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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, President Trump wants to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum, which increase prices on the American people. How is it that the market works in every field except for about six where we are told we have to have a fair sys...

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, two major Today I don't normally announced an advance will hit some others, probably tariffs. Ok taxes on the american consumer and our uncontrolled president. Now what her tears Ambiguous enough, the words in the constitution.
Federal government has the power to to impose tariffs. Federal government has a lot of power, not before capitalism, if do not believe in trade. Look around you as I speak. If you at home in the kitchen in your car, rid the office, look around. Everything you have around, you involve trade trade. You Vienna, home, better off speaking, an automobile being a restaurant dna, storm any kind without trade. With a mass of economy,. Would be even more massive by pro government, its.
Eighteen trillion dollars in goods and services produced in this country and their intricate links. Between raw material mining. Harvesting raw material. Transporting raw material. We fining raw material. Producing raw material into useful form sometimes through assembly lines, sometimes How many working in the basement, sometimes in a restaurant whatever and in the end it improves society. They don't have much trade in the third world
I have many fine goods in the farewell unless a charity there's not much rate. And there's not much life either, there's not much happiness. There's not much There's not much to wear a roof over your head and yet. To the extent you can buy anything you buy domestically, apparently that creates jobs, and yet it kills jobs. A vibrant economy, On the contrary, a p. Who want to be successful requires robust trade. Not like anything else that human beings are involved in an imperfect system. It's an imperfect system.
Some countries export more than the import some countries import more than they export, but it's not a zero sum game. The reason we import more than we export is because. The american consumer, once more. American consumer once more in sight, do the things that the American to produce consumer wants requires trade. It requires importation. Of raw material of finished goods, whatever it is,. Imagine a society that work the other way where the government decided. No, we need an absolutely absolutely balanced import, export sheep. We can only import as much as we export You know what would happen in America in dust America, with stop on a dime we'd, stop on a dime.
Because the most vibrant economy on the face of the earth must, in port things in order it produces things within our country. In order to sell things within a country not exclusively, of course, of course,. And yet, ladies and gentlemen, the present today amounts mass of tariffs on steel, aluminium. You know what happened after you now say. Mr producer stock market plummeted. Four five hundred points So the stock market lost hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars are you pensioners out there you people that I raised and for one case and all the rest of it? You took a big hit today and you know what stocks and particular took a big hit. The stocks,
still an aluminum. I would be one of those major stocks. What would be one of those major industry. The automobile industry, It's time I tracked the men and women on the assembly line in the automobile industry in the United States. Our hard working blue collar Americans. You know who else took a hit anybody anybody. Who is buying anything made of steel or any type of vehicle? I still an aluminum minute your price, is going to go up refrigerators. Why should an dryers, dishwashers, ovens stoves Likewise, I can't even name everything
going to go up significantly and people who lose their jobs and as many jobs, as might have been created, will not be created because. Federal government, our present it is going to artificially set prices artificially set prices. Now, what about the steel industry? Is they get until I want you to do a little very own research after this programme, and I want you to Google Tariffs, protectionism, steel industry,. I know I seek to put down the hall.
Men and women who work in the steel industry? But these businesses are owned by billionaires like the sector, commerce, whose work two or three billion? And what they learned long ago is that right, Other then try and be competitive with foreign producers of steel. Just one the Washington and claim that done just run the Washington and claim unfair practices, and they do every few years and what happens the Federalist. Steps and protects them. Wages in the steel industry are not competitive. I'm sorry, I know I'm the only one saying this. I know not where my palm palms, I'm not a rocket. I got it. I know I'm the one so be it so be it.
I know this doesn't help my ratings in the steel about. Areas of the country. I know it but I learn long ago you and my audience strong, you're, smart, you can handle it. You can handle it presently. United States put lumber tariffs in place. Against Canada, not long ago, you bought lumber. Lately we have. Prices: sky, high lumber, steel, aluminium. Mr President, China, protecting anything, Because, in the long run, this is disastrous, these companies now that they don't have the poor capital into aren t? These companies know that they don't have to negotiate competitive contracts.
These companies now that there are run you and render the protection The democratic party, virtually everything they want. And many millions of Americans will agree with you, because I believe you, is the patriotic thing to do, and capitalism, anti market Anti trade is now patriarch. The vast majority of your work in industries. Will you these products or services that don't get protection from the federal government. In fact, the vast majority of you live in industries weather Baxter how, in their regulated to help. The vast majority of you work for small businesses or our small business. Nobody protects you when you're competing nobody protects you when the price of lumber and steel aluminium go up.
The president of the United States has made a decision, There are some citizens. Who are more worthy than others. That's what he's done, but market campaign on this. So What are they? Gonna came painted a lot of things to that's, not No argument? That's not. Exploration, that's a pop up. He also paint on deportation before he supported one point: eight million new, Legal alien quota called citizens, the president can move. He moves a lot on particular issues. He needs to hear from you. You don't want the price,
of goods and services going through the roof you dont want people losing their jobs in other industries that are affected by the high cost of steel, aluminium, a lumber. What about our carpenters? but people who take steel and take aluminum make things out of it. What about this massive structural programme. They want. It just wrote the price, though the role for steel and aluminium. So Guess we'll be less infrastructure for one point: five trillion dollars. Why is the man or woman who work for the assembly line for four for GM, For a chrysler for try out w Mercedes Benz LAW which have assembly line to the United States. Why are they their families. Second, where citizens can
took a people who work in the industries that this president wants to protect. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the standard of living we have today, not because of tariffs and protectionism because of the opposite the greatest explosion of capitalism ever known, and kind the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution we they grow, It is the explosion of growth in modern history. Over seven percent economic growth, we Katy would represent a created twenty five million jobs from the most conservative president. In american history, Ronald Reagan, protectionist. Protectionism is what caused the great depression.
The greatest depression? Protectionism is: why cause the girl Depression to go on for a decade. Protectionism is Resulted in the this operation of our constitutional structure and a massive expansion of the federal government of the federal courts. Today? Lives of Americans, you see This thing we call liberty is, twine with a market system, it's in your try twine would trade before them. Our states, United States people traded with each other. When there were stage in the United States stay traded with each other countries. Trade with each other? I understand, is an important partner when a country is an enemy country and it has as its purpose the destruction of our society a country like that? He is significantly limited, but I'm not
about that. I'm talking, an across the board mass of tariff to protect our steel industry to protect our aluminum industry too lumber industry? What about protecting our software industry protecting our computer industry, what about protecting automobile industry? What happened? Taking our railway industry, what about protecting our farmers? What about protect, small businesses. What about protecting this, then I'm a voice in the wilderness because of your voice for liberty you're. The minority today is. Already today, you simply are in the minority. Did I'm done with this? you simply are in the minority today are not done with this. I'll be right back
really comes in any sort of justice. You, but do you work every day and they go into a series? a lows or some store. And say I want to purchase a washing machine and I want to make sure certain percentage of my purchase goes to the steel industry in additional what your purchase. Certain additional percentage. Purchase of my automobile goes to the steel industry. And the men and women have become very rich running them, like our current secretary commerce. How would you do, but you trying at the cheapest price you can. How is it that the market works and every other feel every other
computers, software, computer chips, iphones televisions opium cash. Washers refrigerators paper eclipse paper, pencils, pay competition in the market, work and every other area every other area, except about six we're we're toll For national security reasons, luck, we can't, system, we gotta have a fair system happen, It is the only fair system. For you and me to subsidize the disease. Insider made by steel companies is outrageous. Any more than we would be asked to subsidize. Decisions are by apple, computer or Microsoft or Walmart. Or anybody else or anybody else you ve got these
a call businessmen who swing entity, steel industries and swing into these women in companies and they get em ten cents on the dollar. And then they ran the Washington D C. They cry a bucket quality demanding that Congress step in and protect them from competition and they Look away like a sector commerce, or two to three billion dollars. That was discuss today in the oval office. I don't believe, wasn't well by Ross Copyright, the liberals would pew begins Doglike him, but America does. You can call. My blood ended. Eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one: when a ban
month for liberty and a bad man for capitalism and a bad man for citizenship. Now it's a bad month overall for the second amendment, I'm a big fan of Doktor Mark Perry. He's here brewing accounts. And he's written there's plenty of empirical evidence showing that protectionism and tears always general costs to consumers that are far in excess of the benefits to the producers. So Eyes, protectionism being taken so seriously and, given so much credibility when it actually job destroying prosperity destroying form of economic suicide and an economic death wish as I have twenty five recent twenty five reasons.
That is guaranteed to make America poor destroy jobs are not make us great one. The false belief that trade is a zero sum game when lose when it first It's a win, win game to the car, protectionism to consumers are mostly it too. Tax on the consumer, three the benefits, Actionism are easily identifiable invisible while Look Emily Jobs were created in the steel industry. Temporarily of course, number three. The benefits actionism to producers are easily. I say that again five on vessel number for the job say by protectionism, are observable invisible, but number five The jobs lost from protectionism are not easily observable were visible. Six. The benefits of protectionism to intervene, producers are very high. For example, three hundred
I wasn't our annual increase in revenues for sugar from trade barriers from far sugar. The cost Protectionism to individual consumers is very low. Five to ten, I was per year in higher sugar prices the cost in the aggregate is very, very high number eight. The cost of protection to consumers delayed over months. The tariffs are put in place. Takes time for them to resonate through number nine, the benefits of protection to producers to the producers to thee Special interest industries are immediate number. Ten producers, singing the benefits of protectionism, concentrated and well organised. This Industry in that industry number
having consumers pay, the costs of protectionism are dispersed, and this argument. Number twelve there's a huge political pay off to politicians from protectionism in the form of votes, political support and financial contributions from protected domestic firms in industries and we're thirteen there's a huge political paused to politicians who attempt to remove or lower trade barriers in the form of lost votes, support and financial contributions from previously protected domestic industries. Number four, the pathological by false obsession that exports are good number. Fifteen. The pathological perforce obsession that imports are bad. Sixty the fact that most Americans work for a company that produces a single product group of similar products, car still textiles appliances and are therefore favourable
Thousands of individual products, goods and sir, policies that benefit their employer and industry. Seventeen there that american consumers purchase hundreds if not Thousands of individual products, goods and services and are therefore unlikely to be fully aware of the negative effects of protectionism. Would it be motivated to fight protectionism. Number eighteen, many Americans think that exporting U S. Products is patriotic Nineteen many Americans think that importing foreign products as unpatriotic number two The false believe that trade deficits are a sign of economic white weakness. Number two: we want the farce believe the trade surpluses are a sign of economic strength, number twenty, five, the fact that protection is guaranteed to create economic dead weight losses is not easily understood. As long as easily observable immeasurable number two.
Twenty, three, the lack of economic literacy among the general public number money for the general lack of economic literacy among politicians, whether intentional disregard for the economics of protectionism, in favour of inaction. Public policies that help them get reelected twenty five The failure to recognise that most imports are inputs purchased by american firms which allow them to be his command, It was possible when selling their out it's in global markets, in other words, more confirms many important material. Sorry cheaper price, so they can make a product that is cheaper price with american labour in order to sell in America and overseas. Here is the bottom line taken together. The twenty five reasons.
This mention help us understand. The popularity of protectionism, despite the fact that its guaranteed to inflict great economic car protectionist popular primarily for political reasons, not economic reasons to perfect paraphrase A great time a saw. The first lesson of international economics is that free trade it says better off and protectionism makes us worsen the first list politics when it comes to international trade, is to ignore the first lesson of international economics and oppose protectionist trade policies when they further the political interests of short sighted elected officials, what politicians can count on the economic, illiteracy, the general public and their blind patriotism? Well, the polluter
pay us from protectionism or to tempting to ignore, despite the reality, that's a form of economic suicide, because the benefits of terrorists to producers, these specially protected industries protected again that is their jobs or create their say, and their industry temporarily saved against competition from life industries or other industries content. Trade that are concentrated, immediate, invisible while the cost consumers and their jobs lost down the line. Other industries and businesses are diffused, delayed and invisible. It's pretty easy to understand why protectionism popular, even though the economic cost far outweigh the economic benefits and its. Therefore, ultimately, a form of self inflicted on that point, penniless Angeles on the great care go then
guess. How are you so you're? Writing? Answer. Thank you very much. Right click. The United States is the world's reserve currency and went by that being the world's reserve currency. It takes a lot of responsibility and its takes a lotta restrained from the United States of America to be able to compete in a global market are well aware of it. You saw me talking about China. What do we have a five year economic plan here? The United States is restrained. What are you talking about? I dont know about you, but I don't work for the United States government, I don't know about you, but their tens of millions of Americans who don't work for the United States government. They work for ten. Thousands of enterprises. You act like we all get together. We all have a policy here, but with its know, how it works, and I was so. What are you talking about? But this is exactly what I'm talking about the chinese government
I'm manipulating declaration about the chinese government, it's about the american consumer. This is why you against keep pushing China, China, China, you wanna, do the chinese government, I have some ideas on how to deal with the chinese government, which is enormously dangerous. I've. Ideas on how to deal with the chinese economy through their banks, which this present this Congress well not built, but we're not talk, Things are punishing the Chinese we're talking, punishing the american citizen, and this is why I will continue to make the point tat power. I'm educating you. I know you have had fifty years of indoctrination. Just for once when your ears and shut your mouth tariffs are. Tax on the american people. They are not eighteen from the chinese people tariffs are tax imposed by the president and the government on mister and Missus America on national measures blue collar or measures, but MRS White Collar on small
businesses are large businesses. If you're not a preferred industry in this country that gets protection. You not only your own way through taxes and regulations, Pay the weight of others. This is about punishing China. Your punishing the american people There are ways to punish China without strong, our economy. Let's take another call, Christa Norman. On the market in peril. Stop satisfied that we're not talking about guns yet we're talking about the economy. Let us go to Cathy Manassas Virginia the Great w I may I'll go ahead, they frowningly. You say that I am completely guy that top it is making a decision I mean. Why is he try to hold it back here and what we are doing here in Amerika keeping it back in the old time anyway? My voters destroy what life all people
can a battering everywhere, I'm here to create an industry here that phasing out provided then how come and how come? None of the defenders of these the second policies and that's what they are the left pushes prick. Actionism entire, all the time, because the union's push I'm telling you the truth. Now, how can they never Talk about the union workers who are punished through this, like the automobile workers all the men and women who work on assembly lies building refrigerators, other men and women at work and assembly lines pulling dishwashers and dry airs and washing machines? all the men and women who work on assembly lines, pulling hammers and screwdrivers making. Now die throughout the economy. There's nothing compassionate about this! There's nothing oh American, about this there's nothing pro. American manufacturing about this when you're protecting
one slice at the disadvantage of the whole pie, including other manufacturers,. He thought in creative destruction I mean just got a question now all of its future decisions on the fact that he think that this is a good decision. By the way I'm gonna get in his personality, but look at the guys. In the Congress Department, this guy made a fortune, of steel and other industries, protected industries he's now the cat in the bird cage setting these policies. Thank you for your Michael Maryland the great WMD I'll go. I believe that the prices paid to persist I've ever known to man What's the best system ever known in the system, the price system is the best system ever known to man because what you are you have a trade between two
People more an acre The point is you got a minute food so that that's great desert there? That's that's the best system. How having said this, I do think that, for example, five by a chinese lamp, its clap? If I buy up I don't buy it right out what I'm saying I have more money for the American. A product, because by doing so by I've got no boy you lead in Ireland, which is one of the most expensive stage in the country. You do that by choice. You wanna be taxed, hire you want on control, You wanna be regulated. You live in Ireland, I choose not to. I live in another state that your choice I don't suppose my will and people who live in Maryland. Do I Marijuana at least takes care of its poor. But merely takes care which poor? I guess you don't live in Baltimore Delia. Where do you live, sir?
where I live in all Maryland. He lives in only Maryland. Ladies and gentlemen, a suburb are not against the suburbs, but don't tell us what When takes care of and doesn't take care of? Thank you for your car. That's continue day blooming tunnel and all the great W r p w go our guide on by the way I take the position. Tariffs are unpatriotic. Tariffs are on American. Tariffs are something Bernie Sanders. Humor needs policy supports tariffs are destructive of wealth creation, tariffs, blunt economic growth tariffs. Taxes from the american government on the Americans. Consumer, many of whom can afford them so the next time going to buy a Ford, pickup truck and it costs a thousand dollars more and then your pay
another twenty five cents per gallon gasoline. The president talk about for infrastructure because you're one or two thousand dollars right down the cropper that you may have gotten from the tax cuts, go right ahead. I'm not a cookie libertarians I just wanna for my point by saying Why you're so I'd love to see team up? What answer girl one day I understand why anyone shocked by Trump and wanting to impose tariffs shop. About emotions, learn about personality, the present It is doing something I strongly disagree with it's a matter of engaging in this debate. We don't the lie back and say why only campaign on it and you watch these titans of these protected, jeez come under the oval office who want more they're from the american people and every These so called conservatives. On tv and radio.
What are they? Morocco Burma get this their eyeballs pop out of their heads, their blood vessels popping out of their foreheads, just because a republican president! Does it we had a report. President, who did you notice name, was Herbert go right ahead. I don't get it. I dont understand how anyone can be transported. It's it's, not conservative. You know it's it's time, I'm not being contributes, not rational. Every argument- you're gonna here tonight I told Mister caused me to bring em. It is going to be wrapped up in some planets it. Where are they supports protectionism is protecting America protecting american jobs per day. American industry, when their destroying all three I'll be right back
I emphasise that how this rapid and patriotism tell after the janitor tonight once divine automobile is price. Goes up a police officer tonight, I'm a fighter tonight, taller tens of millions of Americans. Don't worry! It's the turnout at what the governments doing, when is socialism patriotic. How easily do we surrender our liberty based or what our position is in office is outrageous Absolutely outrageous
May I ask you a question: do you know tonight, as I speak, what steps these? The old barons are taken their industry, more competitive. What steps have been taken? I don't even know What are you aluminum industry. On what basis are these industries risk? giving special treatment where we, the people, have to subsidize them number tarp. When George Bush Wait to subsidize the big banks. Did you support that? I oppose that. We shouldn't be subsidizing the banks, we simply subsidizing steel. We should pay subsidizing aluminum, we shouldn't be subsidizing, Amtrak, If you dont, supported somehow you're against the american worker, I more for the american worker, then the White House and Congress combined
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just get one for copper fruits and one for cup of vegetables. Every day with field of greens, gonna break, Levin, Dotcom, brick house, L E, the iron dot com offer code. Then now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three, one one. Another called he in discussing a is that so many people are economically illiterate. The difficult
In discussing tariffs is so many people are starkly pillar it. You think this president. This administration is the first as an administration to come up with the idea of protectionist tears. And this is a big time said a tariff said he wants to put in place not like the targeted Reagan ones where did one or two or three and then promoted free market. Of its hubcaps think about it. Just think about the effect on this. Your government is about to place a mass of tat. Who do people think build our homes? Who do people think by? Are our appliances, are toasters hour of its hubcaps? Think about it just Think about the effect on this. Your government is about to place a mass of tax on you.
Having just celebrated a tax caught look This isn't crimes, you know any American, of a thousand dollars some two thousand our large spectacular, and it is another Is it all away by driving up the costs by driving up the cost to you, it's all about big government, we infrastructure, we government tall new deal type stuff, all great society tat where government one on unleash the economy. We went half way we didn't go. The other is the way we unleashed on corporations. So if you work for corporation You gonna see attacks cut people who pay very little in federal income taxes, you'll see a tax cuts, but for everybody else,
he no cut or tax increase, we're about to find out from April fifteen April fifteen theirs This gets a frantic battle that goes on in the minds of some people and as a matter of policy. Where they use this line on for free markets, but I want fair market You know what, ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing. You sound like a left us I want the same wage for the same work. For the same time, the same job in the same place doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way. So, once again, liberty is under attack and make no mistake about An economic system.
The civil society define each other. We didn't get rich through protectionism, wouldn't get rich through trade wars we'll get rich through the opposite. The so called vast middle class use a marxist term. There was created in this country was created by the industrial revolution. Now the industrial revolution, the greatest economic growth and modern american history, was created by the most conservative free market president in modern american history. Oh, I know. The Herbert Hoover Protectionist Crab. Many of whom are in this administration and their surrogates right. And protagonists on Harley Davidson, they
motorcycles in an honor so contracts because of the Japanese and he did- and he was very, very reluctant about it- and he gave speech after speech- have to speak about free markets and a veto and fought all efforts by the Democrats to push protectionist, hares and I've written about that in go back and look at the archives. Conservative reveal there's just no disputing, and so the press, I will paint a picture of the steel industry, I'll paint, a picture of the refrigerator industry have paid the picture. The aluminum industry I'll take the picture of the automobile industry paint the picture the steelworker operate, the
you're, the janitor. You see what happens here. We sound like liberals. We argue like little class warfare, group warfare, protected industries, unprotected industries. How do you become Protected industry, while luck steals a national security issue, ok got it so a software why software. Those jet fighters might be made a steel, but they have software. You need software to fight fly them. You need software to talk those missiles and by the way which, massively increasing defence spending right right, while we better because those tax, those rifle those pistols, the fighter jets the partners they all went up in prices come next week, there are going up in price, o o the market rates,
The tears, what are they do they pass on the costs to you how many times you ve heard, formerly conservative people on tv and radio said a lot. A corporate tax is really attacks on the consumer. Figures path attach a lot. Www fairly vague tariff is what do you think a tariff it we're going to increase prices, steel, to protect american american steel industry from competent, unfair competition. So in doing so, they create unfair competition here, because certain industries now are sucking at the public. You know what certain industries are choking at the public. You know what The automobile industry isn't it: the street and employs hundreds of thousands of people in this country. It will be negatively affected.
If you are waiting to buy an automobile, I think I made a mistake. Are you better go in this weekend. Because the price year, automobiles gonna, go out, so you can subsidize another industry. And so this is what we do now: subsidized banks under George Dove. The Bush subsidize steel and lumber an aluminum, Donald Trump by the way. Last time I checked both Republicans Republicans and then they rat themselves and patriotism. You know why this is so pro american. Now it's not it's an American! You went away coal technology from a foreign power because they use it against us. Fine, you wanna, we pulled steal from afar. Because they use it against us? Fine,
What are we paying aluminum from a foreign power because they use it against this fine? But when you punish the american people while pretending to protect the american people its unacceptable, then you'll have these clowns wrapping themselves, nationalism. This will make Amerika great again. How will it make Amerika great again when the vast majority America is some today, a little tiny speck of America. Does it make America Grady? I need a scale industry in this country are waiting all kinds of industries in this country. Ladies and gentlemen, and the way you have a vibrant steel industry is to have a vibrant steel industry. Why Currently when prices are undercut, while we have no idea what are using are indeed capital investment, all kinds of efficient system of management, But I can guarantee you
that one there subsidize they don't even have to look at that. Do they do that? I ve done this before I norm, upsetting many of you, but many of you understand exactly what I'm saying cause. You understand liberty and you understand capitalist. Look at this hour. I are balanced. Trade is way out. Why you're here the president and his son, Talk about this all the time you ll hear leftists talk about the showered, Brownlee left Wing, goofball socialist, Senator from Ohio very excited about the presidency, loves it course. He dies course he does. He's a dreamer on this dream and all about loves it. What is this balance of trade? I've never even understood this For every dollar that comes in
Our goes out for every dollar that goes out. A dollar has to come in. I don't understand what have we choose just as an example to make it simple. Let's say, the american people want a whole lot of gold and we decided in port Gabe, then we export there are many american people want a lot of copper based on the products that they purchase for the products and in that they deserve So we import more cover that we export. We use the import of olive oil, then we export it now it's turning around thanks, though, why protectionism? Now, capitalism and crop rotation.
Now we're going to be an oil and gas exporter because those industries are cutting edge. I remember the devil a complete against OPEC. We can't compete against. All pat are covered can't compete against all pack. They just kick no pics ass. I did they. Do the technological advances price efficiency, competition capital is investment are indeed the Arabs have nothing over us. The Chinese have nothing over us. And I am sick and tired of this sad sack story. While it may, we Americans can produce we Americans, so still
America's earlier, if they, wherever? What are you talking about? Why are there some industries that are more vibrant, more vigorous, more profitable than others, because you made that decision? That's why. You made that decision and most of these industries are subsidized one, but the next invention, the level the next plane What will the next raw material be? We don't know, that's the whole point and the more you stunt economic competition, the less economic growth progress, your the less wealth creation, you'll have not hard to control prices.
So hard to control costs coming down the governments all over the world and the people sucking on tree limbs, I needed cockroaches, but its patriotic. Don't you know what he's selfish. You will find the most of the argument being made for this. Nay, by Bernie Sanders are there like George Mcgovern, our most union bosses. By showered Brown Nancy Pelosi by truck Schuman by Paul Crook and all the other left this left this political hacks, but you're familiar with it, takes more understanding, takes more thinking, takes more to figure out why this is a disaster.
Don't feel right away, but you will feel it We will not grow as much as it could have, but you'll have more inflation, massive deficit spending, it's what we have. Nobody cares about the debt, nobody deals with the annual deficit. Now we're gonna drive up. Cost of steel, aluminium and lumber, private, the costs and then labour, because the costs of a truck cost of house the cost of everything's going up labour. You know we, the people, workers, you're, gonna, want more money to cover costs, and then you get into an inflation cycle. Mark my words on this two three four years down the road MR producer put a marker on the show. I know all the blowhard shouted
Ojo, and I was the first to tire. I'm take stand on this. Now I am defending liberty. I am defending capitalism, I am defending Americanism defending the american entrepreneur. I am defending the american worker. I am defending american worker weather is a janitor or a barber. What are its building? Ships are airplanes. I want these working in a small business are starting. A small business. Back then, We gave you a longer than I need to get back to gun control, gun control on control, Duncan Natalie Dallas Tech. The great W B. Eight they go,
what an honour to toss? You are my long time listener first time collar- and I just want to mention to validate your point- these smooth Holly Tariff ACT of nineteen thirty, which was passed under Hoover's administration, that you alluded to was. I attacks was a tariff on agriculture, important And then the native american farmers Anna, was, if it's not they major one of the major causes of the great for an allusion to the recession in copyright took a recession. Drove into a depression- and you know, people forget Natalie. Are the George W Bush parterre someplace in the EU, and other countries responded with terrorists on our agricultural industry. There
I'm going to sit still for this is gonna, have consequences, and people think this is patriotic. It's not patriotic its imbecility urine during Roosevelt's administration they kept trying to m f all these other without these that a policy decision to try to help farmers when all they had to do was repeal that law and that would have done the most good. But, more than anything I, my friend, I appreciate your colleagues when she she knows little: history, economics, makes sense, Eugene, Santa Maria California. How are you Listening to us, her walk out for monetary. How are you listening to us? I, like your pad out on how. Are you listening to us? Do you want to ask a year in Santa Maria Cow University lunacy, yet more alike?
She doing I bid lives to you for years. Ok at. Call your programme to be down on you at all, but I'm here Equally qualified having gone to school both in Europe in Germany as well as here in the United States, an educated in California. They wanted a pre Your schools, in over fifty nations. It the gas responsible for creating global economy with China. Forty years ago, you're the guy who did Mark pow gets their work. Their situation gives it Will we address Americans fish is at a crossroads. Determining a rule? The world you idle A beetle Asia they cross road over hooey who leads the world is,
I don't have you ever imported anything I've imported things. You know yet the pay attacks on you still pay. call is called duties when you have to pay for the helpful reply, circular. Whenever you want you still paying duties these tariffs on top of duty, I don't have are imported. Anything I've imported things. You know yet the pay attacks on you stop it Ex ante pay attacks on every damn thing that comes into the country. This is a terror. On top of a dude. You understand the difference Margaret material will apply within a wider out I was a member of parliament
I was there. I found radios principles patriot collar now, at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one by the way. Folks and MR producer, please put this on Facebook and Twitter. I will be on Hannity TV on the Fox NEWS Channel
nine thirty pm eastern time tonight we won't be discussing any less the best of my knowledge, but if we can check this out- yes, yes, yes, I dress up. Ok, nine thirty pm eastern time tonight on the Fox NEWS channel I will be. I was amity and of course you can watch all over the country, and I look forward to seeing you of your check herself. No folks, I really need your attention something important now. You might think this is a dry topic. It's really not one is the last
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Am I checked? Obama was you're, not listening to me are you. I am. Last time I checked, Obama was an office for eight years, They got a limited time like the watchers, the solar cell, for you, we just slash the corporate tax rates to twenty one percent. We're slashing the environmental regulations likely should cause. I really socialist regulation. You don't even know what we slash and then you're talking about a time period a twenty one percent to twenty one percent cotton for they raise. It could be for the next day it is for all. I know. For that. We all need relief from the Obama years right, but they needed Thanks for your car, he can't help himself had three times in Europe. Repetition is something I find monotonous. So, let's look what's going on today, America, when we reject
capitalism. When we reject competition when we reject our own needs and desires and willingness or unwillingness to pay healthcare industry is subsidized. Banks were subsidize steel, subsidize aluminum, subsidize lumber subsidized twenty one percent just slash the corporate tax rate from thirty five to twenty one percent and many injured, you don't hear this except for me- are going to see that go up because the Republicans in Congress and the President said make up that money somewhere so slammed these guys on their interest rate, cuts, honours cells, thereof, property tax and arab state income tax to duck so the individual taxpayers, many of us- are Surprisingly. Twenty one percent corporate tax rates, according
Paul Ryan himself we're subsidizing all this stuff. It's time to stop it, because the vast majority of us in our businesses and our workplace are not subsidize all these. Big industries running the Washington DC would cup in hand. This is, as we used to say, corporal welfare, its corporate welfare, its food stamps for industry.
China wasn't always powerhouse. China was nothing forty years ago, and yet we subsidize do we subsidize alone. You don't ass. We subsidize sugar is international security issue. You notice we subsidize mushrooms. Is that a national security issue it or else we subsidize with tariffs. Some talk about tariffs, omens twelve thousand tariffs. We haven't place right now, as I speak from certain that's from super nuts, you are paying the bill. Can you imagine if we remove most of these tears the massive amount of money as an aggregate we would have as a people to invest to spend as we
The closer products coming down the cost of enterprise, humming them Jim Flint Michigan Exam Satellite, go right ahead. I mark I wanted to arm first congratulate you and thank you for being on Fox news that gonna clock. That's gonna, be a great asset for everybody here, so I am glad to see you there and I wanted to. I just want to give you a factual thing, work work that that I saw happen. I don't know what the answer is, but I I won't name the companies, but I sought to companies clothes. I was very closely involved.
In those closing those plants closed because their single manufacturers do, by the way they could not with all their taxes the role of the cause they couldn't compete, so they moved the clothes, those facilities and move them to Mexico over the past eight or nine years they ship the products then, and they still solemn, the prices have not. Down. In fact they ve gone up marginally. The only thing that happened with those to tell me how many companies have foreign companies had built plants in the United States. I'm sorry how many foreign companies have built plants in the United States a lot alive, a ton of them. A ton of them. Why did they build in Alabama?
Why do they built in South Carolina right? Why do they build these different plants in different parts of the United States? the other guy, Bmw in the United States, we Mercedes in the United States. We Volvo in the United States, we have toiled in the United States as well as the domestic automobile industry is because, protectionism in tariffs now know each be cause? Why you agent, you tell me if our labour costs or so horrifically high weren't, they all in Mexico, Why are they all in Zimbabwe? Where are they on Cuba, no labour way where are they please destitute countries well- and I can just say this- that but to come They have time because we have a rule of law in this country.
Rolling along this country, because property rights, Mary, can't you see somebody's points you just can impose wages. Although we're getting to that point with the minimum wage fifteen dollars. Because we still have some freedoms to operate in this country so freedoms to do business in this country. Some predictability in this country, except when you start plop entire all over the place that becomes a different issue, go ahead. What are our corporate two may mark? It just seems that all the corporate tax when it comes to the employer roll up, at their wages, but the mad council scarcity and all the other taxes and property taxes in corporate taxes- and I know we slash them, but all those costs are why these two companies specifically left America. It was a pleasant. It's not going to talk about entitlements, should be zero. Oh corporate tax- and here I agree with you, but that's not gonna happen- I'm trying to do a reality today.
So I am thanks for your collar. I it's an important call, but it's when we're not there. That's not gonna happen. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Syria, satellite hurry user arc, you taken my call. How are you tonight? Thank you very well appreciated. Tell mark? I wish I was doing well, but I'm not because these tariffs do with back to me personally and the industry I work in, which is the steel industry and imports Commissioner schreyer has been up, seemly misled on this issue, there are a lot of imports coming to you at yes, I got what Secretary Roth's report does not cover is dead, a lot of e mails and you ask domestic males who makes finished products like those fine to go into airplanes and spacecraft and automobiles are bought from overseas
and the reason is because they can afford to pay the ridiculous prices that you asked nails charge and, furthermore, most of what that these products are not even made in the? U S, we do through then again who's buying. What from the? U S so, for example, if you wanna take a specific type of domestic male call, it a redraw bill which would take a high or two from over They would try to make a finer product which is the end product and what you are saying is they take the tube. That's Meda sees bring it in the United States. We find it perhaps improve perfected for our use. And they also solid overseas. As I will you say they can sell it overseas. They can sell it
the? U S and yet, and yet that counts as a steel, import, correct these companies and these huge domestic mills which were supposedly going being held, are going to be heard and effective very badly by this, not only them. When are you going to be heard very badly, because you're saying when that type, a shift in the United States is going to have a massive tariff on it, so when they perfected refine it, use in the United States are resale. It's got a new Abbe less competitive, exactly marked fabrication for projects, let's say for example, Europe. Opening like extra mobile, and you want to build petrochemical plant or reform In the: U S, you have a budget for that project and its thinking you years without budget together and get on import your sourcing, most of that from overseas all of a sudden, Europe's laughed with a twenty five percent price ink,
the project, may not go through and if it does, whoever the end user is. Who is going to go to an overseas fabricated without an have those? I want everybody, listen what you just said, because they think everything happens at twenty four forty, eight, our time periods, major project involving among other things, steel is a project that takes years and years and and so you signed a contract. You have a price schedule and then all of a sudden you're slap with a massive tariff. Isn't your point gets her and then because price, the differently noise at you know what we can't do this project anymore, that's correct and mark. I wanna leave some time protocols, but just want to make one more point. So today, when president trunk met with all the steel executives, new core, a Terry steel on and on? U S still do you know they are complex?
in the beginning- smacks so hard. We can compete with overseas companies because are not competitive. Then they can't make the product as efficiently, but you know how much money lukewarm made in twenty seven chain public company, you can check their balance sheets. No one point one billion dollars, so I guess we're plutocracy. Now well, the rough and its bodies. They decided owing to cry to the government when they can compete, and that's the only way to do business in this country, but you know if there can profitable, point one billion there can be no question: is there a free market, pro capitalist economist among any the advisers to this president? The you know, I can't think of one, perhaps guy You seem to be the only he's, not easy. Goldman Sachs, the government type I listen. Listen to these other guys on radio and so forth, many them so that a long time ago anyway,
truck, actually call on very informative. I appreciate it we'll be right back. Well, then dollar shape, but the first thing pops in your head is an amazing, affordable shave. This will blow you that's because dollar shave club now has every We need to look smell and fill your best shampoo body wash toothpaste and, of course, making a forum. High quality shave. You get from diocese executive razor with their doktor carver Shea butter. I need to experience Another must have experience is how they deliver everything to you at means. No more trips to the sea wandering the aisles hunting for razor shampoo toothpaste. Only then having to play it pay at the cashier,
scanning and begging your own stuff Mine, blowing experience, join dollar shave club today, if just five bucks, five bucks with free shipping and get the six blade executive razor. Bring about the question I added. I agree that it seemed like cares. Don't always come out with the desired consequence lie results, but I'm wondering is Trump trying to take on an illegitimate trade. Mark John Colorado Springs Colorado. The great cavy o go even more for taking my girl first time car I want to bring about. I agree that it seemed like cares. Don't always come out with the desired consequence that lie resolve but I'm wondering is Trump trying to take on.
An illegitimate trade partner in China, in a way without doing it directly and went out without, treating them as they are in a country that is Our taken on Canada were taken on. Mexico were taken on China, taken on the European Union were taken on everybody and you know that might sound tat might sound corps. But in the answer you will be affected directly. No countries going Sit by tolerate this one more time. I want to say: if your concern is China, as it is mine, this is. This is Patsy. This is nonsense. Want to deal with China, sir. You give them directly. You dont punish the american people. You go after their banks, you go after their banks, their whole economy, ecology Collapses, no idea what China, Sir, you put a fleet the South China Sea, where their building fake islands and militarism
What to do a China, sir. I don't have any problem within borrowing products from China problem is punishing the american people. It's like this gun control them. Eight punishing the american people for what that backdrop did in Florida. This seems to be a trend. Now this seems to be a trend and I don't like it go ahead. I don't disagree. I I think I'd rather see them take Chan directly, like I don't see that happening, and we take on China by raising our text and to be. These industries remain uncompetitive and top heavy. Meanwhile, guy, like this guy ROS Wilbur? Well, my watch across the secular commerce he's a billionaire by pick it up
companies making sure they get subsidies and tariffs he's, not the only one what It hopes to this, ladies and gentlemen, wearing popular nationalist propaganda which just as easily Bernie Sanders socialism? That's. Why Sanders? round from Ohio all the left wing groups like this a swell and sir, may I ask you a question girl? Why limited to steel aluminium? If we really want to take on China, should we put tiresome every single product that might come in from China? Look, I'm not saying that the tariffs are a good idea by I'd rather see them. Do I heard what you said you, so let them, even though you don't think they're good idea- and I am asking you- shall we put tariffs on every single product or material
that comes into this country. From my country, yes, or no from that particular country, sure she went to tax the american people across the boy very, very foolish, and you think that he's gonna hurt chain. So the way to get China, ladies and gentlemen, is that tax yield. Rather than deal with them, and this is what cowards do in public policy we can take on China. We can hurt China. But instead it's just easier to punish the american people and do this friend of Europe Beth
Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader like living. Here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, One three. Eight one one: now We move into a new and exciting area, Ladys back to the second amendment. Back to the second amendment. You know one of the things that really gets me down from time to time.
In order to persuade our fellow citizens to a point of view, we need statesmen who make the case so far. Since when it came to amnesty for one point, eight million dreamers. Eleven million illegal aliens, all tall Levin million. People will say see, I told you that I'll never happens, see trumpets being strategic, see this say I dont view the world in my principal and events through Trump or any other politician. That's not how my head worked settlement on my mind, work. That's not how you're my work either, whether for Bush, a ragged, whatever idle define. What's going on or define what I believe through The mind
Their human being, particularly president, what bothers me. Is everything shouldn't be. It is not practical and strategic and dealing you ve gotta make the case to the American, people right now we're making the case to the american people for amnesty we're, making the haste to the american people. Four Bernie Sanders Herbert who were type protectionist tariffs and now we're making the case to the american people that the error rate is a hideous organisation and that the second amendment is a killing a moment and its bipartisan spy part of all these lost opportunities. How do you expect to win
How do you expect to build your base excite the base that exists and expand your base? If you don't make the case for ideas instead, Talking, tactically and strategically in the presidency, and this for this- and I told you- you wouldn't do that what it? What does that have to do anything? Nothing unless you seek to abandon your basic belief, system and principles which I choose not to do now. I chose not to do yesterday and I won't do tomorrow. Here's the president on them of rights, which includes the second amendment and by the way the present it didn't run on gun control any more than he ran on amnesty. People say when we ran on tariffs. I get my lad object to it anyway, yeah but he didn't run on understanding, didn't run on gun control, eternal to cut one go.
The focus is the literally give families and give local law enforcement additional fools. If an individual is reported to be a potential danger to themselves or others allow due process, no one's rights to travel, but the ability to go that far obtain an order and collect not only the firearms were off any any weapons, the firearms first and then, because that's another system, because tat by the time you go to court, it takes so long to go to court to get the due process procedures. I like taking the guns early like in this crazy man's case and just a place in Florida
Fires so everything to go to court orders, so you could do exactly what you're saying, but take the guns first go through due process. While you know what due process after the fact is. Mr producers know due process. How do you do process after the fact? What about the cost to the innocent american citizen and hiring a lawyer to get his or her weapons back. What about the abuse of government government ever abuses? Anybody doesn't the president should know that he's been subjected to this through the bicycle. By the FBI by the Department of Justice. By the address, I should be the USA: you have this the government's going to use its power. The constitution assumes that right, which created the way it's great, and yet here we are
It would not only violate the second amendment, but the fifth amendment and for what. And they won't defined, as I say her night after night after night, what do they mean by mentally SEC, mentally ill mental health? Define? What are you talking about? We know this jerk, whose off the heads of animals. We know he was one the f b I could, nobody was one local police could have He was one they were told they were told, but they played Helen Keller. Say a fundamental issue. Don't you think a fundamental issue presents a you know. I like the inner like the right when he afraid generate afraid, inside of the mouth possible, by the other side of the mouth, trashed oxen,
Unacceptable, the enraged never done anything to him. Or anybody else, what am I, And saying, since their Valentine's day massacre on February forty years, second, a member this has nothing to do. With the eight hour I had asked to do with your individual liberty. I noticed some clown colonists picked up the point, go for it baby. Since it about the energy, though, is this notice this, the Republicans, it never talk about the FDA. They ain t the two big monopolistic teachers unions, both of whom have pulled their members and uphold the pub No, we don't want any teachers armed in our schools.
You don't hear the area being trashed urea the aim of keeping for, but the an hour s being tracked, since when did the president of the United States become the biggest gone controller underneath it sent a watch this. It's very upsetting to me very upsetting to me. Cut to go something about the mentally ill, not being able to buy a girl, stop the mentally ill. I shouldn't be able to buy goods. What does that mean I'll? Ask it again. Somebody who had a tough time in their life. Maybe they lost their job. Maybe they were divorced. Maybe they lost a lot one: they got the press, they got some help, they got some meds, they got some counselling. Can that person by a gun,
a person biogas we had callers and here who had drugs when they were younger teenagers, are older teenagers for attention deficit that person biogas. What are we talking about here? millions and millions of Americans who no fault of their own have mental issues that not me they are craved, Wanna be mass murder, and I have to be honest. I am Sir tired of us stereotyping, these people, I'm sick and tired of likely stereotypes, Americans or eighteen nineteen twenty years, all like they're, more apt, slaughter people. Then somebody is thirty. Four sixty four years old, The evidence doesn't show that there's no evidence, no statistics to support their none. None
So now we stereotype eighteen nineteen, twenty year old, eighteen nineteen twenty year olds are to go, they have so many checks and balances that you can be mentally elevating she's six months before you can prohibit. So we have to do something. Let me help out on this: almost every state locality have laws in place. If you threatened somebody's lie, for you threaten to commit acts of terrorism and so forth, and the threats can be determined as quite serious law enforcement does have power, especially in Florida, under the baker. Going, Google, the baker, I keep hearing that phrase thrown around out there. They can Burly detained somebody get them, help and train what's going on, Beggar ACT was not used in the case of the
smarter sub Human in Florida ball was dropped because dropped by the FBI, like was dropped by the chairs department. I happen to agree that when the court stepped in and nineteen seventies and let seriously mentally ill people who ve been adjudicated ass, dangers to the community and dangerous to themselves that when the court's let them out for the most part, they created a huge problem, a huge homeless prime among other things. But let's throw these phrases are all the mentally ill, the mentally yeoman. What are you talking about and if the press, does it believe you should have due process in advance? having your weapons remove from you, what kind of due process as you have in mind for this, called mentally ill. I don't
Oh, he doesn't say nobody says: administration doesn't say what are they talking about? What are you talkin about. Go ahead. Number one. You can take the guns away immediately from people that you can judge easily mentally ill, like this guy in other police saw that he was probably take any goes away now that could have been policing taken away anyway, so that the right or not, I don't even know what that needs. The police should take the gun away. The guns way whether they have the right or not, what kind of talk is this? Let's go to Three, please go ahead, it doesn't make sense. I have to wait on twenty one may go to hang on, but it can get this weapon at eighty just curious as to what you did in your bill.
We need to address, I think, you're, trying to stop right. There. What is this obsession with smearingly generate that only endorsed him for that residents the energies and standing in the way of protecting these kids. The interviews any proposals, I'm sure and protecting these kids. I do others do because they won't chase windmills? And let me answer the president's question: He says it doesn't make sense. You have to wait till twenty one to get a handgun budging get this weapon at eighteen. It doesn't make Since that you have to wait to twenty one to get a hanger period. Now. I said it before, and I say it again or are you out there who think this is? What's the big deal, we're gonna the vote. If we don't have some kind of reform here, that is disgraceful. We're talking about fundamental rights, if you're eighteen, nineteen twenty years old
why shouldn't you be able to protect yourself through rating nineteen, twenty years old and your married with a family? Why shouldn't be able protect your family. He can on a handgun any can on a rifle how you gonna, protect yourself, that's outrageous absolutely out, ages, if you're, eighteen, nineteen and twenty years old you qualify for serving in the military. We celebrate our military, we consume But as we celebrate the men and women in our military, we say, except for the eighteen, nineteen and twenty are all we celebrate the military Junta, how fighting our wars, it's the young people and isn't it amazing the president's there senators or their hungry. Then there
in the oval office or the rows of our room, wherever it was politicians debating, are bill of rights. I keep hearing it said, while the present it's an outsider non, it's I don't care. If he's an outsider he's an insider, he sometimes an insider he's. A middle cider he's an answer, but now that their friends, Issue is: what are we doing now works, this is no more liable outside the insiders did this with the inside the outset, Voltaire's the effect on the bill of rights. Is the same? Why is that eighteen, nineteen and twenty years all. Why is it that if you want to defend Herself at that age, why is it that if you can serve it,
military that aid that you shouldn't be able to purchase and got. Why is it the average age- and you may have heard this by now of mass murders in recent history- is thirty. Four. Thirty four last time, I checked that over twenty one facts, no matter you see when there's this frenzy When this intellectual bullying, when there's platitudes propaganda, all else is lost to me is not afraid of the inner ray, and why is it. If you have our position, you said to be afraid of the internet and afraid they enter. I support the energy I my lifetime, the owner. I remember my family's a lifetime member. They generate so
I'm afraid of the inner edge, because the energy represents by interests. That's why. They're, my interest in your interests, those are individual, personal liberties, that the bill of rights seeks to protect cut. For MR producer, go You look at the Conseil very popular people by Lord who are helping us stop people will vote Steve's, gullies a real life victim. Have a Bernie Sanders Democrat. The murder him at all. The Republicans play baseball that day that fateful day in Alexandria, Virginia Remember all the talk back then about gun control. When Republicans where the target- I don't remember, all talk back there when this congressmen was almost taken out to you. I don't
Where are the hue and cry in the media and of the Democratic Party Paragon control when this took place go ahead, we got there. Cries. Some hope that that's not immediately business, because there is a lot of talk, adjust putting on the side You know me, I think, maybe someday what'd. She passes a separate point. Conceal carry between states into this bill. We're talking about a whole set of president has moved from allowing concealed carry between the states. No interstate commerce clause that sort of thing to taking a completely off the table undermining complete, a republican bill of Rights agenda item and embracing Feinstein humor and The rest of the gun, drivers and gun controllers I'll be right back
Ben thirty, nine thirty pm eastern now, if you wanna, be particular nine. Thirty, two p m which my calculation is six thirty Pm Pacific time I will be on the Fox NEWS Channel was shown Hannity, so I think we ll have a good time together have a bolt from the year from the bunker, the radio bunker. I'm about over to the Living Tv Ronald Reagan, studio bunker, to do the Fox programme, which are heavily.
By the way. I want to thank all the shows for inviting me on Fox and friends waters world and all it's just not possible for me to do other shows, Judge wanna. Thank you too But we're gonna try and do more more them, because a popular demand. By the way you know who I guessed is on Sunday, ten p m on our second show a full hour. Soup did not like you, ve, never seen the discussion be Why would chairman? never known as the House intelligence. Going walk through it, I'm gonna walk through, as only I can use. Superb individual we're gonna, take our time and explain the whole situation. That's the best. Of having a full hour with a guess like that Don't forget one hour from now I'll be on hand on fast will be right,
they can only others most there's only one magua. Then you can go in seven seven breed one free, eight one one be amazed at the people who text me with their arguments. Three very disappointing, but I know I know You know I m one of a few left who embraces liberty and liberty. Also the embrace of capitalism and people are making excuses for positions there taken and on hearing every excuse you can imagine quoting from France. What's on your bucket list, we all have things we want to do. I just work till the bitter end. Well, maybe some of us do
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Every time it now to enjoy your bucket list around the corner again get the report check it out: mark live in gold, that car Mark Levine gold that gun one, eight hundred Five, nine, eighty three, ninety one, twenty with five nine. Eighty, three, ninety one. Let me tell you something else when I talk about something like gold, I don't just talk about it. I do it I diversify. I don't know, what's around the corner with inflation or deflation, I don't trust these politicians. I don't trust trust a lot of people on radio some I do some, I don't who talk about what to invest and what not to invest. I just been around long enough: I've been through inflation, I've been through economic recession and so forth. This data is so massive. I
I worry about, what's around the corner, not to be provocative as a matter of fact I've written about it. So I tell you what I would do, because I do it. I diversify Even if I have, even if you have a little bit of money, you needed a versify, you can't put it all in one basket, so people were tabled by treasuries by start by bonds, and many of you have pensions through mutual funds, a sort of mix it up. But for me I asked want hard stuff, so I have some gold. I have some silver, more gold and silver, and that's what I do. I just want to make sure that my family in our carefully and these folks opium capital
The relatively new sponsored- and the reason is this Scott Carter, whose one of the principles opium capital have complete faith. The man, I've known him for years and years and years he got me, involving called in the first place, went visited him in California. He's come and visited me, and so I consider PM capital if he were to be the gold standard. So I hope your check them out one eight hundred five, nine nine. Eighty three, ninety one we're just gonna mark living gold that come on. Let's see if my car screen course not gone Mister producer when you have there The great chemistry F, the show me state, John in Missouri, go ahead our goal. Pleasure, how you doing good. Thank you You know I'm am outraged like you're today I turn.
Radio, that I see the stock market tumbling and I feel like we're back in the days and Brok Obama do something and it would be anti capitalism and the Anti American. And then you talk about the second amendment and I feel like Donald Trump, who I supported. My believe is doing a great job as you have, but were critical were where criticism is due is bending and it kind of me during the campaign If you think back and remember, remember Robert be rise when he talked about their crews, he basically said were not afraid of doubt promptly can bend him. We can move him And and and were not afraid, I'm afraid of a constitutional like TAT, cruised, but not Donald Trump and I'm stairs I'll, because I feel it down from starting a ban in some very fundamental ways. Well, you need to make your voice because maybe he can been the other way Exactly what you said we need to move. I agree we need to move. The president asked your mind.
Start global level represented well you unless you you're the guy, you know what to do. You get a contact. You members of Congress and even the White House. I my friend procedure call now it's not that now is not the time to be silent. What am I doing? I think I'm back. Back on stolen, have contrary California, the great k I go: hey marker first class car, twenty four years old inside on there, you're an aluminum terror, so I will try american companies privately uncut its thereafter over a hundred years. We make our referred. Listen, I trailers and drive and trailers We buy our aluminum bra, so this careful, actually have a negative impact on our company and, in fact, I love most important export in terms of metal art is finished, good
so it won't even have the desired effect on China. By the way the the japanese market is down two and a half per cent. Mourning over there. So hundreds of billions of dollars being loss will see along. This goes on for. My friend preach hatred call thank you. Let's see gimme another Comest producer. The great w c o eight Dan and our go ahead, well, I've, W C area away has a mass of reach by the way go ahead. I'm an engineer and worked, and still either built still males war, aluminum mills. All my life now opened up. I one other if their survived in the United States, the very efficient,
you'll have seven hundred workers making a million tonnes a year forces if you're overseas and Asia, you might have five or six thousand people. A million tonnes a year. Those people will get paid a dollar a day. They get a meal, they show up for work. There's no OSHA, there's no art has served so easily. The steel industry is the only industry. Or overseas, the people are paid less now Europe the only correct the town again fibres. It's happened, an aluminum, it happened. So what would you have still? I'm. What what? What what would I have? So what would you have us do? Well, I would have to say that if you're, not gonna trade, fair, The trade fair, sir. We have twelve thousand terrace view on it. Sugar into this country. Good luck! If you ship mushrooms into this country. Good luck! If you wanted you're, not gonna, listen to me and I don't care. Then it continued to talk. If you will.
Ship almonds into this country, good luck! We have twelve thousand tariffs in place. We don't play fair either it's called capitalism. The market system now governments subsidize their businesses. That's fine! we just lower tax rates for corporations to twenty one percent from thirty five percent we talk That would be the magic bullet and the poor, plain where it is because some of you, apples coming back three hundred fifty billion dollar investment axons come Back a hundred billion dollar investment- all this money back into the United States- and I there they sob stores, that's gotta, passes because attacked. What what is it? What do you think companies do it? our money think they have a Friday, let's Bernard Tash Day, they reinvested, they hire people, the president has said so. Otherwise why do it? Why are
companies have been subsidized for fifty years under Democrats and Republicans before there was a powerful China, now there's a powerful China. Why is that sir? a question why that is because you're not blame. Where did because Sunday, you guys in your labour contracts, you show down these companies and your strike these companies Why don't you mention that? To the american people? Isn't that true, though you do said yeah shit out, but I do I am asking for your cut now yelling. He knows exactly what I'm saying it's not just that somebody overseas may earn nothing. It set. Our wage rates are at a sink because of tariffs. This is another thing. That's why I oppose subsidies on fuel using wheat and corn
What's it all about those subsidies, the farmers, that's what they are, that's exactly what they are evident. We'll need ethanol, particularly now, work look at our production, and yet there they are why are we subsidizing sugar? I dont know why. Subsidizing mushrooms- I don't know, but I'm sick of the whole damn thing and then, if you have jack, you get callers like this guy. Well, you know the people, overseas, learning a dollar, but. A dollar an hour it everything their doing. So I guess all of our company should be clause. I public. So we should abandon capitalism, other factors, matter is, ladies and gentlemen. The reason why you want to put a company in the United States and China is because of our constitution. Because we're supposed to have limits on the federal government so that a guy.
Gee can claim he's gonna be dictator for life. He Start nationalizing industries. He doesn't stop imprisoning managers and executives in companies. They don't start fearing with their business activities. They don't take fifty one percent of that. There's a lot of regions that have accompanying the United States. Even though. May pay more in wages. Again, it's called freedom and it's called the rule of law. You and I we don't live to subsidize other people but take out the crying tell. But if somebody wanted to buy refrigerator another can't what if somebody wanted to buy a pickup truck, and now they can't, I mean for work. What about all the people who are going to lose their jobs? You heard a cup of on call here who work in these
steel aluminium because their prices going too driven up so that our assembly lines will shut down, so they won't get bonuses. I'm not gonna, be browbeaten into this, and my friend stop texting me with your nonsense. Really care I've studied this issue, all my life, all my life, you know, like many of you.
My ancestors came here without a penny: all they wanted was for you, that's all they wanted. They never received a penny in government subsidies. They never argued for terrorists, they just work and work and work and worked my great grandparents, my parents never worked for the government. The parents never work for major corporations. My parents had very small businesses, you know camp in a day school. They created with her own hands in our own minds. They didn't and any groups. They belong to the union's. They belong to the energy, they belong to nothing and then.
They sold it off for very modest amount of money because they were tired and they opened a small shop outside of Philadelphia. Some months we didn't have a lot of money. We always may do other months, we're better, and I never really told us, but I know which months were good and which months were not good. They didn't demand that the store across the street be punished, because I was a difficult. I'm not weaker that month or anything like that. They didn't demand tariffs. They didn't. Subsidies they didn't want food. If they don't want anything, I just work. We are proud, Americans and they are proud Americans, because they believe in freedom. And I'm sick and tired of all of it or the government, shut down. What will they do? What will the employees
A government do so the oil mills only the alone in factories. What will they do? What will they do? They'll do just fine, they will do just fine. We just gotta get back to our core principles. We have to embrace competition when America's unleashed Americans are unleashed. Arrogance or unleash, nobody can compete with us. Nobody who always ten steps ahead with technology. Even now I hear what are we gonna do. Technology, gonna put people at what I never heard. Anything like this, maybe maybe were defeated. Maybe there's only a few million of us left. I don't know
I'll be right, back This is writing from Reuters and by the way, Hearing this day in and day out, just in from Reuters Toyota says, you're tiresome steel, aluminium will raise costs. Therefore, prices cars and trucks zone in the United States because corporations pass these costs on. You know that. So you're gonna be very patriotic. Any gonna pay a lot more for everything right. There is absolutely no reason to leave yourself completely vulnerable to cyber crime. You, like it, I said no right. Look cyber thing. Can still way more than what's in your house.
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All the number they set up just for you, my listeners. This is actually an exclusive toll free number for you, eight six, six, three, three, four thirty, eighty four at eight six, six, three, three four! thirty. Eighty four, my idea care that come with promo code mark or call eight, six, six, thirty, three, four thirty. Eighty four, eight six, three three four three zero eight four I rich lost your list to when you got there. Greg in New York City. That great taboo ABC Go remark. Thank you. Taking my coil on my replied, police sergeant firearms instructor- and I just wanted to make the point that this- We spoke with sliding down with this lack of due process. I think
We have a situation where the westward argue over welcomed with open arms that a meeting we used in his deeds determinedly own fire on your magically something mentally wrong with your war or, if you prefer, I'm nor domestically on some kind of a danger to society. I think it's a very slippery slope and I think you could put it. We could put ourselves in a position where people are I gotta go and I want to thank you very level headed. I really appreciate, ladies and gentlemen, I see on a handy in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes on Fox. We salute armed forces, police officers, firefighters and about three percent how to get out of here. I gotta scram.
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