudding on the table before you get a wall built. This is a great their strategy value, while work the fact is the home builders than the construction industry and we got infrastructure on the way, hopefully got gonna happen practically some of you hurry, liberal! Aren't you. Actually, no, I'm quite conservative nicely you're, not you supporting a trillion dollar expands when we have two hundred trillion dollars and unfounded libraries and twenty trillion and actual tat you It is surrender, amnesty and darker, you know how are you conservative, sir I'll, make Well, one is actually support Israel. Any decision planet has nothing to do with being conservative Dershowitz supports every is rose. A liberal. Israel has nothing to do with it. I'm asking you: how are you a conservative, sir use? profligate spending. You support amnesty.
Speak to say I'll check out of my life. No, it doesn't work until it does it doesnt stay out here, life. There's a lot of communities entered it with illegal immigration and it's a disease. For a lot of these communities. I call my career, you need you need to. I hold you over. You need to react. Wait yourself with principles. Ladies and gentlemen, will be right back with a great congressmen, Rhonda Santa's, who just announced for governor. And he has my strong endorsement, we'll be right back my group on our right going now seven seven, forty one, forty eight one, lady Gentlemen! Twenty eighteen is here time. Look your best! That's right! Look younger than you ever have an years guaranteed
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hundred skin six, oh for Harry applies are running out. They take on skin, sick, so for eight hundred skin six o four the genocide that car is really a handful of members of Congress. HU. I have enormous respect for, and one of them certainly is Rhonda Santa's congressmen from Florida. How are you, sir, I'm doing good mom happy new year and have been Here too you you ve, been working hard. I've been watching over the last few years and watching some, your local press, where they're saying wise on Fox NEWS all the time- and we don't know if this kind of conservatism, more work and flawed and so forth, and so on? you're running for governor flawed. As I correct. That's right, and you have my whole for support for at appreciate that very much mark. You get a few as against you, but that said, what? Why is it? Rhonda scientists that supporting liberty supporting the state of
larger and having the people of Florida, make decisions about flawed as much as possible support a strong military support, Securing the border so are protected as a nation say, supporting the military. Local cops. Why is that considered? Right wing Marcie get understand him and I'm coming into this. We have a lot of momentum, I'm somebody that's walk the walk, not only in serving in the Congress, but serving in the military in places like a rack and in Guantanamo Bay, and I'm somebody who has a good story in terms of working hard. And putting myself through school and getting in a position where I could make as the my own life, and so when they see a candidate coming, that's a threat people try to just throw stones at yourself. I'm totally fine terrain on these key principles, and the good thing about Florida is our governor time- limited Rex, God he's done a really good job in laying the foundation for a song
Economy neighbour created like one point, four million jobs in Florida since he I took office seven years ago. It's her, we ever foundation. We can build upon one another. Jobs? I want to see in Florida you mark. I want that underground bunker relocated, floored. At some point. I had applied time when there, as you well know, sir, exactly how we love to have you? So there is a lot that you can do in the good thing about a governor opportunity. Is you can set an agenda? focus on the four five things that really matter to you. You make the case And then you you go in and in work at the legislature to do it in the Congress on very active, I mean we're doing a lot legislatively. We do a lot as you know, and have been supportive of what we do in terms of foreign policy. Very active on these investigations, but you're one of four thirty
I've amino set the agenda. You try to shape the agenda in whatever way you can as governor of different Europe wanting the justices of the States Supreme Court. You're the one driving the legislation and putting step before the legislator. So I think, I'm in a really good position ever really strong agenda. You are too, and I think it's consistent with what you ve done in Congress. You have fought for federalism, and you believe, where the states have the ability to operate, they should operate where the federal garments post operate, it should operate and it ought to be very cautious about it selling out the private sector and when governor, you gonna be fighting for the same things that is the right of flawed and make decisions about Florida. Am I not right there without, and I were in a situation where we have an enforced in point on the States Supreme Court about a very activists court for a long time because of the- age limits of the justices. Three of those liberal justices are gonna
to retire at the end of this governors term, and so the new governor can come in and actually three replacements, the word constitution listen, who understand the job of the court is not too. Who interpret Irma a rewrite. The lawn constitution is to apply the laws written by the constitution. Is written your exercise. Judgment you're, not exercising legislative will there really allows the people of Florida I would govern themselves because this quarter struck down a lot of very significant reforms over the years regarding school choice. They shut down things involving litigation reform, which is really needed, Florida. So you can store the same type of cancer national government on the state level. Then I think president trumpet trying to deal with the excellent nominations that he's put forward about the Supreme Court in the Federal Circuit Court and each year greatest successes in the House of Representatives. What would you consider them to be? I mean you
A mighty force behind pushing for the the federal government the administration, recognising Jerusalem as the capital of his. I sat there in the audience. Is you conducted a hearing on this, which was an absolutely brilliant hearing, yeah. Well, we had done. We had laid the foundation when the present came. An office in Ireland as the latter with over a hundred members of Congress saying. Mr President, you promised this: let's do it and then I took her. I led a delegation in last march to Israel. We actually lie in Jerusalem, all the sites where the? U S, had an interesting and so that we can. We basically showed hey. This can dine pretty quickly and I will eventually build a nice big embassy, but you can do it. Did a big press conference. God got great press and then obviously he didn't make the decision at that point. But then coming and it is next inflection point we wanted It sure that that was on the front burner and I give President Trump alot of credit lot of his advisers recount em. Don't do it don't do it
Our goal is, to say the least, remind him that this is an issue that people cared about so, and I was really fortunate that played a leading role in the Congress on that and I think president's speech I do It was phenomenal now again we're making sure that the State Department is in dragging their feet, because some people say oh well, maybe, unlike like six or seven years I have ever known, are now you're gonna get at least a temporary placed on very soon and so on. Working with the ambassador, there David Friedman Eye to make sure it's a reality. You know there's always pressure or no income tax states and is only a handful of your left and farmers want em to creating tax and there's always this pressure in Florida, particularly from the left eye We are committed to no state income tax where war data income tax over my dead body? No way, we cannot do that. I would totally tank economy, but I will tell you mark if you look at the Democrats who are running they are applied. A lot of new spending. We have to balance the budget in Florida
The logical result of some of the programmes that they want to do will be estate and come back as, if that were the liberal Democrats are moving towards, and I think that would fall. So might have Florida competitive advantage and guess what this latest tax bill see a lot of capital start to move into Florida mean if you're going to start a financial services company. Why would you in Greenwich, Connecticut or Westchester County New York. You do it in West B or Virginia for that matter where I'm stuck. Telling you now in a year or two, I'm heading down there good good We all we all love that enable Doolittle Riven cutting outside. I know it's. Underground bunker, we don't do rebel, cutting but anyway. So when I ask a question, though it is hard to run a stay. Why campaign in a state that is as populous as your state? so I assume you need support, so if my conservative Lavigne nights in the audience will provide you with supports, you can fight. You know in the region,
again primary get their nomination. Where do they go They go to IRAN de Santa's, dot, com right these answers, that we'd love to have your support word and you re market is its half its big expensive. The flip side that, though, there's a lot of great pot, folks and grass roots in Florida. An throughout the country who. We care about that. I'm in I think Florida futures him for the folks who were there for a lot of people who may move here also important nationally, because we want to have big states that can actually impulse Limited government policies and show successes and Florida can continue that taxes has done it. What a contrast between New York, California versus Florida and taxes, so I am committed to making sure we remain a stake in a rooted in conservative reform. I just the nation and no, and I hope that my life Please get behind your your efforts here and flourish
instead now and I'm a quasi fluoride in if you will, because again I have proper home there. I have my parents are there and so forth, and I intend to move their one day. There is no question about that. I just hope. I've got it all wrong to satisfy me, not socially, very deep, man, very principled man, a family man, beautiful family, try, do the right thing he's very atypical politician. You mentioned you, you got trade from law school from one of the greatest law, schools and the country, despite the leftism. You also served in the military honourably and you ve served in Congress honourably and what else You want to tell the nation in the people floor about why you should be supported over your republican opponents or couple. Hence one because I do have a history of service to the country and uniform an unkind two, I'm one of the guys who ran answer nuclear Reagan. Principles got away
ten and stock by those printed How, then do what I said? I would you would do so. I have a record of conservative achievement that thank God, sometimes is lacking and candidates who talk a bit game and then a thing I'm on one of the few candidates in a country that is supported by the president here that tweeted out for me a couple weeks ago and set me up Let me privately look on behind you, man, you here you go get em, so I think that's the type of candidate the republican voters. Looking to get behind- and I think I can mobilise the conservative bays- I can mobilise the trumpeters- we can mobilise a veteran I'm in. They create a strong coalition act that could take us to victory at least am I check his home down there too. Ice mark and I haven't seen yours what I tell you: it's a nice place down their moral. I got out for sure it's Nearly Thyssen is, but it's not bad.
Listen wrong. We wish you all the best here. I want you to give out your website again. Mister Bellew supply it up on my social sites if you were which, by the way, Our my social sites, I own them personally- we'll get round the Santer Sir information up there go ahead and give it out again it's wrong. The dot com RON be Santa's dot com, a friend, good luck. We look forward to having a back. Oh God bless you Mark Bank. So much for your support. Are you too? He would be a great governor. Great governor I'd, say, heat support article five thirty, they already passed there in the legislature, wonderful Florida legislature, like the Texas Legislature, there have the two biggest republican states and both of which about an article five convention states what satire and fairly conservative states too. I would kill the Heather man is my governor and Virginia. So we get.
Is loathsome. Heller is bag man and then this others maui he wattles into the governorship, I just so pathetic, and then, Some states have opportunities to put really really great people in these top positions in Florida. You do right now to run the scientists Rhonda scientists that car that's wrong d! Ass, a anti! I start come Yoda check out his record. He may not be well known across the country may not be well known throughout Florida, but Clodagh has a magnificent opportunity for great governor I'll, be right back Ben right now, if you're starting
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we give numbers on this, but we are growing very significantly and we want you to participate in this you can and if you were will explain our works. You just call eight for four Levin tv, eight for four l e g. I end tv MIKE grant no Mexico, Syria satellite go ahead, Sir Mark they re caught bows attack on all people. Realize how bad it is. Something very active, Gravel all over the latter part of the country have their it. It's crazy that you got your saved Europe, Europe, speak the language, restaurants, businesses all sides in this conflict. Now our spanish
I live up a minute thought I there we're getting taken over by refugees. Now we ve got a huge population of Molly. Yes, you do Aye, sir, I appreciate your car here. He appeared, BP appear Frank: what originally art the great debut ABC go alone, our cower you. How is on my dinner guest? We have dinner with you every night mark. What are we having tonight by the way? What way I've met. We had a claim farmer, John, and you almost made me chopped because when you say super crime tape around our wood, it's hard when you got a mouthful of food, but frankly, at a time like toast and tolerance. So you got a wife for all. You'd like wind I'm calling I introduce myself as an infuriated constitution. Was.
I'm infuriated by the pretence of is darker amnesty and the Dreamer Anastasia, which I believe to be putting quotes because Americans are being denied fundamental rights that are here in New Jersey. We cannot then the ourselves. Are women are defenceless and I in fighting for second amendment Cecy w right here in New Jersey for a while and it's ridiculous. My I can't defend herself, my daughter's can't defend themselves or grandchildren and its a abysmal that there the great rights, the people it shouldn't. Really your game area we go. This is an important point. You're saying we have a constitutional right under the second amendment, which is being chipped away at Meanwhile, people coming into this country illegally in their protected in New Jersey,
he's not chipped away, its being deny jerseys awful correctly, you Crispy cream Christie there whose bragging about its trump wasn't present and he would have been President hey. I call again: ok, it's too late, the pro the continue cause it's time to say Tatar, but I appreciate it. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel check out Levant TV. It's a good one. Roger said that society needs our support. See you tomorrow, right here. My god bless you.
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