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I love America because this is where anyone can achieve their dreams regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity. And most do. This is where, each and every day, poor people become rich, and rich people become poor. And most people live better than all...

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Now let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader anybody mark living here. I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I want to thank Bill Cunningham fulfilling. Yesterday, watching all this and he fell nonsense. The spectacles, as you have and I haven't been able to your radio today in doing other things, but I'm sure it's been discussed, but let me discuss things my way. Let me tell you why. I love America
I won't taken me, I love America. Because this is where people come to escape tyranny and to live in freedom. No, has to escape tyranny in America to live in freedom elsewhere. I love America because this is where anyone everyone can achieve their dream? We guidelines a race, religion and ethnicity and most do. This is where each and every day poor people become rich and rich people become poor. People live better than all other people on the fruit face of the earth today or at any time in human history. Of America because in our country and unlike most countries, We acknowledge a law greater than law of man, the law of nature and, like no other country, we acknowledge and our founding document that all
individuals all end of it it was a born with God, given unalienable rights, including the right to I've liberty, in the pursuit of happiness which no government can legitimately interfere with. I love America because, while we're an imperfect country, we are a great country. We now addressed shortcomings and we addressed them where I see What country then carriages debate the virtually, Ideas- and we have tolerance for both- I love America Because we rally to each other's side when faced with catastrophe such as natural disasters,. I love America because when I go to only two national serve the cemetery. I see row after row after row of graves of American heroes. Who, given their lives and one were after another, one back?
after another to protect this great nation from its inception. To this very day, who fought died is proud and patriotic Americans, not as refugees, additives have some racial, religious or ethnic groups or some ink, Category as Americans, I love him because our fellow Americans, through war and peace, have created the most fabulous society. Mankind has ever known in every way and is measured against every standard. And I love America, because billionaire owners of football teams, and their millionaire players can pretend that their spectacles on the football field are relevant, important or meaningful.
To most Americans when in fact they are of no consequence today tomorrow, wherever I love America despite the relentless efforts of those who do not who seek divide us on race, religion, you come in any number of issues the a majority of our fellow Americans wooden trade places with anyone anywhere no matter where they are in the world, especially those football team owners and players They wouldn't change their place with anyone for anything because they benefited spectacularly from living in this country,. And there's many many more reasons, and you have your own. For loving America.
The media in the left and the corporatist that would be. The team owners are completely disconnected from the american public from american history and their obsessed consumed with their own self aggrandizement and their own notices, and they have no respect for the It can people and they have no respect for their own science. We are a patriotic people, we love our country. And we don't apologize for away sick and tired of malcontents, whether they be building, As a millionaire tenure. Professors are meat types or whoever they are too, I asked why we should despise our own country. Always looking under racks, always looking behind curtains rather than
celebrating the greatest nation, mankind has ever established. The nation, the defeated Hitler, the nation that defeated Toto. The nation, the defeated, Muzzle Laney, the nation that Did the Soviet Union, we have freed a billion people From behind the iron curtain and shape Hundreds and hundreds of millions. As a result of world war. Two seven hundred and fifty thousand casualties. During the civil war. To write a horrendous wrong of slavery, we are a great people where a tolerant people, we are beneficent paper- When those players on the field and their owners leak arms, what united against. What are they united for.
Why do they matter? Why do they matter? Who are these people? Do about them? Do we really know anything about these players. Do you really know anything about these owners? We ve met, Then what they are famous and rich? let us at least at one time they entertained us, then now they stop to play politics, not just any kind of politics but hate America, politics. Divide America, politics by the usual pulling its scabs, the left wing politics. Well, I don't know about you, but after a while, I find that very entertaining. I don't need lectures. Football owners? Are football players about what the hell are they?
But you don't know very little very little, And they really are no appreciate what they have in this great country, because they. Through the very points it I've made at anyone any background, any race, any religion can become famous and wealthy if that's what they want to become They can also become ignoramus, is of noxious and counter productive. This leg is destroying itself because the Oda fell the NFL his You can up for the progressive and the irish fan is not a millionaire marriage. It is not a billionaire, the average fan loves his country.
And are sick and tired of seeing people in uniform get down on any and a great real heroes who, where real uniforms, whether they be police officers or our military and don't tell us that they have no intention. I've degrading the military or police officers, that is their intention. You know in virtually every battle, it's been fought in defence, This country, and in the name of this country, the american flag, has been carried into that battle. If the enemy is The individual is carrying a flag, another individual picks it up. If we have conquered territory,
such is the Nazis and so forth. We raise the american flag when it comes to July. Fourth, we put out our American. Veterans day. We put our American Flag Memorial day. We put our american flag. When our wonderful young men and women and uniform are killed and uniform their caskets. Your draped with american Flag When our wonderful police officers, who killed in the line of duty their caskets, her draped with american flag, don't tell us that the american flag means A don't tell us that the national anthem means nothing. It means everything to us, it's the heart and soul of this country. We are a great.
Those are the symbols that represent our greatness as people. We have young men and women today fighting and helps to protect people. They have no relationship with. None whatsoever and some of whom would kill him. Imagine what their thinking in Afghanistan. Part of the Middle EAST and some other point, distant point in the world when they want. Multi millionaire famous football players who make money I just as football players, but through commercials. Getting on a knee. Getting on a knee Doin national anthem. Matthew when they see Jerry Jones and the other owners to numerous dna.
King arms, in unity, unity for what is ready to do. What. They tell us at America sucks the tellers So when a perfect country to keep picking at scabs to defy this nation. Went Donald Trump severed Donald Trump said. I cheered he, exactly what I was feeling more importantly said exactly what my father was Phil. Over ninety two years old, now very frail reward to that. He applauded our president You didn't applaud any these football owners Bernie. These players have done absolutely nothing for the security of this country
I'll be right back Let's be blunt and much beyond the owners, most of them had capitulated to this looking like fools, because, when a players union revolt for potential strike the work stop at your. What have you. Because the players union is quite radical. But whether or not counting on what the placed on quite get is the fans.
Whether coming and watching a stadium which is expensive and takes a lot of time out of an individual's day tv. The ratings are there. The advertising is not there. What the players don't comprehend. Is that if the advertising dollars aren't there in the fans, are there in the bleachers could keep getting these contracts. See there's another great thing about America called Capitalism, it's called supplying demand, supply of customers goes down and the domain goes down. So do the contracts so do the salaries so did the profits for the owner? People want to be entertained by football. They, don't want any more left wing lectures by football. Errors are by owners,
tend to be immunity, but for authors I sure as Hell, don't I sure, as Hell, don't. You don't have the platform that these players have given Money that these players have, you will have the platform of the money that these owners have. They get national attention. Replaying sport, national. Attention we real issues going on in this country going on in this world, the dictator The inbred who runs North Korea continues to threaten us. Would nuclear war. The Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran continues to threaten us, would nuclear war all kinds of big deal issues going on that affect our lives. And the only reason we turned to football or baseball or basketball or hocker all arrested is to take our minds off.
And if we turn them in. Don't take our minds off it, but worse. It's a tuning msnbc with every left wing could comment. Ideology, while we turn them out to won't have to Boys one position: one ideology where we turn them out to we'll have to spend, Twelve dollars on a beer right now, On a bag of popcorn, twenty five, on a baseball cap, we don't have to do there not to be ridiculed. Ladies and gentlemen, when four.
Players and owners call us colleagues, you may call the country racist. The country is the people the people make up a country, we the people When our countries called racist, whipping called racist. And I don't know about you, but I'm not a racist for one thing- we watch football, we pay. You know for advertising and so forth, indirectly buying products and so far we watch football. Majority- I don't know if the percentages boots, what sixty sixty five. Seventy percent of the players are non white, that's alike,. Certain percentage, this certain type. People in IRA, Population are racist, the fact of the matter, the vast majority of the people in this.
We are not gracious, and yet this is the line that we are fed day in and day out and day in and day out,. But the pseudo intellectuals were put on tv. The pseudo journalists. On the shuttle news travels its preposterous if we are a systematically racist country. It really is shocking that people, from all corners of the world, particularly Southeast Asia, particularly the east. Part of the world, particularly south of our border, practically northern Africa and so forth. I try Come to America, because. You are a grand country. We are a great country watch at all. We are the greatest country in the face of the earth.
To be successful, people know what and talk about stead. They drive the branch truck up to the bank to put the deposits in every pay track, while trashing the people who some rich I'll be right back listening to Molly said Craig one, the gray one. Can you can call it now, aid, seven, seven, three aid, one, three, eight one one and I ask you folks, If these four, players are really serious about whatever their message is one of they go on strike. What are they gonna strike my course they won't get paid. One of they go on strike and see what
In fact, one of the owners encourage them while they wouldn't go on strike but encourage them not just in But the sit down during the entire game that would send a real message that would tell us. That these players in these owners really mean what they say. They are not just doing an act. I'm another idea If these players really mean what they say- and they say many things when I give up football altogether- And become a social worker in this community or that community. Why not. When I turn your back on capitalism, one on Turkey and turn your back on the system,. And actually go into the streets, I don't mean on began. I dont mean, as part of a charity I mean, is party, your career, give it up.
In other words, rather than getting on your knee, get off your ass and go do what you say needs to be done, but they woke well, they cause there Frauds and sorrow the owners. This is all a media spectacle. More aggressive claptrap. If these men And they are men who play football and the owners I think all of them are men, maybe there's one to who art. If they were really men and they really had the courage of their conviction, they wouldn't be doing what they're doing now. What then be taken on a man taken on this system getting rid of her there Paul uniforms and their three peace suits.
You go out in the community's every day, seven days a week, but they dont and they want because their frauds, She's very easy to taken me draw attention to yourself. Is very easy to spot off. That America is unequal. I mean the football teams are unequal, The main knowingly Patriot reviewed aims equal their tea? I look at four bullets, of most of the owners are white? Most of the players are black well. More black owners and more. Why players? What about that? What about it. But you won't hear much discussion about that either. No, no, no, no, you don't understand America Sex just accepted it
x, for a million reasons doesn't, matter if their messages, incoherent, doesn't manage manner if their frauds and their joke does a man. They view s suckers manufacturing, which here. A few of these, these punks. Do we have a James here? Let's listen, they cut twelve go ahead or not Modern aware we have this platform some one individual, no matter to power, no matter the impact you should have, or she should have ever use sport, as a platform to divide us. Let's stop right. There Einstein Is dividing home here's what Trump said: let's go to cut
go. Would you love to see one of these NFL owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch the veiled right now? You know some orders you to do that. He's gonna say that, guy that this don't don't count on these fires that owner they don't know. If there are no other friends of mine, many of them, they don't know they'll, be the most appeal. A person for a week, they'll be the most feel a person in this country cassettes a total disrespect of our heritage. That's a code This respect of everything that we stand for Ok, everything I know
our freedoms and we have freedom of choice and many many different freedoms, but you know what it's still early disrespectful course. I try and by the way this isn't about freedom of speech. I don't how many more times have to say this, the fell as private, even though its heavily subsidized by you and me, the teams are private players, not work for the government to govern it's not involved in firing. Any them are interfering with their speech to this has nothing to do with the first amendment, nothing whatsoever to do with the constitution. This is a workplace And I ask those of you who workin fields other than sports, if you had the people working in your office who were taken me or make us
practical themselves or start demonstrating in some form of protest, staying or are winning. Armbands her party, hats or whatever their doing and its disruptive. Would you be saying all that freedom of speech? No, they get there s fire But here again you're not allowed to say that No, these minor football players known or owe their famous people their important. You can criticise them by God. Uk criticized the owners and a course Roderick Adele, the absolute spineless goofball, who runs the NFL, the commissioner. Well, he finally stood up and issued a statement functional But, of course, when the Dallas Football team, why do acknowledge all those magnificent police officers who were murdered by wearing a symbol on there?
reforms are their shoes, they were told they damn well, better, not hey, that's their first I didn't hear about cost of the first amendment. I didn't you,
are they left wing sports writers and sports and there's a zillion lacks the first amendment? Why are you can't do that now? Not another course. Now you gotta be against the system in the system. All these people talk and against the system, none of them report today. Maybe they were one day which of course demonstrates the system works, but none of them report today model. Almost everyone loves his wealthier than the average fan viewer for attending and they lecture you like their better than you like the smart than you like. They know something that you don't know. Let's go back and Brown James and by the way, what Donald Trump said ten fifteen twenty years ago.
Would have been round we supported roundly supported by let's go back to the James cut twelve go when you don't talk about sports. Shouted divided from outside as well, and trying to divide you pal seems to me you're, pretty united in your stupidity is another phony Lebron James he'll never give up his paycheck now he's always looking for more money, as most capitalists are, but I love these guys, but just in sports by the way, in all walks of life who are super wealthy capitalists, but then trash the capitalist stem and somebody challenges them or what they're doing you're trying to divide us really what what progressive ism and liberalism about. If my dividing us go on with a genius.
I am an enthusiastic about is How can we personally dwell. Retain that guy. He's doin. That guy is doing. Is your president, the present United States, that guy is doing talks about dividing the country going No matter, if you vote a former, not you may have made him that's ok. We didn't vote the way. You'd always turn us. It's ok. We may I made a mistake. Sky is I don't like them? I've never liked them, but always agree. A lot of sports geyser who members out there to this guy. I do not like a sanctimonious because of this at the moment and that's exactly what we owe you may have made a mistake, if you voted for trampling over, that's ok, if you voted for him, go ahead, you water forum, It's ok, I'm aware of that
mercury is a realize. I should again moderate at many dance ghettos, provided you know are actually not. Let's go to cut thirteen go, I don't think a lot of it. Educated. I think a lot of people once educated, as I already said, Mister producer. I don't think a lot of people was educated. Oh the irony of ironies go ahead. I don't think a lot of people was educated down. And I think that's the biggest one of the biggest problems that we have a wanna because volt time that people are just not edge. Eight it or you see. Ladies and gentlemen, you don't both away Lebron James, insist that you were you get a lot of people was you. I don't think. Of people was educated Lebron James means by that you get about Democrat, you should voted for Hilary say must not have been educated
And those of you who voted for trompe made a mistake. Ok, that's ok, Lebron James says are ok, that's ok, mother, another sanctimonious individual, but don't worry, he's not dividing the nation, trumps dividing the nation. Right back You know for the last forty eight seventy two hours having giving very, very serious thought to stop running a news. I should pinion website with conservative thought and conservative opinion. Have some history and there are some philosophy hickory,
some of the smartest people that I can think of myself included when you think that MR producers. And I think I have a whole lot of fun doing it. Rather than my name being used for other people's purposes, I would use the site in order to communicate directly with you, my beloved audience it still anything. Looking phase, but I'm very, very serious about this, and I've got some other plans to. And I will keep you informed in their other things going on that I hope come to fruition. They don't. I will tell you why they don't come to fruition, but think about ways to get our message out in various platforms and so forth so will you millions and millions and millions of you and I On the same page, love this country, wanna leave a great caution,
for children and grandchildren. I think that's why we motivate each other. I really do. If you start getting your news in commentary from the mainstream media, why. You're watching the mainstream media you're missing out on the most important thing. The truth see our tv, especially Levin tv rigging, Do something you won't find anywhere else. A truly conservative perspective get up. All week of sea or tv for free right now and try it out now. You're, like is too busy to sit around watching, adds waiting the listener house. You don't trust, talk about issues, you don't care about. Join me on Levine TV work covering incredibly important issues and we discuss history and economics, politics and put it in context. Nobody else, will and we're getting for an exciting fall season, we're adding new shows and you want to miss a minute of it, long
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I also want to thank the right scoop who has posted I can record time idler help brain. Does it over there. Opening monologue, which I will linked to my social sites. I think you'll like it for you. If you wanna hear it again or if you you missed it well we'll make it available to you. Are I play Take some cause here: five tonnes do this rich. All right, let's go to Michael Why can t you see on the mark living? I go A mark you ve been through the park. The tower I do. I look at these players right become out they meal it. Then they take the field they play and they collect attraction in summer. Whereas tell us screw you very much right, yeah. When that be a more powerful saving it. They just refused
If you please said, and by the way, I don't even look at the cause going in time going to cause, so I trust me. I said they should go on strike and teach us a lesson Right now you're, not a fan of the whole of the thirty two dimensional underwater back in and now that the tariff trumped as bottom threatened course. I mean it by Tom speaking out about this. He's basically be legitimize the whole kneeling, if you all right they're, not kneeling. Again. Let me ask you this: why shouldn't isn't it common on everybody in the world's been commenting on it, but Trump shouldn't common honour and if he does his divisive, I don't know trump setting out a fire there? You know what I said to myself. I would see that event. Tape, eleven tv and the camera man or one of the cabinet keeps making a spectacle. Think I'd farther can remain. To get the hell out of here, it's my first, a member, I know its not get lost, we get a bit,
Just around here now I and by by the legitimate killing issue there there no longer no idea what their protest in my kneeling, but it is no longer Rhine Neil, I would prefer, as they stand on their heads. They stand on their heads now, wouldn't that be entertaining if there are standing in the middle field standing on their heads down, make far more interesting I'll. Tell you yeah, of course stand on your heads. That would be a real protests their exactly but on their nor their protests from not cops as colleagues as I can't have her neck So in a way, I don't give a damn what their protest in their annoying. They make it unmatchable cause you, You're, sedentary gotta, Bala, potato chips, diet, coke, potato chips, and I could and any watching again, you're watching you know what the hell is. This I'm gonna watch the jewelry channel. Last point
What can I say there other sports at a more patriotic now? If you look at the? U have see it's more patriotic ice hockey I mean Canadian, an american we see this in every sport there's a little bit about starting a baseball bat football, is the year his is the Lee. In this now in the owners are really blown it in my view, and the commission is really belong to my view, but five they're going to suffer the consequences, and in order for that that, fellow from Steelers that one guy that stood out and the Hanover his heart could hear the better and the revolutionary ACT will look in coach. The coach pressured hinder through Of course, that's disgusting, it's absolutely disgusting! Oh you, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you should make your voice is heard, affect all your fans of every support, your dickens. First, I don't grace you are? I don't care how much you learn, and neither do you wear second, were the ones who are united, give a damn these owners and plainer players, it'll give it
about you I'll, be right back now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark Levant number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I just continue to think about this because its bigger now than sports. Because the progressive mindset behind America mindset is so pervasive among people who
In the lab luxury, like no people have ever lived before in human history, and they know it, they know it. They know. This is the greatest country in the face of the earth. If there was a greater country they leave, this country out of that country. If you're malcontents, you don't have any connection to this country, you despise it right. So there were another country out. There are other countries that were bare they go, but they don't go. There aren't any, but I was thinking anything about war war too.
How our appeal Debbie's were abused and how so many of them died without even giving their name rank and serial number. They were tortured same in the Vietnam WAR, the men who were tortured some beaten to death, horrific conditions, and they were beaten and beaten, including the cane is a perfect example, and they have it as long as they could before they were trash their own country and turn on their own country, and yet we celebrate football players and owners retraction. The country, What are they doing? What are they to wire owner staining arm in arm with players? United for what united to defend the league defend the league against what criticism by president and tens of millions of us. They Yoda respect the flag and respect the nation
I have them is that so are, and if all these hurry The conditions in America were in fact, as pervasive as these there is now saying these owners tacitly now say where were they five years ago? why? All of a sudden? I love you headlines, trot, doubles down. Trunk doubles down. Big trunk doubles down, he's consisted he sticking by his position. But people are criticising this copernican and others Bennett. Before trapped by recital word before, Tromp Arizona word by the way we are they keep an eye on our ban. I dont know when the pulse closer, MR producer, you're gonna have to check and one hour they close. We get any information, let you know about the republican primary. You know why.
I've been taking on Mitch Mcconnell for years and years and years, and now it appears others are joining and well. I want to thank the late, but better late than never. Twenty four team when he was running for reelection. I just want to remind you go out on the internet, Google, it we're was everybody where that there were nowhere. Moreover, Roy more I supported MO, Brooks Momo Brooks lost by the way is a great guy. There would have been a great senator. You now is a great congressmen good, I mean only supported Roy more and we reach every piece of Alabama Minister radio programme every corner Alabama, wherein they pay him a part of Alabama Mobile wherein Tuscaloosa or the year the Alabama fans wherein gosh I started Birmingham HANS.
Oh many, many more towns in Alabama. I have been a level about, then I think the food in Alabama is unbelievable.
So where there's still time to vote in Alabama. I hope we do. This, isn't a race between the Nationalists, populists and rhinos is a race between a conservative. Roy more has been a conservativism power life but tiny, served in the military and well beyond, and establishing a more on that later. The amount of money that match Mcconnell and his cronies have poured into this rate is staggering money that could have been used to defeat Democrats but Mitch. What Carlos more more desires of defeating conservatives he's not out to defeat Susan Collins started to featly some rakowski. There is allies, he's out the defeat conservatives and republican primers cause. I can't control them once they come to the Senate. He's got almost monopoly control of his party in the center, but it's not good enough. I back to the National Liberal Football League
Greg Papa, which he's the clown who runs the Spirit, is the coach and he was at a press conference yesterday. Let's listen to this clown cut nine go or countries an embarrassment in the world. This is it Did you actually thought it when people held, during the game, They were doing it to honour the flag, that's delusional! Now, let's stop. The man is absolutely incoherent. People help howling arms during the games that they were doing it to honour the flag. I think it means dishonor the fire. Doesn't Mr Vanunu dishonor the flag. And that's not what he's talking about genius he's talking about taking a knee it may be. You can tell us why they're holding arms in unity in unity, in unity, for what liberalism and unity for what taken the knee and unity for
Tat, trashing two cops immunity. You kid Size, the NFL increases as any other entity, any other organisation he can criticise end of it. Up the wiser but to criticise, Deanna found their players and their owners now don't do that. That's racist. We're all gonna go in the field and hold arm. So all the fans could be discussed, it so alike. Customers can be disgusted at the freak. Show. That's going on this. Ethical, what the owners and the players and the getting down on the needs and that this or that I say just go on strike, go on strike, though it go on strike, beggar, real statement. This is all phony. Let's go with this area, the basketball coach for the spurs Gregg Papa, which go absolutely do
but it's what we have to live with? So you got a choice. We can continue to boats our heads off the wall with his conduct or now gave a minor time out of his niece, this false turnabout present United State. What's bout, your heads off the walls about whether I take you like, I read Papa, ditch cut ten go, I wonder what the people think about who voted for him. Where their line is how much they can take If you say, ladies and gentlemen, you and I are stupid- you and our studies The people who voted for Trump or ignoramus threats are getting at or their white supremacist or they're just thoughts dupes. I would say this to great Papa leave very, are taken. A great part of. I compare my iq two years coach
compare my background, a year's coach, I'm happy I'll, compare whenever you want in terms of intelligence, coach. You know I'm not gonna get on hearing brag like all these other hosting that have nothing to brag about. I got a pretty cool academic record Greg. Which we voted with our eyes wide open have our usual: when did you do but he's Lebron James, you see. You know you made a mistake. That's ok! How much you gonna take. You know what you gonna. Do you didn't like us? Go ahead. Where does the morality and decency Again, I understand very well very, like their choice. Rambling about you moron, you Eddie, I guess the actors who knows when a piece of paper and tariff barriers to shoot the bar thousands
understand when you get there by wet the morality, their morale Are you the holding arms had eleven go? There has to be an uncomfortable element in the discourse for anything to change in others, algae, BT, movement? Now ever civil rights leader with great Papa, which anybody ever hear a great part of it. Outside of the asparagus organization. The out say: he's now he's gonna go and the whole liberal line of things. You have to believe there's something wrong with you. Go to the top cut. Eleven please go. There has to be an uncomfortable element in the raising the change. Trust me more on. When I listen to you. It's an uncomfortable element. Go ahead to El Gb. Movement or when one is for each other woman suffrage. What do you mean
I don't have the right to vote in this country. What I think the skies like a hundred years off sees a moron woman suffrage. I want to salute the Saudis they finally come around. Their women can now drive and Saudi Arabia. Can we have a hand for this? Oh they cut one off. I guess you can pay for it. Looking there inside Iraq, woman suffrage, you jack, we ve had for a long time go ahead. A it doesn't matter, people have to be made to feel uncomfortable in despair. We white people because we're comfortable. What are you talking about. This is the kind of race baiting. I despise where individual Ladies and gentlemen, individuals, some individual, struggling financially. Some individuals are struggling. Seriously mentally some individuals are striking struggling serious. Physical ailments you don't know, oh what's going on in anybody's life, just because of that
pigmentation on their skin you're. The foggiest idea- and I resent church like you. Whether respecting all the time all the time and sports race, baiting race, painting, right, hey, guys, jerk, great Papa Bitch, you, I'll be right. Back so Don T just done something damage to Mahina, while America markets were able to take any really genius who sent you unable to take any a pencil in your eye. He can run over your foot. He can do all kinds of things in America, but you working for a business and do something that disrupts the business. You can also get your ass back
try that also happens in America because you're, not the only one with corn quote rights, person who employs. You has called on core rights to that's called America, nothing to do with the constitution, the governments not involve sorry, I had to keep repeating myself, because some people can help it. They just can help it. No skipped, they is another moron, then he's on Fox sports yesterday You know what I'm going to go away with this guy. I can't stand this guy. I only want to give him my attention that he doesn't deserve. Let's go to my tumblr. Coach MIKE Tomlin at a post game press conference on Sunday filling a waiver who he served in the military. I believe you did several tours in Afghanistan, a captain arrangements and he said
I back the fact that he went on the field alone. He didn't go with the other Steelers at the locker room with the other Steelers and he's now had to make excuses and the pressures been put on them, because what we do now, ladies and gentlemen, for all those who believe in you ought have free speech is what we're dealing with now is intolerance, the lack of free speech. It's called groups, So all those out there talking about the right to speak currently the right to speak if you're on a team, if you agree with the leftist agenda or the hatred that hate Trump again, Otherwise, you'd better shut, the hell up, colluding tromp himself president has to shut up. I don't think so. So here's my Tomlin cuts
the NGO not come off the anthem and what was your thinking? No wasn't. My decision like most needs international football league. We didn't ask for this now. Actually you did ask for this. You did it. Through this, in your owners asked for go ahead, place You cannot buy circumstance I heard when those guys talk and during the course of the day yesterday market and she was on the will not allow politics that divide us. We're football players with football team, and felt like Santa needed to be done. I ask those guys to discuss it and whatever disgusted that a we have a hundred percent participation or we do nothing. They discussed it for Probably by now politics: no politics are they decide if we get a hundred per cent of another, its absolute group. Think no detractors, then. Ok, I'm with you go ahead. Into an understanding,
money a silly question coach. What a twenty year players wanted to take a knee and say: no, I'm not going to do what you guys want. I'm taking a knee. Personally, I wasn't very good. Was it because, when Europe veteran decided that he would take any. Against what you were doing in so many of you know that as a loose parallel You didn't like a one. Damn bit, you Like that at all, go ahead remove themselves from it now can be disrespectful and aunt em, so you chose not to participate, but at the same time many of them were not going to accept the words. This lesson all this about football players. I've thought about football, football strand, jeez, this player that player the future. Now not gonna we're not going to talk about power. But all they do is talk about. Politics is a disease,
It's a poison, progressive, ism, leftism twenty! It is go ahead so we decided to set it out tonight the field right with you very grave of whether young men and women all over the world were wearing a different, uniform, a real, uniform and they're, not playing a game playing for keeps life and death and they more guts? Then you coach time when everyone, every damn money or players in every damn football player and every damn coach combined are not sit out and are not taken knees some other it, Hagen Incoming. While pretend that's not what this is about. Trust me, ass majority of Americans know that that's what this is about starts out as an attack It includes anti military, the oddest coach,
To be honest, now its anti trump. Now it's antitrust because Trump said fire. These guys, who are doing well MA, am we're gonna your night. We didn't break this circumstance. He created. Gotta hear from the Idiot basketball coach theory Braun James, you gotta, hear for Miss Eliot on and on and on go ahead, focusing principle Why am I guess on it? Then stopping you go ahead, He was how the tunnel, because, as it does does why you're lookin for a hundred percent participation code- so am I so are we were looking for a hundred percent part patient when they play that national anthem. That flag goes up. When I get it from you, culture, your team, we want one hundred percent participation, that's what we're looking for sale. One veteran. Any the other players veterans. Are you a veteran coach? Maybe I don't know who decided to go out in the field,
Put his hand over his heart and twenty one hundred percent group think absolute illogical monopoly and he couldn't get it and this back pay the price for it go ahead, some of our support, maybe the device of times in the United States and is a shame they weren't device at times of the prior president, where they lay doesn't know and they work I see it as a result of Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party in the russian collusion. Were they laid it, and now we want one hundred percent ideological participate but we, on the other hand, can take them me if we want to take the name. I got that about right, coach, I back
the only constitutional lawyer you can see today, but free no appointment necessary just column, Eddied, seven, seven create one three, eight one one! You know when the cap things started, he started taking any action. Lane on this programme that the sports world doesn't understand are tens of millions of us who do not Also sports every day and there too millions of people who do. But we overlap doing sporting event, whether it's a football game, a more basketball game or a boxing match review of sea, they there's the overlap, but we don't follow. Day in and day out day in and day out about their millions who do following day in and day out, the great. But for the millions of us who don't fight
one day in and day out and what we see guys taken knees we, do. You guys put their first in the air. We see guys doing stuff. Whatever their motivation, we, with our eyes, impressed through our minds and our experience, and we you guys, but we believe ridiculing this country. And ridiculing the military have may lead et, ladies and gentlemen, the national anthem isn't played at weddings and Barnett's buzz. Is it it's not played actor whatever baptisms and so forth, its pay? It played a patriotic. Times are a patriotic events. Sorry, nobody knows what's going on here. We don't need spin, its own people. Do that.
And you come from a family with people who served in the military, but people who are police officers- or you just love this country and understand why you love this country. Yet I like it when people do this stuff protect, When they benefited like nobody else from this country, the NFL doesn't get it the owners, don't care and the players don't get it but they're gone. But it further operate. If I come on here, a treat you that why why they would you listen already demonstrating you have voices in this life. Look. You like the listener. My show you listen to my show. If I come on here and be you as racists, if I come on here and be re, use, because you voted for their operate. If I come on here, a treaty that why why the hell would you listen. They're, not gonna, listen, you got a thousand things you can do, and football comes up
Sunday on Sunday, night or Monday, night or Thursday night or whenever seems like every night not going to be traded this? Why and why? Should you big, you haven't done anything wrong? This group think this attack on people because of group identity, you're sick of it, I'm sick of it. I don't speak for all white people know what the hell are white people are doing today. You don't know why people are doing today. They are black. Here I speak for all the black people a country I pray, you tell me what the hell is this either like certain people because of the substance, what they say they find an interesting you find him. I tried. What are you doing. Rather than that jobs are there, but the vast majority of Americans are not jobs, but we wouldn't have a civil society? What we know we wouldn't
but it's gotTA, Donald, currently New York, that Great W Abc go. Have you no mark? I say thank you about their personally and the army vulcanised thirty thirty, three, almost thirty three years and the police. I only managed it. I can try. That's a big deal. Conversion shit, I'm retired. Now, if I find it might be thought that anyway, make your comments about this time in it the guy's a hypocrite. Not are you why he when you ask him. Why are you doing what you know any disrespect flag and believe me? I stood out Morocco by myself by the sorting of waste Nobody around by me, but I asked. Why do you know that ISA? Because one of the reasons he gets it because employees profoundly LAO please, for thirty two years and the five months and I'd like one thousand the police officers is it then
unbridled anybody saw. That tells me he is like enemy. Circle who wears a blue, uniform and say no prejudice and that's exactly what prejudices. Songwriter Geiger prejudice not meet these prejudice and when you attack a group of people For the actions of a handful one or whatever number, yes, your prejudice, I want to get across announcing that point, and I want to thank you for your trifecta. God bless you, my friend. Now that had been sleeping in my Casper mattress for a long time, I picked it over. Every A truce overhead, you know, really helps me get the best night sleep period and I've told you before I got mine, we got five more. We have sick,
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Mike Chicago Illinois, on the mark living go you mark, I do have one quick come in here. Benny Goodman was right when he said: Americans lost its quiet now. Here's the deal Joe Demoiselle Bob Feller Head Williams, up real those guys. Not only did they not fitted out, but they lost the best play in years that their life serving in the armed forces and strewn Av Air Force Army, spect of late and these guys when even make an five figures. Now you tell me if America has, alas, classroom that here's my motto if they want to hold on power- and I can think it so men- the he always play. We talk. There are a lot of what your model My motto now is they don't stand idle? Don't and I'm not gonna sit in a stands to go to again My friend higher model till you noted, as Mr Produce have used it before
some of us, your wise, and some of us are otherwise you like that. One. Ali Baba Goody. I would argue a J Jacksonville Florida, the gray W B, obey Debbie about go hey You know you made a point earlier and I wish more commentators would pick up on a tireless shop right there. They don't pick up on it because they're back there. You understand what I'm saying yes to, I call them back. Mantras, go right ahead agent, Well, the reality is the reason people so angry about these antics on the sidelines, because it's a baby switch. We pay good hard, earned money to go to a clay or go to a football game or base a baseball game, basketball game. Whatever it is to be entertained, we did he pay to be forced somebody, social issues, doing I want to the social issue. They encourage Turkey to whatever protest, but on their time not allowed die. I think that's that by the way you mentioned something play. Has anybody
taken in near a play. I remember him now. I think they should right inside I ought to shut them down the guy. How about it. Stand on your heads. You know, pull your dress area had do whatever you want. Protest protests protest and now we're done with you go ahead. I would these planets like it. If they went to a restaurant or they went A favorite again and suddenly they were barrage by the waitress or their trainer with their social issues. They wouldn t know they would They wouldn't like that, and as essentially what they're doing captive audio in there we had there. We and I see, were playing with Paypal money, we're not gonna be, and suddenly we have to listen. We witness to the social issues. They have all day all week, long that they can advance a social she's in whatever way they want you Monday, three saturday they can going to their community
They can do whatever they want to advance the social issue. They don't have a right to do that in a when we are paying for them. They can do it if the owners, let him do it if the leg, let some but they have a right to do it. They don't have a constitutional right, but ever contractual rights. If that's what they want to do now. That said, You have no obligation to subsidize. I kind of behavior. Do you now you don't talk about this now for our forty five minutes, while the year. While the inbred over there in Korea has Sir his growing stockpile of missiles and that our country in the Islam or Nazis in Tehran to doing the same thing this is, my resentment. Quite frankly, thank you. A Jay everything I have said for an hour and forty five minutes has been their help- the NFL help the owners and help the plagues they get off. This track again, to help the owners help the players help the NFL taken off this trap. You are at war, when your fans, don't you get it, you are war. Would you
and I don't like it- Domini Columbus Ohio Mark living go large did you might ass? Well, have always have got with impunity. Great we're going around. We have a more on the police let us with impunity who they killing with impunity for people. Every year, people every year by his eyes. I asked you mostly power, mostly porn. Sir, we live in a tyrant, legal Sweden, attire justice system. You, whether the question. Could you sound like a very, very intelligent man? Let me ask you a question. The prosecutors in on this year. Are the judges in on this to furnish. The second grown on our not done. I want to go through the other juries in on this most definitely, public order on this,
I urge you not to really sure yeah the court system, the prosecutors, the cops. My phone, you Eddie. I call on the wrong station. Lord He's a mark living by means he actually downloaded there right. Mr producer took some time to download it by welcome to the mark living sure. That's here, I gotta take a break I'll, be right back We're gonna, get the results Alabama dwell boasting come in very, very slowly in our three, but will keep an eye on them, will see all the people beating their chests over the result.
Slapping themselves in the face of the thoughts and people will be taken. Credit forwarders credit will be assessed. I don't play that game, even though I endorse candidates, it's the people of Alabama will make the decision and I hope the vote for the conservative hope they did right. Boy and it is they who who deserve the credit, and they will get the credit for me for sure. I love my camera but its reach the age where things are starting to go wrong. It's a twenty ten! I believe first model year. Whatever it is unaware those problems anymore, though, because I got extended vehicle service protection from car she'll getting covered by car shield. Is such a great idea. It's affordable protection. They can say thousands recovered repair. A new fuel pump cos, four five hundred dollars and replacing a water pumps over a thousand
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Evans will Indiana the Great W g bf go tonight. You send me a book I received it other is annoying is only which book was it all your latest hear anything rediscovering american- is that it's an accurate and I'm going to be, even in my granddaughter, the red light. Calo is, is this now I looked it up her one individual particular account capper nuclear energy as a degree, this management, I'm sure I'll eat. Other players are taken knees and protesting in doing all these things against their nation against their flag. Is that their fanned I'll have the capability of going? then creating jobs, hiring people running a business, writing a paycheck and doing great things for the community
yeah, but yet how many these individual there are playing a painful bognor, large checks living in a lot better than cure Ah, here early and then. And then I really not really doing anything in their communities are well. You know their weaken community activists, I guess, and if you can actually be a civil rights leader. Will then be a civil rights later turn on Saturday and Sunday you go down on every day it's a pay check that you want so badly than be honest. Tell us, but I say: They should go on strike and really protest, really really protest and say you know what we're so does, Gaston with any quality we're so disgusted with trap. We're so disgusting. These rules in the seats the fans were said this ass, the well off, then we're going on strike and see how it works out at the fact that people want to wonder grunting Highschool football shows what a bleacher on either side or playing in it.
I'll field someplace, I larry good cause. I appreciate David with Tom Alabama the Great W W. I said where everywhere now about how you mark on them right tonight. I've been trying for a year and a half years, those honoured on playthings did they ve mug I'll? Get you back outlay water back there, Talk about about the owners. Behaviour is the by one all the operators money like its base for didn't hit a pocketbook, Sutlers revenues, Jerry sales ticket bail, what heavy they don't become very patriotic or not I can fly, and I went back by the way what people to know your background. You served in Iraq, armored car on the far side of the twenty four and a half years. I am afraid it is true, Afghanistan, whole I'm only God bless you, sir. I rather like my back or get ball out bad about Mountain Afghanistan Valentine's day
tat night, while you're real euro, no I'm not a hero mark and its American. My daddy the heroes. Whenever I love about you, so I love about this country, and this is a lot of these folks now get and its people, You who are watching this and you don't need people through it, corporate, for you don't need people spend for you know, what's goin on, don't you absolutely these our by while accepted learning and they're all afraid said their star black athlete. Since I guessed it might gonna get some starlight athletes who are doing the same thing. You no doubt flock of death I am trying to help the owners. Players in the leg get your act together, there's gonna, be nothing to get together, you'll be A small remnant of use, your former self are,
friend, I appreciate it we'll be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one: when I'm in the Florida bunker what they ve been kind of rotten, really warm, of course, about re Sonny, The ocean waves were very, very high. I feel like a match. Oversight I don't mean, but thou. My screen polarity
it's back my Ghana to pack Donald. Today, at the White House talking about North Korea he's being attacked for this to making his attack for everything is any cuts wanting go too. We are totally prepared for the second option, not have preferred option But if we take that option it will be devastating. I can tell you that devastating for North Korea, that's called them the third option, if we have to take it, we will he's acting. Very badly. He said things that should never ever be said and we trying to those things. But it's a reply nodded digital serpent to reply, but the thing he said over the last year and if you look back the things that he said to past administrations, Korea is a situation that should have been handled twenty five years ago, twenty years ago, fifteen years ago, ten years ago in five years ago, and it could have been handled much more easily
various administrations, many administrations which left me a mess, but I'll Extra mass so we'll see what happens with North Korea. How can argue with that truthfully how can you argue that it is correct the same thing happened where the rain. Quite frankly, so we are totally bit. Let's hit the fan, couple of sentences again rich and on what terms? How did it go ahead? We are totally prepared for the second option, not a preferred option, but We take that option. It will be devastating. I can tell you that devastating for North Korea, while the military option. I let's stop there nineteen. Ninety three Bill Clinton was talking about North Korea. If North Korea use nuclear were threatening the use nukes where develop. Nukes.
Here's what he said in nineteen. Ninety three cut nineteen go Try to develop nuclear weapons. Are you really cannot be the end of their country B, the another country, while its different? That spoke? Let all! Sadly, I forget that spoke, went America, so the polls in Ben I've close correct MR producer, so the telling has begun and people state their reputations. All over this I endorse They re more on the programme, and I hope he wins and then goes on hopefully whence a general election and there's a lotteries for. He's the most conservative at the two, there is absolutely no question about it, but Luther Strange is a laptop much Mcconnell
for a very long time, I've said Miss Mcconnell is an obstacle to admit setting a liberty agenda, a capital, agenda to advancing those things they could help and the country round and rob anal very sharp guy Mcconnell shower strange with millions in race for safety, your pc today he writes Alabama just go to the polls to select who will represent the Republican Party in December special election to the Senate, seed vacated by Jeff sessions. Will it be more Luther strange. The matter who wins today. One thing is certain swamp Mitch, Mcconnell and his allies have spared no expense. The boss, The candidate who are unquestionably found a lie will leadership rather than saving vital resource to go after vulnerable Democrats and twenty eighteen? Connell's leadership pack and now I listen to this- has spent nearly ten million dollars to trains.
Proper conservative, from becoming a United States, senator the state. Amount is all the more appalling when you consider that Mcconnell candidate has trailed me, more from us entire campaign, and I want to make that clear. Two should more when he's a significant lean on strange from day one from day. One. Two recent public pause taken in the wake of president trumps fry. Visit and support a strange show more continue to enjoy commanding led, despite facing it Five to one outside group spending on slot and disadvantage. Mcconnell Lisbon good money after bad to try to ensure that these fetid swamp stays flooded and auditing justify the spending. Mcdonald's leadership pack has been pushing internal, pulling back simply shows how much tighter raised her for a bit more context: check out I'll die com reports. The way the palazzo said. President chump had an eighty three percent favourable rain,
listen candidates, often town internal appalling, that deviate from public polling to keep interests, a money flowing to the race, now every see data accessed yesterday outside groups are spent nearly ten million dollars to other support, strange candidacy directly or oppose Roy Moors my cartels leadership pack, the Senate leadership Fund is response. For the lion's share that spending Mcconnell Pakistan, over two million dollars to bolster strange and nearly four half million, mostly negative, as attacking more so six and a half million dollars on erase, it is, by all appearances, a loss, no wise Mcconnell spending. So much money, obviously he's trying to buy the republican mommy strange. His latest pc filing covering activity of two September. Six. Twenty seventeen show that of the four points.
For six million. He either raised her lowness campaign over twelve Eight percent came from political action committees. That means In addition to the nearly ten million dollars and outside spending six a million of which comes out from a camel. They K Street I've been class is dumped another one point: three million impact donations industry each campaign to ensure the status quo in Washington. More, on the other hand, is only benefited from a total of one point. Three five million spent on his behalf or oppose strange and has raised as of have pc filing covering activity to September, only one point for two million of which only five thousand, and political action committees. Now them, notable independent expenditures on behalf of more from the Great America Alliance and Great America pack. Organizations that are our
And by trump individuals, not together, breaking were trump those groups over a hundred and seventy thousand hours. To help more, that's nothing compared to what my Connally company of the He sent a conservative fun run by our body coach banality future. Knowing conservatives, action to spend over nine hundred thousand abolished or more in the final stages of the campaign. Less last week, bright, Barbie, what are they drew measure, a senior I say to the more campaign estimated at thirty million dollars have been spent by strange Mcdonald's allies against more data shown here is what was publicly available as a Monday. An enormous amount of money that their spending So an addition is six point: five million spent by strange and against Roy, more Carlos leaderships, back pack, spent two point: four against conservative House member Mo Brooks leading up to the August primer. That's eight
total of around nine million dollars. The mechanic. Spend on this campaign to prop up Luther strange when they could have been used to fight Democrats, because Mcconnell knows he can't control these conservative ups challenging him challenging rather candidates in the republican primary any, doesn't much like it. What too, damn bad and there needs to be more, and we will support more them as well, let's see better Oh two, Arnold makin, all city Michigan, Syria satellite go. I am first, our monologue. Inspired me I'll call. You an early, and I feel this long and it also called United States.
My grandfather came near the twenties with my mother s first born here out of fifteen people, said to her family, we all in the Navy the of the United States. Tell me one thing: my older brother, John, it's a good thing I thought a king: we could have been better in Germany, the reward for our polish. That's what we think about government about the United States that were our loyalty lies yes, I agree with you. Thank you for your car retired military. I retired military Brad K, Anzio, gratefully Grand Junction Colorado go right ahead. Markham are, I would like to say family Annabel or the NBA for that matter, and so I'm not Getting away from them by not watching these antics currently, with the situation
Penalizes why a man have always consider the players be over privilege? were paid under contributors society. You, the more and more in a year than the vast majority people do in a lifetime hinder it. I'm also a marine corps veterinary nineteen years old. I I stood on foreign soil. I look on the flag, the symbol of the estate full of people who stood behind they serve depend and protect them and leave antics by by water, nothing more than a bunch of overgrown children playing a game are about this. Respect of the anthem lag military law enforcement and me in an inferior me to the point. I sincerely hope it affects them and their employers to the point. They find like many others in the country, out of work and searching for a job right. Or angry about decided. I pressure. You thank brand. Thank you Brad, and thank you for your service, Michael long for
cliff to new juries, integrate W Abc, Go Denmark GRID. Overnight. Thank you. I'm here gobble. We wanted the first proposed by my Facebook page yesterday about Leubronn autumn a fool when he made the comet using Trump uses the sport as a stage for is agenda when, in fact, conquer connected, an exacting youth and sport. Today, trade agenda on a police officer and at the conference, because going into an area where it not all of them. Tabling a white cap as the problem which I have a problem less than one percent of all the crimes committed by a cab and not wait it why it went a to blackmail but together and if they come up with a solution I voted. But then I have a solution. They just divide country, the weighted down all the years. I got my facebook page and I put something in it: maybe racist and some of you I get crushed the yet my blackberry,
If anything, they want page and get away with it, and if I don't want to get into this because I have no idea what you're talking about what you're putting on your page or what they're putting on their page, but thank you for your car Jeff Lafayette Louisiana the Great K p. I go long term lister, just anything here on joining the protests and I'm not gonna watch the Unifil anymore What are you gonna do on Sundays, them more yard, half kitty tell girls on last night Well, I'm taking a nap taken any on that moment, the yard stuff than enough for that where I work, for nine years. I walked in and got them that's where freedom of speech ended. They told me what where the uniform and what I can say in it.
In my bank can I talk to you and your wife walk in a little bit later- and I thought I could not let her know that you're in my bank earlier in the day, I call those grounds for me, dismissal this time, even players and these owners grow. What's the matter. Well, We'll see what they do, I think the damaging themselves. I know they love the publicity, but that's how the media work. So I just Thanks for your cursor, do I need to take a break. I think I do be right back by the way there's some good owners in Vienna fell to you now they really are. But what I'm saying tonight is mean
there are millions of you at your sharing perspective of man, I'm showing my perspective with. You were in significant agreement here. And you know this kid into a year a democrat the operation or- sandy seizure, footballs, footwear and yet the left Kay. Control itself will urge the media, whether it's the classroom, weathered the movies weathered football basketball whatever it is that the screw up everything has after they are so they are. But the league, the only thing I have to figure this out and do it quickly because I mean who's, not filling the stance and Tita black lives matter, you're professors. See liberal flower, children,
students who major in what. I don't know you name it in social work, you're not fill in the stamps. He knows. On the stance truck drivers, electricians, plumbers, and they're not alone, either people like me, too when these players, whether the basketball, football and others they Billy stereotypes, they trash people who no vote the way they want in the vote and so forth. This past football coach. The clown is a perfect and they pose as these intellectuals. In an electoral sir stupid, I would kill to debate this code for the spurs killed a debate this guy anyway,
that's where we're Mark Cherry Hell, New Jersey, the Great W B say: go broke, I'm on gutless one clear at this point I wanted to make was going Obama's eight year. One was up at the podium about everything we might tell you about. Some police stupidity go right now: where was the arab world? Is all this action there when it was over kind of everybody by Obama, and there was nothing there, then he sat on his did nothing. Now you can't, Like all of a sudden eighteen months to twenty four months ago, We have similar rights activists, starting with the cabinet- and I don't care, anybody else as this guy's a clown, they try to make it there's something he's not the clown jack. Would you know What did he, where those sneakers are those shoes with their copses pigs? Remember that mark? Yes, yes, absolutely up anybody. I assume that take their shoes off now.
Maybe no, of course, not know. No, no, you don't understand mark. This is about inequality. I know damn well. What this is about is the left is right, full agenda, trashing America. Once again, I you take care of yourself. I'm telling you call after collars very, very angry here. Sean Long Island, the Great W Abc retired military go mark thanks but you do I'm a military veteran and I am one of those angry people set with people justified. Spitting on our american flag, because really, when you think about it, that's what it is- and my thing is what's next week and have actually sitting on a poem when they went to know a winter metal. While the flag is raised and the national anthem place, I mean I hate it, but if that happens, I don't know where I'm going to take the near the city upon which the coach for this bears where's this country going. We don't know you jerk, but we know
a dragon ascended, the gutter, unbelievable I really appreciate you giving me an hour to listen to everything that goes on, because you really speak the truth and not a lot: it will do and the liberal less just through our country and let me tell you something limitation, spend the whole shown this. I've tried to raise other subjects, but you ve, and you Sean know of them: what's your focus on you like ticked off? Quite four way. I don't blame you, Patrick cancer will be right back. Mark radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Let me tell you, aren't going to these games. Football
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Let's continue of hear see here a k harangue. Now there it is let's see Andrew stand, New Jersey, the Great W Abc ago mark the problem I have with the protests are protesting wrong thing. They could be protests the Democrat Liberal Party, that caused the break up of the black family, the file, there's nothing in the home, the message that kind of hard to do in the other players should do that. You're gonna players, there actually part of the problem, the players alot of empathy, Had there been simply while I don't know, I don't know Annesley at all enough about the place personalized, but thanks for don't dragged me in there have not gone. There lay lost Angelo California, on the mark living, go Mark, far as I'm concerned. It sees professional sport.
Hollywood and the media today. Ninety percent of them salivate they're, all entertainers there in the entertainment business and go, and I regard all of these people as the man one day, court gestures and they're. Just about is important in terms of substance. As court gestures were, you said, earlier at the beginning of the show that what they do is indeed the it's not important here, what they say a very rapid, it's not in an important there. Just plain, I will keep my language clean court gestures and should be regarded as such and ignored Lee like you, for you call out there go to Kurt San Francisco, the great care suffer Harry you. So much for taking my colleague tunnel honour to speak with you. You know With regard to the arab helping, I mean The bottom line is, I dont, think America needs
the NFL is the amateur wants to keep making its money. Then they need to respect America and, as far as I'm concerned, these players. Are we getting down on both knees? Put your hands together. Kevin toward and thank God they even have a friggin job. I'm sorry May the San Upset, but never say friggin again, sir, on the air. Ok, sorry, I'm my apologies I'm just getting your life to save friggin. Ok, ok, hired hands cared very good only to apologize, appreciate your cursor bill, beauty, South Carolina on the mark Levant go they Margaret girl, I I have good fun after and wonder. I remember now, therefore, captain there they ve been on multiple performance by Iraq and Turkey in different places, and you know that
football I get watch football over there and if the flap and their faith they give him a break when their only the frank about how little near them and then in the end, I have given as flapper veterans and are the boy man in the face by having Lisa, I think that this is what amazes me in I talked about this bill and by the way, that's terrific, your sons really, I'm sure your proud father, part of what I said in my opening monologue on the programme tonight, which is in a way of men and women in uniform her watching this crap. Who are facing life and death decisions who are defending this country and they get a watch Printed down as these narcissists, these multimillionaire jocks trash them black trash, the national anthem
These guys, I'm doing a damn thing for their country. The fact that, on weakens they may help in their community or some cherry, that's great you really are a civil rights later. You really believe that stuff, you leave your job in football. You leave your multi million dollar salary. You go back the community. You say you wanna help and help them full time every day and pay what area get paid, but they don't do that now. Do they worry about they are our army. I've seen my phone and the things I have to carry on the things that have to do with my back later male multi million dollar spoiled brat far any make nothing and you know, and their that fighting and the flag fighting to defend the national anthem and these jerks. That's what they are, that checks. That's right. I bill thanks for your car.
I knew this would get out of control. I said if they don't get this the next thing under control. Neither can undermine their leg and their undermining their leg. They gotta get in. Control, but they're not gonna. This Roderick Adele is no. There is no good. Let me put it that way: style good, he's a pc lawyer for peace. Laurie come came through the bureaucracy, the NFL now good. John Arlington Virginia, the great w. I may I go Margo beyond the shares are coming twenty you're better and I tell you I am so upset That's why he veterans he said at last. They were Capron. I really find me I'd say there are many marketing Why, then, having its argument for the last five days, you know everybody says The president, I it did. This differ man that differently it a lot. He spoke to an issue and
he is getting back by a lotta. Why should the president? I don't get it so everybody can speak except the President every small can speak whose wearing a uniform on on the football field take knees. Disrespect the american people disrespect the flag, disrespect I shall hear them tell us how crappy country is how unequal our country is. While I collected ten million dollar pay checks, when a real, uniform, the wearing of football uniform and at present it states says what is reflected by millions and millions of Americans and he's trash now. The fact is, this is par for the course. Anybody who stands up to this progressive moment, whether turn football field, much care picture in a campaign is trashed his track. So will continue to stand out because this one strikes very very close to home from many many people gradually runner the market I right now, I'm proud of what you're doing and when they.
Our view, that is, police brutality and a nature, to argue that it is in that, and you know what the default Bismarck it. Only. Back to racism and on time, here in its racism, is racism it now. Most of these big cities are controlled by minorities. Such just be honest, such number one most of the yet the police chiefs of police supervised, same thing now? We, However, we have a court system in this country where prosecutors we have defence council we have judges. We have juries, we have a pellet courts, so in I believe that there is a systemic repeat racism in our justice system, I would argue that means that all these different elements in our justice system are involved, including the minorities who involved in law enforcement and in an end managing the justice system I don't buy it do I buy. There's cases of it. Of course I do. I do not that the whole system is is laced
with racism of the over and over time, I don't buy that for two minutes. That's just! a generalization, that's just an accusation. I thank you for your time. My friend, that's, continue. Natalie Long Island, the Great W Abc Go Mark. The worst thing of all is that thing that played in London Jacksonville right, I don't know the name, think it's Jacksonville. Anyone honestly in watching the right and why Need I seen it off. They showed pitches with aid, Nels Mary took any scarcely they took a need.
The need for the american leg, did you ever get up? For God's sake, the queen, I say I want to cry because they have won t you. I've got my brought the served in the Navy during the Korean WAR and when I see that my heart just broke and I've wondered bees play is over there at all black. We allow I said with growing that one could be it. The Africa now listen. I know thank back and by the way, thank you for your clear Chris
games will flood of the great Ws K. Why go market but on an approach now I had a conversation with a liberal before I heard from you that the first amendment doesn't apply in the case of the pride employer situation, but he said he supports acts like this, because He has the right to freedom of speech and I told him tat snap snaps them. He doesn't I have the right to do this on the football field. If the owners of the clubs and the leg say he or they may not, do it there's no government connection of any kind in this situation. That's why I agree, and I would be the same as any private employment situation that say on a dealership. Ok, One of these guys keeps taken any in the middle the place when your customers are coming and SAM taken away because of social justice
hell out of here you jerk on trying to sell cars. You want to take a need for social justice, do it on you on time and in your own place, while this exact thing applies to the NFL degree. That's. Why should I have this conversation before I heard that from you today, I that part buddy. If any the point I wanted to make was when they always use the excuse, but none have focused for specific situation, but when I say that the way the freedom, each other tat, Larry Arn, said when the first a metal was written. It was written with the attempt to exercise a certain a virtue in your given a rider freedom, freedom without virtue, eventually led the anarchy because you have the. Why did you not? Malaria is exactly right, but the first amendment doesn't apply here. Chris thanks for your call, my friend we'll be right Ben
so Percent of the vote in Alabama Roy Fifty seven point: five percent of the Luther Strange is forty three point: five percent about now expect more to win, will see could be a blow up here. Is I want you to know, ladies conservatism transcends politicians around longer than any these politicians. Roy more was. The conservative in the race will see what happens. By now you ve heard about the Equifax breach and may have impact approximately one hundred and forty three million people. But do you realise that these hackers made off with the information that identity thieves need to impersonate? You name
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so the latest numbers we have seven percent in Alabama Roy Moors, fifty seven point: five percent of the vote. I wanted to get to this story before the show's over A border carbon to security guards were murdered by a Palestinian. Three Israelis killed in a territory can har Dar settlement border. Policemen, Solomon, Garv, rich, twenty civilians, many guard Joseph Admin, twenty five and, let's see and a third civilian now they were killed by a Palestinian noticed these please don't start writing all over the place from this stuff happens. Now Looking at these three gentlemen who were murdered, it's very very sad. You know decent three guys they expect something like this to happen,
one of them it has. African background and dissent, I'm sure that matter very, very much too liberal Americans, but he just it said at the start of stuff happens. The time and its under reported and never reported in this country, I mean, if I bring it up who the hell's going to bring it up? Nobody, but You can check that on the internet too,. Anyway- the Alabama results. I will be very, very careful about reading anything into all the spin that you're gonna say. About who all the heroes are or the villains are that Donald Trump is finished, should Roy more when if he came and went in Alabama, I'm telling you that conservative suppose transcend candidates. You get these fly by night columnist now, a man who will announce the conservatism his day either passionless populism
but riser and when you look. Pass writings they're pretty pathetic, but it's not that ceiling, Save the republic, whether it's over thirty, Just what are we the. Whether it see em the push from the attempt. Free movement? Are all these movements, even the Trump movement. Rose out of her grows from the conservative movement And the reason why there will always be a conservative movement is the conservative movement is simply a reflection of Americanism. American is another the enlightenment, even pre, enlightenment, its election of what we wrote. Our forefathers dating Duration, independent, how can conserved be dead unless you believe that oz of nature are dead illegible, The whole notion of individualism is dead. Unless you really property rights are dead. I mean really have to be more erotic.
Such assertions are cheer such assertions and you can, take passing moments or flash in the pan says. Instructive of all of history of all that's going to come. You just can't now. The reason why the Santa fell issue is so big because it's really a debate about Americans and what side neuron, if you think this is a great country, imperfect guys it may be, but a great country. I think this country sucks also you and I are tired of the premier down as the frauds who who go to bank, with millions and millions of dollars, and you pretend thereof, There is some kind of community activists when they're, not whether or not. I live in Genoa, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire and emergency personnel.
And I will see you tomorrow in the entire rests with the weak, as I leave flutter early tomorrow morning to get back to the main bunker, be well and God bless you
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