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Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark. Pundits at CNN, MSNBC and ESPN talk about the NFL players having a right to speak under the 1st Amendment. However, the 1st Amendment does not and never will apply to private employers. Also, the NFL owners have prohi...

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Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I got a cunning and the great American in from article event, not ably back tomorrow, night God willing the correct all rise, but if I had to one night to be on time already over this wonderful mark, Levin platform, I might be tonight everything going on it's incredible Our reaction, beginning, Friday, night to the speech in Alabama through yesterday through tonight. It's happening in this country is something they live. Here's a tremendously good thing for average American who can now recognise who the These are who the good people are where the normal people are worthy. Abnormal people are before I get into this. I noticed
Maybe a fool's Erin. I will. Feel bad having undertaken, but I want to would you briefly as a former system, turning general former federal law park, a lawyer. What is the first amendment, because the clouds the oh the miscreants and the dissidents I see on CNN and am s yes and am ass. Nbc talk about free, my speech and freedom of assembly that they had of all players, have the right to asylum? they have the right to speak. I guess you have the right to practise. Their religion I have time or during during a game- I guess they do. According to the Pandit, may I state first fast and factually that the first amendment does not apply to private employers if Richard Cement- they Steven Spielberg of the mark, Levine show whatever side business courier and New York. It was this Samantha courier Service, delivering packages,
and if someone showed up with a package for you in your city in Memphis and all the angels and away from these cement, courier services at here's, your baggage, sir, but you and I Talk about global warming? If I would go our two to read. Lobster I love their flaky biscuits and I would order my endless shrimp tomorrow night when I get up, there and then the server would come up demands that you know what. Let's talk about North Korea, here's some I want you to consider each in IRAN, you should have the right- maybe the duty, to tell employee Evelyn Waugh, worn ones. You can't do that at work. Your freedom speak does not go with you into a private employment situation. Never has never will and it doesn't. It does not. Why? The first amendment has no application to private employment of whatever time memorize. The first amendment because of my requirements to get my jurists doktor degree
Congress shall make no law. May I say again: Congress shall make no law acting their establishment, a religion or prohibiting the free, whose eyes thereof or a bridge the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of appeal what a peaceably to assemble and their petition that government for redress grievances, that has nothing to do with the national football. Big zero. Zilch nada, your private employer, Where were you work, if you are a truck driver, if you're a server if you're pharmaceuticals, If your warehouse man, if you're a housewife, warehouse, husband, whatever you do in your life, you can. At work engage and wherever freedom. A former speech that you'd these be applicable. Nor can you practice your religion at work in your uniform one that. Actually, members do a package Walmart the greater who well should a Walmart that Walmart
greater, does not have the constitutional right to starch. Going about what it's like to be a Jew or gentle or a catholic protestant? Our scientologist? the Hebrew or seek Oh, that's right at work, because the first amendment deals with government action, not private employer action, so please kind of fools, and the clouds in the miscreants pondered tree on television and in print quite talking the NFL players rights to freedom of speech. It does not apply zero, zilch Nata never has and never will. Second, I say this for a long time. The ownership of the National Football League. Some all the National Phelan League have prohibited all kinds of expression. Players directly and indirectly, the Dallas Cowboys last year, Jerry Joan,
last year, one and I have a detail on the side of their helmets, talked about and gave respect to the five Dallas police officer murdered in cold blood by devotees of black lives matter now They asked the national felon, Bigger than national football League can we put a small. The council and the helmet for a game or to those five dead, cops, Roger Godot, the sun, of a very liberal. You senator from New York name, Charles Fidel said no, We cannot allow our uniforms or stadiums to be used to advance any political cos. On in nine eleven of the year twenty. Sixteen about a year ago tendency lie the Avery Williams and wanted to honour nine having victims by wearing a passionate said. Never forget the NFL said no. Avail said no to any political was honouring dead, cops no tonight
Eleven survivors, it gets worse, are Robert Robber, the third world. T shirt out opposed gain news conference had said quote: no Jesus, no peace, knowest Kay YA, know w bother y know, Jesus, no peace a fine, employing a teacher. It goes on and on and on William Gay Steelers linebacker wanted to wear purple cleats, which he said, would bring awareness the victims of domestic violence, because his mother had the crap out of her on a regular basis. All those things or turn down by the National fell on league because they league decide now we have rules against political causes of one type or another, so oh no world how, in the Haiti's, is it possible for them National Football League last year to allow calling compromise to begin. This protest against police brutality in support of lives matter is beyond me. The rule book is clear:
I am sure, with you, Roll Book says on page, sixty two of the lake game, operation manual quote the national anthem must be played programme. Fell game and all players must beyond guideline for the national anthem. Did you hear the word must a couple times must During the national anthem players on it, on a bench should stand out. Attention face the flag hold helmets in their left and refrain from talking, the home team must ensure that the I can flag is in good order. It should be pointed out to the players in coaches that we continue to be while the public and this area of respect for the flag and for our country, this is from the manual failure.
Beyond the appeal by the start of the national anthem may result in disciplines such as fines, suspensions forfeiture of draft choices, violations of the above, so the NFL has a specific rule that says you must be on the field: Pittsburgh Steelers Oakland Raiders Tennessee is you about Baltimore Ravens. You must be on the field and you have to act certain way I have no specific rule on supporting cops or supporting it. Nine, eleven or supporting Jesus Christ, but they eliminated all those from considerations by players because they did not, they become in snarled in politics, wise move so last year, when calling Capron extorted protests that is now flowered with hundreds of players Norville at a clear opportunity, Roger Gardelle, at a clear opportunities and a comic opera Nicole, and look at it. This way. Look at a number of things we have said we can't do. We can honour dead cops, we can honour Jesus Christ,
we can honour the victims of nine eleven. I understand your cause is brutality, and racial equality, but like in these other causes the there's one to promote word. Is it end? He should say calling covering. Many players are, against domestic violence, some engage in it. We don't encourage power, can any of that global warming, war with North Korea. Iraq, IRAN, whatever the sea, love was rising the winds, whatever the cause is abortion rights. We can't be a league that picks and chooses which cause you're, going to support and which causes we oppose. That was the case. Surgeon, Roger Good L should have had, but he didn't have it and now because of the transit comments on Friday, and I didn't like him using will also be term as so bees. That's not good enough says one's mother, that's never good, but having said that, there is a difference: sure, but join ones. Opposition to the President, On one hand,
and, on the other hand, the national anthem. I can flag and the greatness of our country completely different. I went through eight years of disliking policies. A Barrack Hussein Obama, some policies. I absolutely hated the policies, but at no point did I say because of a policies like your plan keep your plan ire ass being weapon eyes to attack conservatives, his frequent meetings with black lives matter activists in the White House. After the murderer cops hated. All that insurance. You keep your insurance cream is going to go down, families will be all the lies and he told at no point did transfer my head and or dislike for the policies of George Soros Women are by bureaucracy and Obama. That would cause Those me on the other side of the fence, disrespect the country
plague. The national anthem are symbols of America's greatness. The two things are completely different: they fell players being somewhat stupid, took the bait. Donald J Trump hook lie. In Sinker and what they found now done has done is alienated. Seventy percent of their audience. I don't know one percent, You go to the NFL games, who voted for the trumps, thereby at least fifty and maybe sixty or seventy percent, are now offended Bobby behave preventive l players, how do you exist in a business? Yes, pandas? Finding this, the Amis ratings are finding this out Stephen Colbert ratings, are finding this out. Hollywood move defining this out when airline eight, fifty percent of the country against your cause. Football ought to be Kazan to come together. Disregard the race problems. The ethnicity problems, the religious problems, the blue
differences in coming together and for a minute and ten seconds lesson. The national anthem and be one as Americans, but the NFL has purposely made the choice to get involved in power, takes one last year, calling cap Nick, was permitted to continue a protest in favour of black lives matter and against police brutality, and he did Madame fell dead that knowingly and purposely and now there's coming back to bind him in the Bud Vienna, blaming everyone but themselves for their own misconduct, should tromp of spoken ass. He spoke Friday. Night so be. I had a problem with, but the rest of it was fine, he's got the right to freedom of speech, also because he is the president, but Employees and unemployment contact do not have first amendment constitutional protections, never have don't now and never will so. We're left now circles
elsewhere, the NFL is going to take one heck of a hit. Rabies gonna go down I do not want to be part of our protest that somehow favours black lives matter. I do not want to pay my cable bill and I didn't I want to go to a game when a protest breaks out, and I'm unwittingly standing there silently watching a political protest that I disagree with. I don't like that and when these national anthem is played. I might look at the flag looked at the sidelines and when the players got the black fist up I'm paying for that day clear render I flew through my cable bill or through the admissions taxes and fees to going to ticket prices and why Val game, I want no part of it. I don't want to. I can watch baseball and baseball the one culture for the organizers doing then I'm on watch basketball and if staff costs the king Lebron James, does it. I'm gonna
NASCAR, who seems to be ok with it and they had a jail which appears to be worth it. I will not pay for a protest against sworn police. Users who are the thin blue line between democracy and anarchy. I won't do it when you get your reaction. As always, the number Mark Levine show what a great platform is. Eight, seven, seven. Three eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one we have I've lines, opening we call now. Where do you stand on this issue? Have you had up here with the National fell in less than a fortnight, no fun like the National Football League in which they pick and choose the causes they want to promote. They will not promote the idea. Cops wrongfully killed in Dallas by black lives matter protesters. They will not promote the fact that Jesus Christ, who has been promoted by Robert, given the third day,
I wonder, who opposed domestic violence? What they want to promote is the idea of police brutality that the cops and why Haiti and the cops all over the country somehow are racist. Pigs who'd want to hurt and kill black and whenever they can. Why, statistically factually that is a provable Damn lie, and we know it's a lie must continue their calls at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, one one. Don't cunning, undergrad American Infer Mark Levin, Wasn't my fellow Americans, if you're, not yellow subscriber to see our tv get a whole week free, the word free right now and try to give them a call today to aid, for
form of in tv aid for four Levin tv enjoying the media revolution today, let's check something out the other side of the coin, to see how how right our order has been maintained by the mainstream media when it comes to the transfer? What happened Friday night? What happened? Charlottesville, I saved hundreds. By July, Fourteenth twenty sixteen? What about a fourteen months ago, a car? In the end, the wash in times about bureaucracy Obama inviting insiders of cop killers to the White House. So I looked at this you might recall the first part of July twenty. Sixteen there was a black lives matter, test under way and the great city of Dallas and during our protest blog nationals, murderer, nay, Mica, Xavier Johnson, killed in cold blood. Five police officers,
and mica. Xavier Johnson was one of the protesters with black lives matter. He was so incentivize and and urged by the rhetoric of the so called protest that when he, it was murder, five and no form Dallas cops or which was horrendous the one woman who was killed in Charlottesville Horrendous horrendous. Yet where bureau bomb went to the funeral, others five Cobb see hosted two days that funeral, the individuals who were there, founders of black lives matter. He hoped them in the White House, one of EM derailment chasm sent out tweets and also sent out picks up the president with the re Moccasined, Brittany, a passionate and microgram knows Microgram. As one of the organizers of black lives matter and Saint Paul minnesota- that in during riots, twenty one, its officers in Saint Paul Minnesota and saw
from a railroad overpass dropped a chunk of concrete that snapped the back of a police officer who is now in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and so with in seven days of black lives matter. Protest causing Michael if you're Johnson, the murder in cold blood, five Dallas cops president I could say, was in the White House with the organ to resolve black lives matter, and it no point to the media. Last July ever criticise go after Obama, we're doing what he did not work, time to dear a peep out of the mainstream media. It didn't happen because the media supports the causes, lives matter. At no point, did Obama condemn Violette and back having not condemn them. Obama I did them the White House why? What happen after Charlottesville. What would happen had invited White suppressed
as to the White House, oh hell, what a broken loose see the analogy in wide fails Cunningham in four marvel him Billy gunning under great American and for the great, when Markleham in one unkind and we gotta go to the calls. Thousands on hold calls and Bronx and Kingsport Queens and Virginia Bayesian an hour. So we're gonna get millions were listening on this mark living platform before I get to the calls spend one or two with me when you think the foundations that under gird our society in civilization, when its family or for one of the building blocks of Allah society, is law enforcement Imagine what happens in some sort of a riot or a police slow. Or something I character. One is no cops on the street. All hail breaks loose within one or two days, it's over as we know it because what
cops, there's a thin blue line between civilization and anarchy and the cops of form. That very thin blue line in the middle if it was announced tonight, that all law enforcement in Texas. I want New York, Ohio Florida a foreigner we'll go a forty eight hour strike and obey no law enforcement. Believe me, it'll, be escape escaped New York. All hails: gonna break loose, arsons, looting, raves, robbery, murders in protest cops. Are there thin blue line between the obligation on one hand and in Turkey. On the other, a cops, they must be supported, not individually every time right now, between you and me. We have the best police forces, the best trained the best prepared, the most motivated in history, the country you're listening to a man who spend years and they,
county, Ohio, Cincinnati Public Defenders office, seventies and eighties. It was not uncommon for my clients up in the morning to be beaten up by cops, seventies and aid It was not an day of knives or guns plannin on them. They told me so by cops forty years ago, yes, but the last ten fifteen years there has been it metamorphosis of police officer mainly in urban areas, controlled by what political party correct Democrats control Almost every urban area, an American today bar none there's a large city controlled by republican Mare and Republican City Council. So the Democrats must like they were in charge of the coup clogs clan and learned lynchings enjoy, no matter what city urine. We have the best cops, the best a large cities in America politically, and they go through the training of police officers. Right now
what city urine, we have the best cops, the best trained most motivated the best equipped in the history of the country, not even close. We got the basket So when we had a president, for the years who slept put the dogs, like lives matter, he woke up please every morning it to ban here inviting insiders of cop killer in the White House which your they had on a regular basis. I told richer Samantha, they producer the marvel of info. If you have Google, black, I've matter, slash White House look at the number of visits beside the White House where the president. Brought in those who incited the murder of cops on a regular basis for a law, period time. How is it possible
the media, never question. Obama whatsoever in condemned, widen Obama, condemn black lives matter hidden condemn. He ate dinner rhythm. He had prince with him. He in a line else, they'll Raymond, es in one of the founders of black lives matter, who's rhetoric and I urge the murder of cops is now employed by both our city schools. For a hundred fifty thousand dollars a year is a quote outrage. Ordinary or whatever, the hell out as an hour, As coordinator Are these cops if you're a cop today in your institutionally are well trained. The last thing you want to do is come inviolate. Against the blackmail every independent study conducted in the past ten years demonstrate improves there, is no system violence in America. Against black males anymore it did exist, but every study You may recall that one
Burma and recalled her term of office, paid a Harvard University expert millions and millions of dollars spent eighteen months on the project of prey. What they believed to be true, that cops target blackmail these cuts are targeting blackmailed. As Democrats, rolling the cops targeting I'd males, Democrats, enemy Mercedes, all Democrats and after eighteen months, a study that was. Exerted NEA and a warning imposed Nancy what about the New York Times now, exactly conservative obligations found that if you know that if your white you're twice ass, likely to be shot by cop than if your black and that there is no dammit violence against blackmail. As by the United States, too when a justice under aircrew Eric older has found by harboured, as found by the Washington Post and in our times now, that did not receive very much whatsoever Romania coverage because it didn't fit the biased did it didn't fit the prejudice. So
ass. There was a column or do about a google watching imposed, racial studies and it's all right. There are laid out, in fact a Harvard professor who conduct the studies that I was shocked at the outcome, shocked because I have a prejudice against cops and my prejudice was not confirm. Vice statistical, relevant evidence backs did not fit my opinion. Therefore, I disregard the facts and I go in my opinion. Now in that climate, you would have thought the Brok whose Obama, having had in his hand the study, feuding, the allegations of beer, Lamb and our sharpen would have held a news conference used to bully Albert and talk about it sang out. These are the facts that Esben Why and thoroughly investigated by Harvard these are the facts. It doesn't happen. Does happen. Downward you are in charge of the violence Dallas in the city. It there, You can find a republican and immutable area when a search warrant during a blow
Clogs Matter, protests five cops or killed them. Isn't it invites in the leaders a black lives matter. Who incited the murder of cops, where'd you Charlottesville about six weeks ago, terrible deed. By that white supremacy. You killed that one woman, what our name was higher. I killed one woman. What if the president Trump? What? If the lead, a President Obama and invite. The organizers of the White Supremacist Group and Charles what? If more a week, he invited the White House that Spencer do? What come on in a lighthouse. That's insane thing vomited, but them You didn't cover it at no point during its presidency did I could condemn the insiders of cop killers, in fact, instead of slandering instead of credits
who supported them and make sure they were funded through George Soros groups. Then you to fund the unrest in America because on as we speak, I can't take it anymore and you re Macpherson is getting at least two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year as a human resource officer and the Baltimore school districts. Are you kidding me? It's incredible. So, all I'm saying is this: when the National Football League says who robber grip and a third you can ever reference to Jesus Zone, a t shirt to the dollar. Cowboys. You can't put a decay, on a helmet honouring the dead Dallas cops, because that is poet but they allow the protest of calling cap, Riddick, etc. To continue is an outrage in fact said to me by Richard it is the following, which is Nobel rules, and here we go
what are they gonna rule states about what the players can do Among other things, we see here area this specific Anna fell role pertaining to national anthem is final page those. It should be pointed out that way we can continue. In fact, throughout the period dont game day, not a player. Visible to the stadium and television audiences include pray game, warm ups in them Jerry during pose game interviews and the locker room on the field. Players are per head. It from wearing playing or otherwise conveying personal messages either in writing or illustration, unless such messages approved in bans by the League office. It was not approved in advance by the League office and they did this display of personal aunt. A cop anti american message that was ignored by the National Football League. So tromp was
asked himself into the middle of this, and I would rather have the president deal with my care deal with taxes deal with North Korea. That motive, It's me a lot more than this, because North Korea Obamacare, hail and taxes influences and affects my life. I have to watch a national football, we gain the rest, my life and I'll be fine, but I need to health care some are my own money and don't want to be moved by North Korea, but having directed himself, the National Bali took debate They're gonna go the same rout down the tubes, as other institutions have gone, who criticized Donald Trump and its government to go on and on and on. Let's continue with our calls when we continue to take your calls at the eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven a bow honouring God: no good, the black fist, a black separatists and I caught up hatred, that's fine with us in fact NFL
hunters Jacksonville Jaguar owner in London stood with his players? On the arm- and I political mess, each conveyed by their presence in the way they performed, and in fact the most Michael teams in the league, the Oakland Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers all lost, because their focus then on game it was on. Politics must continue a normal god, fearing America. I want to get your reaction of what's going on. Normal Americans. We try to overcome this- is ridiculous, the national food A has taken the bait. Now they swallowed a hook line and saying down or their bows- and they got him the problem for you think it's over. It has just begun because over the next week or two or three, these protests continue what happens in a week or two when the national or American League baseball play offs began. Don't think the in baseball come on the field
then during the national anthem, but what happens in the Elsie S Maybe the Yankees you might be applying Autonoe, the Red Sox take need during the national anthem, men all hell breaks loose and a will. The issue is this: sports should not be a venture which can decades? The most radical elements of the progressive left wing agenda to undermine cops to bring chaos which would result in some sort of Socialist Haven much like that. That new confederate monuments being torn down or Mount Rushmore being exploded or stone. It is not about that it's about calling, founders of this country, white supremacist, so that the argument. They rode is the main and demented and thrown out, and therefore social let's take manifesto will rule the land
Morgan may look like Detroit well, look like south central layers or the south side of Chicago, and if the democratic philosophies have been so, Why have we not been implemented and the city of Baltimore or in the south side of Chicago in south central outlay or Harlem. If things are so great, and these democratic societies why Their theories work to this point. In fact, every I speak to those communities. Look for ways out then a little move in they looked ways to move out every time. A democrat he's been in charge of an area for forty fifty sixty years you get Detroit the South side of Chicago you get Harlem. You can't go to the schools, there's no jobs available, crime is rampant and there's no family formation. Vat is what causes poverty, not some design of some multinational company to take away customers who have money to buy their products. What happens is the longer the
I'm across are in charge of an organization or group, the worse it becomes the more debauchery the reins and the worst the lives become for that imagine being on the south side of Chicago. Over this past weekend, there were forty black men shot by forty other black men, now how much outrage the NFL players have about that. One of the inner city manifesto one of the black players A fellow say: you know what we're going to focus on is a group helping the lives of black children, in the top twenty urban areas of Amerika who have lousy schools, no jobs, departure Smith, Miss Behaviour, crime and institution is everywhere, and everybody wants out given a choice. Everyone in this house, Goggle wants to by regular field if you're in Harlem you, They get the Manhattan if you're on the south side of south central allay, you want to get out to Brentwood. You wanted out and you want to get out because there's no family formation crime is rampant. You wanted
because there's no jobs and the school suck, and you want to get out now- why can't they black? Arizona fellow say: look what we ve done to be successful, we're millionaires! We worked hard. We worked small we were committed and we and our problem should we risen at the top we're worth millions of dollars and what have they would say? I'm not going to attack cops, I'm not going to do that. I'm not going to care about what tromp says now relate above the flag or the country? What I want to have as a black urban agenda that improves the lives of every black kids who are suffering greatly under democratic, troll. Now that agenda live, and I would love to participate in and help by. The fact that matter is it is a cheap thrill for them to be club is to be part of the group to act, What they're saying is important and that the relevant, when, in fact what they're doing is harm the black community and harmful to the country. May God bless? America must continue with me.
Don't cunning under great American in from article of it You're gonna, cunning, the great American and for the great, when mortal again and now, I'm gonna take all your calls. We have calls from the Bronson Kingsport the Tennessee inquiry. Virginia page and an Arbour chicken did a great job against Purdue. One last thought National media does not live and fly over territory on broadcasting. To do you deny from Cincinnati Ohio witches and shall we say our territory the nest fell in league. Has no idea deal, average Americans think because they live in a bubble. The leaders of the man, based Anna fell does not know
people in the Bronx or Queens or Staten Island, think about whatsoever and the elites that represent USA today, newspaper I'm looking at column this morning, written by Nancy Armor The headline is: NFL comes for comes together for a powerful day first sentence. Is this Panes and statements were extraordinary. Banana bell had one of its final moments before games even began Sunday coming together from every corner players coaches owners in league officials and force more rebuke of the latest torrent of hate from President Trump? whether black White Brown, on bended, knee or with locked arms. Then fails? Rare show of unity was both a dignified condom. Asian of the wrongs we still most right,
and a reminder that, for all of our differences, America remains our common ground. Are you kidding me? Hate hate occurs when I president invites to the White House cop killers insane vice by the rhetoric of black lives matter, what you wrote, Obama did time time after time again? king and dining with the right, Macpherson and the founders of black lives matter. Who said what do we want dead? What do you want him now? That is, hate, hate is not remarking in Alabama that it's a bad idea. For the Anna fell to allow racial provocative tears to raise the black fist and not the show honour to America. Compare those two on one side of the fence. Obama invites and so Others have caught killers to the White House on the. Side of the fence. Trunk spoke to average Americans about what he sees on television. One is hate and the others love you decide which is which
Let us continue with more built cunning and the great american ominous shut, the hell up on the other side, don't Cunningham from our living now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader number. Eight seven. Three aid, one three, eight one one eleven bill, Cunningham the Great American and for the great when Mark Levant less, Can you now with your cause, as I promised to the american people that I said so well and love. So long must continue furs who Debian Ann Arbor, Workforce, Michigan Veto. Further on Saturday Gabby
the marvel of NGO Debbie. Please go ahead here. Thank you heard putting my cargo. I was calling. I made them the point of had the one at that I'm still a player who was a afghan Iraq war veterans without an honour to flag in an inner circle, followed patriots out there and broke my heart to see him. And knowing the sacrifices that he insulted for our country and another Players are out there to support, you know, and I welcome them a family, and it does that it is a break my heart not to see these other fire not respect their fellow in a military larry, even respect him in any society, codes for not sticking with the team avenues. My time when he, the page works
he got on Alessandro Villain, a wave of because given the waiver, who is served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan did not feel comfortable in saying in the tunnel. And Tomlin ahead. Football coach goes after villain, a waiver as the one guy in the fell. Who ought to be some do when it comes to respect for the America the flag and for american traditions, because his comrades were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and when it came dime for their bodies to come home, their flag, drape coffins came off, see five eight transports. I'm a bare intercourse at Arlington and villainy even now has been ostracised by the Pittsburgh Steelers, as if he's done something wrong The other forty four players who didn't come in and tunnel but to his credit Ben Ruthless Burger, later. The Steelers about two hours ago came out. Saying you know what I was up all night. I don't feel good about this. I don't like it, and so I hope is coming Sunday
and maybe Thursday night, if there are games that then of all players, have come to their senses and recognise, is that, even though you may disagree with trumpet his policies, that is not they do what they sacrifice averaging great Americans to make this country the shining sitting on the hill for eight years. I didn't care much at all for Obama and his policies, but at no point in this respect the American because I'm Obama and falls in the I in the National Fellow League took the baby don tromp and they're gonna go right to the bottom of the ocean. Take their sport down the tubes. Now the thing about building a waiver, his jerseys, the number one seller in the NFL right now, amazing and again here my eyes when I saw him standing honouring the flat, That is what the military they therefore, they fight for, and then
and again and then the because you re focused on the game. They are focused on very good. You know, why didn't you tell me Opel? Is another radical hotbed how they do Oakland gets beat the ravens get paid and Pittsburgh gets beat that there. I think a bit more or less continue. Now we have John of Virginia based Virginia John welcome to them
then show hosted by Bill Cunningham tonight please go ahead. I build a point I wanted to make. Is that it's the whole thing is ludicrous. Nobody saying that the players Camp Protest, the same. Do it on your time on your die now. Imagine if you would lose lunacy of everybody has the right to do free speech. Whenever they want the air traffic control, planes coming to planning- and they are traffic control- ties up in it with diatribe about how we need to cut back on air travel because the global warming or supports castor. Its fourth and goal for second slept on the clock. The winner of the game goes to the Superbowl. The loser goes home and they're, just a short seven guards away on the field and at seven yards is maintained by dreamers
I know a lot of your people don't know that, but there are very hard working people who are concerned about their future and that's the ballgame. Please stay true. Definitely commercials we will have the highlights. Would we come back along with that sport can be employed exactly somebody sermon, your food, a death had bad Bob Evans, Barbarians tribes, and they want to talk to you about global warming before you put your order and for two eggs over easy and flat sausage and smash brands on the side with buttered toast, but by the way, Are you where we're global warming? Does? It is partly due to his nation, I look up and say no your role and shut your mouth and to the NFL. I may get up and leave a red light The revenue, like the servers telling me about abortion, but if I pay my cable bill and I pay my money to watch a national football game on television. Why gone?
stadium spend hundreds of box. I don't wanna be preached to buy those protesting, a policy and protest in cops. Who, generally I support completely. I ended sense on paying for their protest. But we unacceptable not acceptable. I must continue with our way, Michael in Queens Michael inclines, welcoming to Mark Levin, Joe Michael in Queens. Please We had Michael Howard, Michael going. I have I have I done this Cunningham. I have a message for Danica wanted to tell the kids that spend their birthday on their fathers graves with their mother, because the last thing that she was handed to was that flag wants. You spend what the brother that was deployed that doesn't have a family man, a family member, to receive that flag double he's on overseas fighting for your freedom to play football. He handed a flag. Why don't you tell those family members tell them tell them your protest
being oppressed. Why you're, making two point five eleven one, eight hundred eighty two thousand all the year from this great country, like all our March and Fox NEWS this afternoon for five hours ago, and they here gold star mother on who and in her lap placed in american flag by a military major Darlington. Their son was killed in Iraq about six years ago and she says that flag is something I was gonna get framed, but I decided I want to hold the american flag and keep it of my bedside and she's had every night before I go to bed. I take that forward american flag and put it on my chest and I go to sleep with the memories of my son and the sacrifice he made for this country and I go to sleep in a sense under the American flag that I hold it's getting old. It gets when in the morning because of the tears water. My memories of my son and she said when I see the american flag on
RO, the honor Hannah fell field. It reminds me of my sons, funeral and the last telephone call ahead within three days before his death is death and when that major, EL down before main handed me, the american flag that I hold in my breast every night. When I go to sleep now that woman has the right to watch a National Football League Game and watched that american flag being honoured by the overpaid football players who kick in catch and run with pigskin that they don't understand,
thank God and fly over country, and I and I did television in New York for five years. I understand the people of Queens and Staten Island. I understand people the Bronx and I'm telling you right now. Those are among the best people in the world, and so what you're saying about the american flag? That american flag is held by tens of thousands of mothers and fathers who sons or daughters were killed in the pursuit of freedom and the pursuit of patriotism, and when they see the flag unfurled somewhere and someone is disrespecting it. Someone is spitting on it. Someone is destroying it or burning. It somewhat is showing in this respect. It causes them such anger that they can't watch that game in the future because in the memories, the bad memories, those so called protests convey to them. So what do you say? What do you say, Michael to the mother, holding the american flag as she goes to bed every night that these rich overplayed athletes, Tom Brady, incur
and until a few hours ago, Ben Roth was burger, we're disrespecting the flag that she holds every night in honour of her dead son. What do you say to that mother? I have been partially, I kissed her hand and say hopefully to country here is what else can you say? How can you could say to a lot of things here, and get you another. Maybe guy enter into millions of Americans. The thoughts express rather woman on Fox a few hours ago is exactly the same feelings. That you have and that I have and most people I know have about that flag that flies at Arlington. That represents the greatest. Is it a perfect country racist cops every now and then yes, but those who are the racist cops, are the cops them's us, when you had the murder in South Charleston South Carolina the cops who charged him with more British men convicted a martyr or other cops in sugar
Illinois when that black kid was walking away from the company reallocating times the ones you arrested that cop for doing the shooting rather cuffs. There is no systemic violence against African Americans by cops. Today there are individual, extremist conduct that do occur because we have a million cops, do in a meal. Indifferent things every day, there's gonna be mistakes made, there's gonna, be felons committed by cops. Cops make errors, but ninety nine point, nine percent of the cops, are doing what's right every day, all the time and was correct in this country, so do have a quote: movement against law enforcement of movement that their faces, the american
I guess despicable and have the National Football League way in on this side. A black lives matter who incite Cobb killers, they kill more cops, is despicable, unbelievable and it's your point. You made a very greatest point that you have said today, not the point but whose points out there are crushing. He can't you couldn't even they couldn't even expressed their remorse for the five lost in battle You can't go, I'm already lava. Do that, no they don't ever to kill their bedrooms five, and there were two in New York City Leeuwen re most there was a black nationalists, Baltimore, who since the rhetoric of black lives matter who travelled to New York City about two years ago and hunted down two cops in uniform and assassinated them and because a black lives matter, do you recall in Europe hundreds and thousands margin around war. We want dead, cops and one we want him now. You recall that no! No! No! I never seen anything like this
that happened in New York City and what did happen, and there was a funeral of a dead cop, the cops and why pity turn their backs on Comrade de Palacio, and so you have cops killed because of the rhetoric, a black lives matter and President Obama. The founders of that group into the White House, How much media outrage was therefore that zero Zilch Nata didn't happen. At no point did Obama condemn black lives matter, condemn hell invited in the White House. Michael we gotta go thanks to your call, must continue with more of a line becomes available. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one through eight one one. We are counting great American in from our living.
You're not as a driver. Yet to see our tv get a full three Ella Three right now try it out I call it the aid for form of in tv. That's aid, poor, poor levin- We call now now. Let me say this: first, we got thousands, millions, your listening. I wish the president would focus like a laser beam on tax reform. On Obama, care, repeal and replacement. I got no problem with the Gram Cassidy Bill, whatever it is There's gotta be done for girls, like Is your beam on taxes supposed on Wednesday, is going to come out with the tax plan. Fog is like Aser Beam or North Korea that could nuke us at any moment or the three? five million porter regions suffering or the two
they have million? U stones, taxes suffering or those in South West floor doubt these Florida still recovering from our gain Irma may between you and me all the screaming aside, and I love the yellow scream because I get fired up, I'm like Markel available, but I got a fire burned or my belly that sometimes smoulders and sometimes ensnares, even the most objective analysis. I'll say this. I wish this president. We spend more time on the issues that impact and affect the lives of average Americans. The NFL protest in a sense is a cultural collapse by they led by the football League and disrespecting law enforcement and loving black lives matter, which is a tremendously corrosive influencing the black community. If you listen, a black live matter and our sharp them and you the way they want should live your life in the black humanity. You're gonna end up in an dastardly poverty. You're gonna have no work. You're gonna be
actually illiterate, you're gonna, be in bad shape and you're gonna hate copying and end up in jail, committing crime and violating the precepts and and the honor of living in our own community. Yes, you will it's a terrible, live your life, look how those living in Detroit South Central lay the south side of Chicago. Those two Harlem living their life look how the lives are being led, and you don't want to do that most who can get out get out. So that is not the path to be on at all. In fact, in a sense, highly paid football players, seventy percent black having a sense lived out. The american dream worked hard work. Smart rose up about million in supplying footballs. Only a few international football league- yes, that's good, but what the league is done has taken something positive and maybe something quite new
What they ve done is ruined the enjoyment of the game by average Americans who pay the bills, I would say: seventy percent of those who attend the games are tromp supporters. Most of the owners are tromp supporters. Now do I wish tromp would focus like a laser beam on taxes. North Korea and government spending and oh care and the iranian deal absolutely time and his voice. The two main assets of any american president. So when this present waste is magnificent talents on peddling or irrelevancies he does not advance the cause of average Americans. What your taxes on whether you work, the cost of your health care, whether North Korea, few? Those are important things whether deck Prescott tonight with the Dallas Cowboys Niels praise ensnares. Whatever is not too important
cultural Q is toward the NFL is the NFL thinks it's acceptable to have a presence, in office named Obama who invites to how's the White House, those who inside cop killers to murder, cops, that's except most of the no fun like that and do a thing for eight years old alone. But here in an off the cuff remark, you have the current president, forty five saying something off the teleprompter that took about sixty ten players protesting and made it about two to three hundred players. Pro which they took the now the NFL is gonna, go the way of em ass he and be self destruct. I'm why the National Football League, commit financial suicide. And I'm watching going on and seemingly they can't stop, because black lives matter represents and the carpenters the philosophy of E S paean and more
So the mainstream media therewith Obama there with black lives matter there? Would lag nationalist and their against the interests of average Americans. So us continue blind becomes available. Seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one that believe owing to watch the death of the nation, but one thing God help Michigan or Illinois or George Attack or Alabama southern town or Florida, and they follow the same route and start protesting way trying to trying to undermine the law enforcement in our community, which is that blue line between civilization and anarchy go Cunningham and for the great one model, magua. Then simply those smartest man on radio and you can go on eight seven.
Three eight one. Forty eight one, one don't cunning emigrate American in from article events, should be back tomorrow night, one last thought before I can then you would Dave and Kelly and Joe and Rain Sean and many others there is. I cannot put out by war let's hear of CNN and others that somehow the president did not make. Rages enough comments about the White Supremacist Charlottesville Visa. We, when he said about the so called black players in the no fun League or the NBA In reality, there is no racial component whatsoever to the comments of the present on Friday night, he dealt with behaviour, not standing for the national anthem and not race. And going back over some of the criticisms the presidency had the last year and a half he's been in public office in his brief career tromp has criticized. By tweet or otherwise practically every
art of american life, black white male, female jus, Gentile Catholic. Otherwise, for example, he's, virtually criticise every major institution in America, in addition to criticising the performance and the acts of those who don't stand for the national anthem he's gone after the Congress he's gone after Paul Ryan and Mitch. Mcconnell, both white males he's gone after the courts, including one mexican heritage judge, but many others it is your white males, he's gone after Democrats who are white and black gone after Republicans, who are white, and may he's gone after every news, media organization, including Fox NEWS, dogma if I males he's gone after the Department of Justice dominated by wide lawyers, he's gone Hollywood in a serious way the cloning. Then the diamonds and all the rest. All her white males he's gone NATO, which are all
white males he's gone after the intelligent agencies. James call me paper or white males he's got after they cast of Hamilton who and to be african American of also some others he's got out of the castle? but- and I live mainly wide. Males and females have he's got after the Pope human. After Pro France's who, I think, has a white male he's. Gonna have to professional sports he's gone If your Jeff sessions, who say why the attorney general another word he's tried to offend, everybody in all countries, irrespective of race. When one one expert said that the Trump Credo seems to be so, many people do attack, and so little time after everybody there. I wish this guy wouldn't star the part so much absolutely, but for love, Blitzer and others who say he only talks about black males ally, damnable lie and its economic and one other thing when he said there were good people on both sides. He was talking about
that Friday, night and Charlottesville one my white males why Jerome with torches and southern city that is stupid. He was talking about the events on Saturday and which hundred showed up We encourage the monuments of the confederacy to remain, as opposed to the hundreds of showed up in order to cause violence from the antique element, and so you twist and turn what the President says, which is easy due to fit in the pigeonholed of your own, buys and prejudice as an American, I don't feel too strongly about the confederacy or about the images on Stone Mountain. I don't care too much about the confederate generals, who declared war on United States of America, I don't care much about Stonewall, Jackson or Robert E Lee or Jefferson Davis they're, not my guys. Anybody who declares war on the United States of America in causing the death of six hundred thousand people are not my kind of people at all
We want nothing to do with them. You know what I'm saying I want nothing to do with them. I'm not a great defender of the confederacy, never have and never will be, like it better glared war and the United States of America, but the goal of in tv and the radical leftist are not to take down the statues, that's not their goal. Their goal is to call the founders of this country wide support assist so that the documents they wrote Nord and forgotten. A brand new socialist manifesto can rise from the ashes of all the monuments and the statues in the mountains cell the confederacy and have something else take over the place of the United States constitution. You see that's the real goal, so the goal, the National Football League directly stated by Roger Adele,
is to bring down law enforcement to criticise the american flag, the drapes, the coffin of debt american soldiers. The goal is to promote black lives matter, which is a progressive leftwing terror group. Poor by George Soros, whose rhetoric, incentivize murderers, who to kill caps and more cops, are being dead. Not enough cops are dead. That's the rhetoric of black lives. Matter. Genius when I'm cooking and so what's going on here, is that the present it is rather in artful in its use of the language and he's wasting time on piddling and irrelevancies so many big things are happening. This week, Porter Rico Irma Harvey North Korea, the other replace Obamacare by Friday, is that big stuff he should spend a second about whose attending the National Football League protest, approved by Roger Godot, whose alike,
drawing liberal, progressive Idiot Roger get down as an idiot and players took debate. They shouldn't have done it, but they're stupid they did for a year. First, we had a clown and a fool and the White House that I didn't care or at all, but I never thought to take my dislike of Obama and translated to the destruction of the country or not respecting member flag or hurting the american soldiers or ten down the military. At no point did I transfer Obama's lawyers in office to the american flag. That's what the left is doing today. They wanna conflate the two principal that America's stands against Donald J Trump. When that is not the case where I live in the people, I speak to or horrified by what the national football it did yesterday and may continue to do the next few weeks. I will not pay for a protest. I will not pay for a principle that I found so
disreputable as tearing down law enforcement and that's how calling Cabinet get over a year ago. He began with The idea that cops were brutally ever and Americans in cities controlled by Democrats, right, Vaguely every large american city is controlled by one Democrats. So if the rights of the city since in Baltimore, are not complete. The democratic party has been charge in that city for the last it is sixty years. One might ask therefore one might ask, isn't Adele Party once again responsible, not just for the complex clan over Jim Crow laws are lynchings, the Democratic Party responsible and in my mind and put saying, is true for the destruction of the black community and city, dominated by african american politicians, who are all Democrats Democrats. In fact, you can like to report
I get an almost any Lord City in America today there all what Democrats, so we have to be right. Of African Americans in these cities are not complete. Once political parties responsible Democrats, not the Republicans, not trump, and if there needs to be criminal justice reform, example in New York City who now in charge of that. Isn't it comrade the blog? You isn't it the city council in your city, all Democrats or socialist communist. Isn't it mare, Cuomo, isn't a responsible if ones rights are not complete in Baltimore they're. All Democrats inch cargo, ROM Emmanuel, they're, all Democrats,
Rob Emmanuel. The mayor just said forty african American shot this weekend and what became of that nothing. Any protest. Nothing run of the mill, nothing. The average eighth, greater and Chicago public schools read about the third grade level and the average black eighteen year old, Highschool graduate reads at the seventh grade level, whose yours, possible. For that Democrats, what Vienna ballplayer said: wait a minute we're going to have an urban agenda that focuses on edge asian job and family formation. I'm with you, the NFL wooden approve of it radical enough for Roger Gardelle? Not I go nearly enough, so why we have a national Football League game that promotes football? and unity and love and not the hatred of cops and they turned down of institutional, cultural symbol, that under gird and underpin the american civilization continue. We have tell us
Kelly Normal Nebraska, tell you no more go ahead on the marble. Events show go ahead: Kelly, Highbury, you're, doing a wonderful job. Thank you for certain remarks. Today. Oh my goodness, bro you have banned creature story all day or night. Today, I'm with you, you had been reached at one hundred percent. True, you know they are employees of the NFL. A private company
You don't have the right to free speech. I find him all day long for other stuff, but not this. I mean if they want to take up arms and they want to promote a cause. Let him put their money where their mouth is on their own times or the owner of innovation, pay for people to sit there and get their message out on their own time. If they try to sit there and protests by not shown up a practice, let's see how long you gotta job, then you won't do that, but you gonna sit bearing go ahead and sit on the sidelines during their time on your employees, dollar. Eight there were player dollar and disrespect other people who have fought for this country. Myself included my brother, my father, my grandfather's is disrespectful. You know you could I ran Turkey, I am, I beg you
the bottom of your shoe to some leader. I guarantee you you're, not gonna, be around much longer is different spectacle and they will get you every time telling one other thing if I wanna go you're. No, the hall they're in the land, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway employs tens of thousands of people. Bees candies is one of the best in the world. If I go into Berkshire here, the way business and I go there in order to buy some candy and the clock on the other side starts talking to me about abortion and that she wants me dont or understand her position on abortion and I'm trying to buy some chocolate PE cons at least either right say at that point. You know what I'm leaving by my candy elsewhere. Vomit cable, subscriber paying every month to watch the National Football League. I don't have a choice at that point, whether to watch that protest or not, of which
not apart. If I go to dart in restaurants and go to read, lobster or I got all of garden and of some server comes up to me and talks about North Korea, our global warming or whatever else it is her pour your reply, Taylor. You know what we're here to serve salad and soup, we're here to serve some ice cream or candy we're not in the political business. Even though you got the first amendment right to talk, you don't have the first amendment right to talk at work. The first amendment applies to government does not apply to private business. So therefore quit what you're doing and if you keep doing and get the hell out of here for the last year, the National Football League has permitted copper, Nick and those of his ilk to protest so called police brutality game after game after game after game and by acquiesce, is approved of it. Now it's grown so much larger because of the transfer is a football fan
if I pay hundreds of dollars to go newest stadium, I'm not paying to become part of a protest, I'm not paying for that. So little you shouldn't have to you know: Annetta watch a football game. I might hear that. Are there to watch, you protest against whatever the cause you got going on. If you are protesting in the football game, then don't show up when criminal but have any other cause outside of football. You do it on your own time on your own time, if it's that important to you, put your money behind your mouth and get out there and start your own organisation and put all your propaganda and stuff like that people followed at its equal. You said earlier, its findings was a site for them. All. I just got a headline came across my high follow the earlier today
there is some Annabel player. His jersey sales are on the rise becoming a waiver of the Steelers going way you have so what we see he is that he's smart he's not like the others and his stock is gonna rise. The others are gonna fall, they're gonna, see it's gonna fall. Call cabotage already formed ass. He thought of you know. I can't tell me what you're doing like ESPN. Like Hollywood, all the other institutions that are in the business of selling their products to three twenty five million american you can't be in the business airline aiding fifty percent. Your fan base to start off with false claims of police brutality, and a systemic way, and it's a lie. It is as if sang the police departments control the Democratic Party are brutalizing everyone- Americans, if that is true, how come Americans in urban areas, both democratic ninety the time if those democratic politicians in charge of the police department
lies blocks on a regular basis. It is economic, it's a lie, its slime job, because if, in fact, the Baltimore City police were in the business systemically of hurting people, like Freddy Gray, in Baltimore that democratic politicians in charge of the police department, what changed from office decades ago, but the Democrats always win and democratic control areas, because that lie again. City Cobb's is not true. If it was true that political differences there, like total difference, would become manifest, we gotta run Kelly thanks to your call if align becomes available, eight seven, so three one, three eight one one bill cunning and the great American in for the great one mark living Ben
I've got a cunning and the great American and for the gray one mark lemon and if you're, not a subscriber, yet to see our tv get a for weak free. I love if it's free it for me. I now try it out, give them a call. Aid for four Levine tv aid for four Levin tv for a three week right now, again that aid for four Levin tv one last thought before I go back to the american people we re a knob were now floored, Obi first and then Roy and glory and many others, Terry Bradshaw,. As you know, one now for super balls with the Pittsburgh Steelers and all Zation that's become extremely radical because their head coach, my Tomlin, is messing with the villain away by the great offensive Lyman saying he was.
For one percent participation in the protest and because there is one person was a man of conscience villain, a waiver who spent three tourists, duty in Afghanistan and Army range, everyone gonna be in some tunnel. He was gonna go no not reflect the glories of this nation because he watched his fellow soldiers be killed in Afghanistan. He's under assault now from his head coach and God Knows- might be released, but Terry Bradshaw ed. Yesterday morning, before one of the games quote. While I dont condone the pie, TAT during our national anthem. This is America. Bradshaw, said if our country stands for anything folks, its freedom people died for that freedom. I'm not sure of our president understands those rights that every Our goal is the right to speak out and also to protest. Uncrown known I dont nodded work. Are you kidding me? Fedex employees have the right to protest at work. They have the right to express thought
under freedom of speech that you as a consumer receiving a package- may disagree with, of course not can we get this loose idea that the constitution protects power. I've been employer. Employee rights, that is economic It's a lie, and it's not true, but it keeps going if it drives me frigging crazy, when there's such loose talk about the constitution one does not have the right to practise a religion at work. If you're a truck driver work for J B, you mean to tell me you can tell your employer for two hours. Today, instead of driving and truck the Nashville Pray does my religion. I'm gonna go to church and pray, the rosary I'm not going to work today, I got the right not to work under the Euro Constitution are you kidding me hysteria sure that's stupid is suffering for more see tee than I thought possible, don't be stupid if you're a force, bra, Fox broadcaster, dopey
continue with continue with more light em up and we continue Michael Roy and John and glory in railway negative align becomes available. Eight seven, seven, three, eight one Three eight one one bill Cunningham and promote loading now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. I've got a cunning under great american and promote within, should be back tomorrow. Night great gathers and unbelievable platform to talk about. What's happened culturally politically socially economically and the country must continue with them. Also make a commitment to Richard Samantha. The producer
Levin show that of your own home. I will get you in the next thirty, five or forty minutes, so we have brought in Dallas California, Banal Florida and Huntington beaten, Bainbridge Georgia, many play then between and so we're gonna get calls on, because I want as many people as possible to reflect your viewpoints from Alaska Florida from main tool. Why? In every county and between? Because this is an important issue, is not about life or death? Is not about North Korea not about the repealing replacing Obamacare, it's not about the disaster in Puerto Rico, thought about tax reform, but it's something which forms the foundation of the civil. Nation, the american century that we're living in, because when calling Capron extorted
this journey about a year ago. His goal was to give trumpet and give voice to the precepts of black lives matter and criticise what he perceived as police brutality and now because what what the trumps sure did Friday night instead of five to ten players, it's three to four players thanking that somehow, because it would tromp said it is germane to their life and they must respond to me. There is a sick never again difference between supporting the president or loving the country or opposing the president and hating the country. We all spend as normal Americans eight years hating the policies of Iraq, Hussein Obama, especially when it came to his hatred of cops and the fact that we welcome in the White House those who caused individuals, police officers to be killed in doubt, Sinbad Roadrunner, say: Obama invites the insiders of cop killer,
to the White House and went on and on and on a given you some homework tonight. Google black lives matter, slash White House and watch stories were written many times in just the altar and a media as to what the president was doing do incentive Isaac. Courage, black lives matters, rhetoric that result the murder of cops and what what was going on for months and years. Now, One time did Obama credit eyes the rhetoric of like lives matter now, one to my knowledge, to the National Football League Radio organization, come out in favour of police officers and against black matter. It didn't happen, though, in Time Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys asked National Football League for permission to take the DE cows supporting those five dead. Dallas cops murdered at a black lives,
protests and put down on the side of a helmet good dal said no. You cannot support dead, cops. Think about that. Traveled grip on the third wore a t, shirt during a poster Post Game NEWS conference had said quote: no Jesus, no peace, and I feel fine. There were many occasions over the years when activist in the leg wanted to do certain things in each time. Roger good AL said no, no Oh is part of our rule book, so to speak, that we don't use that uniform to promote good or bad social causes, because that's all we're going to do but for some reason, starting over a year ago, Roger Good now look at the protest of Common Capra Nick and found it acceptable to support an organisation that incites cap killers
Annabel, so that's, ok and then, on Friday, night Trump became the accelerant and from a few dozen and went to a few hundred, and now it's burning and in the and the ages and at the dna level of this dispute that he rubbed it yesterday and continues to night through next week and maybe longer is the destruction of the national foot only e s p and has become am ass. Espn it's become. Our political, all, the time promoting left wing radical, all left, progressive causes constantly with Kate general being their woman of the year. They promote after a cause which is causing the destruction of ESPN, why Vienna fellows doing it to itself is beyond me. All that would have taken for Roger Fidel is to calling. I'm calling Capron last year and say: look I'm,
I agree with what you are saying that cops are brutal murderers. However, we have now a permitted. Here's the list of things we have stopped in their tracks. You must stop You remember when I was a kid over a coach, Billy Cunningham. Seventy sectors now to me in the basketball of famine. Burning brightly, and now it's gonna be harder to do to put aside those flames and put those flames out must continue their cause. We have thousands of millions are listening Let's go to re in Florida. First, been there about an hour and re Cunningham Infer Mark, Levine re! Please go ahead. Man, I'm so sorry. I don't know where to start man but make sure taken. My call. Yes, I remember when I was a kid over. A coach, Billy Cunningham got out his every sectors. Now wasn't me
I'm in the basketball, a fundamental Heil toward twenty I'm a game and I school I'm a one handicaps, but that was not made the left Therefore I am not that Billy Cunningham. Regulations on. But anyway, I again, I think I can guarantee that everything if you start out today in this world. He would not stand up whom he replied, that he would not put up with his players. Taken me, dollar flag. You great, but I dont think I think of my Ditka. I think events lombardy, I think, of the great coaches and all sport They have to be about the goal of winning football games or winning best all games or shooting Oscar Senegal. Golf are applying a good game and tennis, for you, know sport say you nighter, of different political viewpoints under the banner of something different in politics and because
so political today, because of MSNBC and Fox NEWS and and all the websites were so political today, it has been useful to have sports as agreed, United instead of a great divide or what The Anna fell, encourage the hatred of police officer. Is beyond me, because I think about that mother, that gold star mother, that anymore and flag placed in her lap and she liked watching fell games because of the unfair flag, that respect shown to the flag that symbolizes our country. We have gold star mothers who accepted the flag at their sons, funeral draped on that often placed on her lap and she goes to bed at night with that flag. On her bosom, reminding her of her son and then the National Football League engaged in activities purposely that tests respects smears. The american flag is the kind of behalf
clear to me, that is almost unforgivable. I can only agree one hundred percent with you. Let me Let me make this quite clear, so somebody else can jump in here. The waiver He became a hero to me today. Not what are you done a military force, but then I'm gonna break. I thought about on the computer and he's. Rising frightened his team. Now am I come on. Really. I saw about an hour ago, villain a waiver according to villain away, but there was a plan that he and ruthless Burger had to have. The leaders or captains of the team come about twenty feet in front of the team, stand there together and he claims tonight for some reason he got his wires cross. There was a small area and that he apologized to the team for stepping in,
the reason for villain away Burgoyne being there. I thought he was a ranger hate. You want. Do you smell our economy was point served in Afghanistan. And now an hour or so ago. Somebody got to him. May my Tomlin, who said that he was this. I didn't villain away this behaviour and now Ben ruthless Marguerite. Look at a code from bad big Ben said I didn't go to sleep last night I was uncomfortable with what we did. Oh hell, I don't know what that's going on. I have no idea the other then will stand up for you and me in and the rest of this country instead of Bob and I fell I will become a big, then say one last thing: I personally know two people buried at origin secretary, one of my best friends. I grew up with her parents above buried there. I would be more than happy to spend my land to jump on an airplane,
in all ages, cemetery grave sites, then to spend one. Last time Why would the NFL commit economic suicide? I'm watching going on it's happening or by our it's awful. Why? Does the Anna fell sleep with the dogs? our lives matter, movement which I incentivize, violence against police office, why do they do that? What's their advantage? But I am give a Roger detail is done to the lake and I don't get the owners most of them standing You say you know what we don't care about. The dead Dallas cops. We don't care about the victims of nine eleven. We don't care about the victims, victims of domestic violence. We care about Jesus Christ. What we care about are those who inside Cop killers, that's who we care about! Why is the NFL doing this? You know
the suicide of my eye. So I might just watch my last Athol game. Just ass, we can. And I hate to say that out loud, I'm a big Tampa Bay, Bucs fan, but I'll tell you what Jerry Jones, much as I hated them eleven getting what he did to the Dallas cowboys win him over no at least we what you say in any stood up and said ten ideas, but ray we're gonna go thanks to your call enough- and I say this- the Anna quickly. If that's America's pastime, the Dallas Cowboys our America's team. They need to quickly Tuesday Wednesday. Three They try to get out of this. They may their point. They.
Us to move on when you're in a whole, the forced to order a businesses to quit digging the NFL. If they think I know he s paean has lost its way completely, but if the atta fell realizes what Seventy percent of their customers feel about what they're doing the Anna valid better. Stop it and stop it right now, because they're going down the wrong path, there's gonna be sponsor boycotts. There's gonna be booze galore this coming this next Sunday, Theirs individuals who will never watched NFL game again. Demand a refund of their cable money package and season ticket alders would throw away their tickets in mass the fell had better recognise that when you and Sound of eyes those who want cops dead to use your plan, or to promote their murderous message, your problem,
we are on the wrong path, they better stop it and if they don't, the NFL we'll be destroyed, is a business Let's continue bill, cunning and the great American and for the great one mark Levin Ben I don't cunning and the great American coming up will be Roy and then Josephine TIM Gloria at the game tonight between the cowboys and the cardinals, the team joined arms. I Jones included and took her knee, and so I know exactly what all this means I living confusing times, The irish Zone Cardinals Us join arms and, at some point token knee
and I don't know what the hell that means I may take any myself in an hour or two. I Helen protest. They take a knee toward raise. This way is not the way I live my life showing disrespect to the american plague, lots those are heard at the Arizona stadium tonight? And I don't know, I don't know what this means: logging arms also, they took the american flag and whatever entire field and Jerry Jones. I thought said that it was going to be regardless of any one show disrespect to the american flag corner. To a certain guidelines. May or may not exist. Players is supposed to take home and in the left arm and put the right hand over the heart, that's e mail. I did What happened tonight at the NFL game and other player blocked arms, including very Jones, and I think his son and not head coach, Garret
sat around they locked arms and at one point they knelt and Jordan, spot sang the national anthem and and I don't know what that means. Is that disrespect to me your respective flag, taken your damn. How many you're left arm if your right hand over your heart and the song is song for, like a in ten seconds you look at the american flag and show respect for the stars and for the bars the fifty states that thirteen original colonies colonies in the colors. That's what you do as Americans that's well you're supposed to do, and so, as long as the NFL goes down this path of protest and dislike and hatred and discussed it's a problem. It's not good! It's a mistake. Its heartful doesn't out the country. Do not
flight, your disagreement with the political character on one hand, with respect for the country on the other, among the most divisive political characters in the last thirty or forty years have been from the democratic side. Push forty three hated hated, hated by the Democrats and the side, bureaucracy, Obama hated hated, bother Republicans. And now we're back the other way. What the term MR headed by the Democrats hears about ninety percent support by the Republicans, and so we may disagree with the policies of it. Character in office, but from my way of thinking that has nothing to do with respect and love for the United States of America, and the american flag that symbolizes the greatness of the
it is a country in the world. The greatest country in the history of the world is the United States of America. To me, the two things are going during the years of the scandalous. And the failures of bureaucracy in Obama. At no point did Bill Cunningham or Mark Levin, say you know what I'm going to show disrespect to the american flag. Ominous spit step on the american flag. When I'm on national television, I want to promote some cause, other than Americanism and the american Civilization and the american culture at no point did Mark Levanter. I ever say that, because that's not what we feel we feel something completely different. I don't feel that I feel love and respect for this country, the country of my forebears, and so I may disagree with a political character that is Obama, and maybe today
some trump. What that does not mean that I will this respect the american flag or the american people and the symbol of our countries greatness the in Arizona from my perspective, it continued, and so Jerry Jones who stood up against it, allegedly locked arm in arm with the players and genuine letter. Genuflect gonna want do his knees, go Cunningham in from artwork. the cause of freedom, is high, but this bone goal is not, call living toll free at eight seven, seven, three, eight one. Thirty eight eleven, I've got a cunning undergrowth american. We continued our their cause way of Roy in Dallas Texas, the home of it boys playing tonight in Arizona. Roy welcome to them
Levin, show hosted by Bill Cunningham Roy go ahead. Thank you, sir. I appreciate the kind words and the passion you put into programming, also expressing I you're fine remarks regarding the doubts place, answers when we had that tray, did you hear July last year, however, we are still hammering officers dagger in Dallas sure, as you indicated during your programme, about democratic mare, leadership, sure we did have a mayor again here in Dallas Microns, who has technically turn his back on the men and women about the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Fire Department. For yes, sir, and just to get the general public in an idea
the Organization of Black wise matter. They had at the chapter of black lives matter, which is referred to as next generation action that was led by a convicted Phelan, Dominic Anderson Cooper entry was convicted or injury to a child. He was re arrested again for violating its arms is built by a democratic district court judge, reduces Dennis and release them back into the past perfect recently, Dominic Anderson was re erected in didn't die for felony? That sure absolutely, and we have the lowest morale right now in the Dallas Police Department in Dallas fire. We,
at our railways numbers. At this point. The city council, the mayor and the city attorney the new city, you Terry Skill, city matter. They brought in he's a broad acts. We are only gonna have to her pretty officers. Women is therefore vital, to wit, to hire, says December last year. We allowed blot closed at five. Our doubts as well. Used to have a force of nearly three thousand four Rogers on the street and also meaning the investigative you we are deeply under represented here. I feel strongly tv that your comments, you should be asked to be wholly responsible. Air outer were lower wage and LA manual is well sure We don't know what happened when happening Charlottesville, but the situation was terrible. I mean the white supremacy,
They killed out woman. Other name is warrior whatever that woman's name. That guy either murder remains largely go to prison for a long time and open and tromp has done nothing but catch flag for the past two months. Condemnation was not as complete as it should have been by some. I thought it was sufficient, but not transferred to the Dallas in July, twenty twenty forty was a twenty four hour: twenty sixty in July. Twenty sixteen you had a black lives matter, protest guarded by hundreds of Dallas cops during the protests. A black nationalist under the leadership of black lives matter killing Blood five Dallas cops within one week. The founders of black lives matter we're
in Washington DC meeting in the White House with the President, who offered support for black lives matter. What message that send a Dallas cops didn't send a very clear message that they regard it. We were losing officers weekly. And it continue even though they heard a new chief of police they bought, can hear from Detroit. This guy continue, if not, can stop now, So, what's happening in Dallas is happening all over the country and Saint Paul Minnesota. There was a protest about Philander Castro. One of the persons involved in in Saint Paul Minnesota, a black lives matter. Had one of their supporters throw concrete out a cop hit the often they had the wrong way and put the carpet a wheelchair for the rest of his life and the woman arguing for pigs in a blanket prime, like bacon
was invited to the White House. Her name was Brittany, passionate you tell me: what messages sent the cops and law enforcement one per Hussein Obama had dinner with and parted with, the leaders of an organ Asian, advocating the murder of cops and what national media. Do was there any point where the national media demanded that Obama condemn Black lives matter did that ever happened. One time now know, and so what would trump? Every time somebody something happens with somebody with white skin it is required, or ever republican and and and the present to come out quickly and condemn whatever it is as if someone is in favour of racial equality? somebody's in favour a racial profiling or someone's invent? we're brutalizing African America
what are your nose in favour, and I value that stuff, but on one side of the equation, you have the president inviting the insiders of cop killers to the White House and if, if Pat invited the insiders and the violence in Charlottesville to the White House. It wouldn't be fair to say all hell would break close. He would be indicted. I mean something terrible what happened to drum, but Obama did exactly for years, inviting sharp than in black lives matter in the White House, promoting them and never criticising him. It undermine law enforcement and makes you feel as if no one's got my back or tromp right now. Don't you as a retired pop Roy, feel as if Donald J Tromp has your back absolutely does as well as right. Pretty I stayed spends does. Did you hear that feeling under Obama now I did not in every quarter.
I turned it now, I'm did not. One time, the media demand that Obama condemn them at a rate of black lives matter, not one time I was in New York. Did you do my tv show when I saw a fact, since the new Yorkers, marching, shouting. What do we want? Cops, what do you want him now went on for night after night after night, within a few weeks officers? Ray Mosen Lou, were shot in cold blood but in a police cruiser from a black nationalists Baltimore, who believe the rhetoric of black lives matter and he went to New York where the black lives matter group were shut, were shouting to dead, to shoot cops. Now he went in and not nobody even thought they say to Obama. Do you The rhetoric of black lives matter, incentivize, the murderer of those words ever came out of the mouths of any reporter during all the Prescott? This is in the White House and never happen on time
a holder and Lynch overtook police depart generally in areas controlled by Democrats and said you, those Democrats in charge of police department, your racist, Nobody ever made the connection between the fact that alone, lay police brutality is happening and the black community control completely by Democrats. If that was the case I would assume the residents of those cities what boat out of office, the Democrats in charge of police pretend but nobody knew media ever made that connection later. That's gonna take the voters to take a stand all right? I don't know we can't get the government we get the country we deserve. You know, and right now: the main entity, I blame are the american people live in those areas. The american people, living in those areas except no public schools that work. Hi crime areas? No jobs are being created, no family formation and though,
Are you in charge of all the collapse of the Democrats who keep getting ninety percent of the vote? How is that possible? How is that possible if you live in the south side of Chicago, you had forty people shot over this past week again this year, there's gonna be forty five thousand shot and eight hundred murdered and you can't find a Republican with us. Which warrant anywhere in Chicago? How is that possible? How can the voters on the south side of Chicago headquarters, with Obama and Jackson, Louis American, you look at not year but decades of their leadership in this outside of Chicago, it is a hell. Hole, cops, are being shot. Drugs are being sold prostitutes or bring press. Suited. Human trafficking is going on. The schools, terrible the criminal activity is rampant, There's no jobs anywhere, and the Democrats in charge for more than half a century You tell me Roy what does in somebody make the connection between the fair
the Democratic Party in one hand, and the horrible status urban black Americans on the other one. Somebody make that connection. I don't know, I don't have an answer. I'm with you, man, I dunno, ok, go and your Washington DC public school is a disaster have going do I? Don't I've never been to Dallas you What is the condition of the Dallas public schools when it comes to the effort? moroccan population in Dallas, once their condition condition is not very good, especially when the Hispanics are above. The african Americans are in doubt now now the earliest date now therapies go district is in and turmoil right now. Also, probably this fights everyday between the spanish and everyone. Americans, there's no more economic opportunity, there's no education! Doubtless public schools are typical. The eighth grade black reads at about the third grade:
level and by the time they graduated eighteen. They read about the eighth grade level and they get out of school with this diploma, that is worthless. The party in charge of that I wouldn't. Human Dallas in the city proper, all Democrats, and now the demo, human beings, to flood in Dallas to the Trump Administration to go in P, wanting more illegal migration from third world poverty countries to come in a day I commend the used and come into taxes commend in New York City. Why, when the influx of low skilled workers heard forget Americans more than any other racial group correct those running heard and the doubly superiors suing Trump too Moreover, he goes into the country. How is that possible? How does not make any sense and what world today live? How does How does this continue absolutely beyond what it
when you have a Dallas mare that want to continue setting up a sanctuary city rather be concerned with hiring doubt authors in Dallas fire in protecting There were other city doubt isn't that his job to protect it No, he won Sanctuary city status serving as a magnet for the most low skill. Poverty, ridden third world human beings to flood in Dallas to go into the public schools. To go to the emergency room, to take the section. Eight housing take the low skilled jobs to cause the crime and, as a consequence, house, Dallas better having thousands low skilled workers, flooding in knitting social services that done speaking the English. How does that benefit? Dallas? It just doesn't Well, then, why does he do it what's happening
I'm losing my mind. How does that work in LOS Angeles or San Francisco, a Cates, timely or Chicago or Memphis, or Miami or New York City or Philadelphia Boston? How is that good for the american culture too, from the third world, low skilled workers, who don't speak the English that this use social services there can never get out of poverty. Do we need more to paint a tomato pickers in Boston, do we need more potato figures? in Dallas. Do we need more low skilled workers coming here? soon, the mare in Dallas ones them the Dallas. How does that benefited African Americans living in Dallas? How does that? Roy? It's not working now. What does it continue? Roman, Gotta go thanks, I don't understand this. How does then W C sue the Trump administration? to get more legal entity.
Urban areas that hurts the black community. How does that work must continue along becomes available? Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one bill, Cunningham, the great American and for the great one market. Ben Billy Cunning, other great american Primordial have been united Subscriber. Yet to see our tv get a full weak for free. Right now and try it out, give them a call today, aid for four Levine do enjoying the media revolution? Again, that's aid for four Levin tv. Let's continue with more continuous ass. If in Washington Dc Joseph I've come to the mark, Levine show hosted by the great American Joseph. Please go ahead,
beyond the show. I just want to say I must stand by our father. They fly with general patent that a system that was a prisoner of war and Gulf war. Now also, I know that we have some players who raise American. Like all the time? Why did I Rogers a diet and why they re a pragmatic and what they want you help with within? It is that there is a fear of God misunderstood they all disrespect american flag has dealt with all due respect the lives and have been sacrificed for freedom and justice. When they try to do you notice them money and their spoils. Skills doesn't have certainly not have skills and raises you guys want and what they re trying to do is talk about the national Only the national anthem was the fact that in this age, when you got more peace
and as a war zone, basically they really were drowned disrespect in one, but of course they dont have skilled or how to do what they want to do so again turned into an issue of disrespect flagged in a white day. So do it, and so on all the other issue that point all of about all these different thing: the patriotism of terrorism, so that that mixed it. So we call upon you for your help. Domestic said she in a country that represents leadership of freedom and justice and equality and similar right? And all these things having national anthem, Warsaw regret drivers on the bottom is: maybe we don't worry, no at all We're trying to deal with a look. We don't we continue to. We do the same around here. Going on with Korea, and so can we have a He saw one left off my judgment this, I God bless America or America, the beautiful either. One of those songs. I think our federalist, for some reason, after the war of aid, in twelve, the Francis Car Keys wrote that
the STAR Spangled banner and for some reason go to real right or wrong, and- and I love god- bless America- probably more than the STAR Spangled banner, but nonetheless the nation is more or less as decided that the STAR Spangled Banner tax present server, God bless America or America, the beautiful, both of which are great tunes, and so it depends your perspective. The STAR Spangled Banner, whether or not you accepted as a war him of the warm eighteen, twelve or reflecting and over the past decades, because that's all who is played at funerals commemorations. The song is played at sporting events is played, International Sarah Cemetery, its played presidential on our girls that song forego rail has taken precedence over the other two and frankly, I, like the other, to better. Why are you on that again for greater it s out there trying to do is again another squares, only the source of consciousness and all that technical we will not add a third, a nuclear war there trying to figure out what to do.
What is our order them to death is can be played in all these different places where appropriate at present travel, or should we now in an age of this question, now think about it? What their journey They didn't do a right back. What I been made, it look like all other things will happen and, of course, you in all I must not allow the disrespectful flag in so doing was never would do. A good idea was, and it s the american creatures, just like all the others. Where are those of our citizens? We gotta concluded I'll, say this: there are so our mothers who take proof our unhappiness. What's Goin on Joseph thanks to your call, us continue Markel. Eventually, tomorrow night. My final statement you would be this is that the next football league is in the containment and football business they're not. Political business and them a time they spent doing politics at the last time they spend on sports our time. They're gonna be a divisive organization that this respects the viewpoints of about seventy four
out of their audience know best this can log survive. If you gestures your audience and play employed disrespect the United States of America. It doesn't work that way. He can't work our way and our my watch, it will not occur. More could have been God will the critical ries, who will be with you back tomorrow, night, don't Cunningham honour to be here by god- bless America.
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