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3/7/18 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Progressives believe in state’s rights and the 10th amendment one day and the next day believe the opposite, and this is exactly what’s going on in California. Their position today is to believe in the 10th Amendment and that states can decide their own immigration policy. However, the left and President Obama attacked Arizona for claiming the same thing a few years ago, taking Arizona to the Supreme Court to determine that the Federal government controls immigration. Everyone on the left attacked Arizona for defying Obama and enforcing federal law, but today they want California to create their own immigration policy and defy federal law. Their immigration policies aren’t intended to help the country; they’re intended to help the Democrat party and the progressive ideology. Also, prior Federal governments would punish states by cutting off funding to states that didn’t comply. Now the very people who did that in the past object to it being done today. This is why you can’t take a progressive’s argument seriously, but need to take what they’re doing very seriously. Later, justifying a tariff on steel because China is dumping steel is the biggest lie in modern times. Chinese steel makes up 2% of steel imports, while 70% of domestic production is done by domestic companies. No car manufacturer, dishwasher, or HVAC producer controls 70% of their market, yet a handful of American steel companies control 70% of the steel market; any industry controlling 70% should be considered a monopoly. Finally, when you argue against capitalism you argue against individual rights. Without capitalism, we’d have a ubiquitous government. The idea that you can find attachment to something profound through government is perverse and dangerous.

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