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On Friday's Mark Levin show, We now have the very government the Founders were concerned about because of the erosion of American liberties that is coming as a result of a propaganda campaign against gun ownership by the Left and the media. The same Wa...

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Now only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere Angela Britain, steel, Nondescripts building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number, seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one one: Seven, seven three, eight one, three, eight one one. Let's be honest with ourselves. The number of american citizens. Who care about liberty in Who is in the constitution. Typically, the Bela right is shrinking these politicians coming up with more more proposals today, The second amendment, because apparently more
more people want them to. Now, there's a lot of reasons for this, of course,. People want easy solution. They want utopia, the media, completely in the time for the progressive agenda. And so when you get a big lie. Repeated again and again and again and has consequences on the population, but the fact of the matter is. However, we got here, a small Smaller percentage of the american people believe in liberty. So we have a problem on our hands. Not just comes through the second amendment, either when it comes to the car. Pollution period, more more people want free thanks.
There's nothing in the constitution. It gives more more people free things, there's nothing in the constitution that empowers Congress, a president, the bureaucracy or the courts to get more more people. Freedom. And the way we get here is really through deceit and dishonor. As this print court's ruling on Obama, care uttered, deceit and dishonor, believe it or not. I am quite willing on social security in the nineteen thirty's putting aside, the programme: we don't need to debate that absolute deceit. If people want these The site is more more gun control, more more debt Furthermore, redistribution of wealth. Isn't it amazing they still have the Thirdly, they need.
In the house in the Senate to propose amendments. So I think we're outnumbered. I think our numbers are shrinking. Those of us who understand the purpose of this society and its founding doesn't mean it's too late, but it's getting late. I will now be very government. The founders consumer concern about when you read medicines notes, Over and over and over again there trying to craft, provision here, a provision there, a structure, a system to protect the revolution- To protect the cause of the revolution that protect the principles in the revolution, we only, Adam anymore, I do, but most people don't were told you must be a purist get over conservatives and what is it ever accomplished? What is it ever? Accomplish
terrorism is nothing but the foundations, principles, its accomplish everything. Everything. But, as I wrote in a lower tone, you knew the end seeds of tyranny are born from liberty. I have this discussion will waterway and to some extent, to on Sunday. I really hope your wife's Sunday Fox Champion He soon Sevenpm Pacific in your mother times See this is a puzzle. We can't really for Europe. Great societies. Grey empires have risen and a fall. Because within liberty, evil people are not just talking
Horrific mass murders, evil people seizing the reins of power, do evil things, not all at once, little here a little there, and then it adds up that's exactly what's going on pressing United States We're really great speech did I went over an hour most of what he said. I agree with what some of what he said. I don't agree with. In areas in the lap of Ronald Reagan- see pack see pack was founded for that purpose. A wrenching control from the Republican Party from the establishment by the conservative movement. To nominate Ronald Reagan, that's the sound History of sea pack. When the president of the United States when they go,
Linda. When both senators of Florida wanted it, Now, common talk among Republicans that you're at present. Young men and young women or eighteen, eighteen or twenty years, all from purchasing a rifle am appalled, I'm shot and disgusted. I keep saying and at some point or reverberate, if that's ok, then there is no moral basis for a time the people who are eighteen, nineteen, twenty years, all that they can be. Subject to a draft or- That they qualify to serve our seas and combat holding a weapon. When you pay a broad brush of an entire generation like that, it's repulsive to me.
When that sub human mass murder in LAS Vegas killed. Fifty nine people. He was sixty four years old. Did you hear that no, but he over sixty five. Nobody over sixty should be able to purchase. You didn't hear that. Did you. The mass murder in Orlando? He was Eighteen, nineteen, twenty years on, a mass murderer, Ford heard he wasn't eighteen, nineteen, twenty years old and look each one of those situations in four hood. Military personnel prohibited. I'm carrying weapons unless they're on duty them Ass, a nine policy imaginable. Look at our Lando there was only at the eyes radar baby smoked, Several times but then he dropped, he dropped out.
And now look at this disaster in Florida disaster. The tape is now out of this power. This deputy sheriff who is really hiding, you didn't take a position so the shooting was over. And I must say the local sheriff there has an answering to do his office Their sheriff's office in Brower County had multiple contacts. This would be mass murder and, of course, the The drop a ball not once but twice. And here we are talking about denying The second amendment to eighteen- twenty years are all based on what is there? Some stuff being some evaluation that are more likely to sleep. More people than others, I've been looking all day. You won't find it.
Statistics, don't matter when you're being railroaded. Ladies and gentlemen, when you're being indoctrinated where'd, you go he told there's no other position, but this position that Washington must do something. The same Washington that is destroying our financial state in this country would marry I've got a nearly deficits. The same Washington that robs the social security trust funds. America corresponds to spend. Today on. Operating activity They say Washington, though the better Labour immigration laws and watches and cities declare their. Fine bearing immigration law, they call themselves sanctuary cities where criminals go. Yes, the same Washington that trashes police office, there's the same Washington that
the United States military the same Washington that refuses to adhere to the constitution. Now the answer to this mass killer in Florida is to punish the american people. Their answers to do through the back door, what they cannot do through the front door when it comes to amending the constitution, and that is stark declassified people start to put them in the groups whether its based on aid our mental health theres many people in this country who need assistance on mental health reasons and the vast majority of them are kind diesel. Wonderful members of a Emily and now they're all stereo type there all stereotyped, because
we I blew it and I'm gonna tell you now the Brower County Sheriff's office, they blow it that deputy sheriff blowing. Now we go back to the propaganda. Now we're going to legislate based on the propaganda whenever expand our freedoms in this country. We never expand our freedoms in this country. We don't the bill of rights and say, let's get as close The original meaning as possible. Now we go the opposite direction, because the progressive left in the end is a tyrannical bond you see it on display more and more useful, what Antigua you saw a black lives matter. You saw CNN just two days ago. The way Jake Tapir.
Cable lost control about arena. Probably intentionally so a stacked audience, stacked, audience, stacked questions and soon and says it defends. The first amendment soon does defend the first amendment. It abuses it for self promotion for ratings, financial gain, and so here I san yes, I'm standing watching this debate over the second amendment may interesting thing is there is no debate over the second even now, debate is just how far will these federal politicians go. Son of a cowards in these states, just how I will I go to
so the second amendment. We have more gun controls in this country today than ever in american history. Did you know. At the federal state, local level. We are more gun control in this country than ever in the history. This country, where we don't have a competent government entities, And every time they throw up a little better, your freedom is lost. I'll be right back discussing the progressive left has become The worse, the tragedy, more disgustingly, here's, this Van Joan is a communist
service. Oh I like vengeance. I don't like him in the least as unseen and last night cut five go. Let me try to lay out What I think that concern is the idea that we add in Gaza that environment Kenya pointing the positive passive are maybe some. He's. Gonna. Well, he's gotta an intruder there. Some will negatives as well in our action. American, alleging ok, is already get treated fairly, madly in schools as it is there more. It will be seen as a rather more likely be expelled, likely be suspended for the exact same Amory videotape, the exam Clean behaviour nicer stuff, so when we breaker This is why don't understand these edifices, The creative by the left and the greens, by the left, we only Amy empty controls, our school system, the last country, almost every school system in the country. The correct they want the assembly's the holidays. The food leave school lunch programme from the
illustration on down. There are exceptions I gotta, don't call me tell me your exception. I believe you there are but the way. Majority them. The real is the rule scenario. These edifices that have been created by the lebanese government schools were tall are absolutely systemically racist against blacks and latino. And yet, when Landmark legal foundation, where are you the present now just chairman, but why used to go to court and fight and state courts and Federal Courts Preschool Troy's, so kids kids, mostly poor black kids in Hispanic, it could go to their needs Schools are a different school. We were by the earlier they ain t. We report By the ACL you by the end of a lazy, pay and the rest of them. So this is where the left gets away. And I'm sick and tired of it our schools. Are racist, blacks,
Hispanics are expelled and suspended for the eggs. Same behaviour, whites aren't yeah right, I don't believe it for a second, but that's the mentality, and if it's true that we have a public education system as far as This concern, but try one penny see. I pick up all this: Because I understand what the left is go ahead as a threat this kid? Is a classic landed there, but their white, and so there is concern, I think, Paris, having heard now an american educators coming out saying, is used charges passing out guns and schools as they are given high Lama, who taught the intellectual. Poison and dishonesty of this man is just putrid, but then again. Twice had seen it does. Somebody told A passing out guns, schools as they are Anybody say that no go ahead
there, you might wind up having you know those guys use against students in ways that are not good. Oh no, the words you might shoe people because of their race. What did I tell you? They attack the cops they want soft on crime they wanted this on you. You have no protection, none whatsoever, and it is they lunatic radical laughed like this guy Van Jones, but he's not alone theres. Many of all races. We'll get more and more of our kids, more more people injured, killed. Because of their ideas? In my humble opinion,. Now. I can assure you he doesn't insist, Cnn, remove all security from its building, because the sick,
dirty guards or the armed guards of whenever they have their mighty blacker. Hispanics more than whites. We also happen tomorrow as a matter of statistical, unequivocal fat or black, tie the hands of blacks side even closer than any other ways. When I can ever town nothing of a town or meeting at that, certainly not have seen it. The any Amy. Eighty because local school district in Virginia right next to where I Fairfax County, One of the brave skateboard member, so let's have a discussion about in our arms highly trained professionals in school? router down, they voted down. They won't even allow for discussion. Put out a resolution for gun control. Good luck, Fairfax County, good luck, you're gonna need it
I'll be right back the establishments worst nightmare, my closet, call, and now a seven seven, three aid, one three, eight one one miss he question is somebody suffers from depression? Are they allowed to defend themselves If somebody has recently seen a psychiatrist for whatever the reason than I seated criminally dangerous, but they seem to like it. Are they permitted to have a gun and what? Sadly, as this new vetting, going to look like psychiatry? psychologists, other medical care, nationals are they going to submit documents or something willing enough to do how's it going.
Work exactly I need to know. And what about people who already have weapons? What have they had bowed to deploy they lost somebody in their family. They lost their job, that two three or four months they were getting help having medicine. But they're ok they're on the men, what about them or they countless people? slow these phrases around and we need to make sure people who are mentally ill can have what does that mean? What exactly does that mean and if somebody thinks they have a mental issue, a chemical imbalance so depressed or whatever, but they They have weapons, they like a hunt, they want to protect their. Finally, whatever the Riis what's the matter, We hope they're gonna get help. You know.
Never talk about unintended consequences because always see on tv right now is clapping seals. Even among our own ranks that something has to be done. The fact that the people who fail to act are held to account the fact that that's not the issue, that's focusing the nation, but an abstraction. A complete and utter abstraction is focusing the nation. There are real consequences and real unintended consequences. But let's talk about his age limit of eighteen to twenty one, you should be able to get a rifle any rifle. What if I liked what my father can, I use his rival when we hope or mine to do that, I don't know but even target practice with a rifle.
Somebody else's is that allow righteous camp. I went on my own, I care by life, but I can buy a pistol. More people are killed in this country three times as much by pistols as by rifles in shock us second, by a pistol, That's ok. What are we going to control the magazines? The number bullets understood this off the top of my head. Fine, you don't need thirty bullet in a magazine. I might need thirty bullets in a magazine. If I want to carry one weapon with me and go ahead And I dont want to carry on other magazine women. Maybe I do want thirty bullets in my magazine or have ongoing target practice. Maybe I want already bullets at my magazine or
If I wanted in my house to protect my family again, somebody who may have purchased a weapon in the black market I quote: semi automatic. Yes, I want thirty rounds of my magazine.
There's a lot of reasons to have thirty rounds magazine, so let's say they out well that only seven, only ten, whatever or particular New Jersey, New York. Okay, now I'm eighteen, I care by a rifle I can buy pistol but let's say only seven round: ok, thereby pistols nine thirty five rounds. I pick up one pistol finish. It pick up. Another personal finishes pick up. Another know what what did you do that while we have a limit the number pistol chicken or maybe given your? U use made, you should be able to buy pistols either. You get my point, the solves nothing.
And it's not intended to solve anything. It's like Obamacare, it's like everything else, the left us a foot in the door and the doors open your right, you're, not sacrosanct anymore matter. Fact you and I. Those of you agree with me we're on defence overtime weren't even having to defend unalienable right Rhone, deviates having to defend our bill of rights, which is intended to protect the individual. You and I we defend all the bill of rights, the progressive beaches, what they wanted to fin net attack, but they don't want to say I have
The lowest to regard or contempt for these republican politicians who buckle some things are more important than the reelection. Certainly more important me. We had who put their One moment we men, who put their lives on a line to give us our constitution to give us our bill rights. Many these men teenagers sixteen year old, seventeen year olds, eighteen year old, who put their lives whether lie to give us this country to give us a country equal justice for all. But we hear this all the time right then Jones, equal justice,
except a few eighteen, nineteen and twenty? We are going to determine what I'd any evidence whatsoever that you are incapable of properly purchasing handling training with properly using a rifle based on what, because we just decided they. Don't you see, ladies and gentlemen, I have everything, then they should not. Second solve everything gets a smart. Oh it's a start, or does it make you Talkin about Australia, Australia's Great Australia, confiscated guns from its citizens, descent, They don't have a second a moment. We do. Thank God. We do.
We should listen to richer bloom authorities, United States Senator from Connecticut. He is a despicable human being. Is it Think about whom a being who claimed to be a combat veteran in Vietnam Office was a drunk at a bar who have doing that to get free drinks. He could have been charged with a cry, but instead he's trunk with power and is United States senator because stupid people are like them to the United States. So now all these people will go to the Senate. All these people will go to the house. They swear to God that they were pulled a constitution, that they will be faithful to the constitution and virtually all of them are not for men and women of other work whose Blumenthal on the morning Joe cut six go.
First half car hare, brained it really catholic lunacy is the way to describe the idea of harming tend to forty percent of all the teachers in this country. There are three point: five million teachers. That means seven hundred thousand of them are gonna, be eight in their class from what kind of message to that end. And what kind of real prevention does it? I did provides no deterrent, but this is a man who represents a state where lunatics all weapons from his mother murdered his mother. She only weapons legally took the wet
from his mother goes into an elementary school and executes little kids and he tells us this is our second, MRS. He represents this day. He tells us what good would it do? Tat teachers, your arm in the classroom trained in the classroom? What good would it do? What good would it do? It would save a little kids. What good it would do. Once again, since I was the first to raise it. Let me raise it again in Israel. They were all on gun control. All in then they realize wait,
The Palestinians are on the rise in fact, going to nor elementary school with knives and their slaughtering. Our babies and the israeli government said we ve had enough of it. If you want to be a teacher in our country, you will in fact be train on the use of weapons. You will in fact pack and you will in fact protect those tests, and yet the less uses language like with seven hundred thousand this package, they know a trump means means a certain fraction or percentage of the faculty. Those who want to be involved, those who, who have the experience, those who want to learn how to defend their kids in the classroom should be able.
Through it whatever the number is. A local school system should be able to make those decisions. Nothing's toxic gothic toxic about this. This man is as vital as they come. He projects his own mental instability, his own dissembling, his entire career dissembling about a service in Vietnam areas. How should we brought before the MSNBC cameras by allows a low life louse like Joe Scarborough, who will take anybody off the street as long as a trash? The president of the United States? That's what we call upon scum.
Then there's a full by the name of bread Stevens. These sort of the New David Brok, David Brok, used to be a serious terrorist used to go around and get it all is tiny information used to sit down on the earlier. We wrote a book in any flipped. Started media matters, not a crackpot Brett Stevens is like that he's. A crackpot was an editor at the Jerusalem paused, for he was hated by many people He became a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, not there anymore, now he's over the New York's lines, where of course, he's among their favorite phony conservatives. I listen to this fool. Talking Nicole Wallace, the Cornwallis used to be a republican consult now she's an independent.
Don't you know, Tromp was just too much for her. Sarah Palin was too much now its trump. These are, all sellers will do. Anything for a nickel in the coal Wallis is one of the dumbest people in the face of the earth, not because she's a female disgrace. Many smart females on the face there happen to be married. One now she's one of the dumbest people in the face of the earth because a what's between arrears. The lesson of these two full had seven go the other argument, our side to be civilize. Another repugnant also see the other side. What are we talking about? The other side? You and I am defending the constitution on defending the bill of rights or some other side through the for the constitutional, your against it at least admit it. I don't like the constitution. She should say I don't like the second amendment. She should say
go on about how she wants to change, but no see you make repugnant arguments. This is republic, the Republic for a buffoon speaking to another one going Both there doesn't seem to be even a moment. Silence and compassion and thoughtfulness on the part of gun advocates for what has happened to see he's a complete propaganda and demagogue? The left keeps people like me and you don't have to wait. As the time within thirty Let's have a mass, nor do they don't want other facts, it doesn't matter further talking points would pull. My locker
author I go there. They are the right out by any accuses us we're we're saying calm down. Let's get the facts have a rational debate. What was I to see it in? What was I to see it. Go ahead aggressively and and inhumanly repetitive about this, why is that Guns are essential to american liberties ones, the stomach when so many thousands of people are dying every year for this. For this so called Really, It is in the Bela rights. As Mr Barroso, the I think, it's in the bell right and a lot of people have been able to defend themselves. Take their families on a lot of people have been able to stop criminals
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from depression phenomenon owner and I'm sick of being lumped into this corner Mental illness category, like I'm gonna, go out you someone up, you know and had in their dinner with this dangerous person it. How can I suggest table My second amendment right because it is in our view this is the problem. When you stop treating individuals as individuals now our I support the entire group of individuals by me. Until conditions that have in many cases of now. Nothing to do with any of this now classify everybody. Eighteen to twenty one years, all it's absolutely appalling them. These are individual liberties within the Bell right. I could care less What a moron says a rights for the New York Times. I want a moron says it works it MSNBC. We, the people, know the truth are a day,
pre, hatred, car and you know what it is so unfair to all these people out there all these people out there. Who suffer from various forms of mental illness, but are not a crime These are not evil. Have no intention of you know. It's really amazing what happens in this country when I left as ITALY is at the wheel and they aren't they'll. When it comes to the media, I thought they were compassionate people Can we talk about people with mental illness as if all of them are potential mass murders? You know what there was, none of them are potential mass murders. You know how I know because they're not mass murmuring, everybody by them. Prison, which we had depressed people, people bipolar dizzy, And whenever it is our The time in this in this country now we're facts, stats logic, common sense, though matter
just ol man I'll, be right back.
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oh, then, now only underground vows lay hidden somewhere, Angela Britain, steel, nondescript building. We once again make contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven. One One wonders suggest amazing. Some of you heard at the top of the news. I doubt Clinton. Silber he's back Wall Street Journal A close to the teenager nineteen years: all these other teenager used of killing seventeen people, Florida High School, the FBI she was concerned, he would quote cannon.
My school and just shoot the place up unquote Pointing to a transcript of a car with a viewer- oh dear, an operator more than a month before the mask the tree. Rip reviewed by the Wall Street Journal provide chilling detail about the woman's efforts. January five too, authorities about Nicholas Cruises, propensity for violence and his troubled past. She led the FBI right to his door. She sat on the call. You know it's just so much I know he's going to explode. She said she was making the car because she wanted a quote clear conscience. Fee takes off just start, shooting places up on. The FBI last week acknowledge receiving such a carpet the transcript and start nature. The collars, precise warnings about Mr Kerr
since disturbing actions and volatile temper. Previously hasn't been made public call. It began by saying MR crews had the mental capacity of a twelve or fourteen Earl He said he had started posting messages on his instagram account than you Did you kill himself and she d the police. To that's where I wasn't sure what happened in that investigation will? What did up. More recently, Miss decrees quote switched to anyone. They kill people, she said this: the UN and identify woman.
Something's gonna happen. She said because he's he doesn't have the mental capacity. He can't he so outraged. If some attacks from about certain things she recounted hit a propensity for cunning of frogs released one occasion, a bird, We ask you: do you have to be trained in quantity and Quantico to know that you got a problem here. He brought a bird in the house. She we counted He threw on his mother's kitchen counter any started, cutting it up. He's all kinds of hunting knives. I dont know what knife or use, though, and he started having a bird up in his mother said. What are you doing any says I want to see? What's inside, then the collars, that to me, would be a red flags
His army recording to the FBI. She said that at some point MR crews was due to receive twenty five thousand dollars a year, apparently from a life insurance I see and she was concerned he would spend it on guns. Not all the collars details have been confirmed. The color also mention crews dressed up as a ninja or an ISIS fire. She provided a user names for several in MR closer social media accounts any kind, the FBI to examine them, see something say something. She saw a ton and she said a time she went on. Its alarming to see these pictures and another He's capable of doing and what could happen, he's been brain out all these schools, because he would pick up a chair and just wrote it somewhere, teachers.
Cause. You don't like the way they were talking of wow. While That's not a lead, ladies and gentlemen, that a case that's a case. Well. We didn't power protocol. What exactly is your protocol. And yet listen to the discussion that swirls around the second amendment, which has absolutely nothing relevant to what took place here? Nothing that is incredible for message like that to be left With with numerous specifics, numerous specific,
something that can be easily checker. They didn't how their protocol. Here's a now. What we do is we ban rifles. Surrender. Twenty one has nothing to do this, so banning all cases. That affects innocent people all over the country. Because of the horrendous fail, you hear quite frankly by local shares, department, by the FBI. When these things will continue, because, You have these liberal school districts, Ike Fairfax County, Virginia Many many others who have level commentators who dancing about any of this, but there they are commenting. Oliver cable.
Your liberal mayors, you little city councils, you have little school boards who will not protect these kids. The any I have tea quiver of. Your mom organizations, my humble opinion, but the word out oppose this- oppose it. They oppose protection at our airports Kirshner today. Post protection at the anyway in empty headquarters, Kirshner though they oppose protection when they go to a baseball game, are basketball game or ice hockey. Gamer football game, of course, not. Do they oppose Congress being protected? Of course not enough. We need these job politicians, but they oppose our schools may protected using
preposterous. You want more guns in our schools. Choose me one. Then. I suppose I want professionals in our schools are going to protect our children. I cannot believe- parents all over this country are rising up right, Hang up against the local schoolboys, rising up against the local teachers unions right setting up against their local politicians and national politicians. Boycotting media outlets. That's her there's nothing more than propaganda meals for the left, I'm quite frankly, incredibly surprise at the passivity of the past seventy apparent in this country. Please go along with this farce or use the state
Without political government, let's take some cause, but before we do actually Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister of Australia here The putative prime minister from the conservative party, the conservative party in Australia, is now conservative parties, a very moderate party and, in some respects a liberal part. You think Austria's, the great cowboy country. Now it's not too big island to the country. But it it reeks of socialism through and through their parliamentary system at once,
first I want you to make sure you listen to the report. So reporter reporter I mouthpiece cut one go. I your country, can a buyback program. I've done that my automatic weapons back in the mid nineties. Hasn't had amassed shooting ever said. Is it something that, MA, am man. May I call you man, but I don't know how you are you sound about fourteen There is only that you don't know a dancing, thereby bag programmes in every major see in America, including Chicago. What does murders Danner every night? Multiple murders day and every weekend, how come you know, to ensure that doesn't fit. The argument. That's why go ahead? camp, and you had already urge him to reconsider his current recommendation to combat session so she's asking the leader of another country if he urged our President on gun control
Completely out Alessio, basically she's projecting her personal policy agenda. Onto the Prime Minister of Australia, hoping he'll say something to the present the United States so they have another nice snappy soundbites plus. There. She is in front of the country trying to say I am with you, you know, I'm I'm. I'm ended his gun control thing to forget. Forget about these nuts go ahead. Well, the our history with gun control and regulation is obviously very different to the United States. And you are right- that there was a mass shooting Tasmania. Ninety ninety six and my praise: said, Sir John how'd. He is very well known, here in the United States, foreign minister for nearly twelve years, John undertook some very big reforms:
And basically semi automatic and let alone automatic weapons. Are essentially not available. Indeed, there are many classes of the wood, the ranger arms that are available to people that I have a specific. Professional need, like you know, people who are involved. Its control in Cyprus are very, very limited and it is completely different. Context, historically, legally and so forth. We are very satisfied with our laws. We maintain them away There they well known, you referred to them, but we certainly I presume, to provide in open policy or political advice on on that matter. Here This is where you have a medea constitution, which the we're gonna ownership- you have. I
very, very different history, an idea we alone, like us on our own political. Arguments in debates and wish you Eyes deliberation in IRAN, and I have to add to that. They are very different countries with very different sets of problems We are well on the way to solving that hard. No problem that happens far too often in the United States so we should have the nations that make up Scandinavia. We should have their economic system, socialism. Australia, which is my some gun control. We should have their their gun policies. You see the left has arrived. Two socialist countries or countries.
I really know not the very little in common with us in terms of our history in order to make their case in order to make their case. We have more gun controls in place today at the local state and federal level than ever in american history. Ever in american history. We I back programmes in our city, buyback programme. We have liberals running around talking about illegal aliens and open borders, you mean you don't even know if their criminal, you don't know what they're capable up at the first line of defence securing the border, but they oppose it. Liberals running around the country crashing
police officers even banjos, especially banjo talking about loud, clear you, racism is systemic, so they attacked the constitution. They attack their right to bear arms. They attack your local police force. I don't mean specific police force for a specific problem. They attacked by cops their systemically races and we insist on the appointment of Obama, like holder, like Lynch, like left wing judges,. And then you wonder why we have murder in this country. And their increasingly violent. For the longest time, CNN and MSNBC sat silently why
Antigua was brutalizing, innocent Americans. Malaysia overlap Russia is a corner the time of the Democratic Party. Today, you still, We call our black lives matter. And be in the media as a cable host or network caused or whatever, because your call a racist. We saw all this violence glass like how people were beaten up. We see the violence on college campuses and it's not, as I keep saying just the second amendment. Ladies and gentlemen, if the constitution itself The first amendment, when you have a monolithic voices in the major media,
an event like CNN did shouting down. People who have different opinions, calling the murderers when there is a signatory lack of free speech- and I college campuses- we're conservative me. Extreme traditional conservatives take speak or they need bodyguards. It's not just the second amendment. It's the first amendment. The rest of the constitution are they write back LISA Eerie Pennsylvania on the market of inner. How are you my having me on about fifteen
It's a girl, I was hospitalized. I have myself into a hospital for and eating disorders, and about two years ago I attempted to get my concealed carry licence in Pennsylvania, and when I went to do that, I was told that I was not eligible, because there had been a mixed up with my paper work. We have a long Pennsylvania that if you were involuntarily committed, you cannot own a firearm and four conceal carry purposes and SL. I, of course, was not. I had obviously check myself in. I was in my twenties. I knew I was sick, but it has been couple years. It is immediately after I hired an attorney and we ve been in litigation trying to have this scrubbed from I'm leaving Unbelievable and you know what I people listening to you LISA, because.
What's gonna happen,. Bogged down in bureaucracy bogged down in politics. Left has us exactly where we want us He's an animal rights are no longer unalienable rights. Listen to this poorly! yes Sire Lawrence, she still fighting for her rights under the second amendment and I'm sick and tired of the way mentally ill people are Stereo type right now, my Republicans Democrats and the media are women The land of Ev Ry Emma Home other brave stays that way dial my glad there now heading seven seven four year, one for aid, one one. You know folks
Those of you listen, you Norman, independent thinker and will try to be different just to be different. It's just that. I work harder. And I'm gonna tell you something: now: that's gonna be considered controversial and provocative not by me. And then you gonna find the bag painters in this business, though start picking it up until they were the first ones to say. That's just the way it works its unfortunate additional. Charges were brought against Paul manifested by me, Our head esteem of Democrats gives the former trunk campaigns charges were brought against men of its former partner wickets. In a plea deal, we ve been a plea to conspiracy and apparently who is none of this- has to do a trump or collusion.
And tell me something since it happened years ago, how did the FBI and the Justice Department message years ago? How did they, Suddenly, fine, all these crimes decide point but an important one. I want to read to you what poem efforts already issued a statement. I've never met the man the best of my knowledge. I've never seen for sure. I don't hang out in those circles. Here is a matter for its statement. I want you to listen to this call notwithstanding that Rick Gates plead today, I Can you to maintain my innocence? I'd hoped and expect, My business colleague would have had the strength to continue the ban. Don't approve our interests first, yet the service surface chose to do otherwise. This does alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue piled up. Charges
containing the indictment against me I'm starting to have admiration for this poor management. I'm starting to have admiration for this guy. He's the one guy wasn't buckled, they are trying to brutalizing there. Kind of punishment they ve now brought indictment into jurisdictions. Washington DC and Virginia they're gonna have to figure out how to deal with that. Fbi, agents of the direction of the special council and his team of Democrats, as you well know, Charged in the manifold apartment with guns, drawn at six, a m in the morning, while unit Why, for sleeping in bed, you do that
Four mobsters you do that for terrorists, you don't do it for accused white collar crimes. There are leaking relentlessly. To their friends in the media, who hate Trump and would do anything to try and bring front there. Course, man referred is well known as a republican lobbyists. Again he was trumped campaign Chairman Scott, these barn deals and so forth, and so on. You look at how this man's being treated. Versus how Hillary Clinton has been treated. I'm quite years. Look how Hillary Clinton has been treated cover up abstraction destruction of information. Look, how she's been true. I look how this guy's been treated and you know what he sang. He said
the federal government, Mister Waller you're? Sixteen Democrats, including this guy Weissmann. Who should have been disbarred years ago. In my humble opinion, your FBI agents not buckling. I go bloke, I'm gonna fight. You we suffer most men could not was in this most of the men who ve been ensnared in this phony investigation haven't wisdom. They buckled they're looking for deals for prepared to serve time in prison just to get it over with. Manfred says this does not alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue, piled up charges contained in the indictment skills
I could be like every other radio housed in America. Every other tv hosted America who claims to be a republican or conservative or something of that sort and just sit quietly. All this is taking place. This is an absolute of you the power again again, even without knowing all the details, the manner in which prosecutions, been Hanoi and I've seen a hundred other I've seen a thousand. His way out of line you got, seventeen prosecutors in essence focused primarily on one american Citys, and what did he do? What caused all this to be triggered? Something that happened five years ago, history to register bureaucratically.
Some tax investment he may have had- I don't know, but all of a sudden he's public enemy, number one: three: years ago, when I heard a guy three years ago still do whatever he was doing. The Irish. Oh the f B. I know the Department of Justice knew nothing Butkus, all of a sudden he's public enemy number one with seventeen prosecutors, Hale, I God knows how many of the agents could any american withstand such soviet style tax on closures about this? Could only these prosecuted, We stand such an idle exam Albert Records, others ward statements, their bank accounts, their tax returns,
very interactions? How many of these seventeen prosecutors, who were saved such rudely? How many members of Congress could withstand such rude, but Mister Waller was they have such rudely about? Mr call me about Hillary Clinton. We all have the claim that we know much about men referred or that were special pleading for for a man of her, but I am a special player for justice. There is right, and there is wrong And these are mobster, like bully tactics, trying to another human being by destroy As well,. I couldn't showing his movements by targeting is
Family members remember Arguing as the earlier part of EU spokesperson and for what they ve charged with hungry Years of jail time should he loses corpus, and yet this guy motivate has yet to cry Uncle. Now, what's the likelihood he might actually be innocent. You really stand against the defence government in its unlimited resources in its abuse of power. If rigidity What are you trying to cut a deal. You really stand so suddenly, when you know, if there's a case, you're gonna be tried in either Alex
Virginia under the rocket docket or you gonna, be tried in Washington DC way. After so most of the jurors did not support Donald Trump and yours. Pay manager, which is why a lot of these prosecutors bring cases of easy to begin with. If you honestly, don't believe you're innocent, would you really risk everything rather than cutting it deal in here is the bottom line. They want manner for to do the Donald Trump. What apparently been done a man ass if he were to say some Mahler or Weissmann
He's too punks if he were to say to them I'll give you a trump. What do you want? They would take care of him in a second in a second, they all have a case against their I've collusion. There are many on it, so the destroying everyone in anything around him anything yet hands on Jared Cushions. His business dealings. Do that to me. Ask your question your presently. In Iceland, you're trying to deal with North Korea trying to deal with, ran you trying to deal with China and Russia. Your presently United States, you got one horrific events after another you're trying to deal with like an flawed and so forth
in time trying to pressure agenda the agenda. You were elected on running for present United States. Day in and day out day in and day out your hand and hounded and hounded by a prosecutor without portfolio. Your family sounded Donald Trump Junior Kirshner. Your family's home and the media, give hoist all of it. No longer media believe and checking the government not when the government is going after their favorite hated politicians, then there the mouthpieces of such prosecutor. We all know what's going on here. We all know what's going on here, so let me be the first
and ass, the cowards follow behind me in saying that I have a growing admiration for this. Man is found, earlier. Something he's found guilty of something he eventually, please you eventually, please what are mutation, he's out held out longer than anybody else, and even today, in the face These piled on indictments. He says.
I am not going to alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue, piled up charges containing the indictment against me. I say fight on MR manner for the few, an innocent man fight on in our thoughts. I really need your attention to something through something important here. This is a typical message, not some boring topic that makes your check of mentally or change the channel. One is the last time you check your age seller, I know I said exciting stuff not properly. Maintaining your system can cause illness, allergies, Unnecessary wear and tear enraged facts system leading the way.
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Still to be you. I got com filter by dot com. Remember that New year's resolution you may know yet. Way back when the put iris problems behind you. What amounts February is still living in fear of the Iris today right. Well, today is the day I could show Work garnish, your wages, raise your bank account. Let me carried you with an actual case for my friends are often the tax relief like, Charles dragged Desirous problems well under the new year before calling optimum tax relief items, We stepped between Charles and the IRS protected his assets and resolve this tax problem knows that behind every tax problem are good people. People with
families, home savings and pay Jack's that need protection. Now, this export is how they ve set resolved over half a billion dollars and tax dead for their clients, and there a plus raided with a better business people call optimism. I believe at eight hundred four nine nine sixty three hundred eight with four nine sixty three hundred its aid. Point nine sixty three hundred folks, we join me in this new journey on Sunday night at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific. On the Fox NEWS Channel. I know you're yearning really interesting broadcasting. Quickly Sunday night. And you ve heard it all and now what you'll get to hear. I hope. Is something that is very substantive and compelling? And yes, of course, and. A long form interview
fascinating, guess some! You will now some you all now. Had an impact nor will have an impact on our society getting back to first principles. It won't be repetitive, it'll, be compelling new waste pushed up new ways to understand them new ways to explain them. But at least one hour somewhere, where we can, talk about these ideas again talk about these principles. Again, these Leave these values, these traditions. Now we do it all up in tv. This way. I was only able to do one show on the Van TV. I will be back in a full bore next week And we have our wonderful Fox brand new and show Sunday at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific. I hope your watch. You can always tv.
But it's gonna be a Goin experiment, a lot of gas coming and going not candlelight guests. That's streaming about the latest current events held giving you things to cherish the think about to know that when you're done it was worthwhile and said she I can't wait till next week. I know I can't wait from week to week is gonna be were excited Sunday, ten, p M Eastern, some Pm Pacific, my guess for the entire. Our is the great professor doktor waterworth, and I want to ask about the state of our nation. I want to ask him about liberty, a capitalism of what those me and, conversely, social,
The men group think we're gonna talk about the constitution and the declaration and he's a very fascinating man he's a way of explaining things that are very compelling, and so I very much look forward to having a moron. I very much look forward. You watching it'll be our inaugural program. You get to see how we ve set up live in tv studios. I also want to salute see our tv for the excellent work. That we do see our tv online tv and the other programmes and my living tv production Staff collaborating with a wonderful people, a fox I type. It's a beautiful team effort.
So smooth everybody so profession so decent, I'm not gonna. Let you down familiar autonomy by now. Watch. But I hope you'll check it out. I've been unable to go on. The various fact shows to promote it yesterday and today, for obvious reasons. Still fighting this similar better today than yesterday. They don't. I. But I have you all you Levine, I sat there tell your friends. Have your family watch tell your enemies. I dont care it's too late who hadn t vote, but I have a feeling you'll stay up. Watch it be glad that you do I'll be right back.
Now, let me underline the valves lay hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Oh I may body I've been here are number eight, seven, seven, three one, eight one one. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one so now the MRI which had nothing to do with anything he's been boycott. It is a campaign to boycott them among those boycotting the honorary boycott. By eliminating discounts at you, stay with your honor I card so far,
when a car companies owned by the same company Alamo Enterprise in there. And when I fly to learn when my wife and I go to Florida to see my parents I must always read my car from Alamo. I wanna be doing that anymore. Their millions and millions of us and We can play the same game. If this is the way they want to manipulate the market, get involved in politics. Many of them are doing this because our under pressure- because they want to get in front of the parade, though we need to take note, washed and post for. Major companies enterprize holdings, First National Bank of Omaha, siren
security, giant, Symantec, an insurance company chow? unlimited have ended. Her was soon end quote Running partnerships with the other: now we have my idea here: right must produce Which is a wonderful, wonderful, sponsor a news, So you should discontinue them in together, because one of the very best in the class- and I'm glad I did no one now what Symantec US doing enterprise is the parent company of three when a car brands, enterprize Alamo a national, the
Four discounts to entering members was discontinued yesterday. So you should discontinue them. What do you mean- and I remember not- one companies decide to take sides and in this way against your bill of rights. While they corporate hacks inconvenience need to hear from you too. They need to hear from you too. There is a price to pay. Among those of us who believe in liberty, parent. Let's go to the cause here: let's see Hurt to sign Arizona the marvel of enough for you, I'm doing well, I want to say in two thousand eight after twenty six years, in a military junta my uniform and picked up a piece of chalk and taught high school for the next six years till I just
take it anymore. I saw plans being made to use teachers and I says Aren ROTC instructors to Hell the security in schools, but the union's would not allow the teachers to participate in canonize sense. Things like standing at the metal detector coming in early first of all, standing in the parking lot watching these children get off the buses. Watching them get out of the cars greeting good morning, checking them among and standing at the metal, detector and Could they all had metal detectors schools? I thought you were worth. There was one Memphis and one in Detroit. The arm the teachers. We're, not gonna, be ordered by the administrators to do it, so it was the administrators and the teachers that wanted to and the IPCC instructors who, of course, we were there for everything, because the programme are motivate Young one about the any. I wanted the teachers in India
they told their. No, the teachers are only there to teach glass for teachers are. There is another thing is whenever their classes located, we could get up from the death in. And in the hallway watch the students as a passed from one I to another, but Now they want to sit there and some of the teachers nice. I knew some great teachers, but there were on the younger ones who were being indoctrinated fresh out of college. No that's when they were going to check their emails and take a bite of their lunch and are making care who is coming into their classroom. It seemed Once again, I sound negative towards all teachers, but that was my experience and it was the union saying no, you cannot order, Our union members too Standing hallway or come coming early to watch their students arrive July. I dont know there's a saloon. For that or I'm sure there the unions are gearing up to put up the current as a solution, and the teachers and higher other people. Thank you.
And I was my next thought I time looking at security are some of whom we see a bank. Some only see one of the first things I went for when I retired militaries. I thought I would get a job insecurity but the pain, miserable next to nothing. I thought for sure. Armored car drivers must make good money and they said minimum wage. So there's a lot of talk that we hear from everyone about retired police, shoes, retired military by Tom. In retirement checks, but we gave up twice. Two years of our life will be, I know, even care who in fact is, if you are qualifying, we can use you. What do I care if you have another check? What does that's true but the pay? No, offering the pay and are getting more nobody's, hiring enough. You guys in the first place so far The debate is that pay. The debate is, can we do it? I've got good, just call my wife
they come up with a program. I'm going to look into it again, good right now I went from Kitchen the driving truck driver truck, pays more money. But that's not what I wanna be. I miss my students I miss being in contact. I have a lot to offer. I, trained. I could offer a lot, but I've I've got him. I've gotta get paid I gave up my whole career. You get paid as much as a teacher trauma that, I heard you take care of yourself. Thank you, Erin. You go California on the market of in a hurry you market makes particular go. You bet, that's why I want to talk about a potential solution to school. Safety at work it's a program that my father implemented in a town as a basic principle and meekly that what he did ass, he pulled around I'm high school students, basically, a nation, and he found out that high school
have really comprehensive development programmes and what he did. The implemented one, a very strict won the day We had nine steps to it, and had nine chances to turn behavior around and what is programmed did is it took the discipline from the teachers and they loved that and put it squarely on. The basic principle is in charge of discipline. So, in short, basically the kid didn't bring the pencil the class. He was on step one, so he didn't very detailed statistical analysis? I have a problem with any this, but we're talking about now people not about pencils, timber people, this kid expelled as I understand it. Any came,
the school until people. This is the point, MRS, how my father, dandified those people were turned out to be about one point: five percent of our population. So simply ninety percent of these kids are great kiss, so that nine, when the kid reached that nine he had exhibited anti social behaviour and he was expelled so this kid in imported it'll expelled, I guarantee you that might principle knew it. So the point being That is, if there's a step that goes a step further. My father's plan, let's say at expulsion, gets, could turn in the police disparate further investigation. I think this is a great idea, but here's the problem. They had a better system. Citizens were calling the FBI. Citizens were calling, The local sure Sa Adan needs identified, and they knew they had a problem with this guy and essentially nothing effective was done about it
So we're way ahead of this. In other words, that's fine. If you need to put something in place to try to identify the sky was I dignified and twenty five different ways. I agree. So what? If we put a system in place worth official, so every school system, when a kid gets expel tied, stop stop if they were putting in every school system. Whatever you are, I think works. I can give my opinion, but the school systems are gonna have to wake up and maybe when people by homes will take other things of the consideration. Voting, not whether or not these are just good schools, but whether their kids, you gonna, be protected in these schools and, if not, and by whom somewhere else I'll be right back
This speech then agree. Love certainly agree with much of absolutely do And he was in rare form, so let us listen to some of this should listen the son of this. I think we should go to catch while Mr Producer, where he puts John F student, carry in his place on their Andy of going we decline to certify the. Terrible one sided. Nuclear deal, the horrible, whoever you give a hundred and fifty million dollars to a nation. That has no reason whatsoever to saying that to America while designing the agreement. If somebody
You, America, well, I'm signing an agreement. That president, are you mean to say? What's goin on here have some that signing what's going on, I just kept going, carry Jerry may be the worst negotiator, then how about how about this guy? How about, of course, he's the one one point, eight million in cash Do you ever see walk like a million dollars in hundred dollar bills, alot of people do it as a promotion to lock. It gives like big now. Take that when it? Let me just stop here. This is why people who love Donald Trump Love, Donald Trump. He's a regular guys haven't a conversation with such standing up. They like which we can all or a surer Nancy Pelosi. Remember he's conversational eddies, how areas
a good way and he knows how to unravel what bad people have done. This country, he just as he's good at go ahead in dollars and one point eight billion for what for what? Why did we do Why did we do it? anyway. We didn't certify and lots of interesting things happening without openness we have to treat. The treat us well, we treat them well, people they treat badly. We treat them much worse than they can ever. Imagine this great great great cut too go ahead. Why do we protect our airports? In our banks are government buildings.
to make our schools a much harder target for attackers. What I'm in our school wait I'll wait. I won when we declare our schools to be On free zones, it yeah supports our students in are more danger. Far more days well drained gun, adapt to teach prison cultures and people that work and those buildings, people that were in the Marines, but twenty years and retired people know the army, the Navy, the airports coastguard, people that are adept at death with weaponry and with guns they teach I mean I don't want to have
hundred guides Stanley with rifles all over the school. Conseil carry cuts freezer now, you know the five great soldiers. From four years ago. Three of them were world class Moxley there? military base. The reason they were asked guns quite far away and made at work in blazing killed off I love you. I had a chance of these world class marksman add on military, this access
their guns and I'm gonna look at that whole policy on military bases. If we can work in the guy were now to chance. Look at that all military base gun freezer tuna. We can have our military holding guns spree there. Aren't you glad you elected this man defeated Hillary Clinton. I do not understand these, never tempers right to the end. I really don't many them are our rhinos, many them work for rhinos. Quite frankly, many them work for one or both of you bushes in the past and they have a vendetta, they put the their personal reputation homer. Why and how they look foolish, absolutely buffoons.
Cut ten. Please go I'll, get complacent. It's a natural and said you can t just one and now you're happy and complacent. Don't be complacent, don't be complacent because they get in, they will repeal tax cuts. They will you're using that you wouldn't believe they'll take away you second amendment which we will never allow. Now you may think, that's hyperbole. I do not. I believe that the Gulf by a thousand cuts, no question in my mind about it. When you look at the year, he frenzy the frenzied attack on the second amendment, Andy, the passing acknowledgement that what took place in Florida was, quite frankly, a terrible terrible mark on the appeal
law enforcement thing- and I say this as somebody who is a big supporter both, but I also know Alarmin out there are more women out there. Who will tell you the same thing to do the same thing. Let us go to cut thirteen please go. We rebuild other nations would have a lot of money and we don't ever say you gotta help we're finally, rebuilding our nation rebuilding and where restoring our companies and our pride. All of us here today are united. The same time was values we defend
situation and we believe, the wisdom of our founders. We support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. We know that a strong nation must have strong borders. We celebrate eyes and I are ours and we believe young Americans should meet to love me. I can't do it, No, are you getting the wall? Don't worry. I won't be right back
had been of liberty and rule conservatism. Call mark now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one quite a week here by the microphone, a lot of preparation are duly shows. I don't just mean intellectually, but really to be, quite, as I can all day to use cos the presence following the obvious prescriptions and all the other crap they are so the ammonia is a you know what one from a flu, Thirdly, the asthma. Pretty than ammonia and I feel like I'm coming out of it now. So I thank you all for bearing with me this week
tell you something else. It's definitely are still so many rights. Why does every student hill Do you know what the word college means that means partners place where professors and students work together, respectfully debate in exchange ideas in a search for what but most colleges today, while they just undoctrinal. Students. Liberalizing cardiology then allow students to think for themselves or speak freely by hills. Dell's different, he'll, snow students, debate, ideas openly and honestly? They pursue truth together with the professors and respectful manner, tat, something else. It's different Adele still any rights Why? Because every student hills they'll lose by their honor code. You know what it is hey Hailstones college students on a boycott one moment when I get this right, you're still college student, desirable conduct Anderson
indeed beautiful and still in their study in service, respect for the rights of others through education. The student rises to self government so that it will study business economics, history, music, Dozens of other major he'll still students also become excellent citizens. Private storage, occasionally receive cover without honor code produces some pretty Human beings learn more about it. Then for hills. Doubt that come at all easy iron fails to about car are scared of the cars Stephanie. Well, Lamar. California, SIRI Satellite go right. I listen to you, today, an earlier date today, you are talking about now for an situation in I just wanted to let you know that just gave me a major aha moment, because what I was watching us,
going down earlier on Fox NEWS. They were talking Shepherd shepherds yet was talking much alike. For these evil man there were tat caught doing is horrible things and we should just be so. It now and I'll show you wait a minute what happened to you. Oh the trial and being proven guilty not just a few guilty, and when you said you almost like you kind of admire manifold. I totally agree that you son I thought I'd earlier and I can't feel about late. I should hear right isn't that the message given to me but I didn't I felt like I respected, hamper hanging in there and if you really feel these innocent, then he should. I did and even though these fighting he's fighting one man against the federal government and you can see what the price, cicadas are doing and see how their behaving you can see. Other trying to turn one person against another. Like this, some kind of mob operation
obviously Manfred leaders, innocent and he's fighting with every Resources has against the eighth, The these innocent or not but why should I say I'm really started to admire the sky because, unlike everybody else around him. He is not buckling and apparently he's ticked off at the ways being treated. How many of us could withstand such as this? I know I know how to make my trunk makes it every day with everything that's against them. I mean I would you say, Can I go to my vacation on. You know that, on that I respect that. Nor respect the man of working in a new, because I do believe there s a fuller said using against not just companies. Duration, but whether you're in California, out here fighting to get a government decent candidates on board, I mean they're, fighting anything that is,
why are we rooting for Mahler? I'm not understanding of its clear he's. He's night ass, never collusion case its clear, it's a small but Tedo stuff. It's clear is going after manner for four things have nothing to do in any respect, but the campaign or Trump years away, so so clear to me that the Department of Justice under a bomb in the air. Die under Obama have some answering the d, a poor man, furnaces Harbour guy, who deserves a zillion calves against them. Where the hell were they to three four or five years ago. I. This is why I am very suspect about this. I've seen how people have been railroaded before TED Stevens among others. Remember that had a NASA was railroaded many years many years,
I don't remember that part member, the secretary labored, none of them he was railroaded years ago. So just because these guys call them proud sums. Prosecutors doesn't mean that I have two roof for them, particularly when they're all Democrats. Absolutely and people fail to mention today on Fox. They were talking about all these people but what about a flat getting his case held up? you did. They have to bring all the evidence forward that they have. You may get a chance to maybe switches cleavage. The only thing on and you didn't do anything wrong. You should be able to Europe Day it's better than its cross, the country. This is ice necessity I appreciate and for any reporter, wherever they work. It's our chopping up, all the indictments. I guess I don't understand- do pray
I guess at the next part of the bill of rights to go. Currently the only understand freedom of the press, not even that freedom of the liberal press. Even for minors fly to the great WS, has scope mark. Thank you, and I just want to say it. Honour to speak here, and I want to appreciate the that carry you ve taken to yourself. So we miss you fear few days because we need you, On the air every day, thank you, sir. What I want I want to talk to you about. Is you made a good common the other day about the other is a way to change the constitution. If we want to talk about our bill of rights in our second amendment and we're talking about you want to change it there's a way you get, it passed, two thirds in the Senate, two thirds
you send it to the stage. Thirty eight states- and you said, but they're not gonna, go that way. They're gonna go the backdoor. Well, my question to you is: we know that, and yesterday the washing compost at a headline does a second amendment really protect assault weapons for coat courts have said you know, I don't know if you saw that article who said no, it's at four coat courts have said. No, because there's four fell at court they have ruled, gives a damn. What those quite say, let me tell you something: I want the american people to hear this. The constitution is the law, the way, not judges who perverted and judges who perverted constitution. Who the hell are. They think they are with our lifetime appointments
so now you and I and the rest of the american people- must absolutely comply with bastardize decisions on the constitution and thereby reject the constitution. If they don't have respect for the constitution, why should we have respect for their opinions? Can you answer that? For me, sir? We're here where's my question to you mark. I agree with that, but I do know the last case of those for pilot cases. Ogletree reversed got denied for surgery, but
thus in scale. Scully of God rest his soul game. I gave in and dissension, and they look like seen on your own. You mean Tom's was scathing in arguing that the question of taking it up last week correct- and my point is an end in any gave them cleared points with for any lost said. Look hello, hello. He lost, I lose, you know, I'm saying he lost the court, wouldn't take it up. Well, I understand that, but here's my house, my question to you without reason I call wouldn't it be right Florida. This is where the latest tragedy happen. If a conservative stay
have them put in the list legislature put in a law, it gets turn. It gets a actually taken up by the opinion. What law? When are we talking about? I'm saying if there is a ban in Florida in a conservative court and it gets appeal and they got pellet court- would have a conflict because they would say is unconstitutional. Now you have Are they say it there's one? I think sir I've said this for months, and I think this is where you're going forward just say it is a sanctuary. Second, amendment states. It should take up the point that he left wing cities and states have taken up particularly California, say: hey, look, we're like them, we're gonna pick and choose. So? What did it nullify decisions that this decision, It was our policy positions when it comes to the second amendment, that's what they do on immigration. Nobody will enforce it. That's what during the second amendment, but you have that politicians have guts and Rick's got, does not you don't think
think if they got sir, he just put out a whole plan out there. Did you read it today now I saw citing a chest opening it check it up in a eunuch like it very much. Stephen gray. Call I appreciate it, thousands of athletes are going for it, all right and is the clear champions of the bathroom dollar shave club deserves a gold medal. Dollar shave club has everything you need to look smell and fill your best shampoo body, washed, toothpaste and, of course, the best razor I never used. I get an amazing high quality shave every morning from idea see executive razor plus her doktor carver. Shea butter is the gold standard of the morning. It helps the razor gently crowd. Of course your skin and our shame club delivers
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Well. I hope you will watch only two days away Sunday night, ten p m Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific glided down cause it's easy to forget my locker evil. But I hope your watch alive. It's. The first show the inaugural show my factual life liberty and will then am I guessed his water wipes very. Replacing this radio programme very blessed to have Levine TV and our great folks, they're, starting at the top right, buddy carry cats and wonderful, cruel. My body which Samantha how long you been when they reach fifteen years fifteen years, her body, Charlie, annulling the phones,
A man David and dug mothers are men to other, so many others Chris and the whole team. Hu, there live tv Oh, I see we wonderful people to pay by Gaston Money and all the other folks there. Nobody, Daniel harlots, who I've for years sharp as they come so hopeless I can't live in life liberty and live in life. Liberty and Levin Fox, yes, Fox, ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific Sunday night. What else you don't Sunday night Just one a large chunk us out, you might actually like. I know you will let us go Susan, downtown Pennsylvania
w n T go, I mark I am. I want to tell you that I'm so glad you're talking about the mental health history here, because I, You believe that these histories can and will be abused, and I wanted to give you the perspective of a parent. Actually pull me no one at a time, so go right for a while. I'm too
deeply concerned about the dismantling of the fava laws, which protected students, personal information and then, if you fast forward in passing the everything succeeds, act or essay that actually contain provisions for wrapped around health services that can take place in the school and a lot of these wrapped around health services. Can I had to take place by non licence health professionals and once these health services, whether their health services, whether physical mental health services, once they are not taken care of in your actual doctors office. They are not protected by the hip alive. So if you have somebody who is suffering from a situational depression or their being bullied ADHD, those records at once for private a longer and I do wonder what is going to happen to these kids. They grow up and they want to get a dime.
Now we are stigmatizing all of them. All I want is Thank you for your call. I much appreciate lots Friday, nor that means yes, the gun. Shut down. That's one good thing, but here Levin, Radio, America,
is officially over the weekend, begins right now we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. The nice Friday can, I Griffin Good, I Pepsi unites smokey, yet I gotta get tied up get around the Taliban guy says as while I get us
faster I'll, see on Sunday on Box, then be anything.
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